0486260887: Cut And Make American Indian Masks In Full Color
0486260895: Plantations of the Carolina Low Country
0486260909: Tools of the Old and New Stone Age
0486260917: Complete Sonatas for Solo Instruments and Piano
0486260925: Two Bad Mice Paper Dolls in Full Color
0486260941: My Address Book
0486260968: Full-Color Picture Sourcebook of Historic Ornament
0486260984: Advertising Spot Illustrations of the Twenties and Thirties
0486260992: Ready-to-Use Naughty French Spot Illustrations
0486261026: Driving Horse-Drawn Carriages for Pleasure
0486261050: William Morris Designs Postcards : 24 Full-Colour Ready-to-Mail Postcards
0486261069: Traditional Floral Designs
0486261077: Dances for Solo Piano
0486261093: Ready-to-Use Calligraphic Frames and Borders
0486261115: Science Research Experiments for Young People
0486261123: Pictorial Archives of Lace Designs
0486261131: Following the Equator
0486261158: Ready-to-Use Art Nouveau Initials
0486261166: Spot Illustrations from Women's Magazines of the Teens and 20s : 828 Cuts of Women, Family, Home, Garden, Etc
0486261182: Russian Songbook
0486261190: J.M.W. Turner Postcards: 24 Full-Color Ready-To-Mail Cards from Watercolors in the Collection of the
0486261204: Ducks of the World in Full-Color Paintings
0486261212: Narratives of the Wreck of the Whale-Ship Essex
0486261220: History of Jewelry, 1100-1870
0486261239: Old-Fashioned Children Paper Dolls in Full Colour : Paper Dolls in Full Color
0486261247: Cut and Make a Human Skeleton
0486261255: Fashions of the Old South Paper Dolls in Full Color
0486261298: Nautical Charted Designs
0486261301: Life in Ancient Egypt Coloring Book
0486261336: Practical Portrait Painting
0486261344: Pirotechnia
0486261352: Mary Cassatt Postcards : 24 Full-Colour Ready-to-Mail Cards
0486261360: Carving Popular Birds
0486261379: Sharks of the World Coloring Book
0486261387: Charted Bird Designs
0486261395: Original Art Deco Allover Patterns
0486261417: Sailing Vessels in Authentic Early 19th-Century Illustrations
0486261425: Medieval Calligraphy
0486261433: Classic Wildfowl Decoy Postcards in Full Color: 24 Carvings from the Collection of the Museum of American Folk Art
0486261468: 376 Decorative Allover Patterns from Historic Tilework and Textiles
0486261476: Demoniality
0486261484: Old Fashioned Farm Life Coloring Book
0486261492: Stories of the Buddha
0486261506: Cut and Assemble the House of 7 Gables
0486261522: History of Space Exploration Coloring Book
0486261530: Easy-to-Do-Card Tricks for Children
0486261549: Art of the Middle Game
0486261557: Circus Alphabets
0486261565: Spanish and Italian Songbooks
0486261573: Technique of Decorative Stained Glass
0486261603: Thoreau As Seen by His Contemporaries
0486261611: Hand Puppets : How to Make and Use Them
0486261638: Rosetta Stone
0486261646: Victorian Brick and Terra-Cotta Architecture in Full Color
0486261662: Symphonies Nos. 3 and 4 in Full Score
0486261670: Psychology of Transcendence
0486261689: Crochet Designs for the Home
0486261719: Big Book of Whittling and Woodcarving
0486261727: Aida in Full Score
0486261735: Theories of the World from Antiquity to the Copernican Revolution
0486261743: Built-Up Ship Model
0486261751: 415 Original Designs for Stained Glass
0486261778: Cooking with Herbs and Spices
0486261786: Discovering the Natural Laws
0486261794: Self-Working Coin Magic
0486261808: Italian Stories : Novelle Italiane
0486261824: Sonata in B Minor and Other Works for Piano
0486261832: Treasury of Patchwork Borders : 92 Foolproof Tricks
0486261840: Old Boston in Early Photograph, 1850-1918
0486261859: Paradoxes of Mister Pond
0486261867: Victor Herbert Album: 37 Songs and Piano Pieces, 1895-1913
0486261875: Authentic French Fashions of the Twenties
0486261883: Theodore Roosevelt and His Family
0486261948: Bobbin Lace Manual
0486261964: Steinlen Notebook
0486261972: Einstein Notebook
0486261980: 'O, Caruso Notebook
0486261999: Vegetation of New Jersey Pine Barrens
0486262006: Jean-Philippe Rameau
0486262014: Great Circus Street Parade
0486262022: Photography and the American Scene
0486262243: Fun With Dinosaur Sticker Paper Doll
0486262251: Little Easter Stickers (Dover Little Activity Books)
0486262278: Old-Fashioned Valentine Postcards : 24 Ready-to-Mail Cards from the Collection of Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village
0486262294: Six Old-Time Easter Postcards
0486262308: Old Time Easter Stickers
0486262316: Old Time Floral Stickers
0486262332: Six Floral Design Postcards
0486262359: Fun with Teddy Bear Sticker Paper Doll
0486262375: Thank You : Postcard Book
0486262383: Six Valentine Cards
0486262391: Little Tale of Benjamin Bunny Coloring Book
0486262421: Enjoyment of Mathematics
0486262448: Russian Stories : A Dual Language Book
0486262472: Ready-To-Use Humorous Illustrations of Children
0486262480: Painting Popular Bird Carvings
0486262529: Fun with Fruits Stencils
0486262537: Fun with Trains Stencils
0486262553: Floral Illustrations
0486262588: Illustrated Guide to Linear Programming
0486262596: Complete Chinese Ornament
0486262618: Big Book of Graphic Design and Devices
0486262626: Symphonies Nos. 4 and 7 in Full Score
