0486229440: Fruits for the Home Garden
0486229459: Manual of Home Vegetable Gardening
0486229467: Ferns of the Northeastern United States
0486229475: Sundials : Theory and Construction
0486229483: Digital Computer Programming:Principles, Techniques, and Applications
0486229491: Gentle Art of Mathematics
0486229505: Safe and Simple Electrical Experiments
0486229513: Big Book of Mazes and Labyrinths
0486229556: Cheese Handbook : A Guide to the World's Best Cheeses
0486229564: Rejected Lovers
0486229572: Rose Recipes from Olden Times
0486229580: The System of the Vedanta
0486229599: Designs on Prehistoric Hopi Pottery
0486229602: Sculpture : Principles and Practice
0486229610: Art Nouveau Jewelry and Fans
0486229629: The Birth of Ballets-Russes
0486229637: The Stoneware Monkey
0486229645: Facsimile-Atlas to the Early History of Cartography With Reproductions of the Most Important Maps Printed in the XV and XVI Centuries
0486229653: The Principles and Practice of Ornamental or Complex Turning
0486229661: Victorian Houses : A Treasury of Lesser-Known Examples
0486229688: EUCLID AND HIS MODERN RIVALS. Introduction By H. S. M. Dexter
0486229696: ABC Coloring Book
0486229718: New stitches for needlecraft
0486229726: Creative Stitches
0486229734: American Indian Needlepoint Designs : For Pillows, Belts, Handbags and other Projects
0486229750: Eight dime novels
0486229769: The Delights of Chess
0486229777: Best Ghost Stories of Algernon Blackwood
0486229785: John Dough and the cherub
0486229793: First World War in Posters
0486229807: Cast-Iron Architecture in New York : A Photographic Survey
0486229823: An Introduction to the Reptiles and Amphibians of the United States
0486229831: Thomas Nast - Cartoons & Illustrations
0486229858: Early American Design Motifs
0486229866: 3,000 Decorative Patterns of the Ancient World
0486229874: Art Forms in Nature
0486229882: Tibetan and Himalayan Woodblock Prints.
0486229890: Exotic Alphabets and Ornaments
0486229904: Victorian Fashions and Costumes from Harper's Bazaar, 1867-1898
0486229912: Fantastic Illustrations of Grandville
0486229920: Weaving a Navajo Blanket
0486229939: Anson's voyage round the world in the years 1740-44,: With an account of the last capture of a Manila galleon;
0486229947: Leyden Papyrus : An Egyptian Magical Book
0486229955: Indian Scout Craft and Lore
0486229963: Indian Blankets and Their Makers
0486229971: Pie Book
0486229998: Ice Cream and Ice Cream Desserts : 470 Tested Recipes for Ice Creams, Coupes, Bombes, Frappes, Ices, Mousses, Parfaits, Sherberts, Etc
0486230007: The bread tray;: Nearly 600 recipes for homemade breads, rolls, muffins, and biscuits
0486230015: Creative Hamburger Cookery; 182 Unusual Recipes for Casseroles, Meat Loaves, and Hamburger.
0486230023: Cooking with Fruit
0486230031: Wines of Italy
0486230058: The Katzenjammer Kids: Early Strips in Full Color
0486230066: Buster Brown : Early Strips in Full Color
0486230074: Wonders and Curiosities of Chess
0486230082: Hollywood Musical : A Picture Quiz Book
0486230090: Horsecars, Cable Cars and Omnibuses Ca. 1880
0486230104: Defense Strategy in Bridge
0486230112: Lady Audley's Secret
0486230120: Professional Magic for Amateurs
0486230139: Cut and Color Toys and Decorations
0486230147: Folk Designs from the Caucasus for Weaving and Needlework
0486230155: Traditional Patchwork Patterns : Full-Size Cut-Outs and Instructions for 12 Quilts
0486230198: How Indians Use Wild Plants for Food, Medicine and Crafts
0486230201: Quaint Cuts in the Chap Book Style
0486230228: The Tales of Peter Parley About America
0486230244: A Handbook for the Technical and Scientific Secretary
0486230252: William Steinitz
0486230260: DON GIOVANNI
0486230279: First World War in Posters
0486230287: Boomerangs : How to Make and Throw Them
0486230295: 25 Vegetables Anyone Can Grow
0486230309: Designs and Patterns for Embroiderers and Craftspeople : 512 Motifs from Album of Transfer Patterns
0486230317: Knit Your Own Norwegian Sweaters
0486230333: Gasteromycetes of the Eastern United States and Canada
0486230341: American Medicinal Plants : An Illustrated and Descriptive Guide to Plants Indigenous to and Naturalized in the United States Which Are Used in Medicine
0486230376: Genus Iris
0486230384: Early Floral Engravings
0486230392: Pre-Hispanic Mexican Stamp Designs
0486230406: Amazon Indian Designs from Brazilian and Guianan Wood Carvings
0486230414: Art Deco Floral Patterns in Full Color
0486230422: Beethoven's Sketches: An Analysis of His Style Based on a Study of His Sketch-Books
0486230430: Show Songs from 'The Black Crook' to 'The Red Mill'
0486230449: Easy Ways to Enlarge Your German Vocabulary
0486230457: Analysis of Chinese Characters
0486230465: The Tales of Peter Parley about America
0486230473: Anna Pavlova
0486230481: Stephen Foster Song Book
0486230503: Kate Greenway Birthday
0486230511: All about Weeds
0486230538: Johannes Brahms : Complete Symphonies in Full Score
0486230546: Silent Movies : A Picture Quiz Book
0486230554: American Historical Views on Staffordshire China
0486230562: Construction of American Furniture Treasures
0486230570: Measured Drawings of Early American Furniture
0486230589: Serpent Power : The Secrets of Tantric and Shaktic Yoga
0486230597: Braiding and Knotting : Techniques and Projects
0486230600: More Card Manipulations : Series One to Four
0486230619: Leather Tooling and Carving
0486230627: Secret Writing : An Introduction to Cryptograms, Ciphers, and Codes
0486230635: Fun with String
0486230643: Weaving With Foot-Power Looms
0486230651: Tale of Two Bad Mice
0486230678: Thomas Nast: Cartoons and Illustrations by Nast, Thomas,
0486230686: Indian blankets and their makers
0486230716: Fragrant Garden : A Book about Sweet Scented Flowers and Leaves
0486230724: Victorian Alphabets, Monograms and Names for Needle Workers
0486230732: Callot's Etchings 338 Prints
0486230759: Chapbook ABC's: Reprints of Five Rare & Charming Early Juveniles
0486230767: Chapbook ABC's: Reprints of Five Rare and Charming Early Juveniles
0486230775: Chapbook Riddles.
