0521024048: Standardizing Written English: Diffusion in the Case of Scotland, 1520-1659
0521024056: Conditions on Phonological Government
0521024064: Perspectives on Mozart Performance
0521024072: Crosstalk and Culture in Sino-American Communication
0521024080: Phonological Structure and Phonetic Form
0521024099: Syntax and Parsing
0521024102: Prosody in Conversation: Interactional Studies
0521024110: Dimensions of Register Variation: A Cross-Linguistic Comparison
0521024129: Napoleon and English Romanticism
0521024137: Possession: Cognitive Sources, Forces, and Grammaticalization
0521024145: Democratic Ideas and the British Labour Movement, 1880-1914
0521024153: Individual Choice and the Structures of History : Alexis de Tocqueville as Historian Reappraised
0521024161: Conditionals and Prediction: Time, Knowledge and Causation in Conditional Constructions
0521024188: Redefining the State: Privatization and Welfare Reform in Industrial and Transitional Economies
0521024196: Dostoevsky and English Modernism 1900-1930
0521024218: Freud's Literary Culture
0521024226: Inflectional Morphology: A Theory of Paradigm Structure
0521024234: High-Speed Heterostructure Devices: From Device Concepts to Circuit Modeling
0521024242: The Poetry of Franois Villon: Text and Context
0521024250: Electromagnetic Scintillation Volume 2 : Weak Scattering
0521024269: National Character and Public Spirit in Britain and France, 1750-1914
0521024277: Nietzsche, Biology and Metaphor
0521024285: The Greek Tradition in Republican Thought
0521024293: National Identity in Russian Culture 281
0521040035: Chike and the River
0521040205: Vox Latina
0521040302: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
0521040329: Elizabethan Privateering 1583-1603
0521040361: Mind and the Eye
0521040477: Scenes from the Birds
0521040566: Ronsard and the Age of Gold
0521040612: Culture and Anarchy Set : Landmarks in the History of Education
0521040655: Photochemistry and Reaction Kinetics
0521040817: Indo-Scythian Studies: Khotanese Texts: v. 5
0521040868: Steel Skeleton
0521040884: The Steel Skeleton. Volume 2: Plastic Behaviour and Design
0521040922: The Battle Against Bacteria
0521040949: Dynamic Aspects Biochemstry
0521040957: An Introduction to Comparative Biochemistry.
0521040973: Nature of Biochemistry
0521041082: List of Books Printed at Cambridge University Press, 1521-1800
0521041090: English Verse Voice Movement
0521041147: Remembering Tu
0521041171: Theory of Homogeneous Turbulence
0521041228: Modern Magnetism. Fourth Edition
0521041260: The English Court in the Reign of George I.
0521041317: Greek Sculpture
0521041341: The British Economy in 1975
0521041414: African Poetry
0521041538: English Books and Readers: 1558 To 1603
0521041546: Life on the English Manor : A Study of Peasant Conditions 1150-1400
0521041562: Five Metaphysical Poets : Donne, Herbert, Vaughan, Crashaw, Marvell
0521041589: George Eliot : Her Mind and Her Art
0521041597: Sir Thomas Browne
0521041643: Aspects of Language and Language Teaching
0521042038: First and Second Letters of Paul to the Corinthians
0521042054: Understanding the New Testament
0521042216: Acts of the Apostles
0521042542: West from the Reformation to the Present Day
0521042550: West from the Fathers to the Reformation
0521042623: The Theory Of Committees And Elections
0521042674: Japanese Enlightenment
0521042682: Atomic Weapons and East/West Relations
0521042690: An Introduction to Anglo-Saxon England
0521042771: Classical Heritage and Its Beneficiaries
0521042828: Assumption and Myth in Physical Theory
0521042836: Evolution of Development
0521042852: Invertebrata
0521042909: Textual and Literary Criticism
0521042933: Higher Calculus
0521042941: Poetry and Politics 1900-1960 (Wiles Lectures)
0521043026: History of Elizabethan Drama : Themes and Conventions in Elizabethan Tragedy
0521043042: Jane Austen and Her Predecessors
0521043069: Scientific Explanation
0521043123: Danish : An Elementary Grammar and Reader
0521043131: Literature of the Spanish People
0521043166: Horace on Poetry Prolegomena to the Literary Epistles
0521043263: Handbook on Torsional Vibration
0521043344: Manuel Machado:a Revaluation
0521043441: Literary History of Persia
0521043549: Germany in the Eighteenth Century
0521043638: Radio Waves in the Ionosphere. The Mathematical Theory of the Reflection of Radio Waves from Stratified Ionised Layers
0521043670: Introduction to the Theory of Seismology
0521043824: Lebesgue Integral
0521043859: Steel Industry 1939-1959
0521043921: Natural History Of Infectious Disease
0521043964: International Relations. A General Theory.
0521044219: The Scottish Economy: A Statistical Account of Scottish Life, etc
0521044227: Europe Finds the World
0521044235: Mexican Revolution 1910 1914 the Diploma
0521044294: The Cambridge Ancient History : 6: Egypt: From the Death of.
0521044332: The Cambridge Ancient History , Part 1 : 10: Egypt: Internal Affairs
0521044871: Athens, Four Seventy-Eight to Four Hundred One B. C.
0521044901: Rome and the Mediterranean, 218 to 133 B. C.
