0486213641: Fun With Figures
0486213757: Tree Flowers of Forest, Park and Street
0486213773: Figure Drawing
0486213803: Early New England Gravestone Rubbings
0486213811: Masterpieces of Furniture in Photographs and Measure
0486213838: Socratic Method and Critical Philosophy: Selected Essays
0486213846: More Hand Shadows to Be Thrown upon a Wall
0486213854: Introduction to Photographic Principles
0486213862: Bird Studies at Old Cape May: An Ornithology of Coastal New Jersey V001
0486213870: Bird Studies at Old Cape May: An Ornithology of Coastal New Jersey V002 by.
0486213889: Folklore in the English and Scottish Ballads
0486213943: Egyptian Language : Easy Lessons in Egyptian Hieroglyphics with Sign List
0486213951: Songs of Innocence.
0486213978: Great Dirigibles
0486214028: Shells from Cape Cod to Cape May,: With Special Reference to the New York City Area
0486214052: The Forgotten Society, 92 Drawings
0486214095: The English and Scottish Popular Ballads
0486214109: English and Scottish Popular Ballads - Volume 5
0486214117: The English and Scottish Popular Ballads. Volume 3.
0486214125: English & Scottish Popular Ballads Volume 4
0486214133: English and Scottish Popular Ballads (Vol. 5)
0486214168: Jean-Philippe Rameau:His Life and Work: His Life and Work
0486214184: Modelling and Sculpture Volume 1
0486214192: Modelling & Sculpture Volume 2 (Isbn: 0486214192)
0486214214: The Ballad Literature And Popular Music Of The Olden Time
0486214257: White Spirituals in the Southern Uplands : The Story of the Fasola Folk, Their Songs, Singings, and Buckwheat Notes
0486214362: History of Indian and Indonesian Art
0486214370: Blue Fairy Book
0486214389: Brown Fairy Book
0486214397: Green Fairy Book
0486214400: Common Sense in Chess
0486214427: The Art of Accompaniment from a Thorough-Bass: As Practiced in the 17th and 18th Centuries: Volume 1
0486214435: The Art of Accompaniment from a Thorough-Bass: As Practiced in the 17th and 18th Centuries: Volume 2
0486214443: Hans Breitmann's Ballads
0486214451: Story of King Arthur and His Knights
0486214494: Great moments in modern chess.
0486214508: Lasker's Greatest Chess Games, 1889-1914
0486214516: Maximilian's Triumphal Arch
0486214540: The Modern Cook (1846): 1462 Recipes by Queen Victoria's Chef
0486214559: Mother Goose in Hieroglyphics
0486214591: Piano Music of Robert Schumann
0486214613: Piano Music Series 2
0486214680: The last of the Peterkins,: With Others of their kin, and The Queen of the Red Chessmen,
0486214699: Dutch Houses in the Hudson Valley Before 1776
0486214702: Furniture of the Pilgrim Century
0486214710: Furniture of the Pilgrim Century
0486214729: Book of Arts and Crafts
0486214753: Artistic Anatomy of Trees
0486214761: Early Connecticut Houses
0486214788: Decorative Arts of Sweden
0486214826: Alice's Adventures under Ground
0486214834: Tangrams : 330 Puzzles
0486214842: Drawings by Pisanello
0486214850: Drawings of Rembrandt
0486214869: Drawings of Rembrandt
0486214907: What Bird Is This?
0486215148: High Fidelity Systems : A User's Guide
0486215156: Reproduction of Sound
0486215172: Hermann von Helmholtz
0486215229: Iris Book
0486215245: Antique Airplanes Coloring Book
0486215253: Build Your Own Low Cost Home
0486215318: Best Science Fiction Stories
0486215326: Pigs Is Pigs and Other Favorites
0486215350: Cowboy Roping & Rope Tricks
0486215369: Favorite Songs of the 90s
0486215385: Say It in Czech
0486215407: Prisons (Le Carceri) : The Complete First and Second States
0486215431: Pillsbury's Chess Career
0486215474: Hopalong-Freud and Other Parodies.
0486215482: My Chess Career
0486215490: Philosophy of Art
0486215504: Technique of Fresco Painting
0486215512: The Psychology of the Chess Player
0486215539: Trees of New York State: Native and Naturalized
0486215547: History of Tammany Hall
0486215563: Kings of Chess
0486215601: American Colonial Furniture in Scaled Drawings
0486215636: Memoirs : Hector Berlioz
0486215679: Piano Works of Claude Debussy
0486215687: Treatises of Benvenuto Cellini on Goldsmithing and Sculpture
0486215784: Techniques of Drawing
0486215806: Communistic Societies of the United States : From Personal Visit and Observation
0486215814: Strange Cults and Utopias of Ninteenth Century America
0486215822: A Shakespearian Grammar : An Attempt to Illustrate Some of the Differences Between Elizabethan and Modern English
0486215903: Jamaican Song and Story
0486215938: Heavens on Earth : Utopian Communities in America 1680-1880
0486215946: Geometric Exercises in Paper Folding
0486215954: Visual Illusions Coloring Book
0486215962: A Guide to Bird Watching
0486215970: Painting Materials : A Short Encyclopedia
0486215997: American Antique Furniture
0486216004: American Antique Furniture
0486216012: Gentleman and Cabinet-Maker's Director
0486216020: TEUTONIC MYTHOLOGY. In Four Volumes.
