0079136702: Market Research
0079136710: Visual Basic (Bootcamp) Certification Exam Guide
0079136745: Lotus Notes Certification: Application Development and System Administration (Mcgraw-Hill Career++ Professional Certification Exam Guide)
0079136753: Publishing on Web
0079136761: International Architecture Yearbook
0079136788: C Programming for Engineering and Computer Science, by Tan
0079136834: Programming and Customizing the Basic Stamp Computer
0079136842: Programming and Customizing the Basic Stamp Computer
0079136869: Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine
0079136885: CGI Programming with Visual Basic 5
0079136893: Bullet Proofing Windows 98 : Solving the Most Common Problems Before They Happen with CD-ROM
0079136923: Standard Handbook of Architectural Engineering
0079136931: Delivering Push
0079136958: Architecture: An Animated Introduction
0079136966: Java Algorithms
0079136974: Informix Universal Data Option
0079136982: Perl 5 Complete
0079136990: Ultimate Training Workshop Handbook
0079137024: Xml Complete (Mcgraw Hill Complete Series)
0079137032: Cascading Style Sheets Complete
0079137040: Programming Javabeans 1.1: Hands-On Web Development (Hands-on Web Development)
0079137059: Building Corporate Portals with XML
0079137067: Calc For The Clueless
0079137172: Handbook of Microcontrollers
0079137199: Silverstream
0079137229: Handbook of Electrical Tables and Design Criteria
0079137245: Mechanical Engineer's Solutions Suite Machine Design and Metal Working
0079137253: Electrical Power Engineer's Solutions Suite
0079137261: High Impact Tools and Activities for Strategic Planning : Creative Techniques for Facilitating Your Organization's Planning Process
0079137288: CISCO CCIE Study Guide : 2000 Questions and Answers to Help You Pass the Test the First Time (Book Only, No CD)
0079137296: Statistical Analysis Simplified : The Easy-to-Understand Guide to SPC and Data Analysis
0079137326: Troubleshooting, Maintaining & Repairing PCs
0079137334: Troubleshooting, Maintaining and Repairing PC's : A Technician's Guide
0079137369: JavaScript Complete
0079137393: McSe-Nt4 Certification Exam Guide
0079137407: Java 2 All - In - One Certification : Exam Guide
0079137431: Writing Sap Abap/4 Programs
0079137547: Invest Like the Best : Using Your Computer to Unlock the Secrets of the Top Money Managers
0079137555: Lotus Domino Web Site Development
0079137563: ASAP AcceleratedSAP: Implementation at the Speed of Business (Includes CD-ROM)
0079137598: Icsa Guide to Cryptography
0079137601: Performance Consulting Toolbook
0079137652: A+ Certification Exam Guide
0079137733: Customer Service Training Tool Kit : 40 Training Activities for Customer Service Trainers
0079137768: Programming Web Components
0079137784: 1999 Team and Organization Development Sourcebook
0079137792: Java Servlets
0079137806: DirectX Complete
0079137814: Quality Improvement Through Planned Experimentation
0079137822: UNIX Network Management Tools
0079137830: Voice over Ip Networks
0079137849: Architectural Elements: Construction Details on CD-ROM (single-user)
0079137857: Architectural Elements Construction Details 1,000 Ready-To-Use Details
0079137881: Unix System Security Tools
0079137903: UNIX Shell Programming Tools
0079137911: Ip Multicasting
0079141439: We Make You Kindly Welcome
0079310109: Assembly Language Programming: 8080a-8085
0079310214: Z-80 Assembly Language Programming
0079310273: Assembly Language Programming: 6502
0079310281: Running Wild: The Next Industrial Revolution
0079310346: An Introduction to Microcomputers Vol. 1: Basic Concepts
0079310354: Assembly Language Programming : 6809
0079310451: Crt Controller Handbook
0079310508: VisiCalc: Home & Office Companion
0079310575: Microprocessors for Measurement and Control
0079310621: 68000 Assembly Language Programming
0079310907: Wordstar Made Easy
0079542778: Lose Your Gut Now/ a Man's Plan for Shedding Pounds and Getting in Shape (Lose Your Gut Now/ a Man's Plan for Shedding Pounds and Getting in Shape)
0079808004954: Out Of Africa/Shados On The Grass
0079823815: The American Institute of Architects Guide to Dallas Architecture: With Regional Highlights
0079823823: PLATT'S PETROCHEMICAL PRICE HANDBOOK, 9/E cover flawed
0079823963: Networking Essentials
0080001181: Introduction To Algebraic Topology
0080011764: Experiments in Behaviour Therapy.
