0590233858: The Magic School Bus Notebook
0590233874: The Surprise Party
0590233882: Dig it an Activity Book About Archaeology
0590233963: Fritz and the beautiful horses
0590233971: Train Leaves the Station
0590234005: Hazel's Amazing Mother
0590234269: Bunny Cakes
0590237802: Scholastic Student Desk Atlas
0590237829: Giants (Reading Discovery)
0590237837: Our Goat
0590237845: Clouds (Reading Discovery) (Reading Discovery)
0590237853: Snap Like Gingersnaps
0590237861: My Cat Muffin( Reading Discovery)
0590237888: My Best Sandwich (Reading Discovery)
0590237896: Lunch at the zoo (Reading discovery)
0590237926: Making a Memory
0590237934: Shadows
0590237969: More & More Tales to Give You Goosbumps: Ten Spooky Stories Special Edition #5
0590238027: The Zack Files-Throught the Medicine Cabinet
0590238035: Zap! I'm a Mind Reader
0590238116: Get up and go! (MathStart)
0590240013: The Candy Egg Bunny
0590240773: Secret Garden : The Classic Collection
0590240781: Black Beauty
0590240803: I Spy Christmas, A Book of Picture Riddles
0590240811: C'Est Moi L'Espion Du Parc D'Attractions: Des Photo-Mysteres
0590240838: Something from Nothing
0590241265: Tree That Grew to the Moon
0590241818: Dragon's Egg
0590241877: Big Ben
0590241893: Lisa
0590241907: Death Island
0590242016: Mon Grand Album d'Information
0590242024: See How I Grow : A Photographic Record of a Baby's First Eighteen Months
0590242032: Machines
0590242172: Danse de Lune
0590242253: Little Wonder
0590242725: The Trees of the Dancing Goats
0590243071: Animal Heroes
0590243128: Big Book of Things That Go
0590243179: I Spy Mystery : A Book of Picture Riddles
0590243195: Meet Canadian Authors and Illustrators : 50 Creators of Children's Books
0590243217: Ellen's Secret
0590243322: Building
0590243373: Roi Lion
0590243403: I Spy Fantasy
0590243608: That's Not Santa!
0590243748: Clifford's First Christmas
0590243756: Clifford the Firehouse Dog
0590243772: Genies Don't Ride Bicycles
0590243993: The Balloon Tree
0590244027: Insects
0590244043: Electricity
0590244248: Space
0590244299: Whatever You Do, Don't Go near That Canoe!
0590244302: Woodland Christmas
0590244418: Gypsy Princess
0590244442: Squeeze-More-Inn
0590244485: Who's Afraid of the Dark?
0590244973: Frankenstein Doesn't Plant Petunias
0590245007: Franklin Is Bossy
0590245031: Secret Plan
0590245058: Magic Eye
0590245074: Making Portfolio Assessments Easy : Reproducible Forms and Checklists and Strategies for Using...
0590245104: Skating Superstars
0590245341: Ou est Ce Chat?
0590245368: Sleeping Beauty : Behind the Scenes at the Ballet
0590245406: Meat Eaters Arrive
0590245422: What's He Doing Now?
0590245430: Managing an Integrated Language Arts Classroom : Practical Strategies for Record Keeping...
0590245449: Royal Canadian Mounted Police
0590245457: Gendarmerie Royale du Canada
0590245503: Monsters Don't Scuba Dive
0590245538: Bertrand dans la Tempete
0590245570: Rescue Vehicles
0590246100: Magic Eye III
0590246178: Earth
0590246208: Benjamin et Son Desordre
0590246216: Amy's Promise
0590246240: Christopher Changes His Name
0590246275: Mistaken Identity
0590246283: Sticks and Stones
0590246453: Thirteen Never Changes
0590246666: Je Veux un Poney
0590246763: Dernier Cauchemar Bk. 3 : The Final Nightmare
0590246860: Beethoven Lives Upstairs
0590246992: Do You Want Fries with That?
0590247581: After the War : The Story Behind Exodus
0590247611: Wake up to Your Dreams
0590248448: Two Much Alike
0590248456: Over the Edge
0590248588: Money : Make It! Spend It! Save It!
0590248650: Caught in a Lie
0590248952: On Board the Titanic
0590249037: More Animal Heroes
0590249045: Animaux Heros II
0590249053: Whose Bright Idea Was It? : True Stories of Invention
0590249088: Big Race!