0486262634: Spanish-Colonial Architecture in the United States
0486262650: Old-Fashioned All-Occasion Postcards : 24 Full-Colour Ready-to-Mail Cards
0486262669: Easy-To-Make Western Frontier Fort
0486262685: Ready-to-Use Whimsical Illustrations of Animals
0486262707: Redoute Rose Prints
0486262715: Easy-to-Make Plains Indians Teepee Village
0486262723: Little Animal Activity Book
0486262731: Best Works of Aubrey Beardsley
0486262766: Country Life Cut and Use Stencils
0486262774: Complete Violin Sonatas
0486262782: Floral Stained Glass Lamp-Shades
0486262804: Kate Greenaway Iron-on Transfers
0486262812: Ready-to-Use Money and Savings Illustrations
0486262820: Easy Animal Mazes
0486262839: Seashells Photo Postcards : 24 Full-Colour Ready-to-Mail Cards
0486262863: Charted Seashell Designs
0486262928: Classic Quilt Designs Giftwrap Paper: Four Different Designs on Four 18X24 Sheets with Four Matching Gift Cards
0486262936: Piano Works : Woodland Sketches, Complete Sonatas and Other Pieces
0486262960: Historic Airplanes Full-Colour Postcards : 24 Ready-to-Mail Paintings
0486262979: Ultimate Hidden Picture Puzzle Book
0486262987: Alchemy
0486262995: My First Crossword Puzzle Book
0486263002: 500 Small Houses of the Twenties
0486263010: Long Island Rail Road Photographs
0486263029: Old-Fashioned Floral Charted Designs
0486263037: Indian Tribes of North America Coloring Book
0486263045: Historic Houses of the Hudson Valley
0486263053: Ready-to-Use Old-Fashioned Music Illustrations
0486263061: Whales and Dolphins Coloring Book
0486263088: Journey of Coronado
0486263096: The Complete Masters of the Poster: All 256 Color Plates from Les Maitres De L'Affiche (Dover Pic
0486263118: Little Birds Stained Glass Coloring Book
0486263126: Little Farm Animals Stained Glass Coloring Book
0486263134: Little Flowers Stained Glass Coloring Book
0486263142: Little Tropical Fish Stained Glass
0486263150: History of American Automobile Coloring Book
0486263169: Make Your Own Marbleized Gift Boxes
0486263185: Songs of a Wayfarer and Kindertotenlieder in Full Score
0486263193: Ready-to-Use Contemporary Deco Borders
0486263207: Sears, Roebuck Home Builder's Catalog : The Complete Illustrated 1910 Edition, Sears Roebuck and Co.
0486263215: Traviata in Full Score
0486263223: Jewish Holidays and Traditions Coloring Book
0486263231: English Women's Clothing in the 19th Century
0486263258: Quilting with Anne Orr
0486263266: Circus Clown Punch-Out Masks
0486263274: Fun with Search-a-Word-Coloring Book
0486263290: George H. Bush and His Family Paper Dolls in Full Color
0486263304: Japanese Floral Patterns and Motifs
0486263312: John F. Kennedy and His Family Paper Dolls in Full Color
0486263320: Raphael Tuck Little Maids Paper Dolls in Full Color
0486263339: Immortal Gamea of Capablanca
0486263347: Ready-to-Use Contemporary Mortised Cuts
0486263355: Making Dollhouses and Dioramas
0486263363: Quilts to Wear
0486263398: Old Furniture : Understanding the Craftsman's Art
0486263401: Decorative Display Alphabets
0486263428: Petrushka and the Rite of Spring for Piano Four Hands or Two Hands
0486263436: Art of Rigging
0486263452: Madama Butterfly in Full Score
0486263479: Cleopatra's Needles and Other Egyptian Obelisks
0486263495: Principles of Pattern Design
0486263509: Piano Concertos Nos. 1, 2 and 3 in Full Score
0486263517: Vintage Spot Illustrations of Children : 795 Cuts From the Teens and Twenties
0486263533: Men's Fashion Illustrations from the Turn of the Century
0486263541: Songs, 1895-1914
0486263576: Menlo Park Reminiscences
0486263584: Old Queens N. Y. in Early Photos
0486263592: Big Book Favorite Crochet Patterns
0486263614: Make Your Own Old Fashioned Cloth Doll
0486263622: Trades and Occupations : A Pictorial Archive from Early Sources
0486263630: Keyboard Works
0486263649: Old Master Portrait Drawings
0486263657: Turn-of-the-Century Dolls, Toys and Games
0486263665: Heimskringla
0486263673: Tiffany Lamps Postcards : 24 Full-Colour Ready-to-Mail Postcards from the Neustadt Collection at the New York Historical Society
0486263681: Six Musical Cats Postcards
0486263703: Wall Quilts
0486263738: Magic, a Pictoral History
0486263746: Early Connecticut Houses
0486263754: Works of Mencius
0486263762: Fabulous Dollhouse of the Twenties
0486263770: Easter Fun Set
0486263835: St. Louis Blues and Other Song Hits of 1914
0486263843: Masterpieces of American Painting from Randolph-Macon Woman's College
0486263878: Landscape Drawing
0486263886: Little Awards Stickers
0486263894: Little Favorite Pets Stickers (Dover Little Activity Books)
0486263908: Little Halloween Stickers (Dover Little Activity Books)
0486263916: Little Happy Birthday Stickers
0486263924: Ready-to-Use Humorous Halloween Illustrations
0486263932: Big Book of Tracing Paper
0486263940: Little Book of Tracing Paper
0486263967: Fun with Irish Stencils
0486263975: Fun with Halloween Stencils (Dover Little Activity Books)
0486263983: Fun With Thanksgiving Stencils
0486263991: Fun With Valentine Stencils
0486264017: Wood Frame House Construction
0486264025: Mexican Mural Postcards by Rivera, Orozco and Siqueiros : 24 Full-Colour Ready-to-Mail Cards
0486264033: Little Zoo Animals
0486264041: What Is Mathematical Logic?
