0534002277: Classical Man : Images of Modern Man Volume I
0534002285: Christian Man : Images of Western Man Volume II by Ravitch, Norman
0534002293: Modern Man : Images of Western Man Volume III
0534002307: Teaching Music in the Secondary Schools (American History Research Series)
0534002315: Deafness and Learning
0534002323: The management of market-oriented economies: A comparative perspective
0534002331: Custom-Published-RESEARCH METHODS
0534002358: The American Italians: their history and culture by Andrew F. Rolle.
0534002366: Basic Resources in Learning Music
0534002374: Logic and Philosophy: A Modern Introduction
0534002382: Sight, Sound, Motion; Applied Media Aesthetics
0534002404: Introduction to Moral and Social Philosophy
0534002439: Crafts Design
0534002455: Diatonic Style
0534002463: Custom-Published- BETTELHEIM LAB
0534002471: Modulation, Chromatic and Modern Styles
0534002498: Modulation, Chromatic and Modern Styles
0534002579: The Use And Misuse Of Drugs:A Social Dilemma
0534002587: Sexual Maturity
0534002668: Custom-Published-AMERICAN CONSTITUTIONAL LAW
0534002781: Say it now: Activities for college writing
0534002803: Egoism and Altruism
0534002838: Teaching Elementary Science
0534002846: Women:from the Greeks to the French Revolution
0534002862: Of Children; an Introduction to Child Development
0534002870: Urban Experience
0534002889: Ethical relativism, (Basic problems in philosophy series) by John Ladd
0534002897: Current perspectives on social problems,
0534002900: Elements of Interpersonal Communication
0534002919: Invitation to Philosophy: Issues and Opinions.
0534002927: The economy of love and fear;: A preface to grants economics (Grants economics series)
0534002935: Patterns in American history
0534002951: Custom-Published LAB MANUAL 1
0534002986: Chemistry;: Basic concepts and contemporary applications (Wadsworth series in chemistry)
0534003001: Design; Rhetoric and Anthology for College English
0534003028: The science of computing
0534003036: Contemporary Labor Economics: Issues, Analysis, and Policies
0534003044: Elements of Finite Mathematics
0534003052: Guide to Social Studies Teaching in Secondary Schools
0534003060: Patterns in American History Volume II
0534003087: Learning Music with the Guitar
0534003095: Exit-existentialism;: A philosophy of self-awareness
0534003109: Poems; Wadsworth handbook and anthology
0534003117: Age and sex in human societies: A biosocial perspective
0534003125: Algebraic Expressions
0534003133: Equations and inequalities in one variable (Wadsworth precalculus mathematics series)
0534003141: Exponential and logarithmic functions (Wadsworth precalculus mathematics series)
0534003168: Real Number System
0534003176: Poetry and the Visual Arts
0534003184: Retail management;: A channels approach
0534003206: Frames of reference: an introduction to literature
0534003249: Small business management: essentials of entrepreneurship
0534003257: Modern Math F Bus Decision -Makin
0534003265: Introduction to chemistry (Wadsworth series in chemistry)
0534003273: Essential Arithmetic.
0534003281: Theory and Applications of Mathematics for Teachers
0534003303: Systems of Linear Equations & Inequalities
0534003311: Computers in perspective
0534003338: Immortality (Basic problems in philosophy series)
0534003346: The Problem of Abortion (Early English Text Society. Extra Series)
0534003354: Punishment and Rehabilitation (Basic Problems in Philosophy Series)
0534003362: Persuasion, reception and responsibility
0534003370: Statistical Analysis and Modeling for Management Decision-Making
0534003389: Principles of educational measurement and evaluation.
0534003397: Elementary functions
0534003400: Patterns of thinking
0534003419: The practice of social work
0534003427: Philosophy: A Contemporary Perspective
0534003435: Concise Introduction to Music Listening
0534003443: Sociology: concepts and characteristics
0534003451: Human Development and Learning
0534003478: Living in the Environment
0534003494: Contemporary moral issues (Wadsworth continuing education series)
0534003508: Beginning Swimming (Wadsworth Sports Skills Series)
0534003516: Plant Physiology Laboratory Manual
0534003532: Sequences, Series, Probability, and Statistics
0534003540: Trigonometry
0534003559: Americans from Germany: A study in cultural diversity (Minorities in American...
0534003575: Analytic Properties of Trigonometric Functions
0534003583: EDP: controls and auditing
0534003591: Marketing in a consumer-oriented society
0534003605: Analytic Geometry in R2: Wadsworth Precalculus Mathematics Series
0534003613: Management: The Individual, the Organization, the Process
0534003664: The Passaic textile strike of 1926 (The American history research series)
0534003680: Psychology for Teaching
0534003710: Words and Ideas: A Handbook for College Writing
0534003729: Guiding Children to Mathematical Discovery
0534003737: Principles of speaking
0534003745: On Paper: A Course in College Writing
0534003753: Intro to Gen Organ AND Biolog Chm
0534003818: The Practice of Social Research
0534003834: Human Development
0534003869: Competencies for Teaching Individual Instruction
0534003877: Classroom instruction (Competencies for Teaching)
0534003885: Therapeutic Instruction
0534003893: Competencies for Teaching (His Competencies for teaching ; v. 4)
0534003907: Financial Accounting: The Main Ideas
0534003915: How: A Handbook for Office Workers
0534003923: Managerial accounting
0534003958: Biology: The integrity of organisms
0534003974: Mathematics for elementary teachers
0534003982: Communicate!
