0070094659: History of Mathematics : An Introduction
0070094667: Elementary Number Theory
0070094683: History of Mathematics
0070094721: Business Week Guide to the Best Business Schools
0070094748: Standard Handbook of Architectural Engineering
0070094756: Marketing Research and Information Systems: Text and Cases
0070094772: Marketing: a contemporary analysis
0070094810: Basics, The: A Rhetoric & Handbook--2nd Ed
0070094829: 75 Readings Plus
0070094845: Reader for Developing Writers
0070094888: 75 Readings Plus
0070094918: Instructors Manual to Accompany A Reader for Developing Writers 4th
0070094926: Aviator's Guide to Gps
0070094934: Aviator's Guide to Gps
0070095000: General Meteorology
0070095019: Leo : The Incredible Story of the World's First Business Computer
0070095027: Ten Thousand Medical Words
0070095035: Ten Thousand Medical Words, Spelled and Divided for Quick Reference
0070095043: Gregg Medical Shorthand Dictionary
0070095086: How to Keep a Man in Love With You--Forever
0070095094: Marrying Later, Marrying Smarter
0070095108: Electronic displays
0070095116: Decision Models for Management
0070095124: Decision Models for Management: Instructor's Manual to Accompany
0070095132: Speak for Yourself : An Introduction to Public Speaking
0070095140: Electrical Safety Handbook
0070095183: Microprocessor support chips: Theory, design, and applications
0070095205: Inside the IBM PC AT
0070095221: Electronic Test Equipment : Principles and Applications
0070095248: Copy preparation for printing
0070095256: Inside the IBM PS-2 Systems
0070095272: Inside the IBM PS-2 Systems
0070095280: Sharing in the kitchen: A cookbook for single parents and children
0070095299: Sharing In the Kitchen
0070095302: Southeast Asia: Its Historical Development
0070095310: Savoring Mexico: A Travel Cookbook
0070095329: Savoring Mexico, A Travel Cookbook
0070095582: Printed Circuit Board Design with Microcomputers
0070095590: The intracultural communication book (College custom series)
0070095612: Rites
0070095884: Handbook of Adhesive Bonding
0070095892: Controlling future arms trade by
0070095906: Controlling future arms trade (1980s project/Council on Foreign Relations)
0070095914: Blueschild baby
0070095930: Career in C Major and Other Fiction
0070095949: Career in C Major
0070096007: Reliability Principles and Practices
0070096074: There Must Be a Lone Ranger: The American West in Film and in Reality
0070096082: The Book of Ultimates
0070096120: Marine Diesel Engines : Maintenance, Troubleshooting, and Repair
0070096139: What's Your Diet Sign?
0070096155: Soviet-American relations in the 1980s: Superpower politics and East-West trade (1980s project/Council on Foreign Relations)
0070096163: Soviet-American Relations in the 1980's : Super-Power Politics and East-West Trade
0070096198: Classic and Contemporary Readings in the Philosophy of Education
0070096201: CRIMINALISTICS: For the Law Enforcement Officer
0070096236: TQM for Purchasing Management
0070096244: Speaking of Principle
0070096252: Informed Consent : Inside the Dow Corning Breast Implant Tragedy
0070096317: Bulletproof Documentation Creating Quality Through Testing
0070096325: Speak for Yourself : An Introduction to Public Speaking
0070096376: Introduction to Community-Based Corrections
0070096384: Developing Editing Skill
0070096422: Revocable Trusts (Tax and estate planning series)
0070096473: Time-Saver Standards for Architectural Design Data
0070096481: Problem Solving with Computers
0070096503: Surface At the Pole : The Extraordinary Voyages of the USS Skate
0070096511: Schaum's Outline of Theory and Problems Technical Math
0070096570: Naval Profession
0070096589: Planning Your Career
0070096597: Mathematics for Computers
0070096627: Business Guide to Small Computers
0070096635: Time-Saver Standards for Architectural Design Data
0070096643: The Throwing Madonna: Essays on the Brain
0070096651: The Throwing Madonna: Essays on the Brain.
0070096732: An Indian Summer.
0070096775: Environmental Biology for Engineers
0070096783: America comes of age;: The era of Theodore Roosevelt (Library of the 20th century)
0070096791: America Comes of Age Roosevelt
0070096813: Star Mountain and Other Legends of Mexico
0070096821: Lifeboats to Ararat
0070096902: Science of Providing Milk for Man
0070096910: Financial Institutions, Markets and Economic Activity
0070096937: Dead Man Walking: Teaching in a Maximum-Security Prison
0070096953: The Science of Animals That Serve Mankind
0070096961: The Science of Animals that Serve Mankind
0070097003: Science of Animals That Serve Humanity
0070097011: Construction Project Scheduling
0070097046: Containing the Health Care Cost Spiral
0070097054: Rhetoric and literature
0070097062: Private Branch Exchange Systems and Applications
0070097089: Collective Management: The Reform of Global Economic Organizations (1980s Project (Council on Foreign Relations))
0070097097: Collective Management: The Reform of Global Economic Organizations
0070097100: Psychology: The Experimental Approach
0070097216: The Northern Italian cookbook
0070097232: Vegetables the Italian way
0070097240: System Development Standards, by Candullo
0070097259: Signal Processing : Model Based Approach
0070097275: Developing Proofreading Skill
0070097496: Hazardous Solvent Source Reduction
0070097542: Dynamics of Physical Systems
0070097607: Theory Of Optimal Control And Mathematical Programming
0070097615: Psychology of Adjustment and Human Relations
0070097666: Understanding a child's world: Readings in infancy through adolescence
0070097674: Environmental Impact Assessment
0070097763: Professional Perspective Drawings for Ar
0070097801: Landscape
0070097828: The Bible as Literature (Patterns in Literary Art Series)
0070097836: DB2 Applications Development Handbook
0070097909: Chemistry and Catalytic Reaction Engineering
0070097925: Computer Systems Conversion
0070097933: Pet Medicine: Health Care and First Aid for All Household Pets.
