0064922189: Middle Ages
0064922308: The Wine Trade The Merchant Adventures
0064922375: Spanish American Literature Since Independence
0064922383: A Literary History of Spain :Spanish American Literature since Independence
0064923290: Theory of Design
0064923320: John Stuart Mill's Theory of Education
0064923347: Cruel Habitations: A History of Working-Class Housing, 1780-1918
0064923371: Aden Under British Rule 1839-1967
0064923487: Conrad: The moral world of the novelist
0064923711: France: A Geographical Study
0064923754: Flaubert and Henry James : A Study in Contrasts
0064923827: THE REVOLT OF THE NETHERLANDS 1555-1609
0064923835: Revolt of the Netherlands 1555-1609
0064924033: literary language from chaucer to johnson
0064924327: Hugh MacDiarmid; a critical survey
0064924459: Britain at Bay. Defence against Bonaparte, 1803-14
0064924777: Friend of the Family
0064924858: Education and Social Action.
0064924920: Money, Information And Uncertainty
0064924939: Political Economy in Parliment 1819-1823
0064924971: Economic Analysis before Adam Smith: Hesiod to Lessius
0064925005: The evolution of a profession;: A study of the contribution of teachers' associations to the development of school teaching as a professional occupation
0064925013: Self-Help - Voluntary Associations in 19th-Century Britain
0064925056: Domestic Slavery in West Africa: With Particular Reference to the Sierra Leone Protectorate, 1896 - 1927
0064925099: Goethe and Lessing;: The wellsprings of creation.
0064925102: Schiller's drama; talent and integrity
0064925145: The Strategy of Financial Pressure
0064925153: Six Modern Authors and Problems of Belief
0064925293: The Silent Majority: A Study of the Working Class In Post-War British Fiction (Barnes & Noble Critical Study)
0064925307: Southern African Literature
0064925315: Aristotle and His School: An Inquiry into the History of the Peripatos with a Commentary on Metaphysics zeta, eta, lambda and theta
0064925382: The Year of the Four Emperors
0064925404: Black Death To Industrial Revolution
0064925684: Henry James and The French Novel. A Study in Inspiration
0064925765: Hardy & the Sister Arts
0064925854: Wittgenstein and Buddhism
0064926036: Tweedmakers
0064926109: Urban Anthropology
0064926206: The German Evangelical Church and the Jews, 1879-1950.
0064926648: Thomas Hardy. His Life & Work.
0064926664: Trollope and politics: A study of the Pallisers and others
0064926710: H.G. Wells: Interviews and Recollections
0064926729: Classical Age of Greece.
0064926737: Poetry Chronicle
0064926990: The Law Courts of Medieval England.
0064927059: The end of colonial rule in West Africa: Essays in contemporary history.
0064927180: Yeats's Golden Dawn
0064927369: Form and Content. (Library of Philosophy and Logic).
0064927520: Hardy: Novelist and poet
0064927598: The German theatre: A symposium
0064927601: A bibliography of Horace Walpole,
0064927806: VOLTAIRE
0064927938: The Disinherited Mind Essays in Modern German Literature and Thought
0064928152: The League of Nations
0064928195: Last Essays, Mainly on Anglo-Irish Literature
0064928403: Irish passage graves: Neolithic tomb-builders in Ireland and Britain, 2500 B.C
0064928705: Literature and the Plastic Arts, 1880-1930: Seven Essays
0064928780: Augustan Worlds
0064928837: Myth in the Poetry of Ted Hughes : A Guide to the Poems
0064929027: Labour Movement
0064929132: Crisis of Liberalism : New Issues of Democracy
0064929345: Lost Bearings in English Poetry (Critical Studies Ser.)
0064929388: Beyond curriculum; changing secondary education (Sociology and the modern world)
0064929418: Britain and America: A Comparative Economic History, 1850-1939
0064929736: Poets Laureate, The
0064929787: The early Greeks
0064929930: Leibniz's Moral Philosophy
0064930009: Ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine Costume and Decoration
0064930203: Man, Environment and Disease in Britain, a Medical Geography of Britain Through the Ages
0064930211: Along the Afric Shore
0064930432: A Philosophical Approach to Religion
0064930505: Trade Unions in Great Britain
0064930602: The History of Quantum Theory
0064930629: Dramatic identities and cultural tradition: Studies in Shakespeare and his contemporaries : critical essays
0064930769: Politics & the Public Concience
0064930882: The Post-War History of the British Working Class
0064930998: Britain's Imperial Century 1815-1914: A Study of Empire and Expansion
0064931102: Legends of saints and Sinners: Collected and translated from the Irish
0064931110: Far Eastern Trade: 1860-1914
0064931609: England for All: The Text Book of Democracy.
0064932206: The peopling of Southern Africa
0064932362: Modern cost-benefit methods: An introduction to financial, economic, and social appraisal of development projects
0064932389: Crossroads of civilization: 3000 years of Persian history
0064932788: James Joyce
0064933148: The Migration of British Capital to 1875
0064933164: Seven Men of Vision : An Appreciation (Critical Studies)
0064933431: Bangladesh.
