0582001870: Mapstart
0582002362: Much Ado about Nothing
0582002400: Violence Longman African
0582002419: Victims
0582002427: Call Me Not a Man
0582002443: Dilemma a Ghost and Anowa Longman African Writers Series
0582002451: Marriage Anansewa Edufa Longman African Writers Series
0582002605: A Communicative Grammar of English.
0582002656: Britain Before the Reform Act : Politics and Society, 1815-1832
0582002680: A History of South Africa (Longman history studies in depth)
0582002729: Atashoo (Longman Reading World at Home, Level No 1)
0582002796: fifteen Pigs on a Pirate Ship
0582002826: Alexander's Wish
0582002834: Growing up Christianity
0582002958: Politics in Western Europe Today : Perspectives, Policies and Problems since 1980
0582002974: Modern Japan (Modern times)
0582003040: Safe Handling of Chemicals & 2 (Safe Handling of Chemicals & 2)
0582003164: Pitman Research Notes in Mathematics Series: Viscosity Solutions and Optimal Control
0582003172: Pitman Research Notes in Mathematics Series
0582003180: Pitman Research Notes in Mathematics Series: Energy Stabillity and Convection
0582003210: Systems of Equations of Composite Type
0582003229: English Poetry Since 1940
0582003245: Making of Russian Absolutism, 1613-1801
0582003288: Theory of Criticism : A Reader
0582003296: Generative and Non-Linear Phonology : Longman Linguistics Library
0582003377: Instruments and Automatic Test Equipment
0582003512: Global Enviromental Change
0582003539: Italian Risorgimento Seminar Studies in History
0582003547: Charles I Seminar Studies
0582003555: Peter the Great
0582003792: Revolution and Terror in France 1789-1795
0582003814: The Medieval Castle (Then and There Series)
0582003857: Medieval Town
0582003865: Medieval Village
0582003903: A Handbook of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
0582003911: Our Sister Killjoy
0582003938: No Sweetness Here
0582004063: History of the Sudan : From the Coming of Islam to the Present Day
0582004098: Baltic World, 1772-1993 : Europe's Nothern Periphery in an Age of Change
0582004101: Northern Europe in the Early Modern Period: The Baltic World, 1492-1772
0582004195: Norms of Language
0582004209: Dinosaur Heresies Revolutionary View of Dinosaurs
0582004314: Financial Times Mining International Yearbook, 1988
0582004578: Longman Reading World: Goodies and Baddies: Level 4, Book 9 (Longman Reading World)
0582004659: Further Advances in Twister Theory
0582004705: Financial Markets and Institutions
0582004721: Computers in the Laboratory: Student's Guide to Microprocessor Interfacing
0582004748: Physical Organic Chemistry
0582005175: Handbook of Surface Mount Technology
0582005183: Surveys of Some Recent Results Oper Volume 2
0582005191: Surveys of Some Recent Results in Operator Theory Volume I
0582005345: Elizabeth I : Profiles in Power
0582005434: Head Start to Learning (Shared Learning Activities)
0582005590: Development Theory and the Three Worlds
0582005604: People and Education in the Third World
0582005620: Transport Systems, Policy and Planning : A Geographical Approach
0582006546: Critical Essays on Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte (Longman Critical Essays)
0582009332: Certificate Agriculture for Zimbabwe
0582009618: The Geometry of Sheet Metal Work
0582009650: Soviet Home Front, 1941-1945 : A Social and Economic History of the USSR in World War II
0582009669: The education system in England and Wales (The Effective teacher series)
0582009677: De Gaulle
0582009693: Women in Their Speech Communities
0582009715: Understanding Buildings
0582009863: Revolutionary and Dissident Movements: An International Guide
0582009871: Border and Territorial Disputes, a Keesing's Reference Publication
0582009898: World since 1900
0582009928: Past into Present: An Anthology of British and American Literature
0582010047: The Bronte Sisters (Writers & Their Work S.)
0582010071: E.M. Forster: Writers and Their Work: No. 7
0582010144: Trevelyan, G.M. (Writers and Their Work)
0582010233: Thomas Carlyle (Writers & Their Work S.)
0582010268: Milton
0582010276: Writers and Their Work: No. 27 - Robert Louis Stevenson
0582010411: Joyce Cary
0582010454: Herbert Read
0582010489: Pope (Writers & Their Work S.)
0582010527: Laurence Sterne
0582010586: Shakespeare
0582010675: graham greene
0582010888: Robert Burns
0582010896: Edmund Spenser (Writers and Their Work)
0582010918: James Joyce
0582010942: Edmund Blunden Writers and Their Work No. 93
0582010993: John Stuart Mill (Writers and Their Work)
0582011124: BEN JONSON.*(Writers and Their Work series)
0582011159: C. P. Snow
0582011248: Elizabeth Gaskell (Writers and Their Work #124)
0582011337: Shakespeare: Great Tragedies (Writers and Their Work)
0582011361: Smart, Christopher (Writers and Their Work)
0582011434: Shakespeare : Late Comedies
0582011515: Shakespeare: The Histories
0582011604: Walter Bagehot
0582011655: Shakespeare: the Poems (Writers and Their Work)
0582011876: Louis MacNeice (Writers and Their Work)
0582011914: The English Sonnet (Writers & Their Work S.)
