0521350832: British Technology and European Industrialization : The Norwegian Textile Industry in the Mid-Nineteenth Century
0521350867: Culture and Society : Contemporary Debates
0521350875: Language, Authority and Indigenous History in the Commentarios Reales de los Incas
0521350913: Introduction to Energy : Resources, Technology and Society
0521350921: Origins of American Social Science
0521350948: Introduction to Psychiatric Research
0521350956: Psychobiology of Personality
0521350964: Introduction to Theoretical Neurobiology Vol. 1 : Linear Cable Theory and Dendritic Structure
0521350972: Worlds of Christopher Columbus
0521350980: Transmission Electron Microscopy of Minerals and Rocks
0521350999: Risk and Protective Factors in the Development of Psychopathology
0521351022: Technical Workers in an Advanced Society : The Work, Careers and Politics of French Engineers
0521351030: Foundations of Artificial Intelligence : A Sourcebook
0521351065: Continent of Hunter-Gatherers : New Perspectives in Australian Prehistory
0521351073: Plasma Loops in the Solar Corona
0521351111: In Breaking of Bread : The Eucharist and Ritual
0521351162: Helping Friends and Harming Enemies
0521351170: Somatotyping Development and Applications
0521351197: Sport in Britain : A Social History
0521351219: Problems in Neolithic Archaeology
0521351243: John Skelton and the Politics of the 1520s
0521351278: Theology of Paul's Letter to the Galatians
0521351294: Achieving Industrialization in East Asia
0521351324: Central American Security System : North-South or East-West?
0521351332: Monteverdi
0521351383: Money, Interest and Capital : A Study in the Foundations of Monetary Theory
0521351413: U. S.-Japan Alliance Diplomacy, 1945-1990
0521351472: Hierarchical Structures and Social Value : The Creation of Black and Irish Identities in the United States
0521351480: Public Space
0521351499: Decision Making : Descriptive, Normative, and Prescriptive Interactions
0521351502: High Speed Astronomical Photometry
0521351510: Renoir on Renoir
0521351529: Taste for Beauty
0521351537: Jurassic of the Circum-Pacific
0521351553: Finite-Temperature Field Theory
0521351561: Religions of Immigrants from India and Pakistan : New Threads in the American Tapestry
0521351588: Lord of Uraniborg
0521351634: Baptism and Change in the Early Middle Ages, c. 200-c. 1150
0521351642: Reflexive Language : Reported Speech and Metapragmatics
0521351650: Mesoamerica
0521351685: Planetary Astronomy from the Renaissance to the Rise of Astrophysics Pt. B : The 18th and 19th Centuries
0521351723: Richard Strauss: Salome
0521351782: Merchant Enterprise in Britain : From the Industrial Revolution to World War I
0521351790: DTP : The Complete Guide to Corporate Desktop Publishing
0521351804: Vienna and the Jews, 1867-1938 : A Cultural History
0521351820: Ocean of Truth
0521351847: Moscow and the Middle East : Soviet Policy since the Invasion of Afghanistan
0521351855: Washington, Westminster and Whitehall
0521351863: Caribbean in the Wider World, 1492-1992 : A Regional Geography
0521351898: Origins : The Darwin College Lectures
0521351901: Political Innovation and Conceptual Change
0521351936: Soviet Relations with Latin America, 1959-1987
0521351952: Pufendorf : On the Duty of Man and Citizen according to Natural Law
0521351960: British Intelligence in the Second World War
0521351979: People and Computers III
0521351987: Famine and Food Supply in the Graeco-Roman World : Responses to Risk and Crisis
0521352002: Markets in History : Economic Studies of the Past
0521352010: Unkept Promises, Unclear Consequences : U. S. Economic Policy and the Japanese Response
0521352029: Debt Games : Strategic Interaction in International Debt Rescheduling
0521352053: Providence Island, 1630-1641 : The Other Puritan Colony
0521352088: Critique and Construction
0521352096: Prodigious Birds : Moas and Moa-Hunting in New Zealand
0521352134: Physical Principles of Remote Sensing
0521352150: What Reason Demands
0521352177: Introduction to Theoretical Neurobiology Vol. 2 : Nonlinear and Stochastic Theories
0521352185: Cambridge University Historical Register Supplement 1981-85
0521352207: Convex Bodies : The Brunn-Minkowski Theory
0521352223: Surface Analysis of Polymers by XPS and Static SIMS
0521352231: Animal Cells
0521352258: Bilingualism Across the Lifespan : Aspects of Acquisition, Maturity and Loss
0521352266: Filamentous Fungi
0521352312: Asteroids to Quasars : A Symposium Honoring William Liller
0521352320: Pictures for Language Learning
0521352347: Statistical Inference for Spatial Processes
0521352363: Formal Methods in Artificial Intelligence
0521352428: William of Ockham : A Short Discourse on Tyrannical Government
0521352436: William of Ockham : 'A Letter to the Friars Minor' and Other Writings
0521352460: Theology of the Johannine Epistles
0521352479: Chaucer Traditions : Studies in Honour of Derek Brewer
0521352495: Principles of Modern Technology
0521352509: Reauthorizing Joyce
0521352517: Place of Fiction in the Time of Science : A Disciplinary History of American Writing
0521352525: Theology of the First Letter to the Corinthians
0521352533: Indra's Pearls : The Vision of Felix Klein
0521352541: 3K : The Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation
0521352568: Ethics of Romanticism
0521352584: Hope of the Early Church : A Handbook of Patristic Eschatology
0521352606: Form and Meaning in Word Formation : A Study of Afrikaans Reduplication
0521352614: From Monopoly to Competition : The Transformations of Alcoa, 1888-1986
0521352657: Experiments and Simulation
0521352665: Fox, the Captain's Doll, the Ladybird
0521352673: England, My England and Other Stories
0521352703: Soil Physics
0521352762: Functional Equations in Several Variables
0521352789: Detection of Gravitational Waves
0521352800: Physics Of Solar System Plasmas
0521352819: Spin in Particle Physics
0521352835: Economic Limits to Modern Politics
0521352843: Advances in the Spatial Theory of Voting
0521352851: Strikes, Wars, and Revolutions in an International Perspective : Strike Waves in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries
0521352878: Scientific Genius : A Psychology of Science
0521352916: Algernon Sidney and the Restoration Crisis, 1677-1683