0486230813: Callot's Etchings (338 Prints)
0486230848: Early American Design Motifs
0486230856: Show Songs From the Black Crook To the R
0486230899: Mother's Picture Alphabet
0486230937: Impeachment and Trial of Andrew Johnson, President of the United States
0486230945: Complete Books of Charles Fort
0486230953: Picture Sourcebook for Collage and Decoupage
0486230961: Chinese Lattice Designs
0486230988: Simplicissimus
0486230996: Simplicissimus : 180 Satirical Drawings from the Famous German Weekly
0486231003: Geometrical Designs and Optical Art
0486231011: Club and Coral Mushrooms (Clavarias) of the United States and Canada
0486231038: Medicinal Plants and Their History
0486231046: Herbs for Use and for Delight : An Anthology from The Herbarist
0486231054: Romance of the Fungus World : An Account of Fungus Life in Its Numerous Guises, Both Real and Legendary
0486231070: Little Orphan Annie and Little Orphan Annie in Cosmic City
0486231089: Introduction to the Study of the Maya Hieroglyphs
0486231097: Everyday Dress of the American Colonial Period Coloring Book
0486231100: Mathematical Diversions
0486231119: From My Games 1920-1937
0486231127: Selected Chess Games of Mikhail Tal by Toals, Mihails
0486231135: New Magician's Manual
0486231143: Greenwich Village : A Photographic Guide
0486231151: Victorian Parlor Cut and Color Book
0486231178: Fantastic Floral Engravings
0486231186: Ferns of the Vicinity of New York
0486231194: Moths and How to Rear Them
0486231216: Illustrators of the 1860s
0486231224: Cartouches and Decorative Small Frames : 396 Examples from the Renaissance to Art Deco
0486231232: Jade a Study in Chinese Archaeology
0486231240: Mystery Religions
0486231259: Games of the North American Indians
0486231267: Thirty Years of Billiards
0486231275: Con Game and Yellow Kid Weil
0486231283: The instant epicure cookbook: Gourmet cooking in twenty minutes
0486231291: Candy Recipes and Other Confections by Van Arsdale, May Belle,
0486231305: Jams and Jellies
0486231313: The Edgewater Sandwich and Hors d'Oeuvres Book
0486231321: Sousa's Great Marches in Piano Transcription
0486231348: Complete Piano Sonatas
0486231356: Complete Piano Sonatas
0486231364: Complete Works for Pianoforte Solo
0486231372: Complete Works for Pianoforte Solo
0486231380: Elizabeth Rogers, Hir Virginall Booke
0486231399: Theory and Practice of Piano Construction
0486231402: Caruso and Tetrazzini on the Art of Singing
0486231410: Sandpaintings of the Navajo Shooting Chant
0486231429: Garden Flowers Coloring Book
0486231437: Weaving with Reeds and Fibers
0486231445: How to Write
0486231453: Classical Chess Matches 1907-1913, 157 Games from 19 Matches as Reported in The Year-Book of Chess
0486231461: Lesser-Known Chess Masterpieces, 1906-1915
0486231488: When a Feller Needs a Friend, and Other Favorite Cartoons
0486231496: New Art Deco Alphabets
0486231518: Carving Figure Caricatures in the Ozark Style
0486231526: Decorative Silhouettes of the Twenties for Designers and Craftsmen
0486231534: Scene Design
0486231542: The Movie Musical from Vitaphone to 42nd Street, As Reported in a Great Fan Magazine
0486231569: Favorite Swedish Recipes
0486231577: Ragtime Rarities
0486231585: Song Hits from the Turn of the Century
0486231593: Needlework Alphabets and Designs
0486231607: Geometric Needlepoint Designs
0486231615: Christmas Needlepoint Designs
0486231623: Iron-On Transfer Patterns for Crewel and Embroidery from Early American Sources
0486231631: Victorian Needlepoint Designs
0486231658: Care of Pictures
0486231666: A Mother Goose For Antique Collectors.
