0486625206: Differential and Integral Calculus
0486625621: Introduction to chemical physics,
0486625702: Selected Papers on Coherence and Fluctuations of Light, Two Volumes
0486626245: Academician V. I. Smirnov's Linear Algebra and Group Theory.
0486626253: Extraction of signals from noise
0486626261: Vector and Tensor Analysis
0486626679: Vector Spaces and Matrices
0486626695: Traveling Wave Antennas
0486627128: The physics of high pressure,
0486627136: Solved Problems in Analysis As Applied to Gama
0486627144: A New Table of Indefinite Integrals Computer Processed
0486627233: GREAT CURRENTS OF MATHEMATICAL THOUGHT Mathematics: Concepts and Development
0486627241: Great currents of mathematical thought
0486630692: Calculus of Variations
0486631664: The Variational Theory of Geodesics.
0486631850: Biology of the Laboratory Mouse
0486632288: Methods of Quantum Field Theory in Statistical Physics
0486632776: Understanding Thermodynamics
0486632814: Combinational Group Theory : Presentations of Groups in Terms of Generators and Relations
0486632822: Introduction to the Theory of Relativity
0486632830: Inequalities for Stochastic Processes: How to Gamble If You Must
0486633179: Fourier Series
0486633314: Introduction to Harmonic Analysis
0486633438: Classics in Coordination Chemistry Part 2 : Selected Papers (1798-1899)
0486634019: Absolute Differential Calculus : Calculus of Tensors
0486634159: Fundamental Concepts of Geometry
0486634337: Differential Geometry
0486634558: Introduction to Differentiable Manifolds
0486634620: Foundations of Mathematical Logic
0486634965: Classics in Coordination Chemistry : Twentieth-Century Papers (1904-1935)
0486635198: Integral, Measure and Derivative : A Unified Approach
0486635430: Concept of Limits
0486635449: Probability Theory : A Concise Course
0486635457: Introduction to Linear Algebra and Tensors
0486636127: Tensor Calculus
0486636348: Matrices and Transformations
0486636356: Mathematics for the Physical Sciences
0486636488: Analytic Functions
0486636771: Concepts of Probability Theory
0486636984: Circles a Mathematical View
0486636992: Elementary Mechanics of Fluids
0486637026: Historical Studies In The Language Of Chemistry
0486637174: Problems in Probability Theory, Mathematical Statistics and Theory of Random Functions
0486637301: Worked Problems in Applied Mathematics
0486637387: HILL'S EQUATION Corrected Republication of the 1966 Edition
0486637603: Principles of Statistics
0486637735: Variational Principles in Dynamics and Quantum Theory
0486637786: Perspectives in Quantum Theory
0486638286: Ordinary and Differential Equations and Stability Theory : An Introduction
0486638294: Set Theory and Logic
0486638308: Geometry of Complex Numbers
0486638316: Theory of Games and Statistical Decisions
0486638324: Lie Algebras
0486638332: Vector and Tensor Analysis with Applications
0486638340: Electromagnetic Fields and Waves
0486638960: Principles of Statistical Mechanics
0486639258: Optimal Control Theory
0486639266: Complex Variables and the Laplace Transform for Engineers
0486639460: Elementary Matrix Theory
0486639479: Classical Electromagnetic Field
0486639487: Solid State Theory
0486639584: Growth and Regulation of Animal Populations
0486639622: Modern View of Geometry
0486640256: Conformal Mapping on Riemann Surfaces
0486640388: Electrodynamics and Classical Theory of Fields and Particles
0486640396: Tensor Analysis on Manifolds
0486640620: Foundations of Modern Analysis
0486640698: Introduction to the Approximation of Functions.
0486640701: Theory of Spinors
0486642151: Relativity for Scientists and Engineers
0486642216: Asymptotic Methods in Analysis
0486642283: Light Scattering by Small Particles
0486642321: Modern Nonlinear Equations
0486642356: Development of Modern Chemistry
0486642402: Studies in the Theory Random Processes
0486642909: Electromagnetic Fields and Interactions
0486643131: Treatise on Irreversible and Statistical Thermophysics
0486645533: Elements of Queueing Theory : With Applications
0486645584: Quantum Theory of Radiation
0486645614: Introduction to Elementary Mathematical Logic
0486645754: Lightning
0486646246: Elements of Chemistry
0486646475: Rotary-Wing Aerodynamics
0486646521: Wind Waves
0486646661: Statistical Analysis of Experimental Data
0486646769: Mathematical Analysis of Physical Problems
0486646831: Ordinary Differential Equations
0486646858: Statistical Adjustment of Data
0486646866: Introductory Complex Analysis
0486646874: Introduction to Celestial Mechanics
0486646904: Source Book in Mathematics
0486647250: Elements of Abstract Algebra
0486647412: Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics
0486647471: Introduction to Analysis and Integration Theory
0486647625: Complex Analysis with Applications
0486647811: Theory of Functions of a Real Variable
0486647854: Mechanical Vibrations
0486648281: Integral Equations
0486648303: Unbounded Linear Operations : Theory and Applications
0486648397: Tables for Microscopic Identification of Ore Minerals
0486648508: Vertebrate History : Problems in Evolution
0486648567: Calculus of Variations with Applications
0486648702: The Special Theory of Relativity
0486648710: Introduction to Quantum Mechanics with Applications to Chemistry
0486648990: Aerodynamics of Wings and Bodies
0486649172: Ultrasonic Absorption : An Introduction to the Theory of Sound Absorption and Dispersion in Gases, Liquids and Solids
0486649261: Physics of Waves
0486649407: Ordinary Differential Equations
0486649482: Theory of Matrix Structural Analysis
