0574211306: Principles of business data processing
0574211357: FORTRAN Programming Using Structured Flowcharts
0574211500: Information Systems: Technology, Economics, Applications, Management
0574211551: Computer operations: Procedures and management
0574211608: Compiler construction: Theory and practice
0574211705: Tools for structured design
0574211888: Applications and Algorithms in Science and Engineering
0574211896: Applications and algorithms in computer science: Module A (Introduction to computers, structured programming, and applications)
0574211918: Computers and systems, including general introduction: Module C (Introduction to computers, structured programming, and applications)
0574211926: FORTRAN and WATFIV Language Manual
0574211934: Pascal Language Manual
0574211950: BASIC Language Manual
0574212108: Database a Professionals Primer
0574212159: Business computer systems and applications
0574212205: Principles of business data processing, with BASIC
0574212256: Introduction to computer architecture (The SRA computer science series)
0574212302: Structured Cobol
0574212353: Business information processing: Technology, applications, management
0574212450: Management information systems
0574212469: Management information systems: Instructor's guide
0574212604: Structured COBOL
0574212655: Information processing
0574212701: Entering Basic
0574212752: Business Data Processing
0574212795: Systems analysis and design
0574212957: Principles of business data processing with MIS ... including Basic
0574213007: Principles of Business Data Processing (Mis)
0574213058: Principles of business data processing with MIS including BASIC
0574213104: Software Tutorial
0574213155: RPG II programming
0574213201: Database processing: Fundamentals, design, implementation
0574213252: Programming in Basic for Business
0574213406: The programming language landscape (The SRA computer science series)
0574213457: Computer Operations: Procedures and Management
0574213503: Information Processing, with Basic
0574213554: Systems Analysis
0574213651: Applied FORTRAN for engineering and science
0574213708: Learning BASIC Programming Essentials
0574213775: Learning BASIC System Specifics: IBM PC & PCjr
0574213805: Elementary Pascal
0574213856: Elementary Basic, as Chronicled by John H. Watson
0574213910: Information Processing,
0574214003: Data structures for computer information systems
0574214054: Online business computer applications
0574214100: Management Information Systems
0574214127: Case Book: Management Information Systems
0574214151: The Compleat computer
0574214208: Programming Logic
0574214259: Computer Hardware and Organization
0574214305: Software design and development (SRA computer science series)
0574214356: Assembler language with ASSIST
0574214453: Information processing
0574214658: Information processing, with BASIC
0574214801: Business Programming Projects With Basic
0574214852: Database analysis and design
0574215026: Digital Technology Lab Manual,
0574215050: Fundamental Circuit Analysis
0574215107: Electrical Circuit Action
0574215158: Industrial Electronics and Control
0574215204: Residential Construction Wiring
0574215255: Electronics for Everyone
0574215352: Applied Electronic Communication
0574215409: Microcomputer Fundamentals: A Laboratory Approach Based on the 8080A/8085 Microprocessor
0574215506: Applied Electronic Math, With Calculators
0574215557: Digital Technology
0574215565: Digital Technology
0574215573: Digital Technology Laboratory Manual
0574215603: The intelligent microcomputer
0574215654: Experiments in Electronic Circuits with Basic
0574215700: Fundamental Circuit Analysis
0574215751: Electronics for Communication
0574215859: Applied Basic for Technology
0574215956: Versatile Microcomputing
0574216006: Designing with Microprocessors
0574216057: Digital Technology
0574216103: Control Electronics With an Introduction to Robotics
0574216154: Intelligent Microcomputers
0574216170: Intelligent Microcomputers
0574216251: Machines and Their Control
0574216359: Statics and Strength of Materials
0574216405: Applied Strength of Materials
0574217150: Computer Uses and Issues
0574217207: Computer information: A modular system
0574217215: Computer Information
0574217231: Fundamental Concepts (Computer Information : a Modular System)
0574217258: Developing Systems (Computer Information)
0574217304: Programming Logic: Structured Design
0574217355: Algorithmic Process
0574217401: Using Basic on the IBM Personal Computer
0574217452: Programming in Basic for Business
0574217657: Compiler construction: Theory and practice
0574217703: Processor Organization and Microprogramming: A Project Case Study
0574217851: Systems Analysis and Design
0574217908: Information Management in Insurance Companies
0574217959: Applied FORTRAN for engineering and science
0574219005: Essentials of Information Processing
0574219358: Principles of Business Data Processing.
