0472095730: Michigan's Capitol
0472095765: Ludic Feminism and After : Postmodernism, Desire, and Labor in Late Capitalism
0472095773: Parnassus : Twenty Years of Poetry in Review
0472095781: Of Two Minds
0472095811: Spiral of Memory : Interviews
0472095838: Big Question
0472095846: Poetry's Old Air
0472095862: Trying to Say It : Outlooks and Insights on How Poems Happen (Poets on Poetry)
0472095897: Staging Place : The Geography of Modern Drama (Theater Ser.: Theory - Text - Performance)
0472095900: Settling a Dispute : Towards a Legal Anthropology of Late Antique Egypt
0472095935: Freudian Slips
0472095943: Making of the University of Michigan 1817-1992
0472095978: Male Body : Features, Destinies, Exposures
0472096001: Scholarly Editing in the Computer Age
0472096028: Parity and War : Evaluations and Extensions of the War Ledger
0472096036: Set in Motion : Essays, Interviews, and Dialogues
0472096044: Quarter Notes : Improvisations and Interviews
0472096052: Art of Poetry
0472096079: Guardian of the Great Lakes
0472096095: Major Women Writers of Seventeenth-Century England
0472096117: Bridges to Cuba/Puentes a Cuba
0472096125: Women of Jeme : Lives in a Coptic Town in Late Antique Egypt
0472096141: Dehexing Sex : Russian Womanhood During and after Glasnost
0472096184: Crucibles of Crisis : Performing Social Change
0472096192: Public Opinion and American Foreign Policy (Analytical Perspectives on Politics Ser.)
0472096206: Narratives of Justice : Legislators' Beliefs about Distributive Fairness
0472096214: Poets Teaching Poets : Self and the World
0472096230: Approaching the Millenium : Essays on Angels in America
0472096249: Women and Poetry : Truth, Autobiography, and the Shape of the Self
0472096257: Justice and Injustice in Law and Legal Theory
0472096273: You Alone Are Dancing
0472096281: Amphibians and Reptiles of the Great Lakes Region.
0472096311: All the Rage
0472096338: Ecstatic Occasions, Expedient Forms : 85 Contemporary Poets Select and Comment on Their Poems
0472096346: Written in Water, Written in Stone : Twenty Years of Poets on Poetry
0472096354: Mimesis, Masochism, and Mime : The Politics of Theatricality in Contemporary French Thought
0472096362: AMERIFIL.TXT : A Commonplace Book (Poets on Poetry)
0472096370: Long Schoolroom : Lessons in the Bitter Logic of the Poetic Principle
0472096389: Culture of Merit : Nobility, Royal Service, and the Making of Absolute Monarchy in France, 1600-1789
0472096400: Movies : Texts, Receptions, Exposures
0472096427: World That Will Hold All the People
0472096435: Guns and Boyhood in America : A Memoir of Growing up in the 50s
0472096451: Between the Iceberg and the Ship : Selected Essays
0472096478: Ami and Amile
0472096486: West Germany Under Construction
0472096516: Blue Notes : Essays, Interviews, and Commentaries
0472096524: Abyss of Freedom - Ages of the World
0472096532: Beyond Groupthink : Political Group Dynamics and Foreign Policy-Making
0472096559: Season of Adventure
0472096583: Made with Words
0472096591: Body and Physical Difference : Discourses of Disability
0472096605: Instant of Knowing : Lectures, Criticism, and Occasional Prose
0472096613: Tony Kushner in Conversation
0472096621: Embodying Technesis : Technology Beyond Writing
0472096656: High Wired : On the Design Use & Theory of Educational MOOs
0472096664: Black Salt : Poems
0472096729: Poetry and Consciousness
0472096737: Subject and Other Subjects : On Ethical, Aesthetic, and Political Identity
0472096745: Stately Bodies : Literature, Philosophy, and the Question of Gender
0472096753: Michigan Roadside Naturalist
0472096788: Subversive Expectations : Performance Art and Paratheater in New York, 1976-85
0472096796: Is It Time to Reform Social Security?
0472096818: Passing Performances : Queer Readings of Leading Players in American Theater History
0472096834: Bardic Deadlines : Reviewing Poetry, 1984-95
0472096842: Poetry of Everyday Life
0472096877: From Primitive to Postcolonial in Melanesia and Anthropology
0472096893: Analyzing Performance : Theater, Dance, and Film
0472096923: Responsive Reading
0472096931: MAD MONEY When Markets Outgrow Governments
0472096958: Prostitution, Power and Freedom
0472096966: Dancing at the Devil's Party : Essays on Poetry, Politics and the Erotic
0472096982: Defects : Engendering the Modern Body
0472096990: Term Limits in State Legislatures
0472097016: Political Psychology in International Relations
0472097024: Sharing the Balance of Power : An Examination of Shared Power in the Michigan House of Representatives, 1993-1994
0472097032: Bargaining and Learning in Recurring Crises : The Soviet-American, Egyptian-Israeli, and Indo-Pakistani Rivalries
0472097040: Valuing Us All : Feminist Pedagogy and Economics
0472097059: Food Rules : Hunting, Sharing and Tabooing Game in Papua New Guinea
0472097067: Civil Economy
0472097075: Skin Deep, Spirit Strong : The Black Female Body in American Culture
0472097083: Virtual Gender : Fantasies of Subjectivity and Embodiment
0472097091: Poetry at One Remove : Essays
0472097105: Brian Friel in Conversation
0472097113: Points of Contact
0472097121: Colonialism Experienced : Vietnamese Writings on Colonialism, 1900-1931
0472097148: Polycentric Games and Institutions : Readings from the Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis
0472097156: Mother India : Selections from the Controversial 1927 Text, Edited and with an Introduction by Mrinalini Sinha
0472097172: Writing Life Vol. IV : The Hopwood Lectures
0472097180: Gazer Within
0472097199: Merrill, Cavafy, Poems, and Dreams
0472097210: Globalizations and Social Movements : Culture, Power and the Transnational Public Sphere
0472097229: Camp : Queer Aesthetics and the Performing Subject-A Reader
0472097237: Economic Organizations and Social Systems
0472097245: Handbook of War Studies II
0472097253: Exaltation of Forms
0472097261: Straight Line : Writings on Poetry and Poets
0472097288: Growth Recurring : Economic Change in World History
0472097296: Huron River
0472097318: Campaign Reform : Insights and Evidence