0486216063: Shakespeare from Betterton to Irving
0486216098: Creative Painting and Drawing
0486216101: Nursery Alice
0486216136: Reliques of Ancient English Poetry
0486216144: Folk-Lore of Shakespeare,
0486216152: The Brilliant Touch in Chess: 240 Fascinating Positions Commented on
0486216160: The Philosophy of the Upanishads
0486216195: The Birds of America
0486216276: How We Got Our Flowers
0486216284: A Guide to Musical Acoustics
0486216292: Musical Structure and Design
0486216314: J. S. Bach
0486216322: J. S. Bach
0486216330: Early American Rooms 1650 - 1858.
0486216349: Charles S. Peirce : Selected Writings
0486216365: Reti's Best Games of Chess
0486216381: The poster art of Tomi Ungerer
0486216470: Child's Primer of Natural History
0486216489: More Animals
0486216497: Essential English Grammar
0486216500: Essential Portuguese Grammar
0486216624: Paper Toy Making
0486216632: Poetry and the Child by Arnstein, Flora J.
0486216691: Textures : A Photographic Album for Artists and Designers
0486216705: More Fun with Figures
0486216713: Graphic Trade Symbols by German Designers
0486216748: Yellow Fairy Book
0486216756: Violet Fairy Book
0486216764: Dynamic Chess
0486216780: Wild Flowers of California
0486216799: Italian Comedy : The Improvisation, Scenarios, Lives, Attributes, Portraits and Masks of the Illustrious Characters of the Commedia Dell'arte
0486216802: Planets, Stars and Galaxies
0486216837: Piano Music of Louis Moreau Gottschalk : 26 Complete Pieces from Original Editions
0486216845: Romance of Wine
0486216861: Amphibians and Reptiles of the Pacific States
0486216888: THE BREITKOPF THEMATIC CATALOGUE: The Six Parts and Sixteen Supplements, 1762- 1787
0486216942: Great Ideas in Information Theory, Language and Cybernetics
0486216950: History of the Rise and Progress of the Arts of Design in the United States
0486216969: History of the Rise and Progress of the Arts of Design in the United States Volume II Part One
0486216977: History of the Rise and Progress of The Arts of Design in the United States: Vol 2
0486216985: Baroque and Rococo in Latin America: Volume One - Text
0486216993: Baroque and Rococo in Latin America - Volume Two: Illustrations
0486217000: The Music of Liszt
0486217019: Lunar Atlas
0486217027: Liszt
0486217035: Songs and Ballads from Nova Scotia
0486217078: Perfect Wagnerite
0486217094: Basic Machines and How They Work
0486217108: Household Furniture and Interior Decoration : Classic Style Book of the Regency Period
0486217116: Tale of Peter Rabbit Coloring Book
0486217124: Indian Basketry.
0486217132: Basic Needlery Stitches on Mesh Fabrics
0486217140: Listening in the dark;: The acoustic orientation of bats and men,
0486217159: Uncle Silas : A Tale of Bartram-Haugh
0486217167: Animal Drawing and Painting
0486217264: Hear Me Talkin' to Ya
0486217396: History of Philosophy
0486217434: Domestic Architecture of the American Colonies and of the Early Republic
0486217442: Combinations : The Heart of Chess
0486217450: Orchesography : 16th Century Dance
0486217469: John Locke
0486217507: Jewelry Making and Design
0486217515: The Buccaneers of America
0486217523: forest trees of the pacific slope
0486217558: Expert Card Technique
0486217566: Pattern and Design with Dynamic Symmetry
0486217590: Myths of the Hindus and Buddhists
0486217612: World As Will and Representation
0486217620: World As Will and Representation
0486217647: Music, Sound and Sensation : A Modern Exposition
0486217671: Indian How Book
0486217698: Music, Physics, and Engineering
0486217701: Beethoven : Impressions by His Contemporaries
0486217744: Emily Dickinson's Home the Early Years, As Reveale
0486217752: The Native Tribes Of Central Australia
0486217760: Elements of Dynamic Symmetry
0486217795: Hand Shadows to Be Thrown upon a Wall
0486217809: Fables of Aesop According to Sir Roger L'Estrange
0486217825: The Japanese Fairy Book
0486217833: Debussy Man and Artist
0486217841: Otto of the Silver Hand
0486217868: Principles of Reasoning an Introduction to Logic,
0486217876: Art of Card Reading at Bridge
0486217914: Grey Fairy Book
0486217922: Pink Fairy Book
0486217930: Best Tales of Hoffmann
0486217973: Art of Hand Lettering : Its Mastery and Practice
0486218007: Winter Botany : An Identification Guide to Native and Cultivated Trees and Shrubs
0486218023: Dried Flowers
0486218066: Americas Old Masters
0486218082: Cyclopedia Of Magic: Based On The Writings And Performances Of Annemann,Blackstone,Cardini
0486218090: Music of the Spheres : The Material Universe from Atom to Quasar, Simply Explained
0486218104: Music of the Spheres : The Material Universe from Atom to Quasar, Simply Explained
0486218112: Japanese Stencil Designs : One Hundred Outstanding Examples
0486218120: Pepper & Salt Or Seasoning for Young Fol
0486218147: Tricks and Games on the Pool Table
0486218155: Children Write Poetry - A Creative Approach
0486218163: The Early Work of Aubrey Beardsley
0486218171: The Later Work of Aubrey Beardsley
0486218198: Seashore Animals of the Pacific Coast
0486218236: Dictionary of American Portraits
0486218260: Celtic Fairy Tales
0486218279: More Celtic Fairy Tales
0486218287: Indian Fairy Tales
0486218295: Common Bird Songs,
0486218309: Salome
0486218317: William Byrd's Histories of the Dividing Line betwixt Virginia and North Carolina
0486218406: Early American Woodcarving
0486218422: London Tradesmen's Cards of Teh SVIII Century an Account of Their Origin and Use
0486218430: Technical Manual and Dictionary of Classical Ballet
0486218449: A Parody Anthology.
