0486239322: Nineteenth-Century Photography in Philadelphia: 250 Historic Prints from the Library Company of Philadelphia
0486239330: Twelve String Quartets : Opus 55, 64 and 71 Complete
0486239349: Six Great Secular Cantatas in Full Score
0486239357: Kaleidoscopic Designs and How to Create Them
0486239365: Using Wild and Wayside Plants
0486239373: Early American Decorative Papers
0486239381: Pretty Village
0486239403: From Copernicus to Einstein
0486239438: Steinlen's Lithographs : One Hundred Twenty-One Plates from Gil Blas Illustre
0486239446: Pictorial Archive of Printer's Ornaments from the Renaissance to the 20th Century
0486239454: The World of the Small Commercial Fishermen: Their Lives and Their Boats.
0486239497: Picasso Lithographs : 61 Works
0486239500: Steinlen Cats
0486239519: Leonardo Drawings
0486239527: Men : A Pictorial Archive from 19th-Century Sources
0486239535: Knitting for Babies
0486239543: Jumeau Doll
0486239551: John Wayne Paper Dolls
0486239578: Danish Floral Charted Designs
0486239594: Say It in Hindi
0486239608: Miniature Macrame for Dollhouses
0486239616: Mathematical Bafflers
0486239632: Maritime New York in Nineteenth Century Photographs
0486239640: Miniature Crocheting and Knitting for Dollhouses
0486239659: Attractive and Easy-to-Build Wood Projects
0486239667: Mission Furniture : How to Make It
0486239675: Crocheting Patchwork Patterns
0486239683: Whole Craft of Spinning from the Raw Material to the Finished Yarn
0486239691: Hungarian Folk Designs for Embroiderers and Craftsmen
0486239705: World's Most Difficult Maze
0486239713: Benedictus' Art Deco Designs in Color
0486239721: The Old Man in the Corner: Twelve Mysteries
0486239756: Complete String Quartets Transcribed for Four-Hand Piano
0486239764: Ready-To-Use Floral Designs
0486239772: Games and Fun with Playing Cards
0486239780: Cut and Fold Paper Spaceships
0486239799: Traditional Chinese Textile Designs in Full Color
0486239810: Ninety-Four Prints by Childe Hassam
0486239829: Alpine Flower Designs for Artists and Craftsmen
0486239837: Easy-to-Make Slotted Furniture: 12 Contemporary Designs
0486239845: Golden Age of the Luxury Car : An Anthology of Articles and Photographs from Autobody, 1927-1931
0486239853: Fifty Great American Silent Films, 1912-1920: A Pictorial Survey
0486239861: Art Nouveau Decorative Ironwork
0486239888: Duncan Phyfe and the English Regency, 1795-1830
0486239918: Feininger's Chicago, 1941
0486239926: African Millionaire
0486239934: Tastemakers : The Development of American Popular Taste
0486239942: Libby Hillman's Practical Gourmet Cookbook : Easy-to Prepare Recipes
0486239950: Cornell Bread Book : Fifty-Four Recipes for Nutritious Loaves, Rolls and Coffee Cakes
0486239969: Japanese Cut and Use Stencils
0486239977: Easy-to-Make Stained Glass Lampshades
0486239985: Erte's Costumes and Sets for Der Rosenkavalier in Full Color
0486240002: Maillol Nudes : 35 Lithographs by Aristide Maillol
0486240010: Treasury of Art Nouveau Design and Ornament
0486240029: Music : A Pictorial Archive of Woodcuts and Engravings
0486240037: Reason in Society
0486240053: Art of Magic
0486240061: Basic Tennis Illustrated
0486240088: Film-Star Portraits of the Fifties : 163 Glamor Photos
0486240096: Sloan's Victorian Buildings
0486240118: Cat-Coloring Book
0486240126: Ready-to-Use Sale Announcements
0486240134: Complete Symphonies in Full Score
0486240142: Death Walks in Eastrepps
0486240150: Basil
0486240169: Eve's Ransom
0486240177: Falstaff
0486240185: New York in Aerial Views : Eighty-Six Photographs
0486240193: Children's Magic Kit : Sixteen Easy-to-Do Tricks Complete with Cardboard Cutouts
0486240207: Bookbinding : Its Background and Technique
0486240215: Relativity and Common Sense
0486240223: Dinosaur Coloring Book
0486240266: Spices and Herbs : Their Lore and Use
0486240274: Cathedral Stained Glass Coloring Book
0486240282: Manning on Decoupage
0486240290: New Glass Stained Glass Pattern Book
0486240304: Small Patchwork Projects
0486240312: Crocheting Edgings
0486240320: Danish Cross-Stitch Zodiac Samplers : Charted Designs for the Astrological Year
0486240339: Observational Astronomy for Amateurs
0486240347: Amateur Astronomer's Handbook
0486240355: My Best Chess Games, 1929-75
0486240363: Cryptograms and Spygrams
0486240371: Calligraphy in the Copperplate Style
0486240428: Uniqueness of the Individual
0486240436: Shisha Embroidery : Traditional Mirrorwork of India, Pakistan and Afghanistan
0486240444: Art Nouveau Style Book of Alphonse Mucha
0486240452: Antique Advertising Paper Dolls
0486240460: Silk-Screen Printing for Artists and Craftsmen
0486240479: Maya Designs
0486240487: Egypt and the Holy Land in Historic Photographs
0486240495: Elves, Gnomes and Other Little People Coloring Book
0486240509: Great Ballet Prints of the Romantic Era : 109 Illustrations, Including 9 in Full Color
0486240517: Tatting Doilies and Edgings
0486240525: Complete Preludes and Etudes for Solo Piano
0486240533: Cut and Assemble the Emerald City
0486240541: Arthur Baker's Historic Calligraphic Alphabets
0486240568: Great Luxury Liners, 1927-1952 : A Photographic Record
0486240576: How to Design and Make Wood Assemblages and Reliefs
0486240592: Nantucket Yesterday and Today
0486240606: Essentials for the Scientific and Technical Writer
0486240614: Introduction to Information Theory : Symbols, Signals and Noise
0486240630: Burnham's Celestial Handbook, Volume 1, Rev. Edition
0486240649: Burnham's Celestial Handbook, Volume 2, Rev. Edition
0486240657: Burnhams Celestial Handbook Volume 3
0486240665: First Piatigorsky Cup
0486240673: Leroy Anderson (Almost Complete : 25 Great Melodies As Originally Composed for Piano Solo)
0486240738: History of Greek Mathematics
0486240746: History of Greek Mathematics
0486240754: Piltdown Forgery
0486240762: Secrets of Winning Bridge
0486240770: Nature Discoveries with a Hand Lens
0486240789: Victorian Cottage Residences
0486240797: Bird Cut and Use Stencils
0486240800: Mosaic Tile Designs
