0582290937: Guidebook to Organic Synthesis
0582290961: Focus On First Certificate Grammar Practice With Key
0582291038: Style Fiction
0582291062: The Movement of English Prose
0582291070: Language, the loaded weapon: The use and abuse of language today
0582291089: Language: The Loaded Weapon : The Use and Abuse of Language Today
0582291127: Psycholinguistics: Language, Mind, and World
0582291135: Psycholinguistics
0582291208: Spoken Discourse
0582291216: Spoken Discourse
0582291275: Language of Humour
0582291291: Adjectives And Comparison In English: A Semantic Study
0582291305: Exploring Language Poems Plays Prose
0582291313: Generative Grammar
0582291364: Analyzing Sentences : An Introduction to English Syntax
0582291437: Introduction to Bilingualism
0582291445: General Linguistics
0582291453: Short History Linguistics
0582291488: Good English Grammarian
0582291518: Meaning Interaction
0582291585: English Verb Noun Number
0582291623: Consumer Law Policy
0582291674: High-Powered Type Drills
0582291690: Pitman 2000 Short Course
0582291828: Phrasal Verbs Dictionary
0582291836: Loongman Phrasal Verbs Dictionary
0582291852: Serfdom and Slavery : Studies in Legal Bondage
0582291860: Sefdom and Slavery, Studies in Legal Bondage.
0582291917: Infernal Desires of Angela Carter : Fiction, Femininity, Feminism
0582291933: Radical Right in Germany : 1870 to the Present
0582291968: Elizabethan Parliaments, 1559-1601
0582291992: Western Europe : Economic and Social Change since 1945
0582292042: Nonlinear Elliptic Boundry Value Problems and Their Applications
0582292050: Media
0582292107: Rise of the Labour Party, 1880-1945
0582292123: General Theory of Partial Differential Equations and Microlocal Analysis
0582292131: Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations
0582292174: Intermediate GNVQ Leisure and Tourism Optional Units (Longman GNVQ)
0582292212: France, 1870-1914
0582292220: Glorious Revolution
0582292239: Restoration and the England of Charles II
0582292344: Go 2 Grammar Practice
0582292484: Voices of the Great War
0582292492: D. H. Lawrence Selection
0582292514: New Century Readers : Step by Wicked Step
0582292530: Longman Literature Series Twisters
0582292573: Pack of Liars
0582292581: New Century Readers
0582292603: Goggle Eyes
0582292638: Patterns of Social Inequality : Essays for Richard Brown
0582292646: Professions in Early Modern England, 1450-1800
0582292670: Porfirio Diaz
0582292689: Rise of Prussia 1700-1830
0582292719: Modern Prussian History : 1830 - 1947
0582292751: The Partitions of Poland 1772, 1793, 1795
0582292786: Twentieth Century Italy : A Social History
0582292808: Generalized Cauchy-Riemann Systems with a Singular Point
0582292816: Rings and Radicals
0582292824: Gender, Church and State in Early Modern Germany : Essays
0582292832: Gender, Church and State in Early Modern Germany: Essays by Merry E.Wiesner (Women & Men in History S.)
0582292875: New Republic : The United States of America, 1789-1815
0582292891: Victorian Values : Personalties and Perspectives in Nineteenth-Century Society
0582292905: Bomb
0582292948: The Lion's Share : A Short History of British Imperialism 1850-1995 (3rd Edition)
0582293006: Introducing Town Planning
0582293049: Longman Handbook of Modern British History, 1714-1987
0582293219: Bismarck and Germany, 1862-1890
0582293227: Gladstone, Disraeli and Later Victorian Politics
0582293251: Gender and Society in Renaissance Italy (Women and Men in History Series)
0582293324: Sex, Lies and Democracy : The Press and the Public
0582293375: Advanced GNVQ Travel and Tourism: Optional Units (Longman GNVQ)
0582293413: Office Procedures
0582293464: Problems and Perspectives: Studies in the Modern French Language
0582294223: Contemporary Spain : Essays and Texts on Politics, Economics, Education and Employment, and Society
0582294355: Discover Grammar
0582294398: Public Procurement Law of the E.C
0582294401: Theory of Quantaloids
0582294428: Social Change and Continuity : England 1550-1750
0582294452: The Renaissance (Arts, Culture and Society in the Western World Ser.)
0582294460: Revolutionary Europe, 1780-1850
0582294479: Revolutionary Europe, 1780-1850 (Longman History of Modern Europe S.)
0582294487: Rewriting the Thirties : Modernism and After
0582294509: Solution Sets of Differential Equations in Abstract Spaces
0582294576: Crime Prevention and Community Safety : Politics, Policies and Practices
0582294592: Historical Research : A Guide for Writers of Dissertations, Theses, Articles and Books
0582294606: Higher Electrical Principles
0582294665: Dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, 1867-1918
0582294673: Parliamentary Reform, C. 1770-1918 (Seminar Studies in History)
0582294681: Byzantine Empire 1025-1204 2nd
0582294835: Victory in Europe : Britain and Germany since 1945
0582294851: European Geography
0582294894: Dissident Geographies An Introduction to Radical Ideas and Practice
0582294924: Children and Society
0582294940: Minds And Machines-Teachers Book
0582294967: Changing Minds: Teacher's Book (Including Copymasters) (Think Through History: Study Unit 2 - the Making of the United Kingdom: 1500-1750)
0582294983: Medieval Minds : Britain, 1066-1500
0582294991: Changing Minds : Britain, 1500-1750
0582295009: Minds and Machines : Britain, 1750-1900
0582295017: Social Research: Principles and Procedures
0582295025: introduction to international relations
0582295149: Housing & social justice : the role of policy in British housing.