0534003990: Statistical analysis for business: A conceptual approach
0534004008: Conflict in the Classroom: The Education of Emotionally Disturbed Children
0534004016: The Exceptional Child: A Primer
0534004032: Techniques for beginning conductors
0534004040: Communication Behavior and Experiments: a Scientific Approach
0534004059: Finite Mathematics With Applications
0534004067: Modern mathematics with applications
0534004075: Energy and Environment
0534004083: Human sexuality, a psychosocial perspective
0534004091: Intermediate Algebra
0534004105: Essential Algebra
0534004113: The Nature and purpose of accounting
0534004148: Television Production Handbook
0534004164: Organic Chemistry : Detailed Solutions to Exercises and Problems
0534004172: Critical focus: An introduction to film
0534004199: Steps To Singing for Voice Classes 2ND Edition
0534004202: Argumentation and Debate: Rational Decision Making
0534004210: This is PR: The Realities of Public Relations
0534004237: Reading: Foundations and Instructional Strategies
0534004245: Operations Research for Business.
0534004253: The Challenge of Effective Speaking
0534004261: Discussion in small groups: A guide to effective practice
0534004288: Analytic Trigonometry with Applications
0534004296: The Making of Economics
0534004318: Principles of Macroeconomics
0534004334: Adolescents
0534004342: Visual Handicaps & Learning
0534004350: A First Course in Ordinary Differential Equations
0534004369: Mass Media and the School Newspaper
0534004377: Vocational and Career Education: Concepts and Operations
0534004385: Advertising in the Broadcast Media
0534004393: Comparative Anthology of Musical Forms, Volume 1
0534004407: Applied Fortran IV programming
0534004431: Understanding of Music
0534004458: Intermediate Algebra (Math)
0534004482: Intercultural Communication: A Reader compiled By Larry A. Samovar, Richard E. Porter
0534004490: Logic and Contemporary Rhetoric: The Use of Reason in Everyday Life
0534004504: Illusion and Disillusion: The Self in Love and Marriage
0534004512: The sociology of aging: Selected readings
0534004539: Free-Lancer and Staff Writer--Newspaper Features and Magazine Articles
0534004547: Living in Environment
0534004555: Intermediate Algebra
0534004563: Chemistry, a Contemporary Approach
0534004598: Comparative Anthology of Musical Forms
0534004636: The Social Forces in Later Life: An Introduction to Social Gerontology
0534004644: Looking at Ourselves: An Introduction to Philosophy
0534004652: The American Economy in a Historical Perspective
0534004660: Organizational Behavior
0534004679: College Math Stdnts Bus & Socsci
0534004687: Modern College Algebra and Trigonometry
0534004695: The economics of aging
0534004725: Art, Culture and Environment
0534004768: Business Communications: Principles and Methods
0534004776: A Preface to the Philosophy of State
0534004784: Harmonic Technique in the Rock Idiom: The Theory & Practice of Rock Harmony by
0534004806: Concise English Handbook
0534004814: Finite Mathematics Applied
0534004822: Introduction to Business : American Enterprise in Action
0534004830: Of Children: An Introduction to Child Development
0534004849: Social problems of the aging: Readings (Lifetime series in aging)
0534004865: Practical Methods for the Social Studies
0534004873: The Craft of Prose
0534004881: The Individual, Marriage, and the Family
0534004903: Biology-The Foundations
0534004911: Logic, Sets, AND Numbers
0534004938: Exchange and Production: Competition, Coordination, and Control
0534004946: Educational Telecommunications
0534004962: Shortened Cpa Law Review
0534004970: Applied FORTRAN programming: With standard FORTRAN, WATFOR, WATFIV, and structured WATFIV
0534004997: Applied Finite Mathematics
0534005012: Solutions Manual for Students: Calculus and Analytic Geometry
0534005020: Communications in Business
0534005039: Brass Ensemble Method for Music Educators.
0534005055: Music Fundamentals Through Folk Song, 77, Spiral, Wads Pub
0534005063: Fundamentals of modern business
0534005098: Study guide to accompany Fundamentals of modern business by Swindle, Robert E
0534005128: Student Supplement for Basic Statistics in Business & Economics - Second Edition
0534005136: Essential Arithmetic
0534005144: Stay Tuned: Concise Hist Amer Broadcast
0534005152: Deviant Behavior: A Social Learning Approach
0534005160: Study guide and projects to accompany Earl R. Babbie's Society by agreement , an introduction to sociology
0534005225: Learning to Look: a Handbook on Classroom Observation and Teaching Models...
0534005233: Counseling: Theory, process, and practice by Blackham, Garth J
0534005268: Theoretical Foundations of Music
0534005276: Chemistry : A Basic Introduction (Chemistry Ser.)
