0590091581: Tikki Tikki Tembo
0590091646: Ask Me If I Love You Now
0590091689: Ghosts, Ghouls and Other Horrors
0590091751: Harlem Globetrotters
0590091778: How to Care for Your Monster
0590091786: How Puppies Grow
0590091794: The Hungry Thing
0590091824: Just a Box?
0590091832: Just in Time for the King's Birthday
0590091891: Money, Money, Money
0590091905: Mrs Coverlet's Magicians
0590091921: Mystery of the Secret Stowaway
0590091948: Old one-toe
0590091956: Over in the Meadow
0590091964: Patton
0590091999: Princess Tales
0590092049: Sally (Original Title: Three of a Kind)
0590092065: Susan
0590092081: Teenager in Love
0590092197: Haunted House and Other Spooky Poems and Tales
0590092219: How to Play Better Baseball
0590092243: Million Dollar Duck
0590092340: Dracula (Abridged)
0590092359: Easy Ways With Holidays : From Arrow's Creative Classroom Activities Library education Craft Projects, Activity for children
0590092405: The Girl Who Knew Tomorrow
0590092421: Goodnight Moon: A Portfolio of Notes
0590092472: If You Lived with the Circus
0590092480: Is This a Baby Dinosaur? And Other Science Picture - Puzzles
0590092502: Laugh Book
0590092561: Morris the Moose Goes to School
0590092588: Mystery of the Red Tide
0590092618: No Such Thing As a Witch
0590092693: Star Wars Storybook.
0590092723: The Three Little Pigs
0590092766: What Do Animals Eat?
0590092812: Zeely
0590092863: More Poetry for Holidays
0590092901: Monkey Trouble
0590092979: The Ball That Wouldn't Bounce
0590093002: Dear Garbage Man
0590093177: The Curious Cow
0590093185: Nobody Listens to Andrew
0590093207: Senior Year
0590093290: The Girl With Spunk
0590093479: Georgie and the Noisy Ghost
0590093487: Spooky Rhymes and Riddles
0590093495: Clifford: The Small Red Puppy
0590093517: Champions Don't Cry
0590093800: Strange Sudden and Unexpected
0590093819: Tom Hawke
0590093827: Treasures Beneath the Sea
0590093843: Vampires, Werewolves and Other Demons
0590093878: Bug in a Jug&Other Poems
0590093908: Mystery of Castle Croome
0590093916: Encyclopedia of Pop Rock
0590093940: Little Fireman
0590093967: Magic in the Park
0590094009: Let them be themselves;: Language arts for children in elementary schools
0590094017: More books by more people;: Interviews with sixty-five authors of books for children
0590094025: Half-Hour Notice: 50 Mini-Lessons for High School Substitutes.
0590094033: Keep Earth Clean Blue And Green
0590094041: Metric Milk Shakes and Witches Cakes
0590094068: Personal Liberty and Education
0590094580: What a Nightmare, Charlie Brown
0590094807: Pickets, Parents, and Power: The Story Behind the New York City
0590094815: Partners in learning: a child-centered approach to teaching the social studies
0590094823: Children in the balance
0590095056: Open education: the informal classroom a selection of readings that examine the practices and principles of the British infant schools and their American counterparts
0590095064: An introduction (Informal schools in Britain today)
0590095080: Towards informality (Informal schools in Britain today)
0590095099: A rural school (Informal schools in Britain today)
0590095102: Space, time, and grouping (Informal schools in Britain today)
0590095110: An infant school (Informal schools in Britain today)
0590095129: A Junior School
0590095145: The teacher's role (Informal schools in Britain today)
0590095153: Informal Schools in Britain Today : Mathematics for Younger Children
0590095188: From Home to School
0590095196: Educating teachers (Informal schools in Britain today)
0590095226: Mathematics for Older Children
0590095242: Art (Informal schools in Britain today)
0590095269: Drama
0590095285: Informal Reading & Writing
0590095358: Aesop in the Afternoon
0590095366: School Volunteers: What They Do, How They Do It
0590095412: High interest-easy reading for junior and senior high school students
0590095420: Paperback Books for Children
0590095587: Prime Time : Children's Early Learning Years
0590095595: Science Can Be Elementary
0590095609: Beyond Words: Nonverbal Communication in the Classroom
0590095617: Teaching Africa Today A Handbook For Teachers And Curriculum Planners
0590095625: Room to learn
0590095757: Survival Kit for Substitutes: Activities That Work in Elementary Classrooms
0590095838: Organizing School Volunteer Programs
0590095846: Student Power : Practice and Promise
0590095854: New roles for youth in the school and the community
0590095862: Smorgasbord of Books
0590095870: Room to learn
0590095889: English teacher's companion: A survey of the media
0590095897: Language and Public Policy
0590095951: Picnic of sounds: A playful approach to reading
0590096028: Reality-centered learning
0590096036: Vegetable Soup Activities
0590096044: Do You Know What Day Tomorrow Is? A Teacher's Almanac
0590096052: Non-Sexist Education for Young Children: A Practical Guide
0590096060: Good news on Grape Street: The transformation of a ghetto school
0590096168: Words, Sounds and Thoughts
0590096176: Ways of wildlife
0590096605: It's Your First Kiss, Charlie Brown
0590096613: A Charlie Brown Collection
0590097016: Pass the Poetry, Please!
