0061180157: Penthesilea
0061180181: Diaries, 1939-1960
0061200301: Drink to Your Health: Alcohol Without Alcoholism
0061200506: No Loaves, No Parables; Liberal Politics and the American Language
0061202002: In the Country of the Young,
0061202010: The devil in the fire;: Retrospective essays on American literature and culture, 1951-1971
0061202290: Complete Encyclopedia of French Cheese (and Many Other Continental Varieties)
0061202304: The Complete Encyclopedia of French Cheese
0061202959: The City Game: Basketball in New York from the World Champion Knicks to the World of the Playgrounds,
0061203424: You and me, babe
0061203505: Man Who Loved Bicycles
0061203564: Whole child, whole parent
0061203653: The river to Pickle Beach
0061204005: Zubin: The Zubin Mehta story
0061204501: Fragile structures: A story of oil refineries, national security, and the coast of Maine
0061204552: Fast company
0061204706: AN ASSASSIN'S DIARY.
0061204757: Gone Away: A Novel
0061204803: Aspects of Anglo-Saxon Archaeology
0061215406: Up and Down and Around : A Publisher Recollects the Time of His Life
0061215457: The eagle and the stork
0061215503: Sahara survival;: A novel
0061215511: The blue climate: A novel
0061215759: The weekend education source book by Cross, Wilbur
0061218758: Strong Wine, Red As Blood: A Novel
0061218766: Not Everybody's Europe: A Grand Tour of Nine Unique Cities
0061219509: Dirty business;: The corporate-political money-power game
0061219517: The Director: An oral biography of J. Edgar Hoover
0061219800: Pilgrim at Tinker Creek
0061220000: The advertising man
0061221007: The stigmata of Dr. Constantine;
0061224200: The Americanization of Dixie: the Southernization of America
0061224804: The good life ... or what's left of it;: Being a recounting of the pleasures of the senses that contribute to the enjoyment of life in France
0061224812: Not Everybody's Europe
0061224901: The River Congo : The Discovery, Exploration and Exploitation of the World's Most Dramatic Rivers
0061224960: Gods of the Cataclysm: A Revolutionary Investigation of Man and His Gods before and after the Great Cataclysm
0061225002: Across a darkling plain;: An American's passage through the Middle East
0061225150: The Scandinavian presence in North America by
0061225258: Back where you came from: A life in the death of the empire
0061226076: Someone great;: A novel
0061226084: Easy and hard ways out;: A novel
0061226203: The lost and found man by Guild, Nicholas
0061226483: The Classic Italian Cook Book
0061227005: Behavior mod,
0061250503: The dissertation: A novel
0061251011: The Barbara Kraus dictionary of protein: Over 8,000 brand names and basic foods with their protein (and caloric) count
0061263001: Inside, Looking Out A Personal Memoir
0061263257: PONY MAN
0061263265: Pony Man
0061263427: Stealing: how America's employees are stealing their companies blind
0061263508: 42nd Year of Mrs. Charles Prescott
0061263796: The New Economics Of Richard Nixon: Freezes, Floats, and Fiscal Policy
0061263826: Cooley
0061263907: Yazoo: integration in a Deep-Southern town
0061264008: Listening to America;: A traveler rediscovers his country,
0061264156: The education of Lev Navrozov: A life in the closed world once called Russia
0061264997: Drew Pearson: an Unauthorized Biography
0061265004: Where dragons dwell
0061265500: A Way of Knowing
0061270008: Heck
0061275085: Loving upward: A novel
0061275158: Bitches & sad ladies: An anthology of fiction by and about women
0061275255: Mike Roy's American kitchen,
0061277606: Rituals of surgery;: Short stories
0061277738: Strange Peaches
0061277746: Letters from Alf
0061277754: Billion Dollar Bookies
0061277762: The Politics of World Hunger
0061277851: Something Human
0061277878: Something Human
0061278157: A closer look at Ariel: a memory of Sylvia Plath
0061281751: Classic Chinese Cook Book
0061282006: Love Songs From the Boogeymen
0061283002: Yoga for New Parents
0061291250: Their Tattered Flags: The Epic of the Confederacy
0061291501: Buckeye: A study of Coach Woody Hayes and the Ohio State football machine
0061295507: Climate and the affairs of men
0061297100: The Killing Zone
0061298409: Sun King Louis XIV At Versailles
0061300039: Christ and Culture
0061300047: Purity of Heart
0061300055: Christian Beginnings, Parts 1 and 2
0061300128: Eclipse of God: Studies in the Relation Between Religion and Philosophy
0061300179: What is Christianity?
0061300195: Erasmus and the Age of Reformation
0061300276: Moses the Revelation & the Covenant
0061300284: Existentialism & the Modern Predicament
0061300365: On Religion : Speeches to Its Cultured Despisers
0061300403: The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy
0061300411: The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy Volume II
0061300454: On Creativity and the Unconscious: Papers on the Psychology of Art, Literature, Love, Religion.