0582295173: Modern Minds : The Twentieth-Century World
0582295181: The Unfinished Revolution.
0582295211: Gladstone (Longman History in Depth)
0582295262: The limitations of social research (Aspects of modern sociology)
0582295297: European elections and British Politics
0582295327: Economic Development in the Third World
0582295351: Labour in power? : a study of the Labour government 1974-1979.
0582295424: The Presidential Quest Candidates and Images in American Political Culture, 1787-1852
0582295432: Structures and Processes of Urban Life
0582295459: Personality and Heredity: An Introduction to Psychogenetics
0582295467: Why Economists Disagree The Political Economy of Economics
0582295491: Politics and the Pursuit of Happiness: An Inquiry into the Involvement of Human Beings in the Politics of Industrial Society
0582295513: Contemporary Italy
0582295580: International Politics
0582295599: Lenin: Revolution and Power : A History of the Soviet Union, 1917-1953 (A History of the Soviet Union 1917-1953)
0582295602: History of the Soviet Union (Vol. 2)
0582295726: Communication Models: For the Study of Mass Communications
0582295742: John P. Mackintosh
0582295831: The Case for Labour.
0582295866: World politics since 1945
0582295874: John P. Mackintosh: On Parliament and Social Democracy
0582295947: The Case for the Liberal Party and the alliance.
0582295963: Body and Personality
0582296005: The Voluntary sector in British social services.
0582296021: The Politics of the National Health Service
0582296056: Education As Social Policy (Social policy in modern Britain)
0582296080: Drink and drinking problems (Longman applied psychology)
0582296137: The Social Creation of Mental Illness
0582296161: Biofeedback in Practice (Longman applied psychology)
0582296269: Pressure groups & government in Great Britain.
0582296285: Parnell and the Irish Question (Longman History in Depth S.)
0582296293: Work and inequality.
0582296358: Government and Politics of Ireland 2nd Edition
0582296463: The growth and development of children
0582296471: Pidgin & Creole Languages
0582296498: The Elderly In Modern Society
0582296501: The Causes of the Second World War (Longman History in Depth) - Paperback
0582296544: Independent Africa and the World
0582296552: British Liberalism Liberal Thought from the 1640s to 1980s
0582296633: An introduction to monetary economics
0582296684: Urban Unemployment: Local Labour Markets and Employment Initiatives
0582296714: Joy of Capitalism
0582296811: British government and politics (Longman exam guides)
0582296870: Managing technological innovation
0582296919: Henry VII (Longman History in Depth)
0582296935: Office practice and secretarial administration (Longman exam guides)
0582297133: World politics since 1945
0582297141: The English Verb (Longman Linguistics Library)
0582297265: Manufacturing and Chemical Industries
0582297311: The Russian Revolution (Longman History in Depth)
0582297338: Stalin and the Soviet Union (Longman History in Depth)
0582297346: Oliver Cromwell (Longman History in Depth)
0582297354: Chartism
0582297362: Hitler and Nazism
0582297419: Integral Representation for Spatial Models of Mathematical Physics
0582297656: Organic Chemistry for Students of Health and Life Sciences
0582297966: How to Teach English : An Introduction to the Practice of Language Teaching
0582297974: Conducting Research in Human Geography : Theory, Methodology and Practice
0582298008: Message Received
0582298040: Ecology of the Aquatic System
0582298083: Taming the Vernacular: From Dialect to Written Standard Language
0582298105: Mathematical Theory in Fluid Mechanics
0582298113: British Women's Suffrage Campaign, 1866-1928
0582298148: Social Democracy and the Working Class in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Germany (Themes in Modern German History Series)
0582298202: Intro Autocad Autosurf
0582298237: Longman Primary Dictionary: Southern African Edition
0582298245: Modern Minds : The Twentieth-Century World
0582298253: Geographies of Development
0582298261: Practical Skills in Biomolecular Sciences
0582298334: Birth of Industrial Britain : Economic Change, 1750-1850
0582298350: Metaphysical Poets
0582298369: Reading in a Second Language : Process, Product and Practice
0582298377: Corpus Annotation : Linguistic Information from Computer Text Corporation
0582298385: Question of Chemistry : Creative Problems for Critical Thinkers
0582298512: English for International Tourism
0582298741: High Five: Level 2 - Students' Book (HIGH)
0582298792: Powerhouse : An Intermediate Business English Coursebook
0582298822: Renaissance Europe, 1390-1530
0582298830: Learner English on the Computer
0582298849: Psychology
0582298857: Practical Skills in Biology
0582298865: Policing Britain : Risk, Security and Governance
0582298903: Pitman New Era Shorthand Pocket Dictionary
0582298911: Secretarial Procedures : Theory and Applications
0582298938: Longman Active Study Dictionary of English
0582298962: Do & Understand Book
0582298970: Crime and Society in Britain
0582298989: After the Civil Wars
0582298997: After the Civil Wars
0582299004: William Penn
0582299195: Un Deux Trois: Student's Book 2
0582299217: Un Deux Trois: Teacher's Book 1
0582299586: Rise and Fall of the the Soviet Economy : An Economic History of the USSR 1945 - 1991
0582299640: Direct and Inverse Electromagnetic Scattering
0582299667: Racism, Crime and Criminal Justice
0582299713: Longman Parents' Guide to Pre-school Choices and Nursery Education (Longman Parent and Student Guides)
0582299802: Corporate Crime
0582299810: Longman Picture Dictionary : American English
0582299853: Kaplan Direct English Coursebook 6,sp,2000
0582300037: Nigeria
0582300126: The Tropical World: Its Social and Economic Conditions and Its Future Status (Geographies for advanced study)
0582300134: Concepts in Climatology
0582300142: Principles and Applications of Soil Geography
0582300169: Brazil
0582300177: Brazil (World's Landscapes)
0582300193: Eastern Europe
0582300215: The Biology of Religion
0582300290: Theoretical Population Geography
0582300312: The Logic of unity : a geography of the European Economic Community. ED3
0582300320: Tectonics and landforms (Geomorphology texts)
0582300363: Geology of the Continental Margins
0582300401: Applied geography : practice, problems, and prospects.