0472097342: Sex, Race, and Merit
0472097350: Constructing Nationhood in Modern East Asia : Narrative Schemes, Nostalgia and Ambiguity of Identities
0472097369: At the Risk of Being Heard : Identity, Indigenous Rights, and Postcolonial States
0472097377: Construction of Minorities : Cases for Comparison Across Time and Around the World
0472097385: Warless Societies and the Origin of War
0472097393: Battles of Armageddon
0472097407: Place of the Pike (Gnoozhekaaning) : A History of the Bay Mills Indian Community
0472097423: Culture of the Body : Genealogies of Modernity
0472097431: Is Social Security Broke? : A Cartoon Guide to the Issues
0472097458: Light from the Ashes : Social Science Careers of Young Holocaust Refugees and Survivors
0472097466: Out of the Red : Building Capitalism and Democracy in Postcommunist Europe
0472097474: Squaring Up : Policy Strategies to Raise Women's Incomes in the United States
0472097482: Narrative Prosthesis : Disability and the Dependencies of Discourse
0472097490: Staging Desire : Queer Readings of American Theater History
0472097504: Castle of Perseverance : Job Opportunities in Contemporary Poetry
0472097512: Reading Medieval Images : The Art Historian and the Object
0472097539: Linking Literacies
0472097547: Class, Critics and Shakespeare : Bottom Lines on the Culture Wars
0472097555: Borders of Being : Citizenship, Fertility, and Sexuality in Asia and the Pacific
0472097563: Dripping Dry : Literature, Politics and Water in the Desert Southwest
0472097571: Masculinity, Motherhood, and Mockery : Psychoanalyzing Culture and the Iatmul Naven Rite in New Guinea
0472097598: Questioning Authority : Stories Told in School
0472097601: Performing Democracy : International Perspectives on Urban Community-Based Performance
0472097628: Corpus Linguistics in North America : Selections from the 1999 Symposium - Hardcover
0472097636: Assessing the Value of Law in Transition Economies
0472097644: David Mamet in Conversation
0472097660: Drawing Conclusions on Henry Ford
0472097679: Pain, Death and the Law
0472097687: Modern China and Opium : A Reader
0472097695: Social Science and Policy-Making : A Search for Relevance in the Twentieth Century
0472097709: Understanding the Courses We Teach : Local Perspectives on English Language Teaching
0472097717: Combating Teen Smoking : Research and Policy Strategies
0472097725: Problem Like Maria : Gender and Sexuality in the American Musical
0472097733: Poetry Blues : Essays and Interviews
0472097741: Bringing the Devil to His Knees : The Craft of Fiction and the Writing Life
0472097768: Song for Uncle Tom, Tonto, and Mr. Moto : Poetry and Identity
0472097784: Challenge of Regulating Managed Care
0472097792: Ruin and Recovery : Michigan's Rise As a Conservation Leader
0472097806: Putting the Invisible Hand to Work : Concepts and Models for Service Learning in Economics
0472097814: Blue Ice : The Story of Michigan Hockey
0472097822: Intergroup Dialogue : Deliberative Democracy in School, College, Community, and Workplace
0472097830: Our Women Are Free : Gender and Ethnicity in the Hindukush
0472097849: Invitations to Love : Literacy, Love Letters, and Social Change in Nepal
0472097857: Remembering to Live : Illness at the Intersection of Anxiety and Knowledge in Rural Indonesia
0472097865: Contested Terrain : Diversity, Writing, and Knowledge
0472097903: Legislatures
0472097911: Open the Door : The Life and Music of Betty Carter
0472097938: Frontinus' Legacy : Essays on Frontinus' de Aquis Urbis Romae
0472097946: Telling Incest
0472097954: Small Well Lane : A Contemporary Chinese Play and Oral History
0472097962: Exclusionary Violence : Antisemitic Riots in Modern German History
0472097970: Knowable and the Unknowable
0472097997: World Transformed : The Politics of Culture in Revolutionary Vietnam, 1945-1965
0472098004: Harvesting Development
0472098012: Tangled Loyalties : Conflict of Interest in Legal Practice
0472098020: Body and Soul : Essays on Poetry
0472098039: Embedded Politics : Industrial Networks and Institutional Change in Postcommunism
0472098055: Viet Nam Expose : French Scholarship on Twentieth Century Vietnamese Society
0472098063: Imagining Wild America
0472098098: Otherness of Self : A Genealogy of Self in Contemporary China
0472098101: Telepresence and Bio Art : Networking Humans, Rabbits and Robots (Studies in Literature and Science)
0472098128: Projecting History : German Nonfiction Cinema, 1967-2000
0472098136: Essay on Rime : With Trial of a Poet
0472098144: Interfaces : Women, Autobiography, Image, Performance
0472098152: Fluid Text : A Theory of Revision and Editing for Book and Screen
0472098160: Forests of Michigan
0472098179: Market-Augmenting Government : The Institutional Foundations for Prosperity
0472098187: Morality of Laughter
0472098195: Is Rational Choice Theory All of Social Science
0472098209: Electoral Democracy
0472098217: Experience of Modernity : Chinese Autobiography of the Early Twentieth Century
0472098225: Pioneers of Judicial Behavior
0472098233: Democracy, Governance, and Growth
0472098241: Combating Terrorism
0472098268: Baseball Fever : Early Baseball in Michigan
0472098276: Economic Interdependence and International Conflict : New Perspectives on an Enduring Debate
0472098284: Conceiving Cultures : Reproducing People and Places on Nuakata, Papua New Guinea
0472098292: Ezra Pound and China
0472098306: Metaphysician in the Dark
0472098314: Race and the Politics of Welfare Reform
0472098322: Cops, Teachers, Counselors
0472098330: Airplane in American Culture
0472098357: Paradigms and Sand Castles : Theory Building and Research Design in Comparative Politics
0472098365: Queer Sort of Materialism : Recontextualizing American Theater
0472098373: Handbook for International Management Research
0472098381: Psychological Assessment of Political Leaders : With Profiles of Saddam Hussein and William Jefferson Clinton
0472098411: Fictions of Affliction : Physical Disability in Victorian Culture
0472098438: Liberating Economics : Feminist Perspectives on Families, Work, and Globalization.
