0582338921: The Human Body: Small Book (Pelican Big Books)
0582338948: Food for Festivals: Small Book (Pelican Big Books)
0582339006: What Can You See?: Small Book (Pelican Big Books)
0582339014: 1, 2, 3 Off to the Sea!: Small Book (Pelican Big Books)
0582339065: Round the World Cookbook
0582339308: Intermediate Vocabulary Games: Teacher's Resource Book
0582339316: How to Use the Internet in ELT
0582339324: How to Teach Grammar
0582339359: Wordflo: Word Combinations Refill Pack (Wordflo)
0582340012: Patterns: Teachers' guide
0582340055: Patterns: Technicians' manual
0582340241: KEY ISSUES IN LAW
0582341019: Eastern Cultures A Unesco Courier Anthology
0582341140: Criticism of Poetry
0582341299: Mr. Bean - The Movie
0582341515: Poetry 1900 to 1965
0582341698: The Byronic Byron: A selection from the poems of Lord Byron; (Longman English series)
0582341787: Victorian poetry, 1830 to 1870;: An anthology; (Longman English series)
0582341795: Travels into Several Remote Nations of the World, Known as Gulliver's Travels
0582342457: Walkabout
0582342546: House & Gables/Little Women Pr L 1 Cass
0582342635: Rogue Trader Book and Cassette Pack
0582342651: Red Badge of Courage, The, Level 3, Penguin Audio Readers
0582342678: Fall of the House of Usher, The, Level 3, Penguin Audio Readers
0582342716: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The, Level 3, Penguin Audio Readers
0582342732: White Fang
0582342791: Last of the Mohicans, The, Level 2, Penguin Audio Reader
0582342821: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
0582342899: THE CALL OF THE WILD
0582342988: Remains of the Day
0582342996: Billy Budd, Sailor, Level 3, Penguin Readers
0582343003: Business @ the Speed of Thought
0582343062: Adv Tom Sawyer/Rip Van/Sleepy Pr L1 Cass
0582343186: Case Studies in Twentieth Century History
0582343445: Longman Twentieth Century History Series : Roads to War
0582343488: Longman Twentieth Century History Series : Global War
0582343585: Collected Classics (PENG)
0582343593: Collected Classics, Vol. 5: Cranford- The Man with Two Shadows and Other...
0582343607: Collected Classics IV (PENG)
0582343615: Collected Classics,Volume 4 Level 3, Penguin Readers (Jayne Eyre, Sense and Sensibility, Sherlock Holms and the Mystery of Boscombe Pool, The Thirty Nine Steps, The Turn of the Screw)
0582343623: Collected Classics III (PENG)
0582343631: Collected Classics, Vol. 3: Emma- Far from the Madding Crowd, The Locked Room and Other Horror Stores, The Mill on the Floss, The Picture of Dorian Grey (Penguin Readers, Level 4) - Hardcover
0582343658: Collected Classics, Volume 2 Level 5, Penguin Readers (Jude the Obscure, Pride and Prejudice, Sons and Lovers, The Warden, Wuthering Heights)
0582343682: Scarlet and Black (Penguin Readers, Level 6)
0582343690: Goldman Sachs
0582343704: Luck of the Roaring Camp
0582343712: Penguin Young Readers Level 2: Chicken Run (Penguin Young Readers) - Paperback
0582343844: David Copperfield Book And Tape
0582343984: The Princess and the Frog (Penguin Young Readers, Level 3)
0582344026: Greek Exploration and Seafaring (Aspects of Greek Life)
0582344093: Story Shop: Winners and Losers (PENG)
0582344131: Happy Granny, Level 3, Penguin Young Readers
0582344158: The Tinderbox: Penguin Young Readers
0582344263: MR BEAN
0582344301: Billy Budd
0582344328: Falling for You (pen Audio Rdr Lev 2)
0582344344: Luck of Roaring Camp, The
0582344352: Ricky Martin
0582344379: Design in the Making: Textiles: Pupil's Book (Design in the Making)
0582344395: Yearling
0582344492: Cutting Edge
0582344506: Cutting Edge Intermediate/Upper Intermediate Tests
0582344514: Cutting Edge Elementary Tests (New Edition)
0582344565: Longman Basic English Dictionary
0582344581: Common Mistakes in English
0582345146: The frogs, and other Greek plays; (The Heritage of literature series. Drama section)
0582347270: Jennifer Lopez
0582348587: The Bridge Of San Luis Rey
0582348722: Greenvoe, Heritage of Literature Series
0582348757: All in a Lifetime
0582348773: Theatre Today (The Heritage of Literature Series)
0582348811: The goshawk (The Heritage of literature series : modern classics)
0582348978: Saturday night and Sunday morning; (The Heritage of literature series)
0582349001: Mister Johnson
0582349036: Farmer's Boy
0582349141: HIS LAST BOW
0582349524: Stormwitch
0582349745: World club - level 2 student's book
0582349834: World Club. Teacher's Book 2 (Lernmaterialien)
0582350360: A history of the British economy, 1750-1970.
0582350387: Habsburg and Bourbon Europe, 1470-1720
0582350662: Must men worship?: An introduction to the study of religion (General studies)
0582351014: A Preface to Dryden
0582351022: A Preface to Dryden (Heritage of Literature Series)
0582351065: Preface to Yeats
0582351138: Preface to Hardy
0582351146: Preface to Hardy
0582351197: Introduction to Nineteenth Century France
0582351227: Britain 1688 1815
0582351286: A New Introduction to Organic Chemistry
0582351308: Comprehensive economics: institutional, analytical and applied
0582351375: An Introduction to nineteenth century Germany.
