0582507049: Drugs and schoolchildren
0582507103: The Changing Structure of British Foreign Policy
0582507111: The Survival of the Habsburg Empire Redetzky, the Imperial Army, and the Class War, 1848
0582507154: Market Leader Pre-Interm Pal Vhs Video
0582507170: Market Leader Practice File Pack Book and CD - Low Intermed
0582507189: Market Leader: Pre-intermediate Level: Practice File Audio Cassette (Market Leader)
0582507200: Market Leader, Low-Intermediate
0582507235: Market Leader: Pre-intermediate Level: Practice File Book (Market Leader)
0582507251: Market Leader Class Cds2 Low Intermediate
0582507278: Proficiency Gold (PRGO)
0582507294: New Proficiency Gold Exam Maximiser Audio Cassettes (2)
0582507316: New Proficiency Gold Class Aud Cass (2)
0582507324: Proficiency Gold
0582507332: Proficiency Gold
0582507340: New Proficiency Gold (PRGO)
0582508274: NAPOLEON AND THE RESTORATION OF THE BOURBONS. The Completed Portion of Macauley's Projected History of France, from the Restoration of the Bourbons to the Accession of Louis Phillippe
0582508304: International Legal Aspects of Federalism
0582511550: Longman English-Spanish/Spanish-English Dictionary for Schools
0582511577: Longman Diccionario Pocket, Ingles-Espanol, Espanol-Ingles:Para Estudiantes Mexicanos
0582511666: Opportunities Test Book Beginner
0582511682: Opportunities Class Aud Cass (2)Beginner
0582511704: Opportunities Language Powerbk Beginner
0582511712: Opportunities Students Book Beginner
0582511992: Opportunities Test Pack Elementary
0582512239: Man from the South and Other Stories
0582512247: Richard Branson Peng Rdr Lvl 6
0582512271: Christmas Carol
0582512425: Town Mouse and Country Mouse - Penguin Young Reader 1
0582512484: Beatles, the, Level 3, Penguin Readers
0582512646: Room with a View, a, Level 6, Penguin Readers
0582513049: Nucleus Engineering (NUCL)
0582513073: Nucleus: Medicine: Student's Book (Nucleus) (Paperback)
0582514002: Discoveries 1: Student's Book (Discoveries)
0582514576: IELTS Practice Tests Plus With Key and Cd Pack (Self Study Editions)
0582514614: Pair Work 3 Upper Intermediate Adanced
0582514622: Pair Work 2
0582514630: Penguin English
0582514649: First Certificate Games and Activities (Penguin English Photocopiables)
0582516277: Developing Strategies: Student's Book (Strategies 3)
0582516811: Studying Strategies: Student's Book (Strategies)
0582517346: Comprehensive Grammar of the English Language
0582517478: Et Level 2 : The Extraterrestrial
0582517508: The Jungle Book Penguin Young Reader Level2
0582517532: Opportunities Teachers Book Elementary
0582517583: Penguin Young Readers Level 2: Eddie and the Magic Potion (Penguin Young Readers)
0582518067: Going for Gold: Intermediate Level: Maximiser Audio Cassettes (2) (Going for Gold)
0582518091: Going for Gold, Intermediate, Teacher's Book
0582518105: Going for Gold, Intermediate, Class Audio Cd (2)
0582518113: Going for Gold: Intermediate Level: Class Audio Cassettes (2) (Going for Gold)
0582518121: Going for Gold, Intermediate, Student Book
0582518199: FCE Practice Tests Plus 2 (PTP)
0582518202: FCE Practice Tests Plus 2 (PTP)
0582518210: Grammar and Vocabulary for Cambridge Advanced and Proficiency
0582518229: Grammar and Vocabulary for Cambridge Advanced and Proficiency: Without Key (Grammar and Vocabulary) - Paperback
0582518423: Target 2: Pupil's Book
0582519055: Starting Strategies: Student's Book (Strategies)
0582519462: Mainline Progress a (New Concept English)
0582519470: Mainline Progress B (New Concept English)
0582520096: A Course in Basic Scientific English
0582520436: Common Mistakes in English
0582521165: The English We Use
0582521254: Composition Through Pictures
0582521262: Progressive Picture Compositions : Student's Book
0582521734: Tense Drills
0582521971: Essential English Bk. 1
0582522110: A linguistic guide to English poetry (English language series)
0582522145: Meaning and the English Verb.
0582522404: Kernel Lessons Intermediate: Student's Book
0582522420: Kernel Lessons Plus : Students' Book
0582522439: Kernel Lessons Plus: Teacher's Book
0582522676: Visual Materials for the Language Teacher (Longman handbooks for language teachers)
0582522692: What Do You Think?
0582522714: What Do You Think?
0582522781: Alice in Wonderland
0582522838: Stories from Shakespeare
0582522846: Prince and Pauper
0582522854: Gullivers Travels
0582522862: Three Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
0582522870: Robin Hood
0582522951: Round the World (Longman Integrated Comprehension and Composition Series)
0582522994: Strange But True (Longman Integrated Comprehension and Composition Series)
0582523060: For and Against : An Oral Practice Book for Advanced Students of English
0582523303: Practice and Progress: Student's Book (New Concept English)
0582523311: Developing Skills: Student's Book (New Concept English)
0582523338: First Things First: Teacher's Book (New Concept English)
0582523931: A Linguistic Study of the English Verb
0582524008: Studies in English Adverbial Usage
0582524113: Return of Sherlock Holmes
0582524326: Now Read on
0582524377: English for Electrical Engineers
0582524512: Phonetics in linguistics;: A book of readings, (Longman linguistics library, 12)
0582524539: Spatial and temporal uses of English prepositions: An essay in stratificational semantics (Longman linguistics library ; no. 17)
0582524555: Principles of Firthian Linguistics
0582525055: The Techniques of Language Teaching
0582525063: Living English Structures
0582525128: An Intermediate English Practice Book
0582525144: Mystery of the Loch Ness Monster
0582525152: Seven Sketches: Stage 1 (300 Word Vocabulary) (Longman Structural Readers)
0582525349: Language Testing:the Construction and Use of Foreign Language Tests
0582525454: Mill on the Floss
0582525462: Frankenstein (Bantam Classics Ser.)