0590249207: School Campout
0590249215: Sticker Activity Atlas
0590249312: Write Now! : How to Turn Your Ideas into Great Stories
0590249347: Case of the Blue Raccoon
0590249452: Why Does Lightning Strike? : Questions Children Ask about Weather
0590249541: Why Do Sunflowers Face the Sun? : Questions Children Ask about Nature
0590249762: If Two Are Dead : Three Can Keep a Secret... If Two of Them Are Dead
0590249789: Worm Pie
0590249835: Body in the Basement
0590249983: Little Wonder
0590250027: Friendship's First Thanksgiving
0590250116: Volar Yo Quiero
0590250124: DO LIKE KYLA
0590250531: Sweet Valley High : Sneaking Out
0590250655: The New Girl
0590250663: Three's a crowd (Sweet Valley twins)
0590250701: First place (Sweet Valley twins)
0590250728: One of the Gang (Sweet Valley Twins and Friends, #10)
0590250787: Dark Moon
0590250809: Biker
0590250817: Captives
0590250825: Revenge
0590250833: Buried Treasure (Sweet Valley Twins, 11)
0590250841: Tales from Crypt
0590250868: Richie Rich
0590250876: Richie Rich
0590250884: Tales from the Cryptkeeper
0590250892: Vampire's Kiss
0590250906: Ancient Rome: Drawing History
0590250914: Keeping Secrets
0590250922: Richie Rich
0590250981: Stretching the truth (Sweet Valley twins)
0590251015: Month-by-Month Masterpieces : Exploration of 10 Great Works with Step-by-Step Art Projects
0590251031: Middle Ages
0590251058: Learning to Teach - Not Just for Beginners
0590251082: All About Adhd
0590251112: Reading Strategies That Work
0590251457: Tug of War (Sweet Valley Twins and Friends # 14)
0590251589: Truth about Stacey
0590251597: Mary Anne Saves the Day
0590251600: Dawn and the Impossible Three
0590251619: Kristy's Big Day
0590251627: Claudia and Mean Janine
0590251635: Boy-Crazy Stacey
0590251643: Ghost at Dawn's House
0590251651: Logan Likes Mary Anne!
0590251678: Claudia and the New Girl
0590251686: Good-Bye Stacey, Good-Bye
0590251694: Hello, Mallory
0590251708: Little Miss Stoneybrook... and Dawn
0590252119: Seven Chinese Brothers
0590252127: Who Stole the Wizard of Oz?
0590252135: I See a Song
0590252178: Dance At Grandpas
0590252186: Dance At Grandpa's (My First Little House Books) (My Fist Little House Books)
0590252194: Winter days in the Big Woods (My first little house books)
0590252208: Winter Days in the Big Woods (Little House Series)
0590252216: Second Best (Sweet Valley Twins and Friends # 16)
0590252267: Free Willy 2 : Picture Book
0590252275: Free Willy 2 : The Adventure Home
0590252283: Free Willy 2
0590252291: Las Batallas Del Cuerpo (Mariposa, Scholastic En Espanol)
0590252305: Do You See What I See
0590252348: Second-Grade Star
0590252356: Too Many Secrets
0590252364: Too Many Secrets
0590252372: Moonlight Man
0590252380: Moonlight Man
0590252410: Mystery of the Disappearing Dogs
0590252429: Haunted Campground Mystery
0590252437: Two Plus One Goes A. P. E.
0590252445: Pony to the Rescue
0590252453: Too Many Ponies
0590252534: Flash Fire
0590252569: Boys Against Girls (Sweet Valley Twins and Friends # 17)
0590252593: Center of Attention (Sweet Valley Twins and Friends # 18)
0590252615: The Bully (Sweet Valley Twins #19)
0590252623: Sweet Valley Twins and Friends: Playing Hooky No. 20 (Sweet Valley Twins and Friends, 20)
0590252631: Left Behind (Sweet Valley Twins and Friends)
0590252658: Claim to Frame (Sweet Valley Twins)
0590252666: Jumping to Conclusions (Sweet Valley Twins & Friends # 24)
0590252712: Scholastic Children's Dictionary
0590252720: Between Teacher and Parent
0590253387: My Parents Think I'm Sleeping
0590253476: Leaf by Leaf : Autumn Poems
0590253522: Free Willy : Talking to Animals
0590254146: The adventures of Laura and Jack (A Little house chapter book)
0590254219: What makes a magnet? (Let's-read-and-find-out science)
0590254243: Writing with Style
0590254677: Franklin Goes to School
0590254685: Franklin's Blanket
0590254693: Franklin and the Tooth Fairy
0590254707: The Maestro Plays
0590254715: Spring Fever
0590254723: Triplet Trouble and the Talent Show Mess
0590254731: Triplet Trouble and the Runaway Reindeer
0590254758: The magician's nephew (Chronicles of Narnia)
0590254766: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
0590254774: The horse and his boy (Chronicles of Narnia)
0590254782: Prince Caspian: The return to Narnia (Chronicles of Narnia)
0590254790: The Voyage of Dawn Treader
0590254804: The Silver Chair (The Chronicles of Narnia, Book 6)
0590254812: The Last Battle
0590254820: I'm Going to Be a Farmer
0590254839: I'm Going to Be a Firefighter
0590254847: I'm Going to Be a Vet
0590254855: I'm Going to Be a Police Officer
0590254863: Cat's Cradke (String Games)
0590254871: Thank You, Brother Bear
0590254898: My Ponies
0590254901: Bride
0590254960: Bad, Bad Day
0590254979: I'm a Fire Fighter
0590254987: I Know Karate
0590254995: I See A Bug (level 1) (Hello Reader, My First)
0590255061: Bubba the Cowboy Prince : A Fractured Texas Tale
0590255088: Three Hundred and Sixty-Five Meditations for Teachers
0590255096: Kiss of Death Bk. I : Dark Moon
0590255134: Haunting
0590255142: Horror
0590255150: Final Nightmare
0590255169: Last-Place Sports Poems of Jeremy Bloom
0590255185: First Ladies : The Women Who Called The White House Home (First Ladies)
0590255193: I Hate My Bow!