0574219404: CICS Primer
0574219455: Programming language landscape: Syntax, semantics, and implementation
0574219501: Problem Solving And BASIC: A Modular Approach
0574219609: Decision Support Software for the IBM Personal Computer
0574219706: Computer applications and algorithms
0574219757: Database processing for microcomputers
0574219803: Structured Cobol
0574219900: Advanced Structured Cobol
0574219951: Management information systems
0574219978: Management Information Systems Casebook
0574220208: Reading, writing, and rhetoric
0574220259: Theme and rhetoric
0574220305: From idea to essay: A rhetoric, reader, and handbook
0574220356: Thinking for writing
0574220402: Literature: A collection of mythology and folklore, short stories, poetry, and drama
0574220410: Literature: A Collection of Mythology and Folklore, Short Stories, Poetry, and Drama (Instructor's Manual)
0574220453: Reading, Writing, and Rhetoric
0574220550: From idea to essay: A rhetoric, reader, and handbook
0574220607: Writing: Sentences, paragraphs, and essays
0574220658: Technical writing, principles and practice
0574220704: Exposition
0574220755: Alpha II A First Course in College Writing
0574220801: Reading, writing, and rhetoric
0574220852: From Idea to Essay: A Rhetoric, Reader, and Handbook
0574220909: Literature: A collection of mythology and folklore, short stories, poetry, and drama
0574221018: Models for Expository Writing: Model Paragraphs and Essays
0574221107: From Idea to Essay: A Rhetoric, Reader, and Handbook
0574225110: The Nature of Human Communication
0574225501: Communication probes
0574225552: Oral interpretation: The communication of literature
0574225609: You're Speaking! Who's Listening?
0574225706: Mass media issues: Analysis and debate
0574225757: Communication Probes
0574225900: Effective oral communication for business and the professions
0574226109: Mass media issues: Analysis and debate
0574226206: Mass Media in America
0574227008: Mass Media: The Invisible Environment Revisited
0574227059: Mass Media in America
0574227105: The Process of group communication
0574227156: Mass Media in America
0574227202: Interviewing
0574227253: Mass Media in America
0574230157: Literature for Thursday's Child
0574230955: Today's mathematics: Concepts and methods in elementary school mathematics
0574231005: Competency in teaching reading
0574231056: Computers in the classroom: A survival guide for teachers
0574231102: Today's mathematics: Concepts and methods in elementary school mathematics
0574231250: Applied Psychology for Teachers
0574231307: Today's mathematics: Concepts and methods in elementary school mathematics
0574240055: Little Lisper 3ed
0574240233: Ultimate Musicians Reference Handbook
0574240306: DBase IV : A Practical Learning Guide, Short Course
0574240667: Ludwig Drummer
0574260005: The Mature Student's Guide to Reading and Composition, Book I
0574260021: Teachers' manual: The mature students' guide to reading and composition
0574260056: Communication: a Guide to Composition and Reading
0574282335: The Black Swans
0574282475: Discovering Computers
0574294317: SRA Reading Laboratory 1B: Teacher's Handbook
0574294449: SRA Reading Laboratory 1B: Starter Booklet
0574294465: Reading Laboratory
0574294473: My Own Book
0574294767: SRA Reading Laboratory 1C: My Own Book
0574316930: Six Ducks in a Pond
0574369090: A Pig Can Jig Part 2 Basic Reading Series Level A Part 2
0574369309: Six Ducks in a Pond: Basic Reading Series, Level C
0574369406: A king on a swing (SRA basic reading series)
0574369414: SRA Workbook: Basic Reading Series. Level D
0574369503: Kittens and Children (Basic Reading Series, Level E)
0574411593: How to Use Bank Accounts (Math for Independence)
0574411615: How to Understand and Manage Your Time/Workbook (Math for Independence)
0574415165: Basic Writing Skills: Capitalization & Punctuation
0574416749: Expressive writing: Student workbook
0574417613: SRA Social Studies Series : Explorers and Discoverers
0574417710: Roaring Twenties and the Depression
0574418865: How to use the telephone book (Reading for independence)
0574420002: We, the American Women: A Documentary History
0574420037: We, the American Women
0574420045: A World History
0574420096: The Americans, the history of a people and a nation: Teaching guide
0574420207: Experiencing psychology
0574420223: Experiencing psychology: Instructor's manual
0574420274: DISCOVERING OUR PAST A History of the United States
0574420290: Discovering Our Past: A History Of The United States - Teacher's Edition
0574420304: Economics, meeting people's needs
0574420371: United States government: The people decide
0574420479: THE ENGLISH BOOK WordSkill 3
0574420509: Wordskill 4 The Englsih Book
0574420622: Composition Skills 2-the English Book.
0574420681: Composition Skills 4 (The English Book)
0574420711: Composition Skills 5: the English Book.
