0531021556: The Day The Bastille Fell
0531021572: The Hundred Days (World Focus S.)
0531021599: The Cuban Missile Crisis October 1962; The U.S. and Russia Face a Nuclear Showdown.: The U.S. and Russia Face a Nuclear Showdown (World Focus Book)
0531021602: Death of Gandhi, January 30, 1948;
0531021610: The Easter Rising: Dublin 1916 The Irish Rebel Against British Rule
0531021637: Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941 (World Focus Books)
0531021645: The Siege of the Alcazar (World Focus Books)
0531021653: The Execution of Maximilian (World Focus Books)
0531021661: The Opening of the Suez Canal (A World Focus Book)
0531021688: The Reichstag Fire, February, 1933;: Hitler Utilizes Arson to Extend His Dictatorship
0531021696: The Congress of Vienna (World Focus Books)
0531021718: Black Death, 1347-1351
0531021726: The Invasion of Czechoslovakia: August, 1968 (World Focus Books)
0531021734: Confederation (World Focus Books)
0531021742: German-Soviet Pact, August 23, 1939
0531021750: The Launching of Sputnik (World Focus Books)
0531021769: Blacks in America, 1954-1979
0531021890: Animal Families (Seymour, Peter S. Change-a-Picture Book.)
0531021912: Animal Homes
0531021920: Baby Animals at Play (A Change-a-Picture Book)
0531021939: This Is a Book About Baboons
0531021955: This Is a Book About Hippos
0531022005: Understanding Body Talk (Impact Bks.)
0531022013: Famine (An Impact Book)
0531022021: Gun Control
0531022048: Search for Life Beyond Earth (Impact Books)
0531022056: Water: a Scarce Resource (Impact Books)
0531022064: Building Construction
0531022072: Printing Plant (Industry at Work Series.)
0531022080: Steel Mill (Industry at Work)
0531022099: Textile Mill (Industry at Work)
0531022102: Toni's Crowd (Triumph Book)
0531022110: Horrors, Horrors, Horrors (Terrific Triple Titles Ser. )
0531022129: The Abominable Snowcreature
0531022137: Assassination!: Kennedy, King, Kennedy
0531022145: Ghosts and Poltergeists
0531022153: In the Captain's Shoes
0531022161: Math Puzzles
0531022196: Moving Time by Trager, Carolyn; Huffman ; graphics
0531022218: Pumpernickel tickle and mean green cheese
0531022234: Rescue!: True Stories of Heroism
0531022242: Suicide
0531022250: True Ghost Stories
0531022269: The Whole Mirth Catalog: A Super Complete Collection of Things
0531022277: Automobiles
0531022293: India: A First Book (First Book S.)
0531022307: Soviet Union: A First Book (First Book S.)
0531022315: Your Legal Rights As a Minor
0531022323: Madge's Magic Show
0531022331: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya (First Book S.)
0531022358: Kuwait and the Rim of Arabia: A First Book (First Book)
0531022366: Iraq: A First Book (First Book)
0531022374: Lebanon (First Book S.)
0531022382: Syria (First Book S.)
0531022390: Israel
0531022404: Modern Egypt (First Book S.)
0531022412: Jordan (First Book S.)
0531022420: Iran
0531022439: Arson!
0531022447: The Chocolate Marshmelephant Sundae
0531022455: Evy-ivy-over
0531022463: Monsters of North America.
0531022471: Nowhere to run
0531022498: Give Up?: Cartoon Riddle Rhymers by Cole, William
0531022528: Alternate Energy Sources
0531022536: Card Games
0531022544: Divorce (First Books)
0531022552: Firearms in American History: A First Book (First Book)
0531022560: Gardening Without Soil (First Bks.)
0531022579: Keeping Amphibians and Reptiles As Pets (1st Book)
0531022587: Left-Handed Book: A First Book (First Books)
0531022595: Libraries and How to Use Them: A First Book (First Book)
0531022609: Model Aircraft (First Books)
0531022617: How to Read and Write Poetry: A First Book (First Book)
0531022625: Roller Skating (First Books)
0531022633: Special Olympics and Paralympics: A First Book (First Book)
0531022641: Track and Field (First Books)
0531022668: The modern presidency (American Government series)
0531022676: The Supreme Court (American Government S.)
0531022684: The Teenage Surefire Diet Cookbook (A Cooking Plus Book)
0531022692: Monsters of the Mountains
0531022706: Boats and Ships (An Easy-Read Fact Book)
0531022714: The Changing Eskimos (An Easy-Read Fact Book)
0531022722: Horses and foals (An Easy-read fact book)
0531022730: Indians : The First Americans
0531022749: The Loch Ness Monster
0531022757: Snakes Around the World (An Easy-Read Fact Book)
0531022765: The Book of Vampires
0531022773: Volcanoes (Easy-read Fact Book S.)
0531022803: Getting into Pro Soccer (Getting Into the Pros)
0531022811: Jewish Holiday Cookbook
0531022838: Drawing People
0531022846: Black Holes and Other Secrets of the Universe (An Impact Book)
0531022854: Understanding Today's Economics (An Impact Book)
0531022862: Crime Labs (Impact Books)
0531022870: Brain Power
0531022889: Geological Disasters: Earthquakes and Volcanoes (An Impact Book)
0531022897: Rape: Preventing It; Coping With the Legal, Medical and Emotional Aftermath (An Impact Book)
0531022900: Space Technology Spinoffs (Impact Bks.)
