0064601889: History of England
0064601897: Child Psychology
0064601900: Cells, Tissues, Integument, Skeletal, Muscular and Digestive Systems, Blood, Lymph, Circulatory System
0064601919: Anatomy and Physiology
0064601927: Workbook for Wheelock's Latin: An Introductory Course
0064601935: Introduction to Computer Sciences
0064601943: Programming in FORTRAN
0064601951: Physical Science
0064601978: Criminology: An Introduction The Barnes & Noble Ourline Series
0064601986: Business Law, 3rd Ed
0064601994: Italian Grammar
0064602001: The MBA: How to Prepare For, Plan For, and Derive Maximum Advantage from Graduate Study in Management
0064602028: Introduction to Film
0064602036: Physics Problems and How to Solve Them
0064602044: Chemistry Problems and How to Solve Them (A Barnes & Noble problems book)
0064602052: Statistical Problems and How to Solve Them
0064602060: Atlas of Human Anatomy
0064602079: Accounting Problems and How to Solve Them
0064602095: Constitution of the United States : Bicentennial Edition
0064603016: Zoology Coloring Book
0064603024: Botany Coloring Book
0064603032: Marine Biology Coloring Book
0064603040: Human Evolution Colo : A Life-History Perspective
0064603067: Human Brain Coloring Book
0064603075: Biology Coloring Book
0064603083: Computer Concepts Coloring Book
0064604160: Cartoon Guide to Genetics
0064604179: Cartoon Guide to Computer Science
0064604195: The Cartoon Guide to Economics
0064604209: Cartoon Guide to U. S. History : 1585-1865
0064604217: Cartoon Guide to U. S. History
0064604225: Cartoon Guide to Law
0064604233: Cartoon Guide to the Constitution of the United States
0064610071: Crossword Puzzle Dictionary
0064610098: New Rhyming Dictionary of One and Two Syllable Rhymes
0064610128: HarperCollins Dictionary Art Terms and Techniques
0064610136: Comparative Guide to American Colleges
0064610144: Harper Dictionary of Music
0064610152: HarperCollins Dictionary of Biology
0064610160: Harper Dictionary of Computer Terms
0064610179: Harpercollins Dictionary of Economics
0064610187: HarperCollins Dictionary of Philosophy : In-Depth Explanations and Examples Covering over 3,000 Entries
0064610195: HarperCollins Dictionary of Mathematics
0064610209: HarperCollins Dictionary of Statistics
0064610217: Dictionary of American Government and Politics
0064610225: Harper Collins Dictionary of Electronics
0064610233: Harpercollins Dictionary of Astronomy and Space Science
0064610268: HarperCollins Dictionary of Philosophy : In-Depth Explanations and Examples Covering More Than 3,000 Entries
0064610365: HarperCollins Dictionary of Sociology
0064610403: HarperCollins Dictionary of Environmental Science : In Depth Explanations and Examples Covering over 2,000 Entries with Helpful Diagrams and Charts
0064610411: Quick Lit : Plots, Themes, Characters, and Sample Essays for the Most Assigned Books in English and Literature Courses - Written by Students for Students
0064610446: Errors in English and Ways to Correct Them
0064610454: Punctuate It Right
0064610462: Spell It Right!
0064610489: K and W Guide to Colleges for the Learning Disabled
0064610497: Dictionary of Music
0064632024: How to Dance
0064632040: Attack & Counterattack in Chess
0064632067: Thinking with a Pencil
0064632075: Public Speaking
0064632091: Watson's Classic Book
0064632105: Flatland;: A romance of many dimensions, (University paperbacks 45)
0064632121: Mathematics for Practical Use
0064632156: Plot Outlines of One Hundred One Best Novels
0064632164: Party Games
0064632172: German for Beginners
0064632180: Ideas of the Great Philosophers
0064632210: Fundamentals of Physiology
0064632229: Modern Skiing
0064632237: Chess for Beginners : A Picture Guide
0064632245: Religions of the World
0064632253: Shorthand
0064632261: Playboy of the Western World
0064632288: Grammar, Rhetoric and Composition
0064632296: Touch Typewriting
0064632318: Modern Psychology: The Teachings of Carl Gustav Jung
0064632326: Notescript
0064632350: Bookkeeping Made Easy
0064632377: Letters for All Occasions
0064632385: Your Guide to Boating Power or Sail
0064632393: Everyday Speech How to Say What You Mean
0064632407: Errors In English And Ways To Correct Them, , Harpercollins, Pb
0064632415: First Book of Chess
0064632423: First Book of Bridge
0064632474: Sportsman's Digest of Fishing
0064632490: Historical Atlas of the World
0064632512: Concept of Mind
0064632520: French for Beginners
0064632539: Medieval People
0064632555: Punctuate It Right!
0064632571: Chess Self-Teacher
0064632601: Rocks and Minerals
0064632628: Complete Book of Duplicate Bridge
0064632636: Outline of the Bible
0064632660: Dictionary of Economics
0064632679: Improving Your Chess
0064632687: Sociology an Introduction to the Science of Society
0064632695: How to Win Chess Games Quickly
0064632709: Arithmetic Clear and Simple
0064632717: Spanish for Beginners
0064632725: Etiquette for Today
0064632733: How to Improve Your Memory
0064632741: Complete Book of Chess Openings
0064632776: Introduction to the Humanities : Painting, Sculpture, Architecture, Music and Literature
0064632792: Spell It Right!
