0531006425: The First Book of Stage Costume and Make-Up.
0531006433: Stone Age Man (The First Book of Series)
0531006441: The First Book of Stones
0531006476: The First Book Of Supermarkets
0531006484: First Book of the Supreme Court
0531006492: Swamps and Marshes (The First Book of Series)
0531006506: Swimming (the First Book of Series)
0531006514: The First Book Of Switzerland
0531006522: Television (The First Book of Series)
0531006557: Trains (1st Book Of)
0531006565: Trees
0531006573: The United Nations (A First book)
0531006603: The Vikings (The First Book of Series)
0531006611: The first book of volcanoes and earthquakes
0531006638: The War With Mexico (1st Book Of)
0531006646: The First Book Of Washington D C
0531006670: The First Book Of Weeds
0531006689: West Germany (1st Book Of)
0531006697: Recent Revolutions in Physics the Subato
0531006700: Wild Flowers (The First Book of Series)
0531006719: The First Book of Wildlife Sanctuaries
0531006727: The First Book Of Wool
0531006735: Words (The First Book of Series)
0531006751: World War One (The First Book of Series)
0531006778: The First Book of Microbes (First Bks.)
0531006786: The First Book Of Music
0531006794: Graphs (A First book)
0531006808: Niagara Falls , a First Book
0531006816: The First Book Of Oil
0531006824: Venezuela (1st Book Of)
0531006832: Ants
0531006840: Cells The Basic Structure Of Life
0531006859: Denmark
0531006867: Etiquette: Your Ticket to Good Times (The First Book of Series)
0531006875: Facts about the 50 States
0531006883: Golf (First Books)
0531006891: Morocco
0531006905: The Operating Room
0531006913: Pearls
0531006921: Politics: A First Book (First Book)
0531006948: Safety
0531006956: Turkey
0531006964: Turtles and Their Care (1st Book)
0531006972: The Vatican
0531006980: First Book of Wild Bird World (First Bks.)
0531006999: Ancient China and Its Influence in Modern Times,
0531007006: Ants
0531007014: A Week in Leonora's World: Puerto Rico a Face to Face Book
0531007022: First Book of Black Africa on the Move
0531007049: Courts of Law,
0531007081: Logic.
0531007103: Advertising, (A First book)
0531007111: Arctic exploration (A First book) by Liversidge, Douglas
0531007138: Gases (First Books)
0531007146: Grasslands around the world, (A First book)
0531007154: Reconstruction
0531007162: Soils (First Books)
0531007170: Vegetables, (A First book)
0531007189: FDR and Hyde Park,
0531007197: British Empire and Commonwealth of Nations
0531007200: Dahomey, (A first book)
0531007219: The Clinic
0531007227: Diamonds.
0531007235: Dolphins, (First Book)
0531007243: The Earth's Crust
0531007332: ETHIOPIA ( a First Book )
0531007340: Homesteaders and Indians (A First book)
0531007359: INDONESIA (A First Book)
0531007367: The Red Cross (First Books)
0531007383: Yugoslavia, (A First book)
0531007391: The Philippines (First Books)
0531007405: The moon (A First book)
0531007413: The rise of American political parties, (A First book)
0531007421: Early Britain: The Celtics, Romans, and Anglo-Saxons, (A First book)
0531007448: Conquistadores (First Book)
0531007456: Ecology (First Books)
0531007464: The Elements (First Book)
0531007472: The Industrialization of Japan (World Focus S.)
0531007480: Labor unions in the United States (A First book)
0531007499: Lasers
0531007502: Skydiving (A First book)
0531007510: Sweden (A First book)
0531007529: Sculpture the Shapes of Belief
0531007537: Rice
0531007545: Zoos
0531007553: Cathedrals (the First Book of Series)
0531007561: Florence: City of the Renaissance.
0531007588: East Europe
0531007596: How to Give a Party,
0531007618: The Lost Colony
0531007626: Pakistan and Bangladesh (A First book)
0531007634: Women's Rights: A First Book (First Book)
0531007642: Public Opinion Polls (First Bks.)
0531007650: VENUS & MERCURY
0531007669: Worms (First Books)
0531007677: Folk music in America (A First book)
0531007685: Football
0531007693: Appalachia;: The mountains, the place, and the people, (A First book)
0531007707: The Republic of Zaire (formerly the Democratic Republic of the Congo) (A First book)
0531007715: Guilds. (First Book)
0531007723: How to Improve Your Written English (First Books)
0531007758: Oceanography
0531007766: Pilgrims of Plymouth
0531007774: Terrariums (A First book)
0531007782: The Colony of Rhode Island (First Books)
0531007790: Whales, (A First book)
0531007804: The Malagasy Republic (First Bks.)
0531007812: Spain (First Books)
0531007839: The Colony of New York. (A First book)
0531007847: The Colony of Virginia (1st Book of) by Lacy, Dan Mabry
0531007855: Modern Eskimos (First Book S.)
0531007871: Heat (First Book S.)