0574420746: Composition Skills 6
0574420835: The English Book 3: A Complete Course
0574420894: The English Book 5 - A Complete Course
0574420924: The English Book A Complete Course 6
0574421076: Driving with Car Control
0574421114: World geography
0574421335: Understanding the law
0574430024: SRA Mathematics Learning System Text
0574430202: SRA mathematics learning system text: level 2 (SRA Mathematics)
0574430865: SRA Mathematics Learning System Text
0574431756: SRA Mathematics Learning System Text, Teacher's Guide Level 7- Book 1 Through 5 , Chapters 1-13
0574441883: Every Officer Is A Leader - Transforming Leadership in Police, Justice, and Public Safety
0574442294: DO YOUR BEST
0574443037: Nickels and Dimes the Story of F. W. Woolworth
0574459006: ALPHABET BOOK
0574459103: A Pig Can Jig Part 2
0574459316: Workbook for Level C
0574459413: WORKBOOK For Level D
0574459502: Kittens and Children (SRA Basic Reading Series Level E)
0574459510: WORKBOOK For Level E
0574500502: Preventing Failure in the Primary Grades
0574500510: Preventing failure in the primary grades.
0574512993: HOW TO STUDY
0574518924: How to Follow Directions
0574661069: Within the Forest: A New Approach to Fairy Tales
0574661077: Within the Forest : A New Approach to Fairy Tales
0574661182: Frog Prince, Within the Forest series
0574670203: Abby Whiteside on Piano Playing
0574716548: Becoming aware
0574721320: Spelling Mastery: A Direct Instruction Series Student's Book
0574773150: Subtraction, Student's Book
0574773185: Multiplication. Student's book
0574773193: Presentation Book Corrective Mathematics Division
0574773274: Basic Fractions Student Workbook
0574779280: Concept Applications Comprehension C
0574779302: Corrective reading: Series Guide
0574780203: Reading Mastery IV: Textbook (Distar Reading)
0574780300: Reading Mastery V Textbook ( SRA)
0574780408: reading mastery VI
0574780807: Reading mastery II (A direct instruction series)
0574780815: Reading Mastery Storybook 2
0574783229: Storybook 2 Distar Reading I
0574783237: Distar Reading 1 : Storybook 3
0574784683: Distar Reading II Storybook 2
0574789642: Word-attack basics: Decoding A, workbook (Corrective reading series)
0574789693: SRA Decoding Strategies - Students Book - Decoding B1 (Student's Book Storybook)
0574789812: Skill applications: Decoding C, student's book (Corrective reading series)
0574789820: Skill Applications Workbook Decoding C,pb,1988
0575000007: Reminiscences of Affection
0575000015: Birth of our power: Naissance de notre force;
0575000058: My foe outstretch'd beneath the tree,
0575000066: The bridal canopy,
0575000090: LAST ACT
0575000147: THE SEDUCTION
0575000155: Race: A Christian symposium;
0575000236: Steppes to Fleet Street,
0575000325: Travels with a duchess
0575000341: Madwand
0575000384: Weathermonger
0575000392: Warren: the man, the court, the era
0575000414: Animal societies, from the bee to the gorilla;
0575000422: The seeds of disaster: A guide to the realities, race policies and world-wide propaganda campaigns of the Republic of South Africa
0575000546: Star Man's son, 2250 A.D.,
0575000570: Jean Cocteau: the man and the mirror
0575000600: With a vengeance
0575000627: Black mother;: Africa: the years of trial
0575000643: Starshine
0575000694: Three Loves
0575000775: The horse
0575000783: Appleby at Allington (Also released as: Death by Water.)
0575000864: Salvage
0575000872: The Second Red Dragon
0575000899: Gordon Craig: The Story of His Life
0575000953: Parable of the Beast
0575000961: Cicely: the story of a doctor,
0575000988: The Evacuees
0575000996: The bird-cage
0575001003: Albert
0575001054: The Teachers of Gurdjieff
0575001062: The End Of Me
0575001070: judgment on Janus
0575001097: Prodigal Son
0575001100: Pleasures of a Futuroscope
0575001119: The Librarian and His World
0575001151: Honey
0575001194: Abroad: a book of travels;
0575001216: A private disgrace: Lizzie Borden by daylight
0575001224: A whiff of death
0575001267: The mountain and the summer stars: An old tale newly ended;
0575001275: Death and the leaping ladies,
0575001313: THE JEWELS OF APTOR.
0575001321: Dogs enjoy the morning
0575001402: The new years: A new middle age
0575001429: Trepleff
0575001445: Down the River
0575001577: Daughters of Earth
0575001615: Lurker at the Threshold
0575001658: Ladies bountiful
0575001666: My father, Sholom Aleichem
0575001674: The unconscious Beethoven: An essay in musical psychology;
0575001712: African renaissance
0575001747: Freedom From the Known.
0575001798: Jamaica Inn.
0575001801: Only a matter of time,
0575001828: I love, I kill, (Gollancz thriller)
0575001836: Crosscurrents in the Middle East
0575001844: Prelude to Calamity The Nazi Revolution 1933-35 with a Background Survey of the Weimar Era
0575001887: The Anguished American
0575001909: Happy families
0575001941: Peter Simple
0575002018: Personal Pleasures
0575002026: The Secret Passage
0575002050: John Milton
0575002107: The Tunnel: a Novel
0575002123: Swift to Its Close
0575002190: A family affair,
0575002239: Heartsease;
0575002255: The Witch of Blackbird Pond
0575002263: A Year of Grace: Passages Chosen & Arranged to Express a Mood About God and Man.