0582351480: Poetry 1945 to 1980 (Longman English series)
0582351499: Poetry, 1900-1975
0582351510: The world of man (Geographies, an intermediate series)
0582351529: Miall's Dictionary of Chemistry
0582351588: Export Marketing, German
0582351596: Export Marketing
0582351642: Business Case Studies Spanish
0582351855: A Preface to Henry James (Preface Books) by Putt, S. Gorley
0582351898: Parties and Pressure Groups : Political Realities
0582351936: A Preface to Orwell (Preface Books)
0582351952: A Preface to James Joyce
0582351979: Africa and the Islands
0582352002: The shaping of the welfare state (Seminar studies in history)
0582352045: Scramble for Africa
0582352053: Tudor Rebellions
0582352061: Left and Right in Twentieth-Century Europe - Seminar Studies in History
0582352088: James I Seminar Studies
0582352096: Revolution and Terror in France, 1789-1795
0582352142: Joseph Chamberlain, Radical and Imperialist (Seminar Studies in History Series)
0582352150: Home Rule and the Irish Question
0582352169: The Weimar Republic
0582352177: 1776: The American challenge (Seminar studies in history)
0582352193: Europe, 1815-1945
0582352207: Textile Revolution.
0582352274: The Russian Revolution
0582352312: English Republc 1649-1660
0582352363: Spanish in the Office
0582352371: Advanced Mathematics; a Unified Course
0582352452: Advanced German
0582352460: Preface Donne
0582352479: Literary Criticism
0582352495: Part 1 Ealing Course in German Revised edit pb 1978
0582352517: A Preface to Hopkins
0582352525: A Preface to Hopkins.
0582352568: Deutsch Im Buro: German in the Office
0582352576: British Foreign Policy in the Age of Palmerston
0582352584: A Glossary of Geographical Terms
0582352606: Western Europe in Maps :Topographical Map Studies of Western Europe.
0582352665: Stalin and Stalinism
0582352738: Preface to Conrad.
0582352754: A Preface to Lawrence
0582352762: D. H. Lawrence : Preface Books
0582352770: A Preface to George Eliot
0582352800: Economic and Social History of Britain, 1760-1970
0582352819: An Economic and Social History of Britain 1760-1970
0582352878: Leopard and the Lighthouse
0582352886: Billy and the Queen
0582352894: Anitas Big Day Easystart
0582352908: Hannah and the Hurricane
0582352924: Longman Book Project: Non-fiction: Level B: The Human Body Topic: Human Skin: Small Book (Longman Book Project)
0582352932: Longman Book Project: Non-fiction: Level B: The Human Body Topic: The Heart: Small Book (Longman Book Project)
0582352940: Longman Book Project: Non-fiction: Level B: The Human Body Topic: The Brain: Small Book (Longman Book Project)
0582352959: Longman Book Project: Non-fiction: Level B: The Human Body Topic: Bacteria and Viruses: Small Book (Longman Book Project)
0582352983: London: a Tudor Town: Small Book (Longman Book Project)
0582352991: Tudor Homes: Small Book 4 (LBP S.)
0582353017: Government and Politics of Northern Ireland : Political Realities
0582353033: Politics and the European Community
0582353068: The Third Reich (Seminar Studies in History)
0582353076: Longman Companion to 20th Century Literature
0582353084: Tudor and Stuart Britain, 1471-1714
0582353092: Tudor and Stuart Britain, 1471-1714.
0582353106: Nineteenth Century Britain: 1815-1914 Paperback by Wood, Anthony
0582353114: Nineteenth Century Britain, 1815-1914
0582353122: Eighteen Hundred and Forty-Eight Revolutions
0582353130: Spain's Civil War: The Last Great Cause Paperback by Wood, Anthony
0582353157: A Preface to Forster
0582353254: Preface to Auden
0582353289: Issues in British politics since 1945 (Political realities)
0582353335: The reign of Mary I (Seminar studies in history)
0582353491: Europe 1815-1960
0582353610: Nuffield Advanced Science - Chemistry: Student's Book 1 (Nuffield Advanced Science - Revised Editions)
0582353661: Glorious Revolution
0582353696: A Preface to Shelley
0582353726: The Age of Discovery, 1400-1550
0582353734: Thirty-Year War
0582353785: Origins of the Second World War
0582353793: Inter-War Crisis, 1919-1939
0582353831: Renaissance
0582353858: The Longman History of the United States of America
0582353866: Pure Mathematics
0582353874: Pure Mathematics: A Second Course
0582353882: Origins of the Cold War
0582353904: Doctor Faustus (Longman Study Texts)
0582353920: English Civil War 1640-1649
0582353939: Dissolution Austro Hunga
0582353955: Comparative Government (Political Realities)
0582353971: Introductory Economics (Fourth Edition)
0582354005: Radio France
0582354080: Second Empire and Commune
0582354102: Henry VII Seminar Studie
0582354129: England and Europe, 1485-1603 (Seminar Studies in History)
0582354145: Tom Jones
0582354153: Nuffield Advanced Science - Physics: Student's Guide 1 (Nuffield Advanced Science - Revised Editions)
0582354161: Revised Nuffield Advanced Physics: Students' Guide 2 H to L
0582354374: Henry VIII
0582354412: Advanced Harmony
0582354455: Macroeconomics: An Introduction
0582354536: Social Change and Continuity in Early Modern England, 1550-1750
0582354544: Economy and Business Decisions,The (UB)
0582354560: French Wars of Religion
0582354579: Napoleon and Europe
0582354641: Preface to the Brontes
0582354757: Emperor Charles V
0582354765: Accounting and Decision Making (Understanding Business)
0582354811: Preface to Jane Austen
0582354889: The Rise of the Labour Party 1880-1945
0582354919: London Problems of Change
0582354951: Political Institutions in Britain (Contemporary Politics Ser.)