0486649555: A History of Vector Analysis
0486649881: General Theory of Functions and Integration
0486649970: Magnetism and Metallurgy of Soft Magnetic Materials
0486649989: Survey of Minimal Surfaces
0486650154: Perfect Lattices in Equilibrium
0486650162: Theoretical Solid State Physics
0486650243: Elementary Differential Equations
0486650383: Introduction to Analysis
0486650677: Variational Principles of Mechanics
0486650774: Introduction to Matrices, Sets and Groups for Science Students
0486650820: Asymptotic Expansions of Integrals
0486650847: Introduction to Difference Equations
0486650928: Four-Color Problem : Assaults and Conquests
0486650960: Ceaseless Wind
0486651061: Electron Paramagnetic Resonance of Transition Ions
0486651134: Introduction to Space Dynamics
0486651266: Animal Parasites : Their Life Cycles and Ecology
0486651916: Introduction to Linear Algebra and Differential Equations
0486652149: Functions of Mathematical Physics
0486652181: Elementary Decision Theory
0486652270: Theoretical Physics
0486652327: Statistical Method from the Viewpoint of Quality Control
0486652416: Numerical Methods for Scientists and Engineers
0486652424: Introduction to Statistical Thermodynamics
0486652475: Mathematical Techniques for Biology and Medicine
0486652513: Introduction to Partial Differential Equations with Applications
0486652521: Probability : An Introduction
0486652580: Ellipsoidal Figures of Equilibrium
0486653552: Fifty Challenging Problems in Probability With Solutions
0486653625: Semiconductor Statistics
0486653633: Introduction to Numerical Analysis
0486653714: Origins of the Infinitesimal Calculus
0486653757: Generalized Integral Transformations
0486653773: Group Theory
0486653838: Relativity, Thermodynamics and Cosmology
0486653854: Elements of Real Analysis
0486653897: Interpretation of Geological Phase Diagrams
0486653900: Statistical Mechanics : Principles and Selected Applications
0486653919: Mathematical Economics
0486654079: Advanced Strength of Materials
0486654273: Formal Structure of Electromagnetics : General Covariance and Electromagnetics
0486654567: Asymptotic Expansions for Ordinary Differential Equations
0486654605: Catalysis in Chemistry and Enzymology
0486654656: Incompressible Aerodynamics : An Account of the Theory and Observation of the Steady Flow of Incompressible Fluid Past Aerofoils, Wings and Other Bodies
0486654796: Distribution Theory and Transform Analysis : An Introduction to Generalized Functions, with Applications
0486654826: The Modern Theory of Solids
0486654915: Linear Programming and Economic Analysis
0486654931: Principles of Electrodynamics
0486654990: Introduction to the Calculus of Variations
0486655083: Theory of Oscillators
0486655199: Special Relativity for Physicists
0486655334: Optical Resonance and Two-Level Atoms
0486655369: Challenging Mathematical Problems with Elementary Solutions
0486655377: Challenging Mathematical Problems with Elementary Solutions
0486655822: Tensor Analysis for Physicists
0486656098: Lectures on Classical Differential Geometry
0486656209: Number Theory and Its History
0486656225: General Chemistry
0486656322: History of Mechanics
0486656330: Topology
0486656462: Laminar Boundary Layers : An Account of the Development, Structure and Stability of Laminar Boundary Layers in Incompressible Fluids, Together with a Description of the Associated Experimental Techniques
0486656497: Mathematical Methods in Physics and Engineering
0486656608: Electromagnetic Field
0486656756: Dynamics of Fluids in Porous Media
0486656764: Topology
0486656780: Theory of Electromagnetic Wave Propagation
0486656853: Constructions and Combinatorial Problems in Design of Experiments
0486656926: Survey of Numerical Mathematics
0486656950: Introduction to Linear Algebra
0486657035: Mathematical Methods of Operations Research
0486657124: Analytical Mechanics of Gears
0486657434: Special Relativity
0486657728: Linear Algebra
0486657795: Geometry and Symmetry
0486658066: Collection of Problems in Math
0486658082: Topological Uniform Structures
0486658120: Geometry
0486658406: Tensors Differential Forms
0486658465: Qualitative Theory of Ordinary Differential Equations
0486659402: Introduction to Algebraic Structures
0486659429: Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations
0486659437: Games and Decisions
0486659526: The Theory of Branching Processes
0486659542: Qualitative Theory of Differential Equations
0486659577: Introduction to Modern Optics
0486659690: Quantum Theory
0486659739: Fourier Series and Orthogonal Functions
0486659771: A Short History of Chemistry
0486659798: Principles of Meterological Analysis
0486659844: Atomic Physics
0486659909: Boundary Value Problems of Heat Conduction
0486659941: History of Astromony
0486660141: Matrices and Linear Algebra
0486660168: Creep and Relaxation of Nonlinear Viscoelastic Materials
0486660214: Electronic Structure and the Properties of Solids
0486660559: Mechanics of Aerosols
0486660680: Rates and Equilbria of Organic Reactions
0486660826: Lectures on Linear Algebra
0486660974: Essential Calculus with Applications
0486661016: Statistical Thermodynamics
0486661032: Advanced Calculus
0486661083: Metric Affine Geometry
0486661105: Vectors Tensors and the Basic Equations
0486661326: Boundary and Eigenvalue Problems in Mathematical Physics
0486661407: Magnetic Atoms and Molecules
0486661652: Theory and Application of Infinite Series
0486661695: Differential Forms with Application to the Physical Sciences
0486661709: Variational Methods for Boundary Value Problems (Etc.)