0070097941: Private Lives of Animals
0070098018: Focus (The McGraw-Hill literature series)
0070098050: Perception (Themes and Writers Ser.)
0070098093: Insights
0070098131: Encounters
0070098166: Expert MVS-XA JCL : A Guide to Advanced Techniques
0070098174: American Literature, a Thematic Approach
0070098182: Teacher's Resource Guide for American Literature: A Thematic Approach
0070098204: Expert MVS-ESA JCL : Guide to Advanced Techniques
0070098212: British and Western Literature : A Thematic Approach
0070098220: British and Western literature: a Thematic Appraoch Teacher's Resource Guide
0070098433: Mac, conversations about management
0070098441: American Literature, a Chronological Approach (Mcgraw-Hill Literature Series)
0070098514: Focus
0070098557: Perception
0070098638: Encounters
0070098646: Teacher's resource guide for Encounters: Themes in literature (Themes and writers series)
0070098670: American Literature : Themes and Writers, Third Edition
0070098689: Teacher's resource guide for American literature: Themes and writers (Themes and writers series)
0070098719: British and Western Literature
0070098751: Patten's Foundations of Embryology
0070098808: Keep It Running: A Study Guide
0070099022: Patten's Foundations of Embryology
0070099030: Insights: themes in literature (Themes and writers series)
0070099049: Encounters:Themes in Literature
0070099057: American literature; themes and writers (The Themes and writers series)
0070099065: Western literature; themes and writers (Themes and writers series)
0070099073: Focus: themes in literature (Themes and writers series)
0070099081: Perception: themes in literature (Themes and writers series)
0070099154: American Literature a Thematic Approach : Teacher's Resource Notebook (The Mcgraw-Hill Literature Series)
0070099197: Brief Introduction to Organic Chemistry
0070099219: Organic Chemistry : A Brief Course
0070099286: Little Sports : The Official Rules of Insignificant Indoor Rivalries
0070099294: Practical Air Conditioning Equipment Repair
0070099340: Organic Chemistry
0070099359: Organic Chemistry
0070099405: Foundations of Embryology
0070099499: Organic Chemistry
0070099510: Buying Stocks Without a Broker
0070099529: Buying Stocks Without a Broker
0070099545: Successful Shark Fishing
0070099553: Communication Systems: an Introduction to Signals and Noise in Electrical Communication
0070099596: Rural Society and Environment in America
0070099618: Communication Systems
0070099685: Encouters: Themes in Literature
0070099693: American Literature
0070099707: Western Literature (The Themes and Writers Series)
0070099758: Melodic Perception
0070099782: Free Lunch on Wall Street : Perks, Freebies, and Giveaways for Investors
0070099790: Free Lunch on Wall Street : Perks, Freebies, and Giveaways for Investors
0070099804: Through the looking glass (College Custom)
0070099863: Group Theory and General Relativity: Representations of the Lorentz Group and Their Applications to the Gravitational Field
0070099871: Igneous Petrology
0070099901: Water
0070099944: Perspectives in auditing; readings and analysis situations
0070099960: Perspectives in auditing
0070099979: Introduction to correctional science
0070099995: Auditing Concepts and Methods
0070100144: Graduate and Professional Education, 1980: A Survey of Institutional Plans
0070100152: The American College and American Culture: Socialization As a Function of Higher Education,
0070100195: Open Door Colleges : Policies for the Community Colleges
0070100217: Higher education and the Nation's health;: Policies for medical and dental education. A special report and recommendations
0070100225: Any Person, Any Study, an Essay on Higher Education in the United States.
0070100233: Breaking the access barriers;: A profile of two-year colleges,
0070100241: Between Two Worlds: A Profile of Negro Higher Education
0070100268: Less time, more options : education beyond the high school.
0070100276: New Depression in Higher Education : A Study of the Financial Conditions at 41 Colleges and Universities
0070100292: Models and mavericks;: A profile of private liberal arts colleges,
0070100306: Credit For College: Public Policy For Student Loans,
0070100314: Dissent and disruption: Proposals for consideration by the campus;
0070100322: The multicampus university;: A study of academic governance,
0070100330: Institutions in transition;: A profile of change in higher education (incorporating the 1970 statistical report)
0070100349: Efficiency in Liberal Education
0070100357: Degree and What Else
0070100365: American Higher Education; Directions Old and New
0070100373: Invisible Colleges : A Profile of Small, Private Colleges with Limited Resources
0070100381: New students and new places;: Policies for the future growth and development of American higher education
0070100403: The nonprofit research institute;: Its origin, operation, problems, and prospects.
