0521012368: King Lear Audio Cassettes
0521012384: Molière : A Theatrical Life
0521012406: Piracy in the Graeco-Roman World
0521012414: Herodotus in Context : Ethnography, Science and the Art of Persuasion
0521012430: Ancient Middle Niger : Urbanism and the Self-Organizing Landscape
0521012457: Cambridge Companion to Contemporary Irish Poetry
0521012465: Cambridge Companion to Homer
0521012503: Life Cycle of Antarctic Krill in Relation to Ice and Water Conditions (Oceanography Discovery Reports)
0521012538: Primer of Analytic Number Theory : From Pythagoras to Riemann
0521012546: Hilary Putnam
0521012597: SMP Interact for GCSE Bk. H1, Pt. A : Pathfinder Edition
0521012627: European Integration, 1950-2003
0521012643: Child Rearing in America
0521012686: Livewire Real Lives Peter Brock
0521012694: Reading the Holocaust
0521012708: Golem at Large : What You Should Know about Technology
0521012716: Language Death
0521012732: Bigger Bang
0521012740: Short History of Western Performance Space
0521012791: SMP Interact for GCSE Practice : Pathfinder Edition
0521012805: Levinas and Theology
0521012813: French Impressionists
0521012848: Descartes and Augustine
0521012880: Bäcklund and Darboux Transformations : Geometry and Modern Applications in Soliton Theory
0521012945: NRSV Standard Text Edition Hardback with Jacket NRHB
0521012996: Law and Protestantism : The Legal Teachings of the Lutheran Reformation
0521013135: Teachers' Narrative Inquiry as Professional Development
0521013143: New Theatre Quarterly 69
0521013178: Architectural Research Quarterly
0521013194: Architectural Research Quarterly
0521013208: Architectural Research Quarterly
0521013224: Petitions in Social History
0521013240: European Culture in the Great War : The Arts, Entertainment and Propaganda, 1914-1918
0521013275: Gender in the Early Medieval World : East and West, 300-900
0521013283: Divided Welfare State : The Battle over Public and Private Social Benefits in the United States
0521013305: Issues in Testing Business English : The Revision of the Cambridge Business English Certificates
0521013313: Continuity and Innovation : Revising the Cambridge Proficiency in English Examination 1913-2002
0521013321: Modular Approach to Testing English Language Skills : The Development of the Certificates in English Language Skills (CELS) Examinations
0521013356: Cambridge IELTS 3 Audio Cassette Set : Examination Papers from the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate ABRIDGED
0521013364: Cambridge IELTS 3 Audio CD Set : Examination papers from the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate
0521013372: Cambridge IELTS 3 Self-Study Pack : Examination Papers from the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate
0521013585: Playing With History
0521013895: International Law Commission's Articles on State Responsibility : Introduction, Text and Commentaries
0521013976: Blob Can Blink!
0521014093: Giant of the Sky
0521014131: Charlie Chimpanzee
0521014174: Star in a Marmalade Jar
0521014239: Billy Bear and the Pear Tree Fairy
0521014255: Haunted House
0521014271: Gertie the Goat
0521014670: Epidemic Modelling : An Introduction
0521014727: Mantle Plumes and Their Record in Earth History
0521014913: Case
0521015006: Climate Change 2001 : Contribution of Working Group II to the Third Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
0521015014: Four Musical Minimalists : La Monte Young, Terry Riley, Steve Reich, Philip Glass
0521015022: Climate Change 2001
0521015073: Climate Change 2001 : Third Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
0521016258: Risk and Reason : Safety, Law, and the Environment
0521016274: Theoretical Astrophysics
0521016282: Agriculture
0521016290: Bringing Ritual to Mind : Psychological Foundations of Cultural Forms
0521016304: Indelible Shadows : Film and the Holocaust
0521016312: Uses of Nostalgia in Contemporary Art and Film
0521016320: Psychobiology of Personality
0521016347: The Oceans and Climate
0521016355: Family and Social Policy in Japan : Anthropological Approaches
0521016363: Forager-Traders in South and Southeast Asia
0521016371: Cambridge Companion to the African American Novel
0521016428: Limits of the Human : Fictions of Anomaly, Race and Gender in the Long Eighteenth Century
0521016444: Elections Without Order
0521016452: Comparative Historical Analysis in the Social Sciences
0521016479: History of Thailand
0521016487: Designing Federalism : A Theory of Self-Sustainable Federal Institutions
0521016509: Grammar, Gesture, and Meaning in American Sign Language
0521016517: Extensive Reading Activities for Teaching Language
0521016525: Saving Languages
0521016533: Analyzing Grammar
0521016541: Analyzing Syntax : A Lexical-Functional Approach
0521016568: Adam Smith's Marketplace of Life
0521016576: Cambridge Companion to Science Fiction
0521016584: Magnetic Materials : Fundamentals and Device Applications
0521016630: Earth and Environmental Science : The HSC Course
0521016665: Geology of the Southwest
0521016673: Claude Lévi-Strauss : The Formative Years
0521016681: Exploring Twentieth-Century Music
0521016703: Ecological Economics : An Introduction
0521016711: International Law from Below
0521016738: Cambridge Companion to Martin Luther
0521016746: China's Long March toward Rule of Law
0521016754: Modern British Drama : The Twentieth Century
0521016789: Mathematics of Oz : Mental Gymnastics from Beyond the Edge
0521016800: Health of Nations : Society and Law Beyond the State
0521016819: Letters of D. H. Lawrence
0521016827: Indian Business and Nationalist Politics 1931-39 : The Indigenous Capitalist Class and the Rise of the Congress Party
0521016835: Judas Maccabaeus : The Jewish Struggle Against the Seleucids
0521016843: Logic of the History of Ideas
0521016851: Developing Professional-Level Language Proficiency
0521016878: Differential Equations
0521016886: Nietzsche : The Anti-Christ, Ecce Homo, Twilight of the Idols
0521016894: Cambridge Companion to Critical Theory
0521016916: Competition Policy : Theory and Practice
0521016924: Sustaining Abundance : Environmental Performance in Industrial Democracies