0064632806: Fossils: An Introduction to Prehistoric Life
0064632865: Your Introduction to Law
0064632873: Russian for Beginners
0064632911: Electronics in Everyday Things
0064632938: Twelve Ways to Build a Vocabulary
0064632946: Religion in the United States
0064632962: Testmanship Seven Ways to Raise Your Examination G
0064633063: Read It Right and Remember What You Read
0064633071: Karate: basic principles
0064633179: Say it right! (Everyday handbooks, EH 317)
0064633195: Rapping about Sex
0064633209: Speak English : A Practical Course for Foreign Students
0064633217: Dictionary of Biology
0064633233: The Rockhound's Manual
0064633268: Why You Lose at Tennis
0064633276: How to Read the Financial News
0064633284: Allen's Synonyms and Antonyms
0064633306: Webster's Dictionary for Everyday Use
0064633314: Expectant Father
0064633322: Handbook of Aging: For Those Growing Old and Those Concerned with Them
0064633349: How to Be a Good Secretary
0064633365: Repair and Reupholstering of Old Furniture
0064633381: Metaphysics;: An introduction
0064633403: How to shop for food: Practical tips for the family food buyer ( - Barnes & Noble ; EH/340)
0064633411: How to Get Your Car Repaired without Getting Gypped
0064633454: The million dollar secret hidden in your mind
0064633470: Harper's Dictionary of Music
0064633489: Think Yourself Thin
0064633497: Home Guide to Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning
0064633500: How to Be Your Own Electrician
0064633519: How to Build Your Cabin or Modern Vaction Home
0064633527: How to Build Your Own Furniture
0064633608: Yoga Self-Taught
0064633616: Complete Guide to Hypnosis
0064633640: Gardening a Basic Guide
0064633659: The Diabetic Gourmet; A Doctor's Guide for the Diabetic, With Recipes and Information Applicable for Good Eating Habits for the Entire Family
0064633667: The Retirement Handbook A Complete Planning Guide to Your Future,
0064633675: Growing Plants Indoors: A Garden in Your House
0064633683: 101 Brain Puzzlers
0064633691: Art of Clear Thinking
0064633705: How to play a better game of bridge
0064633713: More Math Teasers
0064633721: Fresh-Water Fishing Complete
0064633748: Our American Government and how it works;: 697 questions and answers (Everyday handbooks, EH 374)
0064633764: Family games America plays (Everday handbook)
0064633780: Complete Book of 8Mm Movie Making Super-8, Single-
0064633802: Bridge for People Who Don't Know One Card from Another
0064633810: Bridge for Blood
0064633837: Bread Book
0064633845: Game bird hunting (Outdoor life skill book)
0064633853: Making Cordials and Liqueurs at Home
0064633861: The Right Dog for You: How to Choose, Train, and Care for it
0064633888: Backgammon: The Way to Play and Win
0064633896: The study game;: How to play and win with statement-pie
0064633926: The growth and development of mothers
0064633934: Rudolf Flesch on Business Communications : How to Say What You Mean in Plain English
0064633942: Hunting the Whitetail Deer
0064633950: For Gourmets With Ulcers
0064633969: How You Can Get Better Medical Care for Less Money Prescribed for You and Your Doctor
0064633993: The Art of Training Plants
0064634000: Poker: Is the Name of the Game
0064634019: Pinochle Is the Name of the Game (A Barnes & Noble game book)
0064634027: Cribbage is the name of the game (A Barnes & Noble game book ; EH 402)
0064634035: Leathercraft By Hand
0064634043: How to repair electrical appliances (A Barnes & Noble skill book)
0064634051: Your Insurance Adviser
0064634078: Hair Care for It and Keep It
0064634086: The low cholesterol diet
0064634094: Your introduction to law (A Barnes & Noble reference book ; EH 409)
0064634108: Outdoorsman's Fix-It Book
0064634116: One Thousand Tested Money-Making Markets for Writers
0064634124: EASY MAGIC
0064634132: How to Use Hand and Power Tools
0064634140: How to Do Your Own Painting and Wallpapering
0064634159: Hotrodding for Beginners
0064634167: The epicure's very low carbohydrate cookbook (A Barnes & Noble cookbook ; EH 416)
0064634175: How to Make Your Own Recreation and Hobby Rooms
0064634183: Home and Workshop Guide to Sharpening
0064634191: Bowling for Everyone
0064634205: Sewing the easy way (A Barnes & Noble craft book ; EH 420)
0064634213: Creative Writer's Handbook : What to Write, How to Write It, Where to Sell It
0064634221: How to Do Your Own Painting and Wallpapering
0064634256: Vegetables and Herbs: an Encyclopedia and Gardener's Guide (a Barnes & Noble...
0064634264: Introduction to modern gunsmithing
0064634272: The allergy cookbook: Delicious recipes for every day and special occasions
0064634280: The Low Blood Sugar Gourmet Cookbook
0064634302: Container Gardening Indoors and Out
0064634329: The Chocolate Cookbook
0064634337: Complete Professional Salesman
0064634345: American history at a glance
0064634353: The Yoga Way to Release Tension: Techniques for Relaxation and Mind Control
0064634361: Negotiator a Manual for Winners
0064634388: Condominiums
0064634396: How to Double Your Child's Grades in School
0064634426: America's Best Vegetable Recipes
0064634434: Old Fashioned Homemade Ice Cream Cookbook
0064634442: Card magic made easy (A Barnes & Noble hobby book)
0064634469: Complete guide to making money with your ideas and inventions
0064634477: How to increase your net value: A simplified guide to better tennis
0064634493: Defend Yourself With Kung Fu
0064634515: Puzzles for Pleasure.