0064933474: World of Empires Making of Modern World
0064933482: India Resources and Development
0064933652: Fabric of Knowledge
0064933903: The Nid-Tudor Crisis 1539- 1563 (The crisis is considered as a whole, and the separate treatment accorded to its different aspects serves both to demonstrate the essential element of continuity and to bring out the full sgnificance of their interrelationship)
0064933911: Dostoyevsky: The Novel of Discord
0064934020: Berenice
0064934217: The Modern English novel: The reader, the writer, and the work
0064934365: Byron, a Symposium
0064935892: Hindustan Under Free Lances 1770 1820
0064936163: Liam O'Flaherty the storyteller
0064936171: Mary Lavin, Quiet Rebel: A Study of her Short Stories
0064936198: MURIEL SPARK
0064936341: The Autobiography of Charles Halle with Correspondence and Diaries
0064936384: Anatomy of the Soul
0064936392: Will, freedom, and power
0064937119: Garden of Zola: Emile Zola and His Novels for English Readers.
0064937925: First World War in Fiction
0064938921: Language in Modern Literature
0064939499: Theory of Econometrics: An Introductory Exposition of Econometric Methods (2nd Ed.)
0064939510: Critical Approaches to the Fiction of Thomas Hardy
0064939537: Russia in Asia: A Record and a Study, 1558-1899
0064939707: A Marxist Study of Shakespeare's Comedies
0064940004: On Kafka
0064940047: Palestine in the Arab Dilemma
0064940349: Industrial Revolution
0064940799: A Panorama of Russian Literature.
0064940942: Georg Simmel: Sociologist and European (The making of sociology series)
0064941221: Nor Shall My Sword: Discourses on Pluralism, Compassion and Social Hope.
0064941299: Ireland Nineteen Forty-Five to Nineteen Seventy (Thomas Davis Ser.)
0064941698: Inflation, Income Distribution and X-Efficiency Theory: A Study Prepared for the International Labour Office within the Framework of the World Employment Programme
0064941728: Russia in the Eighteenth Century From Pe
0064941760: Gunter Grass.
0064941922: Greek tragedy
0064942589: Enemy salvoes: Selected literary criticism
0064942619: Heath Robinson: Artist and Comic Genius
0064942627: Persons and Life after Death: Essays
0064942651: Quantitative Aspects of Psychological Assessment: An Introduction
0064942805: Romantic imagery in the novels of Charlotte Brontë
0064942929: Blast-Power & Ballistics: Concepts of Force and Energy in the Ancient World
0064942945: Karl Marx and Religion in Europe and India
0064942961: Witch Stories
0064943305: Lives of the Stuart Age, 1603-1714
0064943313: Lives of the Tudor Age, 1485-1603
0064943321: Lives of the Georgian Age 1714-1837
0064943984: The Literature Of Change
0064943992: 1930s
0064944115: The English Benedictines, 1540-1688: From Reformation to Revolution
0064944379: The Writings of E.M. Forster
0064945049: The Real Chekhov: An Introduction to Chekhov's Last Plays.
0064945057: Marx's Paris Writings: An Analysis
0064945634: Edward Thomas, a Poet for His Country
0064945847: The Siege In Peking: China Against The World
0064945855: PIERS PLOWMAN
0064946347: To Homer Through Pope: An Introduction to Homer's Iliad and Pope's Translation
0064946460: The Heart of the empire; Discussions of problems of modern city life in England
0064946479: The Soviet Union: An economic geography
0064946770: Shakespeare and Decorum (This book provides an approach to Shakespeare's plays by way of Renaissance ideas on decorum in verbal and non-verbal behaviour. A summary account of the Renaissance philosophy of language, acccording to which language is the image of mind or soul, the basis of social order and an important clue to the mental and moral health of the individual and the community is provided
0064946800: Communist power in Europe, 1944-1949: papers (Studies in Russian and East European history)
0064946819: Marxism-Leninism in the German Democractic Republic
0064946827: Origins of the Romantic Movement in Spain
0064946835: Whatever Happened to Shakespeare?
0064947009: Renaissance France, 1470-1589 (A literary history of France)
0064947025: Renaissance Latin Poetry (Literature in Context Series)
0064947076: Charles Lamb and the Theatre.
0064947653: The Ballads and Songs of W.B. Yeats: The Anglo-Irish Heritage in Subject and Style
0064947793: The Two Germanies: A Modern Geography
0064947904: Married To Genius
0064947912: A fever at the core: The idealist in politics
0064947920: Painting & the Novel,
0064947939: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Bernard Lonergan
0064947947: Letter to King Richard II: A Plea Made in 1395 for Peace between England and France
0064947998: Poem of the Cid: A New Critical Edition of the Spanish Text
0064948048: The natural law tradition and the theory of international relations
0064948188: The Sting and the Twinkle;: Conversations with Sean O'Casey
0064948196: W. B. Yeats: Interviews and recollections
0064948226: The fiction of sex: Themes and functions of sex difference in the modern novel (Barnes & Noble critical studies)
0064948234: Gunter Grass
0064948242: The Problem of Measure for Measure: A Historical Investigation
0064948250: The Art of Brendan Behan (Barnes & Noble critical studies)
0064948269: Brendan Behan : An Annotated Bibliography of Criticism
0064948714: Labour in Irish Politics, 1890-1930: The Irish Labour Movement in an Age of Revolution
0064949214: Solzhenitsyn (The Modern writers' series)
0064949338: The Psychological Basis of Morality (Library of Philosophy and Religion Ser.)