0070100411: The Emerging Technology; Instructional Uses of the Computer in Higher Education
0070100438: Institutional aid; Federal support to colleges and universities: A report and recommendations
0070100446: Home of Science
0070100454: Education and evangelism;: A profile of Protestant colleges,
0070100462: Where Colleges Are and Who Attends : Effects of Accessability on College Attendance
0070100470: New Directions in Legal Education
0070100489: Content and context: essays on college education
0070100497: Academic Transformation; Seventeen Institutions Under Pressure
0070100500: The fourth revolution: instructional technology in higher education
0070100519: The more effective use of resources: An imperative for higher education; a report and recommendations
0070100527: Reform on Campus: Changing Students, Changing Academic Programs
0070100535: University as an Organization
0070100543: Academic System in American Society
0070100551: The rise of the arts on the American campus
0070100586: The campus and the city, maximizing assets and reducing liabilities
0070100594: The university and the city: eight cases of involvement
0070100608: Higher Education and the Labor Market
0070100616: College Graduates and Jobs:Adjusting to a New Labor Market Situation
0070100640: Future of Higher Education : Some Speculation and Suggestions
0070100659: Education for the Professions of Medicine, Law, Theology, and Social Welfare
0070100667: Changes in university organization, 1964-1971,
0070100675: The Academic Melting Pot : Catholics and Jews in American Higher Education
0070100683: Education, income, and human behavior
0070100691: Escape from the doll's house;: Women in graduate and professional school education,
0070100705: Teachers and Students, Aspects of American Higher Education.
0070100713: The purposes and the performance of higher education in the United States: approaching the year 2000: A report and recommendations
0070100721: Priorities for action: Final report
0070100772: Introduction to Correctional Science
0070100799: Higher education: who pays? Who benefits? Who should pay?: A report and recommendations
0070100802: Continuity and Discontinuity: Higher Education and the Schools; a report and recommendations.
0070100810: MOS/LSI design and application (Texas instruments electronics series)
0070100829: Physics from the ground up
0070100896: Functions of a Complex Variable
0070100942: Phonetics Theory and Application to Speech Improvement
0070100969: Fly: The Complete Book of Sky Sailing.
0070100977: Fly: The Complete Book of Sky Sailing
0070100985: Living with Dying : A Loving Guide for Family and Close Friends
0070101019: Toward a Learning Society:Alternative Channels to Life, Work, and Service
0070101027: OPPORTUNITIES FOR WOMEN IN HIGHER EDUCATION Their Current Participation, Prospects for the Future, and Recommendations for Action
0070101035: A digest of reports of the Carnegie Commission on Higher Education,: With an index to recommendations and suggested assignments of responsibility for action
0070101043: Priorities for action: Final report
0070101078: American learned societies in transition: the impact of dissent and recession,
0070101086: The useful arts and the liberal tradition
0070101108: Mechanical Design for Electronics Production
0070101116: Faculty Bargaining: Change and Conflict
0070101124: The divided academy: professors and politics,
0070101132: Demand and Supply in U.S. Higher Education : A Report Prepared for the Carnegie
0070101140: Education and politics at Harvard: Two essays prepared for the Carnegie Commission on Higher Education
0070101167: Black Elite: The New Market for Highly Educated Black Americans a Report Prepared for the Carnegie Commission on Higher Education
0070101175: Effective Meetings for Busy People: Let's Decide It and Go Home
0070101183: Effective meetings for busy people: Let's decide it and go home (McGraw Hill paperbacks)
0070101205: Antibias Regulation of Universities Faculty Problems and Their Solutions,
0070101213: Higher Education and Earnings
0070101221: Computers and the Learning Process in Higher Education
0070101248: Women and the power to change,
0070101256: How to Control Production Costs
0070101264: Probation and Parole Legal and Social Dimensions
0070101280: Women and the Power to Change
0070101302: Toward a Literate Society
0070101310: Louie in Season
0070101329: Ph.D.'s and the Academic Labor Market: A Report Prepared for the Carnegie...
0070101337: Centers of Learning : Britain, France, Germany, United States
0070101361: More than a Century of Investment Banking
0070101418: Modern Transistor Circuits
0070101442: Design Manual for Transistor Circuits
0070101450: Timestudy Fundamentals for Foremen
0070101469: Industrial Instrument Servicing Handbook
0070101485: Product Assurance Principles : Integrating Design Assurance and Quality Assurance
0070101590: Up Another Notch
0070101612: How you plan and prepare meals
0070101620: How You Plan and Prepare Meals
0070101639: What Every Man Should Know About the New Woman
0070101647: Smart Training : The Manager's Guide to Training for Improved Performance
0070101744: How You Look and Dress
0070101760: General Excavation Methods.
0070101787: Fundamentals of Cancer Chemotherapy
0070101809: Animal Camouflage
0070101817: Doomed Road of Empire the Spanish Trail
0070101825: Doomed Road of Empire the Spanish Trail of Conques
0070101833: Principles of Cancer Treatment
0070101841: Developing Observation Skills
0070101906: Painting in Oil by the Five-Color Method : A Course of Lessons by Michael Carver
0070101914: Organizations and Human Behavior: Focus on Schools
0070101949: Will You Please Be Quiet, Please?