0486661814: Group Theory and Its Applications to Physical Problems
0486662039: Specificity of Serological Reactions
0486662500: Conceptional Foundations of the Statistical Approach in Mechanics
0486662691: First Order Mathematical Logic
0486662756: Boundary Value Problems
0486662896: Functional Analysis
0486663175: X-Ray Diffraction
0486663280: Matrices and Linear Transformations
0486663418: Modern Algebra
0486663442: Abstract Analytic Number Theory
0486663469: Theoretical Kinematics
0486663485: Elementary Theory of Numbers
0486663523: Introduction to Topology
0486663566: Thermodynamics of Irreversible Processes
0486663604: Statics of Deformable Solids
0486664201: Lectures on Ordinary Differential Equations
0486664228: Equations of Mathematical Physics
0486664236: Introduction to Minimax
0486664341: Introduction to Linear Algebra
0486664449: Principles and Techniques of Applied Mathematics
0486664937: Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics
0486664953: Numerical Solution of Two Point Boundary Problems I : Ordinary Differential Equations
0486665097: Real Analysis
0486665178: Measure of the Universe : A History of Modern Cosmology
0486665216: Information Theory
0486665224: Elementary Topology
0486665453: Introduction to Scientific Research
0486665984: Atomic Dynamics in Liquids
0486666379: Axiomatic Set Theory
0486666514: Algebraic Extensions of Fields
0486666670: Light
0486666794: Lectures on Differential and Integral Equations
0486666972: Introduction to Formal Languages
0486667219: Differential Geometry
0486667308: Orthogonal Functions
0486667413: Quantum Mechanics for Applied Physics and Engineering
0486667456: Wave Motion in Elastic Solids
0486667529: Anelastic and Dielectric Effects in Polymeric Solids
0486667723: Quantum Mechanics
0486667774: Elementary Dynamics of Rigid Bodies
0486667960: Dictionary - Outline of Basic Statistics
0486668118: Theory of Heat Radiation
0486668266: Elements of Point-Set Topology
0486668274: Theoretical Nuclear Physics
0486668460: Optics : The Science of Vision
0486668819: Groundwater and Seepage
0486668959: Matter and Motion
0486669025: Lectures on Partial Differential Equations
0486669130: Collection of Problems of Complex Analysis
0486669246: Optical Properties of Thin Solid Films
0486669254: Numerical Methods for Two-Point Boundary Value Problems
0486669491: Molecular Hydrodynamics
0486669580: Elasticity
0486669807: On Formally Undecidable Propositions of Principia Mathematica and Related Systems
0486670023: Methods of Applied Mathematics
0486670074: Applied Optics and Optical Design
0486670082: Applied Optics and Optical Design
0486670201: Mathematical Methods and Theory in Games, Programming and Economics
0486670376: Elements of the Topology of Plane Sets of Points
0486670473: Guide to Feynman Diagrams in the Many-Body Problem
0486670767: Theoretical Elasticity
0486670856: Mathematics and Logic
0486671216: Abstract Algebra and Solution by Radicals
0486671291: Theory of Approximation
0486671356: On Growth and Form : The Complete Revised Edition
0486672131: Engineering Analysis of Flight Vehicles
0486672603: Finite Difference Equations
0486672905: Course in Advanced Calculus
0486673146: Applied Probability Models with Optimization Applications
0486673162: Development of X-Ray Analysis
0486673286: Introduction to Statistical Optics
0486673553: Group Theory and Chemistry
0486673626: Oscillations in Nonlinear Systems
0486673669: Introduction to the Calculus of Variations
0486673766: Applications of Finite Groups
0486673863: Ferroelectric Crystals
0486674878: Representation Theory of Finite Groups
0486675130: Lectures on Nuclear Theory
0486675270: Problems in Quantum Mechanics
0486675327: Ancient Tradition of Geometric Problems
0486675394: Catastrophe Theory for Scientists and Engineers
0486675491: Introduction to Probability
0486675513: First Look at Perturbation Theory
0486675858: Group Theory in Quantum Mechanics : An Introduction to Its Present Usage
0486675971: Introduction to Hamiltonian Optics
0486676056: Kepler
0486676269: Random Functions and Hydrology
0486676285: Chemical Magic
0486676323: Popular Lectures on Mathematical Logic
0486677230: Mathematics for Operations Research
0486677486: Theory of Linear Operators in Hilbert Space
0486677664: History of Mathematical Notations/Two Volumes Bound As One/Notations in Elementary Mathematics, Vol 1/Notations Mainly in Higher Mathematics, Vol
0486678342: Ferrohydrodynamics
0486678393: Introduction to Crystallography
0486678504: Geometric Introduction to Topology
0486678652: Mathematical Foundations of Elasticity
0486678679: Survey of Physical Theory
0486678709: Introduction to Graph Theory
0486678717: Introduction to the Theory of Aeroelasticity
0486678768: Unified Analysis and Solutions of Heat and Mass Diffusion
0486679101: History of Vector Analysis : The Evolution of the Idea of a Vectorial System
0486679667: Combinatorial Introduction to Topology
0486679829: Continuum : A Critical Examination of the Foundation of Analysis
0486679993: Rounding Errors in Algebraic Processes
0486680118: X-Ray Diffraction : In Crystals, Imperfect Crystals, and Amorphous Bodies
0486680142: Character Theory of Finite Groups
0486680290: Analysis of Numerical Methods
0486680355: Linear Differential Operators
0486680444: Introduction to Matrix Methods in Optics
0486680630: Classical Mechanics
0486681033: History and Philosophy of Fluid Mechanics
0486681092: Thermodynamics of Small Systems
0486681173: Path to the Double Helix : The Discovery of DNA
0486681289: Factors of Soil Formation : A System of Quantitative Pedology
