0582238811: Far Right in Western and Eastern Europe
0582238846: Literature and Culture in Northern Ireland since 1965 : Moments of Danger
0582238854: Literature and Culture in Northern Ireland Since 1965 (Studies in Twentieth-Century Literature)
0582238889: Emergence of a Nation State
0582238897: Crime in Early Modern England, 1550-1750
0582238919: Federal Republic Germany since 1949
0582238978: Open Learning in the Mainstream
0582239133: Consolation
0582239214: Integral Methods in Science and Engineering
0582239249: Atlas Nazi Germany : Political Social Anatomy
0582239257: France 1715-1804 : Power and the People
0582239273: Understanding Maps
0582239311: Crime, Punishment and Protest
0582239338: Molecual Modelling : Principles and Applications
0582239354: AutoCAD for Windows
0582239443: Poems of Dryden, 1681-1685
0582239613: Elliptic and Parabolic Problems
0582239621: Calculus of Variations, Applications and Computations
0582239648: Complex Words in English
0582239664: Introduction Cognitive Linguistics
0582239877: Solve Problems Fluid Mechanic
0582241979: Hairdressing Science
0582243025: Introduction to Quantitative Genetics
0582243130: Land Restoratn Reclamatn
0582243963: Hard Times
0582244072: Hopes and Shadows : East Europe after Communism
0582244080: Two-Dimensional Riemann Problem in Gas Dynamics
0582244668: Progress in Theoretical and Computational Fluid Mechanics
0582244676: NHS Budget Holder's Survival Guide
0582244811: Business Case Studies
0582244846: Shakespeare's Alternative Tales
0582244854: Shakespeare's Alternative Tales
0582244862: Creating
0582244889: Nonlinear Parabolic Equations and Hyperbolic-Parabolic Coupled Systems
0582244900: Stochastic Analysis on Infinite Dimensional Spaces
0582244935: Interactive Spatial Data Analysis
0582245060: Animals and Birds of the Desert
0582245133: Introduction 3D Studio : Autodesk
0582245206: Data Communication
0582245214: Mitchells Enviro and Service
0582245583: Castro : Profiles in Power
0582245591: Kaiser Wilhelm II
0582245621: Rise and Fall of the German Democratic Republic 1945-1990
0582245788: Nuffield Economics and Business: Student Book (Nuffield Economics and Business)
0582245885: Nuffield Economics and Business: The Data Book (Nuffield Economics and Business)
0582245923: MacBeth
0582245982: Joseph Conrad
0582245990: Joseph Conrad
0582246172: Intro to Autocad Lt
0582246342: Longman Advance GNVQ Test and Assessment Guides: Construction and the Built Environment (Longman Advanced GNVQ Test and Assessment Guides)
0582246369: Feminist Geographies : Explorations in Diversity and Difference
0582246377: Yugoslavia and After
0582246466: Right Word, Wrong Word
0582246520: GIS for Ecology : An Introduction
0582246695: Recent Developments in Evolution Equations
0582246709: Common Zeros of Polynomials in Several Variables and Higher Dimensional Quadrature
0582246814: Keskidee: Primary Language Arts for the Caribbean: Workbook 3
0582246881: Surveying a Dynamical System : A Study of the Gray Scott Reaction in a Twophase Reactor
0582246911: Contemporary Linguistics : An Introduction
0582246946: Fundamentals of Applied Functional Analysis
0582247322: Biology of Freshwater Pollution
0582247365: Edmund Spenser
0582247373: Woodrow Wilson
0582247411: Longman Essential Activator Put Your Ideas into Words
0582247675: Families and Family Policies in Europe
0582247683: Criminal Justice
0582248426: Tudor Life (A Sense of History)
0582248450: Playground Games (A Sense of History)
0582248531: Castles (Sense of History S.)
0582248728: Compactness Methods for Nonlinear Evolutions
0582248744: Trends in Applications of Mathematics to Mechanics
0582248752: Asymptotic Theories for Plates and Shells
0582248760: Analyzing Sentences : An Introduction to English Syntax
0582248779: Using Corpora Lang Rsrch
0582248795: Interaction in the Language Curriculum
0582248809: Chaucer: The Canterbury Tales
0582248817: Chaucer : The Canterbury Tales
0582248833: Balkans since the Second World War
0582248868: Structural Adjustment in Sub-Saharan Africa
0582249155: Core Issues in Policing
0582249171: Decolonization in Africa
0582249759: Twentieth Century World
0582249937: Introduction to Graph Theory
0582249945: Short History of Linguistics
0582250048: The Modern nursery.
0582250080: Sharing Sounds: Musical Experiences With Young Children.
0582250102: Helping Our Children Talk
0582250145: Helping Our Children Talk: A Guide for Teachers of Young or Handicapped Children
0582250226: Early projects (Longman early childhood education)
0582250234: Early projects (Longman early childhood education)
0582250498: A Preface to Greene
0582250633: The First Big Olga Da Polga Book
0582250641: The Second Big Olga Da Polga Book
0582250838: In the Beginning
0582250889: Time Rope (Knockouts S.)
0582250919: The Metro Gangs Attack (Knockouts S.)