0582300444: Urban Social Geography
0582300452: The City's Countryside: Land and Its Management in the Rural Urban Fringe
0582300479: The West European City A Social Geography
0582300487: The Arid Lands: Their Use and Abuse
0582300576: Contemporary Climatology
0582300584: Mineral resources and their management (Themes in resource management)
0582300606: Western Europe: Geographical perspectives
0582300622: Conflict politics & the urban scene.
0582300649: Conflict politics & the urban scene.
0582300703: Reconstructing Quaternary Environments
0582300711: Geomorphology
0582300819: Japan
0582300827: Atlas of Igneous Rock Textures
0582300851: Geography and energy: Commercial energy systems and national policies (Themes in resource management)
0582300878: The Practice of Geography
0582300886: Political geography: World-economy, nation-state and locality
0582300894: Political Economy of Soil Erosion in Developing Countries
0582300908: Contemporary Africa
0582300924: The Developing World: An Introduction
0582300932: Rock-Forming Minerals. Vol. 5 Nonsilicates. First Edition
0582300940: Introduction to the Rock-Forming Minerals
0582300959: Computer programming for geographers
0582300967: Introduction to Metamorphic Petrology
0582300975: Principle Remote Sensing
0582301114: The Soviet Union
0582301122: An Introduction to Crystal Optics
0582301181: Atlas of Sedimentary Rocks under the Microscope
0582301203: Basic Biogeography
0582301238: Late Quaternary Environments of the Us
0582301254: Late Quaternary Environments Ussr
0582301319: Land Use
0582301335: Cartographic Design Production
0582301351: Industrial Geography
0582301440: Rural China today
0582301459: TOURISM TODAY A Geographical Analysis
0582301475: Tropical African Development: Geographical Perspectives
0582301483: Latin American Development
0582301491: South East Asian Development: Geographical Perspectives
0582301505: Tourism Analysis
0582301548: History of Urban Form Before the Industrial Revolution
0582301564: Global Geomorphology : An Introduction to the Study of Landforms
0582301602: Urban Social Geography: An Introduction
0582301637: Agricultural Ecology
0582301645: Latin American Society
0582301718: Computers in Geography
0582301734: Conflict in Early Stuart England : Studies in Religion and Politics 1603-1642
0582301750: Post-Soviet Republics : A Systematic Geography
0582301882: Translation into the Second Language
0582301890: Nature Displayed : Gender, Science and Medicine 1760-1820
0582301939: Britain and Ireland : From Home Rule to Independence
0582301947: British Economy since 1914 : A Study in Decline?
0582301998: Language and World Creation in Poems and Other Texts
0582302005: Mitchell's Introduction to Building
0582302072: Cutting Edge: Intermediate Students' Book (with Accompanying Mini-dictionary) (CUT)
0582302080: Cutting Edge Intermediate Teacher's Resource Book
0582302102: Cutting Edge: a Practical Approach to Task-based Learning: Workbook (CUT)
0582302420: Absent Friends
0582302439: Daz 4 Zoe
0582302498: Surveying
0582302552: Active Assemblies Through the Year
0582302560: Introductory Economics: A Study Guide
0582302625: Success in Maths: Pupil's Book: F1 (SiM)
0582302692: Functional Differential Equations II Pt. 2 : Equations with Discontinuous Coefficients and Boundary Value Problems
0582302706: Birth of Industrial Britain : Social Change, 1750-1850
0582302870: Rethinking Northern Ireland : Culture, Ideology and Colonialism
0582302951: Weight Theory for Integral Transforms on Spaces of Homogenous Type
0582302994: NVQ Engineering: Mechanical Option Units - Level 2 (Longman NVQ)
0582303001: Approaching Urban Design: The Design Process (Exploring Town Planning)
0582303087: Burghley
0582303141: Cold War Superpower Relations
0582303478: Terrestrial Biosphere
0582303540: Language and World Creation in Poems and Other Texts
0582303737: Managing Evaluation and Innovation in Language Teaching : Building Bridges
0582303761: Rethinking Security in Post-Cold War Europe
0582303931: Byron
0582304008: Generalized Optimal Stopping Problems and Financial Markets
0582304016: Crime and Power Origins and Development of the Criminal Justice System, 1700-1997
0582304024: Noncoercive Variational Problems and Related Results
0582304040: Nonlinear Waves in Dispersive and Dissipative Systems with Coupled Fields
0582304067: Integral Methods in Science and Engineering, 1996
0582304091: Integral Methods in Science and Engineering
0582304164: Longman Handbook of Modern European History, 1763-1997
0582304636: Early Women Writers : 1600 - 1720
0582304644: Persecution and Toleration in Protestant England, 1558-1689
0582304709: Origins of the Second World War in Europe
0582304717: Pursuit of History : Aims, Methods and New Directions in the Study of Modern History
0582304814: Longman Study Guide Gcse Key Stage 4 Biology
0582304938: Technocracy in the European Union
0582304962: Longman GCSE Study Guide: Mathematics (Longman GCSE Study Guides)
0582305004: Engineering Thermodynamics: Work and Heat Transfer: Si Units
0582305055: Introduction to Autocad Lt for Windows 95
0582305063: Principles of measurement systems