0486231674: Growing vegetables in the home garden
0486231682: Codex Nuttall
0486231690: Handbook of Weaves
0486231704: Authentic Indian Designs
0486231712: Cut and Color Paper Masks
0486231720: Op Art
0486231739: Aubrey Beardsley Greeting Card Book
0486231747: The First Christmas - 16 Greeting Cards from Early Woodcuts for Hand Coloring
0486231755: Antique Paper Dolls : The Edwardian Era
0486231763: Antique Paper Dolls, 1915-1920
0486231771: American Victorian Architecture
0486231798: Allover Patterns for Designers and Craftsmen
0486231801: Japanese Designs
0486231828: Decoupage : The Big Picture Sourcebook
0486231836: Geometric Patchwork Patterns : Full-Size Cut-Outs and Instructions for 12 Quilts
0486231844: Major Orchestral Works in Full Score
0486231879: Persian Rug Motifs for Needlepoint
0486231887: Bible Plants for American Gardens
0486231895: World's Championship Matches, 1921 and 1927
0486231909: Full-Color American Indian Designs for Needlepoint Rugs
0486231917: Charted Folk Designs for Cross-Stitch Embroidery
0486231925: One Hundred English Folksongs
0486231933: Fifty Art Songs by 19th Century Masters (For High Voice)
0486231941: Selected Etchings of James A. McN. Whistler
0486231968: Early Woodcut Views of New York and New Jersey
0486231976: Thirty Songs, for High Voice
0486231984: Chinese Cut Paper Designs
0486231992: Gardening on Sandy Soil in North Tempera
0486232018: ABC of Poultry Raising
0486232026: Uncle Abner, Master of Mysteries: A Collection of Classic Detective Stories
0486232034: Concrete, Masonry and Brickwork : A Practical Handbook for the Homeowner and Small Builder
0486232042: Handbook of Recreational Games
0486232050: Science from Your Airplane Window
0486232069: Abbott's Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks
0486232077: Meet the masters: eight great chess players and their most characteristic games
0486232085: 500 Master Games of Chess
0486232115: Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage
0486232131: Unfamiliar flowers for your garden
0486232158: Historic Ornament : A Pictorial Archive
0486232166: Art Deco Designs in Color
0486232174: Manual of Veneering
0486232182: The Buckeye Cook Book
0486232190: Decorative Labels for Home Canning
0486232204: Austrian Cooking and Baking
0486232212: Seashore Life Between the Tides
0486232220: Birds of the New York Area
0486232239: A Manual of the Theory & Practice of Classical Theatrical Dancing (Methode Cecchetti)
0486232247: Magic Moving Picture Book
0486232255: Jewish Greeting Cards
0486232263: American Revolution : A Picture Sourcebook
0486232271: Best Dr. Poggioli detective stories
0486232298: Peonies, Outdoors and In
0486232301: Easy Gardening with Drought-Resistant Plants
0486232328: Pre-Columbian Designs from Panama
0486232336: Bicentennial Needlepoint Designs: Charted for Easy Use
0486232344: Little Nemo in the Palace of Ice and Further Adventures
0486232352: Russian Peasant Design Motifs for Needleworkers and Craftsmen
0486232360: New Recreations With Magic Squares
0486232379: Moon Mullins : Two Adventures
0486232395: American Military Uniforms
0486232409: King-Hunt in Chess
0486232417: New York Stage : Famous Productions in Photographs
0486232433: United States Patchwork Pattern Book : Fifty Quilt Blocks for Fifty States from Hearth and Home 1907-1912
0486232441: African Needlepoint Designs: Charted for Easy Use
0486232468: Applique Old and New, Including Patchwork and Embroidery
0486232476: Patchwork Playthings with Full Size Templates
0486232484: Floral Iron-on Transfer Patterns
0486232492: Land, Sea and Sky : A Photographic Album for Artists and Designers
0486232522: Semaine de Bonte : A Surrealistic Novel in Collage
0486232530: Chinese Pottery and Porcelain
0486232557: Shell Art : A Handbook for Making Shell Flowers, Mosaics, Jewelry
0486232565: Chip Carving
0486232573: Italian Master Drawings, 1350-1800, from the Janos Scholz Collection
0486232581: New York civic sculpture: A pictorial guide
0486232603: Background Patterns, Textures and Tints
0486232611: Orchids as Houseplants
0486232638: Gardening for Flower Arrangement
0486232646: Charted Designs for Needlemade Rugs
0486232654: Playing with Infinity : Mathematical Explorations and Excursions
0486232662: House Plants Coloring Book
0486232670: Piano Tuning : A Simple and Accurate Method for Amateurs
0486232689: Eleven Great Cantatas
0486232697: Selected Piano Compositions
0486232700: Popular Songs of Nineteenth Century America
0486232719: Complete Piano Works for Four Hands
0486232727: How to grow annuals
0486232735: You can grow camellias
0486232743: Growing Berries and Grapes at Home
0486232778: Le avventure d'Alice nel paese delle meraviglie
0486232786: Introductory Portuguese Grammar
0486232794: Scenes in The Life of a Bow Street Runner
0486232808: Riddle of the Sands
0486232840: Optical Designs in Motion with Moire Overlays
0486232859: Infinite Design Patterns
0486232875: Old New York Postcards
0486232883: The Westerns: A Picture Quiz Book
0486232891: Flora and Fauna Design Fantasies
0486232905: Shapes and Colors Cutouts for Creative Geometric Designs
0486232913: Symbolism of the Tarot
0486232921: Wind in the Willows Coloring Book
0486232948: How Good Is Your Chess?
0486232956: Magick in Theory and Practice
0486232964: Bridge Strategy at Trick One
0486232972: Life and Adventures of Santa Claus
0486232999: Pennsylvania Dutch Needlepoint Designs: Charted for Easy Use (Dover Needlework)
0486233006: Patchwork Quilt Designs for Needlepoint
0486233014: Design and Chart Your Own Needlepoint
0486233022: Victorian Display Alphabets : 100 Complete Fonts
0486233030: Folk Art Motifs of Pennsylvania
0486233049: Florid and Unusual Alphabets
0486233057: Illustrations of Rockwell Kent
0486233065: French Opera Posters, 1868-1930
0486233073: Treasury of Stencil Designs for Artists and Craftsmen
0486233081: Common Weeds
0486233103: Edible and Useful Wild Plants of the United States and Canada
0486233111: Cooking for Absolute Beginners
0486233138: How to Carve Meat, Game, and Poultry
0486233146: Food and Drink of Mexico
0486233154: One Thousand and One Questions Answered about Birds
0486233162: The Nabokov Russian Translation of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland
0486233189: Quantity Cooking : Tested Recipes for Twenty or More
0486233197: Easy-to-Do Leathercraft Projects with Full-Size Templates
0486233200: Victorian Frames, Borders and Cuts
0486233227: Daguerreotype in America
0486233235: Antique Works of Art from Benin
0486233243: Best Martin Hewitt Detective Stories
0486233251: Say It in Chinese
0486233278: The Golem and the Man Who Was Born Again Two German Supernatural Novels
0486233286: American Carriages, Sleighs, Sulkies and Carts
0486233294: Navajo Medicine Man Sand Paintings
0486233308: Adventures with a Hand Lens
0486233324: Guide to Chess Endings
0486233332: Winning Play in Tournament and Duplicate Bridge
0486233340: Self-Working Card Tricks : Seventy-Two Foolproof Card Miracles for the Amateur Magician
0486233359: Great Cases of the Thinking Machine
0486233367: Little Book of Early American Crafts and Trades
0486233375: Celebrated Cases of Judge Dee : An Authentic Eighteenth Century Chinese Detective Novel
0486233383: Contempo, Phobia, and Other Graphic Interpretations
0486233391: Views of Rome, Then and Now
0486233405: Satirical Etchings of James Gillray
0486233413: Offenbach's Songs from the Great Operettas
0486233421: Crucibles : The Story of Chemistry from Ancient Alchemy to Nuclear Fission.