0590097024: Adventuring with books;: 2,400 titles for pre-K-grade 8
0590097377: City Mouse-Country Mouse and Two More Tales from Aesop (An Easy-To-Read Folktale)
0590097385: The Little Red Hen
0590098004: Baseball Life of Johnny Bench by Devaney, J.
0590098063: The Frog Prince
0590098071: Herman the Great
0590098144: Murder, My Dear!
0590098179: Noisy Nora
0590098187: Not the Usual Kind of Girl
0590098195: On the Outside, Looking in
0590098209: Peanuts Lunch Bag Cook Book
0590098268: Snakes
0590098284: SEARCH THE SILENCE: Poems of Self-Discovery
0590098357: The Toy House Dolls
0590098365: Tornado
0590098373: Yucka Drucka Droni
0590098381: We Like Bugs
0590098403: The Witch's Buttons
0590098438: Down to the Beach
0590098446: George & Martha
0590098454: Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening
0590098462: Foster's War
0590098470: Secrets of the Sphinx
0590098489: Clifford's Riddles
0590098497: 3 Stories About Morris and Boris
0590098500: Gulliver's Stories
0590098519: SUMMER PONY
0590098535: New Adventures of the Mad Scientists' Club
0590098578: If You Hopped Like a Frog
0590098594: Owl at Home
0590098616: Wet foot, dry foot, low foot, high foot: Learn about opposites and differences (A Dr. Seuss beginner fun book)
0590098624: Did I ever tell you how high you can count?: Learn about counting beyond 100 (A Dr. Seuss beginner fun book)
0590098659: The Monkeys and the Water Monster and Two More Monkey Stories
0590098667: The Beatles : Yesterday... Today... Tomorow...
0590098721: Giant Dinosaurs
0590098748: Mini-Bike Hero
0590098764: Nascar - 25 Years of Racing Thrills
0590098802: Strange but True Auto Racing Stories
0590098861: Artemus Flint Detective
0590098918: Book About Christopher Columbus
0590098926: The Boy Who Loved Horses
0590098934: Brave Jimmy Stone
0590098942: Aliens in the End Zone
0590098950: Cat and Dog
0590098977: The Changeling
0590098985: The Charlies Brown Dictionary
0590098993: Crocodile's Tale
0590099000: Field of Screams (Screammates, # 4)
0590099019: Hole in the Dike
0590099043: Dinosaur Time an I Can Read
0590099078: Eddie No-Name
0590099086: Fossils Tell of Long Ago
0590099124: Ghost That Came Alive
0590099132: The gismo from outer space
0590099140: Golden Girl
0590099167: Got a Minute? Quick Science Experiments You Can Do
0590099175: How Spider Saved Holloween
0590099191: Indian Bunny.
0590099205: IRA Sleeps Over
0590099221: Little Red Hen
0590099272: Mama's Bank Account
0590099302: Monster Holidays
0590099310: Norman Joins the Football Team
0590099337: Nine Strange Stories
0590099345: Nobody Road
0590099353: O. J. Simpson : Football's Record Rusher
0590099426: Pocahontas and the Strangers
0590099434: Ready-to-Make Bulletin Boards,for Elementary Schools
0590099469: The Sexes: Male/Female Roles and Relationships
0590099477: Sinbad's Seven Voyages and Other Stories from the
0590099485: Socks.
0590099507: Something to Remember You by
0590099876: Still More Two Minute Mysteries
0590099906: Swampfire
0590099914: That Crazy April
0590099930: My Dad Lives in a Downtown Hotel
0590099965: A Sleepless Day
0590100076: What do you do with a kangaroo?
0590100084: Josephine's Imagination.
0590100416: Great Gracie Chase : Stop That Dog!
0590100440: THE GREAT GRACIE CHASE Stop That Dog !
0590100483: Mouse Mess
0590100505: Mouse Mess
0590100548: Cat Heaven
0590100556: Cat Heaven
0590100564: Common Ground
0590100602: Too many kangaroo things to do! (MathStart)
0590100610: The Best Vacation Ever
0590100629: Young Patriot the American Revoultion As
0590100661: Circle of Thanks
0590100696: Circle of Thanks
0590100726: Easter Rabbit
0590100750: Surprise Garden
0590100769: Surprise Garden
0590100777: How to Write Poetry, Grades 4 to 9
0590100785: How to Write Poetry, Grades
0590100793: Fall Leaves Fall!
0590100815: Big Silver Space Shuttle
0590100823: Big Red Fire Truck
0590101129: War of the Worlds
0590101145: Animorphs Post-It Pad
0590101161: Basketball's Big Men Super Giants and Superstars
0590101188: Benjy's Dog House
0590101196: Book About Benjamin Franklin
0590101218: Caddie Woodlawn
0590101234: Do You Know About Stars?