0531007898: Rock music (A First book)
0531007901: The Spider World, (First Book)
0531007928: The American Theatre
0531007936: Women of the West
0531007944: The First Book of South America (First Books)
0531007952: The First Book of Central America and Panama (First Books)
0531007960: The First Book of Printing (First Books)
0531007979: The First Book of Mars. An Introduction to the Red Planet
0531007995: The First Book Of Volcanoes & Earthquakes
0531008010: Southeast Asia
0531008037: Tennis (A First book)
0531008045: North & South Korea, (A First book)
0531008053: Recycling : Reusing Our World's Solid Wastes (First Bks.)
0531008061: Ancient India and Its Influence in Modern Times (First Books)
0531008088: The Industrial Revolution (1st Book of)
0531008096: The Oil Countries of the Middle East
0531008118: Black African Empires (First Books)
0531008126: Cats and Kittens: A First Book
0531008134: The constitutional amendments, (A First book)
0531008142: Czechoslavakia (First Books)
0531008150: Fleas, (A First book)
0531008169: Giant Planets
0531008177: How to Do a Science Project
0531008185: Jordan (First Books)
0531008207: Sailing
0531008215: Siberia (First Books)
0531008223: The Asteroids (A First Book)
0531008231: Southern Africa (First Books)
0531008258: Indians of the Eastern Woodlands.
0531008266: ESP : An Impact Book (Impact Bks.)
0531008274: Ancient Japan and Its Influence in Modern Times (First Books)
0531008282: Beavers: Their Extraordinary Lives and Curious History (First Books)
0531008290: The Colony of Delaware (A First book)
0531008304: The Colony of North Carolina (A First book)
0531008312: The Colony of South Carolina (A First book)
0531008320: Owls.
0531008339: Symbols: the Language of Communication.
0531008347: The Metric System (First Books)
0531008355: Trinidad-Tobago (First Bks.)
0531008363: Horses
0531008398: Viruses (First Books)
0531008401: Dogs and Puppies
0531008428: Austria (First Book)
0531008436: Christianity (First Books)
0531008444: Horseback Riding (First Bks.)
0531008452: Lumps, Bumps and Rashes: A Look at Kids' Diseases (The First Book of Series)
0531008460: Sharks
0531008479: Indians of the Plains
0531008487: Drifting Continents, Shifting Seas (Impact Books)
0531008495: Gymnastics.
0531008509: Fire Fighters (First Books)
0531008517: Alexander the Great Conqueror and Creator of a New W
0531008525: Archimedes and the Door of Science
0531008533: Aristotle
0531008541: Attila: King of the Huns
0531008592: Christopher Columbus: Navigator to the New World,
0531008614: Captain James Cook - Genius Afloat,
0531008630: Curies and Radium.
0531008649: Immortals Of Literature: Dante Poet Of Love
0531008657: Charles Darwin and Natural Selection
0531008673: Benjamin Disraeli: Prime Minister Extraordinary. by Grant, Neil.
0531008754: Goya and His Times
0531008770: Carl Friedrich Gauss Prince of Mathematicians
0531008827: WILLIAM HARVEY
0531008843: Hitler and Nazism
0531008878: Edward Jenner and Smallpox Vaccination
0531008894: Joan of Arc,
0531008916: Robert Koch : Father of Bacteriology
0531008924: Lajos Kossuth: Hungary's Great Patriot
0531008940: Lenin Genius Of Revolution
0531008975: Carl Linnaeus
0531008983: Martin Luther: The Great Reformer (Immortals of Philosophy and Religion)
0531009017: Karl Marx: The Father of Modern Socialism (Immortals of History)
0531009025: James Clerk Maxwell and Electromagnetism
0531009033: Gregor Mendel and Heredity
0531009041: Samuel Morse and the Electronic Age
0531009084: Jawaharlal Nehru: The Brahman from Kashmir.
0531009106: Isaac Newton Mastermind of Science
0531009114: Florence Nightingale : Founder of Modern Nursing
0531009122: Immortals of Science Louis Pasteur founder of Microbiology
0531009149: Peter The Great
0531009157: Philippe Pinel, Unchainer of the Insane. by MacKler, Bernard.
0531009181: Rembrandt and His World
0531009203: Franklin Delano Roosevelt: President for the People,
0531009246: Sophocles' the Theban Saga
0531009254: Joseph Stalin
0531009262: Leo Tolstoy
0531009270: Mark Twain
0531009300: George Washington,
0531009319: Eli Whitney: Founder of Modern Industry
0531009343: The Wright Brothers
0531009386: Henry VIII of England
0531009394: Ignatius of Loyola;: The soldier-saint (Immortals of philosophy and religion...
0531009408: James Watt, Inventor of a Steam Engine
0531009416: Jean Jacques Rousseau
0531009440: Michelangelo
0531009459: Richard the Lion-Hearted, the Crusader King
0531009467: Sir Christopher Wren; Renaissance architect, philosopher, and scientist (Immortals of history)
0531009505: Thomas Edison (Immortals of Engineering)
0531009521: Socrates : The Father Of Western Philosophy
0531009564: Johann Sebastian Bach;: Revolutionary of music (Immortals of music)
0531009572: Elizabeth I of England.