0521044928: Augustan Empire, Forty-Four B. C.-A. D. Seventy
0521044936: Imperial Peace, A. D. Seventy to One Ninety-Two
0521044944: Imperial Crisis and Recovery, A. D. One Ninety-Three to Three Twenty-Four
0521044995: Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature
0521045002: Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature
0521045029: Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature: Volume 4, Index (Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature 1)
0521045037: Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature
0521045045: Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature, 600-1950
0521045053: Cambridge Economic History of Europe from the Decline of the Roman Empire : The Agrarian Life of the Middle Ages
0521045150: From the Beginnings to the Cycles of Romance
0521045169: End of the Middle Ages
0521045177: Renaissance and Reformation
0521045185: Prose and Poetry : Sir Thomas North to Michael Drayton
0521045193: Drama to Sixteen Forty-Two : Pt. 1
0521045207: Drama to 1642
0521045215: Cavalier and Puritan
0521045223: Age of Dryden
0521045231: From Steele and Addison to Pope and Swift
0521045258: Cambridge History of English Literature 11 : The Period of the French Revolution (The Cambridge History of English Literature)
0521045266: Cambridge History of English Literature 12, Part 1 : The Nineteenth Century (The Cambridge History of English Literature)
0521045274: Nineteenth Century
0521045282: Nineteenth Century
0521045320: Christian Roman Empire and the Foundation of the Teutonic Kingdoms
0521045339: Rise of the Saracens and the Foundation of the Western Empire
0521045347: Germany and the Western Empire
0521045363: Government Church and Civilization
0521045398: Decline of the Empire and Papacy
0521045401: Close of the Middle Ages
0521045428: The New Cambridge Modern History Volume 2, The Reformation 1520-59
0521045436: Counter-Reformation and Price Revolution, 1559-1610
0521045444: Ascendary of France, 1648-88
0521045452: New Cambridge Modern History : The Old Regime, 1713-1763
0521045460: American and French Revolutions, 1763-93
0521045479: War and Peace in an Age of Upheaval, 1793-1830
0521045487: Zenith of European Power, 1830-1870
0521045495: Material Progress and World-Wide Problems, 1870-1998
0521045517: Shifting Balance of World Forces, 1898-1945
0521045681: Statistics for Biologists.
0521045738: Endocrine Control in Crustaceans
0521045908: Pleiade Poetics
0521045932: Guide to Composition in Italian
0521045991: Decipherment of Linear B
0521046076: John Cassian
0521046130: Statistical Calculation for Beginners
0521046157: Beowulf : An Introduction
0521046165: Language and Symbolic Systems
0521046238: Canon's Yeoman's Tale
0521046262: Nun's Priest's Prologue and Tale
0521046270: Pardoner's Prologue and Tale
0521046297: General Prologue to the Canterbury Tales
0521046300: Wife of Bath's Prologue and Tale
0521046319: Merchant's Prologue and Tale
0521046327: Clerk's Prologue and Tale
0521046335: Knight's Tale
0521046467: Cicero's Letters to Atticus
0521046564: Excursion Flora of the British Isles.
0521046572: Flora of the British Isles
0521046645: Economic Development of France and Germany, 1815-1914
0521046653: Economic History Modern Britain v1: The Early Railway Age 1820-1850.
0521046734: The Elastic Analysis of Flat Grillages: With Particular Reference to Ship Structures
0521046750: Man versus Society in Eighteenth-Century Britain:Six Points of View: Six Points of View
0521046769: Short History of Yugoslavia
0521046785: King's Hall Within the University of Cambridge in the Later Middle Ages
0521046793: Social Interpretation of the French Revolution
0521046807: Organization of Research Establishments
0521046815: Shakespeare's Professional Skills
0521046866: Kossoh Town Boy
0521046904: Ideas and Politics of Chilean Independence, 1808-1833
0521046955: Theory of Cluster Sets
0521047013: Tracts for Computers 12 (Tracts for Computers)
0521047072: Tables of Random Sampling Numbers Tracts for Computers No XXIV
0521047137: The Theory of Atomic Spectra
0521047145: Joseph Conrad. Letters to William Blackwood and David S. Meldrum. Edited by William Blackburn.
0521047218: Asymptotic Expansions
0521047226: Metric Spaces
0521047544: Nature of Psychology
0521047641: Geography of Sierra Leone
0521047684: Analytical Philosophy of History
0521047781: History Indian Philosophy 1: v. 1
0521047862: Probability Theory for Statistical Methods
0521047889: Symmetric Function and Allied Tables
0521047943: English Mind
0521047951: The Development of the Soviet Budgetary System. With a Foreward by Alexander Baykov
0521048028: First Industrial Revolution
0521048087: Dramatic Works of Thomas Dekker
0521048443: Bible Today
0521048478: Historical Tradition in the Fourth Gospel
0521048486: Interpretation of the Fourth Gospel
0521048540: Modern Norwegian Literature. 1860-1918.
