0582456185: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
0582456215: Penguin Young Readers Level 2: Seasons (Penguin Young Readers)
0582456290: Gift of the Magi Penguin Rdr L 1 Cass
0582456304: Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
0582460190: Biological Studies of the English Lakes
0582460263: Methodological Developments in Biochemistry: Subcellular Studies v. 4
0582460298: COMPANION TO BIOCHEMISTRY VOLUME 2 Selected Topics for Further Study
0582460336: Rice (Tropical agriculture series)
0582460344: Fungi, Man, and His Environment
0582460387: Post-Harvest Physiology of Food Crops
0582460425: Crystals, x-rays, and proteins.
0582460484: Agricultural Research and Technology in Economic Development
0582460522: Plant Metabolism
0582460549: Pesticide application methods
0582460611: The New Service Society
0582460670: Companion to Microbiology
0582460840: Birds of the Southern Third of Africa : Volumes 1 and 2
0582460891: Operational Amplifiers
0582461286: First Certificate Gold: Exam Maximiser (with Key) and CD (FCE)
0582461359: Captain Corelli's Mandolin
0582461367: 2001, a Space Odyssey : Level 5
0582461383: 2001: space odyssey, A
0582461405: Peter Pan
0582461464: Of Mice and Men
0582461472: The Pearl
0582461480: The Red Pony
0582461499: The moon is down
0582461502: Tortilla Flat
0582461510: CANNERY ROW
0582461529: EAST OF EDEN
0582461588: Group Work: Intermediate: Intermediate (PENG)
0582461596: Gucci
0582461618: Gucci-Bus in Fashion (Pen Audio L2)-gp
0582461626: Football Clubs South America(pen Rdr L2)
0582461650: Nelson Mandela
0582461685: Extreme Sports Level 2
0582462096: Rock-Forming Minerals, Volume 1: Ortho- and Ring Silicates.
0582462118: Rock-Forming Minerals, Volume 3: Sheet Silicates.
0582462185: X-rays in Atomic and Nuclear Physics;
0582462274: Saline water distillation processes
0582462312: Theory of Linear and Non-Linear Programming
0582462347: Transport of Photoassimilates
0582462363: Vogel's Textbook of Practical Organic Chemistry
0582462371: Introduction to Electrical Energy Systems
0582462428: Henderson's Dictionary of Biological Terms
0582462851: Principles and Practice of Experiments with Nucleic Acids
0582463076: The Chemical Economy: A Guide to the Technology and Economics of the Chemical Industry
0582463262: Tables of Physical and Chemical Constants and Some Mathematical Functions
0582463289: Atomic Spectra
0582463319: Rheology and Non-Newtonian Flow
0582463327: Rheology & non-Newtonian flow.
0582463386: Oilseed Crops
0582463459: SORGHUM
0582463483: Pest and Vector Management in the Tropics: With Particular Reference to Insects, Ticks, Mites and Snails
0582463513: Pesticide Application Methods
0582463521: Cocoa
0582463548: Tables of Physical and Chemical Constants and Some Mathematical Functions
0582463610: Organometallic Compounds in the Environm
0582463629: A Dictionary of Biological Terms
0582464137: Two Celtic Tales: Apple Tree Man and The Bogie (Literacy Land)
0582464684: Heidi (pen Audio Rdr Lev 2)
0582464749: Dr Zhivago Penguin Reader L 5 Audio Pack
0582465192: Le Play:Engineer and Social Scientist
0582465362: Three Great Plays Shakesp Pr L4 Audio Pk
0582465389: Frankenstein
0582465400: Kidnapped
0582465427: Vanity Fair (pen Audio Rdr Lev 3)
0582465435: Pingu Loves English 1 Class Book
0582465516: Pingu Loves English 1 Brit Englsh Cas X2
0582465648: Grammar 2 Games & Activities
0582465656: Vocabulary Games and Activities
0582465664: Vocabulary Games AND Activities 1
0582465672: The Penguin Guide to Literature in English: Britain and Ireland (Penguin English Guides)
0582465729: 101 Dalmatians (Penguin Young Readers, Level 3)
0582465753: Penguin Young Readers Level 4: The Amazing Universe (Penguin Young Readers)
0582466083: Cellular and Molecular Aspects of Floral Induction.
0582466105: The Geography of the Flowering Plants.
0582466113: The Geography of the flowering plants.
0582466229: Fungi in Agricultural Soils;
0582466245: Textbook of Plant Virus Diseases
0582466369: An Introduction to Animal Husbandry in the Tropics
0582466407: Agriculture in the Tropics (Tropical Agric. S)
0582466415: Agriculture in the Tropics
0582466717: Cotton; with Special Reference to Africa
0582466768: Tropical Pasture and Fodder Plants (Grasses and Legumes)
0582466776: Tropical Grassland Husbandry (Tropical Agriculture Series) - Hardcover
0582466784: Evolution of Crop Plants
0582466792: Tropical pulses.
0582468094: The Oil Palm (Elaeis Guineensis Jacq.)
