0590054236: Gray Wolf
0590054244: Arrow Book of Poetry
0590054252: The Day Lincoln Was Shot
0590054260: Mean MAx
0590054333: The Little Engine That Could
0590054422: Billion Dollar Hobo
0590054457: Barbapapa's School
0590054465: Birds
0590054473: National Audubon Society First Field Guide : Insects
0590054643: Wildflowers
0590054686: NBA Megastars 99
0590054694: Weather
0590054724: National Audubon Society First Field Guide : Trees
0590054821: Birds
0590054848: National Audubon Society First Field Guide : Rocks and Minerals
0590054864: Wildflowers
0590054872: National Audubon Society First Field Guide : Reptiles
0590054880: National Audubon Society First Field Guides : Weather
0590054899: Mammals
0590054902: Trees
0590055046: Map Skills
0590055445: A Member of the Family
0590056115: Louie
0590056123: The Trip
0590056131: The Little Engine That Could
0590056158: Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys
0590056352: Aunt Eater\'s Mystery Christmas (An I Can Read Book)
0590056360: Mouse & Mole and the Christmas Walk
0590056379: The great Christmas kidnaping caper
0590056387: The Dark Stairs
0590056549: Tonka Big Farm Tractor
0590056565: Big city dump truck
0590056603: The Greek News
0590056638: George Washington's Mother
0590056999: Rumpelstiltskin
0590057006: Tarot Says Beware: a Herculeah Jones Mystery
0590057014: Mrs. Toggle's beautiful blue shoe
0590057022: Bill Nye the Science Guy's Consider the Following
0590057030: The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus
0590057049: Clifford's Peek-and-seek Animal Riddles
0590057227: The Grumpy Morning
0590057235: BabySitters Club Series (Baby-Sitters, # 97)
0590057243: It's Your First Kiss, Charlie Brown
0590057251: All-pro football stars, '79
0590057278: April Rabbits
0590057286: Avalanche
0590057294: Baseball's Ten Greatest Pitchers
0590057308: The Bike Book
0590057316: The complete sports dictionary
0590057332: The Dingle Ridge Fox and Other Stories
0590057359: Egg Carton Critters
0590057367: Firefighters
0590057391: Give a Magic Show
0590057405: Gogo's Car Breaks Down
0590057413: Good Riding.
0590057421: The Great Big Elephant and the Very Small Elephant
0590057448: Harry and the Terrible Whatzit (Literature Links)
0590057456: Herman and the Bears Behind Bars
0590057464: If You Were a Ballet Dancer
0590057472: It Never Fails
0590057499: Keep Stompin' Till the Music Stops
0590057502: Jarrett's Jade
0590057529: The Little And The Big Storm
0590057537: Lost Dogs Three
0590057545: Masters of Magic
0590057561: The Mork and Mindy Story
0590057588: Phoebe the Spy
0590057596: The Pinballs
0590057642: Really Ridiculous Rabbit Riddles
0590057650: Remember to Love
0590057669: Rock's Biggest Ten
0590057693: Secret Magnets
0590057707: Shadows
0590057723: Sprint Plus (Leveled books for Intervention)
0590057731: Spider Makes a Web
0590057790: To Elvis With Love
0590057804: The Voices of Julie
0590057812: Sprint Plus Leveled Books for Intervention - Level 500 Teacher's Guide
0590057820: What Goes Up, Must Come Down
0590057847: You Can't Take Twenty Dogs on a Date
0590057936: Hello Cat You Need a Hat
0590057944: Lucky Book of Mad Libs.
0590057979: Teach Us, Amelia Bedelia (Amelia Bedelia Ser.)
0590058010: My Mother Made Me
0590058118: Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea
0590058266: Disney's 101 Dalmations Pull-Out Poster Book
0590058290: Disney's Hercules Pull-Out Poster Book
0590058347: Sprint plus
0590058355: Sprint plus,Level 600 (Student Workshop)
0590058401: Hero
0590058541: The Baby-Sitters Club #119, Stacey's Ex-Boyfriend
0590058835: Exactly The Opposide
0590058894: Space Station Science : Life in Free Fall
0590058924: Space Station Science: Life in Free Fall
0590058967: Peek-a-Boo!
0590058991: Smile!
0590059025: Revenge of the Substitute Teacher
0590059084: Outrageous Origin
0590059092: Pie-Rat's Revenge
0590059440: K-Niner : Dog of Doom
0590059459: Menace of the Nutanator
0590059467: Horrible Harry and the Dungeon
0590059475: Book of Names
0590059483: Book of Signs
0590059491: Book of Magic
0590059505: Book of Thunder
0590059521: When the Earth Wakes
0590059548: Pooh\'s Bad Dream (Disney\'s My Very First Winnie the Pooh)
0590059556: Tuna Fish Tuesday
0590059564: Wisenheimer Wednesday
0590059572: Just Thursday
0590059599: Wedding That Almost Wasn't
0590059602: Where the Boys Are
0590059610: Goldilocks and the Three Bears : Finger Puppet Theater
0590059629: Little Red Riding Hood : Finger Puppet Theater
0590059637: Have You Seen Bugs?