0582251095: History of Modern Hungry, 1867-1986
0582251117: Roman Empire Divided : 400-700
0582251273: Civil Engineering Contractural Procedures
0582251303: Alternatives to Freedom : Arguments and Opinions
0582251311: Elusive Union : The Process of Economic and Monetary Union in Europe
0582251419: European Economic Integration
0582251478: Origins of the Korean War
0582251605: Tourism Analysis : A Handbook
0582251613: Exploring Contemporary Migration
0582251621: Services and Space : Key Aspects of Urban and Regional Development
0582251648: Mechanics of Engineering Materials
0582251842: Handbook of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
0582251850: Fundamentals of Chemical Kinetics
0582252229: Medieval London: A Cartoon History
0582252423: Electronic Testing and Fault Diagnosis
0582252628: Swans
0582252636: Ladybugs by
0582252644: Hedgehogs (Life Cycle Books)
0582252652: Bat (Life Cycle S)
0582253357: Pre-Intermediate Matters
0582253365: Pre Intermediate Matters Workbook With K
0582253403: Topics in Abstract Differential Equations II
0582253411: Fractional Integrals and Potentials
0582253438: Public Deficits : A Comparative Study of Their Economic and Political Consequences in Britain, Canada, Germany and the United States
0582253462: Northern Ireland Politics
0582253594: Grammatical and Lexical Variance in English
0582253802: Progress in Partial Differential Equations : The Metz Surveys 3
0582253810: Random Geometrically Graph Directed Self-Similar Multifractals
0582253829: Extending Modules
0582253837: TEN SHORT PLAYS
0582253845: Diaries and Letters (Longman Imprint Books)
0582253861: Travel Writing (Longman Imprint Books)
0582253918: Genres: A Collection of Styles and Forms (Longman Imprint Books)
0582253950: Question of Courage
0582253969: Rivals/School for Scandal
0582253977: She Stoops to Conquer
0582253985: Heat and Dust
0582253993: Mist in the Mirror
0582254019: Poems
0582254027: Journey to Jo'burg : A South African Story
0582254086: Volpone
0582254094: New Longman Literature : Doctor Faustus
0582254108: Devil's Disciple
0582254191: Classic English Course
0582254884: Revolt in the Provinces : The People of England and the Tragedies of War, 1630-1648
0582255007: Introduction to Several Complex Variables and Partial Differential Equations
0582255325: Business Solutions for Budget Managers in Health and Personal Social Service (Health Services Management Series)
0582255368: Image and Power
0582255376: Image and Power: Women in Fiction in the Twentieth Century
0582255708: Popcorn 4: Activity Book (POP)
0582256046: High Flyer: Upper Intermediate: Students' Book (HIFL)
0582256291: Basic Engineering Thermodynamics
0582256321: Applied Mechanics
0582256348: Mechatronics : Electronic Control Systems in Mechanical Engineering
0582256453: Free Boundary Problems : Theory and Application
0582256488: Communication for Engineering Students
0582256496: History Modern Hungary, 1867-1994
0582256518: Near East since the First World War : A History to 1995
0582256534: Early Christian Centuries
0582256550: Ottoman Turks
0582256577: Prime Time
0582256593: Reign of Richard Lionheart : Ruler of the Angevin Empire, 1189-1199
0582256615: Cathars : Dualist Heretics in Languedoc in the High Middle Ages
0582257212: Economic Social History of Britain
0582257255: Parliamentary Enclosure in England : An Introduction to Its Causes, Incidence and Impact, 1750-1850
0582257271: Natural Resource and Environmental Economics
0582257638: Errors in Language Learning and Use : Exploring Error Analysis
0582257654: Language and Literacy in Workplace Education : Learning at Work
0582257689: English Police : A Political and Social History
0582257719: History of Brazil
0582257751: Longman Companion to the Stuart Age, 1603-1714
0582257778: Topological Vector Spaces, Algebras and Related Areas
0582258316: Later Medieval Europe : 1250-1520
0582258332: Surrender and Other Stories
0582258669: Language and Development : Teachers in a Changing World (Applied Linguistics and Language Study)
0582258677: Preface to Ezra Pound : Peter Wilson
0582258774: Finishes
0582259045: Snapshot Starter: Students' Book (Snapshot)
0582259061: Plant Metabolism
0582259088: Pebbles Level 1 Teachers Book
0582259150: Tree of Life
0582259401: Women's Writers in English : Medieval England
0582259428: The Construction of Professional Discourse (Language in Social Life Series)
0582259533: Cartography : Visualization of Spatial Data
0582259541: Introduction to Group Theory
0582259584: The Elder Pitt
0582259592: Religious Thought in the Reformation
0582259614: Modern Japan : Social History Since 1898
0582259622: Modern Japan: A Social History since 1868
0582259703: Progress in Elliptic and Parabolic Partial Differential Equations
0582259738: Framework Task-Based Learning
0582259762: Future Time English: Teacher's Manual
0582259789: FutureTime Student Book
0582259851: Hillingdon Fox
0582259916: Heath Government 1970-1974
0582264286: Behaviour Recovery: a Whole-School Programme for Mainstream Schools
0582264324: Stillborn Longman Africa
0582264340: Children of Soweto
0582264553: Scarlet Song
0582264731: Life of Olaudah Equiano, or Gustavus Vassa the African
0582264758: Sundiata : An Epic of Old Mali
0582265118: Additional Mathematics
0582265185: Literature and Society in Eighteenth-century England: Ideology, Politics and Culture, 1680-1820 (Themes in British Social History S.)