0582468116: Spices : Volume 1
0582468132: Introduction To Animal Husbandry in the Tropics
0582468159: Animal Architecture and Building Behaviour
0582468175: TOBACCO
0582468477: American Life (pen Rdr Lev 2)
0582468558: Mr Bean in Town (pen Rdr Lev 2)
0582468574: Mr Bean in Town (pen Audio Rdr Lev 2)
0582468582: SHAKESPEARE
0582468612: The Wizard of Oz (Penguin Young Readers, Level 2)
0582468779: Boost Your Vocabulary 1
0582468787: Boost Your Vocabulary 2
0582468841: Penguin Quick Guides: Business English Phrases (Penguin Quick Guides) - Paperback
0582468868: Penguin Quick Guides: Computer English (Penguin Quick Guides)
0582468876: Penguin Quick Guides: Really Useful English Idioms (Penguin Quick Guides) - Paperback
0582468884: Penguin Quick Guides: Making Friends in English (Penguin Quick Guides)
0582468892: Penguin Quick Guides: Descriptions in English (Penguin Quick Guides)
0582468914: Penguin Quick Guides: Really Useful English Words (Penguin Quick Guides)
0582468922: Penguin Quick Guides: English Phrasal Verbs (Penguin Quick Guides)
0582468930: Penguin Quick Guides: Really Useful English Grammar (Penguin Quick Guides)
0582468949: Common Errors in English
0582468965: Business English: Verbs (Penguin Quick Guide) - Paperback
0582468973: Test Your Professional English
0582468981: Test Your Professional English
0582469015: Is That What You Mean?
0582469058: Test Your Reading
0582469082: Test Your Listening
0582469104: Test Your Listening Book+Audio Cd Pack
0582469236: Accounting Standards (Longman exam guides) (Unknown Binding)
0582469252: Longman Diccionario Ingles Basico Mexico
0582469260: First Certificate Expert, Coursebook
0582469287: First Certificate Expert, Student's Resource Book (No Key)
0582469295: First Certificate Expert, Teacher's Resource Book
0582469376: Cutting Edge Int/Upper Inter Video Pal
0582469384: Cutting Edge
0582469392: Cutting Edge Elem/Pre-inter Vid Act Bk
0582469422: Cutting Edge Elem/Pre-inter Video Pal
0582469430: Cutting Edge Advanced Students Book
0582469449: Cutting Edge Advanced Teacher Res Book
0582469457: Cutting Edge: Advanced Level: Workbook (with Key) (Cutting Edge)
0582469465: Cutting Edge Advanced Class Aud Cass (2)
0582469570: Cutting Edge Advanced Class Aud Cd (2)
0582469589: Cutting Edge Advanced StudentAudCass (2)
0582469600: Grammar Time Level 1 Students Book
0582469643: Grammar Time Level 3 Students Book
0582469651: Grammar Time Level 3 Teachers Book
0582470080: A Dictionary of Statistical Terms. Fourth Edition. Revised and Enlarged
0582471028: New English Parade 2 Student Book
0582471052: New English Parade 1 Teachers Book
0582471133: Penguin Young Readers Level 2: Poppet (Penguin Young Readers)
0582471176: Gladiator
0582471192: Gladiator (pen Audio Rdr Lev 4)
0582471230: Games and Activities (PENG)
0582471249: Penguin Readers Games and Activities: Level 3 and Level 4 Book 2 (Penguin Readers S.)
0582471524: Penguin Young Readers Level 4: Dr Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Penguin Young Readers)
0582471559: Longman Pocket Idioms Dictionary
0582471575: Longman Pocket Activator Dictionary
0582471656: IELTS Practice Tests Plus Without Key
0582471664: CPE Practice Tests Plus
0582471672: Practice Tests Plus Cpe No Key
0582471680: Proficiency Practice Tests Plus Audio Cassettes (2)
0582471699: IELTS Practice Tests Plus
0582471702: IELTS Practice Tests Plus Audio Cassettes (2)
0582471729: New English Parade 3 Student Book
0582471745: New English Parade: Level 5 Students' Book (New English Parade)
0582471761: New English Parade 3 Workbook
0582472024: New English Parade Starter Student Bk A
0582472032: New English Parade Starter Workbook A
0582472040: New English Parade Starter Student Bk B
0582472059: New English Parade Starter Workbook B
0582472113: Opportunities (OPPS)
0582472121: New English Parade Starter Audio Cd
0582472210: the Railway Children
0582472318: Opportunities Test Pack Intermediate
0582472326: Opportunities Test Aud Cass Intermediate
0582472377: Opportunities Test Book Intermediate
0582472385: Opportunities Test Pack Pre-Intermediate
0582472652: Royal Warriors : A Military History of the British Monarchy
0582472660: England Eats Out: A Social History of Eating Out in England from 1830 to the Present
0582472679: Forging of the Modern State : Early Industrial Britain, 1783-1870
0582472709: Testing Second Language Speaking
0582472741: Devolution and British Politics
0582472768: Employment Law for Business Students
0582472776: Probation : Theories, Practice and Research
0582472784: Elizabeth I: Illustrated Edition (2nd Edition)
0582472806: HITLER
0582472822: New History
0582472849: World in the Twentieth Century
0582472865: British Imperialism : 1688-2000
0582472873: Knights Templar in Britain
0582472911: Europe, the State and Globalisation
0582472938: International Relations of the EU
0582473004: Russian Politics and Society : An Introduction
0582473012: Criminal Law: Doctrine and Theory (Longman Law Series)
0582473039: Introduction to Building
0582473144: Intellectual Property
0582473160: Smith and Keenan's Company Law
0582473187: Law for Business Students
0582473209: Criminal Justice: An Introduction to the Criminal Justice System in England and Wales
0582473217: Methods in Human Geography : A guide for students doing a research Project
0582473233: Human Rights in the U. K. : An Introduction to the Human Rights Act 1998
0582473306: Contract Law
0582473314: TORT LAW
0582473322: Smith and Keenan's Law for Business
0582473357: New British Politics
0582473381: Property Law : Cases and Materials
0582473411: A Brief Introduction to US Politics
0582473438: Constitutional and Administrative Law
0582473462: Law of the European Community
0582473470: Criminal Law (The Foundation Studies in Law Series)
0582473659: Introduction to Computer Law
0582473675: French Politics and Society
0582473837: South Africa 1948-1994 : The Rise and Fall of Apartheid
0582473845: Germany 1918-45 : Democracy and Dictatorship
0582473853: USA : A Divided Union? 1917-1980
0582473861: Russia and the USSR : Empire of Revolution
0582473918: Medicine and Public Health : From Prehistoric Times to the Present Day
0582474140: Cutting Edge (CUT)
0582477409: Frank Wood's A-Level Accounting : GCE Year 2
0582479746: Britain Explored
0582479835: Course Book, Intermediate, English for International Tourism
0582479843: English for International Tourism
0582479886: Course Book, Low-Intermediate, English for International Tourism
0582479908: English for International Tourism: Pre-intermediate Level: Teacher's Book (English for International Tourism)
0582480043: A Short History of The International Economy Since 1850.
