0582082676: Frontiers in Phonology : Atoms, Structures and Derivations
0582082684: Frontiers of Phonology: Atoms, Structures, Derivations (Longman Linguistics Library)
0582082757: Aerospace Technology Centres (Reference on Research)
0582082986: Quartet of Stories
0582083435: Social Orders and Social Classes in Europe Since 1500 : Studies in Social Stratification
0582083494: Capitalist Welfare Systems
0582083532: Napoleon III
0582083575: Primary Maths Today: Towards the Twenty First Century
0582083729: Qualitative Methods in Continuum Mechanics
0582083737: Methods of Singular Integral Equations
0582083745: Computer Simulation of Polymers
0582084040: Tudor Britain: 1485-1603 (Longman Advanced History)
0582084059: Longman Advance History in Stuart England 1603-1714
0582084067: Contemporary Britain : 1914-1978
0582084075: Birth Modern Britain 1780-1945
0582084083: Longman History Project Modern Europe 1870-1945
0582084091: The Poems of John Dryden: Volume 3: 1686-1696
0582084113: Peter the Great
0582084180: Business Calls : Telephoning Skills for Business
0582084199: Give and Take : Exchanging Information in Business
0582084202: Stand and Deliver : Giving Business Presentations
0582084210: All Work and No Play : Social Skills for Business People
0582084377: English Poetry of the Seventeenth Century
0582084652: Stories of Detection and Mystery
0582084660: Tale of Two Cities
0582084679: Thirty-Nine Steps
0582084792: Airport
0582084806: Invisible Man
0582084814: Tales from Shakespeare
0582084857: Great Gatsby
0582084865: Rebecca
0582084881: Modern American History, 1763-1996
0582085225: Fictions at Work
0582085233: Fictions at Work
0582085314: Realism : Modern Literatures in Perspective
0582085543: World's News Media : Comprehensive Reference Guide
0582085756: New Political Parties of Eastern Europe and Soviet Union : A Comprehensive Reference Guide
0582085764: International Business Economics
0582085853: Freeway Book 1
0582085918: Freeway: Integrated Course in Communicative English: Teacher's Manual 2 (FREE)
0582085934: Freeway
0582085942: Freeway: Integrated Course in Communicative English: Workbook 3 (FREE)
0582085950: Freeway: Integrated Course in Communicative English: Teacher's Manual 3 (FREE)
0582085993: Freeway: Integrated Course in Communicative English: Teachers' Manual Bk. 4 (FREE)
0582086248: Government and Politics of Ireland
0582086272: Aircraft Instrument Intgr
0582086477: Contract Law (Longman Law Series)
0582086558: Pollution
0582086574: Photosynthesis : Molecular, Physiological and Environmental Processes
0582086639: Preface to James Joyce
0582086671: Shelly
0582086884: Satellite City
0582086930: Maritime Affairs a World Handbook 2ND Edition a Refe
0582087007: Developing the Environment
0582087066: Balzac
0582087074: Effective Teaching of Religious Education
0582087082: Literary Practices
0582087090: Literacy Practices
0582087228: Germany and Europe, 1919-1939
0582087287: The Task, and Selected Other Poems
0582087295: Introduction to Child Language Development
0582087325: Nonlinear Waves and Dissipative Effects (Pitman Research Notes in Mathematics Series, No. 227)
0582087341: Thermodynamics of Chaos and Order
0582087368: Generalized Feller Equation and Related Topics
0582087600: Latin American Spanish
0582087643: Longman Biology Handbook
0582087651: Harmonic Maps into Homogeneous Spaces
0582087678: Free Boundary Problems Involving Solids
0582087686: Emerging Applications in Free Boundary Problems
0582087708: Literary Language of Shakespeare
0582087813: Limit Algebras
0582087848: Soil Science : Methods and Applications
0582088046: Acoustics Noise Control
0582088054: General Engineering
0582088100: Longman Chemistry Handbook
0582088194: Student's Grammar of English Language
0582088275: Macbeth
0582088283: Julius Caesar
0582088348: Twelfth Night : Or, What You Will
0582088356: Merchant of Venice : Texts and Contexts
0582088364: Romeo and Juliet
0582088372: Modern Longman Literature : Autobiographies
0582088437: English Fiction of the Victorian Period : 1830-1890
0582088461: Engineering Thermodynamics Work & Heat Trandfer Solutions M
0582088542: Asking Questions in Biology : Design, Analysis and Presentation in Practical Work
0582088550: English Novel Vol. 1 : 1700 to Fielding
0582088755: Right Track: Language and Skills for International Communication-Students Book 1
0582088836: Preface to Conrad
0582088844: King Solomon's Mines
0582088895: David Copperfield
0582088917: Jane Eyre.
0582088992: Kidnapped: The World's Popular Classics
0582089018: Far from the Madding Crowd
0582089069: Teaching of Drama in the Primary School
0582089107: Spenser
0582089123: Edmund Spenser : Selected Short Poems
0582089158: Russia: The Tsarist and Soviet Legacy (Present and the Past)
0582089166: Albion's People, 1714-1815
0582089204: Origins of the First World War : Profiles in Power Series
0582089212: Age of Urban Democracy : England, 1868-1914
0582089220: Russia : The Tsarist and Soviet Legacy
0582089247: Alexander Pope: The Dunciad in Four Books
0582089255: African Literatures in English: East and West (Longman Literature in English Series).