0070101957: How to Make Braided Rugs
0070101965: How to Make Braided Rugs
0070101981: Way Things Are : Basic Readings in Metaphysics Philosophy
0070102007: Handbook for auditors
0070102023: Schaum's Outline of Theory and Problems of Intermediate Accounting I
0070102031: Schaum's Outline of Theory and Problems of Cost Accounting
0070102074: Schaum's Outline of Cost Accounting II
0070102090: Kleider Machen Leute
0070102112: Schaum's outline of theory and problems of accounting I-II, (Schaum's outline series)
0070102120: Schaum Outline of Accounting Two
0070102139: Cost Accounting
0070102163: The Horizon Book of Daily Life in Ancient Rome (Daily life in five great ages of history)
0070102171: The Horizon book of daily life in ancient Egypt (Daily life in five great ages of history)
0070102228: How to Prepare for the Miller Analogies Test
0070102236: The secrets of grown-ups
0070102244: Business Making with Lotus 1-2-3
0070102279: Point of Attack : A Season with the New York Giants
0070102287: Introduction to urban planning
0070102295: Urban Planning
0070102309: Birds Of Prey
0070102317: Point of Attack : The Defense Strikes Back
0070102325: Owls
0070102333: North American Indians: An introduction to the Chichimeca
0070102341: Schaum's Outline of Basic Electrical Engineering
0070102511: Schaum's Outline of Accounting I
0070102554: Two Roads to Sumter
0070102570: Cost Accounting
0070102600: Essential math skills: A mathematics competency workbook
0070102643: Cashin's Handbook for Auditors
0070102651: The Civil War
0070102678: The American heritage century collection of Civil War art
0070102686: Watching TV: Four decades of American television
0070102694: Watching TV
0070102716: Schaum's Outline of Accounting II
0070102732: Schaum's Outline of Cost Accounting I
0070102740: Electronic Devices and Circuits
0070102759: American Government
0070102775: TV Schedule Book, The: Four Decades of Network Programming from Sign-on to Sign-off
0070102783: The TV Schedule Book : Four Decades of Network Programming from Sign On to Sign Off
0070102821: Digital Computer Arithmetic
0070102848: Two Thousand Solved Problems in Electronics
0070102856: The Left in Europe Since 1789.
0070102880: New Profits in Gold, Silver, Strategic Metals: The Complete Investment Guide
0070102902: The occupation;: A novel
0070102937: Cuba, Yes?
0070102945: Pet Medicine
0070102953: Encyclopedia of the Unexplained
0070102988: Electronic Media Programming : Strategies and Decision Making
0070103003: Momentum Transfer in Boundary Layers
0070103054: Introduction to General Psychology: A Resource Manual for the Subject Examination
0070103100: Cost Accounting : Concepts and Applications for Managerial Decision Making
0070103119: Study guide to accompany Polimeni, Fabozzi, Adelberg, Cost accounting: Concepts and applications for managerial decision making : second edition
0070103194: Zig-Zag the Bee
0070103208: Cora the Crow: A Spring Story
0070103216: Ruby the donkey: A winter story
0070103224: Spiky the Hedgehog: An Autumn Story
0070103240: More Profit, Less Risk: Your New Financial Strategy
0070103259: Improving Your Memory (McGraw-Hill paperbacks)
0070103364: Doing the Media
0070103372: How to prepare for the mathematics test section of the new high school equivalency examination
0070103399: Elementary Statics and Strength of Materials
0070103402: International Monetary Theory and Policy
0070103429: Jobs of the Future: The Five Hundred Best Jobs--Where They'll Be and How to Get Them
0070103453: Principles of International Economics
0070103488: Encounters with the Future : A Forecast of Life in the 21st Century
0070103496: The Future of American Business: The U.S. in World Competition.
0070103526: Jobs of the Future: The 500 Best Jobs--Where They'll Be and How to Get Them
0070103534: Schaum's Outline of Accounting I
0070103550: The Future of American Business: The U.S. in World Competition
0070103569: Thermodynamics : An Engineering Approach
0070103585: International Economics
0070103607: Runaway!