0486240819: Easy-to-Make Stained Glass Lightcatchers : 67 Designs for Small Ornaments, with Full-Size Templates
0486240827: Ordinary Language: Essays in Philosophical Method
0486240835: Carving Duck Decoys, with Full-Size Patterns for Hollow Construction
0486240843: Treasury of Traditional Stained Glass Designs
0486240851: Full-Color Uniforms of the Prussian Army: 72 Plates from the Year 1830
0486240878: Gourmet Kitchen Labels
0486240886: Alchemy, Medicine and Religion in the China of A.D. 320: The Nei Pien of Ko Hung
0486240894: Lettie Lane Paper Doll
0486240916: The New Book of Favorite Breads from Rose Lane Farm
0486240932: Pavlova and Nijinsky Paper Dolls in Full Color
0486240940: Craft and Creation of Wood Sculpture
0486240959: New Calligraphic Ornaments and Flourishes
0486240967: Treasury of Flower Designs for Artists, Embroiderers and Craftsmen : 100 Garden Favorites
0486240975: Cactus Coloring Book
0486240983: Trent Intervenes
0486240991: Three Clerks
0486241009: Masterpieces of Calligraphy : 261 Examples, 1500-1800
0486241017: Chamber Music of Robert Schumann
0486241025: Nature Close Up : A Fantastic Journey into Reality
0486241033: Tenant for Death : An Inspector Mallet Mystery
0486241041: Mathematics and the Physical World
0486241068: American West in the Thirties
0486241076: Airplanes of the Second World War Coloring Book
0486241084: Piano Music of Bela Bartok
0486241092: Piano Music of Bella Bartok
0486241106: Great Drawings and Illustrations from Punch 1841-1901 : 192 Works by Leech, Keene, du Maurier, May and 21 Others
0486241114: Reptiles and Amphibians Coloring Book
0486241122: One-Hundred Five Art Nouveau Floral Designs in Full Color
0486241130: Pre-Raphaelite Drawings of Burne-Jones
0486241149: Tale of Benjamin Bunny Coloring Book
0486241165: Self-Working Table Magic : 97 Foolproof Tricks with Everyday Objects
0486241173: Physics and Philosophy
0486241181: Bolivian Indian Textiles: Traditional Designs and Costumes
0486241203: Annie Oakley and Buffalo Bill's Wild West : 102 Illustrations
0486241211: M'Kee Victorian Glass
0486241238: Isometric Perspective Designs and How to Create Them
0486241246: British Literary Manuscripts : Series I
0486241254: British Literary Manuscripts
0486241262: Complete Piano Transcriptions from Wagner's Operas
0486241289: New Book of Chinese Lattice Designs
0486241297: Traditional Designs from India for Artists and Craftsmen
0486241300: Decorative and Ornamental Brickwork : 175 Photographic Illustrations
0486241319: Songs, 1880 to 1904
0486241327: Great Composers in Historic Photographs
0486241343: Everyday Fashions of the 20s as Pictured in Sears and Other Catalogs
0486241351: Carving Country Characters : Step-by-Step Instructions for Eighteen Projects
0486241378: Nineteenth-Century New York in Rare Photographic Views
0486241386: Human Anatomy Coloring Book
0486241394: Ready-to-Use Food and Drink Spot Illustrations
0486241408: Magic Cubes : New Recreations
0486241416: Easy to Make Wooden Sundials : Instructions and Plans for Five Projects
0486241424: Artist's and Craftsman's Guide to Reducing, Enlarging and Transferring Designs
0486241432: Twentieth-Century Drawings : Selections from the Whitney Museum of American Art
0486241440: Victorian Ornamental Carpentry : 186 Photographs
0486241459: Nova Scotia Patchwork Patterns : Full-Size Templates and Instructions for 12 Quilts
0486241467: Russian Punch Needle Embroidery
0486241475: Charted Borders Bands & Corners
0486241483: Knitted Toys and Dolls : Complete Instructions for 17 Easy-to-Do Projects
0486241491: Swedish Tvistsom Embroidery
0486241505: Cut and Assemble Paper Dollhouse Furniture
0486241513: The Telescope
0486241548: Women at Work
0486241556: Modern Chinese
0486241599: European Drawings, 1375-1825: Catalogue
0486241602: Rembrandt Landscape Drawings
0486241610: Jewelry : A Pictorial Archive of Woodcuts and Engravings
0486241629: Arthur Baker's Copybook of Renaissance Calligraphy : Mercator's Italic Hand
0486241637: The Roosevelt Bears Go to Washington
0486241645: Complete Ballades, Impromptus and Sonatas : The Paderewski Edition
0486241653: An Oxford Tragedy
0486241661: Handweaver's Pattern Book
0486241688: Esther Bubley's World of Children in Photographs
0486241696: Night Before Christmas Coloring Book
0486241718: Early American Books & Printing
0486241726: Mathematics for the General Reader
0486241734: Ready-to-Use News Announcements
0486241742: Treasury of Fantastic and Mythological Creatures : 1,087 Renderings from Historic Sources
0486241750: Decorative Alphabets for Needleworkers, Craftsmen and Artists
0486241769: Historic Styles Stained Glass Pattern Book
0486241777: How to Restore and Decorate Chairs in Early American Styles
0486241785: Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitter's Almanac : Projects for Each Month of the Year
0486241793: Art Nouveau Designs
0486241807: Caruso's Method of Voice Production : The Scientific Culture of the Voice
0486241815: Orley Farm
0486241823: Technique of Etching
0486241831: American Indian Cut and Use Stencils
0486241858: Hawaiian Cookbook
0486241866: The Chess Endgame Study
0486241874: Complete Concerti Grossi in Full Score
0486241882: Aristarchus of Samos, the Greek Copernicus
0486241904: Gift Labels for Holidays and Special Occasions
0486241912: Trademark Designs of the World
0486241920: Charted Designs for Holidays and Special Occasions : Over 224 Motifs for Counted Cross-Stitch and Other Needlecrafts
0486241939: Make Your Own Calendar Coloring Book:
0486241947: Cut and Assemble a Nutcracker Ballet Toy Theatre : A Complete Production in Full Color
0486241955: Great Film Stills of the German Silent Era
0486241963: Picasso Line Drawings and Prints
0486241971: Pennsylvania Dutch Iron-On Transfer Patterns
0486241998: Story of Glass Coloring Book
0486242005: More Lettie Lane Paper Doll
0486242013: Entertaining Science Experiments with Everyday Objects
0486242021: Selected Songs for Solo Voice and Piano
0486242048: Chinese Design and Pattern in Full Color