0486218465: Surprise Attack in Mathematical Problems
0486218503: Uniforms of the American Revolution
0486218511: Psychology of Music
0486218538: World of Sound Six Lectures Delivered Before a Juv
0486218546: Skyshooting: Photography for Amateur Astronomers
0486218554: Gems and Precious Stones of North America
0486218562: Science Experiments and Amusements for Children
0486218589: Specimens of the Pre-Shaksperean Drama
0486218600: Foundation Dictionary of Russian : Three Thousand High Semantic Frequency Words
0486218619: Mushroom Handbook
0486218627: The Gentle Art of Faking Furniture by Cescinsky, Herbert
0486218635: Twentieth-Century Stage Decoration, Volume One: Text
0486218643: Twentieth Century Stage Decoration
0486218651: Barnaby
0486218678: Postitivism : A Study in Human Understanding
0486218686: Painter's Methods and Materials
0486218694: Extinct & Vanishing Birds of the World
0486218716: Fakes Archeological Materials, Paintings, Prints, Glass, Metal Work, Ceramics, Furniture, Tapestries
0486218724: Disasters of War
0486218732: Etymological Dictionary of Modern English
0486218740: Etymological Dictionary of Modern English
0486218759: Gentle Art of Making Enemies
0486218783: Selected Fables
0486218805: Puck of Pooks Hill
0486218821: The great chess automaton
0486218848: 1234 Modern End Game Studies With Appendix Containing 24 Additional Studies
0486218864: Great Ideas of Operations Research
0486218872: Analytic Dictionary of CHINESE And Sino - Japanese
0486218880: Plant Materials of Decorative Gardening.
0486218899: How to Make Drums, Tom Toms and Rattles
0486218929: Surprising Adventures of the Magical Monarch of Mo and His People
0486218961: Commercial Foreign Woods on the American Market
0486218988: Rocky Mountain Trees: A Handbook of the Native Species With Plates and Distribution Maps
0486218996: Mollusks
0486219011: Kwaidan
0486219038: Erik Satie
0486219054: Alphabets and Ornaments
0486219062: Early American Stencils on Walls and Furniture
0486219070: Lilac Fairy Book
0486219089: Olive Fairy Book
0486219097: Orange Fairy Book
0486219100: Precious Stones : A Popular Account of Their Characters, Occurrence and Applications
0486219119: Precious Stones : A Popular Account of Their Characters, Occurrence and Applications
0486219135: How to Buy Food for Economy & Quality
0486219143: Complete Chamber Music for Strings and Clarinet Quintet
0486219151: Decorative Music Title Pages : 201 Examples from 1500-1800
0486219259: Colloquial Rumanian
0486219283: Architecture in the Age of Reason : Baroque and Post-Baroque in England, Italy and France
0486219291: English Furniture from Gothic to Sheraton; A Concise Account of the Development of English Furniture and Woodwork from the Gothic of the Fifteenth Ce
0486219305: Tolstoy.
0486219313: Designs and Patterns from Historic Ornament
0486219321: The Evolution of the English Language: From Chaucer to the Twentieth Century,
0486219348: London Labour and the London Poor
0486219364: London Labour and the London Poor
0486219399: Indians' Book
0486219402: A History Of English Romanticism In The Eighteenth Century
0486219429: How to Design by Accident : A Book of Accidental Effects for Artists and Designers
0486219437: Simon Willard and His Clocks
0486219445: The Fantastic Engravings of Wendel Dietterlin
0486219453: Drawings by Leonardo Da Vinci
0486219461: Drawings by Botticelli
0486219488: The Moth Book: A Guide to the Moths of North America
0486219496: Sea-Beach at Ebb-Tide
0486219518: Woodcraft and Camping.
0486219550: Adventures with Insects
0486219569: The Mystery Of A Hansom Cab
0486219577: Ornate Pictorial Calligraphy
0486219585: Meissen China: An Illustrated History
0486219593: Three Hundred Sixty Brilliant and Instructive End Games
0486219607: Book of the Hastings International Masters Chess Tournament of 1922
0486219623: Last and First Men and Star Maker
0486219631: Rape of the Lock
0486219666: Domain of Natural Science
0486219674: A Life of William Shakespeare
0486219682: Bridge Squeezes Complete : Or Winning End Play Strategy
0486219690: Brownies
0486219712: Donegal Fairy Stories
0486219720: Songs of Childhood
0486219739: Frog Book
0486219763: The Marine Mammals of the North-Western Coast of North America: Described and Illustrated, Together With an Account of the American Whale-Fishery
0486219771: Life Histories of North American Cardinals, Grosbeaks, Buntings, Towhees...