0582480116: Social Change
0582480183: The Scope of Philosophy: An Introductory Study Book
0582480248: Industrialization in nineteenth century Europe
0582480256: Industrialization in Nineteenth Century Europe
0582480329: THE LATER MIDDLE AGES IN ENGLAND 1216-1485
0582480361: Education (Aspects of modern sociology; the social structure of modern Britain)
0582480418: Deciphering data : the analysis of social surveys.
0582480442: Man and Society: A Critical Examination of Some Important Social and Poltical Theories for Machiavelli to Marx: 001
0582480469: Man and Society
0582480507: The limitations of social research (Aspects of modern sociology; social research)
0582480582: Industrialism
0582480590: Industrialism
0582480647: PEOPLE AND HOUSING IN THIRD WORLD CITIES, Perspectives on the Problem of Spontaneous Settlements,
0582480698: Methods and Perspectives in Geography
0582480752: China now : an introductory survey with reading.
0582480760: China Now: An Introductory Survey with Readings
0582480795: The Periglacial Environment
0582480817: The Town Labourer, 1760-1832: The New Civilisation
0582480825: The Village Labourer
0582480841: The Anglo-Saxon Age, C.400-1042 (History of England in Eleven Volumes)
0582480914: Juvenile delinquency, the family and the social group; a reader
0582480922: Slavery, Abolition, and Emancipation: Black Slaves and the British Empire A Thematic Documentary
0582481031: The Lion's Share A Short History of British Imperialism 1850-1970
0582481066: Edmund Spenser : The Faerie Queene
0582481082: introduction to models in Geography
0582481163: THE MASS MEDIA
0582481201: Religious Institutions.
0582481244: West Africa: a study of the environment and of man's use of it, (Geographies...
0582481279: Statistical Methods and the Geographer (Second Edition)
0582481430: Eastern Europe
0582481449: The British Isles: a Geographic and Economic Survey (Geographies for Advanced...
0582481473: Geomorphology
0582481481: Concepts in climatology, (Geographies for advanced study)
0582481503: Crisis of Medieval Russia, 1200-1304
0582481538: Urban Essays Studies in the Geography Of
0582481570: Landforms of the Humid Tropics, Forests and Savannas
0582481619: The Central Business District,
0582481627: Rocks & Relief
0582481643: Caribbean Islands
0582481716: France (World's Landscapes Ser.)
0582481767: Urban Japan
0582481783: France
0582481848: Crime and Its Treatment
0582481856: Peninsular Malaysia (Geographies for advanced study)
0582481872: Tropical Agriculture : A Geographical Introduction and Appraisal
0582481899: A History of Prussia
0582481902: History Prussia
0582481937: The Political structure.
0582481945: Europe in the High Middle Ages 1150-1309
0582482038: Europe 1780-1830
0582482046: The Age of Improvement 1783-1867
0582482089: A History of Medieval Europe: From Constantine to Saint Louis
0582482097: Seventeenth-century Europe
0582482127: Europe in the Nineteenth Century 1830-1880.
0582482208: Europe in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries (1789 - 1932)
0582482224: England's apprenticeship, 1603-1763.
0582482240: Europe in the High Middle Ages 1150-1309
0582482321: Anglo-Saxon England and the Norman Conquest
0582482348: England's Apprenticeship 1603-1763.
0582482356: Europe in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries (1789-1950),
0582482372: The Feudal Kingdom of England, 1042-1216
0582482488: The French economy, 1913-39: the history of a decline.
0582482658: The Later Middle Ages in England 1216-1485
0582482704: Britain Yesterday and Today. An outline of economic history from the middle of the eighteenth century. Second edition
0582482712: Britain Yesterday & Today an Outline
0582482739: Age of Plunder
0582482828: A History of England from Edward II to James I
0582482836: Cartographic Design and Production
0582482860: Local history in England,
0582482879: England in the Age of Wycliffe
0582483018: Social Analysis: A Marxist Critique and Alternative.
0582483069: Eighteenth century England
0582483093: Decline of the Ancient World
0582483107: A General History of Europe - Europe 1880-1945
0582483123: Seventeenth Century Europe
0582483166: Eighteenth Century England, 1714-1784 (History of England)
0582483182: Economic Systems in World History
0582483190: A History of Postwar Britain 1945-74
0582483204: A History of Postwar Britain, 1945-1974.
0582483255: Popular Disturbances in England 1700-1870.
0582483263: Popular Disturbances in England 1700-1870
0582483344: Sex, Politics and Society: The Regulation of Sexuality Since 1800
0582483425: Europe in the Eighteenth Century 1713-1783.
