0531042693: Small Computers
0531042707: The Bulge of Africa (First Book S.)
0531042715: Countries of the Sahara: Chad, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Upper Volta and Western Sahara : A First Book (First Book)
0531042723: East Central Africa (First Book S.)
0531042731: The Former Portuguese Colonies (First Book S.)
0531042758: Horn of Africa
0531042766: Nigeria, Cameroon and the Central African Republic: A First Book (First Book)
0531042774: South East Africa: A First Book (First Book)
0531042782: Southern Africa: A First Book
0531042790: Zaire, Gabon and the Congo (1st Book)
0531042820: Flames in the Forest (Blackbird Books) by Bond, Ruskin; Bond, Ruskin...
0531042839: The Tale fo the Cooked Crab
0531042847: I Can Read French
0531042855: I Can Read Spanish : My First English-Spanish Word Book
0531042863: The Picture Life of Ronald Reagan
0531042871: Heavens Above!
0531042898: Ear and Hearing
0531042901: Eye and Seeing
0531042952: Cat And Dog Have A Parade
0531042995: Beatrice Doesnt Want To
0531043002: Funnyman's First Case (An Easy-Read Story Book)
0531043010: It's Me, Claudia! (An Easy-Read Story Book)
0531043029: The Magnificent Morris Mouse Clubhouse
0531043037: No Mouse for Me!
0531043045: American Indian Games and Crafts
0531043053: Boats That Float (An Easy-Read Activity Book)
0531043061: Calculator Fun (An Easy-Read Activity Book)
0531043088: Food Fun
0531043096: Making Dolls
0531043118: Snow Fun (An Easy-Read Activity Book)
0531043126: Sun Fun (An Easy-Read Activity Book)
0531043134: Flying, Gliding, and Whirling: Making Things That Fly (An Easy-Read Activity Book)
0531043142: Christmas Gifts Good Enough to Eat (Holiday Cookbook)
0531043177: Take a Trip to China
0531043185: Take a Trip to Israel
0531043193: Take a Trip to Italy
0531043207: Take a Trip to West Germany
0531043215: Drawing the Big Cats
0531043223: Album of the Seventies
0531043231: Werewolves
0531043258: Disastrous Fires (First Book)
0531043266: Disastrous Floods and Tidal Waves: A First Book
0531043274: Disastrous Hurricanes and Tornadoes
0531043282: Nutrition
0531043290: Disastrous Volcanoes
0531043304: War in Korea: A First Book (First Book)
0531043312: War in Vietnam
0531043320: World War I A First Book
0531043339: World War II
0531043347: End of Detente?
0531043355: Immigration (Impact Books)
0531043371: New Right
0531043398: True Spy Stories
0531043428: Fantastic Creatures: An Anthology of Fantasy and Science Fiction
0531043436: Mental Illness
0531043444: Rip-Roaring Races and Rallies
0531043452: Out into Space (World of Tomorrow)
0531043460: Transport on Earth (World of Tomorrow Ser.)
0531043479: Take a Trip to India
0531043487: Museums (First Books)
0531043495: Poisonous Snakes
0531043509: Population: Growth, Change and Impact (An Impact Book)
0531043517: Holocaust
0531043525: More Ghosts, Ghosts, Ghosts
0531043533: Crimes of Watergate
0531043541: Space Shuttle
0531043568: David and the Giant
0531043576: Heart and Blood
0531043584: Lungs and Breathing
0531043592: Future War and Weapons
0531043606: Our Future Needs (World of Tomorrow)
0531043614: School, Work and Play
0531043622: Tomorrow's Home (World of Tomorrow)
0531043630: Dodgem
0531043649: Here's the Year
0531043657: Horn of Mortal Danger
0531043673: Moonglow Romances: Interlude in Bali; The Darkness of Jane; To Paris. To Find a Refuge
0531043681: Moonglow Romances Volume IV: Captive Bride; Nurse in Attendance; My Heart's Ease
0531043703: Airports
0531043711: Dinosaurs
0531043738: The moon (An Easy-read fact book)
0531043746: Baseball and Softball (An Easy-Read Sports Book)
0531043754: Basketball (Easy Read Sports)
0531043762: Football
0531043770: Gymnastics
0531043789: Biggest Bubble in the World
0531043797: Homes AND Cities
0531043800: Transport (Energy)
0531043819: Artificial Satellites
0531043827: Comets and Meteors
0531043835: The Acadians (Focus on Canadian History Ser.)