0061300497: Kingdom of God in America
0061300551: Religion in Greece and Rome
0061300586: Buddhism : Its Essence and Development
0061300624: Mohammed : The Man and His Faith
0061300632: Confucius & the Chinese Way
0061300675: Religion Within the Limits of Reason Alone
0061300756: Two Types of Faith: The Interpretation of Judaism and Christianity
0061300772: Ancient Egyptian Religion : An Interpretation
0061300802: Kerygma And Myth: A Theological Debate
0061300853: Documents from Old Testament Times
0061300861: The New Testament Background: Selected Documents
0061300888: The Point Of View For My Work As An Author
0061300942: Present Age and of the Difference Between Genius and an Apostle
0061300950: Church Dogmatics
0061301027: Biblical Period from Abraham to Ezra : A Historical Survey
0061301132: Buddhist Texts Through the Ages Paperback by
0061301140: Upanishads
0061301159: Bhagavad Gita
0061301191: Buddha and the Gospel of Buddhism
0061301221: Works of Love
0061301310: Christendom: A Short History of Christianity and Its Impact on Western Civilization
0061301329: Christendom: A Short History of Christianity and Its Impact on Western Civilization
0061301337: Way of Israel Biblical Faith and Ethics
0061301353: The Knowledge of Man: Selected Essays
0061301426: Morality and Beyond.
0061303445: Gothic Image by Male, Emile
0061303763: Medieval Philosophy
0061303836: Phenomenon of Man
0061303844: The Divine Milieu: An Essay on the Interior Life
0061303860: Future of Man
0061305057: Science and Human Values
0061305138: Philosophy of Science
0061305499: Physics and Philosophy : The Revolution in Modern Science
0061305510: This Great and Wide Sea an Introduction to Oceanography
0061305642: Foresight and Understanding: An Enquiry Into the Aims of Science
0061305669: From a Logical Point of View
0061305766: Logic of Scientific Discovery
0061305790: The Fabric of the Heavens: The Development of Astronomy and Dynamics
0061305839: Scientific Renaissance, 1450-1630
0061305855: Discovery of Time
0061305863: Streams, Lakes, Ponds
0061308072: God in Search of Man : A History of Juda
0061308285: The Earth is the Lord's/The Sabbath
0061310026: Six Existentialist Thinkers
0061310085: Greek Philosophers : From Thales to Aristotle
0061310131: Social Class in America: A Manual of Procedure for the Measurement of Social Status
0061310190: Adam's Ancestors
0061310204: Philosophy of History an Introduction (Harper torchbooks)
0061310263: England Before Elizabeth
0061310298: Arabs in History
0061310360: From Classic to Romantic: Premises of Taste in Eighteenth Century England
0061310484: Renaissance Thought
0061310492: Origins of the American Party System (Academy Library)
0061310506: The English Novel: Form and Function
0061310514: House of Intellect by Barzun, Jacques
0061310549: Age of Enterprise, a Social History of Industrial America
0061310581: Feudalism
0061310611: Barbarian West: The Early Middle Ages, A. D. 400-1000
0061310646: French Revolution
0061310654: the mind of Modern Russia
0061310727: Ill Take My Stand
0061310743: Freedom's Ferment : Phases of American Social History from the Revolution to the Outbreak of the Civil War
0061310751: Pattern & Meaning In History: Thoughts on History and Society
0061310794: Industrial Revolution in Eighteenth Century
0061310832: Toward a General Theory Of Action
0061310840: The Renaissance
0061310859: The age of Catherine de Medici (Harper torchbooks, The Academy library)
0061310948: Puritans
0061310980: Facets of the Renaissance
0061311081: Myths and Men Patrick Henry, George Washington, Thom
0061311146: French Liberal Thought In the Eighteenth Century
0061311189: A Nation of Immigrants
0061311227: Twenty Years' Crisis, 1919-1939
0061311235: Hitler: A Study in Tyranny
0061311324: When Prophecy Fails : A Social and Psychological Study of a Modern Group That Predicted the Destruction of the World
0061311375: American Conservatism in the Age of Ente
0061311391: Errand Into the Wilderness
0061311448: Theory Of Psychoanalytic Technique 1st Ed., Pb
0061311545: Individual Psychology of Alfred Adler : A Systematic Presentation in Selections from His Writings
0061311596: Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals
0061311618: Italian Renaissance a Concise Survey of Its History
0061311626: Renaissance Profiles (Harper torchbooks, TB1162. The Academy library)
0061311650: Feudal Monarchy in France and England from the 10th
0061311693: Phenomenology Its Genesis and Prospect.
0061311707: Phenomenology and the Crisis of Philosophy
0061311731: Sociology Today Problems and Prospects
0061311774: The Self in Transformation
0061311928: Medieval Centuries
0061311944: Golden Century of Spain 1501 1621 by Davies
0061312118: Blue and Brown Books
0061312177: Robe And Sword: The Regrouping of the French Aristocracy After Louis XIV
0061312274: Puritan Family
0061312312: Roman Civilization : Sourcebook 1-The Republic, Sourcebook 2-The Empire
0061312320: Roman Civilization : Sourcebook 1-The Republic, Sourcebook 2-The Empire
0061312363: Rites and Symbols of Initiation : The Mysteries of Birth and Rebirth
0061312673: Reformation Crisis
0061312681: From Napoleon to Lenin
0061312703: Reformation Europe 1517-1559.
0061312738: Europe of the Dictators, 1919-1945
0061312746: Middle East and the West
0061312908: Birth of Western Economy
0061312940: Warriors : Reflections on Men in Battle
0061313033: Phenomenology of Mind
0061313114: The Murder of Charles The Good
0061313173: Dark Ghetto
0061313203: Myths, Dreams, and Mysteries; The Encounter Between Contemporary Faiths and Archaic Realities.