0472098446: Behavioral Origins of War
0472098454: Secret Spaces of Childhood
0472098462: Sensual Relations : Engaging the Senses in Culture and Social Theory
0472098470: Thucydides Book I : A Students' Grammatical Commentary
0472098489: Telescope on Society : Survey Research and Social Science at the University of Michigan and Beyond
0472098500: Growth, Trade, and Systemic Leadership
0472098527: Breakfast Served Any Time All Day : Essays on Poetry New and Selected
0472098543: Answers Are Inside the Mountains
0472098551: Mary Schafer, American Quilt Maker
0472098578: Urban Voter
0472098586: Gay And Lesbian Theatrical Legacy
0472098594: Coming After : Essays on Poetry (Poets on Poetry).
0472098608: Jurors' Stories of Death : How America's Death Penalty Invests in Inequality (Law, Meaning, and Violence)
0472098616: Models, Numbers, and Cases : Methods for Studying International Relations.
0472098640: Dissent in Dangerous Times
0472098659: Intellectual in Public
0472098667: From Inner Worlds to Outer Space : The Multimedia
0472098675: Gates of Freedom
0472098683: Performing Glam Rock: Gender and Theatricality in Popular Music
0472098691: It's Legal but It Ain't Right : Harmful Social Consequences of Legal Industries (Evolving Values for a Capitalist World).
0472098705: Educated by Initiative : The Effects of Direct Democracy on Citizens and Political Organizations in the American States.
0472098713: Untimely Interventions : AIDS Writing, Testimonial
0472098721: Poetry and What is Real (Poets on Poetry)
0472098748: Asian American X : An Intersection of Twenty-First Century Asian American Voices.
0472098764: Foucault and the Government of Disability (Corporealities: Discourses of Disability).
0472098772: The Changing Face of Economics : Conversations with Cutting Edge Economists.
0472098780: Cattle Bring Us to Our Enemies
0472098799: Defensive Internationalism : Providing Public Goods in an Uncertain World.
0472098802: Jewish in America
0472098810: Strong Voices, Weak History
0472098837: The Andre Hodeir Jazz Reader
0472098845: Butterflies of the Great Lakes Region (Great Lakes Environment).
0472098888: Looking Into The Abyss
0472098896: Markets and Cultural Voices : Liberty vs. Power in the Lives of Mexican Amate Painters (Economics, Cognition, and Society)
0472098918: Bodies in Commotion : Disability and Performance (Corporealities: Discourses of Disability).
0472098934: States of Violence
0472098942: Positive Political Theory II : Strategy and Structure (Michigan Studies in Political Analysis).
0472098950: The Body of Poetry: Essays on Women, Form, and the Poetic Self (Poets on Poetry (Hardcover))
0472098969: On SF
0472098977: Curious Attractions
0472098993: Writing Ann Arbor: A Literary Anthology
0472099000: Between a River and a Mountain : The AFL-CIO and the Vietnam War - Hardcover
0472099019: School Choice and the Future of American Democracy
0472099043: A Crooked Line: From Cultural History to the History of Society
0472099078: Utopia In Performance
0472099086: Acting Jewish: Negotiating Ethnicity on the American Stage and Screen
0472099094: Fractured Borders: Reading Women's Cancer Literature
0472099116: Litigating in the Shadow of Death : Defense Attorneys in Capital Cases
0472099140: Transformation And Trouble
0472099159: After the End of History: The Curious Fate of American Materialism
0472099167: An American Girl, and Her Four Years in a Boys' College
0472099175: The Stamp of Class: Reflections on Poetry and Social Class
0472099248: Gathering Ground : A Reader Celebrating Cave Canem's First Decade
0472099256: Islam and the Prayer Economy : History and Authority in a Malian Town.
0472100017: State of War : Michigan in World War II
0472100025: Harriet Martineau : The Woman and Her Work, 1802-1876
0472100033: New Light on Ancient Carthage: Papers of Symposium
0472100068: Dissent in Early Modern China: Ju-Lin Wai-Shih and Ching Social Criticism
0472100076: Women and Politics: The Invisible Majority
0472100084: Their Sisters' Keepers : Women's Prison Reform in America, 1830-1930 (Women and Culture Series)
0472100092: Elite Images of Dutch Politics: Accommodation and Conflict
0472100106: Bureaucracy Vs. Environment
0472100130: Trollope in the Post Office
0472100149: Typology & Structure of Roman Historical Reliefs. (Jerome Lectures. 14th Series.)
0472100157: Police Practices & the Law Essays From
0472100165: English as a world language.
0472100173: Theory of Multinational Enterprise
0472100211: CENTAURS AND AMAZONS Women and the Pre-History of the Great Chain of Being
0472100238: Marion Fay
0472100254: The Early Medieval Balkans: A Critical Survey From The Sixth To The Late Twelfth Century
0472100262: Insuring Inequality : Administrative Leadership in Social Security, 1935-1954
0472100270: Second Language Learning: Contrastive Analysis, Error Analysis, and Related Aspects
0472100289: The Italian Journalist
0472100297: Environmental Diplomacy
0472100319: The Scope of Renaissance Humanism
0472100327: To Quench Our Thirst: The Present and Future Status of Freshwater Resources of the United States
0472100335: Plath's Incarnations: Woman and the Creative Process
0472100343: Psychology and Mathematics, an Essay on Theory
0472100351: A Regional Econometric Forecasting System: Major Economic Areas of Michigan
0472100378: Aesthetics of Survival : A Composer's View of Twentieth-Century Music
0472100386: Roman Copies of Greek Sculpture : The Problem of the Originals
0472100408: Theory of Public Choice, II
0472100416: Implementing the Tokyo Round: National Constitutions and International Economic Rules
0472100424: Union Power and American Democracy : The UAW and the Democratic Party, 1935-72
0472100440: With Pleated Eye and Garnet Wing: Symmetries of Italo Calvino.
0472100459: co-wives and calabashes
0472100491: Women in Scientific and Engineering Professions
0472100505: Statemaking and Social Movements : Essays in History and Theory
0472100521: Life in the Balance
0472100556: The World Their Household: The American Woman's Foreign Mission Movement and Cultural Transformation, 1870-1920.
0472100564: To the Heart of Asia : The Life of Sven Hedin.