0534005284: Mathematics Its Power and Utility/Mathematics Concepts & Applications
0534005306: Television Production Handbook
0534005322: Broadcasting and the Public
0534005330: Personal and social ethics: Moral problems with integrated theory
0534005349: EDP, controls and auditing
0534005357: Theory and Applications of Mathematics for Teachers
0534005365: College Algebra
0534005381: Oceanography: An Introduction
0534005411: Poems: Wadsworth Handbook and Anthology
0534005462: Astronomy: The Cosmic Journey With Infotrac
0534005470: Readings in Governmental and Nonprofit Accounting
0534005489: Concise English Workbook
0534005497: Population with Infotrac
0534005500: Modern Radio Station Practices
0534005519: Calculus for Business and Life
0534005527: Ordinary Differential Equations With Modern Applications
0534005535: Design
0534005543: A Primer for Calculus
0534005551: Logic and Philosophy: A Modern Introduction
0534005586: Modern mathematics for business decision making
0534005594: Communicate!
0534005624: Plant Physiology
0534005632: Information systems in management
0534005640: Invitation to Philosophy: Issues and Options
0534005659: Beginning archery (Wadsworth sports skills series)
0534005667: Inviting School Success: A Self-Concept Approach to Teaching and Learning
0534005675: The third R: Mathematics teaching for grades K-8
0534005713: Plants and the ecosystem
0534005748: The Research Paper: Form and Content
0534005756: Plants and civilization
0534005780: Business math basics
0534005799: Essential Algebra
0534005802: Essentials of Structured Cobol Programming
0534005810: History of Economic Thought: A Critical Perspective
0534005829: Gerontology in Higher Education: Perspectives and Issues
0534005837: Organizations: An Information Systems Perspective,
0534005853: Recreation and leisure: The changing scene
0534005888: Economics: Principles in Action
0534005918: Comparing Theories of Child Development
0534005926: Problems of Moral Philosophy, an Introduction to Ethics
0534005969: Understanding Physics by Kowalski, Ludwik.
0534005977: Understanding behavioral research
0534005993: Idea to Delivery: a Handbook of Oral Communication.
0534006000: Rights
0534006027: Psychology for Teaching: A Bear Sometimes Faces the Front
0534006043: Mediamerica: Form, Content, and Consequence of Mass Communication
0534006051: Organic Chemistry
0534006078: Human services for older adults: Concepts & skills (Lifetime series in aging)
0534006094: Philosophy and Women
0534006108: Parents and Teachers: A Resource Book for Home, School, Community Relations
0534006116: The Challenge of Effective Speaking
0534006124: College Algebra and Trigonometry
0534006132: Families in Later Life
0534006159: Data processing: Computers in action
0534006167: Self-Paced Business Mathematics
0534006175: Reading and writing about language
0534006183: Reading Skills for Successful Living
0534006191: People to People
0534006213: Biology
0534006221: Working with parents: Guidelines for early childhood and elementary teachers
0534006256: QM, an introduction to quantitative methods for business application
0534006264: Calculus and Analytic Geometry
0534006272: Concise Introduction to Music Listening
0534006280: Personnel: The Management of Human Resources
0534006302: The Practice of Social Research
0534006310: Analyzing Social Settings
0534006337: The exceptional child: A primer (Wadsworth series in special education) by.
0534006345: The ABC's of Fortran Programming
0534006353: HOW 2: A handbook for office workers (Wadsworth word processing series)
0534006388: Beginning Badminton
0534006396: Beginning Bowling
0534006418: Beginning Golf
0534006426: Beginning Skiing
0534006442: Beginning Tennis
0534006469: Beginning Tumbling and Floor Exercise
0534006477: Beginning Volleyball
0534006493: Cardiovascular Disease
0534006523: Conrad's Heart of Darkness and the Critics
0534006558: Elementary mathematics of price theory
0534006582: Evolutionary Survey of the Plant Kingdom
0534006590: Foundations in Music Theory
0534006612: Health: A Consumer's Dilemma
0534006620: Health Behavior
0534006671: Literature
0534006698: Managing the Dynamic Small Firm
0534006701: Modern Trigonometry
0534006728: Music Dictation: A Stereo-Taped Series
0534006795: A Time to Speak
0534006809: Voice Speech-Language: Clinical Communicology--Its Physiology and Pathology
0534006817: War and Morality
0534006841: Living in the Environment
0534006868: Children and Language
0534006876: Biology of Aging (Lifetime Series in Aging)
0534006884: Contemporary Labor Relations
0534006892: Persuasion: Reception and Responsibility
0534006930: Contextual Analysis: Concepts and Statistical Techniques
0534006949: BASIC
0534006957: Understanding Crime: Concepts, Issues, Decisions
0534006973: Quantum Physics
0534006981: Theories of Learning
0534007007: Learning and Behavior
0534007015: Elements of the Essay
0534007023: Practicing Social Research
0534007031: A short guide to English composition
0534007058: Study guide and scores for a concise introduction to music listening
0534007074: COLLEGE ALGEBRA.