0061313211: The Dynamics of Modernization
0061313262: China and the West
0061313335: Two Memoirs of Renaissance Florence : The Diaries of Buonaccorso Pitti and Gregorio Dati
0061313408: Medieval Culture and Society
0061313424: Protestant Reformation
0061313467: Europe Between Revolutions, 1815-1848
0061313505: The Roots of American Economic Growth, 1607-1861: An Essay in Social Causation,
0061313580: Inner Civil War : Northern Intellectuals and the Crisis of the Union
0061313599: Prelude to Civil War : The Nullification Controversy in South Carolina, 1816-1836
0061313602: The Triumph of the Therapeutic, Uses of Faith After Freud
0061313688: American Ethnic Politics.
0061313696: Myth and Reality
0061313718: Puerto Rico Freedom and Power In the Carib
0061313769: Conjectures and Refutations : The Growth of Scientific Knowledge
0061313777: Methods of Contemporary Thought
0061313866: The Future As History: The Historic Currents of Our Time and the Direction in Which They Are Taking America.
0061314064: Democratic Republic, Eighteen Hundred One to Eighteen Fifteen
0061314072: Language, Logic, and God. by FerrE, Frederick.
0061314080: Ordeal of Total War, 1939-1945
0061314102: New Commonwealth, 1877-1890
0061314145: Europe Divided : 1559-1598
0061314161: European Witch Craze of the 16th and 17th Century
0061314218: Prophets
0061314307: Agape and Eros
0061314323: Putin' On Ole Massa The Slave Narratives Of Henry Bibb, William Wells Brown, & Solomon Northup
0061314595: Discourse on Thinking
0061314633: On Art, Religion, Philosophy
0061314641: A Commentary on Heidegger's Being and Time
0061314714: Self and Society in Medieval France
0061314749: Cavalier & Yankee: The Old South and American National Character
0061314854: Steelworkers in America : The Non-Union Era
0061314870: The Raw and the Cooked.
0061314919: Radical Monotheism and Western Culture
0061314951: Personality and Organization
0061315389: Mental Health in the Metropolis: The Midtown Manhattan Study
0061315419: In Defense of Anarchism
0061315451: Historian's Fallacie
0061315486: Makers of Arab History
0061315494: English Revolution 1660
0061315508: Black Death
0061315524: Forge and the Crucible, The: The Origins and Structures of Alchem
0061315540: The economic consequences of the peace (Harper torchbooks, TB 1554)
0061315559: Civilizational Process
0061315567: Power, Property, and History: Barnave's Introduction to the French Revolution and Other Writings
0061315575: Prophets
0061315583: Karl Marx: essential writings (The Essential writings of the great philosophers)
0061315664: Issues in Science and Religion
0061315710: Social Historians in Contemporary Franc
0061315729: Harlem : The Making of a Ghetto, 1890-1930
0061315737: The morality of civil disobedience
0061315753: Observation and Explanation:a Guide to Philosophy of Science
0061315788: Great Illusion 1900-1914
0061315796: Dynamics of Counterrevolution in Europe
0061315818: The Thirty Years War, 1618-1648 (Harper torchbooks)
0061315826: The revolutions of 1848, (Harper torchbooks, TB 1582)
0061315834: The mass strike: The political party and the trade unions, and the Junius pamphlet (Harper torchbooks)
0061315850: Problems of Mind: Descartes to Wittgenstein
0061315869: WHAT IS KNOWLEDGE?
0061315877: Moral Equivalent of War, and Other Essays
0061315893: Productive Thinking
0061315907: Race and color in Islam (Harper torchbooks, TB 1590)
0061315915: Reflections on community Studies
0061315923: Century of Chinese Revolution 1949
0061315931: Gobineau Selected Political Writings
0061315958: The Orphic Voice : poetry and natural history
0061315966: Enter Plato: Classical Greece and the Origins of Social Theory. Part II.
0061315974: The Development of the American Constitution 1877-1917
0061315982: The politics of new states;: A general analysis with case studies from eastern Asia, (Harper torchbooks, TB 1598)
0061315990: Surrealism: theater, arts, ideas (Harper torchbooks, TB 1599)
0061316016: The Sociological Study of Religion
0061316024: Marx Before Marxism
0061316032: Realism in Our Time
0061316040: The Political Theory of Anarchism
0061316059: The Philosophy of Martin Heidegger
0061316067: Technology and American Economic Growth
0061316075: Society of Renaissance Florence
0061316091: THE YEAR 1000
0061316105: Structuralism
0061316113: The Tenacity of Prejudice Anti-Semitism in Contemporary America
0061316164: William James;: The essential writings (Harper torchbooks, TB1616)
0061316172: The Constitution in Crisis Times 1918-1969
0061316199: Peasant uprisings in seventeenth-century France, Russia, and China (Great revolutions)
0061316202: World of the French Revolution
0061316229: Physics and Beyond
0061316237: The Three Crowns of Florence : Humanist Assessments of Dante, Petrarca, and Boccaccio
0061316245: Colonial Legacy Volume Loyalist Historian
0061316253: The Colonial Legacy, Vol. II, Some Eighteenth-Century Commentators
0061316261: Political Violence and Civil Disobedience
0061316288: The French Right (From De Maistre to Maurras)
0061316296: Canton under communism; programs and politics in a provincial capital, 1949-1968.
0061316326: Morality : An Introduction to Ethics
0061316334: The underlying reality of language and its philosophical import, (Harper essays
0061316342: Oneida: Utopian community to modern corporation (Harper Torchbooks)
0061316369: The American colonial crisis: The Daniel Leonard-John Adams letters to the press, 1774-1775 (American perspectives)
0061316385: Philosophy,: An introduction (Harper torchbooks, TB 1638)
0061316393: Quintessence of Satrism
0061316458: Saga of Coe Ridge
0061316474: The Removal of the Choctaw Indians.