0064634523: Something's got to help--and Yoga can
0064634531: Acting Professionally: Raw Facts About Careers in Acting
0064634558: Television Writer's Handbook : What to Write, How to Write It, Where to Sell It
0064634566: Effective Child Rearing: a Modern Guide to Your Child's Behavior
0064634574: The Craft of Science Fiction: A Symposium on Writing Science Fiction and Science Fantasy
0064634604: The body shop: Scandinavian exercises for relaxation
0064634612: Dictionary of Philosophy
0064634620: The complete book of cross-country skiing and ski touring
0064634639: Diversity of Puzzles : Not Only for Experts
0064634655: Publicity: How to Get It
0064634663: Yoga illustrated dictionary
0064634671: Profits at Your Doorstep
0064634698: Careers for Writers: Working with Words
0064634701: Profit opportunities in real estate investments
0064634728: Your introduction to law (A Barnes & Noble reference book ; EH 472)
0064634736: The complete guide to editorial freelancing
0064634744: Foot Book
0064634752: American History at a Glance
0064634760: Everything the Beginner Needs to Know to Invest Shrewdly : A Step-by-Step Guide to the Basics of Financial Growth
0064634787: Right Way to Play Chess
0064634795: How To Sell Your Collectibles, Antiques, and Crafts at a Profit
0064634809: Ideas of the Great Educators
0064634817: How to Read Tarot Cards
0064634833: Modern Dictionary of Sociology
0064634841: English Grammar Simplified
0064634868: The Great Detective Puzzle Book
0064634876: New businesses women can start and successfully operate: The woman's guide to financial independence
0064634892: The study game, how to play and win
0064634906: How to Audition
0064634914: How to write for children and young adults: A handbook
0064634922: Fiction Writer's Handbook
0064634949: Dictionary of Foreign Terms
0064634957: Learning to Read Music
0064634965: Origami : The Art of Paperfolding
0064634973: Basic design: Principles and practice
0064634981: Playwriting : How to Write for the Theater
0064635007: How to get a job with the Post Office: Clerk-carrier, mail handler
0064635023: Speed Reading
0064635082: The art of creative thinking (Everyday handbook ; EH 508)
0064635104: Careers in the Fashion Industry : What the Jobs Are and How to Get Them
0064635112: Ideas of the Great Economists
0064635139: Nutrition Handbook
0064635155: Real Estate Licensing Examinations
0064635171: How to break into publishing
0064635198: Ms. Pinchpenny's Book of Interior Design
0064635201: On Writing the Short Story
0064635244: Dictionary of Astronomy
0064635252: Public Speaking
0064635260: Diabetic Gourmet
0064635279: Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Book/#31310
0064635295: Your Career in Federal Civil Service
0064635309: Figuring : The Joy of Numbers
0064635317: Dictionary of Art Terms and Techniques
0064635325: The Greeting Card Handbook
0064635341: The Business of Show Business
0064635368: How to Write Plain English : A Book for Lawyers and Consumers
0064635376: Roget's University Thesaurus
0064635384: Whitfield's University Rhyming Dictionary
0064635392: Dictionary of Law
0064635414: The cunning caliph,: And other number puzzles to test your logic
0064635422: Handbook of Nonsexist Writing,pb,80
0064635430: A deskbook of American spelling and style
0064635449: The Compleat Cruciverbalist
0064635457: How to Prepare Charts and Graphs for Effective Reports
0064635473: Child Behavior
0064635481: Poetry Handbook : A Dictionary of Terms
0064635503: 21 astounding science quizzes
0064635511: One way to write anything
0064635538: Dictionary of Psychology
0064635546: How to Hypnotize Yourself and Others
0064635554: New Adventures in Origami
0064635562: American Caves and Caving
0064635570: Making Money as a Bartender in Your Spare Time
0064635589: Complete Play Production Handbook
0064635597: Dictionary of Chemistry
0064635600: Dictionary of Physics
0064635619: Ideas of the Great Psychologists
0064635627: Killing Pain Without Prescription
0064635635: Your Introduction to Law
0064635643: Knitting Know-How
0064635678: Touch Typing Self-Taught
0064635694: Successful Telephone Selling in the `80s
0064635708: Acting Professionally
0064635716: Barnes & Noble Book of Quotations
0064635732: Flatland : A Romance of Many Dimensions
0064635740: Sphereland
0064635759: Early American Crafts & Hobbies: A Treasury of Skills, Avocations, Handicrafts, and Forgotten Pastimes and Pursuits from the Golden Age of the American Home
0064635767: Ad Game
0064635775: House party games and amusements for the upper class and other folks (Everyday
0064635783: Barnes and Noble Thesaurus of Chemistry
0064635791: Barnes and Noble Thesaurus of Geology