0521016932: Contemporary Voices of White Nationalism in America
0521016940: Politics and the Russian Army
0521016959: IMF and Economic Development
0521016975: Transforming Labor-Based Parties in Latin America : Argentine Peronism in Comparative Perspective
0521016983: Race and Regionalism in the Politics of Taxation in Brazil and South Africa
0521016991: States, Parties, and Social Movements
0521017009: Evolution of Presidential Polling
0521017025: Charles Darwin in Australia
0521017033: Economic Dynamics
0521017068: Remarkable Physicists : From Galileo to Yukawa
0521017076: Maths
0521017084: Scientific Method in Practice
0521017092: Nationalism and Particularity
0521017106: Detection of Light : From the Ultraviolet to the Submillimeter
0521017114: In Search of Respect : Selling Crack in el Barrio
0521017122: English Pronouncing Dictionary
0521017130: English Pronouncing Dictionary with CD-ROM
0521017149: Treatment of Drinking Problems : A Guide for the Helping Professions
0521017157: Discrete Choice Methods with Simulation
0521017165: Mind, Reason and Imagination : Selected Essays in Philosophy of Mind and Language
0521017181: Interactive Introduction to Mathematical Analysis
0521017203: Contexts of Kinship : An Essay in the Family Sociology of the Gonja of Northern Ghana (Cambridge Studies in Social and Cultural Anthropology)
0521017211: The English Wool Trade in the Middle Ages
0521017238: Rationality and Intelligence
0521017246: Principles of Earthquake Source Mechanics (Cambridge Monographs on Mechanics)
0521017254: Developmental Biology of Fern Gametophytes
0521017262: This Side Up : Spatial Determination in the Early Development of Animals (Developmental and Cell Biology Series)
0521017270: Molecular Astrophysics : A Volume Honouring Alexander Dalgarno
0521017289: Eddington's Search for a Fundamental Theory : A Key to the Universe
0521017297: Arabian Studies 8 (University of Cambridge Oriental Publications)
0521017300: Theory Construction and Selection in Modern Physics : The S Matrix
0521017319: Finite Element Plasticity and Metalforming Analysis
0521017327: Tapestry of Orbits
0521017335: Foundations of Geomagnetism
0521017343: The Lund Model (Cambridge Monographs on Particle Physics, Nuclear Physics and Cosmology)
0521017351: Approaches to Numerical Relativity
0521017386: Arabian Epic : Heroic and Oral Storytelling
0521017394: The Arabian Epic: Volume 2, Analysis : Heroic and Oral Storytelling (University of Cambridge Oriental Publications)
0521017408: The Arabian Epic : Heroic and Oral Story-telling (University of Cambridge Oriental Publications)
0521017416: Polarons and Bipolarons in High-Tc Superconductors and Related Materials
0521017424: Biogeochemistry of Intertidal Sediments (Cambridge Environmental Chemistry Series)
0521017432: Schenker's Interpretive Practice (Cambridge Studies in Music Theory and Analysis)
0521017440: Does the Weather Really Matter?
0521017459: The Sea Surface and Global Change
0521017467: Syriac Version of the Old Testament
0521017475: Leper King and his Heirs : Baldwin IV and the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem
0521017483: Milton and the Natural World : Science and Poetry in Paradise Lost
0521017491: Ocean Waves and Oscillating Systems : Linear Interactions Including Wave-Energy Extraction
0521017505: The Mind at Work
0521017513: The Electrical Properties of Disordered Metals (Cambridge Solid State Science Series)
0521017521: Meiosis (Developmental and Cell Biology Series)
0521017548: Vortex Element Methods for Fluid Dynamic Analysis of Engineering Systems (Cambridge Engine Technology Series)
0521017556: Kin Recognition
0521017564: Dirac : A Scientific Biography
0521017572: Genetics and Evolution of the Domestic Fowl
0521017580: Circuits for Electronic Instrumentation
0521017599: Elementary Particles and the Universe : Essays in Honor of Murray Gell-Mann
0521017602: Lectures in Parallel Computation (Cambridge International Series on Parallel Computation)
0521017610: Edwin Hubble, the Discoverer of the Big Bang Universe
0521017629: Introduction to Optics and Lasers in Engineering
0521017637: Hydrodynamics And Nonlinear Instabilities
0521017645: Bird Nests and Construction Behaviour
0521017653: Flow Measurement Handbook : Industrial Designs, Operating Principles, Performance, and Applications
0521017661: Statistical Energy Analysis : An Overview, with Applications in Structural Dynamics
0521017688: Biomimetic Sensor Technology
0521017696: Human Demography and Disease
0521017718: Companion Animals And Us
0521017726: Metal Forming Analysis
0521017734: Human Growth : Assessment and Interpretation
0521017742: Engineering and Product Development Management : The Holistic Approach
0521017750: Formal Engineering Design Synthesis
0521017769: Biology of Plagues : Evidence from Historical Populations
0521017777: Familial Breast and Ovarian Cancer : Genetics, Screening and Management
0521017785: Particle Physics and the Schrödinger Equation
0521017793: Optical Solitons : Theory and Experiment (Cambridge Studies in Modern Optics)
0521017807: Hydroelasticity of Ships
0521017815: The Human Brain
0521017823: Climate Variability, Climate Change and Fisheries
0521017831: Introduction to Astronomical Photometry
0521017858: Mineralogical Applications of Crystal Field Theory (Cambridge Topics in Mineral Physics and Chemistry)
0521017866: Cylindrical Antennas and Arrays
0521017874: Biophysical Labeling Methods in Molecular Biology
0521017882: Highly Excited Atoms (Cambridge Monographs on Atomic, Molecular and Chemical Physics)
0521017890: Nonlinear Spatio-Temporal Dynamics and Chaos in Semiconductors
0521017904: Chaos in Atomic Physics
0521017912: The Physics of Laser-Atom Interactions (Cambridge Studies in Modern Optics)
0521017920: Introduction to Octonion and Other Non-Associative Algebras in Physics (Montroll Memorial Lecture Series in Mathematical Physics)
0521017939: Control System Dynamics
0521017947: Dynamical Systems Approach to Turbulence (Cambridge Nonlinear Science Series)
0521017955: Reflection Electron Microscopy and Spectroscopy for Surface Analysis
0521017963: Delta-doping of Semiconductors
0521017971: Social Influences on Vocal Development
