0590133470: Ice Hot! (Point Romance S.)
0590133608: Shoot, Dad! (Hippo Funny S.)
0590133667: Warlock Watson
0590133683: Smokescreen
0590133713: The Secrets of the Dead (Point Crime: Lawless & Tilley S.)
0590133721: Deep Waters (Point Crime: Lawless & Tilley S.)
0590133748: Nikki's New World (Point Nurses S.)
0590133799: Nightmare Hall: Pretty Please
0590133810: At Gehenna's Door (Point Horror Unleashed )
0590133934: The Monster Sticker Fun Book (Activity Books S.)
0590134000: Climb or Die
0590134159: Plex (Point - Horror)
0590134167: Patsy Kelly Investigates
0590134248: Go for It, Fen! (Hippo Cafe Club S.)
0590134272: Jaimini and The Web Of Lies (The Caf‚ Club, Bk. 4)
0590134299: Lie Detectives (Hippo)
0590134396: Class Four's Wild Week (Young Hippo - School)
0590134426: When Dinosaurs Go Visiting.
0590134442: Let's Eat!
0590134450: Over on the Farm
0590134469: Hostage to War : A True Story
0590134477: Trouble on the Tracks
0590134493: Working Hard with the Rescue Helicopter
0590134507: Working Hard with the Mighty Tractor Trailer and Bulldozer
0590134515: Postman Pat Goes Sledging (Postman Pat Story Books)
0590134523: The Foggy Day (Postman Pat Story Books)
0590134531: To the Rescue (Postman Pat Story Books)
0590134558: Red, Yellow, Green : What Do Signs Mean?
0590134590: Word champs: Sounds, letters, words, fun!
0590134620: Standing in the Light : The Captive Diary of Catherine Carey Logan, Delaware Valley, Pennsylvania, 1763
0590134698: Where the Sidewalk Ends: The Poems & Drawings of Shel Siverstein
0590134701: Julie of the Wolves
0590134728: Trouble on the Tracks
0590134744: Tracks
0590134787: El Autobus Magico Muestra Y Cuenta: UN Libro Sobre Arqueologia (Autobus Magico)
0590134795: Memory
0590134817: The Magic School Bus Activity Guide Season 3
0590134825: Slimy Stuarts
0590134876: Arthur's Eyes (an arthur adventure)
0590134892: All Wet
0590134914: Henry and Mudge Under the Yellow Moon
0590134930: The Biggest, Best Snowman
0590134949: Clifford's Family/ La Familia de Clifford
0590135015: Pirate the Seal
0590135058: How Many Stars are in the Sky? pb;1991
0590135066: When She Was Good
0590135082: Little Bear's Visit.
0590135147: Ultimate NBA Postcard Book
0590135171: Scorpions
0590135198: Arthur's Valentine
0590135201: Five Little Monkeys Sitting in a Tree
0590135236: The Icky Bug Counting Book
0590135376: Karen's Tea Party
0590135503: Madeline's Christmas
0590135635: Arthur\'s Christmas (An Arthur Adventure)
0590135651: Chrysanthemum
0590135678: The Dog That Stole Football Plays
0590135694: Gross Out! Over 150 Disgusting Jokes & Riddles
0590135724: The House of Dies Drear
0590135813: The little old lady who was not afraid of anything
0590135856: Monster Mama
0590135864: More Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
0590135899: Scary Stories: More Tales to Chill Your Bones
0590135945: Tangles
0590135988: Green Hand (young Hippo Spooky S)
0590135996: Windmill Hill
0590136003: Freezing Heart (Point Romance: Dream Ticket S.)
0590136011: Twits
0590136097: Christmas Blizzard
0590136178: Bite size science: 150 facts you won't believe!
0590136348: The Magic School Bus: In The Haunted Museum
0590136364: Young Hippo Animal - Ripper and Fang
0590136496: Amazing Mazes 2
0590136534: Andy the Prisoner (The Caf‚ Club, Bk. 5)
0590136674: The Pilgrims of Plimouth
0590136682: Albert's thanksgiving
0590136690: The Secret of the Attic
0590136712: Mr. President: A Book of U.S. Presidents
0590136739: The Big Hit
0590136747: Pop! Pop!
0590136887: WILL IT FIT? Book 16
0590136895: Where Is Nat? (A Phonics Reader #17)
0590136917: Give Me Half! (MathStart)
0590136925: Way Down Deep: Strange Ocean Creatures
0590136941: A Porcupine Named Fluffy
0590136968: Arthur's Chicken Pox
0590136984: Each Orange Had 8 Slices
0590137026: Tyrone and the Swamp Gang
0590137093: The Babysitter 04: No. 4 (Point Horror S.)
0590137107: Help! I Have to Write A Paper
0590137131: Dinner at Aunt Connie's House (Hippo Cafe Club S.)
0590137336: The Furry Alphabet Book Trumpet Club Special Edition
0590137395: Goosebumps - The Barking Ghost
0590137417: Potty Politics (The Knowledge)
0590137425: Vanishing Vampire
0590137433: Danger after Dark
0590137441: Clue in the Crystal Ball
0590137506: Winter Weepies (Point Romance S.)
0590137514: Hunchback of Notre Dame, The
0590137549: Meanest Thing to Say
0590137565: Little Bill : The Best Way to Play
0590137573: A Patchwork of Ghosts (Hippo Ghost S.)
