0521242193: Children, Families, and Government : Perspectives on American Social Policy
0521242207: Mental Disorders and Somatic Illness
0521242215: Neuroses and Personality Disorders
0521242223: Modern Arabic Drama in Egypt
0521242274: Critical Introduction to Twentieth-Century American Drama Vol. 1 : 1900-1940
0521242282: Prokaryotic and Euraryotic Flagella
0521242290: Analysis of Action : Recent Theoretical and Empirical Advances
0521242320: Modern Wales : A Concise History, 1485-1979
0521242347: Ultrametric Calculus
0521242371: England Against the Papacy : Eighteen Fifty-Eight to Eighteen Sixty-One
0521242428: Prince Albert and the Victorian Age
0521242436: Cambridge Atlas of the Middle East and North Africa
0521242452: Science and Religion : Baden Powell and the Anglican Debate, 1800-1860
0521242487: Early Rabbinic Writings
0521242525: Jewish and Christian World 200 BC to AD 200
0521242541: General History of Astronomy : Planetary Astronomy from the Renaissance to the Rise of Astrophysics
0521242614: Renormalization : An Introduction to Renormalization, the Renormalization Group and the Operator-Product Expansion
0521242649: Disequilibrium Foundations of Equilibrium Economics
0521242703: Kings, Commoners and Concessionaires : The Evolution and Dissolution of the Nineteenth-Century Swazi State
0521242746: Transformational Syntax : A Student's Guide to Chomsky's Extended Standard Theory
0521242754: Sea and Sardinia
0521242762: Sons and Lovers
0521242770: Plays
0521242819: Remote Sounding of Atmospheres
0521242886: Across the Abyss
0521242894: Cambridge Ancient History : Plates to Volume 3
0521242908: British Intelligence in the Second World War : Its Influence on Strategy and Operations
0521242932: Otto Klemperer : His Life and Times, 1885-1933
0521242983: Joseph Chaikin
0521243025: Explanations in the Study of Child Language Development
0521243041: Cambridge History of Early Inner Asia Vol. 1 : From Earliest Times to the Rise of the Mongols
0521243068: Resource and Environmental Economics : Natural Resources and the Environment in Economics
0521243076: Mind in Science
0521243084: Plurality of Worlds : The Extraterrestrial Life Debate from Democritus to Kant
0521243092: Demographic Dimensions of the New Republic : American Interregional Migration, Vital Statistics and Manumissions 1800-1860
0521243106: Rational Expectations
0521243122: From Medical Chemistry to Biochemistry : The Making of a Biomedical Discipline
0521243149: Finite Elements : An Introduction for Engineers
0521243165: General Musicianship
0521243246: Cambridge History of Medieval Political Thought C. 350-C. 1450
0521243254: Defence of Malaysia and Singapore : The Transformation of a Security System 1957-1971
0521243270: Ch'In and Han Empires, 221 BC-AD 220
0521243319: Alien Regimes and Border States, 907-1368
0521243327: Ming Dynasty, 1368-1644
0521243335: Ming Dynasty Vol. 8 : 1368-1644
0521243343: Ch'ing Empire to 1800
0521243378: People's Republic Vol. 15, Pt. 2 : Revolutions Within the Chinese Revolution, 1966-1982
0521243386: Republican China, 1912-1949
0521243440: Francis I
0521243459: Great Tolbachik Fissure Eruption : Geological and Geophysical Data, 1975-1976
0521243467: Receptive Mechanisms of Sound in the Ear
0521243475: Bitter Pills : Population Policies and Their Implementation in Eight Developing Countries
0521243483: Optical Holography : Principles, Techniques and Applications
0521243491: Science and the Enlightenment
0521243548: Cambridge Ancient History
0521243599: Early European Agriculture
0521243610: Plays
0521243645: Near-Earth and Interplanetary Plasma
0521243661: Parallel Processing Systems
0521243696: Transformations in Slavery : A History of Slavery in Africa
0521243718: Looking at Pictures
0521243726: Moral Luck : Philosophical Papers, 1973-1980
0521243734: Exploration Seismology Vol. 1 : History, Theory and Data Acquisition
0521243769: Etat et Pasteurs Au Moyen-Orient Ancien
0521243777: Early Roman Period
0521243823: Russian National Income, 1885-1913
0521243858: Wind As a Geological Process on Earth Mars, Venus, and Titan
0521243912: Introduction to Complex Analysis
0521243947: Theory of Natural Monopoly
0521243998: Music of the Korean Renaissance : Songs and Dances of the Fifteenth Century
0521244048: Revolutionary Prose of the English Civil War
0521244056: Quarks, Gluons and Lattices
0521244080: Hebrews and Perfection : An Examination of the Concept of Perfection in the Epistle to the Hebrews
0521244099: Secular Pilgrims of Victorian Fiction : The Novel as Book of Life
0521244110: Romantic Critical Essays
0521244145: Between Battles and Ballots : Israeli Military in Politics
0521244153: Four Greek Plays : Andromache, Iphigenia, Phaedra, Athaliah
0521244196: Divisions Throughout the Whole
0521244218: Fair Ophelia : A Life of Harriet Smithson Berlioz
0521244242: Interpreting the Hebrew Bible
0521244269: American Colonial Prose : John Smith to Thomas Jefferson
0521244285: Players of Shakespeare : Essays in Shakespeare: A Performance by Twelve Players with the Royal Shakespeare Company
0521244293: Gregarious Saints : Self and Community in American Abolitionism, 1830-1870
0521244307: Dreaming of What Might Be : The Knights of Labor in Ontario, 1880-1900
0521244323: Text Processing
0521244331: Photoreceptors : Their Role in Vision
0521244374: Companion to Animal Physiology
0521244390: Labor Markets and Inequitable Growth : The Case of Authoritarian Capitalism in Brazil
0521244439: Advances in Economic Theory
0521244447: Emperor and His Chancellor : A Study of the Imperial Chancellery Under Gattinara
0521244463: National Theater in Northern and Eastern Europe, 1746-1900