0582012082: Angus Wilson (Writer and Their Work Series, No. 208)
0582012090: Chinua Achebe
0582012120: Harold Pinter
0582012198: Byron II.: Literary Satire, Humour and Reflection
0582012228: Anthony Powell
0582012244: R.K. Narayan
0582012252: Arnold Wesker
0582012287: Swinburne
0582012295: Muriel Spark (Writers & Their Work Series)
0582012309: Doris Lessing
0582012317: Prose Writers of World War I
0582012325: Arnold Bennett
0582012341: The Brontes, The Formative Years
0582012368: Samuel Beckett (Writers and their work, no. 234)
0582012376: P. H. Newby
0582012392: John Betjeman (Writers and their work)
0582012406: John Arden (Writers & Their Work S.)
0582012414: David Storey (Writers and their work) by Taylor, John Russell
0582012430: Jane Austen (Writers & Their Work)
0582012449: V. S. Naipaul
0582012481: Jonathan Swift (Writers & Their Work S.)
0582012503: Christopher Isherwood
0582012511: Tom Stoppard
0582012589: Hugh MacDiarmid (Writers & their work)
0582012597: The gothic novel
0582012627: Tom Stoppard
0582012635: Macaulay. Edited by Ian Scott-Kilvert.
0582012880: New Wave
0582012899: New Wave 2
0582012910: New Wave 4: Students' Book (New Wave)
0582012996: New Wave 4: Activity Book (NWAV)
0582013143: Pitman Research Notes in Mathematics Series: Nonlinear Evolution Equations
0582013178: Later Medieval City, 1300-1500
0582013194: Chaucer Work : Making Canturbury Tales
0582013208: Early Modern City, 1450-1750
0582013224: Age Elizabeth, 1547-1603
0582013232: Soviet Union, 1917-1991
0582013283: Longman Handbook of Modern History, 1714-1837
0582013291: The Longman Handbook of Modern British History 1714-1987
0582013348: July Monarchy : France 1830
0582013453: Midsummer Night's Dream
0582013461: Twelfth Night : Or, What You Will
0582013496: Introduction to Operational Research
0582013704: Additive Gropus of Rings Volume II 2
0582013828: Christmas Carol
0582013836: Kidnapped
0582013844: Three Musketeers
0582014042: A History of Medieval Europe: From Constantine to Saint Louis
0582014107: Royal Armouries (Longman Museum Activity Guides)
0582014182: Health and Health Care 3rd World
0582014212: Heterocyclic Chemistry
0582014352: Tourist Development
0582014395: SOUNDS ENGLISH
0582014611: The Medieval Knight (Then and There Series)
0582014646: Air Pollution and Acid Rain: The Biological Impact
0582014670: Franco
0582014751: Norms Of Language: Theoretical And Practical Aspects (Longman Linguistics Library)
0582014794: Pitman Research Notes in Mathematics Series: Theory and Applications of Inverse Problems
0582014840: A History of Modern Hungary: 1867-1986
0582014905: Plastic Films
0582014948: Microelectronic Devices
0582014972: Optimization of Methods in Electronic Circuit Design
0582015650: Early Medieval Ireland, 400-1200
0582015766: Longman GCSE Study Guide: Physics (Longman GCSE Study Guides)
0582015782: Longman GCSE Study Guide: World History (Longman GCSE Study Guides)
0582015952: Advanced Plant Physiology
0582016010: American Drama of the Twentieth Century
0582016053: Pitman Research Notes in Mathematics: Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations and Their Applications College De France Seminar Volume VIII
0582016428: Introduction to Quantitative Genetics
0582016487: Translation Translating
0582016541: Process and Experience in the Language Classroom
0582016576: Muriel at Metropolitan
0582016592: English Prose of the 17th Century, 1590-1700
0582016673: Tuning in (Longman Skills)
0582016703: Semiotics and Linguistics
0582016800: Children of Soweto
0582016819: Man Pass Man
0582017122: Composite Materials in Aircraft Structures
0582017157: Americans on the Move
0582017270: Medieval Monasticism
0582017289: Albatross and Other Stories
0582017319: Heat and Dust (Study Texts S.)
0582017335: Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark
0582017386: Foundations in business accounting
0582017580: Technology and Economic Development : The Dynamics of Local, Regional and National Change
0582017661: Maximum Principles and Eigenvalue Problems in Partial Differential Equations (Pitman Research Notes in Mathematics Series: 175)
0582017696: Frederick The Great
0582017777: Medical research centres: A world directory of organizations and programmes (Reference on research)
0582017785: Engineering Research Centres: a World Directory of Organizations and Programmes
0582017920: Nuffield Science for Key Stage 3: Science Year 9: Pupil's Text (Nuffield Co-ordinated Sciences)
0582018188: Jekyll and Hyde
0582018196: Vanity Fair
0582018218: King Solomon's Mines
0582018226: Wuthering Heights
0582018382: Life in modern America
0582018528: Business Aspects of Catering (Longman Hotelwork & Catering Series)
0582018552: Contract Bidding in Construction
0582018560: Distributions & Analytic Functions.