0521352924: Town and Country in Pre-Industrial Spain : Cuenca, 1540-1870
0521352932: Wisdom in the Q-Tradition : The Aphoristic Teaching of Jesus
0521352959: Situation Cognition and Coherence in Personality : An Individual-Centered Approach
0521352975: Bubbles, Voids and Bumps in Time : The New Cosmology
0521352983: Predication Theory : A Case Study for Indexing Theory
0521352991: Catalog of Nearby Galaxies
0521353009: Land and Labor and the Origins of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, 1882-1914
0521353017: Sidney Nolan : Landscapes and Legends
0521353025: That'd Be Telling
0521353084: Evolution of Species
0521353106: Quasi-States
0521353114: Industrialisation and Everyday Life
0521353122: Opera in Portugal in the Eighteenth Century
0521353130: Church in an Age of Danger : Parsons and Parishioners, 1660-1740
0521353157: Sources for U. S. History : Nineteenth-Century Communities
0521353165: Biology and Freedom : An Essay on the Implications of Human Ethology
0521353203: Architectural History of the University of Cambridge and of the Colleges of Cambridge and Eton
0521353211: Architectural History of the University of Cambridge and of the Colleges of Cambridge and Eton
0521353238: Architectural History of the University of Cambridge and of the Colleges of Cambridge and Eton
0521353246: Children's Problems in Text Comprehension : An Experimental Investigation
0521353254: Writing for Study Purposes
0521353270: Analysis of Growth and Development of Xanthium
0521353327: Soviet Policies in the Middle East : From World War II to Gorbachev
0521353378: Pauline Churches : A Socio-Historical Study of Institutionalisation in the Pauline and Deutero-Pauline Writings
0521353386: Psychology
0521353459: Socialist Planning
0521353475: Themes in Drama Vol. 10 : Farce
0521353483: Youth Unemployment in Great Britian
0521353505: Elements of Functional Analysis
0521353548: Treatise on Vocal Performance and Ornamentation by Johann Adam Hiller
0521353572: Scripts and Scenarios : The Performance of Comedy in Renaissance Italy
0521353580: Virgil's Augustan Epic
0521353599: French Wars of Religion, 1562-1629
0521353629: Moral Philosophy from Montaigne to Kant : An Anthology
0521353637: Milky Way Galaxy and Statistical Cosmology, 1890-1924
0521353645: Cognitive Structure of Emotions
0521353653: Innovation in Maxwell's Electromagnetic Theory : Molecular Vortices, Displacement Current, and Light
0521353661: Redirecting Science : Niels Bohr, Philanthropy, and the Rise of Nuclear Physics
0521353688: Sodium Hunger : The Search for a Salty Taste
0521353696: Objectivity, Relativism, and Truth Vol. 1 : Philosophical Papers
0521353718: Last Resort
0521353734: Irish-American Trade, 1660-1783
0521353742: History of Barbados : From Amerindian Settlement to Nation-State
0521353785: Physics and Chemistry of Earth Materials
0521353807: Juvenal : Political Writings
0521353823: Analysis on Lie Groups
0521353831: Samuel Richardson : Tercentenary Essays
0521353866: William Empson
0521353882: Strife of Tongues : Fray Luis de Leon and the Golden Age of Spain
0521353904: Human Adult Odontometrics : The Study of Variation in Adult Tooth Size
0521353939: Multiphoton Processes : Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Multiphoton Processes, July 13-17, JILA, Boulder, Colorado
0521353955: Mathematics As a Service Subject
0521353963: Creation of the Anglo-Australian Observatory
0521353971: Variation in German : A Critical Approach to German Sociolinguistics
0521354013: Correspondence
0521354056: Congressman's Civil War
0521354064: Making Democracy in Spain : Grass-Roots Struggle in the South, 1955-1975
0521354072: Roots of Evil : The Origins of Genocide and Other Group Violence
0521354102: Psychology of Science
0521354188: Transition to Parenthood : Current Theory and Research
0521354196: Sophismata of Richard Kilvington
0521354323: Archaeology and Language : The Puzzle of Indo-European Origins
0521354331: Formal Semantics and Pragmatics for Natural Language Querying
0521354358: Extensions of First-Order Logic
0521354382: Speech and Reasoning in Everyday Life
0521354404: Byzantine Art and Architecture : An Introduction
0521354471: Domestic Cat : The Biology of Its Behaviour
0521354528: Archaeological Thought in America
0521354536: State Market and Social Regulation
0521354552: Dynamical Chaos
0521354560: ANXIETY
0521354587: Perspectives of Nonlinear Dynamics
0521354625: Superstrings
0521354641: Transposition
0521354706: Metaphysics of Mind
0521354714: Judaism and Its Social Metaphors : Israel in the History of Jewish Thought
0521354730: Information, Incentive, and Bargaining in the Japanese Economy
0521354749: Social Structure and Personality Development : The Individual As a Productive Processor of Reality
0521354773: Structure and Scale in the Roman Economy
0521354811: Trespass of the Sign : Deconstruction, Theology and Philosophy
0521355001: The New Cambridge Modern History: Volume 1, The Renaissance 1493-1520 (The New Cambridge Modern History)
0521355036: British Discovery of Buddhism
0521355060: Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
0521355079: Selected Christian Hebraists
0521355117: Soviet Union and the Strategy of Non-Alignment in the Third World
0521355133: Beckett : Waiting for Godot
0521355168: Ecology and Control of Introduced Plants
0521355184: Animal Clinical Biochemistry
0521355214: China's Peasants : The Anthropology of a Revolution
0521355222: Ernst Kurth : Selected Writings
0521355249: Physiology of Fungal Nutrition
0521355273: Fate of Nations : The Search for National Security in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
0521355346: Excavation
0521355354: Andy : Alaskan Tale
0521355362: Humanists and Bookbinders : The Origins and Diffusion of the Humanistic Bookbinding, 1459-1559
0521355516: Research and Development in Expert Systems IV : Proceedings of the 7th International Conference of the BCS Specialist Group on Expert Systems
0521355567: Australian Science in the Making : A Bicentennial History, Published in Association with the Australian Academy of Science
0521355575: Physiology and Biochemistry of Cestodes
0521355583: Programming Via Pascal
0521355605: Eastern Europe, Gorbachev, and Reform
0521355613: Iterative Functional Equations
