0472107372: Socrates of Constantinople : Historian of Church and State
0472107380: Watercolors of Italy
0472107399: Why Regulate Utilities? : The New Institutional Economics and the Chicago Gas Industry, 1849-1921
0472107402: Exclusive Revolutionaries : Liberal Politics, Social Experience, and National Identity in the Austrian Empire, 1848-1914
0472107410: Around the Roof of the World
0472107429: Amenhotep III : Perspectives on His Reign
0472107437: Political Analysis Vol. 6 : An Annual Volume of the Methodology Section of the American Political Science Association
0472107445: Songes of Rechelesnesse
0472107453: Politics of Preference
0472107461: History of Henry Esmond
0472107488: Clean Hands and Rough Justice
0472107496: Michigan Law Quadrangle : Architecture and Origins
0472107518: Getting to War : Predicting International Conflict with Mass Media Indicators
0472107542: Ezra Pound's Confucian Translations
0472107550: How German Is She? : Postwar West German Reconstruction and the Consuming Woman
0472107569: Comedy Called Susenbrotus
0472107577: Artificial Savage : Modern Myths of the Wild Man
0472107585: Anchors against Change : American Opinion Leaders' Beliefs after the Cold War
0472107623: Networks of Champions : Leadership, Access and Advisory in the U. S. House of Representatives
0472107666: Jewelry of Roman Britain
0472107674: Boccaccio's Dante and the Shaping Force of Satire
0472107682: Plot and Point of View in the Iliad
0472107690: Social Benefits of Education
0472107704: Imports and Immigrants : Near Eastern Contacts with Iron Age Crete
0472107801: Colonial Power, Colonial Texts : India in the Modern British Novel
0472107828: Robert Frost and the Challenge of Darwin
0472107836: Hot Coal, Cold Steel : Russian and Ukrainian Workers from the End of the Soviet Union to the Post-Communist Transformations
0472107844: Oxford in English Literature : The Making, and Undoing, of 'the English Athens'
0472107852: Public Office in Early Rome : Ritual Procedure and Political Practice
0472107860: Autobiography
0472107879: Macroeconomics of Saving, Finance, and Investment
0472107887: Fashioning the Female Subject : The Intertextual Networking of Dickinson, Moore, and Rich
0472107895: Livy's Written Rome
0472107909: Ancient Pathways and Hidden Pursuits : Religion, Morals, and Magic in the Ancient World
0472107917: On the Search for Well-Being
0472107925: Knotted Thong : Structures of Mimesis in Persius
0472107933: Taking It to the Streets : The Social Protest Theater of Luis Valdez and Amiri Baraka
0472107941: Political Economy of Dual Transformations : Market Reforms and Democratization in Hungary
0472107992: When Romeo Was a Woman : Charlotte Cushman and Her Circle of Female Spectators (Triangulations: Lesbian/Gay/Queer Theater/Drama/Performance)
0472108026: Investment, Profit, and Tenancy : The Jurists and the Roman Agrarian Economy
0472108034: Wages, Welfare Costs and Inflation in Classical Athens
0472108042: Czecho/Slovakia : Ethnic Conflict, Constitutional Fissure and Negotiated Breakup
0472108050: Color of Representation : Congressional Behavior and Black Interests
0472108069: Study of Crisis
0472108077: What Has Athens to Do With Jerusalem?
0472108085: Hearing Voices : Modern Drama and the Problem of Subjectivity
0472108093: Greener Vision of Home : Cultural Politics and Environmental Reform in the German Heimatschutz Movement, 1904-1918
0472108115: Recharting the Caribbean : Land, Law, and Citizenship in the British Virgin Islands
0472108131: Acceptable Risks : Politics, Policy, and Risky Technologies
0472108158: Poetry and Paintings of the 1st Bible of Charles the Bald
0472108166: Selected Classical Papers
0472108174: Institutions and Economic Theory : The Contribution of the New Institutional Economics
0472108182: Conspicuous Corporation
0472108190: Bathing in Public in the Roman World
0472108204: Turning the Legislative Thumbscrew : Minority Rights and Procedural Change in Legislative Politics
0472108212: Meaning of Consciousness
0472108220: Redefining History : Ghosts, Spirits, and Human Society in P'u Sung-ling's World, 1640-1715
0472108239: Empowering Exporters : Reciprocity, Delegation, and Collective Action in American Trade Policy
0472108247: Monetary Politics : Exchange Rate Cooperation in the European Union
0472108255: Rosa Bonheur : The Artist's (Auto)biography
0472108263: Cat and the Human Imagination
0472108301: Creating Efficient Banking Sysytems : Theory and Evidence from Eastern Europe
0472108328: Presidential-Congressional Relations
0472108336: Human Values and Beliefs : A Cross-Cultural Sourcebook
0472108344: Fantastic Journey : The Life and Literature of Lafcadio Hearn
0472108352: Future of Modernism
0472108360: Regulating Finance : The Political Economy of Spanish Financial Policy from Franco to Democracy
0472108387: Principles of Corporate Renewal
0472108395: Quiet Pioneering
0472108409: Forging an Integrated Europe
0472108417: Law and the Postmodern Mind : Essays on Psychoanalysis and Jurisprudence
0472108425: Strategic Politicians, Institutions, and Foreign Policy
0472108433: Attic Greek Prose Syntax : Revised and Expanded in English
0472108441: Attic Greek Prose Syntax
0472108468: Lucian and the Latins : Humor and Humanism in the Early Renaissance
0472108484: Governor as Party Leader : Campaigning and Governing
0472108492: Anarchy, Order and Integration : How to Manage Interdependence
0472108506: Affirmative Action and Minority Enrollments in Medical and Law Schools
0472108514: Much Labouring : The Texts and Authors of Yeats's First Modernist Books
0472108530: Shakespeare in Theory
0472108549: Quest for Kim
0472108557: Pipes of Pan : Intertextuality and Literary Filiation in the Pastoral Tradition from Theocritus to Milton
0472108565: Interests and Integration : Market Liberalization, Public Opinion, and European Union
0472108573: Health Benefits at Work : An Economic and Political Analysis of Employment-Based Health Insurance
0472108581: Alexander The Great
0472108603: Simplicity and Complexity : Pondering Literature, Science, and Painting
0472108638: Absolute Weapon Revisited : Nuclear Arms and the Emerging International Order