0590137581: Please Don't Be Mine, Julie Valentine (Hippo)
0590137603: Shortstop Who Knew Too Much
0590137611: Green Monster in Left Field
0590137638: Pitcher Who Went Out of His Mind
0590137654: Postman Pat Wins a Prize (Postman Pat Beginner Readers)
0590137662: Postman Pat's Sleepy Days (Postman Pat Beginner Readers)
0590137670: Dribble Shoot Score
0590137689: NBA Action from A to Z
0590137697: NBA Megastars
0590137700: NBA All Star Slam Dunk Champs
0590137719: NBA Rising Stars - Fast Breaks No. 1
0590137727: NBA Passing Fancy/Jason Kidd No. 2
0590137778: Stamp Mania (Brat Packs S.)
0590137808: Three cheers for Keisha (Magic Attic Club)
0590137824: Heather takes the reins (Magic Attic Club)
0590137859: Case of the Secret Password
0590137867: Case of the Barking Dog
0590137875: Case of the Winning Skateboard
0590137883: Case of the Soccer Camp Mystery
0590138006: Not found - converted to zShop
0590138014: Baby-Sitters Little Sister Laugh Pack : Baby-Sitters Little Sister Book of Laughs
0590138251: Five Lost Chicks
0590138278: Arthur's First Sleepover
0590138286: Dinosaur Alphabet Book, The
0590138324: Stories to Solve
0590138332: Time for Bed
0590138340: Who is the Beast?
0590138367: Strange Mysteries From Around the World
0590138448: Twelve Cats of Christmas
0590138502: The Crippled Lamb
0590138510: Welcome to the Sea of Sand
0590138588: Ugly Bugs
0590138596: Blood, Bones and Body Bits
0590138855: The Ashton Affair (Hippo)
0590138901: This House Is Haunted Too! (Hippo Ghost)
0590138944: Tick Tock, You're Dead! (Give Yourself Goosebumps, No 2)
0590139002: Measly Middle Ages
0590139010: Scene of the Crime
0590139045: A Wasp Is Not a Bee
0590139053: Santa Cow Studios.
0590139061: A. Nonny Mouse Writes Again!
0590139169: Dunston Checks in: Novelization (TV and Film Tie-ins)
0590139185: The Petsitters Club 1. Jilly the Kid
0590139215: SOS Tintanic
0590139223: Bookshelf : Biggest, Best Snowman
0590139231: The Cleaning Witch (Young Hippo Magic S.)
0590139266: Spooky Movie (Young Hippo Spooky S.)
0590139274: The Ghost Hunter (Young Hippo Spooky S.)
0590139304: Ocean City (Point, Bk. 1)
0590139339: Boardwalk (Ocean City, Bk. 4)
0590139347: Magic Eye (Point Crime: Lawless & Tilley S.)
0590139355: Dead Rite (Point Crime)
0590139371: Assignment in Spain (Point Romance Cover Model S.)
0590139398: Desert Wedding (Point Romance Cover Model S.)
0590139428: The Druid Stone (Forget-Me-Not )
0590139436: The End of the Rainbow (Forget-Me-Not )
0590139487: The Wildest Dream (Forget-me-not S.)
0590139703: The Facts of Light about Indoor Gardening
0590139797: Summer Scorchers (Point Romance S.)
0590139908: Postman Pat And The Letter-puzzle
0590139967: Postman Pat's Cat-up-a-tree Party (Postman Pat Pocket Hippos S.)
0590141538: Dinosaurs (Make it work!)
0590142305: Make It Work Body the Hands-on Approach to Science
0590148346: The Birthday Swap
0590148435: Confetti: Poems For Children.
0590148613: the fat cat sat on the mat.
0590149040: A Bug, a Bear and a Boy
0590149059: The Moon Book
0590149229: My Heart Is on the Ground : The Diary of Nannie Little Rose, a Sioux Girl, Carlisle Indian School, Pennsylvania, 1880
0590149253: Parker Penguin and the Winter Games
0590149288: Prince and the Pooch, The
0590149296: Robinhound Crusoe (The Adventures of Wishbone)
0590149598: WOMBAT DIVINE
0590149601: Tomie dePaola's Book of Bible Stories
0590149628: ANCIENT EGYPT the hands-on approach to history
0590149636: A Pizza the Size of the Sun
0590149644: To Have & To Hold
0590149652: Book of Earth
0590149660: Book of Nightmares
0590149679: The baby sister
0590149695: A writer's notebook: The ultimate guide to creative writing
0590149709: Comet\'s Nine Lives
0590149741: Surprising Science Puzzles
0590149768: G.I. Joe at D-Day (G.I. Joe)
0590149784: my little house cook book
0590149792: G. I. Joe at Iwo Jima (GI Joe)
0590149822: Disney's Winnie the Pooh's stories for Christmas
0590149989: Look at This Tree (Science Emergent Readers)
0590149997: Orange Juice (Science Emergent Readers)
0590155822: Evergreens Are Green
0590158562: Who Lives in a Tree (Science Emergent Readers)
0590160028: Clifford's Sports Day
0590160044: Garfield's Magic Eye
0590160052: Book about Your Skeleton
0590160192: Starting with Space : The Sun
0590160214: Eric est allergique
0590160222: Follow That Star
0590160249: Sorciers N'Ont Pas Besoin d'Ordinateurs
0590160281: Benjamin Fete l'Halloween
0590160303: My Ponies
0590160346: Clifford's First Halloween
0590160354: Clifford's Pals
0590160362: Magic School Bus Meets the Rot Squad : A Book about Decomposition
0590160370: Magic School Bus Gets Ants in Its Pants : A Book about Ants
0590160389: Magic School Bus Gets Eaten : A Book about Food Chains
0590160397: Eclair Est Malade
0590160435: Autobus Magique Se Fait RtTir : Un Livre Sur les Deserts
0590160532: I Spy Spooky Night
0590161377: Treats from a Tree (Science Emergent Readers)
0590162128: 1, 2, 3 to the Zoo: A Counting Book
0590162136: Arthur's Baby
0590162144: Arthur's Tooth (An Arthur Adventure)
0590162187: Arthur's Nose (An Arthur Adventure)
0590162241: The Berenstain Bear Scouts and the Sinister Smoke Ring-12 Copy Counter Display
0590162411: Behind the Mask
0590162438: The Best Christmas Pageant Ever
0590162527: Amazing Animals
0590162535: Children's Word Games and Crossword Puzzles: For Ages 9 and Above
0590162551: Cinderella
0590162578: Don't Wake Up Mama!