0064635805: The Barnes & Noble thesaurus of science: All fields of scientific language explained and illustrated
0064635813: Barnes and Noble Thesaurus of Biology
0064635821: Barnes and Noble Thesaurus of Physics
0064635848: Dictionary of Correct Spelling
0064635856: International Vocabulary of Music (Everyday handbook)
0064635864: Classroom to Newsroom: A Professional's Guide to Newspaper Reporting and Writing
0064635880: Careers in cable TV (EH)
0064635899: The Quilter's Start-To-Finish Workbook
0064635902: The Color-Coded Guide to Microcomputers (EH)
0064635910: Handbook of Watch and Clock Repairs
0064635929: Barnes and Noble Book of Modern Parliamentary Procedure
0064635937: Successful Secretary's Handbook
0064635945: Barnes & Noble Thesaurus of Computer Science
0064635953: Complete Book of Calligraphy
0064635961: How to Keep Love Alive
0064635988: Selling to a Group
0064635996: Changing Memories Into Memoirs: A Guide to Writing Your Life Story
0064636003: Conversational Spanish 20 Lessons
0064636011: Conservational French 20 Lessons
0064636046: Conversational Modern Greek in Twenty Lessons
0064636054: Conversational Russian in Twenty Lessons
0064636062: Conversational Japan in 20 Lessons
0064636070: Conversational Brazilian-Portuguese in Twenty Lessons
0064636089: Ingles En Twenty Leccions
0064636143: New French Self-Taught
0064636151: New German Self-Taught
0064636178: New Spanish Self-Taught
0064636186: Cartoon Guide to Physics
0064636194: Gruber's Complete Preparation for the New SAT
0064637018: Dr. Fulton Step-by-Step Program
0064637026: One Hundred Fifty Solitaire Games
0064637034: Chinese for Beginners
0064637042: How to Get into Commercials
0064637050: Instant Eloquence
0064637077: To the Actor
0064637085: Milbourne Christopher's Magic Book
0064637093: How to Get a Job with the Post Office
0064637107: Writing That Works
0064637115: Girltalk
0064637123: Change Your Voice, Change Your Life
0064637131: Complete Book of Bonds : How to Buy and Sell Profitably
0064637174: Resume Writer's Handbook
0064637182: Barnes and Noble Thesaurus of Chemistry
0064637190: Barnes & Noble Thesaurus of Science & Technology
0064637204: Barnes & Noble Book of Quotations
0064637212: How to Learn Basic Bookkeeping in Ten Easy Lessons
0064637220: On Writing the College Application Essay : The Key to Acceptance and the College of Your Choice
0064637247: Movie Producer : A Handbook for Producing and Picture-Making
0064637263: Gruber's Complete Preparation for the SAT (Gruber's Complete Preparation for the SAT)
0064637271: Complete Job Interview Handbook
0064637298: Gruber's Super Diagnostic Test for the SAT
0064637301: Gruber's Complete Preparation for the SAT
0064637328: Gruber's Complete Preparation for the SAT
0064637336: Studying Smart
0064637344: Speed Reading
0064637352: Errors in English and Ways to Correct Them
0064637360: Gruber's Complete Preparation for the SAT
0064637379: Opening College Doors : How to Make the Admission Process Work for You
0064637387: Gruber's Complete Preparation for the New SAT
0064640000: Love, Sex and Astrology CLV
0064640027: Quotations from Chairman Sam;: The wit and wisdom of Senator Sam Ervin (Harrow books)
0064640035: On caring
0064640043: The amazing power of hypnosis: What it can do for you
0064640078: Houdini's Fabulous Magic
0064640086: Astrology: Your Wheel of Fortune (A Barnes & Noble occult book)
0064640094: The Miracle Power of Transcendental Meditation
0064640124: Emotional Common Sense - How to Avoid Self-Destructiveness
0064640140: Think Yourself Rich Norvell's Secret of Money Magnetism
0064640159: Shy Person's Book
0064640167: Magic of Psychograms - New Way to Power and Prosperity
0064640175: Psychic Dreamology
0064640183: Psychomatics : The Secret Power of Super-Persuasion
0064640191: Friends: The power and potential of the company you keep
0064640205: Of Scottish Ways
0064640213: Of Swedish Ways
0064640221: Straight answers about homosexuality for straight readers
0064640248: Grief: Living Through It and Growing With It
0064640256: Secrets of the Lost Race
0064640264: How to Get a Man After You're Forty
0064640272: The once and future star
0064640280: The Great Drke
0064640299: Everything you wanted to know about the Catholic Church but were too pious to ask
0064640310: Nothing to Fear
0064640329: Children Through the Ages
0064640337: Visualization : Directing the Movies of Your Mind
0064640345: Reader, I Married Him
0064640353: Of Irish Ways
0064640361: Of German Ways
0064640388: Effective Decision and Emotional Fulfillment
0064640396: Ice or Fire? : Can We Survive Climate Change
0064640418: Guide To Wise Buying: How To Get More for Your Money By the BBB- The Organization Most Used By American Consumers.