0590059653: Have you seen bugs?
0590059661: Crocodile Smile
0590059726: Claudia and the Mystery in the Painting
0590059734: Stacey and the Stolen Hearts
0590059742: Mary Anne and the Haunted Bookstore
0590059750: Abby and the Notorious Neighbor
0590059769: Kristy and the Cat Burglar
0590059777: Baby-Sitters' Christmas Chiller
0590059785: D3 the Mighty Ducks
0590059793: Keep It Up! (A Science Activity Book)
0590059807: Hid and Sneak: A Science Activity Book
0590059815: Hopper Hunts for Spring
0590059823: Snowbound: The Tragic Story of the Donner Party
0590059831: Buz
0590059874: When Winter Comes
0590059882: Abby the Bad Sport
0590059890: Stacey's Secret Friend
0590059904: Kristy and the Sister War
0590059912: Claudia Makes up Her Mind
0590059920: Secret Life of Mary Anne Spier
0590059939: Jessi's Big Break
0590059947: Abby and the Best Kid Ever
0590059955: Claudia and the Terrible Truth
0590059963: Kristy Thomas, Dog Trainer
0590059971: Stacey's Ex-Boyfriend
0590059998: Happy New Year, Pooh! (My very first Winnie the Pooh)
0590060007: Baby-Sitters' European Vacation
0590060015: Halloween Parade
0590060031: Holiday Time
0590060058: Spelling Bee
0590060090: Baby Animal Zoo
0590060120: Clifford's Spring Clean-Up
0590060198: The Bfg
0590060201: Bill and Pete (Trumpet Club Special Edition)
0590060317: Hopper's Easter Surprise
0590060473: Snap!
0590060562: NBA Hot Shots
0590060589: The Three Billy-Goats Gruff
0590060791: You're a Good Sport, Charlie Brown
0590060929: Shake Hands With Shakespeare
0590061127: Emma in Love
0590061135: More Marmaduke
0590061151: The Hidden Cave
0590061194: Slave Girl
0590061224: Flight of the White Wolf
0590061259: Hansel and Gretel
0590061267: Vowel Crosswords (spelling skills) Transparencies. Scope visuals 6
0590061631: Jack Kent's Twelve Days of Christmas
0590061844: Trapped in Hill House!
0590061852: A dog gone dilemma
0590061887: In the Haunted House
0590061917: A,B,C,D Tummy, Toes, Hands, Knees
0590061933: Arthur's Pen Pal
0590061941: A Birthday for Frances
0590061976: Babushka Baba Yaga.
0590061984: Frog and Toad Together
0590062026: Pelle's New Suit
0590062034: Play Ball, Amelia Bedelia
0590062050: Children of the Dust Bowl: The True Story of the School at Weedpatch Camp
0590062069: The Dog Who Had Kittens
0590062085: Five Little Ducks
0590062093: Fox Outfoxed (A Trumpet Club Special Edition)
0590062115: Harry the Dirty Dog
0590062123: Henry and Mudge In the Sparkle Days
0590062131: The Keeping Quilt
0590062190: The Hundred Dresses
0590062212: King Midas & the Golden Touch
0590062220: Rude Giants
0590062239: Rudolph's Second Christmas
0590062247: Little Rascal
0590062271: Something Under The Bed Is Drooling
0590062409: The Yucky Reptile Alphabet Book
0590062514: The School Mouse
0590062522: The Santa Fe Trail
0590062611: Seal Pup Grows Up: The Story of a Harbor Seal (Smithsonian Ocenaic Collection)
0590062638: The Best Bug Parade (Math Start comparing sizes)
0590062646: Arthur babysits (Marc Brown\'s Arthur adventures)
0590063502: Greek Gods
0590063804: Nba Slam and Jam Map Skills: Grades 3-4
0590063839: Nba Slam & Jam Math Skills: Grades 3-4
0590063847: Math For Grades 5-6 : Math For Grades 5-6
0590063936: Earthdance
0590064320: Connie & Bonnie Blastoff
0590065343: There's an Owl in the Shower
0590065416: Hickory Dickory Math : Teaching Math with Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales
0590065432: Brain-Boosting Math Activities : More Than 50 Great Activities that Reinforce Problem-Solving
0590065440: Brain-Boosting Math Activities : More Than 50 Great Activities that Reinforce Problem-Solving
0590065459: Brain-Boosting Math Activities : More Than 50 Great Activities that Reinforce Problem-Solving
0590065467: Brain-Boosting Math Activities : More Than 50 Great Activities that Reinforce Problem-Solving
0590065556: Henry Y Mudge: El Primer Libro De Sus Aventuras
0590065580: Brain-Boosting Math Activities : More Than 50 Great Activities that Reinforce Problem-Solving
0590065653: Can't You Sleep, Little Bear? Scholastic
0590065696: Literature Guides : Bridge to Terabithia
0590065718: My Side of the Mountain
0590065726: Sarah, Plain and Tall
0590065734: Backstage with Clawdio
0590065750: I Tell a Lie Every So Often
0590065769: The Little Book of Cats
0590065777: The Little Book of Dogs