0472108646: Resisting Texts : Authority and Submission in Constructions of Meaning
0472108654: Iconic Page in Manuscript, Print, and Digital Culture
0472108662: Joint Ventures of Labor and Capital
0472108670: Risk Taking in International Politics : Prospect Theory in American Foreign Policy
0472108689: Institutions and Social Order
0472108697: Pushing the Envelope
0472108700: Financial Integration and Real Activity
0472108719: Women at Michigan : The Dangerous Experiment, 1870s to the Present
0472108727: Postmodern/Drama : Reading the Contemporary Stage
0472108735: Rooms with a View : The Stages of Community in the Modern Theater
0472108743: Animal Advocacy and Englishwomen, 1780-1900 : Patriots, Nation, and Empire
0472108751: Roman Coins and Public Life Under the Empire
0472108794: Russia's Legal Fictions
0472108824: Interlochen : A Home for the Arts
0472108832: Rebels in Law : Voices in History of Black Women Lawyers
0472108840: Assassination of a Michigan King : The Life of James Jesse Strang
0472108859: U. S. Orientalisms : Race, Nation, and Gender in Literature, 1790-1890
0472108867: Elements of Econometrics
0472108875: Building the Cold War Consensus
0472108883: Interests, Ideas, and Deregulation : The Fate of Hospital Rate Setting
0472108891: Metamorphosis of Language in Apuleius : A Study of Allusion in the Novel
0472108905: Godliness and Governance in Tudor Colchester
0472108913: Vandals to Visigoths
0472108921: Crowd in Rome in the Late Republic
0472108948: Innovation and Individuality in African Development : Changing Production Strategies in Rural Mali
0472108956: Modern Italy : A Political History
0472108964: Paradosis and Survival : Three Chapters in the History of Epicurean Philosophy
0472108972: Reading Virgil and His Texts : Studies in Intertextuality
0472108980: Quare Joyce
0472108999: Sanctuary of Santa Venera at Paestum II
0472109014: Frank Stella's Moby-Dick
0472109022: Art and the Market : Roger Fry on Commerce in Art, Selected Writings, Edited with an Interpretation
0472109030: Television Violence and Public Policy
0472109057: Origins and Demise of South African Apartheid : A Public Choice Analysis
0472109065: Social Inequality : Values, Growth, and the State
0472109081: Constructions of the Classical Body
0472109103: Catholicism, Political Culture, and the Countryside
0472109111: Cultural Pluralism, Identity Politics, and the Law
0472109138: Thomas Heywood's Art of Love : The First Complete English Translation of Ovid's Ars Amatoria
0472109146: Edges of Loss : From Modern Drama to Postmodern Theory
0472109154: Libri Annales Pontificum Maximorum : The Origins of Annalistic Tradition
0472109170: Magnus Felix Ennodius
0472109197: Recycling Land : Understanding the Legal Landscape of Brownfield Development
0472109200: Theorizing Self in Samoa : Emotions, Genders, and Sexualities
0472109219: Butterfly, the Bride : Essays on Law, Narrative, and the Family
0472109227: Courts of International Trade : Judicial Specialization, Expertise, and Bureaucratic Policymaking
0472109235: Text Vol. 10 : An Interdisciplinary Annual of Textual Studies
0472109243: Life, Death, and Entertainment in the Roman Empire
0472109251: The Moral Economy.
0472109278: Dynamic Management of Growing Firms : A Strategic Approach
0472109286: Making and Meaning of Hospital Policy in the United States and Canada
0472109294: Contested City : Municipal Politics and the Rise of Nazism in Altona, 1917-1937
0472109308: To Agree or Not to Agree : Leadership, Bargaining, and Arms Control
0472109316: Measurement of Nontariff Barriers
0472109324: Constituent Interests and U.S. Trade Policies : The Sweetland Conference
0472109332: Impact of Trade and Domestic Policy Reforms in India : A CGE Modeling Approach
0472109340: Rags and Riches : Implementing Apparel Quotas under the Multi-Fibre Arrangement
0472109359: Legal Advocacy : Lawyers and Nonlawyers at Work
0472109367: Finance Capitalism Unveiled
0472109375: Yeats
0472109383: Time, Ignorance, and Uncertainty in Economic Models
0472109391: Stages of Age : Performing Age in Contemporary American Culture
0472109405: Animal Within : Masculinity and the Gothic
0472109421: Demanding Choices
0472109448: Mobility and Modernity : Migration in Germany, 1820-1989
0472109456: Gendering Politics : Women in Israel
0472109464: Building the East German Myth : Historical Mythology and Youth Propaganda in the German Democratic Republic, 1945-1989
0472109472: Framed Visions : Popular Culture, Americanization, and the Contemporary German and Austrian Imagination
0472109480: Triumph of the Fatherland
0472109499: Collaborative Meaning in Medieval Scribal Culture : The Otho La3amon
0472109502: Penchant for Prejudice : Unraveling Bias in Judicial Decision-Making
0472109529: Surrender : How the Clinton Administration Completed the Reagan Revolution
0472109537: Politics of Community Policing : Rearranging the Power to Punish
0472109545: Intellectuals and the Articulation of the Nation
0472109588: Facing It : AIDS Diaries and the Death of the Author
0472109596: Honor, Symbols, and War
0472109626: Democracy without Associations : Transformation of the Party System and Social Cleavages in India
0472109634: Avery Hopwood : His Life and Plays
0472109642: Political Complexity : Nonlinear Models of Politics
0472109650: Constitutional Judiciary in a New Democracy : The Hungarian Constitutional Court
0472109669: Complete in All Its Parts
0472109677: Robert Frost and Feminine Literary Tradition
0472109685: Treasure Map : A Guide to the Delian Temple Inventories
0472109693: Democratizing Communist Militaries
0472109707: Leading Questions : How Hegemony Affects the International Political Economy
0472109715: Dante's Aesthetics of Being
0472109723: Neapolitan Recipe Collection : Cuoco Napoletano
0472109758: Effeminism : The Economy of Colonial Desire
0472109766: Material Witness: The Selected Letters Of Fairfield Porter
0472109774: Married, Middlebrow and Militant : Sarah Grand and the New Woman Novel
0472109782: Separate Destinations : Migration, Immigration, and the Politics of Places
0472109804: Uruguay Round and Beyond
0472109812: After Neoliberalism : What Next for Latin America?