0582305144: A Guide to the Care and Preservation of Medieval Cathedrals and Churches
0582305152: Site Costs in Housing Development
0582305284: Basic Ship Theory: Hydrostatics and Strength v. 1, Chapters 1-9
0582305314: Meaning English Verb
0582305357: Applied Thermodynamics for Engineering Technologists
0582305403: Electrical machines and drive systems
0582305438: Principles of Measurement Systems Edition
0582305462: Wavelength Pre-intermediate: Coursebook (WAVL)
0582305489: Wavelength Elementary: Coursebook (WAVL)
0582305756: Longman American Idioms Dictionary
0582305772: Longman Idioms Dictionary
0582305780: Longman Idioms Dictionary : Over 6,000 Idioms
0582305802: International Business Economics
0582305810: Macroeconomic Environment
0582305888: Strategies in Learning and Using a Second Language
0582305896: Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations
0582305934: Free Boundary Problems, Theory and Applications
0582305942: Strongly Irreducible Operators on Hilbert Space
0582305969: EC Tax Law
0582306051: Media Ethics and Self-Regulation
0582306094: Think Ahead to First Certificate: Workbook (FCE)
0582306531: Friends: Global Student's Book (FRND)
0582306558: Friends Level 2: Students' Book
0582306574: Friends Starter Activity Book
0582306582: Friends Level 1 Activity Book
0582306612: Friends Starter Teachers Resource Book
0582306655: Friends Starter Class Aud Cassettes (2)
0582307066: French Society : 1589-1715
0582307082: Introduction to 3D Microstation 95
0582307333: Backward Stochastic Differential Equations
0582307368: The Longman Companion to Germany Since 1945 (Longman Companions to History (Hardcover))
0582307376: Longman Companion to Germany since 1945
0582307384: Intro To American Studies (3Ed)
0582307414: Variation in English: Multi-Dimensional Studies
0582307430: Theorising Modernity
0582307694: Communication for Business: A Practical Approach
0582307767: Quality Improvement Techniques in Construction
0582307783: Britain and Europe Since 1945
0582307805: Childly Language: Children, language and the social world
0582307813: Renaissance
0582308097: Oil Crisis
0582308119: Welsh Princes : The Native Rulers of Wales 1063-1283
0582308135: Japan 1868 - 1945
0582308259: Longman Book Project: Beginner 3: Our Play Cluster: Our Play: Small Book (Longman Book Project)
0582308453: Our Sister Killjoy : Longman African Writers
0582308461: Grammar Essentials: Student's Book
0582308488: Spelling Essentials
0582308518: Developing Science in the Primary Classroom
0582309018: Business Studies: Teacher's Guide to 2r.e
0582309034: Paris Commune 1871
0582309093: Politics of Early Modern Women's Writing : Longman Medieval and Renaissance Library
0582309123: Writing and Fantasy (Cross Currents Series)
0582309158: The Paris Commune, 1871 (Turning Points (Longman (Firm)).)
0582309174: European Economic Integration
0582309182: French For Business Studies
0582309212: Topological and Variational Methods for Nonlinear Boundary Value Problems
0582309220: How To Write About Biology Subtitle : The Essential Guide For Students Originally A Benjamin/cummings Publication (00-04-99000-5)
0582310105: Map Reading and Interpretation
0582310121: Inside the City
0582310148: Analytical human geography: A collection and interpretation of some recent work; (Concepts in geography, 2)
0582310288: Experience of Spontaneity
0582310342: The population of Europe: a geographical perspective
0582310350: The logic of unity: An economic geography of the Common Market (Longmans' geography paperbacks)
0582310369: The Logic of Unity: A Geography of the European Economic Community
0582310393: Longman Dictionary Of Geography
0582310431: A Commercial Geography
0582310474: Cutting and Styling
0582310598: Africa & the Islands
0582310768: Latin America: A regional geography, (Geographies, an intermediate series)
0582310806: Inorganic Chemistry
0582310849: Inorganic Chemistry Solutions Manual
0582310962: Crusaders
0582311047: Reading Ethnographic Research
0582311055: Philosophy of Social Research
0582311209: New Stepping Stones One Activity Book
0582311276: New Stepping Stones One Coursebook
0582311314: New Stepping Stones One Teacher's Book
0582311357: New Stepping Stones One Cassettes (2)
0582311446: Introduction to the Theory of Distributions
0582311454: First World War Peace Settlements, 1919-1925
0582311489: Discovering Women's History
0582311543: The Soviet Union (The World's landscapes)
0582311551: Ireland (The World's landscapes)
0582311659: Quantitative Methods for Business and Economics
0582312043: Literature and The Contemporary : Fictions and Theories of the Present
0582312086: Domestic Service and Gender, 1660-1750: Life and Work in the London Household
0582312094: China in Transformation 1900 - 1949 : Seminar Stuidies in History
0582312108: Constitutional Monarchy in France, 1814-1848
0582312132: Missionary Life : Saints and the Evangelisation of Europe 400-1050
0582312140: Longman Companion To the Labour Party
0582312159: Longman Companion to the Labour Party, 1900-1998
0582312213: Linguistic Typology : Morphology and Syntax (Linguistics Library)
0582312221: Structures
0582312388: Merseyside: Social and Economic Studies