0582355001: A Practical Approach to Systems Electronics
0582355028: Longman Book Project: Non-fiction: Level B: Water Topic: Water Is a Solid, Liquid and Gas: Small Book (Longman Book Project)
0582355036: Preface to Shakespeare's Tragedies
0582355060: Profiles and Profiling: A Practical Introduction
0582355079: Methods in sociology (Sociology in focus series)
0582355087: Poverty and Vagrancy in Tudor England
0582355168: Elizabeth Parliaments
0582355265: C'Est a Vous
0582355273: Techniques for Accounting: A Guide for A Level Students
0582355559: Pre-Reformation Church in England 1400-1530
0582355575: Peel and Conservat 1830 50
0582355583: Parliament&Public (Political Realities Ser.)
0582355591: Russian Revolution
0582355605: Issues in British Politics since 1945
0582355664: How Parliament Works
0582355907: Chemistry
0582356105: Fourth Crusade : Event and Context
0582356199: Student Protest
0582356202: United States and the First World War, Seminar Studies in History
0582356229: Topics in Random Polynomials
0582356253: Field Palaeontology
0582356261: South Africa, Past, Present, and Future: Gold at the End of the Rainbow
0582356318: Television Receivers: Including Digital TV
0582356334: Environment Science for Enviromental Management
0582356369: Feminist Perspectives on Language
0582356385: Feminist Perspectives on Politics
0582356415: Cultures of Ageing : Self, Citizen and the Body
0582356423: Introduction to Organizational Behavior
0582356431: Navier-Stokes Equations : Theory and Numerical Methods
0582356555: Norton's Star Atlas
0582356601: Global City and the Holy City : Narratives on Knowledge, Planning and Diversity in London and Jerusalem
0582356628: Geographies of Agriculture : Globalisation, Restructuring, and Sustainability
0582356660: Decline and Fall of the Habsburg Empire, 1815-1918
0582356679: Greece Since 1945 : Politics, Economy and Society
0582356717: America in the Progressive Era, 1890-1914
0582356733: United Nations since 1945
0582356741: Longman Companion to Britain Since 1945
0582356776: Explaining Language Change: An Evolutionary Approach
0582356792: Mind The Gap: Ellipsis and Stylistic Variation in Spoken and Written English
0582356806: MIND THE GAP. Ellipsis and Stylistic Variation in Spoken and Written English
0582356814: DIRAC Operators in Analysis
0582356830: Linear Theory of Colombeau Generalized Functions
0582356857: Modern Iran Since 1921 : The Pahlavis and After
0582356911: Quantum Mechanics
0582356938: Manufacturing Technology
0582356954: Environmental Crises
0582356962: Architectural Management in Practice: A Competitive Approach (Chartered Institute of Building S.)
0582356970: Tourism : An Introduction
0582357004: Sensors for Measurement and Control
0582357047: Building Production Management Techniques: An Introduction through a Systems Approach
0582357055: Mechatronics : Electronic Control Systems in Mechanical Engineering
0582357063: Event Management in Leisure and Tourism
0582357071: Intermediate GNVQ Information and Communication Technology
0582357152: Introduction to Modern Economics
0582357179: Family and Kinship in England, 1450-1800
0582357225: China Since 1949
0582357330: Political Geography : World-Economy, Nation-State and Locality
0582357373: Civil Rights Movement
0582357381: American Abolitionists
0582357403: Etourism
0582357411: City in Developing World
0582357438: Europe in the Eighteenth Century 1713-1789
0582357454: Europe 1880-1945
0582357535: Language and Characterisation: People in Plays and Other Texts
0582357551: Typography & Language in Everyday Life: Prescriptions and Practices
0582357578: Writing and the Cinema
0582357640: Bandits, Gangsters and Mafia: Russia, the Baltic States and the CIS Since 1991, by McCauley
0582357659: 1848 Revolutions in German-Speaking Europe
0582357675: Nineteenth-Century Russia
0582357772: Social Geographies : Space and Society
0582357799: Modern Historical Geographies
0582357950: Historians on History
0582357969: Historians on History
0582357977: Manufacturing Technology: v. 2
0582357985: Hairdressing
0582357993: Lighting
0582358019: Longman Book Project: Non-fiction: Level B: Water Topic: Water Experiments: Small Book (Longman Book Project)
0582358027: Longman Book Project: Non-fiction: Level B: Water Topic: Water Fun: Small Book (Longman Book Project)
0582358086: Longman Book Project: Non-fiction: Level A: History of Transport: Aeroplanes Now and Fifty Years Ago: Small Book (Longman Book Project)
0582358094: Longman Book Project: Non-fiction: Level A: History of Transport Topic: Passenger Ships Now and Fifty Years Ago: Small Book (Longman Book Project)
0582358116: Au Courant: Level One
0582358124: Au Courant: Level Two
0582358221: Longman Book Project: Non-fiction: Level A: Children Around the World Topic: Growing Up in Sri Lanka: Small Book (Longman Book Project)
0582358248: Longman Book Project: Non-fiction: Level A: Children Around the World Topic: Growing Up in South Africa: Small Book (Longman Book Project)
0582358841: Longman Book Project: Non-fiction: Level A: Animals Topic: Three-spined Sticklebacks and Their Young: Small Book (Longman Book Project)
0582358876: Toads and Their Young: Animals Small Book 6 (LBP)
0582359015: Fifteen French Poets, 1820-1950
0582359023: Topical French
0582359465: Different Worlds
0582359546: Ritchie's Fabulae Faciles
0582360366: Voyage a Paris
0582360412: La France: Aspects sociaux, politiques et economiques
0582360560: More Rapid French Book 3
0582360714: Petit Nicolas
0582360803: FRENCH BOOKS
0582360846: A Third French Book
0582360900: Complete French Course for First Examinations
0582360935: New Simpler French Course
0582360986: Advanced French Course
0582361001: La Vie D'un Venderu D'automobiles
0582361044: La Socià tà franà aise, 1815-1914, vue par les romanciers
0582361192: Why History?