0590162748: From Anna
0590162810: Hanukkah!
0590162845: Henry and Mudge: The first book of their adventures (The Henry and Mudge books)
0590162918: Henry and Mudge and the Happy Cat (Henry and Mudge)
0590162950: How a Book Is Made
0590162985: How many days to America?: A Thanksgiving story
0590163086: Ace the Very Important Pig
0590163094: I Can Hear the Mourning
0590163108: Little Rabbit Foo Foo
0590163124: More Stories to Solve
0590163183: The Minpins
0590163205: The Post Office Book: Mail and How It Moves
0590163213: Rachel Fister's Blister- A Trumpet Club Special Edition
0590163248: Solve It! A Perplexing Profusion of Puzzles
0590163256: Stories to Tell a Cat
0590163264: Sun Is Falling, Night Is Calling
0590163310: Tuck para siempre
0590163620: Inside a House That Is Haunted
0590163671: Snow Day!
0590163698: Ghost Dog
0590163817: James Printer : A Novel of King Philip's War
0590163833: In a Circle Long Ago: A Treasury of Native Lore from North America
0590164007: Shipwreck Saturday
0590164015: Super-Fine Valentine
0590164023: Money Troubles
0590165607: Barrettes, Tresses et Couettes
0590170120: Beasts Brains and Behavior
0590170155: if You Lived in Colonial Times
0590170384: How to Star in Basketball
0590171011: Nightwatchers
0590171224: If You Sailed on the Mayflower
0590171313: America Fever; The Story of American Immigration.
0590171399: Noodle
0590171445: Discovering Music: Where to Start on Records & Tapes, the Great Composers & Their Works, Today's Major Recording Artists.
0590171453: Great Civilizations of Ancient Africa
0590171518: The Story of Eleanor Roosevelt
0590171666: The Everglades Today: Endangered Wilderness
0590172050: What You Should Know About Drugs and Drug Abuse
0590172107: The Rabbit's World
0590172115: Coplas
0590172190: Secrets in Stones,
0590172492: Dave White and the Electric Wonder Car.
0590172557: Indian Gallery
0590172689: The Complete Motorcycle Book
0590172751: Wingspread , a World of Birds
0590172875: Down to the Beach
0590172883: Kingdom of the sun: The Inca, empire builders of the Americas
0590172948: The Frogs Who Wanted a King and Other Songs from La Fontaine
0590173049: Secrets of the Supernatural
0590173081: A FRIEND IN THE PARK
0590173111: Games in the street
0590173251: Modern Encyclopedia of Basketball Revised Edition
0590173332: Ancestral Voices: Decoding Ancient Languages
0590173634: How Life Began
0590173715: Everything Under a Mushroom by Krauss, Ruth
0590173774: The complete book of flying
0590173804: Rich and Famous: The Further Adventures of George Stable
0590173960: The Complete Book of Nascar Stock Car Racing
0590174312: Greeks Bearing Gifts: The Epics of Achilles and Ulysses
0590180746: Slower Than a Snail
0590183680: Have You Seen My Cat?