0486219798: Life Histories of North American Cardinals, Grosbeaks, Buntings, Towhees, Finches, Sparrows, AND Their
0486219828: Two and Three Part Inventions (Fifteen Inventions and Fifteen Symphonies)
0486219860: Gibson Girl and Her America
0486219879: 293 Renaissance Woodcuts for Artists and Illustrators : Jost Amman's Kunstbuchlein
0486219887: the everday art of india
0486219895: Our northern shrubs and how to identify them
0486219909: Drawings By Canaletto, (the Great Masters of Drawing)
0486219917: Drawings by Michelangelo, (The Great masters of drawing)
0486219925: Drawings By Tintoretto
0486219933: Medieval American art; Masterpieces of the New World before Columbus
0486219941: Medieval American Art. Masterpieces of the New World before Columbus. Volume Two. Third Revised Edition
0486219968: The Graphic Works of Odilon Redon
0486219976: Valery Carrick's Tales of Wise and Foolish Animals
0486219984: Handbook of Renaissance Ornament : 1290 Designs from Decorated Books
0486219992: Scrap Craft: 105 Projects
0486220001: Painting, a Creative Approach: A Guide to Modern Methods and Materials
0486220028: Treasury of Design for Artists and Craftsmen
0486220036: Architecture of Country Houses
0486220052: Wagner, the Wehr-Wolf
0486220095: Villas & Cottages the Great Architectur
0486220117: Sam Lloyd's Book of Tangram Puzzles
0486220125: How the Other Half Lives
0486220133: American in the Making :Rumanian
0486220141: Norse Discoveries & Explorations in North America 982-1362
0486220176: International Airline Phrase Book in Six Languages : English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
0486220184: The tragic drama of the Greeks
0486220222: Tools and Their Uses
0486220249: Causation and the Types of Necessity
0486220265: Say It in Arabic
0486220303: Electricity Experiments for Children
0486220311: Chemistry Experiments for Children
0486220338: Physics Experiments for Children
0486220362: Basic Principles of Classical Ballet
0486220370: Indian Boyhood
0486220389: Pas de Deux : The Art of Partnering
0486220397: Louisiana French Folk Songs
0486220419: Pictures and Stories from Forgotten Children's Books
0486220435: Merry Adventures of Robin Hood
0486220532: Tulip ware of the Pennsylvania-German potters;: An historical sketch of the art of slip-decoration in the United States
0486220540: Persian miniature painting,: Including a critical and descriptive catalogue of
0486220559: Gods of the Egyptians Vol. 1 : Studies in Egyptian Mythology
0486220567: Gods of the Egyptians Vol. 2 : Studies in Egyptian Mythology
0486220575: Vikram and the vampire;: Or, Tales of Hindu devilry
0486220664: Complete Book of Doll Making and Collecting
0486220702: Samplers and Tapestry Embroideries
0486220729: Roots of Contemporary American Architecture
0486220737: Pueblo Designs
0486220745: The Complete Engravings of Martin Schongauer,
0486220796: Colonial Ironwork in Old Philadelphia
0486220818: Follow My Fancy : The Book of Jacks and Jack Games
0486220826: Decorative Antique Ironwork : A Pictorial Treasury
0486220834: The Night Before Christmas a Visit From St. Nicholas
0486220842: A Book of Old Maps Delineating American History
0486220869: Chats on Old Silver,
0486220893: New Puzzles in Logical Deduction
0486220931: Buddhist Mahayana Texts
0486221008: The Toscanini legacy;: A critical study of Arturo Toscanini's performances of Beethoven, Verdi and other composers,
0486221040: French song from Berlioz to Duparc;: The origin and development of the mà lodie.Rev. by Rita Benton and Frits Noske. Translated by Rita Benton
0486221067: Weingartner on Music & Conducting: Three Essays
0486221075: Sing Song : A Nursery Rhyme Book
0486221105: Lucia Di Lammermoor (Dover opera guide and libretto series)
0486221113: Carmen by Georges Bizet: Complete Companion to the Opera (Cover Opera Guide and Libretto Series)
0486221180: Letters and Notes on the Manners, Customs and Conditions of the North American Indians
0486221199: Letters and Notes on the Manners, Customs and Conditions of the North American Indians
0486221202: Will Bradley: his graphic art;: A collection of his posters, illustrations...
0486221229: My Airships: The Story of My Life Hardcover by Santos-Dumont, Alberto
0486221237: Hawks, Owls, and Wildlife
0486221296: Chats on Old Pewter by Masse, Henri Jean Louis Joseph
0486221318: Chats on Old Glass
0486221334: Medicine and the Artist
0486221342: Master Book of Mathematical Puzzles and Recreations
0486221407: Letters and notes on the manners, customs, and conditions of the North American Indians; written during eight years' travel (1832-1839) amongst the wildest tribes of Indians in North America
0486221482: Field Book of the Shore Fishes of Bermuda and the West Indies
0486221601: Poems of Anne Bradstreet
0486221660: Chess Problem Gems By Eight Eminent American Composers
0486221679: Law & Authority in Colonial America
0486221687: Shipcarvers of North America
0486221695: Songs the Whalemen Sang
0486221776: Prints and Drawings of Kathe Kollwitz
0486221784: Doctors on horseback;: Pioneers of American medicine
0486221792: The light of distant skies, 1760-1835 (His American painting, 2)
0486221806: First flowers of our wilderness;: American painting, the colonial period
0486221814: Lessons in Pictorical Composition
0486221822: Monograms and Ciphers
0486221830: Cabinet-Maker and Upholsterer's Guide
0486221849: Soviet Chess Championship, 1941;: Complete Text of Games with Detailed Notes & an Introduction
0486221903: Against the Grain
0486221911: The Lost Traveller
0486221962: American Food And Game Fishes; A Popular Account Of All The Species Found In America North Of The Equator,With Keys For Ready Identification,Life Hi
0486222012: Art of Three Dimensional Design : How to Create Space Figures
0486222039: A history of English furniture
0486222047: A History of English Furniture Volume Two / 2 the Age of Walnut 1660-1720
0486222055: A History of English Furniture (Volume 3) the Age of Mahogany, 1720-1770.
0486222063: A History of English Furniture (Volume 4) the Age of Satinwood, 1770-1820.