0582361206: WHY HISTORY?
0582361214: Source Book for Geography Teaching
0582361230: No way to the airport
0582361281: Not found - converted to zShop
0582361605: Complete German Course for First Examinations
0582361966: Festivals in World Religions
0582361982: Drama As Education
0582362059: Longman companion to Twentieth Century literature
0582362121: Literature and the Young Child
0582362407: Kennedy's Revised Latin Primer
0582362792: Practical Approach to Counselling
0582362989: The Danger
0582363128: Educator extraordinary; the life and achievements of Henry Morris, 1889-1961
0582363160: Sociology of the School
0582363209: Industry in Education: Developments and Case Studies
0582363330: Longman Exam Skills First Certificate Writing Student's Book
0582363349: Longman Exam Skills First Certificate Writing Teacher's Book
0582363357: Longman Exam Skills: First Certificate Reading: Students' Book (Longman Exam Skills)
0582363365: Longman Exam Skills: First Certificate Reading: Teacher's Book (Longman Exam Skills)
0582363535: Longman Exam Skills First Certificate Listening and Speaking Students'
0582363543: First Certificate Listening and Speaking
0582363551: Longman Exam Skills First Certificate Listening and Speaking Audio
0582363683: Teen Stories: Mr. Jealous, Level 1, Penguin Readers
0582363985: The Plan (Penguin Readers: Teen Stories, Level 1)
0582363993: The Borrowers - Penguin Readers Level 2
0582364000: Babe - a Pig in the City (Penguin Readers: Level 2)
0582364019: Dragonheart
0582364027: Sweet Valley High: Crash Landing!
0582364094: Posso presentarle.?
0582364108: Time to Kill
0582364116: Chamber
0582364124: Rainmaker
0582364132: Woman in White
0582364140: Tom Jones a Foundling
0582364310: The Royal Family (Penguin Readers, Level 3)
0582364418: Ealing Course in Spanish: Pt. 1
0582364426: Ealing Course in Spanish: Part 2 (Units 19-36)
0582364671: Longman Pronunciation Dictionary
0582364728: Longman Handy Learner's Dictionary of American English
0582364736: L. A. Confidential
0582364809: Advanced Spanish Course
0582364825: Prince of Egypt : Penguin Readers Level 2
0582364868: Longman Atlas of Modern British History: A Visual Guide to British Society and Politics 1700-1970
0582364922: Breakthrough in action: An independent evaluation of Breakthrough to literacy
0582365163: In search of promise;: A long-term national study of able children and their families (Studies in child development)
0582365694: Cae Practice Tests Plus
0582365708: CAE Practice Tests Plus: With Key (PRTS)
0582365716: CAE Practice Tests Plus
0582365724: Market Leader: Business English with the Ft: Mkt Lead:Bus Eng FT Test File (MKLD)
0582365759: Business Grammar and Usage : Business English
0582365783: Twelfth Night : Or, What You Will
0582365791: Romeo and Juliet
0582365902: Design in the Making: Food Technology: Pupil's Book (Design in the Making)
0582366097: Modern bureaucracy, the Home Civil Service (Political realities)
0582366194: Cabinet and Policy Formation
0582366216: Parties and Pressure Groups (Political Realities Ser.)