0521355621: Economics and Power : An Inquiry into Human Relations and Markets
0521355648: Nonparametric Econometrics
0521355680: Territory, Time and State : The Archaeological Development of the Gubbio Basin
0521355702: Thoughtful Foragers : A Study of Prehistoric Decision Making
0521355753: Supernova 1987A in the Large Magellanic Cloud
0521355788: Principles of Circular Accelerators and Storage Rings
0521355796: Metaphors of Mind : Conceptions of the Nature of Intelligence
0521355869: Membrane Proteins : Structure, Function, Assembly
0521355877: Introduction to the Principles of Plant Taxonomy
0521355885: Tax Reform in Disequilibrium Economies
0521355915: Fullness of Space
0521355923: Theatre in Spain, 1490-1700
0521355931: Cambridge Encyclopedia of Russia : And the Former Soviet Union
0521355958: Birth of the English Common Law
0521355982: Poetry and Phantasy
0521355990: Death and the Metropolis : Studies in the Demographic History of London, 1670-1830
0521356008: Historical Studies in International Corporate Business
0521356016: Golem : What Everyone Should Know about Science
0521356032: Mind of John Locke : A Study of Political Theory in Its Intellectual Setting
0521356040: British Romantic Painting
0521356059: Corpus Christi : The Eucharist in Late Medieval Culture
0521356067: Blind Devotion of the People : Popular Religion and the English Reformation
0521356113: Church and City, 1000-1500
0521356121: Economic Forecasting
0521356148: Fourier : The Theory of the Four Movements
0521356164: Introduction to Modern Welfare Economics
0521356180: Banach Spaces for Analysts
0521356202: Plots and Counterplots : Sexual Politics and the Body Politic in English Literature, 1660-1730
0521356237: Chinua Achebe
0521356245: Rhetoric of Sexuality and the Literature of the French Renaissance
0521356261: Rural Society and the Search for Order in Early Modern Germany
0521356288: Knowledge in Perspective : Selected Essays in Epistemology
0521356296: Practical Astronomy with Your Calculator
0521356318: Theology of the Letters of James, Peter, and Jude
0521356350: High Public Debt : The Italian Experience
0521356377: Beyond Anger : A Study of Juvenal's Third Book of Satires
0521356407: Angela's New Sister
0521356423: Munia and the Orange Crocodile
0521356431: Munia and the Day Things Went Wrong
0521356466: Images of Prehistory : Views of Early Britain
0521356474: Income Distribution in Historical Perspective
0521356490: Altichiero
0521356520: Dynamics Of Proteins And Nucleic Acids
0521356539: Introduction to Higher-Order Categorical Logic
0521356547: Training Foreign Language Teachers : A Reflective Approach
0521356563: Parliamo Insieme : Communication Activities in Italian
0521356598: Theology of the Letters of James, Peter, and Jude
0521356628: Undergraduate Algebraic Geometry
0521356636: Eastern Europe, Gorbachev, and Reform
0521356679: Juvenal : Satires
0521356687: Crime, Shame and Reintegration
0521356741: Quasar Astronomy
0521356792: Introduction to the Principles of Plant Taxonomy
0521356822: Birth of English Common Law
0521356830: Nineteenth-Century Architecture
0521356857: Romanticism and the Sciences
0521356873: British Romantic Painting
0521356881: Population History of England, 1541-1871
0521356903: Balanced Science 2
0521356911: Theology of the Book of Revelation
0521356938: Fourier : The Theory of the Four Movements
0521356946: Maximal Cohen-Macaulay Modules over Cohen-Macaulay Rings
0521356954: Introduction to Modern Welfare Economics
0521356997: Practical Astronomy with Your Calculator
0521357004: Godly Learning
0521357012: Grammar in Use Answer Key : Reference and Practice for Intermediate Students of English
0521357039: Mathematics As a Service Subject : ICMI Studies
0521357047: Variation in German : A Critical Approach to German Sociolinguistics
0521357055: Congressman's Civil War
0521357179: Sign Language : The Study of Deaf People and Their Language
0521357187: Discourse Markers
0521357195: Modern Techniques in Surface Science
0521357225: Emperor Romanus Lecapenus and His Reign : A Study of Tenth-Century Byzantium
0521357233: Mammon and the Pursuit of Empire : The Political Economy of British Imperialism, 1860-1912
0521357241: Byzantine Art and Architecture : An Introduction
0521357268: Social Life of Things : Commodities in Cultural Perspective
0521357276: Domestic Cat : The Biology of Its Behaviour
0521357292: Making the Most of Work Experience
0521357306: Locke : Two Treatises of Government
0521357314: Aristotle Vol. 5-6 : Politics
0521357322: Metric Spaces
0521357330: Ideas for a Philosophy of Nature
0521357349: Cognition in Practice : Mind, Mathematics and Culture in Everyday Life
0521357357: Contemporary French Philosophy
0521357365: Moral Philosophy and Contemporary Problems
0521357373: Cambridge English Course
0521357411: Superstrings
0521357438: Early History of the Viol
0521357446: Managerial Job Change
0521357454: That Noble Dream : The 'Objectivity Question' and the American Historical Profession
0521357462: Numerical Recipes Example Book (C)
0521357470: Social Structure and Personality Development : The Individual As a Productive Processor of Reality
0521357489: Theology of the Letter to the Hebrews
0521357500: Cambridge English Course 2 Practice Book with Key
0521357519: Flight Simulation
0521357527: Superstring Theory : Introduction
0521357535: Superstring Theory Vol. 2 : Loop Amplitudes, Anomalies and Phenomenology
0521357543: Living Tundra
0521357624: Imperial State and Revolution : The United States and Cuba, 1952-1986
0521357640: Visionary Republic : Millennial Themes in American Thought, 1756-1800
0521357659: Great Merger Movement in American Business, 1895-1904
0521357667: Social Security : Visions and Revisions: ATwentieth Century Fund Study
0521357675: Theory and Practice of Autonomy
0521357721: Drug Control in a Free Society
0521357756: Beckett : Waiting for Godot
0521357764: Theology of the Gospel of John
0521357772: Life in the Old Stone Age
0521357780: Ecology and Control of Introduced Plants
0521357810: Across the Developing World Pupil's book (New Routes in Geography)
0521357829: Across the Developing World Resource Book
0521357845: Into the Pacific World: Teacher's Resource Book (New Routes in Geography S.)