0590255207: Stalker
0590255215: Something Fishy at MacDonald Hall
0590255223: Something Fishy at MacDonald Hall
0590255320: Alligator Baby (Audiocassette)
0590255630: Thanksgiving Wish
0590255649: Thanksgiving Wish
0590256092: Will you be my valentine?
0590256165: Be A Super Test-Taker, Level C-D, Scholastic Skills Book
0590256181: Scholastic Skills Book:Be A Super Test-Taker, Level E-F
0590256297: Liars
0590256351: Native American Art Projects (Grades 4-8)
0590256777: I Want to Learn to Fly!
0590257013: Bogeymen Don't Play Football
0590257218: Inside a Beehive
0590257455: Dentro De Una Colmena (El Autobus Magico)
0590257501: The story of the dream catcher: And other native American crafts and artwork
0590257552: Clifford and the Big Storm
0590257560: Clifford And The Big Storm (cliffor D Y La Tormenta) (Clifford)
0590257579: The Magic School Bus Science Explorations A (Scholastic Skills Books)
0590257587: The Magic School Bus Science Explorations B (Scholastic Skills Books)
0590257595: The Magic School Bus Science Explorations C (Scholastic Skills Books)
0590257609: Bill Peet, An Autobiography
0590257617: The Missing Piece
0590257625: Hiroshima
0590257838: Unicorns Don't Give Sleigh Rides
0590257889: The Chronicles of Narnia
0590258044: Knights Don't Teach Piano
0590258095: Hercules Doesn't Pull Teeth
0590258192: Ghouls Don't Scoop Ice Cream
0590259008: I was a Teenage Profesional Wrestler
0590259296: On Call Back Mountain
0590259318: Bruce Coville's Book of Magic : Tales to Cast a Spell on You
0590259326: Tall Tale
0590259385: Is Your Mama a Llama?
0590259393: Yo Sacramento
0590259431: Teddy Bear for Sale
0590259458: What Is That? Said the Cat
0590259474: At Midnight : Once upon a Dream
0590259482: Rose : Once upon a Dream: Based on Beauty and the Beast
0590259512: Funny All Over : Riddles to Read Yourself
0590259520: Chicka chicka boom boom (Scholastic big books)
0590259539: Mr. Putter and Tabby Pour the Tea
0590259598: Mr Putter and Tabby Walk the Dog
0590259601: Free Willy : Cry of the Dolphin
0590259628: Eel Beast
0590259865: Scholastic Encyclopedia of the Presidents and Their Times
0590259881: Picture of Freedom : The Diary of Clotee, a Slave Girl, Belmont Plantation, Virginia, 1859
0590259911: Color guide state flowers an educational read and color book of State flowers/Scholastic
0590259946: Your Own Magic Puzzle Show
0590259954: Jump Rope Rhymes Pack
0590259962: Karen's Movie
0590259970: Karen's Lemonade Stand
0590259989: Karen's Toys
0590260049: Anastasias's Album, The Last Tsar's Youngest Daughter Tells Her Own Story
0590260073: A Lesson Plan Book for Maniac Magee
0590260081: Cousins
0590260243: Karen's Turkey Day
0590260251: Karen's Angel
0590260332: Pinatas, Pinatas
0590260391: De Quien Es Este sombrero?
0590260413: La Cucaracha Correlona
0590260472: Una Camisa Para Carlos
0590261266: Phonics Readers - Take Home Books - Books 37-72
0590261398: How People Move Things
0590261452: HOW PEOPLE GET FOOD How People Produce, Change, and Move Food
0590261479: The Very Quiet Cricket
0590261932: Karen's Big Sister
0590261940: Karen's Island Adventure
0590261959: Karen's New Puppy
0590262149: Karen's Softball Mystery
0590262157: Teacher's Pet
0590262165: Author Day
0590262173: Case of the Chocolate Fingerprints
0590262181: Case of the Missing Movie
0590262394: The Man in the Ceiling
0590262424: Ballet Magic
0590262432: Great Snakes!
0590262459: Day and Night (ScienceMats)
0590262629: Mighty Spiders!