0575002298: Commentaries on Living 3RD Series
0575002344: America 1968: the fire this time
0575002352: Possession
0575002379: Elizabeth the Great
0575002387: Top bloody Secret
0575002409: Heritage and Its History
0575002441: Turi's Papa
0575002476: Mission to Khartum: the apotheosis of General Gordon.
0575002522: Take a Girl Like You
0575002530: Tudor Economic Problems : The Men and Ideas Series I
0575002557: Third Girl
0575002581: The mermaid's daughter
0575002603: An Affair with Genius.
0575002638: Death Cracks a Bottle
0575002670: The Plays of John Osborne: An assessment
0575002689: Machiavelli: a dissection
0575002697: Death of a Dissenter
0575002808: Two Worlds and Their Ways
0575002832: Vanishing Cornwall
0575002875: The house on the strand
0575002891: The Hard Years
0575002905: The Manchester Man
0575002980: The Little Lie
0575003138: Death and the Chase
0575003146: Despatch of a dove (Gollancz thriller)
0575003170: Words for a deaf daughter
0575003197: Postscript
0575003219: The Drift
0575003294: 100 Years of Science Fiction
0575003316: The Whistling Boy
0575003332: Limits of Protest.
0575003340: The long walks: Journeys to the sources of the White Nile
0575003383: The Fatal Inheritance: Philip II and the Spanish Netherlands
0575003472: I Chose to Climb
0575003499: Business adventures
0575003510: Journey beyond tomorrow
0575003561: Clouds of witness (The Collected edition of detective stories by Dorothy L. Sayers, v. 2)
0575003596: Off centre, by Knight, Damon Francis
0575003669: The Man Born to Be King
0575003693: Magellan
0575003731: The Sand Dollar
0575003766: Cumberland Heritage
0575003782: Through the Woods:the English Woodland - April to April: The English Woodland - April to April
0575003839: Gods and Heroes
0575003855: The Forgetful Robot
0575003863: Lee
0575003901: Never Ask A Policeman
0575003928: Run When I Say Go
0575003995: Death Pays the Wages by Edmund McGirr
0575004002: The bag
0575004010: Eagle in the snow: A novel
0575004096: The birthday unicorn
0575004118: THE BULL LEAPERS
0575004134: Explorers Into Africa From the Egyptians
0575004142: The calvertson Story
0575004223: Pulling Faces for a Living
0575004231: Survival without error,: And other stories
0575004258: The divine order: Western culture in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance
0575004274: In The Footsteps of The Abominable Snowman.
0575004282: The Scottish insurrection of 1820,
0575004312: The Wild Night Company: Irish Stories Of Fantasy And Horror.
0575004347: Beyond the Beyond.
0575004363: Paterfamilias
0575004371: Once in Golconda - A True Drama of Wall Street 1920-1938
0575004398: The Communists and Chinese Peasant Rebellions
0575004401: Decision in government
0575004444: Shipwrecks and Archaeology
0575004452: The assault on childhood;
0575004509: Hide, The
0575004517: The embroidered sunset (Gollancz thriller)
0575004533: THE COWARDS.
0575004622: Science Fiction Hall of Fame, Vol. 1
0575004657: The Door Into Summer
0575004673: The documents in the case (Her Collected edition of detective stories ; v. 6...
0575004681: Lord Peters Views the Body: Vol 5 in The Collected Edition of Novels and Stories
0575004703: ALBERT
0575004738: WOMAN WITH VIOLIN. An Autobiography. First Edition.
0575004762: The best of Hugh Kingsmill: Selections from his writings;
0575004770: Mary Anne
0575004797: The Green Years
0575004800: Letters From Liselotte
0575004827: Ulster 1969: the fight for civil rights in Northern Ireland
0575004843: Corky's Brother
0575004894: RED PLANET
0575004916: TO KILL A CAT.
0575004940: The Navigator Of Rhada
0575004959: One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich
0575004983: The Labyrinth Makers
0575005017: SWAN SONG.
0575005025: Lightning Bug
0575005033: A voice, a life: Autobiography
0575005076: An Awkward Lie
0575005084: Murder Pluperfect
0575005106: Come hell and high water: Eleven short stories
0575005173: Have Space Suit-Will Travel
0575005211: Robert Harley, Puritan Politician
0575005270: The Last Woman in His Life
0575005297: 1968: a short novel, an urban idyll, five stories, and two trade notes.