0582018609: Free Boundary Problems: Theory and Applications Volume II
0582018617: Free Boundary Problems
0582018625: Nonlinear variational problems Volume II
0582018994: Cavour
0582019001: Modern Africa: A Social and Political History
0582019036: Cavour Profiles Pwr Ser
0582019052: Dictionary of Statistical Terms
0582019710: Construction Site Studies
0582019850: John Milton Complete Shorter Poems
0582019893: Poisson Algebras and Poisson Manifolds. Pitman Research Notes in Mathematics Series 174
0582019915: Pitman Research Notes in Mathematics: Pseudo-Orbits of Contact Forms
0582019923: Radical theory
0582020417: Developing British Political System
0582020654: English Together 2 Action Book
0582020913: York Notes : A View from the Bridge
0582021278: Pacific Basin since 1945 : History of Foreign Relations of the Asian, Australian and American Rim State and the Pacific Islands
0582021286: Pacific Basin since 1945
0582021316: Blueprint Intermediate: Students' Book (Blueprint)
0582021618: Longman Mathematics Handbook
0582021626: Longman Food Science Handbook
0582021634: Longman Illustrated Dictionary of Geography
0582021642: Critical points at infinity in some variational problems
0582021685: Blake : The Complete Poems
0582021731: Animal Farm.
0582021812: Pitman Research Notes in Mathematics Series: Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations and Their Applications College De France Seminar Volume IX
0582021820: Industrialization in the Non-Western World
0582021863: July Monarchy: A Political History of France, 1830-1848
0582021898: Starting Economics
0582021901: Discorse and the Translator
0582021944: Dialects English
0582021952: Tradewinds : Poetry in English from Different Cultures
0582022215: Linguistics Aphasia
0582022371: Stochastic Calculus in Application: Proceedings of the Cambridge Symposium, 1987
0582022398: Longman Picture Wordbook
0582022444: Rebuilding Europe
0582022479: Finite Element Analysis
0582022487: Computational Lexicography for Natural Language Processing
0582022495: A Dictionary of Literary Terms
0582022541: Notes on Alfred, Lord Tennyson - Selected Poems (Longman Literature Guides)
0582022568: Antony and Cleopatra
0582022592: Crucible
0582022606: Death of a Salesman
0582022622: Complete Works of Christopher Marlowe: : Dr. Faustus
0582022630: York Notes on Emma by Jane Austen (York Notes)
0582022649: Go-Between
0582022657: Great Expectations
0582022665: Great Gatsby
0582022673: Gulliver's Travels
0582022681: Hamlet
0582022703: Henry IV Pt. 1 : Texts and Contexts
0582022738: Jane Eyre
0582022746: Selected Poems
0582022762: Julius Caesar
0582022770: King Lear
0582022800: Macbeth
0582022835: Measure for Measure
0582022843: Merchant of Venice : Texts and Contexts
0582022851: Midsummer Night's Dream
0582022886: Much Ado about Nothing
0582022894: 1984
0582022916: Othello
0582022924: Paradise Lost
0582022940: York Notes on The Pardoner's Tale by Geoffrey Chaucer (York Notes)
0582022959: Pearl
0582022975: Pride and Prejudice
0582022983: Prologue to the Canterbury Tales
0582022991: Pygmalion : A Romance in Five Acts
0582023009: Return of the Native
0582023025: Romeo and Juliet
0582023033: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead
0582023092: Tempest
0582023122: Things Fall Apart
0582023149: To the Lighthouse
0582023165: Twelfth Night : Or, What You Will
0582023211: Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
0582023238: Winter's Tale
0582023246: Wuthering Heights
0582023416: Unit Groups of Group Theory (Pitman Monographs and Surveys in Pure and Applied Mathematics)
0582023432: Ray Methods for Nonlinear Waves in Fluid and Plasmas
0582023831: Sex, Politics and Society : The Regulation of Sexuality Since 1800
0582023858: Racial Consciousness
0582023866: Microeconomics
0582023882: Europe 1880-1945.
0582023890: Europe in the Nineteenth Century, 1830-1880 (General History of Europe)
0582023920: Northern Ireland Since 1945
0582023955: Special Relationship : A Political History of Anglo-American Relations since 1945
0582023998: Evaluation of Land Resources
0582024005: Politics of Women's Rights (Politics today)
0582024323: National Dividing?: Electoral Map of Great Britain, 1979-87 (Insights on Contemporary Issues)
0582024536: Role Play Practice Spanish
0582024811: Computer Law
0582025036: Applied Economics: An Introductory Course
0582025044: Longman GCSE Study Guide: British and European History (Longman GCSE Study Guides)
0582025052: Longman GCSE Study Guide: Geography (Longman GCSE Study Guides)
0582025109: Italian City Republics, The
0582025214: History of the English Language : A Source Book
0582025230: Ring Longman Originals Stage Three
0582025311: Decline and Fall of the Hapsburg Empire, 1915-1918
0582025478: Napoleon
0582025524: Understanding the Management of Local Government (Local Government Training Board)
0582025613: Living World of the Old Testament
0582025656: Essentials of English Language Teaching : Longmans Keys to Language Teaching
0582025753: London: Video Activity Book (Background Books)
0582026083: Music Is Child's Play (Shared Learning Activities)
0582026261: Political Parties of the World
0582026288: Revolution in the Philippines? by
0582026342: Pursuit of History : Aims, Methods and New Directions in the Study of History
0582026555: Human Metabolism of Alcohol
0582026563: Son of the Soil
0582026571: Stillborn
0582026601: Woman in Black
0582026938: Wreath Products of Groups and Semigroups
0582026954: Transformations, Transmutations, and Kernel Functions
0582027446: Mechanical Vibration Analysis and Computation
0582027713: Italy since 1800
0582028043: Pre-Emancipation History of the World War I Era
0582028752: Grammar Meaning
0582028809: Pitman Research Notes in Mathematics Series: Mathematical Analysis of Nonlinear Dynamic Processes
0582028825: Volterra Integrodifferential Equations in Banach Spaces and Applications
0582028868: Realms Meaning
0582028884: Kennedy
0582028922: Scottish Literature Since 1707
0582028930: Scottish Literature Since 1707
0582029635: Principles of Veterinary Therapeutics
0582029643: Critical Studies in Art and Design Education
0582029724: Castro
0582030404: Statistical Methods in Research and Production, with Special Reference to the Chemical Industry
0582030447: Call of the Wild Four
0582030706: Life of Olaudah Equiano, or Gustavus Vassa the African
0582030900: As You Like It
0582031117: Birds of the Southern Third of Africa.