0582525667: An International Reader's Dictionary
0582525721: Language Teaching Analysis
0582525950: Classic Stories from the Ballet
0582526035: Linguistics and Foreign Language Teaching
0582526108: An Elementary Scientific and Technical Dictionary
0582526418: Life in Modern Britain (Second Edition)
0582526469: Best Short Stories of D.H. Lawrence
0582526507: Sherlock Holmes and the Dancing Men
0582526531: Snow Goose and Other Stories
0582526779: Greek Heroes : Nmsr Stage 2
0582526884: Castle of Danger
0582527090: Music Line and Other Short Plays
0582527112: Macbeth
0582527139: Julius Caesar
0582527155: Twelfth Night : Or, What You Will
0582527171: Midsummer Night's Dream
0582527236: Henry V : Shakespeare Made Easy
0582527279: Henry Iv, Part I
0582527295: Romeo and Juliet
0582527414: Hamlet : New Swan Shakespeare Advanced Series
0582527422: Hamlet; New Swan Shakespeare Advanced Series
0582527430: Antony and Cleopatra
0582527465: King Lear : New Swan Shakespeare Advanced Series
0582527481: Othello : New Swan Shakespeare Advanced Series
0582527988: Thirty-Nine Steps
0582528062: Round the World in Eighty Days
0582528143: Hotel (Longman Handbooks for Language Teachers)
0582528216: A Tale of Two Cities (Longman Simplified English Series)
0582528232: Jamaica Inn
0582528240: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
0582528259: Jane Eyre
0582528364: Shakespeare Detectives And Other Short Stories
0582528380: Tales from the Arabian Nights
0582528410: The Prisoner of Zenda
0582528895: Round the World in Eighty Days
0582528917: Tales of Mystery and Imagination
0582528925: The Driftway
0582529131: Pride and Prejudice
0582529158: Going for Gold, Upper-Intermediate, Teacher's Book
0582529166: Going for Gold, Upper-Intermediate, Class Audio Cassettes (2)
0582529174: Going for Gold, Upper-Intermediate, Student Book
0582529239: Going for Gold, Upper-Intermediate, Class Audio Cd (2)
0582529697: Nick and the Motorbike: Stage 1 (300 Word Vocabulary) (Longman Structural Readers)
0582529794: 101 Dalmatians Big Book : Level 3
0582529816: Penguin Young Readers Level 2: Poppet: Big Book (Penguin Young Readers)
0582529824: Anne of Green Gables, Level 2, Penguin Readers
0582529840: Ann of Green Gables Peng Rdr Audio Pack
0582529883: Literacy Objectives
0582529891: Literacy Objectives: Pupil's Book 2 (Literacy Objectives)
0582529905: Literacy Objectives Book 1: Pupil's Book (LOB)
0582529964: English for Tourism (TOUR)
0582529972: Longman Exam Skills: Proficiency Writing: Students' Book (Longman Exam Skills)
0582529980: New Proficiency Writing : Teacher's Book
0582530008: Sense and Sensibility
0582530032: Great Expectations
0582530083: Animal Farm (Bridge S.)
0582530091: Cry, the Beloved Country
0582530180: The Moth and Other Stories (Bridge Series)
0582530245: Flowers for Mrs. Harris (Bridge Series)
0582530253: Stories from Many Lands
0582530334: Brave New World and Brave New World Revisited
0582532752: The Apple Cart
0582534100: Fairy Tales from Hans Christian Andersen (New Method Supplementary Readers) (English As a Second Language Bk.)
0582534127: Robin Hood (New Method Supplementary Reader. Stage 1) Paperback by West...