0531022919: Winners on the Ice
0531022927: Winners on the Ski Slopes (A Picture Life Book)
0531022935: Things to Make and Do for Christmas
0531022943: Things to Make and Do for George Washington's Birthday
0531022951: Frauds, Hoaxes and Swindles (Laurel-leaf Books)
0531022978: Leif Erikson, the Lucky (A Visual Biography)
0531022986: Harry the Hider (Easy-Read Story Bks.)
0531022994: Millicent Maybe
0531023052: The First Book of American History
0531023079: First Book of the American Revolution
0531023087: The Civil War (1st Book Of)
0531023125: Early Settlers (1st Book Of)
0531023133: The Founding of the Republic (1st Book of)
0531023141: Homesteaders and Indians
0531023168: Presidents (The First Book of Series)
0531023273: Mayflower Compact November Eleventh, Sixteen Twenty : The First Democratic Document in America
0531023389: Gardening ... Naturally
0531023591: Indoor gardening, (A First book)
0531023613: The Pilgrims of Plymouth
0531023729: Brian Wildsmith's Mother Goose: a Collection of Nursery Rymes.
0531023737: Christmas Cookbook
0531023745: Illustrated Bible Stories
0531023761: Wonders of the Earth
0531023796: Funny Feet (An Easy-Read Story Book)
0531023818: Harry the Hider (An Easy-Read Story Book)
0531023842: Touch Will Tell
0531023850: Walk With Your Eyes
0531023869: Brian Wildsmith's the Twelve Days of Christmas
0531023877: Colors
0531023893: SHAPES
0531023915: The Concise Encyclopedia of Sports
0531023923: Nobody Knows I Have Delicate Toes
0531023931: The ugliest sweater (An Easy-read story book)
0531024008: Fun With Yarn
0531024059: Terrariums
0531024075: Astrology and Foretelling the Future,
0531024083: Bicycle Repair (A Concise Guide)
0531024091: Natural foods, (A Concise guide)
0531024105: Photography
0531024148: The candlemaking design book
0531024156: Master Book of Spies
0531024202: Playhouses, Cabins, and Tents
0531024229: Kites!
0531024237: A Closer Look at Ants (Closer Look at Ser.)
0531024245: A Closer Look at Deserts
0531024253: A closer look at dogs (A Closer look book)
0531024288: Knock Knocks: The Most Ever
0531024296: Six Million Dollar Cucumber
0531024326: A closer look at apes (A Closer look book)
0531024342: Closer Look at Ocean Life
0531024350: A closer look at prehistoric mammals (A Closer look book)
0531024377: I Can Read Spanish
0531024407: Aircraft
0531024415: Animal Worlds
0531024423: Atoms and energy (Modern knowledge library)
0531024431: Birds (Modern knowledge library)
0531024458: PLANT KINGDOM
0531024466: Prehistoric life (Modern knowledge library)
0531024474: Ships (Modern Knowledge Library)
0531024482: The prehistoric world
0531024490: The universe
0531024504: Bloody Kansas, 1854-65;: Guerrilla warfare delays peaceful American settlement, (A Focus book)
0531024512: F. D. R. and the Supreme Court Fight, Nineteen Thirty-Seven : A President Tries to Reorganize the Federal Judiciary (Focus Books Ser.)
0531024520: The Hayes-Tilden Election of 1876: A Disputed Presidential Election in the Gilded Age
0531024539: King Philip's War, 1675-76;
0531024547: The Noble Experiment, 1919-1933: The Eighteenth Amendment Prohibits Liquor in America
0531024555: The Trent Affair, November, Eighteen Sixty-One
0531024563: The Amistad Revolt 1839: The Slave Uprising Aboard the Spanish Schooner.
0531024571: Battle of Fallen Timbers, August 20, 1794;
0531024598: The XYZ affair, 1797-98;: The diplomacy of the Adams administration and an undeclared war with France (A Focus book)
0531024601: The Louisiana Purchase, April 30, 1803;: Thomas Jefferson doubles the area of the United States, (A Focus book)
0531024636: American Global Diplomacy, 1800 to 1950
0531024644: The Cold War (Focus Book)
0531024652: The Assassination of Martin Luther King, Junior (Focus Book)
0531024695: Homes by Youldon, Gillian
0531024709: Boy Who Waited for Santa Claus
0531024717: Grinkles : A Keen Halloween Story
0531024725: Mr. Terwilliger's Secret
0531024733: My Friend from Outer Space
0531024741: The Draft: A Necessary Evil? (An impact book)
0531024768: Maurice Maeterlinck's Blue bird
0531024776: A Closer Look at Arctic Lands
0531024784: Bears and Pandas (A Closer Look at)
0531024806: A Closer Look at Elephants
0531024814: Our Human Ancestors
0531024849: Motorcycle
0531024865: A closer look at horses (A Closer look book)
0531024881: A closer look at butterflies and moths (A Closer look book)
0531024938: Seven Stories by Hans Christian Andersen
0531024946: The Whole Mirth Catalog
0531024954: A Closer Look at Reptiles
0531024962: Closer Look at the Dawn of Life
0531024970: Loving Sex for Both Sexes: Straight Talk for Teen-Agers
0531025004: Dragons of Peking
0531025012: First Tom-Tom
0531025020: First Winter, First Summer
0531025039: Hare, the Elephant, and the Hippo
0531025047: Kate Shelley and the Midnight Express
0531025063: About Monkeys in Trees: African Folk Legend
0531025098: Why the Sea Is Salty
0531025101: Chip, Oh Brother!