0486233448: Magic - Stage Illusions, Special Effects, and Trick Photography
0486233456: Old Philadelphia in Early Photographs, 1839-1914 : 215 Prints from the Collection of the Free Library of Philadelphia
0486233464: Shaping Forces in Music
0486233472: Mathematical Brain-Teasers
0486233499: Circus Punch-Out Stencils
0486233502: Aubrey Beardsley Bookplates
0486233529: Hollywood Glamour Portraits : 150 Photos of Stars, 1926-1949
0486233537: Mythical Beasts Coloring Book
0486233545: Christmas Customs and Traditions : Their History and Significance
0486233553: Noah's Ark ABC and Eight Other Victorian Alphabet Books in Color
0486233561: American Advertising Posters of the Nineteenth Century
0486233588: Composition in Art
0486233596: New York Interiors at the Turn of the Century
0486233618: New York Then and Now : 83 Manhattan Sites Photographed in the Past and Present
0486233626: Piano Playing with Piano Questions Answered
0486233634: Keyboard instruments: Studies in keyboard organology, 1500-1800 (The Dover series of study editions, chamber music, orchestral works, operas in full score)
0486233642: Handbook of Early American Sheet Music, 1768-1889
0486233650: Hand or Simple Turning
0486233669: One Thousand and One Questions Answered about the Seashore
0486233677: Magical Jewels
0486233685: Handbook of the Indians of California
0486233693: The North Alaskan Eskimo: A Study in Ecology and Society
0486233707: Creative Macrame Projects
0486233715: Atlantis : The Antediluvian World
0486233723: Outlines of Chinese Symbolism and Art Motives
0486233731: Graphic and Op-Art Mazes
0486233758: Fabulous Dollhouse of the Twenties
0486233766: Six Brandenburg Concertos and the Four Orchestral Suites in Full Score
0486233774: First, Second and Third Symphonies in Full Orchestral Score
0486233782: Fourth and Fifth Symphonies in Full Orchestration Score
0486233790: Sixth and Seventh Symphonies in Full Orchestral Score
0486233804: Eighth and Ninth Symphonies in Full Orchestral Score
0486233812: French Piano Music : An Anthology
0486233820: The Master Key
0486233839: Pie and the Patty-Pan
0486233847: Masters of the Chessboard
0486233855: Victorian Cut and Use Stencils : 55-Full-Size Stencils Printed on Durable Stencil Paper
0486233863: Art Nouveau Display Alphabets : 100 Complete Fonts
0486233871: Full-Color Floral Needlepoint Designs
0486233898: Easy to Make Felt Ornaments for Christmas and Other Occasions (Dover needlework
0486233901: Arabic All-Over Patterns
0486233928: A Garden of Pleasant Flowers: Paradisi in Sole Raradisus Terrestris
0486233936: Pirates and Buccaneers Coloring Book
0486233944: Favorite Illustrations from Children's Classics in Counted Cross-Stitch (Dover needlework series)
0486233952: Iron-On T-Shirt Transfers for Hand Coloring
0486233960: South Street: A Photographic Guide to New York City's Historic Seaport
0486233979: Designs by Erte : Fashion Drawings and Illustrations from Harper's Bazar
0486233987: On Painting and Drawing
0486233995: Art Noveau Stained Glass
0486234002: Geometry, Relativity and the Fourth Dimension
0486234029: Anatomy of the Horse
0486234037: The Broadway musical: A picture quiz book
0486234045: Sports picture quiz book: With 240 photographs from Photoworld, a division of F.P.G., inc
0486234053: The Black Widow Spider
0486234061: Orchids for the Outdoor Garden: A Descriptive List of the World's Orchids, for the Use of Amateur Gardeners
0486234088: Hohlwein Posters in Full Color
0486234096: Art Nouveau Floral Ornament in Color
0486234118: Concerning the Spiritual in Art
0486234126: Fantastic Alphabets
0486234134: The East-West Book of Rice Cookery
0486234142: Cooking With Mushrooms
0486234150: Favorite American regional recipes
0486234169: The Yogurt Cookbook
0486234177: Old Chicago Postcards
0486234185: Picture Postcards of Old Washington, D.C. (24 Ready-to-Mail Views)
0486234193: Old San Francisco: Ready to Mail Postcards
0486234207: Old Boston Photo Postcards 24 Ready-To-Mail Views
0486234215: Thirty-Two Picture Postcards of Old Philadelphia
0486234223: Civil War Songbook
0486234231: Souvenir Programs of Twelve Classic Movies, 1927-1941
0486234258: Charted Peasant Designs from Saxon Transylvania
0486234266: Easy-to-Make Dolls with 19th-Century Costumes
0486234274: Design and Make Your Own Floral Applique
0486234282: Repeats and Borders : Iron-On Transfers
0486234290: Armadale.