0070103615: Focus Literature/Grade 7/Student
0070103666: Perception Literature/Grade 8/Student
0070103674: Perception
0070103712: Insights Literature/Grade 9/Student
0070103755: Using the Mass Media: Communication Problems in American Society
0070103771: Managing Human Resources : Productivity, Quality of Work Life, Profits
0070103801: Stages of Reading Development
0070103828: Learning to Read: The Great Debate
0070104107: AMERICAN LITERATURE A Chronological Approach (The New Treasury Edition) (UNCIRCULATED COPY)
0070104131: American Literature: A Chronological Approach/Teacher's Resource Notebook
0070104158: English Literature: A Chronological Approach
0070104239: Creative home economics instruction
0070104247: Creative Home Economics Instruction
0070104255: MRI Atlas of Normal Anatomy
0070104352: The labor sector
0070104387: Sourcebook on Labor
0070104417: Collective Bargaining
0070104425: Catboat Book
0070104468: Strategic Management : A Focus on Process
0070104484: Selected Cases in Strategic Management
0070104506: The Omelette Book
0070104581: Strategic Management: Concepts and Applications (Mcgraw-Hill Series in Management)
0070104603: Crime and the Legal Process
0070104611: Crime and the Legal Process
0070104654: Sociology: the discipline and its direction
0070104662: Sociology : The Discipline and Its Direction
0070104921: The Sociology of Organizations
0070104956: Human Anatomy and Physiology
0070104964: Human Anatomy and Physiology
0070104980: Cataloging and Classification : An Introduction
0070105065: Cataloging and Classification : An Introduction
0070105081: Instructor's Manual for Psychology : Understanding Human Behavior
0070105103: Finite Element Analysis in Manufacturing Engineering : A PC-Based Approach
0070105138: Control of Flow Separation: Energy Conservation, Operational Efficiency, and Safety (Series in Thermal and Fluids Engineering)
0070105162: Distributed Computer Environments
0070105170: Basic Principles of Spectroscopy
0070105189: Chemistry
0070105197: Chemistry
0070105200: Environmental Protection
0070105235: Statistics: Methods and Analyses
0070105251: Statistics: methods and analyses
0070105278: Human Anatomy
0070105316: Environmental Protection
0070105332: Chemistry
0070105359: Wasted : The Story of My Son's Drug Addiciton
0070105383: Credit and Collection: Principles and Practice
0070105456: Developing Speaking Skills
0070105472: Human Anatomy
0070105529: 360/370 Programing in Assembly Language
0070105537: Cost Accounting : Concepts and Applications for Managerial Decision Making
0070105545: Cost Accounting : Concepts and Applications for Managerial Decision Making
0070105553: Cost Accounting
0070105618: California : People of a Region
0070106169: Western Experience
0070106177: To 1715
0070106185: Since 1600
0070106193: : To 1500
0070106207: : 1300-1815
0070106215: : 1789 to Present
0070106223: To 1715
0070106231: Since 1600
0070106320: Public and Private Families : An Introduction
0070106355: Intermediate Accounting
0070106401: Intermediate Accounting
0070106452: Software Engineering Environments
0070106460: Unified Methodology for Developing Systems
0070106479: Forest Mensuration
0070106487: Moon-Eyes
0070106517: Man in Prehistory.
0070106533: Man in Prehistory
0070106568: Cosmology : Theories of the Universe
0070106576: Cosmology
0070106592: How to Read Shakespeare
0070106614: Software Engineering Risk Analysis and Management
0070106622: Electric Machinery Fundamentals
0070106649: Numerical Methods for Engineers: With Personal Computer Applications
0070106738: America's Music From the Pilgrims to the Present
0070106770: Elementary Statistical Procedures
0070106819: Elementary statistical procedures
0070106851: Child Is Being Beaten : Violence Against Children, an American Tragedy
0070106878: Plasticity in Reinforced Concrete
0070106894: Introduction to Robot Technology
0070106932: Industrial Air Pollution Engineering
0070106959: Nursing Profession
0070106967: The Nursing profession: A time to speak
0070106975: Process Energy Conservation
0070107017: Mothers on Trial: The Battle for Children and Custody
0070107033: Introduction to Optical Fibers
0070107068: Process Piping Systems
0070107084: Waiting for Baby : One Couple's Journey Through Infertility to Adoption
0070107106: Impressionist Painting.
0070107114: Separation Techniques 1
0070107173: Separation Techniques 2
0070107246: Pneumatic Conveying of Bulk Materials
0070107327: Human Services Professional Education
0070107335: Modern cost engineering: Methods and data
0070107378: Skills Vital to Successful Managers
0070107386: The Wolf and the Mutt (Originally Titled Belolobyy)
0070107408: Techniques In Partial Differential Equations
0070107416: Process Technology and Flowsheets
0070107424: Process Heat Exchange
0070107459: Teaching Music Creatively in the Elementary School
0070107513: Pile Foundations
0070107521: The Natural History of China
0070107602: Exploring the Moon Through Binoculars
0070107610: Fundamental Methods of Mathematical Economics
0070107629: Cost Engineering in the Process Industries
0070107637: Witness To Power, 75, Mcg-Hill,Hc W, Dust Jacket-Fair Used Condition
0070107661: Energy, Combustion and Environment
0070107696: Fluid Movers : Pumps, Compressors, Fans and Blowers
0070107769: Open-Channel Hydraulics
0070107793: Active Network and Feedback Amplifier Theory
0070107807: Fundamental Methods of Mathematical Economics
0070107815: Solids handling
0070107823: Voice of the People
0070107858: Machine Devices and Instrumentation : Mechanical; Electromechanical; Hydraulic; Thermal; Pneumatic; Photoelectric; Optical
0070107874: Gear Design & Application
0070107882: Basic Network Theory
0070107904: World Guide to Battery-Powered Road Transportation
0070107939: Calculator Programs for Chemical Engineers
0070107947: Management Guide for Engineers and Technical Administrators
0070107955: Introductory Horticulture
0070108005: Digital Computer Design Fundamentals
0070108056: Handbook of Chemical Engineering Calculations
0070108102: Applied Hydrology
0070108137: Fundamental Methods of Mathematical Economics
0070108153: Rehabilitation Nursing: Perspectives and Applications
0070108161: Cities and Suburbs : An Introduction to Urban Sociology
0070108188: Journey in tears: Memory of a girlhood in China
0070108196: Designing and Implementing Local Area Networks
0070108250: Introduction to Investments
0070108277: Introduction to Investments
0070108293: Distributed Databases : Principles and Systems
0070108307: Finite Element Analysis in Fluid Dynamics
0070108315: Crunchers : Twenty-One Games for the Timex-Sinclair 1000 (2k)
0070108323: Practical Plumbing Design Guide
0070108331: Introduction to Investments
0070108390: Munchers : Twenty-Five Simple Games for the Texas Instruments 99-2 Basic Computer
0070108404: Excavation Handbook
0070108412: Fourier Series and Boundary Value Prob Edition
0070108439: Fourier Series and Boundary Value Problems
0070108447: Gardens Are for People
0070108455: The interpretation and use of rate data: The rate concept. Revised printing
0070108471: Econometrics
0070108498: Calculator Programs for Chemical Engineers
0070108501: Interactive Message Services-Planning, Designing & Implementing Videotex,
0070108528: Microcomputer Programs for Chemical Engineers (Microcomputer Programs for.