0531025136: Cleveland, the Disco King
0531025500: Honeybee's Party
0531025527: Have You Seen My Cat?
0531025543: The Easy Book of Sets (First Steps to Math Ser.)
0531025551: Painting Printing & Modeling
0531025578: Grandma Didn't Wave Back
0531025586: Miss Know It All Returns: A Butterfield Square Story.
0531025594: The Killing Tree.
0531025608: My Father and I.
0531025616: The Neon Motorcycle
0531025624: On the Other Side of the River
0531025632: Baby Sitting (A Concise Guide)
0531025640: The Franklin Watts concise guide to good grooming for boys (The Franklin Watts concise guide series)
0531025659: How to Cope: A New Guide to the Teen-Age Years
0531025675: American popular music: The growing years, 1800-1900
0531025683: The Backyard Astronomer
0531025705: Capitalism; Economic Individualism to Today's Welfare State
0531025713: Communism (Studies in Contemporary Politics)
0531025721: Cosmonauts in Orbit
0531025756: Is That Mother in the Bottle?
0531025764: Latin America: The Land Of Revolution
0531025772: Marcus Garvey
0531025780: Opera; its story told through the lives and works of its foremost composers (His Mainstreams of music, v. 1)
0531025799: Populations: Experiments In Ecology
0531025802: Science at Work
0531025810: Socialism; its theoretical roots and present-day development (Studies in contemporary politics)
0531025829: Trouble in the Middle East
0531025837: Vanishing Lapland
0531025853: salt Cycle motorcycle
0531025861: On the Water,
0531025888: Needlework, macramà & knitting (Color crafts)
0531025896: Jokes and Fun;
0531025918: Ickle Bickle Robin
0531025934: The Little Wood Duck
0531025942: King Basil's Birthday
0531025950: You Ought to See Herbert's House.
0531025969: The Complete Junior Encyclopedia of Transportation.
0531025977: The Easy Book of Numbers and Numerals
0531025985: Pssst! Doggie--.
0531025993: Children of Infinity
0531026000: Kalu and the wild boar,
0531026019: The Mystery of the Spider Doll.
0531026027: Nikki 108
0531026035: One bite at a time
0531026043: Way to Go, Teddy
0531026051: The Parade
0531026078: Health Care Careers
0531026086: Smart Shopping and Consumerism (A Concise Guide)
0531026094: The Art Experience:Oil Painting, 15th-19th Centuries: Oil Painting, 15th-19th Centuries
0531026108: Bart Starr, professional quarterback,
0531026116: The Black Man in America, 1877-1905
0531026124: The Right to Know
0531026132: Sherman;: A Chinese-American child tells his story,
0531026140: From Shore to Ocean Floor; How Life Survives in the Sea.
0531026159: Japan Destiny
0531026167: Jokes and Fun;
0531026175: Mao Tse Tung: The Man Who Conquered China
0531026183: Louder and Louder
0531026191: Orchestral Music: Its Story Told Through the Lives and Works of Its Foremost Composers (His Mainstreams of music, v. 2)
0531026205: Photo Fun: An Idea Book for Shutterbugs
0531026213: Upside Down & Inside Out Poems for All
0531026221: How to show your dog and win
0531026248: Yesterday's Clowns
0531026256: Gardening ... naturally
0531026272: Golf Techniques (A Concise Guide)
0531026280: Surfing (A Concise Guide)
0531026299: Understanding Yourself
0531026310: How to Eat Fried Worms
0531026329: Papier mâchà , dyeing & leatherwork (Color crafts)
0531026337: We Are Chicano
0531026345: Bible stories,
0531026353: The Guitar: An Introduction to the Instrument (A Keynote book)
0531026361: Bicycle Repair
0531026388: Castaway from Rhodes
0531026396: Controlling Your Weight
0531026426: Venereal Disease: The Questions, The Answers
0531026434: Yoga for Beginners (A Concise Guide)
0531026442: Handbook of the World's Religions.
0531026450: Affluent Revolutionaries (Studies in Contemporary Politics)
0531026469: American Political Bosses and Machines
0531026477: Down and Out in the USA
0531026485: Fascism; The Meaning and Experience of Reactionary Revolution (Studies in...
0531026493: Projects with Plants (Science at Work)
0531026507: Your legal rights as a minor
0531026515: Decorating your room: A do-it-yourself guide,
0531026523: Skates!
0531026531: The boy who painted wallpaper
0531026558: I Can Read French
0531026574: Ideas about measuring & accounting,
0531026582: Breaking in (A Target book)
0531026590: Playing for keeps (A Target book)
0531026604: The Professional
0531026612: Coming back (A Target book)
0531026620: All About Arthur (An Absolutely Absurd Ape)
0531026639: The Most Important Thing in the World
0531026647: Undersea Base
0531026655: Meaning Well,
0531026663: Survival from Infinity
0531026671: The Black Man in America, 1905-1932
0531026698: Ecidujerp, Prejudice
0531026701: Auto Mechanics
0531026728: New Genetics
0531026736: The ugly palaces;: Housing in America
0531026744: Basketball (A Concise Guide)
0531026752: Natural Foods (A Concise Guide)
0531026760: Minorities in American history
0531026779: Slavery to Civil War, 1812-1865.