0590183699: Let's Count It Out, Jesse Bear
0590183702: Let's Count It Out, Jesse Bear
0590183710: Cat and Mouse
0590183729: Garfield's Pet Force #1 The Outrageous Origin (Garfield's Pet Force #2 Pie-Rat's Revenge)
0590183745: Calvin and Hobbes Lazy Sunday Book
0590183753: My Bunny
0590183788: Chicken Soup With Rice
0590187082: Parrot in the Oven
0590187090: Saturday Night at the Dinosaur Stomp
0590187112: An Amish Christmas
0590187147: Zipping, Zapping, Zooming Bats
0590187198: Firework-Maker's Daughter
0590187201: Sun and Moon : A Giant Love Story
0590187236: Magic School Bus Takes a Dive : A Book about Coral Reefs
0590187244: Magic School Bus in the Arctic : A Book about Heat
0590187252: Sloppy Slimy Sticky Soggy Dripping Moving Science
0590187309: 882 1/2 Amazing Answers To Your Question
0590187317: Magic School Bus Gets Programmed : A Book about Computers
0590187325: Magic School Bus Sees Stars : A Book about Stars
0590187333: Return to Horrorland
0590187341: Curse of the Cave Creatures
0590187376: Comic-Strip Math : 40 Reproducible Cartoons with Dozens of Funny Story Problems That Build Essential Skills
0590187384: Prompt a Day! : 360 Thought-Provoking Writing Prompts Keyed to Every Day of the School Year
0590187392: Interactive Bulletin Boards : September to June
0590187406: Puppy Puzzle
0590187414: Great Grammar Mini-Books
0590187422: Kitten Crowd
0590187430: Rabbit Race
0590187449: Hamster Hotel
0590187457: Mouse Magic (Animal Ark Pets series)
0590187465: Chick Challenge (Animal Ark Pets, # 6)
0590187473: Pony Parade (Animal Ark Pets, #7)
0590187481: Guinea Pig Gang
0590187503: Pony on the Porch
0590187511: Puppies in the Pantry
0590187538: Hedehogs in the Hall
0590187546: Badger in the Basement
0590187554: Cub in the Cupboard
0590187562: Piglet in a Playpen
0590187570: Sheepdog in the Snow
0590187597: Rugrats Junk Sweet Junk (Rugrats)
0590187619: Tikki Tikki Tembo
0590187643: You and Me, Little Bear
0590187651: Critical Thinking Puzzles
0590187848: The great animal search (Look, puzzle, learn)
0590187864: Not found - converted to zShop
0590187953: Moonstruck: The True Story of the Cow Who Jumped Over the Moon
0590187961: Animal Heroes
0590187988: Mega-Fun Map Skills
0590187996: Mega-Fun Map Skills : Great Skill-Building Activities, Games and Reproducibles
0590188151: Karen's Unicorn
0590188186: Unicorns Don't Give Sleigh Rides
0590188194: Knights Don't Teach Piano
0590188208: Hercules Doesn't Pull Teeth
0590188216: Ghouls Don't Scoop Ice Cream (Bailey School Kids #31)
0590188224: Star Wars Missions (Revolt of the Battle Droids, Volume #9)
0590188453: Naked mole-rats
0590188461: Nba Slam & Jam Reading Skills
0590188488: Nba Slam and Jam Map Skills (NBA Slam and Jam Skills Series)
0590188496: Nba Slam & Jam Study Skills
0590188925: Max the Mighty
0590189018: Hero for Hire : By Han Solo
0590189026: Fight for Justice : By Luke Skywalker
0590189050: School days (Little house chapter book)
0590189085: The Switching hour
0590189093: Doctor De Soto goes to Africa
0590189107: A Jewish Holiday A-B-C
0590189190: Electronic Pet Care
0590189204: Badger's Bad Mood
0590189239: Through My Eyes
0590189344: Lost in Space : Digest
0590189352: Lost in Space Deluxe Storybook
0590189360: Lost in Space
0590189379: Lost in Space Hello Reader
0590189387: Robotworld
0590189395: Passengers
0590189409: Perils of Quadrant X
0590189417: Journey to the Planet of the Blawps
0590189425: Warriors
0590189433: Virus
0590189735: Snowy Flowy Blowy : A Twelve Months Rhyme
0590189751: One Golden Year
0590189778: Mountain Dog Rescue
0590189786: Great Spaniel Escape
0590189794: When Sophie Gets Angry - Really, Really Angry
0590189808: When Sophie Gets Angry--Really, Really Angry
0590189816: Mrs. Jeepers' Secret Cave
0590189824: Phantoms Don't Drive Sports Cars
0590189832: Giants Don't Go Snowboarding
0590189840: Frankenstein Doesn't Slam Hockey Pucks
0590189859: Trolls Don't Ride Roller Coasters
0590189867: Wolfmen Don't Hula Dance
0590189891: Reptar to the Rescue!
0590189956: K Is for Kwanzaa
0590190105: Losers Point Crime
0590190113: Can't Buy Me Love (Point Romance S.)
0590190172: Designer Genes (Talking Point )
0590190180: Groovy Movies
0590190369: The Carver (Point Horror Unleashed S.)
0590190490: The Stalker
0590190547: Goosebumps. The Headless Ghost.
0590190660: Second Sight (Point Horror)
0590190695: The Bride (Point Horror)
0590190989: Foul Football (Knowledge S.)
0590191055: Spring Cleaning Day (Postman Pat Easy Reader S.)
0590191241: Top Ten Shakespeare Stories
0590191268: Nasty Nature
0590191594: Cheese and Tomato Spider Novelty Picture Book
0590191705: Magic Poems (Young Hippo Magic S.)
0590192590: Messy Day (Postman Pat Easy Reader S.)
0590192620: Awful Art
0590193244: Bad Hare Day. Goosebumps.
0590193511: WET ALL OVER
0590193643: Madeline's Rescue
0590193724: Egg Monsters From Mars
0590193740: Sweet Sixteen (Point Horror)
0590193775: Top Ten Greek Legends
0590193937: Of Dooms and Death (Point Crime: The Joslin De Lay Mysteries S.)
0590193953: Publish or Die (Point Crime S.)
0590193961: Sudden Death (Point Crime: The Beat S.)
0590194003: The Internet (Talking Point S.)
0590194275: The Beast From The East
0590194437: A Dream Come True (Magic Pony S.)
0590194550: The Three Little Guinea Pigs
0590194992: Point Horror Collection (Bk. 10)
0590195212: Krazy 4 U (Point Horror)
0590195255: Oscar the Fancy Rat #7 The Petsitters Club
0590195379: Love Letters (Point Romance )
0590195395: Final Factor (Point Science Fiction S.)