0521048559: Mass Spectroscopy (Monographs on Physics)
0521048583: Catherine the Great and the Russian Nobility
0521048605: Principles of Control and Stability of Aircraft. (Cambridge Aeronautical Series)
0521048621: THE LITTORAL FAUNA OF THE BRITISH ISLES A Handbook for Collectors
0521048656: Space, Time and Gravitation : An Outline of the General Relaivity Theory
0521048842: Trouble in Form Six
0521048885: Revolt of the Catalans
0521048982: Memoirs of the Society for Endocrinology : Cell Mechanisms in Hormone Production and Action
0521049385: The Swatantra Party and Indian Conservatism. Cambride South Asian Studies, Volume 5
0521049407: British Industrialists : Steel and Hosiery 1850-1950 (National Institute of Economic & Social Research, Economic and Social Studies, XVIII)
0521049466: Cyclops
0521049547: Introduction to Crystal Chemistry
0521049687: Biological Replication Macromolecules (Society for Experimental Biology Symposia)
0521049709: Models and Analogues in Biology
0521049725: Biological Receptor Mechanisms
0521049741: Homeostasis/feedback Mechanics (society For Experimental Biology Symposia)
0521049873: Socialism Capitalism
0521050081: Essays in the Economic and Social History of Tudor and Stuart England. In Honour of R. H. Tawney
0521050138: The Physics of Rainclouds
0521050189: Liberal Anglican Idea of History
0521050251: Statistical Mechanics
0521050286: The Methuens And Portugal 1691-1708
0521050294: Vladimir Akimov on the Dilemmas of Russian Marxism, 1895-1903 : Two Texts in Translation
0521050391: Sound Pulses
0521050405: The Shakespearean Ciphers Examined
0521050413: Structure and Reproduction of the Algae
0521050448: School of Shakespeare
0521050464: Reading Faster : A Drill Book
0521050472: Teaching Faster Reading: A Manual
0521050731: Martov : Political Biography of a Russian Social Democrat
0521050782: Modern French Poets on Poetry
0521050839: Blakes Contrary States
0521050871: Peninsular Preparation by Glover
0521050979: Four-Figure Tables
0521051169: Developmental Cycle in Domestic Groups
0521051177: Succession to High Office
0521051258: A. E. Housman. A Sketch Together with a List of His Writings and Indexes to His Classical Papers
0521051282: Theoretical Welfare Economics
0521051290: Politics of Naval Supremacy
0521051304: The Cambridge Book Of Poetry For Children
0521051312: Geography of Western Nigeria
0521051320: Companion to Shakespeare Studies
0521051339: German Tradition in Literature
0521051398: Millstatter Exodus : A Crusading Epic
0521051479: Theory of Rotating Fluids
0521051487: Thermal Diffusion in Gases
0521051525: Agricultural Revolution in South Lincolnshire
0521051584: Optimization in Control Theory and Practice
0521051592: History of Greek Philosophy
0521051606: History of Greek Philosophy
0521051622: American and British Technology in the Nineteenth Century
0521051770: Ballistics in the Seventeenth Century: A Study in the Relations of Science and War with Reference Principally to England
0521051797: Concise Anglo-Saxon Dictionary
0521051967: Contemporary Printed Sources for British and Irish Economic History, 1701-1750
0521051975: Patterns of Discovery : An Enquiry into the Conceptual Foundations of Science
0521052084: Fourier Series (Tracts in Mathematics)
0521052130: Human Biochemical Genetics
0521052246: Astronomical objects for southern telescopes, with an addendum for northern observatories;: A handbook for amateur observers,
0521052254: Chemistry and Fertility of Sea Waters
0521052459: Cosmic Fragments
0521052548: Engineering Plasticity
0521052653: Introduction to Homotopy Theory
0521052661: Homology Theory
0521052742: Power and the Pursuit of Peace
0521052785: A Short Italian Dictionary
0521052866: English for Maturity
0521052882: Exploring Word
0521053102: Puddnhead Wilson
0521053153: Estates of the Higher Nobility in Fourteenth Century England (Cambridge Studies in Economic History)
0521053269: Life Contingencies Vol 1
0521053277: Life and Other Contingencies
0521053404: Revolution Politicks the Career of Danie
0521053412: Welding Processes (British Welding Research Association Series) by
0521053536: Introduction to Chaucer
0521053544: Chaucer's World : A Pictorial Companion
0521053552: Some Observations on American Education
0521054036: Mathematical Theory of Electricity & 5ed
0521054214: Stars in Their Courses.
0521054230: Cartesian Tensors
0521054257: Scientific Inference
0521054265: Methods of Mathematical Physics 3ed
0521054303: Cabinet Government
0521054338: Party Politics
0521054427: Annotated Catalogue of African Grasshoppers.
0521054648: Modern Persian Prose Literature
0521054699: Battles of Coxinga : Chikamatsu's Puppet Play, Its Background and Importance
0521054818: Religious Orders : End of the Middle Ages
0521054834: Historian & Character by Knowles, David
0521054842: SAINTS AND SCHOLARS Twenty-Five Medieval Portraits
0521054869: Humanity and Divinity of Christ : A Study of Pattern in Christology
0521054877: St. Paul and the Church of the Gentiles
0521055156: Hydrodynamics
0521055237: Actions of Radiations on Living Cells
0521055253: Dialectic in Practical Religion
0521055431: Bibliographical Handbook on Tudor England : 1485-1603
0521055458: Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Literature
0521055474: Studies in Words.
0521055490: Poet's Way of Knowledge
0521055512: Discarded Image : An Introduction to Medieval and Renaissance Literature
0521055539: Experiment in Criticism
0521055601: The Mind of Dante
0521055636: Introduction to Probability and Statistics from a Bayesian Viewpoint Pt. 2 : Inference
0521055644: Cambridge Elementary Statistical Tables
0521055776: City of Ibadan a Symposium on Its Struct
0521055857: Book of Curves
0521055865: Records of Han Administration
0521056020: Statistics A Second Course
0521056179: Introduction to Theoretical Linguistics
0521056233: Fabian Socialism by McBriar, A. M.