0531026787: Working With Odds and Ends
0531026795: Going the Distance
0531026809: Foolish Filly
0531026817: Racing on the wind,
0531026825: Hoke's Jokes, Cartoons & Funny Things
0531026833: Weirdies, Weirdies, Weirdies: A Horrifying Concatenation of the Super-Sur-Real or Almost or Not-Quite Real
0531026841: A G.I.'s Vietnam Diary, 1968-1969
0531027007: Carnivorous Plants (First Books)
0531027015: An album of Reconstruction
0531027023: Plastics (First Books)
0531027082: John And Sebastian Cabot
0531027120: CHINA TODAY
0531027139: China Enters the United Nations (World Focus Books)
0531027147: Kitten for a Day
0531027155: Reconstruction and National Growth, 1865-1900
0531027163: From the Progressive Era: The Great Depression
0531027171: The Mound Builders (First Books)
0531027198: Life in the Dark
0531027201: Nigeria (First Books)
0531027228: The Colony of New Jersey, (A First book) by Naden, Corinne J
0531027236: The Flight of the Lone Eagle: Charles Lindbergh Flies Nonstop from New York to Paris (Focus Book)
0531027244: William Bradford Of Plymouth Colony
0531027252: The hunters (Indians of North America)
0531027260: A Visit from a Turtle
0531027279: Visit From a Turtle
0531027287: Opium War in China: 1840-1842 (World Focus Books)
0531027295: American Popular Music: The 20th Century.
0531027309: Chess (A Concise Guide)
0531027317: Indoor Gardening (First Books)
0531027325: Ancient Indonesia and Its Influence in Modern Times: A First Book (First Book)
0531027333: Games for a rainy day (A Panda paperback)
0531027341: Travel Games
0531027368: The Challenge of Skiing
0531027376: Edgar Allan Poe: His Writings and Influence. (Franklin Watts Biography)
0531027392: The manifesto & me - Meg
0531027406: Let's Find Out About Mosquitoes
0531027414: A STORYBOOK
0531027422: A Storybook from Tomi Ungerer.
0531027449: Jane's Ocean Technology
0531027457: Jane's Surface Skimmers 1974/1975
0531027465: JANE'S WEAPONS SYSTEMS 1974-75
0531027473: Jane's All the World's Aircraft 1974-75
0531027546: Squirrels
0531027716: Malcolm X (Picture Life Series)
0531027724: Aquariums
0531027732: The Colony of Connecticut (1st Book of)
0531027740: The Colony of Georgia (A First book)
0531027759: The Colony of Massachusetts (A First book)
0531027767: The Colony of New Hampshire (A First book)
0531027775: France (First Books)
0531027783: Malaysia and Singapore (First Books)
0531027791: Needlepoint
0531027805: Tecumseh and the Indian Confederation, 1811-1813: The Indian Nations East of the Mississippi Are Defeated (A Focus Book).
0531027813: War with the Seminoles: 1835-1842 (Focus Books)
0531027821: Mussolini's March on Rome October 30, 1932 a Dictator in the Making Achieves Political Power in Italy.
0531027848: Roger Williams (A Visual biography)
0531027856: Years of Strife 1929-1956
0531027864: Backpacking (A Concise guide)
0531027872: Contract Bridge: How To Improve Your Technique
0531027880: Motorcycling (A Concise Guide)
0531027899: The Drum (Keynote Books)
0531027902: Anarchism
0531027910: How the Witch Got Alf
0531027929: On the Other Side of the Gate
0531027937: Bigfoot: America's Abominable Snowman,
0531027945: The Consumer Movement
0531027953: Elizabeth : A Puerto Rican-American Child Tells Her Story
0531027961: Energy and the Future
0531027996: The Black Man in America, 1932-1954
0531028003: Soviet Dissent; Intellectuals, Jews, and Detente
0531028011: The Master Book of Escapes
0531028046: The Preacher's Kid.
0531028054: Working from Nature
0531028070: Projects With Air
0531028089: Python's party
0531028097: Summer at High Kingdom
0531028216: Minorities in American History: Modern America: 1957-Present
0531028291: Vocal Music (Mainstreams of music ; v. 4)
0531028305: The fishermen (Indians of North America)
0531028313: Game Time
0531028321: Light Motorcycle Repair and Maintenance
0531028348: The Boy Who Was Followed Home
0531028356: The Soong Sisters
0531028364: How to Choose a Career
0531028372: Pet Birds
0531028380: Bicycle Touring (A Concise Guide)
0531028399: Super 8 Filmmaking (A Concise Guide)
0531028402: The Prophet and the Revolutionary
0531028410: Art Careers (Career Concise Guides)
0531028437: Robert Cavelier de La Salle (A Visual biography) by Jacobs, William Jay
0531028445: Jokes, Giggles and Guffaws
0531028453: Amnesty: The American Puzzle
0531028461: Monsters, Monsters, Monsters
0531028488: Keeping in Shape
0531028496: 1,001 Words
0531028526: Space
0531028534: Spiders
0531028542: The World Beneath the Sea (Easy-read Fact Book S.)