0472100572: Counterrevolution in China
0472100580: Politics of Energy Policy Change in Sweden
0472100599: The Management of Smallpox Eradication in India: A Case Study and Analysis
0472100602: The Behavioral Science of Leadership : An Interdisciplinary Japanese Research Program
0472100610: Dignity - Lower Income Women Tell of Their Lives and Struggles
0472100629: Beyond Busing
0472100645: The Nuer Conquest: The Structure and Development of an Expansionist System
0472100653: Blaschke Products
0472100688: READING THE ROMANTIC HEROINE Text, History, Ideology
0472100696: Indian Names in Michigan
0472100718: Moving America to Methanol: a Plan to Replace Oil Imports, Reduce Acid Rain.
0472100726: Alexander Strahan, Victorian Publisher
0472100734: Living Stories, Telling Lives : Women & the Novel in Contemporary Experience (Women and Culture Ser.)
0472100750: John Galworthy's Life and Art : An Alien's Fortress
0472100777: Disputable Decisions in Special Education
0472100793: Late Medieval Balkans : A Critical Survey from the Late Twelfth Century to the Ottoman Conquest
0472100807: Sierra Leone's Settler Women Traders
0472100823: Mary Carr Moore
0472100831: Nonfuel Minerals: Foreign Dependence & National Security,
0472100866: Academics in Court: The Consequences of Faculty Discrimination Litigation
0472100882: The Death Penalty in the Eighties : An Examination of the Modern System of...
0472100890: Robert Lowell : Interviews and Memoirs
0472100904: The First Electronic Computer: The Atanasoff Story.
0472100912: War Diaries of Vladimir Dedijer. Three Volumes. Volume 1: From April 6, 1941 to November 27, 1942. Volume 2: From November 28, 1942 to September 10, 1943. Volume 3: From September 11, 1943 to November 7, 1944
0472100947: Attraction of Opposites : Thought and Society in the Dualistic Mode
0472100955: School, State, and Society : The Growth of Elementary Schooling in Nineteenth-Century France -- A Quantitative Analysis
0472100963: Space, Geography, and Politics in the Early Roman Empire
0472100971: History of Earliest Italy
0472101005: Polar Bears
0472101013: The Power of Images in the Age of Augustus
0472101021: Chronicler of Barsetshire : A Life of Anthony Trollope
0472101056: Yale Manuscript
0472101064: On Education
0472101072: Yeats
0472101102: The War Diaries of Vladimir Dedijer : Volume 3: From September 11, 1943, to November 7, 1944
0472101129: Winding Down: The Revolutionary War Letters of Lieutenant Benjamin Gilbert of Massachusetts, 1780-1783 From His Original Manuscript Letterbook in
0472101137: Circus and a Byzantine Cemetery at Carthage
0472101145: Architecture Library of the Future : Complexity and Contradiction
0472101153: Press and Main Street
0472101188: The Rise and Fall of an Urban School System : Detroit, 1907-81 (Ann Arbor Paperbacks Ser.)
0472101196: Figures in a Renaissance Context
0472101226: Models of Strategic Choice in Politics
0472101250: Virtue of Necessity
0472101269: Forgotten Army : India's Armed Struggle for Independence 1942-45
0472101277: Lyric Encyclopedia of Raymond Queneau
0472101293: Bitterness of Job : A Philosophical Reading
0472101307: World Around the Chinese Artist
0472101315: Keynes's Lectures, 1932-35 : Notes of a Representative Student
0472101323: Untold Story : Women and Theory in Golden Age Texts
0472101331: Phonology and Reading Disability : Solving the Reading Puzzle
0472101366: Institutions in American Society : Essays in Market, Political and Social Organizations
0472101374: Political Analysis, 1990 Vol. 1 : An Annual Publication of the Methodology Section of the American Political Science Association
0472101382: Macroeconomic Theory and Stabilization Policy
0472101404: Macroeconomics under Debate
0472101412: Exchange Rates and Policy Coordination
0472101420: Inventory Theory and Consumer Behavior
0472101439: Understanding Spain
0472101447: Sweetwater, Storms and Spirits : Stories of the Great Lakes
0472101455: Development Biopsychology : Experimental and Observational Studies in Groups at Risk
0472101463: Anthropometric Standards for the Assessment of Growth and Nutritional Status
0472101471: Allegories of War : Language and Violence in Old English Poetry
0472101498: Developing Countries and the Global Trading System : Volume 2. Country Studies from a Ford Foundation Project (Studies in International Economics)
0472101528: Wrestling with Time : Problems in Economic Theory
0472101544: Studies in Economic Rationality : X-Efficiency Examined and Extolled
0472101552: Rules and Institutions
0472101579: Pigs That Ate the Garden : A Human Ecology from Papua New Guinea
0472101587: Transgressive Readings : The Texts of Franz Kafka and Max Planck
0472101595: History of Foreign Labor in Germany, 1880-1980
0472101609: Appropriated Voice : Narrative Authority in Conrad, Forster and Woolf
0472101617: John Coltrane
0472101641: Anti-Dumping Law and Practice : A Comparative Study
0472101668: Measuring the Correlates of War
0472101676: Predicting Politics : Essays in Empirical Public Choice
0472101684: Confessions, Truth, and the Law
0472101692: Money Demand and Monetary Policy
0472101706: Now Through a Glass Darkly : Specular Images of Being and Knowing from Virgil to Chaucer
0472101714: Dialogues with Convention : Essays in Renaissance Poetry
0472101722: Chinese Boycotts versus Japanese Bombs; The Failure of China's Revolutionary Diplomacy, 1931-32
0472101749: Behind the Bamboo Hedge : The Impact of the Homeland Politics in the Parisian Vietnamese Community
0472101757: Milton Friedman : Economics in Theory and Practice
0472101765: Early Years of a Dutch Colonial Mission : The Karo Field
0472101773: China's Participation in the IMF, the World Bank, and GATT : Toward a Global Economic Order
0472101811: Business Cycles and Financial Crisis
0472101838: Charity and Children in Renaissance Florence : The Ospedale degli Innocenti, 1410-1536
0472101846: Intimate Fathers : The Nature and Context of Aka Pygmy Paternal Care
0472101854: Annotated Critical Bibliography of Langland
0472101862: Economics and Politics : The Calculus of Support
0472101870: Women and Comedy : Rewriting the British Theatrical Tradition
0472101889: Tom Stoppard and the Craft of Comedy : Medium and Genre at Play
0472101897: Romanticism and Anthony Trollope
0472101900: Writing Sites : A Genealogy of the Postmodern World
0472101919: Privatizing the Economy : Telecommunications Policy in Comparative Perspective
0472101927: Evolving Technology and Market Structure
0472101943: Dining in a Classical Context
0472101951: French Joyce
0472101978: Contemporary Japanese Economy and Economic Policy
0472101986: Ideology and the Theory of Political Choice
0472101994: Thomas Tooke : Pioneer of Monetary Theory
0472102028: Political Parties and the Winning of Office
0472102060: Virtue and Venom : Catalogs of Women from Antiquity to the Renaissance
0472102079: Yeats Vol. 6 : An Annual of Critical and Textual Studies,1999
0472102087: Beyond the Tunnel of History
0472102109: Keynesian Recovery and Other Essays
0472102117: Reason and History : Or Only a History of Reason?