0590101285: Getting It All Together
0590101293: The Ghost on Saturday Night
0590101315: Gods, Demigods, and Demons by
0590101358: How to Draw Cartoons
0590101366: How to Make Things Grow
0590101374: I Was Walking Down the Road
0590101382: Most in Classroom Chuckles
0590101412: Night Summer Began
0590101447: Norman Plays Ice Hockey by Gault, Clare; Gault, Frank
0590101455: PACK OF PUZZLES
0590101463: Pollyanna
0590101498: The Sea Egg
0590101528: Skeleton Book: An Inside Look at Animals
0590101560: Three Famous Stories
0590101579: Too Many Rabbits
0590101587: Unbelievable...but True
0590101595: Vicki and the Black Horse
0590101609: Weird Moments in Sports
0590101625: What's the Matter With Me
0590101641: Wuzzles
0590101684: Say it and smile
0590101757: Stories Julian Tells
0590101765: Going Solo
0590102036: How To Make Possum's Honey Bread, Skunk's Chocolate Sprinkle Bread And Raccoon's Raisin Bread Too
0590102273: Magic Mirror Book
0590102281: Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh
0590102311: Runaways
0590102346: SHARKS
0590102354: The Story of Babar
0590102370: WINTER PONY
0590102389: Watching Eyes, The (original title:The Winds of Time) (Watching Eyes, The (original title:The Winds of Time))
0590102427: The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes
0590102435: Herman and the Bears Again
0590102443: Hindenburg Is Burning
0590102486: The Judge
0590102508: Aunt Chip and the Great Triple Creek Dam Affair.
0590102516: Bear and Roly-Poly
0590102524: The frog alphabet book: ...and other awesome amphibians
0590102567: Your Blood and Its Cargo
0590102605: Akimba And The Magic Cow
0590102656: Easy to Make Good to Eat
0590102664: Ed Emberley's Drawing Book Of Animals
0590102680: Jimmy Walker-The Dyn-O-Mite Kid
0590102699: My Wolf My Friend
0590102702: Katie for President
0590102753: Puzzle Poppers
0590102761: The Sad Story of the Little Bluebird and the Hungry Cat
0590102796: My Brother Sam is Dead
0590102850: It's a Mystery, Charlie Brown
0590102869: The Fold-'em-up Send-'em-out Greeting Card Book
0590102885: A First Look at Fish
0590102893: First Look at Snakes, Lizards, and Other Reptiles
0590102915: Seven Alone
0590102966: Tops and Bottoms
0590102982: Little Monsters
0590102990: Loving, Dying, Living: Faces of America
0590103113: The Phantom Cyclist and Other Ghost Stories
0590103156: The Rabbi and the Twenty Nine Witches
0590103164: Ramona the Brave
0590103199: Seven at One Blow
0590103202: The Square Bear and Other Riddle Rhymers
0590103245: Terry's Treasure Hunt
0590103334: The Cat That Overcame
0590103342: The Day the Earth Stood Still
0590103369: Great Sea Stories
0590103377: How to Be a Good Basketball Player
0590103407: THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN AND THE BIONIC WOMAN (Lee Majors & Lindsay Wagner)
0590103431: The Trouble With Magic
0590103482: Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown
0590103490: Encyclopedia Brown solves them all (America's Sherlock Holmes in sneakers)
0590103504: The Harmonica Man
0590103512: It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown
0590103768: Spin A Soft Black Song
0590103873: Expository Writing
0590103881: Inventors and Inventions : Mind-Stretching Cross-Curricular Activities That Build Creative Thinking
0590103903: Teaching Reading and Writing with Word Walls : Easy Lessons and Fresh Ideas for Creating Interact
0590104012: He's Your Brother
0590104020: Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo
0590104039: Jenny, Sam and Hildegard
0590104047: The Littles and the Trash Tinies
0590104063: Magic Science Tricks
0590104098: Monkey Puzzles
0590104136: Puzzle Fun for Everyone
0590104144: Questions and Answers About Weather
0590104160: Robinson Crusoe
0590104179: Rock Talk
0590104187: Sally's Secret
0590104195: Sea Monsters of Long Ago
0590104217: Summer Magic
0590104225: The Telltale Summer of Tina C.
0590104268: A Time to Love a Time to Mourn
0590104276: Tricks for T-Shirts
0590104292: Weird Stories from Real Life
0590104314: The Wolf King
0590104322: Year of the Black Pony
0590104349: Your A-Z Super Personality Quiz
0590104403: Lost in the Amazon, A Miss Mallard Mystery
0590104454: Aunt Eater Loves a Mystery
0590104470: Where's Home ?
0590104489: Hugh Can Do
0590104497: The Thing that Bothered Farmer Brown
0590104500: Let\'s go swimming with Mr. Sillypants
0590104519: Let's go camping with Mr. Sillypants
0590104527: Fish Eyes.
0590104667: Turning
0590104675: Zombie Saturday Night
0590104713: All About Space
0590104756: Are We There Yet? Travel Puzzles About the USA from Coast to Coast
0590106414: The Paperboy
0590106449: Train to Somewhere
0590106783: The Calvin and Hobbes lazy Sunday book: A collection of Sunday Calvin and Hobbes cartoons
0590106953: Dead Letter
0590107046: I Heard Said the Bird
0590107054: Me on the Map
0590107100: What Does Santa Have for Breakfast? A Seasonal Assortment of Puzzles and Games
0590107119: The Detective Stars and the case of the super soccer team
0590107127: Who wants a cheap rhinoceros?