0061316490: No Clear and Present Danger : A Skeptical View of the U. S. Entry into World War II
0061316504: The Social Frameworks of Knowledge.
0061316512: Broken World
0061316520: American Civilization the First Machine Age, 1890-1940
0061316539: The Emerging Nations and the American Revolution
0061316555: TO PURGE THIS LAND WITH BLOOD A Biography of John Brown
0061316563: Distant Magnet European Emigration to U. S. A.
0061316598: Buddhist Wisdom Books: The Diamond Sutra & The Heart Sutra
0061316601: Upanishads, Gita and Bible
0061316628: Promise of Wisdom
0061316636: The Grundrisse.
0061316644: Marx's Theory of Alienation.
0061316660: God's Englishman : Oliver Cromwell and the English Revolution
0061316679: Box Man: A Professional Thief's Journey
0061316687: Reconstruction the Great Experiment
0061316695: Theories of Nationalism
0061316709: American Education : The Colonial Experience, 1607-1783
0061316717: Economy and society in early modern Europe;: Essays from Annales (Harper torchbooks)
0061316733: The Passing of the Modern Age
0061316741: The panic of the gods and other essays (Harper torchbooks, TB1674)
0061316768: Towards Deep Subjectivity
0061316776: Not in God's Image : A History of Women in Europe from the Greeks to the Nineteenth Century
0061316784: Causes of the English Revolution
0061316792: The Green Revolution
0061316806: America: A Dutch Historian's Vision, from Afar and Near. by Johan, Huizinga...
0061316814: Peacemaking & the Immoral War Arabs & Je
0061316822: Confucius : The Secular As Sacred
0061316830: The underground stream;: New life styles and the antinomian personality (Harper torchbooks, TB 1683)
0061316849: In Defense of Political Philosophy: A Reply to Robert Paul Wolff's In Defense of Anarchism
0061316857: Renaissance Concepts of Man and Other Essays
0061316865: On Certainty
0061316873: German Social Democracy 1905-1917, the Development of the Great Schism
0061316881: The Black Image in the White Mind; The Debate on Afro-American Character and Destiny, 1817-1914: The Debate on Afro-American Character and Destiny, 1817-1914
0061316938: Images of Asia : American views of China and India
0061316946: Imperial Democracy
0061316954: Byzantium an Introduction
0061316962: Popular attitudes toward birth control in pre-industrial France and England, (Basic conditions of life)
0061316970: The Moral Rules: A New Rational Foundation for Morality
0061316989: The Fragile Blossom : Crisis and Change in Japan
0061316997: Parents and Children in History: The Psychology of Family Life in Early Modern France.
0061317020: Debate on Europe, 1815-1850 (Harper torchbooks, TB 1702)
0061317055: African Civilisation in the New World
0061317063: The Rosary Murders
0061317101: Slavery and Race Relations in the Americas
0061317144: Psychoanalytic Interpretation of History
0061317179: Kingship of God
0061317187: The Discovery of the Individual, 1050-1200 by
0061317195: Military Force And American Society
0061317217: What is Called Thinking ?
0061317225: Sexual Love and Western Morality
0061317241: Sin & Society an Analysis of Latter Day
0061317268: Roots of Mankind the Story of Man and His
0061317276: Lucien Levy-Bruhl (Explorations in interpretative sociology)
0061317322: What Is Religion
0061317330: Sociology as a Skin Trade: Essays towards a Reflexive Sociology
0061317349: Renaissance Europe: Individual and Society, 1480-1520
0061317357: This Country Was Ours: A Documentary History of the American Indian,
0061317365: From Symbolism To Structuralism,LEvi-Strauss In A Literary Tradition
0061317373: India's Ex-Untouchables
0061317381: Winter, friendship, and guilt; the sources of self-inquiry (Harper torchbooks, TB 1738)
0061317403: Human Intelligence: Its Nature and Assessment
0061317411: Family, Communes, and Utopian Societies
0061317438: Sex in History
0061317446: The Politics of Unreason
0061317462: Pastmasters: Some Essays on American Historians
0061317497: Islam
0061317527: The End of the Modern Age
0061317543: Time of Need
0061317551: Main Trends in Interdisciplinary Research
0061317578: Family in History; Interdisciplinary Essays
0061317586: Applied Anthropology
0061317594: Bhagavad Gita
0061317608: What Washington said;: Administration rhetoric and the Vietnam War: 1949-1969 (Harper torchbooks)
0061317624: Introduction to Systems Philosophy Toward a New Paradigm of Contemporary Thought
0061317632: France in America
0061317640: The cult of the fact: A psychologist's autobiographical critique of his discipline (Harper torchbooks)
0061317659: A Social and Economic History of Medieval Europe
0061317683: Church and State in France, 1870 - 1914
0061317748: Peasant Wars of the 20th Century
0061317756: The Glorious Revolution in America
0061317764: Trauma of Birth
0061317772: Depth Psychology and a New Ethic
0061317780: Small Is Beautiful
0061317802: Main Trends in Psychology
0061317810: Main Trends in Sociology
0061317829: History: Professional Scholarship in America
0061317837: Autobiography of St. Ignatius Loyola
0061317845: New Kind of History from the Writings of Lucien Fe
0061317861: A History of Medieval Philosophy
0061317888: Chile: a historical interpretation (Crosscurrents in Latin America)
0061317896: Work and Community in the West
0061317926: The Autonomy of Reason: A Commentary on Kant's Groundwork of the Metaphysic of Morals.