0590065793: Oh, those Harper girls!, or, Young and dangerous
0590065807: Snowballs
0590065831: The whiz kids plugged in (Hands-on science)
0590065858: Karen's Pony Camp
0590065866: Karen's Puppet Show
0590065874: Karen's Unicorn
0590065882: Karen's Haunted House
0590065890: Karen's Pilgrim
0590065904: Karen's Sleigh Ride
0590065912: Karen's Cooking Contest
0590065920: Karen's Snow Princess
0590065939: Karen's Promise
0590065947: Karen's Big Move
0590065955: Karen's Paper Route
0590065963: Karen's Fishing Trip
0590066056: Creatures in Crisis
0590066102: Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown
0590066110: Be My Valentine Charlie Brown
0590066498: Our president, Bill Clinton
0590066536: Complete Star Wars Trilogy Scrapbook : An Out of this World Guide to Star Wars, the Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi
0590066544: Star Wars Movie Story
0590066552: Star Wars : Pullout Posterbook
0590066560: Empire Strikes Back
0590066579: Empire Strikes Back : Pull Out Poster Book
0590066595: Return of the Jedi Storybook
0590066625: Peanuts
0590066633: Return of the Jedi Pullout Posterbook
0590066773: Five Brave Explorers - Great Black Heroes (Juvenile)
0590066838: HURRICANES
0590066919: Curious George
0590066935: Froggy Goes to School
0590067346: King Snake
0590067400: Where're the Bears?
0590067435: To Be a Chimpanzee
0590067516: Dateline: Troy by Fleischman, Paul
0590067567: Calvin and Hobbes
0590067575: Happy Birthday
0590067591: William's Doll
0590067605: BOOMER'S BIG DAY
0590067621: I Was a Second Grade Werewolf
0590067664: The Golly Sisters Go West
0590067680: El Autobus Magico Se Queda Plantado: UN Libro Sobre LA Fotosintesis/Magic School Bus Gets Planted : A Book About Photosynthesis (Mariposa, Scholastic En Espanol)
0590067702: Arthur's Pet Business (An Arthur Adventure)
0590067710: Chester the Out-of-Work Dog
0590067729: A Picture Book of George Washington (Picture Book Biographies)
0590067737: Four & Twenty Dinousaurs
0590067893: MRS. BRICE'S MICE
0590067958: It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown
0590068105: Fun with Franklin Activity Book
0590068288: Franklin Goes to Day Camp: A Story and Activity Book (Franklin)
0590068393: Small Pig
0590068571: Day the Stars Played the Monsters
0590068598: Mystery in Dracula's Castle
0590068601: Dick Whittington and His Cat (Treasured Horses, No 1)
0590068628: Snowshoe Thompson (An I Can Read Book)
0590068644: When Spring Comes
0590068652: Ride of Courage
0590068660: Spirit of the West
0590068776: Friends go adventuring
0590068806: Stone Soup
0590068822: Quick Tips : Writing Effective Report Card Comments
0590068849: La Historia De Ping
0590069039: How to Draw Silly Monsters
0590069047: How to Draw Horses & Ponies
0590069063: How to Draw Dinosaurs
0590069071: Fox on the job
0590070029: The Adventures of George Washington.
0590070037: Story of Ben Franklin
0590070088: Monsters of the Sea
0590070150: If You Lived In Colonial Times
0590070177: If You Grew Up With Abraham Lincoln
0590070339: Nothing but a Stranger
0590070436: How To Star In Track And Field
0590070487: The Book of Horses
0590070541: Questions and Answers About Ants
0590070568: How to Write Codes and Send Secret Messages
0590070630: Secret Agents Four
0590070762: How to Care for Your Dog
0590070894: Great Ghost Stories of the Old West
0590070983: O CAPTAIN!: The Death of Abraham Lincoln
0590071025: How to Make & Fly Paper Airplanes
0590071076: In the Wilds of Africa
0590071114: The Bride Wore Braids.
0590071157: Don't Cry for Me
0590071203: Beach Glass and Other Poems.
0590071211: The Green Hero Early Adventures of Finn McCool
0590071300: Leaders of the American Revolution
0590071335: Assignment: Rescue.
0590071432: That's What Happened to Me.
0590071440: Discovering Music
0590071467: Retreat to the Bear Paw, the Story of the Nez Perce.
0590071483: Me and Arch and the Pest
0590071491: Song of the Quail: The Wondrous World of the Maya
0590071564: All Kinds of Babies by Selsam, Millicent Ellis
0590071572: The Nonsense Book of Riddles, Rhymes, Tongue Twisters, Puzzles and Jokes from American Folklore
0590071637: Schemers, Dreamers, and Medicine Men: Witchcraft and Magic Among Primitive People
0590071645: Inventors and Inventions of the Ancient World
0590071688: Green Noses,
0590071696: Corvus the Crow.