0531009580: Ignace Paderewski (Immortals of Music)
0531009599: Victoria: Queen and Empress
0531009602: Charlemagne:Monarch of the Middle Ages
0531009610: Lao-Tzu and the Tao Te Ching
0531009629: Louis XIV
0531009637: The Life of Saint Peter
0531009645: Plato His Life And Teachings
0531009661: Augustus Caesar, architect of empire (A Franklin Watts biography)
0531009718: Christopher Columbus,
0531009726: Prince Henry: The Navigator (Visual Biography)
0531009734: Francisco Coronado
0531009742: Hernando Cortes
0531009750: Sacajawea (A Visual Biography)
0531009769: Ralph J. Bunche (Picture Life Series)
0531009777: The Picture Life Of Dwight D. Eisenhower
0531009785: Elizabeth II (Picture Life Series)
0531009815: Martin Luther King, Jr. (Picture Life Series)
0531009831: Richard Milhous Nixon (Picture Life Series)
0531009866: The picture life of Jesse Jackson,
0531009882: Take a Trip to Australia
0531009890: Take a Trip to France
0531009904: Take a Trip to Japan
0531009912: Take a Trip to Spain
0531009920: The Panay Incident, December 12, 1937;: The Sinking of an American Gunboat Worsens U.S.-Japanese Relations
0531009947: The Montgomery bus boycott, December, 1955;: American Blacks demand an end to segregation (A Focus book)
0531009955: The Army-McCarthy hearings, April-June, 1954;: A Senator creates a sensation hunting communists, (A Focus book)
0531009963: The Boston Massacre, March 5, 1770: A Colonial Street Fight Erupts into Violence
0531009971: Burr Hamilton Duel
0531009998: The Chicago Fire, 1871: The Blaze That Nearly Destroyed a City
0531010007: Dred Scott Decision, March 6, 1857 Slavery and the S
0531010015: Haymarket Affair, Chicago, 1886 the Great Anarchis
0531010023: Lincoln and the Emancipation Proclamation, January 1, 1863: The Document That...
0531010031: Shays' Rebellion 1786-7 Americans Take Up Arms Aga
0531010074: Fifty-four forty or fight!: A showdown between America and England settles the Oregon question (A Focus book)
0531010082: Great Awakening, 1720-1760;
0531010090: The Trial of John Peter Zenger, August, 1735;: An Early Fight for America's Freedom of the Press
0531010112: Rise and Fall of Jim Crow: the Long Struggle Against the Supreme Court's Separate-But-Equal Ruling (Focus Books Ser. )
0531010120: The Stamp act (A Focus book)
0531010139: The Battle of Lake Erie, September, 1813;: The naval battle that decided a...
0531010147: The Citizen Genà t affair, 1793;: A chapter in the formation of American foreign policy (A Focus book)
0531010155: Stock Market Crash, 1929;
0531010163: The treason of Benedict Arnold, 1780;: An American general becomes his country's first traitor (A Focus book)
0531010171: The naval war with France, 1798-1800, (A Focus book)
0531010198: The Mayflower compact, November 11, 1620;: The first democratic document in America, (A Focus book)
0531010201: The raid on Harpers Ferry, October 16, 1859;: A brutal skirmish widens the rift between North and South, (A Focus book)
0531010228: Panic of 1893;
0531010236: The Triangle Shirtwaist fire, March 25, 1911;: The blaze that changed an industry, (A Focus book)
0531010244: Cherokee Removal, 1838; An Entire Indian Nation Is Forced Out of Its Homeland
0531010252: Transcontinental Railroad, 1862-69;
0531010260: Cabinetmakers
0531010279: The Doctors: Colonial Americans
0531010287: Glassmakers
0531010295: Hatters
0531010309: Papermakers
0531010317: Peddlers
0531010325: The potters (Colonial Americans)
0531010333: Printers
0531010341: Schoolmasters
0531010368: Silversmiths
0531010376: Weavers
0531010384: Tanners
0531010392: Wigmakers
0531010414: THE ARCHITECTS
0531010430: The Shipbuilders.
0531010449: The partition of Palestine, 1947;: Jewish triumph, British failure, Arab disaster (A World focus book)
0531010457: Henry Ford And The Mass Production
0531010465: School Segregation Cases
0531010473: The Homemakers (Colonial Americans)
0531010481: The Lewis and Clark Expedition, 1804-06;: The journey that opened the American Northwest, (A Focus book)
0531010503: Eric Carles Storybook
0531010511: Casey Ath The Bat
0531010570: The Man Without a Country and other Tales
0531010600: Rip Van Winkle
0531010627: Billy Budd Foretopman
0531010678: The Gift Of The Magi
0531010686: Great Stone Face
0531010716: Legend of Sleepy Hollow
0531010759: The Pit And The Pendulum And Five Other Tales
0531010767: Poetry
0531010783: Purloined Letter and Murders in Rue Morgue
0531010821: Selected Poems of Robert Browning
0531010848: The Proverbs;
0531010856: The Cocotte (Boule De Suif) and Three Other Stories: by Maupassant, Guy De,
0531010899: The Purchase of Alaska, March 30, 1867 (Focus Books)
0531010902: The Berlin Olympics (World Focus Books)
0531010910: Pro sports trivia
0531010929: The Resignation of Nixon: A Discredited President Gives Up the Nation's Highest
0531010937: Good lemonade.