0590107135: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
0590107151: Let's Learn about Story Elements : Setting
0590107178: Let's Learn about Story Elements : Character
0590107267: Wind (Science Emergent Readers)
0590107275: Water
0590107291: Storms
0590107305: Weather (Science Emergent Readers)
0590107313: Sun (Science Emergent Readers)
0590107348: More Than One
0590107399: Hush Little Baby
0590107720: A Picture Book of Christopher Columbus (Picture Book Biographies (Paperback))
0590107879: Monsters Next Door
0590107941: Amelia's notebook
0590108115: Clifford and the Big Parade
0590108131: Happy Birthday, Danny and the Dinosaur
0590108204: Ms. Frizzle's Adventures : Medieval Castle
0590108220: Imperial China
0590108328: Amelia Writes Again
0590108336: Amelia hits the road
0590108344: Lots of Lice
0590108352: Wiley Learns to Spell
0590108379: Squirrels' Thanksgiving
0590108395: Hidden Stairs and the Magic Carpet
0590108409: Mysterious Island
0590108417: Journey to the Volcano Palace
0590108425: City in the Clouds
0590108433: Great Ice Battle
0590108441: Sleeping Giant of Goll
0590108468: Vampire Trouble
0590108476: Kilmer's Pet Monster
0590108484: Battlefield Ghost
0590108492: Battlefield Ghost
0590108506: Stubborn Pumpkin
0590108514: Sees Behind Trees
0590108530: It Came from New Jersey : My Life As an Artist
0590108557: Pirate Princess and Other Fairy Tales
0590108638: The Spotty Pig
0590108794: Elfangor's Journey, The Andalite Chronicles #1
0590108808: Alloran's Choice, The Andalite Chronicles
0590108816: The Andalite Chronicles, An Alien Dies #3 (The Andalite Chronicles, 3)
0590108840: Giving Thanks: A Native American Good Morning Message
0590108859: Chemical Chaos
0590108867: Little Polar Bear, Take Me Home
0590108875: Hercules
0590108913: School Daze--over 150 Silly School Jokes
0590108921: The Star-Spangled Banner
0590108964: Julius, The Baby of the World
0590108980: Walt Disney's 101 Dalmatians: a Counting Book
0590109014: The Football That Won ... (A Bill Martin Book)
0590109022: The Junkyard Dog
0590109529: The Search for Grubba the Hut (Star Wars Missions, #4)
0590109626: Bingo Math : Fun Filled Reproducible Games That Reinforce Essential Math Skills
0590109707: Miss Moo Goes to the Zoo
0590109715: Andalite Chronicles
0590109723: COMET'S NINE LIVES
0590109731: Lazy Ozzie
0590109758: Sleep, Sleep, Sleep
0590109766: Winnie the Pooh's A to Zzzz
0590109774: Walt Disney's Winnie the Pooh and Tigger too
0590109782: Walt Disney's Winnie the Pooh and a day for Eeyore
0590109790: Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day (Winnie the Pooh)
0590109804: Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree
0590109901: Clifford 47 High Plush Display Piece
0590109928: Under the Sea
0590109936: Happy Book
0590109944: Catalina Magdalina Hoopensteiner Wallendiner Hogan Logan Bogan Was Her Name
0590109960: Last Stop
0590109979: Watchers #02 : Rewind
0590109987: I. D.
0590109995: War
0590110020: Perloo the Bold
0590110039: Perloo the Bold
0590110047: Faith and the Rocket Cat
0590110055: Faith and the Rocket Cat
0590110225: Freak the Mighty
0590110330: Using Caldecotts Across the Curriculum : Reading and Writing Mini-Lessons, Math and Science Spin-Offs, Unique Art Activities, and More!
0590111027: Animal Stories that Really Happened
0590111035: Space (Stories That Really Happened S.)
0590111280: My First Pony
0590111515: My Sister the Superbitch (Point Confessions)
0590111523: The World's Dumbest Criminals
0590111531: The Littles Treasury: Exciting Adventures With a Family of Tiny People
0590111639: If You Go Down to the Woods (Creatures, Bk. 2)
0590111744: Abominable Snowman of Pasadena, The
0590111760: Night Of The Living Dummy (#31) (Goosebumps)
0590111922: Coping with the 21st Century
0590111973: Give Yourself Goosebumps! Beware of the Purple Peanut Butter.
0590112368: The Ghost Twin (Hippo Ghost)
0590112449: My Boyfriend's Older than My Dad (Confessions)
0590112546: Even more terrible Tudors (Horrible histories)
0590112732: Lost in Space
0590112759: Lost in Space
0590112872: BEST FRIEND
0590112899: Subtle Knife
0590112902: The Beat: Suspects (Point Crime)
0590112910: April Fools (Point Horror)
0590112929: Trick or Treat (Point Horror)
0590112953: Android
0590113038: Lighthouse Keepers Catastrophe
0590113194: Bulging Brains
0590113208: Frightful First World War
0590113216: Catchman (Point Horror Unleashed S.)
0590113232: WHEN I WAS LITTLE
0590113275: The Soft Hearted Sheep Dog (Young Hippo Animal S.)
0590113283: Story of the Year (Press Younger Fiction)
0590113291: Cafe Club Winter Special: Secrets and Dreams
0590113321: I Tought Him A Lesson He'll Never Forget (Confessions)
0590113399: Darker (Point Horror Unleashed S.)
0590113461: Will He Love Me If I'm Thin? (Point - Confessions)
0590113488: The Magician's Party (Enchanted Lands)
0590113496: Harry and the Wrinklies
0590113534: Wet! Wet! Wet! (Wizlets S.)