0531028550: Bagdad Ate It
0531028577: Eurocommunism (Impact Books)
0531028585: Political Campaigning
0531028593: Polls and Surveys : A Look at Public Opinion Research
0531028607: Radiation: Benefits/Dangers (Impact Books)
0531028615: Psychic Stories Strange but True (A Triumph Book)
0531028631: Aging
0531028658: Fears and Phobias: Fighting Back
0531028666: Freedom's Blood
0531028674: Geography Puzzles
0531028690: Surviving Your Parents' Divorce
0531028712: Investigative Reporting
0531028720: Loving sex for both sexes
0531028739: Recipes for Science Fun
0531028755: Science Facts You Won't Believe
0531028763: Science Puzzles
0531028771: Shoplifting
0531028798: Marriage : For Better or for Worse?
0531028801: They Travel Outside Their Bodies
0531028828: Kids Having Kids
0531028836: World by Sevens
0531028844: Young People Talk about Death
0531028852: Today's young stars of stage and screen
0531028879: Working Dogs: A First Book (First Book)
0531028887: A Test of Love (Triumph Book)
0531028895: Rock Fever
0531028909: Mayday! Mayday
0531028917: Disco (A Concise guide)
0531028925: Hormones (An Impact Book)
0531028933: How to Be a Super Camp Counselor
0531028941: Meditation Made Easy
0531028968: One Dark Night (Triumph Book)
0531028976: Run, Don't Walk: A Novel
0531028984: Town Is on Fire
0531028992: Facts about the 50 States
0531029018: Blacksmiths
0531029026: Good Grooming for Girls
0531029034: Making Music for Money (A Concise Guide)
0531029050: Emergency! 10-33 on channel 11!
0531029069: First Book of Presidents
0531029077: Vice-Presidents of the United States
0531029093: An Album of Automobile Racing
0531029107: Wolves: A First Book (First Book)
0531029115: Album of World War II
0531029123: Winners on the Tennis Court
0531029182: Upside-Down Creatures (An Easy-Read Wildlife Book)
0531029190: Seven Stories by Hans Christian Andersen
0531029204: The Bionic Banana
0531029212: Disease Detectives
0531029220: The Great Science Magic Show
0531029239: The changing face of the Constitution: Prohibition, universal suffrage and women's rights, civil rights, and religious freedom
0531029247: Killer Insects
0531029255: Walk With Your Eyes
0531029263: Pet Safety
0531029298: The Secret Power of the Pyramids
0531029301: Listen to a Shape
0531029328: Baseball: A First Book (First Book)
0531029336: Communism
0531029344: Modern Greece (First Book S.)
0531029352: Summer Olympics
0531029360: Soccer (First Books)
0531029379: Adoption
0531029395: Blindness: A First Book (First Book)
0531029409: Deafness: A First Book (First Book)
0531029417: Drug Use and Drug Abuse (First Book S.)
0531029425: Gambling: Who Really Wins a First Book (First Book)
0531029433: Hinduism: A First Book (First Book)
0531029441: Marijuana (A First book)
0531029468: The Winter Olympics (First Book S.)
0531029476: Esp, Your Psychic Powers and How to Test Them (A First Book)
0531029484: Witches: A First Book (First Book)
0531029492: Jogging and Running (Concise Guide)
0531032418: Gems and Minerals (An Easy-Read Fact Book)
0531032426: Seals (Easy-read Fact Book S.)
0531032434: The Sun
0531032442: Insects
0531032450: Racing Cars (An Easy-Read Fact Book)
0531032469: Satellites (Easy-Read Fact Book)
0531032477: Stars and Planets (An Easy-Read Fact Book)
0531032485: Television (A Easy-read fact book)
0531032493: Witches and Witchcraft/ (Easy Read Fact Book)
0531032507: JANE'S ALL THE WORLD'S AIRCRAFT 1975-76
0531032515: Jane's Fighting Ships 1975-76
0531032523: Jane's Freight Containers 1975-76
0531032531: JANE'S SURFACE SKIMMERS Hovercraft and Hydrofoils 1975-76
0531032566: Janes Major Companies Of Europe
0531032574: JANE'S OCEAN TECHNOLOGY 1976-77 (Second Year of Issue)
0531032582: Jane's World Railways 1976
0531032604: Jane's : All the World's Aircraft 1976-77
0531032612: Jane's Fighting Ships, 1976-1977
0531032620: Jane's Freight Containers, 1977
0531032663: Janes Surface Skimmers 1976 77 10ed
0531032701: Defense & Foreign Affairs Handbook 1976-77
0531032779: JANE'S FIGHTING SHIPS 1977-78
0531032787: JANE'S ALL THE WORLD'S AIRCRAFT 1977-78
0531032795: Jane's Freight Containers 1978
0531032809: Jane's Infantry Weapons 1978
0531032817: Jane's Major Companies of Europe: 1979-1980
0531032825: Jane's Ocean Technology 1978
0531032833: JANE'S SURFACE SKIMMERS Hovercraft and Hydrofoils 1978
0531032841: JANE'S WEAPON SYSTEMS 1978
0531032973: Jane's Fighting Ships, 1978-1979
0531032981: JANE'S ALL THE WORLD'S AIRCRAFT, 1978-79
0531034011: Reptiles
0531034038: Bears
0531034046: Elephants
0531034054: Horses (Small World)
0531034062: Small World of Whales (Small World Ser.)
0531034070: Apes (Small world)
0531034089: Birds (Small World)
0531034097: Dinosaurs (Small world)
0531034100: Lions and Tigers
0531034119: Grasslands (A Closer Look at)
0531034127: Vikings (The Civilization library)
0531034135: Fish (A Closer Look at)
0531034143: Aztecs (Civilization Library.)