0582089271: Preface to Pope
0582089409: Introduction to Geographical Information Systems
0582089433: Lion's Share : Short History of British Imperialism, 1850-1995
0582089530: Forging of the Modern State : Early Industrial Britain, 1783-1870
0582089557: Welcome to Great Britain and the U. S. A.
0582089565: Compact Peters Atlas of the World
0582089603: Business English Recipes
0582089689: Design and Build Contract Practice
0582089751: European Community Law : Text and Materials
0582089980: Making of the United Kingdom 1660-1800
0582090067: Chronicle of the Royal Family
0582090326: Contemporary Film Theory
0582090334: Human Resources Management in Construction
0582090938: Preface Yeates Edition
0582090954: Fictions of Power in English Literature, 1900-1950
0582090962: English Poetry of the 16TH Century
0582090970: Developing British Political System
0582091004: Mathematical Aspects of Penetrative Convection, PRN 288 (Pitman Research Notes in Mathematics)
0582091071: Introducing Town Planning
0582091098: Transformations, Transmutations and Kernel Functions
0582091144: Partial Differential Equations (Pitman Research Notes in Mathematics Series,)
0582091152: Longman Companion to America in the Era of the Two World Wars, 1910-1945
0582091160: The Longman Companion to America in the Era of the Two World Wars, 1910-1945
0582091209: Schur's Algorithm and Several Applications
0582091373: Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations
0582091446: Managing the Probation Service
0582091454: From Hearing to Healing: Working with the Aftermath of Child Sexual Abuse
0582091462: Islam and Islamic Groups: A Worldwide Reference Guide (Longman current affairs
0582091934: Applied Thermodynamics for Engineering Technologists
0582092078: Britain in World War Two: Resource Book (A Sense of History)
0582092140: Victorian Resource Book
0582092205: Science and Practice of Pig Production
0582092213: Real Time English
0582092221: Prime Time English
0582092302: Introduction to Linear and Nonlinear Scattering Theory
0582092574: Evolution of the Medieval World : Society, Government and Thought in Europe, 312-1500
0582092833: Western Europe : Geographical Perspectives
0582093481: New Introduction to Chaucer : Longman Medieval and Renaissance
0582093538: Wyatt, Surrey, and Early Tudor Poetry
0582093562: Medieval Canon Law
0582093821: Marketing and Communication Techniques for Architects
0582093856: Atrium Comes Age
0582093880: Healthy Buildings
0582093899: Hospital Architecture (Longman Building Studies)
0582094836: Longman Handy Learner's Dictionary of American English
0582094895: History Linguistics
0582094917: History Linguistics
0582094925: History of Linguistics: Renaissance and Early Modern Linguistics v. 3 (Longman Linguistics Library)
0582094933: History of Linguistics
0582095077: Russian Peasantry
0582095220: Effective Teaching of Physical Education
0582095476: Historical Patterns of Industrialization
0582095484: The French Civil Wars, 1562-1598 (Modern Wars in Perspective)
0582095492: French Civil Wars, 1562-1598
0582095514: European Colonial Empires, 1815-1919
0582095549: Maid Marian and Her Merry Men
0582095557: Collision Course
0582095565: Bill's New Frock
0582095638: Preface to Hardy
0582095662: Longman Guide To English Usage
0582096030: Construction Productivity Management (Chartered Institute of Building S.)
0582096111: Eclipse of a Great Power : Modern Britain, 1870-1992
0582096138: Robert Browning
0582096162: Stendhal : Red and Black Chart
0582096243: Caring Environments for Frail Elderly People
0582096251: European Research Centres : A Directory of Scientific, Industrial, Agricultural and Biomedical Laboratories
0582096308: Modern Papacy, 1798-1995
0582096367: Degenerate and Other Problems
0582096375: Discrete Dynamical Systems and Chaos
0582096383: Partial Differential Equations with Real Analysis. Pitman Research Notes in Mathematics Series. 263
0582096391: Impulsive Differential Equations : Periodic Solutions and Applications
0582096405: Partial Defferential Equations with Complex Analysis. Pitman Research Notes in Mathematics Series. 262
0582096464: Political Parties of the Americas and the Caribbean
0582096502: German Reunification: A Reference Guide and Commentary (Longman current affairs)
0582096723: Wuthering Heights
0582096731: Citadel
0582096774: Adventures of Tom Sawyer
0582096790: Hound of the Baskervilles
0582097126: Equus
0582097134: Five Modern Poets
0582097142: To the Lighthouse
0582097207: Hamlet
0582098033: Catherine the Great
0582098157: Electrical and Electronic Engineering Principles
0582098165: Building Measurement
0582098343: Look Ahead
0582098610: Global Hydrology
0582098629: Political Geography
0582099188: Splash!: Pupils' Book (Splash!)
0582099242: Splash!: Activity Book (Splash!)
0582099285: Theme Parks, Leisure Centres, Zoos and Aquaria
0582099536: Modern Diplomacy
0582099617: Women Changing Language
0582099625: Women Changing Language
0582099684: English Novel : Smollett
0582099692: English Novel : Smollett to Austen
0582100100: A Night of Watching
0582100135: As We Were: A Victorian Peep-Show
0582100224: Hill of Destiny, The Life and Times of Moshesh, Founder of the Basotho
0582100267: The Birds on the Trees
0582100321: Forests of the night
0582100496: Functional Differential Equations II
0582100534: The Barbary Run
0582100704: Lonesome Road
0582100739: Origins of the Present Troubles in Northern Ireland
0582101034: European Sources of Technical and Scientific Information.
