0072422807: Foundations of Financial Management
0072422815: Ready Notes to accompany Foundations of Financial Management
0072422823: Foundations of Financial Management : Casebook
0072422858: MUSIC EVERY DAY-W/CD
0072422971: Understanding Psychology: A Power Learning Approach
0072423056: Instructor's Manual and Key to Accompany Computer Accounting With Peachtree for Microsoft Windows Release 7.0.
0072423242: Introduction to Information Systems : Essentials for the Internetworked E-Business Enterprise
0072423293: Multicultural Education
0072423323: Urban Transportation Planning
0072423382: Managerial Accounting, 10TH INSTR, hc, 2002
0072423390: Fundamental Accounting Principles
0072423404: Objects Have Class Introduction To Prog With Ja
0072423498: Communication Networks
0072423528: ALL WRITE!USER'S GDE.2.0-TEXT
0072423544: Student CD-ROM for use with College Writing Skills CD-ROM by Langan, John...
0072423706: Electric Machines : Analysis and Design Applying MATLAB
0072423765: Instructor's Manual: Im Business Marketing
0072423870: How to Design and Evaluate Research in Education
0072423889: Teachers, Schools, and Society
0072423900: Educational Psychology: Effective Teaching, Effective Learning with Free, Interactive Student CD-ROM, 3rd Edition
0072423919: Children's Literature in the Elementary School
0072423951: Interactive E-Source CD-ROM by SANTROCK
0072423978: Jagerbuch Access to German, Band 3
0072423986: Selected Materials from Managerial Economics 6th ed. and Managerial Economics & Business Strategy 3rd ed.
0072424028: Public Relations : The Practice and the Profession
0072424044: Service Management : A Century of Recorded Poetry
0072424125: Programming in C++
0072424192: Service Management: Operations, Strategy, and Information Technology with Student CD-Rom Mandatory Package
0072424206: Introduction to Information Systems Project Management
0072424281: College Algebra
0072424303: Precalculus : Graphs and Models
0072424346: Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications
0072424354: Traditions & Encounters
0072424362: American History Vol. 1 : A Survey
0072424435: Modern Compressible Flow : With Historical Perspective
0072424494: Biochemistry (SG/SM) 3rd
0072424567: Microscale and Miniscale Organic Chemistry Laboratory Experiments
0072424575: Chemistry in Context: Applying Chemistry to Society (Laboratory Manual)
0072424583: Organic Chemistry
0072424605: Solutions Manual to Accompany Organic Chemistry
0072424834: Contemporary Management
0072424885: Beginning Algebra
0072424931: Intermediate Algebra
0072424974: Interactive Companion for Using Information Technology
0072425083: Making the Grade Theater: The Lively Art, by Wilson, 4th Edition, CD-Rom Only
0072425091: Public Speaking for College and Career
0072425113: Environmental Geology Paperback by Montgomery, Carla W.
0072425148: Emerging Financial Markets
0072425164: The McGraw-Hill Guide to Web CT for Instructors : Design, Development and Delivery
0072425326: Elements of Moral Philosophy
0072425334: Socrates to Sartre
0072425393: Dimensions of Culture 3 Imagination
0072425407: Biology 100 - Principles & Applications
0072425431: Breaking Down Barriers Through Communication
0072425466: Art Across Time, Second Edition: Volume I: Prehistory to the Fourteenth Century
0072425474: Student Atlas of World Geography
0072425709: American History
0072425725: Adolescent Psychology, 2001-2002
0072425741: Urban Society
0072425768: Western Civilization
0072425784: Public Administration, 2001-2002
0072425806: Western Civilization
0072425822: American History
0072426160: Selling : Building Partnerships
0072426179: Literature : Reading Fiction, Poetry, and Drama
0072426268: Granite Bay, Inc. Level One CDROM & Practice Set,4th Ed, pb, 2001
0072426365: Building an E-Business : From the Ground Up
0072426403: 4-CD Brief set for use with Music: An Appreciation, brief (Audio CD)
0072426411: Sociology : A Brief Introduction
0072426519: Student Study Guide to accompany Sociology: A Brief Introduction
0072426527: Anthropology:The Exploration Of Human Diversity NINTH EDITI
0072426594: Cultural Anthropology
0072426756: Redesigning Enterprise Proc for e-Business (w/CD)
0072426764: Using Information Technology : A Practical Introduction to Computer and Communications, Brief Edition / with Powerweb
0072426772: Using Information Technology
0072426918: Music: Brief (w/CD-ROM & 4 Cassettes) 4th
0072426926: Music Skills for Classroom Teachers
0072426942: Granite Bay, Inc. Level One CD-ROM Practice Set
0072426950: Granite Bay, Inc. Level Two Practice Set, 4THCD-ROM, pb, 2001
0072426969: Personal Finance
0072427035: Mathematics for Elementary Teachers
0072427086: Manipulative Kit : To Accompany the Activities in Mathematics for Elementary Teachers, a Conceptual Approach and Mathematics for Elementary Teachers, an Activity Approach
0072427302: Prego! : An Invitation to Italian
0072427329: Prego! : An Invitation to Italian
0072427353: College Algebra
0072427361: College Algebra with Trigonometry
0072427612: Readings in Fitness & Wellness
0072427639: Personal Fitness Applied Physiology for the Army
0072427655: How To Get The Best From Your Agency : Advertising, Interactive And Other Marketing Communications
0072427906: Fundamentals of Oceanography
0072427922: Basic Econometrics
0072427930: Internet Marketing : Readings and Online Resources
0072427957: Join the Club
0072427965: Principles of Botany
0072427981: Psychology:An Introduction CD-rom,7th ed,,2001
0072428007: Complete Business Statistics
0072428031: Join the Club: Idioms for Acad
0072428058: Join the Club (volume2)
0072428066: Quest Listen/Speak 1 IM AC
0072428074: Quest Listen/Speak 2 IM AC
0072428082: Quest Listen/Speak 3 IM AC
0072428201: Introduction to Human Communication
0072428317: Human Diversity: A Guide for Understanding
0072428333: Human Sexuality
0072428341: Pro/Engineering Instructor
0072428368: International Politics on the World Stage
0072428406: Management With Powerweb Building Competitive Advantage
0072428414: International Business
0072428422: Strategic Management : Formulation, Implementation and Control
0072428430: Computer Accounting with QuickBoooks Pro 2000
0072428449: Global Business Today