0531034151: Living Music
0531034178: Time
0531034186: Small World of Eskimos
0531034194: PLAINS INDIANS
0531034232: Monsters
0531034259: Bears
0531034267: Elephants
0531034275: Horses
0531034283: Whales (Small world)
0531034305: Jewish Holiday Cookbook
0531034313: Nknownfra
0531034380: Sharks
0531034399: Spotting Planes
0531034429: Ufos
0531034437: Apes (Small world)
0531034445: Birds: Small World Series Book
0531034453: Dinosaurs, Small World Series
0531034461: Lions and Tigers (Small World Books)
0531034488: A closer look at bears and pandas (A Closer look book)
0531034496: A Monster Is Coming! a Monster Is Coming! (An Easy-Read Story Book)
0531034526: Small World of Ants (Small world)
0531034534: Bees and Wasps
0531034542: Small World of Butterflies and Moths
0531034550: Small World of Reptiles
0531034569: Small World of Ancient Greeks
0531034577: Vikings
0531034585: Arctic Lands
0531034593: Romans (Small World)
0531034607: Automobile: From Prototype to Scrapyard (The Inside Story)
0531034615: Jetliner
0531034623: Computer (The Inside story)
0531034631: Nuclear Submarine
0531034658: Space Shuttle (What About Series)
0531034666: What about Submarines?
0531034674: What about . . . Trains?
0531034682: What about . . . Fighters?
0531034690: What about . . . Missiles?
0531034704: What about . . . Tanks?
0531034712: What about . . . War Ships?
0531034720: Birds
0531034739: Mammals
0531034747: Fish
0531034755: Reptiles
0531034763: Insects
0531034771: Plants
0531034798: Plains Indians
0531034828: Beginning Basic: Space Journey
0531034836: Using Computer Graphics : Hangman
0531034844: Ancient Greeks (Civilization Library)
0531034852: Eskimos, Revised
0531034860: Coal
0531034879: Gas
0531034887: Nuclear Power
0531034895: Water (Energy Today)
0531034909: Creating a Database : Undersea Adventure
0531034917: Moving Graphics : Invaders
0531035271: Cat and Dog Give a Party
0531035298: Cat and Dog and the Mixed Week
0531035301: Cat and Dog Raise the Roof
0531035336: Cat and Dog have a parade
0531035379: Beatrice Doesnt Want To
0531035387: Funnyman's first case
0531035395: It's Me, Claudia!
0531035409: The magnificent Morris Mouse clubhouse (An Easy-read story book)
0531035425: Christmas Gifts Good Enough to Eat (Holiday Cookbook)
0531035468: Transport on Earth (World of Tomorrow)
0531035476: The Swampees: Freeze-up
0531035484: Swampees the Rarest Egg: The Rarest Egg (The Swampees, 2)
0531035492: The Swampees Double Cross! #3
0531035506: The Swampees In Trouble! #4
0531035530: Jack and Jill and Other Nursery Rhymes
0531035557: My Dog and the Key Mystery
0531035611: HOMES & CITIES
0531035638: Nuclear
0531035646: OIL - Energy
0531035654: Transport
0531035662: Water
0531035670: School, Work and Play (World of Tomorrow)
0531035689: Fact Of Fantasy
0531035697: Future war and weapons (World of tomorrow)
0531035700: Health And Medicine
0531035719: Our Future Needs
0531035727: Out Into Space
0531035735: Tomorrows Home
0531035743: Transport On Earth
0531035751: Bananas Move to the Ceiling
0531035778: An Album of Great Science Fiction Films by Manchel, Frank
0531035786: Christmas Cooking Around the World
0531035832: What's Missing?
0531035859: Where is the mouse (Surprise series)
0531035883: Drawing Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Animals
0531035891: Drawing Dogs and Puppies (How to Draw Bks.)
0531035905: Drawing Horses and Foals
0531035913: Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Album of Nasa
0531035921: The Children's Bible
0531035948: Come Sit Stay (An Easy-read story book)
0531035999: Energy Projects For Young Scientists
0531036170: First Library Classroom Resource Guide
0531037002: Jane's World Aircraft Recognition Handbook
0531037029: Jane's Aerospace Dictionary
0531037037: Armour in Conflict: The Design and Tactics of Armoured Fighting Vehicles.
0531037045: Warships of the World.
0531037053: The German Jets in Combat
0531037061: Wings of the Navy: Flying Allied Carrier Aircraft of World War Two
0531037096: Superspill the Future of Ocean Pollution
0531037118: Luftwaffe test pilot; flying captured Allied aircraft of World War 2.
0531037134: Alpine Elite: German Mountain Troops of World War II
0531037142: Mosquito: A pictorial history of the DH98
0531037177: Target Berlin: Mission 250: 6 March 1944
0531037207: Airliners
0531037215: Helicopters
0531037223: Ships
0531037231: Trucks (Picture Library)
0531037258: Jane's World Aircraft Recognition
0531037266: Aircraft of the U.S.A.F.: Sixty Years in Pictures
0531037274: Operation Gomorrah: The Hamburg Firestorm Raids
0531037282: World Electric Locomotives
0531037290: KG 200: The True Story
0531037304: Warships of the Royal Navy
0531037312: Warships of the Soviet Navy
0531037320: Weapons and Tactics of the Soviet Army
0531037339: The German Air Force, 1933-1945: An anatomy of failure
0531037347: Tank Pioneers
0531037355: The Mighty Eighth War Diary
0531037363: Mustang: A documentary history of the P-51
0531037371: Fantastic Flying Machines
0531037401: Jane's 1981-82 Aviation Annual.