0486242056: Victorian and Edwardian Fashion : A Photographic Survey
0486242064: Tropical Flowers Coloring Book
0486242072: Vivien Leigh Paper Dolls in Full Color
0486242080: Salome in Full Score
0486242099: Stars of the American Musical Theater in Historic Photographs : 361 Portraits from the 1860s to 1950
0486242102: Silhouettes: A History and Dictionary of Artists
0486242110: Hide and Seek
0486242129: Philosophy of Mind
0486242137: Do-It-Yourself Furniture Layout Kit
0486242145: Probability, Statistics and Truth
0486242188: One-Thousand and One Questions Answered About the Weather
0486242196: Great Buildings and Sights of Boston : A Photographic Guide
0486242226: Patterns and Instructions for Carving Authentic Birds
0486242234: Badger's Illustrated Catalogue of Cast-Iron Architecture
0486242242: Challenging Puzzles in Logic
0486242250: Dover New York Walking Guide from the Battery to Wall Street
0486242269: Dover New York Walking Guide: From Wall Street to Chambers Street
0486242277: From Galileo to Newton
0486242293: My Family Tree : Genealogy for Beginners
0486242307: Endplays in Bridge: Eliminations, Squeezes and Coups
0486242315: Synagogues of New York City: A Pictorial Survey in 123 Photographs
0486242358: Erte's Fashion Designs: 218 Illustrations from Harper's Bazar 1918-1932
0486242374: Czechoslovakian Glass Thirteen Fifty to Nineteen Eighty
0486242382: Full-Color Unirorms of the Prussian Army : 72 Plates from the Year 1830
0486242390: Art Makers : An Informal History of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in 19th Century America
0486242412: Klee Drawings
0486242420: Weapons and Armor
0486242439: Book Before Printing : Ancient, Medieval and Oriental
0486242447: How to Make Mission Style Lamps and Shades in Metal and Glass
0486242455: Suicide Excepted
0486242463: 3-D and Shaded Alphabets
0486242471: Border Designs-Cut and Use Stencils
0486242498: Capablanca's Best Chess Endings : 60 Complete Games
0486242501: Gotterdammerung in Full Score
0486242528: More Craftsman Homes : Floor Plans and Illustrations for 78 Mission Style Dwellings
0486242536: Reason in Religion
0486242544: Ready-to-Use Thematic Borders
0486242552: Red Redmaynes
0486242560: More Silhouettes : Eight Hundred Sixty-Eight Copyright-Free Copy Illustrations for Artists and Craftsmen
0486242579: Parisian Costume Plates
0486242587: Modern Coin Magic
0486242595: Floral Stained Glass Pattern Book
0486242609: Mathematical Brain-Benders : Second Miscellany of Puzzles
0486242617: Fifty Favorite Birds-Coloring Book
0486242625: String Quartets, Opus 42, 50 and 54
0486242633: Days of Henry Thoreau
0486242641: Discovery of the Mind in Early Greek Philosophy and Literature
0486242668: Big Book of Stuffed Toy and Doll Making : Instructions and Full-Size Patterns for 45 Playthings
0486242676: Cut-Work Embroidery and How to Do It
0486242684: Great Empresses and Queens Paper Dolls in Full Color
0486242692: Test Your Esp Potential
0486242706: Decorative Glass Processes
0486242714: Victorian Spot Illustrations Alphabets and Ornaments
0486242722: Piano Technique
0486242730: Piano Transcriptions from French and Italian Operas
0486242749: Norwegian Smyrna Cross-Stitch (Dover Pictorial Archives)
0486242757: First Cookbook for Children : With Illustrations to Color
0486242765: Decorative Plant and Flower Studies for Artists and Craftsmen
0486242773: Pictorial Archive of Decorative Frames and Labels : 550 Copyright-Free Designs
0486242781: Chancery Cursive Stroke by Stroke : An Arthur Baker Calligraphy Manual
0486242803: Treasury of American Pen and Ink Illustration : 222 Drawings by 99 Artists, 1890-1930
0486242811: Peter Rabbit Paper Dolls in Full Color
0486242838: Russell's Civil War Photographs
0486242846: Fairy Tale Hidden Coloring Book
0486242854: Carmen Miranda Paper Dolls in Full Color
0486242862: American League Baseball Card Classics
0486242870: Carving Shorebirds : With Full-Size Patterns
0486242889: Prints and Posters of Ben Shahn
0486242897: Mola Designs
0486242919: Art of the Chinese Potter : An Illustrated Survey
0486242927: Redoute Roses Iron-On Transfer Patterns
0486242935: Easy-to-Make Applique Quilts for Children : Instructions and Full-Size Templates
0486242943: Classic Racing Cars World Coloring Book
0486242951: Cars and Trucks Punch-Out Stencil
0486242978: Famous Problems of Geometry and How to Solve Them
0486242986: Great Radio Personalities in Historic Photographs by Slide, Anthony
0486242994: New York Nocturnes
0486243001: Dore's Illustrations for Don Quixote : A Selection of 190 Illustrations by Gustave Dore
0486243028: Cut and Assemble Paper Airplanes That Fly
0486243036: Easy-to-Do Sculpture with Wax, Sand and Slate
0486243044: Swedish Film Classics
0486243060: Cut and Make Wizard of Oz Masks
0486243079: Punch-Out Puzzle Kit: Twelve Puzzles With Ready-To-Use Pieces
0486243087: National League Baseball Card Classics
0486243095: Easy-To-Make Wooden Candlesticks, Chandeliers and Lamps
0486243109: The Restless Atom (Dover Needlework)
0486243117: My Very First Piano Book of Cowboy Songs : 22 Favorite Songs Easy in Piano Arrangement
0486243125: Boston Then and Now : 65 Boston Sites Photographed in the Past and Present
0486243168: Waltzes and Scherzos
0486243176: American Rock and Roll
0486243184: American Rock and Roll: 002
0486243192: American Rock and Roll - Volume 3 - the Biggest Hits of the Late 50's and Early 60's
0486243206: American Rock & Roll the Biggest Hits of the 50'S 60'S Volume 4
0486243214: American Rock and Roll : Volume Five ,The Big Hits of the Late 50's and Early 60's
0486243222: The Six Haydn Quartets
0486243249: The Six Haydn Quartets: Second Violin Part
0486243257: The Six Haydn Quartets: Viola Part
0486243265: The Six Haydn Quartets: Cello Part
0486243273: Bread from Many Lands
0486243311: Eighteenth Century French Fashion Plates in Full Color : 64 Engravings from the Galerie des Modes, 1778-1787
0486243338: Haunted Hotel
0486243346: THE LOST STRADIVARIUS (Detective Stories Ser.)