0582265738: Rethinking Language and Gender Research : Theory and Practice
0582265746: Rethinking Language and Gender Research: Theory and Practice (Real Language Series)
0582266440: Primer to Mechanism in Organic Chemistry
0582267609: Ethnic Minorities in 19th and 20th Century Germany : Jews, Gypsies, Poles, Turks and Others
0582267722: State and Society in Twentieth-Century America
0582273528: Advanced Matters Workbook W/Key
0582273536: Advanced Matters: Students' Book (MATT)
0582273544: Intermediate Matters Teacher's Book
0582273579: Intermediate Matters Students' Book
0582273684: Women in Medieval Italian Society 500-1200
0582273706: Conjugate Gradient Type Methods for Ill-Posed Problems
0582273714: Nonlinear Dynamics and Pattern Formation in the Natural Environment
0582273722: Localization and Sheaves : A Relative Point of View
0582274001: 7 One Act Plays
0582274273: Longman GNVQ Business: Intermediate Level: Mandatory Units: Intermediate Business GNVQ Core Text (GNVQ Business Studies)
0582274508: Intro Autocad Rel 13
0582274516: Two Faces Economics
0582274524: Macroeconomic Analysis : An Intermediate Text
0582274958: Wuthering Heights
0582274982: Tales of Mystery and Imagination
0582274990: Tales from Shakespeare
0582275016: Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
0582275059: Around the World in Eighty Days
0582275075: Prisoner of Zenda
0582275083: Pride and Prejudice (Longman Fiction)
0582275105: More Tales from Shakespeare
0582275156: Great Gatsby
0582275164: British American Stories
0582275172: Airport
0582275199: Oliver Twist
0582275202: Great Expectations
0582275229: Brave New World and Brave New World Revisited
0582275237: Best Detective Stories of Agatha Christie
0582275245: Animal Farm
0582275261: Dream and Other Stories
0582275296: Treasure Island
0582275342: David Copperfield
0582275350: New Blueprint Intermediate: Workbook (with Key) (Blueprint)
0582275431: Food and Beverage Management
0582275466: Longman Geography: Choice: Student's Book (Longman Secondary Geography)
0582275474: Longman Geography: Challenge: Student's Book (Longman Secondary Geography)
0582275512: Longman Geography: Change: Students' Book (Longman Secondary Geography)
0582275520: Longman Geography: Contexts: Student's Book (Longman Secondary Geography)
0582275660: Russia in Transition : Policies, Classes and Inequalities
0582275679: Conflicts about Class : Debating Inequality in Late Industrialism: a Selection of Readings
0582275695: Victorian Women Poets: A New Annotated Anthology, by Blain
0582275733: Shakespeare : The Last Plays
0582276020: Dilemma of a Ghost and Anowa
0582276055: Australia : A Cultural History
0582276071: History of Central Africa : The Contemporary Years
0582276098: Teaching and Language Corporation
0582276284: Think First Certificate Coursebook : New Edition
0582276306: Think First Certificate Teacher's Book
0582276314: Contemporary Climatology
0582276322: Boundary Value Problem with Equi-Valued Surface and the Resistivity Well-Logging
0582276330: Numerical Analysis, 1995
0582276349: Eigenfunction Expansion, Operator Algebras and Riemannian Symmetric Spaces
0582276381: Gothic Europe 1200-1450
0582276497: Victorian Women Poets
0582276500: Victorian Women Poets (Longman Critical Reader Series)
0582276527: Preface to Wilfred Owen
0582276543: Survey of Preconditioned Iterative Methods
0582276578: Cancer Biology
0582276586: Stalin and Stalinism
0582276608: Design For Secure Residential Environments
0582276667: Workplace English : Office File Student Book
0582276780: Dreyfus Affair in French Society and Politics
0582276861: Longman GCSE/Key Stage 4 Revise Guide: Business Studies (Longman GCSE Study Guides)
0582276888: Longman A-level Study Guide: Economics (Longman A-level Study Guides)
0582277221: Global Environmantal Change : A Natural and Culture Environmental History
0582277248: Geography of Rural Change
0582277256: Society and Exploitation Through Nature
0582277272: Grammar Rom Cd Single Usere PC/MacIntosh
0582277302: Progress in Partial Differential Equations : The Metz Surveys 4
0582277310: Women in British Public Life, 1914-1950 : Gender, Power and Social Policy
0582277337: Decline of the Liberal Party, 1910-1931
0582277485: Marketing for Tourism
0582277507: Ec Institutions and Legislation
0582277590: European Integration
0582277604: International Trade : A Practical Guide
0582277639: International Financial Institutions
0582277655: Introduction to International Economics
0582277663: Industrial Age
0582277671: Industrial Age
0582277760: Khrushchev Era, 1953-1964
0582277779: THE ORIGINS OF THE SOUTH AFRICAN WAR, 1899-1902.