0582312450: Longman Exam Practice Kit: A-level and AS-level British and European Modern History (Longman Exam Practice Kits)
0582312558: IT Glossary For Schools
0582312604: Functional Analysis with Current Applications in Science, Technology and Industry
0582312612: Numerical Analysis
0582312639: History of the English Language : A Source Book
0582312647: Dante
0582312655: Dante
0582312671: Cell Signalling
0582312701: Elementary Vocabulary Games : A Collection of Vocabulary Games for Elementary Students of English
0582312728: Contempory Word Processing Cp
0582312736: Tourism Principles and Practice
0582312787: Statistical and Data Handling Skills in Biology
0582312833: Norton's Star Atlas and Reference Handbook (Epoch 2000.0)
0582312876: Modern Criticism and Theory : A Reader
0582312957: Accounting for Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure
0582313201: Numerical Methods in Mechanics
0582313244: York Notes : A View from the Bridge
0582313279: York Notes : An Inspector Calls
0582313295: York Notes : Animal Farm
0582313309: Catcher in the Rye
0582313333: The Making of Russia: From Prehistory to Modern Times
0582313341: The Making of Russia
0582313376: Europe and the modern world, 1870-1970
0582313414: Hard Times
0582313481: Social change and revolution in England, 1540-1640 (Problems and perspectives in history)
0582313503: Origins of the Industrial Revolution
0582313511: Britain 1688-1815
0582313600: Tudor & Stuart Britain, 1471-1714
0582313678: Greek thought and the rise of Christianity (Problems and perspectives in history)
0582313686: Aspects of the Modern European mind (Problems and perspectives in history)
0582313694: The Italian Risorgimento (Problems and perspectives in history)
0582313813: I'm the King of the Castle
0582313856: Victorian Social Reform
0582313864: Henry VII
0582313910: Nineteenth Century Education
0582313929: The problem of poverty, 1660-1834 (Seminar studies in history)
0582313937: The scientific revolution of the seventeenth century.
0582313996: Rome: Its People, Life and Customs
0582314046: Macbeth, William Shakespeare : Notes
0582314054: Poverty and Vagrancy in Tudor England
0582314062: Joseph II and enlightened despotism (Seminar studies in history)
0582314070: Slavery in the American South (Seminar studies in history)
0582314089: Left and Right in Twentieth-Century Europe
0582314097: Gladstone, Disraeli and later Victorian politics (Seminar studies in history.
0582314119: Roman Family Life (Aspects of Roman Life) Paperback by Hodge, Peter
0582314135: Roman Trade AND Travel
0582314143: Roman Army
0582314151: Roman Sport and Entertainment
0582314178: A Short History of China
0582314224: Coal Mining in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries
0582314232: Elisabethan Ireland (Seminar studies in history)
0582314240: Free Trade and Protection
0582314259: Radical Politics, 1790-1900: Religion and Unbelief
0582314267: Mayor of Casterbridge, Thomas Hardy : Notes
0582314275: The Rise of the Labour Party 1880-1945
0582314283: Henry VIII (Seminar studies in history)
0582314305: Agrarian Revolution
0582314534: Poetry First World War
0582314550: Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry
0582314569: Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare : Notes
0582314631: King John and Magna Carta
0582314658: Tudor and Stuart Britain 1471-1714
0582314844: Britain Under the Tudors & Stuarts (Volume 3)
0582314879: A History of Britain
0582314968: Europe 1815-1945
0582315026: A Preface to Donne.
0582315034: A Preface to Wordsworth
0582315042: A PREFACE TO DUNNE
0582315050: A Preface to Pope (Preface Books)
0582315069: A Preface to Pope
0582315077: Preface to Milton.
0582315115: A Preface to Spenser
0582315123: A Preface To Spenser
0582315166: A Preface to Coleridge
0582315271: York Notes on James Watson's Talking in Whispers (York Notes S.)
0582315301: Twelfth Night : Or, What You Will
0582315336: Cutting Edge Intermediate Class Cassettes (set of 2)
0582315506: Longman A-level Study Guide: Mathematics (Longman A-level Study Guides)
0582315514: Modern History
0582315549: Poverty and Poor Law Reform Nineteenth Century Britain, 1834-1914 : From Chadwick to Booth
0582315557: Longman Companion to the Middle East since 1914
0582315565: First World War
0582315581: Travel Geography
0582315603: GNVQ Construction and the Built Environment
0582315611: NVQ Engineering: Electrical Option Units - Level 2 (Longman NVQ)
0582315646: Refugees, Environment and Development
0582315670: Great Treks : The Transformation of Southern Africa, 1815-1854
0582315697: Fall of the Gdr
0582315700: Experiential Learning in Foreign Language Education
0582315727: Mathematics: Longman Test Practice Kits (Key Stage 3)
0582315743: Longman Test Practice Kits: Key Stage 2 Mathematics (Longman Test Practice Kits)
0582315948: American Put Options
0582315972: Elliptic Boundary Value Problems with Indefinite Weights : Variational Formulations of the Principal Eigenvalue and Applications
0582316197: Transformations of Manifolds and Application to Differential Equations (Pitman Monographs and Surveys in Pure and Applied Mathematics , No 93)
0582316294: Crawfie the Crapaud.