0582534143: Alice in Wonderland
0582534178: The Secret Garden
0582534216: The Young King and Other Stories
0582534224: Prince and the Pauper
0582534232: Gulliver's Travels
0582534259: Pelican Small Book : Introduction to A Midsummer's Night's Dream (6-pack
0582534380: Stories from Ancient China (Nmsr Stage 2)
0582534402: English and Welsh Fairy Tales
0582534429: Canterbury Tales (New Method Supplementary Reader. Stage 2)
0582534453: Swiss Family Robinson (New Method Supplementary Readers. Stage 3)
0582534666: The Sleeping Mountain
0582534704: Three Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
0582534739: Five Great Plays of Shakespeare
0582534763: Lorna Doone (New Method Supplementary Readers: Fiction; Stage 4)
0582534895: Little Women (Nmsr (New Method Supplementary Readers); Stage 4)
0582534917: Singing Wind and Other Stories (New Method Supplementary Reader; Stage 5)
0582534941: The Hunchback of Notre Dame
0582534968: Oliver Twist
0582534984: White Fang
0582535018: David Copperfield (New Method Supplementary Reader; Stage 5)
0582535026: King Solomon's Mines
0582535034: The Black Arrow
0582535212: Five Famous Fairy Tales (Classics Set #1)
0582535220: Black Beauty
0582535239: Dracula
0582535263: Morning Star
0582535301: Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Rip Van Winkle
0582535468: Call for the Dead (Longman Simplified English Series)
0582535484: The Poseidon Adventure: Level 1 (Longman Movieworld)
0582535638: Exploring Science For Qca Book 7 Copymaste
0582535700: Exploring Science for QCA: Year 9: Pupil's Book (Exploring Science)
0582535727: Exploring Science for QCA
0582535905: Citizens Minds
0582535921: Citizen's Minds
0582537258: My Dear Aunt and a Morning in London
0582537312: Round the World in Eighty Days
0582537320: Treasure Island
0582537363: Down the River: Stage 3 (750 Word Vocabulary) (Longman Structural Readers)
0582537371: Seven One-Act Plays: Stage 3 (750 Word Vocabulary) (Longman Structural Readers)
0582537398: Not found - converted to zShop
0582537460: The Prisoner of Zenda
0582537479: Longman Structural Readers : Fiction Stage 4 (Stories From the Arab World)
0582537584: The White Mountains
0582537622: Kidnapped
0582537681: Animals Dangerous to Man
0582537770: Modern Short Stories
0582538262: Thunderball
0582538319: Hard Times
0582538432: Jane Eyre
0582538467: How Happily She Laughs
0582538505: A Scandal in Bohemia: Seven Sherlock Holmes Stories
0582539420: Longman Student Grammar of Spoken and Written English, by Conrad, Workbook
0582539579: Everyday Business English (English for Work)
0582539595: English For Work: Everyday Bus Eng Bkcd
0582539609: English For Work: Business Presentation, Book
0582539625: English For Work: Business Presentation, Book+Audio Cd
0582539633: English For Work: Everyday Technical English, Book
0582539722: English For Work: Everyday Bus Writing, Book
0582539978: Holidays by the Sea
0582539994: Going Shopping, Seeing Print
0582540038: Teaching English As a Second Language: Theory and Techniques for the Secondary Stage
0582540046: Applied linguistics and the teaching of English: A collection of papers; (Education today: language teaching)
0582540879: Best Detective Stories of Agatha Christie
0582541174: Emperor's New Clothes : Favorite Fairy Tales
0582541182: Four Musicians
0582541417: Snow Goose and Other Stories
0582541425: Wind in the Willows
0582541433: Mysterious Island : Longman Classics, Stage 2
0582541441: King Arthur and Knights Round Table Long Classics 1
0582541476: Five Famous Fairy Tales
0582541484: Adventures Sinbad Sailor
0582541492: Tales from Hans Christian Anderson
0582541506: Canterbury Tales
0582541514: Tales from Arabian Nights
0582541522: Secret Garden
0582541549: Frankenstein
0582541557: Return of Sherlock Holmes
0582541565: Robinson Crusoe
0582541573: Swiss Family Robinson
0582541581: Young King
0582541603: David Copperfield
0582541611: Jane Eyre
0582541638: Treasure Island
0582541999: In the Office
0582542200: LWON:History 11-intern Rel 2e (form 5)
0582542588: Hairdressing : A Professional Approach l 1, 2
0582542596: Hairdressing : A Professional Approach l 3, 4, 5
0582543487: Ess Learning NZ Soc: Culture & Change
0582543495: Ess Learning NZ Soc: Places & Resources
0582544262: Shipwreck & Survival:BLM BK+CD
0582544769: Good Writing Guide
0582544807: Thinking to Thesis : A Guide to Graduate Success
0582544939: Wanganui HS: History 11 NCEA Custom
0582545072: Accounting 11 NCEA Level 1 : Student Course Notes
0582545145: High Impact IELTS Academic Module
0582545226: IELTS High Impact
0582545358: Yeah! Short Stories for Teenagers
0582545692: LWON:Geog 12 Urban Settlements
0582545935: How Write Psych Rep/Psych Intro P7ack
0582545951: V Puti Russian Grammar Pack
0582545978: New Zealand Chef Pack (Txt & SG)
0582546257: Principles of Managerial Fin Pack
0582546346: Biology/Biology Aotearoa Pack
0582546672: Object Oriented/Rational Unified Pk
0582546745: Aust/NZ) Management/Org Theory Pack
0582547032: Let's Hear It for the Winner : And Other Plays
0582547091: English 3.5: TG SUP NCEA 3
0582547318: Beginning Chemistry: TG CD SUP
0582547504: English 1.6: TG SUP
0582547679: Muriwai: A Field Guide
0582547881: Newlands Coll: Yr 9 Sci Wkbk (Custom Bk)
0582547954: High Impact IELTS: Double CD SUP
0582547962: Newlands Coll: Yr 10 Sci Wkbk (Custom Bk
0582548217: Accounting NCEA Lev 2: Answers CD SUP
0582548527: High Impact
0582548845: LWOA: Science 9 Hmwk Bk
0582548926: LWOA: Theta Mathematics Wkbk NCEA Lev 2
0582549167: St Bedes: Sci 10 Hmwk Bk (Custom Bk)
0582549566: Patterns of Life: Wkbk NCEA Lev 2 Biol
0582549647: LWOA: Science 10 Hmwk Bk
0582550114: Investigating English Style
0582550130: Linguistic Guide to English Poetry
0582550327: Structural Aspects of Language Change
0582550335: Structural Aspects of Language Change
0582550351: Semantico-Syntax
0582550378: Speech in the English Novel
0582550416: Cohesion in English