0486222144: Optical and Geometric Patterns and Designs
0486222179: American Folk Decoration
0486222195: A Dictionary of the Characters and Proper Names in the Works of Shakespeare with Notes on the Sources and Dates of the Plays and Poems
0486222217: Pattern Design : An Introduction to the Study of Formal Ornament
0486222225: Baroque Cartouches for Designers and Artists: 136 Plates from the Historische Bilder-Bibel
0486222233: Green Carnation: The Great Novel About Oscar Wilde, Lord Alfred Douglas and the Aesthetic Movement
0486222241: Time and the physical world
0486222268: Rings for the Finger
0486222276: Curious Lore of Precious Stones
0486222292: The Pleasures of Sketching Outdoors
0486222306: The Bull Calf, and Other Tales.
0486222330: Goops and How to Be Them : A Manual of Manners for Polite Infants
0486222349: More Goops and How Not to Be Them : A Manual of Manners for Impolite Infants
0486222365: American Builder's Companion : Or, a System of Architecture, Particularly Adapted to the Present Style of Building
0486222373: Report on the The Star Spangled Banner
0486222411: Symbols, Signs and Signets
0486222454: Climate through the ages;: A study of the climatic factors and their variations.
0486222462: My Ladye Nevells Booke of Virginal Music
0486222500: Background of Passion Music
0486222519: John Stuart Mill;: life and philosophy
0486222543: Divine Proportion : A Study in Mathematical Beauty
0486222551: Cabinet-Maker and Upholsterer's Drawing Book
0486222608: The Modern Builder's Guide
0486222667: Chess Secrets I Learned from the Masters
0486222675: Folk Tales From Russian Lands
0486222691: Our Bird Friends and Foes
0486222705: Our Insect Friends and Foes (Romance of Science Series)
0486222713: Our Animal Friends and Foes.
0486222756: Structural Hearing
0486222780: Johann Sebastian Bach
0486222799: Johann Sebastian Bach Vol Two
0486222829: A General History of Music, from the Earliest Ages to the Present Period (1789)
0486222845: A Diderot Pictorial Encyclopedia of Trades and Industry Volume One
0486222861: Dictionary of Hymnology : Setting Forth the ORigin and History of Christian Hymns of All Ages and Nations
0486222888: Scrap Craft 105 Projects
0486222896: Arabian Nights Entertainments
0486222918: Basic Optics and Optical Instruments
0486222934: Old Hungarian Fairy Tales
0486222942: Five Graphic Music Analyses
0486222993: Bolts of Melody: New Poems of Emily Dickinson
0486223000: When the Movies Were Young
0486223035: Drawings of William Blake : 92 Pencil Studies
0486223043: A Cruising Voyage Round the World
0486223051: Rime of the Ancient Mariner
0486223078: Hints on household taste in furniture, upholstery, and other details
0486223086: Garden of Herbs
0486223108: Judo Techniques & Tactics Contest Judo
0486223116: Perrault's Fairy Tales
0486223132: Play Bridge With Reese
0486223159: Bel Canto : Theoretical and Practical Vocal Method
0486223191: Disparates
0486223205: Henry Hobson Richardson and His Works
0486223213: Ask me another;: A book of literary quizzes,
0486223272: Lewis Carroll, Photographer
0486223280: Beer Making for All
0486223299: Fractured English As She Is Spoken
0486223302: Monograms and Alphabetic Devices
0486223329: Exact Sciences in Antiquity
0486223345: An Illustrated History of English Plate, Ecclesiastical and Secular: In Which the Development of Form and Decoration in the Silver and Gold Work of the British Isles, from the Earliest Known Examples to the Latest of the Georgian Period Is Delineated and
0486223353: Illustrated History of English Plate Vol.2
0486223418: Games and Pastimes of Childhood
0486223426: Tauromaquia and the Bulls of Bordeaux
0486223434: Leaves from Gerard's Herball
0486223450: Billy Whiskers : Autobiography of a Goat
0486223469: Birds of the Pacific Norhtwest: With Special Reference to Oregon
0486223485: Illustrations for La Morte d'Arthur
0486223523: Drawings of Albrecht Durer
0486223531: Victorian Cabinet-Maker's Assistant
0486223558: Human Anatomy for Children
0486223566: Domestic Colonial Architecture of Tidewater Virginia
0486223582: Poems of George Santayana,
0486223590: Organ Music
0486223604: Keyboard Music
0486223612: Complete String Quartets
0486223647: Illustrated Catalogue of Carriages and Special Business Advertiser
0486223663: Oriental Rugs, Antique and Modern
0486223671: Old-Fashioned Christmas in Illustration and Decoration
0486223728: Complete String Quartets
0486223752: Colonial Architecture of Cape Cod, Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard
0486223779: Catalogue and Buyers Guide Summer and Spring 1895 : No. 57
0486223787: Songs of Eastern Birds
0486223841: Caprichos
0486223868: Style of Palestrina and the Dissonance
0486223884: Art Nouveau; An Anthology of Design and Illustration from the Studio
0486223892: Classical ornament of the eighteenth century, (Dover pictorial archive series)
0486223922: Notes of a Film Director
0486223957: Strange stories from a Chinese studio by P°u, Sung-ling
0486223965: The gilled mushrooms (Agaricaceae) of Michigan and the Great Lakes region by...
0486223973: Gilled Mushrooms Agaricaceae Volume 2 of MIC
0486224031: History of the American film industry from its beginnings to 1931
0486224058: Incidents of Travel in Central America, Chiapas, and Yucatan
0486224066: Old Peters Russian Tales
0486224090: Catalogue and Buyers Guide Spring and Summer 1895 : No. 57
0486224104: Benchley Lost and Found
0486224147: Eenie Meenie Minie Mo
0486224244: Wood and Wood Grains : A Photographic Album for Artists and Designers
0486224260: Bushel of Merrythoughts
0486224279: Yekl and the Imported Bridegroom and Other Stories of the New York Ghetto
0486224309: Myths and Folk-Tales of Ireland
0486224341: Mate in Two Moves; The Two-Move Chess Problem Made Easy
0486224384: Renaissance Patterns for Lace and Embroidery; An Unabridged Facsimile of the 'Singuliers Et Nouveaux Pourtraicts' of 1587.