0472102125: THE SONG OF THE HAWK, The Life and Recordings of Coleman Hawkins
0472102133: Boy Meets Horn
0472102176: Plot of the Future : Utopia and Dystopia in Modern Drama
0472102184: How Will the Heart Endure : Elizabeth Bowen and the Landscape of War
0472102206: Women and Reason
0472102214: Blessed Rage for Order : Deconstruction, Evolution and Chaos
0472102222: Economics and the Ethics of Constitutional Order
0472102230: Sondheim's Broadway Musicals
0472102249: Selected Letters of Matthew Arnold
0472102257: Search for a Father : Sartre, Paternity and the Question of Ethics
0472102265: Political Analysis 1990 Vol. 2 : An Annual Publication of the Methodology Section of the American Political Science Association
0472102273: Representation Rights and the Burger Years
0472102281: Uncertain Perceptions : U. S. Cold War Crisis Decision Making
0472102346: Daughter's Dilemma : Family Process and the Nineteenth-Century Domestic Novel
0472102354: For Whose Protection? : Reproductive Hazards and Exclusionary Policies in the United States and Britain
0472102370: Leadership in Committee
0472102389: Politics, Markets, and Congressional Policy Choices
0472102397: Humanism in Crisis : The Decline of the French Renaissance
0472102419: Travelers to an Antique Land : The History and Literature of Travel to Greece
0472102427: Social Norms and Economic Institutions
0472102435: American Bureaucracy : Public Choice and Public Law
0472102443: Fate of the Law
0472102451: The Unity of the Hebrew Bible
0472102478: Diffusion of War
0472102494: Innovation and Technological Change : An International Comparison
0472102508: Ballots of Tumult
0472102516: Negotiation Analysis
0472102524: Poetry of W. D. Snodgrass : Everything Human
0472102540: Schumpeterian Puzzles
0472102559: Crisis and Transformation in Seventeenth-Century China: Society, Cultkre and Modernity in Li Yu's World
0472102567: Rhythm Man : Fifty Years in Jazz
0472102575: Upon My Husband's Death : Widows in the Literature and Histories of Medieval Europe
0472102583: Under RAPs : Toward Grassroots Ecological Democracy in the Great Lakes Basin
0472102591: That Great Sanity : Critical Essays on May Sarton
0472102605: In-Between of Writing : Experience and Experiment in Drabble, Duras, and Arendt
0472102613: How Dramas End : Essays on the German Sturm und Drang, Buchner, Hauptmann and Fleisser
0472102648: George Eliot's Originals and Contemporaries : Essays in Victorian Literary History and Biography
0472102656: New Woman and Her Sisters
0472102664: Life Made Real : Characterization in the Novel since Proust and Joyce
0472102702: Fundamental Development of the Social Sciences : Rockefeller Philanthropy and the United States Social Science Research Council
0472102729: Regulation : Economic Theory and History
0472102737: Experimental Foundations of Political Science
0472102745: Play of Fictions Bk. 2 : Studies in Ovid's Metamorphoses
0472102753: Vision and Violence
0472102761: Mobilizing Interest Groups in America : Patrons, Professions and Social Movements
0472102788: Economics of Organizational Choice : Workers, Jobs, Labor Markets and Implicit Contracting
0472102818: Theater and Society in the Classical World
0472102826: Art of Persuasion : Political Propaganda from Aeneas to Brutus
0472102834: Images of English : A Cultural History of the Language
0472102842: Images and Arms Control : Perceptions of the Soviet Union in the Reagan Administration
0472102850: Children of the Boat People: A Study of Educational Success
0472102869: City-States in Classical Antiquity and Medieval Italy
0472102877: Becoming What One Is
0472102885: Language, Religion, and Ethnic Assertiveness : The Growth of Sinhalese Nationalism in Sri Lanka
0472102893: Making the World Safe for Existence : Celebration of the Saints among the Sierra Nahuat of Chignautla, Mexico
0472102907: Rereading the New : A Backward Glance at Modernism
0472102915: Explaining Process and Change : Approaches to Evolutionary Economics
0472102923: Family Letters of Richard Wagner
0472102931: Indian Block-Printed Cotton Fragments in the Kelsey Museum
0472102958: Silens in Attic Black-Figure Vase-Painting : Myth and Performance
0472102966: Early Greek Lyric Poetry : Translated with an Introduction and Commentary
0472102974: Nomodeiktes : Greek Studies in Honor of Martin Ostwald
0472102982: Pound/Cummings : The Correspondence of Ezra Pound and E. E. Cummings
0472102990: Presence and Resistance : Postmodernism and Cultural Politics in Contemporary American Performance
0472103008: Curved Thought and Textual Wandering : Gertrude Stein's Postmodernism
0472103016: Re-Entering the Sign : Perspectives on New Russian Culture
0472103024: Acting as Reading : The Place of the Reading Process in the Actor's Work
0472103032: Handmaid of the Holy Spirit : Dame Eleanor Davies, Never Soe Mad a Ladie
0472103040: Love and Logic : The Evolution of Blake's Thought
0472103059: Women Lawyers and the Origins of Professional Identity in America
0472103067: Diplomas and Thatch Houses : Asserting Tradition in a Changing Micronesia
0472103075: Another Colette
0472103083: Actor's Instrument : Body, Theory, Stage