0582483433: Europe 14TH&15TH Centuries
0582483441: Europe in the Nineteenth Century, 1830-1880 (Longman History of Italy)
0582483468: Europe 1780-1830
0582483484: The Ascendancy of Europe:Aspects of European History, 1815-1914: Aspects of European History, 1815-1914
0582483549: Byron
0582483611: Modern Italy, 1871-1982 (Longman history of Italy)
0582483662: Italy In The Age Of Dante And Petrarch, 1216-1380
0582483689: English Verse, 1300-1500 (Longman Annotated Anthologies of English Verse)
0582483883: English Verse,1830-1890
0582483948: A Social History Of Medicine
0582484006: Basic Biogeography
0582484014: Basic Biogeography
0582484022: The Gentry: The Rise and Fall of a Ruling Class
0582484030: The Gentry, Themes in British Social History
0582484049: The Early Modern Town A Reader
0582484057: The Early Modern Town: A Reader
0582484065: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight: A new verse translation,
0582484073: Later Medieval Europe: From Saint Louis to Luther
0582484111: Critical Approaches to Literature
0582484146: A guide to English and American literature
0582484170: Guide to English and American Literature
0582484219: Topics in Criticism. An Ordered Set of Positions in Literary Theory
0582484227: Literary Criticism
0582484235: Statistical Methods and the Geographer.
0582484243: A Regional Geography of Western Europe
0582484251: Terrain Evaluation: An Introductory Handbook to the History, Principles, and Methods of Practical Terrain Assessment
0582484391: Making of a Great Power
0582484405: Cartographic Design & Production
0582484421: Poems of Tennyson 1830-1870
0582484448: Poems of Thomas Gray, William Collins, Oliver Goldsmith
0582484456: The Poems Of William Blake ... (aka: The Poems of Blake)
0582484553: Paradise Lost
0582484596: The Complete Poems
0582484650: East Africa
0582484715: History Of England
0582484731: Europe in the Central Middle Ages 962 - 1154 (GHE)
0582484766: Europe in the Central Middle Ages 962-1154
0582484804: A History of social research methods.
0582484812: A History of social research methods.
0582484855: Ruling Britannia: A Political History of Britain 1688-1988
0582484871: Contemporary English : Change and Variation
0582484901: Germany and Europe, 1919-1939
0582484936: The Family and the State: Considerations for Social Policy
0582484952: The Poems of Gray, Collins and Goldsmith
0582485088: Approaches to local history
0582485096: Approaches to local history. ED2
0582485126: Chaucer
0582485134: The Rebirth of Italy, 1943-50
0582485169: CHAUCER
0582485185: The Village Labourer
0582485193: The Town Labourer, 1760-1832: The New Civilization.
0582485282: Climate, Water, and Agriculture in the Tropics
0582485290: Climate, Water, and Agriculture in the Tropics
0582485312: Aesthetics and art theory: An historical introduction
0582485355: Stratification: An essay on class and inequality (Aspects of modern sociology)
0582485398: Approaches and theory in international relations by
0582485401: Approaches and Theory in International Relations
0582485436: Catholics and the Welfare State
0582485444: Age of Plunder : The England of Henry VIII (Social and Economic History of England)
0582485479: Medieval England (Social and Economic History of England)
0582485495: Medieval England : Towns, Commerce and Crafts, 1086-1348
0582485509: Education (Aspects of Modern Sociology : Social Structure of Modern Britain Ser)
0582485541: Rise of the Great Powers : The Great Powers and European States Systems, 1648-1815
0582485592: The Ocean Atmosphere System
0582485606: The Ocean - Atmosphere System
0582485622: Case Studies in Classroom Management
0582485711: Human geography (Geographies for advanced study)
0582485746: The Caribbean Islands
0582485754: Democracy and illusion: An examination of certain aspects of modern democratic theory (A Longman paperback)
0582485762: Pipelines and Permafrost: Physical Geography and Development in the Circumpolar North
0582485770: Vegetation productivity.
0582485797: The Age of Elizabeth: England under the Later Tudors, 1547-1603
0582485835: Focus on Teaching Readings in the Observation and Conceptualization of Teaching
0582485843: The Longman Handbook of Modern European History, 1763-1985 (Longman Handbooks to History)
0582485851: The Longman Handbook of Modern European History 1763-1985.
0582485886: The Longman Handbook of World History Since 1914
0582485894: The Longman Handbook of World History Since 1914
0582485908: The Sociology of Literature
0582485924: Contemporary Industrialization Spatial Analysis and Regional Development
0582485932: Industrial Change
0582485940: Before the welfare state: Social administration in early industrial Britain (Themes in British social history)
0582486661: Practice of Comparative Politics
0582486696: People and Organisations
0582486718: Europe in the Eighteenth Century, 1713-1783
0582486726: Europe in the Eighteenth Century 1713/1783
0582486742: Dependence and Exploitation in Work and Marriage
0582486777: Multivariate statistical analysis in geography: A primer on the general linear model
0582486807: An Economic History of MEdieval Europe
0582486823: Leisure and Society, 1830-1950 (Themes in British Social History S.)
0582486858: The Making of Russian Absolutism, 1613-1801 (Longman History of Russia)
0582486874: Critical Introduction : Short Story
0582486920: Soil Erosion
0582486939: Human Adjustment to the Flood Hazard
0582486947: Lenin and the Russian Revolution
0582486963: Population analysis in geography
0582487110: Communication (Aspects of Modern Sociology: Social Processes)
0582487137: Social Control
0582487145: Social Control (Aspects of Modern Sociology)
0582487161: A Dictionary of Political Analysis
0582487196: Education and industry in the nineteenth century: The English disease?