0521056306: Language of Indrajit of Orcha
0521056403: The Major Achievements of Science : Volume I, Volume II
0521056411: Hydrostatics Mechanics
0521056500: The Development Of Firms An Empirical Study
0521056519: Complex Variable Theory and Transform Calculus with Technical Applications
0521056527: Legal Effects of War
0521056578: Forms of Action at Common Law : A Course of Lectures
0521056748: East Africa Contemporary Records
0521056756: East Africa Contemporary Records
0521056802: Experiment in Education
0521056993: Analytical Calculus
0521057000: Fallacies in Mathematics
0521057019: A Gateway to Abstract Mathematics
0521057248: Symposium of the Society for General Microbiology: Volume 16, Biochemical Studies of Antimicrobial Drugs (Society for General Microbiology S.)
0521057256: Airborne Microbes: Seventeenth Symposium of the Society for General Microbiology held at the Imperial College, London, April 1967
0521057361: Hunting of Leviathan
0521057396: Great Britain : Geographical Essays
0521057523: Empiricism and Ethics
0521057728: The Soil Resources of Tropical Africa: A Symposium of the African Studies Association of the United Kingdom
0521057744: Idiom Book of New Testament Greek
0521057779: Sir William Jones
0521057973: Biochemistry and Morphogenesis
0521058007: Science and Civilisation in China Vol. 2 : History of Scientific Thought
0521058015: Science and Civilisation in China : Mathematics and the Sciences of the Heavens and the Earth
0521058023: Science and Civilization in China
0521058031: Physics and Physical Technology : Mechanical Engineering
0521058066: Kira Georgievna
0521058171: Mathematical Papers of Isaac Newton
0521058236: Literary History of the Arabs
0521058279: Restoration Drama
0521058287: Early Eighteenth Century Drama
0521058295: Late Eighteenth Century Drama
0521058317: Late Nineteenth Century Drama
0521058325: Alphabetical Catalogue of the Plays
0521058341: World of Harlequin : A Critical Study of the Commedia Dell'Arte
0521058376: The conscience of the state in North America
0521058414: Introduction to Homological Algebra
0521058422: Printing in Spain, 1501-20
0521058430: Two Spanish Chap-Books
0521058473: Short Syntax New Testament Greek
0521058619: English Blind-Stamped Bindings
0521058635: Africa since 1800
0521058805: Roman Poetry and Prose
0521058856: Thomas Gray
0521058864: SOME BRITISH COLLECTORS OF MUSIC, CIRCA 1600-1960. the Sandars Lectures for 1961.
0521058872: Arrays of Cylindrical Dipoles
0521058880: Introduction to Measure and Probability
0521058902: Songs of Homer
0521058910: Presocratic Philosophers
0521059054: Valency
0521059097: Relations Between Sciences.
0521059119: Antigone
0521059151: Short History of Germany : Eighteen Fifteen - Nineteen Forty-Five
0521059224: Incomplete Beta Function
0521059364: Archives of the University of Cambridge
0521059542: Cavendish Problem Papers in Classical Physics
0521059550: Elements of Classical Thermodynamics
0521059909: Heine : The Tragic Satirist
0521059933: Cambridge Medieval History, Shorter
0521059984: English Medieval Graffiti
0521060052: Imprisonment in Medieval England
0521060079: South East Asia Since 1800
0521060168: Nature and Art of Workmanship
0521060273: Experimental Basis of Modern Biology
0521060478: Stratigraphy of the British Isles
0521060575: Classification of Flowering Plants Vol 1: Gymnosperms and Monocotyledons 2nd Ed
0521060729: Works and Correspondence of David Ricardo Vol. 7 : Letters, 1816-1818
0521060753: Works and Correspondence of David Ricardo Vol. 10 : Biographical Miscellany
0521060788: Why So Socrates
0521060796: Tropical Rain Forest
0521060834: World Vegetation
0521060850: Plotinus : The Road to Reality
0521060923: Essays in Translation from French
0521060982: Adventures with Authors
0521061040: Greek and Roman Architecture
0521061091: Roma
0521061202: ARIEL
0521061237: Romilly's Cambridge Diary, 1832-42
0521061342: Islam in the Modern National State
0521061350: Lord William Bentinck: The Making of a Liberal Imperialist 1774 - 1839
0521061377: Economic Growth
0521061423: English Religious Dissent
0521061539: Bessel Functions. Part III: Zeros and Associated Values. Royal Society Mathematical Tables, Volume 7
0521061563: Coulomb Wave Functions
0521061601: Satires of Horace
0521061628: History of the Crusades : The Kingdom of Jerusalem
0521061636: History of the Crusades : The Kingdom of Acre and the Later Crusades
0521061660: Medieval Manichee : A Study of the Christian Dualist Heresy
0521061687: White Rajahs: A History of Sarawak from 1841 to 1946
0521061768: German Revolution, 1918-1919
0521061776: Dilemmas : The Tarner Lectures 1953
0521061822: Japanese Family Storehouse or the Millionaire's Gospel Modernized
0521061873: Frontier People of Roman Britain
0521062233: What is Life? : the Physical Aspect of the Living Cell & Mind and Matter
0521062241: My View of the World
0521062276: Statistical Thermodynamics
0521062462: Christianity According to St. Paul.