0534007082: Gerontology in Higher Education : Developing Institutional and Community Strength
0534007090: Moral Issues in Business
0534007104: Fundamentals of FORTRAN for Management
0534007120: Psychology
0534007198: Moons and Planets
0534007236: Study guide for Edward's and Broadwell's Data processing: Computers in action
0534007244: An Introduction to Cognitive Psychology
0534007252: Modification of child and adolescent behavior
0534007260: Thesis: Rhetoric of the essay
0534007287: Analytic Trigonometry with Applications
0534007295: The Newspaper: An Introduction to Newswriting and Reporting
0534007317: PKG,ACP-CHEM 122
0534007376: Sperry Univac supplement to Lawlor's BASIC
0534007384: A Preface to Philosophy
0534007392: Intermediate Algebra
0534007406: Readings for social research
0534007414: Learning Business Mathematics With Electronic Calculators.
0534007422: Introduction to nonprofit organization accounting
0534007449: Acting : The Creative Process
0534007457: Close-up on composition
0534007473: Printing Estimating : Principles And Practices
0534007481: Microprocessor Technology
0534007503: Attacking Faulty Reasoning
0534007538: Financial Accounting: Concepts and Principles
0534007546: Mathematics Applied to Business and the Social Sciences
0534007554: Understanding Organizational Behavior
0534007562: Physics: Health and the Human Body
0534007570: Guiding Children to Mathematical Discovery
0534007589: Musical Acoustics: An Introduction
0534007600: Sensation and Perception
0534007619: Basic Concepts in Music
0534007627: Justice: Alternative Political Perspectives
0534007635: Theatre, a Way of Seeing
0534007678: Philosophy, a Text with Readings
0534007686: Writer's Craft
0534007694: Electronics: Concepts, applications, and history
0534007708: Physics Around You
0534007716: The making of economics
0534007724: The Economics of Aging
0534007732: Pocketbook for Writers: A Guide to Writing and Revision
0534007740: Opportunity for Skillful Reading
0534007767: Toward a healthy lifestyle through elementary health education, with an atlas of instructional materials
0534007775: Communication for Business, Professional and Technical Students, 2nd edition;
0534007791: Minorities and aging (Lifetime series in aging)
0534007805: Social research for policy decisions
0534007813: The craft of prose
0534007821: Elementary Descriptive Statistics: For Those Who Think They Can't
0534007848: Sociology: Concepts and Characteristics
0534007856: Inter-act: Using inter personal communication skills
0534007864: Intermediate accounting
0534007872: Study Guide for Intermediate Algebra
0534007899: Operational Mathematics for Business
0534007902: First Philosophy
0534007910: Conflict in the Classroom: The Education of Emotionally Disturbed Children
0534007937: Economics: Concepts, Themes, Applications,
0534007953: Race and Ethnic Relations: The Social and Political Experience of Minority Groups
0534007988: Study guide to accompany Earl R. Babbie, Sociology, an introduction
0534007996: The Individual, Marriage, and the Family
0534008011: Religious Personality
0534008038: Crime and Deviance in America
0534008054: Data Processing
0534008062: Of Children An Introduction to Child Development 3rd Edition
0534008089: Applied Basic Programming
0534008097: Social Psychology as Social Process textbook, critical/practical Study, Human behavior
0534008100: Contemporary Labor Economics and Labor Relations: Issues, Analysis, and Policies
0534008127: Pictures on a Page: Photohournalism and Picture Editing
0534008151: Words and Ideas : A Handbook for College Writing
0534008178: Introduction of Music Reading
0534008194: Property, Profits, and Economic Justice
0534008208: The Very Young
0534008232: The Story of Adamsville
0534008259: Introduction to applied physics
0534008275: College Physics
0534008283: The Social Forces in Later Life: An Introduction to Social Gerontology (Lifetime Series in Aging)
0534008321: Principles of Educational and Psychological Measurement and Evaluation
0534008356: Philosophy of Law
0534008364: Energy and Environment
0534008372: First Course in Ordinary Differential Equations
0534008380: Laboratory Manual for General Chemistry
0534008399: Study Guide for General Chemistry
0534008437: Metalworking: An Introduction
0534008445: Study Guide for Psychology
0534008453: The Writer's Craft Workbook
0534008488: Wadsworth English Workbook
0534008496: Power and conflict in continuing education: Survival and prosperity for all? (The Wadsworth series in continuing education)
0534008526: College Algebra & Trigonometry
0534008534: College Algebra
0534008542: The sourcebook: Activities to enrich programs for infants and young children
0534008550: A Primer for Calculus
0534008577: Adolescents
0534008623: Understanding Intercultural Communication
0534008658: Introductory Mathematics
0534008674: This is PR: The Realities of Public Relations
0534008704: Why Study Sociology a Note to Undergraduates
0534008712: Modern College Algebra and Trigonometry
0534008720: Understanding Intercultural Communication
0534008739: Free-Lancer and Staff Writer: Newspaper Features and Magazine Articles
0534008763: Family Portrait: A Study of Contemporary Lifestyles
0534008801: Music in the education of children
0534008828: Broadcast Programming, Strategies for Winning Television and Radio Audiences
0534008836: Mass communication and everyday life: A perspective on theory and effects
0534008844: Writing in Public Relations Practice: Form & Style
0534008852: Communicate!