0521244498: Metaphysics
0521244528: Cambridge Music Manuscripts, 900-1700
0521244544: Virus Persistence: Thirty-Third Symposium of the Society for General Microbiology Held at the University of Cambridge, March 1982
0521244560: Karl Marx Collective : Economy, Society and Religion in a Siberian Collective Farm
0521244595: Dawn of European Art : An Introduction to Palaeolithic Cave Painting
0521244609: Rock Art of Southern Africa
0521244617: Outline of Soil and Rock Mechanics
0521244625: Sole Spokesman : Jinnah, the Muslim League and the Demand for Pakistan
0521244641: Meanings into Words Upper-intermediate Student's cassette : An Integrated Course for Students of English (Meanings into Words)
0521244668: Emilia Pardo Bazan : The Making of a Novelist
0521244676: Sky Atlas 2000.O : Twenty-Six Star Charts Covering Both Hemispheres
0521244692: Electronic Synthesis of Speech
0521244706: Bereavement and Health : The Psychological and Physical Consequences of Partner Loss
0521244722: Rebels and Rulers, 1500-1600 : Society, States and Early Modern Revolution
0521244730: Provincial Rebellion : Revolutionary Civil Wars, 1560-1660
0521244757: Mexican Revolution
0521244773: Universal Languages and Scientific Taxonomy in the Seventeenth Century
0521244781: Behavior and Ecology of the African Buffalo
0521244803: Psychiatrists on Psychiatry
0521244846: Hegel's Dialectic and Its Criticism
0521244943: Why Has Japan 'Succeeded'? : Western Technology and the Japanese Ethos
0521244951: Definition of Literature and Other Essays
0521244978: Self Management : Economic Theory and Yugoslav Practice
0521245001: Art of Recognition in Wolfram's 'Parzival'
0521245036: Functional Programming and Its Applications : An Advanced Course
0521245095: Numbers, Sets and Axioms : The Apparatus of Mathematics
0521245109: Adventures of Charles Darwin : A Story of the Beagle Voyage
0521245117: These the Companions : Recollections
0521245141: Palaeolithic Settlement of Europe
0521245168: Cambridge History of Latin America : Colonial Latin America
0521245176: Cambridge History of Latin America : C. 1870 to 1930
0521245184: Latin America since 1930 : Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean
0521245214: Accretion-Driven Stellar X-Ray Sources
0521245222: Brahms : Biographical, Documentary and Analytical Studies
0521245230: Elements of Stress Analysis
0521245273: Spinors and Space Time : Two-Spinor Calculus and Relativistic Fields
0521245346: Delius As I Knew Him.
0521245354: Mathematics for Economists
0521245362: Introduction to Speciality Polymers
0521245370: French Sacred Drama from Beze to Corneille : Dramatic Forms and Their Purposes in Early Modern Theatre
0521245389: William Cobbett : The Poor Man's Friend
0521245397: Young Hegelians : An Anthology
0521245400: Informal Introduction to Gauge Field Theories
0521245419: World Railway Systems
0521245443: Sociobiology and the Human Dimension
0521245516: Contemporary Political Philosophy
0521245540: Myth in Africa
0521245559: West Indies : Patterns of Development, Culture and Environmental Change since 1492
0521245575: Growth and the Development of Pattern : Special Issue of Journal of Embryology and Experimental Morphology, Supplement to Vol. 65
0521245583: Physics of the Jovian Magnetosphere
0521245591: Sartre's Marxism
0521245621: Design With Energy
0521245656: Tackling Discrimination at the Workplace : An Analysis of Sex Discrimination in Britain
0521245664: Science in Russia and the Soviet Union : A Short History
0521245672: Basic Science for the Practicing Urologist
0521245680: Rock Art of the Spanish Levant
0521245699: Making the Second Ghetto : Race and Housing in Chicago, 1940-1960
0521245729: Advances in Econometrics
0521245737: Uranus and the Outer Planets : Proceedings of the IAU-RAS Colloquium
0521245788: Comparative Criticism : The Language of the Arts
0521245796: Labour Market Structure, Industrial Organization and Low Pay
0521245834: Saibara : Japanese Court Songs of the Heian Period
0521245850: Theory of Holors : A Generalization of Tensors
0521245869: Debate on Inflation Accounting
0521245877: Social Cognition and Social Development
0521245923: Province of Legislation Determined
0521245958: Philosophical Writings of Descartes
0521245974: Social Class and the Divison of Labour
0521245982: Illustrating FORTRAN
0521246016: Near-Earth and Interplanetary Plasma
0521246083: Mathematical Science of Christopher Wren
0521246091: Medieval European Stage 500-1550
0521246105: Green Planet : The Story of Plant Life on Earth
0521246113: Popular Encyclopedia of Plants
0521246121: Glory of the Holy Land
0521246148: From Craft to Industry
0521246156: George Borrow : Eccentric
0521246180: Alan of Lille : The Frontiers of Theology in the Twelfth Century
0521246202: Dramatic Dialogue : The Dialogue of Personal Encounter
0521246210: Community, Anarchy and Liberty
0521246237: Physics of Vibration Vol. 2 : The Simple Vibrator in Quantum Mechanics
0521246288: Germ Cells and Fertilization
0521246318: Land, Family and Inheritance
0521246334: Vibrational Spectroscopy of Polymers
0521246350: Religion and Politics in Muslim Society : Order and Conflict in Pakistan
0521246407: Cambridge Guide to the Material World
0521246423: Decline, Revival and Fall of the British Empire
0521246458: Invention of Tradition
0521246466: Shelduck : A Study in Behavioural Ecology
0521246474: History of the British Petroleum Company : The Developing Years, 1901-1932
0521246482: Accents of English UNABRIDGED
0521246539: Comparative Vertebrate Endocrinology
0521246571: Rank and Rivalry : The Politics of Inequality in Rural West Bengal