0582031133: Birds of West Central and Western Africa.
0582031141: Birds of West Central and Western Africa
0582031192: Great Britain : Identities, Institutions and the Idea of Britishness
0582031311: Politics of the National Health Service
0582031338: Language and Power (Language in Social Life Series)
0582031354: Late Medieval England 1399-1509
0582031362: Churchill
0582031370: Churchill
0582031621: Laughing matters a serious look at humour.
0582031672: A History of Swaziland
0582031702: Arrival of the Snake-Woman and Other Stories
0582031907: Hamiltonian Flows and Evolution Semigroups. Pitman Research Notes in Mathematics Series, Volume 239
0582032792: Lincoln
0582032946: The Early Stuarts, A Political History of England 1603-1642.
0582032962: Educational Development and School Building: Aspects of Public Policy, 1945-73
0582033012: Change and Decay?
0582033055: Metallic and Ceramic Coatings
0582033071: Ethics and Religions
0582033314: LENIN
0582033330: Stochastic analysis, path integration and dynamics
0582033438: Coriolanus
0582033470: Huckleberry Finn
0582033497: Murder in the Cathedral
0582033519: Heart of the Matter
0582033527: Power and the Glory
0582033535: Odyssey
0582033624: Selected Poems
0582033659: York Notes on Lee's Cider with Rosie
0582033683: Duchess of Malfi
0582033721: The Longman literary companion to science
0582033748: Solving Problems in Fluid Dynamics
0582033756: Guidebook to Organic Synthesis
0582033780: Europe 1780-1830 (General History of Europe)
0582033799: European Sources Of Scientific And Technical Information
0582033837: Criticism and Literary Theory 1890 to the Present
0582033896: Nasser Profiles Power Series
0582034035: Elizabethan Explorer
0582034078: World Flames
0582034477: Pitman Research Notes in Mathematics Series: Optimization and Identification of Systems Governed By Evolution Equations on Banach Space
0582034485: Derivatives, Nuclei and Dimensions on the Frame of Torsion Theories (Pitman Research Notes in Mathematics)
0582034507: Conflict in Early Stuart England: Studies in Religion and Politics 1603-1642
0582034515: The Industrial Age Economy & Society in Britain 1750-1985
0582034914: Recent Advances in Hyperbolic Equations
0582034949: Women, Development and Survival in the Third World
0582034965: Imperial Germany, 1890-1918
0582035368: Flowers and Shadows
0582035384: Recent Advances in Nonlinear Elliptic and Parabolic Problems. Pitman Research Notes in Mathematics Seris, Volume 208
0582035392: Singularities of Solutions of Second Order Quasilinear Equations
0582035503: A History of James Capel & Co
0582035651: Engaging Geopolitics
0582035724: York Hdbk Study Shakespr
0582035856: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
0582035872: Jungle Book
0582035899: Canterville Ghost and Other Long Classics Stage Four
0582035953: Italy in the 17th Century
0582036089: Central Europe since 1945
0582036275: Science Is Child's Play (Shared Learning Activities)
0582036283: My Holiday Scrapbook
0582036356: How Parliament Works
0582036410: American Customs and Traditions
0582036828: Materials Research Centres
0582036879: Basic Map Reading
0582036887: Digital Techniques
0582036933: Active Business Studies
0582037204: Algebraic and spectral methods for nonlinear wave equations
0582037255: Linguistic Theories and Their Application
0582037344: Building Contract Disputes: Their Avoidance and Resolution
0582037409: Bismarck
0582037425: Linguistic Purism
0582037468: Selected Poems
0582037573: Moll Flanders
0582037611: Prestressed Bodies. Pitman Research Notes in Mathematics Series. Volume 195
0582037638: Pilgrims : Teaching Teenagers
0582037646: Recipe Book
0582037654: Visual Impact : Creative Language Learning Through Pictures
0582037670: Alternatives : Games, Exercises and Conversations for the Language Classroom
0582037689: Random Fields Estimation Theory. Pitman Monographs and Surveys in Pure and Applied Mathematics, Volume 48
0582037719: Longman Register of New Words
0582037727: The Longman Register of New Words
0582037786: Engineering Materials
0582037794: Strong Asymptotics for Extremal Errors and Polynomials Associated with Erdos-type Weights. Pitman Research Notes in Mathematics Series, Volume 202
0582037808: Analytic function theory of one complex variable
0582037867: William Marshal : Court, Career and Chivalry in the Angevin Empire 1147-1219
0582038235: Our Town
0582038243: Z FOR ZACHARIAH.