0472109820: Development, Duality, and the International Economic Regime
0472109839: Competitiveness Matters : Industry and Economic Performance in the U. S.
0472109847: Politics of Purity : Harvey Washington Wiley and the Origins of Federal Food Policy
0472109863: Challenge of Modernity : German Social and Cultural Studies, 1890-1960
0472109871: Gendered Missions : Women and Men in Missionary Discourse and Practice
0472109898: Plundered Kitchens, Empty Wombs
0472109928: Comparative Political Parties and Party Elites : Essays in Honor of Samuel J. Eldersveld
0472109936: Postwar Transformation of Germany : Democracy, Prosperity and Nationhood
0472109944: Renaissance Humanism and the Papal Curia
0472109952: Congress, the President, and the Federal Reserve : The Politics of American Monetary Policy-Making
0472109960: State Trading in the Twenty-First Century Vol. 1 : The World Trade Forum
0472109979: Limits of Ancient Christianity : Essays on Late Antique Thought and Culture in Honor of R. A. Markus
0472109987: After the Deluge : Regional Crises and Political Consolidation in Russia
0472109995: Adoption In America
0472110004: Joyce/Foucault : Sexual Confessions.
0472110020: Essays in History : Financial, Economic, Personal
0472110039: Singing Masters
0472110055: State Institutions, Private Incentives, Global Capital
0472110063: Titles, Conflict and Land Use
0472110071: At Play in the Tavern : Signs, Coins, and Bodies in the Middle Ages
0472110098: Dearly Beloved Friends : Henry James's Letters to Younger Men
0472110101: Dear Munificent Friends
0472110128: Legalizing Moves : Salvadoran Immigrants' Struggle for U. S. Residency
0472110136: God-Apes and Fossil Men : Paleoanthropology of South Asia
0472110144: Campaign Dynamics : The Race for Governor
0472110152: Origins of Liberal Dominance
0472110160: Liberal Democracy and the Limits of Tolerance : Essays in Honor and Memory of Yitzhak Rabin
0472110179: Colonial Subjects
0472110187: Harvesting Coffee, Bargaining Wages : Rural Labor Markets in Colombia, 1975-1990
0472110195: Text Vol. 11 : An Interdisciplinary Annual of Textual Studies
0472110209: Creative Politics
0472110217: In the Land of Mirrors : Cuban Exile Politics in the United States
0472110225: Anatomy of Public Opinion
0472110233: Regions, Institutions, and Agrarian Change in European History
0472110241: From Expectation to Experience : Essays on Law and Legal Education
0472110268: Wealth, Work, and Health : Innovations in Measurement in the Social Sciences
0472110276: Rebellious Civil Society : Popular Protest and Democratic Consolidation in Poland, 1989-1993
0472110284: Perspectives on Fluency
0472110292: This Is My Body : Representational Practices in the Early Middle Ages
0472110306: Unbroken Ties : The State, Interest Associations, and Corporatism in Post-Soviet Ukraine
0472110322: Nation Work : Asian Elites and National Identities
0472110330: Disabled Veterans in History
0472110357: Revels in Madness : Insanity in Medicine and Literature
0472110365: Infinity (Stage)
0472110373: Memory - Theater and Postmodern Drama
0472110381: Polycentricity and Local Public Economies : Readings from the Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis
0472110403: Christians in Asia Before 1500
0472110411: Catherine : A Story
0472110438: Yeats Vol. XV : An Annual of Critical and Textual Studies, 1997
0472110446: Playing Darts with a Rembrandt : Public and Private Rights in Cultural Treasures
0472110454: History, Memory, and the Law
0472110462: Gender Matters
0472110470: Strategy or Principle? : The Choice Between Regulation and Taxation
0472110489: Much Ado about Culture : North American Trade Disputes
0472110497: Systemic Choices : Nonlinear Dynamics, Institutional Ecology and Practical Management
0472110500: Economic Consequences of Immigration
0472110519: Toasts with the Inca : Andean Abstraction and Colonial Images on Quero Vessels
0472110535: The Laws of the Roman People : Public Law in the Expansion and Decline of the Roman Republic
0472110543: Choice-Free Rationality : A Positive Theory of Political Behavior
0472110551: Pierio Valeriano on the Ill-Fortune of Learned Men
0472110578: Child Support : The Next Frontier
0472110586: Altering States : Ethnographies of Transition in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union
0472110594: Thoughts from a Bridge : A Retrospective of Writings on New Europe and American Federalism
0472110608: Medicare
0472110616: Social Politics of Medieval Diplomacy : Anglo-German Relations, 1066-1307
0472110624: Disenchanted Democracy : Chinese Cultural Criticism After 1989
0472110632: History of Disability
0472110640: Information Gathering in Classical Greece
0472110659: Trevor Griffiths : Politics, Drama, History
0472110667: Blueprints for a House Divided : The Constitutional Logic of the Yugoslav Conflicts
0472110675: Public Spheres, Public Mores, and Democracy : Hamburg and Stockholm, 1870-1914
0472110683: Encompassing Others
0472110691: Oscar Wilde's Decorated Books
0472110705: Dancing Histories
0472110713: Network Inside Out
0472110721: Being Useful : Policy Relevance and International Relations Theory
0472110748: Political Analysis : The Methodology Section of the American Political Science
0472110756: Federal Future of Europe : From the European Community to the European Union
0472110764: Not Just Any Medical School : The Science, Practice, and Teaching of Medicine at the University of Michigan, 1850-1941
0472110772: Heart as a Drum : Continuance and Resistance in American Indian Poetry
0472110780: Measuring Mamma's Milk : Fascism and the Medicalization of Maternity in Italy
0472110799: Power and Negotiation
0472110802: Nimble Believing
0472110810: Cost of Occupational Injury and Illness
0472110829: Othermindedness : The Emergence of Network Culture
0472110837: Middle East Remembered : Forged Identities, Competing Narratives, Contested Spaces
0472110845: Mountain and Plain : From the Lycian Coast to the Phrygian Plateau in the Late Roman and Early Byzantine Period
0472110861: Distributive Justice and Economic Development : The Case of Chile and Developing Countries
0472110888: Analogical Thinking : Post-Enlightenment Understanding in Language, Collaboration, and Interpretation
0472110896: Every Breath You Take : Stalking Narratives and the Law
0472110918: University for the Twenty-First Century
0472110926: Mirror of Spain, 1500-1700 : The Formation of a Myth
0472110950: International Project Analysis and Financing
0472110977: Great Breakthrough and Its Cause
0472110985: Capital Flows, Capital Controls, and Currency Crises : Latin America in The 1990s
0472110993: Social Dimensions of U. S. Trade Policies
0472111000: Regulatory Barriers and the Principle of Non-discrimination in World Trade Law : Past, Present, and Future
0472111019: Passionate Journeys
0472111027: Foreign Policy and Congress : An International Relations Perspective
0472111043: Saxony in German History
0472111051: Soul Barnacles : Ten More Years with Ray
0472111078: The Woman Who Knew Too Much : Alice Stewart and the Secrets of Radiation
0472111086: Little Tools of Knowledge : Historical Essays on Academic and Bureaucratic Practices
0472111108: Pillars of Economic Understanding : Factor and Markets
0472111116: Alps
0472111132: Ordering Anarchy : Armies and Leaders in Tacitus' Histories
0472111140: End of Books--or Books Without End? : Reading Interactive Narratives
0472111167: Mental Health Care Administration : A Guide for Practitioners
0472111175: Painted Word
0472111183: Congress on Display, Congress at Work
0472111191: Does Business Learn?