0531037428: Jane's World Military Yearbook 1981-82
0531037444: Ancient Egypt (History As Evidence)
0531037452: Prehistory
0531037533: The Cheesemaker Mice and the Giant
0531037576: Take a Trip to Canada
0531037584: Take a Trip to Egypt
0531037592: Take a Trip to Greece
0531037606: Take a Trip to Sweden
0531037614: Take a Trip to New Zealand (Take a Trip to Series)
0531037622: Take a Trip to the West Indies
0531037630: Kit
0531037657: Your Guess is as Good as Mine (Redwing Books)
0531037665: Space Trap
0531037673: The Last Harper
0531037681: Breathing
0531037703: Discovering Electricity
0531037711: Making Things Move
0531037738: Fossils
0531037746: Submarines (Easy-Read Fact Books.)
0531037754: Air and Flight
0531037762: Sound and Music
0531037770: Force and Strength
0531037789: Simple Chemistry
0531037797: Comets
0531037800: Greek Hoplite
0531037819: Roman Legionary
0531037827: Princess to the Rescue
0531037835: Motorcycles (Picture Library)
0531037843: Racing Cars
0531037878: Family in Mexico
0531037886: A Family in India (Families Around the World)
0531037894: A Family in Holland
0531037932: We Live in Argentina (Living Here Series)
0531037940: We Live in the European Ussr (Living Here Series)
0531037959: We Live in Greece (Living Here Series)
0531037967: We Live in Japan (Living Here)
0531037975: We Live in Kenya (Living Here Book)
0531037983: We Live in West Germany (Living Here Ser. )
0531038017: Glaciers and Ice Sheets (Planet Earth Series)
0531038025: Mountains and Earth Movements
0531038033: THE SOLAR SYSTEM
0531038041: Vegetation (Planet Earth)
0531038084: Looking at Cars
0531038092: Looking at Motorcycles (Looking at Transportation)
0531038106: Looking at Submarines
0531038114: Looking at Passenger Aircraft
0531038122: Looking at Trucks
0531038149: Flowering Plants
0531038157: Insects
0531038165: Viking Warrior
0531038173: We Live in Pakistan.
0531038181: We Live in Canada (Living Here Series)
0531038203: We Live in Mexico (Living Here Series)
0531038211: We Live in Brazil (Living Here Series)
0531038238: Julius Caesar and the Romans (Life and Times)
0531038246: A Family in Australia
0531038254: A Family in Japan (Families Around the World Series)
0531038262: Family in Ireland
0531038270: Micro
0531038289: What Are Computers? (Discovering Computers)
0531038297: Computers in Action
0531038300: Living with the microchip (Discovering computers)
0531038319: We Live in the Asian Ussr (Living Here Series)
0531038327: We Live in the Caribbean
0531038335: We Live in Sweden (Living Here Series)
0531038343: Medieval Knight
0531038513: Central and Southern Africa (Traveller's Guides Ser.)
0531038548: Traveller's Guide to West Africa
0531039005: Jane's Combat Support Equipment, 1978-1979
0531039021: JANE'S OCEAN TECHNOLOGY 1979-80
0531039048: Jane's Freight Containers 1979
0531039056: Jane's Infantry Weapons 1979-80
0531039064: Janes World Railways 1979-1980
0531039137: Fighting Ships 1979-80
0531039145: Jane's Military Communications, 1979-80
0531039153: Jane's All the World's Aircraft 1979-80
0531039161: Armour and Artillery Nineteen Seventy-Nine to Nineteen Eighty
0531039269: Merchant Ships
0531039331: JANE'S SURFACE SKIMMERS Hovercraft and Hydrofoils 1980
0531039358: JANE'S WEAPON SYSTEMS 1980-81
0531039366: Jane's FIGHTING SHIPS 1980-81.
0531039374: Janes Fighting Ships 81
0531039382: Jane's World railways and Rapid Transit Systems 1980-81
0531039536: Jane's All the World's Aircraft 1980 1981
0531039544: Jane's Military Vehicles and Ground Support Equipment, 1981
0531039684: Travellers Guide to Central & South Africa
0531039692: Jane's Surface Skimmers. 1981/1982.
0531039773: JANE'S FIGHTING SHIPS 1981-82
0531039803: JANE'S WEAPON SYSTEM'S, 1981-82
0531039811: Jane's World Railways and Rapid Transit Systems 1981-1982
0531039838: International Countermeasures Handbook: 1981-1982
0531040623: Hansel and Gretel
0531040658: The Lost Ears
0531040666: Only the Best
0531040682: Elf King's Bride, Or, How Prince Armandel Prevailed against the Twilight Realms
0531040690: Stir-about rhymes to read from then and now (Blackbird books)
0531040704: The Pocket Mouse
0531040712: Pyramid Power
0531040720: TALES FROM AESOP
0531040739: Tales and Legends from India Hardcover by Bond, Ruskin
0531040755: The Panama Canal (First Book S.)