0531043843: Mars and the Inner Planets
0531043851: Moon and Its Exploration: A First Book (First Books)
0531043878: Planet Earth (First Books)
0531043886: Space Travel
0531043894: Stars and Galaxies (1st Book)
0531043908: Sun
0531043916: Cheerleading and Baton Twirling
0531043924: Devils & Demons (First Books)
0531043932: Funnyman and the Penny Dodo
0531043940: Karts and Karting
0531043959: Your Weight
0531043967: Electronic Games
0531043983: Drawing Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Animals
0531043991: Caring for the Mentally Ill
0531044017: Nuclear Arms Race
0531044025: Television in American Society
0531044033: Foster Care and Adoption
0531044041: The CIA
0531044068: Great Moments in the Nba Championships
0531044076: Great Moments in the Indy 500
0531044084: Great Moments in the Super Bowl (A Triumph Book)
0531044092: Great Moments in the World Series (A Triumph Book)
0531044106: Nazi Hunting (Triumph Book)
0531044114: Stunt Work And Stunt People
0531044130: The Rarest Egg
0531044149: Double Cross! (The Swampees Ser.)
0531044165: Take a Trip to England
0531044173: Take a Trip to Holland (Take a Trip to Series)
0531044181: Airplanes (What About Series)
0531044203: Motorcycles
0531044211: Trucks
0531044238: El Salvador : Country in Crisis
0531044246: Poland: The Threat to National Renewal (An Impact Book)
0531044254: The Storm
0531044262: Black Plague
0531044270: Addiction
0531044297: Horse (Julia MacRae Blackbird Bks.)
0531044300: Mother Teresa
0531044327: A Present for Nellie
0531044335: Ring-Rise, Ring-Set
0531044343: Shining Armour
0531044351: Food and Farming (Energy)
0531044408: Who Keeps Us Healthy? (An Easy-Read Community Book)
0531044416: Who Keeps Us Safe? (An Easy-Read Community Book)
0531044424: Where Do You Go to School?
0531044440: What Is a Community?
0531044459: Cars (An Easy-read fact book)
0531044467: Dogs (Easy-Read Fact Books.)
0531044475: Farm Animals
0531044483: Robots
0531044491: My Dog and the Key Mystery
0531044505: Footprints in the Refrigerator
0531044513: North American Indians (Civilization Project Book)
0531044521: Ancient Egypt
0531044548: Ancient Rome
0531044556: Aztecs (Civilization Project Book)
0531044564: Eskimos
0531044572: Body Maintenance
0531044580: Food and digestion (The Human body)
0531044599: Birth and Growth
0531044602: Touch, Taste, and Smell
0531044629: Your Immune System
0531044637: Model Boats and Ships
0531044645: Model Cars and Trucks (1st Book)
0531044653: Model Historical Aircraft
0531044661: Model Railroads
0531044688: Trucks and Trucking
0531044696: An Album of Motorcycles and Motorcycle Racing
0531044718: Take a Trip to Mexico
0531044726: Take a Trip to Russia
0531044734: Fact or Fantasy (World of Tomorrow)
0531044742: Health and Medicine
0531044750: Mystery Creatures of the Jungle
0531044769: Marie Curie
0531044777: Adolf Hitler
0531044785: John Lennon
0531044793: Eleanor Roosevelt (An Impact Biography)
0531044807: Anwar Sadat (Impact Biography S.)
0531044815: Mao Zedong
0531044823: Busing : The Continuing Controversy
0531044831: Censorship (An Impact Book)
0531044858: Fusion, the Eternal Flame
0531044866: Genetic Engineering (Impact Books)
0531044874: Government Subsidy to Industry
0531044882: Mount St. Helens Disaster : What We've Learned
0531044890: Shale Oil and Tar Sands
0531044904: Social Security System
0531044920: Libya and Qaddafi
0531044939: How to Get a Good Job (Triumph Book)
0531044947: How to Buy a Car (A Triumph book)
0531044955: Your Legal Rights (Triumph Book)
0531044963: Depression
0531044971: Matters of Life and Death
0531044998: Terrorism
0531045005: The First Crazy Word Book: Verbs
0531045013: New Federalism
0531045021: Only the Best
0531045048: An Album of Great Science Fiction Films
0531045056: How Do We Communicate? (Easy Read Fact Book)
0531045064: How Do We Have Fun?
0531045072: How Do We Travel?
0531045080: What Will We Buy? (An Easy-Read Community Book)
0531045099: Why Do We Have Rules? (An Easy-Read Community Book)
0531045102: Cats
0531045110: Prehistoric Man
0531045129: Spacecraft (Easy-Read Fact Bks.)
0531045137: Trees (An Easy-read fact book)
0531045145: Take a Trip to Antartica
0531045188: Using the Computer
0531045196: Working With Water
0531045226: Aztecs
0531045234: Central America and Panama
0531045242: Christmas
0531045250: Dance (1st Book)
0531045269: Dinosaurs and the Age of Reptiles
0531045277: Halloween
0531045285: Incas
0531045293: Ancient Maya
0531045307: Mexico
0531045315: South America
0531045323: Thanksgiving
0531045331: Valentine's Day
0531045358: Balloons, Zeppelins, and Dirigibles (First Book)
0531045366: Energy
0531045374: Explorers and Discovery
0531045382: Religion
0531045390: Space Sciences
0531045404: Sports
0531045412: Drawing Sharks, Whales, Dolphins and Seals
0531045420: Tornado!