0575005351: The March Hare
0575005386: GOLD THE MAN
0575005408: A Wilderness Of Stars, Ten (10) Stories Of Man In Conflict With The Universe Of Tomorrow
0575005424: Maru
0575005459: Selected Poems
0575005467: Three For Tomorrow - 3 original novellas by Robert Silverberg, Roger Zelazny and James Blish
0575005513: You're welcome to Ulster!: A novel
0575005548: Stories from the Transatlantic Review
0575005556: SUPERGROW
0575005572: Nine, Ten...a Big Fat Hen
0575005602: Forty whacks
0575005629: The preserving machine
0575005637: Alexander Principle
0575005645: Crime on Their Hands
0575005653: Winckelmann
0575005696: Finish Me Off
0575005726: The story of a humble Christian
0575005785: The laughing policeman
0575005807: Strong Poison Volume 7 in the Collected Edition of Novels and Stories
0575005866: Left Book Club
0575005882: the world of ants, a science-fiction universe
0575005890: Rope Boy
0575005904: World's Best Science Fiction 1970
0575005912: Divorce--and after,
0575005939: The Future Is Not What It Used to Be
0575005963: Galactic Pot-Healer (First UK Edition)
0575005971: Two Gentlemen to See You, Sir: The Autobiography of a Villain
0575005998: The oracle of change: How to consult the I ching;
0575006048: Boer War
0575006072: The expatriates
0575006099: Reluctant partnership: A critical study of the relationship between government and industry
0575006102: Prospero and Ariel: The Rise and Fall of Radio: A Personal Recollection
0575006129: Nightmare At Dawn by Philips, Judson
0575006137: Charles Fort: prophet of the unexplained,
0575006145: The Last And The First
0575006161: Egyptian Cross Mystery
0575006188: Amber Nine
0575006196: Worse Than Death
0575006234: Radical school reform
0575006269: A History of the Irish Working Class
0575006277: I'm Expecting to Live Quite Soon
0575006285: Emma Tupper's diary
0575006293: Getting Married: Parts I and II.
0575006307: The clans of darkness: Scottish stories of fantasy and horror;
0575006323: The Life of Ivy Compton-Burnett
0575006358: The urgency of change,
0575006382: The rose of Tibet by Davidson, Lionel
0575006390: Night of Wemceslas
0575006404: Chamberlain Cabinet
0575006447: Ashes to Ashes.
0575006471: THE SHADOW GUEST
0575006552: The Enthusiasts: A Biography of John and Katharine Glasier
0575006579: Shot on location,: A novel
0575006609: Mr Stephen
0575006625: Words for murder perhaps: A detective story,
0575006676: Second Chance: Tales of Two Generations
0575006706: Upon the Sweeping Flood, and Other Stories
0575006730: Tales From Shakespeare Volume 1 the Comedies
0575006749: Enigma of Mary Stuart
0575006765: Whose Body?
0575006803: OUTSIDER
0575006811: Postmarked the Stars
0575006900: Welsh Extremist
0575006919: Africa in Eclipse
0575006927: The Elegant Auctioneers
0575006943: A Maze of Death
0575006951: The Little World Of Don Camillo 31st edition
0575007001: The shores of another sea (Gollancz SF)
0575007028: My last duchess: A novel
0575007176: A Wizard of Earthsea
0575007230: Plays of Harold Pinter
0575007249: Plays of Arnold Wesker
0575007257: The Plays of John Whiting: An assessment
0575007370: The Alamut ambush
0575007389: Giving birth: The parents' emotions in childbirth
0575007397: The Coast of West Cork
0575007443: Message from Nam
0575007540: NORSLAG
0575007559: Therapy in Music for Handicapped Children
0575007648: The Anglo-Irish.
0575007656: Not After Midnight, five long stories
0575007699: Not From the Apes
0575007702: The steam pig
0575007729: The Great Singers
0575007982: Guilt Edged
0575008059: burried for Treasure
0575008067: Love Lies Bleeding
0575008083: Vulture in the sun,
0575008156: The Anti-Death League: a Novel
0575008903: Crowds and Power
0575009101: The Coming Of The Space Age
0575009233: Flame of the South
0575009489: Champagne : The Wine, the Land and the People
0575009799: MY DEAR TIMOTHY
0575009918: The Little World of Don Camillo
0575010207: The Bloody Wood
0575010584: The Liberal Party from Earl Grey to Asquith
0575010916: The Great Salad Oil Swindle
0575011114: Awakened
0575011629: A Star To Sail By
0575012099: the pass of Morning
0575013168: There came both mist and snow
0575013176: War baby
0575013206: The Fire Engine That Disappeared
0575013214: Reckoning in Ice
0575013222: Beyond the Capes: Pacific exploration from Captain Cook to the 'Challenger', 1776-1877,
0575013230: Whither Scotland: A Prejudiced Look at the Future of a Nation
0575013265: Deadhand
0575013273: Farewell Party
0575013281: In This Short Span: A Mountaineering Memoir
0575013346: The Apple Tree
0575013354: The Open House
0575013419: Sybil Thorndike Casson
0575013435: The Simplicity of Playing the Violin
0575013451: Socialism in Britain:from the Industrial Revolution to the Present Day
0575013516: Berlioz: Romantic & Classic
0575013559: New pathways in psychology: Maslow and the post-Freudian revolution
0575013583: One man's mountains: essays and verses;
0575013605: Wind from the Sun:Stories of the Space Age
0575013656: Berlioz, romantic and classic
0575013680: Simpson: The Obstetrician, a Biography
0575013699: A Circle Of Hands
0575013737: Conscience interplanetary
0575013753: The Ringer Signed Copy)
0575013796: New Spain : The Birth of Modern Mexico
0575013834: An introduction to Gaelic poetry
0575013850: The Lathe of Heaven
0575013893: The patterns of chaos
0575013931: Ariel Like a Harpy : Shelley, Mary & Frankenstein
0575013958: Appleby's other story,
0575013966: Appleby's Answer
0575013974: The vanishing American: The decline and fall of the white Anglo Saxon Protestant
0575013982: The Tombs of Atuan
0575014016: Spectator of America. (Edward Dicey's Eye-Witness Account of Lincoln and Civil War America).