0486234304: The Collected Ghost Stories of Mrs. J. H. Riddell
0486234312: Crystals and Light : An Introduction to Optical Crystallography
0486234320: Exclusive Magical Secrets
0486234347: Scenes from the 19th-Century Stage in Advertising Woodcuts
0486234355: Gist of Art
0486234363: Fun with Tangrams Kit
0486234371: Graphic Works of Max Klinger
0486234398: Full-Color Floral Designs in the Art Nouveau Style
0486234401: Early American Weaving and Dyeing : The Domestic Manufacturer's Assistant and Family Directory in the Arts of Weaving and Dyeing
0486234428: Photographs of the Old Closes and Streets of Glasgow, 1868-1877
0486234436: Art Nouveau Cut and Use Stencil
0486234444: Art Nouveau Figurative Designs
0486234452: Photographic Views of Sherman's Campaign
0486234460: Nature Fantasy Designs
0486234479: Nineteenth-Century European Piano Music : Unfamiliar Masterworks
0486234487: Collectors' Guide to American Recordings 1895-1925
0486234495: Freischutz : Complete Vocal and Orchestral Score
0486234509: Fifty Chess Masterpieces, 1941-1944
0486234517: Full-Color Russian Folk Needlepoint Designs: Charted for Easy Use (Dover needlework series)
0486234525: Science Fiction and Horror Movie Posters in Full Color
0486234533: Victorian Fashion Paper Dolls from Harper's Bazaar, 1867-1898
0486234541: Ready-to-Use Headlines
0486234568: Peasant Iron-On Transfer Patterns
0486234576: Cask
0486234584: Joy of Handweaving
0486234592: San Francisco in the 1850s : 32 Photographic Views by G. R. Fardon
0486234606: Mystery of the Yellow Room
0486234614: Casey at the Bat : A Ballad of the Republic, Sung in the Year 1888
0486234649: Claverings
0486234657: Maya Grammar with Bibliography and Appraisement of the Works Noted
0486234665: Grammar of Colloquial Tibetan
0486234673: Beginners' Dictionary of Chinese-Japanese Characters and Compounds
0486234681: A Practical Handbook on Stress in Russian
0486234703: One Thousand One Questions Answered about Insects
0486234711: Adventures with a Microscope
0486234738: Patchwork Pillows
0486234746: Danish Pulled Thread Embroidery
0486234754: Men at Work
0486234762: Illustrations of George Barbier in Full Color
0486234770: Flaxman's Illustrations to Homer
0486234789: Peasant Designs for Artists and Craftsmen
0486234797: Snakes of the World: Their Ways and Means of Living
0486234800: Historic Alphabets and Initials
0486234819: Child's Garden of Verses : Coloring Book
0486234827: Authentic Gilbert and Sullivan Songbook : 92 Unabridged Selections from All 14 Operas, Reproduced from Early Vocal Scores
0486234835: The Lubitsch Touch
0486234843: Carving Realistic Birds : A Step-by-Step Manual with Full-Size Patterns
0486234851: Treasury of Bookplates from the Renaissance to the Present
0486234878: Teddy Bears and How to Make Them
0486234886: Brushstrokes and Free-Style Alphabets : 100 Complete Fonts
0486234894: Manual of Traditional Wood Carving
0486234908: Florid Victorian Ornament
0486234916: Old English Country Illustrations : For Decoupage and Other Crafts
0486234924: Audubon's Birds in Color
0486234932: Build Your Own Inexpensive Dollhouse : With One Sheet of 4 by 8 Plywood and Home Tools
0486234940: New York World's Fair, 1939-1940
0486234959: Ready-to-Use Dollhouse Wallpaper : Six Full-Color Patterns to Decorate Six Rooms
0486234975: Cruickshank's Photographs of Birds of America
0486234983: Classic Baseball Cards
0486234991: Herbs
0486235009: Discovery of the Tomb of Tutankhamen
0486235017: Dwellers on the Nile : The Life, History, Religion and Literature of the Ancient Egyptians
0486235025: Haunted Monastery and the Chinese Maze Murders : A Judge Dee Mystery
0486235041: Dream-Detective
0486235068: Little Novels
0486235076: Jurgen
0486235084: Extraordinary Adventures of Arsene Lupin, Gentleman-Burglar
0486235106: The Maya and Their Neighbors: Essays on Middle American Anthropology and Archaeology
0486235114: Paper Doll - Godey Fashion
0486235122: Daumier : One Hundred Twenty Great Lithographs
0486235130: Folk Costumes of Europe
0486235149: Horizons
0486235157: Art Nouveau Style : In Jewelry, Metalwork, Glass, Ceramics, Textiles, Architecture and Furniture
0486235165: New York in the Nineteenth Century : Engravings from Harper's Weekly and Other Contemporary Sources
0486235173: A Preface to Logic
0486235203: Psychological Strategy in Contract Bridge: The Techniques of Deception and Harassment in Bidding and Play
0486235211: How to Insulate Your Home and Save Fuel
0486235238: Passenger from Scotland Yard : A Victorian Detective Novel
0486235246: New-York Street Cries, in Rhyme
0486235254: Selected Drawings of Gian Lorenzo Bernini
0486235262: Historic Floral and Animal Designs for Embroiderers and Craftsmen
0486235270: Art Deco Interiors in Color
0486235289: Caruso's Caricatures
0486235297: Selected Piano Works for Four Hands
0486235300: Dwarf Fruit Trees for Home Gardens
0486235319: Traditional Tole Painting : With Authentic Antique Designs and Working Diagrams for Stenciling and Brush-Stroke Painting
0486235327: Chip Carving Patterns and Designs
0486235343: Jumping Jacks
0486235351: Civil War Uniforms
0486235378: Islamic Patterns
0486235386: Children's Bookplate and Labels
0486235394: Thirty-Two Picture Postcards of Old London
0486235408: The curious Mr. Tarrant.