0472111205: Disarmed Democracies : Domestic Institutions and the Use of Force
0472111213: Vehicle of Influence : Building a European Car Market
0472111221: Making Security Social : Disability, Insurance, and the Birth of the Social Entitlement State in Germany
0472111248: Limits of Coexistence
0472111256: Civil Wars and Foreign Powers : Outside Intervention in Intrastate Conflict
0472111264: Democracy and Institutions : The Life Work of Arend Lijphart
0472111280: Technological Change in Health Care : A Global Analysis of Heart Attack
0472111299: Learning by Voting : Sequential Choices in Presidential Primaries and Other Elections
0472111302: Constitutional Process : A Social Choice Analysis of Supreme Court Decision Making
0472111310: Electorate, the Campaign, and the Office : A Unified Approach to Senate and House Elections
0472111329: Earth Is Our Book : Geographical Knowledge in the Latin West Ca. 400-1000
0472111337: Bishops, Councils, and Consensus in the Visigothic Kingdom, 589-633
0472111353: Beyond Complementary Medicine : Legal and Ethical Perspectives on Health Care and Human Evolution
0472111361: Public Health in the Market : Facing Managed Care, Lean Government, and Health Disparities
0472111388: Text : An Interdisciplinary Annual of Textual Studies
0472111396: Staging Masculinity : The Rhetoric of Performance in the Roman World
0472111418: Development Theory and the Economics of Growth
0472111426: Rethinking Sustainability : Power, Knowledge, and Institutions
0472111434: Harmony and the Balance : An Intellectual History of Seventeenth-Century English Economic Thought
0472111442: Economics of Forestry and Rural Development : An Empirical Introduction from Asia
0472111469: Canon, Period, and the Poetry of Charles of Orleans : Found in Translation
0472111477: Shifting Memories : The Nazi Past in the New Germany
0472111493: Sails of the Herring Fleet
0472111507: Fly in the Soup : Memoirs
0472111515: Education, Culture, and Identity in 20th Century China
0472111523: Kuria Cattle Raiders : Violence and Vigilantism on the Tanzania/Kenya Frontier
0472111531: Legislative Entrepreneurship in the U.S. House of Representatives
0472111558: Soldiers, Cities, and Civilians in Roman Syria
0472111566: Intercollegiate Athletics and the American University : A University President's Perspective
0472111574: Law at the End of Life : The Supreme Court and Assisted Suicide
0472111582: Continuity and Change on the United States Courts of Appeals
0472111590: Elections in Australia, Ireland, and Malta under the Single Transferable Vote : Reflections on an Embedded Institution
0472111604: Deadlock of Democracy in Brazil
0472111612: Species, Phantasms, and Images : Vision and Medieval Psychology in the Canterbury Tales
0472111639: Capturing Troy : The Narrative Functions of Landscape in Archaic and Early Classical Greek Art
0472111647: Fabulous Vernacular : Boccaccio's Filocolo and the Art of Medieval Fiction
0472111655: China's Trial by Fire
0472111663: Beyond the Boundaries : American Alternative Theatre
0472111671: Being Elsewhere : Tourism, Consumer Culture, and Identity in Modern Europe and North America
0472111698: Troubles in Ballybogoin : Memory and Identity in Northern Ireland
0472111701: Ecology and the Sacred : Engaging the Anthropology of Roy A. Rappaport
0472111728: Miranda's Waning Protections
0472111744: Energy Forms : Allegory and Science in the Era of Classical Thermodynamics
0472111752: Reading Relationally : Postmodern Perspectives on Literature and Art
0472111760: Political Science as Puzzle Solving
0472111779: Carrots, Sticks, and Ethnic Conflict : Rethinking Development Assistance
0472111787: Institutions and Investments : Foreign Direct Investment in China During an Era of Reforms
0472111795: Unfettered Expression : Freedom in American Intellectual Life
0472111817: Imagining Adoption : Essays on Literature and Culture
0472111825: Yeats : An Annual of Critical and Textual Studies, 1998
0472111833: Truth to Tell : German Women's Autobiographies and Turn-of-the-Century Culture
0472111841: Altering Party Systems : Strategic Behavior and the Emergence of New Political Parties in Western Democracies
0472111868: Institutions and Innovation : Voters, Parties, and Interest Groups in the Consolidation of Democracy - France and Germany, 1870-1939
0472111876: Manipulating the Market : Understanding Economic Sanctions, Institutional Change, and the Political Unity of White Rhodesia
0472111884: How to Enter China
0472111892: Ancient Art of Emulation
0472111906: Beckett Canon
0472111914: Power-Conflict Story : A Dynamic Model of Interstate Rivalry
0472111922: Human Rights : Concepts, Contests, and Contingencies
0472111930: Health Networks : Can They Be the Solution?