0531010945: The Devil's Triangle
0531010961: Fly Away Home.
0531010988: Ants
0531010996: A closer look at deserts (A Closer look book)
0531011003: A closer look at dogs (A Closer look book)
0531011011: A Closer Look At Great Cats
0531011038: Things to Make and Do for Halloween
0531011046: The Constitutional Convention 1787 : The Beginning of Federal Government in America : a Focus Book
0531011054: Captain John Smith (A Visual biography)
0531011062: The Six-Million-Dollar Cucumber
0531011070: Taken by the Indians: True Tales of Captivity
0531011089: Patients or prisoners?: The mentally ill in America
0531011097: Getting It Together: A Guide to Modern Psychological Analysis
0531011100: American Film Directors
0531011119: Anthropologists and What They Do
0531011143: Doctors and What They Do
0531011267: Colonial Conquest of Asia
0531011275: Haircutting
0531011283: Outdoor Survival (A Concise guide)
0531011291: Palmistry (Concise Guide)
0531011305: Writing Careers (Career Concise Guides)
0531011313: TV and radio careers (A Career concise guide)
0531011321: Environmental Careers (Career Concise Guides)
0531011348: Lenin and Trotsky
0531011372: Trial at Nuremberg, by the Staff of CBS News.
0531011399: Photographing Action Sports
0531011402: Devils, Devils, Devils
0531011410: Dreams, Visions, & Drugs
0531011429: Knock Knocks the Most Ever
0531011437: Lobbying in American Politics
0531011445: A Boy Named Mary Jane, and Other Silly Verse
0531011461: The Franklin Watts Reference Library Volume 3 Animals
0531011534: The Talking Clowns
0531011542: Travel Careers
0531011690: An Album Of World War I
0531011704: Brain
0531011712: The Ear
0531011720: Eye
0531011739: The Hand (The Human Body Ser.)
0531011747: The Human Body: The Heart
0531011771: Human Body
0531011798: The human body: the glands,
0531011801: Human Body
0531011836: Human Body
0531011844: Running Harder
0531011860: Ski Racer (A Target book)
0531011879: Things to Make and Do for Valentine's Day
0531011895: A Closer Look At Books
0531011909: Closer Look at Ocean Life
0531011917: Prehistoric Mammals
0531011925: The Encyclopedia of Africa
0531011933: Prehistoric Life (Modern Knowledge Library)
0531011941: Plant kingdom
0531011968: Animal Worlds
0531011976: Planet Earth
0531011992: Ships
0531012018: The Universe
0531012026: The prehistoric world
0531012034: Supercold, Superhot (Impact Books)
0531012042: Heather s Feathers
0531012050: Careers in theatre, music, and dance
0531012069: Modeling Careers (A Career Concise Guide)
0531012077: Christmas Cookbook
0531012085: The picture life of Bobby Orr
0531012093: What About Me?: A Novel
0531012107: Ghosts and Ghastlies
0531012115: Always Movin' on: The Life of Langston Hughes
0531012123: Science Projects With Eggs
0531012131: Dogs
0531012158: Mammals (An Easy-read fact book)
0531012166: Things We Cut (Easy-Read Awareness Book Ser.)
0531012174: Things We See
0531012190: Slow creatures (An Easy-read wildlife book)
0531012204: Cats
0531012212: 1914: The Battles in the West
0531012220: 1914: The Battles in the East
0531012239: Stalemate in the Trenches: November 1914-March 1918
0531012247: Triumphs and Tragedies in the East: 1915-1917 by Dupuy, Trevor Nevitt
0531012255: Campaigns on the Turkish Front
0531012263: Campaigns in Southern Europe by Dupuy, Trevor Nevitt and Mayo, Molly R.
0531012271: 1918: The German Offensives
0531012298: Naval and Overseas War, 1914-1915
0531012301: Naval and Overseas War, 1916-1918
0531012328: Summation: Strategic and Combat Leadership
0531012336: European Land Battles 1939-1943 (Military History of World War II)
0531012344: European Land Battles 1944-1945 (Military History of World War II
0531012352: Land Battles: North Africa, Sicily and Italy
0531012387: The Air War In The West
0531012395: The Air War in the West: June 1941-April 1945
0531012409: Asiatic Land Battles: Expansion of Japan in Asia: Military History of World War II
0531012417: Asiatic Land Battles: Japanese Ambitions in the Pacific (Military History of World War II)
0531012425: Asiatic Land Battles: Allied Victories in China and Burma (Military History of World War II)
0531012433: Naval War in the Pacific: Rising Sun of the Nippon by Dupuy, Trevor Nevitt
0531012441: Naval War in the Pacific: On to Tokyo
0531012468: The Air War in the Pacific: Victory in the Air
0531012476: European Resistance Movements (Military History of World War Ii)
0531012484: Asian and Axis Resistance Movements (Military History of World War Ii) by...