0521357861: Britain in Europe Resource Book
0521357896: On Religion : Speeches to Its Cultured Despisers
0521357950: Language
0521357977: Polymer Degradation and Stabilization
0521358000: Pictures for Language Learning
0521358035: Short Discourse on the Tyrannical Government
0521358043: William of Ockham : 'A Letter to the Friars Minor' and Other Writings
0521358078: Theology of the First Letter to the Corinthians
0521358108: Task Reading
0521358116: Descriptive Set Theory and the Structure of Sets of Uniqueness
0521358124: Descartes : Selected Philosophical Writings
0521358140: England, My England and Other Stories
0521358167: Cambridge Companion to the Recorder
0521358175: Soil Physics
0521358183: Pirates of the West Indies
0521358205: Module 4 Pupils' Book 1
0521358213: Module 4 Pupils' Book 2
0521358221: Module 5 Pupils' Book 1
0521358248: Module 6
0521358256: Module 7 Pupils' Book 1
0521358264: Module 4 Teacher's Resource Book
0521358272: Module 5 Teacher's Resource Book
0521358280: Module 6 Teacher's Resource Book
0521358299: Module 7 Teacher's Resource Book
0521358302: Module 4 Answer Book
0521358310: Module 5 Answer Book
0521358329: Module 6 Answer Book
0521358337: Module 7 Answer Book
0521358388: Theory of Evolution and Dynamical Systems : Mathematical Aspects of Selection
0521358418: A Geography of Victoria (Australian Geography S.)
0521358434: Learner-Centred Curriculum : A Study in Second Language Teaching
0521358477: Reflections on the Death of a Porcupine and Other Essays
0521358485: Architectural History of the University of Cambridge and of the Colleges of Cambridge and Eton
0521358493: Architectural History of the University of Cambridge and of the Colleges of Cambridge and Eton
0521358507: Architectural History of the University of Cambridge and of the Colleges of Cambridge and Eton
0521358515: The Architectural History of the University of Cambridge and of the Colleges of Cambridge and Eton 3 volume set (paperback)
0521358566: Rise and Fall of the Second Empire, 1852-1871
0521358574: Third Republic from Its Origins to the Great War, 1871-1914
0521358582: Electronic Circuit Design
0521358590: Soviet Policies in the Middle East : From World War II to Gorbachev
0521358612: Psychology
0521358620: Inside the U. S. A.
0521358663: Socialist Planning
0521358671: Memory Traces in the Brain
0521358698: Fading Miracle : Four Decades of Market Economy in Germany
0521358736: French Wars of Religion, 1562-1629
0521358744: Interactive Approaches to Second Language Reading
0521358760: Moral Philosophy from Montaigne to Kant : An Anthology
0521358779: Objectivity, Relativism, and Truth Vol. 1 : Philosophical Papers
0521358787: Essays on Heidegger and Others Vol. 2 : Philosophical Papers
0521358795: History of Barbados : From Amerindian Settlement to Nation-State
0521358809: Inequalities
0521358817: Theory and Applications of Harmonic Integrals
0521358833: Treatise on the Analytical Dynamics of Particles and Rigid Bodies
0521358841: Fourier Integral and Certain of Its Applications
0521358868: Culture and Class in Anthropology and History : A Newfoundland Illustration
0521358906: Palm and the Pleiades : Initiation and Cosmology in Northwest Amazonia
0521358914: Historical Geography of Europe 1800-1914
0521358922: Tiger and the Shark : Empirical Roots of Wave-Particle Dualism
0521358949: Physics and Chemistry of Earth Materials
0521358981: Theology of the Second Letter to the Corinthians
0521359023: Origins of Modern Critical Thought : German Aesthetic and Literary Criticism from Lessing to Hegel
0521359066: Developmental Psychiatry
0521359147: Phonological Structure of Words
0521359155: Middlemarch
0521359163: Worldwide Variation in Human Growth
0521359171: Way with Words : Vocabulary Development Activities for Learners of English
0521359198: A Way With Words: Book 2 Student's book : Vocabulary Development Activities for Learners of English
0521359236: Algebraic, Extremal and Metric Combinatorics 1986
0521359244: Board Games Round the World : A Resource Book for Mathematical Investigations
0521359252: Information Technology
0521359279: Calligram
0521359287: Introduction to the Analysis of Metric Space
0521359295: Bentham : A Fragment on Government
0521359341: S W a L K
0521359376: Moral Realism and the Foundations of Ethics
0521359384: Numbers, Groups and Codes