0072428457: Wheels Exquisite Level 1 with CD-ROM Practice Set
0072428465: Computing Essentials, 2000-2001
0072428473: Computing Essentials in Brief, 2000-2001
0072428600: Law for Business
0072428619: Operations Management Contemporary Concepts and Cases
0072428651: Natural Disasters
0072428686: Farm Management
0072428813: Soil Science : Agricultural and Environmental Principles
0072428953: Organizational Behavior
0072429038: Anatomy and Physiology
0072429135: Intermediate Algebra 4th Edition, Annotated Instructor's Edition
0072429208: Basic Math Skills with Geometry, by Streeter, 5th Edition
0072429216: Environmental Economics
0072429232: Music an Appreciation
0072429291: Astronomy Essential Study Partner CD-ROM
0072429399: Operations Management : Contemporary Concepts and Cases with and PowerWeb
0072429402: Fundamentals of Operations Management
0072429410: Retailing Management
0072429437: Economics: First CPCU Edition: CPCU #9
0072429518: Basic Public Speaking Workbook : SPE 1010
0072429550: Economy Today
0072429569: Study Guide to Accompany the Micro Economy Today, 8TH, pb, 2000
0072429577: Macroeconomy Today
0072429593: Brownstone User's Guide : Brownstone Diploma for Windows to Accompany Organizational Behavior, 9th Edition By Luthans (CD-ROM)
0072429615: PowerPoint Presentation to Accompany Organizational Behavior By Luthans (CD)
0072429658: Negotiation : Readings, Exercises, and Cases
0072429682: Sentence Skills with Readings
0072429755: Intermediate Algebra
0072429763: Intermediate Algebra
0072429771: Basic Mathematical Skills with Geometry with SMART CD-ROM, Windows Package
0072430095: Learning Aid for use with Basic Marketing
0072430117: Colour Transparencies to Accompany Basic Marketing a Global - Managerial Approach
0072430133: Instructor's Manual to Accompany Basic Marketing
0072430141: Manual of Objective Tests to Accompany Basic Marketing
0072430273: Engineering Fundamentals and Problem Solving
0072430303: Working Papers for use with Managerial Accounting
0072430338: Cost Management
0072430346: Marketing W/PowerWeb
0072430362: Guide to Everyday Economic Statistics
0072430443: Computer Science Information Technology Lab Manual, 4e
0072430478: Nation of Nations
0072430486: Nation of Nations : A Concise History of the American Republic
0072430524: Unfinished Nation Vol. I : A Concise Narrative of the American People
0072430532: Unfinished Nation Vol. 2 : A Concise Narrative of the American People
0072430540: Psychology
0072430559: Introduction to Human Communication: Understanding and Sharing. Eighth Edition.
0072430567: A Systems Approach to Small Group Interaction with Making the Grade CD-ROM
0072430575: Kamien 3.1
0072430753: Foundations of Financial Management
0072430788: International Business 3rd Ed w/ CD Competing Global Marketplace Posts
0072430826: Clashing Views on Controversial Bioethical Issues
0072430850: Clashing Views on Controversial Issues in Race and Ethnicity
0072430893: Sources Notable Selections in Race and Ethnicity
0072430923: Taking Sides
0072430958: Taking Sides : Clashing Views on Controversial Issues in American History
0072430974: Clashing Views on Controversial Environmental Issues
0072431008: Random House Webster's Student Notebook Thesaurus
0072431024: United States History Atlas, by Megellan, 2nd Edition
0072431059: History of Western Art with Guide to Electronic Research in Art
0072431148: History of Western Art
0072431156: E-Business, 2001-2002
0072431202: Instructor's Manual: Im Psychology
0072431245: Psychology: Frontiers and Applications (PRISM 2 to Accompany ONLY
0072431393: Human Geography
0072431407: Music : An Appreciation w/4 cds 3rd 98
0072431423: Mandatory Package Mathematics for Elementary Teachers an Activity Approach with Manipulative Kit
0072431598: Social Problems for the Twenty-First Century : Making the Grade Student and Powerweb
0072431601: Traditions and Encounters A Global Perspective on The Past
0072431628: Traditions & Encounters
0072431652: Traditions AND Encounters : A Global Perspective on the Past : Volume C from 1750 to the Present
0072431660: Model Code of Professional Responsibility, Model Rules of Professional Conduct, and Other Selected Standards
0072431679: Puntos de partida and invitation to Spanish 6th edition part 1-10 audio cds,sp,2001
0072431717: Elementary Statistics : Minitab Manual
0072431814: Roles in Interpretation
0072431881: Introduction to Transportation Engineering
0072431938: Numerical Methods for Engineers : With Software and Programming Applications
0072432004: Public Policy
0072432020: Fluid Mechanics with Engineering Applications
0072432349: Engineering Economy
0072432357: Human Resource Management : An Experiential Approach
0072432411: General Management
0072432551: Negotiation
0072432616: Astronomy: Journey to the Cosmic Frontier, by Fix, 2nd Edition
0072432640: Reader for Developing Writers
0072432675: Prego! : An Invitation to Italian
0072432691: Prego! : An Invitation to Italian
0072432810: Digital Filters
0072432861: Annual Editions : Archaeology 01/02
0072432888: Production and Operations Management 2001/2002
0072432926: Multicultural Education, 2001-2002
0072432942: Marriage and Family
0072432969: Global Studies : Japan and the Pacific Rim
0072432977: Global Studies : China
0072432985: Global Studies : India and South Asia
0072432993: Drugs, Society and Behavior
0072433019: World Politics 2001-2002
0072433035: Annual Editions : Human Development 01/02
0072433051: Nutrition 01/02
0072433078: Comparative Politics
0072433108: American Government
0072433124: Organizational Behavior
0072433140: Early Childhood Education, 2001-2002
0072433175: Education
0072433213: Sociology, 2001-2002
0072433256: Educating Exceptional Children
0072433272: Anthropology
0072433302: Annual Editions : Physical Anthropology 01/02
0072433329: Child Growth and Development
0072433345: Human Sexuality
0072433361: Educational Psychology
0072433388: Race and Ethnic Relations
0072433426: Human Resources
0072433442: International Business : 01/02
0072433469: American Foreign Policy : Past, Present, Future
0072433485: Developing World, 2001-2002
0072433523: Annual Editions : Marketing 01/02
0072433574: Global Studies : Europe
0072433582: Comparative Politics 2000-2001 (Annual Editions Ser.)