0582277787: Semigroups of Operators and Spectral Theory
0582277809: Real and Complex Singularities
0582277817: Generalized Taylor's Formula for Functions of Several Variables and Certain of Its Applications
0582277825: Topics in Pseudo-DIfferential Operators
0582277922: Integrated Approach to Business Studies
0582277957: Communication Studies
0582277965: World Politics since Nineteen Forty-Five
0582277981: Media : An Introduction
0582278015: Psychological Research Methods and Statistics
0582278023: Applications of Psychology
0582278031: Controversies in Psychology
0582278074: Abnormal Psychology
0582278082: Emotion and Motivation
0582278104: Cognitive Psychology Long
0582278120: Biological Aspects of Behavior
0582278171: American Irish : A History
0582278260: Gender in 18th Century England
0582278430: Heterocyclic Chemistry
0582278449: Secretarial Duties
0582278473: Kolymsky Heights
0582278546: Horse Whisperer
0582278554: Accidental Tourist
0582278635: Longman Primary Maths: Reception: Workbook 3 (Longman Primary Mathematics)
0582279003: Longman Primary Maths: Year 2: Measures Workbook (Pack of 8) (Longman Primary Mathematics)
0582279119: Longman Primary Mathematics: Level 3
0582279224: Practice Writing
0582279364: Russia, America and the Cold War 1949-1991 : Seminar Studies in History
0582279410: Building Service and Design
0582279488: Linguistic Minorities and Modernity : A Sociolinguistic Ethnography
0582279526: Foundations of the Welfare State
0582279542: Geopolitics in a Changing World
0582279585: Louis XIV
0582279607: Devil's World
0582279690: Boundary-Field Equation Methods for a Class of Nonlinear Problems
0582279704: Developments in Nonstandard Mathematics
0582279860: Women and Work in Russia, 1880-1930 : A Study in Continuity Through Change
0582279909: The Longman Companion to Britain in the Nineteenth Century, 1815-1914 (Longman Companions to History)
0582280001: Politics of Bureaucracy
0582280028: Handbook of curriculum evaluation
0582280044: Classical mythology
0582280052: The Election of 1976
0582280079: Creative Dramatics in the Classroom
0582280095: Politics of Womens' Liberation
0582280117: Theatre for Young Audiences
0582280125: Piaget for the Classroom Teacher
0582280133: Hool
0582280141: Piaget's Theory of Cognitive Development
0582280168: Invisible Scar: The Great Depression, and What It Did to American Life, from Then Until Now
0582280176: Theories of Mass Communication
0582280184: Education as Cultural Imperialism
0582280206: American education: An introduction to social and political aspects (Educational policy, planning, and theory)
0582280230: The Imperial Years.
0582280249: Fifty Contemporary Poets The Creative Process
0582280257: Fifty Contemporary Poets: The Creative Process
0582280265: A Cross-Section of Educational Research
0582280273: Education in a Free Society : An American History
0582280281: Reading for Facts
0582280338: The German Polity (Comparative Studies of Political Life Ser.)
0582280354: The Quest for Justice: The Politics of School Finance Reform
0582280362: The quest for justice: The politics of school finance reform (Educational policy, planning, and theory)
0582280397: Leadership in America : Consensus, Corruption, and Charisma
0582280400: Instructional Media and Technology: A Guide to Accountable Learning Systems
0582280427: Black/white/green/red: The politics of education in ethnic America (Educational policy, planning, and theory)
0582280435: Social Studies in a New Era: The Elementary School as a Laboratory
0582280443: Regimes, movements, and ideologies: A comparative introduction to political science
0582280451: Adolescence in Literature
0582280478: Mass Media: An Introduction to Modern Communication
0582280486: How to Teach Reading A Competency-Based Program
0582280494: Clinical sociology
0582280508: Marxism & Art: Writings in Aesthetics & Criticism
0582280516: Medicine in Literature
0582280524: The seamy side of democracy: Repression in America
0582280532: Bakke, Defunis and Minority Admissions: The Quest for Equal Opportunity
0582280540: Bakke, DeFunis, and Minority Admissions The Quest for Equal Opportunity
0582280567: Educational Research: An Introduction
0582280575: Promoting Moral Growth
0582280583: The rhetoric of television (Longman English and humanities series) by Primeau
0582280591: Simple Composition
0582280605: The Politics of Pollution in a Comparative Perspective : Ecology and Power in Four Nations
0582280613: Class, State, & Crime: On the Theory & Practice of Criminal Justice
0582280621: From Marx to Mao & Marchais: Documents on the Development of Communist Variation
0582280648: Mothers at work: Public policies in the United States, Sweden, and China
0582280664: How to Increase Reading Ability
0582280672: Mathematical thinking about politics: An introduction to discrete time systems
0582280680: Ritchies Fabulae Faciles
0582280699: Layer Analysis a Primer of Elementary Tonal Structures (Music Ser)
0582280702: Mass media: An introduction to modern communication
0582280737: Free composition (Der freie Satz) : Volume III of New Musical Theories and Fantasies. Trans. and ed. by Ernst Oster.
0582280753: Educating the worker-citizen: The social, economic, and political foundations of education
0582280761: Women and dualism: A sociology of knowledge analysis
0582280826: The Limits of Intervention
0582280877: Community Relations Handbook
0582280885: Community Relations Handbook
0582280893: How to Increase Reading Ability: A Guide to Developmental AND Remedial Methods
0582280907: The Politics of the Equal Rights Amendment: Conflict and the Decision Process
0582280915: Social Movements of the Sixties and Seventies
0582280923: Structure of School Improvement
0582280958: Elections in America
0582280982: Since Socrates: Studies in the History of Western Educational Thought
0582281016: The Imperial Years
0582281024: The French polity (Comparative studies of political life)
0582281032: Sex Roles in Literature
0582281059: Poets Teaching
0582281075: Biting the Apple: Accounts of First Year Teachers
0582281083: Voice, audience, content: A writer's reader (Longman English and humanities series)
0582281121: Developmental Tasks and Education
0582281148: Sharing Literature With Children
0582281156: Coming Information Age
0582281180: Instrumentation and Orchestration
0582281199: Handbook of Reading Research
0582281210: Techniques in the Clinical Supervision of Teachers: Preservice and Inservice Applications
0582281237: Models of moral education: An appraisal
0582281245: Piaget's Theory of Cognitive Development
0582281253: Flexibility in Teaching
0582281318: Selections from Ovid
0582281342: Teachers and the Law
0582281350: Teachers And The Law
0582281369: Middle and Secondary School Reading
0582281393: Creative Drama in the Classroom, 3rd Edition
0582281415: Professionals Versus the Public: Attitudes, Communication, and Response in School Districts
0582281423: Music Teaching & Learning
0582281431: Providence: The Reconstruction of Social and Moral Order
0582281458: Applying educational research: A practical guide for teachers
0582281466: Building classroom discipline: From models to practice
0582281490: Cognition and Curriculum: A Basis for Deciding What to Teach and How to Evaluate (The John Dewey Society lecture series)
0582281512: Desegregating America's Schools (Professional Ser.)