0521359392: Culture and Society : Contemporary Debates
0521359406: Pidgins and Creoles Vol. 2 : Reference Survey
0521359414: Introduction to Energy : Resources, Technology and Society
0521359422: Psychobiology of Personality
0521359430: Transmission Electron Microscopy of Minerals and Rocks
0521359449: Foundations of Artificial Intelligence : A Sourcebook
0521359465: Continent of Hunter-Gatherers : New Perspectives in Australian Prehistory
0521359511: Somatotyping Development and Applications
0521359538: Theology of Paul's Letter to the Galatians
0521359554: West Indians and Their Language
0521359562: Money, Interest and Capital : A Study in the Foundations of Monetary Theory
0521359597: Constructing a Sociology of the Arts
0521359600: Public Space
0521359619: Religions of Immigrants from India and Pakistan : New Threads in the American Tapestry
0521359635: Machine Translation Systems
0521359643: Nineteenth-Century Religious Thought in the West: Volume 1
0521359651: Nineteenth-Century Religious Thought in the West
0521359686: Wilds of Whip-Poor-Will Farm
0521359694: Place for Owls
0521359708: Richard Strauss : Salome
0521359732: DTP, the Complete Guide to Corporate Desktop Publishing
0521359759: Ocean of Truth : A Defence of Objective Theism
0521359767: Moscow and the Middle East : Soviet Policy since the Invasion of Afghanistan
0521359775: Caribbean in the Wider World, 1492-1992 : A Regional Geography
0521359783: Political Innovation and Conceptual Change
0521359791: Soviet Relations with Latin America, 1959-1987
0521359805: Pufendorf : On the Duty of Man and Citizen According to Natural Law
0521359813: Greek Literature : Early Greek Poetry
0521359821: Greek Drama, Greek Literature
0521359848: Greek Literature, the Hellenistic Period and the Empire Vol. 1, Pt. 4
0521359864: Extraterrestrial Life Debate, 1750-1900
0521359872: Markets in History : Economic Studies of the Past
0521359880: Interchange : English for International Communication
0521359899: Interchange : English for International Communication
0521359902: Interchange 1 Workbook : English for International Communication
0521359945: Physical Principles of Remote Sensing
0521359961: Aesthetic As the Science of Expression and of the Linguistic in General Pt. 1
0521359988: Bilingualism Across the Lifespan : Aspects of Acquisition, Maturity and Loss
0521359996: Biology : Practical Assessment for Gcse
0521360005: Philosophy and Government, 1572-1651
0521360013: Grammatical Voice
0521360080: Sign Languages of Aboriginal Australia : Cultural, Semiotic, and Communicative Perspectives
0521360099: Subversive Oratory of Andokides : Politics, Ideology and Decision-Making in Democratic Athens
0521360102: Vortex Element Methods for Fluid Dynamic Analysis of Engineering Systems
0521360110: Kant's Moral Theory
0521360129: Kant : Lectures on Metaphysics
0521360137: Lectures on Logic
0521360145: French Renaissance Tragedy : The Dramatic Word
0521360153: New Essays on the Grapes of Wrath
0521360196: Black Youth, Racism and the State : The Politics of Ideology and Policy
0521360218: Faces of Degeneration : A European Disorder, C. 1848-1918
0521360226: Soviet Union in the Horn of Africa : The Diplomacy of Intervention and Disengagement
0521360242: World, Mind, and Ethics : Essays on the Ethical Philosophy of Bernard Williams
0521360250: Dynamical Systems and Fractals : Computer Graphics Experiments with Pascal
0521360269: Monk and Mason on the Tigris Frontier
0521360277: Schiller to Derrida : Idealism in Aesthetics
0521360285: Landlords and Property : Social Relations in the Private Rented Sector
0521360315: Political System Matters
0521360323: Navier-Stokes Equations and Turbulence
0521360358: Aesthetics and the Art of Musical Composition in the German Enlightenment : Selected Writings of Johann Georg Sulzer and Heinrich Christoph Koch
0521360404: Biogeography of Mediterranean Invasions
0521360447: Diderot : Political Writings
0521360463: Analogue Electronic Circuits and Systems
0521360471: Rationality and Dynamic Choice : Foundational Explorations
0521360498: History-Writing
0521360501: Kinetic Theory in the Expanding Universe
0521360528: Probabilistic Voting Theory
0521360536: Search Models and Applied Labor Economics
0521360544: Corporate Law and Economic Analysis
0521360552: Axioms of Cooperative Decision-Making
0521360579: What Can We Know about Jesus?