0590113577: Beat
0590113704: The Girlfriend (Point Horror)
0590113844: The Ghost Wife (Point Horror Unleashed S.)
0590113895: The Blue & Green Ark: An Alphabet for Planet Earth
0590114069: Isaac Newton and His Apple
0590114085: Henry VIII and His Chopping Block
0590114271: The Time It Took Tom (Picture Books)
0590114298: Chocolate Money Mystery
0590114581: Under the Magician's Spell. Give Yourself Goosebumps #7. Reader Beware ... You Choose the Scare.
0590115006: Island
0590115014: Lab 6
0590115022: Nature's Fury : Eyewitness Reports of Natural Disasters
0590115049: Santa Claus, Inc.
0590115057: We Love Fall!
0590115073: Winter is Here!
0590115081: Hello, Spring!
0590115170: Usborne Hotshots Lettering
0590115189: Usborne Hotshots Secret Codes
0590115251: Scared Silly!
0590115278: Orphan train rider: One boy's true story
0590115286: Buffalo Bill and the Pony Express (An I can read book)
0590115294: Icky, squishy science
0590115316: Planet Dexter's Eye Tricks! A Book of 3-D Images and Other Really Weird Stuff
0590115359: Messy Meals
0590115367: Supergiants
0590115693: Fun With Franklin Math Activity Book (Franklin Books)
0590115707: Pie Magic
0590115952: Splish Splash Science, Grades 1-3 : Learning about Water with Easy Fun-Filled Activities
0590116177: Sports
0590116185: Farm Animals (First Discovery Books)
0590116282: Scholastic Phonics Readers (Books 25-36, Set 3) (Set 3)
0590116347: Scholastic Phonics Readers : Books 49-60
0590116568: I Am Sam (Phonics Chapter Books)
0590116584: A Lot of Hats (Phonics Chapter Books)
0590116606: Fun with Zip and Zap (Phonics chapter book)
0590116614: The Puppet Club (Phonics Chapter Books)
0590116622: Let's Go on a Museum Hunt (Phonics Chapter Book)
0590116630: A Bag of Tricks: Folk Tales From Around the World (Phonics Chapter Books)
0590116673: Scholastic Phonics Clubhouse (Workbook 12)
0590116711: Scholastic Phonics Readers: Books 1 - 12
0590116754: Scholastic Phonics Readers
0590116916: Ozma of Oz
0590117114: I Spy Little Animals
0590117122: Mrs. Jeepers' Secret Cave
0590117130: Ruby Princess Sees a Ghost
0590117149: Sapphire Princess Hunts for Treasure
0590117386: Emerald Princess Finds a Fairy
0590117394: Diamond Princess and the Magic Ball
0590117408: Clifford's Happy Easter: Clifford Y El Dia De Pascua
0590117416: Mrs. Toggle's Class Picture Day
0590117440: Amelia's War
0590117459: Amelia's War
0590117467: Draw Cars Step By Step
0590117483: Verdi
0590117491: Verdi
0590117599: Huggly Gets Dressed
0590117602: Huggly Takes a Bath
0590117610: Huggly and the Toy Monster (The Monsters Under the Bed)
0590117645: Turtles and Snails (First Discovery Books)
0590117653: Night Creatures
0590117726: THE PET BATH
0590117750: Slip Slide Baseball Jokes
0590117890: Encyclopdia Brown Solves Them All (Encyclopedia Brown)
0590117998: Across the Great Divide
0590118013: The Adventures of Ulysses
0590118048: The dynamite book of top secret information
0590118056: Dynamite Book of Bummers
0590118064: Dynamite Monster Hall of Fame
0590118099: Dynamite Party Book
0590118102: Good Vibrations : Straight Talk and Solid Advice for Kids
0590118110: Dynamite Animal Hall of Fame.
0590118218: Things to Make and Do for Valentine's Day
0590118226: Spider School
0590118234: Spotting the Leopard
0590118242: Alvin's Swap Shop
0590118250: And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street
0590118277: Barbapapa's Ark
0590118285: Beezus and Ramona
0590118315: Are We There Yet? : The Europeans Meet the Americans
0590118323: Cats and mice (A read-it-yourself book)
0590118331: Chicken Jokes and Puzzles
0590118358: Clifford at the Circus
0590118366: The Contest Kid and the Big Prize (original Title: Hawkins)
0590118374: Crumb
0590118404: Digging for My Roots
0590118412: Mystery on Outer Island
0590118439: Dollhouse Caper
0590118447: Down, Marmaduke
0590118455: Empire of the Ants and Other Stories by Wells, H. G.
0590118463: Evel Knievel: The Cycle Jumper
0590118498: Ghastly Ghostly Riddles
0590118501: Ghost of Windy Hill, The
0590118528: Liz Beanbag
0590118560: Hoboken Chicken Emergency
0590118579: House of Evil and Other Unsolved Mysteries
0590118595: How to Make Your Dreams Work for You
0590118609: How To Use The Thesaurus
0590118617: I Wish You Love
0590118625: I'm Terrific
0590118633: In Her Father's Footsteps
0590118668: Ken Stabler and the Oakland Raiders
0590118684: The Little Drummer Boy
0590118692: Little Gorilla
0590118706: Little Rabbit's Loose Tooth
0590118722: Monster of Loch Ness
0590118757: Meet Elvis Presley
0590118773: Miss Nelson Is Missing!