0061317969: Mysticism & Morality Oriental Thought &
0061317977: Animals and Man in Historical Perspective
0061318019: Mental Illness and Psychology
0061318027: Chinese Economy, The
0061318078: A commentary on Jean-Paul Sartre's Being and nothingness (Harper torchbooks)
0061318086: The emergence of leisure (Basic conditions of life)
0061318094: Main Trends in the Science of Language
0061318124: New Criminology for a Social Theory of Deviance
0061318132: Radical Visions and American Dreams: Culture and Social Thought in the Depression Years
0061318159: From Honey to Ashes : An Introduction to a Science of Mythology
0061318167: Direct Action and Liberal Democracy
0061318175: Riddle of the Sphinx
0061318205: Race and History and Other Essays
0061318221: Ancien Regime French Society 1600-1750 (Harper Torchbooks)
0061318264: Society and Culture in America 1830-1860
0061318272: Auguste Comte and Positivism: The Essential Writings
0061318299: Ecology and Religion in History
0061318302: Cannibalism: Human aggression and cultural form (Harper torchbooks ; TB 1830)
0061318310: Hegel : The Essential Writings
0061318329: The Place of the Sciences of Man in the system of sciences
0061318345: Anarchy in Action
0061318353: Hilter - Legend Myth And Reality
0061318361: Capitalism and Material Life 1400 - 1800
0061318396: Thought of Karl Marx
0061318418: Making sense together: An introduction to wild sociology (Harper torchbooks ; TB1841)
0061318426: Logic And Transcendence
0061318442: My Brother Paul
0061318450: The class structure of the advanced societies (Harper torchbooks ; TB 1845)
0061318469: Tactics and Ethics
0061318477: Identity & Difference
0061318485: The history of childhood (Harper Torchbooks ; TB 1848)
0061318558: Indian in America
0061318566: The Other South
0061318574: Pathos of Power
0061318582: Fields, Factories and Workshops Tomorrow
0061318590: Across the Frontiers
0061318604: Marx Without Myth: A Chronological Study of His Life and Work
0061318612: Energy for Man
0061318620: The Age of Bureaucracy: Perspectives on the political sociology of Max Weber
0061318639: European diet from pre-industrial to modern times (Basic conditions of life)
0061318663: Book of the Cranberry Islands
0061318698: Hegel on Tragedy
0061318833: TWIST OF SAND
0061318841: Italian Fascisms from Pareto to Gentile
0061318876: The Emancipation of the American Woman
0061318892: Quarrels That Have Shaped the Constituti (Harper torchbooks)
0061318906: Cold War as History
0061318957: The New Heavens And New Earth
0061318965: The Positivist Dispute in German Sociology
0061318981: Hummingbird and the Hawk : Conquest and Sovereignty in the Valley of Mexico, 1503-1541
0061319007: The Information Machines: Their Impact on Men and the Media
0061319015: The Archaeology of Knowledge
0061319023: Against the Law: the Nixon Court and Criminal Justice
0061319031: WAITING FOR GOD
0061319058: Religion of the Chinese People
0061319066: Children of the Desert
0061319074: Meaning of the Twentieth Century
0061319082: Europe Hierarchy & Revolt 1320 1450
0061319090: Rene Descartes
0061319104: Hymn of the Universe
0061319112: International Conflict for Beginners
0061319120: Rise of David Levinsky
0061319139: Patterns of sexual behavior (Harper Torch books)
0061319147: Physical control of the mind: Toward a psychocivilized society (Harper torchbooks)
0061319198: The Party's Over the Failure of Politics in America
0061319228: Britain and America : An Interpretation of Their Cultures, 1945-1975
0061319236: Organized labor in Latin America: Historical case studies of workers in dependent societies (Crosscurrents in Latin America)
0061319244: Joachim of Fiore and the Prophetic Future
0061319260: John Dewey
0061319287: Popular Culture in Early Modern Europe
0061319295: Impending Crisis
0061319309: The Corporations and the State
0061319317: Righteous Empire
0061319325: Plautus Three Comedies
0061319333: Historian as Detective : Essays on Evidence
0061319341: Theft of the Nation The Structure and Operations of Organized Crime in America
0061319384: Experience of Nothingness
0061319392: Seven Who Shaped Our Destiny : The Founding Fathers As Revolutionaries
0061319406: Where the Law Ends : Social Control of Corporate Behavior
0061319414: On Time and Being
0061319430: Myths, Dreams and Mysteries : The Encounter Between Contemporary Faiths and Archaic Realities
0061319449: The Limits of the City (Harper Torchbooks; Tb1944)
0061319457: Love in the Western World
0061319465: At the Edge of History Speculations On T
0061319473: MEN, IDEAS & POLITICS
0061319481: We're in the Money
0061319511: Evil and World Order/Tb1951
0061319538: Models of Madness, Models of Medicine
0061319554: Myths, Rites, Symbols: A Mircea Eliade Reader
0061319589: Community Technology
0061319600: Inequality
0061319635: The Cuban Revolution
0061319643: Not for the Poor Alone
0061319651: Confederate Nation 1861-1865
0061319686: Creativity and Taoism
0061319694: Question Concerning Technology, and Other Essays
0061319708: Senator Joe McCarthy
0061319732: Age of Discontinuity : Guidelines to Our Changing Society
0061319740: Myths of Analysis : Three Essays in Archetypal Psychology
0061319759: Leadership