0486243354: Lohengrin in Full Score
0486243362: Celtic Hand Stroke by Stroke : An Arthur Baker Calligraphy Manual
0486243370: Authentic Victorian Stencil Designs
0486243389: Keyboard Works for Solo Instruments
0486243397: The Menu-Cookbook for Entertaining
0486243400: Great Works for Piano and Orchestra in Full Score (& Listing)
0486243419: Ready-to-Use Illustrations of Women's Heads
0486243427: Lady Luck : The Theory of Probability
0486243435: An Enquiry Concerning the Principles of Natural Knowledge
0486243443: Ready-to-Use Sports Illustrations (Clip Art)
0486243451: Book of Kells
0486243478: Monograms and Decorations from the Art Nouveau Period
0486243486: Chairs Through the Ages : A Pictorial Archive of Woodcuts and Engraving
0486243494: Five Books of Architecture
0486243508: Zodiac Stained Glass
0486243516: Crocheting Christmas Ornaments : Complete Instructions for 13 Projects
0486243524: Second Book of Mathematical Bafflers
0486243532: Logical Approach to Chess
0486243540: Three Hundred Art Nouveau Designs and Motifs in Full Color
0486243559: Classic Wicker Furniture : The Complete 1898-1899 Illustrated Catalog of the Heywood Brothers and Wakefield Company
0486243567: Charted Christmas Designs for Counted Cross-Stitch and Other Needlecrafts : From the Archives of the Lindberg Press
0486243575: Quilting with Strips and Strings : Full with Complete Instructions for Making 12 Patchwork Quiltblocks
0486243591: Great Lithographs of Toulouse-Lautrec Including Eight in Full Color
0486243605: The Way We Live Now
0486243613: South Wind
0486243621: Authentic Art Nouveau Stained Glass Designs in Full Color
0486243648: Meriden Britannia Silver-Plate Treasury Complete Catalog of 1886-87
0486243656: Twenty Short Pieces For Piano : Sports et Divertisments
0486243664: Art Nouveau Typographic Ornaments
0486243672: Wrecker
0486243680: Shells of the World Colouring Book
0486243699: 101 Folk Art Designs for Counted Cross-Stitch and Other Needlecrafts
0486243702: Passion
0486243729: Art Deco Display Alphabets : 100 Complete Fonts
0486243737: Country and Suburban Homes of the Prairie School Period : 408 Examples, Photographs and Floor Plans
0486243745: Murder Book of J. G. Reeder
0486243753: Ready-to-Use Small Frames and Borders (Clip Art)
0486243761: Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail : A Little Book of Paper Dolls in Full Color
0486243788: Art of Making Paper Flowers : Full Size Patterns and Instructions for 16 Realistic Blossoms
0486243796: Mosaic and Tessellated Patterns : How to Create Them, with 32 Plates to Color
0486243818: The Early Work of Frank Lloyd Wright
0486243826: Work and Worship among the Shakers
0486243834: Orchestration
0486243842: Brazilian Three-Dimensional Embroidery : Instructions and 50 Transfer Patterns
0486243869: Curious George Paper Doll
0486243885: American Etchings of the Nineteenth Century
0486243893: Art Nouveau Poster Postcards in Full Color: 24 Ready-To-Mail Cards (Card Books)
0486243907: Uniforms of the Napoleonic Wars Coloring Book.