0582101107: The Original Roget's Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases.
0582101182: Understanding Metaphor Lit
0582101204: A domestic animal
0582101212: Pub: A Celebration
0582101298: Biochemistry for the Medical Sciences : An Integrated Case Approach
0582101344: Fire from heaven
0582101468: LONDON WAR NOTES 1939-1945
0582101646: China : The Next Decades
0582101662: Reconstructing Quaternary Environments
0582101689: Environmental Resources
0582101735: In Moroccco
0582101948: Women and Career : Themes and Issues in Advanced Industrial Societies
0582102065: My sister, my self
0582102138: Text, Discourse and Context
0582102170: The motor industry (The Financial times introducing series)
0582102359: Keynote
0582102367: Keynote Plus
0582102405: Talking Together : Student Book
0582102707: Winds Change Cntrl Estrn
0582102766: Tides
0582103150: Gender in English Society, 1650-1850 : The Emergence of Separate Spheres
0582103606: Barnes Wallis a Biography
0582103711: Edward Heath: a personal and Political Biography
0582103738: Philip: an informal biography
0582103746: East Coast Passage
0582103762: Managers and magic
0582103800: Memories of a Mountain War: Greece: 1944-1949
0582104106: The sexual wilderness;: The upheaval in male-female relationships: the breakup of traditional morality: new trends in sexual behavior among the young
0582104858: Witchcraft
0582104955: The Other Taj Mahal: What Happened to the Sydney Opera House
0582105242: Fabled tribe: A journey to discover the river bushmen of the Okavango Swamps;
0582105250: Gate of the Sun A Prospect of Bolivia
0582105293: Pasmore
0582105331: The tide of divorce;
0582105404: Forgotten Eden: a View of the Seychelles Islands in the Indian Ocean
0582105420: The Persian boy
0582106486: Ring of Bright Water
0582107067: Confessions of an Advertising Man
0582107407: Landscape with machines: An autobiography,
0582107849: MARIA THERESA
0582107954: The personal history of Samuel Johnson.
0582107962: London: the biography of a city
0582107970: Sons of El dorado Venezuelan Adventure
0582108004: Western Rising
0582108012: Across the Top of the World The British Trans-Atlantic Expedition
0582108039: Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein F├╝hrer: the Nazi annexation of Austria,: 1938
0582108047: Franco
0582108063: The Dragon Wakes: China and the West, 1793-1911
0582108101: The Early Victorians at Home 1837-1861.
0582108284: Drustan the Wanderer
0582109035: White Island
0582110033: Marc Isambard Brunel
0582110076: Debt We Owe the Royal Air Force Benevole
0582110114: The chosen tongue: English writing in the tropical world
0582112028: Joseph Conrad
0582112133: The Italics Are Mine
0582112206: In the Eye of the Storm Angola's People
0582112281: The Africans: An entry to cultural history
0582112435: The Europeans: an ethnohistorical survey
0582113423: Illustrated English Social History Volume Two
0582113857: Ulster: A case study in conflict theory by Elliot, R. S. P
0582117461: Russia's Other Poets
0582117712: Rogets Thesaurus of English Words & Phra
0582119863: Longmans English larousse;
0582120772: Statesmen at War The Strategy of Overthrow 1798-1799
0582120888: Longman Book Project: Read Aloud (Fiction 1 - the Early Years): Ben Biggens' House (Longman Book Project)
0582120934: Longman Book Project: Fiction: Band 1: Animal Books Cluster: Let's Go into the Jungle (Longman Book Project)
0582121558: Longman Book Project: New Readers: Fiction 2: Band 2: Letang and Julie Save the Day (Longman Book Project)
0582121744: Longman Book Project: Read Aloud (Fiction 1 - the Early Years): Frog in the Throat (Longman Book Project)
0582122279: Longman Book Project: Fiction 3: Independent Readers: Band 2: Kung Fu Katy and a Piece of Cake (Longman Book Project)
0582122481: Longman Book Project: Fiction 4: Literature and Culture: Band 1: Celebrity Chicken (Play) (Longman Book Project)
0582122635: Longman Book Project: Non-fiction 1 - Pupils' Books: Homes (Topic Theme Book): Water in the House (Longman Book Project)
0582122651: Longman Book Project: Non-fiction 1 - Pupils' Books: Babies (Topic Theme Book): Baby Food (Longman Book Project)
0582122694: Longman Book Project: Non-fiction 1 - Pupils' Books: Babies (Topic Theme Book): How Babies Grow (Longman Book Project)
0582122759: Longman Book Project: Non-fiction 1 - Reference Books: the Introductory Encyclopaedia of British Wild Animals: A-C (Longman Book Project)
0582122805: Longman Book Project: Non-fiction 1 - Pupils' Books: Food (Topic Theme Book...
