0472081284: Consonants in Context Bk. 2 : Intensive Consonant Pronunciation Practice
0472081292: Consonants in Context Bk. 3 : Extempore Speaking Practice
0472081322: Reshaping the German Right : Radical Nationalism and Political Change after Bismarck
0472081330: Economics and Elections : The Major Western Democracies
0472081349: Selected Readings in Business
0472081357: Analytical Methods in Economics
0472081373: Selected Readings in Business
0472081411: Developmental Programming for Infants and Young Children : Assessment and Application
0472081438: Developmental Programming for Infants and Young Children : Stimulation Activities
0472081454: Developmental Programming for Infants and Young Children : Preschool Development Profile
0472081462: Student's Guide to the MELAB
0472081470: Seasonal Performances : A Michigan Quarterly Review Reader
0472081489: Techniques for Teachers : A Guide for Nonnative Speakers of English
0472081497: Early Medieval Balkans : A Critical Survey from the Sixth to the Late Twelfth Century
0472081519: Sweetwater, Storms, and Spirits : Stories of the Great Lakes
0472081527: Rise and Fall of States According to Greek Authors
0472081535: Centaurs and Amazons : Women and the Pre-History of the Great Chain of Being
0472081551: Contemporary Japanese Economy and Economic Policy
0472081578: Negotiation Analysis
0472081594: Guide to Michigan's Endangered Wildlife
0472081608: Feminist Spectator as Critic
0472081616: Hesiod
0472081624: Children of the Boat People : A Study of Educational Success
0472081632: Family, Women and Death : Comparative Studies
0472081640: Mobilizing Interest Groups in America : Patrons, Professions, and Social Movements
0472081659: Student's Guide to the MELAB
0472081667: Home Style and Washington Work : Studies of Congressional Politics
0472081675: Milton Friedman : Economics in Theory and Practice
0472081691: Interaction Activities in ESL
0472081705: Economic Imperialism
0472081713: Typology and Structure of Roman Historical Reliefs
0472081721: Systems of Organization : Management of the Human Resource
0472081748: International Medical Communication in English
0472081756: Under RAPs : Toward Grassroots Ecological Democracy in the Great Lakes Basin
0472081764: For Whose Protection? : Reproductive Hazards and Exclusionary Policies in the United States and Britain
0472081772: Remembered Lives : The Work of Ritual, Storytelling, and Growing Older
0472081780: Samantha : A Soap Opera and Vocabulary Book for Students of English as a Second Language
0472081802: French Joyce
0472081810: Experimental Foundations of Political Science
0472081829: The multinational company in Europe: Some key problems
0472081845: Integrated Lessons
0472081853: Reader's Choice, by Baudoin, International Edition, Book 1
0472081861: Reader's Choice: Book 2
0472081888: Understanding Spain
0472081926: Senate Elections
0472081942: The William Stanley Braithwaite reader
0472081969: Government of Michigan under the 1964 Constitution,
0472081977: International Trade Policies : Gains from Exchange Between Economics and Political Science
0472081985: Doubting Conscience: Donne and the Poetry of Moral Argument
0472082000: Michigan Free : A Comprehensive Guide to Free Travel, Recreation, and Entertainment Opportunities
0472082019: Song of the Hawk : The Life and Recordings of Coleman Hawkins
0472082027: Rhythm Man : Fifty Years in Jazz
0472082035: Intimate Fathers : The Nature and Context of Aka Pygmy Paternal Infant Care
0472082043: Market Shock : An Agenda for the Socio-Economic Reconstruction of Central and Eastern Europe
0472082078: Secret Societies in China in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries.
0472082086: Catching on to American Idioms
0472082094: Growth Policy : Population, Environment, and Beyond
0472082108: An Apology for the Life of Colley Cibber
0472082116: Words for Students of English
0472082124: Words for Students of English
0472082132: Words for Students of English
0472082140: Words for Students of English
0472082159: Words for Students of English
0472082167: Words for Students of English
0472082175: Words for Students of English
0472082183: Co-wives and Calabashes
0472082191: Capitalism and Confrontation in Sumatra's Plantation Belt, 1870-1979
0472082205: Travelers to an Antique Land : The History and Literature of Travel to Greece
0472082213: Encounters in Modern Hebrew, Level 1
0472082221: Risk
0472082256: Lessons in Modern Hebrew : Level 1
0472082264: Lessons in Modern Hebrew : Level 2
0472082280: Talk a Lot
0472082299: Boy Meets Horn
0472082310: Teaching English as a Foreign or Second Language
0472082329: Daughter's Dilemma : Family Process and the Nineteenth-Century Domestic Novel
0472082337: Encounters in Modern Hebrew: Level 1
0472082361: Power Without Force : The Political Capacity of Nation States
0472082388: Cold Running River
0472082396: Fate of the Law
0472082418: Unity of the Hebrew Bible
0472082426: Images of English : A Cultural History of the Language
0472082442: Player's Passion : Studies in the Science of Acting
0472082469: History of Mary Prince, A West Indian Slave, Related by Herself
0472082485: Performing Drama/Dramatizing Performance : Alternative Theater and the Dramatic Text
0472082558: Parliaments in the Modern World : Changing Institutions
0472082566: Political Parties and the Winning of Office
0472082574: Cultural Artifacts and the Production of Meaning
0472082582: Plays by French and Francophone Women : A Critical Anthology
0472082590: Religion and the Authority of the Past
0472082604: Late Medieval Balkans : A Critical Survey from the Late Twelfth Century to the Ottoman Conquest
0472082612: Advanced Standard Arabic Through Authentic Texts and Audiovisual Material
0472082620: Advanced Standard Arabic Through Authentic Texts and Audiovisual Materials
0472082639: Academic Writing for Graduate Students
0472082655: Reader's Choice
0472082663: Greek for Reading
0472082671: Trust : Representatives and Constitutents
0472082728: Angler's Guide to Twelve Classic Trout Streams in Michigan
0472082736: Stage of Their Own : Feminist Playwrights of the Suffrage Era
0472082752: Context of Ancient Drama : Nereids in Archaic and Classical Greek Art
0472082760: Avoiding Losses/Taking Risks
0472082779: Re-Entering the Sign : Articulating New Russian Culture
0472082787: Presence and Resistance : Postmodernism and Cultural Politics in Contemporary American Performance
0472082809: Geology of Michigan
0472082833: Galileo Studies: Personality, Tradition, and Revolution.