0486243915: Self-Working Number Magic
0486243923: Winslow Homer Illustrations
0486243931: China and Its People in Early Photographs
0486243958: First Time Ever Fake Book
0486243966: American Antique Weather Vanes : The Complete Illustrated Westervelt Catalog of 1883
0486243974: Great Conductors in Historic Photographs: 193 Portraits from 1860 to 1960
0486243982: Stars of the Broadway Stage, 1940-1970
0486243990: Victorian Seaside Hotel Coloring Book
0486244008: Crocheting Ruffled Doilies
0486244016: Prelude to Mathematics
0486244024: Wonders of the Sky : Observing Rainbows, Comets, Eclipses, the Stars and Other Phenomena
0486244032: Picture History of the Brooklyn Bridge
0486244040: Judy Garland Paper Dolls in Full Color
0486244059: Ready-to-Use Illustrations of Children (Clip Art)
0486244067: Win at Hearts
0486244075: Complete Book of Birdhouse Construction for Woodworkers
0486244083: Building of the Panama Canal in Historic Photographs
0486244105: Goods and Merchandise : A Cornucopia of Nineteenth Century Cuts
0486244113: Easy-to-Make Articulated Wooden Toys : Patterns and Instructions for 18 Playthings That Move
0486244121: Hiroshige's Woodblock Prints : A Guide
0486244148: Ancients and Moderns
0486244156: Betty Bonnet Paper Dolls in Full Color
0486244164: Dolly Dingle
0486244180: All American Country Volume Two
0486244202: Little Orphan Annie
0486244210: Little Orphan Annie in Cosmic City
0486244229: Making Pressed Flower Pictures
0486244237: Say It in Hungarian
0486244245: Say It in Indonesian : Malay
0486244253: Great Fashion Designs of the Belle Epoque Paper Dolls in Full Color
0486244261: Practical Mental Magic
0486244288: American Silversmiths and Their Marks : The Definitive Edition, 1948
0486244296: Lessons from My Games : A Passion for Chess
0486244318: Ready-to-Use Art Nouveau Borders
0486244326: Spirit of Modern Philosophy
0486244334: The Sole Survivor and the Kynsard Affair
0486244342: Death Comes to Perigord
0486244350: Treasury of Japanese Designs and Motifs for Artists and Craftsmen
0486244369: Fish and Sea Life Cut and Use Stencils
0486244377: Miro Lithographs
0486244385: Old House Measured and Scaled Drawings for Builders and Carpenters : An Early 20th Century Pictorial Sourcebook, with 183 Detailed Plates
0486244393: Reason in Science
0486244407: Ready-to-Use Illustrations for Holidays and Special Occasions
0486244415: Three Great Orchestral Works in Full Score
0486244423: Identifying Animal Tracks : Mammals, Birds and Other Animals of the Eastern United States
0486244431: Banners, Ribbons and Scrolls : An Archive for Artists and Designers, 503 Copyright-Free Designs
0486244458: Joseph Haydn: Symphonies 88-92 in Full Score/the Haydn Society Edition
0486244466: Art Nouveau Decorative Papers
0486244482: Easy-to-Make Stained Glass Panels : With Full-Size Templates for 32 Projects
0486244490: Ornamental Penmanship
0486244504: Roman Capitals Stroke by Stroke
0486244512: Man and Wife
0486244520: The Higher Arithmetic
0486244539: Adventures with Freshwater Animals
0486244555: Landlord at Lion's Head
0486244563: Siegfried in Full Score
0486244571: Drawings and Plans of Frank Lloyd Wright : The Early Period, 1893-1909
0486244598: Verdi's Aida
0486244601: WATERBURY CLOCKS The Complete Illustrated Catalog of 1893
0486244628: Great Organ Concerti, Opus. 4 and Opus. 7
0486244636: Ordeal of Richard Feverel : A History of a Father and Son
0486244644: Making Bead Flowers and Bouquets
0486244652: Puccini's Madama Butterfly
0486244660: Wheeler's Photographic Survey of the American West, 1871-1873 : With 50 Landscape Photographs by Timothy O'Sullivan and Willia Bell
0486244679: Italian Master Drawings from the Uffizi
0486244687: Make It in Paper : Creative Three-Dimensional Paper Projects
0486244695: Cats and Kittens
0486244709: Plains Indians Coloring Book
0486244725: American House Styles-Coloring Book
0486244733: Cut and Assemble Main Street
0486244741: Nancy Reagan Fashion Paper Dolls in Full Color
0486244768: From Antietam to Gettysburg Book : A Civil War Coloring Book
0486244776: Victorian Color Vignettes and Illustrations for Artists and Craftsmen : 344 Antique Chromolithographs
0486244784: Cut and Fold Extraterrestrial Invaders That Fly
0486244792: Rip Van Winkle Coloring Book
0486244814: Complete Graphic Work of Jack Levine
0486244822: Great Fashion Designs of the Twenties Paper Dolls in Full Color
0486244830: Leonardo on the Human Body
0486244849: Favorite Charted Designs
0486244857: What's Wrong with This Picture?
0486244865: Cornucopia of Design and Illustration for Decoupage and Other Arts and Craft
0486244873: Rodin on Art and Artists : With 60 Illustrations of His Work
0486244903: Modern Dance Paper Dolls
0486244911: Exploring the Moon Through Binoculars and Small Telescopes
0486244938: Footsteps at the Lock
0486244954: Old-Fashioned Homemade Ice Cream : With 58 Original Recipes
0486244962: Pennsylvania Dutch Designs
0486244970: Verdi's Rigoletto
0486244989: Shells: Forms and Designs of the Sea
0486244997: Transportation : A Pictorial Archive From 19th Century Sources with 400 Copyright-Free Illustrations for Artists and Designs
0486245004: Entertaining Mathematical Teasers and How to Solve Them
0486245012: Quick and Easy Giant Dahlia Quilt on the Sewing Machine : Step-By-Step Instructions and Full Size Templates for Three Quilt Sizes
0486245020: Tale of Tom Kitten
0486245128: World's Great Chess Games
0486245136: Art Nouveau Frames and Borders : 250 Copyright-Free Illustrations for Artists and Craftsmen
0486245152: Knotcraft : The Practical and Entertaining Art of Tying Knots
0486245160: Goblin Market
0486245187: The Piccadilly Murder
0486245195: Oval Stained Glass Pattern Book : 60 Full Page Designs
0486245209: Keep It Quiet
0486245217: Measured Drawings of Old English Oak Furniture
0486245225: Ethical Writings of Maimonides
0486245233: Famous American Women : A Biographical Dictionary from Colonial Times to the Present
0486245241: Sargent Portrait Drawings
0486245268: Masterpieces of Glass from the Corning Museum : 24 Ready-to-Mail Full-Color
0486245276: Crocheted Cats and Kittens : 23 Designs for Toys, Pillows, Wall Hangings and Other Projects
0486245284: Cosi fan Tutte in Full Score
0486245292: Sourdough Breads and Coffee Cakes from Lane Farm : Worth 104 Recipes
0486245306: Mary Thomas's Embroidery Book: Including Applique, Patchwork, Quilting, Initials and Monograms, Fringes and Tassels, Smocking, Seams and Hems
0486245314: He Knew He Was Right
0486245322: Well Tempered Clavier : Books I and II Complete
0486245330: Brush Calligraphy
0486245349: Paris Fashions of the 1890s
0486245357: Wrought Iron in Architecture
0486245365: Prelude to a Certain Midnight (Detective Stories Series)
0486245373: Making Felt Ornaments for Christmas and Special Occasions (Dover needlework series)
0486245381: 850 Calligraphic Ornaments for Designers and Craftsmen
0486245403: Pictorial Archive of Decorative and Illustrative Mortise Cuts
0486245411: Dinosaur Dioramas to Cut and Assemble
0486245438: Follow-the-Dots Coloring Book
0486245446: Prairie Wings : The Classic Illustrated Study of American Wildfowl in Flight
0486245454: Decorative Christmas Stickers
0486245462: Santa Claus Paper Dolls in Full Color
0486245489: Blake's America, A Prophecy and Europe, A Prophecy : Facsimile Reproductions of Two Illuminated Books, with 35 Plates in Color
0486245497: Masterpieces of the Poster from the Belle Epoque. 48 Full-Color Plates from Les Mattres de lAffiche.