0472111949: Text Vol. 13 : An Interdisciplinary Annual of Textual Studies
0472111957: Banished Immortal : Searching for Shuangqing, China's Peasant Woman Poet
0472111965: Mergers of Teaching Hospitals in Boston, New York, and Northern California
0472111973: Truthful Impression of the Country : British and American Travel Writing in China, 1880-1949
0472111981: Constituting Workers, Protecting Women : Gender, Law and Labor in the Progressive Era and New Deal Years
0472112007: Walking to Mackinac : A Husband and Wife Explore Michigan
0472112015: Party Competition and Responsible Party Government : A Theory of Spatial Competition Based upon Insights from Behavioral Voting Research
0472112023: Staging Consciousness : Theater and the Materialization of Mind
0472112031: Telling Wonders
0472112058: Intellectual Property : Trade, Competition, and Sustainable Development
0472112074: Compound Dilemmas : Democracy, Collective Action, and Superpower Rivalry
0472112082: Eastern Magnificence and European Ingenuity : Clocks of Late Imperial China
0472112090: Evolution of Agrarian Institutions : A Comparative Study of Post-Socialist Hungary and Bulgaria
0472112104: Revitalizing Federal Education Research and Development : Improving the R and D Centers, Regional Education Laboratories, and the New OERI
0472112112: Banking on Stability : Japan and the Cross-Pacific Dynamics of International Financial Crisis Management
0472112120: Taking Trade to the Streets : The Lost History of Public Efforts to Shape Globalization
0472112139: Networking : Communicating with Bodies and Machines in the Nineteenth Century
0472112147: Defusing Democracy : Central Bank Autonomy and the Transition from Authoritarian Rule
0472112155: Anna Seghers
0472112163: Penumbral Visions : Making Polities in Early Modern South India
0472112171: Services in the International Economy
0472112198: How the Dismal Science Got Its Name : Classical Economics and the UR-Text of Racial Politics
0472112201: Preference Pollution
0472112228: Managing Modernity : Work, Community, and Authority in Late-Industrializing Japan and Russia
0472112236: Limits to Union : Same-Sex Marriage and the Politics of Civil Rights
0472112244: Altruistically Inclined? : The Behavioral Sciences, Evolutionary Theory, and the Origins of Reciprocity
0472112252: Florentine Essays
0472112260: Politics of Language in the Ex-Soviet Muslim States
0472112287: Philosophers' Game : Rithmomachia in Medieval and Renaissance Europe with An Edition of Ralph Lever and William Fulke, the Most Noble, Ancient, and Learned Playe (1563)
0472112295: Managing Readers : Printed Marginalia in English Renaissance Books
0472112309: Princes and Political Cultures : The New Tiberian Senatorial Decrees
0472112317: Odyssey
0472112325: Economic Reforms in Chile
0472112333: Robert Hayden : Essays on the Poetry
0472112341: Chaucer's Italian Tradition
0472112368: Speaking the Same Language : Speech and Audience in Thucydides' Spartan Debates
0472112376: Terracotta Figurines and Plaques from Dura-Europos
0472112384: Introduction to Greek Epigraphy of the Hellenistic and Roman Periods from Alexan
0472112392: Searching for Life's Meaning : Changes and Tensions in the Worldview of Chinese Youth in The 1980s
0472112406: Voluntary City : Choice, Community, and Civil Society
0472112414: Chinese Postmodern
0472112422: Haunted Stage : The Theatre as Memory Machine
0472112430: Economics as a Social Science : An Approach to Nonautistic Theory
0472112449: Illegitimacy in Renaissance Florence
0472112457: People, Personal Expression and Social Relations in Late Antiquity : With Translated Texts from Gaul and Western Europe
0472112465: People, Personal Expression, and Social Relations in Late Antiquity
0472112473: Quantifying the Impact of Technical Barriers to Trade : Can It Be Done?
0472112481: Aqueduct Hunting in the Seventeenth Century : Raffaele Fabretti's de aquis et aquaeductibus veteris Romae
0472112503: Greater Than Emperor : Cola di Rienzo (Ca. 1313-54) and the World of Fourteenth-Century Rome
0472112511: Speculum Luris : Roman Law as a Reflection of Social and Economic Life in Antiquity
0472112538: Lives in the Law
0472112546: Banking on Reform : Political Parties and Central Bank Independence in the Industrial Democracies
0472112562: Inside Appellate Courts : The Impact of Court Organization on Judicial Decision Making in United States Courts of Appeals
0472112570: Re-Forming the State : The Politics of Privatization in Latin America and Europe
0472112589: Cities, Sin, and Social Reform in Imperial Germany
0472112600: Democrats, Republicans, and the Politics of Women's Place
0472112619: Case for the Prosecution in the Ciceronian Era
0472112635: Acts of Authority/Acts of Resistance : Theater and Politics in Colonial and Postcolonial India
0472112643: Poetry in the Museums of Modernism
0472112651: Listening to Homer : Tradition, Narrative, and Audience
0472112678: All International Politics Is Local : The Diffusion of Conflict, Integration, and Democratization
0472112686: Formative Years : Children's Health in the United States, 1880-2000
0472112694: Network of Converso Families in Early Modern Toledo
0472112708: The Extraordinary Decade: Literary Memoirs
0472112716: Markets and Medicine
0472112724: Text Vol. 14 : An Interdisciplinary Annual of Textual Studies
0472112732: Millennial Reflections on International Studies
0472112740: Bound by Struggle : The Strategic Evolution of Enduring International Rivalries
0472112759: Romans in a New World : Classical Models in Sixteenth-Century Spanish America
0472112767: Roman Propertius and the Reinvention of Elegy
0472112775: Aspirations for Excellence : Alexander Jackson Davis and the First Campus Plan for the University of Michigan, 1838
0472112783: Boundless Field
0472112791: Issues and Options for U. S.-Japan Trade Policies
0472112805: Well-Being of the Elderly in Asia : A Four-Country Comparative Study
0472112813: Future Medicine : Ethical Dilemmas, Regulatory Challenges, and Therapeutic Pathways to Health Care and Healing in Human Transformation
0472112821: Ethnic Drag : Performing Race, Nation, Sexuality in West Germany
0472112848: Managing Motherhood, Managing Risk : Fertility and Danger in West Central Tanzania
0472112856: Citizens on Stage : Comedy and Political Culture in the Athenian Democracy
0472112864: Why Americans Split Their Tickets : Campaigns, Competition, and Divided Government
0472112872: When the Stakes Are High : Deterrence and Conflict among Major Powers
0472112880: Rethinking Reality : Lucretius and the Textualization of Nature
0472112899: Locating the Proper Authorities : The Interaction of Domestic and International Institutions
0472112902: From Liberty to Democracy : The Transformation of American Government
0472112910: From Noose to Needle : Capital Punishment and the Late Liberal State
0472112937: Capitalism, Not Globalism : Capital Mobility, Central Bank Independence, and the Political Control of the Economy
0472112945: Greek Syntax
0472112953: Greek Syntax
0472112988: Affirmative Action in Medicine
0472112996: Football U. : Spectator Sports in the Life of the American University
0472113003: Liberal Illusion : Does Trade Promote Peace?