0590262637: Gym Day Winner
0590262645: Classroom Pet
0590262653: We Play on a Rainy Day
0590262661: Here Comes the Snow
0590262718: Madeline
0590262769: Kate Shelley & the Midnight Express
0590262793: Karen's Monsters
0590262807: Karen's Grandad
0590263013: Karen's Dinosaur
0590263056: I SPY
0590263285: Jip His Story
0590264648: Will You Be My Valentine
0590264664: Easy Mini-Lessons for Building Vocabulary : Practical Strategies That Boost Word Knowledge and Reading Comprehension
0590264672: Baby-Sitters Little Sister Summer Fill-In Book
0590264702: St. Patrick's Day in the Morning
0590264923: I Live In Your Basement! (Goosebumps, No. 61)
0590265318: Little Sister #91
0590265326: Babysitters Little Sister #92 - Karen's Sleigh Ride
0590265644: Bear Santa Claus Forgot
0590265652: Bear Santa Claus Forgot
0590265679: Fox in Love
0590265687: Fox and his friends
0590265822: Three by the sea
0590265830: Fox Be Nimble
0590265849: She Sells Seashells by the Seashore : A Tongue Twister Story
0590265857: Buddy, the First Seeing Eye Dog
0590265865: I'm a Seed
0590265873: I Am Water
0590265881: Myths, Magic, and Legends of Sand Art
0590265903: Wild, Wild Hair
0590265911: October Moon
0590265938: Tale of Nervous Nell
0590265946: Easy Does It : The Tale of Excitable Sam
0590265970: Why Do Dogs Do That? : Facts about Real Dogs and Why They Act the Way They Do
0590265989: Quarter from the Tooth Fairy
0590265997: Slower Than a Snail
0590266004: Biggest Fish
0590266012: Cows Are in the Corn
0590266020: More Tales to Give You Goosebumps
0590266039: More Tales to Give You Goosebumps Book & Light Set
0590266047: Harriet's Hare
0590266098: Native American Legends
0590266101: Instant Thematic Stationery for Beginning Writers : 60 Reproducible Sheets - 30 Different Themes
0590266179: The Egyptian News
0590266276: The Best of DynaMath Word Problems Book B
0590266349: Save The Earth
0590266705: Creating a multicultural perspective in your classroom (A Many Voices teacher resource book)
0590266756: The history news: Explorers
0590266853: Danny and the Dinosaur Go to Camp
0590266950: Cat mummies
0590268201: Engine, Engine, Number Nine
0590268449: Boss for a Week (Scholastic, Ages: 4-9)
0590268457: Read to Me: Raising Kids Who Love to Read
0590270303: Have You Seen Birds?
0590270494: Getting the Most from Predictable Books : Strategies and Activities for Teaching with More Than 75 Favorite Children's Books
0590271342: United States in the 20th Century, The
0590271350: Scholastic Timelines
0590271415: Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire
0590271423: Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire
0590271431: Counting to Christmas
0590271466: Scholastic Treasury of Quotations for Children
0590271792: The Milk Makers: Informational Innovations
0590272063: Getting the Most from Literature Groups
0590273256: The football that won--
0590273264: Bill Nye The Science Guy's Consider the Following: A Way Cool Set of Science Questions, Answers, and Ideas to Ponder
0590273299: The Children's Book of Heros
0590273388: Pooh's Neighborhood (My Very First Winnie the Pooh)
0590273396: Not found - converted to zShop
0590273418: Santa's Book of Names
0590273507: Say Boo!
0590273558: Those calculating crows!
0590273582: Mousetrap
0590273590: Clifford the Big Red Dog Plush
0590273604: The animal picnic
0590273620: Pizza (Beginning literacy)
0590273639: Fresh Fall Leaves
0590273647: Vegetable Soup
0590273663: Let's get the rhythm: A chant (Beginning literacy)
0590273671: Mango, Mango
0590273728: In the city (Beginning literacy)
0590273736: Paper bag trail (Beginning literacy)
0590273752: Bo and Peter
0590273760: What Lila Loves (Beginning literacy)
0590273779: A Tree Can Be...
0590273787: Frog's Lunch
0590273795: Birds on stage
0590273809: Good Morning, Monday
0590273817: I Love Mud and Mud Loves Me
0590273825: Who wants a ride?
0590273833: Messy Meals (Beginning Literacy, Stage B)
0590273841: Big Mama and Grandma Ghana
0590273868: Rabbit's party
0590273876: Say It, Sign It
0590273884: Look-Alike Animals
0590273892: Log Hotel
0590274287: Clifford the Small Red Puppy Plush
0590274430: From Head to Toe
0590274449: FROM HEAD TO TOE
0590274457: THE RING OF TRUTH An Original Irish Tale
0590274635: How to Do Homework Without Throwing Up
0590274996: Soccer Game (un Partido De Futbol) Level 1 (Hello Reader)
0590275003: Building a House
0590275011: Flight
0590275038: TRAIN SONG
0590275232: Chocolate Chippo Hippo
0590275240: The Birthday Present
0590275348: Wake Up, Scooterville
0590275356: Kites (Beginning literacy)
0590275364: Tina's taxi (Beginning literacy)
0590275372: Miss Mary Mack
0590275380: When Will We Be Sisters?