0486264068: Christmas Quilts
0486264092: Old Fashioned Santa Claus Postcards in Full Color : 24 Ready to Mail Cards
0486264106: Favorite Board Games You Can Make and Play
0486264114: Creation in Full Score
0486264122: Engineering in History
0486264130: My Dinosaur Address Book
0486264165: Souffle Cookbook
0486264173: Ready-to-Use Menu Illustrations
0486264181: Lively Advertising Cuts of the 20s and 30s : 1102 Illustrations
0486264211: Art and Craft of Handmade Paper
0486264246: Ready-to-Use Classical Music Illustrations
0486264254: Historic Designs and Patterns in Color from Arabic and Italian Sources
0486264262: Easy to Make Periscope
0486264270: Celtic Stencil Designs
0486264289: Hand or Simple Turning
0486264297: Teddy Bear All-Occasion Postcards : 24 Full-Colour Ready-to-Mail Cards
0486264300: Easy-to-Duplicate Tag and Garage Sale Announcements
0486264319: Hummingbirds
0486264327: Barnaby Bunny Paper Doll
0486264335: Effie Elephant Paper Doll
0486264351: Easy to Make Pinwheels
0486264378: Victorian Allover Patterns for Artists and Designers
0486264386: Portrait Drawings : Forty-Five Plates
0486264394: Redoute Roses Postcards in Full Color : 24 Ready-to-Mail Cards (Card Books)
0486264408: Arts of the Sailor : Knotting Splicing and Ropework
0486264416: Complete Sonatas and Variations for Cello and Piano
0486264432: French Stories/Contes Francais : A Dual Language Book
0486264475: Ready-to-Use Old-Fashioned Small Frames and Borders
0486264491: Quilt Gift Labels in Full Colour : 8 Pressure-Sensitive Designs
0486264505: Easy-to-Cut Mother Goose Silhouettes
0486264513: Redoute Roses Giftwrap Paper (Giftwrap--4 Sheets, 4 Designs)
0486264556: Little Search-a-Word Puzzle Book
0486264564: State Birds and Flowers Coloring Book
0486264572: Children and Their World : A Treasury of Vintage Cuts and Illustrations
0486264580: Ready-To-Use Humorous Attention-Getters
0486264599: William Morris Address Book
0486264637: Five Great Short Stories
0486264645: Heart of Darkness
0486264653: Red Badge of Courage
0486264661: Selected Poems
0486264688: Shropshire Lad
0486264696: Hedda Gabler
0486264718: Gunga Din and Other Favorite Poems
0486264726: Call of the Wild
0486264734: Bartleby the Scrivener and Benito Cereno
0486264742: Fifty-Five Famous Quilts from the Shelburne Museum in Full Color
0486264750: Guide to American Trade Catalogs, 1744-1900
0486264769: Arms And The Man
0486264777: Six Patriotic Posters Postcards
0486264785: Importance of Being Earnest
0486264793: Audubon Bird Stickers
0486264807: Easy-to-Duplicate Holiday and Seasonal Borders
0486264815: Chinese Brushwork in Calligraphy and Painting : Its History, Aesthetics and Techniques
0486264823: Gaslighting in America : A Pictorial Survey, 1815-1910
0486264831: Tone Poems in Full Score
0486264858: Ancient Egyptian Construction and Architecture
0486264866: Pawn Power in Chess
0486264874: History of Underwater Exploration
0486264882: Renoir : An Intimate Record
0486264904: Colonial Craftsman
0486264912: Nature Photo Postcards in Full Colour : 24 Ready-to-Mail Cards
0486264920: Sea Life Stained Glass Coloring Book
0486264947: Decorative Doorways Stained Glass Pattern Book : 151 Designs for Sidelights, Fanlights, Transoms, Etc
0486264963: Six Old-Time Valentine Postcards
0486264971: Little Cats Stained Glass Coloring Book
0486264998: Little Irish Stained Glass Coloring Book
0486265005: Little Seashore Stained Glass Coloring Book
0486265013: Works for Piano Four Hands and Two Pianos
0486265021: Flowers and Fruits Cut and Use Stencils
0486265048: Six Old-Time St. Patrick's Day Postcards
0486265056: Carving Water Birds : Patterns and Instructions for 12 Models
0486265064: American Victorian Cottage Homes
0486265072: Celtic Myths and Legends
0486265080: Little Goldilocks and the Three Bears Coloring Book
0486265102: Decorative Bird Prints
0486265129: The Roanoke Voyages, 1584-1590: Documents to Illustrate the English Voyages to
0486265137: The Roanoke Voyages, 1584-1590, Volume 2
0486265145: Patchwork Girl of Oz
0486265153: Pictures at an Exhibition and Other Works for Piano
0486265161: Design Your Own Model A Ford
0486265188: Ready-to-Use Celtic Borders on Layout Grids
0486265196: Amish Quilt Designs
0486265234: Christmas Card List
0486265250: Ancient Egyptian Myths and Legends
0486265269: Ready-to-Use Trades and Services Silhouettes
0486265277: Sports Science for Young People
0486265293: Illustrated Mission Furniture Catalog, 1912-13
0486265307: Excursions in Geometry
0486265315: Porch Lawn and Cottage Furniture
0486265323: Civil War Coloring Book
0486265331: American Victorian Costume in Early Photographs
0486265358: Floral Borders on Layout Grids
0486265366: Daisy the Dress-Up Teddy Bear Paper Doll in Full Color
0486265374: Navaho Weaving : Its Technic and History
0486265382: Elektra in Full Score
0486265390: Bride and Groom Fashion Paper Dolls
0486265404: Franklin D. Roosevelt and His Family
0486265412: Self-Working Rope Magic : 70 Foolproof Tricks
0486265420: Life in a Medieval Castle and Village Coloring Book
0486265439: Men, Women and Pianos : A Social History
0486265447: Wild Animals Iron-On Transfer Patterns
0486265463: Great Chamber Works
0486265498: Old Time Advertising Dolls