0064640434: The Entrepreneurs
0064640442: The disappearance of Flight 19
0064640450: Vegetarianism
0064640469: Emotional Common Sense
0064640485: Take It Off 1982
0064640493: Big Bands Songbook
0064640523: College humor: Cartoons, stories, poems, jokes and assorted foolishness from over 95 campus magazines from the 1870's to the 1980's, including the early ... Bennett Cerf, Herman Wouk and many others
0064640531: Take It Off : Two Thousand Three Hundred Sixty-Three Deductions Most People Overlook
0064640574: Castle of the Pearl
0064640604: Joyce Chen Cook Book
0064640612: Antique American Country Furniture: A Field Guide
0064640620: Roman Women: Their History and Habits
0064640639: Chinese Cookbook
0064640647: Handbook of the Martial Arts and Self-Defense
0064640655: Take It Off: Two Thousand Eight Hundred & Seventy Two Deductions Most People Overlook
0064640698: How to Draw the Human Figure
0064640701: How to Draw and Paint Landscapes
0064640736: Creative Origami
0064640744: Colorful Origami
0064640752: Of Danish Ways
0064640760: Of Dutch Ways
0064640779: Of Finnish Ways
0064640787: Of Norwegian Ways
0064640795: The ABC of Lettering
0064640809: Reliving Past Lives
0064640817: Callahan's College Guide to Athletics and Academics in America, 1984
0064640841: Paper Crafts
0064640868: Marriage, divorce & astrology
0064640876: The Game of Billiards
0064640884: Square and Folk Dancing
0064640914: College Football Almanac
0064640922: Forbidden Images : The Secrets of the Tarot
0064640957: Ouija : The Most Dangerous Game
0064640965: Big Bands Trivia Quiz Book
0064641007: How to invest $50-5,000 (Smart money)
0064641058: The instant bathing suit shape-up for women (Barnes & Noble books)
0064641074: Free Money For Humanities Students
0064641082: Free Money for Science Students (Blum's Guide to College Money Series)
0064641090: Free money for professional studies (Blum's guide to college money)
0064641112: Studying Smart : Time Management for College Students
0064648028: Mary Kay: The Success Story of America's Most Dynamic Businesswoman
0064648036: The Shaklee Story
0064648044: Mary Kay
0064649008: Vest Pocket Spanish (Bn4900)
0064649016: Vest Pocket French
0064649024: Vest Pocket German
0064649032: Vest Pocket Dictionary, Italian
0064649040: Vest Pocket Modern Greek
0064649067: Vest Pocket Japanese
0064649075: Vest Pocket Arabic
0064650014: Mysteries of the mind: The drama of human behavior
0064650022: The right way to play Chess
0064650030: Fantasy Encounter Games
0064650049: Backgammon: The way to play and win (Harrow books)
0064650189: Poker Is the Name of the Game
0064650200: Law for the Layman
0064650235: Pitching to Win
0064650243: Think Yourself Thin
0064650278: Spanish English English Spanish Dictionary (Barnes & Nobles Reference Book)
0064650286: English-German, German-English Dictionary
0064650294: Bartender's Standard Manual
0064650308: Introduction To Foot Trails In America
0064650324: Bonsai and the Japanese Garden
0064650340: Raise Vegetables Without a Garden
0064650359: Home Landscaping
0064650367: Climb Ev'ry Mountain
0064650391: Great movie heroes (A Barnes & Noble entertainment book)
0064650413: Jerome Kern : The Man and His Music in Story, Picture and Song
0064650421: The reincarnaton primer: Patterns of destiny
0064650448: How to buy a used car without getting gypped
0064650456: How to Plant a Vegetable Garden: Save $250 in Food from a 15 X 25 Ft. Garden
0064650464: The Art of Growing a Beard
0064650480: Love, Sex and Astrology
0064650499: Practice of Natural Childbirth
0064650502: Pro Rated Long Shots: A Proven Method for Selecting Longshot Winners
0064650510: Flash Gordon in the Sand World of Mongo
0064650537: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
0064650545: The Wizard of Oz
0064650588: The Miracle Power of Transcendental Meditation
0064650685: Astrology: Your Wheel of Fortune
0064650693: Complete Guide To Hypnosis
0064650707: One Hundred and One Brain Puzzlers
0064650715: Emotional Common Sense
0064650723: Body Building and Self Defense
0064650731: Yoga Self-Taught.
0064650782: Elton John
0064650790: Game of Wine
0064650804: Home buyer's guide (P/BN)
0064650820: Punctuate It Right!