0521017998: Practical Introduction to the Simulation of Molecular Systems
0521018005: Plasma Processes for Semiconductor Fabrication
0521018013: Crystal-Field Engineering of Solid-State Laser Materials (Cambridge Studies in Modern Optics)
0521018021: Population and Climate Change
0521018048: Alloimmune Disorders of Pregnancy : Anaemia, Thrombocytopenia and Neutropenia in the Fetus and Newborn
0521018056: Phonons in Nanostructures
0521018064: Gravitational Solitons
0521018072: Cerebellum and Adaptive Control
0521018080: Inverse Problems in Atmospheric Constituent Transport (Cambridge Atmospheric and Space Science Series)
0521018099: Plasticity and Geomechanics
0521018102: Mossbauer Spectroscopy
0521018110: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Relaxation
0521018129: Relativistic Fluids and Magneto-fluids : With Applications in Astrophysics and Plasma Physics
0521018137: Skua and Penguin : Predator and Prey (Studies in Polar Research)
0521018145: Quantized Vortices in Helium II (Cambridge Studies in Low Temperature Physics)
0521018153: Adhesives in Civil Engineering
0521018161: The Bending and Stretching of Plates
0521018188: Crystals in Gels and Liesegang Rings
0521018196: Origins
0521018218: Dynamics in Atmospheric Physics
0521018226: Seismic Ray Theory
0521018234: Hadrons and Quark-Gluon Plasma
0521018242: Order in Thin Organic Films
0521018250: Chaos, Scattering and Statistical Mechanics (Cambridge Nonlinear Science Series)
0521018269: The Egalitarians, Human and Chimpanzee : An Anthropological View of Social Organization
0521018277: Whistler-mode Waves in a Hot Plasma
0521018285: The Measurement of Starlight : Two Centuries of Astronomical Photometry
0521018293: Programs, Recursion and Unbounded Choice (Cambridge Tracts in Theoretical Computer Science)
0521018307: Particle Field Holography (Cambridge Studies in Modern Optics)
0521018315: The Quaternary History of Scandinavia
0521018323: Impact on Composite Structures
0521018331: Electrons and Phonons in Semiconductor Multilayers
0521018358: Imaginal Discs : The Genetic and Cellular Logic of Pattern Formation
0521018366: Chemotherapeutic Targets in Parasites : Contemporary Strategies
0521018374: Prospects for Sustainable Energy : A Critical Assessment
0521018382: Identifying British Insects and Arachnids : An Annotated Bibliography of Key Works
0521018390: Electron Scattering for Nuclear and Nucleon Structure (Cambridge Monographs on Particle Physics, Nuclear Physics and Cosmology)
0521018404: Cognitive Ecology of Pollination : Animal Behaviour and Floral Evolution
0521018412: The Ecology of a Garden : The First Fifteen Years
0521018420: Sodium Hunger
0521018439: Magnetic Ceramics (Chemistry of Solid State Materials)
0521018447: Animals and Disease : An Introduction to the History of Comparative Medicine
0521018455: Nets, Terms and Formulas : Three Views of Concurrent Processes and their Relationship
0521018463: Atoms, Pneuma, and Tranquillity : Epicurean and Stoic Themes in European Thought
0521018471: Two-Level Functional Languages (Cambridge Tracts in Theoretical Computer Science)
0521018498: Theropithecus : The Rise and Fall of a Primate Genus
0521018501: Biochemistry and Physiology of the Neutrophil
0521018528: Human Energetics in Biological Anthropology
0521018536: Insect Migration : Tracking Resources through Space and Time
0521018544: Neuronal Growth Cones (Developmental and Cell Biology Series)
0521018552: Human Variability and Plasticity
0521018560: Foundations of Parallel Programming
0521018579: Physics and Chemistry at Oxide Surfaces
0521018587: Astronomical Polarimetry
0521018595: Electron Correlation Dynamics in Atomic Collisions (Cambridge Monographs on Atomic, Molecular and Chemical Physics)
0521018609: Cellular Aspects of Smooth Muscle Function
0521018617: Glasses for Photonics
0521018625: Carbon Cycle
0521018633: Cellular Neural Networks and Visual Computing : Foundations and Applications
0521018641: Primate Dentition : An Introduction to the Teeth of Non-human Primates
0521018668: Insect Pest Management and Ecological Research
0521018676: The Grip of Gravity
0521018684: Johannine Christology and the Early Church
0521018692: Gentile Mission Luke-Acts
0521018706: Soma in Biblical Theology : With Emphasis on Pauline Anthropology (Society for New Testament Studies Monograph Series)
0521018714: Melchizedek Tradition : A Critical Examination of the Sources to the Fifth Century A. D. and in the Epistle to the Hebrews
0521018722: On the Independence of Matthew and Mark (Society for New Testament Studies Monograph Series)
0521018730: Son of Man in the Teaching of Jesus
0521018749: Recits de Resurrection des Morts dans le Nouveau Testament
0521018757: Angels and Principalities : The Background, Meaning and Development of the Pauline Phrase hai archai kai hai Exousiai
0521018765: Revival Griesbach Hypothes
0521018773: Hebrews and Perfection : An Examination of the Concept of Perfection in the Epistle to the Hebrews (Society for New Testament Studies Monograph Series
0521018781: The Apocalypse and Semitic Syntax
0521018803: The Problem of the Text of Acts
0521018811: Preface to Luke's Gospel
0521018838: Wrestling with Rationality in Paul : Romans 1-8 in a New Perspective (Society for New Testament Studies Monograph Series)
0521018846: The Faith of Jesus Christ in Early Christian Traditions (Society for New Testament Studies Monograph Series)
0521018854: Feasting and Social Rhetoric in Luke 14
0521018862: The Paradox of Salvation : Luke's Theology of the Cross (Society for New Testament Studies Monograph Series)
0521018870: Character and Purpose of Luke's Christology, The
0521018889: Zion Traditions and the Aims of Jesus
0521018897: Christology and the Synoptic Problem : An Argument for Markan Priority (Society for New Testament Studies Monograph Series)
0521018900: Eschatology in the Making : Mark, Matthew and the Didache
0521018919: Endurance in Suffering : Hebrews 12:1-13 in its Rhetorical, Religious, and Philosophical Context
0521018927: Jesus und der Täufer : Schlüssel zur Theologie und Ethik des Lukas
0521018935: Purpose and Cause in Pauline Exegesis : Romans 1. 16-4. 25 and a New Approach to the Letters