0486265501: Picture History of the Cunard Line, 1840-1990
0486265528: Seashells Iron-On Transfer Patterns
0486265536: Little Tale of Tom Kitten
0486265552: Mazurkas Poemes Impromptus and Other Pieces for Piano
0486265560: Architecture of McKim, Mead, and White in Photos, Plans, and Elevations
0486265587: John Sloan : New York Ethics
0486265595: Landscape Gardening in Japan
0486265617: Magic : Stage Illusions Special Effects and Trick Photography
0486265625: Music-Study in Germany
0486265633: New York State Folktales Legends and Ballads
0486265641: Mind and the World Order : Outline of a Theory of Knowledge
0486265668: Complete Serenades in Full Score Series II
0486265676: Principles and Practice of Ornamental or Complex Turning
0486265714: The Favorite Flowers Package
0486265803: Monograph of the Pheasants
0486265811: Dinosaur Fun Books
0486265838: Seven Rainy Day Activity Books: Mazes, Riddles, Word Puzzles, Follow the Dots (Dover Little Activity Books)
0486265862: Who Were the Pharaohs? : A History of Their Names
0486265870: Origami Sculptures
0486265889: Prehistoric Origami : Dinosaurs and Other Creatures
0486265900: Irish Stickers (Dover Little Activity Books)
0486265935: Korean Games : With Notes on the Corresponding Games of China and Japan
0486265943: Clown Cats Stickers
0486265951: Baroque and Rococo Pictorial Imagery : The 1758-60 Hertel Edition of Ripa's Iconologia
0486265978: Six Bunny Rabbit Valentine Postcards : Dover Little Activity Books
0486265994: Six Get Well Postcards : Dover Little Activity Books
0486266001: Six Summer Camp Postcards
0486266036: Baseball Stickers
0486266044: Little Jewish Stickers
0486266052: Decorative Ornaments and Alphabets of the Renaissance : 1,020 Copyright-Free Motifs from Printed Sources
0486266060: Fun with Birds Stencils
0486266079: Fun with Boats Stencils
0486266087: Fun with Easter Stencils
0486266095: Fun with Snowflakes Stencils
0486266109: Authentic Shirley Temple Paper Dolls and Dresses
0486266125: Teddy Bear's Stained Glass Colouring Book
0486266133: Cuddly Critters Stickers
0486266141: Fun with Panda Sticker
0486266168: Six Circus Poster Postcards
0486266176: Flower Shapes and Colours Sticker Book : 285 Pressure-Sensitive Stickers
0486266184: Six Old-Time Happy Birthday Postcards
0486266192: Six Old-Time Automobile Birthday Postcards
0486266206: Greek Astronomy
0486266214: Six Amish Quilt Postcards
0486266230: Tiffany Turtle Paper Doll
0486266249: My Little Sticker Album
0486266257: Cut and Assemble a Totem Pole in Full Color
0486266265: My Big Sticker Album
0486266303: Chinese Floral Giftwrap Paper (Giftwrap--4 Sheets, 4 Designs)
0486266338: Ravel : Man and Musician
0486266346: Tiffany Stained Glass Giftwrap Paper (Giftwrap--4 Sheets, 4 Designs)
0486266354: Dinosaurs Giftwrap Paper: Four Different Designs on Four 18X24 Sheets with Four Matching Gift Cards
0486266362: Flowers, Butterflies and Insects : All One Hundred Fifty-Four Engravings
0486266397: Mathographics
0486266400: Animal Riddles
0486266427: Children's Bookplates
0486266443: Ready-to-Use Signboard Mortised Cuts
0486266451: Gossamer Odyssey : The Triumph of Human-Powered Flight
0486266524: Ready-to-Use Gourmet Food Illustrations
0486266532: Carousel Animals Iron-On Transfer Patterns
0486266540: Easy to Make Firehouse
0486266559: Japanese Floral Stencil Designs
0486266567: Ready-to-Use Humorous Four Seasons Illustrations
0486266575: Currier and Ives Prints
0486266583: 3800 Early Advertising Cuts
0486266591: Understanding Einstein's Theories of Relativity : Man's New Perspective on the Cosmos
0486266605: Stickers-Old-Time Cats
0486266613: Old Time Patriotic Stickers
0486266648: Fun with Origami : 17 Easy-to-Do Projects and 24 Sheets of Origami Paper
0486266656: Victorian Floral Iron-On Transfer Patterns
0486266664: Little Animal Follow-the-Dots Coloring Book
0486266680: Easy-to-Duplicate Floral Borders : 54 Copyright-Free Designs
0486266699: Norwegian Dances and Other Works for Piano
0486266702: Calculator Puzzles, Tricks and Games
0486266710: Ready-to-Use Illustrations of Toys, Dolls and Games
0486266729: Easy Search-A-Word Puzzles
0486266737: Prehistoric Mammals Coloring Book
0486266745: Geometrix : One Hundred and Sixty-One Patterns and Motifs for Artists and Designers
0486266753: Symphonies Nos. 22-34 in Full Score
0486266761: 1912 and 1915 Gustav Stickley Craftsman Furniture Catalogs
0486266788: Harry S. Truman and His Family: Paper Dolls in Full Color
0486266818: Miscellaneous Keyboard Works : Toccatas, Fugues and Other Pieces
0486266826: Cherry Orchard
0486266834: Engraving Glass : A Beginner's Guide
0486266842: Turn of the Screw
0486266850: Raven and Other Favorite Poems
0486266869: Complete Sonnets
0486266877: School for Scandal
0486266885: Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
0486266893: Candide
0486266907: Ethan Frome
0486266915: Complete Organ Symphonies
0486266923: Complete Organ Symphonies
0486266958: Great Contemporary Pianists Speak for Themselves
0486266966: Traditional Floral Charted Designs for Borders and Bands
0486266982: Animal Alphabet Coloring Book
0486266990: Ready-to-Use Fitness and Exercise Illustrations
0486267008: Butterfly Stickers Full Color
0486267016: Story of Sir Lancelot and His Companions