0575014024: the Art of I. Compton-Burnett, A Collection of critical Essays
0575014040: Judas!
0575014075: Greenshards
0575014083: The nine tailors: Changes rung on an old theme, in two short touches and two full peals (Her Collected edition of detective stories)
0575014105: Much Silence: Meher Baba: His Life and Work.
0575014113: Outland Strip (Horn)
0575014148: Manservant and Maidservant
0575014164: Present and the Past
0575014288: The tarot: The origin, meaning and uses of the cards;
0575014296: Oh! Where are Bloody Mary's Earrings?
0575014350: Into Your Tent I'll Creep
0575014385: SEA-THING CHILD
0575014407: Picture Frame
0575014415: Night Sky
0575014466: Nightfrights
0575014474: Out of My Time
0575014504: Overture and Beginners The Story of Dulcie Gray and Micharel Denison
0575014539: The book of strangers
0575014563: Half-Way House : Volume X of the Complete Crime Novels of Ellery Queen
0575014571: THE CRIMEAN WAR
0575014636: Henry IV of Castile, 1425-1474.
0575014660: A Room Made of Windows
0575014709: Versailles : the passions and politics of an era
0575014725: Monteverdi: Creator of modern music
0575014741: A Pocketful of Stars
0575014814: Russian Novel
0575014849: Panic (first British edition)
0575014873: The Walls of Windy Troy
0575014881: Pieces of Land: Journeys to Eight Islands
0575014903: Confessions of a country magistrate
0575014911: Death and the Visiting Firemen
0575014938: The stockbroker, the bitter young man, and the beautiful girl: A novel by...
0575014946: The Mountains of North Wales
0575015004: Play things: A novel
0575015039: Stravinsky: The Chronicle of a Friendship 1948-1971
0575015101: Nyerere of Tanzania
0575015128: The caterpillar cop
0575015144: From London Far
0575015179: The New Sonia Wayward
0575015209: A Science Fiction Argosy
0575015217: Night's Black Agent
0575015322: Operation Pax
0575015373: The Long Farewell: A Detective Story (Gollancz Vintage Detection)
0575015381: Hare Sitting Up
0575015403: Appleby's end: A novel
0575015497: Conservation for Survival: An Ecological Strategy
0575015500: Man's place: intelligence in dolphins, whales and humans
0575015519: On the Prime Ministers Account
0575015551: The Travels of Oggy
0575015586: Gloriana: The Years Of Elizabeth I
0575015594: Franz Schubert and the essence of melody;
0575015624: Clone,
0575015675: The Lies of Art
0575015713: Of Time and Stars
0575015756: GRAY MATTERS
0575015764: Poor, poor, Ophelia
0575015799: House & Its Head
0575015853: Sophie, Electress of Hanover;: A personal portrait
0575015926: Beyond violence,
0575015934: Mungo's dream: A novel,
0575015942: FILE ON DEATH, A
0575015985: Rule Britannia;: A novel
0575016000: From Bantry Bay to Leitrim
0575016027: Tomorrow lies in ambush
0575016078: Grand Canary
0575016086: The Silver Crown
0575016108: A Time of Changes First British Edition - SIGNED
0575016159: Zero Stone, The
0575016175: Aid and liberation: A socialist study of aid policies
0575016248: Lirri: A novel
0575016272: JEALOUS ONE
0575016302: The Gift.