0486235416: Modern Chess Miniatures
0486235424: Geometry of Art and Life
0486235467: Movie-Star Portraits of the Forties : 163 Glamour Photos
0486235475: Rustic Vignettes
0486235483: American Literary Autographs from Washington Irving to Henry James
0486235491: Triad Optical Illusions and How to Design Them
0486235505: Art Deco Stained Glass Pattern Book
0486235513: Art Deco Cut and Use Stencils
0486235521: Seguy's Decorative Butterflies and Insects in Full Color
0486235548: Tatting Patterns
0486235556: Charted Monograms for Needlepoint and Cross-Stitch
0486235564: Fruit and Vegetable
0486235572: State Capitals Quilt Blocks : Fifty Patchwork Patterns from Hearth and Home Magazine 1912-1916
0486235580: Treasury of Charted Designs for Needleworkers
0486235599: Contemporary Stained Glass Projects
0486235602: Toll House Tried and True Recipes
0486235610: The Complete Book of Pasta: Pasta
0486235629: The Eastern European Cookbook
0486235637: Cookery and Dining in Imperial Rome
0486235645: Cape Cod Cook Book
0486235661: Walkure : Complete Vocal and Orchestral Score
0486235688: Burnham's Celestial Handbook : An Observer's Guide to the Universe Beyond the Solar System
0486235696: The Russian journal, and other selections from the works of Lewis Carroll
0486235718: The Great Circus Street Parade in Pictures
0486235726: Second Piatigorsky Cup: International Grandmaster Chess Tournament Held in Santa Monica, California, August 1966
0486235734: Amulets and Superstitions : The Original Texts with Translations and Descriptions of a Long Series of Egyptian, Sumerian, Assyrian, Hebrew, Christian, Gnostic and Muslim Amulets and Talismans and Magical Figures, with Chapters on the Evil Eye, the Origin
0486235742: Charted Swiss Folk Designs
0486235750: Great Opera Stars in Historic Photographs : 343 Portraits from the 1850's to the 1940's
0486235769: Cut and Make Monster Masks in Full Color
0486235777: Art Nouveau Stained Glass Pattern Book
0486235785: Muray's Celebrity Portraits of the Twenties and Thirties
0486235793: World War I Uniforms
0486235807: Graphics in Full Color : Five Complete Suites: The Seasons, the Alphabet, the Numerals, the Aces and the Precious Stones
0486235815: Traditional Chinese Cut-Paper Designs
0486235823: Recollections of a Picture Dealer
0486235831: French Satirical Drawings from L'Assiette au Beurre
0486235858: New York in the 40s
0486235866: History of Photography
0486235874: Old Brooklyn in Early Photographs, 1865-1929
0486235882: Photo-Secession : Stieglitz and the Fine Art Movement in Photography
0486235890: Tibetan Tantric Charms and Amulets: 230 Examples Reproduced from Original Woodblocks
0486235904: Depression Years As Photographed by Arthur Rothstein
0486235912: Camera Work : A Pictorial Guide
0486235920: Hardanger Embroidery : A Complete and Practical Course
0486235939: Magic Moving Alphabet
0486235947: Colour Stick-ons for Creative Geometric Design
0486235955: Libel
0486235963: Scroll Ornaments of the Early Victorian Period
0486235971: Coral gardens and their magic: A study of the methods of tilling the soil and of agricultural rites in the Trobriand Islands
0486235998: Piano Concertos Nos. 17-22
0486236005: Piano Concertos Nos. 23-27 in Full Score
0486236013: North American Mammals: A Photographic Album for Artists and Designers (The Dover pictorial archive series)
0486236021: Nineteenth Century American Piano Music
0486236048: American Eagle in Art and Design
0486236056: No Name
0486236064: Masters of mystery: A study of the detective story
0486236072: Great Impersonation
0486236099: Kept in the Dark
0486236102: Crocheting Bedspreads
0486236110: Yuman Tribes of the Gila River
0486236137: Darkness at Pemberley
0486236145: Coney Island Beach People
0486236153: Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary Vols. 1 & 2
0486236161: Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary
0486236188: Outline Dictionary of Maya Glyphs
0486236196: Papermaking
0486236218: Crochet Designs of Anne Orr
0486236226: Yucatan Before and after the Conquest
0486236234: Hoffmann's Modern Magic
0486236242: Hall of Fame Baseball Cards
0486236250: How to Make and Design Stuffed Toys
0486236269: Ancient Egyptian Cut Use Stencil
0486236277: Erte, Fashion Paper Dolls of the Twenties
0486236285: Storybook Mazes
0486236293: Thirty-Two Color Postcards of Twentieth Century American Art
0486236307: Gin Rummy : How to Play and Win
0486236315: Vacation Homes and Log Cabins : 16 Complete Plans
0486236323: Three-D Alphabet
0486236331: Reason and Nature
0486236366: Christmas Cut and Use Stencils
0486236374: Crocheted Toys and Dolls : Complete Instructions for 12 Easy-to-Do Projects
0486236382: Easy and Attractive Gifts You Can Sew : Step-by-Step Instructions for 20 Presents
0486236390: Jacobean Iron-On Transfer Patterns : 24 Authentic Embroidery Motifs
0486236404: Classic Posters for Needlepoint : 22 Charted Designs
0486236412: Easy-to-Make Patchwork Quilts : Step-by-Step Instructions and Full-Size Templates for 12 Quilts
0486236420: Ralph the Heir
0486236439: American Fairy Tales
0486236447: Basis of Combination in Chess