0486267024: Left-Handed Calligraphy
0486267032: Ancient Egyptian Art Postcards in Full Color
0486267040: Bird Stencil Designs
0486267059: Life in Ancient Mexico Coloring Book
0486267067: Emanuel Lasker: The Life of a Chess Master
0486267075: Animal Mazes
0486267091: Sears, Roebuck Catalog of Houses 1926
0486267113: Introduction to French Poetry
0486267121: Introduction to Spanish Poetry
0486267148: Complete Piano Trios and Quartets and Piano Quintet
0486267156: Introduction to Italian Poetry
0486267164: Rustic and Rough-Hewn Alphabets
0486267172: Stenciled Quilts : Techniques, Patterns and Projects
0486267180: Celtic Designs and Motifs
0486267199: Blake : Prophet Against Empire
0486267202: Ready-to-Use Mirror-Image Ornaments and Decorations
0486267229: Robert Henri : His Life and Art
0486267237: Drawing the Living Figure
0486267245: Hieroglyphic Vocabulary to the Book of the Dead
0486267253: Ready-to-Use Jewish Motifs and Illustrations
0486267261: Carving Ornamental Miniature Flying Birds
0486267288: Annie Oakley and Buffalo Bill Paper Dolls in Full Color
0486267296: Favorite Wildflowers Coloring Book
0486267318: Your Move : Logic, Math and Word Puzzles for Enthusiasts
0486267326: Nature Designs Stained Glass Pattern Book
0486267334: Ready-to-Use Art Deco Letters
0486267342: French Fashion Plates of the Romantic Era in Full Color
0486267369: Color Design in Patchwork : With Plastic Templates for 10 Pairs of Blocks
0486267377: Landscape Gardening and Rural Architecture
0486267385: Jordan Marsh Illustrated Catalog of 1891 : An Unabridged Reprint
0486267393: Madrigals Book VIII Madrigali Guerrieri
0486267407: Cut and Assemble Columbus' Santa Maria in Full Color
0486267423: Mexican Kickapoo Indians
0486267431: Forza del Destino in Full Score
0486267466: Common Law
0486267474: Piano Concerto No. 26 in D Major (Coronation), K.537 : The Autograph Score
0486267482: Story of Baseball Coloring Book
0486267490: American Art Songs of the Turn of the Century
0486267504: Creative Photography : Aesthetic Trends 1839-1960
0486267512: Historic Homes of American Presidents
0486267539: Modern Cruise Ships, 1965-1990 : A Photographic Record
0486267547: Empire Stylebook of Interior Design
0486267555: Popular Irish Songs
0486267563: Mecca, 1911 Double-Folder Baseball Cards : The Complete Set of 50 in Full Color
0486267571: Villa and Cottage Architecture : The Style Book of the Hudson River School
0486267598: Ghost-Dance Religion and Wounded Knee
0486267601: Record of Buddhistic Kingdoms
0486267636: Avant-Garde British Printmaking, 1914-1960
0486267652: Origami Sea Life
0486267768: Magic of Watercolor
0486267857: Chinese Painting : The Complete Self Tutor
0486267865: Cat Stickers (Dover Little Activity Books)
0486267881: Magic of Numbers
0486267911: Funny Dinosaur Stickers
0486267938: Tale of Peter Rabbit Coloring Book
0486267946: Tale of Peter Rabbit Coloring Book
0486267954: Six Chanukah Postcards
0486268012: Birds Punch-Out Stencils
0486268020: Woodworker's Book of Wooden Toys
0486268039: Easy-to-Make Haunted House
0486268047: Trademark Designs of the `20s
0486268063: Fun with Airplanes Stencils
0486268071: Fun with Fish Stencils (Dover Little Activity Books)
0486268098: Fun with the Sun, Stars and Moon Stencils
0486268128: Little French ABC Coloring Book
0486268136: Bird Stickers
0486268152: Ready-to-Use Humorous Food Shopping Illustrations
0486268160: Christmas Marbleized Giftwrap Paper
0486268179: Seashore Life Between the Tides
0486268187: Six Old-Time Cats Postcards
0486268209: William Morris Giftwrap Paper
0486268217: North American Indian Stickers
0486268241: Six Van Gogh Postcards
0486268284: Organ Works
0486268292: Origami Paper
0486268322: Sparky Spaniel Paper Doll (Dover Little Activity Books)
0486268349: Victorian Sourcebook of Medieval Decoration
0486268357: Turtle
0486268365: Strange Creatures of the Sea Coloring Book
0486268373: Creating with Paper : Basic Forms and Variations
0486268403: Ready-to-Use Marbelized Notepaper : 12 Full-Colour Sheets in Self-Mailing Format
0486268411: One Hundred Great Antique Automobiles in Full-Color Prints
0486268446: First Voyage to America : From the Log of the Santa Maria
0486268454: 2286 Traditional Stencil Designs
0486268470: French Folk Costumes Paper Dolls in Full Colour : Paper Dolls in Full Color
0486268489: Animal Word Puzzles Coloring Book
0486268497: Currier & Ives Cards in Full Color : 24 Ready-to-Mail Cards (Card Books)
0486268500: Silly Jokes Coloring Book
0486268519: Shapes, Space, and Symmetry
0486268527: Decorative Antique Automobile Prints
0486268535: Ready-to-Use Bold Headline Alphabets : Eight Decorative Faces in Three Sizes
0486268543: Yankee Whaler
0486268551: Outdoor Science Projects for Young People
0486268578: 200 Open Games
0486268586: Trademark Designs of the `20s
0486268608: Patchwork Stickers : 24 Pressure-Sensitive Designs
0486268616: Preludes and Fugues for Piano
0486268624: Autobiography of a Kiowa Apache Indian
0486268632: Poems and Songs
0486268640: Quick-&-Easy Teddy Bear : With Full-Size Patterns for Clothing
0486268659: Christmas Carol
0486268667: A Boy's Will and North of Boston (Dover Thrift Editions)
0486268675: She Stoops to Conquer