0582038278: Suleyman the Magnificent and His Age : The Ottman Empire in the Early Modern World
0582038340: Vanity Fair
0582038464: American Dimensions Advanced Workbook
0582038510: Longman GCSE Study Guide: Religious Studies (Longman GCSE Study Guides)
0582038553: Longman GCSE Study Guide: Home Economics (Longman GCSE Study Guides)
0582038650: Electronic Testing and Fault Diagnosis
0582038960: Race and ethnicity (Sociology in focus series)
0582038979: Tales of Old Jamaica: Black Tales of Old Jamaica
0582038987: History of Jamaica
0582039088: Trade Unions of the World 1989-1990
0582039339: Managing Engineering Design
0582039398: Western Europe Since 1945 : A Political History
0582039495: Psycholinguistics Language, Mind and World
0582039509: Neo-Fascism in Europe
0582039517: Neo Fascism Europe
0582039533: Nationalities Question in the Soviet Union
0582039576: Intro English Grammar
0582039657: Glass Menagerie
0582039827: Foreday Morning
0582039843: Caribbean Story
0582039851: Caribbean Story Book 2
0582040000: King Stephen
0582040116: Chaucer's Dream Poetry
0582040132: Macroeconomics Fourth Edition
0582040175: Teddy Bears (A Sense of History - Topic Books)
0582040183: Homes (A Sense of History - Topic Books)
0582040299: Issues in Design Education (Art and Design Education Series)
0582040345: Women in Love
0582040450: Origins of the Italian Wars of Independence
0582040477: Alfred the Great
0582040590: Touchdown : Level 2 - Secondary
0582040620: Planning Language, Planning Inequality : Language Policy in the Community
0582040647: George Eliot
0582040809: Park
0582040817: Politics Under the Later Stuarts
0582040825: Politics Under the Later Stuarts
0582040833: Handbook of Electromechanical Product Design
0582040957: An introduction to modern economics
0582042852: Nehru
0582042860: The Reuters Glossary : A Dictionary of International Economic and Financial Terms
0582042992: Construction Materials
0582044383: Universe
0582044391: Geographical Information System Computer Cartography
0582044405: Economics Development in the Third World
0582044413: Hungary: The Second Decade of Economic Reform (Perspective Son Eastern Europe)
0582044421: The Polish Economy in the 1980's
0582044499: From Manufacturing to Industry, 1700-1850 (Longman Modern British History)
0582045002: Longman English Grammar Practice With Key
0582045142: Late Quaternary Environmental Change : Physical and Human Perspectives
0582045282: The Age of Robert Guiscard: Southern Italy and the Norman Conquest.
0582045290: Age of Robert Guiscard : Southern Italy and the Northern Conquest
0582045304: Community of Europe : A History of European Integration since 1945
0582045312: Community of Europe : A History of European Integration since 1945
0582045398: John Milton Longman Critical Readers Series
0582045630: Philosophy and Social Research
0582045649: Basic Soil Mechanics
0582045665: Engineering Thermodynamics : Work and Heat Transfer
0582045819: Jesus in the Dock (Looking at Jesus)
0582045843: History of the Balkans, 1804-1945
0582045851: History of the Balkans, 1804-1945
0582045878: War and Progress: Britain 1914-1945
0582046564: Practice of English : Language Teaching
0582046645: Upper Intermediate Matters
0582046653: Intermediate Matters: Workbook with Key (MATT)
0582046661: Upper Intermediate Matters : No Key
0582046688: Upper Intermediate Matters Teachers Bk
0582046874: Intermediate Matters Set of 2 Class Cassettes
0582046912: Intermediate Matters Workbook Cass (1)
0582047811: Visuals For The Language Classroom
0582047935: Longman Top Pocket Roget's Thesaurus
0582047994: Romanticism
0582049369: The Mask & Other Stories
0582049431: Camel Bells in the Windy Desert
0582050111: Rochester Roundabout: The Story of High-energy Physics - 1959-1980
0582050154: Feminist Literary Criticism
0582050235: Graded Assessment Tests: English 1
0582050340: Getting on with Your Children (Successful Parenting Guides)
0582050537: Juarez
0582050588: Religion in Politics
0582050677: Concrete Structures
0582050685: Portuguese Empire in Asia, 1500-1700 : A Political and Economic History
0582050693: The Portuguese Empire in Asia, 1500-1700: A Political and Economic History
0582050707: African History : From Earliest Time to Independence
0582050723: Longman GCSE Reference Guide: English (Longman GCSE Reference Guides)
0582050758: Longman GCSE Reference Guide: Design and Technology (Longman GCSE Reference Guides)
0582050790: The Education Act and Your Child (Successful Parenting Guid
0582050812: Criticism and Culture : The Role of Critique in Modern Literary Theory
0582050820: Criticism and Culture : The Role of Critique in Modern Literary Theory
0582050928: Renaissance Poetry
0582050936: Renaissance Poetry
0582051142: Shakespearean Tragedy
0582051207: Graph Colourings
0582051215: Continuum Models and Discrete Systems, 2 volumes
0582051266: Modern Italy 1871-1995
0582051347: 18th Century Town
0582051371: English Prose of the Nineteenth Century (Longman Literature in English Series)
0582051428: Ready for Business
0582051436: People in Business
0582051479: Talking Topics
0582051711: Longman A-level Study Guide: Biology (Longman A-Level Study Guides)
0582051738: Longman A-level Study Guide: Geography (Longman A-level Study Guides)
0582051770: Longman A-level Study Guide: Modern History (Longman A-Level Study Guides)
0582051797: Longman A-level Study Guide: Chemistry (Longman A-Level Study Guides) by Cox...