0072433590: Environment
0072433612: Economics
0072433639: Entrepreneurship 01/02
0072433647: Annual Editions
0072433663: Mass Media
0072433736: Personal Growth and Behavior, 2001-2002
0072433752: Global Issues 01/02
0072433779: Psychology
0072433795: Microbiology 2nd edition, hc, 2000
0072433914: Power and Choice with Powerweb
0072433922: Nachalo Bk. 1 : When in Russia
0072433930: Nachalo Bk. 1 : When in Russia
0072433957: Nachalo: Student Audio Cd Program : Lessons 1-7
0072433965: Nachalo Book 2 (Student Edition) + Listening Comprehension Audio CD
0072433973: Nachalo Vol. 2 : Plus Listening Comprehension
0072434007: Deux mondes: A Communicative A
0072434015: Deux mondes: A Communicative Approach (Student Edition) + Listening Comprehension Audiocassette
0072434031: Marketing
0072434074: Essentials of Psychology
0072434198: LOVE MEDICINE
0072434201: House Made of Dawn
0072434228: Their Eyes Were Watching God
0072434244: Monkey Wrench Gang
0072434279: Essays of E. B. White
0072434325: Rumbo al Sur : An Introduction to Spanish
0072434341: Rumbo al Sur. Cuaderno de practica
0072434384: Selected Material from The Art of Public Speaking; Communication Works; An Introduction to Human Communication: Understanding and Sharing
0072434449: Fundamentals of Management Communication (College Custom Series)
0072434562: Urban World
0072434619: Understanding Race, Class, Gender and Sexuality : A Conceptual Framework
0072434635: Understanding Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality : Case Studies
0072434694: Intermediate Accounting
0072434708: Intermediate Accounting
0072434805: Ready Notes to Accompany Chemistry
0072434880: Criminology and the Criminal Justice System
0072434899: Criminology, by Adler, 4th Edition
0072435046: Chemistry in Context
0072435097: The Joy Luck Club.
0072435135: Heart of Darkness & Selections from the Congo Diary
0072435178: The House on Mango Street
0072435186: Things Fall Apart
0072435194: Woman Warrior
0072435208: All the Pretty Horses
0072435240: America's Musical Landscape
0072435372: Chemical Kinetics Reaction Dynamics
0072435410: Preparatory Mathematics for College Algebra
0072435461: Mass Media Law 2001-2002
0072435488: Aleks User's Guide
0072435518: Bundle Version Aleks User Guide & Access Code 1 Semester
0072435542: Annotated Instructors Edition (Aie Alone) to Accompany Sociology : A Brief Introduction
0072435593: General Zoology Laboratory Manual
0072435666: Social Psychology, 2001-2002
0072435682: Taking Sides
0072435763: Fundamentals of Media Effects
0072435801: Estimating Construction Costs
0072435887: Value-Driven Operations Management : An Integrated Modular Approach
0072435909: Explorations With Powerweb
0072435968: Projects and Cases for Systems Analysis and Design Methods CD-ROM FIFTH EDITION
0072435992: Topical Approach to Life-Span Development,hc,2001
0072436034: Study Guide Life Span Development
0072436158: Handbook for Effective Business Communication
0072436336: Engineering
0072436344: Introduction to Graphics Communications for Engineers
0072436387: Organizational Behavior and Management
0072436557: Physical Geology
0072436573: Foundations in Singing
0072436611: Employee Training and Development
0072436719: Compensation
0072436778: Calculus for Business
0072436905: Oracle 8i, Version 8.1.5, by Korth, Personal Edition, CD-Rom Only
0072437014: Computing Essentials: 2000/2001
0072437022: Computing Essentials 2000-01 : Introductory Edition w/ CD
0072437189: Life : With Bound-In OLC Card
0072437251: Life
0072437316: Biology
0072437367: Inquiry into Life
0072437383: ¡De Viva Voz! : An Intermediate Conversation and Grammar Review Course
0072437391: ¡De Viva Voz! : An Intermediate Conversation and Grammar Review Course
0072437405: Understanding Race Class Gender and Sexuality: A Conceptual Framework - Paperback
0072437421: Human Diversity in Education
0072437650: Calculus for Business, Economics, and the Social and Life Sciences
0072437693: Applied Linear Algebra and Matrix Analysis
0072437758: Food Wise CD-ROM
0072437804: Writing to Learn : In Political Science
0072437936: Human Physiology
0072438134: Ssg Holes Essent Human A&P
0072438142: Human Anatomy and Physiology, Fetal Pig Dissection
0072438169: Anatomy and Physiology
0072438398: Selected Solutons from Operations Management for Competitive Advantage
0072438509: Selected Material From Organizational Behavior (Krannert Graduate School of Management)
0072438649: Introductory Plant Biology Laboratory Manual
0072438681: Workbook in Conservation Biology : Solving Practical Problems in Conservation
0072438886: Regional Human Anatomy
0072438908: Human Anatomy and Physiology with OLC Bind-In Card
0072438916: Human Anatomy and Physiology
0072438932: Human Anatomy and Physiology
0072439017: New Business Mentor 2001 Entrepreneur's Interactive Business,CD,2000