0472113011: Culture of San Sepolcro during the Youth of Piero della Francesca
0472113038: Volatile States : Institutions, Policy, and the Performance of American State Economies
0472113046: Marianne Moore, Elizabeth Bishop, and May Swenson : The Feminist Poetics of Self-Restraint
0472113054: Reluctant Partners : A History of Multilateral Trade Cooperation, 1850-2000
0472113062: Protest and the Politics of Blame
0472113070: Defending Diversity : Affirmative Action at the University of Michigan
0472113089: Secret of Secrets : The Scholarly Career of a Pseudo-Aristotelian Text in the Latin Middle Ages
0472113097: International Capital Flows in Calm and Turbulent Times : The Need for New International Architecture
0472113100: Taste for Nothingness : A Study of Virtus and Related Themes in Lucan's Bellum Civile
0472113127: Challenge of Hegemony : Grand Strategy, Trade, and Domestic Politics
0472113135: Jerusalem Besieged
0472113143: Patchwork Nation : Sectionalism and Political Change in American Politics
0472113151: Communities and Law : Politics and Cultures of Legal Identities
0472113178: Politics, Policy, and Organizations : Frontiers in the Scientific Study of Bureaucracy
0472113186: Worldly Provincialism
0472113194: Role of the Judge in International Trade Regulation : Experience and Lessons for the WTO
0472113208: Athenian Experiment : Building an Imagined Political Community in Ancient Attica, 508-490 B. C.
0472113216: Women and Laughter in Medieval Comic Literature
0472113224: Changing Paths : International Development and the New Politics of Inclusion
0472113232: Myth, Montage, and Visuality in Late Medieval Manuscript Culture : Christine de Pizan's Epistre Othea
0472113240: Commentary on Cicero, de Legibus
0472113267: Technology in American Health Care : Policy Directions for Effective Evaluation and Management
0472113275: Lessons from the Past
0472113283: Jurisprudence of Emergency : Colonialism and the Rule of Law
0472113291: Law's Madness
0472113305: Graceful Errors : Pindar and the Performance of Praise
0472113313: From Coins to History : Selected Numismatic Studies
0472113321: Worshipping Aphrodite: Art and Cult in Classical Athens
0472113348: Yeats Vol. 6 : An Annual of Critical and Textual Studies,1999
0472113356: Text : An Interdisciplinary Annual of Textual Studies
0472113364: Robert Mugabe : A Life of Power and Violence
0472113372: Rogue Scholar : The Sinister Life and Celebrated Death of Edward H. Rulloff
0472113380: Water Music
0472113399: Staff of Oedipus : Transforming Disability in Ancient Greece
0472113402: Chinese Dreams
0472113410: Textual Awareness: A Genetic Study of Late Manuscripts by Joyce, Proust, and Mann
0472113437: Albrecht Durer's Renaissance
0472113453: Jazz Journeys to Japan: The Heart Within
0472113488: Understanding Economic Recovery in the 1930s : Endogenous Propagation in the Great Depression
0472113496: Abandoned Women : Rewriting the Classics in Dante, Boccaccio, and Chaucer
0472113518: State of Virginity : Gender, Religion, and Politics in an Early Modern Catholic State
0472113526: Michigan Trees
0472113534: Jesuit and the Incas : The Extraordinary Life of Padre Blas Valera, S. J.
0472113542: Journey to the East : Li Gui's A New Account of a Trip Around the Globe
0472113550: Social Science Knowledge and Economic Development : An Institutional Design Perspective
0472113569: Race, Liberalism, and Economics
0472113577: Economics in Real Time
0472113585: Trade Threats, Trade Wars : Bargaining, Retaliation, and American Coercive Diplomacy
0472113593: Contexts of War : Manipulation of Genre in Virgilian Battle Narrative
0472113607: Other Germans : Black Germans and the Politics of Race, Gender, and Memory in the Third Reich
0472113615: The Origins of Mexican Catholicism : Nahua Rituals and Christian Sacraments in Sixteenth-Century Mexico (History, Languages, and Cultures of the Spanish and Portuguese Worlds)
0472113623: Economy of Prostitution in the Roman World
0472113631: Cosa V: An Intermittent Town, Excavations 1991-1997
0472113658: Where No Gods Came : A Novel
0472113666: Principles of Corporate Renewal, Second Edition
0472113674: Character Is Destiny
0472113682: Past As Present in the Drama of August Wilson
0472113704: Modern German Art for Thirties Paris, Prague, and London: Resistance and Acquiescence in a Democrati
0472113712: Fishes of the Great Lakes Region
0472113720: Breaking Ground : Pioneering Women Archaeologists
0472113747: Rogues and Early Modern English Culture
0472113755: Upholding Justice : Society, State, and the Penal System in Quito (1650-1750) (History, Languages, and Cultures of the Spanish and Portuguese Worlds).
0472113763: On James Tate
0472113771: Waltzing the Magpies : A Year in Australia
0472113798: Cosmos of Desire
0472113836: The War Against Catholicism: Liberalism and the Anti-Catholic Imagination in Nineteenth-Century Germany
0472113844: German Pop Culture : How "American" Is It? (Social History, Popular Culture, and Politics in Germany) - Hardcover
0472113852: Solidarity's Secret : The Women Who Defeated Communism in Poland
0472113879: Conflict and Coexistence Archbishop Rodrigo and the Muslims and Jews of Medieval Spain
0472113887: Death by Philosophy: The Biographical Tradition in the Life and Death of the Archaic Philosophers Empedocles, Heraclitus, and Democritus
0472113895: The Roman Community at Table during the Principate
0472113909: Margaret Webster : A Life in the Theater
0472113917: The Limits of Heroism : Homer and the Ethics of Reading (The Body, In Theory: Histories of Cultural Materialism)
0472113925: German Orientalisms - Hardcover
0472113933: Putting Faith in Partnerships: Welfare-to-Work in Four Cities
0472113941: Equal Justice in the Balance : America's Legal Responses to the Emerging Terrorist Threat
0472113968: Before Norms: Institutions and Civic Culture
0472113976: Out of the Closets and into the Courts
0472113984: The Political Economy of Expertise : Information and Efficiency in American National Politics.