0486224406: Hand Book of Gasoline Automobiles, 1904-1906
0486224414: The International Chess Congress, Saint Petersburg, 1909. Edited with the co-operation of the tournament committee by Dr. Emanuel Lasker.
0486224465: One Hundred Drawings
0486224473: Passionate Journey
0486224481: The City (Die Stadt): 100 Woodcuts
0486224503: Gardening With Herbs for Flavor & Fragra
0486224562: Adventures of an African Slaver: an Account of the Life of Captain Theodore Canot, Trader in Gold, Ivory, and Slaves on the Coast of Guinea
0486224570: My Bondage and My Freedom
0486224589: Negro Sings a New Heaven
0486224600: Folk beliefs of the Southern Negro (Black rediscovery)
0486224619: Treatise on Harmony
0486224627: Fifty years in chains (Black rediscovery)
0486224643: Twelve Years a Slave.
0486224678: Early American Children's Books
0486224767: The film: a psychological study;: The silent photoplay in 1916
0486224791: Engravings of Hogarth
0486224848: Anarchism and Other Essays
0486224856: Memoirs of a revolutionist,
0486224872: Perspective for Artists
0486224880: Brick Architecture of the Colonial Period in Maryland and Virginia
0486224902: British and Continental Arms and Armour
0486224910: Great Georgian Houses of America
0486224929: Great Georgian Houses of America
0486224937: Witchcraft, Magic and Alchemy
0486224961: Moussorgsky
0486225003: King in Yellow
0486225038: Crystal Palace Exhibition Illustrated Catalogue : London, 1851
0486225178: Old-Time Tools and Toys of Needlework
0486225186: Stage Coach and Tavern Days
0486225194: Kropotkin's Revolutionary Pamphlets: A Collection of Writings
0486225216: East of the Sun and West of the Moon
0486225224: Classic Chess Problems
0486225232: Animal Painting and Anatomy
0486225267: Geometric Design and Ornament
0486225275: Bag O'Tales: 63 Famous Stories for Storytellers,
0486225283: Guide to Better Wine and Beer Making for Beginners
0486225291: Organ of the Twentieth Century
0486225305: Bela Bartok: The American Years
0486225364: Wasp Studies Afield
0486225372: The vegetation of the New Jersey pine-barrens;: An ecologic investigation
0486225380: Mushrooms of the Great Lakes Region: The Fleshy, Leathery, and Woody Fungi of Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and the Southern Half of Wisconsin and of Michigan
0486225402: Gardening with Herbs for Flavor and Fragrance
0486225410: Ferns of the Eastern Central States
0486225437: Living My Life
0486225445: Living My Life
0486225488: Ancient Egypt : Its Culture and History
0486225518: Two Centuries of Costume in America, 1620-1820 - Vol 2
0486225526: Two Centuries of Costume in America 1620-1820 Vol. 2
0486225585: Five Victorian Ghost Novels
0486225607: Peter Piper's Practical Principles of Plain and Perfect Pronunciation
0486225631: Plants We Eat & Wear: An Illustrated key to the Plants Upon Which Man is Directly Dependent for Food and Clothing
0486225674: Original Art Deco Designs
0486225690: Old English Cuts and Illustrations : For Artists and Craftspeople
0486225704: Monsieur LeCoq
0486225712: Three Supernatural Novels Of The Victorian Period
0486225720: Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci
0486225739: Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci
0486225755: Microscope and How to Use It
0486225771: Mother Goose's Melodies
0486225801: That Wilder Image
0486225852: Flora of the Prairies and Plains of Central North America Vol. II (Two)
0486225860: Biological Rhythms in Human and Animal Physiology
0486225887: Finger Plays for Nursery and Kindergarten
0486225909: The Works of Mencius by
0486225933: Aquatic mammals;: Their adaptations to life in the water,
0486225968: Absolutely Mad Inventions
0486225992: More Russian Picture Tales.