0486268683: Carving Decorative Miniature Flying Ducks : With Patterns and Instructions for 16 Projects
0486268691: Decorative Flower and Leaf Designs
0486268705: Dubliners
0486268713: Lyric Poems
0486268721: Great Speeches
0486268748: Double Wedding Ring Quilts
0486268756: Gold Bug and Other Tales
0486268764: Julius Caesar
0486268772: Oedipus Rex
0486268780: Selected Poems
0486268802: Ready-to-Use Old-Fashioned Nautical Illustrations
0486268829: Variations, Rondos and Other Works for Piano
0486268837: North American Indian Designs Iron-On Transfer Patterns
0486268853: Woodwind Instruments and Their History
0486268861: English Floral Punch-Out Gift Boxes
0486268888: Symphonies Nos. 5 and 6 in Full Score
0486268896: Carousel Animals Cut and Use Stencils : 44 Full-Size Stencils Printed on Durable Stencil Paper
0486268926: Make Your Own Paisley Gift Boxes : Six Full Color Ready to Cut Oval Designs
0486268942: Missa Solemnis in Full Score
0486268969: Geography
0486268977: Great Fashion Designs of the Sixties Paper Dolls in Full Color : 32 Haute Couture Costumes by Courreges, Balmain, Saint-Laurent and Others
0486268985: Great Spanish Plays : 16th-20th Century
0486268993: Cut and Assemble the Paul Revere House : An H-O Scale Model in Full Colour
0486269000: Popular Dogs Stickers and Seals
0486269019: Matisse Portrait Postcards in Full Color: 24 Ready-To-Mail Cards
0486269035: Treatise on Instrumentation
0486269043: Quick-And-Easy Floral Charted Designs
0486269051: Chinese Floral Place Cards and Matching Napkin Holders in Full Color : 12 Ready
0486269078: Houses, Cottages and Cabins Patchwork Quilts : With Full-Size Patterns
0486269086: Butterfly Iron-On Transfer Patterns
0486269094: Ready-to-Use Snowflake Designs
0486269108: Cut and Assemble the Old Sturbridge Village Meetinghouse
0486269124: Star Quilt Designs
0486269140: Lewis and Clark and the Image of the American Northwest
0486269159: Lavengro
0486269167: Using the Microscope : A Guide for Naturalists
0486269175: Bone Hunters
0486269183: Everyday Fashions of the 40s as Pictured in Sears Catalogs
0486269191: Cut and Make African Masks in Full Color
0486269205: Ballet Stars of the Romantic Period Paper Dolls in Full Color
0486269213: Early Explorations of the New World
0486269221: Lewis Carroll's Games and Puzzles
0486269264: Early L. and J. G. Stickley Furniture : From Onondaga Shops to Handcraft
0486269272: Yankee Science in the Making
0486269280: 162 Traditional and Contemporary Designs for Stained Glass Projects
0486269299: Adventures of Peter Cottontail
0486269302: Adventures of Reddy Fox
0486269310: Charles Jordan's Best Card Tricks
0486269329: Victorian Wooden Molding and Frame Designs : The 1887 Morell Catalog
0486269337: Great Flower Prints Postcards in Full Color : 24 Ready-to-Mail Cards (Card Books)
0486269345: Ready-to-Use Illustrations of Senior Citizens
0486269353: California Sketches
0486269361: Changing New York : The Architectural Scene
0486269388: My Art, My Life : An Autobiography (with Gladys March)
0486269396: Making a Stenciled ABC Quilt : With Full-Size Patterns
0486269418: Fairy and Folk Tales of the Irish Peasantry
0486269426: Five Great Poets : Poems by Shakespeare, Keats, Poe, Dickinson and Whitman
0486269434: Easy to Make Lighthouse
0486269442: Algonquin Legends
0486269450: Perplexing Mazes
0486269469: Aia Architectural Guide to Nassau and Suffolk Counties, Long Island
0486269477: Old Master Landscape Drawings : 45 Works
0486269485: American Family of 1900-1920 Paper Dolls in Full Color
0486269507: Tutankhamen : Amenism, Atenism and Egyptian Monotheism
0486269515: America's First Ladies Coloring Book
0486269523: 400 Traditional Tile Designs in Full Color
0486269531: Essential Swedish Grammar
0486269558: Illustrator and the Book in England from 1790 to 1914
0486269566: Forty Two Favorite Crochet Motifs
0486269574: Plants and Flowers, 1786 Illustrations for Artists and Designers
0486269590: 117 House Designs of the Twenties
0486269604: Science of Soap Films and Soap Bubbles
0486269612: Rocket Book
0486269620: Irish Chain Quilts : Single, Double and Triple
0486269639: Elegant Display Alphabets
0486269655: Rigoletto in Full Score
0486269663: Posters of Jules Cheret: 46 Full-Color Plates & and Illustrated Catalogue Risonne
0486269744: Works for Piano Four Hands and Two Pianos
0486269752: Works for Piano Four Hands and Two Pianos
0486269779: African Animals in Origami
0486269787: WHALES AND DOLPHINS STICKERS (24 full-color designs) (b) ( = 5)
0486269795: Zoo Animals Stickers (Dover Little Activity Books) - Paperback
0486269817: Cut and Fold Space Stunt Fliers : 16 Full-Color Models
0486269825: Wild Animals Stained Glass Coloring Book
0486269833: Heidi the Carousel Horse Paper Doll
0486269868: My Father, Frank Lloyd Wright
0486269884: Funny Monster Stickers
0486269892: Hockey Stickers
0486269906: Country Duckling Sticker Paper Doll
0486269922: Monkey
0486269949: Little Lisa Sticker
0486269957: Little Irish Girl Paper Doll
0486269973: Fish Stickers
0486269981: Six Kachina Doll Postcards
0486270033: Making Authentic Shaker Furniture
0486270041: Little Indian Girl Paper Doll (Dover Little Activity Books)
0486270068: Art of the Fugue and a Musical Offering