0531040771: Martial Arts
0531040801: First Tom-Tom
0531040836: Kate Shelley and the midnight express : American folk legend
0531040844: Magic Kettle
0531040933: Terrors, Terrors, Terrors (Terrific Triples)
0531040968: Nobody Knows I Have Delicate Toes
0531040976: The Ugliest Sweater
0531040984: Ufos
0531040992: Creatures with pockets (An Easy-read wildlife book)
0531041018: Cuba
0531041026: The Family (First Book S.)
0531041034: Human Rights
0531041042: Penguins: A First Book (First Book)
0531041050: Putting on a Show: A First Book (First Book)
0531041069: Seals, Sea Lions and Walruses: A First Book (First Book)
0531041077: Death: A First Book (First Book)
0531041085: Blind Flight
0531041093: Look who's beautiful!
0531041107: A summer's worth of shame: A novel
0531041115: The Gifted and Talented (Impact Books)
0531041123: Vietnam War
0531041131: The Bermuda Triangle and Other Mysteries of Nature (Triumph Book)
0531041158: Hitchhikers
0531041166: Crime and Justice in Our Time
0531041174: Emergency Squads
0531041182: Look What I'Ve Got!
0531041190: Cats
0531041204: Dogs
0531041212: Gerbils (Junior Petkeeper's Library)
0531041220: Rabbits (Junior Petkeeper's Library)
0531041247: Cat and Dog Raise the Roof
0531041271: Cat and Dog Take a Trip
0531041298: How to Do a Science Project and Report
0531041301: How to Give a Speech (A Language Skills Concise Guide)
0531041328: How to Improve Your Reading Comprehension
0531041336: How to Improve Your Spelling and Vocabulary (A Language Skills Concise Guide)
0531041344: How to Use Reference Materials (Language Skills Concise Guide.)
0531041352: How to Write a Report
0531041360: A Monster is Coming! A Monster is Coming!
0531041379: Card Tricks (An Easy-Read Activity Book)
0531041387: Drawing Pets
0531041395: Drawing Your Family and Friends
0531041409: Finger Spelling Fun (Easy-Read Activity Book)
0531041425: Making Robots
0531041433: Making Space Puppets
0531041441: Making UFOs (Easy-read Activity Book S.)
0531041468: Secret Codes (An Easy-Read Activity Book)
0531041476: Christmas (Easy-read Holiday Book S.)
0531041484: Easter (Easy-read Holiday Book S.)
0531041492: Halloween
0531041506: Thanksgiving (Easy-read Holiday Book S.)
0531041514: Valentine's Day (Easy-read Holiday Book S.)
0531041522: Apes (Fact & Fiction S.)
0531041530: Mad Scientists in Fact and Fiction
0531041549: Mummies In Fact And Fiction
0531041557: Robots in Fact and Fiction (Fact & Fiction S.)
0531041565: Space Travel (Fact & Fiction S.)
0531041573: Afghanistan
0531041603: The Science of Classification: Finding Order Among Living and Nonliving Objects : A First Book (First Book)
0531041611: The Kindling of the Flame: A Novel
0531041638: Heart Disease (First Book S.)
0531041646: Menstruation (First Books)
0531041654: The Nuclear Energy Controversy (Impact Books)
0531041662: Politics : How to Get Involved
0531041697: Frank and Stein and Me (A Triumph Book)
0531041700: Incredible Crimes (A Triumph Book)
0531041719: A Combat Reporter's Report
0531041727: Giants Giants Giants (Terrific triple)
0531041735: How We Got Our First Cat
0531041743: What to Do with the Rocks in Your Head (An Activity Book with a Sense of Humour
0531041751: Oil : Piper
0531041778: Blood Brother
0531041794: Demon Daisy's Dreadful Week
0531041808: Here's the church
0531041816: The Road to the Bazaar
0531041824: Coal (Energy)
0531041832: Nuclear Energy (Energy)
0531041840: Fish (Junior Petkeeper's Library)
0531041859: Guinea Pigs (Junior Petkeeper's Library)
0531041867: Hamsters (Junior Petkeeper's Library)
0531041875: Mice and Rats (Junior Petkeeper's Library)
0531041883: Pets (An Easy-read fact book)
0531041891: The Boy Who Waited for Santa Claus
0531041905: Grinkles : A Keen Halloween Story
0531041913: Mr. Terwillger's Secret
0531041921: My Friend from Outer Space (Easy Read Story Books)
0531041948: News Media
0531041956: Sign Language
0531041964: Whales: A First Book (First Book)
0531041972: Future Sources (Energy)
0531041980: Gas
0531041999: An Album of the Sixties
0531042502: Congress: A First Book (First Book)
0531042510: Executive Branch of the United States Government
0531042529: Supreme Court (First Books about Washington Ser.)
0531042537: Washington, D.C.: The Nation's Capital-A First Book (First Book)
0531042545: White House
0531042553: Fear! Fear! Fear!
0531042561: I, Rebekah, Take You, the Lawrences
0531042588: Mystery Monsters of the Deep
0531042596: Alcohol and You
0531042618: Industrial Pollution: Poisoning Our Planet (An Impact Book)
0531042626: National Health Care Controversy
0531042634: Speech and Language Disorders
0531042642: U. S. China Relations since World War II
0531042650: Hit and Run
0531042669: Into Jupiter's World (Triumph Book)
0531042677: They Triumphed over Their Handicaps (Triumph Book)
0531042685: New Physical Fitness
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