0072439076: Selected Chapters from Elementary and Intermediate Algebra. 3rd Edition. Blinn College. Custom Edition
0072439408: Integrated Principles of Zoology
0072439440: Laboratory Studies in Integrated Principles of Zoology
0072439564: Environmental Science
0072439696: Ecology: Concepts and Applications
0072440007: Environmental Science : A Study of Interrelationships with Online Learning Center (OLC) Password Card
0072440236: Exploring Philosophy
0072440252: Introductory Spanish
0072440392: Introduction to Computing : From Bits and Gates to C and Beyond
0072440449: Accounting for Derivatives and Hedging
0072440600: Business Law
0072440627: Instructor's Manual: Im Legal Reg Env Bus
0072440775: Puntos De Partida Hands on the Worldwide Web
0072440783: Management Information Systems
0072440821: Human Physiology
0072440872: Laboratory Guide to Human Physiology : Concepts and Clinical Applications
0072440961: A otro nivel: Intermediate Spanish, by Perez-Girones
0072441003: Introduction to Computing Systems, pb 2000 U of Cinn
0072441011: Cold Region Structural Engineering
0072441054: Coach CD-ROM with Jewel Case for use with Intermediate Accounting, 2nd Edition
0072441070: Introduction to Reference Work
0072441089: Interiors
0072441151: Legal Environment of Business in the Information Age
0072441208: Cyberlaw and E-Commerce
0072441224: Interpersonal Skills in Organizations
0072441283: Business Communication Design
0072441356: American Politics and International Relations on the Web : A Smart Student's Guide
0072441437: Introduction to Reference Work
0072441607: Concepts of Fitness and Wellness
0072441704: Nutrition for Health, Fitness and Sport
0072441879: Database System Concepts 3ed
0072442336: Middle East : A History
0072442387: Geography Reader Intro to Human Geography, sp 2000
0072442646: Personal Finance : Telecourse
0072442735: Child Development from Theory to Practice 6th Ed containing select ma
0072442816: Selected Material from Psychology
0072443006: Entrepreneurship
0072443146: Mechanical Design Modeling Using Pro/Engineer
0072443316: Fundamentals of Investments : Valuation and Management
0072443502: Vector Mechanics for Engineers Statistics,6th Ed.,Problems Supplement,pb,2001
0072443553: Heating and Cooling of Buildings
0072443588: Multicultural Demensions of Film A Reader: Fifth Edition
0072443685: Intermediate Accounting, by Spiceland
0072443715: Strategic Management: Concepts and Cases
0072443804: Principles of Taxation
0072443812: Accounting for Governmental and Nonprofit Entities with City of Smithville Package
0072443863: You Name It, Too:Company Practice Set w Disk (Custom Pub)
0072443928: Algebra for College Students
0072443936: MP: Intermediate Algebra w/ OLC Bind-In Card
0072444088: Teaching Bearing the Torch
0072444126: Advanced Financial Accounting
0072444169: Advanced Financial Accounting
0072444193: Working Papers for use with Advanced Financial Accounting
0072444207: Solutions Manual: Sm Adv Financial Acctg
0072444231: Sg/Wb Bus Law Reg Env
0072444428: English Studies
0072444452: xxxx
0072444959: Spanish Conversation at Work I
0072445068: Business and Society : Corporate Strategy, Public Policy, Ethics
0072445238: Organic Chemistry Fourth Edition
0072445297: Leadership : Enhancing the Lessons of Experience
0072445416: Understanding Business
0072445505: Introduction to Information Systems
0072445521: The Science and Design of Engineering Materials E-Text
0072445718: Lab Supplement for Corbin's Concepts of Physical Fitness and Wellness
0072445823: Physical Geology Updated 8th Ed.,hc,2001 Primis Custom Pub
0072445971: A+S English Composition Student Guide, pb, 2001
0072445998: Reading and Study Skills
0072446110: Vector Mechanics for Engineers : Dynamics, New Media Version with Problems Supplement
0072446129: Vector Mechanics for Engineers
0072446137: Vector Mechanics for Engineers : Statics and Dynamics, New Media Version with Problem Supplement
0072446404: Astronomy : Journey to the Cosmic Frontier
0072446463: Elementary Statistics : Excel Manual
0072446609: Computers and the Internet: a Laboratory Approach to Computer Literacy
0072447087: Nuevos Destinos: A Student Manual
0072447494: Psychology
0072447656: Pronunciation and Communication Oral Skills for Speakers of English As a Second Language
0072447788: Early European History
0072447850: Cornerstone
0072447931: Stat 201 Introduction to Statistics
0072447966: Handbook Fundamentals of Public Speaking
0072448016: Film, Form, and Culture 1.0.2 - revised CD-ROM
0072448083: Microbiology: A Human Perspective with Microbes in Motion II
0072448091: Science and Design of Engineering Materials
0072448105: Essentials of Athletic Training, by Arnheim, 5th Edition
0072448113: Political Philosophy : Classic and Contemporary Readings
0072448164: Holocaust : Readings and Interpretations
0072448326: Quantitative Reason.workshop.