0582550440: Error Analysis : Perspectives on Second Language Acquisition
0582550467: From signs to propositions: The concept of form in eighteenth-century semantic theory (Longman linguistics library ; no. 16)
0582550513: Philosophy and the Nature of Language
0582550521: Philosophy and the Nature of Language
0582550602: In the Picture: Words and Scenes for Children. Illustrations By John Dyke
0582550629: An Introduction to English Transformational Syntax
0582550645: The Communicative Teaching of English Principles and an Exercise Typology
0582550696: Computers in English Language Teaching and Research
0582550750: Linguistic Theory, Linguistic Description, and Language Teaching (Applied linguistics and language study)
0582550785: Fluency and Language Teaching (Applied Linguistics and Language Study)
0582550807: Writing English Language Tests
0582550858: Text and Context
0582550874: An Introduction to Discourse Analysis
0582550904: English for specific purposes : a case study approach /
0582551056: Rhthyms English Poetry
0582551102: Principles of Pragmatics
0582551277: Looking After Pets and Wildlife (PGRW)
0582551757: HAMLET
0582551846: The People Behind the Pop Stars: Pack of 6 with Teachers Cards (Pelican Hi-lo Readers)
0582552060: Questions and Answers in Marketing
0582552222: Easier Scientific English Practice
0582552230: Scientific English Practice
0582552249: English Literature: a Survey for Students
0582552281: The Language Laboratory and Language Learning. (Longman handbooks for language teachers)
0582552389: Communicative Grammar of English
0582552494: INSIGHT : A Language Practice And Composition Book at Intermediate Level
0582552648: Classroom and the Language Learner : Ethnography and the Second Language Classroom Research
0582552656: Language Discrimination
0582552664: Literacy in Early Modern Europe : Culture and Education 1500-1800
0582552680: Lloyd George
0582552710: Communicative Competence of Young Children
0582552729: Spain at War : The Spanish Civil War in Context, 1931-1939
0582552761: Britannia Overruled : British Policy and World Power in the Twentieth Century
0582552885: A Short History of Linguistics (Longman Linguistics Library; 6)
0582552893: A Short History of Linguistics.
0582553202: A Handbook of English Grammar
0582553253: English grammatical structure: A general syllabus for teachers
0582553520: Life in modern America
0582553644: General Linguistics: An Introductory Survey
0582553725: Reading in a Foreign Language
0582553776: Introduction to Second Language Acquisition Research
0582553792: Introduction Discourse Analysis
0582553830: Theory and Practice of Writing : An Applied Linguistics Approach
0582553857: Oliver Cromwell
0582553881: Italian City Republics
0582554810: Advanced Writing Skills
0582554853: Introduction to Text Linguistics
0582554861: Introduction to Text Linguistics (Longman Linguistics Library)
0582555027: Glossary of French and English Management Terms
0582555043: Dictionary of new English, 1963-1972
0582555051: Concise English Italian, Italian English Dictionary
0582555140: Life in modern Britain
0582555167: More English Idioms for Foreign Students: With Exercises
0582555191: Beginning Composition Through Pictures
0582555248: Longman Dictionary of English Idioms
0582555256: Glossary of German and English Management Terms = TaschenwÂOrterbuch Englischer Und Deutscher Handelsaus-DrÂUcke
0582555272: Longman Lexicon of Contemporary English
0582555302: Longman Dictionary of Phrasal Verbs
0582555493: Longman Illustrated Dictionary of Geology
0582555507: Longman Illustrated Dictionary of Chemistry: The Fundamentals of Chemistry Explained and Illustrated
0582555523: Longman dictionary of business English
0582555701: Longman Dictionary of Poets
0582555728: Dictionary of Photography
0582555752: Longman Guide to Shakespeare Quotations.
0582555884: Maths A to Z
0582555922: The Science Fiction Source Book
0582556082: Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
0582556201: Longman Crossword Key
0582556260: Longman New Generation Dictionary
0582556325: Longman Active Study Dictionary of English (LASD)
0582556457: Longman Illustrated Science Dictionary
0582556538: Longman Pocket Companions: Dictionary of Word Origins (Longman pocket companion series)
0582556597: Quotation Guide: Longman Pocket Companion Series.
0582556880: Musical Quotes And Ancedots
0582556902: English dictionary (Longman pocket companion series) by
0582556988: Pocket Companion Contradictory Quotation
0582556996: Reptiles & Amphibians
0582557003: Threshold Level for Modern Language Learning in Schools
0582557100: Richelieu
0582558921: Longman English Grammar
0582558948: Grammar Practice for Intermediate Students
0582558956: Brighter Grammar Bk. 1
0582558964: Brighter Grammar Bk. 2
0582558972: Brighter Grammar Bk. 3
0582558980: Brighter Grammar Bk. 4
0582574498: The Bundu Book of Geology, Gemmology and Archaeology
0582579325: Kernel Three: Student's Book (KERN)
0582579457: Building Strategies
0582585090: Making Modern Africa
0582585244: Africa South of the Sahara
0582588383: Complete Junior Physics
0582597358: Namibia The Last Colony
0582600030: West Africa: An Introduction to Its History
0582600065: To Become a Man
0582601002: West African Verse
0582601274: Emergent African States : Topics in Twentieth Century African History
0582602459: East and Central Africa to the Late Nineteenth Century
0582602467: Growth of African Civilization: The Revolutionary Years: West Africa Since 1800
0582602475: The Making of modern Africa (The Growth of African civilisation)
0582602629: Growth of African Civilization
0582602793: Ancient Times (a Junior History for Africa)
0582602939: Zamani: A survey of East African history
0582603218: Southern Africa since 1800
0582603242: A history of Swaziland
0582603315: African History in Maps
0582603323: Revolutionary Years
0582603404: Hst Wst Africa 1000 1800
0582603498: A History of Southern Africa by Davis, N. E.