0531045439: East vs. West in the Middle East
0531045447: The Islamic States in Conflict (An Impact Book)
0531045455: Israel and the Arab States
0531045463: Space : Battleground of the Future?
0531045471: Easter and Other Spring Holidays
0531045498: Palestine Question
0531045706: Indian Peoples of Canada
0531045757: Better Move On, Frog! by Maris, Ron
0531045765: Linda's Lie
0531045781: A Book of Prayer
0531045803: Gift of Umtal
0531045811: Chemistry
0531045838: Space Shuttle
0531045846: Video
0531045854: The Right to Privacy
0531045862: Unemployment
0531045870: Albert Einstein
0531045889: Martin Luther King, Jr.
0531045897: V. I. Lenin (Impact Biography S.)
0531045900: Margaret Mead
0531045919: Golda Meir
0531045927: Franklin D. Roosevelt
0531045935: Ghastly, Ghoulish, Gripping Tales
0531045943: Juvenile Justice and Injustice
0531046001: Mohandas Gandhi
0531046028: Sally Ride and the New Astronauts
0531046060: Tom's Tale (Blackbird Books)
0531046079: High Pavement Blues
0531046095: Gorilla
0531046109: My Book
0531046133: Tea-Time
0531046141: Hot and Cold
0531046168: Sun and Light
0531046176: Exploring Magnetism
0531046184: Computers (Easy-Read Fact Book)
0531046192: Night Sky
0531046206: Seasons
0531046214: Weather
0531046222: The Summer Olympics (An Easy Read Sports Book)
0531046230: Winter Olympics
0531046249: Bridges
0531046257: Canals
0531046265: Dams (An Easy-Read Modern Wonders Book)
0531046273: All Kinds of Money
0531046281: Prices Go up . . . Prices Go Down
0531046303: The Four Seasons
0531046311: On the Moon
0531046338: Movement
0531046346: Birds
0531046354: Trees
0531046362: Careers in the Computer Industry
0531046370: Invent Your Own Computer Games
0531046389: Computer Languages
0531046397: Computers in Our World, Today and Tomorrow
0531046400: Data Processing
0531046419: How to Run a Meeting
0531046427: First Book of Local Government
0531046435: First Book of Magic
0531046443: Programming in BASIC
0531046451: Aviation
0531046478: Indians of North America
0531046486: Monsters (Reference First Book)
0531046494: Pets
0531046508: Prehistoric Animals
0531046516: Astronomy (Franklin Watts Science World)
0531046524: Physics
0531046532: Drawing and Painting with a Computer
0531046540: Christmas Cooking Around the World
0531046559: Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Album of Nasa
0531046567: Animals (Make It Yourself)
0531046575: Cars and Boats (Make It Yourself)
0531046583: Christmas
0531046591: Space and Spacecraft
0531046605: The Third World Today (Impact Books)
0531046613: Album of Modern Horror Films
0531046621: Politics, Power and People : Four Governments in Action
0531046648: Food Trips and Traps
0531046656: New Japan
0531046664: Street Gangs
0531046672: Those Amazing Electronic Thinking Machines
0531046680: Astronomy and Plantology : Projects for Young Scientists
0531046699: Space Shuttles : Projects for Young Scientists
0531046702: How to Interpret Visual Resources
0531046710: How to Participate in a Group
0531046729: How to Read a Newspaper
0531046737: How to Use Maps and Globes
0531046745: How to Use Primary Sources
0531046753: How to Use Your Community as a Resource
0531046761: How to Use Computers as a Resource
0531046788: Children's Books of the Year, 1982
0531046796: Computers : How They Work
0531046818: Once Around the Galaxy
0531046826: Acid Rain
0531046877: We Live in Australia
0531046885: We Live in France (Living Here Series)
0531046893: We Live in Israel: A Living Here Book
0531046907: We Live in Italy (Living Here Series)
0531046915: A Loaf Of Bread
0531046923: A Cup of Coffee (Origins Books)
0531046931: Rubber Tires on Your Bike (Origins Ser.)
0531046958: Dairy Cows on the Farm
0531046966: Pigs Ont He Farm
0531046974: Poultry on the Farm (Down on the Farm Book)
0531046982: Sheep on the Farm
0531046990: Young Engineer in the Air (Young Engineer Series)
0531047008: In Communication: Young Engineer Series
0531047016: In the Factory
0531047024: On the Road
0531047032: Science of Artificial Intelligence
0531047040: Computer Graphics
0531047059: Robots and Robotics
0531047067: Castles
0531047075: Prehistoric Mammals
0531047083: Space Shuttle
0531047091: Trailbikes
0531047105: Roads
0531047113: Skyscrapers
0531047121: Tunnels
0531047148: Winning and Losing
0531047156: Come! Sit! Stay!