0061319767: King Solomon's Ring
0061319775: Endgame: The Inside Story of Salt II
0061319791: Family, Sex and Marriage in England 1500-1800
0061319813: China Difference
0061319821: All Our Kin : Strategies for Survival in a Black Community
0061319848: Manufacture of Madness
0061319856: Out of Our Past : The Forces That Shaped Modern America
0061319864: ANPANO : An American Indian Odyssey
0061319872: Militant Islam
0061319880: Decline of an Empire
0061319899: History of the World
0061319910: Problem Solving Therapy : New Strategies for Effective Family Therapy
0061319929: Mao (Harper Torchbooks)
0061319937: Native American Testimony: An Anthology of Indian and White Relations : First Encounter to Dispossession (Harper Torchbooks)
0061319945: Say It with Figures
0061319953: The Sociobiology Debate (Harper Torchbooks)
0061319961: Lowell Offering : Writings by New England Mill Women, 1840-1845
0061319988: Sentimental Imperialists
0061320528: Vietnam Reconsidered : Lessons from a War
0061320536: Good Work
0061320544: Forgotten Truth : The Primordial Tradition
0061320552: Japan As Number One : Lessons for America
0061320560: Gestalt Therapy Now: Theory Techniques Applications
0061320579: Unemployment in History : Economic Thought and Public Policy
0061320587: Unraveling of America : A History of Liberalism in the 1960s
0061320609: Women in Music
0061320617: North American Discovery to First Settlements
0061320633: Mortal Danger : How Misconceptions about Russia Imperil America
0061320641: Tale of O : On Being Different in an Organization
0061320668: Tangled Wing Biological Constraints On
0061320676: The Oak and the Calf
0061320684: Cunning of History
0061320692: Protestant Reformation, 1517-1559 : The Rise of Modern Europe
0061320706: Story of Rock
0061320714: In Search of Identity : An Autobiography
0061320722: Either/Or
0061320749: Revolutionary Age of Andrew Jackson
0061320757: A History of the English People
0061320838: First and Second Discourse, Together with Replies to the Critics, and Essays on the Origin of Languages
0061320846: Quarrels That Have Shaped the Constitution
0061320862: Deschooling Society
0061320870: Mental Health or Mental Illness
0061320889: The World of the Crucible: The Rise of Modern Europe 1914-1919
0061320897: Growing Minds
0061320900: Individualism and Commitment in American Life : Reading on the Themes of Habits of the Heart
0061320935: Language and the Woman's Place
0061320951: Conquest of America
0061330019: Western Intellectual
0061330027: The Dawn Of A New Era 1250-1453
0061330035: The World of Humanism, 1453-1517.
0061330051: Cultural Life of the American Colonies 1607-1763
0061330078: The Coming Revolution 1763-1775
0061330086: Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy
0061330108: The Emergence of the Great Powers, 1685-1715, The Rise of Modern Europe
0061330116: American Revolution, 1775-1783
0061330124: Far Western Frontier, 1830-1860
0061330159: Short History of the Chinese People.
0061330167: Quest for Security, 1715-1740
0061330183: Decade of Revolution, 1789-1799
0061330205: Politics, Reform and Expansion 1890-1900
0061330213: America's Rise to World Power, 1898-1954
0061330221: Era of Theodore Roosevelt : 1900-1912
0061330256: Franklin D. Roosevelt
0061330264: The Cultural Life of the New Nation (1776-1830)
0061330272: Federalist Era, Seventeen Eighty Nine to Eighteen-One
0061330280: The Jacksonian Era 1828-1848
0061330299: THE CRUSADE AGAINST SLAVERY 1830-1860
0061330302: The Great Ascent: The Struggle for Economic Development in Our Time
0061330345: Reaction & Revolution: 1814-1832 (Rise of Modern Europe)
0061330388: Realism and Nationalism 1852-1871
0061330396: A Generation of Materialism, 1871-1900
0061330418: Republican Ascendancy, Nineteen Twenty One to Nine
0061330485: The Negro in America.
0061330523: Notes on the State of Virginia (Torchbks.)
0061330612: Awakening of American Nationalism, 1815-1828
0061330639: Century of Dishonor
0061330736: Women and Economics : A Study of the Economic Relation Between Men and Women As a Factor in Social Evolution
0061330744: Fool's Errand : A Novel of the South During Reconstruction
0061330779: Spain in America
0061330841: Colonies in Transition, 1660-1713
0061360082: Religion, Order and Law: A Study in Pre-Revolutionary England
0061360171: Yves Bonnefoy
0061360228: The Risorgimento: Thought & Action
0061360252: In Defense of Anarchism.
0061360279: What Philosophy Is: A Guide to the Elements
0061360317: Anarchy in Action
0061360341: The Thirty Years War 1618-1648
0061360384: Technology and American Growth
0061360406: Reform and Continuity: The Electoral College, the Convention, and the Party System,
0061360422: Philosophy of Logic
0061360449: From the life and work of C. G. Jung (A Torchbook library edition, 44)
0061360457: Assassinations and the political order (A Torchbook library edition)
0061360465: Observation & Explanation: A Guide to Philosophy of Science
0061360481: Max Weber and Sociology Today
0061360511: Everyday Life in the Modern World
0061360538: The Colonial Legacy - Some Eighteenth-century Commentators
0061360546: The good society;: A book of readings (A Torchbook library edition) by...