0521062543: Scrutiny; A Quarterly Review, 1932-1933
0521062799: Years of High Theory : Invention and Tradition on Economic Thought, 1926-1939
0521062802: Scheme of Economic Theory
0521062861: Antony and Cleopatra
0521062888: As You Like It
0521062896: The Comedy of Errors
0521062918: Coriolanus
0521064120: Two Gentlemen of Verona by X pre 1970
0521064163: Shakespeare Survey 3
0521064171: Shakespeare Survey: Volume 4, Interpretation (Shakespeare Survey)
0521064198: SHAKESPEARE SURVEY An Annual Survey of Shakespearian Study and Production Volume 6
0521064236: Shakespeare Survey 8: Hamlet
0521064244: Shakespeare Survey 11: The Last Plays
0521064317: Shakespeare Survey. an Annual Survey of Shakespearian Study & Production Volume 18
0521064368: Man on His Nature
0521064376: Conrad's Eastern World
0521064384: Racial Prejudice
0521064414: Cinq Annees de Francais 1
0521064686: Countesse of Pembroke's Arcadia
0521064856: FORTRAN Programs
0521064929: What Shall I Read Next: A Personal Selection of Twentieth Century English Books
0521065011: Cicero the Statesman
0521065208: Two Cultures
0521065259: Antigone of Sophocles
0521065275: Oedipus Tyrannus
0521065348: Visible Words : A Study of Inscriptions in Books As Works of Art
0521065453: Marlowe : A Critical Study
0521065488: The Coastline of England and Wales
0521065720: Dark Comedy : The Development of Modern Comic Tragedy
0521065739: Dramatic Experience
0521065755: Commercial Crisis and Change in England 1600-1642 (Cambridge Studies in Economic History)
0521065844: English Satire by Sutherland, James R.
0521065860: From Sheldon to Secker : Aspects of English Church History 1660-1768
0521065968: Introduction to Elementary Vector Analysis
0521065992: The Reign of Wonder
0521066166: Theocritus
0521066174: Agrarian History of England and Wales, Vol. 4 : 1500-1640
0521066220: On Growth and Form
0521066239: On Growth and Form
0521066298: Current Problems In Animal Behaviour
0521066379: Mischief in Patagonia
0521066387: Mount Everest 1938
0521066425: Study of Elizabethan and Jacobean Tragedy
0521066433: Reason in Ethics
0521066441: Uses of Argument
0521066506: THE GENTRY 1540-1640
0521066565: Fathers & Sons
0521067103: Soundings: Essays Concerning Christian Understanding
0521067251: Destiny His Choice : The Loyalism of Andrew Marvell
0521067294: Livy : His Historical Aims and Methods
0521067421: Integral Quadratic Forms
0521067693: Key to the Elements of New Testament Greek
0521067723: Justiceship in England, 1066-1232
0521067812: Cambridge Movement
0521067847: Short History Of England
0521067871: Concept of Nature
0521067944: Course of Modern Analysis
0521067952: Reading of the Canterbury Tales
0521068002: Estimation Organic Compounds
0521068096: Christianity Past & Present
0521068185: Anglo-Dutch Commerce & Finance in the Eighteenth Century. Cambridge Studies in Economic History
0521068207: Analysis of Social Change
0521068215: Language and the Pursuit of Truth
0521068258: Thinking with Concepts
0521068274: Essential Shakespeare.
0521068304: Fortunes of Falstaff
0521068487: Libertas as a Political Idea at Rome during the Late Republic and Early Principate
0521068533: Biology & Language
0521068584: The Theory of Subsonic Plane Flow. Cambridge Aeronautical Series. Vol. 3
0521068827: Beowulf, with the Finnsburg Fragment
0521069025: Shakespeare's Stagecraft
0521069033: Locke : Two Treatises of Government
0521069173: Polyhedron Models
0521069262: Optical Physics 1ed
0521069300: Early Vasas
0521069319: Molecular Biology of Viruses
0521069327: Urban Development in Britain : Measurement of Consumer's Expenditure in the United Kingdom, 1920-38
0521069335: Statistics and Probability
0521069351: The Land of Iran
0521069378: Biometrika Tables for Statisticians: Volume 2 (Hardcover)
0521069432: Philosophical Works
0521069548: Selection from Scrutiny
0521069572: Introduction to Animal Virology
0521069580: Indus Civilization
0521069602: Monastic Iconography in France from the Renaissance to the Revolution
0521070392: Readings in the Applied Economics of Africa 2 Vols Rdg Appld Economics Africa
0521070422: Measurement of Colonial National Incomes: An Experiment (National Institute of Economic & Social Research S.)
0521070457: Coming of Christ
0521070481: Life in the Old Stone Age
0521070511: Prolegomena and Prehistory
0521070546: Radiotelescopes (1969).
0521070562: Parliament
0521070597: Planning, Programming and Input-Output Models : Selected Papers on Indian Planning (Applied Economic Monograph)
0521070600: Physics and Physical Technology Pt. 3 : Civil Engineering and Nautics
0521070619: History English Law
0521070686: Defects and Radiation Damage in Metals
0521070708: The Economics of Afrcan Countries
0521070716: Animal Cytology and Evolution
0521070767: Original Statutes of Cambridge University
0521070783: Britain and the Onset of Modernization in Brazil, 1850-1914
0521071011: Enserfment of the Russian Peasantry
0521071038: Selected Critical Writings
0521071046: Selected Critical Writings
0521071062: Physics of Metals Vol. 1 : Electrons
0521071070: Peptides and Proteins
0521071089: Thermodynamic Aspects of Inorganic Chemistry
0521071097: Affluent Worker : Industrial Attitudes
0521071100: Introduction Sociology
0521071143: Input-Output Analysis and Resource Allocation
0521071178: French Absolutism : The Crucial Phase, 1620-1629
0521071240: Transition in Bengal, 1756-1775 : A Study of Saiyid Muhammed Reza Khan
0521071437: John the Baptist in the Gospel Tradition
0521071445: Torrey Canyon-Pollution and Marine Life
0521071453: Devotional Poetry in France, Fifteen Seventy to Sixteen Thirteen
0521071461: One Hundred Ballades
0521071488: Third Department : The Political Police in the Russia of Nicholas First
0521071534: Thirty Six Psalms
0521071569: Industrialization In An Open Economy Nigeria 1945-1966
0521071577: Gujarati Language Course
0521071747: The British Overseas: Exploits of a Nation of Shopkeepers. Part I: Making of the Empire.