0582122848: Longman Book Project: Non-fiction 1 - Pupils' Books: Toys (Topic Theme Book): Construction Toys (Longman Book Project)
0582122864: Longman Book Project: Non-fiction 1 - Pupils' Books: Toys (Topic Theme Book): Miniature Toys (Longman Book Project)
0582122872: Longman Book Project: Non-fiction 1 - Pupils' Books: Toys (Topic Theme Book): Noisy Toys (Longman Book Project)
0582123070: Longman Book Project: Non-fiction 2: Art Books: Art and Colour: Red Around You (Longman Book Project)
0582123240: Victorians, The
0582123569: Longman Book Project: Read Aloud (Fiction 1): Late Again, Mai-Ling (Longman Book Project)
0582123666: Longman Book Project: Read Aloud (Fiction 1 - the Early Years): How Many Beans Make Five? (Longman Book Project)
0582125839: The figure of Arthur
0582125987: The Great Confession:from Aksakov and De Quincey to Tolstoy and Proust: From Aksakov and De Quincey to Tolstoy and Proust
0582126053: The trial of the four;: A collection of materials on the case of Galanskov, Ginzburg, Dobrovolsky & Lashkova 1967 - 68,
0582126061: Tito: a biography
0582126118: The Knight & Chivalry
0582126126: The Elizabethans at Home
0582126207: Gomutka, his Poland and his Communism.
0582126215: The spirit of man: An anthology
0582126231: Pioneer Pottery
0582126533: Japan: miracle '70: A business guide to the world's third economic power
0582126622: Angels and ministers of grace: An ethno-psychiatrist's contribution to biblical
0582126665: Selected Letters of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu
0582126754: George IV, Prince of Wales, 1762-1811
0582127017: Taken for a Ride: Special Residential Homes for Confused Old People: --a Study of Separatism in Social Policy
0582127041: Violence and Thought:Essays on Social Tensions in Africa
0582127076: Lusitania
0582127084: Scorpion and Other Poems
0582127181: The Habsburg-Valois Wars and the French Wars of Religion
0582127203: Russian rebels, 1600-1800
0582127351: The kingdom in the sun, 1130-1194,
0582127408: The Cinderella Service British Consuls Since 1825
0582127777: The White generals: An account of the White movement and the Russian civil war
0582127793: The American Colonies: From Settlement to Independence
0582127807: The Berliners Portrait of a People and a City
0582127823: Russia's other writers
0582127874: THE LITERARY THESIS A Guide to Research
0582127882: The Literary Thesis. A Guide to Research
0582127904: Coalmining
0582127912: Building Materials
0582127920: Civil Engineering: Railways.
0582127939: Mechanical engineering: Railways (Industrial archaeology, 6)
0582127963: The craft industries (Industrial archaeology, 10)
0582127971: Hydraulic Power
0582127998: The Chemical Industry
0582130824: Longman Book Project: Fiction 3: Band 4: Teaching Pack (Longman Book Project)
0582150256: A History of Pottery
0582150299: All Along Down Along A Book of Stories in Verse
0582150302: The Housenapper
0582150418: CANTERBURY
0582150450: Two Cats in America.
0582150531: Tommy Mac
0582150558: Round About and Long Ago; Tales from the English Counties,
0582150671: British children's books in the twentieth century
0582150701: Detective in the landscape in south-east England;
0582150744: NORWICH
0582150795: Bradford
0582150817: Window Into an Egg
0582150949: The ghost downstairs;
0582150957: The Strange Affair of Adelaide Harris
0582150965: The sound of coaches
0582151082: The noise of drums and trumpets: W. H. Russell reports from the Crimea
0582151627: The Golden Shadow
0582152453: Ice Crown
0582152461: Exiles of the Stars
0582152569: Shakespeare's flowers;
0582152666: Simple Simon
0582152704: Beauty and the Beast
0582152852: Friedrich
0582153123: The Lord Mayor's show
0582153263: The Broken Fiddlestick
0582153301: Stories of Britain in Song
0582153719: A Dictionary of Chivalry
0582153808: Magnet
0582153859: The Day of the Cowboy
0582154405: The Three Princes of Serendip
0582154677: A sense of story: Essays on contemporary writers for children
0582154685: The Little Girl and The Tiny Doll
0582154723: The Loner
0582154987: Dockie
0582155053: I Remember St. Petersburg
0582155061: Drummer Boy.
0582155134: Peter and The Rabbits
0582155355: To Be a Slave
0582158524: The Lark And The Laurel
0582158532: Chichester & Lewes
0582158877: Come back Peter
0582159881: The Children of the House.
0582160286: Earth Is Near
0582160294: Devil in the Tower Seven Diabolical Tale
0582160308: Ride the Iron Horse
0582160405: The Iron Lily
0582160413: When Shlemiel Went to Warsaw and Other Stories
0582160421: Olga Meets Her Match
0582160464: the funny little woman.
0582162610: Frightened Forest
0582162637: The Escape of John O'Reiley
0582162645: The Bunyip of Berkeley's Creek
0582163404: The National Youth Theatre
0582164230: On Christmas Day : First Carols to Play and Sing
0582164354: The Princess Splendour, and other stories;
0582164400: Nubia: a drowning land
0582164710: Ghost in the Water
0582165717: The Sea Monkey...a Story of Malaysia
0582181607: Nature study and science.
0582181712: Graded Arithmetic Practice: Decimal and Metric Edition: Pupils' Book 4
0582182271: At The Time of The Roman Empire
0582182301: At The Time Of Geoffrey Chaucer
0582182336: Medieval life (Focus on history)
0582182352: Tudor Town and Court Life (Focus on History)
0582182379: Norman England
0582182425: The Crusades (Focus on History)
0582183138: Pre History to Roman Britain - History in Focus 1.