0582603536: Tropical lands
0582603544: A New Geography of Cameroon
0582603595: The History of Christianity in West Africa
0582603625: Students Notes on the History of Africa in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
0582603889: Physical Geography in Diagrams
0582603935: New Geography of Nigeria
0582604265: West African Freshwater Fish
0582604281: Large Mammals of West Africa
0582606268: West African insects (West African nature handbooks)
0582606357: Insect Life in East and Central Africa
0582607531: Twelve Nigerian Languages. A Handbook on their sound systems for teachers of English
0582607728: Principles and Practice of Education
0582608325: Miss Williams' Cookery Book
0582608449: Our Dead Speak
0582608503: Birds of the West African Town and Garden (West African Nature Handbooks
0582608562: African Leadership and European Domination (TARI)
0582608732: Tarikh
0582608902: Birds of the Highveld
0582608996: What a husband! (ISBN: 0582608996)
0582609429: Ecological Biology: For A-Level and Intermediate Students in Africa--Organisms & Their Environments
0582609690: An Act of Treason: Rhodesia 1965
0582609852: Mapondera: Soldier of Zimbabwe
0582609968: The March, and other pieces: Literature Bureau Workshop anthology
0582612012: Elements of Shona -- Zezuru Dialect
0582613930: Material Culture of Zimbabwe
0582614368: Lessons in Ndebele
0582623588: Simplified Swahili
0582640113: Village in uhuru
0582640121: The Wooden Gong
0582640199: On Heroes and Uhuru-Worship: Essays on Independent Africa
0582640512: Africanus Horton; the dawn of nationalism in modern Africa: Extracts from the political, educational, scientific and medical writings of J. A. B. Horton; (African classics series)
0582640555: Slavery and the politics of liberation, 1787-1861: a study of liberated African emigration and British anti-slavery policy,
0582640563: Haile-Selassie's government;
0582640601: Development of Universities in Nigeria
0582640628: Casualties: Poems 1966-68
0582640644: The struggle for the school: The interaction of missionary, colonial government and nationalist enterprise in the development of formal education in Kenya
0582640709: Agriculture in East and Central Africa: An Overview
0582640717: Literary Appreciation: A Practical Guide: Moody.Literary Appreciation N/E
0582640733: Bulozi under the Luyana Kings
0582640792: Britain and the ending of the slave trade
0582640806: Government and Politics in the Akuapem State, 1730-1850
0582640830: A History of Buganda: From the Foundation of the Kingdom to 1900
0582640865: The Bundu Book of Trees, Flowers and Grasses
0582640903: The Early history of Malawi;
0582640911: Flowers Of The Veld
0582640954: Is It Possible?
0582641063: Common Trees of The Highveld
0582641101: Economic underdevelopment : an inside view.
0582641136: Birds of the Lowveld
0582641144: BIRDS AFIELD A Beginner's Guide to Bird Watching in Southern Africa
0582641160: Zambia before 1890: aspects of pre-colonial history
0582641217: Popular Culture of East Africa:Oral Literature
0582641241: Teaching Rhodesians;: A history of educational policy in Rhodesia,
0582641349: Our Sister Killjoy or Reflections From a Black-Eyed Squint
0582641357: Livingstone:Man of Africa: Memorial Essays, 1873-1973;
0582641462: Tasks and Masks: Themes and Styles of African Literature
0582641489: Economics of African Agriculture
0582641616: Snakes of Zimbabwe (Bundu series)
0582641640: Wild Mammals: A Field Guide and Introduction to the Mammals of Zimbabwe
0582641659: A Guide to the Rock Art of Rhodesia Pub 1974 National Museums and Monuments of Rhodesia
0582641667: BIRD SAFARI
0582641675: Mosi-oa-Tunya: A Handbook to the Victoria Falls Region
0582641705: Mosi-oa-Tunya: A handbook to the Victoria Falls region
0582641748: Consensus and Conflict in African Societies: An Introduction to Sociology
0582641896: Exile and Tradition
0582641942: Pan-African protest : West Africa and the Italo-Ethiopian crisis, 1934-1941.
0582642019: British Indians in the Transvaal: Trade, politics, and imperial relations, 1885-1906
0582642035: Yoruba Beliefs & Sacrificial Rites
0582642078: African studies since 1945: A tribute to Basil Davidson : proceedings of a seminar in honour of Basil Davidson's sixtieth birthday at the Centre of Af ... h under the chairmanship of George Shepperson
0582642086: African Studies Since 1945, a Tribute to Basil Davidson
0582642116: African Literature: A Critical View
0582642256: Cascades: Poems (Longman drumbeat)
0582642280: Introduction to African Literature by Beier, Ulli
0582642310: Dragon Can't Dance : A Novel
0582642337: Farewell to Babylon and other plays.
0582642345: Economics of Empire: Britain, Africa, and the New Imperialism, 1870-1895
0582642388: Making African Diaspora Americas 1441-1900
0582642434: Firebrands
0582642590: Sundiata : Epic Old Mali
0582642612: Ways of Sunlight
0582642647: Lonely Londoners
0582642655: Brighter Sun
0582642671: In the Castle of My Skin
0582642698: Anowa
0582642760: Cockroach Dance
0582642787: When the Stars Are Scattered
0582642841: Political economy of Africa : selected readings.