0072448342: Excerpts from Great Ideas/Grand Schemes: Political Ideologies in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries with Readings
0072448482: Concepts of Modern Physics
0072448547: Essentials of Athletic Training 5th edit. W/CD, hc, 2002
0072448644: Engineering Electromagnetics, by Buck, 6th Edition, e-Text CD-Rom Only
0072448903: Lectures in Elementary Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes
0072448970: Selected Material from Computing Essentials(No Disc)
0072448989: Computing Essentials Labs Selected Material from Windows McGraw Hill
0072449403: Human Anatomy and Physiology with Histology Color Atlas
0072449411: Art Across Time
0072449454: Art Across Time's Core Concepts, 2ND CD-ROM, hc, 2001
0072449586: Art Fundamentals Core Concepts CD-ROM, 9th Edition
0072449713: Introduction to Psychology: A Natural Science Perspective
0072449721: beauchamp, Tom
0072449861: Rules of Thumb: A Guide for Writers
0072449918: AllWrite! 2.0
0072449926: AllWrite! 2.1 Online with User's Guide
0072449934: WEBWRITE!
0072449977: Art Across Time
0072450061: Art Across Time
0072450169: World Politics & Economy
0072450185: Fresh Ink: Essays from Boston College's First-Year Writing Seminar, 2000
0072450258: ALEKS Worktext for Prealgebra
0072450266: Aleks Worktext for Beginning and Intermediate Algebra, by Hutchison
0072450282: Elementary And Intermediate Algebra
0072450355: Principles and Applications for Organic and Biological Chemistry
0072450398: Abnormal Psychology: Current Perspectives, Study Guide
0072450479: A Computer Science Tapestry: Exploring Programming and Computer Science with C++ Interactive E-text Release 2.0
0072450495: E-Text To Accompany Communication Networks
0072450517: Interactive E-Source To Accompany Software Engineering, 5th Edition
0072450592: Psychology by Sdorow, 5th, in-Psych, CD-Rom only
0072450606: Psychology
0072450630: Student Study Gudie for Use with Understanding Psychology
0072451017: Encounters in World History: Sources and Themes from the Global Past
0072451033: Encounters in World History
0072451076: Mathematics in Our World
0072451130: Solutions Manual: Sm Thermodynamics
0072451904: Organic Chemistry
0072451920: Engineering Electromagnetics
0072451947: Electronic Circuit Analysis
0072451963: Learning Programming Using Visual Basic.NET
0072452595: An Introduction to Human Communication: Understanding & Sharing (An Introduction to Human Communication: Understanding & Sharing, Special Edition for University of Phoenix)
0072452692: Money, Banking, and Financial Markets
0072452706: Principles Of Environmental Science
0072452978: Film, Form, and Culture
0072453036: Psychology: Frontiers and Applications
0072453222: Portfolio Composition Student Guide for Eng 111, Custom Pub for Middle Tenn St University,spirl,2000
0072453230: Calculus 1 Discovery Workbook Drury Univ.pb;2000
0072453400: Java Elements
0072453427: An Introduction to Computer Science : Using Java
0072453435: Fundamentals of Structural Analysis
0072453621: Campaigns in the 21st Century (Critical Topics in American Government Series.
0072453729: ALEKS Users Guide
0072453761: eVal
0072453869: Logo Models and Methods for Problem Solving
0072453907: Leading Corporate Citizens
0072453923: Browstone User's Guide CDROM for Understan.Business 6e
0072454083: Instructor's Manual: Im International Business
0072454237: Management Accounting: Analysis & Interpretation, with IDeA CD-ROM, NetTutor and Powerweb pckg.