0582281520: Student Characteristics and Teaching
0582281547: Family Papers
0582281555: A Field Guide to Contemporary Poetry and Poetics
0582281563: Class, State, and Crime
0582281598: Dimensions of Sight Singing
0582281628: Guiding clinical experiences in teacher education
0582281636: Juvenile Delinquency in Literature
0582281644: Criminology in literature (Longman English and humanities series)
0582281652: Disordered Personalities in Literature
0582281660: Urban Politics : Past, Present and Future
0582281695: The Guidance of Exceptional Children
0582281709: Service Delivery in the City: Citizen Demand and Bureaucratic Rules
0582281717: Broadcast Writing Workbook
0582281733: Broadcast Writing
0582281776: Party Reform
0582281792: Education in a free society: An American history
0582281806: Human Behavior, a Social Work Perspective by Berger, Robert; Federico, Ronald
0582281814: Village At War: An Account of Revolution in Vietnam
0582281830: Political Change in Japan
0582281873: Felony Arrests, Their Prosecution and Disposition in New York City's Courts
0582281903: The French polity
0582281911: The German polity
0582281938: A poor harvest: The clash of policies and interests in the grain trade
0582281970: Watching American Politics: Articles and Commentaries about Citizens, Politicans, and the News Media
0582281997: Sociology of everyday life
0582282004: Informing the People: A Public Information Handbook (Longman series in public communication)
0582282039: The Research Paper Workbook
0582282047: The New Deal, Analysis AND Interpretation
0582282055: The Radical Future of Liberal Feminism
0582282063: The Radical Future of Liberal Feminism (Longman Music Series)
0582282101: Building Feminist Theory Essays from Quest.
0582282128: The New Black Politics: The Search for Political Power
0582282144: Politics of Nuclear Balance
0582282152: Abortion and Woman's Choice
0582282179: Empirical theories about courts.
0582282195: Government Coalitions in Western Democracies
0582282233: Mass Media 3 an Introduction to Modern Communication
0582282306: Tutoring ESL students: A guide for tutors (and teachers) in the subject areas
0582282314: Tutoring Reading and Academic Survival Skills: A Handbook of Ideas and Strategies for Tutors and Tea
0582282322: The writing tutor
0582282330: The Tutor Book
0582282349: Inside Organizational Communication (Longman Series in Public Communication)
0582282357: Inside organizational communication (Longman series in public communication)
0582282365: To Make a Poem
0582282381: Integrated skills reinforcement: Reading, writing, speaking, and listening across the curriculum (Longman series in college composition and communication)
0582282462: Educational research: An introduction
0582282489: Reaching Decisions in Public Administration: Methods and Applications
0582282497: United States Revisited: A Study of a Still Developing Country
0582282519: Political Elites in Arab North Africa: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt
0582282578: Longman Dictionary of Psychology and Psychiatry
0582282616: Sex Equity Handbook for Schools
0582282624: Political Tolerance in America
0582282632: Longman Anthology of Contemporary American Poetry, 1950-1980
0582282659: Rethinking the family: Some feminist questions
0582282683: Families, Politics, and Public Policy
0582282691: America in a Changing World Political Economy
0582282705: America in a Changing World Political Economy
0582282713: The British Polity
0582282721: British Polity
0582282772: Theories of Mass Communication
0582282780: Theories of Mass Communication
0582282799: Money, Sex, and Power: Toward a Feminist Historical Materialism
0582282829: Elements of English Linguistics
0582282837: The Politics Within: A Primer in Political Attitudes and Behavior
0582282853: AMERICAN EDUCATION An Introduction to Social and Political Aspects
0582282896: Women Crime & Society a Critique of T
0582282918: In print, critical reading and writing (Longman series in college composition and communication)
0582282934: Restructuring the City: The Political Economy of Urban Redevelopment
0582282942: The Commons in Perspective
0582282950: Course design: A guide to curriculum development for teachers
0582282969: Toward Interpersonal Dialogue
0582282985: Parties and Their Environments: Limits to Reform?
0582283019: Programs of Early Education
0582283027: Child Psychology and Childhood Education: A Cognitive Developmental View by...
0582283035: The First Amendment Reconsidered
0582283043: DataMap: Index of published tables of statistical data, 1983
0582283078: Teaching As a Moral Craft by Tom, Alan R.
0582283086: American Politics Yearbook, 1982-83
0582283108: Mediated Political Realities
0582283116: Readings on Reading Instruction
0582283183: News Making in the Trial Courts
0582283205: Punishment Before Trial: An Organizational Perspective of Felony Bail Processes (Longman Professional Studies in Political Communication and)
0582283213: PUNISHMENT BEFORE TRIAL An Organizational Perspective of Felony Bail Processes
0582283264: Handbook of research design and social measurement: A text and reference book for the social and behavioral sciences
0582283272: Comparative Mass Media Systems
0582283353: News, the politics of illusion
0582283361: Longman Dictionary of Mass Media & Communication (Longman Music Series)
0582283388: Global Journalism: a Survey of the World's Mass Media (Longman Series in Public.