0534008860: College Mathematics for Students of Business, Life Sciences, and Social...
0534008879: Intermediate algebra
0534008887: Horizons - Exploring the Universe
0534008895: Horizons
0534008909: Ways to the Center: An Introduction to World Religions
0534008917: A Creative Approach to Music Fundamentals
0534008933: Chemistry : A Basic Introduction
0534008976: Concise Introduction to School Music Instruction, K-8
0534008984: Ordinary Differential Equations With Modern Applications
0534009018: Shortened Cpa Law Review
0534009026: Accounting Basics
0534009042: Psychology for Management
0534009077: Meat and fish management
0534009085: Business Communications: Principles and Methods
0534009093: Statistics, a first course
0534009107: Silent Messages: Implicit Communication of Emotions and Attitudes
0534009115: Economics: Principles in Action - Third Ed.
0534009131: Teaching Elementary Science
0534009158: Understanding of Music
0534009182: Basic Statistics in Business & Economics
0534009190: Student supplement for Basic statistics: In business and economics, third edition
0534009204: Fortran 77: Language and Style : A Structured Guide to Using Fortran 77
0534009212: Population with Infotrac
0534009220: The magic medium: An introduction to radio in America
0534009239: The Practical reader
0534009247: Reason and Responsibility: Readings in Some Basic Problems of Philosophy
0534009255: Hotel, Restaurant, and Travel Law
0534009263: Principles of Dc and Ac Circuits
0534009298: Sociology A Way of Seeing
0534009301: Biology: The Unity and Diversity of Life
0534009328: Elements of the Essay
0534009336: EDP: Controls and Auditing
0534009352: Quantitative Models for Management
0534009387: Introduction to electronics and instrumentation
0534009409: Activities, Guidelines and Resources for Teachers of Special Learners by...
0534009417: Reporting Processes and Practices
0534009441: Argumentation and Debate: Reasoned Decision Making
0534009468: Audio in Media
0534009476: Methods Toward a Science of Behavior and Experience
0534009514: Religion, the Social Context
0534009530: Marriages and Families Making Choices Throughout the Life Cycle 2nd Edition
0534009549: PCP : The Devil's Dust
0534009557: Social Work Methods and Processes
0534009573: Consumer Behavior: Concepts and Strategies
0534009581: Consumer Behavior and Marketing Action
0534009603: An Introduction to Differential Equations: With Difference Equations, Fourier Series, and Partial Differential Equations
0534009611: Applied Fortran 77: Featuring Structured Programming
0534009638: Macroeconomic Applications: Understanding the American Economy
0534009646: Environment, Energy, and Society
0534009654: Critical reasoning: Understanding and criticizing arguments and theories
0534009689: Microeconomic applications: Understanding the American economy
0534009697: Are You a Target?
0534009719: Strategic Marketing: Planning, Implementation, and Control
0534009727: Cases in Financial Reporting
0534009735: Native American Religions : An Introduction
0534009743: Speech communication in business and the professions
0534009778: Study guide for Starr and Taggart's Biology, the unity and diversity of life, second edition
0534009786: Calculus & Analytic Geometry
0534009794: Calculus and Analytic Geometry
0534009808: Not found - converted to zShop
0534009816: Solutions Manual For Holder's A Primer For Calculus
0534009867: Algebra for College Students
0534009948: Living in the Environment
0534009964: Vocational Education: Concepts and Operations
0534009972: Invitation to Philosophy: Issues and Options
0534009980: Professional Ethics
0534009999: Judaism, Development and Life
0534010008: Applying Ethics: A Text with Readings
0534010032: Intercultural Communication: A Reader
0534010040: Pocketbook for Technical and Professional Writers (Freshman Engl/Advanced Writing)
0534010059: Astronomy, the cosmic journey
0534010067: Persuasion and Human Action: A Review and Critique of Social Influence Theories
0534010075: College Algebra
0534010083: The Rhetorical Act
0534010091: Fundamentals of Social Work Practice: A Book of Readings
0534010105: Processing Communication
0534010113: Deviance, Voices from the Margin
0534010148: Trigonometry
0534010164: Printing Technology
0534010199: Psychology for Teaching: A Bear Rarely Faces the Front
0534010202: Steps to Reading Proficiency
0534010210: The Challenge of Effective Speaking
0534010229: Teaching elementary language arts: A literature approach
0534010237: Information Systems in Management
0534010245: Understanding Sociology: A Context for Action