0590118781: More Solve-a-Crime.
0590118803: Mother Rabbit's Son Tom
0590118846: The Mystery of Monster Mountain
0590118862: Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew
0590118870: Nine Hundred and Eleven Squad
0590118889: No School Today
0590118897: On the Banks of Plum Creek
0590118900: 101 Hamburger Jokes meaty jokes to be devoured with relish
0590118978: Shoeshine Girl
0590118994: Since That Party
0590119001: Experiencing the Total Environment
0590119036: Stowaway to the Mushroom Planet
0590119044: Super Fullback for the Super Bowl
0590119052: Tatum's Favorite Shape
0590119060: Teens Ask Teens Answer
0590119079: Tell Me a Mitzi
0590119087: They Led the Way: 14 American Women
0590119095: The TV Kid
0590119133: Warm in Winter Cold in Summer
0590119141: Where Monsters Walk
0590119168: The Witch House and Other Tales Our Settlers Told
0590119176: The Witch Lady Mystery
0590119184: what's new mister magoo?
0590119192: Chicken Forgets (Nrt)
0590119206: The Traveler's Guide to Ancient Greece
0590119230: Flaming Star
0590119257: Phonics Clubhouse
0590119265: Phonics Clubhouse Workbook Pp-tt
0590119273: Mystery at Star Lake
0590119281: Scholastic Phonics Clubhouse Workbook 1
0590119303: The Funcraft book of action games (The Funcraft books)
0590119311: The Funcraft book of action toys (The Funcraft books)
0590119338: The Funcraft book of magnets & batteries (Funcraft books)
0590119346: Scholastic Phonics Clubhouse Workbook 4
0590119354: The Funcraft book of print and paint (Funcraft books)
0590119362: The FunCraft Book of Puppets
0590119370: The Funcraft Book of Spycraft
0590119389: The Scholastic FunFact Book of Space Flight
0590119397: The Scholastic FunFact Book of UFO's: Strange Encounters with the Unknown
0590119419: The Scholastic FunFact Book of Ghosts : Demons and Spirits from the World Beyond
0590119427: The Scholastic FunFact Book of Dinosaurs
0590119435: Scholastic Phonics Clubhouse Workbook 5
0590119443: Scholastic Fun Fact Book of Monsters
0590119451: Scholastic Phonics Clubhouse (Workbook 7, 7)
0590119478: Scholastic Phonics Clubhouse Workbook 8
0590119486: Six Creepy Sheep (Trumpet Club Special Edition)
0590119508: MAX'S DRAGON SHIRT
0590119516: Wild West
0590119567: The Beanie Baby Handbook
0590119575: The Best of Wildfire Romances (An April Love Story, The Best of Friends, Dreams Can Come True, One Day You'll Go) Boxed
0590119605: How the Chipmunk Got Its Stripes
0590120069: Case of the Shrunken Allowance
0590120077: Monster Money
0590120085: What Time Is It? : A Book of Math Riddles
0590120093: 98, 99, 100! Ready or Not Here I Come!
0590120107: Max's Money
0590120298: Willie Bea and the time the Martians landed
0590120417: What Was I Scared Of?
0590120476: Star Wars Missions (Ithorian Invasion, Volume #7)
0590120484: Spelling Works!
0590120492: Books Don't Have to Be Flat!
0590120506: Easy Poetry Lessons That Dazzle and Delight
0590120514: Star Wars Trilogy Scrapbook
0590120522: Star Wars Trilogy Scrapbook : The Galactic Empire
0590120530: Wagon train 911
0590120549: Tales for the Seventh Day : A Collection of Sabbath Stories
0590120565: The Night Before Christmas
0590120573: The Hat
0590120581: Quest for Camelot
0590120603: Quest for Camelot
0590120611: The Time Machine
0590120638: Hot Lead & Cold Feet
0590120646: Quest for Camelot : The Search for Excalibur
0590120662: Amazing Sports Facts
0590120670: Angus and the Cat
0590120689: ANGUS Y EL GATO
0590120700: Pinocchio
0590120727: Help!: I'm Trapped in My Principal's Body
0590120743: Beware of This Shop
0590120786: The Story of Team USA: America Goes for the Title in the World Championship of Basketball (NBA Series)
0590120794: Dynamic Duos of the NBA
0590120808: Carolina Hurricane
0590120816: WNBA Superstars : Leslie, Lobo and Swoopes
0590120824: Against the Odds
0590120840: Fish Story
0590120859: Glove, Mitten and Sock Puppets
0590120867: Gorilita Little Gorilla
0590120875: Gray Ghosts of Taylor Ridge
0590120883: Great NFL Fun Book
0590120891: Hi Fella
0590120921: A Horse Named Doodlebug
0590120948: Hot Lead and Cold Feet
0590120956: If Im Lost How Come I Found You
0590120972: It's Me, Christy
0590120980: Jorgito
0590120999: Kangaroo Stew