0486681319: Mathematical Modelling Techniques
0486681432: Functional Analysis : Theory and Applications
0486681947: Course on Group Theory
0486682005: Optimal Control and Estimation
0486682102: Introduction to Information Theory
0486682307: Helicopter Theory
0486682528: Number Theory
0486682935: Introduction to Lebesgue Integration and Fourier Series
0486683281: Laser Light Scattering
0486683362: Advanced Calculus of Several Variables
0486683427: Matrix-Geometric Solutions in Stochastic Models : An Algorithmic Approach
0486683567: Fluid Mechanics
0486683591: Development of Chemical Principles
0486683702: First-Order Logic
0486684555: Lectures on Gas Theory
0486684806: Elementary Theory of Angular Momentum
0486684830: Boolean Algebra and Its Applications
0486684865: Dynamics of Atmospheric Motion
0486685020: Introduction to Statistical Inference
0486685055: Vectors and Tensors in Crystallography
0486685225: Fourier Transforms
0486685438: Elementary Theory of Analytic Functions of One or Several Complex Variables
0486685683: Statistical Physics for Students of Science and Engineering
0486685888: Fluvial Processes in Geomorphology
0486686051: Phenomena of Fluid Motions
0486686094: Topology : An Introduction to the Point-Set and Algebraic Areas
0486686434: Modern Elementary Differential Equations
0486686477: Fungus Diseases of Tropical Crops
0486687007: Studies in Optics
0486687120: Variational Methods for Eigenvalue Problems : An Introduction to the Methods of Rayleigh, Ritz, Weinstein and Aronszajn
0486687325: Polymers : The Origins and Growth of a Science
0486687546: Many-Body Problem in Quantum Mechanics
0486688135: Introduction to Nonassociative Algebras
0486688232: Realizability Theory for Continuous Linear Systems
0486688275: Anatomical Exercises : De Motu Cordis and de Circulatione Sanguinis in English Translation
0486688887: Abstract Algebra
0486688895: Partial Differential Equations of Mathematical Physics and Integral Equations
0486689069: Fundamentals of Number Theory
0486689158: Crystal Growth in Gels
0486689220: Elementary Real and Complex Analysis
0486689239: Elementary Functional Analysis
0486689700: Theoretical Hydrodynamics
0486690466: Relativity and Geometry
0486691152: Introductory Discrete Mathematics
0486691314: Algebraic Topology
0486691489: Challenging Problems in Algebra
0486691543: Challenging Problems in Geometry
0486691861: Modern Quantum Chemistry
0486691896: Aeroelasticity
0486691918: Size, Function and Life History
0486691934: Mathematics for Physicists
0486692132: Experiments and Observations on the Gastric Juice and Physiology of Digestion : With a Biographical Essay, William Beaumont: A Pioneer American Physiologist
0486692191: Theory of Functions
0486693147: Treatise on Differential Equations
0486693872: Introduction to the Theory of Random Processes
0486694151: Red Book of Mathematical Problems
0486694240: Stars and Relativity
0486694372: Molecular Collison Theory
0486694445: Electron Spin Resonance : A Comprehensive Treatise on Experimental Techniques
0486694453: Methods of Thermodynamics
0486695360: Hardy Classes and Operator Theory
0486695395: Elements in the Theory of Markov Processes and Their Applications
0486695735: Green Book of Mathematical Problems
0486695794: Theory of Thermal Stresses
0486696200: Ordinary Differential Equations in the Complex Domain
0486696308: Continued Fractions
0486696413: Diffuse X-Ray Reflections from Crystals
0486696480: Non-Linear Elastic Deformations
0486696537: Topological Spaces : Including a Treatment of Mutli-Valued Functions, Vector Spaces and Convexity
0486696847: Information Theory and Statistics
0486696901: Classical Dynamics
0486697304: Eight Lectures on Theoretical Physics
0486697568: Lectures on the Theory of Integral Equations
0486697592: Elements of the Theory of Functions and Functional Analysis`: Metric and Normed Spaces
0486697614: Combinatorial Topology
0486861066: The Advanced Part of a Treatise on the Dynamics of a System of Rigid Bodies
0486894045: Sports Picture Quiz Book
0486988325: Modern Chinese
0486995003: Full-Color Men and Women Illustrations CD-ROM and Book (Dover Pictorial Archives)
0486995011: Full-Color Frames and Borders CD-ROM and Book (Dover Pictorial Archives)
0486995038: 24 Outline Display Fonts CD-ROM and Book (Dover Pictorial Archives)
0486995046: 120 Great Fashion Designs,1900-1950
0486995054: 140 Great Fashion Designs, 1950-2000, CD-ROM and Book (Dover Pictorial Archives)
0486995062: Full-Color Holiday Vignettes CD-ROM and Book (Dover Full-Color Electronic Design)
0486995070: Full-Color Heraldic Designs CD-ROM and Book (Dover Full-Color Electronic Design)
0486995089: Chinese Designs CD-ROM and Book (Black-And-White Electronic Design)
0486995097: Japanese Designs CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electronic Series)
0486995100: Mythological and Fantastic Creatures CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electronic Series)
0486995119: American Historical Illustrations and Emblems
0486995127: Old-Fashioned Silhouettes CD-ROM and Book
0486995135: Favorite Flowers CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electronic Series)
0486995143: Victorian Fashion Designs CD-ROM and Book (Dover Full-Color Electronic Design)
0486995151: Full-Color Celtic Designs CD-ROM and Book (Dover Full-Color Electronic Design)
0486995178: Victorian Designs CD-ROM and Book (Dover Pictorial Archives)
0486995186: Nature Stencil Designs CD-ROM and Book (Dover Pictorial Archives)
0486995194: Art Nouveau Motifs CD-ROM and Book (Dover Pictorial Archives)