0472103091: Traditions of Experiment from the Enlightenment to the Present : Essays in Honor of Peter Demetz
0472103105: Ionesco's Imperatives : The Politics of Culture
0472103113: Theater at the Margins : Texts for a PostStructured Stage
0472103121: Religion, Family, and the Life Course
0472103148: Mozart's Piano Concertos : Text, Context, Interpretation
0472103156: Peace : An Idea Whose Time Has Come
0472103164: King of Critics : George Saintsbury, 1845-1933, Critic Journalist, Historian, Professor
0472103172: Remembered Lives : The Work of Ritual, Storytelling, and Growing Older
0472103210: After Brecht: British Epic Theater
0472103237: All My Relatives : Community in Contemporary Ethnic American Literatures
0472103253: Emily Dickinson and Audience
0472103261: Theater of Michel Vinaver
0472103288: Applied Econometric Techniques
0472103296: Institutional Change, Discretion, and the Making of Modern Congress : An Economic Interpretation
0472103318: Cognition, Value, and Price : A General Theory of Value
0472103334: Confidence Regained : Economics, Mrs. Thatcher, and the British Voter
0472103342: Stage of Their Own : Feminist Playwrights of the Suffrage Era
0472103350: Political Analysis Vol. 3 : An Annual Publication of the Methodology Section of the American Political Science Association, 1992
0472103369: Entrepreneurship, Technological Innovation, and Economic Growth : Studies in the Schumpeterian Tradition
0472103377: Recent Developments in the Theory of Industrial Organization
0472103385: Why People Pay Taxes : Tax Compliance and Enforcement
0472103393: When Beauty Fires the Blood
0472103407: Reading the Other : Novels and the Problem of Other Minds
0472103415: Beyond the Soviet Threat : Rethinking American Security Policy in a New Era
0472103423: Latifundium : Moral Economy and Material Life in a European Periphery
0472103458: Senate Elections
0472103466: Taxation and Public Goods : A Welfare-Economic Critique of Tax Policy Analysis
0472103482: Writings about John Cage
0472103504: Press and the Ford Presidency
0472103520: Homeric Misdirection : False Predictions in the Iliad
0472103539: Labor Shortages as America Approaches the Twenty-first Century : Myth or Reality?
0472103571: Choosing Europe? : The European Electorate and National Politics in the Face of Union
0472103628: Strategic Budgeting
0472103652: Narrative, Authority and Law
0472103679: Endangered and Threatened Wildlife of Michigan
0472103695: Changing Voices
0472103709: Charlie Parker : His Music and Life (The Michigan American Music Series) by...
0472103717: Palimpsest : Editorial Theory in the Humanities
0472103806: Legal Modernism
0472103814: Agenda Formation
0472103830: Smell of Books : A Cultural-Historical Study of Olfactory Perception in Literature
0472103857: Subject's Tragedy : Political Poetics, Feminist Theory and Drama
0472103865: Stranger's Welcome : Oral Theory and the Aesthetics of the Homeric Hospitality Scene
0472103873: Palmyra and Its Empire : Zenobia's Revolt against Rome
0472103903: Law's Violence
0472103911: Yeats Vol. 10 : An Annual of Critical and Textual Studies 1992
0472103962: Welfare Economics of Markets, Voting and Predation
0472104004: Early Rome and the Latins
0472104047: Paying the Piper : Productivity, Incentives, and Financing in U. S. Higher Education
0472104055: Ghost of Meter : Culture and Prosody in American Free Verse
0472104063: Antidumping : How It Works and Who Gets Hurt
0472104071: Stigma of Names : Antisemitism in German Daily Life, 1812-1933
0472104098: Forms of Disruption : Abstraction in Modern German Prose
0472104101: Diagnosing America : Anthropology and Public Engagement (Linking Levels of Analysis series)
0472104128: Dissociated Identities : Ethnicity, Religion, and Class in an Indonesian Society
0472104136: Don Juan Legend before Mozart : With a Collection of Eighteenth-Century Opera Librettos
0472104144: On the Void of to Be : Incoherence and Trope in Finnegans Wake
0472104152: Wife and Widow in Medieval England
0472104179: Lying and Poetry from Homer to Pindar : Falsehood and Deception in Archaic Greek Poetics
0472104187: Divine Escorts : Nereids in Archaic and Classical Greek Art
0472104195: Recovering Berryman : Essays on a Poet
0472104225: Paradigms and Conventions : Uncertainty, Decision Making, and Entrepreneurship
0472104233: On Gwendolyn Brooks : Reliant Contemplation
0472104241: On William Stafford: The Worth of Local Things.
0472104268: Possibility of Popular Justice : A Case Study of Community Mediation in the United States
0472104284: Economics and Politics of World Sugar Policies
0472104306: Gray Agendas : Interest Groups and Public Pensions in Canada, Britain, and the United States
0472104314: Analytical and Negotiating Issues in the Global Trading System
0472104322: Return to Increasing Returns
0472104349: Public Values in Constitutional Law
0472104357: Political Analysis Vol. 4 : An Annual Publication of the Methodology Section of the American Political Science Association
0472104365: Under the Sign : John Bargrave As Collector, Traveller, and Witness
0472104373: People Speak!