0590275399: My Father
0590275402: Music Is in the Air (Beginning literacy)
0590275410: The wax man: A Latin American story
0590275429: Nana's Place
0590275445: The Tree House (Beginning literacy)
0590275488: Scholastic Atlas of Exploration
0590275496: Scholastic Dictionary of Idioms : More Than 600 Phrases, Sayings and Expressions
0590275518: Scholastic Atlas of Exploration
0590275526: Dictionary Idioms
0590275542: Rainy day alphabet book (Beginning literacy)
0590275550: Hide and Seek (Beginning literacy)
0590275569: Swing, Swing, Swing (Beginning literacy)
0590275577: Harry's House
0590275593: Noisy Breakfast (Beginning literacy)
0590275631: City Sounds
0590275658: One night
0590275666: The lesson (Beginning literacy)
0590275674: Shoveling snow (Beginning literacy)
0590275682: Small treasures
0590275690: In the Barrio
0590275704: Little One Inch
0590275917: How a seed grows (Let\'s-read-and-find-out science book)
0590275933: What makes a shadow? (Let's-read-and-find-out science)
0590275976: My garden (Beginning literacy)
0590275984: There's a Hole in My Pocket
0590275992: Why Bear Has a Short Tail
0590276115: Classifying Living Things
0590276182: Support Systems: How Bones and Muscles Work Together
0590276190: Hands-On Human Biology: Support Systems, How Bones and Muscles Work Together
0590276220: ScienceMats: Support Systems, How Bones and Muscles Work Together
0590276301: ScienceMats the Solar System How the Sun, Moon, and Planets Move
0590276387: Ascience mats using land how people change the structures o
0590276670: Control Systems: How the Nervous System Works (HANDS ON HUMAN BIOLOGY)
0590276743: The Ocean: Exploring Interactions Beneath the Waves (Scholastic Science Place, A Student's Map To Exploration)
0590276824: Organisms & Environments
0590276905: Motion (How Moving Objects Interact)
0590277464: How People Invent (How Problems and Solutions Change Over Time)
0590277553: The Cell -Exploring the Basic Structure of Life
0590278517: Smart Dog
0590278533: The Halloween house
0590278541: Aaahh! School lunch (Ready-to-read)
0590278568: Doug's Secret Christmas
0590278665: The teddy bear under the bed (Ready-to-read)
0590278673: In My Backyard
0590278851: Pennies Count Using Mathematical Operations to Put Our Money to Work
0590278924: Data News: Representing and Interpreting Data About Our Town (Scholastic Math Place)
0590279009: Shape Town Using Shapes and Their Attributes to Create Our Neighborhood
0590279041: Data News Math Place
0590279130: NUMBER TRAIN Using Numbers to Keep Track of Our Things
0590279661: Paws and Claws
0590279688: Small Animals with Big Names (Scholastic Phonics Readers, No. 53)
0590281399: Doug's Big Shoe Disaster
0590281526: Let's go rock collecting (Let's-read-and-find-out science)
0590281542: Present for Mama Bear
0590281607: POOH'S FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL Disney's My Very First Winnie the Pooh
0590281615: Trick or Treat
0590281623: Halloween day
0590281682: Monster Road
0590281739: Show & tell day
0590282077: The Hat
0590282085: Nova's Ark
0590282093: Don't call me Rover: 5001 names for your pet
0590282158: Bureau of Lost
0590282433: Godzilla : A Novelization
0590282794: Miss Spider's ABC : New Board Book Edition
0590282832: Baby Angels
0590282859: Just One!
0590282867: Ice Cream Bear
0590282956: Puppy love
0590282964: Manatee Winter
0590284053: Kennedy Assassinated! The World Mourns; A Reporter's Story
0590284347: Animorphs
0590284843: I Spy
0590284975: Animorphs
0590285432: Animorphs
0590288792: Bluish
0590288806: Wee Winnie Witch's Skinny : An Original African American Scare Tale
0590288814: Time Pieces : The Book of Times
0590290142: Horrible Harry Moves Up to Third Grade (Horrible Harry)
0590290401: Cookie's Week
0590290436: Duckat
0590290460: How I Found a Friend
0590290495: Madeline's rescue
0590290533: Owl At Home
0590290622: Willie's Wonderful Pet
0590290681: Horrible Harry and The Drop Of Doom
0590290711: Flossie & the Fox
0590290789: Nine O\'Clock Lullaby
0590290940: The Mystery Of The Hidden Painting
0590290959: Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Stolen Diamonds
0590290967: Catwings Return
0590290983: I Hate English!
0590291009: If Your Name Was Changed at Ellis Island
0590291033: Mrs Piggle Wiggle
0590291106: Schools Out
0590291130: Arthur, for the Very First Time
0590291157: Encyclopedia Brown Sets the Pace
0590291165: Ginger Pye
0590291211: OH HONESTLY, ANGELA!
0590291238: Pueblo Storyteller
0590291246: Shark Lady
0590291270: Childtimes A Three Generation Memoir
0590291289: The Day We Walked on the Moon : A Photo History of Space Exploration
0590291327: Kid Heros of the Environment
0590291343: Lost Star
0590291351: The Midnight Fox
0590291378: Return to Gone-Away
0590291386: The Secret Garden
0590291394: Spirit Quest
0590291432: The Computer Nut: Get Ready for a Close Encounter of the Hilarious Kind!