0486995208: Historic Costume CD-ROM and Book: From Ancient Times to the Renaissance (Dover Pictorial Archives)
0486995224: Full-Color Nautical Vignettes
0486995232: Wild and Domestic Animals CD-ROM and Book (Dover Pictorial Archives)
0486995240: Floral Bouquets
0486995259: Full-Color Angels CD-ROM and Book (Dover Pictorial Archives)
0486995267: Full-Color Pets Illustrations CD-ROM and Book (Dover Pictorial Archives)
0486995275: African Designs CD-ROM and Book (Dover Pictorial Archives)
0486995283: Ancient Mexican Designs CD-ROM and Book (Dover Pictorial Archives)
0486995291: Old-Fashioned Nautical Illustrations
0486995305: Ornate Letters and Initials
0486995313: Seashore Life Illustrations
0486995321: Southwest Indian Designs
0486995348: Viking Designs CD-ROM and Book (Dover Pictorial Archives)
0486995356: Chinese Folk Designs CD-ROM and Book (Dover Pictorial Archives)
0486995364: Floral Embroidery Designs CD-ROM and Book (Dover Pictorial Archives)
0486995372: Wild Animals CD Rom & Book
0486995380: Geometric Designs CD-ROM and Book (Dover Pictorial Archives)
0486995399: Full Color Floral Vignettes CD Rom & Boo
0486995402: Full-Color Old-Time Vignettes
0486995410: Full-Color Romantic Vignettes CD-ROM and Book (Dover Pictorial Archives)
0486995429: Full-Color Art Nouveau Designs and Motifs CD-ROM and Book (Dover Pictorial Archives)
0486995437: Full-Color Victorian Vignettes CD-ROM and Book (Dover Pictorial Archives)
0486995445: Everyday Fashions of the 20th Century
0486995453: Full-Color Medieval Ornament CD-ROM and Book (Dover Pictorial Archives)
0486995461: Full-Color Animal Illustrations
0486995488: Elegant Floral Designs
0486995496: Old-Time Transportation
0486995518: Full-Color Cigar Labels
0486995526: Full-Color Old-Time Animals CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electronic Series)
0486995534: Full Color Old Time Children
0486995542: Horses CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electronic Series)
0486995550: Full Color Old Time Label Art
0486995569: Scrapbookers Full-Color Treausure Chest
0486995577: Animal Silhouettes CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electronic Clip Art)
0486995585: Angels CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electronic Clip Art)
0486995593: Dragons and Wizards CD-ROM and Book
0486995607: Decorative Flower Designs CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electronic Clip Art)
0486995615: Japanese Crests CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electronic Clip Art)
0486995623: Advertising Cuts of the 20s and 30s CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electronic Clip Art)
0486995631: Bible Illustrations Cd-Rom and Book
0486995658: Full-Color Celtic Decorative Letters CD-ROM and Book
0486995666: Braun & Schneider's Historic Costume CD-ROM and Book
0486995674: Full-Color Art Nouveau Stained Glass Designs CD-ROM and Book
0486995690: Full-Color Art Nouveau Floral Designs CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electronic Series)
0486995704: Women Illustrations CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electro
0486995712: American Presidents and First Ladies CD-ROM and Book (Dover Full-Color Electronic Design)
0486995720: Appleton's American Indian Designs CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electronic Clip Art)
0486995739: Early American Design Motifs
0486995747: Civil War Illustrations CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electronic Clip Art)
0486995755: Traditional Designs from India CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electronic Clip Art)
0486995763: Traditional Floral Designs CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electronic Clip Art)
0486995771: Gesner's Curious and Fantastic Beasts CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electronic Clip Art)
0486995798: Traditional Chinese Motifs CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electronic Clip Art)
0486995801: Baroque Ornament
0486995828: Decorative Ironwork Designs CD-ROM and Book (Electronic Clip Art)
0486995836: Wetlands Plants and Animals CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electronic Clip Art)
0486995844: Polynesian and Oceanian Designs CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electronic Clip Art)
0486995852: Arts and Crafts Designs CD-ROM and Book (Electronic Clip Art)
0486995860: Decorative Silhouettes CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electronic Clip Art)
0486995879: Full-Color Illuminated Initials CD-ROM and Book (Dover Full-Color Electronic Design)
0486995887: Full-Color Decorative Repeat Patterns CD-ROM and Book (Dover Full-Color Electronic Design)
0486995895: Victorian Monograms CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electronic Clip Art)
0486995909: Christian Symbols
0486995917: Celtic Designs for Artists and Craftspeople CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electronic Clip Art)
0486995925: Classic Tattoo Designs CD-ROM and Book (Dover Full-Color Electronic Design)
0486995933: Old-Fashioned Children Illustrations (Dover Electronic Clip Art)
0486995941: Decorative Floral Designs and Motifs (Dover Electronic Clip Art)
0486995976: Traditional and Contemporary Stained Glass Designs (Dover Electronic Clip Art)
0486995984: Victorian Fashion Accessories: CD-ROM & Book (Dover Electronic Clip Art)
0486995992: Arms and Armor (Dover Electronic Clip Art)
0486996018: Traditional Stencil Designs (Dover Electronic Clip Art)
0486996026: Haeckel's Art Forms from Nature: 608 Permission-Free Designs in Color and Black and White (Dover Electronic Clip Art)