0590121014: Little Fox goes to the End of the World
0590121022: Little Hen and the Giant, The
0590121030: The Forgotten Bear
0590121049: Mad Monster Puzzles
0590121057: TV Time '79
0590121073: Witch's Garden
0590121081: Your A to Z Super Problem Solver
0590121138: Wilderness Family: Part 2
0590121146: What a Nightmare, Charlie Brown
0590121170: Poppleton (Book and Finger Puppet)
0590121189: Mary Jemison Indian Captive
0590121200: The Heart Our Circulation System
0590121227: Lightning
0590121235: Soda Science Pack
0590121243: Race Against Death
0590121251: The Borrowers Afloat
0590121979: Geography
0590121995: Graphic Alphabet
0590122282: Alexander, Who's Not (Do you hear me? I mean it!) Going to Move
0590122304: ARCTIC BABIES
0590122320: Arthur Writes a Story (An Arthur Adventure)
0590122339: Authur's Christmas: An aurthur Advnture
0590122363: Arthurs Thanksgiving
0590122436: Boundless Grace
0590122444: Cranky Colonials : Pilgrims, Puritans, Even Pirates
0590122495: Chimps don't wear glasses
0590122509: Revolting Revolutionaries
0590122525: Froggy Goes To School
0590122576: Westward, Ha - Ha: 1800 - 1850 (America's Funny But True History)
0590123408: Scholastic Spelling Student Book
0590123750: Andrew's Loose Tooth
0590123785: No Fixed Address
0590123793: Walking a Thin Line
0590123807: Erik the Viking Sheep
0590123815: Garden
0590123823: Parallel Universe : An Interactive Time Adventure
0590123831: Grave Danger
0590123858: Party
0590123866: Alligator Baby
0590123874: Alligator Baby
0590123890: Gypsy Princess
0590123904: Woodland Christmas
0590123920: Aliens in the Basement
0590123963: Erik le Mouton Viking
0590123971: Crazy for Chocolate
0590124226: Whatever You Do, Don't Go near That Canoe!
0590124358: Andrew's Loose Tooth
0590124366: Ma Dent Ne Veut Pas Tomber!
0590124382: Dark Tower
0590124404: This Means War!
0590124447: Amanda Adams Loved Herbie Hickle
0590124471: Graveyards of the Dinosaurs: : What It's Like to Discover Prehistoric Creatures
0590124714: When I Was Little : A Four-Year-Old's Memoir of Her Youth
0590124846: Thanks for Thanksgiving
0590124854: Snow Day
0590124870: Drowning in Secrets
0590124897: Funny You Should Ask : Weird but True Answers
0590124900: Garden
0590124978: Janey's Choice
0590126903: Henry and Mudge in the Sparkle Days
0590126911: I DON'T WANT TO GO TO BED!
0590126989: Max's Dragon Shirt
0590126997: Monday"s Troll
0590127012: My Great-Aunt Arizona
0590127020: Piggie Pie!
0590127047: Pretend Youre a Cat
0590127055: A REMAINDER OF ONE
0590127063: Michelle Kwan My Book of Memories
0590127071: Silly Tilly's Thanksgiving Dinner
0590127098: Tomorrow's alphabet
0590127101: Tumble Bumble
0590127187: Hello! good-bye!
0590127381: The 100 book race: Hog wild in the reading room
0590127411: Cuckoo: A Mexican folktale = Cucú : un cuento folklórico mexicano
0590127438: Dogs
0590127446: Bravo, Amelia Bedelia!
0590127462: Bug in a Rug
0590127489: 101 Tips For Being a Best Friend
0590127497: Flashy Fantastic Rain Forest Frogs
0590127837: My Little Sister Ate One Hare
0590127888: Star Wars Kids
0590127896: Star Wars Kids Magazine for Young Jedi Knights #2
0590127934: Assault on Yavin Four (Star Wars Missions)
0590127942: Star Wars Missions: Escape From Thyferra (#2)
0590127950: Attack on Delrakkin (Star Wars Missions, Volume #3)
0590127969: Star Wars Missions (Destroy The Liquidator, Volume #4)
0590127977: The Hunt For Han Solo
0590128094: The Most Wonderful Egg in the World
0590128116: Disney Pooh's Grand Adventure: the Search for Christopher Robin
0590128124: The mitten: A Ukrainian folktale
0590128140: WOMBAT DIVINE
0590128183: Where's That Spider (Brenner, Barbara. Hide and Seek Science.)
0590128191: Where's That Bat (Brenner, Barbara. Hide and Seek Science.)
0590128205: Who Lives Here? : A Book of Animal Homes
0590128213: Count the Farm Animals 1-2-3
0590128361: The Rugrats' Book of Chanukah
0590128388: The Ultimate Rugrats Fan Book
0590128396: Monster Camp-out
0590128523: Project Approach : Developing the Basic Framework
0590128531: Project Approach : Developing Curriculum with Children
0590128779: Big Interactive Literacy Builders : Complete How-To's for Making Manipulative Reading Tools
0590128965: Wake Up, Santa Claus!