0582051908: Longman GCSE Study Guide: Music (Longman GCSE Study Guides)
0582051959: Active Psychology - Paperback
0582051983: Hardy-Type Inequalities
0582052041: Sugarcane with Salt
0582052076: Sprat Morrison
0582052149: Profiles and Profiling
0582052718: Alexander I
0582052726: Joseph II
0582052793: THE YOUNGER PITT (Profiles in Power series)
0582052858: Wrkg Clss Pol Euro 1929
0582052947: Geographical Issues in the Soviet Union
0582052963: History American English
0582053021: Leadership in an Interdependent World
0582053072: Southern African Literatures
0582053897: Spreadsheets for Agriculture
0582054168: Principles of Physics
0582054923: Baby Mother and the King of Swords
0582055407: Man and Society
0582055482: Classical Legacy in Renaissance Poetry
0582055490: Classical Legacy in Renaissance Poetry
0582055849: Charles Bald
0582056179: Myth of Absolutism : Change and Continuity in Early Modern European Monarchy
0582056187: The Myth of Absolutism: Change and Continuity in Early Modern European Monarchy
0582056292: Wars of Louis XIV, 1667-1714
0582056306: Anglo Dutch Wars 17th Century
0582056349: Plastering
0582056616: Geographical information systems: Principles and applications
0582056659: Multidimensional inverse scattering problems
0582057094: Communicating Science Handbook
0582057248: Economic activity and land use: The changing information base for local and regional studies
0582057523: Newtonian Casino
0582057590: Reign of Mary Tudor : Politics, Government and Religion in England, 1553-58
0582057868: Longman A-level Study Guide: Sociology (Longman A-Level Study Guides)
0582057949: Physics (GCSE Reference Guides)
0582057973: Contemporary Debates in Education
0582058090: Stranded
0582058228: Trends in Applications of Mathematics and Mechanics.
0582058236: Recent Developments in Structured C Volume 2
0582058244: Politics in Western Europe Today : Perspectives, Policies and Problems since 1980
0582058589: DEAD MAN'S RIVER
0582058597: Dino's Day in London/ Flying Home/ Maisie & the Dolphin/ Tinkers Island
0582058635: Longman Dictionary of English Idioms
0582058813: National Economies of Europe
0582059127: Positive Perspectives - Youth
0582059135: Inorganic Chemistry
0582059224: Physiological Animal Ecology
0582059232: Numerical Analysis, 1989. Pitman Research Notes in Mathematics Series, Volume 228
0582059240: The Making of Piers Plowman.
0582059259: Discourse and the Translator
0582059267: Shakespeares Comedies
0582059305: English Corpus Linguistics: Studies in Honor: Convention and Creativity (Studies in Language and Linguistics)
0582059348: Growth and Development of Children
0582059550: Wars of Napoleon
0582059569: Fluid dynamical aspects of combustion theory.
0582059658: English Noblewomen in the Later Middle Ages : The Medieval World
0582059674: The Origins of the Russian Civil War (Origins of Modern War S.)
0582059682: Origins of the Russian Civil War
0582059704: Cnut : The Danes in England in the Early Eleventh Century
0582059712: Student's Grammar of the English Language
0582059747: Workshop on Dynamical Systems. Pitman Research Notes in Mathematics Series 221
0582059763: Contemporary Marxist Literary Criticism : Longman Critical Readers
0582059828: Introduction Psycholingu
0582060095: Natural Products : Their Chemistry and Biological Significance
0582060117: July's People
0582060133: Educating Rita
0582060141: Royal Hunt of the Sun
0582060168: Brave New World and Brave New World Revisited
0582060176: Cone-Gatherers
0582060192: Winslow Boy
0582060214: Fifth Child
0582060230: Great Gatsby
0582060249: Captain and the Enemy
0582060389: Communist and Marxist Parties of the World
0582060419: Rise and Fall of British Liberalism, 1776-1988
0582060575: Rise and Fall of British Liberalism, 1776-1988
0582060621: Introduction to Sociolinguistics
0582060818: Geometry and Analysis in Nonlinear Dynamics
0582060842: Livestock Health and Welfare
0582060850: Historical Linguistics : Problems and Perspectives
0582060885: Single Market to Social Europe: The European Community in the 1990s (Insights on Contemporary Issues)
0582060893: Francis Joseph
0582060907: Francis Joseph
0582061067: 1848 Revolutions
0582061075: Reign of Mary I 2ND Edition
0582061164: Boundary Value and Initial Value Problems in Complex Analysis: Studies in Complex Analysis and Its Applications to Partial Differential Equations 1. Pitman Research Notes in Mathematics Series, Volume 256
0582061245: European Research Centres: A Directory of Scientific, Technological, Agricultural, and Biomedical Laboratories (Reference on Research)
0582061377: Blighty : British Society in the Era of the Great War
0582061512: Virginia Woolf
0582061520: Virginia Woolf (Longman Critical Readers)
0582061547: T.S. Eliot
0582061555: D.H. Lawrence
0582061571: Mechanical Engineering Science
0582061628: The Time Out Film Guide
0582061725: Longman Companion to Cold War and Detente 1941-91
0582061741: Longman Companion to the European Reformation, C. 1500-1618
0582061903: Operator Theory: Proceedings of the 1988 GPOTS-Wabash conference
0582061911: Biology of Freshwater Pollution
0582061946: Language and Relationship in Wordsworth's Writing: Elective Affinities (Studies in Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Literature)
0582062047: Local Government and Urban Politics
0582062527: Marcel Goes Hollywood
0582062594: Wars of Frederick the Great
0582062675: Synthetic Fibre Materials
0582062985: Trade Unions in British Politics: The First 250 Years
0582063035: Justinian
0582063043: Justinian (The Medieval World)
0582063051: Companion to Middle East Since 1914
0582063299: Active Study Dictionary
0582063574: Modernism/Postmodernism
0582063612: Women Men Politeness
0582063620: Women, Men, and Politeness (Real Language Series)
0582063698: Origins of the Arab-Israeli Wars : Origins of Modern Wars
0582063728: Black Leadership in America
0582063752: Nazi Germany
0582063760: The Longman Companion to Nazi Germany
0582063779: Early Tudor Church and Society, 1485-1529
0582063795: Semiotics and linguistics.