0531012492: Combat Leaders of World War II
0531012522: The military history of the Chinese Civil War,
0531012530: Civil War Land Battles
0531012549: Civil War Naval Actions
0531012557: Military History of the Korean War
0531012573: The military history of Revolutionary War naval battles,
0531012581: Military History of Revolutionary War La
0531012611: Read About The Busman.
0531012638: Read About the Policeman
0531012662: Read About The Librarian
0531012670: Read about the parkman
0531012689: Read About The Sanitation Man
0531012697: Read About the School Nurse
0531012700: O. J. Simpson (Picture Life Series)
0531012719: The Picture Life Of Stevie Wonder
0531012727: The Common Market (Impact Books)
0531012735: Break Him Down (A Target book)
0531012743: Things to Make and Do for Columbus Day (Things to Make and Do Book)
0531012751: Samuel de Champlain (A Visual biography)
0531012778: Quick and Easy Housekeeping (A Concise Guide)
0531012786: How to Make Money
0531012794: Our Human Ancestors
0531012808: Home Economics Careers (Career Concise Guide)
0531012816: Education Careers (Career Concise Guides)
0531012824: Veterinary Medicine and Animal Care Careers
0531012832: Maritime Careers: A Career Concise Guide
0531012840: The Picture Life of Jimmy Carter
0531012859: FBI (First Bks.)
0531012867: First Ladies: A First Book (First Book)
0531012875: Hamsters, Gerbils, Guinea Pigs, Pet Mice and Pet Rats (First Book)
0531012883: Islam: A First Book (First Book)
0531012891: The First Book of Basketball (First books)
0531012905: Chess (The First Book of Series)
0531012913: First Book of the Civil War
0531012921: Puerto Rico: A First Book (First Books)
0531012948: Careers in the Legal Profession
0531012956: Metric Puzzles
0531012964: How to Make Your Car Run Better (A Concise Guide)
0531012972: Your night to make dinner (A Cooking plus book)
0531012980: Backgammon
0531012999: Smoking (First Book S.)
0531013006: Aviation Careers (Career Concise Guides)
0531013014: Construction Industry Careers
0531013022: Civil Service Careers (Career Concise Guides)
0531013030: Fashion Industry Careers (Career Concise Guides)
0531013049: Crafts Careers (Career Concise Guides)
0531013057: Careers in the Energy Industry (Career Concise Guides )
0531013065: Careers in Physical Rehabilitation Therapy (Career Concise Guides)
0531013073: Marketing and Advertising Careers (Career Concise Guides) by Solomon, Marc...
0531013081: Careers in Office Work (Career Concise Guides)
0531013103: Social Work Careers
0531013111: Special education Careers: Training the Handicapped Child
0531013138: Careers in Politics for the New Woman (Choosing Careers & Life-styles)
0531013146: Sharks
0531013154: Terrariums
0531013162: Ghost With the Halloween Hiccups
0531013170: Jasper And The Hero Business
0531013189: There's a Hippopotamus Under My Bed
0531013197: Getting into Pro Baseball
0531013200: Halloween Cookbook
0531013227: The Economic Growth Debate (Impact Books)
0531013235: Creepies, Creepies, Creepies
0531013243: Things to Make and Do for Thanksgiving
0531013251: Brainstorm (Triumph Book)
0531013278: Run for Your Life
0531013286: The Energy Crisis
0531013294: Solar Energy (Impact Books)
0531013308: The Concise Encyclopedia of Ancient Civilizations
0531013316: The Encyclopedia of Health and the Human Body
0531013324: Concise Encyclopedia of Psychology and Psychiatry
0531013340: Kate's secret riddle book (An Easy-read story book)
0531013359: Reptiles
0531013367: Food Processing (Industry at Work)
0531013391: There's A Hippopatamus Under My Bed
0531013405: Halloween Cookbook
0531013413: Konrad
0531013421: Someone's in the Kitchen With Dennis.
0531013464: Banking and Finance Careers (Career Concise Guides)
0531013472: Bill of Rights
0531013480: Funny Feet
0531013499: Buddhism (First Book S.)
0531013502: Careers in Management for the New Woman (Choosing Careers & Life-styles)
0531013510: Aircraft
0531013529: Allergies: A First Book (First Book)
0531013537: A Treasury of Peter Rabbit and Other Stories
0531013545: Bionics (An Impact Book)
0531013553: Biorhythm: Discovering Your Natural Ups and Downs (An Impact Book)
0531013561: Primaries and Conventions
0531013650: Grabianski's Birds
0531013669: Grabianski's Cats
0531013685: Horses.
0531013723: Bicycles
0531013731: Motorcycles
0531013758: Creatures That Look Alike
0531013774: They Lived Like This in Ancient China
0531013804: They Lived Like This in Ancient Greece
0531013820: They Lived Like This the Ancient Maya
0531013839: They Lived Like This in Ancient Mesopotamia
0531013847: They Lived Like This in Ancient Palestine by Neurath, Marie
0531013855: They Lived Like This in Ancient Peru
0531013863: They Lived Like This in Ancient Rome.
0531013871: They Lived Like This in Old Japan by Neurath M
0531013898: They Lived Like This in Shakespearean England
0531013901: They Lived Like This in the Roman Empire.