0582316448: Masculinity in Medieval Europe (Women & Men in History S.)
0582316456: Masculinity in Medieval Europe
0582316464: Arab-Israeli Conflict
0582316529: A Level & As Level Business Studies
0582316561: Longman Study GDS a Level English
0582316634: Tasks For Teacher Education : A Reflective Approach
0582317088: Progress in Partial Differential Equations : Pont-A-Mousson 1997
0582317096: Progress in Partial Differential Equations Vol. 2 : Pont-A-Mousson
0582317118: Inner Product Spaces and Applications
0582317142: Britain under Thatcher
0582317169: Diplomatic Handbook
0582317177: Constitutional Law of the European Union
0582317193: Media Law : Cases and Materials
0582317215: New Politics of Criminal Justice
0582317320: Longman Advanced American Dictionary
0582317347: Social Change in Southeast Asia : New Perspectives
0582317363: Digital Electronics
0582317371: A Dictionary of Stylistics: Second Edition
0582317401: Insulting the Public
0582317444: Introduction 3D Studio Max Windows
0582317495: Partial Differential Equations in Clifford Analysis
0582317509: Writing: Texts, Processes and Practices
0582317584: Integral Transforms, Reproducing Kernels and Their Applications
0582317606: Independent Axioms for Minkowski Space-Time
0582317835: Middle Ages
0582317843: Early Modern Age
0582317851: Ancient World
0582317967: Help Yourself To Differentiation
0582317983: Pure Mathematics a Second Course 2ND Edition Si
0582318033: PURE MATHEMATICS A First Course
0582318297: Environmental Biogeography
0582318351: The American Civil War Explorations and Reconsiderations
0582318378: Napoleon and Europe
0582318386: American Civil War : Explorations and Reconsiderations
0582318394: Britain and the American Revolution
0582318521: West Africa Before the Colonial Era A History to 1850
0582318912: Beginner's Communication Games (Communication Games)
0582318920: LAW FOR GCSE
0582318939: Psychology: an Introduction
0582319137: Ghost in the Guitar, Level 3, Penguin Readers
0582319188: Origins of the Vietnam War
0582319218: Imperial Britain : The Empire in British Politics, C. 1880-1932
0582319242: Application of Number: Intermediate and Advanced
0582319285: Engineering Materials : Volume I
0582319307: Conferences : A 21st Century Industry
0582319315: Front Office Operations
0582319390: Mathematics for Caribbean Schools: Book 1
0582319412: Tulip Touch
0582319552: Tu Parles Frances
0582319587: SAG MAL!
0582319641: URN BURIAL
0582319668: A Serpent's Tooth
0582319730: American Civil War, 1861-1865
0582319749: Elizabeth I
0582319757: Ancient Boats North-West Europe : The Archaeology of Water Transport to A. D. 1500
0582319781: Gandhi
0582319846: Writing Business: Genres, Media and Discourses (Language in Social Life Series)
0582319854: Writing Business: Genres, Media and Discourses
0582319870: Men and the Emergence of Polite Society, 1660-1800
0582319889: Korean War
0582319897: The Longman Companion to Inperial Russia, 1689-1917.
0582319900: Longman Companion to Imperial Russia, 1689-1917
0582319943: Historical Sociolinguistics
0582319994: Stolen Language?
0582320003: Generalized Manifolds
0582320070: Word Frequencies in Written and Spoken English
0582320232: Classic and Contemporary Readings in Sociology
0582320240: Geographies of New Feminism
0582320259: Transport and Tourism
0582320267: Tourism and Recreation
0582320283: Tourism Planning : Policies, Processes and Relationships
0582320305: Geography : A Global Synthesis
0582320755: Development Through Drama
0582322049: Italian for You
0582322111: International Relations : Perspectives and Themes
0582322197: Recent Advances in Differnetial Equations
0582322421: A New Dictionary of Physics
0582322480: Great War : 1914-1918
0582322510: Photomicrographs of the Flowering Plant
0582322545: Ireland Since 1800 : Conflict and Conformity
0582322618: Climate and Global Environmental Change
0582322626: Sustainable Tourism : A Geographical Perspective
0582322669: Human Molecular Genetics
0582322863: A guide to subcellular botany; an introduction to the structure and functions of plant cells in the light of modern developments.