0590071750: The Five Great Religions
0590071769: Tops and Bottoms
0590071785: All Aboard! the Railroad Trains That Built America.
0590071793: What Happened in Marston.
0590071858: Don't Tell the Scarecrow, and Other Japanese Poems,
0590071874: Insect Behavior,
0590071904: How Puppies Grow
0590071912: The Peppersalt Land
0590071920: The Long Trail Home.
0590071963: In the Wilds of North America.
0590071971: Over in the Meadow
0590072048: How to Star in Swimming and Diving.
0590072099: Simon Boom Gives a Wedding
0590072110: Coplas: Folk Poems in Spanish and English.
0590072129: The Extraordinary Adventures of Chee Chee McNerney
0590072137: Uneasy Friendship: France and the United States.
0590072234: The man who made everyone late
0590072242: Freckle Juice
0590072250: Now or Never: The Fight Against Pollution
0590072269: Questions and Answers About Weather
0590072382: The Beginnings of Art
0590072390: Who Likes It Hot? by Garelick, May,
0590072404: The Ganges: A Personal Encounter
0590072420: Weekly Reader Books presents Freckle juice
0590072439: What Do Animals Eat?
0590072447: Beany and His New Recorder.
0590072471: Zoos of the World
0590072498: Dave White & The Electric Wonder Car
0590072536: Strangers in Their Own Land: a History of Mexican-Americans.
0590072587: The Busy Honeybee.
0590072595: The Sick Book: Questions and Answers About Hiccups and Mumps, Sneezes and Bumps and Other Things That Go Wrong With Us
0590072609: Your City Tomorrow
0590072676: Kate's Story.
0590072684: Complete Motorcycle Book
0590072757: Wingspread - A World of Birds
0590072773: Informal Schools in Britain Today (Volume 3)
0590072838: The energy trap,
0590072846: Everyone Knows What A Dragon Looks Like
0590072862: What Do You Do with a Kangaroo
0590072900: Me, Cholay and Co.: Apache Warriors.
0590072919: Away Is So Far.
0590072927: Spirit of the Lord
0590072951: Uncle Misha's Partisans.
0590072978: Black Gold: The Story of Oil
0590073001: The war we could have lost;: The American Revolution
0590073036: Dooryard Garden: Tim and Jennifer s Calendar from Planning to Harvesting,
0590073052: What's Wrong With Being a Skunk? by Schlein, Miriam.
0590073060: Squeals and Squiggles and Ghostly Giggles
0590073079: The hidden world: The story of microscopic life
0590073095: Bird behavior
0590073109: A Sleepless Day.
0590073125: Wild travelers;: The story of animal migration
0590073206: Going to Moscow, and Other Stories.
0590073214: The Apache Indians: Raiders of the Southwest
0590073230: Plant Fun: Ten Easy Plants to Grow Indoors
0590073249: Pickle.
0590073265: The teacher of young children (Her Young children learning series)
0590073281: Reaching out (Her Young children learning)
0590073303: Exploration and language (Her Young children learning)
0590073311: Young children thinking
0590073346: Easy Experiments With Water Pollution
0590073354: Science Can Be Elementary
0590073362: The Attic Witch,
0590073370: Silents to sound: A history of the movies
0590073397: My brother Sam is dead
0590073400: If You Lived with the Sioux Indians
0590073419: Thread One To A Star: A Book of Poems
0590073427: The Reward Worth Having
0590073435: Fat Elliot and the Gorilla.
0590073443: From Canton to California: The Epic of Chinese Immigration
0590073451: Across the Sea from Galway
0590073478: Where Did My Mother Go?
0590073494: The bed just so
0590073508: Bobo, the troublemaker
0590073516: Let Them Be Themselves
0590073524: Questions and Answers About Horses
0590073532: Fury on skates
0590073559: Struggle and lose, struggle and win: The United Mine Workers
0590073567: Communications Satellites: Message Centers in Space
0590073575: More Books by More People: Interviews with Sixty-Five Authors of Books for Children
0590073591: Alone amid all this noise: A collection of women's poetry
0590073613: Becky's horse
0590073621: The Duck Of Billingsgate Market
0590073656: Hi-fi: From Edison's phonograph to quadraphonic sound
0590073664: Two Moral Tales
0590073672: Two More Moral Tales
0590073699: What About the Wankel Engine?
0590073702: The Sad Story of the Little Bluebird and the Hungry Cat
0590073729: Teaser and the Firecat
0590073737: Hiram Makes Friends
0590073745: The natural snack cookbook: 151 good things to eat
0590073753: The Lion's cub
0590073761: Squirrels
0590073788: Foxtails, ferns, & fish scales: A handbook of art and nature projects
0590073796: Hockey for beginners
0590073818: Truth and Consequences
0590073826: Lito the Shoeshine Boy
0590073834: Never run scared,
0590073842: The Treasure of Diogenes Sampuez
0590073850: Snakes
0590073877: The Frog Prince,
0590073885: Smiles, Nods, and Pauses: Activities to Enrich Children's Communication Skills.