0582366550: Ecce Romani (Ecce Romani)
0582366577: Ecce Romani 4 Activities
0582366585: Language Activity Book Ecce Romani a Latin Reading Program Revised Edition 5 Public and Private Lives
0582366658: Ecce Romani. 2 Rome at Last. Revised Edition
0582366666: Ecce Romani (Ecce Romani)
0582366674: Ecce Romani 4
0582366941: Leonardo di Caprio
0582367050: Leonardo Dicaprio & Prince William Cassette (new Penguin Readers Level 1
0582367174: Ecce Romani 1 Meeting the Family
0582367204: Ecce Romani 4: Tales and Plays
0582367212: Ecce Romani 5: Pastimes & Ceremonies
0582367271: Per Saecula
0582367344: Ecce Romani (Ecce Romani)
0582367484: Selections from Ovid's Metamorphoses
0582367492: Selections from Vergil's Aeneid
0582367506: Catullus and Horace : Selections from Their Lyric Poetry
0582367514: Cicero's Somnium Scipionis : The Dream of Scipio
0582367522: Cicero and Sallust : On the Conspiracy of Catiline
0582367530: Aulularia of Plautus the Pot of Gold
0582367549: A World History - Teachers Handbook
0582367565: Modern World 16th Century to Present
0582367611: Ancient World
0582367743: Ecce Romani: A Latin Reading Program
0582367913: Fancy a Folktale?: Set of 5 Books (Genre Library)
0582367980: Atoms in Molecules : An Introduction
0582367999: Human Geography : Issues for the Twenty-First Century
0582368049: Mathematical Methods in Scattering Theory and Biomedical Technology
0582368057: Modern Genre Theory
0582368081: Margery Kempe : And her World
0582368103: Literacy in Early Modern Europe : Its Growth, Uses and Impact, 1500-1800
0582368154: Russia After the Cold War
0582368162: Teaching and Researching Autonomy in Language Learning
0582368189: Eisenhower Presidency, 1953-1961
0582368200: Governance and Environmental Quality : Environmental Politics, Policy and Administration in Western Europe
0582368219: York Notes for GCSE: Seamus Heaney: Selected Poems (York Notes for GCSE)
0582368235: Cider with Rosie, Laurie Lee : Notes
0582368278: York Notes : Educating Rita
0582368286: York Notes for GCSE: Far from the Madding Crowd (York Notes for GCSE)
0582368308: York Notes: Huckleberry Finn
0582368316: I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
0582368340: Julius Caesar: York Notes
0582368367: Oliver Twist
0582368391: York Notes Salt on the Snow
0582368405: Six Women Poets
0582368448: Tempest
0582368456: Wuthering Heights
0582368464: Z for Zachariah
0582368480: Buildings for Hospitality
0582368502: Laurence Sterne
0582368561: Sailing Yacht Design : Theory
0582368642: Business Administration: Level 2
0582368650: Vocational A-level Hospitality and Catering
0582368669: Intermediate GNVQ Information and Communication Technology Options (Longman GNVQ Intermediate)
0582368715: Tourism & Leisure Research Cp
0582368731: AutoCAD Release 14 : A Concise Guide
0582368731111: Autocad Release 14: A Concise Guide ISBN:0582368731
0582368758: Longman Brain Trainer Advanced (LBRT)
0582368774: Power and Politeness in the Workplace - Paperback
0582368790: Power Talk
0582368812: Scramble for Africa
0582368820: France since the Second World War
0582368839: Third Reich
0582368847: European Union since 1945
0582368863: History of the Sudan : From the Coming of Islam to the Present Day
0582368898: Materials in Construction: An Introduction
0582368952: Origins of the Arab-Israeli Wars
0582368960: Mongols and the West : 1221-1410
0582368987: Japan Faces the World, 1925-1952
0582368995: French at War, 1934-1944
0582369029: Medieval Memories : Men, Women and the Past in Europe, 700-1300
0582369045: Europe in the Central Middle Ages, 962-1154
0582369088: Radio Communication
0582369096: Cost Studies Of Buildings
0582369118: Added Value in Design and Construction
0582369126: Globalization and the City
0582369169: Gcse Mathematics Ages 14-16 Longman
0582369266: Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations and Their Applications
0582369304: Teaching and Researching : Listening
0582369312: Crusader States and their Neighbours : 1098-1291
0582369355: Practical Guide to Autocad 3-D Design
0582369363: Scientific Principles for Physical Geographers
0582369398: Power Play : Sport, the Media and Popular Culture
0582369428: Feminist Perspectives on Environment and Society
0582369436: Sociology: Making sense of society
0582369541: Sociology of Healthcare
0582369568: Reluctant Europeans: Britain and European Integration, 1945-1998
0582369584: Risorgimento and the Unification of Italy
0582369592: Age of Improvement, 1783-1867
0582369606: The Age of Improvement: 1783-1867
0582369649: Anti-Semitism before the Holocaust
0582369657: American Expansionism, 1783-1860 : A Manifest Destiny?
0582369673: A Glossary of Computing Terms
0582369703: Heritage Tourism
0582369711: Ecological Principles and Environmental Issues
0582369738: Biological Psychology : An Integrative Approach
0582369746: Philosophy of Social Science
0582369762: International Law
0582369770: Teaching and Researching Lexicography
0582369797: Longman Companion to the Formation of the European Empires, 1488-1920
0582369819: Birth of Nobility : Constructing Aristocracy in England and France, 900-1300
0582369843: Hydrology and Global Environmental Change
0582369878: Europe in the High Middle Ages : 1150-1300
0582369886: The High Middle Ages 1150-1309
0582369924: International Macroeconomics
0582369932: The Poetics of Science Fiction - Paperback
0582369959: Teaching and Researching : Reading
0582369967: Varieties of Modern English : An Introduction (Learning about Language)
0582369975: Irish Diaspora
0582377889: Bull Harris and the Purple Ooze (Super Doopers)
0582380995: Small Soldiers
0582381010: Braveheart: Book and Cassette Pack (Penguin Readers: Level 3)
0582381045: Day of the Jackal, The
0582381096: Basic Soil Mechanics
0582381177: Feudal Kingdom of England : 1042-1216
0582381193: Urban Social Geography
0582381215: Changing Education : A Sociology of Education since 1944