0064949346: A dictionary of geography: Definitions and explanations of terms used in physical geography
0064949753: The Revolt of the Provinces: Conservatives and Radicals in the English Civil War, 1630-1650
0064949826: South America
0064949982: The United Arab Emirates: A Modern History
0064950107: Creating the European Community
0064950182: The Singularity Of Shakespeare And Other Essays
0064950204: Shakespeare's Comic Sequence
0064950212: Shakespeare's Tragic Sequence
0064950220: Shakespeare's Tragic Sequence
0064950344: Sartre: Romantic Realist
0064950484: Socio-political thought in African literature: weusi? by Mutiso, Gideon-Cyrus
0064950549: Margaret Drabble: Puritanism & Permisiveness
0064950751: SAHARA AND SUDAN Vol I - Fezzan and Tibesti
0064950778: Bertrand Russells Philosophy
0064951588: British Drama
0064951782: The use and abuse of the Bible: A study of the Bible in an age of rapid cultural change (Library of philosophy and religion)
0064952150: Travel and transport in Ireland
0064952215: Pathways of Buddhist thought: Essays from 'The Wheel'
0064952223: Zimbabwe Independence Movements: Select Documents
0064952401: Flying Light Aircraft
0064953106: Inquiry & Decision: A Methodology For Management & The Social Sciences,
0064953181: A Reader's Guide to Fifty American Novels (Readers Guide Series)
0064953688: Quotations in History: A Dictionary of Historical Quotations C. 800 A.D. to the Present
0064953807: Political thought
0064953858: Ben Jonson, public poet and private man
0064953955: Essays in modern economics;: The proceedings
0064953963: The dramatic imagination of W. B. Yeats.
0064954064: Indestructible Soul: The Nature of Man and Life After Death in Indian Thought
0064954641: Early Industrial Revolution
0064954765: Questions in the philosophy of mind
0064954838: The Russian Moderates and the Crisis of Tsarism, 1914-1917
0064954994: Main currents of West African history, 1940-1978
0064955338: A Reader's Guide to Fifty British Novels, 1600-1900
0064955540: THE GROWTH OF THE BRITISH ECONOMY, 1918-1968.
0064955680: Understanding gliding: The principles of soaring flight
0064955699: Beginning Gliding: the Fundamentals of Soaring Flight
0064955702: Gliding : A Handbook on Soaring Flight CLV
0064955710: Going Solo: A Simple Guide to Soaring
0064955729: Commentary on the Poems of Thomas Hardy
0064955745: A D. H. Lawrence Companion- Life, Thoughts, and Works
0064955850: The Chekhov Play
0064956024: Philebus and Epinomis
0064956059: Latin America and British Trade 1806-1914 (2 maps and 6 graphs)
0064956067: Slavery: The Anglo-American Involvement. Illustrated Sources in History
0064956202: Henry VIII
0064956652: Carpenters of Light : Some Contemporary English Poets
0064956725: Conversations with James Joyce.
0064956806: Natural history of Ireland
0064957128: Coming of the Spanish Civil War: Reform, Reaction and Revolution in The Second Republic 1931-1936
0064957209: Revolution and Reaction: 1848 and the Second French Republic
0064957292: Ireland, Britain and Germany 1870-1914: Problems of Nationalism and Religion in Nineteenth Century Europe
0064957349: Advances in Educational Psychology 2
0064957578: Catullus
0064957594: Norman Mailer : A Critical Study
0064957608: From Barogue to Storm and Stress 1720-1775
0064958051: The historical novel and popular politics in nineteenth-century England (Barnes & Noble critical studies)
0064958108: The public sector in the mixed economy
0064958116: European Science in the Seventeenth Century
0064958205: The Reputation and Writings of Alexander Pope
0064958213: The Selected Poems Of Walt Whitman
0064958221: Religion, revolution, and the Russian intelligentsia, 1900-1912: The Vekhi debate and its intellectual background
0064958256: Classical Centre
0064959147: Short Stories of Sean O'Faolain
0064959260: The Tradition of Romantic Morality
0064959430: French literature in the nineteenth century (Comparative literature)
0064959511: Scientific and Technical Education in 19th Century England: A Symposium
0064959600: The Poems of the Troubadour Peire Rogier
0064959708: Astronomy
0064959821: The Cybernetic Revolution
0064959856: Nobles & the Noble Life 1295-1500
0064959988: Studies in Medieval Literature and Languages in Memory of Frederick Whitehead, ed. by W. Rothwell & others.
0064960080: An Introduction to Greek Ethics (The main part of the book consists of an assessment of Socrates' contribution to Greek ethics; an analysis of four of Plato's dialogues, and a similar analysis of Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics. The book concludes with a short treatment of Epicurean and Stoic ethics.)
0064960099: Discoveries and Reviews from Renaissance to Restoration
0064960145: The Hard-Rock Men: Cornish Immigrants and the North American Mining Frontier
0064960153: Eighteenth Century Inventions
0064960188: Portraits and Views: Literary and Historical
0064960196: Nationalism and Socialism In Twentieth-Century Ireland
0064960250: The Origins of the English Civil War
0064960420: Concept of Mind
0064960692: Arab Socialism
0064960714: Eyewitnesses of Shakespeare: First Hand Accounts of Performances, 1590-1890
0064960919: Piers Plowman Selections From the B Text
0064961052: Contemporary Approaches to English Studies
0064961125: The Philosophy Of Education
0064961133: Of German Music: A Symposium
0064961249: Disraeli's Fiction.