0521360587: Japan's Capitalism : Creative Defeat and Beyond
0521360625: Topology via Logic
0521360641: Different Worlds : A Sociological Study of Taste, Choice and Success in Art
0521360692: Dante and the Medieval Other World
0521360714: Shakespeare Survey : Shakespearian Stages and Staging (With an Index to Volumes 31-40)
0521360749: D.H. Lawrence
0521360773: Cambridge Guide to the Historic Places of Britain and Ireland
0521360803: Asian Elephant : Ecology and Management
0521360838: Meaning and Method : Essays in Honor of Hilary Putnam
0521360846: Romanization of Britain : An Essay in Archaeological Interpretation
0521360854: Holding the Line
0521360870: Patterns of Thought in Africa and the West : Essays on Magic, Religion and Science
0521360900: Fibrewise Topology
0521360919: Allometry of Growth and Reproduction
0521360951: Statistics for Biologists
0521360986: Children, Parents, and Politics
0521360994: Body Size in Mammalian Paleobiology : Estimation and Biological Implications
0521361001: Modeling Brain Function : The World of Attractor Neural Networks
0521361044: Thomas Starkey and the Commonweal : Humanist Politics and Religion in the Reign of Henry VIII
0521361052: History of the University in Europe
0521361060: Universities in Early Modern Europe (1500-1800)
0521361079: History of the University in Europe Vol. 3 : Universities in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries (1800-1945)
0521361095: Ecology of Recently-Deglaciated Terrain : A Geoecological Approach to Glacier Forelands
0521361117: Memoirs and Speeches
0521361125: Bonapartism and Revolutionary Tradition in France : The Fédérés of 1815
0521361141: Medicine and the Five Senses
0521361168: Baudelaire
0521361176: Fascist Revolution in Tuscany, 1919-22
0521361206: Intracellular Trafficking of Proteins
0521361214: Macroeconomic Interactions Between North and South
0521361222: Recombination in Semiconductors
0521361230: Korean Language
0521361257: Highlights in Gravitation and Cosmology : Proceedings of the International Conference on Gravitation and Cosmology, Goa, India, 1987
0521361265: Convict Workers : Reinterpreting Australia's Past
0521361273: Russian Officialdom in Crisis : Autocracy and Local Self-Government, 1861-1900
0521361281: Forgiveness and Mercy
0521361303: River Towns in the Great West : The Structure of Provincial Urbanization in the American Midwest, 1820-1870
0521361311: Working-Class Americanism
0521361346: Representations and Cohomology
0521361370: National Crisis and National Government : British Politics, the Economy and Empire, 1926-1932
0521361419: Sex and Death in Protozoa : The History of Obsession
0521361427: W.A. Mozart
0521361443: Hermetica : The Greek Corpus Hermeticum and the Latin Asclepius in a New English Translation with Notes and Introduction
0521361508: Limits to Debate : A Revised Theory of Semantic Presupposition
0521361516: Contexts of Accommodation : Developments in Applied Sociolinguistics
0521361575: Coordination of Observational Projects in Astronomy
0521361613: Australian Society
0521361621: New Solar System
0521361656: Esoteric Comedies of Carlyle, Newman, and Yeats
0521361664: Plantation Slaves of Trinidad, 1783-1816 : A Mathematical and Demographic Enquiry
0521361672: Exceptional Language Development in Down Syndrome : Implications for the Cognition-Language Relationship
0521361680: Between the Times : The Travail of the Protestant Establishment in America, 1900-1960
0521361699: Law, Magistracy and Crime in Old Regime Paris, 1735-1789 Vol. 1 : The System of Criminal Justice
0521361702: International Monetary Economics, 1870-1960 : Between the Classical and the New Classical
0521361729: Cori Spezzati
0521361745: Preference, Production and Capital : Selected Papers of Hirofumi Uzawa
0521361753: Free Banking and Monetary Reform
0521361761: Cournot Oligopoly : Characterization and Applications
0521361788: Statistical Games and Human Affairs : The View from Within
0521361796: Religion, Interpretation and Diversity of Belief
0521361818: Renaissance in National Context
0521361826: Bakunin : Statism and Anarchy
0521361834: Spirit of the Laws
0521361842: Charles I and the Road to Personal Rule
0521361869: Situations and Strategies in American Land-Use Planning
0521361893: Dramatic Works in the Beaumont and Fletcher Canon
0521361915: Bach and the Riddle of the Number Alphabet
0521361931: Modest Musorgsky and Boris Godunov : Myths, Realities, Reconsiderations
0521361966: Morphogenesis : The Cellular and Molecular Processes of Developmental Anatomy
0521361974: Multiwavelength Astrophysics
0521361990: Colorectal Cancer : A Scientific Perspective
0521362016: Poland's Journalists : Professionalism and Politics
0521362024: India and the Soviet Union : Trade and Technology Transfer
0521362040: Molecular Biology of the Islets of Langerhans
0521362059: Cambridge Encyclopedia of Ornithology
0521362075: Spectator and the City in 19th Century American Literature
0521362091: Cambridge Dictionary of English Place-Names : Based on the Collections of the English Place-Name Society
0521362105: Wa and the Wala : Islam and Polity in Northwestern Ghana
0521362113: Water for Life : Water Management and Environmental Policy
0521362156: Soviet State and Society Between Revolutions, 1918-1929
0521362164: Chemistry of Prehistoric Human Bone
0521362172: Farmers as Hunters : The Implications of Sedentism
0521362180: Wordsworth : The Prelude
0521362199: Biology and Violence : From Birth to Adulthood
0521362202: Evolutionary Economics : Applications of Schumpeter's Ideas
0521362210: Work of Reconstruction : From Slave to Wage Laborer in South Carolina, 1860-1870
0521362237: Writing the Apocalypse : Historical Vision in Contemporary U. S. and Latin American Fiction