0582064015: Rediscovering Interlanguage
0582064163: Barcelona Game
0582064171: Climb
0582064252: The Italian Renaissance: The Origins of Intellectual and Artistic Change Before the Reformation.
0582064295: Northern Wars
0582064317: Education in the Developing World : Conflict and Crisis
0582064414: Giving Presentations (Longman Business English Skills S.)
0582064457: Exchange Information Book
0582064511: Longman Original Stage
0582064538: Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves
0582064651: Cooperative Development
0582064716: Origins Greek Civil War
0582064767: Age of Charles Martel
0582064910: Pronunciation Book : Student Centered Activities for Pronunciation Work
0582064937: Ways of Training : Recipes for Teacher Training
0582065577: LAMB
0582065585: English and Italian from Literature from Dante to Shakespeare : A Study of Sources, Analogy and Divergence
0582065798: Health of Poultry
0582065941: Basic Engineer Drawings
0582065992: Semigroup Theory With Applications to Systems and Control
0582066190: King James Bible : Selection
0582066204: Regaining Paradise Lost
0582066549: The Dematerialisation of Karl Marx: Literature and Marxist Theory (Foundations of Modern Literary Theory)
0582066603: Blueprint One: Students' Book (Blueprint)
0582066875: Engineering Quality and Experimental Design
0582066948: Analytical Biochemistry
0582066964: Poverty of Structuralism : Literature and Structuralist Theory
0582066999: Practical Skills in Biology
0582067014: Using Geochemical Data : Evaluation, Presentation, Interpretation
0582067219: Animal Behaviour : Psychobiology, Ethology, and Evolution
0582067227: Stuart Age
0582067235: Spain, 1469 1714 : A Society of Conflict
0582067278: King John
0582067391: English Drama of the Early Modern Period, 1890-1940
0582067766: Quantum Mechanics, Algebras and Distributions
0582067812: Invariant manifold theory for hydrodynamic transition (Pitman research notes in mathematics series 241)
0582068088: Instrument and Product Measure
0582068096: Social Europe
0582068169: Tomb of Tut-ankh-amen
0582068215: Controlled Markov Chains
0582068290: Mexico and the Spanish Conquest : Wars in Context
0582068312: Aspect in the English Verb : Process and Result in Language (Longman Linguistics Library)
0582068495: Financial Times Oil and Gas International Year Book, 1992
0582068517: New English Firsthand : Developing Communicative Language Skills
0582068525: New English Firsthand Plus : Expanding Communicative Language Skills
0582068541: New English Firsthand Plus : Expanding Communicative Language Skills
0582068606: Step by Step: Graded Grammar Practice for Elementary Students: With Ans.Key Bk. 1
0582068614: Step by Step 2 - with Key
0582068622: Step by Step 3 - with Key
0582068630: Lectures on the Spectrum of L2 L/G
0582068649: The Development of Statistics: Recent Contributions From China. Pitman Research Notes in Mathematics Series, Volume 258
0582070112: Introducing Great Britain: Workbook (Longman Background Books)
0582070201: Protestant Reformation in Europe
0582070244: Progress in partial differential equations: The Metz surveys (Pitman research notes in mathematics series)
0582070295: Global Conflict : The International Rivalry of the Great Powers, 1880-1990
0582070309: Longman Companion to Britain Since 1945
0582070317: Longman Companion to Britain Since 1945
0582070368: Petain (Profiles in Power Series)
0582070376: Petain
0582070627: Language and Ideology in Children's Fiction
0582070643: Southern Europe Since 1945: Tradition and Modernity in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece and Turkey
0582070651: Southern Europe after 1945
0582071070: The Pre-intermediate Choice - Stage 2: Students' Book (Choice)
0582071097: Teaching English Primary
0582071151: Building Bridges into Work: The Role of the Community Worker
0582071259: Two Roads to Mount Joyful (Caribbean Writers Series)
0582071267: Sunsong 3
0582071305: Intro Spoken in Interaction
0582071313: Knowledge Machines
0582071356: English Infinitive
0582071364: Economics for a Developing World
0582071534: Longman Business English Usage
0582072255: Longman Companion to Napoleonic Europe
0582072328: Philip II (Seminar Studies in History S.)
0582072441: Dictionary of Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics
0582072514: Functional Differential Equations : Theory
0582072530: Propagation of a Curved Shock and Nonlinear Ray Theory
0582072697: The Fireworks Display: Science 5-6 Years (Head Start for the National Curriculum)
0582072905: Longman Handbook of European History, 1763-1991
0582072913: Longman Handbook Of Modern European History 1763-1991
0582072964: Anglo-Saxon England and the Norman Conquest
0582072972: Anglo-Saxon England and the Norman conquest (Social and economic history of England; ed. by Asa Briggs)
0582073103: Explorations (A Sense of History)
0582073111: Roman Britain: Resource Book (Sense of History S.)
0582073154: Tudor and Stuart Life: Key Stage 2 - Resource Book (Sense of History S.)