0486996034: Renaissance and Baroque Ornaments (Dover Electronic Clip Art)
0486996042: Traditional Chinese Embroidery Designs (Dover Full-Color Electronic Design)
0486996050: Wildflowers (Dover Electronic Clip Art)
0486996069: Redout Flowers and Fruits (Dover Full-Color Electronic Design)
0486996077: Chinese Butterfly Designs (Dover Electronic Clip Art)
0486996085: Cupids & Cherubs (Dover Electronic Clip Art)
0486996093: Common Bird Songs
0486996107: Briggs' Floral Embroidery Designs: Electronic Clip Art (Dover Electronic Clip Art)
0486996115: Trees & Leaves (Dover Electronic Clip Art)
0486996123: Gods and Deities (Dover Electronic Clip Art)
0486996131: Magic and Mystical Symbols (Dover Electronic Clip Art)
0486996158: Listen & Enjoy Spanish Poetry (CD Edition) (Listen & Enjoy Series)
0486996166: Listen & Learn Spanish
0486996174: Listen & Learn French (CD Edition) (Listen & Learn Series)
0486996182: Listen & Enjoy French Poetry (CD Edition) (Listen & Enjoy Series)
0486996190: Historic Costume CD-ROM and Book: From the Renaissance through the Nineteenth Century (Dover Electro
0486996204: Geometric Ornaments and Designs CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electronic Clip Art)
0486996212: Art Nouveau Floral and Animal Designs CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electronic Clip Art)
0486996220: Old-Fashioned Vignettes CD-ROM and Book (Dover Ful
0486996239: Renard's Fanciful Fish CD-ROM and Book
0486996255: Traditional Turkish Designs CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electronic Clip Art)
0486996263: 700 Traditional Patchwork Patterns CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electronic Clip Art)
0486996271: Butterflies and Moths CD-ROM and Book (Dover Full-Color Electronic Design)
0486996298: Decorative Doorways Stained Glass Patterns CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electronic Clip Art)
0486996301: Chinese Cut-Paper Designs: Electronic Clip Art (C0NTAINS CD)
0486996328: Banners, Ribbons and Scrolls CD-ROM and Book
0486996336: 120 Classic Posters from Les Maitres de l'Affiche CD-ROM and Book (Dover Full-Color Electronic Design)
0486996344: Medieval Herb, Plant and Flower Illustrations CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electronic Clip Art)
0486996352: Letters & Alphabets (Dover Pictura)
0486996360: Islamic Design
0486996379: Floral Design
0486996387: Mammals (Dover Pictura)
0486996395: Art Nouveau (Dover Pictura)
0486996433: Crafter's Cornucopia CD-ROM and Book (Dover Full-Color Electronic Design)
0486996441: Old-Time Anatomical Illustrations CD-ROM and Book
0486996468: Old-Time Cats CD-ROM and Book
0486996476: Antique Playing Card Designs
0486996484: Decorative Tile Designs CD-ROM and Book
0486996506: Dore's Life of Jesus With Cdrom (Dover Electronic Clip Art)
0486996514: Ornamental Scrolls and Cartouches CD-ROM and Book
0486996522: Empire Designs
0486996549: Famous Americans CD-ROM and Book : 450 Portraits from Colonial Times to 1900 (Dover Electronic Clip Art) - Paperback
0486996557: Hope's Greek And Roman Designs
0486996581: 200 Illustrations from Gerard's Herbal CD-ROM and Book
0486996603: Victorian Fashions CD-ROM and Book
0486996611: Old-Time Travel Posters and Luggage Labels CD-ROM and Book
0486996638: Art Deco Designs CD-ROM and Book
0486996646: Merian's Antique Botanical Prints CD-ROM and Book
0486996654: Flower Designs and Motifs CD-ROM and Book
0486996662: Sea Creatures CD-ROM and Book
0486996697: Bird Illustrations CD-ROM & Book
0486996700: Animal Folk Art CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electronic Clip Art)
0486996735: Listen and Learn Italian
0486996743: Art Deco Fashions CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electronic Clip Art)
0486996751: Chinese Animal Designs CD-ROM and Book (Electronic Clip Art)
0486996786: CELTIC STENCIL DESIGNS CD-ROM AND BOOK (over 150 designs) (O)
0486996808: Mehndi Designs CD-ROM and Book (Electronic Clip Art)
0486996867: MONSTERS AND DRAGONS CD-ROM AND BOOK (200 b&w illustrations) (O)
0486996905: French Provincial Designs CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electronic Clip Art)
0486996913: Art Nouveau Floral Designs CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electronic Clip Art)
0486996921: FAIRIES, ELVES AND GNOMES CD-ROM AND BOOK (200 b&w illustrations) (O)
0486996956: Full Color Japanese Textile Designs CD R
0486996964: Neo-Classical Design CD-ROM and Book
0486999017: Listen and Learn German
0486999025: Listen and Learn Italian/Audio Cassette and Book
0486999033: Listen and Learn Japanese/Audio Cassette and Book
0486999041: Listen and Learn Spanish
0486999068: Listen and Learn Russian (Listen and Learn Ser.)
0486999076: Listen & Learn Modern Greek
0486999106: Modern Chinese, BK&CASSETT, pb, 1983
0486999114: Common Bird Songs (Common Bird Songs)
0486999122: Songs of Eastern Birds
0486999130: Songs of Western Birds
0486999149: Listen & Learn French
0486999157: Listen and Learn German
0486999165: Listen and Learn Italian
0486999173: Listen and Learn Japanese
0486999181: Listen and Learn Spanish
0486999203: Listen & Learn Russian
0486999211: Listen and Learn Modern Greek
0486999238: Listen & Learn Modern Hebrew
0486999246: Bird Song and Bird Behavior
0486999262: Florida Bird Songs
0486999270: Listen & Enjoy French Poetry
0486999289: Listen and Enjoy Spanish Poetry
0486999297: Listen & Enjoy German Poetry (Cassette Edition) (Listen & Enjoy Cassettes...
0486999300: Listen and Enjoy Italian Poetry (Listen and Enjoy Cassettes Ser.)