0472104381: French Voter Decides
0472104403: National Health Care : Lessons for the United States and Canada
0472104411: Law in Everyday Life
0472104438: Regulation, Organizations, and Politics : Motor Freight Policy at the Interstate Commerce Commission
0472104446: Regime and Discipline : Democracy and the Development of Political Science
0472104454: Yeats's Political Identities : Selected Essays
0472104462: Politics of Women's Education : Perspectives from Asia, Africa, and Latin America
0472104497: Poetry and the Cult of the Martyrs : The Liber Peristephanon on Prudentius
0472104500: Classics of Social Choice
0472104519: Politics and the News Media in Japan
0472104535: Behavior, Culture, and Conflict in World Politics
0472104551: Enduring Effects of Prenatal Alcohol Exposure on Child Development : Birth Through Seven Years, a Partial Least Squares Solution
0472104578: Collective Security Beyond the Cold War
0472104586: When Opponents Cooperate : Great Power Conflict and Collaboration in World Politics
0472104594: Ovid's Causes : Cosmogony and Aetiology in the Metamorphoses
0472104608: Child and the Hero : Coming of Age in Catullus and Vergil
0472104616: Epicurus in Lycia : The Second-Century World of Diogenes of Oenoanda
0472104632: Power without Force : The Political Capacity of Nation States
0472104659: Medical Lives and Scientific Medicine at Michigan, 1891-1969
0472104683: At the Turn of a Civilization : David Jones and Modern Poetics
0472104691: O'Neill's Shakespeare
0472104713: Subject as Action : Transformation and Totality in Narrative Aesthetics
0472104764: Dante's Epistle to Cangrande
0472104772: Wild Men in the Looking-Glass : The Mythic Origins of European Otherness
0472104799: Woman's Place Is in the House : Campaigning for Congress in the Feminist Era
0472104802: Positive Political Theory I : Collective Preference
0472104829: Who Put the Rainbow in the Wizard of Oz? : Yip Harburg, Lyricist
0472104845: Wages of Conquest : The Mexican Aristocracy in the Context of Western Aristocracies
0472104853: Themistius and the Imperial Court
0472104861: Scientists and the State
0472104896: Religion and the Authority of the Past
0472104918: Exiles, Eccentrics, Activists : Women in Contemporary German Theater
0472104926: Elections at Home and Abroad : Essays in Honor of Warren E. Miller
0472104934: Surveillance, Privacy, and the Law : Employee Drug Testing and the Politics of Social Control
0472104942: Biblical Web
0472104969: Trade and Industrial Policy in Developing Countries : A Manual of Policy Analysis
0472104977: Economics and the Antagonism of Time : Time, Uncertainty, and Choice in Economic Theory
0472104985: Savings and Bequests
0472105019: The Gay Critic (The Body, In Theory: Histories of Cultural Materialism)
0472105043: Cash, Crisis and Corporate Governance : The Role of National Finance Systems in Industrial Restructuring
0472105078: Aesthetics of Disturbance
0472105086: American Poet at the Movies
0472105108: Trust : Representatives and Constitutents
0472105132: Telling Rhythm : Body and Meaning in Poetry
0472105140: Heart of Achilles : Characterization and Personal Ethics in the Iliad
0472105159: International Cooperation on Nonproliferation Export Controls : Prospects for the 1990s and Beyond
0472105167: Politics, Process and American Trade Policy
0472105175: Legislative Leadership in the American States
0472105183: Cosa : The Lamps
0472105191: Stepfamilies and the Law
0472105205: Rebuilding Capitalism : Alternative Roads after Socialism and Dirigisme
0472105213: Macaronic Sermons : Bilingualism and Preaching in Late Medieval England
0472105256: Rhetoric of Law
0472105264: Hall of Mirrors : Drafts and Fragments and the End of Ezra Pound's Cantos
0472105299: Let the Good Times Roll : The Story of Louis Jordan and His Music
0472105310: Horace's Odes and Epodes : Translated with an Introduction and Commentary
0472105329: Rebel's Dilemma
0472105337: Stolper-Samuelson Theorem : A Golden Jubilee
0472105345: Innovation in Technology, Industries, and Institutions : Studies in Schumpeterian Perspectives
0472105353: Directing Beckett
0472105361: Contesting Cultural Rhetorics : Public Discourse and Education, 1890-1900
0472105418: Political Judgment : Structure and Process
0472105426: Markets, States and Public Policy : Privatization in Britain and France
0472105442: Art of Rupture
0472105469: Origins of the Authoritarian Welfare State in Prussia : Conservatives, Bureaucracy, and the Social Question, 1815-70
0472105477: Centuries of Economic Endeavor : Parallel Paths in Japan and Europe, and their Contrast with the Third World
0472105485: Schumpeter in the History of Ideas
0472105493: Critical Essays on Susan Glaspell
0472105507: After Bipolarity : The Vanishing Threat, Theories of Cooperation and the Future of the Atlantic Alliance
0472105523: Subject of Modernism : Narrative Alterations in the Fiction of Eliot, Conrad, Woolf, and Joyce
0472105531: Technological Democracy : Bureaucracy and Citizenry in the German Energy Debate
0472105558: Yeats Vol. XI : An Annual of Critical and Textual Studies, 1993
0472105566: Envisioning Eastern Europe after Communism : Ideology and Identity in Transformation
0472105574: Heterotopia : Postmodern Utopia and the Body Politic
0472105590: Choosing the Chief
0472105620: New Directions in Trade Theory
0472105655: Victorian Autobiography : The Genre of Autobiography in Victorian Literature
0472105663: Subversive Heroines : Feminist Resolutions of Social Crisis in the Condition-of-England Novel
0472105671: Gender in Play on the Shakespearean Stage : Boy Heroines and Female Pages
0472105698: Philodemus in Italy
0472105701: Contemporary German Editorial Theory
0472105728: Cooperator's Dilemma : Economics, Cognition, and Society
0472105736: Beyond Translation : Essays Towards a Modern Philology
0472105744: Transforming Societies, Transforming Anthropology
0472105752: Origins of Spontaneous Revolution : East Germany 1989
0472105760: Without Blare of Trumpets : Walter Drew, the National Erectors' Association, and the Open Shop Movement, 1903-57
0472105779: Index Numbers : A Stochastic Approach
0472105787: Web of Friendship : Marianne Moore and Wallace Stevens
0472105795: Textualterity
0472105809: Artificial Paradise : Science Fiction and American Reality
0472105817: Man who does not Exist : The Irish Peasant in the Works of W. B. Yeats and J. M. Synge
0472105825: Crime in the Public Mind
0472105833: Theatrical Gamut : Notes for a Post-Beckettian Stage
0472105841: Jews, Germans, Memory : Reconstructions of Jewish Life in Germany
0472105868: Emily Dickinson's Open Folios : Scenes of Reading, Surfaces of Writing
0472105876: Toward a Theater of the Oppressed
0472105892: Ralph J. Bunche : Selected Speeches and Writings
0472105906: Actium and Augustus: The Politics and Emotions of Civil War
0472105914: Rhetorics of Life-Writing in Early Modern Europe : Forms of Biography from Cassandra Fedele to Louis XIV
0472105922: Genesis
0472105949: Engendering Inspiration : Visionary Strategies in Rilke, Lawrence, and H. D.