0590195468: Plain Jack
0590195697: Angry Aztecs
0590195700: Mind-Blowing Music
0590195778: Sun Slices, Moon Slices (Read with S.)
0590196391: Homecoming Queen (Point Horror)
0590196464: Dead Dinosaurs
0590196472: True War Stories (True Stories S.)
0590196812: Dawn (California Diaries)
0590196820: House of Bones (Point Horror Unleashed S.)
0590196839: Coping with Exams and Tests (Coping S.)
0590196847: How To Handle Your Brother Sister
0590197118: Fatal Forces
0590197460: Swim Polar Bear, Swim! 1st Printing.
0590197908: Karen's Snow Day
0590198092: Disgusting Digestion
0590198106: Sounds Dreadful
0590198114: Vicious Veg - Horrible Science Series
0590198122: Alien Contact (Talking Point S.)
0590198130: Animals Behind Bars (Talking Point S.)
0590198181: Postman Pat And The Toy Soldiers
0590198580: Still Life (Lawless & Tilley)
0590198637: Mind-boggling Buildings
0590198726: Postman Pat and the Flood (Postman Pat Tales from Greendale S.)
0590198777: The Babysitters Club
0590198874: Under The Magician's Spell (Give Yourself Goosebumps, # 7)
0590198882: Your Dad's a Monkey (Hippo Funny S.)
0590198955: Take Six Kittens (Hippo Animal S.)
0590199005: Brave Lion, Scared Lion (Little Hippo - Picture Book)
0590199048: Beast
0590199684: New Zoo (Forgotten Toys)
0590199757: Be a Monster
0590199781: Secret
0590199897: King of the Supermarket
0590199935: Secret Codes (Brat Packs S.)
0590199986: Hattie's House (Learn with Little Hippo S.)
0590200038: Curious George Rides a Bike
0590200089: Cam Jansen and the Triceratops Pops mystery (Cam Jansen adventure)
0590200267: A Bargain For Frances /
0590200275: Whoever You Are
0590200283: Is that you, winter?: A story
0590200313: What Do Kang/Lentil
0590200364: The Great Redwall Feast
0590202278: Emergency in Escape Pod Four
0590202286: Journey Across Planet X
0590202324: Cinderhazel
0590202332: Cinderhazel
0590202367: Long Road to Gettysburg
0590202375: Tapenum's Day : A Wampanoag Indian Boy in Pilgrim Times
0590202383: Tapenum's Day: A Wampanoag Indian Boy in Pilgrim Times
0590202391: Pony Express!
0590202405: Pony Express!
0590202413: Dumb Bunnies' Easter
0590202421: Dumb Bunnies' Easter
0590202448: Pagemaster
0590202472: Dead Meat!
0590202480: Marie Curie and Radium
0590202588: Strange and Eerie Stories
0590202650: Monarchs
0590202669: The Great Squirrel Uprising
0590202685: That's a Wrap
0590202707: George Washington's Breakfast
0590202723: The Conversation Club
0590202936: The Mystery Bookstore (Boxcar Children Series, The: #48)
0590202944: The Pilgrim Village Mystery (Boxcar Children Series)
0590202952: The Mystery of the Stolen Boxcar (Boxcar Children Series)
0590202979: Coffin
0590202987: Deadly Visions
0590202995: Student Body
0590203002: Looking at the Planets : A Book about the Solar System
0590203010: My First Book of Animal Sounds
0590203029: Under the Ground (First Discovery Books)
0590203037: The Seashore (First Discovery Books)
0590203053: Do Your Ears Hang Low? : And Other Silly Songs
0590203061: Bear Went over the Mountain and Other Bear Songs
0590203088: Building the New School
0590203096: Michelle's Full House Scrapbook
0590203150: My First Book of the Body
0590203169: Escape from the Temple of Laughter
0590203177: The Lamb and The Butterfly
0590203207: Frida
0590203215: Frida
0590203444: Pirate's Son
0590203487: Pirate's Son
0590203509: Little Women
0590203533: Mummy
0590203541: Malibu Summer
0590203568: Death Penalty
0590203576: Unsolved II
0590203584: Concrete Evidence
0590203622: Where the River Runs
0590203630: Stories Julian Tells
0590203657: Sports Shots: Wayne Gretzky
0590203681: Alonzo Mouring
0590203703: Emmitt Smith
0590203711: Dramatic Death
0590203738: Bob Books for Beginning Readers
0590203746: More Bob Books for Young Readers
0590204068: NOISY NORA
0590204408: Squirrels
0590204920: WHO HELPED OX?
0590205153: Three Billy Goats Gruff
0590205161: I Have a Dream
0590205188: Winter Camp
0590205196: Winter Rabbit
0590205218: Dragon Gets By (The Dragon's Tales, 2)
0590205226: Dragon's Fat Cat
0590205234: True North : A Novel of the Underground Railroad
0590205242: True North : A Novel of the Underground Railroad
0590205471: Tale of Peter Rabbit
0590205498: El Autobus Magico En El Museo Encantado: UN Libro Sobre Los Sonidos (El Autobus Magico)
0590205501: The Romans
0590205579: Yo! Yes? (Caldecott Honor Books)
0590205854: Animal Homes: A First Look At Animals
0590205870: Make it Work! Machines
0590205897: Scrambled Eggs and Spider Legs
0590205900: Peppe the Lamplighter
0590206044: Birth of a Foal
0590206052: Mother Rabbit's Son Tom
0590206338: Amy loves the wind
0590206346: Search for the Sunken City- Usborne Puzzle Adventures
0590206370: Journey to the lost temple (Usborne puzzle adventures)
0590206400: Shiloh Season
0590206559: Oink! Moo! How Do You Do?