0521018943: A Bibliography of Greek New Testament Manuscripts (Society for New Testament Studies Monograph Series)
0521018951: New Creation in Paul's Letters and Thought (Society for New Testament Studies Monograph Series)
0521018978: An Aramaic Approach to Q
0521018994: Carmen Christi
0521019001: Theory of Holors : A Generalization of Tensors
0521019028: Extensions of First-Order Logic (Cambridge Tracts in Theoretical Computer Science)
0521019036: Body Composition in Biological Anthropology (Cambridge Studies in Biological and Evolutionary Anthropology)
0521019044: Ways of Communicating
0521019052: Basic Mutagenicity Tests
0521019060: Efficiency and Economy in Animal Physiology
0521019079: Statics and Kinematics of Granular Materials
0521019087: Electronic Structure of Refractory Carbides and Nitrides
0521019095: Research Strategies in Human Biology
0521019109: Electromechanics of Particles
0521019117: Binaries as Tracers of Stellar Formation
0521019125: Prometheus Bound
0521019133: The Jewish Chronicle and Anglo-Jewry, 1841-1991
0521019141: Volvox : A Search for the Molecular and Genetic Origins of Multicellularity and Cellular Differentiation (Developmental and Cell Biology Series)
0521019168: Many-Body Tree Methods in Physics
0521019176: Engineering Fluid Dynamics : An Interdisciplinary Systems Approach
0521019184: AURA and its US National Observatories
0521019192: Compliance Quantified : An Introduction to Data Verification
0521019206: Theoretical Problems in Cavity Nonlinear Optics
0521019214: Cliff Ecology : Pattern and Process in Cliff Ecosystems (Cambridge Studies in Ecology)
0521019222: Molecular Biology and Human Diversity
0521019230: Optical Properties of Semiconductor Nanocrystals
0521019249: Shock Compression of Condensed Materials
0521019257: Fluid Dynamics and Transport of Droplets and Sprays
0521019265: Different Approach to Cosmology : From a Static Universe through the Big Bang towards Reality
0521019273: Primates Face to Face : The Conservation Implications of Human-Nonhuman Primate Interconnections
0521019281: International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law
0521019303: The Quest for Quarks
0521019311: Pattern Formation in Plant Tissues
0521019338: Body Size in Mammalian Paleobiology : Estimation and Biological Implications
0521019346: Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon
0521019354: Applications of Biological Anthropology to Human Affairs (Cambridge Studies in Biological and Evolutionary Anthropology)
0521019362: Cytokinesis in Animal Cells (Developmental and Cell Biology Series)
0521019370: Ancient and Medieval Memories : Studies in the Reconstruction of the Past
0521019389: Physical and Non-Physical Methods of Solving Crystal Structures
0521019397: Positron Physics
0521019400: Regional Frequency Analysis
0521019419: Polarisation of Elizabethan Politics : The Political Career of Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex, 1585-1597
0521019427: Toxoplasmosis : A Comprehensive Clinical Guide
0521019435: Performance on Lute, Guitar, and Vihuela : Historical Practice and Modern Interpretation (Cambridge Studies in Performance Practice)
0521019443: Pattern and Process in Host-Parasitoid Interactions
0521019451: Free Choice Petri Nets
0521019478: Climate Variability, Climate Change and Social Vulnerability in the Semi-arid Tropics
0521019486: The Motion of Bubbles and Drops in Reduced Gravity
0521019494: Photoemission Studies of High-Temperature Superconductors (Cambridge Studies in Low Temperature Physics)
0521019516: Molecular Modeling Applications in Crystallization
0521019524: Using REDUCE in High Energy Physics
0521019532: Paul Dirac : The Man and his Work
0521019540: Migration and Colonization in Human Microevolution
0521019559: Polarimetric Doppler Weather Radar : Principles and Applications
0521019567: Helmuth von Moltke and the Origins of the First World War (New Studies in European History)
0521019575: Entomology and the Law : Flies as Forensic Indicators
0521019583: Disraeli, Gladstone and Revolution
0521019591: Edward Carpenter 1844-1929 : Prophet of Human Fellowship
0521019605: Statutes of Sir Walter Mildmay
0521019613: Liquid Metals : Concepts and Theory (Cambridge Monographs on Mathematical Physics)
0521019621: Rotodynamic Pump Design
0521019648: Language, Authority and Indigenous History in the Commentarios Reales de los Incas
0521019656: Microstructural Design of Fiber Composites (Cambridge Solid State Science Series)
0521019664: Shapes and Shells in Nuclear Structure
0521019680: Electron-Atom Collisions (Cambridge Monographs on Atomic, Molecular and Chemical Physics)
0521019699: Tennyson and the Text : The Weaver's Shuttle
0521019702: Flow Cytometry Data Analysis : Basic Concepts and Statistics
0521019710: Lattice Gas Hydrodynamics
0521019729: Atom-Field Interactions and Dressed Atoms (Cambridge Studies in Modern Optics)
0521019745: Backscattered Scanning Electron Microscopy and Image Analysis of Sediments and Sedimentary Rocks
0521019753: Pollen Biotechnology for Crop Production and Improvement
0521019761: The Nonlinear Theory of Elastic Shells
0521019788: Affine Analysis of Image Sequences
0521019796: Thermodynamics of One-Dimensional Solvable Models
0521019818: Rereading Walter Pater
0521019826: Cognitive Neurorehabilitation
0521019834: Time-Series Analysis and Cyclostratigraphy : Examining Stratigraphic Records of Environmental Cycles
0521019842: Parametric Sensitivity in Chemical Systems (Cambridge Series in Chemical Engineering)
0521019850: Catalyst Design : Optimal Distribution of Catalyst in Pellets, Reactors, and Membranes (Cambridge Series in Chemical Engineering)
0521019869: Mountain Gorillas : Three Decades of Research at Karisoke (Cambridge Studies in Biological and Evolutionary Anthropology)
0521019877: Stability and Change in an English County Town : A Social Study of York 1801-51
0521019885: Representative of the People : Voters and Voting in England under the Early Stuarts
0521019893: Italy the Least of the Great Powers : Italian Foreign Policy Before the First World War
0521019907: Kaiser Wilhelm II New Interpretations : The Corfu Papers