0486226018: Still More Russian Picture Tales
0486226131: Anatomy for Artists
0486226166: Indian Basket Weaving
0486226190: Early homes of Ohio,
0486226220: Tragedy of Lynching
0486226239: Early Black American Writers
0486226271: Views of Venice,
0486226328: Life in Ancient Egypt
0486226336: Chinese Folk Designs : A Collection of 300 Cut-Paper Designs
0486226344: Nize baby
0486226352: He Done Her Wrong: The Great American Novel, and Not a Word in It - No Music, Too
0486226360: Slave Ships and Slaving
0486226387: Daly's Billiard Book
0486226425: Illustrated Flora of the Northern United States and Canada
0486226433: Illustrated Flora of the Northern United States and Canada
0486226441: Illustrated Flora of the Northern United States and Canada
0486226476: Complete Sonatas for Pianoforte Solo
0486226484: Shorter Works for Pianoforte Solo
0486226492: Complete Song Cycles
0486226506: Complete Sonatas and Variations for Solo Piano
0486226514: Johannes Brahms : Complete Shorter Works for Solo Piano
0486226522: Complete Piano Transcriptions, Cadenzas and Exercises
0486226603: Peter Piper's Practical Principles of Plain and Perfect Pronunciation
0486226689: Lost Continents : The Atlantis Theme in History, Science and Literature
0486226700: German Poetry: A Selection from Walther Von Der Vogelweide to Bertolt Brecht, in German with English Translation
0486226719: Italian poetry: a selection from St. Francis of Assisi to Salvatore Quasimodo, in Italian with English Translation
0486226727: French poetry, a selection by Appelbaum, Stanley
0486226735: Spanish Poetry: A Selection from the Cantar De Mio Cid to Miguel Hernandez, in Spanish with English Translation
0486226751: Love above All and Other Drawings
0486226778: Long Island Seafood Cookbook
0486226786: Picayune Creole Cookbook
0486226794: Madame Prunier's fish cookery book by Bouzy, Michel
0486226808: Epicurean
0486226816: Egyptian Magic
0486226824: Magic and Mystery in Tibet
0486226832: Gypsy Sorchery and Fortune Telling
0486226867: Jumping Frog
0486226875: A guide to fairy chess
0486226883: Natural Dyes and Home Dyeing
0486226891: Hand Book of Automobiles, 1915-1916
0486226905: Hand Book of Automobiles, 1925-1926
0486226913: Queen Zixi of IX or the Story of the Magic Cloak
0486226921: American Folk Tales and Songs, and Other Examples of English-American Tradition As Preserved in the Appalachian Mountains and Elsewhere in the United
0486226948: Book of Herb Lore
0486226956: Old Time Herbs for Northern Gardens
0486226964: Great Doctors
0486226972: The Struggle for Existence
0486226999: Bird study,
0486227006: Fundamentals of ornithology
0486227014: Curious Woodcuts of Fanciful and Real Beasts
0486227022: Metalwork and Enamelling
0486227030: Patterns for Guernseys, Jerseys, and Arans; Fishermen's Sweaters from the British Isles
0486227049: American Indian Design and Decoration
0486227057: Views of Venice by Canaletto
0486227065: Antique Pewter of the British Isles
0486227073: Human Machine : The Anatomical Structure and Mechanism of the Human Body
0486227081: Heads, Features, and Faces
0486227103: Bridgman's Life Drawings
0486227111: Old Fashioned Christmas Cards for Hand Tinting
0486227162: Ballad Book of John Jacob Niles
0486227170: Manual of the Grasses of the United States
0486227189: Manual of the Grasses of the United States
0486227197: The New Harmony movement,
0486227200: The Great Riots of New York, 1712 to 1873;: Including a Full and Complete Account of the Four Days' Draft Riot of 1863
0486227227: The life story of the Mexican immigrant;: Autobiographic documents
0486227235: Stroheim: A pictorial record of his nine films
0486227243: Weaving Is Fun
0486227278: Shakespeare Lexicon and Quotation Dictionary
0486227286: Herbs and savory seeds;: Culinaries, simples, sachets, decoratives,
0486227294: Practical Statistics Simply Explained
0486227308: Elements of Drawing
0486227316: Gardner's Photographic Sketch Book of the Civil War
0486227367: Private Manufacture of Armaments
0486227375: The best of Gluyas Williams
0486227383: The time stream;
0486227391: Mammals of the Southwestern United State
0486227405: Faust, Jan
0486227413: Duplicate Bridge
0486227421: Antique Automobile
0486227448: Edward Lear's Nonsense Coloring Book
0486227456: Illuminated Alphabet
0486227464: Analects of Confucius, the Great Learning, Doctrine of the Mean
0486227472: Primitive and Folk Jewelry
0486227480: Baroque and Rococo Pictorial Imagery
0486227499: The blue-china book;: Early American scenes and history pictured in the pottery of the time
0486227502: Early Illustrations and Views of American Architecture
0486227510: Picture Book of Devils, Demons and Witchcraft : 244 Illustrations for Artists
0486227529: African Designs from Traditional Sources
0486227537: Golden Age of the Poster
0486227545: Graded Lessons in Macrame, Knotting and Netting
0486227553: Modern Chinese
0486227561: Sleeping Beauty
0486227588: Ghost Stories of an Antiquary
0486227596: Nonsense Novels
0486227626: The Talkies: Articles and Illustrations from a Great Fan Magazine, 1928-1940
0486227634: Coins and Coin Collecting
0486227642: Songs of Innocence
0486227669: Explorations of Captain James Cook in the Pacific, as Told by Selections of His Own Journals, 1768-1779
0486227677: History of Socialism in the United States
0486227685: J. S. Bach's Musical Offering : History, Interpretation and Analysis
0486227693: Beethoven's Letters
0486227715: Piano Music, 1888-1905
0486227723: Early American Locomotives
0486227731: Marmaduke Multiply's Merry Method of Making Minor Mathematicians
0486227758: Cinema yesterday and today
0486227766: Beauty and the Beast
0486227774: Cocteau on the film
0486227804: Osiris and the Egyptian Resurrection
0486227812: Osiris and the Egyptian Resurrection
0486227820: One Thousand American Fungi
0486227839: Decorative Art of New Guinea Decorative Art of New Guinea: Incised Designs and Carved and Painted Designs from New Guinea
0486227855: Victorian cemetery art
0486227863: Drawings of George Seurat
0486227898: Metalwork for Craftsmen : A Step by Step Guide with 55 Projects
0486227901: Coppercraft and Silver Made at Home : With Almost 400 Step-by-Step Illustrations
0486227928: Say It in Swahili
0486227944: Designs from Pre-Columbian Mexico
0486227952: How to Play the Chess Openings
0486227960: The American wine cookbook
0486227979: Night Before Christmas
0486227987: A Modern Herbal (Volume 1, A-H)
0486227995: A Modern Herbal (Volume 2, I-Z and Indexes)
0486228002: Encyclopedia of Victorian Needlework
0486228010: Encyclopedia of Victorian Needlework
0486228029: Malleus Maleficarum
0486228045: Dance of Death
0486228088: Gods, Men and Ghosts: The Best Supernatural Fiction of Lord Dunsany
0486228096: Fun with String Figures
0486228118: Folk Arts of Norway
0486228126: Stained Glass Craft
0486228134: Carving Animal Caricatures
0486228150: American Primitive Painting
0486228169: American Folk Art in Wood, Metal and Stone
0486228177: Mary Thomas's Knitting Book.