0521246598: Algorithmic Graph Theory
0521246695: Ninth International Conference on General Relativity and Gravitation : Proceedings
0521246717: Industrial Organisation and Location
0521246725: Philosophical Papers Vol. 3 : Reason, Truth and History
0521246784: Historical Understanding in Geography : An Idealistic Approach
0521246822: Agricultural Revolution in England : The Transformation of the Agrarian Economy 1500-1850
0521246830: Geography and History : Bridging the Divide
0521246857: Short History of Ireland
0521246873: Patrons, Clients and Friends : Interpersonal Relations and the Structure of Trust in Society
0521246881: Patterns in Plant Development
0521246903: Primate Communication
0521246938: Cambridge History of Iran
0521246954: Perspectives on Minority Influence
0521246962: Natural Language and Universal Grammar : Essays in Linguistic Theory
0521247004: Black Soul White Artifact : Fanon's Clinical Psychology and Social Theory
0521247012: Revolution in Miniature
0521247020: Molecular Optical Activity and the Chiral Discriminations
0521247101: Sky Catalogue 2000.0
0521247136: Soviet Government and the Jews, 1948-1967
0521247144: Solar Granulation
0521247160: Cambridge History of Political Thought, 1450-1700
0521247179: Juan Vicente Gómez and the Oil Companies in Venezuela, 1908-1935
0521247187: Nuclear Power and Public Responsibility
0521247209: Timing of Economic Activities : Firms, Households, and Markets in Time-Specific Analysis
0521247217: City in the Republic : Antebellum New York and the Origins of Machine Politics
0521247233: Fall of the French Monarchy 1787-1792
0521247322: Quantum Structure of Space and Time
0521247330: Submillimetre Wave Astronomy
0521247357: Memory Traces in the Brain
0521247365: Fossils, Minerals and Rocks : Collection and Preservation
0521247411: Clinical Process in Psychiatry : Diagnosis and Management Planning
0521247454: Symbolic Structures : An Exploration of the Culture of the Dowayos
0521247462: Political Anatomy of the Body : Medical Knowledge in Britain in the Twentieth Century
0521247489: John Oldham and the Renewal of Classical Culture
0521247497: Analysis of Unbalanced Data : A Pre-Program Introduction
0521247500: Statutes Sir Walter Mldy
0521247519: Quest for Shakespeare's Globe
0521247527: Shakespeare in the Nineteenth Century
0521247535: Evolution from Molecules to Men
0521247543: Between Two Worlds : George Tyrell's Relationship to the Thought of Matthew Arnold
0521247616: Tun-huang Popular Narratives
0521247659: Vindications : Essays on Romantic Music
0521247683: Marcel Proust : A Study in the Quality of Awareness
0521247756: Principles of Political Economy : Variorum Edition
0521247780: Evolution and Social Life
0521247799: Classes in Contemporary Japan
0521247845: Frustration Theory : An Analysis of Dispositional Learning and Memory
0521247918: Law and Economic Organization : A Comparative Study of Preindustrial Studies
0521247942: Fundamentals of Light Microscopy
0521248019: Tools and Notions for Program Construction : An Advanced Course
0521248043: Slumber of Apollo
0521248078: Joan Baptista Van Helmont : Reformer of Science and Medicine
0521248116: James Joyce and Sexuality
0521248132: Idiom of the Time
0521248140: Ultimate Fate of the Universe
0521248167: Chloroplast Biogenesis
0521248183: Teaching and Learning Languages
0521248191: Studies in the Performance of Late Medieval Music
0521248205: Manufacture in Town and Country Before the Factory
0521248248: Coming of Industrial Order : Town and Factory Life in Rural Massachusetts, 1810-1860
0521248272: Songsters and Saints
0521248299: Republican Experiment, 1848-1852
0521248418: Tudor Rule and Revolution
0521248434: Prometheus Bound
0521248469: Fredholm Theory In Banach Spaces
0521248507: Quest for Quarks
0521248566: Fossil Invertebrates
0521248574: Perspectives in Ornithology : Essays Presented for the Centennial of the American Ornithologists' Union
0521248604: Comparative Criticism: Volume 5, Hermeneutic Criticism (Comparative Criticism)
0521248620: Measuring Economic Welfare : New Methods
0521248647: Understanding Education : Towards a Reconstruction of Educational Inquiry
0521248655: Pattern Formation in Plant Tissues
0521248663: Symplectic Techniques in Physics
0521248701: Group Theory and Physics
0521248760: Henry Stubbe, Radical Protestantism and the Early Enlightenment
0521248833: French for Starters
0521248884: Children at Risk for Schizophrenia
0521248892: Treasury of English Church Music 1545-1650
0521248930: Studies on Tudor and Stuart Politics and Government : Papers and Reviews 1973-1981
0521249007: Fiscal and Monetary Policies and Problems in Developing Countries
0521249015: International Industrial Productivity : A Comparison of Britian, America and Germany
0521249023: Calderon in the German Lands and the Low Countries : His Reception and Influence, 1654 to 1980
0521249058: General Hydrogeology
0521249066: Treatise on Social Theory : The Methodology of Social Theory
0521249112: Cambridge Latin Course Unit 3
0521249139: Cambridge Latin Course Unit 1, 2A and 2B
0521249147: Cambridge Latin Course Unit 3A and 3B
0521249155: Handbook of Phycological Methods : Ecological Field Methods: Macroalgae
0521249198: From Paracelsus to Newton : Magic and the Making of Modern Science
0521249228: English Industrial Cities of the Nineteenth Century
0521249260: Plants of the Bible : A Complete Handbook to All the Plants with 200 Full-Color Plates Taken in the Natural Habitat
0521249287: Ideas Cassettes (2) : Speaking and Listening Activities
0521249309: Catecholamines and Behavior
0521249333: Genetics, Paleontology and Macroevolution