0582283396: Global Journalism: A Survey of the World's Mass Media (Longman Music Series)
0582283418: Public Relations Management by Objectives (Longman History of Medieval England)
0582283426: Active Mathematics Teaching
0582283434: Longman Dictionary and Handbook of Poetry
0582283450: Social work day-to-day: The experience of generalist social work practice
0582283469: Quality field instruction in social work: Program development and maintenance
0582283477: Regimes, Movements, and Ideologies: A Comparative Introduction to Political Science
0582283493: Elementary classroom management: A handbook of excellence in teaching
0582283507: Public Budgeting in Theory and Practice
0582283515: New Black Politics
0582283523: Milestones in Mass Communication Research: Media Effects
0582283531: Milestones in Mass Communication Research: Media Effects.
0582283558: Cooperative Learning (Research on teaching monograph series)
0582283566: Logic of Policy Inquiry
0582283574: Logic of Policy Inquiry
0582283582: Cultural Autonomy in Global Communications
0582283590: Media industries: The production of news and entertainment (Annenberg/Longman communication books)
0582283612: The Invisible Culture: Communication in Classroom and Community on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation
0582283620: Writing Practice A Rhetoric of the Writing Process
0582283663: Political Campaign Debates: Images, Strategies, and Tactics
0582283728: The World Almanac Dictionary of Dates
0582283760: Longman Bibliography of Composition and Rhetoric, 1984 1985 (C C C C Bibliography of Composition and Rhetoric)
0582283795: Human Brain and Human Learning
0582283817: The Great Wheel
0582283833: Philosophy and Journalism
0582283841: The Struggle for Economic Development: Readings in Problems and Policies
0582283868: Promoting Moral Growth : From Piaget to Kohlberg
0582283876: Debating : Applied Rhetorical Theory (College Composition and Communication Ser.)
0582283884: Field Experience
0582283892: Interview
0582283906: Reading in Elementary Classrooms : Strategies and Observations
0582283914: Women and the Politics of Culture: Studies in the Sexual Economy
0582283922: The political uses of symbols
0582283930: The Political Uses of Symbols
0582283973: Children's Literature: An Issues Approach
0582283981: Children's Literature: An Issues Approach
0582284015: Pygmalion grows up: Studies in the expectation communication process (Research on teaching monograph series)
0582284031: Policy for the Social Work Practitioner
0582284058: Schools in Central Cities: Structure and Process
0582284066: Comprehension Instruction: Perspectives and Suggestions
0582284082: The Coming Information Age
0582284090: Student Achievement Through Staff Development
0582284104: Health Communication: Theory and Practice
0582284112: Health communication: Theory and practice (Communication and careers)
0582284147: Perspectives on Instructional Time : Research on Teaching Monograph Series
0582284171: Agents of Power
0582284198: The Promise of Theory - Education and the Politics of Cultural Change
0582284201: Supervision for today's schools
0582284228: Radio Broadcasting: An Introduction to the Sound Medium (Longman Series in Public Communication)
0582284236: Politics of Nuclear Balance
0582284252: Piaget's theory of cognitive and affective development
0582284260: Common-Practice Harmony
0582284279: Contemporary Women Teachers: Balancing School and Home
0582284317: Teacher Evaluative Standards and Student Effort
0582284325: Religious television: The American experience (Communication and human values)
0582284341: Broadcast fairness: Doctrine, practice, prospects : a reappraisal of the fairness doctrine and equal time rule (Longman series
0582284368: On Deadline: Managing Media Relations
0582284376: Experts in action: Inside public relations (Longman series in public communication)
0582284384: Experts in Action: Inside Public Relations (Longman series in public communication)
0582284392: Schooling in America: Social Foundations of Education
0582284414: Introduction to Educational Administration
0582284430: 45 Contemporary Poems: The Creative Process (Longman English and Humanities Series)
0582284473: Media Ethics
0582284481: Teachers and the Law Second Edition
0582284503: School Law for Counselors, Psychologists and Social Workers
0582284511: Counselors and the Law: School Law for Counselors
0582284546: Educators' Handbook A Research Perspective
0582284562: Broadcast Copywriting as Process: A Practical Approach to Copywriting for Radio and Television
0582284570: World Communications
0582284589: Readings in Urban Politics Past, Present, and Future
0582284600: Working With People
0582284619: Social work with the aging: The challenge and promise of the later years
0582284627: Understanding Social Welfare
0582284635: Supplemental cases for Constitutional law & judicial policy making
0582284643: Making Television Programs: A Professional Approach
0582284694: Understanding and Using Video: A Guide for the Organizational Communicator (Longman Series in Public Communication)
0582284716: Counseling Strategies And Intervention Techniques For The Human Servic
0582284732: Shrinking the Federal Government The Effect of Cutbacks on Five Federal Agencies
0582284740: State Politics and the New Federalism: Readings and Commentary
0582284767: Voice therapy for children: The elementary school years
0582284775: Advanced Reporting: Beyond News Events (Longman Series in Public Communication)
0582284791: Talking, Listening, and Learning in Elementary Classrooms
0582284805: Making a Difference: Teachers' Sense of Efficacy and Student Achievement
0582284813: How Teachers Taught: Constancy and Change in American Classrooms, 1890-1980
0582284848: Governing the Soviet Union
0582284856: Understanding research methods
0582284872: Signs in contemporary culture: An introduction to semiotics (Annenberg/Longman communication books)
0582284902: Social Welfare: A History of the American Response to Need
0582284945: Social Policy Of The American Welfare State
0582284961: An invitation to law and social science: Desert, disputes, and distribution
0582284996: Political Community : The Nineteenth Century
0582285003: Economic development in the Third World
0582285011: Measurement and Evaluation in the Schools
0582285046: Adaptive Mainstreaming: A Primer for Teachers and Principals
0582285054: Education in a Free Society: An American History