0590291440: Cousins
0590291459: Dogsong
0590291475: Favorite Greek Myths
0590291483: Four Against The Odds (Four Against The Odds, The Struggle to Save Our Enviornment)
0590291491: The Legend of Jimmy Spoon (great episodes)
0590291505: New Kids in Town,Oral History of Immigrant Teens
0590291521: Rascal
0590291556: Woodsong
0590291564: La Historia De Una Colcha
0590291602: CHANA Y SU RANA
0590291688: Primavera
0590291734: El MacHinchar Dialogo En Dos Voces
0590291742: La tataranieta de Cucarachita Martina
0590291777: Color de La Luz
0590291793: El Tesoro
0590291858: Botas negras
0590291971: La Abuelita y Su Casa de Munecas
0590292013: Tales Mummies Tell
0590292048: What's Inside?
0590292056: Let's Get the Rhythm
0590292080: A Christmas Memory
0590292110: Book of Narnians
0590292129: Vegetable Soup
0590292137: PIZZA
0590292153: Amazon Sun, Amazon Rain
0590292196: My first Christmas
0590292242: Please Say Please! : Penguin's Guide to Manners
0590292382: Peanut Butter Rhino
0590292560: We Are All Alike... We Are All Different
0590292579: Ricardo's Day
0590292714: OVER IN THE MEADOW An Old Counting Rhyme
0590292765: Here are my hands
0590292773: The New Batch
0590292986: How Have I Grown?
0590293028: El Aquel Prado - Una Antigua Rima de Numeros
0590293036: Jeanne Titherington
0590293052: This Is The Way We Go To School: A Book About Children Around The World
0590293079: Case of the 202 Clues
0590293087: Hot & Cold Summer
0590293095: Case of the Blue-Ribbon-Horse
0590293133: Horrible Harry and The Ant Invasion
0590293141: Martin And The Teacher's Pets
0590293168: I Have A Dream
0590293184: Afternoon of the Elves
0590293206: Lost Star - The Story of Amelia Earhart
0590293214: BROCCOLI TAPES
0590293230: Dogsong
0590293249: Four Agianst the Odds: The Struggle to Save Our Environment
0590293257: Rascal.
0590293281: Nina, Girasol Silvestre, Silvestre Ana
0590293443: The birthday present
0590293486: Al Escondite
0590293508: La Pizza
0590293524: Musica Por Todas Partes
0590293575: El Sol y la Lluvia del Amazonas
0590293680: Volare Muy Lejos ?
0590293699: Como he crecido?
0590293818: Amalia y sus primeras tortillas
0590293885: Sopa de Vegetales
0590293907: Todos somos iguales-- todos somos diferentes
0590293931: De Quien Eres , Ratoncito ?
0590293974: Case of the Haunted Camp
0590293990: You're Invited to Mary-Kate & Ashley's Ballet Party
0590294016: Case of the Wild Wolf River
0590294024: Case of the Rock and Roll Mystery
0590294032: Case of the Surprise Call
0590294040: Case of the Missing Mummy
0590294334: Poem a Day : More Than 200 Cross-Curricular Poems That Teach and Delight
0590294725: Tortillas
0590294741: Una Noche
0590294784: Rino-mani
0590294806: Amalia Y El Saltamontes
0590295462: Can't Sleep
0590295934: Why Mosquitoes Buzz In People's Ears and Other Caldecott Classics
0590295985: Una Casa Limpia Para Topo Y Raton, pb, 1995
0590296019: El Oruga Muy Hambrienta
0590296094: Over On the Farm
0590297481: 101 Ready to Go Activities for Every Subject You Teach
0590297546: Jorge El Curioso
0590298356: Dawn
0590298364: Sunny
0590298372: Maggie : Diary Three
0590298380: Amalia
0590298399: Ducky
0590298402: Sunny : Diary Two
0590298429: Animorphs Megamorphs #1-the Andalite\'s Gift
0590298437: The Andalite's Gift Part II (Animorphs, Megamorphs #1)
0590298860: Hostage to War : A True Story
0590298895: 50 Literacy Activities
0590298917: Over on the Farm (A counting picture book rhyme)
0590298925: Let's Eat
0590298933: ALPHABET SOUP
0590298941: Trapped
0590299018: ZOO-LOOKING
0590299093: On the Road: An Activity Book About Animal Migration
0590299123: Malcolm X
0590299352: El Autobus Magico Va Contra LA Corriente
0590299379: Jaguar
0590299611: Clifford Beanbag Plush
0590299638: Pánico en el campamento (Escalofrà os No. 9)
0590299646: Visita Aterradora
0590299719: Samantha (A Trumpet Club Special Edition, Scholastic)
0590299727: Miss Rumphius
0590299735: Open Wide
0590299743: One for You and One for Me (Reading Discovery)
0590299751: What is Big?
0590299778: ANIMAL HOMES
0590299794: Fritz and the Mess Fairy
0590299859: The Dragon and the Unicorn
0590299948: Ghost Beach
0590299956: Somebody Loves You, Mr Hatch
0590300008: The Adventures of the Black Hand Gang
0590300016: Scholastic's A+ Guide to Good Grades
0590300024: Honey
0590300032: The Disco Handbook
0590300059: Master of the Dead
0590300067: Amazing Miss Laura
0590300075: King Arthur: His Knights and Their Ladies
0590300083: Going out, going steady, going bananas: The Bananas dating guide
0590300121: Amanda Bean's Amazing Dream : A Mathematical Story
0590300148: Kids' court
0590300210: And Not Afraid to Dare : The Stories of Ten African-American Women
0590300229: The Kid Who Ran For Principal
0590300245: The Bunny Who Found Easter
0590300253: Here a Chick, There a Chick
0590300261: Dolphin
0590300288: Bananas B-Guide to School Survival
0590300296: Roller fever: The complete book of roller skating
0590300318: Dating and Hanging Out
0590300326: Who Killed Daddy?