0582643066: Investment Projects in Agriculture: Principles and Case Studies
0582643260: Migrant Labour in Kenya: Capitalism and African Response, 1895-1975
0582643279: Black Politics in South Africa Since 1945
0582643309: A History of Nigeria by Isichei, Elizabeth Allo
0582643376: Industrialization and Social Change in South Africa: African Class, Culture and
0582643430: Economics for a Developing World  (ISE)  2nd Edn.
0582643635: Oral Historiography
0582643686: Art History in Africa
0582643694: African History and Culture
0582643708: A Political Economy of Africa
0582643732: African Women South of the Sahara
0582643775: Portugal in Africa: The Last Hundred Years
0582643880: East African Literature: An Anthology
0582643910: Mozambique : the revolution and its origins.
0582643937: African International Relations
0582643961: Mark and the Acts of the Apostles (Certificate Bible Knowledge)
0582644003: In Township Tonight: South Africa's Black City Music and Theatre
0582644194: Rural banking in Nigeria.
0582644275: Literature and Society in South Africa (Longman Studies in African Literature)
0582644321: Nigerian History and Culture
0582644437: Rural Development
0582644909: The Politics of Race, Class and Nationalism in Twentieth-Century South Africa
0582645018: The Zulu Aftermath: A Nineteenth-Century Revolution in Bantu Africa
0582645026: Topics in West African History
0582645050: The International Boundaries of Nigeria 1885-1960 - The Framework of an Emergent African Nation
0582645069: The Matabele War
0582645123: Missionary Impact on Modern Nigeria, 1842-1914
0582645158: Niger Delta Rivalry : Itsekiri-Urhobo Relations and the European Presence 1884-1936
0582645166: Power and Diplomacy in Northern Nigeria 1801-1906; the Sokoto Caliphate and Its Enemies
0582645174: Ethiopia: the era of the princes: The challenge of Islam and the re-unification of the Christian empire, 1769-1855
0582645212: Economic History of West Africa, An
0582645220: Africa and Unity: The Evolution of Pan-Africanism
0582645263: The Population Of Tropical Africa
0582645336: Revolution and Power Politics in Yorubaland 1840-1893 - Ibadan Expansion and the Rise of Ekitiparapo
0582645360: The Segu Tukulor Empire.
0582645379: The new Oyo empire: indirect rule and change in Western Nigeria, 1894-1934...
0582645387: The Evolution of the Nigerian State: The Southern Phase 1898-1914
0582645395: The Warrant Chiefs: indirect rule in southeastern Nigeria, 1891-1929, (Ibadan history series)
0582645441: Malagasy and the Europeans: Madagascar's Foreign Relations 1861-1895
0582645522: History of West Africa
0582645530: Malawi : History of the Nation
0582645581: Portuguese settlement on the Zambesi: Exploration, land tenure and colonial rule in East Africa
0582645638: An economic history of West Africa
0582645662: A history of the Bemba: Political growth and change in north-eastern Zambia before 1900
0582645786: Art and Society in Africa
0582645794: A language in common: A guide to English language teaching in schools and...
0582645824: Trade and economic change on the Gold Coast, 1807-1874 (Legon history series)
0582645875: Beyond the Cape frontier: Studies in the history of the Transkei and Ciskei
0582645913: Western Yorubaland under European rule, 1889-1945: A comparative analysis of French and British colonialism (Ibadan history series)
0582646138: Uganda Martyrs
0582646200: Zambia 1890-1964: The Colonial Period
0582646227: The Last Duty.
0582646367: Africa : A Study Geography for Advanced Students
0582646383: Niger Delta Rivalry: Itsekiri-Urhobo Relations and the European Presence, 1884-1936.
0582646413: Benin Under British Administration the I
0582646421: Modern Nigeria
0582646499: Tanzania Under Colonial Rule
0582646502: West African Traders in Ghana in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
0582646529: Nigeria in the First World War
0582646553: Economy and Society in Pre-Industrial South Africa
0582646561: Economy and Society in Pre-Industrial South Africa
0582646634: African History
0582646766: History of Central Africa, Volume Two
0582646812: The People's cause : a history of guerrillas in Africa.