0472082841: Elements of Outdoor Recreation Plans,
0472082884: Old Roads of the Midwest
0472082892: Prepositions Illustrated
0472082906: Discussion and Interaction in the Academic Community
0472082914: Montesquieu and Rousseau Forerunners of Sociology
0472082922: Varieties of English
0472082949: The Road to Healthy Living
0472082965: Journeys Through Literature
0472082973: Journeys Through Literature / Instructor's Manual - Paperback
0472082981: Shakespeare's Critics from Jonson to Auden
0472083015: De Proprietate Sermonum vel Rerum : A Study and Critical Edition of a Set of Verbal Distinctions (The Papers and Monographs of the American Academy in Rome)
0472083023: English Pattern Practices : Establishing the Patterns As Habits
0472083031: English Pronunciation : Exercises in Sound Segments, Intonation and Rhythm
0472083058: Vocabulary in Context
0472083066: English Conversation Practices
0472083074: English Sentence Structure
0472083104: Chinas Economic Development the Interplay of Scarcity & Ideology
0472083112: Catching on to American Idioms
0472083120: Who Put the Rainbow in the Wizard of Oz? : Yip Harburg, Lyricist
0472083139: Motivation for learning;: A guide for the teacher of the young adult
0472083147: Roman Art in the Private Sphere : New Perspectives on the Architecture and Decoration of the Domus, Villa, and Insula
0472083155: Palmyra and Its Empire : Zonobia's Revolt against Rome
0472083171: Law's Violence
0472083198: Positive Theories of Congressional Institutions
0472083228: Guide for Mental Health Workers
0472083236: That Great Sanity : Critical Essays on May Sarton
0472083287: Politics of Women's Education : Perspectives from Asia, Africa and Latin America
0472083295: Choice Readings, by Clarke
0472083309: Film Is Content A Study Guide for the Advanced Esl Classroom
0472083317: Poverty in America : A Book of Readings, revised edition
0472083333: The Lichen Flora of the United States
0472083341: Discussion Starters: Speaking Fluency Activities for Advanced Esl/Efl Students
0472083368: Diagnosing America : Anthropology and Public Engagement
0472083406: The Gay Critic (Body, in Theory : Histories of Cultural Materialism)
0472083422: Forgotten Army : India's Armed Struggle for Independence 1942-1945
0472083430: Information, Participation, and Choice : An Economic Theory of Democracy in Perspective
0472083449: Possibility of Popular Justice : A Case Study of Community Mediation in the United States
0472083457: Law in Everyday Life
0472083465: Place of the Stage : License, Play, and Power in Renaissance England
0472083473: Teaching and Learning English As a Foreign Language
0472083481: Culture and Global Change : Social Perceptions of Deforestation in the Lacandona Rain Forest in Mexico
0472083503: Geography of Identity
0472083538: Homer : His Art and His World
0472083546: Traveling Through Idioms an Exercise Guide To
0472083589: Open Minds
0472083597: Discovering American Culture (Alliance : the Michigan State University Textbook Series of Theme-Based Content Instruction for Esl/Efl)
0472083635: Words for Students of English: A Vocabulary Series for Esl : Intermediate Level (Pitt Series in English As a Second Language) - Paperback
0472083651: Words for Students of English: A Vocabulary Series for Esl : High Intermediate Level (Pitt Series in English As a Second Language) - Paperback
0472083678: Words for Students of English: A Vocabulary Series for Esl : Advanced Level (Pitt Series in English As a Second Language) - Paperback
0472083686: Writing as a Thinking Process
0472083694: Writing a Research Paper (Pitt Series in English As a Second Language)
0472083708: Michigan Statistical Abstract 1996
0472083716: Clear Grammar
0472083724: Clear Grammar 2: Activities for Spoken and Written Communication (Clear Grammar , Vol 2)
0472083732: Clear Grammar 3
0472083759: Earthbound (Alliance : the Michigan State University Textbook Series of Theme-Based Content Instruction for Esl/Efl)
0472083767: Pronunciation Exercises for English As a Second Language
0472083775: Out of Time : History and Evolution in Anthropological Discourse
0472083783: Discovering American Culture: Teacher's Manual (Alliance)
0472083805: Sound and Form in Modern Poetry: A Study of Prosody from Thomas Hardy to Robert Lowell
0472083848: Woman's Place Is in the House : Campaigning for Congress in the Feminist Era
0472083856: Lives of Lawyers : Journeys in the Organizations of Practice
0472083864: Rhetoric of Law
0472083880: Open Sesame
0472083899: Contemporary Social Issues: Authentic Readings for the Esl Learner
0472083902: France: A Modern History
0472083910: Writings About John Cage
0472083929: Michigan's Town and Country Inns
0472083937: Taking Center Stage, by Rathburn
0472083945: Beginning Reading Practices: Building Reading and Vocabulary Strategies, by Folse, Workbook
0472083953: Talk About It
0472083988: Michigan Gardening Guide
0472083996: Phratries of Attica
0472084003: Heart of Achilles : Characterization and Personal Ethics in the Iliad
0472084011: Shamanism, History, and the State
0472084038: Under the Lens: A Look at the American Media, by Bishop
0472084046: Chinese by Numbers : First Semester
0472084054: Gender in Play on the Shakespearean Stage : Boy Heroines and Female Pages
0472084089: After Brecht : British Epic Theater
0472084100: History of Mary Prince
0472084127: Beowulf and the Beowulf Manuscript
0472084135: Ideology and the Theory of Political Choice
0472084143: Strategic Budgeting
0472084151: Confessions, Truth, and the Law
0472084186: Taking Sides: a Speaking Text for Advanced and Intermediate Students...