0070108536: Complex Variables & Apps 2ND Edition
0070108552: Complex Variables and Applications
0070108560: Victor 6 : The Saga of One of Vietnam's Most Highly Decorated
0070108579: Art for Preadolescents
0070108595: Management Workstations for Greater Productivity
0070108609: The Theatrical 20s
0070108641: Fourth and Fifth Generation Programming Languages, Vol. 1 : Integrated Software, Database Languages and Expert Systems
0070108706: Operational Mathematics
0070108722: Pressure Vessels: The Asme Code Simplified
0070108730: Complex Variables and Applications
0070108749: Pressure Vessels : The ASME Code Simplified
0070108757: Introduction to Computing for Engineers
0070108765: Chinese Classical Gardens of Suzhou
0070108803: Applying Expert Systems in Business
0070108811: Fourier Series and Boundary Value Problems
0070108889: Applications Strategies for Risk Analysis
0070108897: Complete Local Area Network Reference
0070108900: Systems Architecture and Systems Design
0070108986: Linear and Non-Linear Circuits
0070109001: Business in an Information Economy, Text
0070109044: Excavation Planning Reference Guide
0070109052: Complex Variables and Applications
0070109109: Fundamental Methods of Mathematical Economics
0070109117: Elements of Dynamic Optimization
0070109125: Applications to Strategies Risk Use
0070109141: Electric Machinery Fundamentals
0070109176: Supercomputers
0070109184: Mechanisms and Mechanical Devices Sourcebook
0070109249: Computer Engineering Handbook
0070109346: Electronics in Industry
0070109389: Numerical Methods for Engineers : With Programming and Software Applications
0070109397: Pressure Vessels : The ASME Code Simplified
0070109400: Still Another Alphabet Book: ABC ...
0070109427: Still Another Number Book
0070109435: Still Another Number Book,
0070109494: High Frequency Switching Power Supplies : Theory and Design
0070109532: Pharmacology for Dental Professionals
0070109605: Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar
0070109621: Build Your Own Z80 Computer
0070109648: Human Anatomy and Physiology
0070109656: Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar
0070109664: Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar
0070109680: Circuit Cellar
0070109699: Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar
0070109710: Human Anatomy and Physiology
0070109729: Human Anatomy and Physiology
0070109923: Chemistry at Work in the Northern States
0070109966: Managing Human Resources : Productivity, Quality of Work Life, Profits
0070109990: Managing Human Resources
0070110034: Chemistry
0070110042: Chemistry
0070110050: Chemistry
0070110123: Managing Human Resources : Productivity, Quality of Work Life, Profits
0070110190: Best of Ciarcia's Cellar
0070110212: Handbook of Chemical Engineering Calculations
0070110247: Operations Research - Management Science : Case Studies in Decision Making under Structured
0070110255: Best of Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar
0070110263: Schaum's Outline of Cost Accounting : Including 185 Solved Problems
0070110298: Mastering IC Electronics , through projects and experiments
0070110301: Repair and Renovation of Modern Buildings
0070110352: Environmental Engineering in the Process Plant
0070110425: Encyclopedia of Electronic Circuits
0070110433: Plant Layout and Flow Improvement
0070110468: New Corporate Finance : Where Theory Meets Practice
0070110476: Power RISC Systems 6000
0070110484: Construction Operations Manual of Policies and Procedures
0070110565: Intermediate Accounting Chapters 11-21 : Working Papers
0070110573: Beyond LANS : Client-Server Computing
0070110581: Auditing Concepts and Methods : A Guide to Current Theory and Practice
0070110662: Western Experience
0070110689: Western Experience Vol. 1 : To the Eighteenth Century
0070110697: Western Experience Vol. 2 : Since the Sixteenth Century
0070110700: Western Experience Vol. A : Antiquity and the Middle Ages
0070110719: Western Experience Vol. B : The Early Modern Era
0070110727: Western Experience Vol. C : The Modern Era
0070110735: Western Experience
0070110743: Western Experience
0070110751: Computers in the Professional Practice of Design
0070110778: Encyclopedia of Electronic Circuits
0070110786: Climbing Rock and Ice : Learning the Vertical Dance
0070110794: Architecture in Pen and Ink
0070110859: Variable Air Volume Systems for Environmental Quality
0070110875: Intermediate Accounting
0070110883: Intermediate Accounting
0070111049: Practical Antenna Handbook
0070111103: Best of French Cooking
0070111111: Lectures on the Psychology of Women
0070111200: Designing Logic Systems Using State Machines
0070111219: Easy favors
0070111243: Marketing Myths That Are Killing Business