0486245500: Teddy Bear Paper Dolls
0486245519: Ready-to-Use Victorian Color
0486245527: Favorite Dogs Coloring Book
0486245543: Floral Designs Stained Glass Coloring Book
0486245551: Great Actors and Actresses of the American Stage in Historic Photographs
0486245578: Lewis and Clark Colouring Book
0486245594: Winning Contract Bridge : Bridge and Other Card Games, Board Games
0486245608: Easy-to-Make Stained Glass Boxes : With Full Size Templates
0486245624: Cut and Assemble a Peter Pan Toy Theatre
0486245632: Complete Piano Concertos in Full Score
0486245640: Nocturnes and Polonaises
0486245659: Baseball Stars Stickers : 60 Full-Color Pressure-Sensitive Stickers
0486245667: Hidden Treasure Maze Book
0486245675: Turn of the Century Houses, Cottages and Villas : Floor Plans and Illustrations of 120 Homes from Shoppell's Catalogs
0486245683: Stars Of The Contemporary Ballet
0486245691: Joan Crawford Paper Dolls in Full Color
0486245705: Ready-to-Use Illustrations of Hands
0486245713: Traditional Folk Costumes Paper Dolls
0486245721: Candlewicking : Twenty-Four Iron-On Transfer Patterns and Complete Instructions
0486245748: First Great Ocean Liners in Photographs
0486245764: Electronics in Everyday Life
0486245772: Mittens to Knit : Twenty Contemporary Styles for Men, Women and Children
0486245780: Glass Etching : 46 Full-Size Patterns with Complete Instructions
0486245799: Easy-To-Build Wooden Chairs for Children
0486245802: More Self-Working Card Tricks : 88 Fool-Proof Card Miracles for the Amateur Magician
0486245810: Jana Hauschild's Treasury of Charted Designs
0486245829: Frank Lloyd Wright's Robie House : The Illustrated Story of an Architectural Masterpiece
0486245837: Early American Patchwork Quilt Designs
0486245845: Great Romantic Cello Concertos in Full Score
0486245853: Orchids of the World
0486245861: Washington, D. C., Then and Now : 69 Sites Photographed in the Past and Present
0486245888: Making an Old-Fashioned Patchwork Sampler Quilt on the Sewing Machine
0486245896: CUT AND ASSEMBLE AN OLD FASHIONED FARM 9 Full-Color Buildings in H-O Scale
0486245918: Say It in Finnish
0486245926: Genthe's Photographs of San Francisco's Old Chinatown
0486245934: Autobiography : The Story of My Experiments with Truth
0486245942: Reginald Marsh's New York : Paintings, Drawings, Prints and Photographs
0486245950: Teddy Bear-Cut and Use Stencils
0486245969: Teddy Bear Iron-On Transfer Patterns
0486246027: Four Centuries of Opera
0486246035: Death and the Pleasant Voices
0486246043: Fanciful Victorian Initials
0486246051: Pictorial Encyclopedia of Historic Architectural Plans, Details and Elements
0486246078: Puccini's la Boheme
0486246086: Good Cooking for Two
0486246094: The Bestiary: A Book of Beasts: Being a Translation from a Latin Bestiary of the Twelfth Century, Made and Edited by T.H. White
0486246108: Borders and Frames of the Art Nouveau Period
0486246116: Short-Cut Math
0486246124: Tatting
0486246132: Puzzles and Paradoxes (Dover books on mathematical and word recreations)
0486246140: Create Your Own Pictures Coloring Book
0486246159: Goops
0486246167: Great Impressionist and Post-Impressionist Paintings Cards : From The Art Institute of Chicago Colle
0486246175: Peter Rabbit Postcards in Full Color
0486246183: Guy Deverell
0486246205: Birds and Butterflies Stained Glass Pattern Book
0486246213: Cupie Paper Dolls in Full Color
0486246221: Antique Fashion Paper Dolls of the 1890s in Full Color
0486246264: Win at Poker
0486246272: Food and Cookery Cut and Use Stencils
0486246280: Ronald Reagan Paper Dolls in Full Color
0486246299: Traditional Japanese Design Motifs
0486246302: More Erte Fashion Paper Dolls (More Erte Fashion Paper Dolls in Full Color)
0486246310: Fifty Ballet Masterworks
0486246329: Patterns for Quilting
0486246337: Clown Masks Punch Out Stencils
0486246345: Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck
0486246353: More Betty Bonnet Paper Dolls
0486246361: Songs of Experience
0486246388: Decorative Stuffed Toys for the Needle-Worker
0486246396: Crocheting Teddy Bears
0486246418: Art Nouveau Floral Iron-On Transfer Patterns
0486246426: The four just men
0486246434: Mushrooms of the World
0486246442: Ready-to-Use Humorous Spot Illustrations
0486246450: New Erte Graphics in Full Color
0486246469: Charted Decorative Initials
0486246485: Pope John Paul II Paper Dolls in Full Color
0486246493: Tannhauser in Full Score
0486246507: Leaves : One Hundred Seventy-Seven Photographs
0486246515: How to Marbleize Paper
0486246531: Treasury of Authentic Art Nouveau : Alphabets, Decorative Initials, Monograms, Frames and Ornaments
0486246558: Quick and Easy Plastic Canvas Projects
0486246566: Chicago at the Turn of the Century in Photographs
0486246574: Symphony Fantastique and Harold in Italy in Full Score
0486246582: American Sailing Ships
0486246590: Rare Masterpieces of Russian Piano Music
0486246604: Needlework Designs for Miniature Projects
0486246612: Great American Prints, 1900-1950
0486246620: Take Me Out to the Ball Game and Other Favorite Song Hits, 1906-1908
0486246639: Cut and Assemble a Medieval Castle : Full-Color Model of Caernarvon Castle in Wales
0486246647: Easy to Make Cross Stitch Samplers and Mottoes : One Hundred and Thirty-Eight Lithographs, Etchings and Woodcuts
0486246655: Warsaw Ghetto in Photographs
0486246671: Carving Decorative Duck Decoys for the Woodcarver
0486246698: Lady Anna
0486246728: Suffolk County, Long Island in Early Photographs
0486246736: More Decorative Napkin Folding
0486246744: Mathematics in Civilization
0486246752: Essential Dutch Grammar
0486246787: American Rock and Roll
0486246825: The Star Dust Melodies of...