0531047164: On a Plane
0531047172: Baby Animals
0531047180: At the Doctor (Franklin Watts First Library)
0531047199: Charts and Graphs : Fun, Facts and Activities
0531047202: Maps and Globes : Fun, Facts, and Activities
0531047210: Measurements : Fun, Facts and Activities
0531047229: Different Not Dumb
0531047237: Computers in Action
0531047245: Radio and Radar
0531047253: Computers in the Home
0531047261: TV and Video
0531047288: Ancient Rome
0531047296: Word Processing
0531047318: North Central States
0531047326: Northeast States
0531047334: Pacific States
0531047342: Planets
0531047350: Rocky Mountain States
0531047369: Take a Trip to Brazil
0531047377: South Central States
0531047385: Southeast States
0531047393: Write Your Own Story
0531047407: Take a Trip to Hong Kong (Take a Trip Series)
0531047415: Take a Trip to Ireland
0531047423: Take a Trip to Nigeria
0531047431: Biology
0531047458: BASIC for Beginners
0531047466: COBOL for Beginners
0531047474: FORTRAN for Beginners
0531047482: Pascal for Beginners
0531047504: Susan B. Anthony
0531047512: Are You a Liberal, Are You a Conservative
0531047520: Winston Churchill
0531047539: The Foreign Policy Debate: Human Rights and American Foreign Policy (An Impact Book)
0531047547: Henry Ford
0531047555: Toxic Waste : Cleanup or Coverup?
0531047563: Insanity Plea
0531047571: Mexico and the United States Today : Issues Between Neighbors
0531047598: NATO : An Entangled Alliance
0531047601: Over-the-Counter Drugs
0531047628: Carl Sandburg
0531047636: Margaret Sanger
0531047644: Computer Science
0531047652: Ecology
0531047660: Heart and Circulatory System
0531047679: Cult Movement
0531047687: Equal Rights Amendments : The History and the Movements
0531047695: Spirits, Spooks, and Other Sinister Creatures
0531047709: Monsters and Dinosaurs
0531047717: Masks and Puppets
0531047725: Nuclear Freeze Movement
0531047733: Robots and Intelligent Machines (The Age of Computers)
0531047741: Programming Computers
0531047768: Computers In Everyday Life
0531047776: Computers and You (the Age of Computers)
0531047784: How Computers Work
0531047792: We Live in China (Living Here Ser.)
0531047806: We Live in Spain
0531047814: We Live in New Zealand (Living Here)
0531047822: We Live in Denmark (Living Here Series)
0531047830: We Live in Britain: A Living Here Book
0531047849: We Live in India (Living Here Series)
0531047857: Textiles
0531047865: Tools and Manufacturing
0531047873: Health and Medicine
0531047881: Weather and Climate (Planet Earth)
0531047903: Water on the Land (Planet Earth)
0531047911: The Oceans
0531047938: Volcanoes
0531047946: At Sea: Young Engineer (Dixon, Malcolm. Young Engineer.)
0531047954: On the Railway (Young Engineer)
0531047962: On the Waterway (Young Engineer)
0531047989: Your senses (You and your body)
0531048004: Your Brain and Nervous System
0531048012: Your Heart and Lungs
0531048020: The Structure of Your Body
0531048039: How You Grow and Change
0531048098: Satellites
0531048101: Computers
0531048128: Space Shuttle
0531048136: Games
0531048144: Party Time
0531048160: Robots and Computers
0531048179: Satellites and Computers
0531048187: Amazon
0531048195: Ancient Egypt
0531048209: Army Leaders of World War II
0531048217: Automobiles
0531048225: Farming Industry
0531048233: Fishing Industry
0531048241: How to Take a Test
0531048268: Mississippi
0531048276: Money and Banking
0531048284: Nile
0531048292: Nuclear Energy
0531048306: Producing Energy
0531048314: St. Lawrence
0531048322: Service Industries
0531048330: Forests (Picture Atlas)
0531048349: Mountains (Picture Atlas Series)
0531048357: Oceans (Picture Atlas)
0531048365: Rivers and Lakes
0531048373: Medicine : The Body and Healing
0531048381: Technology
0531048403: Micro Dictionary
0531048411: Miss Pickerell and the War of the Computers
0531048438: Computers in Entertainment and the Arts (Computer Applications Bks.)
0531048446: Computers in Government and the Military
0531048454: Computers in the Home (Computer Applications Bks.)