0064961281: John Marston's Plays: Theme, Structure and Performance
0064961303: History of Mathematics
0064961346: Terror & Repression in Revolutionary Marseilles
0064961354: Neil M. Gunn: The Man and the Writer
0064961362: Jeanne d'Arc,
0064961370: reality and Comic Confidence in Charles Dickens
0064961397: Introduction to biogeography
0064961400: Introduction to biogeography
0064961680: Oliver Goldsmith His Life & Works
0064961850: The Bourbon Kings of France
0064962083: Generation of 1898 in Spain
0064962342: On Kafka's Castle
0064962350: Experience, Inference, and God
0064962369: Religion, Truth, and Language-Games
0064962385: Oscar Wilde: Art and Egotism
0064962466: Luther (Evidence and commentary)
0064962474: Luther (Evidence and commentary)
0064962504: The English Novel: Defoe to the Victorians
0064962512: Life with Lloyd George
0064962520: Poetic Truth Hardcover by
0064962539: Poetic Truth
0064962644: Sex and Superstition
0064962652: The Witchcraft World
0064963225: Post-War Britain A Political History
0064963284: The Poet's Calling
0064963292: The Poet's Calling
0064963330: The Plays of D. H. Lawrence : A Biographical & Critical Study
0064963691: China in convulsion
0064963713: Reliability Engineering
0064963748: Zionism
0064963780: Art of Malcolm Lowry
0064963802: Geographical Perspectives on Inequality
0064964418: Criticism and Medieval Poetry
0064964922: The Shaping of the Nazi state
0064965007: Architecture and Sculpture in Ireland 1150-1350
0064965139: Scott Fitzgerald, crisis in an American identity (Barnes & Noble critical studies)
0064965686: Resistible Theatres Enterprise & Experim
0064965864: The Voices of Children 1700-1914
0064965872: Women and Fiction: Feminism and the Novel
0064965880: the school and moral development
0064965910: G. K. Chesterton
0064966208: The Massacre of St. Bartholomew and the European conflict, 1559-1572
0064966380: Beowulf (Manchester Medieval Classics)
0064966720: Unofficial selves;: Character in the novel from Dickens to the present day by
0064966739: Introduction to Shakespeare's Comedies
0064966828: Novel and Revolution
0064967506: Equality
0064967751: The intellectual tradition of modern Germany; a collection of writings from the eighteenth to the twentieth century.
0064968103: Catalan Literature
0064968189: Selected Political Writings.
0064968790: J.M. Synge and the western mind.
0064968901: Twentieth-Century English Poetry
0064969304: Nineteenth-Century Crime in England: Prevention and Punishment (Sources for Social & Economic History)
0064969312: I am not Prince Hamlet: Shakespeare, criticism, schools of English.
0064969320: The English middle-class novel
0064969339: The Opening of the Nile Basin: Writings by Members of the Catholic Mission to Central Africa on the Geography and Ethnography of the Sudan, 1842-1881
0064969347: English Books with Coloured Plates, 1790 to 1860...
0064970272: Chekhov A Structuralist Study
0064970280: Introduction to Natural Protein Fibres:Basic Chemistry
0064970736: Semantics an Introduction to the Science of Meaning
0064970752: Meaning and Style: Collected Papers
0064971120: Yeats and Anglo-Irish Literature. Critical Essays. Edited by C. J. Rawson
0064971627: An Introduction to Production and Inventory Control
0064971724: Twentieth-Century Europe Paths to Unity
0064972100: The Industrial Muse: A Study of Nineteenth Century British Working-Class Literature
0064972135: Formation of the British Liberal Party 1
0064972143: Disraeli, Derby, and the Conservative Party: Journals and Memoirs of Edward Henry, Lord Stanley, 1849-1869
0064972151: The Governing Passion: Cabinet Government and Party Politics in Britain, 1885-86
0064972607: The Vision of the Vanquished: The Spanish Conquest of Peru Through Indian Eyes, 1530-1570
0064972763: Book of Medieval Latin for Schools
0064972771: Desert Fathers
0064973050: Roots of Delinquency: Infancy, Adolescence and Crime
0064974251: Chartism
0064974928: Discipline of English: A Guide to Critical Theory and Practice
0064974936: The Story of the Novel
0064974944: The Story of the Novel
0064975878: The Art of Allusion in Victorian Fiction
0064976165: Thomas Hardy & History.
0064976181: Bertolt Brecht's Great Plays
0064976580: West Germany, a Geography of Its People
0064976785: Two Miracles: La Nonne Qui Laissa Son Abbaie and Saint Valentin. (Edited from the Manuscript Paris, B.N. F.fr. 819-820).
0064977080: Secret Societies in Ireland.