0061360562: Discovery of the Individual, 1050-1200
0061360570: African civilisations in the New World (A Torchbook library edition)
0061360589: The distant magnet;: European emigration to the U.S.A (A Torchbook library ed)
0061360597: Not in God's Image: Women in History from the Greeks to the Victorians
0061360643: The Duino Elegies
0061360651: America: A Dutch Historian's Vision, From Afar and Near
0061360686: The Origins of Fascism in Italy
0061360694: Theories of Nationalism
0061360724: Wilderness and the Laurel Tree
0061360732: History of Medieval Philosophy
0061360740: Economy and Society in Early Modern Europe
0061360759: Surrealism Theater, Art, Ideas
0061360775: Towards Deep Subjectivity
0061360783: Revolution
0061360791: Harvey Wasserman's History of the United States
0061360805: THE ILLUSION An Essay on Politics, Theatre & the Novel
0061360813: Lucien Levy-Bruhl
0061360864: From Symbolism to Structuralism, Levi-Strauss in a Literary Tradition
0061360953: Social Change in America: The Twentieth Century
0061360961: Causes of the English Revolution, 1529-1642
0061360996: Military Force and American Society
0061361038: Sociology As a Skin Trade
0061361062: The Politics of Punishment: A Critical Analysis of Prisons in America.
0061361070: Renaissance concepts of man, and other essays by Kristeller, Paul Oskar
0061361097: Five Experimental Colleges
0061361143: Church and state in France, 1870-1914
0061361151: The Cult of the Fact: A Psychologist's Autobiographical Critique of His...
0061361178: A New Kind of History from the Writings of Febve.
0061361186: Applied anthropology
0061361224: Small is Beautiful Economics as if People Mattered
0061361240: The Chinese Economy
0061361259: What Is Science For?
0061361267: After deschooling, what? By Ivan Illich and others Edited by Alan Gartner, Colin Greer, and Frank Riessman.
0061361275: Theatricality a Study of Convention in the Theatre and in Social Life
0061361283: Tactics and Ethics, Political Essays 1919 - 1929
0061361305: THE MAFIA OF A SICILIAN VILLAGE 1860-1960/ A Study of Violent Peasant Entrepreneurs
0061361313: Chile: A Historical Interpretation.
0061361364: Marxism and History
0061361410: The German nation and Martin Luther
0061361429: The AGe of the Bureaucracy
0061361437: The Universe of Experience : A Worldview Beyond Science and Religion
0061361526: On social ideas and ideologies. Edited, translated, and annotated by E.G. Jacoby.
0061361615: Fields, factories and workshops tomorrow
0061361682: Ideology and the Ideologists
0061361690: Evolution Illustrated by Waterfowl
0061361704: History and the Dialectic of Violence (Explorations in Interpretative Sociology Ser.)
0061361712: Gurvitch
0061361720: The Religion of the Chinese People
0061361747: The Notebooks on Primitive Mentality
0061361763: Community: A Critical Response
0061361771: False Consciousness: An Essay on Reification
0061361798: A General Theory Of Secularization
0061380091: Philosophy in the Twentieth Century : Volume 1
0061380105: Philosophy in the Twentieth Century Volume 2
0061380113: Philosophy in the Twentieth Century. Vol. 3: Contemporary European Thought
0061381497: Nietzsche
0061382191: The United States and World War II : Military and Diplomatic Documents
0061384178: Reform, war, and reaction: 1912-1932 (Documentary history of the United States)
0061384186: The recovery of France in the fifteenth century (Stratum series)
0061384194: The First Stages of Modernization in Spanish America
0061384372: Assassinations and the Political Order
0061384550: Imperialism
0061384755: Mediterranean fascism, 1919-1945, (Documentary history of Western civilization)
0061384828: Pattern and Meaning in History: Thoughts on History and Society
0061385662: America as a world power, 1872-1945
0061385670: America in a divided world, 1945-1972 (Documentary history of the United States)
0061385727: Abolition and Social Justice in the Era of Reform
0061386294: Portraits From the Quattrocento
0061386308: The Transformation of American Society, 1870-1890,
0061386405: Myth, Legend and Custom in the Old Testament: A Comparative Study With Chapters from Sir James G. Frazer's Folklore in the Old Testament
0061386413: Myth, Legend, and Custom in the Old Testament: A Comparative Study with Chapters from Sir James G. Frazer's Folklore in the Old Testament -- Volume Two 2
0061387606: A Life of Jesus
0061387886: Romanticism,
0061387894: Immigrant in American History
0061387908: Religion in the American experience: The pluralistic style (Documentary history of the United States)
0061387916: The age of Bismarck;: Documents and interpretations, (Documentary history of Western civilization)
0061388238: God in Search of Man: A Philosophy of Judaism
0061388408: The Protestant Reformation
0061388831: The First World War
0061388858: China Lobby in American Politics
0061388904: Renaissance Essays
0061389129: Political and Social Upheaval 1832-1852
0061389161: The New Deal: A Documentary History,
0061389218: The Crusade Against Slavery, 1830-1860
0061389234: The Recovery of France in the Fifteenth Century
0061389242: Islam
0061389366: The long generation;: Germany from empire to ruin, 1913-1945 (Documentary history of Western civilization)
0061389552: International Fascism: 1920 - 1945
0061392324: Symbols, Signals, and Noise: The Nature and Process of Communication.
0061392448: North American discovery: circa 1000-1612, (Documentary history of the United States)
0061393428: The age of Jackson, (Documentary history of the United States)
0061393509: Century of Louis XIV
0061393657: Military Force & American Society
0061394157: The transcendent unity of religions (Harper torchbooks ; TB 1818)
0061394904: Realism, Naturalism and Symbolism: Modes of Thought and Expression in Europe, 1848-1914.