0590206567: Ten Cats Have Hats
0590206583: How to draw animals
0590206591: Earthquakes and Volcanoes (Usborne Series)
0590206605: Protecting Trees & Forests
0590206672: Structure -Flying Start Science
0590206680: What is an Insect?
0590206729: Abuelo and the Three Bears
0590206796: The Swallow's Gift: A Play From A Korean Folktale.
0590206893: Flat Stanley
0590207180: Little Plum
0590207199: Eureka Its Television
0590207237: Looking at Senses
0590207253: The SIerra Club Book of Weatherwisdom
0590207687: Best Friends for Frances
0590208020: Owl at Home
0590208047: Mouse Soup
0590208292: UNDER THE CITY
0590208322: Hiroshima
0590208330: Hiroshima
0590208349: Backyard Dragon
0590208357: Funfax Fact-Filing Notebook
0590208365: Optical Illusions (Funfax)
0590208381: Picture Puzzles (Funfax)
0590208454: Ghosts Monsters and Legends (Funfax)
0590208462: How to Draw Cartoons
0590208470: Dictionary (Funfax)
0590208489: Atlas (Funfax)
0590208497: Protecting Rivers & Seas (Usborne Series)
0590208586: City of Light City of Dark
0590208632: See You Later, Alligator
0590208640: Cal 95: Goosebumps
0590208985: Mermaid and Other Sea Poems
0590209329: Descriptive Writing
0590209345: Persuasive Writing
0590209353: Teaching First Grade : A Practical Guide
0590209434: Math Puzzlers
0590209450: Teaching Literary Elements
0590210432: Castor and Pollux : The Fighting Twins
0590210629: Return to the Carnival of Horrors
0590210742: Harlem
0590211005: Lost!
0590211013: Alligator Baby
0590211021: Andrew's Loose Tooth
0590212354: Interactive Language Arts
0590212362: Listen Buddy.
0590212443: Mrs. Jeepers' Batty Vacation ( The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids, Super Special #2 )
0590212451: The Curse of Camp Cold Lake
0590212486: Math-a-magic: Number tricks for magicians
0590212753: The Bubble Factory
0590212834: Ruby Princess Runs Away
0590212842: Sapphire Princess Meets a Monster
0590212877: Emerald Princess Plays a Trick
0590212893: Diamond Princess Saves the Day
0590213032: The TV War and Me
0590213040: Andalite's Gift
0590213083: In the Stone Circle
0590213105: P. S. Longer Letter Later : A Novel in Letters
0590213113: P. S. Longer Letter Later : A Novel in Letters
0590214152: Behind the Bedroom Wall
0590214160: Nation Torn the Story of How the Civil W
0590215124: The Treasure
0590215191: Creature questions (Kratts' creatures)
0590215612: 99 1/2 summer jokes with attitude
0590215647: Frogs Jump
0590216414: He's My Pony! (Pony Pals No. 32)
0590216872: Nasty Nature
0590216880: Star Signs
0590216929: Ten Christmas Tales
0590216937: Badger's Bad Mood
0590216945: Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Haunted House
0590216961: Flute's Journey : The Life of a Wood Thrush
0590217070: The Magic Dreidels
0590217135: Floss
0590217534: Hazel the Guinea Pig
0590218042: Nerd No More
0590218166: What Do Fish Have to Do With Anything? And Other Stories
0590219650: Interactive Bulletin Boards : Math
0590219669: Sports Math : Slam-Dunk Math Learning with Super-Fun Reproducible Activities That Build Essential
0590219766: WHOLE STORY
0590220527: Hideout
0590220926: Arthur's Great Big Valentine: an I CAN READ Book
0590221086: The Bee Tree
0590221213: Bigmama's
0590221221: Birthday Presents
0590221655: Island of the Blue Dolphins
0590221779: The Braggin' Dragon
0590221795: Quick Activities to Build a Very Voluminous Vocabulary
0590221809: Teaching Second Grade
0590221817: Great Weather Activites : All the Background Info and How-To's You Need for Teaching about the Wonders of Weather
0590221957: Dinosaurs' Thanksgiving
0590221965: My Dog Talks
0590221973: Drop of Water : A Book of Science and Wonder
0590222015: Rushmore: Monument for the Ages
0590222023: From Head to Toe
0590222031: Swan Princess
0590222074: Swan Princess with Charm
0590222082: Christmas Star
0590222090: The Curse of Madame C (A Far Side Collection)
0590222104: Homicidal Psycho Jungle Cat
0590222112: Big Boasting Battle
0590222155: Surfer
0590222163: Jack London : Son of the Wolf
0590222171: Jack London: Biography, A
0590222198: Gulf
0590222201: Uncle Jed's Barbershop
0590222236: Arilla Sun Down
0590222252: AMY LOVES THE SUN
0590222260: Five Ugly Monsters
0590222279: Walter Wick's Optical Tricks
0590222325: Quake!