0531013936: They lived like this in the old stone age
0531013944: They Lived like This:the Vikings
0531013952: They lived like this in ancient Mexico
0531013960: City Workers
0531013987: A Trip Through a School
0531014029: The Civilization Library Ancient Egypt
0531014037: Bicycles and Bicycling
0531014045: Conservation of Energy (First Books)
0531014053: Country Music (First Books)
0531014061: Dread Diseases: A First Book (First Book)
0531014088: Heredity (First Book S.)
0531014096: How to Study and Learn (A First Book)
0531014118: Oil and Natural Gas
0531014126: Skateboarding (First Book S.)
0531014134: Lobbying (American Government S.)
0531014150: Entertaining (A Concise Guide)
0531014177: Learning about why we must choose,
0531014185: Agriculture Careers
0531014193: Careers in the Beauty Industry (Career Concise Guides)
0531014207: Chemistry Careers (Career Concise Guides)
0531014215: Careers in the Insurance Industry (Career Concise Guide)
0531014223: Publishing Careers (Career Concise Guides)
0531014231: Real Estate Careers (Career Concise Guides )
0531014258: A Closer Look at Butterflies and Moths
0531014266: Early China (The Civilization library)
0531014274: Eskimos (The Civilization library)
0531014282: Horses (A Closer Look at)
0531014290: Plains Indians
0531014304: Plant Life (A Closer Look at)
0531014312: The Human Senses:
0531014320: Living Things (Science Experiences)
0531014339: Shapes ( science Experiences )
0531014347: Space and Time (Science Experiences)
0531014355: Measuring (Science Experiences)
0531014363: Names, Sets, and Numbers,
0531014371: Adaptation (Science experiences)
0531014398: Motion and Gravity (Science Experiences)
0531014401: Observation (Science Experiences Ser.)
0531014428: Ecology (Science Experiences)
0531014444: Careers in Medicine for the New Woman
0531014452: Imperial Rome (The Civilization Library)
0531014460: Ancient Greeks (The Civilization Library)
0531014479: The Bedouin (The Civilization library)
0531014487: Amazonian Indians
0531014509: Madge's Magic Show
0531014517: Getting into Pro Basketball (Getting Into the Pros)
0531014525: Drawing Dogs and Puppies
0531014533: Crime and Capital Punishment (Impact Books)
0531014576: Learning Disabilities and Handicaps
0531014584: The New Ice Age (Impact Books)
0531014592: The Secret World War II
0531014606: Winners in Gymnastics (A Picture Life Book)
0531014614: Flying High (Target Book)
0531014622: Things to Make and Do for Your Birthday
0531014630: Things to Make... Easter
0531014649: Dracula, Go Home! (Triumph Book)
0531014657: Great Unsolved Cases
0531014665: Tennis Rebel
0531014673: The Weekend (Triumph Book)
0531014681: The Super Duper American History Fun Book
0531014703: Divorce and the American Family
0531014711: Gangsters on the Screen
0531014738: Nazism
0531014746: P.S. Write Soon: A Novel
0531014754: Motorcycle
0531014762: Rock
0531014770: Prehistoric Reptiles
0531014789: The China Challenge
0531014797: What's Up Duck?: Cartoons, Riddles, and Jokes
0531014800: Exorcism
0531014835: The picture life of Reggie Jackson
0531014843: Whales and Dolphins
0531014851: Jungles (A Closer Look at)
0531014878: Democracy (First Books)
0531014886: Going to Camp: A First Book (First Book)
0531014894: Kangaroos, Koalas and Other Marsupials (The First Book of Series)
0531014908: Keeping Insects As Pets: A First Book (First Book)
0531014916: Mental Retardation: A First Book (First Book)
0531014924: Nuclear Energy (First Books)
0531014932: Sleep and Dreams: A First Book (First Book)
0531014940: Fractures, Dislocations and Sprains
0531014959: Alternatives to College (Career Concise Guide)
0531014967: All About Mopeds
0531014975: The Vegetarian Menu Cookbook (A Cooking Plus Book)
0531015009: An Album of Nazism
0531015017: Great sports movies
0531015025: An Album of Modern China
0531015033: An Album of Television
0531015041: An Album of World War II Home Fronts
0531015068: An Album of the American Indian
0531015076: An Album of Colonial America,
0531015092: An Album of Martin Luther King, Jr.,
0531015106: An Album of Black Americans in the Armed Forces
0531015114: An Album of the American Revolution
0531015122: An album of the American cowboy
0531015130: An Album of the Jews in America.
0531015149: An album of the Italian-American
0531015157: An album of women in American history,
0531015173: An album of Puerto Ricans in the United States
0531015181: An Album of the Civil War
0531015254: Brian Wildsmith's A B C
0531015262: Brian Wildsmith's Birds
0531015270: Brian Wildsmith's One, Two, Three's
0531015289: Brian Wildsmith's Fishes
0531015297: Brian Wildsmith's Illustrated Bible Stories,
0531015300: Wild Animals
0531015335: The Hare and the Tortoise
0531015343: THE LION AND THE RAT
0531015351: Brian Wildsmith's Mother Goose
0531015378: Oxford Book of Poetry for Children
0531015386: The Rich Man and the Shoe-Maker
0531015416: Brian Wildsmith's Circus
0531015424: The Miller, the Boy, and the Donkey
0531015505: Puzzles
0531015548: Brian Wildsmith's The Twelve Days of Christmas.