0531048462: Computers in Medicine (Computer Applications Book)
0531048470: Computers in Space
0531048489: Advanced BASIC for Beginners
0531048497: Forth for Beginners
0531048500: PILOT for Beginners
0531048519: Biofeedback : Fact or Fad
0531048527: Caribbean : Issues in U. S. Relations
0531048535: Civil Defense in the Nuclear Age
0531048543: Lebanon
0531048551: Noise Pollution
0531048578: PMS : Premenstrual Syndrome
0531048586: Jackie Robinson
0531048594: American Family
0531048608: Prison Life in America
0531048616: Battle of Britain
0531048624: Hiroshima and Nagaski
0531048632: D-Day
0531048640: Invasion of Poland
0531048659: Pearl Harbor
0531048667: Midway and Guadalcanal
0531048675: Combat Aircraft
0531048683: Tanks and Armored Vehicles
0531048691: Lasers
0531048705: Nuclear Power
0531048713: Take a Trip to Belgium
0531048721: Take a Trip to Saudi Arabia
0531048748: Take a Trip to Switzerland
0531048756: Looking at LOGO
0531048764: Looking at Computer Programming
0531048772: Looking at Computers
0531048780: Banks
0531048799: Picture Life of Michael Jackson
0531048802: Future World of Agriculture
0531048810: Future World of Energy
0531048829: Future World of Transportation
0531048837: Break Dancing
0531048845: Take a Trip to Denmark
0531048853: Take a Trip to Norway
0531048861: Take a Trip to Pakistan
0531048926: Remember Not to Forget
0531048934: Looking at BASIC
0531048942: Looking at Computer Games
0531048950: Looking at Computer Graphics
0531048969: Bodies of Water: Fun, Facts and Activities (Easy-Read Geography)
0531048977: Land Masses : Fun, Facts, and Activities
0531048985: Natural Resources : Fun, Facts, and Activities
0531048993: Inflation : When Prices Go Up, Up, Up
0531049000: Robots
0531049019: Snakes
0531049035: Build Your Own Space Station
0531049043: Baseball's Hall of Fame
0531049051: Computer Maintenance
0531049078: Electronic Bulletin Boards
0531049086: Etiquette
0531049094: Forest Resources
0531049108: Fossils
0531049116: Fuel Resources
0531049124: Ice Ages
0531049132: Jewish Holidays
0531049140: Lost Cities
0531049159: Mineral Resources
0531049167: Pollution
0531049175: Unemployment (First Books)
0531049183: War Gaming
0531049191: Water Resources
0531049213: Deserts and Wastelands
0531049248: Z80 Assembly Language Programming : For the Radio Shack, Adam, Timex Sinclair, and CP M Computers
0531049256: Chemical and Biological Warfare
0531049264: Cities under Stress : Can Today's City System Be Made to Work
0531049299: New Immigrants
0531049302: Transplants : Today's Medical Miracles
0531049310: Supercomputers
0531049329: Right to Vote
0531049337: Worker in America
0531049345: Missiles and Artillery
0531049353: Surface Warships
0531049361: Genetics
0531049388: Stocks and Bonds, Profits and Losses : A Quick Look at Financial Markets
0531049396: What Is the Sign for Friend?
0531049418: Take a Trip to Malaysia
0531049426: Take a Trip to Singapore
0531049434: Bmx Bikes
0531049442: Military Planes
0531049450: Computers
0531049469: Lasers and Holograms
0531049477: Robots
0531049485: Satellites
0531049493: Space Shuttle
0531049507: TV and Video
0531049515: Seashores
0531049523: Ponds and Streams
0531049531: Picture Life of Ronald Reagan
0531051005: The House That Jack Built
0531051048: Fables of LA Fontaine
0531051064: Best Loved Fairy Tales of Walter Crane.
0531051110: A Treasury of Best-Loved Rhymes (Peter Possum Paperbacks Ser)
0531051188: The Story of Miss Moppett
0531051218: Golden Goose and Other Stories.
0531051242: How the Leopard Got His Spots and Other Stories
0531051269: Tale of Benjamin Bunny
0531051277: Rip Van Winkle
0531051293: Nonsense Alphabets.
0531051382: More Goops and How Not to be Them: Manual of Manners For Impolite Infants Depicting the Characteristics of Many Naughty and Thoughtless Children with Instructive Illustrations.
0531051447: Walt Disney's Goofy the Sport
0531051455: OLD MACDONALD DUCK HAD A FARM A Puppet Book.
0531051463: Mickey Mouse and the Martian Mix-Up
0531051528: Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse Takes a Vacation
0531051536: Goofy the Clown
0531051544: DONALD DUCK AND THE HAUNTED HOUSE (A Moving Picture Book)
0531051552: Mickey Mouse Visits the Zoo
0531051560: Bambi and the Big Clean Up.
0531051587: Donald Duck and the Treasure Hunt.
0531051595: Bambi Gets Lost
0531051609: Donald Duck and the Chipmunks
0531051633: Alphabet
0531051668: Sizes
0531053504: Social Work: The Unloved Profession
0531053520: Financing elections;: The politics of an American ruling class
0531053539: Mental Breakdown of a Nation
0531053547: Building coalitions: American politics in the 1970s,
0531053555: Ray Ginger's jokebook about American history
0531053563: Prestes Column
0531053601: NEW SEXUALITY
0531053628: Diaries of Edward R. Stettinius, Jr, 1943-1946
0531053636: Mao Tse-Tung: a Critical Biography
0531053644: Solving the Indian problem: The white man's burdensome business
0531053652: Womanhood in America, from Colonial Times to the Present
0531053687: Ambiguous legacy: The left in American politics
0531053695: Some Sins Are Not Crimes: a Plea for Reform of the Criminal Law.