0064650855: Why You Lose At Tennis
0064650871: Twelve Ways to Build a Vocabulary
0064650898: Understanding Loneliness
0064650901: The Illustrated Story of Crime
0064650928: The Space-Gods Revealed: A Close Look at the Theories of Erich Von Daniken
0064650936: Complete International Jewish Cookbook
0064650944: Autobiography of Eleanor Roosevelt
0064650952: Biorhythm Handbook, Workbook and Forecaster
0064650960: Rolfing: The Integration of Human Structures
0064650979: Western Classics from the Great Pulps
0064650987: Gymnastics for the Beginner
0064651002: Seven Westerns of the Forties
0064651029: Parker Ranch Hawaii
0064651037: Lottery Winners How They Won and How Winning changed Their Lives
0064651045: Ten Greatest Salespersons
0064651053: Rivals of Frankenstein
0064651061: Reign of Terror
0064651088: Complete Energy-Saving Handbook for Homeowners
0064651118: The Montana Energy Saving Handbook for Homeowners
0064651169: Home Energy Savers Manual
0064651177: The Maryland Energy Saving Handbook
0064651290: The Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Book
0064651371: The American Public Gas Association Energy Saving Handbook for Homeowners
0064651401: Mississippi Energy-Saving Handbook For Homeowners; The
0064651436: Seattle Homeowner's Energy Saving Handbook
0064651479: Fire! Survival and Prevention: Survival & Prevention
0064651517: Scott Standard U. S. Coin Catalogue, 1984
0064651533: 1984 Postage Stamp Catalogue and Inventory Checklist
0064651576: Scott Postage Stamp Catalogue and Inventory Checklist, 1985
0064670007: Organic Chemistry
0064671003: United States History from 1865
0064671011: Western Civilization to 1500
0064671038: Introduction to Psychology
0064671046: Introduction to Business
0064671054: HarperCollins College Outline Constitution of the United States
0064671062: Introduction to Sociology
0064671070: History of Western Music
0064671089: Introduction to Music
0064671097: English Grammar
0064671119: United States History to 1877
0064671127: Modern European History
0064671135: Introduction to Economics
0064671143: Introduction to English Literature to 1785
0064671151: Personality : Theories and Processes
0064671178: Russian History
0064671186: Elementary Algebra
0064671194: Ancient History : From Its Beginnings to the Fall of Rome
0064671208: College Chemistry
0064671216: Abnormal Psychology
0064671224: Introduction to Art
0064671232: World History to 1648
0064671240: Introduction to Philosophy
0064671259: Introduction to Calculus
0064671267: Organic Chemistry
0064671275: Introduction to Management
0064671283: French Grammar
0064671291: Spanish Grammar
0064671305: Introduction to Marketing
0064671313: History of Art
0064671321: Twentieth Century United States History
0064671348: Introduction to Statistics
0064671356: Survey of Mathematics
0064671364: Business Calculus
0064671372: Intermediate Algebra
0064671380: World History from 1500
0064671399: Advanced Calculus
0064671402: College Algebra
0064671429: History of Philosophy
0064671437: Basic Mathematics
0064671445: Wheelock's Latin Grammar
0064671453: Introduction to Computer Science and Programming
0064671488: Harmony and Voice Leading
0064671496: Child Development
0064671518: Advanced Math for Engineers and Scientists
0064671526: Applied Complex Variables
0064671550: Business Communications
0064671569: Introduction to Government
0064671577: Social Psychology
0064671585: Introduction to Accounting II
0064671593: German Grammar
0064671615: Calculus with Analytic Geometry
0064671631: Understanding Computers
0064671658: Precalculus Mathematics
0064671682: Music Theory
0064671712: Wheelock's Latin Grammar
0064671720: Managerial Economics
0064671755: Persuasive Writing
0064671763: Computers and Information Processing
0064671771: Wheelock's Latin Grammar
0064671798: Wheelock's Latin
0064700070: The Bourbons of Naples, 1734-1825
0064700089: The Last Medici
0064702472: English Literary Criticism in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
0064706265: THE REVELS HISTORY OF DRAMA IN ENGLISH. Volume VIII American Drama
0064707008: An Introduction to the French Poets: Villon to the Present Day.
0064707032: Jean Racine
0064707563: Chaucer's Pilgrims : The Artistic Order of the Portraits in the Prologue
0064708330: The battlefields of England,
0064708349: More Battlefields of England
0064712354: The burlesque tradition in the English theatre after 1660,
0064712516: Roman Satire
0064712524: Roman Satire
0064719065: The People of Aristophanes: A Sociology of Old Attic Comedy
0064722112: France Today: Introductory Studies
0064726479: Drama of Euripides
0064731278: Improvisation
0064736113: Late Saxon and Viking Art
0064737365: The Wheel of Fire
0064737640: GEORG BUCHNER
0064738264: Science of Folklore
0064754340: Holderlin
0064755037: Primordial Ocean
0064763900: Biography#(Critical Idiom Series, No 34)
0064770273: Thackeray
0064800059: Flatland;: A romance of many dimensions, (University paperbacks 45)
0064800148: The Globe playhouse: Its design and equipment,
0064800466: History of the English Novel Age of Romacne From the Beginnings to the Renaissance (volume1)
0064800474: The History of the English Novel: Vol. VIII From the Brontes to Meredith: Romanticism in the English Novel
0064800490: THE HISTORY OF THE ENGLISH NOVEL Intellectual Realism: from Richardson to Sterne
0064800520: History of the English Novel
0064800539: History of the English Novel (History of the English Novel)
0064800547: History of the English Novel, The
0064800881: Spanish Exploration In The Southwest
0064801039: Your Guide to Photography
0064801209: Early English and French Voyages, Chiefly from Hakluyt 1534 - 1608
0064801322: Guide to American Literature from Its Beginnings Through Walt Whitman (Barnes & Noble Outline Series; Cos 165)
0064801330: Guide to American Literature from Emily Dickinson to the Present
0064801381: Shakespeare's Tragic Heroes, Slaves of Passion. With Appendices on Bradley's Interpretation of Shakespearean Tragedy.
0064801888: Twentieth-Century Civilization
0064802892: Atlas of Human Anatomy
0064803538: The Psychology of Black Language
0064803724: Spanish Explorers in the Southern United States, 1528-1543
0064805638: Fossils: An Introduction to Prehistoric Life.
0064805808: History of Music
0064805816: History of Music,
0064806405: Thinking With a Pencil
0064806944: Medieval People
0064808033: Dictionary Of American Politics
0064808270: Dictionary of Biology
0064900088: Notes for a New Culture.