0582646863: Destruction of the Zulu Kingdom
0582646871: Shaping Of South African Society,1652-1820
0582646944: Development of Islam in West Africa
0582646952: Kenya's Past : An Introduction to Historical Methods in Africa
0582647096: Introduction to Politics
0582650496: Tarikh 24 Portugal in Africa
0582655250: Modern Africa
0582658012: Mechanical Engineering Craft Theory and Related Subjects (Themes in British Social History)
0582659035: Png Reader 1 at Home
0582659043: Png Reader 2 at School
0582659124: Niugini Rdr1 Big Pig
0582659132: Niugini Rdr2 Three Wishes
0582659140: Niugini Rdr3 Dog & the Cuscus
0582659159: Niugini Rdr4 Magic Mango
0582659167: Niugini Rdr5 Rat & the Pig
0582659175: Niugini Rdr6 Pig in the School
0582659183: Niugini Rdr7 Tari & the Rascal
0582659191: Niugini Rdr8 at the Market
0582659698: English Vocabulary Aid
0582659930: Our English for Melanesia
0582662729: SOS : Survival Skills for Every Teacher
0582662850: Art of Teaching Grammar
0582662869: Gitanjali (Song Offerings) By: Rabindranath Tagore
0582663423: Threads of Time
0582663504: Map History of the Ancient World
0582663520: History Begins: Ancient History for Junior Students
0582663563: View from the Forum
0582663571: Australia : The Photographer's View from the 1850's to the Bicentenary
0582664462: Png Ed Illustrated Maths Dictionary
0582665264: A Flag for the Wind
0582665310: The Aborigines
0582665388: Sometimes gladness : collected poems, 1954-1982
0582665426: Multiple Choice Comprehension Test Vol 1
0582665574: Multiple Choice Comprehension Tests 2
0582665752: Multiple Choice Comprehension Test Vol 3
0582665930: Compact Speller Rev Ed
0582667011: In Praise of Flatheads
0582667844: Emergency Book for All Teachers
0582668700: Tiberius
0582669391: Case 2 Comprehension and Summary Excercises
0582680530: Spectrum Book 1
0582680549: Spectrum Bk2
0582681286: PATTERNS ON THE LAND: Basic Concepts in Geography
0582682274: Man and the Environment : Regional Perspectives
0582682290: The Australianization of John Bull
0582682398: After a war
0582682444: Australia: Our Changing Land
0582682657: Generations of Resistance
0582683599: Possibilities
0582683823: New Zealand now
0582683947: Revolution, Reaction, and the Triumph of Conservatism : English History, 1558-1700
0582684307: Australian national government
0582684439: Mao's China: A study of socialist economic development
0582685974: Signpost Mathematics 9 : Intermediate Course
0582686695: China: The impact of revolution : a survey of twentieth century China
0582686857: China: The Impact of Revolution
0582687969: Ten Modern New Zealand Poets
0582688434: Discovering Italian One
0582688876: View from Olympus
0582688922: Technology, work, and industrial relations (Australian management studies)
0582690722: The Extreme East: A Modern History
0582691303: Plants of Hong Kong
0582694450: Plant Life in Malaya
0582694493: Malayan Animal Life
0582694507: Common Birds of the Malay Peninsula
0582696453: Physical Geography in Diagrams
0582697182: General Geography in Diagrams
0582699061: Physical Geography in Diagrams
0582707358: Noli Me Tangere
0582710413: Politics and Power in Cambodia, the Sihanouk Years (Studies in Contemporary Southeast Asia)
0582710421: The foreign relations of the new states (Studies in contemporary Southeast Asia)
0582711150: History of the Actu
0582711231: Australian Urban Politics
0582711347: Government, politics, and power in Australia: An introductory reader
0582711622: Old Bones: Unlocking Archaeological Secrets
0582711789: Australian Experience
0582711975: War Without End: Conflict in Indo-china
0582711983: International Affairs since 1939
0582712092: The other Taj Mahal: What happened to the Sydney Opera House
0582712130: The Rise and Fall of Economic Growth: A Study in Contemporary Thought
0582712157: The Structure of Science Education.
0582712718: Working in Human Service Organisations: a Critical Introduction
0582714125: How Did Sports Begin
0582714206: Smith's dream
0582714311: Alan Marshall Talking
0582714362: Three Short Novels from Papua New Guinea
0582714370: Three Short Novels From Papua New Guinea.
0582714478: Sometimes Gladness: Collected Poems, 1954-1978
0582714567: Their chastity was not too rigid: Leisure times in early Australia
0582714761: Northern Australia: Patterns and problems of tropical development in an advanced country
0582714796: Story of the Dandenongs
0582717108: SOCIAL PROCESS IN NEW ZEALAND Readings in Sociology
0582717191: Sons for the Return Home.
0582717310: Emerging Pluralism: The Samoan Community in New Zealand
0582717329: Emerging Pluralism: The Samoan Community in New Zealand
0582717337: Flying-Fox in a Freedom Tree
0582717345: Flying-Fox in a Freedom Tree
0582717426: WAIARIKI.
0582717469: Prehistoric Maori Fortifications in the North Island of New Zealand : New Zealand Archaeological Association Monographs : No.6
0582717477: Prehistoric Maori Fortifications in the North Island of New Zealand.
0582717507: Inside Us the Dead: Poems 1961-1974
0582717582: Motueka
0582717612: Mutuwhenua
0582717620: Mutuwhenua: The Moon Sleeps
0582717647: Amokura
0582717728: LALI : A Pacific Anthology
0582717795: Dream Sleepers and Other Stories (Pacific Paperbacks)
0582717914: After the Revolution and other stories Paperback by Michael Gifkins
0582717957: The South Pacific: An Introduction
0582718139: The South Pacific: An introduction
0582718198: TE WHANAKE 1: te kakano
0582718228: Governing New Zealand
0582721040: Home Economics for Png Volume 1
0582721059: Home Economics for Png Volume 2
0582721075: Create & Communicate Png Bk1
0582721083: Create & Communicate Png Bk1 Tchrs
0582721105: Create & Communicate Png Bk2
0582721113: Create & Communicate Png Bk2 Tchrs
0582721121: Create & Communicate Png Bk3
0582721148: Home Economics for Png Volume 3
0582721156: Create & Communicate Png Bk3 Tchrs
0582721164: Create & Communicate Png Bk4
0582721172: Create & Communicate Png Bk4 Tchrs
0582721180: Commerce & Development in Png 2ed
0582721202: Investigating Geog: Highland Communities in Papua New Guinea
0582721229: Fundamental Science for Melanesia Vol 2
0582721237: Fundamental Science for Melanesia Vol 3
0582722616: Deutsch Deutschland
0582724090: Common Malaysian Fruits
0582724147: Tun Razak
0582724171: The Cultural Heritage of Malaya
0582724244: Mammals of Malaysia
0582724279: Common Malaysian Beetles
0582726026: Indo-China: Signposts in the Storm
0582726034: Indo-China:Signposts in the Storm
0582727049: Heritage of African Poetry
0582727073: Southern Africa since 1800
0582739403: Defending New Zealand : New Zealand's Search for Security 1945-1985
0582739977: How Children Learn to Read : Insights from the New Zealand Experience
0582743451: Longman First Certificate
0582744075: Images
0582744091: Situational Dialogues
0582745004: Tempest
0582745020: An outline of American literature
0582746043: English Teaching Perspectives
0582746086: Teaching English Through English
0582746094: Essentials of Linguistic Science
0582746205: Teaching Oral English
0582746221: Effective Class Management
0582746272: Techniques for Classroom Interaction : Keys to Language Teaching Series
0582746515: Teaching Writing Skills : Longman Handbooks for Language Teachers
0582747104: Survive in Italian Travel Pack
0582747120: Survive in German: Survive Travel Pack : The Language Guide for Travellers
0582748097: Reading Social Sciences in English
0582748348: BUSINESS TALK
0582748607: Nucleus: General Science: Student's Book (Nucleus) (Paperba
0582748852: English for Technical Students
0582749174: Outline of English Literature
0582749212: An Illustrated History of USA (Longman Background Books)
0582749239: Faces of the U. S. A.