0531053709: Aristocratic Government and Society in Eighteenth-century England : The Foundations of Stability
0531053717: European Integration
0531053725: Reappraisals of Fascism
0531053733: 1830 in France
0531053768: The Infancy of Nazism: The memoirs of ex-Gauleiter Albert Krebs, 1923-1933.
0531053776: Seventeenth-Century England : Society in an Age of Revolution
0531053784: The strength in us: Self-help groups in the modern world
0531053792: Vain hopes, grim realities: The economic consequences of the Vietnam war
0531053806: Ugandan Asians in Great Britain
0531053814: Twentieth-Century Britain: National Power and Social Welfare
0531053822: Politics And Society In 20th Century Spain
0531053849: Pittsburgh (Documentary history of American cities) by
0531053857: Detroit (Documentary history of American cities)
0531053865: Harry Truman's China Policy McCarthyism and the Diplomacy of Hysteria, 1947-1951
0531053873: The United States and the Development of South America, 1945-1975
0531053881: Family and Kin in Urban Communities, 1700-1930
0531053903: The Conduct of American Foreign Relations
0531053911: The grass-roots mind in America: The American sense of absolutes
0531053938: St. Louis (Documentary history of American cities)
0531053946: Sexual deviancy in social context
0531053962: The Rise and Fall of the Plantation South
0531053970: The Origins of the Cold War and Contemporary Europe.
0531053989: Contemporary France: Illusion, conflict, and regeneration (Modern scholarship on European history)
0531053997: Aspects of Sino-American Relations Since 1784
0531054012: International Relations Through Science Fiction
0531054020: World History of Art
0531054039: Post-affluent America: The social economy of the future
0531054047: Violence and reform in American history
0531054055: Police and the Community
0531054063: American Government In Comparative Perspective
0531054071: Criminal justice : issues & ironies
0531054098: Cities in Transition.
0531054128: The Work Of Social Work
0531054136: Introducing Social Psychology
0531054144: American Political Parties
0531054195: Juvenile delinquency and juvenile justice
0531054209: A constitutional history of the United States
0531054217: American Public Policy
0531054225: American Congress
0531054233: The course of American diplomacy: From the Revolution to the present
0531054268: World Population
0531054500: Great Pumpkin Switch
0531054519: Are There Any Questions?
0531054527: Annie ... Anya : A Month in Moscow
0531054535: My Dearest Dinosaur
0531054543: Merry Muldoons and the Brighteyes Affair
0531054551: Navigation
0531054578: Who Was That Masked Man, Anyway?
0531054586: Life in the Desert
0531054594: Taste of Salt : A Story of Modern Haiti
0531054608: Do-Over
0531054616: Dear Nobody
0531054624: Amzat and His Brothers : Three Italian Tales
0531054632: Stories from Hans Christian Andersen
0531054640: Screen of Frogs : An Old Tale
0531054659: Julius
0531054667: Dreamplace
0531054675: Annie, Bea and Chi Chi Dolores : A School Day Alphabet
0531054683: Bobbin Dustdobbin
0531054691: Yo ! Yes
0531054705: Pole Dog
0531054713: What to Do about Pollution
0531054721: Yours Truly : A Novel
0531054748: Do You Know Me
0531054756: Looking for Your Name : A Collection of Contemporary Poems
0531054764: Toning the Sweep
0531054772: I Was a Teenage Professional Wrestler
0531054780: Bridge to Nowhere
0531054802: Grab Hands and Run
0531054810: Cow Who Wouldn't Come Down
0531054829: Maybe Yes, Maybe No, Maybe Maybe
0531054837: Asking the River
0531054845: Crocodile Snaps - Kangaroo Jumps
0531054853: The Crane Girl
0531054861: Three Bags Full
0531054888: Born in the Gravy
0531054896: Saint Patrick and the Peddler
0531054918: Girl Who Wore Snakes
0531054926: William's Ninth Life
0531054934: The Catspring Somersault Flying One-Handed Flip-Flop
0531054942: Soon, Annala
0531054969: Hunting the White Cow
0531054977: Tumble Tower
0531054985: Stardust Hotel
0531054993: Christmas Tree Farm
0531055507: Social work: The unloved profession,
0531055515: The great Nixon turn-around;: America's new foreign policy in the post-liberal era (how a Cold Warrior climbed clean out of his skin); essays and articles with an introductory statement,
0531055523: End to Hierarchy! An End to Competition! Organizing the Politics and Economics of Survival
0531055531: Financing elections;: The politics of an American ruling class
0531055566: Socialism; Its Theoretical Roots and Present-Day Development
0531055574: Affluent Revolutionaries: A Portrait of the New Left
0531055582: Fascism
0531055590: Mental Breakdown of a Nation
0531055604: Down and Out in the USA: A History of Public Welfare
0531055612: Building coalitions: American politics in the 1970s,
0531055620: Ray Ginger's Jokebook About American History.