0472084194: Historical Commentary on Thucydides : A Companion to Rex Warner's Penguin Translation
0472084208: From Croesus to Constantine: The Cities of Western Asia Minor and Their Arts in Greek and Roman Times
0472084216: Decline of Comity in Congress
0472084224: Taking Sides: A Speaking Text for Advanced and Intermediate Students
0472084232: Economics and Evolution : Bringing Life Back into Economics
0472084240: Chinese by the Book : Second Semester (New Program of Chinese Language Study)
0472084267: Centuries of Economic Endeavor : Parallel Paths in Japan and Europe and Their Contrast with the Third World
0472084275: Nation Making : Emergent Identities in Postcolonial Melanesia
0472084283: Origins of the Authoritarian Welfare State in Prussia : Conservatives, Bureaucracy, and the Social Question, 1815-70
0472084291: Under the Lens: A Look at the American Media: Teacher's Manual (Alliance: The Michigan State University Textbook Series of Theme-based Content Instruction for ESL/EFL)
0472084313: Taking Center Stage - Teacher's Manual
0472084348: Chinese by Bygones : Third Semester (New Program of Chinese Language Study)
0472084356: Genesis
0472084364: Directing Beckett
0472084380: Susan Glaspell : Essays on Her Theater and Fiction
0472084399: Legal Modernism
0472084402: North American Species of Lactarius
0472084410: Radical Right in Western Europe : A Comparative Analysis
0472084429: Unsportsmanlike Conduct
0472084437: Euripides and the Instruction of the Athenians
0472084445: Chinese to a T : Fourth Semester (New Program of Chinese Language Study)
0472084461: Water Distribution in Ancient Rome : The Evidence of Frontinus
0472084518: Legacy of Tiananmen : China in Disarray
0472084526: Pomponius Mela's Description of the World
0472084534: Instructor's Exercise Book for Structure and Theme in English Grammar - Paperback
0472084542: Assassination of a Michigan King : The Life of James Jesse Strang
0472084550: Discussion and Interaction in the Academic Community: Instructor's Notes and Commentary (Michigan Se
0472084569: Meaning of Democracy and the Vulnerability of Democracies
0472084577: Choice Readings
0472084631: Virginia Woolf : The Common Ground
0472084658: Fishes of the Great Lakes Region
0472084690: Fascinating Rhythm
0472084712: Legal Rights : Historical and Philosophical Perspectives
0472084720: Chaos Theory in the Social Sciences : Foundations and Applications
0472084739: Identities, Politics, and Rights
0472084747: Choosing the Chief
0472084798: Medical Malpractice and the American Jury : Confronting the Myths about Jury Incompetence, Deep Pockets, and Outrageous Damage Awards
0472084828: Time and Chance
0472084836: A Novel Approach: The Shawshank Redemption (Novel Approach)
0472084852: Cultures in Contrast, by Shulman
0472084895: Actium and Augustus : The Politics and Emotions of Civil War
0472084909: Sardonic Smile : Nonverbal Behavior in Homeric Epic
0472084917: Pronunciation Matters : Communicative, Story-Based Activities for Mastering the Sounds of North American English
0472084933: Postcards
0472085018: A to ZAny Community Activities for Students of English
0472085026: Etoro Social Structure
0472085042: English Sentence Structure Review
0472085050: Etoro Social Structure : A Study in Structural Contradiction
0472085069: Open Sesame
0472085077: Greetings! : Culture and Speaking Skills for Intermediate Students of English
0472085085: The recognition of Ralph Waldo Emerson: selected criticism since 1837
0472085107: Business Arabic, Intermediate Level : Language, Culture and Communication
0472085123: Seasons of Life : The Dramatic Journey from Birth to Death
0472085182: Theorizing Self in Samoa : Emotions, Genders, and Sexualities
0472085190: Law Stories
0472085204: Standing Your Ground : Territorial Disputes and International Conflict
0472085212: Joyce, Bakhtin, and the Literary Tradition : Toward a Comparative Cultural Poetics
0472085220: Speechcraft : Discourse Pronunciation for Advanced Learners (Michigan Series in English for Academic & Professional Purposes)
0472085239: Speechcraft: Workbook for International TA Discourse
0472085247: Toward Speaking Excellence : The Michigan Guide to Maximizing Your Performance on the TSE (R) Test and SPEAK (R) Test
0472085263: Writing Together : A Project for Team Research and Anthology for Writing Together
0472085298: Traveling the World Through Idioms
0472085352: Beyond the Boundaries : American Alternative Theatre
0472085360: Triumph of the Fatherland
0472085387: From Culture to Ethnicity to Conflict
0472085395: Grammar Contexts : A Resource Guide for Interactive Practice - Paperback
0472085409: Nineteenth-Century English
0472085417: Discourse Analysis in the Language Classroom: The Spoken Language
0472085425: Linguistics Across Cultures : Applied Linguistics for Language Teachers
0472085476: Eureka! : Discovering American English and Culture through Proverbs, Fables, Myths, and Legends
0472085484: Reading, Thinking, Writing : A Text for Students of English As a Second Language
0472085506: Writing As a Thinking Process
0472085522: Bookmarks: A Companion Text for Kindred (Bookmarks: Fluency through Novels)
0472085530: Growth Triumphant : The Twenty-First Century in Historical Perspective
0472085549: Unifying Political Methodology : The Likelihood Theory of Statistical Inference
0472085557: Charlie Parker : His Music and Life
0472085565: Save the Babies : American Public Health Reform and the Prevention of Infant Mortality, 1850-1929
0472085573: Almost a Revolution : The Story of a Chinese Student's Journey from Boyhood to Leadership in Tiananmen Square
0472085581: Bamboo Grove : An Introduction to Sijo
0472085603: Framed Visions : Popular Culture, Americanization, and the Contemporary German and Austrian Imagination
0472085611: Major Themes in Modern Arabic Thought : An Anthology
0472085646: Speechcraft: Workbook for Academic Discourse
0472085654: Origins of Free Verse
0472085662: Secret Marriage of Sherlock Holmes and Other Eccentric Readings
0472085670: Documents in Medieval Latin
0472085689: Life, Death, and Entertainment in the Roman Empire
0472085700: Intensive English for Communication
0472085719: Intensive English for Communication : Workbook for Writing, Listening and Speaking
0472085727: Intensive English for Communication
0472085735: Audio Tape Program : A Workbook
0472085743: Rebel's Dilemma
0472085751: Information and Elections
0472085778: Win, Lose, or Draw : Domestic Politics and the Crucible of War
0472085786: From Revolution to War : State Relations in a World of Change
0472085794: Psychology of Political Communication
0472085808: Beliefs, Behaviors, and Alcoholic Beverages
0472085816: Competing Principals : Committees, Parties, and the Organization of Congress
0472085824: Improper Influence : Campaign Finance Law, Political Interest Groups, and the Problem of Equality
0472085832: Occasions of Poetry : Essays in Criticism and Autobiography
0472085840: Required Writing : Miscellaneous Pieces, 1955-1982
0472085859: Perfect Murder : A Study in Detection
0472085867: American Legal English: Using Language in Legal Contexts
0472085883: Mastery : A University Word List Reader
0472085905: On the Current Situation in the Ukraine
0472085913: Postwar Transformation of Germany : Democracy, Prosperity and Nationhood
0472085921: Mastery
0472085948: EUREKA! Understanding American English and Culture through Proverbs, Fables, Myths, and Legends.