0590073893: About Owls
0590073907: Henrietta, the wild woman of Borneo
0590073923: Caves
0590073931: Rumpelstiltskin;: A tale told long ago
0590073958: Structure in Early Learning
0590073966: The complete book of NASCAR stock car racing
0590073974: The Legend of lost earth
0590073990: Death Valley
0590074008: The Great Cat Chase; A Wordless Book: A Wordless Book
0590074016: Innovation without renovation in the elementary school
0590074024: Cactus, the all-American plant
0590074040: Peter's Angel: A story about monsters
0590074059: Heraclea: A Legend of Warrior Women
0590074075: Marx, Engels, and the workers of the world
0590074083: Letters from Italy
0590074091: How Kittens Grow
0590074113: The bloody country
0590074121: What Do You Want to Know About Guppies?
0590074148: Catch the wind: A book of windmills and windpower
0590074164: Land of the Giant Tortoise: The Story of the Galapagos
0590074180: Pettifur: A Story
0590074202: Treasures of Morrow
0590074210: Giraffe: The silent giant
0590074253: The secrets of Alkazar: A book of magic
0590074261: Elves and the Shoemaker
0590074296: I Hate To Take A Bath
0590074318: Greeks Bearing Gifts, the Epics of Achilles and Ulysses
0590074326: The Secret Soldier: The Story of Deborah Sampson
0590074334: Rteality Centered Learning
0590074342: Simon Boom Gets a Letter
0590074350: Hiding
0590074369: The burglar next door
0590074377: Beyond Earth: The search for extraterrestrial life
0590074385: Babylon, Next to Nineveh: Where the World Began
0590074393: Clifford's Good Deeds
0590074407: Death is natural
0590074423: Something to Make, Something to Think About
0590074474: Earth's changing climate
0590074482: The Dog Writes on the Window With His Nose and Other Poems
0590074490: Give Dad My Best
0590074504: Make a Witch, Make a Goblin: A Book of Halloween Crafts
0590074512: Are There Spooks in the Dark
0590074547: The Secret Lover of Elmtree
0590074555: Islands and Their Mysteries
0590074563: That man is talking to his toes
0590074601: Keep Earth clean, blue & green: Environmental activities for young people
0590074636: Call Me Danica
0590074644: Bridges
0590074652: Under the influence
0590074660: Ceremonial magic
0590074679: Underwater World of the Coral Reef
0590074687: Sharks
0590074695: I Used to
0590074709: Doing the Toledo
0590074725: I Hate to Go to Bed
0590074733: Ten Religions of the East
0590074741: Ji-Nongo-Nongo Means Riddle
0590074768: The illustrated step-by-step beginner's cookbook
0590074784: The Wicked Tricks of Tyl Uilenspiegel
0590074792: Secret Island
0590074806: Unhurry Harry
0590074814: Beyond the Arctic Circle
0590074822: Country, Cat, City, Cat
0590074830: Hanging in: What you should know about psychotherapy
0590074849: The World Outside: Collected Short Fiction About Women at Work
0590074857: Good Night to Annie
0590074865: Laughing Together: Giggles and Grins from Around the Globe
0590074873: The Tryouts
0590074881: On the Track of the Mystery Animal: The Story of the Discovery of the Okapi
0590074903: Bionic parts for people: The real story of artificial organs and replacement parts
0590074911: Easy Costumes You Don't Have to Sew
0590074938: The Great Jazz Artists
0590074946: Herman and the bears again
0590074970: Beauty and the beast
0590074997: Where's Mark
0590075004: Children of the Incas
0590075012: The time of the kraken
0590075020: Emperor's New Clothes
0590075039: Breakfast for Sammy
0590075047: The Knight of the Lion
0590075055: The girl who married a ghost and other tales from The North American Indian
0590075063: Appelard and Liverwurst
0590075071: Kids on the run: The stories of seven teen-age runaways
0590075101: Feeling Good
0590075136: Poisonous Snakes
0590075144: Danger from below: Earthquakes, past, present, and future
0590075179: The genetics explosion
0590075187: Where to now, Blue?
0590075195: Up Day, Down Day
0590075209: Alphabet Art
0590075217: Tomboy
0590075225: Words, sounds, & thoughts: More activities to enrich children's communication...
0590075233: Iron Road
0590075284: Basic Training: A Portrait of Today's Army
0590075292: The winter hero
0590075306: The Water of Life.
0590075314: Buster and the bogeyman
0590075322: The roots of crime: What you need to know about crime and what you can do about it
0590075330: A Cry From the Earth: Music of the North American Indians
0590075349: Draggermen
0590075357: What's going to happen to me?: When parents separate or divorce
0590075365: Mystery at Fire Island
0590075373: The Star in the Forest: A Mystery of the Dark Ages
0590075381: East of the Sun & West of the Moon.
0590075403: Itch, Sniffle and Sneeze: All About Asthma, Hay Fever and Other Allergies
0590075438: Lucky porcupine!