0521019915: Kinetic Theory of Living Pattern (Developmental and Cell Biology Series)
0521019923: Jurassic of the Circum-Pacific
0521019931: Atom-Probe Field Ion Microscopy : Field Ion Emission, and Surfaces and Interfaces at Atomic Resolution
0521019958: Dreaming in the Middle Ages (Cambridge Studies in Medieval Literature)
0521019966: Oscillations in Finite Quantum Systems
0521019974: Anthropometry : The Individual and the Population
0521019982: Excitations in a Bose-condensed Liquid
0521019990: The Ross Orogen of the Transantarctic Mountains
0521020018: Russian Literature and Empire : Conquest of the Caucasus from Pushkin to Tolstoy (Cambridge Studies in Russian Literature)
0521020026: Hydrology and Water Management in the Humid Tropics
0521020034: Neurobiological Effects of Sex Steroid Hormones
0521020042: Quantum Groups in Two-Dimensional Physics
0521020050: Developments in the Design of Thermal Systems
0521020069: UV LASERS: Effects & Applications in Materials Science
0521020077: Structural Modeling and Analysis
0521020085: Music Theory in the Age of Romanticism
0521020093: Subsurface Flow and Transport : A Stochastic Approach (International Hydrology Series)
0521020107: Non-Classical Problems in the Theory of Elastic Stability
0521020115: Human Biologists in the Archives : Demography, Health, Nutrition and Genetics in Historical Populations
0521020123: Electromagnetic Scintillation Vol. 1 : Geometrical Optics
0521020158: John Hopton : Fifteenth Century Suffolk Gentleman
0521020166: Materials for a Balance of the Soviet Economy, 1928-1930
0521020174: Saponins (Chemistry and Pharmacology of Natural Products)
0521020182: Pieces of Resistance
0521020190: Creation of the Anglo-Australian Observatory
0521020204: Biological Perspectives on Human Pigmentation
0521020212: Studies on the Testament of Job
0521020220: Musical Theatre at the Court of Louis XIV : Le Mariage de la Grosse Cathos (Cambridge Musical Texts and Monographs)
0521020239: Theatre in Nineteenth-Century Spain
0521020247: Light Curves of Variable Stars : A Pictorial Atlas
0521020255: The Seismicity of Egypt, Arabia and the Red Sea : A Historical Review
0521020271: Interpretation and Meaning in the Renaissance : The Case of Law (Ideas in Context)
0521020298: Interpretation and Theology in Spenser
0521020301: Atomic and Ion Collisions in Solids and at Surfaces : Theory, Simulation and Applications
0521020328: Linear Electric Actuators and Generators
0521020336: The Politics of Motherhood : British Writing and Culture, 1680-1760
0521020344: Superplasticity in Metals and Ceramics (Cambridge Solid State Science Series)
0521020352: Soft Interfaces : The 1994 Dirac Memorial Lecture
0521020360: Magnetic Reconnection in Plasmas (Cambridge Monographs on Plasma Physics)
0521020379: Commerce, Morality and the Eighteenth-Century Novel
0521020387: Group Theoretical Methods and Applications to Molecules and Crystals
0521020395: Rousseau, Robespierre and English Romanticism (Cambridge Studies in Romanticism)
0521020409: British Romanticism and the Science of the Mind
0521020417: Risk, Reliability, Uncertainty, and Robustness of Water Resource Systems
0521020468: Israel in the Apostolic Church
0521020476: Theological Tendency of Codex Bezae Cantebrigiensis in Acts
0521020484: Temple and the Community in Qumran and the New Testament : A Comparative Study in the Temple Symbolism of the Qumran Texts and the New Testament
0521020492: Markus-Stoff Bei Lukas : Eine Literarkritische und Redaktionsgeschichtliche Untersuchung
0521020506: Spirit-Paraclete in the Gospel of John
0521020514: Enigmes Dme Paul Corinthi
0521020522: Last Twelve Verses of Mark
0521020530: Jesus and the Law in the Synoptic Tradition
0521020549: Redactional Style in the Marcan Gospel (Society for New Testament Studies Monograph Series)
0521020557: J. J. Griesbach : Synoptic and Text - Critical Studies 1776-1976
0521020565: 'and so we Came to Rome ' : The Political Perspective of St Luke
0521020573: Luke and the Law (Society for New Testament Studies Monograph Series)
0521020581: Concept of Purity at Qumran and in the Letters of Paul
0521020603: Shepherd Discourse of John 10 And Its Context
0521020611: Irony in Mark's Gospel : Text and Subtext (Society for New Testament Studies Monograph Series)
0521020638: Apocalyptic Eschatology in the Gospel of Matthew (Society for New Testament Studies Monograph Series)
0521020646: The Pastoral Letters as Composite Documents
0521020654: Matthew's Emmanuel : Divine Presence and God's People in the First Gospel (Society for New Testament Studies Monograph Series)
0521020662: Paul's Gift from Philippi : Conventions of Gift Exchange and Christian Giving (Society for New Testament Studies Monograph Series)
0521020670: Voice of Jesus in the Social Rhetoric of James
0521020689: Geography in Early Judaism And Christianity
0521020697: Trial of the Gospel : An Apologetic Reading of Luke's Trial Narratives
0521020700: Paul and the Power of Sin : Redefining 'Beyond the Pale'
0521020719: God and History in the Book of Revelation : New Testament Studies in Dialogue with Pannenberg and Moltmann (Society for New Testament Studies Monograp
0521020727: Catalogue of the Wren Library of Lincoln Cathedral : Books Printed Before 1801
0521020735: Modern Arabic Drama in Egypt
0521020743: Art of Recognition in Wolfram's Parzival
0521020751: Library of Emmanuel College, Cambridge, 1584-1637
0521020778: Spin in Particle Physics (Cambridge Monographs on Particle Physics, Nuclear Physics and Cosmology)
0521020786: Unification of Fundamental Forces
0521020794: General Relativity and Gravitation 1989 : Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on General Relativity and Gravitation
0521020808: Common Property Economics
0521020816: Morphological Change in Quaternary Mammals of North America
0521020824: Chaucer's Legendary Good Women (Cambridge Studies in Medieval Literature)
0521020832: Geology of the United States' Seafloor : The View from GLORIA
0521020840: Wind-Diesel Systems : A Guide to the Technology and its Implementation
0521020859: The Digestive System in Mammals : Food Form and Function