0582381223: World Politics, 1945 - 2000
0582381258: English Poetry of the Victorian Period 1830-1890: Longman Literature in English Series (2nd Edition)
0582381347: Ethnic History of Europe since 1945 : Nations, States and Minorities
0582381401: Longman Homework Helpers: KS1 English Year 1 (Longman Homework Helpers)
0582381428: Longman Homework Helpers: KS1 Mathematics Year 1 (Longman Homework Helpers)
0582381436: Longman Homework Helpers: KS1 Mathematics Year 2 (Longman Homework Helpers)
0582381444: Longman Homework Helpers: KS2 English Year 3 (Longman Homework Helpers)
0582381460: Longman Homework Helpers: KS2 English Year 5 (Longman Homework Helpers)
0582381479: Longman Homework Helpers: KS2 English Year 6 (Longman Homework Helpers)
0582381487: Longman Homework Helpers: KS2 Mathematics Year 3 (Longman Homework Helpers)
0582381495: Longman Homework Helpers: KS2 Mathematics Year 4 (Longman Homework Helpers)
0582381509: Longman Homework Helpers: KS2 Mathematics Year 5 (Longman Homework Helpers)
0582381517: Longman Homework Helpers: KS2 Mathematics Year 6 (Longman Homework Helpers)
0582381525: Longman Homework Helpers: KS2 Science Year 3 (Longman Homework Helpers)
0582381533: Longman Homework Helpers: KS2 Science Year 4 (Longman Homework Helpers)
0582381568: Longman Homework Helpers: KS2 Science Year 5 (Longman Homework Helpers)
0582381576: Longman Homework Basics: KS2 Science Year 6 (Longman Homework Helpers)
0582381584: Basic Typing Skills
0582381592: Contemporary France : Essays and Texts on Politics, Economics, and Society
0582381606: Biological Psychology : Instructor's Manual
0582381614: Vocational A-Level Leisure and Recreation
0582381630: Foundation Gnvq Leisure and Tourism (Longman GNVQ)
0582381649: Communication for Business: A Practical Approach
0582381657: Understanding the Leisure and Sport Industry
0582381673: Global Warming : The Hard Science
0582381681: Intro to Accounting
0582381738: India 1885-1947 : The Unmaking of an Empire
0582381762: Evolution of the British Party System : 1885-1940
0582381819: A Workbook to Communicative Grammar of English
0582381827: Sounds of Language : An Introduction to Phonetics
0582381851: A History of English Negation
0582381886: Gender and Rural Geography
0582381924: Mill on the Floss : York Notes
0582381932: Much Ado About Nothing: York Notes
0582381940: My Oedipus Complex and Other Stories
0582381959: Mystery Stories of the 19th Century: York Notes
0582381967: Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha
0582381975: York Notes on Selected Poems of Elizabeth Barrett Browning
0582381983: York Notes for GCSE: Selected Poems of William Wordsworth (York Notes for GCSE)
0582382009: York Notes for GCSE: The Withered Arm and Other Wessex Tales (YN)
0582382106: Molecular Modelling : Principles and Applications
0582382122: People and Place : The Extraordinary Geography of Everyday Life
0582382157: Tanaka : The Making of Postwar Japan
0582382173: Longman Handbook of Early Modern Europe
0582382246: Identity and Language Learning: Gender, Ethnicity and Educational Change
0582382262: Intermediate Microeconomics
0582382270: Politics of the New South Africa : Apartheid and After
0582382289: York Notes - A Man for All Seasons
0582382297: Taste of Honey: York Notes A
0582382300: York Notes for GCSE: Absent Friends (York Notes for GCSE)
0582382335: York Notes : Henry VI
0582382351: Managing in Health Care : A Guide for Nurses, Midwives and Health Visitors
0582382386: Teaching and Researching Motivation
0582382394: Romantic Period : The Intellectual and Cultural Context of English Literature, 1789-1830
0582382416: Grammar and Writing
0582382424: Writing with Style
0582382432: Speaking Your Mind: Oral Presentation and Seminar Skills (Speak-Write Series)
0582382440: Making Your Case
0582382475: Scotland in the Eighteenth Century : Union and Enlightenment
0582382491: Britannia Overruled : British Policy and World Power in the Twentieth Century
0582382602: Cutting Edge: Pre-intermediate Students' Book (CUT)
0582382610: Cutting Edge: Pre-intermediate Workbook (with Key) (CUT)
0582382629: Cutting Edge Pre-Inter Teachers Res Book
0582382807: Unification of Italy
0582382815: Elizabeth I
0582382823: The Mid-Tudor Years (Longman History in Depth) - Paperback
0582384834: The Nuclear War Game
0582389135: Prisoner's Life in the Tower
0582389143: Torture in the Tower
0582390028: Great Civilizations, Ancient China
0582390087: Yakari.
0582390192: YAKARI AND THE WHITE BUFFALO : The young Indian boy and Thunder his horse makes friends with a buffalo
0582390303: Abraham Lincoln Longman Great Lives
0582390400: Napoleon
0582390540: Round the World With Teddy Edward
0582390788: Hello, Elephant
0582391008: Hostages
0582391121: A Paper Puppet Book Starring Wendy Witch and Ermintrude Cat with Special Guest Basil Broomstick
0582391156: Children of the gods: The complete myths and legends of ancient Greece
0582391482: How We Found Out About Numbers
0582391512: How We Found Out About Dinosaurs
0582391520: How We Found Out About Germs
0582391539: How We Found Out About Vitamins
0582391547: Comets
0582391555: How We Found Out About Energy
0582391571: How We Found Out About Oil
0582391598: How We Found Out About Our Human Roots
0582391601: How We Found Out About Black Holes
0582391628: How We Found Out The Earth Is Round
0582391636: Foxes by
0582391644: Tree (Life Cycle Bks.)
0582391660: Fish
0582391873: Roman Army,The (MPPB)
0582391881: Museum Puzzle Picture Books : Life in Roman Times
0582392187: Discovering the Origins of Mankind
0582392411: Emma and Grandpa - 1
0582392438: Emma and Grandpa: July, August, September, Book 3
0582392446: Emma and Grandpa: October, November, December, Book 4
0582392624: Okay, So I Don't Have a Headache
0582392756: Longman Handbook of Orchestral Instruments
0582392764: Longman Handbook of Orchestral Instruments.