0486246892: Magnetism : An Introductory Survey
0486246914: Charles Babbage : On the Principle and Development of the Calculator and Other Seminal Writings
0486246922: Ready-to-Use Accents and Attention-Getters
0486246930: Victorian Pictorial Borders : One Hundred Twenty-Four Full-Page Designs
0486246949: Snowflake Cut and Use Stencil
0486246957: Gothic and Old English Alphabets : One Hundred Complete Fonts
0486246965: Dolly Dingle Christmas Stickers and Seals
0486246973: Christmas Punch-Out Stencils
0486246981: Easy-to-Make Cardboard Box Craft Projects
0486247007: Treasury of Calligraphy : Two Hundred Nineteen Great Examples, 1522-1840
0486247015: Great Dinosaur Hunters and Their Discoveries
0486247023: Victorian Cat Family Paper Dolls in Full Colour
0486247031: Treasury of Victorian Printer's Frames, Ornaments and Initials
0486247058: Irish Crochet : Techniques and Projects
0486247066: Easy-to-Make Christmas and Holiday Lightcatchers : With Full-Size Template for 66 Stained Glass Projects
0486247074: Fun with Numbers
0486247082: Needle-Made Laces and Net Embroideries : Reticella Work, Carrickmacross Lace, Princess Lace and Other Traditional Techniques
0486247090: New Art Deco Borders and Motifs
0486247104: First American Cookbook : A Facsimile of American Cookery, 1796
0486247112: Ready-to-Use Silhouette Spot Illustrations
0486247120: Complete Book of Paper Mask Making
0486247139: Cut and Assemble a Peter Rabbit Toy Theater
0486247147: Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz
0486247155: Picasso
0486247163: Floral Designs and Motifs for Artists, Needleworkers and Craftspeople
0486247171: American Folk Art Designs and Motifs for Artists and Craftspeople
0486247198: Peter Rabbit Stickers and Seals
0486247201: Bodies in a Bookshop
0486247228: Mystifying Mazes
0486247236: Greeting Card Cut and Use Stencils : 60 Full-Size Stencils Printed on Durable Stencil Paper
0486247244: Great Fashion Designs of the Thirties Paper Dolls in Full Color : 32 Haute Couture Costumes by Schiaparelli, Molyneaux, Mainbocher, and Others
0486247260: Complete Piano Sonatas
0486247279: Complete Piano Sonatas
0486247287: Northwest Coast Indians Coloring Book
0486247295: Cezanne
0486247309: Erte Postcards in Full Color
0486247317: African Wildlife
0486247325: Full-Color Charted Designs
0486247333: Exotic Birds Stained Glass Coloring Book
0486247341: Scheherazade in Full Score
0486247368: Opera Stars of the Golden Age:Paper Dolls in Full Color
0486247376: Struggling Upward : Or, Luke Larkin's Luck
0486247384: Ornamental Flower Stained Glass Pattern Book : 83 Designs for Workable Projects
0486247392: Authentic American Indian Beadwork and How to Do It : With 50 Charts for Bead Weaving and 21 Full-Size Patterns for Applique
0486247406: Fidelio in Full Score
0486247422: History of Lace
0486247430: Tropical Birds Coloring Book
0486247449: Complete Hungarian Rhapsodies for Solo Piano
0486247457: Male and Female Figure in Motion : 60 Classic Photographic Sequences
0486247465: Infant Care : A Practical, Up-to-Date Guide for Parents
0486247481: Great Black Entertainers Paper Dolls in Full Color
0486247503: Floral Charted Designs
0486247511: Mysterious Mickey Finn
0486247538: Favorite Patchwork Patterns : Full-Size Templates and Instructions for 12 Quilts
0486247546: Cut and Assemble an Early American Seaport
0486247554: Stars of the American Ballet Theatre in Performance Photographs
0486247562: Fabulous Interiors of the Great Ocean Liners in Historic Photographs
0486247570: Colle's Chess Masterpieces
0486247589: Webster's American Military Biographies
0486247597: Mathematics in Action: Applications in Aerodynamics, Statistics, Weather Prediction and Other Sciences
0486247600: Castle Richmond
0486247619: Codes, Ciphers, and Secret Writing.