0486236455: Shakti and Shakta
0486236463: 1001 Questions Answered About : Earthquakes, Avalanches, Floods and Other Natural Disasters
0486236498: Ayesha : The Return of She
0486236501: Authentic Algerian Carpet Designs and Motifs
0486236528: The wares of the Ming dynasty by Hobson, R. L
0486236536: Old Time Circus Cuts : A Pictorial Archive of 202 Illustrations
0486236544: Book of Wood Carving : Technique, Designs and Projects
0486236552: Bird Fantasy Designs
0486236560: Dore's Illustrations for Rabelais
0486236579: Special Effects and Topical Alphabets
0486236587: Arabic Art in Color
0486236595: Harter's Picture Archive for Collage and Illustration : Over 300 Nineteenth Century Cuts
0486236609: Thomas Nast's Christmas Drawings
0486236617: Cooking with Beer
0486236625: Stews and Ragouts : Simple and Hearty One-Dish Meals
0486236633: Sauces: French and Famous
0486236641: 200 Main Course Dishes
0486236668: Ready-to-Use Dollhouse Floor Coverings
0486236676: Great News Photos and the Stories Behind Them
0486236684: Three Victorian Detective Novels
0486236692: Department of Dead Ends: 14 Detective Stories
0486236706: High Place
0486236714: Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater: The house and its history
0486236722: Drawings of Mucha : 70 Works
0486236730: Burnham's Celestial Handbook : An Observer's Guide to the Universe Beyond the Solar System
0486236749: New York in the Sixties
0486236757: A Practical Guide for the Beginning Farmer
0486236765: Say It in Portuguese
0486236781: Making Jewelry and Sculpture Through Unit Construction
0486236803: French Art Songs of the Nineteenth Century : Thirty-Nine Works from Berlioz to Debussy
0486236811: Four Symphonies in Full Score
0486236838: Works for Violin : The Complete Sonatas and Partitas for Unaccompanied Violin and the Six Sonatas for Violin and Clavier
0486236846: Cruikshank Prints for Hand Coloring
0486236854: Alvin Langdon Coburn, Photographer : An Autobiography
0486236862: Art of the Cinematographer : A Survey and Interviews with Five Masters
0486236870: Christmas Cut and Use Stencils
0486236889: All Occasions Labels
0486236900: Ackermann's Costume Plates : Women's Fashions in England, 1818-1828
0486236919: Thirty-Two Picture Postcards of Old Atlanta
0486236927: New York Street Kids
0486236935: American Circus Posters
0486236943: Children
0486236951: White Work : Techniques and 180 Designs
0486236978: Children's Fashions of the Past in Photographs
0486237001: Crocheting Placemats
0486237036: Women : A Pictorial Archive from 19th Century Sources
0486237044: Anne Orr's Charted Designs
0486237052: Turn-of-the-Century Poster Designs
0486237079: Chinese Painting and Calligraphy
0486237087: Great Baseball Players of the Past
0486237095: Designs for the Three-Cornered Hat
0486237109: Easy-to-Make Godey's Doll : With Instructions and Ready-to-Use Patterns for a Complete Wardrobe
0486237117: Dolly Dingle Paper Dolls
0486237125: Cut and Make Antique Jumping Jacks
0486237133: Wooden Puzzle Toys : Patterns and Instructions for 24 Easy-to-Do Projects
0486237141: Giovanni Battista Piranesi: Drawings in the Pierpont Morgan Library
0486237168: Prismatic Design Coloring Book
0486237257: Best Supernatural Tales of Arthur Conan Doyle
0486237265: The Discovery of Neptune
0486237281: Causality and Modern Science
0486237338: Chess Olympiads, 1927-1968
0486237346: Trees of the Northeast
0486237354: Creative Chip Carving
0486237362: Cut and Assemble Western Frontier Town
0486237370: Little Orphan Annie in the Great Depression
0486237400: Ready-to-Use Dollhouse Stained Glass Windows
0486237419: Miniature Iron-On Transfer Patterns for Dollhouses, Dolls and Small Projects
0486237427: Floral Cut and Use Stencils
0486237435: Assisi Embroidery
0486237443: Full-Size Stained Glass Templates: 16 Attractive and Easy Patterns
0486237451: Filet Crochet
0486237478: Nantucket in the Nineteenth Century
0486237486: How to Carve Folk Figures and a Cigar-Store Indian
0486237494: Trolleys and Streetcars on American Picture Postcards
0486237508: Central Park, a photographic guide
0486237516: Marriage of Figaro in Full Score
0486237524: Schubert's Songs to Texts by Goethe
0486237532: Eleven Late String Quartets : Opp. 74, 76, and 77 Complete
0486237540: Tone Poems in Full Score Series I
0486237559: Tone Poems, Series II
0486237567: Stone and Man : A Photographic Exploration
0486237575: Hoffmann's Later Magic
0486237583: Optical and Geometrical Allover Patterns
0486237591: Wine and the Artist: 104 Prints and Drawings from the Christian Brothers Collection at the Wine Museum of San Francisco
0486237613: The History of Bacteriology
0486237621: Madachy's Mathematical Recreations
0486237648: Indian Designs from Ancient Ecuador
0486237656: Graphic Works of Edvard Munch
0486237664: Animals : 1,419 Illustrations
0486237672: Iron on Transfer Patterns-Audubon Birds
0486237699: Marilyn Monroe Paper Dolls
0486237702: Quick and Easy Patchwork on the Sewing Machine : Instructions and Full-Size Templates for 12 Quilts
0486237710: Great Chicago Fire
0486237729: Thirty-Two Picture Postcards of Old New Orleans
0486237745: Was It Murder?