0531055639: Prestes Column
0531055655: The new sexuality
0531055663: The problems of American education
0531055671: Solving the Indian Problem: The White Man's Burdensome Business
0531055698: The American experience in education,
0531055701: Diaries of Edward R. Stettinius, Jr, 1943-1946
0531055728: Metropolitan communities; new forms of urban sub-communities,
0531055736: State and Society in Seventeenth Cent France
0531055744: Man and Environment.
0531055752: Ambiguous legacy: The left in American politics
0531055760: Some sins are not crimes : a plea for reform of the criminal law
0531055779: Aristocratic government and society in eighteenth-century England: The foundations of stability (Modern scholarship on European history)
0531055787: European integration (Modern scholarship on European history)
0531055795: Reappraisals of fascism (Modern scholarship on European history)
0531055809: 1830 in France
0531055817: Imperial Germany (Modern scholarship on European history)
0531055833: The Infancy Of Nazism : The Memoirs Of ex-Gauleiter Albert Krebs 1923 -1933
0531055841: Seventeenth-century England: Society in an age of revolution (Modern scholarship on European history)
0531055868: Vain hopes, grim realities: The economic consequences of the Vietnam war
0531055876: Twentieth-century Britain: National power and social welfare (Modern scholarship on European history)
0531055884: Politics and Society in Twentieth-Century Spain
0531055892: China in the 1920s: Nationalism and Revolution
0531055906: Pittsburgh
0531055914: Detroit (Documentary History of American Cities)
0531055922: Family and Kin in Urban Communities, 1700-1930
0531055930: Harry Truman's China Policy: McCarthyism and the Diplomacy of Hysteria, 1947-1951
0531055949: The United States And The Development Of South America 1945-1975
0531055957: American Film Directors : The World As They See It
0531055981: Grass-Roots Mind in America: The American Sense of Absolutes, The
0531056007: Getting It Together: A Guide to Modern Psychological Analysis
0531056023: Criminal justice through science fiction by
0531056031: St. Louis
0531056058: Youth and change in American politics
0531056066: Rise and Fall of the Plantation South
0531056074: Origins of the Cold War and Contemporary Europe
0531056082: Contemporary France: Illusion, Conflict, and Regeneration (Modern Scholarship on European History)
0531056090: Aspects of Sino-American Relations Since 1784
0531056112: International Relations Through Science Fiction
0531056139: Violence and Reform in American History
0531056147: Private Lives and Public Accounts
0531056155: Police and the Community: An Analytic Perspective
0531056163: Communism: From Marx's Manifesto to 20th-century reality (Studies in contemporary politics)
0531056198: Global Challenges
0531056201: History : A Workbook of Skill Development
0531056236: Cities in Transition: Social Changes and Institutional Responses in Urban Development
0531056244: Womanhood in America: From colonial times to the present
0531056252: Psychotherapy, current perspectives
0531056260: The Work of Social Work
0531056279: Introducing Social Psychology
0531056287: American Political Parties
0531056309: American economic history: From abundance to constraint
0531056317: End to Hierarchy, an End to Competition
0531056325: Hooded Americanism: The History of the Ku Klux Klan.
0531056333: Nazi Seizure of Power : The Experience of a Single German Town, 1922-1945
0531056376: Aging in a changing society
0531056392: Contemporary Isms: A Political Economy Perspective
0531056414: History of the Holocaust
0531056422: Public Opinion and Interest Groups in American Politics
0531056430: The Course of American History
0531056449: The course of American history
0531056457: The course of American history
0531056481: Womanhood in America
0531056511: Constitutional History of the United Sta
0531057003: Bun and Mrs. Tubby
0531057011: One, Two, Three, How Many Animals Can You See?
0531057046: Arctic Adventure
0531057054: Birthday Presents
0531057062: Children of Christmas : Stories for the Season
0531057070: Chimney Witches
0531057089: Country Bear's Good Neighbor
0531057097: Crossing
0531057100: Daymaker
0531057119: Devil Storm
0531057127: Dog Worth Stealing
0531057135: Fish in His Pocket
0531057143: Follow the River
0531057151: Good-Bye and Keep Cold
0531057178: House in the Snow
0531057186: Josie's Beau
0531057194: Julia's Mending
0531057208: Lily and the Lost Boy
0531057216: Romeo and Juliet Together (and Alive!) at Last
0531057224: Skeeball and the Secret of the Universe
0531057232: Supernatural Stories
0531057240: This Delicious Day : Sixty-Five Poems
0531057259: Up Mountain One Time
0531057267: Waiting for the Rain
0531057275: Weird Disappearance of Jordan Hall
0531057283: Starlight and Moonshine: Poetry of the Supernatural
0531057291: Just As Long As We're Together
0531057305: Little Red Riding Hood Rebus Book
0531057321: From Me to You
0531057348: Basket Full of White Eggs : Riddle-Poems
0531057356: Cake for Barney
0531057364: Bun's Birthday
0531057372: Annabelle Swift, Kindergartner
0531057380: Witch King
0531057399: Ghosts of Stony Clove
0531057402: Tucking Mommy In
0531057410: In Shadowland
0531057429: Eric Carle's Treasury of Classic Stories for Children
0531057437: Oranges
0531057445: I Forgot
0531057453: A Thief in the Village, and Other Stories
0531057461: Redbird
0531057488: McKenzie's Boots
0531057496: Island
0531057518: Borrowed Children
0531057526: Worldwide Dessert Contest
0531057534: American Sports Poems
0531057542: Granny Was a Buffer Girl
0531057550: Balloon for Grandad
0531057569: Sex Education
0531057577: Music of What Happens : Poems That Tell Stories
0531057585: St. Francis and the Proud Crow
0531057593: Catwings
0531057607: Iktomi and the Boulder : A Plains Indian Story
0531057615: Cinderella Rebus Book
0531057623: Auntie's Knitting a Baby
0531057631: Fancy that!