0590222333: Quake! : A Novel
0590222414: Clifford's First Easter
0590222449: The Solar System The Vacation to Planet X Vhs Video (Science Sleuths)
0590222716: The Wild Toboggan Ride
0590222759: Someone to Count On
0590222767: Goofy Movietoon
0590222775: Henry and Mudge and the forever sea: The sixth book of their adventures
0590222791: Know Your States Wipe-Off Book
0590222805: Magic Eye III: Vision: A New Dimension in Art
0590222813: The Fractions Wipe-Off Book
0590222821: Common Unit of Measurement Wipe-Off Book
0590222848: Spacebusters
0590222856: Skybusters
0590222864: My Dog Ate It
0590222872: Molly's Heart
0590222880: Room in the Attic
0590222899: Home at Last
0590222929: Cat-Dogs
0590222937: Children Next Door
0590222953: Magic School Bus Gets Baked in a Cake : A Book about Kitchen Chemistry
0590222961: Magic School Bus Plants Seeds : A Book about How Living Things Grow
0590222988: Armadillo Rodeo Paperback by Jan Brett
0590223003: Magic School Bus, The
0590223089: Christmas Trolls
0590223097: In the Small, Small Pond
0590223100: Peppe The Lamplighter
0590223127: The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig
0590223135: Uncle Jed's Barbershop
0590223143: Yo! Yes?
0590223216: Jimmy's Boa and the Big Splash Birthday Bash
0590223224: Do you want to be my friend?
0590223275: Usborne Mysteries and Marvels of the Animal World (Mysteries & marvels books)
0590223283: Mysteries & marvels of ocean life
0590223291: I Want to Learn to Fly
0590223313: Dragons Are Singing Tonight
0590223321: School Spirit
0590223526: Come Back Salmon
0590223550: Growing vegetable soup (Scholastic big books)
0590223569: Death be Not Proud
0590223577: Peppe the Lamplighter
0590223585: All in One Piece (Scholastic)
0590223615: Bob Books for Beginning Readers (Teacher/Parent Guide)
0590223623: Brown Rabbit's Shape Book
0590223631: Black and White Rabbit's ABC
0590223658: The Sheep Follow
0590223666: Goosebumps Boxed Set, Books 17 - 20: Why I'm Afraid of Bees, Monster Blood II, Deep Trouble, and The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight
0590223682: Goosebumps Boxed Set : Go Eat Worms!; Ghost Beach; Return of the Mummy; Phantom of the Auditorium
0590223704: Goosebumps Boxed Set : Attack of the Mutant; My Hairiest Adventure; A Night in Terror Tower; The Cuckoo Clock of Doom
0590223798: 101 Back-to-School Jokes by Lisa Eisenberg and Katy Hall, (paperback)
0590223828: Who's Counting?
0590224115: 11 Bks set/series Bob Books plus for beginning readers: Floppy Mop 1; Lolly Pops 2; Frogs 3; the Red Car 4; Summer 5; Kittens 6; Funny Bunny 7; Bed Bugs 8; Activities for Books 1-4; 5-8; Teacher/Parent Guide Booklet w/box, Stage, Early Readers
0590224123: 9 Bk set More Bob Books for Young Readers, Set 2: Ten Men, 1; Bump, 2; Cat and Mouse, 3; the Swimmers, 4; Samantha, 5; Willy's Wish, 6; Jumper and the Clown, 7; Max and the Tom Cats, 8; Teacher/Parent Guide Booklet, with Puppets progressive readers
0590224182: The picnic (Even more Bob books for young readers)
0590224190: The train (Even more Bob books for young readers)
0590224204: The visit (Even more Bob books for young readers)
0590224212: Chickens (Even more Bob books for young readers)
0590224220: The king (Even more Bob books for young readers)
0590224247: Earrings!
0590224255: Feathers for Lunch
0590224271: Harry and the Lady Next Door
0590224298: A Kiss for Little Bear
0590224328: Max and the Tom Cats (More Bob Books for Young Readers, Set II, Book 8)
0590224336: Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile (Lyle Ser.)