0472085956: Samantha : The Sequel
0472085964: Bookmarks: A Companion Text for Like Water for Chocolate, by Giannotti
0472085972: Reflecting on Writing: Composing in English for ESL Students
0472085980: Culture and Economy : The Shaping of Capitalism in Eastern Asia
0472086006: Write about It! : Tools for Developing Writers
0472086022: Structure of English
0472086030: Literary Odysseys
0472086049: Perspectives on Fluency
0472086065: Early Greek Lyric Poetry
0472086081: Poems from the Greek Anthology
0472086103: Forging an Integrated Europe
0472086146: Networks of Champions : Leadership, Access and Advocacy in the U. S. House of Representatives
0472086162: Economic Consequences of Immigration
0472086170: Altering States : Ethnographies of Transition in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union
0472086189: Gender Matters
0472086197: Defining Dominion : The Discourses of Magic and Witchcraft in Early Modern France and Germany
0472086200: The Confucian Vision.
0472086219: Key to the Name of the Rose : Including Translations of All Non-English Passages
0472086227: Polycentricity and Local Public Economies : Readings from the Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis
0472086235: Polycentric Governance and Development : Readings from the Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis
0472086243: Lives in Two Languages : An Exploration of Identity and Culture
0472086251: Bread of Time : Toward an Autobiography
0472086278: Anarchy, Order and Integration : How to Manage Interdependence
0472086286: Czecho/Slovakia : Ethnic Conflict, Constitutional Fissure and Negotiated Breakup
0472086308: Presidential Responsiveness and Public Policy-Making
0472086316: Structure of English
0472086324: Crashing Thunder
0472086332: Beyond Binary Histories : Re-Imagining Eurasia to C. 1830
0472086340: Quest for Kim
0472086359: Into India
0472086367: Vision and Violence
0472086375: When the Rainbow Goddess Wept
0472086391: ARTICLE BOOK
0472086413: Library Explorations: Activities for International Students
0472086421: Journeys Through American Literature
0472086448: Health Benefits at Work : An Economic and Political Analysis of Employment-Based Health Insurance
0472086456: Strangers to the Law : Gay People on Trial
0472086464: Rebels in Law : Voices in History of Black Women Lawyers
0472086472: Uruguay Round and Beyond : Essays in Honor of Arthur Dunkel
0472086480: Rednecks, Eggheads and Blackfellas : A Study of Racial Power and Intimacy in Australia
0472086499: Rise and Fall of an Urban School System : Detroit, 1907-1981
0472086502: Speaking & Social Interaction 2nd
0472086510: Along the Huron : The Natural Communities of the Huron River Corridor in Ann Arbor, Michigan
0472086537: Indians of Hungry Hollow
0472086545: 100 Clear Grammar Tests : Reproducible Grammar Tests for Beginning to Intermediate Esl/Efl Classes
0472086553: Learning Computers, Speaking English: Cooperative Activities for Learning English and Basic Word Processing
0472086561: Being Useful : Policy Relevance and International Relations Theory.
0472086588: More Mastery: Vocabulary for Academic Reading (English as a Second Language (Teachers Guides Univ. of Michigan)) - Paperback
0472086618: Ring of Seasons : Iceland--Its Culture and History
0472086626: Documents on the Rape of Nanking
0472086642: Samantha: The Sequel - Paperback
0472086650: Improving Aural Comprehension's Student's Workbook : Teacher's Book of Readings
0472086677: Listening Dictation : Understanding English Sentence Structure
0472086685: Reader's Choice
0472086693: Around the Roof of the World
0472086707: Idealism and Liberal Education
0472086715: Pushing the Envelope
0472086723: Moral Economy
0472086731: Body Aesthetic : From Fine Art to Body Modification
0472086758: Shift Work: The Social, Psychological and Physical Consequences.