0582749298: America Close-Up
0582754550: Mathematics for Common Entrance
0582756642: Search for the Paradise Land
0582760003: Thirty Short Stories
0582761166: The Story of Abu Simbel (Longman Graded Structural Readers for the Arab World)
0582761476: Al Manar English-Arabic Dictionary
0582763045: Making of the West Indies
0582763215: West Indian Story
0582764149: Vamos Amigos: Pupil's Book One
0582764769: Frankincense and Myrrh: A Study of the Arabian Incense Trade (Arab Background Series) - Hardcover
0582765331: Caribbean Story
0582765404: Peoples of Other Lands (Caribbean Colour Geography)
0582765412: Caribbean History in Maps
0582765765: Vamos Amigos, Pupil Book Two, New Edition
0582766109: Caribbean Fruits and Vegetables: Selected Recipes
0582766370: West Indian Poetry
0582766583: People Who Came
0582767024: The Sun's Eye: West Indian Writing for Young Readers
0582770890: Julia Rob/News Chase/Cruis/Long Rd Cass
0582770939: Opportunities Class Aud Cd (3)Upper-Int
0582770955: Opportunities Class Aud Cd (3)Elementary
0582770963: Opportunities Class Aud Cd (3)Intermed
0582770971: Opportunities Class Aud Cd (3)Pre-Inter
0582771137: Reading Text Audio Cassette
0582771145: Opportunities Read Text AudCass Upper-In
0582771218: Longman Exam Skills Proficiency Listening and Speaking Teacher's Book
0582771226: Longman Exam Skills Proficiency Listening and Speaking Audio Cassettes
0582771838: Get on Track to Fce
0582771854: Victory at Stalingrad : The Battle That Changed History
0582771862: Women, Men and Language : A Sociolinguistic Account of Gender Differences in Language
0582771870: Seven Wonders Of The Ancient World
0582771889: Tudor and Stuart Britain : 1485-1714
0582771919: Power Couples
0582772109: Last Queens of Egypt
0582772141: Hello Sailor!: The Hidden History of Gay Life at Sea
0582772168: Death and Burial in Ancient Egypt
0582772222: William Marshal
0582772230: Terrorism
0582772249: Alexander the Great : Man and God
0582772265: Intrigue and Treason: The Tudor Court, 1547-1558
0582772273: Dangerous Liaisons : Collaboration and World War Two
0582772281: Prelude (Books 1 and 2) and Selected Poems
0582772303: The Merchant's Prologue and Tale
0582772311: Glass Menagerie
0582772338: Marshal Zhukov
0582772516: Stuart Age
0582772524: Lion's Share
0582772532: Ancient Egypt: Foundations of a Civilization
0582772540: Pursuit of History : Aims, Methods and New Directions in the Study of Modern History
0582772567: The Stuarts' Secret Army : Evelyn Lord (Hardcover, 2004)
0582772575: The North Sea Saga
0582772591: Ascendancy of Europe : 1815-1914
0582772605: Modern Europe, 1789-Present
0582772613: The Transvaal Rebellion: The First Boer War, 1880-1881
0582772621: Poems from Different Cultures and Traditions
0582772648: York Notes for GCSE: Seamus Heaney and Gillian Clark (York Notes for GCSE)
0582772656: York Notes for GCSE: Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift (York Notes for GCSE)
0582772664: York Notes for GCSE: Educating Rita by Willy Russell (York Notes for GCSE) - Paperback
0582772672: Frankenstein: York Notes
0582772680: York Notes on Henry V
0582772699: Julius Caesar
0582772702: York Notes for GCSE: Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw (York Notes for GCSE)
0582772710: Silas Marner: York Notes
0582772729: York Notes for GCSE: The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger (York Notes for GCSE)
0582772818: A Military History of the English Civil War: 1642-1649
0582772834: People's History of the United States
0582772842: Origins of the Cold War, 1941-1949
0582772850: Tudor Rebellions
0582772893: French Revolution : 1787-1804
0582772907: London 1849 a Victorian Murder Story
0582772931: Border Fury: England and Scotland at War, 1296-1568
0582772990: Focus on IELTS, Class Audio Cds (3)
0582773016: First Certificate Expert, Student's Resource Book Audio Cd
0582773059: First Certificate Expert, Student's Resource Book (With Key) and Audio
0582773164: Opportunities Teachers Book Pre-Intermed
0582773547: Longman Science 11-14: Answer Book
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