0521249406: New Images of the Natural in France : A Study in European Cultural History, 1750-1800
0521249422: Understanding Green Revolutions : Agrarian Change and Development Planning in South Asia
0521249449: Amilcar Cabral : Revolutionary Leadership and People's War
0521249457: Curves & Singularitie
0521249473: Electrical Resistivity of Metals and Alloys
0521249481: How Societies Remember
0521249546: Information Representation and Manipulation Using Pascal
0521249589: Psychology of Fear and Stress
0521249600: Treatise on Social Theory : Applied Social Theory
0521249643: Anti-Nuclear Protest : The Opposition to Nuclear Energy in France
0521249651: Heart Muscle : Ultrastructural Studies
0521249686: Explorations in Historical Geography : Interpretive Essays
0521249694: Interest and Emotion:Essays on the Study of Family and Kinship (MSH: Colloques)
0521249708: Economy of the Roman Empire : Quantitative Studies
0521249716: Humanities in Review
0521249740: Human Brain
0521249759: Atmospheric Dynamics
0521249767: Wanderers in Space
0521249783: Saints And Their Cults
0521249805: Pidgins and Creoles
0521249864: Socio-Religious Reform Movements in British India
0521249872: France : A Geographical, Social and Economic Survey
0521249880: The New Solar System
0521249899: In Quest of Telescopes
0521249902: Multinational Enterprise and Economic Growth
0521249961: Permanent Magnet Materials and Their Application
0521249996: Test Your Understanding of Neurophysiology
0521250013: Introduction to Programming With S-Algol
0521250021: Comparative Physiology of Sensory Systems
0521250064: Cours de francais contemporain : Niveau d'apprentissage
0521250072: Speaking Naturally : Communication Skills in American English
0521250099: Forgotten Children
0521250129: Calculus : Basic Concepts and Applications
0521250161: Benedetto Accolti and the Florentine Renaissance
0521250196: Archaic Times to the End of the Peloponnesian War
0521250242: Social Interaction in Individual Development
0521250250: Politics, Finance and the Church in the Reign of Edward II : Walter Stapeldon, Treasurer of England
0521250307: Comparison of Statistical Experiments
0521250323: Political Terrorism : Theory, Tactics and Counter-Measures
0521250358: Rebellion, Popular Protest and the Social Order in Early Modern England
0521250617: Way of the Stars : Greek Legends of the Constellations
0521250633: Microbes in Their Natural Environments
0521250641: Exploration Seismology Vol. 2 : Data-Processing and Interpretation
0521250684: Diving and Asphyxia : A Comparative Study of Animals and Man
0521250692: Interferons : From Molecular Biology to Clinical Application
0521250714: Intrasite Spatial Analysis in Archaeology
0521250722: What Political Economy Is All About : An Exposition and Critique
0521250757: Emergence of the Middle Class : Social Experience in the American City, 1760-1900
0521250765: Biology and Biological Technology Pt. 2 : Agriculture
0521250781: Managing International Risk
0521250803: Romantic and Revolutionary Theatre, 1789-1860
0521250811: Other Tribes, Other Scribes
0521250854: Meinong and the Principle of Independence
0521250870: Climatic Record in Polar Ice Sheets
0521250889: Roman Britain from the Air
0521250927: Indian Society and the Making of the British Empire
0521250943: Detente and the Nixon Doctrine : American Foreign Policy and the Pursuit of Stability, 1969-1976
0521250978: Monetary Politics : The Federal Reserve and the Politics of Monetary Policy
0521250986: Tiger and the Shark : Empirical Roots of Wave-Particle Dualism
0521250994: Fundamentals in Computer Vision
0521251028: Collapse : The Buckling of Structures in Theory and Practice
0521251044: Cambridge History of Renaissance Philosophy
0521251095: Science and the Practice of Medicine in the Nineteenth Century
0521251109: Theory of Adaptive Economic Behavior
0521251125: Mate Choice
0521251133: DIALOGUES
0521251168: And So We Came to Rome : The Political Perspectives of St. Luke
0521251184: Migrant Laborers
0521251192: Mughal Empire
0521251214: Glimpsing an Invisible Universe : The Emergence of X-Ray Astronomy
0521251249: Medicine and Power in Tunisia, 1780-1900
0521251257: Mothers and Daughters : Women of the Intelligentsia in Nineteenth Century Russia
0521251265: Dante and English Poetry : Shelley to T. S. Eliot
0521251273: Standards of Living in the Later Middle Ages : Social Change in England C. 1200-1520
0521251281: Palestinian Liberation Organization : People, Power, and Politics
0521251362: Mafia, Peasants and Great Estates : Society in Traditional Calabria
0521251389: Global Climate
0521251400: Marshall Plan
0521251419: Money and Value : A Reconsideration of Classical and Neoclassical Monetary Economics
0521251427: William Jaffe's Essays on Walras
0521251435: Investment in Education and Social Choice
0521251508: Analysis of Panel Data
0521251516: Growth, Accumulation, and Unproductive Activity : An Analysis of Post-War U. S. Economy
0521252148: Culture, Communication and Cognition : Vygotskian Perspectives
0521252180: Colonisation of Land : Origins and Adaptations of Terrestrial Animals
0521252199: Andre Antoine
0521252202: Sunsets, Twilights, and Evening Skies
0521252210: Ideology and Classic American Literature
0521252229: Land Surface Processes in Atmospheric General Circulation Models
0521252253: Guide to English Historical Records
0521252334: John Ruskin's Labour : A Study of Ruskin's Social Theory
0521252342: African Archaeology
0521252385: Fourth Republic, 1944-1958
0521252393: Republic of de Gaulle 1958-1969
0521252407: The Decline of the Third Republic, 1914-1938
0521252415: Restoration and Reaction 1815-1848