0472086766: Surrender : How the Clinton Administration Completed the Reagan Revolution
0472086774: The Concept of Man in Contemporary China (Michigan Studies on China)
0472086782: The Concept of Man in Contemporary China
0472086790: Outsiders
0472086804: Institutions and Economic Theory : The Contribution of the New Institutional Economics
0472086820: Rope of God
0472086839: Learning Computers, Speaking English: Cooperative Activities for Learning English (Bk & Disc)
0472086863: Understanding Language Structure, Interaction, and Variation
0472086871: Berossos and Manetho, Introduced and Translated : Native Traditions in Ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt
0472086898: Quare Joyce
0472086901: Experimental Neurobiology
0472086936: Recharting the Caribbean : Land, Law, and Citizenship in the British Virgin Islands
0472086944: Michigan Herb Cookbook
0472086952: 9226 Kercheval : The Storefront That Did Not Burn, With a New Preface
0472086979: Coping with Poverty : The Social Contexts of Neighborhood, Work, and Family in the African-American Community
0472086987: Kuria Cattle Raiders : Violence and Vigilantism on the Tanzania/kenya Frontier
0472086995: Television Violence and Public Policy
0472087002: Absolute Weapon Revisited : Nuclear Arms and the Emerging International Order
0472087010: Law in the Domains of Culture
0472087029: Color of Representation : Congressional Behavior and Black Interests
0472087037: Designing Judicial Review : Interest Groups, Congress, and Communications Policy
0472087045: Presidential-Congressional Relations
0472087053: Taking Turns : A Pair-Based Text for Beginning ESL
0472087061: Tourists with Typewriters : Critical Reflections on Contemporary Travel Writing
0472087088: Michigan Trees : A Handbook of the Native and Most Important Species
0472087096: Ghost of Meter : Culture and Prosody in American Free Verse
0472087118: Congress on Display, Congress at Work
0472087126: Partera : Story of a Midwife
0472087134: English in Today's Research World: A Writing Guide (Michigan Series in English for Academic & Profes
0472087150: Demanding Choices
0472087169: On the Search for Well-Being
0472087185: Population Ecology of Interest Representation : Lobbying Communities in the American States
0472087193: The Recognition of Herman Melville : Selected Criticism since 1846
0472087207: Becoming a Poet : Elizabeth Bishop with Marianne Moore and Robert Lowell
0472087215: Positive Political Theory I : Collective Preference
0472087223: Lessons from East Asia
0472087231: Political Science as Puzzle Solving
0472087266: Clear Grammar 2 Student Workbook: More Activities for Spoken and Written Communication
0472087274: Faulkner's Yoknapatawpha Comedy
0472087282: Secret History
0472087290: Clear Grammar 3: More Activities for Spoken and Written Communication (Clear Grammar) - Paperback
0472087304: Creative Politics
0472087320: Phonemics : A Technique for Reducing Language to Writing
0472087339: Phonetics: A Critical Analysis of Phonetic Theory and a Technic for the Practical Description of Sounds
0472087347: Tone Languages : A Technique for Determining the Number and Type of Pitch Contrasts in a Language, with Studies in Tonemic Substitution and Fusion
0472087363: Selected Odes
0472087371: Russia in world history;: Selected essays
0472087398: Virgil's Aeneid: A Critical Description
0472087428: The 2x2 2 x 2 game.
0472087436: Labor and American Politics: A Book of Readings
0472087444: Labor and American Politics: A Book of Reasonings
0472087460: Colonial Subjects : Essays on the Practical History of Anthropology
0472087479: Robert Frost and the Challenge of Darwin
0472087487: Facing It : AIDS Diaries and the Death of the Author
0472087495: When Romeo Was a Woman : Charlotte Cushman and Her Circle of Female Spectators
0472087509: Cat and the Human Imagination
0472087517: Women in Asia
0472087525: Beyond Translation : Essays Toward a Modern Philology
0472087541: Quantitative Measures of China's Economic Output
0472087568: Blueprints for a House Divided : The Constitutional Logic of the Yugoslav Conflicts
0472087584: A Study of child variance
0472087592: Study of Child Variance
0472087606: Something to Talk About : A Reproducible Conversation Resource for Teachers and Tutors
0472087622: The Rise and Fall of States According to Greek Authors
0472087649: Nation Work : Asian Elites and National Identities
0472087657: Obligation: A Social Theory
0472087665: Languages of Labor and Gender : Female Factory Work in Germany, 1850-1914
0472087673: Party Competition and Responsible Party Government : A Theory of Spatial Competition Based upon Insights from Behavioral Voting Research
0472087681: Taking It to the Streets : The Social Protest Theater of Luis Valdez and Amiri Baraka
0472087711: Developmental programming for infants and young children by
0472087746: U. S. Orientalisms : Race, Nation, and Gender in Literature, 1790-1890
0472087754: Evolution and Culture
0472087762: Evolution and Culture
0472087789: New Chatterbox : A Conversation Text of Fluency Activities for Students of English
0472087797: Constructions of the Classical Body
0472087800: The Homeric Scholia & the Aeneid: A Study of the Influence of Ancient Homeric Literary Criticism On Vergil
0472087819: From Expectation to Experience : Essays on Law and Legal Education
0472087827: Feminists and Party Politics
0472087835: Woman Who Knew Too Much : Alice Stewart and the Secrets of Radiation
0472087843: Playing Darts with a Rembrandt : Public and Private Rights in Cultural Treasures
0472087878: Risk-Taking in International Politics : Prospect Theory in American Foreign Policy
0472087886: In the Land of Mirrors : Cuban Exile Politics in the United States
0472087894: Much Ado about Culture : North American Trade Disputes
0472087916: Lines of Activity
0472087924: Performing America : Cultural Nationalism in American Theater
0472087932: Women at Michigan : The Dangerous Experiment, 1870s to the Present
0472087959: Sicily And The Greeks : Studies In The Interrelationship Between The Indigenous Populations And The Greek Colonists
0472087967: Companion Text for Growing Up
0472087975: Walking to Mackinac : A Husband and Wife Explore Michigan
0472087983: The Living Aristophanes
0472087991: Mergers: Motives, effects, policies
0472088009: Science and Society
0472088025: George Orwell and the Origins of 1984
0472088033: Latin : A Structural Approach
0472088041: Genre and the Language Learning Classroom
0472088084: Peer Response in Second Language Writing Classrooms
0472088092: Writing from Experience
0472088149: Legislative Entrepreneurship in the U. S. House of Representatives
0472088157: Mergers: Motives, Effects, Policies