0575016345: Ambrose Reeves
0575016396: The Next Horizon
0575016418: Elgar As I Knew Him
0575016485: Brown bread and butter in the basement;: A 'twenties childhood
0575016515: Naked before the Mountain
0575016523: Conversations with Klemperer;
0575016531: The Murderer is a Fox
0575016566: The distance and the dark
0575016590: Seven States of Consciousness a Vision of the Possibilities Suggested By the Teaching of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
0575016604: The severed key: A novel
0575016612: Charlotte Brontë: A psychosexual study of her novels
0575016620: TEA ON SUNDAY
0575016639: A ball of malt and Madame Butterfly a dozen stories
0575016701: Towards Androgyny : Aspects of Male and Female in Literature
0575016752: The Early McCloy: Dance of Death; The Deadly Truth; Who's Calling. London, 1973. dj
0575016760: The Sweat of Fear
0575016779: The Robert Sheckley omnibus
0575016787: The Dispossessed
0575016868: The magic valley travellers: Welsh stories of fantasy and horror;
0575016876: The Embedding
0575016884: His Master's Voice: a Detective Story.
0575016892: Lucy & Tom Go to School
0575016922: Never Had it So Good
0575016930: The New Venturers
0575016973: Time out of mind,
0575017015: Death on the Rocks
0575017031: From the Wilderness: Poems
0575017058: The black and the red, and other stories
0575017074: Four and Twenty Virgins
0575017090: Memoirs Volume II 1948-1957; The International Years
0575017112: October Men
0575017120: Gladiator-at-law
0575017139: HUNTER'S POINT
0575017155: The hounds of hell;: Weird tales about dogs,
0575017198: The Sheriff: The Man and His Office
0575017228: The siege of Swayne Castle
0575017244: Bardel's Murder
0575017333: Dead Skip
0575017392: The Hidden Face Of Music
0575017406: Running
0575017449: Cagliostro: A Biography
0575017473: Grimsdyke
0575017503: Living Twice.
0575017538: The Furious Future
0575017570: A World Restored: Metternich, Castlereagh and the Problems of Peace 1812-22
0575017589: Music notation: A manual of modern practice
0575017600: The twilight of Briareus,
0575017635: The LSO at 70: A history of the orchestra
0575017643: Recalled to Life SIGNED British Hardcover Edition
0575017686: Ivy When Young the Early Life of I Compt
0575017708: The year of the wombat: England, 1857
0575017724: No Holiday for Crime
0575017775: Little Blue Room.
0575017821: An American Ghost
0575017848: Science Fiction
0575017864: Price: A novel
0575017872: Legate's Daughter
0575017880: The Corpse Road.
0575017910: Beloved partner;: Mary Moffat at Kuruman
0575017937: The last escape: The launching of the largest secret rescue movement of all time
0575017961: Daughters and Sons
0575017996: Murder in Pastiche
0575018011: The Secret Gospel: The Discovery and Interpretation of the Secret Gospel According to Mark
0575018046: Topics of Restoration Comedy
0575018070: From the Wilderness
0575018100: Puzzle For Puppets
0575018135: Final Notice.
0575018151: Great Days
0575018194: Death in Stanley Street
0575018216: The gooseberry fool
0575018232: Memoirs (Volume II) - 1948-1957; The International Years
0575018283: The Continuous Katherine Mortenhoe
0575018291: Night Monsters (Bound with Fritz Leiber--Green Millenium.)
0575018313: A BOOK OF BOOZE
0575018321: Conversations With a Corpse
0575018348: Isaac Rosenberg;half Used Life
0575018402: Northumbria in the Days of Bede
0575018410: Plain Speaking: An Oral Biography of Harry S. Truman
0575018429: The Music of Africa.
0575018445: Don Camillo Omnibus
0575018453: Worlds apart: A science fiction novel
0575018488: Road to Miniluv
0575018577: The mysterious commission by Innes, Michael
0575018585: A Circle of Children
0575018631: Puzzle for pilgrims: a Peter Duluth story
0575018658: Chance, Luck, and Destiny
0575018666: Couch of Earth
0575018682: Two Novels
0575018704: Stendhal
0575018712: Grimus: A Novel
0575018763: Sir Christopher Wren: A Biography
0575018828: The Sword and the Scimitar - The Saga of the Crusades
0575018844: Pieces of Night, SIGNED
0575018887: These poor hands: The autobiography of a miner working in South Wales
0575018925: Angles and circles and other poems
0575018976: Eligible men: Three short novels
0575019026: The Bridge of Beyond
0575019034: The Phoenicians: The purple empire of the ancient world
0575019085: Ice and iron
0575019093: Orbitsville
0575019190: Unfamiliar Territory
0575019204: The Transformation
0575019212: In the Hours Waiting for the Blood to Come
0575019220: Let's Talk of Graves, of Worms, and Epitaphs
0575019255: The burnt child: An autobiography
0575019301: My Life as a Mountaineer
0575019387: Jonah Kit
0575019409: YOUNG PATTULLO
0575019417: Millstone Grit
0575019433: Death Spins the Platter
0575019441: A Long Time Sleeping.