0590075446: Covered Bridge House, and Other Poems
0590075462: Carlo Collodi's the Adventures of Pinocchio
0590075470: The grey lady and the strawberry snatcher
0590075519: The Planets, Exploring the Solar System
0590075527: The constellations, how they came to be
0590075535: Surprising Things Maui Did
0590075578: Big Trouble
0590075586: The 329th Friend
0590075594: The Ghost of Tillie Jean Cassaway
0590075608: The forgotten bear
0590075616: The Week Mom Unplugged the Tvs
0590075624: Encyclopedia Brown Carries on
0590075632: Encyclopedia Brown Sets the Pace
0590075640: Angie's First Case
0590075659: The Peak Beneath the Moon
0590075667: Ready, set, go: How to find the career that's right for you
0590075675: Sea monsters of long ago
0590075683: Strean Runner
0590075691: The Wuggie Norple story
0590075705: The Truth About Dragons
0590075713: I, Tut
0590075764: Wings, the early years of aviation
0590075772: Freddy My Grandfather
0590075780: The S. S. Valentine
0590075799: Pickle Creature
0590075802: Ty's one-man band
0590075810: American Saints and Seers
0590075829: The midnight son
0590075837: The Magic Moscow
0590075845: The Beautiful Rat
0590075853: Maybe next summer
0590075861: Gregory, the Terrible Eater
0590075888: The magic grandfather
0590075896: Slaughter by auto
0590075918: Steel Beams & Iron Men
0590075993: Creep
0590076000: Grey Cloud
0590076027: Maggie and the Pirate
0590076035: The glass slipper: Charles Perrault's Tales from times past
0590076043: Shark Lady True Adventures of Eugenie Clark
0590076051: Octavia told me a secret
0590076086: Balance It!
0590076094: Crybaby
0590076108: Deadly ants
0590076116: Early morning rounds: A portrait of a hospital
0590076132: Memory: How it works and how to improve it
0590076140: Prince and the Pink Blanket
0590076159: Treasure Trap
0590076183: And then the mouse: Three stories
0590076205: Mr. Skinner's Skinny House.
0590076221: Yellow Dog and Pussy Gray and Other Stories
0590076248: Tooth Gnasher Superflash
0590076256: What happened in Hamelin
0590076264: Tucker and the Horse Thief
0590076272: The lost & found house
0590076302: Little Whale
0590076310: Caretaker
0590076329: Sun flight
0590076337: Have You Seen This Girl?
0590076345: The 100 Year Old Cactus
0590076388: Leroy and the Old Man
0590076396: Strange Mysteries from Around the World
0590076418: The Star Child: A Fairy Tale
0590076426: Picking and Weaving
0590076434: Shadow and the Gunner
0590076442: Scholastic Composition Level 1
0590076450: Scholastic Composition Level 2
0590076469: Scholastic Composition Level 3
0590076477: Scholastic Composition Level 4
0590076485: Scholastic Composition Level 5
0590076493: Scholastic Composition Level 6
0590076507: Animal Rights
0590076515: In Came the Darkness by
0590076523: Arf, Boo, Click, an Alphabet of Sounds
0590076531: Bats in the night
0590076558: The Violin Close Up
0590076574: Henrietta and the gong from Hong Kong
0590076582: Purim Goat
0590076612: The Handsome Man by
0590076639: First Travel Guide to the Moon
0590076655: Baseball's 10 greatest games
0590076663: Salted lemons
0590076671: 1000 Space Monsters Have Landed
0590076698: Kids in Court: The ACLU Defends Their Rights
0590076701: An apartment house close up
0590076728: The Hanukkah Book
0590076744: Killing Season
0590076833: Stage Brat
0590076841: Luisa's American Dream
0590076868: Signs & wonders: Tales from the Old Testament
0590076914: Scope English Anthology: Level one
0590076922: Scope English Grammar & Composition, Level One
0590076930: Scope English Anthology (Level Two)
0590076949: Scope English: Grammar, Composition, Level 2
0590076957: Scope English Anthology: Level Three
0590076965: Grammar & Composition Level 3
0590076973: Scope English Anthology: Level Four
0590076981: Grammar & Composition: Level Four
0590077007: Grammar & Composition Level 5 (Scope English)
0590077015: Scope English Anthology, Level Six
0590077023: Grammar & Composition (Scope English) (Level 6)
0590077031: The Sea Watch
0590077058: Scholastic American citizenship (Scholastic American citizenship program)
0590077074: Emmet Otter's Jug-band Christmas
0590077090: Giggly Wiggly Snickety Snick
0590077139: THE BOY IN THE MOON
0590077295: The sign of the owl
0590077309: A Change of Plans
0590077430: Louie's Search
0590077449: The Foggy Rescue
0590077457: Strange Creatures
0590077473: Flunking out
0590077538: Slaves of Spiegel: A Magic Moscow Story
0590077554: Night Animals
0590077562: Bored with being bored!: How to beat the boredom blahs
0590077589: Arm in arm: A collection of connections, endless tales, reiterations, and other echolalia
0590077597: Bubble Bubble
0590077619: Cranberry Thanksgiving
0590077627: Fortunately
0590077643: To grandfather's house we go: A roadside tour of American homes
0590077651: Hiding Game
0590077678: Harvey's Hideout
0590077686: Hooray for Me
0590077708: The Ice-Cream Cone Coot and Other Rare Birds
0590077716: Liza Lou and the Yeller Belly Swamp
0590077724: Mother Mother I Feel Sick Send for the Doctor Quick Quick Quick
0590077732: Mrs. Beggs and the Wizard
0590077740: The Mole Family's Christmas
0590077767: Maxie
0590077775: Miss Suzy's Easter Surprise
0590077783: A SILLY STORY
0590077791: There was an old woman
0590077805: The terrible thing that happened at our house by Blaine, Marge
0590077821: Steven Kellogg's Yankee Doodle
0590077848: The Awful Mess
0590077856: Old Black Witch!