0521252431: Darwin's Finches
0521252458: Proprietary Capitalism : The Textile Manufacture at Philadelphia, 1800-1885
0521252466: Agriculture in China's Modern Economic Development
0521252474: Evolutionary Biology of Colonizing Species
0521252490: History of the Balkans : Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries
0521252504: Aaron's Rod
0521252512: Mr. Noon
0521252563: Antony and Cleopatra
0521252598: Bird of Time : The Science and Politics of Nature Conservation
0521252628: Ceramic Theory and Cultural Process
0521252644: Testing for Language Teachers
0521252733: Colyer's Variations and Diseases of the Teeth of Animals
0521252741: Island of South Georgia
0521252792: Foundation Course for Language Teachers
0521252806: Estimation, Inference and Specification Analysis
0521252814: Evolutionary Ecology of Ant-Plant Mutualisms
0521252857: Reproductive Physiology of Marsupials
0521252938: Group Structure of Gauge Theories
0521252962: Yeasts : Characteristics and Identification
0521252970: Models of Category Counts
0521253004: Algebra Through Practice : A Collection of Problems in Algebra with Solutions: Books 1-3
0521253039: Sociology of the Third World
0521253063: Pursuit of Happiness : Family and Values in Jefferson's Virginia
0521253071: Shakespeare's Rome
0521253128: Workbook for Astronomy
0521253136: Varieties of Realism
0521253160: Managing Change in the U. S. S. R. : The Politico-Legal Role of the Soviet Jurist
0521253179: Econometric Applications of Maximum Likelihood Methods
0521253187: Russia and the Formation of the Romanian Empire, 1821-1878
0521253209: Interferometry
0521253217: Finite Elements for Electrical Engineers
0521253225: Structural Models in Anthropology
0521253233: Genome Multiplication in Growth and Development : Biology of Polyploid and Polytene Cells
0521253268: Statistics in Language Studies
0521253284: Sir John Davies and the Conquest of Ireland : A Study in Legal Imperialism
0521253292: Current Problems in Germ Cell Differentiation
0521253306: Bengal : Eastern India 1740-1828
0521253322: Evolution of the Polynesian Chiefdoms
0521253357: Body Movement and Speech in Medical Interaction
0521253365: Playgoing in Shakespeare's London
0521253403: Short History of Modern Bulgaria
0521253411: Computer Mathematics
0521253438: What Is a Law of Nature?
0521253446: Development of Nerve Cells and Their Connections
0521253497: Very Early Universe
0521253527: Philosophy in History : Essays in the Historiography of Philosophy
0521253683: Art of Ancient Greece
0521253721: Concentration and Foreign Trade
0521253748: Medieval Society : The West Midlands at the End of the Thirteenth Century
0521253756: Time-Dependent Failure Mechanisms and Assessment Methodologies
0521253845: Incroyables Gazettes et Fabuleux Metaux
0521253896: Sociology, Ethnomethodology, and Experience : A Phenomenological Critique
0521253918: Astrophotography for the Amateur
0521253926: Divided Mind : Ideology and Imagination in America 1898-1917
0521253969: Self and Sensibility in Contemporary American Poetry
0521253977: Capitalist Development and the Peasant Economy of Peru
0521253993: Instrumentation for Environmental Physiology
0521254019: Communicating Naturally in a Second Language : Theory and Practice in Language Teaching
0521254035: Culture and Class in Anthropology and History : A Newfoundland Illustration
0521254078: Solidarity : The Analysis of a Social Movement; Poland 1980-1981
0521254086: Dimensions of Darwinism : Themes and Counter Themes in Twentieth-Century Evolutionary Theory
0521254116: Public Employment in Western Nations
0521254140: Phoenix Assurance and the Development of British Insurance
0521254159: Phoenix Assurance and the Development of British Insurance Vol. 2 : The Era of the Insurance Giants, 1870-1984
0521254167: First Course in Fluid Dynamics
0521254175: Collected Essays
0521254191: D. H. Lawrence Vol. 1 : The Early Years, 1885-1912
0521254205: D. H. Lawrence Vol. 2 : The Cambridge Biography of D. H. Lawrence
0521254248: Mechanisms of Drug Action on the Nervous System
0521254264: Cambridge University Statutes and Ordinances 83
0521254302: Databases : Role and Structure
0521254353: SMP 11–16 Angle Measurers Pack of 5
0521254426: Freedom in Machinery Vol.2 : Screw Theory Exemplified
0521254434: Rock Art of the North American Indians
0521254442: Presocratic Philosophers : A Critical History with a Selections of Texts
0521254558: Skilled Workers in the Class Structure
0521254566: Probability and Literary Form : Philosophic Theory and Literary Practice in the Augustan Age
0521254574: Decisions and Revisions : Philosophical Essays on Knowledge and Value
0521254604: Puritan Conversion Narrative
0521254612: Propagation of Radio Waves : The Theory of Radio Waves of Low Power in the Ionosphere and Magnetosphere
0521254620: Practical Handbook for Software Development
0521254647: Consequences of Chromosome Imbalance : Principles, Mechanisms, and Models
0521254655: Modeling Dynamic Phenomena in Molecular and Cellular Biology
0521254663: Europe, America, and the Wider World Vol. 2 : Essays on the Economic History of Western Capitalism
0521254671: Europe, America, and the Wider World
0521254701: Land and Society in Golden Age Castille
0521254728: Primary Neural Substrates of Learning and Behavioral Change
0521254744: Cliffs of Solitude : A Reading of Robinson Jeffers
0521254779: Essays on the History of British Sociological Research
0521254787: Short History of the Yugoslav Peoples
0521254795: Foreign And Second Language Learning
0521254809: Granville Barker and the Dream of Theatre
0521254825: Samuel Beckett