0531015556: The Twelve Days Of Christmas
0531015599: The Lazy Bear
0531016021: Alfie Finds the Other Side World
0531016064: An Alphabet of Ancient Egypt.
0531016072: An Alphabet of Ancient Greece: Book One-Early Days
0531016153: Belina's New Spring Hat
0531016161: Benjy's Blanket
0531016250: Brown is a beautiful color
0531016374: Charley Charlotte and the Golden Canary
0531016382: Chemistry First S-T-E-P-S
0531016404: Christmas Dolls
0531016412: The Christmas Story.
0531016447: Complete Christmas Book
0531016501: Contemporary Math
0531016617: Egg in the Nest
0531016625: Engines and How They Work.
0531016684: First Night Away From Home
0531016765: Ghosts, Ghosts, Ghosts
0531016838: A GRAIN OF SAND
0531016854: Guillot's African Folk Tales
0531016862: Here Comes Jan
0531016870: Holidays Days of Significance for All Americans
0531016889: Hooray For Jasper
0531016900: Horses Horses Horses
0531016919: How to Have a Show,
0531016935: Ideas About Choosing
0531017036: Jenny
0531017044: Jokes, Jokes, Jokes
0531017079: Lavender's Blue
0531017087: Law: the Citizens' Library
0531017117: Leaders of Our Time: Series 3
0531017125: A Letter from Israel.
0531017346: The Moon Guitar
0531017435: Mystery of the Fog Man
0531017516: Helen Oxenbury's Numbers of Things
0531017559: The Official Encyclopedia of Sports,
0531017575: Orange October
0531017583: Our polluted world;: Can man survive?
0531017648: The Pied Piper of Hamelin
0531017672: Pirates Pirates Pirates
0531017729: Project Cat
0531017737: A Quiet Place
0531017818: Science Book of the Human Body
0531017826: The Science Book of Meteorology
0531017842: A Science Dictionary of the Animal World: An Illustrated Demonstration of Terms Used in Animal Biology;
0531017850: A Science Dictionary Of The Plant World
0531017966: Spies Spies Spies
0531017974: Spooks, Spooks, Spooks, Beasties and Bogles... Supernatural Spellbinders
0531017982: Star Island Boy
0531017990: Start to Draw
0531018067: SUSAN & MARTIN
0531018075: Swan Lake: The Story of Prince Siegfried and the Swan Queen.
0531018172: The Trojan Horse
0531018202: Vanishing Wild Animals of the World,
0531018237: Witches, Witches, Witches
0531018253: When Will I Whistle
0531018369: How many blocks is the world?
0531018377: THREE OF A KIND
0531018385: Africa's Living Arts
0531018393: Black Man in America, 1619-1790
0531018407: Modern America: The Dazzling Twenties
0531018415: The easy book of division,
0531018423: The Easy Book of Fractions
0531018431: The Piano: An Introduction to the Instrument (Keynote Books)
0531018458: The Violin
0531018482: Olaf's Sword
0531018490: Children of the Mayflower
0531018520: Animal Book
0531018539: The Big Book of Stories from Many Lands,
0531018547: How Varinka Grew Up in a Single Night
0531018563: Androcles and the Lion.
0531018571: Pegasus
0531018628: The Little Witch
0531018636: Sailor Jack and the 20 orphans
0531018652: The Rain Man.
0531018660: The Rain Mouse
0531018679: Paintings:How to Look at Great Art
0531018709: Military Life of Napoleon, Emperor of the French (Military Lives Ser)
0531018717: The military life of George Washington: American soldier
0531018733: Military Life of Adolph Hitler Fuhrer of Germany (Military Lives Ser)
0531018741: The Military Life of Abraham Lincoln. Commander in Chief.
0531018768: Military Life of Frederick the Great of Prussia
0531018784: The military life of Gustavus Adolphus,: Father of modern war
0531018792: The Military Life of Hannibal, Father of Strategy
0531018814: Military Life of Winston Churchill of Britain
0531018822: The Military Lives of Hindenburg and Ludendorff of Imperial Germany
0531018830: A Is For Africa
0531018873: Black American Leaders
0531018881: Black, Black, Beautiful Black.
0531018954: The Golden Cockerel, and Other Stories
0531018970: Important Dates in Afro-American History.
0531018989: The Ink-Bottle Club Abroad.
0531019004: Joseph's Yard
0531019047: Look, Do, and Listen
0531019063: Your Health: Nutrition
0531019136: Roly, the Railroad Mouse
0531019152: Sergeant Finney's Family,
0531019179: What Is Black?
0531019187: The Wily Wizard and the Wicked Witch, and Other Weird Stories
0531019209: I Know Something You Don't Know
0531019268: COPPELIA (A Curtain-Raiser Book)
0531019276: Petrushka (A Curtain-raiser book)
0531019284: Aida
0531019292: The Magic flute, (A Curtain-raiser book)
0531019322: The Ruth Ainsworth Book
0531019357: The north star man (A Watts international picture book)
0531019365: Singing David
0531019373: Trolley.