0064900142: James Purdy
0064900185: The Homosexual As Hero in Contemporary Fiction. (Critical Studies)
0064901467: History of English Literature (Revised by J.A. Stone. Fifth Edition)
0064901491: Reader's Guide to Shakespeare and His Contemporaries
0064901505: Leibniz Clarke Correspondence by Alexander, H.G.; Alexander, Nina
0064901564: An Introduction to the Italian Economy
0064901599: War, Literature, and Politics in the Late Middle Ages
0064901602: Society at War
0064901610: Society at War
0064901637: Ghana and Nigeria, 1957-70: a Study in Inter-African Discord
0064901661: The South Pole: An Account of the Norwegian Antarctic Expedition in the Fram 1910-1912
0064901750: Analysis. Vols. XXI-XXX. 1960-1970
0064901793: Reflections on Inequality
0064901823: The essential Comte;: Selected from Cours de philosophie positive
0064901866: Dickens on England and the English
0064901904: Femininity & the creative imagination;: A study of Henry James, Robert Musil & Marcel Proust
0064902048: A Social History of England, 55 B.C. to A.D. 1215.
0064902285: England in the Seventeenth Century
0064902293: England in the Seventeenth Century
0064902404: The Relevance of Natural Science to Theology (Old and Middle English Texts)
0064902498: British Policy Towards Wartime Resistance in Yugoslavia and Greece
0064902846: Norman Mailer : Quick-Change Artist
0064902854: Structure of Sociological Inference
0064903036: Gladstone and Radicalism: The Reconstruction of Liberal Policy in Britain, 1885-94
0064903052: GEORGE CRABBE
0064903079: Solzhenitsyn
0064903117: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
0064903168: Studies in twentieth century Russian literature: Five essays
0064903176: The beginnings of the cinema in England
0064903192: The Other Powers
0064903281: A Collection of Documents on the Slave Trade of Eastern Africa
0064903311: The eye in the mandala: Patrick White : a vision of man and God
0064903346: Order and Adventure in Post-Romantic French Poetry
0064903451: Reader, I married him: A study of the women characters of Jane Austen, Charlotte Brontë, Elizabeth Gaskell, and George Eliot
0064903478: Coleridges Poetic Intelligence
0064903524: Portugal and the Quest for the Indies
0064903540: Scott bicentenary essays;: Selected papers read at the Sir Walter Scott Bicentenary Conference
0064903591: Psychological sciences: A review of modern psychology
0064903710: Hungary. A Century of Economic Development.
0064903737: The Turn of A Century: Essays on Victorial and Modern English Literature
0064903788: Revolution and nationalism in the Sudan
0064903818: Church & community: The parish church in English life
0064904156: The Plays of Oscar Wilde (Critical Studies Ser.)
0064904393: Poetic drama as mirror of the will
0064904431: Black Medical Dictionary
0064904482: The Mark of the Maker; a Protrait of Helen Waddell
0064904490: The confidence man in modern fiction: A rogue's gallery with six portraits (Barnes & Noble critical studies)
0064904504: Caxton: England's first publisher
0064904512: Changing Middle Eastern City
0064905144: Britain and the People's Republic of China, 1949-74
0064905691: George Mackay Brown
0064905705: Thom Gunn and Ted Hughes: Gunn and Hughes
0064905780: Glory, Jest, and Riddle.
0064905810: American Thinking about Peace and War : New Essays on American Thought and Attitudes
0064906019: Age of Constantine and Julian
0064906205: A dictionary of Irish biography
0064906566: The Open-Texture of Moral Concepts.
0064906914: Piers Plowman: Selections from the B-text as Found in Bodleian MS. Laud Misc. 581
0064907007: The Coming of the Friars
0064907228: Prancing Novelist: A Defence of Fiction in the Form of a Critical Biography in Praise of Ronald Firbank
0064907279: Place, personality, and the Irish writer (Irish literary studies I)
0064907317: Shakespeare's Dramatic Style: Romeo and Juliet, As You Like It, Julius Caesar...
0064907325: Origins of English Feudalism
0064907341: Louis Macneice: Sceptical Vision
0064907503: Irish Unionism 1: The Anglo Irish and the New Ireland 1885 to 1922
0064907597: Contemporary China
0064907600: China: The Impact of the Cultural Revolution
0064907619: Macaulay
0064907716: The Chronology of Modern India A. D. 1494-1894
0064907724: Progress in Construction Science and Technology, No.2.
0064907767: The Fragile Universe : An Essay in the Philosophy of Religions (Library of Philosophy and Religion Ser.)
0064908100: The Book of the Sword
0064908453: The Grecian Taste Literature in the Age of Neo-Classicism 1740-1820
0064908909: TOLSTOY
0064909212: Italian Literature : The Dominant Themes (Comparative Lit. Ser.)