0521362261: Semantic Processing for Finite Domains
0521362296: Electricity and Magnetism
0521362326: Archaeology of Political Structure : Settlement Analysis in a Classic Maya Polity
0521362334: Spread of Economic Ideas
0521362342: Rousing Minds to Life
0521362350: Earth Magic, Sky Magic
0521362377: Politics Drawn from the Very Words of Holy Scripture
0521362385: Papers in Laboratory Phonology I
0521362393: Concise History of France
0521362415: French Revolution : An Economic Interpretation
0521362423: Origins of Australia's Capital Cities
0521362458: Recovery from the Depression : Australia and the World Economy in the 1930s
0521362474: Black Hole Tariffs and Endogenous Policy Theory : Political Economy in General Equilibrium
0521362482: Keynes's General Theory and Accumulation
0521362490: Between East and West : Israel's Foreign Policy Orientation 1948-1956
0521362504: Antarctic Fish and Fisheries
0521362520: Ceremonies of Innocence : Pastoralism in the Poetry of Edmund Spenser
0521362539: Language Development and Individual Differences : A Study of Auxiliary Verb Learning
0521362547: Manipulating Secondary Metabolism in Culture
0521362555: Language Adaptation
0521362563: Myth, Truth and Literature : Towards a True Post-Modernism
0521362652: Capitalist Collective Action
0521362660: Construction Zone : Working for Cognitive Change in School
0521362679: Body Composition in Biological Anthropology
0521362709: German Classical Drama : Theatre, Humanity and Nation, 1750-1870
0521362717: European Monetary System
0521362733: In Respect to Egotism : Studies in American Romantic Writing
0521362741: Color of the Sky : A Study of Stephen Crane
0521362768: Medieval Russia, 980-1584
0521362784: Bonded Histories : Genealogies of Labor Servitude in Colonial India
0521362792: Ovid : Heroides: Select Epistles
0521362806: Superpower Competition and Crisis Prevention in the Third World
0521362814: Migration in Colonial Spanish America
0521362822: Definiteness
0521362830: Concise History of Germany
0521362865: American Hegemony and the Trilateral Commission
0521362873: Lordship and the Urban Community : Durham and Its Overlords, 1250-1540
0521362881: Dynamics of the Standard Model
0521362903: C. 1300-C. 1415
0521362911: New Cambridge Medieval History Vol. 1 : C. 500 - C. 700
0521362970: Arms Races, Arms Control, and Conflict Analysis : Contributions from Peace Science and Peace Economics
0521362989: Posidonius : The Fragments
0521362997: Universe from Your Backyard : An Atlas of Deep Sky Objects
0521363039: Computer-Aided Sculpture
0521363071: Latent Inhibition and Conditioned Attention Theory
0521363098: Choral Music on Record
0521363101: Perspectives on Modern German Economic History and Policy
0521363128: Advanced Mathematical Methods for Engineering and Science Students
0521363152: Regulation of Monopoly
0521363160: Political Economy of American Monetary Policy
0521363179: Pornography in a Free Society
0521363187: Diatoms : Biology and Morphology of the Genera
0521363209: Players of Shakespeare : Further Essays in Shakespearean Performance by Players with the Royal Shakespeare Company
0521363217: Altarpiece in Renaissance Italy
0521363225: Age of Durer and Holbein
0521363233: Biblical Archaeology
0521363276: Roman Catholic Beliefs in England : Customary Catholicism and Transformations of Religious Authority
0521363284: Community and Consensus in Islam
0521363292: Economic History of Latin America since Independence
0521363373: Fragile Environment
0521363470: ADA in Industry
0521363497: Proust As Musician
0521363500: Biotechnology of Microbial Exopolysaccharides
0521363527: Health and Behaviour : Selected Perspectives
0521363543: Dinosaur Tracks and Traces
0521363551: Charitable Knowledge : Hospital Pupils and Practitioners in Eighteenth-Century London
0521363586: Constructing the Subject : Historical Origins of Psychological Research
0521363608: Cambridge Atlas of Astronomy
0521363667: Contemporary West African States
0521363675: Anthropology of Art
0521363683: Social Representations and the Development of Knowledge
0521363691: Political Authority and Party Secretaries in Poland, 1975-1986
0521363721: Labour and Gold in Fiji
0521363764: Latin America : Economy and Society, 1870-1930: A Selection of Chapters from Volume V of The Cambridge History of Latin America
0521363780: Costs of Regime Survival : Racial Mobilization, Elite Domination and Control of the State in Guyana and Trinidad
0521363802: Quest for Productivity : A Case Study of Fawley after Flanders
0521363810: Health, Race and German Politics Between National Unification and Nazism, 1870-1945
0521363837: Reminiscence and Re-Creation in Contemporary American Fiction
0521363845: Social and Political Thought of R.G. Collingwood
0521363853: Metaphor and Art : Interationism and Reference in the Verbal and Nonverbal Arts
0521363861: Restructuring the Soviet Economic Bureaucracy
0521363888: Fundamentals of Nonverbal Behavior
0521363918: Jane Austen's Art of Memory
0521363926: Mechanism of Human Facial Expression
0521363950: Early Christian Ireland
0521363977: Noose of Words : Readings of Desire, Violence and Language in Euripides' Hippolytos
0521363985: Paleocommunities : A Case Study from the Silurian and Lower Devonian
0521363993: John of Salisbury : Policraticus of the Frivolities of Courtiers and the Footprints of Philosophers
0521364000: Concise History of Britain, 1707-1975
0521364019: Linguistic Realities : An Autonomist Metatheory for the Generative Enterprise
0521364043: Spaceship Neutrino
0521364078: Last of the Fathers : James Madison and the Republican Legacy
0521364132: German National Socialism and the Quest for Nuclear Power, 1939-49
0521364175: Anxiety and Depressive Disorders in the Medical Patient.