0590129007: View From Saturday
0590129023: Cam Jansen and the Chocolate Fudge Mystery (Cam Jansen Adventure)
0590129155: In the Eye of the Tornado
0590129163: In the Heart of the Earthquake
0590129171: Starry messenger: A book depicting the life of a famous scientist, mathematician, astronomer, philosopher, physicist, Galileo Galilei
0590129201: Be a Wolf Adventures of Wishbone #1
0590129236: Bootsie Barker Bites
0590129252: I Like Books
0590129260: The King Who Rained
0590129279: The Litte Prince
0590129295: On the Far Side of the Mountain
0590129309: Pippi on the Run
0590129317: The Search for Delicious
0590129384: Who Are You Calling a Woolly Mammoth? : Prehistoric America
0590129392: A Dinosaur Ate my Homework
0590129406: D.W. Flips
0590129414: Christmas in the Big Woods
0590129422: The Leaf Men
0590129430: The Firework-Maker's Daughter
0590129457: Rugrats Blast Off! (Nickelodeon: Rugrats)
0590129465: Snowballs
0590129473: I Spy Poster Book 6 Full-Color Posters from 6 Favorite Books!
0590129724: Spring - Songs to Sing
0590129783: Pioneer Sisters (A Little House Chapter Book)
0590129880: The Fat Cat Sat On The Mat (An I Can Read Book)
0590129899: Puppies, Dogs, and Blue Northers: Reflections on Being Raised By A Pack Of Sled Dogs
0590129929: Star Wars Missions (Togorian Trap, Volume #8)
0590129961: Help! I'm Trapped in Obedience School Again
0590129988: Clockwork
0590129996: Clockwork
0590130005: Franklin's Secret Club (Franklin Ser.)
0590130013: Franklin's Valentines
0590130021: Franklin's Class Trip (Franklin)
0590130048: 101 Wacky Computer Jokes
0590130056: White Romance
0590130269: Corduroy
0590130277: Happy Birthday Danny and the Dinosaur
0590130668: The Grouchy Ladybug
0590130781: Did Dinosaurs Live in Your Backyard?
0590130803: Do Stars Have Points?
0590130811: Do Whales Have Belly Buttons? : Questions and Answers about Whales and Dolphins
0590130838: Can It Rain Cats and Dogs? : Questions and Answers about Weather
0590130854: Did Dinosaurs Live in Your Backyard
0590130862: Why Don't Haircuts Hurt: Questions and Answers About Your Body (Berger, Melvin. Scholastic Question and Answer Series.)
0590130870: Do Stars Have Points
0590130889: Do Whales Have Belly Buttons: Questions and Answers About Whales and Dolphins (Berger, Melvin. Scholastic Question and Answer Series.)
0590130897: How Do Flies Walk Upside Down
0590130900: Can It Rain Cats and Dogs?: Questions and Answers About the Weather (Scholastic Reference)
0590130919: The Heart: Our Circulatory System
0590130935: Tonka : Building the New Road
0590130943: Working Hard with the Mighty Crane
0590130986: The Junkyard Dog
0590131028: 35 Rubrics and Checklists to Assess Reading and Writing
0590131052: Strange Hiding Place 1 Hard Drive (Hippo Adventure)
0590131060: Midnight Dancer Fireraisers
0590131117: Early Themes Weather
0590131125: Five Senses
0590131133: Why I'm Afraid of Bees. Goosebumps.
0590131494: Lost in the Desert
0590131508: How to Handle Your Gran (How to Handle S.)
0590131532: Earth Under Sky Bear's Feet,The
0590131540: Gulliver in Lilliput
0590131559: Russian Nights (Point Romance S.)
0590131583: The Mall
0590131605: John Cunliffe's Fizzy Whizzy Poetry Book (Young Hippo S.)
0590131613: Si Le Das Un Panecillo A Un Alce
0590131656: Blooming Cats (Picture Books)
0590131761: Flipper the Movie Storybook
0590131788: Thunder on the Tennessee
0590131796: Strange Hiding Place (Hippo Adventure, Bk. 2)
0590131826: Collection 07: The Window, The Train, Hit and Run No. 7
0590131834: Coping with Friends
0590131885: The Lion King: Meet the Animals (Disney - Funfile)
0590131982: Tots TV and the Fly-away Painting Adventure (Tots TV Story Books)
0590131990: Tilly, Tom and Tiny and the Bouncy Bed Up-in-the-air Adventure (Tots TV - Pocket Hippos)
0590132008: Bridge to Terabithia
0590132016: Where's Duck? (Rosie & Jim Flap Book)
0590132059: THE MAGIC FINGER
0590132067: The Mighty Santa Fe
0590132075: Mouse Paint
0590132105: Mouse and Mole and the Year-Round Garden
0590132148: Six Snowy Sheep (A Trumpet Club Special Edition)
0590132474: The Groovy Greeks
0590132547: Wishing Horse (young Hippo Magic S)
0590132555: The Treasure Hunt (Postman Pat Story Books)
0590132563: The Mystery Thief (Postman Pat Story Books)
0590132571: Postman Pat's Secret
0590132601: The Lighthouse Keeper's Cat (Picture Hippo)
0590132741: Fatal Secrets
0590132784: Bobby The Bad
0590132814: 101 Thanksgiving Knock-Knocks, Jokes, and Riddles
0590132822: 101 Holiday Jokes
0590132830: In the Snow: Who's Been Here?
0590132849: The Baker's Dozen: A Saint Nicholas Tale
0590132873: The family Christmas tree book
0590132881: truth is a bright star a hopi adventure
0590133179: LET'S WALK
0590133187: Deadly Music (Point Crime S.)
0590133225: One Wish Pond (Ghost Twins S.)
0590133365: Sticky Maps (Sticky S.)
0590133373: MADELINE
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