0582285070: Organization Policy and Practice in Human Services
0582285089: Creative drama in the classroom
0582285097: Datamap 1984: Index of Published Tables of Statistical Data
0582285100: Processing the News: How People Tame the Information Tide
0582285119: Building Contract Claims and Disputes (Chartered Institute of Building Professional Series)
0582285143: Getting and Writing the News
0582285151: Across the Curriculum: Thinking, Reading, Writing
0582285178: Handbook of Research in Educational Administration
0582285186: Developing Readers and Writers in the Content Areas: K-12
0582285194: Global information and world communication: New frontiers in international relations (Communications / Annenberg School of Communications, University of Pennsylvania)
0582285208: Development Communication: Information, Agriculture, and Nutrition in the Third World
0582285216: Human Behavior, a Perspective for the Helping Professions
0582285224: Coming Information Age
0582285275: Reading Diagnosis for Teachers
0582285283: Ideals and Ideologies in Modern Politics
0582285291: Strategic Public Relations Counseling: Models from the Counselors Academy (Longman Series in Public Communication)
0582285305: Toward a law of global communications networks (Communications / The Annenberg School of Communications, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia)
0582285321: Building Classroom Discipline From Model
0582285356: Mass media IV: An introduction to modern communication
0582285364: Women, elections, and representation
0582285380: Inside Organizational Communication
0582285399: Social Policy of the American Welfare State: An Introduction to Policy Analysis
0582285402: Inside Organizational Communication (Longman Series in Public Communication)
0582285410: Classical Mythology
0582285429: Research Paper Workbook
0582285437: Constitutional Law & Judicial Policy Making
0582285445: American education: An introduction to social and political aspects
0582285461: How to Increase Reading Ability
0582285518: Educational Evaluation : Alternative Approaches and Practical Guidelines
0582285526: Building Effective Mastery Learning Schools
0582285534: New Black Politics: The Search for Political Power
0582285542: New Black Politics : The Search for Political Power
0582285550: Impact of mass media: Current issues (Longman series in public communication)
0582285569: The law of public communication (The Longman series in public communication)
0582285585: Enjoying stories (Longman series in college composition and communication)
0582285593: Longman Anthology of World Literature by Women, 1875-1975
0582285607: Educational psychology: A realistic approach
0582285623: From Milton to McLuhan : The Ideas Behind American Journalism
0582285631: Techniques in the Clinical Supervision of Teachers
0582285674: Research Methods for Public Administrators
0582285690: Contemporary Literary Criticism: Modernism through Poststructuralism
0582285704: Teaching Strategies for the Social Studies: Inquiry, Valuing, and Decision-Making
0582285712: American School, 1642-1985
0582285739: Organizational Communication
0582285747: Communication Theories
0582285798: European democracies
0582285801: Improving America's Schools
0582285828: Social work ethics day to day Guidelines for professional practice
0582285879: United States - Soviet Relations
0582285895: Rethinking social welfare: Why care for the stranger
0582285909: Empirical Political Analysis: Research Methods in Political Science
0582285917: Delivering Human Services/a Self-Instructional Approach
0582285968: Search Strategies in Mass Communication
0582285976: College Grammar of English
0582285984: Creative Drama In The Intermediate Grades A Handbook For Teachers
0582285992: Creative Drama in the Primary Grades: A Handbook for Teachers
0582286018: The Wide World All Around: An Anthology of Children's Literature (Longman...
0582286026: American Court Systems : Readings in Judicial Process and Behavior
0582286042: Thinking, Reasoning, and Writing (Longman Series in College Composition and Communication)
0582286050: Political Parties in the Technological Age
0582286069: Introduction to Film Criticism : Major Critical Approaches to Narrative Film
0582286123: Elementary School Science Instruction : A Perspective for Teachers
0582286131: The Dynamics of Effective Teaching
0582286182: Modern Stories in English
0582286190: Restructuring the City: The Political Economy of Urban Redevelopment
0582286336: Television Field Production and Reporting
0582286344: Managing Media Organizations: Effective Leadership of Media Companies (Longman Series in Public Communication)
0582286379: Newspaper Circulation: Marketing the News
0582286387: Classroom Management Strategies
0582286395: Issues and Practices in Special Education
0582286417: Fluid Mechanics 1
0582286638: Media Ethics
0582286646: News : Politics Illusion
0582286654: Social Work and Society: An Introduction
0582286662: Course Design
0582286670: Classroom Management
0582286689: Microcomputer Applications for Strategic Management in Education: A Case Study Approach
0582286700: Arguing Persuasively
0582286735: Applying educational research: A practical guide for teachers
0582286743: Measurement of Communication Behavior
0582286778: Conflict of Interests : The Politics of American Education
0582286786: Introduction to educational research
0582286794: Ethical Journalism
0582286808: Ethical Journalism
0582286824: America's Teachers: An Introduction to Education
0582286832: Life in schools: An introduction to critical pedagogy in the foundations of education
0582286840: Black Politics in Conservative America
0582286867: Capitol, Courthouse and City Hall Readings in American State and Local Politics and Government
0582286875: Cases in Public Policy Analysis
0582286883: Communication, Development and the Third World: The Global Politics of Information: The Global Politics of Information (Communications)
0582286921: Spanish Society, 1400-1600
0582286956: Pitman 2000 Shorthand: Facility Drills
0582286964: Graph Dynamics
0582286972: Origins of the First World War
0582286980: Complex Analysis, Harmonic Analysis and Applications
0582287030: Metrizable Barrelled Spaces
0582287049: Mathematical Problems in Semiconductor Physics
0582287057: Second Empire and Commune
0582287065: Weimar Republic
0582287081: Law for the Construction Industry
0582287146: Robespierre
0582287170: Noble Cause?