0064977102: Numerical Computation
0064977137: The Broken Eagle: The Politics of Austrian Literature from Empire to Anschluss
0064977471: Food & Drink in Britain
0064977668: Film Criticism & Caricatures, 1943-1953
0064977692: Chaucer's Dream-Poems
0064978214: Philosophical Remarks
0064979571: Freedom, responsibility, and God (Library of philosophy and religion)
0064979687: The Masaryks: The making of Czechoslovakia
0064979709: Waldere (Old and Middle English texts)
0065000021: Intermediate Differential Equation
0065000048: Astronomy in Our World
0065000064: College Geometry : A Discovery Approach
0065000099: Life: An Introduction to Biology
0065000129: Strategic Management
0065000188: Endocrinology
0065000196: Minds on Science
0065000218: American Nation : The History of the United States Since 1865
0065000269: On Writing Well : An Informal Guide to Writing Nonfiction
0065000323: Study guide to accompany Lipsey/Purvis/Steiner Economics and microeconomics and macroeconomics
0065000404: Human Communication: The Basic Course
0065000455: Modern Video Production : Tools, Techniques, Applications
0065000471: Communication in The Family : Seeking Satisfaction in Changing Times
0065000498: Strategic Management
0065000528: Mass Communication : Producers and Consumers
0065000536: Second Steps in Reading and Writing
0065000587: Water Supply and Pollution Control
0065000595: Surveying
0065000609: Structural Steel Design
0065000684: FORTRAN 77 for Engineers : With an Introduction to FORTRAN 90
0065000714: Whole Language in Middle and Secondary Classrooms : Becoming a Classroom Archaeologist
0065000722: Essentials of Financial Management
0065000749: Public Personnel Administration
0065000757: Politics of Congressional Elections
0065000765: Party Politics in America
0065000994: Texts and Contexts : Writing about Literature
0065001001: Public Relations : Strategies and Tactics
0065001427: Transformation and Reaction : America, 1921-1945
0065001435: Eagle in a New World
0065001443: Social Problems
0065001451: Actor's Scenebook : Scenes for Begining Actors to Create
0065001516: International Management
0065001621: Messiah of the Masses : Huey P. Long and the Great Depression
0065001664: Basic Managerial Finance
0065001672: Automotive Steering, Suspension, and Wheel Alignment
0065001710: Fundamentals of Structured Cobol
0065001745: Business Statistics : Elements and Applications
0065001893: Basic Managerial Finance : Study Guide
0065001958: Getting Down to Specifics - Instructor's Edition
0065001974: Starting Out or Starting Over : A Guide for Writing
0065002113: Music - A Listener's Introduction
0065002172: Psychology
0065002326: The Global Migration Crisis: Challenge to States and to Human Rights (The Harpercollins Series in Comparative Politics)
0065002334: American Government : Brief
0065002431: Principles of Human Anatomy
0065002466: Macroeconomics
0065002474: Microeconomics
0065002601: World Civilizations
0065002628: American People
0065002636: American People Vol. 2 : Creating a Nation and a Society
0065002644: Ergo : Thinking Critically and Writing Logically
0065002652: Ergo : Thinking Critically and Writing Logically
0065002741: Sentence Strengths: The Sentence-To-Paragraph Process
0065002776: International Money and Finance
0065002784: Technical English
0065002822: Art of Being Human
0065002865: Understanding Behaviorism: Science, Behavior, and Culture
0065002873: Laboratory Manual for Human Anatomy: With Cat Dissections
0065002881: Interpersonal Communication
0065003012: Advancing Writer : Sentences and Paragraphs
0065003020: Advancing Writer : Paragraphs and Essays
0065003039: Advancing Writer
0065003209: Creative Teaching : A Practical Approach
0065003470: Societies and Cultures in World History
0065003489: Through the Middle Ages : Societies and Cultures in the World History
0065003497: Societies and Cultures in World History, 1100-1800 : Chapters 1-23
0065003500: Societies and Cultures in World History, 1789-Present : Chapters 22-35
0065003519: Societies and Cultures in World History : World Civilizations
0065003527: Societies and Cultures in World History : From 1350
0065003659: Crisis of Conscience : Perspectives on Journalism Ethics
0065003667: Principles of Behavioral Analysis
0065003918: Finite Mathematics Applied Approach : An Applied Approach
0065003993: Elementary Surveying
0065004035: Rhetoric for Academic Reasoning
0065004043: Principles of Cell and Molecular Biology
0065004051: Principles of Cell and Molecular Biology
0065004108: Ecology : The Experimental Analysis of Distribution and Abundance
0065004167: Focus on Human Biology
0065004329: Student Environment Action Guide
0065004337: American People Brief Edition Vol. 1 : Study Guide
0065004469: Casting Light on Writing
0065004477: The Writer in You: A Writing Process Reader
0065004485: Economics of Work and Pay
0065004507: Essentials of Financial Management
0065004604: Understanding American Democracy
0065004752: Social Problems
0065004787: Knowing and Writing: New Perspectives on Classical Questions
0065004833: American Government
0065004876: Macro-Micro Package
0065004914: Design of Reinforced Concrete
0065004949: Applied Numerical Methods for Digital Computation
0065004965: Human Resource Management : The Strategic Perspective
0065004981: Human Resource Management