0486999386: Art Nouveau Frames and Borders CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electronic Clip Art Series)
0486999394: Calligraphic Ornaments CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electronic Clip Art Series)
0486999408: Celtic Designs: 96 Different Copyright-Free Designs
0486999416: Christmas Designs: 107 Different Copyright-Free Designs
0486999424: Decorative Letters CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electronic Clip Art Series)
0486999432: Floral Illustrations CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electronic Clip Art Series)
0486999440: Food and Drink Illustrations CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electronic Clip Art Series)
0486999459: North American Indian Motifs CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electronic Clip Art Series) 391 Different Copyright-Free Designs
0486999467: Animal Illustrations CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electronic Clip Art)
0486999475: Cherub Illustrations CD-ROM and Book (Electronic Clip Art)
0486999483: Cowboy and Western Cuts CD-ROM and Book - Paperback
0486999491: Holiday and Special Occasions Illustrations CD-ROM and Book (Electronic Clip Art)
0486999505: Old-Fashioned Frames CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electronic Clip Art)
0486999513: Stencil Designs CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electronic Clip Art)
0486999521: Books, Reading and Writing Illustrations CD-ROM and Book
0486999548: 24 Art Nouveau Display Fonts CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electronic Display Fonts Series)
0486999556: 24 Gothic Display Fonts CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electronic Display Fonts Series)
0486999564: 24 Victorian Display Fonts CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electronic Display Fonts Series)
0486999572: Heraldic Designs CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electronic Clip Art)
0486999580: Egyptian Designs
0486999599: Victorian Decorative Letters CD-ROM and Book (Electronic Clip Art)
0486999602: 24 Celtic and Medieval Display Fonts CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electronic Display Fonts)
0486999610: 24 Script and Cursive Display Fonts CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electronic Series)
0486999629: Decorative Corners CD-ROM and Book
0486999637: Old-Fashioned Floral Designs CD-ROM and Book
0486999645: Oriental Designs CD-ROM and Book
0486999653: Full-Color Decorative Bird Illustrations CD-ROM and Book (Dover Full-Color Electronic Design)
0486999661: Full-Color Decorative Butterfly Illustrations CD-ROM and Book (Dover Full-Color Electronic Design)
0486999688: 24 Art Deco Display Fonts CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electronic Display Fonts)
0486999696: 24 Special-Effects Display Fonts CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electronic Display Fonts)
0486999718: Full-Color Fruits and Flowers Illustrations CD-ROM and Book (Full-Color Electronic Design Series)
0486999726: Ornamental Initials CD-ROM and Book (Electronic Clip Art)
0486999734: Whimsical Animals Illustrations CD-ROM and Book (Electronic Clip Art)
0486999742: Celtic Frames and Borders CD-ROM and Book (Electronic Clip Art Series)
0486999750: 372 Frames and Borders CD-ROM and Book (Electronic Clip Art)
0486999769: 24 Bold Script Display Fonts CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electronic Display Fonts)
0486999777: 24 Grunge Display Fonts CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electronic Display Fonts)
0486999785: Decorative Wreaths and Frames CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electronic Series)
0486999793: Nautical Illustrations CD-ROM and Book
0486999807: 1500 Decorative Ornaments CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electronic Series)
0486999815: Musical Illustrations CD-ROM and Book
0486999823: Full-Color Fruit Crate Labels CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electronic Series)
0486999831: Full-Color Allover Patterns CD-ROM and Book
0486999858: 24 Circus Display Fonts CD-ROM and Book
0486999866: Art Nouveau Initials CD-ROM and Book (Dover Pictorial Archives)
0486999874: Medieval Illustrations CD-ROM and Book (Dover Pictorial Archives)
0486999882: Old-Fashioned Christmas Illustrations CD-ROM and Book (Dover Pictorial Archives)
0486999890: Sports and Fitness Illustrations (Electronic Clip Art Ser.)
0487320123: Barry the Story of a Brave ST Bernard
0487361113: THE FAMILY TOWER
0488126754: Instant Nature Guide Reptiles & Amphibians
0489010970: Primulas
0489016936: Field Trials History Management & Judgin
0489090117: See For Yourself More Than 100 Experimen
0489401643: Verbs,verbs,verbs
0490000754: Fresh water (Modern knowledge)
0490000789: Man and plants (Modern knowledge)
0490000819: The Air Around Us
0490000924: Secret Societies
0490000940: Medicine On Trial
0490001009: The world of Marc Chagall;
0490001017: Management science: The business use of operations research (Aldus science and technology series)
0490001033: Metals of the Modern World. A Study in Materials Development.
0490001076: Ceramics in the modern world: man's first technology comes of age
0490001106: Roads, bridges, and tunnels: Modern approaches to road engineering (Aldus...
0490001114: Spare-Part Surgery: The Surgical Practice of the Future
0490001157: Giant Molecules
0490001254: Applied genetics: The technology of inheritance (Aldus science and technology series)
0490001270: Photography at work: A study in versatility (Aldus science and technology series)
0490001335: Information Retrieval
0490001343: INFORMATION RETRIEVAL: Teh Essential Technology
0490001378: Transport Control a Technology on the Mo
0490001440: Oceanography Today Man Exploits the Sea
0490001475: Treasure keepers
0490001602: Nature's network
0490001610: Man's Impact on Nature
0490001629: Conservation (Interdependence in nature)
0490001734: Lively arts, The
0490001742: Art and architecture (Aldus international library of knowledge)
0490001750: Renaissance to revolution
0490001769: Life and its origin
0490001785: Realm of nature
0490001807: Riches of the earth
0490001858: planet we live on, The
0490002129: Hair:Sex, Society, Symbolism
0490002218: Beyond the horizon, (Aldus encyclopedia of discovery and exploration) by Ross
0490002226: The great age of exploration (Aldus encyclopedia of discovery and exploration)
0490002234: God, Gold and Glory
0490002242: Lands of spice & treasure, (Aldus encyclopedia of discovery and exploration...