0582392861: Exploring the Himalayas (Royal Geographical Society exploring series)
0582396301: Traitors in the Tower
0582400139: Rain Man: Sampler (Penguin Readers: Level 3)
0582400198: Academic Writing Course
0582400201: Cutting Edge Pre-Inter StudentAudCd (2)
0582400228: Cutting Edge Pre-Inter ClassAudCass (2)
0582400236: Cutting Edge Pre-Inter Student Aud Cass
0582400546: Teachers Handbook Rev Edition
0582400783: Eko and Tina Level 1 Cassette
0582400856: Think Through Geography
0582400872: Think Through Geography 2
0582400899: Think Through Geography 3: Student's Book (Think Through Geography)
0582401143: Surfer!, Level 1, Penguin Readers
0582401151: Baywatch; (Penguin Reader Level 2)
0582401208: Don't Look Now
0582401224: Fly Away Home: Book and Cassette (Penguin Readers: Level 2)
0582401313: Hercules: Serpent's Shadow; (Penguin Readers, Level 2)
0582401356: Men in Black (Penguin Readers: Level 2)
0582401380: Persuasion
0582401402: Railway Children
0582401410: The Room In The Tower and Other Stories: Book and Cassette Pack (Penguin Readers: Level 2)
0582401496: Simply Suspense
0582401585: Treasure Island: Book and Cassette Pack (Penguin Readers: Level 2)
0582401615: Under the Greenwood Tree
0582401623: Washington Square
0582401658: Amistad
0582401674: BLACK CAT
0582401704: NYPD Blue Pt. 1 : Blue Beginning
0582401739: Marcel and the Mona Lisa
0582401755: Braveheart
0582401771: A Catskill Eagle
0582401798: Cranford.
0582401828: Fugitive
0582401836: Get Shorty
0582401860: How to Be an Alien: Book and Cassette (Penguin Readers: Level 3)
0582401895: JANE EYRE
0582401941: Little Women
0582401968: MRS. DOUBTFIRE
0582401984: Matilda
0582402026: The Portrait of a Lady: Level 2 (Penguin Readers, Level 3)
0582402085: Rain Man
0582402115: Road Ahead
0582402166: Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of Boscombe Pool: Book and Cassette (Penguin Readers: Level 3)
0582402204: StarGate; Penguin Readers, Level 3
0582402239: The Thirty-nine Steps (Penguin Joint Venture Readers S.)
0582402263: The Boys from Brazil
0582402298: CLIENT
0582402360: Dracula
0582402417: THE GODFATHER
0582402468: The Lost World
0582402476: Mill on the Floss (Penguin Reader Level 4)
0582402530: Seven (Penguin Reader Level 4)
0582402549: Strangers on a Train (First Edition)
0582402565: White Fang
0582402581: Baby Party
0582402611: Firm
0582402638: The Grass is Singing
0582402646: Jude the Obscure
0582402654: On the Road
0582402670: Pride and Prejudice
0582402697: Sons and Lovers, Level 5 ( Penguin Readers Series)
0582402700: A Twist in the Tale: Five Short Stories (Penguin Readers S.)
0582402719: Warden
0582402727: Web
0582402751: Misery
0582402786: A Tale Of Two Cities
0582402794: The Thorn Birds
0582402808: Wuthering Heights Penguin Readers
0582402816: Dino's Day in London
0582402824: Last Photo
0582402832: Maisie and the Dolphin
0582402840: Tinker's Island
0582402859: Who Wants to be a Star : Penguin Readers Easy Starts
0582402867: Flying Home
0582402875: Troy Stone
0582402883: Blue Moon Valley, EasyStarts, Penguin Readers
0582402891: Tinkers Farm
0582402905: Marcel and the White Star
0582402913: Simon and the Spy
0582402921: Dead Man's River
0582402964: Fireboy
0582402972: April in Moscow (new Penguin Readers Beginners)
0582402980: Between Two Worlds
0582403626: Exploring Science: Pupils' Book 1 (Exploring Science)
0582403642: Exploring Science Pupils Book 3
0582403839: Advanced Learners Grammar
0582403855: Practice of English Language Teaching
0582403928: Cutting Edge Elementary Teacher Res Bk
0582403936: Cutting Edge: Elementary Workbook (CUT)
0582403944: Cutting Edge: Elementary Student Book (CUT)
0582403960: Language to Go Elem Stud Book+Phrasebook
0582403979: Language to Go
0582403987: Language to Go: Intermediate Student's Book (LNGG)
0582403995: Language to Go: Upper-intermediate Student's Book (LNGG)
0582404088: Infectious Tropical Diseases of Domestic Animals.