0521071828: Aeschylus' Supplices
0521071844: Speech Acts : An Essay in the Philosophy of Language
0521071852: Physiological Approach to the Lower Animals
0521071887: Great Church in Captivity
0521071909: Indian Theogony: A Comparative Study of Indian Mythology from the Vedas to the Puranas
0521071917: A Bibliography of Modern History
0521072026: school Mathematics Project (Book 4)
0521072050: La Venganza De Tmr
0521072131: Joseph Conrad's Letters to R. B. Cunninghame Graham
0521072174: Cellular Immunology : Books One and Two
0521072190: Trematoda
0521072239: The School Mathematics Project; Teacher's Guide for Book B
0521072263: Men Become Civilized
0521072271: Romans and Their Empire
0521072336: Prosopography of the Later Roman Empire, A.D. 260-395
0521072352: Clerks and Craftsmen in China and the West
0521072395: Royal Exchange Assurance a History of BR
0521072409: Pyramids
0521072433: Roman Army
0521072484: A language teaching bibliography;
0521072514: Tests of Musical Ability and Appreciation
0521072522: Two English Republican Tracts
0521072549: New Pathways in Inorganic Chemistry
0521072557: New Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature : 1800-1900
0521072565: Education and the French Revolution
0521072603: Mathematical Reflections
0521072654: Man on His Past the Study of the History
0521072662: Analytical Philosophy of Knowledge
0521072700: Words and Meanings : Essays Presented to David Winton Thomas
0521072719: Bird Navigation
0521072727: Urban Analysis
0521072735: Concise Cambridge Italian Dictionary
0521072743: Indians in Malaya, Seventeen Eighty-Six to Nineteen Fifty-Seven
0521072778: Correspondence of Edmund Burke Volume 8
0521072786: The Earth: Its origin, history and physical consitution
0521072859: Shakespeare Survey 21: Othello and a Comphrehensive General Index to Surveys 11-20
0521073138: On the Corruption of Morals in Russia
0521073162: Systems, States, Diplomacy and Rules
0521073170: The Purpose of the Biblical Genealogies. With Special Reference to the Setting of the Genealogies of Jesus.
0521073197: Population and Society in Norway, 1735-1865
0521073243: Protons Electrons (Monographs in Experimental Biology)
0521073251: English Language : 1858-1964
0521073294: Studies in Maritime Economics
0521073332: Politics and Experience
0521073340: WORLD PREHISTORY a New Outline
0521073359: Mathematical Ideas in Biology
0521073367: Social and Political Culture
0521073375: The School of Peter Abeld (Cambridge Studies in Medieval Life and Thought: New Series)
0521073391: Aromatic Character & Aromaticity
0521073405: Russian Landed Gentry and the Peasant Emancipation of 1861
0521073413: Matthew Arnold and the Education of the New Order
0521073464: Ordinary and Fabulous
0521073472: History of the Law of Charity, 1532-1827
0521073510: Nineteenth-Century Constitution 1815-1914 : Documents and Commentary
0521073537: Robert Owen on Education
0521073553: Mediterranean Valleys : Geological Change in Historical Times
0521073685: Stochastic Approximation
0521073693: Systems of Frequency Curves
0521073723: Making of T. S. Eliot's Plays
0521073731: History and Politics of Colonialism, 1870-1914
0521073758: Catalogue of the Goldsmiths' Library of Economic Literature.
0521073782: Conquest of the Western Sudan : A Study in French Military Imperialism
0521073790: Chemistry of Life : Eight Lectures on the History of Biochemistry
0521073804: Science and Technology in Developing Countries
0521073812: Generation of Spanish Poets, 1920-1936
0521073820: The Future of the Past an Inaugural Lecture
0521073855: Concise Cambridge History of English Literature
0521073863: Robert Garnier and the Themes of Political Tragedy
0521073871: Prosodic Systems and Intonation in English
0521073936: Background of Modern French Poetry: Essays and Interviews
0521073944: The Audiencia of New Galicia in the Sixteenth Century
0521073952: Studies in Latin Poetry
0521073987: Computational Models of American Speech
0521074002: Religion in the Middle East
0521074010: Population and Food Supply
0521074029: Low-Noise Microwave Amplifiers
0521074061: Introduction to History of West Africa
0521074088: Political Thought of John Locke
0521074096: Bird Vocalizations : Their Relation to Current Problems in Biology and Psychology
0521074126: Problems of Suffering in the Religions of the World
0521074134: Resources Music Chorus
0521074142: James Mill on Education
0521074185: From the Beginnings to Jerome
0521074207: Tessellations
0521074312: Philosophical Thlgy Vol 1
0521074320: Worker's Attitudes to Technology
0521074339: Productivity in Transport: A Study of Employment, Capital, Output, Productivity and Technical Change
0521074347: Philosophical Theology
0521074371: Science, Religion, and the Future: A Course of Eight Lectures
0521074398: Criticism as Dialogue
0521074401: Introduction to X-Ray Crystallography
0521074452: Elements of Palaeontology
0521074479: Design of Design
0521074487: The Engineering Uses of Holography
0521074495: Study of Landforms
0521074509: Georgics of Virgil
0521074533: Neoclassical Theory of Production and Distribution
0521074568: Philosophy and the Meaning of Life
0521074584: Elements of Advanced Quantum Theory,
0521074649: Synopticon
0521074665: Master and Man Edited with Introduction, Notes and Vocabulary
0521074673: Yoruba Poetry: An Anthology of Traditional Poems Compiled and Edited by Ulli Beier
0521074681: The Tale of Li Youcai's Rhymes
0521074703: Papers in African Prehistory
0521074711: Early Development of Irish Society : The Evidence of Aerial Photography
0521074746: Social Science and Political Theory
0521074762: Operators & Nucleus (Study in Linguistics)
0521074908: The Battle Against Heart Disease
0521074916: Textile Manufacture in the Northern Roman Provinces
0521074924: Roman Republican Coinage
0521074959: The Icy Fire: Five Studies in European Petrarchism
0521075025: Place Names of North Riding of York Volume 5
0521075076: Government Archives in South Asia
0521075092: Microbial Growth
0521075106: Idealism, Politics and History
0521075114: Sound and Silence
0521075122: Directions Teaching English
0521075149: Grammar of Aspect, Usage and Meaning in the Verb
0521075165: Introduction to Hamiltonian Optics
0521075173: Fundamentals
0521075211: Self and Not-Self
0521075246: Rise of Great Britain and Russia, 1688-1725
0521075254: All's Well That Ends Well
0521075262: Antony and Cleopatra
0521075270: As You Like It
0521075289: Comedy of Errors
0521075297: Coriolanus (New Shakespeare S.)