0590224360: Max\'s Chocolate Chicken
0590224417: The game (Even more Bob books for young readers)
0590224425: Joe's Toe (Even More Bob Books)
0590224433: Bud's nap (Even more Bob books for young readers)
0590224441: Jig and Mag (Bob Books for Beginning Readers, Set 1, Book 7)
0590224468: Bob Books
0590224476: Bob Books
0590224484: Lad and the Fat Cat (Bob Books for Beginning Readers, Set 1, Book 11)
0590224492: The Vet (Bob Books for Beginning Readers, Set 1, Book 12)
0590224506: Ten Men (More Bob Books for Young Readers, Set II, Book 1)
0590224514: Bump! (More Bob Books for Young Readers, Set II, Book 2)
0590224522: More Bob Books (Bob Books)
0590224530: The Swimmers (More Bob Books for Young Readers, Set II, Book 4)
0590224549: Samantha (More Bob Books for Young Readers, Set II, Book 5)
0590224557: Willy's Wish (More Bob Books for Young Readers, Set 2, Book 6)
0590224573: Bob Books (Bob Books)
0590224581: Sam (Bob Books for Beginning Readers, Set 1, Book 2)
0590224603: Bob Books (Bob Books)
0590224611: Dot and Mit (Bob Books for Beginning Readers, Set 1, Book 5)
0590224735: Kristy's Great Idea
0590224824: Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving
0590224832: How to draw horses
0590224840: Angelina on Stage
0590224859: Three Little Puppies
0590224867: Three Blind Mice
0590224875: Three Little Teddy Bears
0590224883: Animal Lore and Legend-Owl
0590224891: Animal Lore and Legend-Buffalo : American Indian Legends
0590224905: Animal Lore and Legend - Rabbit : American Indian Legends
0590224913: Animal Lore and Legend-Bear : American Indian Legends
0590224964: Three Little Kittens
0590224999: White Rabbit's Color Book
0590225006: Remember My Name
0590225049: My Dog Can Fly
0590225057: Miracle on 34th Street
0590225065: Miracle on 34th Street
0590225073: Miracle on 34th Street M-TV
0590225081: Miracle on 34th Street
0590225103: The Usborne Book of Animal Facts (Records, Lists, Facts, Comparisons)
0590225111: The Usborne Book of Amazing Feats (Usborne Book Of)
0590225138: Usborne Mysteries & Marvels of Plant Life
0590225170: Real Mother Goose
0590225189: Real Mother Goose Book of Christmas Carols
0590225197: Real Mother Goose Clock Book
0590225200: Little Penguin's Tale
0590225375: Little Women
0590225383: Little Women : Book and Charm Keepsake
0590225391: Ben and Me: An Astonishing Life of Benjamin Franklin As Written by his Good Mouse AMOS
0590225618: The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear
0590225626: Silly Sally
0590225731: Rushmore
0590225820: Martha blah blah
0590225936: Birthday Party
0590226282: Protecting Endangered Species (Usborne Conservation Guides)
0590226290: Numbskulls
0590226312: Franklin Plays The Game (Franklin)
0590226355: Monsters Don't Scuba Dive
0590226363: Zombies Don't Play Soccer
0590226371: Elves Don't Wear Hard Hats
0590226398: Mummies Don't Coach Softball
0590226401: Old Man Who Loved to Sing
0590226460: A Very Busy Day: Hello Reader! Activity Book
0590226479: A Day in the City (A Hello Reader! Activity Book)
0590226487: A DAY IN THE COUNTRY Hello Reader! Activity Book
0590226495: A Day at the Fun Park
0590226509: Too Many Tamales
0590226517: Wide and Lonesome Prairie : The Oregon Trail Diary of Hattie Campbell, 1847
0590226533: Winter of Red Snow : The Revolutionary War Diary of Abigail Jane Stewart, Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, 1777
0590226568: The World's Fair (The Days of Laura Ingalls Wilder)
0590226576: The Great Debate (The Days of Laura Ingalls Wilder, 7)
0590226584: Mountain Miracle The Days of Laura Ingalls Wilder Book Six
0590226592: Crocodile Beat
0590226932: Goosebumps
0590227122: Monster Math
0590227130: Stay in Line
0590227157: Even Steven and Odd Todd
0590227165: How Much Is That Guinea Pig in the Window?
0590227289: Clocks and More Clocks
0590227297: Ancient Greece: Drawing History
0590227327: Teaching Second Graders to Love Writing Poetry
0590227343: Teaching First Graders to Love Writing Poetry
0590227351: Teaching Third and Fourth Graders to Love Writing Poetry
0590227424: McDuff Comes Home
0590227459: The House I'll Build for the Wrens
0590227610: The ostrich chase
0590227637: Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls
0590227645: Five Ugly Monsters
0590227904: Scholastic Encyclopedia of the North American Indian
0590227912: Scholastic Encyclopedia of the American Indian
0590227920: Scholastic Encyclopedia of Women in the United States
0590227939: Scholastic Encyclopedia of U.S. Women
0590227947: We're Making Breakfast for Mother
0590227963: McDuff Moves In
0590228005: Those Can Do Pigs
0590228315: Shoes From Grandpa
0590228455: Red Leaf Yellow Leaf
0590228501: El Autobus Magico Dentro De UN Pastel: UN Libro Sobre Cocina (El Autobus Magico)
0590228528: Abe Lincoln for Class President!
0590228536: Terrorist
0590228544: Terrorist
0590228552: First Snow
0590228560: The First Snow
0590228587: 100 Years in Photographs
0590228595: Endangered Animals
0590228609: The Silly Story of a Flea and His Dog
0590228625: When Will This Cruel War Be Over? : The Civil War Diary of Emma Simpson, Gordonsville, Virginia, 1864
0590228641: Dawn's Book
0590228668: Stacey and the Haunted Masquerade
0590228676: Abby and the Secret Society
0590228684: Mary Anne and the Silent Witness
0590228692: Kristy and the Middle School Vandal
0590228706: Dawn Schafer, Undercover Baby-Sitter
0590228714: Baby-Sitters Beware
0590228722: Farewell, Dawn
0590228730: Kristy and the Dirty Diapers
0590228749: Welcome to the BSC, Abby
0590228757: Claudia and the First Thanksgiving
0590228765: Mallory's Christmas Wish
0590228773: Mary Anne and the Memory Garden
0590228781: Stacey McGill, Super Sitter
0590228803: Abby's Lucky Thirteen
0590228811: Claudia and the World's Cutest Baby
0590228838: Aloha, Baby-Sitters!
0590229419: Best friends (Sweet Valley twins)
0590229427: Teacher's pet (Sweet Valley twins)
0590229680: The Dumb Bunnies
0590229737: Haunted House #3 Sweet Valley Twins
0590231073: Weird Parents
0590231081: Peanut Butter and Jelly: A Play Rhyme (Book and Audiocassette Edition)
0590233726: Cow who Wouldn't Come Down
0590233769: Fire Engines
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