0582404096: Tropical Fruits
0582404142: Language to Go
0582404169: Language to Go Upper-Int TeachersResBook
0582404223: Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation for GCSE
0582404274: Medieval Monasticism
0582404282: Capetian France, 987-1328
0582404290: History Of Women In Ireland, 1500-1800
0582404312: Practical Visionaries: Women, Education and Social Progress, 1790 - 1930
0582404320: Cancer Biology
0582404363: Pitman New Era Shorthand Workbook 2
0582404371: Longman Companion to Slavery, Emancipation and Civil Rights
0582404444: Business Travel : Conferences, Incentive Travel, Exhibitions, Corporate Hospitality and Corporate Travel
0582404452: Vocational A-level Travel and Tourism: Longman Vocational A-level
0582404460: Vocational A-level Travel and Tourism Options
0582404479: Building Construction: Pt. 1
0582404487: Mathematical Formulae
0582404495: Manliness and Masculinities in Nineteenth-Century Britain : Essays on Gender, Family and Empire
0582404525: Mediteranean Ecogeography
0582404541: Teaching and Researching : Speaking
0582404630: Gender and the Historian
0582404665: Engineering Materials
0582404673: Fundamentals of Pharmacology: A Text for Nurses and Health Professionals
0582404681: Discourse and Social Life
0582404703: Elizabeth Barrett Browning
0582404746: The Earliest English : An Introduction to Old English Language (Learning About Language)
0582404754: Learner Contributions to Language Learning: New Directions in Research
0582404800: Women in Twentieth-Century Britain : Social, Cultural and Political Change
0582404878: Microeconomics, 3ED
0582405130: Blood, Bodies and Families in Early Modern England
0582405203: mbs) Structure & Fabric Vol.2 CP
0582405238: William III Paperback by Claydon, A. M.
0582405254: Prophet and the Age of the Caliphates : The Islamic near East from the 6th to the 11th Century
0582405297: Language to Go Elementary ClassAudCass
0582405327: Language to Go Upper-Inter ClassAudCass
0582405416: Active Sociology
0582405459: Nuffield Economics and Business Studies: Students' Book
0582405483: Stanlake's Introductory Economics
0582405491: Pure Mathematics: Student's Book 2 (Advanced Mathematics)
0582405505: AS Pure Mathematics
0582405610: Hercules By the Sword - The Legendary Journeys - Penguin Readers Level 2
0582405696: Junior Comprehension Book 1
0582405734: Longman English-Portuguese/Portuguese-English School Dictionary for Brazil
0582405742: A-Z of English Grammar and Usage
0582405750: Fast Track to Fce
0582405777: Fast Track To Fce, (First Certificate in English), Teacher's Book
0582405785: First Certificate Practice Tests Plus 1 Audio Cassettes (3)
0582405793: Practice Tests Plus Fce: FCE Practice Tests NoKey (FCE)
0582405807: Practice Tests Plus Fce: FCE Practice Tests Plus with Key (FCE)
0582405815: Fast Track to FCE
0582405823: Fast Track to FCE: Workbook (FCE)
0582406013: Site Safety (Site practice series)
0582406064: Site Engineering (Site practice series)
0582406218: Good Old Soccer: The Golden Age of Football Picture Postcards
0582406269: Properties of Concrete 3ed
0582406331: Foundation and Intermediate Vocational Business
0582406358: Advanced Vocational Business
0582406366: Business Case Studies AS and A Level
0582406374: Business Case Studies
0582407958: Audrey Hepburn
0582408296: Brad Pitt (penguin Audio Rdr Lvl 2)
0582408334: On Target English: Comprehension and Writing Skills: Book 5 (Pack of 6) (On Target English)
0582408393: On Target English: Sentence and Word Skills: Book 6 (Pack of 6) (On Target English)
0582409039: Animal nutrition
0582409063: Veterinary Parasitology
0582409101: Pearson's Composition and Analysis of Foods
0582410207: Drawing examples for motor vehicle engineers.
0582410215: Company law and practice
0582410223: Management in the Textile Industry
0582410282: Managerial economics: analysis for business decisions (Longmans' business studies)
0582410290: The modern British economy in historical perspective (Longmans' business studies)
0582410304: The geography of economics : a world survey.
0582410312: The geography of economics : a world survey. ED2
0582410355: The language of basic statistics: A participant learning programme for students in education and the social sciences
0582410401: Critical path method: Introduction and practice,
0582410460: Practical Communication for Managers (Management Primers)
0582410479: Practical Communication for Managers (Mgmt. Primers)
0582410487: Sovereignty at bay: The multinational spread of U.S. enterprises
0582410622: Theoretical mechanics
0582410665: Measurements, Instrumentation, and Data Transmission. A Text for the OND in Technology (Engineering)
0582410819: Geometrical and engineering drawing for motor vehicle students.
0582411084: Formwork.
0582411149: Nuffield Design and Technology Project 11-14 : (Nuffield Design and Technology)
0582411238: Business calculations (Longman business education series)
0582411270: Chemistry : Calculations in AS/A Level
0582411416: Introductory mechanics for applied mathematics, science and engineering.
0582411424: Purpose-Made Joinery: Metric Edition
0582411440: Electrical Technology
0582411556: SOMETHING ELSE
0582411572: PEEPO!
0582411599: Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?
0582411815: The West Country and the Sea
0582411831: Manufacturing Technology
0582411971: Clerical duties activity course and workbook
0582411998: Electrical and Electronic Principles Level 3.
0582412323: Inorganic Chemistry for Higher Education (Longman technician series)
0582413028: Motor Vehicle Engineering Science for Technicians (Longman Technician Series)
0582413427: Business Accounting
0582413621: Guide for Health and Beauty : Face, Hands and Feet
0582413850: Nutrition and Cookery
0582414105: Making of Modern Woman
0582414121: People and Environment
0582414229: Stasi
0582414245: Psychology and Crime
0582414261: Small Talk
0582414318: Martin Luther King Jr.
0582414350: More Than Munitions
0582414377: South Africa : The Rise and Fall of Apartheid
0582414385: Soldier and a Woman : Women in the Military
0582414423: Construction Health and Safety Management (Chartered Institute of Building)
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