0472113992: Guitars, Bars, and Motown Superstars
0472114018: A Mouth Sweeter Than Salt An African Memoir
0472114034: Fragments Of Development : Nation, Gender, And The Space Of
0472114042: Ann Arbor: Hand-Altered Polaroid Photographs
0472114050: Private Guns, Public Health
0472114085: The Footsteps of Israel : Understanding Jews in Anglo-Saxon England
0472114093: Natural Coincidence: The Trip from Kalamazoo
0472114107: Arthur Miller's America
0472114115: Land Between the Rivers
0472114158: Off the Record
0472114166: Greetings From Cutler County
0472114174: Head Hunters: The Making of Jazz's First Platinum Album
0472114190: From Here to There and Back Again
0472114204: Monte Naglers Michigan the Photograph
0472114220: Transformative Justice : Israeli Identity on Trial (Law, Meaning, and Violence).
0472114239: THE IDEA OF THE THEATER IN LATIN CHRISTIAN THOUGHT Augustine to the Fourteenth Century
0472114247: Fame, Money, and Power
0472114255: With All Deliberate Speed : The Life of Philip Elman - Hardcover
0472114263: Satiric Advice on Women and Marriage : From Plautus to Chaucer
0472114271: The Myths of Fiction : Studies in the Canonical Greek Novels
0472114328: Vergil's Aeneid and the Roman Self : Subject and Nation in Literary Discourse
0472114336: The Learned Collector : Mythological Statuettes and Classical Taste in Late Antique Gaul
0472114352: Joining The Conversation
0472114387: Mapping Michel Serres (Studies in Literature and Science)
0472114395: Selected Prose (Poets on Poetry)
0472114409: Saugatuck and Douglas : Hand-Altered Polaroid Photographs
0472114433: Politics and Propaganda : Weapons of Mass Seduction
0472114441: Seasons of Mackinac
0472114468: Northern Michigan Journal
0472114476: Northern Michigan Journal
0472114484: Northern Michigan Journal
0472114522: Quick
0472114530: Three's a Crowd: The Dynamic of Third Parties, Ross Perrot, and Republican Resurgence
0472114549: Jews and Gentiles in Early America: 1654-1800
0472114557: The White Welfare State: The Racialization of U.S. Welfare Policy
0472114565: Imperfect Institutions: Possibilities and Limits of Reform (Economics, Cognition, and Society)
0472114573: Universal Coverage The Elusive Quest for National Health Insurance
0472114611: Traverse City And The Leelanau Peninsula
0472114638: Crusades: The Illustrated History
0472114646: Moving Beyond Prozac, Dsm, and the New Psychiatry: The Birth of Postpsychiatry
0472114654: Helping People Help Themselves : From the World Bank to an Alternative Philosophy of Development Ass
0472114670: Thutmose III : A New Biography
0472114697: Baghdad Bulletin
0472114719: How Like An Angel
0472114727: One Mile Past Dangerous Curve
0472114735: Publishing The Prince: History, Reading, And The Birth Of Political Criticism
0472114743: From Monastery To Hospital
0472114751: Reading after Actium : Vergil's Georgics, Octavian, and Rome
0472114778: Discovering the Greek Countryside at Metaponto (Thomas Spencer Jerome Lectures)
0472114794: On Louise Gluck
0472114824: Acharnians
0472114867: Courting Failure - How Competition For Big Cases is Corrupting the Bankruptcy Courts
0472114891: Taking Her Seriously : Penelope and the Plot of Homer's Odyssey
0472114905: Missionary Tropics
0472114913: The Heimat Abroad: The Boundaries of Germanness (Social History, Popular Culture, and Politics in Ge
0472114921: Cultures of Modernism
0472114956: Avant-Garde Performance and the Limits of Criticism: Approaching the Living Theatre, Happenings/ Fluxus, and the Black Arts Movement
0472114964: The "Vanity of the Philosopher" : From Equality to Hierarchy in Post-Classical
0472114972: How Sondheim Found His Sound
0472114980: East Central And Eastern Europe In The Early Middle Ages
0472115014: The Last Miles : The Music of Miles Davis, 1980-1991 (Jazz Perspectives)
0472115030: Grit, Noise, & Revolution: The Birth of Detroit Rock 'n' Roll
0472115049: Vintage Views Of The Charlevoix-petoskey Region
0472115073: Reading Adoption
0472115081: Soapy : A Biography of G. Mennen Williams
0472115111: The Goat Bridge: A Novel
0472115138: The One-State Solution: A Breakthrough for Peace in the Israeli-Palestinian Deadlock
0472115154: Clemency and Cruelty in the Roman World
0472115162: Latin Inscriptions in the Kelsey Museum: The Dennison and de Criscio Collections
0472115170: Ceremony and Power: Performing Politics in Rome Between Republic and Empire
0472115189: The Augustinian Epic, Petrarch to Milton
0472115200: Harlem Calling : The Collected Stories of George Wylie Henderson
0472115219: The Eye of Command
0472115243: American Prophet: The Life And Work Of Carey Mcwilliams
0472115251: Category 5: The Story of Camille, America's Most Violent Hurricane
0472115278: The Snobs of England and Punch's Prize Novelists
0472115286: Sublimity and Skepticism in Montaigne and Milton
0472115316: Crooked Tree
0472115324: Seasons of Little Traverse Bay
0472115359: International Trade And Human Rights
0472115367: The Great Justices, 1941-54 : Black, Douglas, Frankfurter, and Jackson in Chambers
0472115383: Detroit : Hand-Altered Polaroid Photographs
0472115391: My Body Politic: A Memoir
0472116517: Complete Prose Works of Matthew Arnold : On the Classical Tradition
0472116525: Complete Prose Works of Matthew Arnold : Democratic Education
0472116533: Complete Prose Works of Matthew Arnold : Lectures and Essays in Criticism
0472116541: Complete Prose Works of Matthew Arnold : Schools and Universities on the Continent
0472116568: Complete Prose Works of Matthew Arnold 6 : Dissent and Dogma
0472116576: Complete Prose Works of Matthew Arnold, Vol. VII: God and the Bible
0472116584: Complete Prose Works of Matthew Arnold : Essays Religious and Mixed
0472116592: Complete Prose Works of Matthew Arnold : English Literature and Irish Politics
0472116606: Complete Prose Works of Matthew Arnold : Philistinism in England and America
0472116614: Complete Prose Works of Matthew Arnold : The Last Word
0472116800: World Technology and Human Destiny
0472118528: Aubrey's Brief Lives
0472142003: Fertility and Family Planning, A World Review
0472157604: Talking All Morning
0472164007: The University of Michigan, A Pictorial History
0472168304: Economic Imperialism
0472177559: Brave New World of the Enlightenment
0472179004: Manifestoes of Surrealism.