0065005082: Communicating Technology : Dynamic Processes and Models for Writers
0065005090: Dilemmas of Black Politics : Issues of Leadership and Strategy
0065005112: Texas Politics
0065005120: Constitutional Debate in Action : Criminal Justice
0065005139: Constitutional Debate in Action : Civil Rights and Liberties
0065005147: Constitutional Debate in Action
0065005163: Developing Child
0065005198: Psychology
0065005260: Microeconomics
0065005295: Working With dBASE IV and dBASE III Plus
0065005309: Working with Lotus 1-2-3
0065005317: Word Processing with Word Perfect 5.1
0065005368: Sociology : An Introduction
0065005384: Macroeconomics
0065005392: Microeconomics : Study Guide
0065005457: Explorations (Bk. 1)
0065005538: American Government
0065005546: Making Living : Real-World Reader
0065005600: Mapping World History
0065005821: Instructor's Manual to Accompany Texas Politics, 6/E
0065005848: Language of Argument : Instructors Edition
0065005856: Written World : Reading and Writing Social Contests
0065005864: Written World Ie
0065005953: Thinking About Environmental Policy
0065006038: Emphasis Art : A Qualitative Art Program for Elementary and Middle Schools
0065006046: Planning, Producing, and Using Instructional Media
0065006062: Reading Statistics and Research
0065006089: Educational Psychology
0065006127: Civil Rights and Liberties : Toward the 21st Century
0065006143: Field Guide to Writing
0065006151: Fundamentals of Investing
0065006186: Social Psychology
0065006232: Finite Mathematics : Applied Approach
0065006321: Stages of Acting : A Practical Approach for Beginning Actors
0065006402: Fundamentals of Genetics
0065006410: Fundamentals of Genetics
0065006453: Understanding Capitalism
0065006488: Studying for Psychology
0065006496: Studying for History
0065006518: Studying for Chemistry
0065006585: Working Through Conflict : Strategies for Relationships, Groups, and Organizations
0065006615: Feature Writing for Newspapers and Magazines : The Pursuit of Excellence
0065006631: Foundations of Clinical and Counseling Psychology
0065006739: Concepts - Strategic Management
0065006747: Civilizations of the World
0065006755: Civilizations of the World: The Human Adventure
0065006763: Civilizations of the World
0065006771: Civilizations of the World
0065006798: Civilizations of the World
0065006801: Civilizations of the World
0065006887: Sam Houston and the American Southwest
0065007026: Love, Sex and Intimacy : Their Psychology, Biology and History
0065007077: Manager's Bookshelf
0065007158: Calculus of One Variable
0065007182: Diversity in Families
0065007204: Understanding International Conflict : An Introduction to Theory and History
0065007212: Government in America
0065007220: Readings on American Subnational Government : Diversity, Innovation and Rejuvenation
0065007247: Business Statistics : Elements and Application
0065007263: American People Telecourse
0065007271: Choosing to Emerge As Readers and Writers
0065007298: European Culture Area
0065007387: Principles of Public Presentation
0065007409: Instructor's Guide to Accompany Social Statistics Using SPSS
0065007417: Short History of the American Nation/Vol 1 and 2 in One Book
0065007425: Short History of the American Nation
0065007433: Short History of the American Nation
0065007476: Assembly Language Programming and Computer Organization for the Eighty-Six Family Computers
0065007506: HarperCollins World Reader
0065007522: Instructor's Manual
0065007549: Short Guide to Writing About Science
0065007611: Automotive Brake System
0065007719: Finding Our Niche (Biosphere 2000) : Protecting Our Global Environment Casebook
0065007727: Personality and Personal Growth
0065007778: Sociology: An introduction
0065007786: Understanding Social Deviance
0065007875: Civilization of West : Renaissance to Present
0065007972: Introduction to Community Health
0065008138: Sociology
0065008162: Expository Writing in Political Science : A Practical Guide
0065008227: Marine Biology : An Ecological Approach
0065008340: Artforms
0065008553: Civilizations of the World : Study Guide
0065008561: Civilizations of the World : Study Guide
0065008634: Shaping America : The Politics of Supreme Court Appointments
0065008650: BIOSPHERE 2000 Protecting Our Global Environment
0065008723: Sexuality and Gender in Society
0065008847: Human Sexuality
0065008855: Understanding College Mathematics : A Calculator-Based Approach
0065008863: Earth Algebra, Trigonometry and Precalculus
0065008871: Earth Algebra (Preliminary Edition) : College Algebra with Application to Environmental Issues
0065008901: Culture, People, Nature
0065008928: Thematic Units : An Interactive Approach Teaching Science and Social Studies
0065009029: Little, Brown Compact Handbook
0065009037: Laboratory Manual for Anatomy and Physiology : With Cat Dissection
0065009053: Laboratory Manual for Anatomy and Physiology, With Fetal Pig Dissections
0065009347: Theory in Educational Administration
0065009363: Writing System : Paragraphs and Essays
0065009649: HarperCollins' American Literature
0065009657: Harper American Literature
0065009681: Principles Of Anatomy And Physiology
0065009738: Dilemma of Drug Policy in the United States
0065009762: Ecology & Field Biology
0065009789: Ecology and Field Biology
0065009819: Lifespan Development
0065009827: Lifespan Development: Instructor's Edition