0582487269: Explorations in Shakespeare's Language, Some Problems of Word Meaning in the Dramatic Text
0582487277: King Stephen, 1135-1154
0582487285: Latin for Local History: An Introduction
0582487307: Britain in the Far East : a survey from 1819 to the present.
0582487315: Britain in the Far East: A Survey from 1819 to the Present
0582487323: Geography and Resource Analysis
0582487358: The Making of American Politics 1750-1850
0582487501: Regional development policy and administration in Italy (Monographs in politics)
0582487528: Studies in the theory of imperialism;
0582487536: Studies in the theory of imperialism
0582487579: Family, Class and Education
0582487617: Legal Structure
0582487641: Social Research Design (Aspects of Modern Sociology; The Social Structure of...
0582487676: Sources of Official Data (Aspects of Modern Sociology)
0582487714: Population.
0582487749: The working class (Aspects of modern sociology; the social structure of modern Britain)
0582487773: The Political Structure
0582487811: The middle class, (Aspects of modern sociology)
0582487846: Market Leader High Intermediate Test File
0582488001: Family Social Structure of Modern Britai
0582488052: Economic Structure (Aspects of Modern Sociology: The Social Structure of Modern Britain)
0582488060: Leisure
0582488079: Leisure
0582488184: Introduction to International Relations
0582488192: Introduction to International Relations
0582488230: Constitutional law;: An outline of the law and practice of the constitution including central and local government, the citizen and the state and administrative law,
0582488249: Constitutional Law: An Outline of the Law and Practice of the Constitution including Central and Local Government, the Citizen and the State and Administrative Law
0582488303: Western Liberalism: A History in Documents from Locke to Croce
0582488311: Western Liberalism: A History in Documents from Locke to Croce
0582488338: Stuart Age
0582488354: England 1868-1914
0582488508: NLL: Different Cultures
0582488524: Seize the Fire (NCR)
0582488540: Natasha's Will (New Century Readers)
0582488559: Tribes
0582488834: Othello
0582488842: Cutting Edge Upper Inter StdntAudCd (2)
0582488850: Cutting Edge Inter Student Aud Cd (2)
0582488877: Cutting Edge Inter Class Aud Cds (2)
0582489040: Introduction to American Studies.
0582489113: Russia in the age of modernisation and revolution, 1881-1917 (Longman history...
0582489121: Russia in the Age of Modernisation and Revolution, 1881-1917
0582489156: Higher education alternatives by Stephens, Michael Dawson; Roderick, Gordon...
0582489210: The Literature of Terror: A History of Gothic Fictions from 1765 to the Present Day
0582489229: Historical patterns of industrialization
0582489237: Historical Patterns of Industrialization
0582489288: Science Fiction: A Critical Guide
0582489350: The Working Class
0582489415: The Geographical Impact of Migration by
0582489423: Geographical Impact of Migration
0582489431: Office location and public policy (Topics in applied geography)
0582489458: Community education and urban schools.
0582489504: Scandinavia : a new geography.
0582489512: The Self Concept in Theory, Measurement, Development, and Behaviour
0582489547: Popular Culture in England 1550-1750
0582489652: Poverty and Policy in Tudor and Stuart England
0582489695: The Forging of the Modern State: Early Industrial Britain, 1783-1870
0582489709: Forging of the Modern State : Early Industrial Britian 1783-1870
0582489725: Eclipse Great Power
0582489733: Emergence of a Nation State
0582489741: Emergence of a Nation State
0582489768: The Transformation of Medieval England, 1370-1529 (Foundations of Modern Britain)
0582489784: Russia Age Reaction Reform 1801-1881
0582489806: Soviet Union since 1917
0582489830: The Press and society : from Caxton to Northcliffe.
0582489849: The Press and Society: From Caxton to Northcliffe
0582489881: Resources for the welfare state: An economic introduction
0582489903: Contemporary society and the growth of leisure
0582489946: Crime in Early Modern England, 1550-1750
0582489970: Hitler State : The Foundation and Development of the Internal Structure of the Third Reich
0582490057: Frankish Kingdom 751-987
0582490065: Geographical Variation in Coastal Development
0582490162: Origins of The First World War
0582490286: Grant and Temperley's Europe in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
0582490294: Grant and Temperley's Europe in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
0582490316: Religious Thought Reform
0582490332: Practice of Comparative Politics
0582490340: Germany in the Early Middle Ages, 800-1056
0582490383: The Labour Party: An introduction to its history, structure, and politics (A Longman paperback)
0582490391: The Labour Party : An Introduction to Its History, Structure and Politics
0582490421: Skilled Labourer
0582490456: The English Family, 1450-1700
0582490472: John the Fearless
0582490499: English Church, 1000-1066: A History of the Later Anglo-Saxon Church. 2nd Edition
0582490510: Origins of the French Revolutionary Wars : Origins of Modern Wars
0582490553: Origins of the Crimean War
0582490618: Byzantine Empire, 1025-1204 : A Political History
0582490642: Modern Scottish Literature
0582490707: Global Conflict
0582490715: Western Europe since 1945: A short political history
0582490731: Ruling Britannia : A Political History of Britain 1688-1988
0582490766: Modern China
0582490774: Modern China
0582490804: The Origins of the Vietnam War.
0582490812: Origins Vietnam War
0582490944: Physical Fitness & Athletic Performance: A Guide for Students, Athletes and...