0575019468: Metuselah's Children
0575019506: A MUSICAL SEASON: An English Critic in New York.
0575019549: No man's land
0575019565: The Appleby File
0575019638: Women of the Third World Twenty Stries Set in Africa, Asia and Latin America
0575019662: Born With The Dead: Three Science Fiction Novellas About the Spirit of Man
0575019697: Women at Cambridge A Men's University - Though of a Mixed Type
0575019700: The first of all pleasures: A novel
0575019743: Hello Summer, Goodbye
0575019786: The Valpreda papers
0575019794: The Dramatic Genius of Verdi: Studies of Selected Operas
0575019808: Golden Lads. A Study of Anthony Bacon, Francis and Their Friends
0575019816: War Horse Poems
0575019832: Shipwreck
0575019875: Film Censorship Introduced by Alexander Walker
0575019883: Paul Hindemith: The man behind the music : a biography
0575019972: The Craft of the Novel
0575019980: Cast, in Order of Disappearance
0575020008: The Fantastic Pulps
0575020016: Gollancz-Sunday Times best SF stories
0575020032: The untrodden ways: The story of Lucy
0575020075: Doppelganger
0575020083: Catchworld
0575020091: Premedicated Murder.
0575020113: Imperial earth: A fantasy of love and discord
0575020156: The Jargoon Pard
0575020199: Jenny And The Sheep Thieves
0575020202: The excellency of the English tongue
0575020229: Cold Hand in Mine: Eight Strange Stories
0575020237: Diary of a Chilean concentration camp
0575020245: THE FAR SIDE OF EVIL
0575020261: The Gentle Tasaday, INSCRIBED
0575020288: A place for everyone: A history of state education from the end of the 18th century to the 1970s
0575020334: Arbeitskommando
0575020342: Camargue.
0575020369: Thurber, A Biography
0575020415: People of the Valley
0575020431: Natural enemies
0575020466: The False Messiahs
0575020490: The End of the Web
0575020520: The Solitary Landscape
0575020547: Snake
0575020571: Crucial Conversations
0575020598: Nebula Award Stories
0575020601: Call of the sea
0575020628: DRIVING WEST. Poems
0575020652: The Rotterdam Delivery
0575020660: Big Fleas and Little Fleas and other stories
0575020717: Night Walk (Nightwalk) First Hardcover Edition
0575020741: The Blue Hawk
0575020814: The Slayer and The Slain
0575020881: A Bundle of Nerves: Stories of Horror, Suspense and Fantasy
0575020962: The Custodians and Other Stories
0575021004: Autogenic Training
0575021047: A Memorial Service
0575021098: Promiscuity
0575021160: SO MUCH BLOOD
0575021179: Conquered City
0575021195: The file on the Tsar
0575021209: Over the Sea to Death
0575021225: Brontomek
0575021268: Conversations with Cardus
0575021284: Hotel de Dream
0575021292: View From Calvary and Other Stories, A
0575021330: THE KILLER MICE
0575021349: A Wreath of Stars
0575021357: Medieval Machine:
0575021365: Best Science Fiction of the Year 5
0575021373: Extra-Sensory Powers: A Century of Psychical Research
0575021403: Death in the Desert
0575021454: The Gay Phoenix
0575021462: Great Cities and Their Traffic
0575021489: The Integrated Violinist
0575021497: Lovers and Heretics.
0575021535: Patrick Pearse
0575021551: The Player on the Other Side
0575021578: The Question Of Max
0575021659: Funeral Urn
0575021675: THE WESTERN MIDLANDS: A Journey to the Heart of England.
0575021683: The Winding Stair: Francis Bacon, His Rise and Fall
0575021705: Fairy Stories of Oscar Wilde
0575021713: Bruno Lipshitz & the Disciples of Dogma
0575021772: More Latin Lyrics: From Virgil to Milton
0575021780: Science fiction at large: A collection of essays, by various hands, about the interface between science fiction and reality
0575021810: Echoes from the macabre: Selected stories
0575021845: Waves of Teror: Weird Stories About the Sea
0575021888: Hans Andersen, his classic fairy tales
0575021896: Exile Waiting
0575021926: No Night Without Stars
0575021934: The Feast of St. Dionysus British First Edition - SIGNED
0575021942: Lady with Carnations
0575021985: The Wife of Ronald Sheldon
0575022094: Cosmic kaleidoscope
0575022108: My years in an Indian prison
0575022140: Super-Celeste: A novel
0575022183: The Martian Inca
0575022213: Complete Operas of Mozart: A Critical Guide.
0575022256: Flight from the Hunter
0575022353: Cumbrian Discovery
0575022361: Bakunin, an Invention
0575022469: Eagles Near the Carcase
0575022477: The Passion of New Eve.
0575022485: Wonderworlds
0575022493: Medusa's children
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