0582323053: Breathing (Longman Biology Topics)
0582323142: Statistics for biology: A practical guide for the experimental biologist (The Principles of modern biology)
0582323193: Working Plant
0582323401: Fast Track To Cae Coursebook
0582323584: Fast Track To Cae, (Certificate in Advanced English) Class Audio
0582323592: Fast Track to CAE: Exam Practice Workbook (with Pull-out Key) (CAE)
0582323886: Progress in Holomorphic Dynamics
0582324327: Weapons in the theatre
0582324378: From Three to Thirteen: Socialization and Achievement in School
0582324440: Street Club Work in Tel Aviv and New York
0582324467: Able misfits: a study of educational and behaviour difficulties of 103 very intelligent children: (IQs 120-200) (Studies in child development)
0582324491: The Handicapped Child Research Review Vol I
0582324521: Handicapped Child Research Review Volume 2
0582324777: Thomas Becket
0582324815: Bloody Mary: Cruel Queen or Good Catholic? (Reputations in History)
0582324904: The Education act 1870: A study of public opinion
0582324920: Psychology of developing children,
0582324939: From birth to seven (Studies in child development)
0582324947: From Birth to Age Seven (with full statistical appendix) : Studies in Child Development
0582324971: General Haig: Butcher or War Winner? (Reputations in History)
0582324998: Winston Churchill and the Second World War
0582325021: Elliptic Operators, Topology and Asymptotic Methods
0582325056: Anaphora Resolution
0582325064: Understanding the Market: An Introduction to Microeconomics
0582325250: Cutting Edge Upper Intermediate Teacher's Resource Book
0582325269: Cutting Edge Upper Intermediate Student Book
0582325277: Cutting Edge Upper Inter Workbk WithKey
0582325544: Projects in Music: No. 4
0582325560: Theatres and Audiences
0582325617: Cutting Edge Upper Intermediate Class Casette (set of 2)
0582325625: Cutting Edge Intermediate Student Cassette
0582325633: Cutting Edge Upper Intermediate Student Cassette
0582325692: Focus on Advanced English
0582325714: Focus on Advanced English Cae Grammar Practice (with Pull-out Key Editio
0582325722: Focus on Advanced English Cae Class Cassettes X 2
0582325897: Graded Music Course Book 4
0582325919: Melody Writing and Analysis
0582325927: Basic Music Knowledge
0582326036: Intelligent Reading
0582326567: Introduction to Autocad Release 14
0582326737: Practicical Guide to Autocad Autolisp
0582326753: Mechanical Engineering Science
0582326761: Crime in Medieval Europe 1200-1550
0582326788: Northern Ireland Since 1945
0582326923: Second World War in Europe
0582326931: Eastern Europe 1945-1969
0582327180: English Legal System 2ND Edition
0582327199: Soviet Union under Brezhnev
0582327202: Holocaust
0582327253: Mediated Discourse as Social Interaction : A Study of News Discourse
0582327318: Understanding Immunology
0582327326: Animal Behaviour : Psychobiology, Ethology and Evolution
0582327415: City Visions
0582327466: Property Law Uk
0582327474: French Legal System
0582327482: Dictionary of Inequalities
0582327490: Classical and Quantic Periodic Motions of Multiply Polarized Spin-Particles
0582327725: Environments in a Changing World
0582327733: Control Engineering
0582327784: Weimar and Nazi Germany: Continuities and Discontinuities
0582327806: Weimar and Nazi Germany : Continuities and Discontinuities
0582327830: Sociolinguistics and Social Theory
0582327881: Introduction to Bioinformatics
0582327903: Territory : The Claiming of Space
0582327938: Zak's Activity Dictionary
0582328004: Architecture in Scotland
0582328039: Longman Companion to Twentieth Century Literature
0582328047: 1870-1970: century of growth in English education,
0582328136: Hiroshima.
0582328160: Rome and Her Empire
0582328187: Russia's First World War : A Social and Economic History
0582328225: Crusades 1095-1197
0582328314: Advanced Design and Technology
0582328330: GCSE Media Studies
0582328349: MEDIA STUDIES
0582328357: Nuffield a Level Chemistry
0582328365: Nuffield A Level Chemistry: Teacher's Guide (NNS)
0582328381: Market Leader: Intermediate Business English
0582328403: Market Leader: Business English with the Financial Times: Learning with the FT ResBk (LWFT)
0582328411: International Management : Business English
0582328438: Market Leader. Banking and Finance. Business English
0582328462: Lizzie's Leaving (New Century Readers)
0582328489: Achievement in Maths: Student's Book (COAM)
0582328586: Eastern Europe Since 1970
0582328594: Vietnam War
0582328616: Introduction to Sociolinguistics
0582328748: Real Analytic and Algebraic Singularities
0582328756: Witchcraft in Early Modern England
0582328802: Knowledge & Discourse: Towards an Ecology of Language
0582328810: Business of Tourism
0582328829: The Acquisition of Syntax: Studies in Comparative Developmental Linguistics
0582328942: Ireland and the Politics of Change
0582328969: European Mosaic : Contemporary Politics, Economics and Culture
0582328993: Teaching and Researching Translation
0582329000: Teaching and Researching Computer-Assisted Language Learning
0582329043: Truman Years, 1945-1953
0582329051: York Notes Advanced : Anthony and Cleopatra
0582329108: York Notes Advanced : Death of a Salesman
0582329116: York Notes Advanced : Dubliners
0582329132: Emma: York Notes Advanced
0582329140: York Notes Advanced : Frankenstein
0582329167: York Notes Advanced : The Great Gatsby
0582329205: York Notes Advanced : Jane Eyre
0582329248: York Notes Advanced : The Merchant of Venice
0582329256: York Notes Advanced : Wuthering Heights
0582329264: York Notes Advanced : The Wife of Bath's Prologue and Tale
0582329280: York Notes Advanced : Tess of the d'Urbervilles
0582329302: Streetcar Named Desire
0582329310: Selected Poems by Heaney
0582329442: GCSE French Homework File
0582329450: Help Yourself Advance : French Grammer
0582329787: Essential English
0582330505: Introductory economics
0582330572: Jackson's geometrical and engineering drawing
0582330610: North America (Geographies, A certificate series)
0582330661: In Your Own Words - French
0582330734: La Boite Aux Lettres
0582330742: World History In The Twentieth Century.
0582330750: World History in the Twentieth Century
0582330793: Africa (Geography : A Certificate S.)