0486270106: Little Butterflies Stained Glass Coloring Book
0486270114: Sailing Ships Stained Glass Coloring Book
0486270122: Whales Stained Glass Coloring Book
0486270130: Wild Cats Stained Glass Coloring Book
0486270165: Marine Animals Stained Glass Pattern Book
0486270173: Fun With Cats Stencils
0486270181: Little Hebrew Alphabet Coloring Book
0486270211: Fun with Easy Shapes Stencils
0486270238: Fun with Musical Instruments Stencils
0486270246: Cut and Assemble Lindbergh's Spirit of St. Louis
0486270254: Audubon Birds Giftwrap Paper (Giftwrap--4 Sheets, 4 Designs)
0486270262: Little Red Riding Hood Coloring Book
0486270270: Old-Fashioned Sticker Album : 8 Blank Laminated Pages
0486270289: Ready-to-Use Silhouettes of Children
0486270297: 70 Scottish Songs
0486270300: Navajo Design Giftwrap Paper (Giftwrap--4 Sheets, 4 Designs)
0486270319: Mother Goose Stickers and Seals
0486270327: Small Floral Iron-On Transfer Patterns
0486270335: Ready-to-Use Illustrations of Water Sports
0486270351: Illuminated Floral Border Postcards : 24 Full-Color Cards (Card Books)
0486270386: One Thousand-One Questions Answered about Trees
0486270394: Ornamental Designs
0486270408: Woodpeckers of Eastern North America
0486270416: Ready-to-Use Celtic Borders on Layout Grids
0486270424: Wildflowers Cut and Use Stencils
0486270432: Easy to Make Windmill
0486270440: Victorian Parlour Poetry : An Annotated Anthology
0486270459: Myths and Legends of Japan
0486270467: Scottish Tartans in Full Color
0486270483: Equilateral Triangle Patchwork : Complete Instructions for 11 Quilts
0486270491: Pirate Treasure Mazes
0486270505: Symphonies Nos. 1, 2 and 3 in Full Score
0486270513: Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience
0486270521: Sonnets from the Portuguese
0486270548: Egyptian Address Book
0486270556: Six Great Sherlock Holmes Stories
0486270564: Nursery Rhymes Coloring Book
0486270572: Overcoat and Other Short Stories
0486270580: Old-Fashioned Address Book
0486270599: Latin Selections (Florilegium Latinum) : A Dual-Language Book
0486270602: Young Goodman Brown and Other Short Stories
0486270610: Gift of the Magi
0486270629: Doll's House
0486270637: Five Great Short Stories
0486270645: Necklace and Other Short Stories
0486270653: Misanthrope
0486270661: Trial and Death of Socrates : Four Dialogues
0486270688: Thomas Jefferson and His Family Paper Dolls in Full Color
0486270696: Mysterious Stranger
0486270718: Invisible Man
0486270726: Ballad of Reading Gaol and Other Poems
0486270734: Favorite Poems
0486270742: Historic Textile Patterns in Full Color
0486270777: Nature of Solids
0486270785: Moscow Puzzles
0486270815: Ugly Duckling and Other Fairy Tales
0486270823: Easy-to-Duplicate Fax Forms
0486270831: Picture Folk-Tales
0486270866: Six Masses in Full Score
0486270874: Dog of Flanders
0486270882: Blackfoot Indian Portraits
0486270890: Favorite Poems of Childhood
0486270904: Uncle Sam's Little Helpers Paper Dolls in Full Color
0486270912: Happy Prince and Other Fairy Tales
0486270920: Flowers of Evil and Other Works
0486270939: Ready-to-Use Old-Fashioned Illustrations of Books, Reading and Writing
0486270947: Carving Tropical Fish : With Patterns and Instructions for 16 Projects
0486270955: Astronomical Revolution: Copernicus-Kepler-Borelli
0486270963: Number Words and Number Symbols : A Cultural History of Numbers
0486270971: Tantalizing Mazes
0486270998: Historic Sailing Ships Postcards
0486271005: My First Book of Embroidery : With 44 Iron-on Transfer Patterns
0486271013: Images Jeux and the Martyrdom of St. Sebastian (Suite) in Full Score
0486271048: One Hundred-Seven Great Chess Battles, 1938-1945
0486271056: Letters of Sigmund Freud
0486271064: Quick-&-Easy Quilt Patchwork with 14 Projects
0486271072: American Indian Portrait Cards : 24 Lithographs from McKenney and Hall's Indian Tribes (Card Books)
0486271080: Idomeneo in Full Score
0486271099: Sculpture in Wood
0486271102: Dinosaur Mazes
0486271137: Lucia di Lammermoor in Full Score
0486271153: Cut and Make Old-Time Circus Paper Toys
0486271161: North American Indian Girl and Boy Paper Dolls in Full Color
0486271188: Walter Gropius
0486271196: Concepts of Space : The History of Theories of Space in Physics
0486271226: Lessons in Bobbin Lacemaking
0486271234: Exploration of North America Coloring Book
0486271242: History of Underclothes
0486271250: CUT AND ASSEMBLE COLONIAL HOUSES IN FULL COLOR Five Historic Buildings in H-O Scale
0486271269: Treasury of Ironwork Designs : 469 Examples from Historical Sources
0486271285: Women's and Children's Fashions of 1917 : The Complete Perry, Dame and Co. Catalog
0486271307: Little Mermaid Coloring Book
0486271315: Batik and Tie Dye Techniques
0486271323: 50 Secrets of Magic Craftmanship
0486271331: Frank Lloyd Wright's Hollyhock House
0486271366: Complete Concertos for Two or More Harpsichords in Full Score
0486271374: Gauguin's Letters from the South Seas
0486271390: Masterpieces of Painting
0486271404: Redoute Rose Stickers : 16 Pressure-Sensitive Designs
0486271412: Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy Paper Dolls in Full Color
0486271420: Double Wedding Ring Patchwork : With Plastic Templates
0486271447: Christmas Marbleized Boxed