0072454261: Fundamentals of Thermal-Fluid Sciences
0072454504: Employment Law for Business (University of Phoenix Special Edition Series)
0072454512: Macroeconomics (Special Edition Series, Fourth Edition)
0072455136: Jazz w. Free Audio CD
0072455152: Study Smart CD-ROM: Study Skills for Students
0072455179: You Can Teach Online! : Guide to Building Creative Learning Environments
0072455462: CuStomized Biology
0072455470: Cestina Hrou Pracovni Sesit/czech For Fun Workbook
0072455748: Telecourse Study Guide for Understanding Busin.6e;pb;2001
0072455764: Test Bank Volume II, Chapters 12-22, to accompany Understanding Business
0072455772: Concept Mastery Toolkit CD-ROM for Use with Understanding Business
0072455780: Understanding Business
0072455845: Student Assessment Learning Guide (Study Gd), Understanding Business
0072455853: Understanding Business 6th ed.Transparency Acetates w/Notes
0072455861: Understanding Business 6th ed. Vol.I Chapters 1-11;pb;2002 Inst.manual
0072455888: Understanding Business 6e Test Bank Vol.I Ch.1-11;pb;2002
0072455896: Media Resource Guide to accompany Understanding Business
0072456019: We the People: A Concise Introduction To American Politics (Study Guide)
0072456108: Windows 2000 Computer Based Tutorial CD-ROM
0072456280: Opening Doors
0072456302: Opening Doors, by Cortina, 3rd Edition, CD-Rom Only
0072456353: Engineering Circuit Analysis
0072456361: Principles of Electronic Materials and Devices
0072456388: Instructor's Manual to Accompany Transitions: From Reading to Writing
0072456434: Economics Social Issues
0072456604: Harmony With The Movement Of The Universe
0072456612: CPT 172 - Introduction to Application and Database Design Lab Manual
0072456655: Corporate Information Strategy and Management : The Challenges of Managing in a Network Economy
0072456728: Corporate Information Strategy and Management : Text and Cases
0072456817: EE3010 Circuits and Instrumentation for Michigan Technological University
0072456914: Financial Accounting : Information for Decisions
0072456957: Financial Accounting
0072457007: Financial Accounting
0072457279: Financial Accounting
0072457287: Student Software CD-ROM for use with Financial Accounting, 2nd Edition
0072457317: Cases in Electronic Commerce
0072457325: Instructor's Manual: Im Cases Electronic Commerce
0072457376: Math 099
0072457430: Music in Theory and Practice: Workbook/Spiral Binding
0072457600: Essentials of Athletic Training with Dynamic Human 2.0 CD-ROM
0072457643: Discoverecon 4.0 Software Tutorial (Sw) 4th Ed
0072457651: Music
0072457716: Intro. to Environmental Science, 2 volumes, Custom Pub., U of Iowa
0072457856: Fundamentals of Management
0072458399: Midlife in Context
0072458461: Hands On Biology Lab Manual for Introductory Biology
0072458577: MS Office XP
0072458585: Telecourse Guide for Accounting in Action for use with Financial Accounting
0072458720: Management Information Systems for Information Age
0072458798: Introduction To Object-Oriented Programming With Java
0072458836: Financial Accounting, 3rd
0072458933: Heat Transfer: A Practical Approach
0072459034: Programming in Visual Basic.NET
0072459042: Microsoft Access 2002
0072459069: Microsoft Excel 2002, Complete
0072459077: ALEKS Worktext for Beginning and Intermediate Algebra with 2-Semester Access Code and User's Guide
0072459174: Taped Exercises for Basic and Intermediate Italian
0072459212: Communicating in Spanish Online
0072459417: Human Geography : Jerome Donald Fellmann (Paperback, 2000)
0072460156: A First Look at Communication Theory
0072460164: Crime, Justice, and Society : Criminology and the Sociological Imagination, with PowerWeb
0072460172: Cultural Anthropology : Understanding Ourselves and Others, with PowerWeb
0072460180: Tapestry of Culture
0072460199: Criminology and the Criminal Justice System with Free Power Web and Free Making the Grade Student CD-ROM
0072460210: Criminology : With PowerWeb and Making the Grade
0072460237: Using Information Technology
0072460245: Interactive Companion CD-ROM version 2.0 to accompany Computing Essentials 00-01
0072460253: Interactive Companion Version 2.0: Computers, Communications, and Information CD-Rom Only No Text
0072460407: Principles of Taxation for Business Investment Planning
0072460458: Deutsch, Na Klar: An Introductory German Course
0072460474: College Writing Skills With Readings
0072460482: English Skills+ CD-ROM
0072460490: Cultural Anthropology
0072460504: Operations Management
0072460512: Jumpstart! A Workbook for Writers, Second Edition : Annotated Instructor's Edition
0072460539: CMOS Digital Integrated Circuits Analysis and Design
0072460598: American South: A History, by Cooper, 3rd Edition, Volume 1
0072460601: TCP/IP Protocol Suite
0072460652: I-DEAS
0072460784: The Cultural Tapestry Peoples & Cultures of the World Course Guide 5th
0072460857: Fundamentals of Digital Logic with VHDL Design
0072460881: Volume II The American South: A History
0072461047: International Politics with Power Web
0072461217: Introduction to Operations Research, 7th Ed
0072461225: Student's SMART CD-ROM for Windows Stand Alone for use with Beginning Algebra, 5th Edition
0072461233: Student's SMART CD-ROM for Windows Stand Alone for use with Basic Mathematical Skills with Geometry, 5th Edition
0072461276: Marketing Looseleaf
0072461284: Marketing with PowerWeb
0072461314: Biology 101-102 Laboratory Manual: John Tyler Community College
0072461373: Economics
0072461535: Student's SMART CD-ROM for Macintosh Stand Alone for use with Basic Mathematical Skills with Geometry, 5th Edition
0072461667: Wellness: Concepts and Applications w/ Course Integrator Guide
0072461756: Arnheim's Principles of Athletic Training
0072461772: Principles of Athletic Training Ready Notes
0072461918: Concepts of Physical Fitness
0072462043: Basic Biomechanics. 4th Edition
0072462094: Sport Ethics, 3rd Ed.