0070111251: Suicide of the empires;: The battles on the Eastern Front, 1914-18 (Library of the 20th century)
0070111278: Communication Systems
0070111324: Contemporary Issues in Educational Psychology
0070111332: Architectural Perspective Grids: Three-Dimensional Design and Perspective Construction Simplified
0070111359: Management in Nursing
0070111383: Basketball's Great Moments
0070111464: The Stone Age Hunters
0070111480: Basic Radiology
0070111502: Mental health aspects of community health nursing
0070111529: Superstars: How Stellar Explosions Shape the Destiny of Our Universe
0070111537: Understanding International Relations
0070111545: Managing Human Resources : Productivity, Quality of Work Life, Profits
0070111715: Human Anatomy and Physiology
0070111871: No-Load Stocks : How to Buy Your First Share and Every Share Directly from the Company
0070111898: Fuzzy Logic and Neural Network Handbook
0070111928: PowerPC : Concepts, Architecture and Design
0070111936: Intermediate Accounting
0070111960: Problem Solving Techniques for Introductory Chemistry
0070111979: Customer Service
0070112002: Surface Mount Technology for Concurrent Engineering and Manufacturing
0070112096: Essential Chemistry: Instructor's Resource Kit With Solutions
0070112126: Organic Chemistry
0070112193: Customer Service Trainers Guide
0070112231: Study Guide and Solutions Manual to Accompany Organic Chemistry
0070112258: Understanding Sociology
0070112266: Teacher's Manual to Accompany Understanding Sociology
0070112274: Understanding Sociology
0070112312: Survey of Western Civilization
0070112320: Exhibit Marketing
0070112347: Challenge of the Primitives
0070112398: The science of war and peace
0070112509: Competitive Advantage Through Information Technology
0070112649: Architectural stained glass
0070112711: Aviator's Guide to Gps
0070112738: Technician's Guide to Industrial Electronics : How to Troubleshoot and Repair Automated Equipment
0070112754: Encyclopedia of Electronic Circuits
0070112762: Encyclopedia of Electronic Circuits
0070112819: Understanding Sociology
0070112835: Maternity nursing today
0070112843: Maternity nursing today
0070112851: Industrial and Manufacturing Materials
0070112878: Concise process handbook
0070112908: Aviator's Guide to Navigation,
0070112959: Principles of Stellar Evolution and Nucleosynthesis
0070112967: Concise Process Workbook
0070112975: Light and Living Matter: A Guide to the Study of Photobiology Volume 1: The Physical Part
0070112991: Guide to Everyday Economic Statistics
0070113076: SOUL ON ICE
0070113106: Systems analysis and project management (McGraw-Hill series in management)
0070113114: Systems Analysis and Project Management
0070113149: Management: A Systems Approach (McGraw-Hill series in management)
0070113165: Engineering Management
0070113211: 68000 Sourcebook
0070113246: Comprehensive family and community health nursing
0070113254: Comprehensive Family and Community Health Nursing
0070113270: Guide to Everyday Economic Statistics
0070113289: Chronology of the United States
0070113297: Global Project Management Handbook
0070113300: Military Project Management Handbook
0070113343: Geschäftsdeutsch : An Introduction to Business German
0070113378: Organic Chemistry : A Brief Course
0070113513: Project Management : Strategic Design and Implementation
0070113556: Schaum's Outline of Basic Electrical Engineering
0070113610: Marketing Myths That Are Killing Business
0070113645: Surface Water Quality Modeling
0070113718: Basic Concepts in Immunology : A Student's Survival Guide
0070113777: American Mosaic : An In-Depth Report on the Future of Diversity at Work
0070113793: Dictionary Johnson
0070113815: Young Sam Johnson
0070113823: Edible Gifts
0070113858: The universe and its structure
0070113874: Animals of the Desert
0070113882: Edible Flowers
0070113890: Spiders and Scorpions
0070113904: Crocodiles & Aligators
0070113920: Dynamics of Structures
0070113947: Dynamics of Structures
0070113963: Modern American Prose : 15 Writers Plus 15
0070114056: Architecture in Color Drawings
0070114072: Writing : From Inner World to Outer World
0070114099: Interfacing to Microprocessors
0070114102: The student writer: Editor and critic
0070114129: Student Writer : Editor and Critic
0070114145: Student Writer : Editor and Critic
0070114161: Working It Out : A Troubleshooting Guide to the Writing Process
0070114196: Patterns for a Purpose
0070114277: Transitions : From Reading to Writing
0070114285: Transitions: from Reading to Writing-im
0070114420: Jumpstart! : A Workbook for Writers
0070114447: Vagabondages Littéraires : Initiation à la Littérature d'Expression Française
0070114455: Understanding American Politics Through Fiction.