0521075300: Cymbeline
0521075319: Hamlet
0521075335: Henry IV Pt. 1 : Texts and Contexts
0521075416: King Lear
0521075424: Love's Labour's Lost
0521075505: Pericles
0521075513: Poems
0521075548: Romeo and Juliet
0521075564: Taming of the Shrew
0521075572: Tempest
0521075602: Troilus and Cressida
0521075645: Jonathan Swift Critical Introduction
0521075653: Studies in the Vegetation History of the British Isles
0521075661: History of Greek Philosophy
0521075742: Men & Citizens (Cambridge Studies in the History and Theory of Politics)
0521075769: History of West Africa : An Introductory Survey
0521075777: Mathematical Theory of Non-Uniform Gases
0521075807: Handloom Weavers
0521075815: Biochemistry of Inorganic Compounds of Sulphur
0521075823: Anglo-Norman England, Ten Sixty-Six to Eleven Fifty-Four
0521075831: Abolition of the Brazilian Slave Trade
0521075947: Biproportional Matrices and Input-Output Change (Department of Applied Economics Monographs, Volume 16)
0521075963: Four Hundred Years of English Education
0521075971: Chemical Physics of Ice
0521075998: Reflections on the Transfer of Power & J
0521076005: Correspondence of Edmund Burke Volume 9
0521076013: Cambridge History of Islam Vol. 2 : The Further Islamic Lands
0521076021: Politics/Chnge Devping Cntries Op
0521076064: THE FOX-NORTH COALITION Crisis of the Constitution 1782-4
0521076072: Kerkeosiris : An Egyptian Village in the Ptolemaic Period
0521076080: William Wordsworth
0521076099: English Books and Readers
0521076129: Shakespeare Survey 22 Aspects of Shakesp
0521076137: English Parliament 1 to 1399
0521076145: Parties and Political Change in Bolivia, 1880-1952
0521076161: World Soils
0521076188: Decline of Spain and the Thirty Years War, 1609-59
0521076196: Ethical Values in the Age of Science
0521076226: Studies in Rural Capitalism in West Africa
0521076277: City Politics: A Study of Leopoldville, 1962-63.
0521076323: Hsi Yu Chi a Study of Antecedents To
0521076331: Communicating with a Computer
0521076374: Labor Organizations : A Macro and Micro Sociological Comparison
0521076382: Course of Geometry for Colleges and Universities
0521076404: Introduction Fungi
0521076420: Micropalaeontology of Oceans
0521076455: Migration
0521076498: Variety of Catholic Modernists
0521076544: Foreign Office and Foreign Policy, 1898-1914
0521076552: THE REFORMATION PARLIAMENT 1529 - 1536
0521076579: The antitrust laws of the United States of America a study of competition. ..
0521076587: Roman Novel
0521076609: Rural Economy and Society in the Duchy of Cornwall, 1300-1500.