0072462108: Rehabilitation Techniques for Sports Medicine and Athletic Training
0072462116: Therapeutic Modalities : For Sports Medicine and Athletic Training
0072462124: Therapeutic Modalities for Sports Medicine and Athletic Training Spiral
0072462159: Fundamentals of Exercise Physiology
0072462183: Ready Notes to Accompany Fundamentals of Exercise Physiology
0072462248: Foundations of Physical Education, Exercise Science and Sport
0072462280: Foundations of Physical Education, Exercise Science, and Sport
0072462396: Introduction to Operations Research
0072462485: Genetics : From Genes to Genomes
0072462582: Genetics : From Genes to Genomes: Solutions Manual
0072462612: Genetics: From Genes to Genomes CD-ROM (Box)
0072462744: Case Workbook in Human Genetics
0072462779: College Writing Skills, by Langan, 5th Edition
0072462795: Art Across Time
0072462817: Theater: The Lively Art w. CD-ROM and Theatergoers Guide
0072462922: Ethics in the Workplace, 1st ed, pb, 2000
0072463244: Interpreting Research In Sport and Exercise Science
0072463279: Physical Geology : Earth Revealed
0072463287: Heat Transfer Tools
0072463317: Solution CD-Fundamentals of Electric Circuits
0072463384: Problem Solving Made Almost Easy
0072463422: Fundamental Accounting Principles
0072463473: Principles and Applications of Electrical Engineering
0072463546: Laboratory Manual and Workbook in Microbiology : Applications to Patient Care
0072463651: 72463651
0072463678: Database Application Development and Design : With ERD Drawing Tool
0072463775: Just Enough UNIX
0072463791: Macroeconomics
0072463945: The Manhattan Project: A Documentary Introduction to the Atomic Age
0072463953: Elementary & Intermediate Algebra, 3rd edition
0072463996: Criminal Justice System and Women : Offenders, Prisoners, Victims, and Workers
0072464011: I-Series Computing Concepts : Complete Edition
0072464038: Strategic Management : Concepts and Cases
0072464046: Crafting and Executing Strategy with PowerWeb
0072464054: Cases in Strategic Management with PowerWeb
0072464194: Computing Concepts : Introductory Edition
0072464208: Essentials of Marketing: A Global Managerial Approach (The Irwin/McGraw-Hill Series in Marketing)
0072464240: Black Catholic Theology A Sourcebook
0072464267: Managing Services : Using Technology to Create Value
0072464313: Laboratory Manual to accompany Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology
0072464372: Understanding Human Anatomy & Physiology
0072464631: Biology
0072464666: Fundamental Accounting Principles Volume 1 Chapters1-13 (volume 1 chapters 1-13)
0072464674: Fundamental Accounting Principles Volume 2 Chapters 13-26 16th Ed., hc 2002 TEXT ONLY
0072464682: Fundamental Accounting Principles
0072464836: Instructor's Resource Manual: Irm Vol 1 Chap 1-13 Fund Acctng Princ
0072464860: Fundamental Accounting Principles Vol. 1 : Chapters 1-13
0072464909: Test Bank Volume 1, Chapters 1-13 to Accompnay Fundamental Accounting Principles 16th Edition
0072464933: Fundamental Accounting Principles
0072464941: Fundamental Accounting Principles
0072464968: Fundamental Accounting Principles Volume 1 Chapters1-13 with Working Papers Sixteenth Edition
0072464992: Fundamental Accounting Principles Vol. 2 : Working Papers, Chapters 13-26
0072465034: Instructor's Resource Manual: Irm Vol 2 Chap 13-26 Fund Acctng Princ
0072465077: Fundamental Accounting Principles Vol. 2 : Student Telecourse Guide, Chapters 13-26
0072465085: Fundamental Accounting Principles Vol. 2
0072465107: Fundamental Accounting Principles Vol. 2 : Chapters 13-26
0072465115: Fundamentals Accounting Principles 16th Ed., Vol. 2, Chapters 13-26 w/ Working Papers,pb,2002 TEXT ONLY
0072465158: Fundamental Accounting Principles
0072465166: Working Papers, Chapters 1-18 for use with Fundamental Accounting Principles...
0072465212: E-Commerce
0072465239: Electric Machinery Fundamentals
0072465298: Prelim Ed Chemistry by Chang
0072465336: Chemistry with OLC Password Card
0072465352: Database Management Systems
0072465360: Computer Science Tapestry : Exploring Computer Science with C++
0072465387: The Economy Today, Power Web, and DiscoverEcon
0072465395: The Micro Economy Today
0072465409: The Macro Economy Today
0072465425: 75 Readings : An Anthology
0072465484: Applied Botany
0072465522: Mcgraw-Hill Reader : Issues Across the Disciplines
0072465638: Database Management Systems
0072465700: Explorations: An Introduction To Astronomy
0072465727: Astronomy Essential Study Partner, 3RD, hc, 2002
0072465824: Financial and Managerial Accounting Vol. 1 : A Basis for Business Decisions: Working Papers, Chapters 1-14
0072465832: Working Papers, Volume 2, Chapters 15-25 for use with Financial & Managerial Accounting: A Basis for Business Decisions, 12th Edition
0072465840: Study Guide, Volume 2, Chapters 15-25 for use with Financial & Managerial Accounting: A Basis for Business Decisions
0072465905: Financial and Managerial Accounting Vol. 1 : A Basis for Business Decisions: Chapters 1-14
0072465921: Student CD-ROM Software for use with Financial & Managerial Accounting: A Basis for Business Decisions, 12th Edition
0072465948: Instructor's Manual: Im V1 Financial Mgrl Accntg
0072465956: Brownstone Diploma for Windows to Accompany Financial and Managerial Accounting : The Basis for Business Decisions By Williams, Haka, Bettner, and Miegs (CD)
0072466006: Computer Accounting with Peachtree Complete for Microsoft Windows: Release 8.0
0072466138: Intermediate Accounting
0072466367: Introduction to Managerial Accounting
0072466405: Working Papers for use with Introduction to Managerial Accounting
0072466421: Introduction to Managerial Accounting : Ready Notes
0072466448: Apple Blossom Cologne Company : Audit Case
0072466480: Sales Force Management
0072466588: Preface to Marketing Management
0072466650: Strategic Marketing
0072466707: Marketing Strategy : A Decision-Focused Approach