0486247651: The All-American Song Book
0486247708: Three Peter Rabbit Coloring Books
0486247716: Ronald and Nancy Reagan Paper Dolls in Full Color
0486247740: Too Many Cousins
0486247759: Introductory Graph Theory
0486247775: Old English Tile Designs for Artists and Craftspeople
0486247783: Lesson of Japanese Architecture : 165 Photographs
0486247791: Ozma of Oz
0486247805: Mr. Pottermack's Oversight
0486247821: Baby Bears, Bunnies and Other Little Critters Iron-On Transfer Patterns
0486247848: Ready-to-Use Outdoor Recreations Spot Illustrations
0486247864: Old-Fashioned Monogramming for Needle-Workers
0486247872: Decorative and Display Numbers : 739 Complete Fonts
0486247880: Modern Monograms : Thirteen Hundred Ten Graphic Designs
0486247899: Six Great Overtures in Full Score
0486247902: Cezanne Sketchbook : Figures, Portraits, Landscapes and Still Lives
0486247910: Traditional Japanese Stencil Designs
0486247929: Animal Origami for the Enthusiast : Step-by-Step Instructions in over 900 Diagrams
0486247937: The Wrong Box
0486247945: Children's Bookmarks in Full Color
0486247953: All about Lobsters, Crabs, Shrimps and Their Relatives
0486247988: Decorative Background Patterns for Needlepoint
0486247996: Cut and Assemble Wizard of Oz Theatre
0486248011: Years with Frank Lloyd Wright : Apprentice to Genius
0486248038: Design Motifs of the Decorative Twenties in Color
0486248046: Teddy Bear Photo Postcards in Full Color (Card Books)
0486248054: Fun with Alphabet Stickers : 120 Full-Color Pressure-Sensitive Stickers (Stickers)
0486248062: Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies
0486248070: My Best Games of Chess, 1905-1954
0486248089: Whale Ships and Whaling : A Pictorial Survey
0486248097: Adventures of Dolly Dingle Paper Dolls
0486248100: Painting Duck Decoys : 24 Full-Color Plates and Complete Instructions
0486248119: Ziegfeld Follies Paper Dolls in Full Color
0486248127: Ready-to-Use Borders on Layout Grids
0486248135: Little Peter Rabbit Paper Dolls in Full Color
0486248143: Antique Doll Photo Postcards in Full Colour
0486248151: Belton Estate
0486248178: Dance of Siva : Essays on Indian Art and Culture
0486248186: Cut and Assemble UFO's That Fly : Eight Full-Color Models
0486248194: New Orleans Cookbook
0486248208: Butterfly Stained Glass Coloring Book
0486248216: Patchwork Quilting With Wool
0486248224: Victorian Floral Illustrations : Three Hundred Forty-Four Wood Engravings of Exotic Flowers and Plants
0486248232: Mathematics for the Non-Mathematician
0486248259: Pelleas Et Melisande in Full Score
0486248267: Caveman Dioramas to Cut and Assemble
0486248275: Fishes of North Atlantic Cookbook
0486248313: More Than Singing : The Interpretation of Songs
0486248321: Teddy Bear Punch Out Stencils
0486248348: Orchids of Guatemala and Belize
0486248364: Circular Stained Glass Pattern Book : 60 Full-Page Designs
0486248372: Handbook of American Indian Games
0486248380: Folk Art Cut and Use Stencils
0486248402: Treasury of Designs for Lace Net Embroidery
0486248410: Fashions and Costumes from Godey's Lady's Book : Eight Plates in Full Color
0486248429: Hopi Katcinas
0486248437: Knights and Armor Coloring Book
0486248445: Bevels and Jewels Stained Glass Pattern Book
0486248453: Old-Fashioned Applique Quilt Designs
0486248461: Legendary Baseball Stars Paper Dolls in Full Color
0486248488: Stars of the 1950s Baseball Cards
0486248496: 59 Favorite Songs
0486248518: English Keyboard Music Before the Nineteenth Century
0486248526: String Quartets, Opus 20 and 33, Complete
0486248534: Great Keyboard Sonatas
0486248550: Geometric Allover Patterns
0486248577: The book of world-famous music: Classical, popular, and folk
0486248585: The Dover New York Walking Guide: Greenwich Village
0486248593: Noa Noa
0486248607: Fifty Classic British Films, 1932-1982 : A Pictorial Record
0486248615: Cut and Assemble Circus Parade
0486248631: New York Life at the Turn of the Century in Photographs
0486248658: Great Ballet Stars in Historic Photograp
0486248666: Floral Wood Carving
0486248682: Statue of Liberty Postcards
0486248690: Dinosaur Postcards in Full Color
0486248763: Boxed-Full Color Bk
0486248860: Little Peter Rabbit Paper Dolls in Full Color
0486248925: Howard Coster's Celebrity Portraits : One Hundred One Photographs of Personalities in Literature and the Arts
0486248933: Frederick Carder: Portrait of a Glassmaker
0486248941: Triumphs of Eugene Valmont
0486248968: Humorous Victorian Spot Illustrations
0486248976: Anne Orr's Classic Tatting Patterns
0486248984: Castles : Their Construction and History
0486249018: Captured by the Indians : 15 Firsthand Accounts, 1750-1870
0486249026: Bobbin Lace
0486249034: Oriental Floral Designs and Motifs for Artists, Needleworkers and Craftspeople
0486249042: 305 Authentic Art Nouveau Jewelry Designs
0486249050: The Voice of the Corpse
0486249069: Traditional Hardanger Embroidery
0486249077: Search for Form in Art and Architecture
0486249085: Allover Patterns with Letter Forms
0486249093: Cut and Use Stencil Bunny Rabbit
0486249107: Mother Goose Iron-On Transfer Patterns : 52 Designs
0486249115: Horses and Other Animals in Motion : 45 Classic Photographic Sequences
0486249123: Cut and Make Christmas Decorations
0486249131: Encyclopedia of Battles : Accounts of over 1,560 Battles from 1479 B. C. to the Present
0486249166: Mucha's Floral Borders : Thirty Full-Color Art Nouveau Designs
0486249182: Wandering Lands and Animals : The Story of Continental Drift and Animal Populations
0486249190: Plains Indians Dioramas
0486249204: Romantic Surreal: Postcards in Full Color
0486249220: Favorite Dolly Dingle Stickers and Seals
0486249239: Old-Fashioned Story-Book Postcards
0486249247: Art Deco Spot Illustrations and Motifs : 513 Original Designs
0486249255: Rheingold in Full Score
0486249298: Complete Concert Book
0486249301: Favorite Filet Crochet Designs
0486249328: Zodiac Charted Designs for Cross-Stitch Needlepoint and Other Techniques
0486249344: Baron Von Steuben's Revolutionary War Drill Manual
0486249352: Works for Organ and Keyboard
0486249360: Miniature Duck Decoys for Woodcarvers : Easy-to-Use Templates and Complete Instructions for Making 16 Decorative Carvings
0486249379: Holbein Portrait Drawings
0486249387: Animal Friends Punch-Out Stencils
0486249395: Illustrated Catalog of Civil War Military Goods : Union Army Weapons, Insignia, Uniform Accessories and Other Equipment
0486249417: My Best Games of Chess 1908-1937
0486249425: Make Your Own Teddy Bears : Instructions and Full-Size Patterns for Jointed and Unjointed Bears and Their Clothing
0486249433: Ready-to-Use Teddy Bear Illustrations
0486249441: Mozart's Don Giovanni : Complete Italian Libretto
0486249468: Early American Embroidery Designs : An 1815 Manuscript Album with over 190 Patterns
0486249476: A Rogue's Life.
0486249492: Mathematical Quickies : 270 Stimulating Problems with Solutions
0486249506: Seven Great Sacred Cantatas
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