0582183146: Saxons, Viking, and the Norman Conquest - History in Focus 2
0582183154: History in Focus: Norman and Mediaeval Britain v. 3 (History in Focus)
0582184193: Easter Island: The Island of Stone Giants
0582184207: The Canadian Arctic: On the Edge of the Frozen Sea (Focus on History)
0582184908: All Round English Words One
0582184916: All Round English Words Two
0582185165: This Is the Way I Go (6 Books) (This Is the Way I Go)
0582185904: Monster Books: Monster Cleans His House Bk. 3 (Monster Books)
0582185920: Monster Meets Lady Monster (Longman Tadpole Books)
0582186544: Snow Cloud Stallion
0582186609: DEVIL IN THE FOG
0582187648: Bangers and Mash: The Phonic Scheme: Wiggly Worms (Short Vowels, Th)
0582187656: Bangers and Mash: The Phonic Scheme: The Clock (-ck)
0582187672: Bangers and Mash: the Phonic Scheme: In a Jam (Double Consonant Beginnings) by
0582187737: Bangers and Mash: The Phonic Scheme: Bikes and Broomsticks (I, E, Y, Igh, Ie)
0582187958: Duck in the Box
0582187966: Pond Monster
0582188822: Bronto Books: Set C: Animal Sahpes; My Dad's Garage; Bronto Time; Words for Things; In and Out; 3 Buses (Nuffield Maths 5-11 Project)
0582188849: Nuffield Maths 1: Teachers' Handbook (Nuffield Maths 5-11 Project)
0582188857: Nuffield Maths (Nuffield Maths 5-11 Project)
0582191343: Breakthrough Books: Teacher's Manual (Breakthrough to Literacy)
0582191653: Breakthrough Books Red Set G (Set of 4) Signs; Hamlet the Hamster; G Oing to the Pictures; Whatever Next? (Breakthrough to Literacy)
0582192986: Longman Reading World: Get Some Bread, Fred: Level 2, Book 11 (Longman Reading World)
0582193087: Monster & Surprise Cookie (Longman Tadpole Books)
0582193125: Lady Monster Has a Plan
0582193389: Galapagos The Strangest Islands in the World - A Whizz Bang Adventruers Book
0582193397: Indians in the Painted Desert - Whizz Bang Adventurers
0582193400: Antarctica - Where the Emperor is a Penguin - Whizz Bang Adventurers
0582193621: Longman Reading World: Who Asked the Ants?: Level 2, Book 14 (Longman Reading World)
0582201624: Roman Technology and Crafts
0582201659: Roman Archaeology
0582202558: Looking for God
0582203007: Roman House
0582203015: Roman Towns
0582203090: Looking for Proof of God - Paperback
0582203112: Looking for Happiness
0582203619: Ancient Egypt (Then and There)
0582203732: The Medieval Tournament (Then and There Series)
0582203740: Medieval Town: Then and There Series
0582203759: Medieval Village
0582203775: Magna Carta (Then and There Series)
0582203783: The Norman Conquest (Then and There Series)
0582203864: The Vikings: Then and There Series
0582203929: Medieval Castle
0582203988: American Revolution, 1775-1783
0582204003: The Days of James IV of Scotland...then and There Series
0582204011: London Life And The Great Exhibition 1851.
0582204038: French Revolution (Then and There Series)
0582204062: Ancient Athens (Then and There Series)
0582204070: The Struggle for Canada
0582204097: Elizabethan Village
0582204100: Nelsons Navy
0582204127: Police and Prisons
0582204151: Ancient Crete and Mycenae (Then and There Series)
0582204178: Edinburgh in its Golden Age
0582204208: A Textile Community in the Industrial Revolution (Then and There Series) by...
0582204216: World War I
0582204232: Bismarck, the Kaiser and Germany (Modern times)
0582204259: Hitler and Germany (Modern Times Ser.)
0582204267: Mussolini and Italy (Modern Times) by Jardine, C.C.
0582204356: World War Two
0582204380: The League of Nations and U.N.O. (Modern Times S.)
0582204399: Modern Russia (Modern times)
0582204402: Modern Russia
0582204410: Crusades
0582204534: Ancient China (Then and There Series)
0582204542: Pioneers in the American West 1780-1840
0582204550: Lenin and the Russian Revolution (Then and there series)
0582204569: A Coal and Iron Community in the Industrial Revolution, 1760-1860 (Then and There Series)
0582204577: Lenin and the Russian Revolution: Then and There Series (Then and There Series)
0582204593: Scotland in the Days of James VI...then and There Series
0582204615: Scotland in the Time of Wallace and Bruce (Then and There Series)
0582204623: Captain Cook and the Pacific (Then and there series)
0582204658: Marco Polo and Cathay (Then and There series)
0582204887: Glasgow in the tramway age (Then and there series)
0582205018: Britain Since 1700 (Longman Secondary Histories)
0582205034: The Ancient World (Longman secondary histories, 1)
0582205204: Longman illustrated companion to world history
0582205239: The Industrial Revolution Set
0582205336: Railroads & Cowboys in the American West (Then and There Series)
0582205352: Learning in Medieval Times (Then and There)
0582205395: Shakespeare and His Theatre
0582205409: The France of Louis XIV (Then and There Series)
0582205417: Highland Clearances
0582205425: Luther and the Reformation
0582205441: Black Death: Then and There Series
0582205468: Napoleon and the French Empire (Then and There Series)
0582205476: Pizzaro and the Incas (Then and There Series)
0582206952: Paul Groves' Bookshelf: Scoop of Stories
0582207355: Medieval Realms
0582207363: Roman Empire
0582207371: Making of United Kingdom
0582209005: Models of Hysteresis
0582209102: World Postmodern Fiction
0582209110: James I
0582209129: Henry VII Seminar Studies
0582209137: Conservative Government, 1951-1964
0582209145: Third Reich
0582209463: Social Movements in Politics : A Comparative Study
0582209498: British Americas 1480-1815
0582209536: Dirichlet Problem for the Laplacian in Bounded and Unbounded Domains
0582209544: Mathematical Topics in Fluid Mechanics
0582209560: The Age of Oligarchy, 1722-1783 (Foundations of Modern Britain Ser.)