0582330807: The making of America: From wilderness to world power
0582330815: People on Earth
0582330831: Europe and the Modern World
0582330866: Pride And Prejudice
0582330874: Animal Farm
0582330882: Great Expectations (Longman Study Texts)
0582330912: Bernard Shaw: Androcles and the Lion Longman Study Texts
0582330939: Saint Joan Longman Study Texts
0582331080: Chemistry
0582331102: Voyage En Aquitaine
0582331129: Le Mot Juste
0582331269: Harmony, Melody and Composition.
0582331307: An Illustrated History of Modern Britain, 1783-1980
0582331315: Adult French: Students' Book
0582331471: Briefkasten - Letter - Writing in German for Ordinary Level and CSE
0582331498: School for Scandal
0582331501: Oliver Twist ; Charles Dickens
0582331528: Jane Eyre
0582331536: Emma (Longman Study Texts) by Austen, Jane
0582331668: SONS AND LOVERS
0582331692: The Mill on the Floss (Longman Study Texts)
0582331714: Mayor of Casterbridge
0582331722: History of the Twentieth Century
0582331781: Aprobado
0582331811: Chemistry Calculations
0582331889: White Devil
0582331897: Cry, The Beloved Country
0582331919: Macbeth (Longman study texts)
0582331927: Romeo AND Juliet
0582331935: The merchant of Venice (Longman study texts)
0582332028: A Geography of Contemporary Britain
0582332036: Last Duchess of Malfi
0582332044: Illustrated History of Modern Europe
0582332060: Spitze
0582332095: Twentieth Century History
0582332109: People in Society: An Introduction to Sociology Third Edition
0582332184: Britain, 1815-1851 (Longman history studies in depth)
0582332370: Eko and Tina Alphabet Book
0582332516: Longman Basic Dictionary of American English
0582332907: Inside Science (INS)
0582332915: Inside English (IG)
0582333458: Red Riding Hood
0582333466: The Absolutely Brilliant Crazy Party: Big Book (Pelican Big Books)
0582333490: Looking at Teddy Bears: Big Book (Pelican Big Books)
0582333512: Pelican Big Bk : Outdoor Poems
0582333652: Cinderella
0582333709: Pelican Big Bk : Food for Festivals
0582333830: A World War II Anthology: Big Book (Pelican Big Books)
0582333865: School and Family Poems: Big Book (Pelican Big Books)
0582333873: The Man Who Sold His Shadow: Big Book (Pelican Big Books)
0582333881: You Can Make Your Own Book! (pelican Big Books)
0582333903: Discoveries... Extracts from Classic Novels (pelican Big Books)
0582334055: Pelican Big Bk : Aesop's Fables
0582334063: The Human Body: Big Book (Pelican Big Books)
0582334071: Worry-guts: Big Book (Pelican Big Books)
0582334098: Pelican Big Bk : Festivals
0582334128: Pelican Big Bk : World Weather
0582334136: An Introduction to A Midsummer Night's Dream: Big Book (Pelican Big Books)
0582334144: Pelican Big Bk : Writers' Lives
0582334152: Theseus and the Minotaur: Big Book (Pelican Big Books)
0582334187: The Human Body (pelican Small Books - Pack of 6)
0582334292: Breakthrough Book My First Word Book-Common
0582334543: First Insights into Business: First Insights Into Bus Low-Int CBk (FBUS)
0582335329: Longman Book Project: Fiction: Band 3: Cluster C: Monster Pack: the Monster Birthday: Pack of 6 (Longman Book Project S.)
0582335531: New Insights into Business
0582335760: Longman Book Project: Fiction: Band 2: Cluster D: Cat: Catnapped: Extra Large Format (Longman Book Project)
0582335906: Longman Book Project: Fiction: Band 2: Cluster C: Little Frog: A Frog in the Throat: Extra Large Format (The Longman Book Project)
0582337208: Longman Book Project: Fiction: Band 3: Cluster F: The King's Potatoes (Longman Book Project)
0582337259: Longman Book Project: Fiction: Band 4: Poem Books Cluster: My Dream Balloon (Longman Book Project)
0582337356: What Babies Used to Wear: Small Book (Pelican Big Books)
0582337488: Ancient Egypt: Small Book (Pelican Big Books)
0582337534: Discoveries... Extracts from Classic Novels: Small Book (Pelican Big Books)
0582337550: Story Poems: Small Book (Pelican Big Books)
0582337755: Comprehensive Business Studies
0582337968: CAE Practice Tests Plus 2 Audio Cassettes (2)
0582337984: CAE Practice Tests Plus 2
0582337992: Advanced Gold Teacher's Book
0582338018: CAE Gold: Maximiser Without Key (Certificate Advanced English)
0582338026: Advanced Gold Exam Maximiser
0582338034: Advanced Gold, Class Audio Cassettes (2)
0582338042: CAE Gold (CAE)
0582338077: 19th Century Short Stories of Passion and Mystery (New Longman Literature) - Paperback
0582338603: Success in Maths: Pupil's Book: E1 (SiM)
0582338638: Success in Maths: Pupil's Book: G1 (SiM)
0582338670: Success in Maths: Pupil's Book: F2 (Success in Maths)
0582338689: Success in Maths: Pupil's Book: G2 (SIM)
0582338697: Success in Maths: Pupil's Book: E2 (Success in Maths)
0582338751: Success in Maths: Pupil's Book Foundation 3 (Success in Maths)
0582338786: Success in Maths E3: Pupil's Book Extension 3 (Success in Mathematics)
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