0521254833: Crisis of Feudalism : Economy and Society in Eastern Normandy c. 1300-1500
0521254841: Social History of the Deccan : 1300-1762: Eight Indian Lives
0521254868: History, Society and the Churches : Essays in Honour of Owen Chadwick
0521254876: Realism in European Literature
0521254884: Keyboard Instruments (Cambridge Assignments in Music)
0521254930: In the Age of Prose : Literary and Philosophical Essays
0521255015: Polar Homes
0521255058: Crystal Chemistry and Refractivity
0521255066: Let Your Words Be Few
0521255082: Philosophy of Economics
0521255171: Adversary Politics and Land : The Conflict over Land and Property Policy in Post-War Britain
0521255384: Late Georgian and Regency England, 1760-1837
0521255414: Algal Symbiosis : A Continuum of Interaction Strategies
0521255430: Public Life and Late Capitalism : Toward a Socialist Theory of Democracy
0521255481: Analysis of Starlight : One Hundred and Fifty Years of Astronomical Spectroscopy
0521255503: Theoretical Concepts in Physics : An Alternative View of Theoretical Reasoning in Physics
0521255538: Manual of Advanced Celestial Photography
0521255562: Immobilized Cells : Principles and Applications
0521255570: Principles and Practice of Electron Microscopy
0521255589: Tunisian Peasants in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries
0521255597: Cambridge Historical Encyclopedia of Great Britain and Ireland
0521255600: Peruvian Prehistory : An Overview of Pre-Inca and Inca Society
0521255651: Scientific Controversies
0521255678: Botany of Mangroves
0521255686: Public and Private Value : Studies in the Nineteenth-Century Novel
0521255775: Essays on Shakespeare
0521255791: Penelope's Web
0521255864: Correspondence of Charles Darwin : 1856-1857
0521255872: Correspondence of Charles Darwin : 1821-1836
0521255880: Correspondence of Charles Darwin : 1837-1843
0521255899: Correspondence of Charles Darwin : 1844-1846
0521255902: Correspondence of Charles Darwin : 1847-1850
0521255910: Correspondence of Charles Darwin : 1851-1855
0521255929: Methodology in Evaluation of Psychiatric Treatments
0521255937: Time to Remember : The Autobiography of a Chemist
0521255945: Elementary Task Listening
0521255953: Progress in Clinical Pharmacy V
0521255961: Life Events and Psychiatric Disorders
0521256011: Emotions, Cognition and Behaviour
0521256038: Last Age of the Roman Republic, 146-43 BC
0521256054: Blueprints for Thinking : The Role of Planning in Cognitive Development
0521256062: Technology Advances in Engineering and Their Impact on Detection, Diagnosis and Prognosis Methods
0521256097: H. Balfour Gardiner
0521256143: Freud, Proust, and Lacan
0521256151: Bernhardt, Terry, Duse : The Actress in Her Time
0521256186: Berl : The Biography of a Socialist Zionist; Berl Katznelson, 1887-1944
0521256194: Historical Geography of Modern Australia : The Restive Fringe
0521256208: Methods in Radiative Transfer
0521256232: French Nobility in the Eighteenth Century : From Feudalism to Enlightenment
0521256275: Scientific Letters and Papers of James Clerk Maxwell
0521256305: Inflation, Stagflation, Relative Prices and Relative Prices and Imperfect Information
0521256356: Cansos and Sirventes of the Troubadour, Giraut de Borneil : A Critical Edition
0521256364: Shakespeare in the Twentieth Century
0521256372: Reproduction in Mammals : Hormonal Control of Reproduction
0521256380: Copy-Editing : The Cambridge Handbook Desk Edition
0521256518: On the Nature of Human Plasticity
0521256550: Reason of Rules
0521256569: Performance of an Economic System
0521256585: Women in the Ministry of Jesus : A Study of Jesus' Attitudes to Women and Their Roles as Reflected in His Earthly Life
0521256593: Khyal : Creativity Within North India's Classical Music Tradition
0521256658: Observing Handbook and Catalogue of Deep-Sky Objects
0521256666: Marx's Lost Aesthetic : Karl Marx and the Visual Arts
0521256682: Cambridge Deep Sky Album
0521256712: Genesis of Industrial Capital
0521256720: Biotechnology of Malting and Brewing
0521256747: Research into Illustration : An Approach and a Review
0521256755: Psycholinguistics
0521256771: Entropy in Relation to Incomplete Knowledge
0521256801: Mansfield Forbes and His Cambridge
0521256836: New Astronomy
0521256844: Exercises in Analysis : Essays by Students of Casimir Lewy
0521256852: Scandinavian Language Contacts
0521256941: Geometry of Fractal Sets
0521256968: Cambridge Encyclopedia of Life Sciences
0521257018: Virtue, Commerce, and History : Essays on Political Thought and History, Chiefly in the Eighteenth Century
0521257026: After Marx
0521257042: Historical Anthropology of the Family
0521257050: Scanning Nature
0521257069: Plant Variation and Evolution
0521257115: Quantum Theory of Unimolecular Reactions
0521257131: Portuguese in India
0521257166: Atlas of the Tithe Files of Mid-Nineteenth-Century England and Wales
0521257220: Poet's Prose : The Crisis in American Verse
0521257247: Neville Chamberlain : Pioneering and Reform, 1869-1929
0521257271: Provident Sea
0521257298: Aristocratic Century : The Peerage of Eighteenth-Century England
0521257336: History of Astronomy from Herschel to Hertzsprung
0521257344: Evolution : Essays in Honour of John Maynard Smith
0521257352: Foundations of Social Choice Theory
0521257433: Cambridge Commemorated
0521257441: Individual Forecasting and Aggregate Outcomes : Rational Expectations Examined
0521257468: Eddington : The Most Distinguished Astrophysicist of His Time
0521257476: On Language : The Diversity of Human Language-Structure and Its Influence on the Mental Development of Mankind
0521257492: The Tanner Lectures on Human Values V, 1984.