0064909247: Russia discovered: Nineteenth-century fiction from Pushkin to Chekhov
0064909476: Law and Society
0064909530: Nineteenth Century Scottish Fiction Crit
0064909549: Elizabethan Conquest of Ireland
0064909573: Sensibility and creation : studies in twentieth-century French poetry
0064909603: SEXUAL ANXIETY
0064910016: John Osborne
0064910083: Karl Marx Texts on Method
0064910148: A Study of the Novels of George Moore (Irish Literary Studies; 3)
0064910253: The Victorian Church Part I
0064911063: Chemical Technology: An Encyclopedic Treatment: 5 Natural Organic Products: The Economic Application of Modern Technological Developments Based upon a work originally devised by the late Dr. J.F. van Oss, Vol. 5
0064911071: Chemical Technology: An Encyclopedic Treatment, Volume VI: Wood, Paper
0064911098: Chemical Technology: An Encyclopedia Treatment : The Economic Application of Modern Technological Developments: 008
0064911152: Rural planning problems
0064911179: Urban planning problems
0064911217: Marx & the Marxists
0064911268: Fifteenth-Century England, 1399-1509: Studies in Politics and Society;
0064911381: Economic History of World Population
0064911713: English Commonwealth 1547 1640
0064912167: The Movement for Greek independence, 1770-1821: A collection of documents (Studies in Russian and East European history)
0064912558: Charles Lamb on Shakespeare
0064912574: THE WORLD OF LABOUR.
0064912671: Shandyism: The Character of Romantic Irony.
0064912728: Edward Thomas, a Critical Study
0064912760: Contemporary Philosophy
0064912787: Philosophers and Philosophies
0064912795: On the Revolutions of Heavenly Spheres
0064912817: Arthur Schopenhauer, Philosopher of Pessimism
0064913058: Extreme situations: Literature and Crisis from the Great War to the Atom Bomb
0064913082: The Kalam Cosmological Argument
0064913090: The Life & Lyrics of Andrew Marvell
0064913112: The Cosmological Argument from Plato to Leibniz.
0064913163: Robert
0064913333: The Statistical Movement in Early Victorian Britain The Foundation of Empirical Social Research
0064913457: Papers Relating To the Application of TH
0064915808: Conflict in Northern Ireland: The development of a polarised community
0064915875: The Poetry is in the Pity
0064916138: The problem of the North-west frontier, 1890-1908, with a survey of policy since 1849
0064916200: Teaching Reading in Early England
0064916235: A history of world communism
0064916553: Coleridge and the Literature of Sensibility
0064916693: Soldiers as Statesmen
0064916715: Climatic Geomorphology
0064916723: Dickens's apprentice years: The making of a novelist
0064916790: Wordsworth and the poetry of epitaphs
0064916898: MATTER & MIND
0064916901: Induction and Deduction: A Study In Wittgenstein (It is a central contention of this book that the questions raised by philosophical scepticism are at the core of philosophy and that to come to terms with them is to further the kind of understanding that one seeks in philosophy.)
0064917312: Exceptions, Uncertainity and the Term Structure of Interest Rates.
0064917320: Polar Rosses John & James Clark Ross & T
0064917347: Digital electronics (Philips technical library)
0064917363: A history of Chinese drama
0064917428: American Novel in the Twentieth Century
0064917592: Deviant Interpretations
0064917800: Political Uses of Ideology
0064917878: Angels Of Darkness: Dramatic Effect in Samuel Beckett with Special Reference to Eugene Ionesco
0064918300: Scotland, the making of the kingdom (The Edinburgh history of Scotland ; v. 1)
0064918424: Shakespeare and the Nature of Women
0064918602: The City in the Third World
0064918637: Masterful images: English poetry from metaphysicals to romantics
0064918645: Masterful Images English Poetry from Metaphysicals to Romantics
0064918661: Myths of power: A Marxist study of the Brontës
0064918750: Joyce Cary and the Dimensions of Order
0064918904: Ralph Fitch, Elizabethan in the Indies
0064919102: Henry James
0064919161: Modern African Poetry and the African Predicament
0064919617: Use of Poetry and the Use of Criticism: Studies in the Relation of Criticism and Poetry in England
0064919625: Age of Enlightenment: An Anthology of Eighteenth Century Texts
0064919633: Age of Enlightenment
0064919862: The Black Experience: American Blacks Since 1865
0064920321: Esdaile's Manual of Bibliography
0064920364: Society and politics in Wilhelmine Germany by
0064920372: The Feminists : Women's Emancipation Movements in Europe, America and Australasia 1840-1920
0064920402: Freedom and Stability in the World Economy
0064920445: The Feminists: Women's Emancipation Movements in Europe, American & Australiasia 1840-1920
0064920526: The revolutions of 1848-49
0064920674: Goethe and Inner Harmony
0064920682: Irish Parliamentary Tradition
0064920704: Humanism in the English Novel
0064920720: The Argentine Republic, 1516-1971
0064920739: In the Name of Mental Health: The Social Functions of Psychiatry.
0064920933: The South African Connection: Western Investment in Apartheid
0064921166: Logic and Language
0064921174: Crime or Disease
0064921263: Origins of the Industrial Revolution
0064921298: Perspectives of empire: Essays presented to Gerald S. Graham
0064921689: Aristotle on emotion: A contribution to philosophical psychology, rhetoric, poetics, politics, and ethics
0064921751: Tudor Portraits, Success and Failure of an Age
0064921778: The Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
0064921786: THE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION 1700-1914
0064921808: Fontana Economic History of Europe: The Emergence of Industrial Societies, Part 2: 4
0064921824: The Fontana Economic History of Europe (Fontana Economic History of Europe Ser, Vol. 5, Pt. 2)
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