0486228185: Mary Thomas's Book of Knitting Patterns
0486228193: Illustrated Guide to Shaker Furniture
0486228207: Basic Principles in Pianoforte Playing
0486228258: Art Nouveau and Early Art Deco Type and Design
0486228266: Art Deco Designs and Motifs
0486228274: Tale of Peter Rabbit
0486228282: Tale of Squirrel Nutkin
0486228290: A History of Esthetics
0486228304: Bidding a Bridge Hand
0486228312: Cheeses of the World
0486228320: Cookies from Many Lands
0486228339: Authentic Chinese cooking =: Formerly titled, Chinese cookery secrets by Chan
0486228347: Delicious Vegetarian Cooking
0486228355: My Best Games of Chess, 1935-1957
0486228363: Aventures d'Alice au Pays des Merveilles
0486228371: Bas (Down There)
0486228398: What Is Anarchism?
0486228428: Picture-Writing of the American Indians
0486228436: Picture-Writing of the American Indians
0486228444: Varney, the vampyre;: Or, The feast of blood, by
0486228452: Varney, the vampyre;: Or, The feast of blood, by
0486228460: Favorite Hungarian recipes
0486228479: Dolls
0486228487: Puppets and Automata
0486228495: Coptic Textile Designs
0486228509: Designs and Patterns from North African Carpets and Textiles
0486228517: Complete Engravings, Etchings and Drypoints of Albrecht Duurer
0486228525: New York City; a photographic portrait
0486228533: Alice in Wonderland Coloring Book
0486228541: Posada's Popular Mexican Prints
0486228568: Pianos and Their Makers : A Comprehensive History of the Development of the Piano from the Monochord to the Concert Grand Player Piano
0486228576: Famous Puccini Operas
0486228584: Listener's Guide to Mozart's Great Operas
0486228592: Letters of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
0486228606: How to Make Wines and Cordials
0486228614: Wages of Sin & Other Victorian Joys of V
0486228622: Stained Glass Window
0486228630: Danish Home Baking
0486228649: Make your own wine
0486228657: Culinary and Salad Herbs
0486228665: Handbook of the Trees of New England
0486228673: Piano Technique
0486228681: Christmas Card Coloring Book
0486228703: Practice and Science of Drawing
0486228711: The Decorative Art of Leon Bakst
0486228746: Japanese Design Motifs : 4260 Illustrations of Heraldic Crests
0486228754: Pueblo Potter : A Study of Creative Imagination in Primitive Art
0486228762: The Potters and Potteries of Bennington
0486228770: Test Your Logic : Fifty Puzzles in Deductive Reasoning
0486228789: Recreational Problems in Geometric Dissections and How to Solve Them
0486228797: Old Songs and Singing Games
0486228800: The Discoverie of Witchcraft
0486228819: Christmas Tales of Flanders
0486228827: The Exploits and Triumphs in Europe of Paul Morphy, the Chess Champion
0486228835: Mother Goose Coloring Book
0486228843: Kubin's Dance of Death, and Other Drawings
0486228851: Art Nouveau Designs in Color
0486228878: The Octagon House: A Home for All
0486228886: Etching and Engraving
0486228894: Modern Mexican Painters
0486228908: Victorian Crochet
0486228916: Danish Fairy Tales
0486228924: Steuben Glass : A Monograph
0486228932: Coin Games and Puzzles
0486228940: Win at Backgammon
0486228959: Calligraphy
0486228967: Identify Trees and Shrubs by Their Leaves
0486228975: The ego and his own;: The case of the individual against authority,
0486228983: The Mollie Maguires and the Detectives
0486228991: Songs of Work and Protest
0486229033: London Furniture Makers from the Restoration to the Victorian Era, 1660-1840
0486229041: First Book of Modern Lace Knitting.
0486229068: Invitation to Mathematics
0486229076: Old New York in Early Photographs, 1853-1901
0486229084: Saint Cinema; Writings on the Film, 1929-1970
0486229092: Marionettes
0486229106: Five Classics of Fairy Chess
0486229114: Complete Guide to Home Canning, Preserving and Freezing
0486229122: How to Dress an Old-Fashioned Doll
0486229130: Secrets of Houdini
0486229149: Goop Tales
0486229157: Tristan and Isolde : Complete Orchestral Score
0486229165: Claude Debussy : His Life and Works
0486229173: Ballet Music: An Introduction
0486229181: Music for the Piano
0486229203: Beggar's Opera: The Complete Libretto and the Music for All the Songs
0486229211: Chinese Carpets and Rugs
0486229238: Celtic Art : The Methods of Construction
0486229246: Arabic Geometrical Pattern and Design
0486229262: Pennsylvania German Illuminated Manuscripts
0486229270: Carlson's Guide to Landscape Painting
0486229289: Decorative Frames and Borders : 396 Examples from the Renaissance to the Present Day
0486229297: Encyclopedia of Embroidery Stitches, Including Crewel
0486229300: Seashore Life Coloring Book
0486229319: French Painting 3RD Revised Edition
0486229327: Favorite operas by Italian and French composers
0486229335: Favorite operas by German and Russian composers
0486229343: Einstein
0486229351: Account of the Manners and Customs of the Modern Egyptians
0486229424: Bridge for Bright Beginners
0486229432: How to Know Wild Fruits: A Guide to Plants When Not in Flower by Means of Fruit and Leaf
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