0521257522: Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin
0521257530: Trafficking in Drug Users : Professional Exchange Networks in the Control of Deviance
0521257557: Peasants, Landlords and Merchant Capitalists : Europe and the World Economy, 1500-1800
0521257565: High Vacuum Techniques for Chemical Syntheses and Measurements
0521257581: European Commercial Enterprise in Pre-Colonial India
0521257646: Social Inequality and Class Radicalism in France and Britain
0521257654: Tomaso da Modena : Painting in Emilia and the March of Treviso, 1340-80
0521257689: Fragility of Goodness
0521257697: Data Processing in Archaeology
0521257719: Bolsheviks and the Red Army 1918-1921
0521257735: Stone-Age Prehistory : Studies in Memory of Charles McBurney
0521257751: Agrarian History of England and Wales
0521257786: Cambridge Astronomy Guide : An Introduction to Practical Astronomy
0521257824: Nature of Social Laws : Machiavelli to Mill
0521257832: Poverty, Ethnicity and the American City, 1840-1925 : Changing Conceptions of the Slum and the Ghetto
0521257840: Those Who Stayed Behind : Rural Society in Nineteenth-Century New England
0521257883: Cambridge Social History of Britain, 1750-1950 : Regions and Communities
0521257891: 1750-1950 Vol. 2 : People and Their Environment
0521257905: Cambridge Social History of Britain, 1750-1950 Vol. 3 : Social Agencies and Institutions
0521257921: East Central Europe in Transition : From the Fourteenth to the Seventeenth Century
0521257972: Politics and Rural Society : The Southern Massif Central, c. 1750-1880
0521258022: Second Baldwin Government and the United States, 1924-1929 : Attitudes and Diplomacy
0521258049: Benjamin Kidd : Portrait of a Social Darwinist
0521258065: Psychopharmacology of Smoking
0521258073: Edmund Spenser
0521258111: Critical Introduction to Twentieth-Century American Drama Vol. 2 : Williams, Miller, Albee
0521258146: Cambridge-Eichborn Shorter German Dictionary
0521258154: Islam in Foreign Policy
0521258219: Four Hundred Years of University Printing and Publishing in Cambridge : 1584-1984
0521258243: Gene Structure and Expression
0521258286: Selected Essays
0521258308: Introduction to Functional Programming Systems Using Haskell
0521258316: Creature and Creator : Myth-Making and English Romanticism
0521258332: Star Book
0521258340: Atlas of Deep Sky Splendors
0521258367: Antarctic Earth Science : Fourth International Symposium, Adelaide, South Australia, 1982
0521258383: Concept of Physical Law
0521258413: Political Aspects of the Economy
0521258502: Supermanifolds
0521258529: Island in the Moon : A Facsimile of the Manuscript
0521258553: Strategies of Political Theatre : Post-War British Playwrights
0521258561: Stoichiometry and Thermodynamics of Metallurgical Processes
0521258642: European Garden Flora : A Manual for the Identification of Plants Cultivated in Europe, Both Out-of-Doors and under Glass
0521258715: Artificial Intelligence and Psychiatry
0521258723: Meteorites, Ice, and Antarctica : A Personal Account
0521258766: Name of Action : Critical Essays
0521258790: Occult and Scientific Mentalities in the Renaissance
0521258804: San Francisco Renaissance : Poetics and Community at Mid-Century
0521258812: Hormones and Human Behaviour
0521258847: Beyond Conventional Quantization
0521258855: Giuseppe Verdi
0521258863: Recent Advances in Planetary Meteorology
0521258901: Monoclonal Antibodies in Biotechnology : Theoretical and Practical Aspects
0521258979: Investigation and Responsibility
0521258987: Horace, Epistles Book I
0521259002: Hawthorne, Melville and the American Character : A Looking Glass Business
0521259010: Niagara Falls : Icon of the American Sublime
0521259061: Famine, Disease and the Social Order in Early Modern Society
0521259118: Papal Government and England During the Pontificate of Honorius III (1216-1227)
0521259134: Profession of the Playwright : British Theatre, 1800-1900
0521259142: Partial Differential Equations
0521259150: Moral Theory and Medical Practice
0521259177: Making of Great Men : Male Domination and Power among the New Guinea Baruya
0521259193: Identity, Cause, and Mind : Philosophical Papers
0521259215: Origins of the Great Purges : The Soviet Communist Party Reconsidered, 1933-1938
0521259223: Daughters of the Reconquest
0521259258: Correspondence of Robert Dodsley : 1733-1764
0521259282: Coastal Waders and Wildfowl in Winter
0521259509: History of the British Petroleum Company Vol. 2 : The Anglo-Iranian Years, 1928-1954
0521259517: British Petroleum and Global Oil, 1950-1975 Vol. 3 : The Challenge of Nationalism
0521259525: Antarctic Resources Policy : Scientifc, Legal and Political Issues
0521259576: Boris Pasternak Vol. 1 : A Literary Biography
0521259584: Boris Pasternak Vol. 2 : A Literary Biography
0521259592: Religion and Public Doctrine in Modern England
0521259606: Religion and Public Doctrine in Modern England : Accommodations
0521259665: Plant Genetic Engineering
0521259673: Economic Theories in a Non-Walrasian Tradition
0521259681: General Equilibrium Analysis : Studies in Appraisal
0521259703: Magna Carta
0521259711: French Romantics
0521259738: Animal Physiology
0521259770: Information in Biological Systems : The Role of Macromolecules
0521259789: Revolution in History
0521259800: Syntactic Chains
0521259835: Myth of Black Progress
0521259878: Unions and Politics in Mexico : The Case of the Automobile Industry
0521259886: Introduction to Science Studies : The Philosophical and Social Aspects of Science and Technology
0521259894: Theory of Earth Science
0521259908: Objectifs : Assignments in Practical Language Skills
0521259924: Reading between the Lines Cassettes (2) : Integrated Language and Literature Activities
0521259967: Identity and Stability in Marriage
0521260051: Cambridge Science Universe Slip Cased Edition
0521260086: Diffusion of Mature Technologies
0521260094: Medieval European Coinage
0521260264: H. G. Wells
0521260280: Intonation
0521260302: Ecology of Bird Communities Vol. 1 : Foundations and Patterns