0534010253: Research Methods in Education (Wadsworth Series in Social Philosophy)
0534010261: Cost accounting: Accumulation, analysis and use by Louderback, Joseph G
0534010288: Japanese Religion : Unity and Diversity
0534010296: Nonvascular Plants
0534010326: Achieving Success in College
0534010334: Human anatomy and physiology
0534010342: Physical geology: A process approach
0534010350: Elementary Algebra
0534010377: MEDIAMERICA, 2ND
0534010385: Environment of International Business
0534010407: Advanced Machine Technology
0534010415: Study Guide for Advanced Machine Technology
0534010423: Advanced Machine Technology
0534010431: Digital and Microprocessor Electronics for Scientific Application
0534010458: The Research Paper: Process, Form, and Content
0534010474: International Dimensions of Marketing (Wadsworth Series in Mass Communication)
0534010482: Empathic Communicator
0534010490: Principles of Accounting
0534010547: Diesel Mechanics and Introduction
0534010555: Principles of Integrated Electronics
0534010563: An Invitation to Fly: Basics for the Private Pilot
0534010571: Invitation to Fly Basics for the Private Pilot
0534010598: The Promotable Woman: Becoming a Successful Manager (Wadsworth Series in Chemistry)
0534010601: Sociological Outlook: A Text With Readings
0534010628: Communicating for Results: A Guide for Business and the Professions
0534010636: Data processing: Computers in action
0534010644: Data Processing : Computers in Action
0534010660: Administration of Continuing Education
0534010687: The Practice of Marketing Research
0534010695: Newswriting for the Electronic Media: Principles, Examples, and Applications (Wadsworth Series in Mass Communication)
0534010709: Personnel: The Management of Human Resources
0534010717: Clear Thinking, Clear Writing, Paragraphs Under Control
0534010725: Management of Retail Enterprises
0534010733: Basic Industrial Drafting Skills
0534010768: Reasons and Arguments
0534010776: Thin and fit: Your personal lifestyle
0534010784: Sociological footprints: Introductory readings in sociology by
0534010792: Successful activities for enriching the language arts
0534010806: China's Minorities: Yesterday and Today
0534010814: Writing Project
0534010822: Situational Writing
0534010830: Economics for consumers
0534010849: Industrial Marketing Management
0534010865: Presidents and Politics: The Limits of Power
0534010873: Engineering: The Career and the Profession
0534010881: Logic and Philosophy: A Modern Introduction
0534010903: Moral Aspects of Health Care.
0534010911: Occupational reading by Waters, Louise Bay
0534010938: Managerial Statistics: A Unified Approach
0534010946: Theories of Personality
0534010954: On Paper: A Basic Course in College Writing
0534010962: Mathematical Tools For Machine Technology
0534010970: Life Cycle Group Work in Nursing
0534010997: Working Together: Fundamentals of Group Decision Making
0534011004: Working Together: Fundamentals of Group Decision Making
0534011012: BASIC: An introduction to computer programming (Brooks/Cole series in computer science)
0534011047: The Human Relations Experience: Exercises in Multicultural, Nonsexist Education
0534011101: Basic Mathematics for Welding
0534011136: Managerial accounting
0534011144: Study guide for Managerial accounting
0534011160: How 3: A Handbook for Office Workers
0534011195: College Algebra
0534011209: Concise Introduction to Logic
0534011217: A Study Guide for Hurley's Concise Introduction to Logic
0534011225: New English Handbook
0534011233: New English Workbook
0534011241: Essential Algebra
0534011268: Reporting Public Affairs:Problems And Solutions
0534011330: Analyzing Educational Research (Wadsworth Series in Mass Communication)
0534011349: Moral Issues in Health Care: An Introduction to Medical Ethics
0534011365: Advanced Engineering Mathematics
0534011373: Trigonometry: A New Approach
0534011381: College Algebra
0534011403: Living Issues in Ethics
0534011411: The Job of the Planning Commissioner (Language Skills Concise Guide)
0534011470: Multivariate Statistics Social Science 1e '83
0534011489: Primary Care Nursing Crises Model in Client Management
0534011497: Nursing Models: Analysis and Evaluation
0534011500: Safety Engineering
0534011519: Counseling Children
0534011527: Case Studies in Child Development
0534011535: Science and Unreason
0534011551: Self-Paced Business Mathematics
0534011578: Communication As Action: An Introduction to Rhetoric and Communication
0534011586: Costing Human Resources
0534011608: Federal Regulation of Personnel and Human Resource Management (Kent Human Resource Management Series)
0534011616: Decision Making.