0472088165: Treatment of Error in Second Language Student Writing (Michigan Series on Teaching Multilingual Writers (Paperback))
0472088203: Science and Society
0472088238: Continuing Cooperative Development a Dis
0472088246: Electorate, the Campaign, and the Office : A Unified Approach to Senate and House Elections
0472088254: Leadership in Committee
0472088262: Turning the Legislative Thumbscrew : Minority Rights and Procedural Change in Legislative Politics
0472088270: Democracy without Associations : Transformation of the Party System and Social Cleavages in India
0472088289: Intellectuals and the Articulation of the Nation
0472088297: Campaign Dynamics : The Race for Governor
0472088300: Rebellious Civil Society : Popular Protest and Democratic Consolidation in Poland, 1989-1993
0472088319: After the Deluge : Regional Crises and Political Consolidation in Russia
0472088327: Network Inside Out
0472088335: Amenhotep III : Perspectives on His Reign
0472088351: Encompassing Others
0472088378: Voluntary City : Choice, Community, and Civil Society
0472088386: High Wired : On the Design, Use, and Theory of Educational MOOs
0472088394: On Gwendolyn Brooks : Reliant Contemplation
0472088424: Rosa Bonheur : The Artist's (Auto)biography
0472088432: Othermindedness : The Emergence of Network Culture
0472088440: Passionate Journeys
0472088459: Infinity (Stage)
0472088467: End of Books--or Books Without End? : Reading Interactive Narratives
0472088475: Development Theory and the Economics of Growth
0472088483: War and Peace in International Rivalry
0472088491: Bad Boys : Public Schools in the Making of Black Masculinity
0472088505: Re-Forming the State : The Politics of Privatization in Latin America and Europe
0472088513: Cultural Pluralism, Identity Politics, and the Law
0472088521: Power and Knowledge : Astrology, Physiognomics, and Medicine under the Roman Empire
0472088548: Odyssey
0472088556: More Discussion Starters : Activities for Building Speaking Fluency
0472088564: Academic Writing for Graduate Students: Course for Nonnative Speaker
0472088572: Commentary for Academic Writing for Graduate Students, 2d ed.: Essential Tasks and Skills (Michigan
0472088580: Testing Your Grammar, Revised Edition
0472088599: Realism and Institutionalism in International Studies
0472088602: Conflict, Security, Foreign Policy and International Political Economy : Past Paths and Future Directions in International Studies
0472088610: Evaluating Methodology in International Studies
0472088629: Critical Perspectives in International Studies
0472088637: Reader's Choice 4, Split Edition Book 1
0472088645: Reader's Choice 4, Split Edition Book 2
0472088653: Bathing in Public in the Roman World
0472088661: Understanding Your International Students: An Educational, Cultural, and Linguistic Guide
0472088688: Constitutional Process : A Social Choice Analysis of Supreme Court Decision Making
0472088696: Congress, the President, and the Federal Reserve : The Politics of American Monetary Policy-Making
0472088718: Making of an American Senate : Reconstitutive Change in Congress, 1787-1841
0472088726: When Opponents Cooperate : Great Power Conflict and Collaboration in World Politics
0472088734: State Institutions, Private Incentives, Global Capital
0472088742: Organizing for Foreign Policy Crises : Presidents, Advisers, and the Management of Decision Making
0472088750: Anchors against Change : American Opinion Leaders' Beliefs after the Cold War
0472088777: Early French Cookery : Sources, History, Original Recipes and Modern Adaptations
0472088785: Crowd in Rome in the Late Republic
0472088793: Place to Stand : Essays for Educators in Troubled Times
0472088807: Society and History: Essays by Sylvia L. Thrupp
0472088823: Grammar Guide: Developing Language Skills for Academic Success, by Ackles
0472088831: What Makes America Tick : A Multiskill Approach to English through U.S. Culture and History
0472088866: CLEAR GRAMMAR 4
0472088874: Clear Grammar 4 Student Workbook
0472088882: That Was the Wild East : Film Culture, Unification, and the New Germany
0472088890: Future Medicine : Ethical Dilemmas, Regulatory Challenges, and Therapeutic Pathways to Health Care and Healing in Human Transformation
0472088904: From Noose to Needle : Capital Punishment and the Late Liberal State
0472088912: ESL Composition Tales: Reflections on Teaching
0472088920: Banished Immortal : Searching for Shuangqing, China's Peasant Woman Poet
0472088939: Selected Readings in Business
0472088947: Selected Readings in Business (Michigan Series in English for Academic & Professional Purposes) - Paperback
0472088955: First Discussion Starters: Speaking Fluency Activities for Lower-Level ESL/EFL Students
0472088963: Reading and Writing for Academic Success
0472088998: History, Memory, and the Law
0472089005: The Hopi Indians of Old Oraibi: Change and Continuity
0472089013: Politics of Community Policing : Rearranging the Power to Punish
0472089021: Unwanted Claims : The Politics of Participation in the U. S. Welfare System
0472089048: Deadlock of Democracy in Brazil
0472089056: How the Dismal Science Got Its Name : Classical Economics and the Ur-Text of Racial Politics
0472089064: Lewd and Notorious : Female Transgression in the Eighteenth Century
0472089072: Power and Negotiation
0472089080: Philodemus in Italy
0472089099: Fly in the Soup : Memoirs
0472089102: The History of the Russian Revolution
0472089110: A Child's Garden of Grammar
0472089129: Soul Barnacles: Ten More Years With Ray
0472089137: Reading Skills for Success: A Guide to Academic Texts, by Upton
0472089153: Africanisms in the Gullah Dialect
0472089161: Topics in Language and Culture for Teachers
0472089188: Connecting Reading and Writing in Second Language Writing Instruction (Michigan Series on Teaching Multilingual Writers (Paperback))
0472089196: Discourse Analysis in the Language Classroom: Genres of Writing
0472089218: Michigan Trees
0472089226: Lester Young
0472089234: Chinese Theories of Theater and Performance from Confucius to the Present
0472089242: Rethinking Sustainability : Power, Knowledge, and Institutions
0472089269: Worldly Provincialism
0472089277: Carrots, Sticks, and Ethnic Conflict : Rethinking Development Assistance
0472089285: Legalizing Moves: Salvadoran Immigrants' Struggle for U.S. Residency
0472089293: Great Lakes Nature : An Outdoor Year
0472089307: Our Sister's Promised Land : Women, Politics, and Israeli-Palestinian Coexistence
0472089315: Darker Side of the Renaissance
0472089331: Crafting Compositions: Tools for Today's Writers, by Giannotti
0472089358: Mergers of Teaching Hospitals in Boston, New York, and Northern California
0472089366: Crossing Cultures in the Language Classroom (Michigan Teacher Resource...