0472179101: Young Cherry Trees Secured Against Hares
0472196502: The Great Lakes guidebook
0472196510: The Great Lakes Guidebook, Lake Huron and Eastern Lake Michigan
0472196529: Great Lakes Guidebook : Lake Superior and Western Lake Michigan
0472197002: The Recognition of Edgar Allan Poe: Selected Criticism Since 1829
0472198807: Movies, Censorship, and the Law
0472215159: The Dropout: Causes and Cures.
0472219006: Female Sexuality
0472220004: Growth Policy: Population, Environment, And Beyond
0472233009: CAMPAIGNS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION An Atlas of Manuscript Maps
0472234005: John Hay: The Gentleman as Diplomat.
0472242504: Greek Orations Lysias, Isocrates, Demosthenes, Aes
0472251007: Journey into Northern Pennsylvania and the State of
0472268759: Intrigues Studies of the Chan-kuo Ts'e
0472269003: Blacks, Medical Schools, and Society
0472279009: The University
0472279106: Search for a Place: Black Separatism and Africa, 1860
0472294008: Carolingian Portraits
0472295969: Antislavery : The Crusade for Freedom in America
0472298704: Shakespeare's Critics from Jonson to Auden: A Medl
0472298720: China's Economic Development, the Interplay of Scarcity and Ideology
0472298755: Crisis in Watertown;: The polarization of an American community
0472310003: Negroes and Jobs: A Book of Readings.
0472312812: Poverty in America: Book of Readings
0472329480: Sit-Down : The General Motors Strike of 1936-1937
0472329499: Frank Murphy : The Detroit Years
0472330004: The Monastery of Saint Catherine at Mount Sinai: The Church and Fortress of Justinian.
0472349007: Freidrich Holderlin: An Early Modern
0472375008: Letters of Nikolai Gogol.
0472383302: Selected Writings
0472393901: The Contrived Corridor: History and Fatality in Modern Literature
0472400002: Goatfoot Milktongue Twinbird : Interviews, Essays, and Notes on Poetry, 1970-76
0472439030: Hesiod : The Works and Days, Theogony, the Shield of Herakles
0472448005: Ethics of Jonathan Edwards: Morality and Aesthetics
0472455001: Black Separatism and the Caribbean 1860
0472464272: Voices from the Yiddish:Essays, Memoirs, Diaries
0472464353: Fishes of the Great American Lakes
0472500643: Living Building : Vernacular Environments of South China
0472504657: Love ... and death;: Talks on contemporary and perennial themes
0472504991: Civil Liberties and the Constitution.
0472515004: Creative Tension The Life and Thought of Kenneth Boulding.
0472525301: Walking down the Stairs : Selections from Interviews
0472525344: Economic Atlas of the Soviet Union
0472528807: Rebel Voices: An I.W.W. Anthology
0472570005: Theravada Buddhism in Southeast Asia
0472575007: Mirror of War : American Society and the Spanish-American War
0472590030: Taxation Reform in China
0472590065: Creation of His Own : Tappan's Detroit Observatory
0472590073: Creation of His Own : Tappan's Detroit Observatory
0472613006: A Guide to the Campus of the University of Michigan
0472616005: Bride of the revolution;: Krupskaya and Lenin,
0472640003: From Affluence to Praxis; Philosophy and Social Criticism
0472641352: Surrealism & Film
0472641409: Surrealism and the Novel
0472641999: Poetic Themes of Robert Lowell by Mazzaro
0472642308: Negro Thought in America, 1880-1915 : Racial Ideologies in the Age of Booker T. Washington
0472650955: Ninety-Two Twenty-Six Kerchevel: Store Front That Did Not Burn
0472655000: The assault on privacy: Computers, data banks, and dossiers
0472674005: Zola Cezanne and Manet: A Study of L'Oeuvre.
0472675001: Political Heretics from Plato to Mao Tse-Tung by Nomad, M.
0472706004: Aging and the Economy
0472717960: Doctor Zhivago
0472722808: The View from Barrio
0472723006: Making of the University of Michigan
0472728962: The Art of F. Scott Fitzgerald.
0472729357: SATYRICON
0472731009: Perception and change;: Projections for survival
0472735004: Our Own People
0472735209: Assault on the Media: The Nixon Years
0472756028: Prisoner's Dilemma
0472765000: Fatherland or Promised Land: The Dilemma of the German Jew, 1893-1914
0472766007: The Use and Abuse of Biology: An Anthropological Critique of Sociobiology
0472806807: Economic Crises in World Agriculture
0472855999: Field Guide to Western Mushrooms
0472856103: Mushroom Hunter's Field Guide
0472856154: Field Guide to Southern Mushrooms
0472873008: Writing the Australian Crawl
0472874004: George Orwell and the Origins of 1984
0472875000: Wallace Stevens : Art of Uncertainty
0472876007: Mikhail Sholokhov: A Critical Introduction
0472894005: The Time-Spirit of Matthew Arnold.
0472900005: Religion and Regime
0472909908: Modesty and cunning: Shakespeare's use of literary tradition,
0472930001: Elizabeth
0472932209: The Early Years of Lenin
0472934007: Sophocles and Oedipus
0472946005: Bernard Shaw; Pygmalion to many players
0472949004: Connections
0472969005: Chinese Calculus of Deterrence
0472972006: Henry Ford and Grass-Roots America
0472974009: Truth and Value in Nietzsche
0473000040: 40 Days
0473000105: First Fleet of Auckland
0473000237: Jean Begg, C.B.E.
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