0061395005: War, Diplomacy & Imperialism, Sixteen Eighteen to Seventeen Sixty-Three (Documentary History of Western Civilization Ser.)
0061395250: The Three Crowns of Florence: Humanist Assessments of Dante, Petrarca and Boccaccio
0061396257: Religion in Essence
0061396265: Religion in Essence and Manifestation - A Study in Phenomenology (Volume Two)
0061396419: The Puritan tradition in America, 1620-1730 (Documentary history of the United States)
0061397105: Metternichs Europe 1813 1848
0061397156: Hegel, the Essential Writings
0061400408: Vascular Disorders of the Extremities
0061400459: Marital & sexual counseling in medical practice
0061400564: Diseases of Muscle: A Study in Pathology
0061400572: Diseases of Muscle
0061402591: Nutritional Support of Medical Practice
0061402656: Behavioral Treatment of Sexual Problems: Brief Therapy
0061402680: Hemodynamic monitoring in the critically ill
0061402699: Multiple Myeloma and Related Disorders
0061403113: The Human Nervous System
0061403121: The human nervous system: An anatomic viewpoint
0061403148: The human nervous system;: An anatomical viewpoint
0061404101: Retinal Detachment: Diagnosis and Management
0061404241: Behavioral Change In Cerebrovascular Disease
0061404624: Essentials of Pharmacology: Introduction to the Principles of Drug Action
0061404640: Essentials of pharmacology: Introduction to the principles of drug action
0061405213: Invisible Loyalties: Reciprocity in Intergenerational Family Therapy
0061405221: Intensive Family Therapy
0061405477: Movement Therapy in Hemiplegia
0061405485: A primer of clinical diagnosis
0061405507: A primer of clinical diagnosis
0061405957: Sex Therapy: A Behavioral Approach
0061406228: Aging : Its Complex Management
0061406252: Bleeding Problems:Diagnosis & Treatment : Diagnosis & Treatment
0061406260: Obstetric Emergencies
0061406325: Synopsis of Gross Anatomy
0061406333: Synopsis of gross anatomy: With clinical correlations
0061406368: The Human Adrenal Cortex
0061406376: Electrocardiography; practical applications with vectorial principles
0061406384: ECG diagnosis: self assessment
0061406414: Ecg Diagnosis: Self Assessment
0061406422: Electrocardiography: Practical applications with vectorial principles
0061406449: Manual of Electroneuromyography
0061406465: Biochemistry of neural disease
0061406635: Medical terminology and the body systems
0061406678: Vascular Surgery
0061406848: Obstetrics and Gynecology
0061406864: Primer of serology by Delaat, Adrian N. C
0061406880: Ova and parasites: Medical parasitology for the laboratory technologist
0061406899: The Language of Medicine: Its Evolution, Structure and Dynamics
0061406910: Microbiology
0061406929: The Neurologic Examination
0061406945: Female Sex Anomalies
0061406953: Divergent Views in Psychiatry
0061406961: Obstetrics and Gynecology
0061407259: Virology
0061407828: Immunology
0061407836: Otolaryngology: A textbook
0061407917: Perinatal Medicine
0061407968: Systematic Endocrinology.
0061408182: Cardiac Diagnosis and Treatment
0061408220: Gastrointestinal Imaging in Pediatrics 2nd
0061408247: Human Embryology: A Regional Approach
0061408263: Cardiac Arrhythmias: Diagnosis And Treatment. Second Edition.
0061408336: Gastrointestinal radiology in pediatrics
0061408344: Clinical Immunology
0061408417: Endocrinology of Pregnancy
0061408433: Allergy and Immunology of the Eye
0061408484: Atlas of Total Body Radionuclide Imaging. 2 Vols.
0061409103: Modern Radiation Oncology
0061409111: Modern Radiation Oncology
0061409154: Clinical Reasoning in Patient Care
0061409227: Urologic Surgery
0061409413: Neuro-ophthalmology
0061409421: The clinical approach to exercise testing
0061409456: The Human Brain: A Photographic Guide
0061409545: Gynecologic endocrinology
0061409561: Gynaecologic Endocrinology
0061409812: Ear Diseases, Deafness, and Dizziness,hc,79
0061410101: Applied Biochemistry of Clinical Disorders
0061410667: Human reproduction; conception and contraception
0061410748: Radiobiology for the Radiologist
0061410772: Radiobiology for the Radiologist
0061410780: Food for nought;: The decline in nutrition
0061411108: Textbook for childbirth educators
0061411523: An Atlas of Cross-Sectional Anatomy: Computed Tomography, Ultrasound, Radiography, Gross Anatomy.
0061411817: Clinical Chemistry : Principles and Technics, Second Edition
0061411876: Urology : A View through the Retrospectroscope
0061411884: Handbook of Urology
0061411906: Laboratory Instrumentation
0061411914: Laboratory instrumentation
0061411957: Infectious diseases; A guide to the understanding and management of infectious processes,
0061411965: Infectious Diseases
0061411973: Infectious Diseases
0061412627: Textbook of anatomy
0061412635: Textbook of Anatomy
0061413569: Schuell's Aphasia in adults;: Diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment
0061414018: Practicum of Group Psychotherapy
0061414298: Management of Common Muscular Skeletal Disorders
0061414344: Agents of Bacterial Disease
0061414387: Gesell and Amatruda's Developmental Diagnosis; The Evaluation and Management of Normal and Abnormal Neuropsychologic Development in Infancy and Early
0061414778: Visual evoked potentials in central disorders of the visual system
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