0486271455: Etudes, Children's Corner, Images and Other Works for Piano
0486271463: Old-Time Christmas Stickers
0486271471: Jewish Music : Its Historical Development
0486271498: Life and Works of Augustus Saint Gaudens
0486271501: Merry Christmas Stickers (Dover Little Activity Books)
0486271528: Ready-to-Use Humorous Christmas Illustrations
0486271544: Chanukah Sticker Book
0486271552: Requiem in Full Score
0486271560: Techniques for Marbleizing Paper
0486271579: Color-Your-Own Christmas Postcards
0486271595: Color Your Own Chanukah Postcards
0486271625: Where to Go and What to Do on Long Island
0486271633: Tall Ships of Today in Photographs
0486271668: Shorter Piano Works
0486271676: Historic Houses of New England Coloring Book
0486271692: Solotype Catalog of Typefaces
0486271781: 47 Great Short Stories: Stories by Poe, Chekhov, Maupassant, Gogol, O.Henry and Twain
0486271927: Irish Fun Set
0486271994: Banner Year
0486272028: Women and Their Quilts : A Washington State Centennial Tribute
0486272036: Angelsong
0486272044: Dog Stickers (Dover Little Activity Books)
0486272087: Robbie Raccoon Paper Doll
0486272095: Georgie Giraffe Paper Doll
0486272109: Gustav Stickley, the Craftsman
0486272117: Authentic Turkish Designs
0486272125: Calligraphy
0486272141: Fun with Hearts Stencils
0486272168: Fun With Trucks Stencils
0486272176: Fun with Animal Stencils
0486272184: Art Nouveau Animal Designs and Patterns : 60 Plates in Full Color
0486272214: Counting-Out Rhymes Coloring Book
0486272222: Little Baby Animals Stained Glass Coloring Book
0486272230: Little Exotic Birds Stained Glass Coloring Book
0486272249: Little Horses Stained Glass Coloring Book
0486272257: Little Wildflowers Stained Glass Coloring Book
0486272273: Making Authentic Pennsylvania Dutch Furniture : With Measured Drawings of Museum Classics
0486272281: Easy-to-Make Pueblo Village
0486272303: Christmas Oratorio in Full Score
0486272311: Whimsical Animals Giftwrap Paper (Giftwrap--4 Sheets, 4 Designs)
0486272338: Springtime Marbleized Giftwrap Paper (Giftwrap--4 Sheets, 4 Designs)
0486272346: Illuminated Blake : William Blake's Complete Illuminated Works with a Plate-by-Plate Commentary
0486272354: Egyptian Design Giftwrap Paper (Giftwrap--4 Sheets, 4 Designs)
0486272370: Easy-to-Make Train
0486272389: Celtic Cut & Use Stencils
0486272397: Development of Mathematics
0486272400: Scary Masks : 6 Punch-Out Designs
0486272419: Complete Violin Sonatas and Trio Sonatas
0486272443: Twelve Quilt Bookmarks (Small-Format Bookmarks)
0486272451: Twelve Floral Bookmarks
0486272478: French Alphabet Coloring Book
0486272486: Clown Faces Stickers
0486272494: Spanish Alphabet Coloring Book
0486272508: Tropical Flowers Iron-On Transfer Patterns
0486272516: Ready-To-Use Humorous Cuts With Message Balloons
0486272524: Frog Sticker Paper Doll
0486272532: Cut and Make Kachina Dolls
0486272540: Frank Lloyd Wright : The Complete, 1925 Wendingen Series
0486272559: Funny Messages Stickers
0486272567: Soccer Sticker Book
0486272575: Jewish Activity Book
0486272583: Illustrated Guide to Trees and Shrubs : A Handbook of the Woody Plants of the Northeastern United States and Adjacent Canada
0486272613: Alphabet Hidden Picture Coloring Book
0486272621: Complete Sonatas, Invitation to the Dance and Other Piano Works
0486272648: Beowulf
0486272656: The Art of Botanical Illustration: An Illustrated History
0486272664: Rime of the Ancient Mariner
0486272672: Decorative Birds Stained Glass Pattern Book
0486272680: Mikado
0486272699: Grafton Old-Time Vignettes
0486272702: Great Ghost Stories
0486272710: Luck of Roaring Camp and Other Short Stories
0486272729: Congo and Other Poems
0486272737: Favorite Poems
0486272745: Prince
0486272753: Spoon River Anthology
0486272761: Women's Fashions of the Early 1900s : An Unabridged Republication of New York Fashions, 1909
0486272788: Hamlet
0486272796: Anatomy : A Complete Guide for Artists
0486272818: Miss Julie
0486272826: Selected Poems
0486272834: Roaring Twenties Paper Dolls
0486272842: Great Love Poems
0486272850: Country Stickers
0486272869: Shipwrecks and Sunken Treasures Coloring Book
0486272885: Decorative Butterflies Stickers : 29 Pressure-Sensitive Designs
0486272893: Greek Mathematical Thought and the Origin of Algebra
0486272915: Little Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher Coloring Book
0486272923: Plaid Gift Boxes: Six Full-Color Punch-Out Designs
0486272931: Early Nineteenth-Century Crafts and Trades
0486272958: Large Origami Paper
0486272966: Tracing Paper for Artists & Craftspeople
0486272974: How the Leopard Got His Spots and Other Just So Stories
0486272982: Easy Origami
0486272990: Complete Sonatas and Variations for Violin and Piano
0486273008: Japanese Fairy Tales
0486273016: Child's Garden of Verses Vol. 2 : A Collection of Scriptures, Prayers and Poems
0486273024: Most Instructive Games of Chess Ever Played
0486273040: American West in the 19th Century : 255 Illustrations from Harper Weekly and Other Contemporary Sources
0486273059: Carving Birds of Prey : With Patterns and Instructions for 12 Projects
0486273067: Victorian Gift Labels : 22 Pressure-Sensitive Deigns
0486273091: Flower ABC
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