0590300334: Stand Firm: the Teen-Agers Guide to Self-Defense
0590300342: Wild Horse Killers
0590300393: Horse for X.Y.Z.
0590300407: Which Way, Black Cat?
0590300458: The Witch Grows Up
0590300466: Babar and the Wully-Wully
0590300474: Zoophabets
0590300482: Jorgito
0590300490: The Courage of Sarah Noble
0590300504: Mighty Babe Ruth
0590300512: THE HIGHEST HIT
0590300520: Mummy Jokes and Puzzles
0590300539: The Mystery of the Laughing Shadow (The Three Investigators) by...
0590300547: Peter Pan
0590300563: Life is a Lonely Place
0590300571: Secret of the Andes
0590300598: It Was A Short Summer Charlie Brown
0590300601: Summer I Was Lost
0590300628: Curse of the Vampires
0590300636: A year of writing activities
0590300644: Muffie and the Birthday Party
0590300652: The star wars question and answer book about space
0590300660: Arrow book of good 'n' easy cooking
0590300679: Bernice Myers' Book of Giggles
0590300687: The Clown of God
0590300695: Dragon Circle
0590300709: Nice New Neighbors
0590300717: Bump in the Night
0590300725: Take It or Leave It
0590300911: The Battlestar Galactica Storybook
0590300938: Hocus Pocus Dilemma
0590300946: Long Winter
0590300954: Words Alive Again!
0590300962: Humbug Mountain
0590301462: Words That Built a Nation
0590301500: Look Who's Taking a Bath
0590301519: Little Wild Chimpanzee
0590301527: In the Circle of Time
0590301535: Christmas puzzles
0590301543: Sea Pup (Original Scholastic Title: Here, Buster!, 1)
0590301551: Scholastic World Cultures China
0590301586: The Soviet Union and eastern Europe (Scholastic world cultures)
0590301616: Wendy and the Bullies
0590301624: The Bunjee Venture
0590301918: Japan Scholastic World Cultures
0590302019: Our families (Scholastic social studies)
0590302027: Our families (Scholastic social studies)
0590302078: Our communities (Scholastic social studies)
0590302116: Our country today (Scholastic social studies)
0590302140: Scholastic Social Studies Our Country Today (activity)
0590302159: Our country's history
0590302191: Our World Today Scholastic Social Studies
0590302299: Why Did You Leave Me
0590302302: Living with pets: Getting the best out of your dog, cat, bird, or boa
0590302310: Rascals from Haskell's Gym
0590302345: My Very First Book of Colors
0590302531: Our Snowman Had Olive Eyes
0590302639: Introduction to Shakespeare
0590302647: Tooley Tooley
0590302655: Charlie Browns Third Super Book of Questions and Answers
0590302671: Human Growth and Reproduction
0590302698: Sandy and the Rock Star
0590302787: Dynamite No. 67
0590302841: Read to Your Bunny
0590303139: Searching for Shona
0590303244: Ive Got a Crush on You
0590303252: Secret of Skeleton Island
0590303260: The Mystery of the Silver Spider
0590303295: The Mystery of the Flaming Footprints Alfred Hitchcock and The Three Investigators)
0590303309: Mystery of the Screaming Clock (Three Investigators)
0590303317: R My Name is Rosie
0590303457: The Bananas Joke Book
0590303465: Book About Your Skeleton
0590303511: Bringing Up Your Parents
0590303538: Wheels Whacker Incomplete Car Catalogue
0590303554: Little Chick's Story
0590303570: Harry Hoyle's Giant Jumping Bean
0590303589: KATIE
0590303597: Snowball Express (Walt Disney Productions Presents)
0590303600: The man who made gold
0590303619: Three Ducks Went Wandering
0590303635: All Sports Puzzle and Quiz Book
0590303643: CIRCUS TIME! How To Put On your One Show
0590303694: Great Sports Photos
0590303759: Mother, Mother, I Want Another
0590303767: Ice Skates
0590303783: Rita, the Weekend Rat
0590303791: Monday's Troll
0590303805: One Hundred and One Pet Jokes
0590303813: A Boy of Old Prague
0590303821: Humans of Ziax: Drought on Ziax
0590303848: Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs
0590303856: Frederick's Alligator
0590303864: Turtle Tale
0590303872: The Son of the Black Stallion
0590303880: How Come the Best Clues Are Always in the Garbage?
0590303899: How Can I Be a Detective If I Have to Baby-Sit?