0582491002: Age of Improvement, 1783-1867
0582491061: Germany under the Old Regime, 1600-1790
0582491126: Origins of the Second World War in Europe
0582491142: Origins of the Russo-Japanese War
0582491207: Industrial Powers
0582491231: Witch-Hunt in Early Modern Europe
0582491290: Milton's Style: The Shorter Poems, Paradise Regained, and Samson Agonistes
0582491339: Revolution in Science, 1500-1750
0582491355: Great Powers and the European States System : 1815-1914
0582491398: Art, Design and Society: Before 1689: From the Middle Ages to the Stuarts (A Documentary History of Taste in Britain)
0582491436: The Eighteenth Century: Art, Design and Society, 1689-1789 (Denvir, Bernard, Documentary History of Taste in Britain.)
0582491444: Italy 1530-1630
0582491452: Italy in the Age of Reason 1685-1789 (Longman History of Italy Volume 5)
0582491460: Italy Age Risorgimento
0582491487: Origins Wars German Unification
0582491495: Italy in the Age of Dante and Petrarch, 1216-1380
0582491517: Decolonization Africa
0582491533: Formation Muscovy, 1304-1613
0582491568: Darwin to Einstein: Historical Studies on Science and Belief (Origins of Modern Wars)
0582491584: Darwin to Einstein : Primary Sources on Science and Belief
0582491649: Social Foundations of Prehistoric Britain: Themes and Variation in the Archaeology of Power
0582491738: History of Social Democracy in Postwar Europe : The Postwar World
0582491746: History of Social Democracy in Postwar Europe : The Postwar World
0582491762: British Imperialism Vol. 1 : Innovation and Expansion, 1688-1914
0582491789: Origins of the American Civil War
0582491797: Europe in the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries
0582491800: Critical Approaches to Literature
0582491843: Trade unions in British politics
0582491886: Great Powers and the Decline of the European States System, 1914-1945
0582491908: Tudor Parliaments : Crown, Lords, and Commons, 1485-1603
0582491940: White Society in the Antebellum South (Studies in Modern History)
0582491975: Victorian Radicalism: The Middle-Class Experience, 1830-1914 (Studies in Mo
0582492009: The Hitler State: The Foundation and Development of the Internal Structure of the Third Reich
0582492076: Wessex from AD 1000
0582492092: Republican Facist Germany
0582492106: Republican and Fascist Germany : Themes and Variations in the History of Weimar and the Third Reich, 1918-1945
0582492122: Yorkshire from Ad 1000 A REGIONAL HISTORY OF ENGLAND
0582492130: The Poems of John Dryden: Volume 1
0582492149: LAEP) Poems of John Dryden 1697-1700 Cp
0582492181: The Pursuit of History: Aims, Methods and New Directions in the Study of Modern History
0582492203: English Medieval Romance
0582492289: The Literary Language of Shakespeare
0582492300: Bonn Republic : West German Democracy, 1945-1990
0582492327: English Poetry of the Seventeenth Century
0582492335: English Poetry of the Seventeenth Century
0582492343: Industrialization in the Non-Western World
0582492351: English Fiction of the Victorian Period: 1830-1890 (Themes in British Social History)
0582492424: English Literature Before Chaucer
0582492440: Black leadership in America, 1895-1968 (Studies in modern history)
0582492467: The South East from A.D.1000 (Regional History of England S.)
0582492475: English Poetry of the Sixteenth Century
0582492572: Origins of the Arab-Israeli Wars
0582492580: English Poetry of the Romantic Period, 1789-1830
0582492602: English Fictional Romantic Stories 1789
0582492629: Later Medieval Europe From St Louis Luther
0582492769: The Northern Counties to AD 1000 A REGIONAL HISTORY OF ENGLAND
0582492785: Origins of the Korean War
0582492793: WESSEX TO A.D. 1000. A Regional History of England
0582492807: Wessex to Ad 1000
0582492998: English Literature in the Age of Chaucer
0582493021: Age of the Crusades : The Near East from 11th C-1517
0582493056: Eighteenth Century--the Intellectual and Cultural Context of English Literature, 1700-1789
0582493072: Canadian Literature in English (Longman Literature in English Series)
0582493110: English Drama : Shakespeare to the Restoration, 1590-1660
0582493137: Prophet and the Age of the Caliphates : The Islamic Near East from the Sixth to the Eleventh Century
0582493145: France 1814-1914
0582493161: American Fiction 1865-1940
0582493234: Russia
0582493242: Medieval Persia 1040-1797
0582493307: Australia
0582493331: The Northern Counties from AD 1000 (Regional History of England S.)