0070114498: The Student Writer : Editor & Critic
0070114501: Understanding American Politics Through Fiction
0070114528: Understanding Sociology Through Fiction
0070114579: Volume 1. Coal Age Library of Operating Handbooks
0070114587: Coal Age Handbook of Coal Surface Mining
0070114633: The Growing Years: A Study Guide for the Televised Course
0070114641: The Stone Age Hunters
0070114668: The growing years: A study guide for the televised course
0070114714: Investment Strategy
0070114749: Humanities Through the Arts : Study Guide for the Televised Course
0070114765: Flowers and Their Histories
0070114803: The Book Of Flowers: Four Centuries Of Flower Illustrations
0070114846: Living Solution, paperback,
0070114854: Pages a Plaire
0070114862: SNA Interconnections : Routing SNA in Hierarchial, Peer, and High-Speed Networks
0070114870: Improvements that increase the value of your house
0070114889: Improvements That Increase the Value of Your House
0070114897: Physical Diagnosis/pretest Self-assessment & Review 1st Ed
0070114986: Introduction to Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer
0070115001: Buying Stocks Without a Broker
0070115028: Quality Games for Trainers
0070115036: Quality Games for Trainers
0070115052: Heat Transfer : A Practical Approach
0070115109: Physical Geology
0070115206: Business in American Life: A History
0070115222: Views of American Economic Growth: The Agricultural Era (Volume One)
0070115257: Business in American Life : A History
0070115273: Analysis of Linear Integral Equations
0070115281: Public Policy : Perspectives and Choices
0070115435: Zap
0070115443: Saltwater Gamefishing : Offshore and Onshore
0070115451: Aviator's Guide to Gps
0070115478: Boat in Our Baggage
0070115494: Sociology of Medicine
0070115524: Schaum's Outline of French Grammar (Schaum's Outline S.)
0070115532: Schaum's Outline of French Grammar
0070115567: Concepts of Nuclear Physics
0070115583: Superior Student in American Higher Education
0070115605: Sociology of Medicine
0070115613: Schaum's Outline of French Vocabulary
0070115648: Animals Of The City
0070115664: The Tomb Robbers
0070115672: Ancient monuments and how they were built
0070115680: How the World Will End
0070115699: How the World Will End
0070115710: Study Guide and source book to Accompany Horton & Hunt: Sociology
0070115729: The human side of computers
0070115737: Handbook of Structural Concrete
0070115745: Human nature--animal nature: The biology of human behavior
0070115753: Rights of Prisoners.
0070115788: The Science of Spying
0070115834: Planning the Electronic Office
0070115842: Creating Technical Manuals : A Step-by-Step Approach to Writing User-Friendly Instructions
0070115877: The Drug Dilemma (McGraw-Hill series in health education)
0070115885: The Drug Dilemma
0070115893: ADA : As a Second Language
0070115915: Introduction to Sociology
0070115931: Lasers, operation, equipment, application, and design
0070115974: Introduction to Sociology
0070115982: Samuel Beckett: A Collection of Criticism (Contemporary Studies in Literature)
0070115990: Environmental Marketing : Positive Strategies for Reaching the Green Consumer
0070116016: Cancer of the Colon, Rectum and Anus
0070116024: Introduction to Sociology
0070116032: Passing the Torch
0070116075: ADA As a Second Language
0070116091: Communism, Fascism, and Democracy : The Theoretical Foundations
0070116113: Electronic Drives : AC and DC Practical Applications Troubleshooting and Repair
0070116199: Working It Out : A Troubleshooting Guide for Writers
0070116237: Just Juggle
0070116253: ISO 14000 Guide : The New International Environmental Management Standards
0070116326: Private Pilot Test Guide, 1996-1998
0070116334: GPS Aviation Applications
0070116350: Fiber Optic Installations : A Practical Guide
0070116369: ASME Code Simplified : Power Boilers
0070116377: Essential Chemistry : Problem Solving Workbook
0070116393: Complete Computer Trainer
0070116431: Heart at Work : Stories and Strategies for Building Self-Esteem and Reawakening the Soul at Work
0070116466: Instructor's Manual: Im Chemistry
0070116482: Computing for engineers and scientists: Fortran (College custom series)
0070116490: Rehabilitation of the Patient with Respiratory Disease
0070116512: Universal Constants in Physics
0070116563: Turn on the Lights - From Bed! : Electronic Inventions, Contraptions, and Gadgets Kids Can Build
0070116598: Turn on the Lights - From Bed! : Electronic Inventions, Contraptions, and Gadgets Kids Can Build
0070116644: Children's Journeys Through the Information Age
0070116652: The Dinosaur Book
0070116679: Data Processing Concepts
0070116725: Secrets of Rf Circuit Design
0070116733: Secrets of Rf Circuit Design
0070116741: Presentatoin Slide Notes for Business Today,PB.
0070116806: Fire Protection and Suppression
0070116822: Properties of Gases and Liquids
0070116857: Visual Programming Technology
0070116873: Instrumentation and Process Control
0070116938: Materials and Devices for Electrical Engineers and Physicists
0070116954: Nungu and the Hippopotamus
0070116962: Nungu and the Elephant
0070116970: Professional suicide: A survival kit for you and your job
0070116989: Beyond Word Processing: Using Your Personal Computer as a Knowledge Processor
0070116997: Around the world in 78 days
0070117241: Heavy Weather Sailing
0070117683: Solaris Performance Adminisration
0070117691: LAN Blueprint: Engineering It Right
0070117705: Introduction to Computing
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