0582073200: Questions in Irish History : Why Remeber the Boyne?
0582073782: Introductory Econometrics : Theory and Applications
0582073790: World Politics since 1945
0582073855: East India Company : A History
0582073871: Nazi Germany at War
0582074584: Rethink Third World Politics
0582074649: Nuffield Mathematics 5-11: National Curriculum Version Bk. 6 (Nuffield Maths 5-11 Project)
0582074800: Modern China : A History
0582074819: Leopard and the Lighthouse
0582074835: Lost in New York (Longman Originals)
0582074843: Bio Organic Mechanisms
0582074851: The Broken mirror: China after Tiananmen
0582074908: Student's AutoCAD
0582074924: Women, Men, and Language : A Sociolinguistic Account of Gender Differences in Language
0582074940: Forger: Stage 4 (Longman Originals)
0582074967: K's First Case
0582074975: Gold Lasso
0582074991: Mike's Lucky Day
0582075041: Musical Openings
0582075173: Student Companion
0582075181: Student's Companion : Caribbean Edition
0582075343: Blueprint Two: Student's Book (Blueprint)
0582075408: Margaux Guide to the Vineyards of France
0582075416: Moulis Listrac
0582075424: LE MONTRACHET Bernard Ginestet's Guide to the Vineyards of France
0582075432: Chablis
0582075440: Sauternes Guide to the Vineyards of France
0582075459: Saint Emilion
0582075521: Literature and Culture in Modern Britain, 1956-1999
0582075556: Forked Tongues
0582075726: Management of Behaviour in Schools
0582075734: Chronicle of the Second World War
0582075750: Critical Essays on The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare (Longman Critical Essays)
0582075769: Measure for Measure
0582076889: Surveying
0582077192: Jane Eyre
0582077206: Pride and Prejudice
0582077664: Integral Equations and Inverse Problems
0582077702: The Poems of Andrew Marvell
0582077729: Longman Companion to Britain in the Era of the Two World Wars, 1914-45
0582077745: The Longman Companion to European Decolonisation in the Twentieth Century (Longman Companions to History S.)
0582077753: Language Issues
0582077826: Wuthering Heights
0582077834: Great Expectations
0582077842: Importance of Being Earnest
0582077850: Clifford Small Red Puppy Musical Pull Toy
0582077877: Cry, the Beloved Country
0582077885: Far from the Madding Crowd
0582078113: Method for Computing Unsteady Flows in Porous Media
0582078148: An introduction to asymmetric solitary waves (Pitman monographs and surveys in pure and applied mathematics)
0582078202: Western Mediterranean Kingdoms 1200-1500
0582078504: Competing Discourses : Perspective and Ideology in Language
0582078512: Markets and Dealers : The Economics of the London Financial Markets
0582078520: Leadership in an Interdependent World
0582078539: Resilient Europe : A Study of the Years, 1870-2000
0582078547: Resilient Europe : A Study of the Years, 1870-2000
0582078555: The Theory of Semirings with Applications in mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science. Pitman Monographs and Surveys in Pure and Applied Mathematics, Volume 54
0582078636: Atat Urk
0582078652: State of Germany : The National Idea in the Making, Unmaking and Remaking of a Nation State
0582078679: Volatile Oil Crops
0582078687: Tropical Forages: Their Role in Sustainable Agriculture (Tropical Agriculture S.)
0582079225: European Monetary Integration
0582079330: World Energy and Nuclear Directory
0582079675: Progress in Listening: Students' Book
0582080029: The Conservative Party and British Politics 1902-1951
0582080037: English Republic, 1649-1660
0582080088: Roosevelt and the United States (Modern times)
0582080118: Photo Dictionary : English - Spanish
0582080126: Distributions and Pseudo-Differential Operators
0582080142: SYS OF AMBITN 1660 1793
0582080169: Europe in the High Middle Ages, 1150-1309
0582080355: Biogeography : A Study of Plants in the Ecosphere
0582080371: Dictionary of Literary Terms
0582080622: Map Generalization : Making Rules for Knowledge Representation
0582080630: Fixed Point Theory and Applications
0582080665: European Nobilities in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
0582080673: History of the Russian Church to 1448
0582080703: The European Nobilities in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries: Northern, Central and Eastern Europe v. 2
0582081017: Popular Disturbances in England 1700-1832
0582081025: Longman Handbook of Modern Irish History Since1800
0582081157: Enlarged European Union
0582081165: Right Place
0582081238: Electronic Research Centres 3ed a World
0582081254: Construction for Interior Designers
0582081378: Amazon Rally Long Original J
0582081394: Rosa Raye
0582081408: Fire in the Forest (Longman Originals)
0582081424: Lost Twin
0582081440: Man Who Made Diamonds
0582081734: Shirley Valentine
0582081742: Picnic at Hanging Rock
0582081955: Higher Education in the United Kingdom, 1992-93: A Handbook for Students and Their Advisers (Higher Education in the United Kingdom)
0582082129: Conversational Routines in English: Convention and Creativity (Studies in Language and Linguistics (London, England).)
0582082412: Catherine De'Medici
0582082455: Baltic Nations and Europe : Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in the 20th Century
0582082463: The Baltic Nations and Europe: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in the Twentieth Century
0582082501: Castles and Cathedrals
0582082528: Italian Renaissance
0582082536: Britain and the Great War
0582082544: Revolution in France : The Era of the French Revolution and Napoleon 1789-1815
0582082617: Medieval English Poetry
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