0590077864: Old Witch Rescues Halloween
0590077872: Old Witch and the polka-dot ribbon
0590077880: Pro football's ten greatest games
0590077899: Scholastic American Adventures
0590077902: Finders, keepers
0590077929: Once Upon MacDonald's Farm
0590077937: Liverwurst is missing
0590077961: THE LAST SCORE
0590077996: Freshwater Fish & Fishing
0590078011: The Whistling skeleton: American Indian tales of the supernatural
0590078038: The great Egyptian heist
0590078100: Number Art : Thirteen 123s from Around the World
0590078119: The Midnight Son
0590078127: Skates!
0590078135: Kitten for a Day
0590078151: Scholastic sociology: The search for social patterns
0590078178: Oliver's escape
0590078194: Teddy Bears' Moving Day
0590078224: Bertie on the beach
0590078232: A DAY TO REMEMBER
0590078240: Mark Twain Murders
0590078267: If dinosaurs were cats and dogs
0590078275: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
0590078283: A member of the family
0590078291: Moonshadow of Cherry Mountain
0590078305: At the Back of the Woods
0590078356: As the Waltz Was Ending
0590078429: An Alien Music
0590078437: Encyclopedia Brown Takes the Cake!: A Cook and Case Book
0590078445: The Hat
0590078453: Allumette A Fable, with Due Respect to Hans Christian Andersen, the Grimm Brothers, and the Honorable Ambrose Bierce
0590078461: Secret Carousel
0590078518: Our Country's History
0590078534: Truth or dare
0590078542: Cranberry Halloween
0590078569: A Various Journey
0590078577: Save the loonies
0590078585: When We First Met
0590078593: Starting with Melodie
0590078607: The computer that said steal me
0590078623: Where Do They Go?
0590078682: Dear Zoo
0590078690: Big City Port
0590078704: Margie and Me
0590078712: Morning
0590078720: Pigs in hiding
0590078747: Baby Mabu and Auntie Moose
0590078755: Backyard Insects
0590078763: Just Plain Cat
0590078771: Veronica, the show-off
0590078798: 100 Year Old Cactus
0590078801: Ribtickle Town
0590078828: Bony Legs
0590078836: The moon
0590078844: Earth: Our Planet in Space
0590078852: Uncle Roland the Perfect Guest
0590078860: Sun, rain
0590078879: Building a House
0590078925: Mama's Secret
0590078941: Lure of the Dark
0590078992: Scarface Joe
0590079018: Cf in His Corner by
0590079026: Patrick and Ted
0590079050: And Philippa makes four
0590079069: Tickle a pickle
0590079077: Prince Sparrow
0590079085: The Girl Who Wouldn't Get Married
0590079123: Tina into Two Won't Go
0590079158: ANIMAL NOISES
0590079166: Noisy homes (Sally Kilroy's baby board books)
0590079174: BABY COLORS
0590079409: Pet Shop
0590079417: Circus Monkeys
0590079425: Baby Animals
0590079433: Toy Soldiers
0590079441: Oh Dear!