0582493374: Italian Renaissance : The Origins of Intellectual and Artistic Change Before the Reformation
0582493382: Early Stuarts
0582493412: Tudor Ireland: Crown, community, and the conflict of cultures, 1470-1603
0582493455: English Poetry of the Victorian Period, 1830-1890
0582493463: Victorian Period : The Intellectual and Cultural Context of English Literature 1830-1890
0582493471: Victorian Period : The Intellectual and Cultural Context of English Literature, 1830-1890
0582493498: Second World War in the Pacific
0582493501: American Fiction Since 1940
0582493544: Caribbean Literature
0582493560: Introduction To Chaucer
0582493668: Introduction to Contemporary Cultural Studies
0582493722: Merovingian Kingdoms, 450-751
0582493749: English Drama Before Shakespeare
0582493765: Seventeenth Century, the Intellectual and Cultural Context of English Literature, 1603-1700
0582493803: Making of the Modern Near East 1792-1923
0582493838: A Short History of the International Economy Since 1850
0582493846: Industrialization in Ninteenth-Century Europe
0582493854: Europe Nineteenth Century 1830-1880
0582493862: Ascendancy of Europe, 1815-1914
0582493870: Lions Share 1850-1983
0582493889: Europe in the Seventeenth Century
0582493897: Europe 18th Century
0582493900: Europe in the Sixteenth Century
0582493919: Europe in the Central Middle Ages, 962-1154
0582493927: Europe, 1780-1830
0582493935: English Drama 1660-1789
0582493951: Europe in the High Middle Ages, 1150-1309
0582493994: Crime and Society in England, 1750-1900 (Themes in British Social History)
0582494001: History of Medieval Europe : From Constantine to Saint Louis
0582494028: Early modern Europe, 1500-1789 (History of Europe)
0582494036: Medieval Europe, 400-1500
0582494052: Modern Europe, 1789-1989
0582494087: Emergence of Modern Japan : An Introductory History since 1853
0582494095: Europe Between the Wars : A Politcal History
0582494109: 20th Century Literary Criticisms
0582494117: Royalist War Effort, 1642-1646
0582494141: Europe 1880-1945
0582494192: Poetry Today
0582494230: Climax of Capitalism : The U. S. Economy in the Twentieth Century
0582494257: Vital Century : England's Developing Economy, 1714-1815 (Social and Economic History of England)
0582494265: Evolution of Medieval Thought
0582494389: Imperial Meridian : The British Empire and the World 1780-1830
0582494400: Popular Radicalism : The Working-Class Experience, 1780-1880
0582494419: Modern Diplomacy
0582494427: Pax Britannica? : British Foreign Policy 1789-1914 (Studies in Modern History)
0582494443: American Poetry of the Twentieth Century
0582494540: Twentieth-century America : the intellectual and cultural context.
0582494559: 20th Century America
0582494583: Family History and Local History in England
0582494591: British Trade Unionism
0582494605: Modern Criticism and Theory
0582494656: Writing a Thesis : A Guide to Long Essays and Dissertations
0582494672: Medieval Church : A Brief History
0582494761: Theatre of Power: The Art of Diplomatic Signalling
0582494788: Irish Literature Since 1800
0582494796: Indian Literature in English
0582494826: Great Elector : Frederick William of Brandenburg - Prussia
0582494834: Napoleon III
0582494893: Near Infrared Spectroscopy in Food Analysis
0582494990: Near East since the First World War
0582495024: British Social History : The Working Class
0582495040: Feudal Kingdom of England 1042-1216
0582495113: Western Europe since 1945 : A Political History
0582495156: Muslim Spain and Portugal : A Political History of Al-Andalus
0582495229: American Literature Before 1880
0582497043: The Revolt of the Provinces: Conservatives and Radicals in the English Civil War, 1630-1650
0582497051: Faerie Queen
0582497078: Schools and Disruptive Pupils
0582497086: Managing Technological Innovation
0582497124: Effective Teaching: A Practical Guide to Improving Your Teaching
0582497175: Computer Law
0582497205: The education of disturbing children: Pupils with learning and adjustment difficulties
0582497221: SIR ROBERT PEEL: The Life of Sir Robert Peel After 1830
0582497493: CAE Gold (CAE)
0582497515: Fast Track to FCE (FCE)
0582497523: Advanced Gold, Class Audio Cds (2)
0582497566: Powerbase
0582497612: The Stowaway Ghost (PHLR)
0582497671: Behind the Scenes: TV Studio
0582497728: The Magician's Hat (PHLR)
0582497736: Wartime Watch (PHLR)
0582497744: Samson Strong's Leopard Skin Shorts (PHLR)
0582497760: Georgie Brown and the Bank Robbery (PHLR)
0582497779: Geargie Brown and the Pound Notes (PHLR)
0582497817: Star Hunter (PHLR)
0582497825: Ty (PHLR)
0582497833: Ghostly Verse (PHLR)
0582497841: The Web (PHLR)
0582497868: Anthony J. Zigler Guide to Famous People (PHLR)
0582497876: Anthony J. Zigler Guide for Time Travellers (PHLR)
0582497884: The Good Ghost Guide (PHLR)
0582497892: Sporting Superstars (PHLR)
0582497973: Cutting Edge (CUT)
0582498058: Tales of Mystery and Imagination
0582498112: Un Deux Trois: Student's Book 4 (Un Deux Trois)
0582498228: More MacDonalds (Literary Land)
0582500125: The Practice of educational psychology
0582500184: Studies in Diplomatic History: Essays in Memory of David Bayne Horn
0582500206: Security Council
0582500214: Conflict and communication: The seventh Noel Buxton lecture at the University of Essex, 2 March 1971 (Noel Buxton lecture)
0582500222: Anthony Trollope and His Contemporaries: A Study in the Theory and Conventions of Mid-Victorian Fiction
0582500230: The Novels of Tobias Smollett
0582500281: The Morals of Markets: An Ethical Exploration
0582500303: South East Asia's Economy in the 1970's
0582500338: Italy and the Enlightenment: studies in a cosmopolitan century;
0582500346: Theatricality: A study of convention in the theatre and in social life
0582500427: Key Issues in Applied Economics 1947-1997
0582500435: Industrial Conflict - A Comparative Legal Study
0582500486: Democracy and Illusion: An Examination of Certain Aspects of Modern Democratic Theory
0582500524: Gambetta and the Making of the Third Republic
0582500605: Poetry Is Crazy (Literary Land)
0582501148: Environment, Man and Economic Change - Essays Presented to S.H. Beaver
0582501229: A History of British Pewter.