0534011632: Foundations of Chemistry in the Laboratory
0534011691: Biology, the Foundations
0534011721: Intermediate Algebra
0534011748: Groups
0534011756: Basic Math Approach to Concepts of Chemistry, 2nd edition;
0534011764: American Politics in the Media Age
0534011780: American System Of Criminal Justice
0534011799: Fundamentals of electronics
0534011802: Functions and Graphs
0534011810: Christianity: An Introduction
0534011837: Exercises in Marketing Research
0534011845: Chemistry, Fifth Edition
0534011853: Study Guide for Mortimer's Chemistry
0534011888: Elements of Calculus
0534011950: A First Undergraduate Course in Abstract Algebra,
0534011969: Writing to communicate: A rhetoric, reader, and handbook for college writers
0534011977: Basic Mathematics for Calculus, 2nd edition;
0534011985: Calculus and Analytic Geometry
0534011993: Calculus and Analytic Geometry : Student Solution Manual
0534012019: I never knew I had a choice
0534012027: College algebra (Contemporary undergraduate mathematics series)
0534012043: Organic Chemistry
0534012051: Psychology applied to modern life: Adjustment in the 80s
0534012140: Growing Through Time
0534012159: Communication In Everyday Life
0534012167: Philosophy, a Text with Readings
0534012175: Psychology and American Law
0534012183: Past, Present, and Future: A Reading-Writing Text
0534012191: The psychology of human behavior
0534012213: Child services: On behalf of children
0534012221: Meal Management Today
0534012248: Essentials of trigonometry
0534012256: An Introduction to Group Dynamics
0534012264: Geologic Hazards, Resources, and Environmental Planning
0534012280: Mass Media Research: An Introduction (Contemporary Undergraduate Mathematics Series)
0534012299: Child Psychology
0534012329: Good Reason for Writing
0534012337: Dealing With the Unexpected: A Situational Approach for Teachers
0534012353: Operational Mathematics for Business
0534012388: Introduction To Fluid Mechanics
0534012396: Contemporary Clinical Psychology
0534012418: Basic Steps in Planning Nursing Research
0534012426: Adolescent Life Experiences
0534012434: Introduction to electronics
0534012442: Psychology
0534012450: Psychology: Study Guide
0534012469: Finite Mathematics: With Applications to Business, Health Science, and Social Science
0534012477: Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences
0534012493: A Transition to Advanced Mathematics
0534012507: Logic and Philosophy
0534012515: Growing Old in Different Societies: Cross-Cultural Perspectives
0534012523: Power & Politics in America
0534012531: Aging: Scientific Perspectives and Social Issues (Brooks/Cole Series in Social Gerontology)
0534012558: The Practice of Social Research
0534012566: Practicing Social Research: Guided Activities to Accompany the Practice
0534012574: Decisions for Health
0534012590: Implementation of Civil Rights Policy (The Brooks/Cole Series on Public Policy)
0534012604: Physics: The Excitement of Discovery;
0534012612: Being a Counselor : Directions and Challenges
0534012620: Cognitive psychology: A skills approach
0534012639: Liking, Loving & Relating
0534012647: Introduction to Human Disease
0534012663: Magazine Editing in the 80s: Text and Exercises
0534012671: Interplay of Influence
0534012701: Introduction to Cell Biology
0534012736: Hotel, restaurant, and travel law
0534012744: Matrix Algebra for Engineers
0534012752: Problem Solving and Structured Programming With Fortran 77 (Wadsworth Series in Mass Communication)
0534012809: Theories of Human Communication
0534012817: Elements of the Essay
0534012833: Politics and Structure: Essentials of American National Government
0534012841: Political Analysis: Technique and Practice
0534012922: Analysis and Application of Nursing Research: Parent-Neonate Studies
0534012930: Computer Graphics Problems Manual
0534012957: Graphic Arts Photography
0534012981: Introduction to Management
0534013007: Treating Multiproblem Family
0534013015: Counseling and Therapy Skills
0534013031: Inter-ACT: Using Interpersonal Communication Skills
0534013058: Pianolab: An Introduction to Class Piano
0534013066: Of Children
0534013082: Of Children: An Introduction to Child Development
0534013139: Comparative Economic Systems
0534013147: Microeconomics
0534013163: Electricity for Refrigeration, Heating and Air Conditioning
0534013171: International Dimensions of Management
0534013201: Exchange and Production : Competition, Coordination, and Control
0534013228: Relationships in Social Service
0534013236: Business Math Basics
0534013260: Microprocessor Microcompuiter Technology
0534013295: Persuasion: Reception and Responsibility
0534013317: Intentional interviewing and counseling
0534013333: Power and Conflict in Continuing Professional Education.
0534013341: Operational Amplifiers for Technicians
0534013368: Human nutrition and diet therapy
0534013376: Nursing Leadership and Management: An Experimental Approach
0534013384: Nursing Pharmacology : A Comprehensive Approach to Drug Therapy
0534013392: Management of Spinal Cord Injury
0534013422: Eastern Ways to the Center: An Introduction to Asian Religions (Religious Life of Man Series)
0534013430: Linear networks and systems
0534013449: Financial statement analysis: Using financial accounting information
0534013457: Word Information Processing: Applications, Skills, and Procedures
0534013465: Word/information processing: Concepts and procedures
0534013473: Moral Issues in Business
0534013538: Introduction to Business by Joseph T. Straub by Joseph T. Straub by Joseph T. St
0534013554: Consumer health: Facts, skills, and decisions
0534013589: Applied Electromagnetism
0534013597: Telecourse Guide to the Business of Management
0534013600: Student Review for Introduction to Management.