0521076625: Spenser's Anatomy of Heroism : A Commentary on the Faerie Quenne
0521076641: First and Last Experiments in Muscle Mechanics
0521076692: Smp Book 2 (School Mathematics Project Numbered Books)
0521076706: Smp Book 3 (School Mathematics Project Numbered Books)
0521076811: Russian Annexation of the Crimea, 1772-1783
0521076846: Coleridge and Wordsworth
0521076978: Demography
0521076986: Physics
0521077001: Phaethon Prigmna Diggie
0521077028: Archaic Community of the Romans
0521077044: Wordsworth and the Great System : A Study of Wordsworth's Poetic Universe
0521077052: New English Bible Companion to the New Testament
0521077060: Studies in the Language of Homer
0521077079: Family Life of Ralph Josselin, a Seventeenth-Century Clergyman
0521077087: Atlas
0521077095: French Politicians and Elections, 1951-69
0521077109: Elites in South Asia
0521077117: Decision Order and Time in Human Affairs
0521077176: Kant's Political Writings
0521077184: Confines Criticism
0521077192: Anatomy of Regional Activity Rates
0521077206: Rock Mecha
0521077214: Europe in the Russian Mirror
0521077222: African School
0521077257: Rise of Free Trade Imperialism : Classical Political Economy the Empire of Free Trade and Imperialism 1750 - 1850
0521077265: Middle Ages
0521077281: Birth of Modern Europe
0521077303: Class Struggle in the Pale
0521077311: Human Health Biology Hygne
0521077389: Church and the Two Nations in Medieval Ireland
0521077397: Monarchy and Community: Political Ideas Iin the Later Conciliar Controversy 1430-1450
0521077419: Wars Plots Scandals France
0521077435: Markus-Stoff Bei Lukas
0521077451: Australia : The Quiet Continent
0521077478: Triumphal Forms, Structural Patterns in Elizabethan Poetry
0521077567: Publishers Association
0521077575: Non-Marine Organic Geochemistry
0521077656: Machine Tool Dynamics
0521077664: Poet's Tongues:Multilingualism in Literature
0521077672: Johannine Christology and the Early Church
0521077729: Roman Law of Slavery, the Condition of the Slave in Private Law from Augustus to Justinian
0521077745: British Trade and the Opening of China, 1800-42 (Cambridge Studies in Economic History)
0521077788: The Abbey and Bishopric of Ely (Cambridge Studies in Medieval Life and Thought: New Series)
0521077796: Studies in Islamic Poetry
0521077818: The Neolithic Cultures Of The British Isles: A Study Of The Stone-using Agricultural Communities Of Britain In The Second Millennium B.c
0521077834: History and Social Influence of the Potato
0521077869: Pathogenic Root-Infecting Fungi
0521077877: Last Byzantine Renaissance
0521077885: Men in Mid-Career : A Study of British Managers and Technical Specialists
0521077893: Raimund and Vienna
0521077915: Cambridge Ancient History : Early History of the Middle East
0521077923: Party Leadership and Revolutionary Power in China
0521078016: Cambridge Modern History Vol. 1 : The Renaissance
0521078024: Cambridge Modern History Vol. 2 : The Reformation
0521078032: Cambridge Modern History Vol. 3 : The Wars of Religion
0521078040: Cambridge Modern History Vol. 4 : The Thirty Years' War
0521078059: Cambridge Modern History Vol. 5 : The Age of Louis Xiv
0521078067: Cambridge Modern History Vol. 5 : The Eighteenth Century
0521078075: Cambridge Modern History Vol. 7 : The United States
0521078083: Cambridge Modern History Vol. 8 : The French Revolution
0521078091: Cambridge Modern History Vol. 9 : Napoleon
0521078105: Cambridge Modern History Vol. 10 : The Restoration
0521078113: Cambridge Modern History Vol. 11 : The Growth of Nationalities
0521078121: Cambridge Modern History Vol. 12 : The Latest Age
0521078148: The Cambridge Modern History. 13 Volumes. Planned By the Late Lord Acton. Edited By A. W. Ward, G. W. Prothero, and Stanley Leathes
0521078156: Organization and Control in Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells : Proceedings
0521078164: Shakespearean Stage, Fifteen Seventy-Four - Sixteen Forty-Two
0521078172: Nonparametric Techniques in Statistical Inference
0521078199: Correspondence Acton: Volume 1
0521078202: Explanation in the Behavioural Sciences
0521078229: Semantics : An Interdisciplinary Reader in Philosophy, Linguistics and Psychology
0521078237: Financial Administration under the T'ang Dynasty
0521078253: Buddhism and the Spirit Cults in Northeast Thailand
0521078261: Criticism and the Growth of Knowledge : Proceedings of the International Colloquium in the Philosophy of Science, London 1965
0521078288: Economic Development of Latin America
0521078326: George Eliot
0521078334: Pidginization and Creolization of Languages : Proceedings
0521078342: Islam in Egypt Today : Social and Political Aspects of Popular Religion
0521078350: Myth: Its Meaning and Functions in Ancient and Other Cultures
0521078369: Critique of Hegel's Philosophy of Right
0521078377: Regional Economic Development : The River Basin Approach in Mexico
0521078385: Locke and the Compass of Human Understanding
0521078393: Book
0521078415: Fact and Relevance : Essays on Historical Method
0521078423: Classical Influences on European Culture, 500-1500 A. D.
0521078431: Jane Austen
0521078458: Utopia Reform Enlghtenment
0521078466: Memoirs of the Society for Endocrinology : Hormones and the Environment
0521078490: Abbasid Revolution
0521078512: Gawain-Poet
0521078563: Participation and Democratic Theory
0521078598: Colonialism in Africa, 1870-1960 Vol. 5 : A Bibliographic Guide to Colonialism in Sub-Saharan Africa
0521078601: Politics and Trade in Southern Mexico, 1750-1821
0521078636: Kalahari Village Politics : An African Democracy
0521078725: Alienation of Church Wealth in Mexico
0521078733: Bishop Heber in Northern India : Selections from Heber's Journal
0521078741: Miners and Merchants in Bourbon Mexico, 1763-1810
0521078784: Smp Additional Maths Book Parts 1 and 2 Teacher's guide (School Mathematics Project Additional Mathematics)
0521078792: Book A
0521078806: Victorian England, Eighteen Thirty-Seven - Nineteen One
0521078822: Institutionalism and Schizophrenia
0521078830: Foreign Trade Criteria in Socialist Economies
0521078849: Russian Peasant Organisatin Before Collectivisation a Study of Commune and Gathering 1925-1930
0521078857: The Prediction of Communist Economic Performance
0521078865: The Concise Cambridge History of English Literature (ELBS)
0521078881: Friderich von Husen. Introduction, text commentary and glossary by D. G. Mowatt (Anglica Germanica Series 2)
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