0472089374: Haunted Stage : The Theatre as Memory Machine
0472089382: This Is My Body : Representational Practices in the Early Middle Ages
0472089390: Writing Processes & Structures an Americ
0472089404: Greek Sculpture and Roman Taste
0472089412: Miranda's Waning Protections
0472089420: Elevator Music : A Surreal History of Muzak, Easy-Listening, and Other Moodsong; Revised and Expanded Edition
0472089439: Intercollegiate Athletics and the American University : A University President's Perspective
0472089447: Diversity in College Classrooms: Practices for Today's Campuses
0472089455: Education in Ethiopia - Prospect and Retrospect
0472089463: Zero in: Phrasal Verbs in Context
0472089471: Altruistically Inclined?: The Behavioral Sciences, Evolutionary Theory, and the Origins of Reciprocity
0472089498: Preference Pollution
0472089501: Medieval and Early Classical Science
0472089536: Thinking Critically: World Issues for Reading, Writing, and Research
0472089544: Henry James and the Comic Form
0472089552: Great Debates : Language and Culture Skills for ESL Students - Paperback
0472089560: one nation under a Groove
0472089579: Frieze of Girls
0472089587: A Survey of applied linguistics
0472089595: A Survey of Applied Linguistics
0472089609: Black neighborhoods: An assessment of community power
0472089641: Women and War
0472089668: Language and Art in the Navajo Universe
0472089676: Four Jazz Lives
0472089684: Words for Students of English: A Vocabulary Series for ESL
0472089803: Formative Years Childrens Health in T
0472089838: Population and Progress in a Yoruba Town
0472089846: Why Americans Split Their Tickets : Campaigns, Competition, and Divided Government.
0472089854: Human service organizations: A book of readings
0472089862: Human Service Organizations : A Book of Readings
0472089870: Butterfly, the Bride : Essays on Law, Narrative, and the Family (Law, Meaning, and Violence)
0472089919: Michigan Guide To English for Academic Success
0472089935: Journeys through American Literature, Split Edition Book 1 by...
0472089943: Journeys Through American Literature
0472089986: Learning & Teaching From Experience
0472089994: Revels in Madness : Insanity in Medicine and Literature (Corporealities: Discourses of Disability)
0472090313: Population the First Essay
0472090380: Heloise and Abelard.
0472090437: Literature and Revolution
0472090496: The Gateway to the Middle Ages: Italy
0472090518: The Gateway to the Middle Ages: Monasticism
0472090585: Sebastopol
0472090593: Fate of Man in the Modern World
0472090720: The Merchant Class of Medieval London, 1300-1500
0472090909: Meaning of Marxism
0472091018: Contemporary French Poetry: Fourteen Witnesses of Man's Fate
0472091077: Indians of the Western Great Lakes, 1615-1760
0472091093: MOUNTAIN WOLF WOMAN, SISTER OF CRASHING THUNDER : The Autobiography of a Winnebago Indian.
0472091123: The ABC of Communism
0472091476: Marrow of Tradition
0472091573: Carolingian Portraits : A Study in the Ninth Century (Ann Arbor Paperbacks)
0472091638: Selected Writings
0472091727: Death and Life in the Tenth Century
0472091743: The Taoist Vision
0472091778: Matthew Arnold and the Classical Tradition
0472091891: Richard Wright: Impressions and Perspectives
0472091964: Power and the Soviet Elite. Essays
0472092502: Corporate Concentration National and International Regulation
0472093029: Parents on the team
0472093037: Wind power and other energy options
0472093096: Law, Intellect, and Education
0472093118: Nuclear Power: Technology on Trial
0472093177: Beginnings of Imperial Rome : Rome in the Mid-Republic
0472093185: Police interrogation and confessions: Essays in law and policy
0472093223: La Partera, Story of a Midwife.