0065009835: Lifespan Development
0065009843: Instructions to Accompany Lifespan Development
0065009886: Psychology in Perspective
0065009894: Psychology in the Perspective
0065009908: Psychology in Perspective
0065010043: Modern Corporate Finance : Theory and Practice
0065010116: Financial Futures and Options Markets
0065010124: Basic Microbiology : Study Guide
0065010167: Physics for Scientists and Engineers with Modern Physics
0065010205: Contemporary Controversies : An American Government Reader
0065010213: Current Issues in the International Economy : A Reader
0065010221: Economics
0065010248: Microeconomics
0065010299: Microeconomics : Theory and Applications
0065010329: Introduction to Quantitative Political Science
0065010337: Sitting Bull and the Paradox of Lakota Nationhood
0065010345: Sources of World History
0065010353: Sources of World History
0065010388: Practice Tests to Accompany Sociology: An Introduction 3/E
0065010396: Turbulent Passage : A Global History of the Twentieth Century
0065010442: Research Writing Simplified
0065010485: Messages : Building Interpersonal Communication Skills
0065010493: Messages
0065010507: Societies and Culturesin World History : From 1350
0065010558: American People
0065010566: American People
0065010574: American People
0065010582: American People : Creating a Nation and a Society
0065010590: American People Brief Edition Vol. 2 : Study Guide
0065010604: Retracing the Past Vol. 1 : Readings in the History of the American People, to 1877
0065010612: Retracing the Past Vol. 2 : Readings in the History of the American People, since 1865
0065010620: American People
0065010698: Faces of Mathematics
0065010701: Writer's Repertoire
0065010728: Cultural Anthropology
0065010809: Exploring Abnormal Psychology : Brief Casebook
0065010817: From Rivalry to Cooperation
0065010841: Introduction to Functional Histology
0065010884: Anatomy Physiol 7e Prof Copy by Tortora
0065010906: Research Methods
0065010914: Research Methods
0065010930: Economics
0065010957: Microeconomics
0065010965: International Economics
0065010981: Demand for Money
0065011015: Business and Government
0065011066: Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques
0065011090: Sociology An Introduction
0065011112: Why Lenin? Why Stalin? Why Gorbachev? : The Rise and Fall of the Soviet System
0065011120: The Power of Words: Documents in American History (Volume I)
0065011139: Power of Words Vol. 2 : Documents in American History: From 1865
0065011236: Writer's Library Vol. 1 : Growing up, Growing Old
0065011244: Writer's Library Vol. 2 : Growing Up, Growing Old (Women and Men)
0065011252: Education : Growing Up, Growing Old
0065011260: Science and Society
0065011279: Self and Society : Growing up, Growing Old from Writer's Library
0065011287: Nuclear Weapons after the Cold War : Guidelines for U. S. Policy
0065011309: Looking at dBASE 3 Plus
0065011317: Looking at Lotus 1-2-3
0065011333: BASIC Programming
0065011376: Essentials of Lotus 1-2-3 with Advanced Applications
0065011384: Essentials of dBASE VI with Advanced Applications
0065011392: Business Cycles and Forecasting
0065011422: Experimental Psychology : A Case Approach
0065011449: Voices of Dissent : Critical Readings in American Politics
0065011465: Managerial Economics
0065011481: English Grammar Simplified
0065011503: Paragraph Writing Simplified
0065011511: Essay Writing Simplified
0065011562: Financial Risk Management : Fixed Income and Foreign Exchange
0065011589: Springboard for College Writers
0065011694: HarperCollins College Outline: Russian History, 7th Edition
0065011961: Calculus Labs Using Mathematics
0065011988: Forming Content : Athematic Rhetorical Reader
0065012062: Environmental Policy and Politics
0065012127: Social Web : An Introduction to Sociology
0065012143: International Organization : A Reader
0065012186: One World-Many Worlds : Contemporary Sociological Theory
0065012224: Family Papers : A Reader for Writers
0065012232: Family Papers, A Rhetoric And Reader For Writers,94,Harper,Pb, Used
0065012259: Evolutionary Ecology
0065012356: Psychological Work and Human Performance
0065012496: Speculative Markets
0065012518: Psychology
0065012526: The Developing Child
0065012542: Applying Algebraic Thinking to Data : Concepts and Processes for the Intermediate Algebra Student
0065012569: Interpersonal Communication
0065012593: Civilizations of the West : The Human Adventure
0065012607: Civilizations of the West
0065012615: Civilizations of the West Vol. 2 : The Human Adventure
0065012690: Modern Literature of the Non-Western World : Where the Waters Are Born
0065012739: Assignments in Exposition
0065012771: Principles of Managerial Finance
0065012887: Mathematical Investigations : An Introduction to Algebraic Thinking
0065012909: Struggle for Democracy
0065012925: Human Communication : The Basic Course
0065013069: Different Roles, Different Voices
0065013166: Created Equal
0065013174: Created Equal
0065013247: Writer's Option : Combining to Composing
0065013328: Worlds of Childhood Reader
0065013336: Developing Child Telcourse : Study Guide
0065013344: Developing Child Telecourse : Text and Study Guide
0065013360: Economics of Public Issues
0065013387: Quick Takes : Short Model Essays for Basic Composition
0065013395: Quick Takes : Short Model Essays Basic Compostion. Instructor's edition.