0582209625: Management and Delivery of Social Care Services
0582209633: Conquest Union : Fashioning a British State, 1485-1725
0582209765: Motivating High Level Learners
0582209773: ESP Ideas
0582209919: An Introduction to 3d Autocad
0582209978: Tragedy
0582209986: Tragedy (Longman Critical Readers)
0582210127: Meaning Syntax
0582210151: Charles Dickens
0582210216: Mathematical Problems of Classical Nonlinear Electromagnetic Theory
0582210534: Japan and the Wider World : From the Mid-Nineteenth Century to the Present
0582210607: Foundation Course in Statics and Dynamics
0582210615: Key Issues in Open Learning
0582211379: Metalcraft New Metric Edition
0582212375: Rise of Modern Diplomacy, 1450-1919
0582212855: The Future role and structure of local government (Longman local government library. The Warwick series on local economic and social strategies)
0582213177: How Parliament Works
0582213185: Introduction to International Relations
0582213258: European Mosaic : Politics, Economy, and Society Since 1945
0582214114: Cultural Studies Reader : History, Theory and Practice
0582214149: Writing and Radicalism
0582214157: Writing Radicalism
0582214165: Writing and America (Crosscurrents)
0582214173: Writing America Crosscurrents
0582214181: Writing and Africa
0582214203: The Medical Directory 1993 149th edition (3 volumes)
0582214270: Electronic System Techniques
0582214289: Contemporary Italy : Politics, Economy and Society Since 1945
0582214327: Understanding GIS: The ARC/INFO method : rev. 6 for workstations
0582214556: World of Language Audio Library Read Alongs Grade 1
0582215064: Ben Johnson
0582215072: Ben Jonson (Longman Critical Readers)
0582215110: Poetry Today
0582215188: Paradise Lost
0582215196: Paradise Lost
0582215226: Uli und Gabi,
0582215250: Mao
0582215269: Mao
0582215277: Social History of the Russian Empire, 1650-1825
0582215323: Sweet Land of Liberty? : The African-American Struggle for Civil Rights in the Twentieth Century
0582215331: Europe Reborn : A History, 1914-2000
0582215358: Adverbs and Modality in English
0582215382: York Notes : The Handmaid's Tale
0582215676: Free Boundary Problems in Fluid Flow With Applications
0582215714: Applied Thermodynamics for Engineering Technologists
0582215730: Roman Religion
0582215749: Ancient Rome (Then and There Series)
0582215773: POP (Longman Music Topics)
0582215846: Introduction Random Vibrations Spectral Wavelet Analysis
0582215927: Evaluating Open & Distance Learning 2ND Edition
0582215986: Gorbachev
0582215994: Economic History of Medieval Europe
0582216214: Dymanical Systems
0582216834: Era of the Second World War
0582217059: English Please! English for the Arab World: Student's Book 1 (EPL)
0582217172: Birth Of A Great Power System, 1740-1815
0582217180: Primer Genetics
0582217210: The Potato Famine and the Irish Emigrants (Then and There Series)
0582217237: Merchant Adventures in the East
0582217261: Medieval Forest (Then and There Series)
0582217288: Explorers of the Elizabethan Age (Then and There Series)
0582218047: Discoveries : Short Stories
0582218055: Chieftains Carnival and Other Stories
0582218098: Nationalities Question in the Soviet Union
0582218128: International Finance : Exchange Rates and Financial Flows in the International Financial System
0582218160: Ferdinand and Isabella
0582218527: Age of Anxiety Security and Politics in Soviet and Post-Soviet Russia
0582218632: Physical Organic Chemistry
0582218640: First Year Engineering : Information Technology and Systems
0582218659: Mitchell's Structure and Fabric
0582218667: Vogels Qualitative Inorganic Analysis
0582218721: Early Tudor Church and Society, 1485-1529
0582218748: Problem Solving Environm
0582218756: Unravelling Animal Behvr.
0582218799: Franco
0582218845: Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics : The Finite Volume Method Approach
0582218853: From Testing to Assessment
0582218861: Sedcond Language Learning
0582218888: Developing World : An Introduction
0582219078: Andrew Marvel
0582219221: Basic Ship Theory
0582219256: Basic Ship Theory
0582219264: Eighteenth-Century : The Intellectual and Cultural Context of English Literature, 1700-1789
0582219272: Animal Nutrition
0582219299: K-Theory for Real C*-Algebras and Applications (Pittman Research Notes in Mathematics, 290)
0582219701: Mathematics Chemistry
0582219760: The Social Welfare Word Book
0582219779: Generalized Fractional Calculus and Applications
0582219841: Critical Discourse Analysis : The Critical Study of Language
0582220483: Discovering Africa's Past
0582220491: Discovering Africa's Past
0582220793: Isherwood Selection, An
0582221072: Learning and Teaching in Victorian Times An Elementary School in 1888
0582221226: Village Life in the Eighteenth Century (Then & There S.)
0582221250: Suffragettes and Votes for Women (T&T)
0582221390: Gladstone and Irish Home Rule
0582221412: Russia under the Last Tsar
0582221420: The General Strike, 1926 (Then & There S.)