0521020867: Poetry As an Occupation And an Art in Britain, 1760 -1830
0521020875: Umberto Eco and the Open Text
0521020883: Medieval Listening and Reading : The Primary Reception of German Literature 800-1300
0521020891: John Clare in Context
0521020905: Wordsworth And the Geologists
0521020913: Gregory of Nazianzus : Autobiographical Poems
0521020921: The Emergence of the English Author : Scripting the Life of the Poet in Early Modern England (Cambridge Studies in Renaissance Literature and Culture)
0521020948: Heidegger's Temporal Idealism
0521020956: The Effects of UV Radiation in the Marine Environment (Cambridge Environmental Chemistry Series)
0521020972: Olfaction, Taste, and Cognition
0521020980: Collisional Transport in Magnetized Plasmas (Cambridge Monographs on Plasma Physics)
0521020999: Elizabethan Rhetoric
0521021006: Origins of the English Gentry
0521021014: Theatre And Politics in Nineteenth-century Spain
0521021022: Detection of Gravitational Waves
0521021030: Social Representations and the Development of Knowledge
0521021049: Mental World of the Jacobean Court
0521021057: Biology of Apples And Pears
0521021065: Modern Romance and Transformations of the Novel : The Gothic, Scott, Dickens
0521021073: Inside Soviet Film Satire
0521021081: Renaissance of General Relativity and Cosmology : A Survey to Celebrate the 65th Birthday of Dennis Sciama
0521021103: Romance and Revolution : Shelley and the Politics of a Genre
0521021111: Sciences and the Self in Medieval Poetry : Alan of Lille's Anticlaudianus and John Gower's Confessio Amantis
0521021138: Representing the South Pacific : Colonial Discourse from Cook to Gauguin
0521021154: Dickens and the Politics of the Family
0521021162: Principles of Gas-Solid Flows
0521021170: Seasonal Patterns of Stress, Immune Function, and Disease
0521021189: Professional Domesticity in the Victorian Novel : Women, Work and Home
0521021197: Evolution of Herbivory in Terrestrial Vertebrates: Perspectives from the Fossil Record
0521021200: Quantum State Diffusion
0521021219: Sex and Gender in Paleopathological Perspective
0521021227: Human Growth in the Past : Studies from Bones and Teeth
0521021243: Scattering of Waves from Large Spheres
0521021251: Introduction to the Replica Theory of Disordered Statistical Systems
0521021278: Valence Bond Methods : Theory and Applications
0521021286: Airplane Stability And Control
0521021294: Fabianism and Culture : A Study in British Socialism and the Arts C1884-1918
0521021308: Neighbourhood and Society : A London Suburb in the Seventeenth Century
0521021316: Foreign Aid, War, and Economic Development : South Vietnam, 1955-1975
0521021324: Question of Syllables
0521021332: Shapley Value : Essays in Honor of Lloyd S. Shapley
0521021340: Reason, Grace, and Sentiment : A Study of the Language of Religion and Ethics in England 1660-1780
0521021359: Reason, Grace, and Sentiment : A Study of the Language of Religion and Ethics in England, 1660-1780
0521021367: Dostoyevsky after Bakhtin : Readings in Dostoyevsky's Fantastic Realism
0521021375: Virtuosity, Charisma and Social Order : A Comparative Sociological Study of Monasticism in Theravada Buddhism and Medieval Catholicism
0521021383: Origins of Narrative : The Romantic Appropriation of the Bible
0521021391: Directions in General Relativity : Proceedings of the 1993 International Symposium, Maryland: Papers in Honor of Charles Misner
0521021405: Directions in General Relativity
0521021413: Ecological Communities and Processes in a Mojave Desert Ecosystem
0521021421: Finance and Fictionality in the Early Eighteenth Century : Accounting for Defoe
0521021448: French Revolutionary Syndicalism and the Public Sphere
0521021456: Gender and Language in British Literary Criticism, 1660-1790
0521021464: Conrad in Perspective
0521021472: Victorian Renovations of the Novel : Narrative Annexes and the Boundaries of Representation
0521021480: Bargaining and Market Behavior : Essays in Experimental Economics
0521021499: New Racism in Europe : A Sicilian Ethnography
0521021502: Freud, Psychoanalysis and Symbolism
0521021510: Measurement in Psychology : A Critical History of a Methodological Concept
0521021529: Arthurian Narrative in the Latin Tradition
0521021537: Religion in Prison
0521021545: Evolution of English Prose, 1700v1800
0521021553: Grammar of Empire in Eighteenth-Century British Writing
0521021561: Identity and Emotion : Development Through Self-Organization
0521021588: Religion, Toleration, and British Writing, 1790-1830
0521021596: Old Vic Theatre : A History
0521021618: First Modern Society
0521021626: Naturalist Fiction : The Entropic Vision
0521021634: The Trail of Time : Time Measurement with Incense in East Asia
0521021642: The Interacting Boson-Fermion Model (Cambridge Monographs on Mathematical Physics)
0521021650: Body in Swift and Defoe
0521021669: Rydberg Atoms (Cambridge Monographs on Atomic, Molecular and Chemical Physics)
0521021677: Letters of Lucien to Camille Pissarro, 1883 -1903
0521021685: Platonism and the English Imagination
0521021693: Medieval Poet as Voyeur
0521021707: William Cobbett and Rural Popular Culture
0521021715: Evolution and Ecology of Macaque Societies
0521021723: Dante and the Mystical Tradition : Bernard of Clairvaux in the Commedia (Cambridge Studies in Medieval Literature)
0521021731: Drug-Induced Infertility and Sexual Dysfunction
0521021758: The B-Book
0521021766: Consumption and Social Welfare : Living Standards and their Distribution in the United States
0521021774: Land and Society in Edwardian Britain
0521021782: Coleridge on Dreaming : Romanticism, Dreams and the Medical Imagination
0521021790: Children's Understanding of Biology and Health
0521021804: Democratic Choice and Taxation : A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis
0521021812: Dynamic Competition and Public Policy : Technology, Innovation, and Antitrust Issues
0521021820: Applied Mineral Inventory Estimation
0521021839: Noble Gas Geochemistry
0521021847: Power of the Passive Self in English Literature, 1640-1770
0521021855: Johnson, Writing, And Memory
0521021871: A History of Persian Earthquakes
0521021898: History Society Church