0531057666: Transformations
0531057674: Kindness
0531057682: Pitch and Hasty Check It Out
0531057690: Mr. Griggs' Work
0531057704: How I Captured a Dinosaur
0531057712: Rain and Shine
0531057720: Chimney Witch Chase
0531057739: Tickle-Toe Rhymes
0531057747: Anno's Aesop
0531057755: Letter for Maria
0531057763: Ba Ba Sheep Wouldn't Go to Sleep
0531057771: All I See
0531057798: Lamb and the Butterfly
0531057801: Emma's Christmas : An Old Song Re-Sung and Pictured
0531057828: Something Upstairs
0531057836: Engineer of Beasts
0531057844: Sid Seal, Houseman
0531057852: Flip City
0531057887: Village by the Sea
0531057895: Piggest Show on Earth
0531057909: Reuben Runs Away
0531057917: Happy Birthday, Dolores
0531057925: Country Far Away
0531057933: Night Cars
0531057941: Tell Me a Story, Mama
0531057968: Louise Builds a House
0531057976: Captain Snap and the Children of Vinegar Lane
0531057984: Jessica the Blue Streak
0531057992: Walking to School: Poems
0531058018: Bathing Ugly
0531058026: Kid Curry's Last Ride
0531058034: Catwings Return
0531058042: And One for All
0531058050: Voyage of the Frog
0531058069: But I'll Be Back Again
0531058077: Adventures of High John the Conqueror
0531058085: Stories I Ain't Told Nobody Yet : Selections from the People Pieces
0531058093: White Cat
0531058107: Patty Dillman of Hot Dog Fame
0531058115: Country Bear's Surprise
0531058123: Freedom Songs
0531058131: Tabitha.
0531058174: Pulling My Leg
0531058182: I Wouldn't Be Scared
0531058190: Iktomi and the Berries : A Plains Indian Story
0531058204: Texas Star
0531058212: Christmas Cup
0531058220: Mrs. Mary Malarky's Seven Cats
0531058247: January Brings the Snow : A Seasonal Hide-&-Seek Book
0531058255: Ruthann and Her Pig
0531058263: Mr. Floop's Lunch
0531058271: Anna's Rain
0531058298: Dylan's Day Out
0531058301: Mother Night
0531058328: Red Rover, Red Rover
0531058336: Man Who Was Poe
0531058344: My Dog
0531058360: Short Subject
0531058379: Afternoon of the Elves
0531058387: Faery Flag : Stories and Poems of Fantasy and the Supernatural
0531058395: Winter Room
0531058409: Stray
0531058417: Clementine's Winter Wardrobe
0531058425: Junkyard Dog
0531058433: Pog
0531058441: Steam Locomotives
0531058468: Brickyard Summer
0531058476: Never Spit on Your Shoes
0531058484: Shoes from Grandpa
0531058492: Journey : Japanese Americans, Racism, and Renewal
0531058506: Little Train
0531058514: Walter's Magic Wand
0531058522: Do Like Kyla
0531058530: Deep Blue Sea
0531058549: Come a Tide
0531058557: Is This a House for Hermit Crab?
0531058565: We Keep a Store
0531058573: Mother's Day Sandwich
0531058581: Hi Bears, Bye Bears
0531058603: Proper Little Lady
0531058611: Dirty Dave
0531058638: Prince Lachlan
0531058646: Soda Jerk
0531058654: Boy Who Owned the School
0531058662: Naked in Winter
0531058670: White Peak Farm
0531058689: Jason and the Baseball Bear
0531058697: Shadow Boy
0531058700: Onion Tears
0531058719: Under Siege
0531058727: Old MacDonald Had a Farm
0531058735: Pog Climbs Mount Everest
0531058743: I Can't Sleep
0531058751: While I Slept
0531058778: Rob Goes A-Hunting
0531058808: Mr. Mumble
0531058816: Daydreams
0531058824: With the Wind
0531058832: Iktomi and the Ducks : A Plains Indian Story
0531058840: When I Am Old with You
0531058859: Jet Black Pickup Truck
0531058867: Basket
0531058883: Louise Builds a Boat
0531058891: Ruth's Bake Shop
0531058905: Luminous Pearl
0531058913: Dad Gummit and Ma Foot
0531058921: Trip to Mars
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