0582221617: Russia Under Peter the Great (Then and There Series)
0582221625: Twentieth Century History
0582221781: Conversaciones, Situaciones
0582221811: The United States Since 1945
0582222818: A Roald Dahl selection: Nine short stories (Longman imprint books)
0582222958: Medieval Village
0582222990: Modern World since 1870
0582223032: Britain Since 1700 (Longman Secondary Histories)
0582223326: A Social and Economic History of Industrial Britain
0582223660: Cold War
0582223687: End of Old Europe : Causes of the First World War, 1914-18
0582223695: Great War : The First World War, 1914-18
0582223709: World Re-Made : The Results of the First World War
0582223725: Weimar Germany : Germany 1918-33
0582223733: Hitler's Germany
0582223741: Longman Twentieth Century History Series : The Age Excess
0582223768: Longman Twentieth Century History Series : Russia in War and Revolution
0582223776: Longman Twentieth Century History Series : Stalin and the Soviet Union
0582223784: Longman Twentieth Century History Series : China since 1900
0582223822: Origins of the 1st World War
0582223857: Meeting Hinduism (Looking at World Religions) by Owen Cole, W; Pitcher, K
0582223970: American West, 1840-1895
0582224411: Graphical Communication
0582224438: Role-Play Practice : German
0582224446: Role-Play Practice French
0582224527: A Handbook of Modern History World History since 1870
0582225000: Introducing Commerce
0582225051: The Making of the Soviet Union Paperback by Hasler, Joan
0582225078: Physical Geography in Diagrams
0582225477: Humanity and Environment : A Cultural Ecology
0582225485: Latin American Society
0582225728: Jonathan Swift
0582225787: Federalism : The Multi-Ethnic Challenge
0582225833: Shakespeare : The Tempest
0582226155: Africa South of Sahara
0582226201: Contemporary American Women Writers : Gender, Class, Ethnicity
0582226287: Vogel's Quantitative Chemical Analysis
0582226317: Language Gender : Interdisciplinary Perspectives
0582226570: The Reign of King Stephen, 1135-1154
0582226589: The Reign of King Stephen, 1135-1154
0582226651: People in Change
0582226678: Superpower Rivalry
0582226724: Russia and U. S. S. R., 1905-1964
0582226821: AutoCAD Release 12 for Students
0582226848: Recent Developments in Theoretical Fluid Mechanics
0582226929: The World of English (Longman Background Books)
0582226961: Hughes Electrical Technology
0582226996: Fundamentals of High Strength High Performance Concrete : Concrete Design and Construction Series
0582227097: Environmental Science : The Natural Environment and Human Impact
0582227208: International Relations since 1945 No. 2 : A History in Two Volumes
0582227631: Environment and Society in Eastern Europe
0582227658: Privatization in Central and Eastern Europe
0582227666: Privatization in Central and Eastern Europe: Key Issues in the Realignment of Central and Eastern Europe (Key Issues in the Realignment of Central and Eastern Eu)
0582227690: Progress in Partial Differential Equations : The Metz Surveys 2
0582227704: Moments in Probability and Approximation Theory (Vol. 287) (Research Notes in Mathematics Ser.)
0582227763: Poetry of Ted Hughes
0582227771: English Poetry of the Eighteenth Century, 1700-1789
0582227836: CXC Physics
0582227984: Media : An Introduction
0582228050: Speak Up
0582228123: Law and Leisure Services Management (Longman/ILAM Leisure Management Series)
0582228166: France, 1800-1914 : A Social History
0582228174: Twentieth-Century Britain : Economic, Social and Cultural Change
0582228220: Tourism Today : A Geographical Analysis
0582228328: Longman GCSE Study Guide: English (Longman GCSE Study Guides)
0582228573: Basic Palaeontology
0582228654: Conservation Biology
0582228697: Between Two Seasons Caribbean Writrs Series
0582228719: Men Ghost Africn Wri Ser
0582228743: Principles of Electricity
0582228824: Go!: Activity Book 3 (Go!)
0582228832: Go!
0582228840: Go!: Activity Book 1 (Go!)
0582228875: Go! Student Book Level 2
0582228883: Go! Student Book Level 1
0582229138: Engineering Science
0582229278: Real time english cass (2)
0582229294: Dynamics of Nonlinear Waves in Dissipative Systems : Reduction, Bifurcation and Stability
0582229308: Discovering Shakespeare's Meaning : An Introduction to the Study of Shakespeare's Dramatic Structures
0582229375: Urban Social Geography
0582229413: Britain in the Depression : Society and Politics, 1929-1939
0582229448: Origins of the Modern European State System, 1494-1618
0582229537: France and Britain 1900-1940
0582229650: World Energy & Nuclear Directory
0582229707: Grammar Plus Book 2
0582229715: Grammar Plus
0582229758: Writing and the English Renassance
0582229782: Healthcare Computing
0582229820: American Blueprint
0582229855: American Blueprint
0582230047: Islam (The Religious Dimension)
0582230160: The Fabric of Geography
0582230179: Weavers and Outworkers in Victorian Times (Then & There S.)