0521021901: Pope and Horace : Studies in Imitation
0521021928: Money Capital in the Theory of the Firm : A Preliminary Analysis
0521021936: Growth and Decay of Ice
0521021944: Climate Modes of the Phanerozoic
0521021952: Muses of Resistance : Laboring-Class Women's Poetry in Britain, 1739-1796
0521021960: Human Cancer : Epidemiology and Environmental Causes (Cambridge Monographs on Cancer Research)
0521021979: Literature and Culture in Early Modern London
0521021987: Tertiary Basins of Spain
0521021995: Many-Body Atomic Physics
0521022002: Propaganda and Democracy : The American Experience of Media and Mass Persuasion
0521022010: Lies, Slander and Obscenity in Medieval English Literature : Pastoral Rhetoric and the Deviant Speaker
0521022029: Mania and Literary Style : The Rhetoric of Enthusiasm from the Ranters to Christopher Smart (Cambridge Studies in Eighteenth-Century English Literatur
0521022037: Competition and Monopoly in the Federal Reserve System, 1914-1951 : A Microeconomic Approach to Monetary History
0521022045: International Trade And Finance
0521022061: Romanticism And Colonialism
0521022088: Imaging Phonons : Acoustic Wave Propagation in Solids
0521022096: Geometry of Ecological Interactions : Simplifying Spatial Complexity
0521022118: Animal Traditions : Behavioural Inheritance in Evolution
0521022126: Formulaic Language and the Lexicon
0521022134: Adaptive Dynamics of Infectious Diseases : In Pursuit of Virulence Management
0521022142: Practical Exercises in Parasitology
0521022150: Methods of Contemporary Gauge Theory
0521022169: Irony in the Medieval Romance
0521022177: Integrated Land Use and Transport Modelling : Decision Chains and Hierarchies
0521022185: Science and Speculation
0521022193: Sugar Cane Industry
0521022207: A Theory of Efficient Cooperation and Competition
0521022215: Economic Policy and Technological Performance
0521022258: Lost Words and Lost Worlds : Modernity and the Language of Everyday Life in Late Nineteenth-Century Stockholm
0521022266: Centenary Essays on Alfred Marshall
0521022274: Transition to Modernity
0521022282: Samuel Johnson in the Medical World
0521022290: The Dynamics of Company Profits
0521022304: Religious Policy in the Soviet Union
0521022312: Crystal Properties via Group Theory
0521022320: Emergence of Christian Theology
0521022339: Japanese Banking
0521022347: Sub-Half-Micron Lithography for ULSIs
0521022355: Bose-Einstein Condensation of Excitons and Biexcitons : And Coherent Nonlinear Optics with Excitons
0521022363: Numerical Simulation of Reactive Flow
0521022371: Milton's Languages
0521022398: Evolution and Genetics of Latin American Populations
0521022401: Women Writers and the English Nation in The 1790s : Romantic Belongings
0521022428: Physiognomy and the Meaning of Expression in Nineteenth-Century Culture
0521022436: Literature, Technology and Magical Thinking, 1880-1920
0521022444: Delinquent Networks : Youth Co-Offending in Stockholm
0521022452: Matrix Calculus and Zero-One Matrices : Statistical and Econometric Applications
0521022460: Essays in Panel Data Econometrics
0521022479: History Bubonic Plague Br
0521022487: Church/Politcs : Adam Orleton
0521022495: On the Economy of Plant Form and Function : Proceedings of the Sixth Maria Moors Cabot Symposium
0521022509: The Boundaries of Economics
0521022517: Free Banking and Monetary Reform
0521022525: Reinventing Rationality
0521022533: Benthic Foraminiferal Biostratigraphy of the South Caribbean
0521022541: Logic of Typed Feature Structures : With Applications to Unification Grammars, Logic Programs and Constraint Resolution
0521022568: Music and Performance during the Weimar Republic
0521022576: Theatre in Vienna
0521022584: Purposive Diversification and Economic Performance
0521022606: Gender and Genre in Medieval French Literature
0521022614: Macroscopic Quantum Tunneling of the Magnetic Moment
0521022622: Exchange Rate Parity for Trade and Development
0521022630: Pluralism and the Personality of the State
0521022649: Theory and Measurement
0521022657: Marine Biodiversity
0521022665: Interaction and the Development of Mind
0521022673: Making of Chaucer's English : A Study of Words
0521022681: Romanticism, Aesthetics, And Nationalism
0521022703: Understanding Popular Violence in the English Revolution : The Colchester Plunderers
0521022711: Imagination Under Pressure, 1789 -1832
0521022746: Game-Theoretic Models of Bargaining
0521022754: Keynes's Monetary Theory : A Different Interpretation
0521022762: Dialogicality and Social Representations : The Dynamics of Mind
0521022770: The Limits of Illusion: A Critical Study of Calder?n (Cambridge Iberian and Latin American Studies)
0521022789: Dostoyevsky and the Process of Literary Creation
0521022797: Information, Incentives and the Economics of Control
0521022800: At Face Value
0521022819: Laboratory Experimentation in Economics
0521022827: Reduced Worktime and the Management of Production
0521022835: Corporate Law and Economic Analysis
0521022843: Cournot Oligopoly : Characterization and Applications
0521022851: Lordship and the Urban Community : Durham and its Overlords, 1250-1540
0521022878: On Definiteness : A Study with Special Reference to English and Finnish (Cambridge Studies in Linguistics)
0521022886: AIDS Counselling : Institutional Interaction and Clinical Practice
0521022894: Molecular Basis of Virus Evolution
0521022908: Transport Properties of Fluids : Their Correlation, Prediction and Estimation
0521022916: Quantity Adjustment
0521022924: Italian Syntax And Universal Grammar
0521022932: Space and Time Scale Variability and Interdependencies in Hydrological Processes (International Hydrology Series)
0521022940: The Gold Standard and Related Regimes Collected Essays
0521022959: Walras's Market Models
0521022967: Lyric and Labour in the Romantic Tradition
0521022975: Christianity in Bakhtin
0521022983: Literary Culture And the Pacific
0521022991: Women's Reading in Britain, 1750-1835 : A Dangerous Recreation
0521023009: Jesus and the Angels : Angelology and the Christology of the Apocalypse of John (Society for New Testament Studies Monograph Series)