0590303902: A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
0590304240: The Bed Book Pictorial Children's reader
0590304585: Scholastic Early Childhood Program Science Teaching Guide
0590304720: Reading effectiveness
0590304747: Wild Animal Families
0590304755: Triple Action : Unit 1 Book
0590304771: Triple Action : Unit 3 Book
0590304798: Triple Action Play Book
0590304852: Real Life Citizenship: A Functional Skills Program from Scholastic
0590304976: Consumer economics
0590305190: Critical Reading C
0590305298: Bubble and Squeak
0590305301: The Dangerous Year
0590305328: A Treeful of Pigs by
0590305344: Strange Friends
0590305360: Star Jewel
0590305379: Dogs and danger / Judith Bauer Stamper
0590305425: Super Susan
0590305476: Monster Blood
0590305484: Tell Me Your Dream
0590305549: Time to Choose
0590305557: Easy Money
0590305565: Plumbers Line
0590305573: Mystery in Room 105
0590305611: Fabulous animal facts: That hardly anyone knows
0590305638: A Koala Grows Up
0590305646: Mortimer K Saves the Day
0590305786: Choices
0590305794: Listening in
0590305883: Firefighter
0590305905: Anything for a Friend
0590306073: Writing a term paper (Scholastic language skills)
0590306219: Count Morbidas Monster Quiz Book
0590306227: Dynamite Book of Ghosts and Haunted Houses
0590306286: The Secret of Bitter Creek
0590306308: Mystery of the Frightened Aunt
0590306316: No Place to Go
0590306391: Sprint Reading Skills Program. Skills Book 3. Third Level
0590306634: You Can't Scare Me!
0590306650: Arthur's Pet Business
0590306669: Snap backs
0590306685: Stinkers
0590306693: Help! I'm Trapped in My Sisters Body
0590306715: Stinkers
0590306723: Rumpelstiltskin
0590306731: Searching for David's Heart
0590306812: Vocabulary Skills - C - Meaning Through Structure & Context
0590306901: The Hungry Toad
0590306979: Scholastic Dictionary of Spelling
0590306987: The Scholastic Dictionary of Spelling
0590306995: I Am Lost
0590307002: Don't Cut My Hair!
0590307134: Miss Spider's New Car
0590307150: New York Public Library Kid's Guide to Research
0590307169: Kid's Guide to Research
0590307177: Miracles in Motion
0590307193: Ricky Ricotta's Giant Robot
0590307207: Ricky Ricotta's Giant Robot
0590307215: Ricky Ricotta #02 Giant Robot vs. the Mutant Mosquitos from Mercury
0590307223: Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot vs. the Mutant Mosquitoes from Mercury
0590307231: Scholastic Kid's Almanac for the 21st Century : Hundreds of Full-Color Graphics, Tables and Charts Provide Kids with a Stimulating and Comprehensive Reference for the New Millennium
0590307258: Christmas Gift for Mama
0590307444: Calico Picks A Puppy
0590307452: One Frog, One Fly (Reading Discovery)
0590307460: Animal Feet (Reading Discovery)
0590307479: Is It Time? (Reading Discovery)
0590308424: Cat's Don't Dance
0590308440: Cat's Don't Dance : Digest
0590308572: Three Pigs, One Wolf and Seven Magic Shapes
0590308599: Monster Math School Time
0590308610: Box 61 Growling Bear Mystery
0590308726: Case of the Backyard Treasure
0590308750: Dangerous Lives
0590308769: 512 Ants on Sullivan Street
0590308777: More for Me
0590308785: Night Journeys
0590308793: Windsong Summer
0590308807: Iceberg! (hardcover title: High Tide for Labrador)
0590308858: Terrific Gifts to Make and Give
0590308882: Wishing Tree
0590308890: Shy Girl
0590308920: Thinking Games Book 2 Age 9 and Older
0590308947: One Little Kitten
0590308955: Backyard Insects
0590309021: Welcome Home Jellybean
0590309048: Steven and the Green Turtle
0590309056: Gift Horse
0590309064: Skitterbrain
0590309072: Corduroy
0590309080: The Rie and fall of Adolf Hitler
0590309099: Gone Away Lake
0590309137: Your 14-Day Total Shape-Up Plan
0590309153: School Survival Guide
0590309196: Backstage at Saturday Night Live: An Unauthorized Portrait
0590309277: Giant Dinosaurs
0590309285: Los Dinosaurios Gigantes
0590309293: PANDA
0590309307: Mixed - Up Summer
0590309315: The Riddle Monster
0590309331: Star Wars: Darth Vader's Activity Book
0590309498: MacGooses' Grocery
0590309501: The Teenage Book of Lists
0590309544: Kings, Lovers and Fools
0590309552: Death of a Dancer
0590309560: Best of Friends
0590309579: Sara and the Pinch
0590309587: 1000 Monsters Fun to Flip Book
0590309609: Rapunzel
0590309625: The all-year-long songbook
0590309633: BABAR'S MYSTERY
0590309684: The Abraham Lincoln Joke Book
0590309706: Space Scooter
0590309714: Jody
0590309722: The shortest sheriff in the west (Sprint books)
0590309730: Cheap skates (Sprint books)
0590309749: Adventure at the Wax Museum
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