0582230705: Properties of Concrete
0582230810: Units in Integral Group Rings
0582230888: Structural Steelwork Design to BS 5950
0582230896: Magmas, Rocks and Planetary Development : A Survey of Magma/Igneous Rock Systems
0582231396: Building Services & Equipment Vol. 3: Pipe-Sizing, Drainage, Electrical Installations, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Lighting & Solar Heating
0582231531: An Introduuction to Corpus Linguistics(Studies in Language and Linguistics Series)
0582231574: Representations on Krein Spaces Hot and Derivations of C*-Algebras
0582231752: Electronics 13-16
0582231779: Economic Geography (Key Thems in Geography)
0582231795: Representations of Lie Groups and Quantum Groups
0582231809: Nonstandard Methods in the Calculus of Variations
0582231817: Complex Analysis and Its Applications
0582231825: Common Lot : Sickness, Medical Occupations and the Urban Poor in Early Modern England
0582233119: Who's Who in Science in Europe. A Biographical Guide to Science, Technology, Agriculture, and Medicine. Eighth Edition. 2 Volumes
0582233305: Fair stood the wind for France: Together with two short stories Yours is the earth and A Silas idyll (Longman imprint books)
0582233313: The experience of work: An anthology of prose, verse, drama, and picture (Longman imprint books)
0582233461: Nuffield Advanced Chemistry
0582233496: Nuffield Advanced Chemistry: Special Studies: Food Science: Students' Book (New Nuffield Science)
0582233518: Caribbean stories: Fifteen short stories by writers from the Caribbean (Longman imprint books)
0582233593: Cider with Rosie
0582233658: Steptoe and Son
0582233674: Late Night on Watling Street
0582233682: The leaping lad,: And other stories; (Longman imprint books)
0582233712: Z Cars; four scripts from the BBC television series
0582233720: Conflicting Generations : Five Television Plays
0582233763: The millstone: A novel; (Longman imprint books)
0582233771: Flesh Wounds
0582233798: The experience of colour: An anthology of prose, verse, and picture (Longman imprint books)
0582233801: Black Boy
0582233992: Ordinary Differential Equations
0582234085: Fluid Mechanics
0582234158: Russian Empire : A Multi-Ethnic History
0582234212: Mathematics for Electrical Techn 4 5 2ND Edition
0582234220: Lighting
0582234247: Technician Mathematics
0582234263: Technician Maths 1
0582234271: Technician Maths 2
0582234328: Understanding Offending Behaviour
0582234344: Politics of the New Europe
0582234352: Multigrid Methods
0582234360: Nonlinear Variational Problems and Partial Differential Equations
0582234743: Intonation in Text and Discourse: Beginnings, Middles and Ends
0582234794: English Spelling and the Computer (Studies in Language & Linguistics S.)
0582234824: Preface to Oscar Wilde
0582234840: ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE IN THE MAINSTREAM Teaching, Learning and Identity
0582235081: Longman Handbook of Twentieth Century Europe
0582235324: The Heritage Book of Cathedrals
0582235359: How to Make the Most of Your Telescope
0582235693: The Listener's Guide to Classical Music: An Introduction to the Great Classical Composers and Their Works
0582235960: Basic Joined-Up Handwriting: Book 1 (Longman Learn at Home Books)
0582235979: Basic Joined-Up Handwriting: Book 2 (Longman Learn at Home Books)
0582236231: Learning Is Child's Play (Shared Learning Activities)
0582236304: Structural Engineering Design in Practice
0582236320: Gas Turbine Theory
0582236347: Statistical Ecology in Practice: A Guide to Analysing Environmental and Ecological Field Data
0582236452: Western Europe Since 1945 : An Economic and Social History
0582236495: French Politics, 1774-1789
0582236525: Building Services and Equipment
0582236541: Maths for Computing and Information Technology
0582236568: Aircraft Flight : A Description of the Physical Principles of Aircraft Flight
0582236576: Modrn Const and Ground Engrg
0582236584: Structures for Architects
0582236622: Silas Marner
0582236630: Richard III
0582236649: Christmas Carol
0582236770: Inorganic Reaction Mechanisms
0582236916: Computational Methods for Fluid-Structure Interaction
0582236924: Completeness of Root Functions of Regular Differential Operators
0582236959: Latin American Development : Geographical Perspectives
0582236967: Environmental Impact Assessment : A Comparative Review
0582236991: Sozaboy
0582237076: Christopher Marlowe
0582237106: William Blake
0582237122: Tennyson
0582237149: Literature of Terror : The Gothic Tradition
0582237165: Ideology : An Introduction
0582237203: Long Dict Eng Lang and Cultr
0582237254: Longman Grammar of Spoken and Written English
0582237262: Longman Student Grammar of Spoken and Written English
0582237270: Longman Student Grammar of Spoken and Written English
0582237408: Mechanics of Flight
0582237432: Introduction to Operator Theory
0582237440: Topics in Abstract Differential Equations
0582237459: Barrelledness Baire Like & LF Spaces
0582237483: Mechanics of Flight
0582237505: Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
0582237521: Longman Dictionary of Common Errors
0582237548: English for International Tourism: Teacher's Resource Book (TOUR)
0582237599: Collins Longman Atlas Two
0582237696: Shakespeare : The Roman Plays
0582237793: Principles of Measurement Systems
0582237947: Longman Dictionary of English Language and Culture
0582237963: Resource and Environment Management
0582237998: Variational Methods in Lorentzian Geometry
0582238013: Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations and Their Applications : College de France Seminars
0582238528: Britain in the Age of the French Revolution,1785-1820
0582238544: Children and Childhood in Western Society Since 1500
0582238560: Rule of Law, 1603-1660 : Crowns, Courts and Judges
0582238676: A Textbook of Economics
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