0521023017: Authorship, Commerce, and Gender in Early Eighteenth-Century England
0521023025: Pedagogy, Intellectuals, and Dissent in the Later Middle Ages
0521023033: Women, Nationalism, and the Romantic Stage : Theatre and Politics in Britain, 1780-1800
0521023041: Monarchy & Community
0521023068: Two Italies : Economic Relations Between the Norman Kingdom of Sicily and the Northern Communes
0521023076: Altopascio. Tuscan Rurl Sty
0521023084: Diplomas King Ethlred Unrdy
0521023106: Natural Language Parsing : Psychological, Computational, and Theoretical Perspectives (Studies in Natural Language Processing)
0521023114: The Middle English Mystery Play : A Study in Dramatic Speech and Form (European Studies in English Literature)
0521023122: Economic Complexity: Chaos, Sunspots, Bubbles, and Nonlinearity : Proceedings of the Fourth International Symposium in Economic Theory and Econometric
0521023130: Blessed Revolution : English Politics and the Coming of War, 1621-1624
0521023149: Economic Theories in China, 1979-1988
0521023157: Archaeology of Human Origins : Papers by Glynn Isaac
0521023165: New Light on Boswell
0521023173: Statistical Visions in Time : A History of Time Series Analysis, 1662-1938
0521023181: Conversations with an Alzheimer's Patient : An Interactional Sociolinguistic Study
0521023203: Computational Lexical Semantics (Studies in Natural Language Processing)
0521023211: Seventeenth-Century Spanish Poetry
0521023246: Syntax of the Celtic Languages : A Comparative Perspective
0521023254: Women Waging Law in Elizabethan England
0521023262: The Kaiser's Voters : Electors and Elections in Imperial Germany
0521023270: Clerical Discourse And Lay Audience in Late Medieval England
0521023289: Analytical Elements of Mechanisms
0521023297: Microeconomics : Essays in Theory and Applications
0521023300: Romani
0521023319: The Economics of Saving and Growth : Theory, Evidence, and Implications for Policy
0521023327: Marketization And Democracy
0521023335: British Fiction and the Production of Social Order, 1740-1830
0521023343: Reading History in Early Modern England (Cambridge Studies in Early Modern British History)
0521023351: Spanish Church and Papacy in the Thirteenth Century
0521023378: Music of English Parish Church
0521023386: Teaching of English
0521023394: Storage and Commodity Markets
0521023408: Dynamic Econometric Modeling : Proceedings of the Third International Symposium in Economic Theory and Econometrics
0521023416: Language Development and Individual Differences
0521023424: Hagiography and the Cult of Saints : The Diocese of Orleans, 800-1200
0521023432: Switch-Reference and Discourse Representation
0521023440: Religious Culture of India : Power, Love and Wisdom
0521023459: Monetary History of Italy
0521023467: War And Chivalry
0521023475: Benthic Suspension Feeders And Flow
0521023483: Syntax of Negation
0521023491: Subjectivity and Subjectivisation : Linguistic Perspectives
0521023505: Phonological Representations
0521023513: Economic Realities of Political Reform : Elections and the US Senate
0521023521: Measuring the Quantum State of Light
0521023548: Correspondence of Alfred Marshall, Economist Vol. 3 : Towards the Close, 1903-1924
0521023556: Correspondence of Alfred Marshall, Economist Vol. 2 : At the Summit, 1891-1902
0521023564: Correspondence of Alfred Marshall, Economist Vol. 1 : Climbing, 1868-1890
0521023572: Ancestry and Narrative in Nineteenth-Century British Literature : Blood Relations from Edgeworth to Hardy
0521023580: Productivity Race : British Manufacturing in International Perspective, 1850-1990
0521023599: General Theory of Transformational Growth : Keynes after Sraffa
0521023602: Computational Techniques for Complex Transport Phenomena
0521023610: Corporate Power, American Democracy, and the Automobile Industry
0521023629: Auguste Comte and the Religion of Humanity : The Post-theistic Program of French Social Theory
0521023637: Culture of Playgoing in Shakespeare's England : A Collaborative Debate
0521023645: Malatesta of Rimini And the Papal State
0521023653: The Slumber of Apollo
0521023661: Vatican and Italian Fascism 1929-32 : A Study in Conflict
0521023688: Politics and Process : New Essays in Democratic Thought
0521023696: The Church in an Age of Danger
0521023718: Shakespeare and the Mannerist Tradition : A Reading of Five Problem Plays
0521023726: Structuralist Theory of Logic
0521023734: Regicide and Restoration
0521023742: Performing Beethoven
0521023750: Grammar in Interaction
0521023769: Literature, Art and the Pursuit of Decay in Twentieth-Century France (Cambridge Studies in French)
0521023777: Ideas and Forms of Tragedy from Aristotle to the Middle Ages
0521023793: Negative and Positive Polarity
0521023807: Principles of English Stress (Cambridge Studies in Linguistics)
0521023815: Imperial Russia's Jewish Question, 1855-1881
0521023823: Wordsworth's Pope
0521023831: Criminal Law, Tradition and Legal Order
0521023858: The Stravinsky Legacy (Music in the Twentieth Century)
0521023866: Origins of Law and Economics : The Economists' New Science of Law, 1830-1930 (Historical Perspectives on Modern Economics)
0521023874: Noble Power during the French Wars of Religion : The Guise Affinity and the Catholic Cause in Normandy
0521023882: Grain Markets in Europe, 1500-1900
0521023890: Markets for Clean Air : The U.S. Acid Rain Program
0521023904: War Land on the Eastern Front : Culture, National Identity, and German Occupation in World War I (Studies in the Social and Cultural History of Modern Warfare)
0521023912: Bilingual Speech : A Typology of Code-Mixing
0521023920: Music Theory And Natural Order from the Renaissance to the Early Twentieth Century
0521023939: Authority, Continuity and Change in Islamic Law
0521023947: Polycyclic Groups
0521023955: Social Goals and Social Organization : Essays in Memory of Elisha Pazner
0521023998: Myth and Archive : A Theory of Latin American Narrative
0521024005: Children's Explanations: A Psycholinguistic Study
0521024013: Acquisition of Aspect and Modality : The Case of Past Reference in Turkish
0521024021: Editing Piers Plowman: The Evolution of the Text
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