0490002250: Rivers of destiny (Aldus encyclopedia of discovery and exploration)
0490002269: Charting the vast Pacific (Aldus encyclopedia of discovery and exploration) by
0490002277: Bridging a continent (Aldus encyclopedia of discovery and exploration)
0490002285: Jungle rivers & mountain peaks (Aldus encyclopedia of discovery and exploration)
0490002293: Lands of the Southern Cross
0490002307: Seas of sand (Aldus encyclopedia of discovery and exploration)
0490002315: The Challenge of Africa
0490002323: The heartland of Asia (Aldus encyclopedia of discovery and exploration)
0490002331: The frozen world (Aldus encyclopedia of discovery and exploration)
0490002404: Classic World - Literature and Western Civilization
0490002420: Literature and Western Civilization. Vol 3 The Old World: Discovery and Rebirth.
0490002439: The Modern World I; Hopes (Literature and Western Civilization)
0490002447: The Modern World II; Realities (Literature and Western Civilization)
0490002455: The Modern World III; Reactions (LIterature and Western Civilization)
0490002501: Perseus; (Golden tales of Greece)
0490002609: The Jews in their land,
0490002617: City
0490002714: Understanding your body
0490002722: The sexual side of love (Woman alive)
0490002749: Key to self-understanding (Woman alive)
0490002757: Family in Trouble
0490002765: Talking with your child (Woman alive)
0490002781: A Paycheck of Your Own
0490002838: Crafts for fun and profit (Woman alive)
0490002846: On your own (Woman alive)
0490002919: History of Discovery & Exploration the N
0490002927: Eastern Islands, Southern Seas
0490002935: Africa and Asia: Mapping Two Continents
0490002943: Earth's Last Frontiers: A History of Discovery and Exploration
0490003001: Atlas of Discovery
0490003303: Signs of Things to Come
0490003346: Vampires, zombies, and monster men
0490003354: Monsters and Mythic Beasts.
0490003370: Ghosts and poltergeists
0490003389: Healing without medicine
0490003397: Minds without boundaries
0490003478: Psychic voyages by Holroyd, Stuart
0490003710: The making of a spy (Undercover)
0490003907: World Atlas of Weapons & War
0490004024: Crafts of China (Crafts of the world)
0490004210: Mysteries of the universe (Great mysteries)
0490004237: Mysterious Happenings
0490004253: Mysteries of the Inner Self
0490004261: Mysterious Cults Great Mysteries
0490004342: Mysteries of Nature
0490215947: The Spies: Great True Stories of Espionage
0490860532: Cliffs Quick Review Of Algebra 1
0491000006: The Second Death of a Hero
0491000057: Sunflower
0491000251: Art Appreciation Made Simple
0491000383: The general of the dead army: A novel;
0491000405: Louis XVI
0491000421: Three Off-Broadway Plays
0491000472: Boulanger Frances Demagogue on Horseback
0491000480: Fanfare of Strumpets
0491000529: Toy
0491000766: It's no sin to make a profit
0491000839: The True Story Of The Maid Of Orleans
0491000855: Three poetic plays
0491000901: Feasting with panthers: A new consideration of some late Victorian writers
0491000936: Percy
0491000944: Jim for sale
0491000979: Blue Dreams or The End of Romance and the Continued Pursuit of Happiness
0491000987: Backgammon : The Action Game
0491001010: Gore and Igor
0491001029: Magic of the Senses
0491001037: Lillian Gish:the Movies, Mr. Griffith and Me
0491001053: Spy In the Family
0491001150: Tales from the unknown.
0491001169: The Permanent Farewell
0491001193: Millionaires
0491001207: Modigliani: a biography of Amedeo Modigliani
0491001215: The Last Great Cause.
0491001290: Satyr
0491001363: Under the rose garden
0491001398: alternative, The
0491001436: Orchids of Tropical Africa
0491001444: The Dancing Years
0491001460: Bangkok: the story of a city
0491001568: How to Make a Jewish Movie
0491001665: The other side of the rainbow
0491001908: The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner
0491002009: Saturday Night and Sunday Morning
0491002025: One for the devil;
0491002033: Cruel Legacy
0491002041: Gold and Silver: The Life and Times of Franz Lehar
0491002106: African Flying Doctor A Young Man's Living Journal
0491002165: MAJOR THOMPSON GOES FRENCH: The New Notebooks of Major W. Marmaduke Thompson
0491002181: Those Fabulous Greeks
0491002211: Marx
0491002254: DUPE NEGATIVE.
0491002300: Healing Hands
0491002343: He Slew the Dreamer
0491002491: The Female Form - Paintings : Pastels, Drawings (English/German)
0491002505: Strange harp, strange symphony: The life of Francis Thompson,
0491002610: Country Team
0491002629: Wild Old Wicked Man and Other Poems.
0491002637: Staircase; or, Charlie always told Harry almost everything
0491002645: Mysterious Worlds
0491002653: A START IN LIFE.
0491002734: The magic garden of Stanley Sweetheart
0491002742: Obsession
0491002750: War Cries on Horseback: Story of the Indian Wars of the Great Plains
0491002815: Dr. Caligari's Black Book.
0491002882: The Gary Cooper Story
0491002920: The Patriots
0491002963: THIS IS LONDON
0491003137: Classical Ikebana
0491003145: Somewhere like this
0491003153: The Doomsday Squad
0491003242: Piaf
0491003277: The loved and the loving
0491003382: The Circle Game
0491003404: Jamaica White the Story of the Witch If
0491003447: THE STUDIO
0491003471: A Garden of Sand
0491003498: The name above the title: An autobiography
0491003544: Superstition and the Superstitious
0491003579: Another time, another voice: A novel of the seventeenth century
0491003609: The Missolonghi manuscript by Prokosch, Frederic
0491003641: New Standard Jewish Encyclopedia
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