0521260310: Apocalypse and Semitic Syntax
0521260337: Multiple Self
0521260345: Poet and His Audience
0521260388: Apuleius : Cupid and Psyche
0521260426: Life Cycle Support in the Ada Environment
0521260566: Microbe 1984
0521260574: Microbe 1984
0521260590: Works of John Webster Vol. 1 : An Old-Spelling Critical Edition of The White Devil and The Duchess of Malfi
0521260604: Works of John Webster
0521260620: Class and Social Stratification in Post-Revolution China
0521260701: Pocket Economist
0521260752: Sign Language : The Study of Deaf People and Their Language
0521260779: Spacelab : Research in Earth Orbit
0521260809: Dictionary of Genetic Engineering
0521260817: Prostanoids : Pharmacological, Physiological and Clinical Relevance
0521260833: Molecular Medical Biochemistry
0521260841: From Gene to Animal : An Introduction to the Molecular Biology of Animal Development
0521260868: Interpreting Ricardo
0521260892: Japan Today
0521260914: Observational Astrophysics
0521260922: Elementary Particles
0521261015: Mössbauer Spectroscopy
0521261023: Brain Circuits and Functions of the Mind : Essays in Honor of Roger Wolcott Sperry, Author
0521261031: Geology of Multi-Ring Impact Basins : The Moon and Other Planets
0521261198: Novels 1871-1889: Watch and Ward*Roderick Hudson* The Americans*The Europeans*Confidence
0521261201: Politics of Latin American Development
0521261244: Vibrations and Waves in Physics
0521261252: Materials for a Balance of the Soviet Economy, 1928-1930
0521261732: Energy and Empire : A Biographical Study of Lord Kelvin
0521261740: Heating and Compression of Thermonuclear Targets by Laser Beam
0521261805: Eternal Victory : Triumphal Rulership in Late Antiquity, Byzantium and the Early Medieval West
0521261813: Charlotte Bronte and Sexuality
0521261848: Hobbes and the Social Contract Tradition
0521261880: From Marx to Lenin : An Evaluation of Marx's Responsibility for Soviet Authoritarianism
0521261899: Religious Toleration and Social Change in Hamburg, 1529-1819
0521261910: Nuclear Power : Futures, Costs and Benefits
0521261929: Flowering Plants in West Africa
0521261953: Structural Modeling by Example
0521261961: Cross-Linguistic Study of Sentence Processing
0521261988: North American Terrestrial Vegetation
0521262011: Movements in European History
0521262038: Natural Language Parsing : Psychological, Computational, and Theoretical Perspectives
0521262046: Social Goals and Social Organization : Essays in Memory of Elisha Pazner
0521262062: Gutteridge
0521262089: Oedipus and Job in West African Religion
0521262127: Uncle Tom's Cabin, The Minister's Wooing and Oldtown Folks
0521262143: Call of the Wild, The, White Fang, Sea-Wolf, The
0521262178: Tales and Sketches
0521262186: Redburn, White-Jacket, Moby-dick (The Library of America Ser.)
0521262208: Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Life on the Mississippi, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Pudd'nhead Wilson
0521262216: France and England in North America
0521262224: France and England in North America
0521262275: Extraterrestrials : Science and Alien Intelligence
0521262305: Underground Economies : Tax Evasion and Information Distortion
0521262313: Money and Markets : Essays by Robert W. Clower
0521262364: Ecology and Natural History of Tropical Bees
0521262372: Structure and Mobility : The Men and Women of Marseille, 1820-1870
0521262402: Weather Systems
0521262410: Instrumental Variables
0521262429: First Industrialists : The Problem of Origins
0521262445: Henry Fielding
0521262461: African Regional Organizations
0521262496: Scottish Political System
0521262518: Creative Computer Graphics
0521262550: British Intelligence in the Second World War : Its Influence on Strategy and Operations
0521262569: Critical Introduction to Twentieth-Century American Drama Vol. 3 : Beyond Broadway
0521262585: Listening Tasks Audio Cassette
0521262615: Story of the Hindus
0521262631: Cambridge Encyclopedia of Latin America and the Caribbean
0521262658: Semantics and Syntax
0521262704: In Darkness Born : The Story of Star Formation
0521262712: Ideology in a Socialist State : Poland 1956-1983
0521262720: Sparsity and Its Applications
0521262747: Reading Realism in Stendhal
0521262755: Business Life and Public Policy
0521262771: Introduction to the Properties of Condensed Matter
0521262798: Focus on the Language Classroom : An Introduction to Classroom Research for Language Teachers
0521262801: X-Rays in Atomic and Nuclear Physics
0521262828: Indirect Imaging : Measurement and Processing
0521262844: Norman Kingdom of Sicily
0521262852: Statistical Foundations of Econometric Modelling
0521262909: Music in the Seventeenth Century
0521262925: Story of the Earth
0521262941: Women of the Regiment : Marriage and the Victorian Army
0521262968: On the Economy of Plant Form and Function : Proceedings of the Sixth Maria Moors Cabot Symposium
0521263026: Formalism and the Freudian Aesthetic : The Example of Charles Mauron
0521263042: Gentlemen of a Company : English Players in Central and Eastern Europe, 1590 to 1660
0521263050: Extraterrestrial Life Debate, 1750-1900
0521263069: Turbulence Fluid Mechanics
0521263085: USSR. in Third World Conflicts : Soviet Arms and Diplomacy in Local Wars 1945-1980
0521263093: Absolutism and Society in 17th Century France : State Power and Provincial Aristocracy in Languedoc
0521263115: Legends of Earth, Air, Fire and Water
0521263123: Industrialisation and Trade Union Organization in South Africa 1924-1955 : The Rise and Fall of the South African Trades and Labour Council
0521263158: Spectroscopy of Astrophysical Plasmas
0521263182: Saving Civilization : Yeats, Eliot, and Auden Between the Wars
0521263212: Conversations of Friends : Speculations on Affective Development
0521263220: Cambridge Star Atlas Two Thousand
0521263255: Making of Three Russian Revolutionaries
0521263336: Islamic Technology
0521263344: Elements of Pronounciation
0521263352: High Empire, AD 70-192
0521263433: PROSE AND POETRY
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