0472093282: The Hopwood Anthology: Five Decades of American Poetry
0472093290: Nutrition, Stress and Toxic Chemicals : An Approach to Environment - Health Controversies
0472093304: Women Of The Andes : Patriarchy And Social Change In Two Peruvian Towns
0472093320: Gold Diggers & Silver Miners, Prostitution and Social Life on the Comstock Lode
0472093398: Living with Nuclear Radiation
0472093509: Reading Adrienne Rich: Reviews and Re-Visions, 1951-81
0472093673: To End the Arms Race: Seeking a Safer Future
0472093703: Concert of Tenses : Essays on Poetry
0472093711: William Stafford : You Must Revise Your Life
0472093746: Robert Creeley's Life and Work : A Sense of Increment
0472093754: American West as Living Space, the
0472093762: On the Poetry of Galway Kinnell : The Wages of Dying
0472093770: Mountain Papuans : Historical and Comparative Perspectives from New Guinea Fringe Highlands Societies
0472093797: Anne Sexton : Telling the Tale
0472093827: On Louis Simpson: Depths Beyond Happiness
0472093835: Reviews and Essays, 1936-55
0472093843: Halflife : Improvisations and Interviews, 1977-87
0472093878: Poetry and Ambition : Essays 1982--88 (Poets on Poetry)
0472093886: Curiosities
0472093894: Making a Spectacle
0472093908: The City Connection Migration and Family Interdependence in the Philippines
0472093924: On the Poetry of Philip Levine
0472093959: Healing Technology
0472093975: Boat People and Achievement in America : A Study of Economic and Educational Success
0472094033: James Wright : The Heart of the Light
0472094068: The Divided Home/Land : Contemporary German Women's Plays
0472094092: Walrasian Vision of the Microeconomy : An Elementary Exposition of the Structure of Modern General Equilibrium Theory
0472094106: Women and Ideology in the Soviet Union
0472094122: The Wandering Scholars
0472094130: Women and Politics in the Age of the Democratic Revolution
0472094157: Third Wave : The New Russian Poetry
0472094165: Denise Levertov : Selected Criticism
0472094181: Hellenism in Late Antiquity
0472094203: So Ask : Essays, Conversations, and Interviews
0472094211: Wonderful Words, Silent Truth
0472094238: Sacred Queens and Women of Consequence
0472094254: Bolshevik Visions: First Phase of the Cultural Revolution in Soviet Russia Pt. 2 : Creating Soviet Cultural Forms: Art, Architecture, Music, Film & the New Tasks of Education
0472094262: Kandila : Samo Ceremonialism and Interpersonal Relationships
0472094270: Poems Are Hard to Read
0472094289: Poetry Beat : Reviewing the 80's
0472094297: Feminist Theories for Dramatic Criticism
0472094300: Prospero and Caliban : The Psychology of Colonization
0472094327: Forged under the Sun - Forjada bajo el Sol : The Life of Maria Elena Lucas
0472094378: Keats' Reading of the Romantic Poets
0472094394: Representing Modernist Texts: Editing As Interpretation
0472094459: Letters from the Leelanau : Essays of People and Place
0472094475: Rites of Conquest: the History and Culture of Michigan's Native Americans
0472094483: Fixed Period
0472094491: Comparing Muslim Societies : Knowledge and the State in a World Civilization
0472094556: Aggressive Unilateralism : America's 301 Trade Policy and the World Trading System (Studies in International Economics Ser.)
0472094564: Constructing Culture & Power in Latin
0472094572: Predecessors, Et Cetera : Essays (Poets on Poetry)
0472094580: Critical Theory and Performance (Theater: Theory/Text/Performance)
0472094599: Car and the City : The Automobile, the Built Environment, and Daily Urban Life
0472094602: Information and Legislative Organization
0472094629: Imagined World : A Story of Scientific Discovery
0472094637: History of Ann Arbor
0472094661: Pleasures of Exile
0472094688: In the Castle of My Skin
0472094696: Through French Windows : An Introduction to France in the Nineties
0472094726: Rumors from the Cauldron : Selected Essays, Reviews, & Reportage
0472094742: Covering Ground Communal Water Managemen
0472094750: PERIOD PIECE
0472094769: Albigensian Crusades
0472094777: Female Body
0472094785: Double Passage : The Lives of Caribbean Migrants Abroad and Back Home
0472094807: Working Time : Essays on Poetry, Culture, and Travel
0472094815: Practicing Feminisms, Reconstructing Psychology : Notes on a Liminal Science
0472094823: Starting Over : Feminism and the Politics of Cultural Critique
0472094831: Line Forms Here
0472094874: A Historical Commentary on Dinarchus: Rhetoric and Conspiracy in Later Fourth-Century Athens
0472094882: Spoken Greek
0472094890: James Joyce and Critical Theory : An Introduction
0472094912: Ideology
0472094920: Conjure-Man Dies : A Mystery Tale of Dark Harlem
0472094947: Dollar Dove & Eagle One Hundred Years Of
0472095048: Singular Europe : Economy and Polity of the European Community After 1992
0472095056: Words to Create a World
0472095064: The Uses of Art : Medieval Metaphor in the Michigan Law Quadrangle (Distinguished Senior Faculty Lecture)
0472095080: Heavenly Twins
0472095099: Lifted Masks and Other Works
0472095102: Galileo, Science and the Church
0472095110: Human Adaptation and Accommodation
0472095145: Border Crossings : An Introduction to East German Prose
0472095153: Insects of the Great Lakes Region
0472095161: Lake Country : A Series of Journeys
0472095196: Deluge, the Plague : Paolo Uccello
0472095234: Phantom Respondents : Opinion Surveys and Political Representation
0472095269: Flowers in the Dustbin : Culture, Anarchy, and Postwar England
0472095277: From Bundesrepublik to Deutschland : German Politics after Unification
0472095285: Constructing Inequality
0472095293: On the Third Hand: Humor in the Dismal Science, an Anthology
0472095315: Color of Privilege : Three Blasphemies on Race and Feminism
0472095374: Earthly Words: Essays on Contemporary American Nature and Environmental Writers
0472095412: Shelf Life : Essays, Memoirs, and an Interview
0472095447: Roots
0472095463: Rules, Games, and Common-Pool Resources
0472095498: Natural Contract
0472095536: The Judge Is Fury : Dislocation and Form in Poetry (Poets on Poetry)
0472095560: Labyrinth of Prosperity : Economic Follies, Democratic Remedies
0472095587: Buckeye Legends: Folktales and Lore From Ohio
0472095617: Tom Stoppard in Conversation
0472095625: Party Conflict and Community Development
0472095684: Eloquence and Mere Life : Essays on the Art of Poetry
0472095692: Unemployed Fortune-Teller : Essays and Memoirs
0472095706: Robert Lowell's Life and Work : Damaged Grandeur
0472095714: Death to the Death of Poetry : Essays, Reviews, Notes, Interviews
0472095722: Act Like a Man: Challenging Masculinities in American Drama.
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