0534013619: Program Design With Pseudocode
0534013635: Elementary Logic
0534013643: Linear Algebra with Applications
0534013678: Study Guide to Accompany, Earl R. Babbie Sociology, An Introduction, Third Edition
0534013708: Basic: An Introduction to Computer Programming with the Apple
0534013740: Native American Traditions : Sources and Interpretations
0534013759: Introduction to Music Education
0534013767: Public policy in the eighties (The Brooks/Cole series on public policy)
0534013775: Foundations of comparative politics: A policy perspective
0534013783: An Apple for the Teacher: Fundamentals of Instructional Computing (Brooks/Cole
0534013813: Sociology: Concepts and Characteristics
0534013872: Residential Construction Blueprints Read
0534013880: Auditing: Theory and Practice
0534013945: Advanced structured COBOL
0534013961: Business English
0534013988: Performance appraisal: Assessing human behavior at work (Kent human resource management series)
0534013996: Compensation Theory and Practice (Brooks/Cole Series in Computer Education)
0534014003: Programmed guide to tax research
0534014089: Community Mental Health: A General Introduction
0534014097: Scientists, Engineers, and Organizations
0534014100: Strategies for Success: Work/Life Planning
0534014127: Drugs and society: A biological perspective
0534014135: Human development, a life-span approach
0534014151: Industrial electronics
0534014178: Aging, Continuity and Change
0534014216: Structured Cobol for Microcomputers
0534014224: Learning Basic Programming: A Systematic Approach (Brooks/Cole Series in Computer Science)
0534014232: Basic Analysis of Variance Programs for Microcomputers
0534014259: Intermediate Algebra
0534014356: Intermediate Algebra
0534014364: Solutions Manual for Students: Intermediate Algebra, 6th Edition, By Wooton and Drooyan
0534014380: TECHNICAL CALCULUS with Analytic Geometry
0534014569: Business Law: Principles and Cases
0534014593: Instructional software: Principles and perspectives for design and use
0534014607: Probability and Statistics for Modern Engineering
0534014623: Engineering: Fundamentals of Problem-Solving
0534014658: Television Production Workbook
0534014674: International Dimensions of Accounting
0534014690: Theory and Practice of Social Welfare Policy: Analysis, Processes and Current Issues
0534014704: CALCULUS AND ANALYTIC GEOMETRY Solutions Manual Volume 1 (Chapters 1-6)
0534014712: Digital electronics: Logic and systems
0534014992: PKG,ACP-CHEM 1120
0534015034: A Preface to Philosophy
0534015859: Business Communications-Principles & Methods, 4th edition;
0534016790: Cme Intro Soc Work/Welf Info
0534019099: Solid Calculus and Analytical Geometry
0534020267: Plants and Civilization
0534021328: Self-Directed Behavior (Psychology Ser.)
0534022030: Essentials of General Organic & Biologic
0534026710: The Personal Science
0534026729: Psychology: The personal science
0534026753: Study Guide and Solutions Manual for Organic Chemistry
0534026796: The Interplay of Influence
0534026850: Managerial Economics
0534026877: Logic, Sets and Numbers
0534026885: Trigonometry for College Students
0534026923: A Primer for Calculus
0534026958: College algebra
0534027024: The Software buyer\'s guidebook: Strategies for selecting business software
0534027040: Presentations for decision makers: Strategies for structuring and delivering your ideas (General Business & Business Ed.)
0534027059: In Training: A Practical Guide to Management Development
0534027075: Industrial Toxicology : Safety & Health Applications in the Workplace
0534027199: Practical Guide to Box-Jenkins Forecasting
0534027202: Managing high-technology companies
0534027210: Writing Business Letters with a Personal Touch
0534027237: Managing performance: A comprehensive guide to effective supervision
0534027245: The Doctor's Computer Handbook
0534027326: Family Portrait: A Study of Contemporary Lifestyles
0534027377: Presidential Power in the United States
0534027385: Elementary Linear Algebra
0534027393: Modern Technical Mathematics
0534027407: Studentds Solutions Manual for MODERN TECHNICAL MATHEMATICS
0534027423: Biology: The Unity and Diversity of Life
0534027431: Biology: Unity and Diversity of Life
0534027458: Morality in Practice
0534027466: Human anatomy
0534027490: Cultural anthropology
0534027512: Opportunity for Skillful Reading
0534027563: Developmental psychology: Theory, research, and applications
0534027571: Developmental Psychology
0534027598: When Words Collide
0534027628: Algebra: A First Course
0534027652: Chemistry: Basic Introduction
0534027679: Time in Dynamic Geometry (Brooks/Cole series in criminal justice)
0534027687: Personal Computing: Basic Programming on the TRS-80.
0534027709: Aging, Concepts and Social Issues
0534027768: Motivational Explanations of Behavior: Evolutionary, Psychological, and Cognitive Ideas
0534027776: College Algebra and Trigonometry (Contemporary Undergraduate Mathematics Series)
0534027792: Beginning Algebra for College Students
0534027822: Writing for Television and Radio (Wadsworth Series in Mass Communication)
0534027857: Development and Maintenance of Large Software Systems
0534027865: Computer-aided multivariate analysis
0534027970: Essential CPA Law Review
0534027989: Religion North American style
0534028004: Communicate!
0534028020: Plants
0534028039: Mainstreaming Young Children
0534028055: Crisis Counseling A Contemporary Approach
0534028063: Nature of Mathematics
0534028136: American Politics: Changing Expectations
0534028144: Analyzing Social Settings: A Guide to Qualitative Observation and Analysis
0534028152: Great Traditions in Ethics
0534028160: Student Solutions for Calculus and Analytic Geometry
0534028187: Chemistry: A Basic Introduction Lab Manual
0534028195: Issues & Ethics in the Helping Professions
0534028209: Introduction to Marital Theory and Therapy
0534028217: Governmental Accounting and Control
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