0065013409: Psychology
0065013441: Little, Brown Compact Handbook Exercises
0065013549: Basic Mathematics for College Students : Concepts and Applications
0065013603: World Civilizations : The Global Experience
0065013611: World Civilizations
0065013638: Introduction to the Human Body : The Essentials of Anatomy and the Physiology
0065013662: Checkpoints
0065013697: Financial Management
0065013778: Microeconomics
0065013824: Harpercollins World Reader
0065013832: HarperCollins World Reader
0065013840: Dreams and Inward Journeys : A Reader for Writers
0065013883: Latin America : Change and Challenge
0065013905: Introduction to the Human Body
0065013956: Nonproliferation and the National Interest : America's Response to the Spread of Nuclear Weapons
0065013972: Language and Literacy : A Lively Approach
0065013999: Struggle for Democracy
0065014014: Skill Builders : A Sentence Writing Workout
0065014049: English Simplified
0065014081: Finding Answers : A Guide to Conducting and Reporting Research
0065014138: Careful Reading, Thoughtful Writing: A Guide With Models for College Writers
0065014154: Case Histories in International Politics
0065014170: Study Guide and Workbook to Accompany Zimbardo's Psychology
0065014286: World Civilization: Global Experience 5 Chapters
0065014375: Writing From Inner Self College
0065014391: Developmental Mathematics : Graphing Calculator Investigations
0065014529: Instructor's Solutions Manual Volume II to Accompany Calculus,2e
0065014596: Understanding Psychological Science
0065014618: Fiction : A HarperCollins Pocket Anthology
0065014626: Drama : A Longman Pocket Anthology
0065014634: HarperCollins Pocket Anthology Series : Poetry
0065014650: Economics Today : With Economics in Action 2001-2002 Version
0065014669: Economics Today : With Economics in Action 2001-2002 Version
0065014677: Economics Today
0065014685: Economics Today : With Economics in Action 2001-2002 Version
0065014723: An introduction to California economic issues: To accompany Economics today, eighth edition by Roger LeRoy Miller
0065014812: Extended-coverage topics: To accompany Economics today, eighth edition by Roger LeRoy Miller
0065014839: Concepts in American History
0065014847: Islamic Revivalism : Global Islamic Politics
0065014871: Vibration of Mechanical and Structural Systems : With Microcomputer Applications
0065014960: Skill Builders : Grammar
0065015002: Green Perspectives : Thinking and Writing about Nature and the Environment
0065015010: Green Perspective Thinking and Writing about Nature an the Environment
0065015061: American People Television Guide
0065015134: Crossfire : An Argument Rhetoric and Reader
0065015142: Crossfire: An Argument Rhetoric and Reader
0065015177: Biological Foundations of Human Sexuality
0065015282: Human Side of Organization
0065015495: Principles of Anatomy and Physiology : Essays on Wellness
0065015509: Principles of Anatomy and Physiology : Concept Maps
0065015541: Skill Builders : Spelling Workout
0065015711: Improve Your Selling Effectiveness
0065015770: Calculus for Engineering and the Sciences
0065015878: The American people: Creating a nation and a society
0065015886: Developing Management Skills : Managing Stress
0065015894: Communicating Supportively
0065015908: Motivating Others
0065016017: Microeconomics : Price Theory Practice
0065016068: Financial Markets and Institutions Readings Book
0065016114: Economics
0065016211: Thinking Critically about Research on Sex and Gender
0065016270: Structural Steel Design : LRFD Method
0065016319: Double Exposures : Readings for Developing Effective Writing
0065016378: Political Science Research
0065016386: Environment
0065016394: Homelessness
0065016416: Psychology/With Practice Test
0065016424: Psychology : Coast Telecourse
0065016475: Social Web
0065016505: Sociology in Action
0065016513: Overcoming Math Anxiety
0065016521: Federal Courts, Politics and the Rule of Law
0065016548: Public Speaking : The Lively Art
0065016610: Statistics for Business and Economics : Back to Basics, 3.5 IBM
0065016726: Computers in Elementary Language Arts
0065016769: Computers in Middle and Secondary English
0065016785: Middle and Secondary Math : Integrating Computers in Your Classroom/Book and Math
0065016807: Middle and Secondary Science
0065016963: Financl Managemt With Electronc Spreadsheet
0065017048: Basic Concepts of the Muscular and Skeletal Systems : The Muscular/Skeletal Systems
0065017056: Illustrated Review of Anatomy and Physiology : The Nervous System
0065017064: Illustrated Review of Anatomy and Physiology (Endocrine) : The Endocrine System
0065017072: Basic Concepts of the Cardiovascular System : The Cardiovascular System
0065017080: Illustrated Review of Anatomy and Physiology (Lymphatric/Immune) : The Lymphatic/Immune System
0065017099: Illustrated Review of the Respiratory System : Anatomy and Physiology
0065017102: Illustrated Review of Anatomy and Physiology : The Digestive System
0065017110: Basic Concepts of the Urinary System
0065017129: Basic Concepts of the Reproductive System : The Reproductive System
0065017137: Principles of Anatomy and Physiology : Seventh Edition
0065017145: Principles of Anatomy and Physiology
0065017285: Linear Algebra : Gateway to Mathematics
0065017323: Elements of Public Speaking
0065017358: Literature : Reading and Responding to Fiction, Poetry, Drama and the Essay
0065017366: LITERATURE Reading and Responding to Fiction, Poetry, Drama, and the Essay
0065017374: Developing Child
0065017439: Messages
0065017536: Critical and Creative Thinking : The Case of Love and War
0065017633: In Your Own Voice
0065017870: Introduction to Accounting I
0065017897: Patternmaking
0065017919: Anatomy Coloring Book
0065017927: Developing Management Skills : Gaining Power and Influence
0065017935: Developing Management Skills : Solving Problems Creatively
0065017951: Developing Self-Awareness
0065017986: How to Write Psychology Papers
0065018079: Human Resource Management in Government : Hitting the Ground Running
0065018087: Finite Mathematics Applied to the Real World
0065018168: Finite Mathematics and Calculus Applied to the Real World
0065018214: Finite Mathematics & Calculus Applied to the Real World
0065018249: Calculus Applied to the Real World
0065018397: Structured Programming With Microsoft Qbasic
0065018451: Diversity : Challenges and Opportunities
0065018486: Deviant Behavior
0065018648: International Relations
0065018672: Macrosociology
0065018737: Physics for Scientists and Engineers With Modern Physics
0065018745: Political Ideologies
0065018788: Economics Today, the Macro View 1999-2000
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