0521364248: Agrarian History of South Asia
0521364256: Fiction Against History
0521364264: Cambridge Encyclopedia of Space
0521364280: Buddhist Monastic Life : According to the Texts of the Theravada Tradition
0521364299: History of Polish Christianity
0521364310: Galaxies : Structures and Evolution
0521364337: Introduction to New Testament Textual Criticism
0521364361: Analysis at Urbana Vol. 1 : Analysis in Function Spaces
0521364388: Cell Biology of Olfaction
0521364396: Moments in the Life of a Scientist
0521364434: British Unemployment, 1919-1939
0521364450: Peter Kropotkin and the Rise of Revolutionary Anarchism
0521364469: Standardizing Written English : Diffusion in the Case of Scotland, 1520-1659
0521364477: New Cambridge Medieval History Vol. 3 : C. 900-C. 1024
0521364515: Age of the Arctic : Hot Conflicts and Cold Realities
0521364523: Neutrino Physics
0521364531: Wisdom
0521364558: Child Maltreatment : Theory and Research on the Causes and Consequences of Child Abuse and Neglect
0521364566: Papers in Experimental Economics
0521364612: Detection, Diagnosis, and Prognosis of Rotating Machinery to Improve Reliability, Maintainability, and Readiness Through the Application of New and Innovative Techniques : The Proceedings of the 41st Meeting of the Mechanical Failures Prevention Group
0521364647: Comparative Political Finance in the 1980's
0521364655: Volume of Convex Bodies and Banach Space Geometry
0521364663: Development of Newtonian Calculus in Britain, 1700-1810
0521364671: Beyond Trade Friction : Japan-U. S. Economic Relations
0521364698: Volcanoes of North America : The United States and Canada
0521364701: Quranic Christians : An Analysis of Classical and Modern Exegesis
0521364760: Economics of Earnings
0521364787: Technology and Transformation in the American Electric Utility Industry
0521364795: Economic History of the English Poor Law, 1750-1850
0521364809: Coping with City Growth During the British Industrial Revolution
0521364817: Neuronal Networks of the Hippocampus
0521364833: Introduction to Plasma Physics
0521364841: First Modern Society : Essays in English History in Honour of Lawrence Stone
0521364876: Italian Confraternities in the Sixteenth Century
0521364884: Pavel Kuznetsov : His Life and Art
0521364892: Stewards, Lords and People : The Estate Steward and His World in Later Stuart England
0521364906: Citizens and Saints : Politics and Anti-Politics in Early British Socialism
0521364914: Theology of the Shorter Pauline Letters
0521364930: Abstract Expressionism : A Critical Record
0521364957: Cambridge University Archives a Classifi
0521364965: Early Japanese Books in Cambridge University Library : A Catalogue of the Aston, Satow and Von Siebold Collections
0521364973: Women and the Genesis of Christianity
0521365023: Phycology
0521365031: Marcantonio Franceschini and the Liechtensteins : Prince Johan Adam Andreas and the Decoration of the Liechtenstein Garden Palace at Rossau-Vienna
0521365058: Assembly of Listeners : Jains in Society
0521365082: Baudelaire and Intertextuality : Poetry at the Crossroads
0521365090: Millennial Dreams and Moral Dilemmas
0521365104: Fatigue of Materials
0521365112: Cambridge Encyclopedia of Australia
0521365120: Puritans and Roundheads : The Harleys of Brampton Bryan and the Outbreak of the English Civil War
0521365139: Anthropology of Justice : Law as Culture in Islamic Society
0521365147: Biological Perspectives on Human Pigmentation
0521365155: H. C. Bankole-Bright and Politics in Colonial Sierra Leone, 1919-1958
0521365163: Unions and Communities under Siege : American Communities and the Crisis of Organised Labor
0521365201: Irony and Ideology in Rabelais
0521365341: The Frozen Earth : Fundamentals of Geocryology (Studies in Polar Research)
0521365368: On Concepts and Measures
0521365376: Credit-Anstalt Crisis of 1931
0521365384: Elusive Stability
0521365406: Dominant Languages : Language and Hierarchy in Britain and France
0521365422: Uncertainty : A Guide to Dealing with Uncertainty in Quantitative Risk and Policy Analysis
0521365449: Listening 1
0521365457: Listening 2 Cassettes (2)
0521365465: Listening 3 Cassettes (2)
0521365473: Listening 4 Cassettes (2)
0521365503: Where the Truth Lies : Franz Moewus and the Origins of Molecular Biology
0521365511: Economic Life in Ottoman Jerusalem
0521365538: People and Computers IV
0521365546: Structured Documents
0521365589: Ecology of Bird Communities : Processes and Variations
0521365597: American Studies : An Annotated Bibliography 1984-1988
0521365619: American T. S. Eliot : A Study of the Early Writings
0521365627: Soviet-East German Military Alliance
0521365643: Musical Dilettante : A Treatise on Composition by J. F. Daube
0521365678: Economic Theories in China, 1979-1988
0521365686: Algebraic Models for Social Networks
0521365708: Human Factors for Informatics Usability
0521365732: Archaeology of Human Origins : Papers by Glynn Isaac
0521365740: Oriental, the Ancient and the Primitive
0521365759: Explorers of the Southern Sky : A History of Australian Astronomy
0521365775: Molecules of Life
0521365783: Hydration Phenomena in Colloidal Systems
0521365856: Dutch in the Atlantic Slave Trade, 1600-1815
0521365872: Cambridge Companion to Kant
0521365880: Cambridge Companion to Leibniz
0521365899: Systems of Logic
0521365929: Society and Politics in the Age of the Risorgimento : Essays in Honour of Denis Mack Smith
0521365953: National Choices and International Processes
0521365961: Conflict and Effective Demand in Economic Growth
0521366046: Biophysical Chemistry of Dioxygen Reactions in Respiration and Photosynthesis
0521366054: Statistical Evaluation of Mutagenicity Test Data
0521366097: Speaking 1 Cassette
0521366100: Speaking 2 Cassette
0521366119: Introduction to Hankel Operators
0521366127: Receptor Subunits and Complexes
0521366135: Natural Woodland
0521366151: Proterozoic Biosphere : A Multidisciplinary Study
0521366178: Evolution of Peculiar Red Giant Stars
0521366194: Michel Foucault's Archaeology of Scientific Reason : Science and the History of Reason
0521366208: Contracting for Property Rights
0521366224: Unifying Political Methodology : The Likelihood Theory of Statistical Inference
0521366240: Jesus As Teacher
0521366259: Cambridge Companion to Marx
0521366275: Climate Modes of the Phanerozoic
0521366313: Theoretical Foundations of VLSI Design
0521366356: Henry James And The 'Woman Business
0521366364: Reference and Computation : An Essay in Applied Philosophy of Language
0521366372: Banach Algebras and the General Theory of Algebras Vol. 1 : Algebras and Banach Algebras
0521366380: Banach Algebras and the General Theory of *-Algebras
0521366399: Oil and Politics in the Gulf : Rulers and Merchants in Kuwait and Qatar
0521366410: Cairo University and the Making of Modern Egypt
0521366429: George Lawson's Politica and the English Revolution
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