0531019381: Up on a hilltop (A Watts international picture book)
0531019403: Bed-Stuy beat;: Sonny's song
0531019438: I Am Here, Yo Estoy Aqui.
0531019446: The Ten O'Clock Club: A Butterfield Square Story
0531019454: Modern America: The Turbulent Thirties.
0531019462: American Popular Music: The Beginning Years
0531019470: Ideas about money,
0531019489: United Nations Workers - Their Jobs, Their Goals, Their Triumphs
0531019586: The Peter Max Land of Blue
0531019594: The Peter Max Land of Yellow
0531019608: The Land of Red
0531019616: The Concise Encyclopedia of Sports
0531019624: Forecasting the Weather
0531019632: American astronauts and spacecraft;: A pictorial history from Project Mercury through Apollo 13
0531019659: The Black Man in America, 1791-1861
0531019667: The essential Lincoln
0531019675: The Luck of Harry Weaver
0531019683: Not enough Indians,
0531019691: A CAT IS
0531019705: Obedient Jack; An Old Tale.: An Old Tale
0531019713: Ballad of St Simeon
0531019721: Science at Work
0531019748: The Big Book of Stories
0531019799: Masks,: A love story
0531019802: Limits of Defiance
0531019810: The New Feminism
0531019829: Scandinavian stories, by Sperry, Margaret
0531019845: The Captain's Dog
0531019853: Meal One
0531019861: Birds and beasts by Barker, Carol
0531019888: History in Art
0531019918: Buggy-Go-Round
0531019926: Bunch on McKellahan Street
0531019942: The hunt for the mastodon
0531019950: On the Drag Strip
0531019969: Our sexual evolution
0531019977: Science at Work; Projects in Space Science
0531019985: Puppy Lost in Lapland
0531019993: Scramble Cycle (Sports Action Bks.)
0531020010: A Surprise For Carlotta
0531020029: Card and cardboard (Color crafts)
0531020037: Working With Paper.
0531020045: String, raffia and material (Color crafts)
0531020053: When France was de Gaulle
0531020126: Instant Business Dictionary
0531020150: Practical English (Vol 2)
0531020185: Beyond the Vicarage
0531020193: Henry's pennies
0531020207: Helen Oxenbury's ABC of Things
0531020215: Ideas About Taxes,
0531020223: Blacks in America, 1861-77
0531020231: Graciela
0531020258: The edge of madness;: Prisons and prison reform in America
0531020274: The Scopes trial;: The State of Tennessee v. John Thomas Scopes
0531020290: Space Base
0531020304: Track Watching
0531020312: The Loch Ness Monster
0531020339: Chopper Cycle
0531020347: Horsing around,
0531020355: On the Sand (Sports Action Bks.)
0531020363: Dragons, Dragons, Dragons.
0531020371: A Month of Sundays
0531020401: Journal of One Davey Wyatt
0531020428: Rooster Who Set Out to See the World
0531020509: The Big Book of Pets
0531020517: The Big Book of Animal Stories
0531020525: Big Book of Wild Animals
0531020541: Laughs, laughs, laughs
0531020657: The Shoelace Book
0531020916: Motorcycle Mutt
0531020924: Bonneville Cars,
0531020967: Riddle Giggles
0531020975: Motorcycle Moto Cross School (Schools for Action)
0531020983: Pursuit School
0531020991: Race Car Drivers School
0531021009: Energy And Power
0531021017: Polar deserts (International library)
0531021025: The mysterious world of caves (International library)
0531021033: Purity or Pollution: The Struggle For Water (International Library).
0531021041: Architecture: The world we build, (International library)
0531021068: The Cybernetic Revolution: Thought and Control in Man and Machine
0531021076: Animal Communities
0531021084: Primitive Societies
0531021092: Hidden Treasures
0531021106: Mountain adventures (International library)
0531021114: Olympic Games
0531021130: Animal Camouflage
0531021149: Cities in the march of civilization (International library)
0531021157: Meteorology; Forecasting the Weather
0531021165: Wonders of the Earth (International Library)
0531021173: Festivals and Celebrations
0531021181: Biology of the Future
0531021203: World of Microbes
0531021211: Discovery under the southern cross (International library)
0531021238: Archaeology (International library)
0531021246: Eskimos (International library)
0531021254: Sailing
0531021262: Exploring the Deep (International Library)
0531021270: Opposites
0531021386: My Surprise Pull-Out Word Book Indoors
0531021408: Our animal friends (A Change-a-picture book)
0531021416: Baby Animals
0531021459: Things to Make and Do for Christmas
0531021505: The Boxer Rebellion; Anti-Foreign Terror Seizes China, 1900.: Anti-Foreign Terror Seizes China, 1900 (World Focus Book)
0531021513: The Dreyfus Affair (World Focus S.)
0531021521: The Fall of the Winter Palace, November 1917 (World Focus S.)
0531021548: Munich, 1938 (World Focus S.)
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