0590079476: Babies' Zoo
0590079492: Teddy Bears Cure a Cold
0590080008: Adventures of Nicholas
0590080016: The Adventures of the Three Blind Mice
0590080024: Aesop's Fables
0590080032: All American Crosswords
0590080067: Arrow Book of Jokes and Riddles
0590080091: Arrow Book of Word Games
0590080121: Barrel of Laughs
0590080148: The Bigger Giant An Irish Legend
0590080202: BRAVE DANIEL
0590080245: Case of the Marble Monster and Other Stories
0590080261: Christopher Columbus
0590080288: Clifford the Big Red Dog
0590080296: Clifford Takes a Trip
0590080334: Chocolate Cookbook
0590080350: Mary Poppins
0590080407: 52 Miles to Terror: And Other Stories of the Road (Fifty-Two)
0590080474: The Ghostly Trio
0590080490: They Went That-A-Way & That-A-Way
0590080547: How Animals Sleep
0590080563: Indian Two Feet and His Horse
0590080571: Irish Red
0590080601: Jokes and More Jokes
0590080628: KENNY'S MONKEY
0590080660: Little Witch
0590080695: The Magic Fish - The Fisherman and His Wife
0590080717: Marmaduke
0590080725: Marmaduke
0590080741: Mr. Blue
0590080822: A Pony for the Winter
0590080873: Rabbit and Skunk and Spooks
0590080946: School Daze
0590080997: Spooky Magic by Kettlekamp, Larry
0590081071: The Thinking Machine, Adventures of a Mastermind
0590081101: Twenty Seven Cats Next Door
0590081144: What Happened When Jack and Daisy Tried to Foot the Tooth Fairies
0590081152: Josie on Her Own
0590081187: Word a Day
0590081195: Word Games and Puzzles
0590081950: Greatest in Baseball
0590082736: The Snow Child
0590082841: Cabaret
0590083392: Moving Dirt
0590083449: John Henry an American Legend
0590085018: Abe Lincoln Gets His Chance
0590085026: Yoy're a Good Sport, Charlie Brown
0590085034: Alice in Wonderland
0590085042: Alvin's Secret Code
0590085077: Arrow Book of the United Nations
0590085085: The Babe Ruth Story
0590085123: The Big Wave
0590085204: Captains Courageous
0590085212: The Children Who Stayed Alone
0590085220: Clarence, the TV Dog
0590085247: Little house in the big woods
0590085255: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Other Stories
0590085301: The Family Nobody Wanted
0590085344: Forgotten Door
0590085395: Grimms ' Fairy Tales
0590085409: Hans Brinker or the Silver Skates
0590085417: Heidi
0590085425: Hercules And Other Tales From Greek Myths
0590085441: Honestly, Katie John !
0590085468: If You Grew Up with Abraham Lincoln
0590085476: If You Lived in Colonial Times
0590085492: Is This You?
0590085514: Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors
0590085522: A Journey to the Center of the Earth
0590085565: Little Women
0590085611: Creatures of Darkness
0590085654: The Marvelous Land of Oz : A Sequel to The Wizard of Oz
0590085700: The Mysterious Island.
0590085719: Mystery of the Green Cat
0590085824: DAN
0590085840: The Boy Who Would Not Go to School: Robert Francis Weatherbee
0590085883: Secret Under the Sea
0590085956: Ten Great Mysteries by Edgar Allan Poe
0590085972: Time Machine and Other Stories
0590086049: Wizard of Oz
0590086073: Bristle Face
0590086103: Mystery of the Haunted Pool
0590086111: Solv-A-Crime
0590086138: That Darn Cat
0590086162: Hank Aaron...714 and Beyond!
0590086170: Edge of Manhood
0590086782: It's Arbor Day, Charlie Browb
0590087002: Halloween Fun
0590087010: DIC-TION-AR-Y SKILZ
0590087142: Baseball Life of Mickey Mantle
0590087223: Down the Mississippi
0590087231: Eleven Great Horror Stories
0590087258: Georgie And The Robbers
0590087312: He's Your Dog, Charlie Brown
0590087320: Henny Penny
0590087363: How to make and Fly Paper Airplanes
0590087401: Is Something Up There: the Story of Flying Saucers
0590087479: Monsters of the Sea
0590087487: Mystery in the Night Woods
0590087517: A Place of Her Own
0590087525: The Plant Sitter
0590087541: Queenie Peavy
0590087606: Stop Stop
0590087614: That Noodle-Head, Epanindas
0590087622: Master Storytellers: The Tell-Tale Heart and Other Stories By Edgar Allan Poe
0590087649: The Ugly Duckling
0590087657: Facts-Ination
0590087673: The Wednesday Witch
0590087681: What Do They Do When It Rains!
0590087746: Jock s Island
0590087770: Black Is Beautiful
0590087800: The Love Bug
0590087843: Hamlet, Macbeth, King Lear: Three Tragedies
0590087851: Favorite Pets
0590087886: Project Cat
0590087940: The Gingerbread Man
0590088092: Sunflowers for Tina
0590088165: Great Ghost Stories of the Old West
0590088181: In the Morning of Time
0590088203: You're Not Elected, Charlie Brown
0590088211: Herbie Rides Again.
0590088262: It Was a Short Summer, Charlie Brown
0590088998: Helen Keller
0590089064: The Life and Words of John F. Kennedy
0590089072: Madeline
0590089080: Madeline's rescue
0590089099: Twenty Grand
0590089528: Elementary Creative Bulletin Boards
0590090496: Homer Price
0590090550: Blue Willow
0590090615: Football Laughs
0590090631: Call It Courage
0590090690: Amelia Bedelia
0590090720: Star of Wild Horse Canyon
0590090755: Scarlet Letter
0590090852: Marmaduke Again?
0590090992: Creating Plays With Children
0590091077: Follow My Leader
0590091107: Jane Eyre
0590091239: Laughing Together Giggles and Grins
0590091387: Learning to Move and Moving to Learn
0590091417: The Tale of Peter Rabbit
0590091468: Boiling Water in a Paper Cup and Other Unbelievables
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