0072466774: Art Across Time (w/CD:#244945-4) (V2) 2nd
0072466790: Mirror for Humanity: A Concise Introduction to Cultural Anthropolgy
0072466804: We the People
0072466812: Spanish 231, University of Michigan
0072466855: Introduction To The Finite Element Method
0072466936: Introduction to the World's Oceans With E-Text and Ready Notes
0072466944: Focus on Health, by Hahn, 5th Edition
0072466952: Motor Learning : Concepts and Applicaitons with PowerWeb: Health and Human Performance
0072466960: Sport in Society with PowerWeb : Health and Human Performance
0072466979: Drugs in Perspective with PowerWeb : Drugs
0072466987: Foundations of Physical Education and Sport
0072467002: Integrated Science, by Tillery, 2nd Edition
0072467053: Exercise Physiology: Theory and Application to Fitness and Performance, by Powers, 4th Edition
0072467061: Management of Sport : Its Foundation and Application with PowerWeb: Health and Human Performance
0072467088: Loosening the Grip : A Handbook of Alcohol Information with PowerWeb
0072467096: Principles and Methods of Adapted Physical Education and Recreation with Gross Motor Activites for Small Children with Special Needs and PowerWeb : Health and Human Performance
0072467185: Manual of Tests to Accompany Essentials of Marketing
0072467282: Learning Aid for use with Essentials of Marketing : A Global-Managerial Approach
0072467355: Focus on Health
0072467509: Introduction to Computing Systems : From Bits and Gates to C and Beyond
0072467576: Marketing Research
0072467665: Study Guide to accompany Principles of Corp. Finance
0072467924: Student CD to accompany Principles of Corporate Finance
0072468009: Solutions Manual to accompany Principles of Corporate Finance
0072468017: Study Guide to accompany Principles of Corp. Finance
0072468068: Understanding Human Anatomy & Physiology
0072468130: Health Education in the Elementary and Middle School with PowerWeb : Health and Human Performance
0072468157: Contemporary Nutrition : Issues and Insights with Foodworks
0072468165: Perspectives in Nutrition
0072468246: Methods, Standards, and Work Design
0072468386: Introduction to Probability and Statistics Student Solutions Manual
0072468440: Introduction to Managerial Accounting Package : With Topic Tackler, NetTutor and PowerWeb
0072468491: Pocket Book of Technical Writing for Engineers and Scientists
0072468564: Practical Business Math Procedures
0072468637: Computer Accounting with Peachtree Complete Release 8.0
0072468718: American Science and Technology: Latino(a) Inventors of the 19th and 20th Centuries
0072468769: Convective Heat and Mass Transfer
0072468807: BUSINESS: A CHANGING WORLD Interactive E-Text Release 2.0
0072468858: Teaching Notes for Video Cases and Appendix D Alternate Cases to Accompany Marketing
0072468866: Instructor's Manual To Accompany Marketing
0072468874: Test Bank Volume I, Chapters 1-11 To Accompany Marketing
0072468920: In-Class Activities Guide to Accompany Marketing the Instructor's Survival Kit
0072468963: Marketing, 7th Ed., Student's Resource CD-Rom Only
0072469013: marketing study Guide
0072469056: General, Organic, and Biochemistry
0072469080: Interactions 1 : Writing
0072469099: Interactions 2 Writing
0072469102: Mosaic One: Writing, by Blass, 4th Edition
0072469110: Mosaic Two Writing
0072469234: Instructor's Resource Guide: Irg Bus: a Changing World
0072469242: Study Guide
0072469315: 75 Thematic Readings
0072469447: Contemporary Management
0072469536: Contemporary Management
0072469587: Business and Administrative Communication. 6th Edition
0072469706: Human Resource Management with Powerweb
0072469714: Business an Integrative Framework
0072469749: Fundamentals of Corporate Finance
0072469757: Ready Notes to accompany Fundamentals of Corporate Finance
0072469765: Fundamentals of Corporate Finance
0072469943: Human Resource Management : Gaining a Competitive Advantage
0072470089: Organizational Behavior Emerging Realities for the Workplace Revolution
0072470267: Business Statistics in Practice
0072470291: MS Access 2002
0072470305: MS Access 2002 : Introductory
0072470313: MS Excel 2002, Brief
0072470321: Microsoft Excel 2002, Introductory
0072470356: Microsoft Office XP
0072470364: MS Powerpoint 2002 Introductory
0072470372: I-Series : MS Windows 2000, Complete
0072470380: MS Word 2002, Complete
0072470399: Advantage Series : Access 2002 - Complete
0072470402: Excel 2002 - Complete : Production Manuscript
0072470410: Word 2002 Complete
0072470518: Microsoft Windows XP with Internet Explorer
0072470534: International Business
0072470593: Brownstone Dipl.for Windows Exam IV for Mac.for Intl. Business CD;2003
0072470704: Business : An Integrative Framework with PowerWeb
0072470887: I-Series : MS Windows 2000, Brief
0072470895: MS Windows 2000, Introductory
0072470909: MS Word 2002
0072470917: MS Word 2002, Introductory
0072470925: Microsoft Access 2002
0072470933: Excel 2002
0072470941: Microsoft Excel 2002
0072470968: Integrating and Extending Microsoft Office XP
0072470992: PowerPoint 2002
0072471018: Word 2002
0072471026: Word 2002 Introductory
0072471034: Access 2002
0072471042: Basic Statistics for Business and Economics
0072471107: Basic Statistics for Business and Economics (Study Guide)
0072471123: The Economy Today
0072471131: AutoCAD 2000i Update
0072471328: Microbiology : A Human Perspective with Microbes in Motion 3 and OLC password Card
0072471417: Database Management Systems: Designing and Building Business Applications
0072471425: Services Marketing
0072471468: Product Design and Development
0072471484: Global Marketing : Foreign Entry, Local Marketing, and Global Management
0072471549: ABC's of Relationship Selling
0072471638: New Products Management
0072471662: Excel 2002 - Complete
0072471670: Access 2002 - Complete
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