0472105965: Explaining an Eclipse : Aristotle's Posterior Analytics 2.1-10
0472105973: Siren Songs : Gender, Audiences, and Narrators in the Odyssey
0472105981: Sardonic Smile: Nonverbal Behavior in Homeric Epic
0472106015: Papuan Borderlands : Huli, Duna, and Ipili Perspectives on the Papua New Guinea Highlands
0472106023: Political Economy of Environmental Protection : Analysis and Evidence
0472106058: Trying to Make Law Matter : Legal Reform and Labor Law in the Soviet Union
0472106066: Writing Ravenna : The Liber Pontificalis of Andreas Agnellus
0472106074: Theater in Israel
0472106090: Cosa III: The Buildings of the Forum: Colony, Municipium, and Village (Memoirs of the American Academy in Rome)
0472106112: Birds of Algonquin Legend
0472106120: Editing D. H. Lawrence
0472106139: Fate of the Object : From Modern Object to Postmodern Sign in Performance, Art, and Poetry
0472106147: Yeats : An Annual of Critical and Textual Studies, 1994
0472106155: Text Vol. 8 : Transactions of the Society for Textual Scholarship
0472106171: ANACREON REDIVIVUS A Study of Anacreonitic Translation in Mid-Sixteenth Century France
0472106198: Defining Dominion: The Discourses of Magic and Witchcraft in Early Modern France and Germany
0472106201: High-Intensity Participation : The Dynamics of Party Activism in Britain
0472106244: Paradoxes of Peace : German Peace Movements Since 1945
0472106252: Acting Like Men : Gender, Drama, and Nostalgia in Ancient Greece
0472106260: Commerce with the Classics : Ancient Books and Renaissance Readers
0472106279: Society, Culture, and the State in Germany, 1870-1930
0472106287: Crisis Bargaining and the State : The Domestic Politics of International Conflict
0472106295: Domestic Sources of Global Change
0472106309: Creating Constitutionalism? : The Politics of Legal Expertise and Administrative Law in England and Wales
0472106317: Improper Influence
0472106325: Identities, Politics, and Rights
0472106341: Federal Judiciary and Institutional Change
0472106368: Pedagogy, Praxis, Ulysses
0472106376: Foreign Business Law in China : Past Progress and Future Challenges
0472106384: Chaos Theory in the Social Sciences : Foundations and Applications
0472106392: Medical Malpractice and the American Jury: Confronting the Myths About Jury Incompetence, Deep Pockets, and Outrageous Damage Awards
0472106406: As if the Future Mattered : Translating Social and Economic Theory into Human Behavior
0472106414: Psychology of Political Communication
0472106422: World Economy and National Finance in Historical Perspectives
0472106430: Serpents in the Sand
0472106449: Strangers to the Law : Gay People on Trial (Law, Meaning, and Violence)
0472106457: Cultural Conservatism, Political Liberalism : From Criticism to Cultural Studies
0472106465: Dora Marsden and Early Modernism : Gender, Individualism, Science
0472106473: From Revolution to War : State Relations in a World of Change
0472106481: Early French Cookery : Sources, History, Original Recipes and Modern Adaptations
0472106503: Susan Glaspell in Context : American Theater, Culture, and Politics, 1915-48
0472106511: Whispered Consolations
0472106538: James Joyce and the Art of Mediation
0472106546: State Learning and International Change
0472106562: Athenian Empire Restored : Epigraphic and Historical Studies
0472106597: Never-Resting Mind : Wallace Stevens' Romantic Irony
0472106619: Reforming Asian Socialism : The Growth of Market Institutions
0472106627: Congress and the Rent-Seeking Society
0472106643: Allure of the Foreign : Imported Goods in Postcolonial Latin America
0472106651: Causes of Human Behavior : Implications for Theory and Method in the Social Sciences
0472106678: Margins of the Text
0472106694: Scope of History : Studies in the Historiography of Alfonso el Sabio
0472106716: Portraits of Medieval and Renaissance Living : Essays in Memory of David Herlihy
0472106732: Game and Economic Theory : Selected Contributions in Honor of Robert J. Aumann
0472106740: Tempests into Rainbows : Managing Turbulence
0472106759: Newcomes : Memoirs of a Most Respectable Family
0472106767: Progress : Fact or Illusion?
0472106805: Challenges to Political Parties : The Case of Norway
0472106813: Art in Roman Britain
0472106821: Win, Lose, or Draw : Domestic Politics and the Crucible of War
0472106856: Unleashing Rights : Law, Meaning, and the Animal Rights Movement
0472106864: Resource Allocation in Higher Education
0472106880: Poetry and Prophecy
0472106899: Standing Your Ground : Territorial Disputes and International Conflict
0472106902: Literary Text in the Digital Age
0472106910: Mirabile Dictu
0472106929: Idealism and Liberal Education
0472106937: Daughters as Reader : Encounters between Literature and Life
0472106945: Growth Triumphant: The Twenty-First Century in Historical Perspective
0472106961: Whole Book
0472106988: Origins of Free Verse
0472106996: Naming Properties : Nominal Reference in Travel Writings by Basho and Sora, Johnson and Boswell
0472107011: Choosing an Identity : A General Model of Preference and Belief Formation
0472107038: Designing Judicial Review : Interest Groups, Congress and Communications Policy
0472107054: Picturing Silence : Language, Emblem, Counter-Reformation Materiality
0472107062: Poetic Allusion and Poetic Embrace in Ovid and Virgil
0472107089: Keynes's Uncertain Revolution
0472107097: Fully Accredited Ocean : Essays on the Great Lakes
0472107100: Secret Marriage of Sherlock Holmes and Other Eccentric Readings
0472107119: Character of Economic Thought, Economic Characters and Economic Institutions : Selected Essays by Mark Perlman
0472107135: Charles Simic : Essays on the Poetry
0472107151: Scissors of Meter : Grammetrics and Reading
0472107178: Caliban's Curse : George Lamming and the Revisioning of History
0472107186: Law Stories
0472107194: Commentary on Cicero, De Officiis
0472107208: Memoirs of the American Academy in Rome
0472107232: Women, Jews, and Muslims in the Texts of Reconquest Castile
0472107240: Paradise of Association : Political Culture and Popular Organizations in the Paris Commune of 1871
0472107267: Fornes : Theater in the Present Tense
0472107275: Farm Policy and Trade Conflict : The Uruguay Round and Common Agricultural Policy Reform
0472107291: Road-Maps to Prosperity
0472107305: Behavioral Norms, Technological Progress, and Economic Dynamics : Studies in Schumpeterian Economics
0472107313: Legacy of Tiananmen : China in Disarray
0472107321: Powers that Punish : Prison and Politics in the Era of the
0472107348: Joyce and the Subject of History
0472107356: Rereading the Renaissance
0472107364: Peregrinations of the Word : Essays in Medieval Philosophy
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