0486237753: Dead Secret
0486237761: Ragtime Rediscoveries : 65 Works from the Golden Age of Rag
0486237796: Rackham's Color Illustrations for Wagner's Ring
0486237818: Silhouettes : A Pictorial Archive of Varied Illustrations
0486237826: Ready-to-Use Borders
0486237834: Ready-to-Use Arrows
0486237842: On Divers Arts : The Foremost Medieval Treatise on Painting, Glassmaking and Metalwork
0486237850: Sans Serif Display Alphabets : 100 Complete Fonts
0486237869: Pewter-Working : Instructions and Projects
0486237877: Scandinavian Charted Designs
0486237885: Smocking
0486237893: Floral Doilies for Crocheting
0486237907: Bliss Toys and Dollhouses : Eighty Nine Illustrations, Including the Complete 1911 Catalog
0486237915: Craftsman Homes : Architecture and Furnishings of the American Arts and Crafts Movement
0486237923: Muybridge's Complete Human and Animal Locomotion
0486237931: Muybridge's Complete Human and Animal Locomotion
0486237958: One Thousand and One Scrolls, Ornaments and Borders : Ready-to-Use Illustrations for Decoupage and Other Crafts
0486237966: Celtic Designs Coloring Book
0486237974: Decorative Napkin Folding for Beginners
0486237982: Mind-Boggling Mazes : Forty Graphic and Three-D Labyrinths
0486237990: Origami for the Enthusiast : Step-by-Step Instructions in over 700 Diagrams
0486238008: Zurich International Chess Tournament, 1953
0486238016: The American Senator
0486238024: Around-the-World Cooky Book
0486238032: Vermont Country Cooking
0486238059: French Fashion Plates in Full Color from the Gazette Du Bon Ton (1912-1925) : 58 Illustrations of Styles by Paul Poiret, Worth, Paquin and Others
0486238067: Self-Working Mental Magic : 67 Foolproof Mind-Reading Tricks
0486238075: Airplanes of World War I Coloring Book
0486238083: Point and Line to Plane
0486238091: Guide to Japanese Prints and Their Subject Matter
0486238113: Victorian Stained Glass Pattern Book : 96 Designs for Workable Projects
0486238121: Kindergarten Chats
0486238156: Persian Designs and Motifs for Artists and Craftsmen
0486238164: Food and Drink : A Pictorial Archive from 19th-Century Sources
0486238172: Paragraphs on Printing
0486238180: History of the American Locomotive : Its Development, 1830-1880
0486238199: Roosevelt Bears : Their Travels and Adventures
0486238202: Complete Songs for Solo Voice and Piano : Series I
0486238210: Complete Songs for Solo Voice and Piano : Series II
0486238229: Complete Songs for Solo Voice and Piano : Series III
0486238237: Complete Songs for Solos Voice and Piano
0486238245: Vicar of Bullhampton
0486238253: Travels in Arabia Deserts
0486238261: Travels in Arabia Deserts
0486238350: Oriental Carpet Designs in Full Color
0486238369: Painter's Workshop
0486238377: How to Clothbind a Paperback Book : A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners
0486238385: Stickley Craftsman Furniture Catalogs
0486238393: Great Buildings of San Francisco: A Photographic Guide
0486238407: Anatomy of Nature
0486238423: Photographs by Man Ray, 1920-1934
0486238431: First Stamp Album for Beginners
0486238458: Patchwork Quilt Designs
0486238466: Early American Trades Coloring Book
0486238474: Magic Mirror, an Antique Optical Toy
0486238482: More Dolly Dingle Paper Doll
0486238490: Cut and Assemble Victorian Houses
0486238504: Desert Animals: Physiological Problems of Heat and Water
0486238512: Natural Food Cookery
0486238520: Challenging Mathematical Teasers
0486238547: Word Recreations : Games and Diversions from Word Ways
0486238555: Board and Table Games from Many Civilizations
0486238563: Picture History of Chess
0486238571: Blackburne's Chess Games
0486238598: Contemporary Musicians in Photographs
0486238601: Four-Hand Piano Music by Nineteenth-Century Masters
0486238628: Seventeen Divertimenti for Various Instruments
0486238636: The complete films of William S. Hart: A pictorial record
0486238644: Rasp
0486238652: Leavenworth Case
0486238660: Life and Growth of Language
0486238687: Chinese in San Francisco : A Pictorial History
0486238695: Old Washington, D. C. in Early Photographs
0486238709: The great sights of New York: A photographic guide
0486238717: Lower East Side : A Guide to Its Jewish Past with Ninety-Nine New Photographs
0486238725: Old Brooklyn Heights
0486238733: Story of Maps
0486238741: Toward a General Theory of Human Judgment
0486238768: Michelangelo Life Drawings
0486238776: Matisse Line Drawings and Prints
0486238784: Rembrandt Bible Drawings
0486238792: Godey Costume Plates in Color for Decoupage and Framing
0486238806: Decorative Cut and Use Stencils
0486238814: Easy to Make Candles
0486238822: Early American Patchwork Patterns
0486238830: Crocheting Afgans
0486238849: Easy-to-Make Felt Bean Bag Toys
0486238857: Victorian Decorative Papers
0486238865: Oriental Iron-On Transfer Patterns
0486238881: Easy-to-Make Patchwork Skirts
0486238903: The Search for extraterrestrial intelligence (Dover Needlework)
0486238911: Bridge Play from A to Z
0486238938: The History of the Telescope
0486238954: Recreations in Logic
0486238970: Maillol Woodcuts: 303 Great Book Illustrations
0486238989: Plant and Animal Alphabet Coloring Book
0486238997: Ready-to-Use Banners
0486239004: Ready-to-Use Christmas Designs
0486239012: Ready-to-Use Marbelized Papers
0486239020: Forest Trees of the United States and Canada and How to Identify Them
0486239047: Bicknell's Victorian Buildings
0486239063: Piano Music of Robert Schumann
0486239071: Great Instrumentalists in Historic Photographs : 275 Portraits from 1850 to 1950
0486239098: Hidden Picture Puzzle Coloring Book
0486239101: Middle Temple Murder
0486239128: Jacopo Bellini : Fifty Drawings
0486239136: Pennell's New York City Etchings : 91 Prints
0486239160: Speculations of the Fourth Dimension, ed. by Rudolf v.B.Rucker
0486239179: Violin Playing as I Teach It
0486239187: Kin-der-Kids : All 31 Strips in Full Color
0486239195: Reason in Common Sense: The Life of Reason Volume 1
0486239209: Outlines of the History of Greek Philosophy
0486239217: William Rowe's Surreal Postcards
0486239225: Palladio's Architecture and Its Influence : A Photographic Guide
0486239233: Favorite Poems for Children Coloring Book
0486239241: Quilting Manual
0486239276: The planet Saturn: A history of observation, theory, and discovery
0486239284: Printing Types, Vol. 1: Their History, Forms and Use
0486239292: Printing Types Their History Forms and Use, Vol. 2: A Study in Survivals
0486239306: Rachel Ray
0486239314: Middle Game in Chess
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