0582501245: The British philosophy of administration: A comparison of British and American ideas, 1900-1939
0582501415: Follow That Blood Cell! (Literary Land)
0582501733: Cutting Edge Advanced Student Aud Cd (2)
0582501741: Cutting Edge Advanced Workbk Without Key
0582501768: Cutting Edge (CUT)
0582501776: Cutting Edge Starter Workbook With Key
0582501806: Cutting Edge (CUT)
0582501814: Cutting Edge Starter Student Aud Cass
0582501822: Cutting Edge Starter Class Aud Cass (2)
0582501830: Cutting Edge Starter Class Aud Cds (2)
0582501857: AS Economics
0582501865: Monkey
0582501881: Monkey Peng Audio Pack
0582502314: Norman Conquest and Its Effects on the Economy:1066-86
0582502624: PHILIP THE GOOD
0582502675: The Begetters of Revolution: England's Involvement with France, 1759-1789: England's Involvement with France, 1759-1789
0582502829: A guidebook to Arthurian Britain (Longman travellers series)
0582502837: Poet's London
0582502853: Lincolnshire Village the Parish of Corby
0582502861: Civil War England
0582502926: A Social History of Britain in Postcards 1870-1930
0582502969: Buckingham: The Life and Political Career of George Villiers, First Duke of Buckingham, 1592-1628
0582503019: Royalist War Effort, 1642-1646
0582503051: Braddock's Complete Guide to Horse Race Selection and Betting: With Statistical Information by 'Trainers Record'
0582503086: Clock Types
0582503108: Collecting Greek Coins.
0582503299: The Annual Register: A Record of World Events 1985.
0582503310: Impact of Humanism on Western Europe
0582503566: Higher GCSE Maths: Answer Book 2
0582503574: Higher GCSE Maths: Student's Book 2
0582503795: Penguin Readers Level 2: The Mummy Returns (Penguin Readers)
0582503817: The Mummy Returns Lvl2 Peng Audio Pack
0582503825: Jurassic Park
0582503841: JURASSIC PARK
0582504015: The Design and Application of Programmable Sequence Controllers for Automation Systems
0582504228: Tales of Mystery & Imagination Audio Pk
0582504473: Towards Greek Tragedy Drama, Myth, Society
0582504562: The Dramatic Use of Bawdy in Shakespeare
0582504600: Making the News
0582504627: Lord Aberdeen: A Political Biography
0582504686: GCSE Chemistry
0582504694: GCSE Biology (LOGC)
0582504708: GCSE PHYSICS
0582504716: Very Hungry Caterpillar
0582504740: Penguin Young Readers Level 4: The Road to El Dorado (Penguin Young Readers)
0582504775: Longman Exam Skills Proficiency Use of English Students' Book
0582504783: Longman Exam Skills Proficiency Use of English Teacher's Book
0582504945: Long Road
0582504953: Tom Cruise
0582504961: Julia Roberts
0582504988: Big Bag Mistake
0582504996: TEST - VOID
0582505011: Opportunities Read Text AudCass Element
0582505046: Phantom of the Opera Peng Audio Pack
0582505089: Miserables
0582505100: Les Miserables Peng Audio Pack
0582505127: Penguin Readers Instant Lessons Bk2 Cass
0582505143: Romeo and Juliet, Level 3, Penguin Readers
0582505186: Ideal Husband
0582505240: I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
0582505275: Blue Cat Club
0582505283: Penguin Readers Easystarts: The Cup in the Forest (Penguin Readers) - Paperback
0582505291: Song
0582505305: Carnival! Easystarts
0582505313: White Oryx
0582505356: World Folktales
0582505372: World Folk Tales (pen Rdr Lev 5) Audio
0582505380: Boxer
0582505410: Penguin Readers Level 1: The Crown (Penguin Readers)
0582505429: Crown & Gift Magi Peng Rdr Lvl 1 Cass
0582505496: Striker
0582505771: Only Game : Football in Our Times
0582505798: Short History of Iraq : From 636 to the Present
0582505844: History on Film/Film on History
0582505879: Stalin and Stalinism
0582505917: York Notes on Macbeth by William Shakespeare (York Notes for GCSE)
0582505992: Collapse of the Soviet Union, 1985-1991
0582506018: Genocide
0582506042: Postmodernism for Historians
0582506069: Hitler and the Rise of the Nazi Party
0582506077: We Can Take It!
0582506123: Ypres: The First Battle, 1914
0582506131: Navies of Europe
0582506158: Midsummer Nights Dream: York Notes
0582506166: York Notes on The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare (York Notes for GCSE)
0582506174: Animal Farm: York Notes
0582506182: York Notes on Great Expectations by Charles Dickens (York Notes)
0582506190: York Notes on Lord of the Flies (York Notes)
0582506204: York Notes on Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen (York Notes)
0582506212: York Notes on Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte (York Notes)
0582506220: York Notes on Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck (York Notes)
0582506247: York Notes on A View From the Bridge by Arthur Miller (York Notes)
0582506255: York Notes on An Inspector Calls by J.B. Priestley (York Notes)
0582506263: York Notes on Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare (York Notes)
0582506271: Crucible : Notes
0582506298: York Notes on Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare (York Notes)
0582506301: AS Fast-track English Language (Revision Express)
0582506328: Structure and Meaning in English: A Guide for Teachers
0582506336: A Communicative Grammar of English
0582506557: Language to Go Upper-Inter Class Aud Cd
0582506565: Language to Go Inter Class Aud Cd
0582506573: Language to Go Pre-Inter Class Aud Cd
0582506611: Comprehension 1
0582506662: Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (Longman Dictionary of Contemporary
0582506778: Longman Wordwise Dictionary
0582506980: Market Leader: Pre-intermediate Level: Teacher's Resource Book (Market Leader)
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