0582287189: Noble Cause?
0582287200: Eisenhower
0582287227: Pitman 2000 Shorthand Pocket Dictionary
0582287235: Pitman 2000 Shorthand First Course
0582287243: Help Yourself to Essential French Grammar
0582287308: Quartet of Stories
0582287324: Fiela's Child
0582287383: Counselling Skills
0582287472: Help Yourself to Essential Spanish Grammar : A Grammar Reference and Workbook GCSE/Standard Grade
0582287618: Lone Parent Families : Women, Children and the State
0582287634: End of the Ottoman Empire, 1908-1923
0582288118: Topological Circle Planes and Topological Quadrangles
0582288274: Women in Medieval Europe : 1200 - 1500
0582288541: Tourism
0582288568: Travel Agency Practice
0582288576: International Relations of the European Communities
0582288584: Criminal Justice: Text and Materials (Longman Law Series)
0582288614: Generalized Analytic Functions in Fractional Spaces
0582288630: Pitman New Era Shorthand
0582288738: The Procurement and Management of Small Works and Minor Maintenance: The Principal Considerations for Client Organizations
0582288746: Intro AutoCAD Designer
0582288789: Landscapes : Ways of Imagining the World
0582288916: Longman Reading World: Level 6: Workbook 1 (Pack of 10) (Longman Reading World)
0582288967: Longman Reading World: Level 4: Workbook 2 (Pack of 10) (Longman Reading World)
0582288983: Longman Reading World: Level 3: Workbook 3 (Pack of 10) (Longman Reading World)
0582288991: Longman Reading World: Level 3: Workbook 2 (Pack of 10) (Longman Reading World)
0582289114: Interpreting as Interaction (Applied Language & Linguistics Studies)
0582289157: Women's Writing in English
0582289165: Writing and Victorianism
0582289181: Causatives and Causation : A Universal Typological Perspective
0582289203: France and Britain, 1940-1994 : The Long Separation
0582289238: Desperately Seeking Solutions : Rationing Health Care
0582289246: Principles and Politics in Contemporary Britain
0582289254: New British Politics
0582289289: Century of Thrillers (vol. III)
0582289297: Global Tales: Stories from Many Cultures (Longman Imprint Books) - Paperback
0582289300: Starting Shakespeare: First Encounters with Shakespeare's Plays (Longman Imprint Books) - Paperback
0582289319: Stories Old and New: Contrasts from Two Centuries (Longman Imprint Books)
0582289327: Introducing Media (Longman Imprint Books) - Paperback
0582289726: Mapping : Ways of Representing the World
0582289785: Preface to Swift
0582289807: Elizabethan Humanism : Literature and Learning in the Later Sixteenth Century
0582289815: Modules and Algebras : Bimodule Structure on Group Actions and Algebras
0582289831: Longman Companion to the First World War : Europe, 1914-1918
0582289858: Markets and Health Care
0582289866: Reforming the European Union
0582289882: Spain's Civil War
0582289890: Pre-Reformation Church in England 1400-1530
0582289904: Tudor Rebellions
0582289912: England and Europe, 1485-1603
0582289920: Autonomy and Independence in Language : Applied Linguistics and Language
0582289947: Pressure Groups in British Politics
0582290015: The Limits of Educational Reform
0582290023: Eagle Entangled: U.S. Foreign Policy in a Complex World
0582290066: Teaching reading & thinking skills
0582290074: Handbook of Research Design & Social Measurement
0582290082: Media, Messages, and Men: New Perspectives in Communication
0582290090: Cultural pluralism in education: Theoretical foundations
0582290112: Telecommunications, issues and choices for society (Annenberg/Longman communication books)
0582290147: Social Environment : Open Systems Applications
0582290155: The egalitarian ideal and the American high school: Studies of three schools (Research on teaching monograph series)
0582290198: Developing Skills for Instructional Supervision
0582290228: Using Standardized Tests in Education
0582290244: Public administration, politics, and the people: Selected readings for managers, employees, and citizens
0582290252: Understanding the Political World : An Introduction to Political Science
0582290279: Affecting Change
0582290325: Across the Curriculum Thinking, Reading, Writing
0582290333: Writing for Mass Communication (Longman Series in Public Communication)
0582290341: Statistics for Social Worker
0582290384: Applying educational psychology in the classroom
0582290422: Business of Tourism
0582290686: Help Yourself to Algebra (Help Yourself)
0582290805: Chartism
0582290848: Austria's Wars of Emergence, 1683-1795
0582290856: Origins of the Second World War
0582290864: An Introduction to Foreign Language Learning and Teaching
0582290872: Decolonisation : The British Experience Since 1945
0582290910: Introduction to 3D AutoCAD : Releases 12 and 13
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