0080019757: Paper Making Machine 1ST Edition
0080021565: Monte Carlo Method
0080023428: Elements of Physical Oceanography
0080028209: The Handling of Chemical Data
0080031102: Strength & Failure of Visco Elastic Mate
0080031323: Developments in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Volume 3
0080031331: Some Diseases Of Animals Communicable To Man In Britain; : Proceedings Of A Symposium Organized By The British Veterinary Association And The British Small ... Veterinary Association, London, June 1966
0080031439: The Evolution of the Microscope
0080031552: Pathology of the Lung, Excluding Pulmonary Tuberculosis
0080031676: Tables of Coefficients for the Analysis of Triple Angular Correlations of Gamma-Rays from Aligned Nuclei
0080032354: Collisional Activation in Gases
0080032370: Introduction To Coordination Chemistry 2ND Edition
0080033121: Polytechnical dictionary,
0080033164: Forest Biometrics
0080033172: Substoichiometry in Radiochemical Analys
0080033725: Current Algebras & Their Apps
0080033962: Research and experiment in stuttering, (International series of monographs in experimental psychology, v. 6)
0080034004: Glassblowing for laboratory technicians, (Pergamon series of monographs in laboratory techniques)
0080034098: Ordinary Differential Equations. The International Encyclopedia of Physical Chemistry and Chemical Physics. Topic 1. Mathematical Techniques, Volume 1
0080034152: Adventure in Creative Education
0080034586: Moon in Focus
0080034748: Progress in Solid State Chemistry Volume 4
0080035035: Progress in High Temperature Physics and Chemistry - Volume 2
0080035108: Biological Aspects of Cancer and Aging
0080035256: Polytechnical dictionary,
0080035760: Engineering Its Role and Function In Human Society
0080035833: Nutrition of Animals of Agricultural Importance. Volume 17, Part 1: The Science of Nutrition of Farm Livestock, & Part 2: Assessment of and Factors Affecting Requirements of Farm Livestock
0080035922: Progress in the Science and Technology of the Rare Earths Volume 3
0080038255: Pergamon Poets I: Roy Fuller and R. S. Thomas
0080039480: Radiative Energy Transfer Proc of the Sy
0080039685: Progress in Reaction Kinetics (Progress in Reaction Kinetics Ser., Vol. 5)
0080061117: Good Grief a Constructive Approach To TH
0080061354: The Dynamics of Aerocolloidal Systems Volume 1
0080061966: Fifty favourite Bible stories
0080062679: A new kind of teaching: religion through play for the very young,
0080063195: Worship In The Secondary School: An Investigation And Discussio
0080063349: Thermomechanics. An introduction to the Governing Equations of Thermodynamics and of the Mechanics of Fluids
0080063578: Musicalia Sources of Information in Musi
0080063594: Encyclopaedic Dictionary Of Physics
0080063608: Progress in Nuclear Physics Volume 11
0080063624: An Introduction to the Phenomenological Theory of Ferroelectricity
0080063659: Psychiatry for social workers, (The Commonwealth and international library. Social work division)
0080063683: Introduction to Quantum Electronics
0080063802: Spanish/English, English/Spanish Commercial Dictionary
0080063837: High-Voltage Engineering.
0080063888: A Course of Mathematics for Engineers & Scientists: Vol 2
0080063934: Rational descriptions, decisions, and designs (Pergamon unified engineering series: engineering design section)
0080064078: Students' Guide to Piaget
0080064086: Printing: Basic Science
0080064205: The Drunkenness Offence: Proceedings Of An International Symposium
0080064213: Mechanics of Composite Materials: Proceedings
0080064221: Mental health counselors at work, (Pergamon general psychology series) by...
0080064248: Technology Unbound. Transferring Scientific and Engineering Resources from Defense to Civilian Purposes
0080064256: Technical Dictionary of Data Processing. Computers Office Machines. Four Language
0080064388: hooked on Books
0080064396: Churchill and Chartwell
0080064582: An introduction to the technology of pottery (The Commonwealth and international library. Materials science and technology)
0080064671: Kunegunda
0080064914: Taking casts in sand and other materials (The Pergamon English library)
0080064930: Society, Schools and Progress in Israel
0080064949: Society, Schools, and Progress in Israel
0080065112: Transistors.
0080065139: Developments in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
0080065147: Progress in Heat and Mass Transfer. Volume 2: Eckert Presentation Volume. Monograph Series of the International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer
0080065198: The school teacher in England and the United States;: The findings of empirical research, (The Commonwealth and international library. Education and educational research)
0080065279: Chemical Plant and Its Operation.
0080065333: Experimental Neutron Thermalisation
0080065384: Introduction to Kinetic Theory
0080065392: A Guide to Metrication
0080065562: Progress in Heat & Mass Transfer Volume 1
0080065635: Practice of Behavior Therapy
0080065732: A guide to graphs,
0080065740: A Guide to Graphs,
0080065821: Marketing and Economics
0080066046: Methods of Hydrobiology. ( Freshwater Biology )
0080066178: Microwaves
0080066240: II-VI Compounds
0080066259: A dictionary of natural resources and their principal uses, (The Commonwealth and international library. Geography division)
0080066305: Nuclear Reactions (Selected Readings in Physics
0080066313: Scientific and Technological Communication
0080066526: Introduction to Economic Cybernetics
0080066607: An introduction to the study of fabrics of geological Bodies
0080066631: Basic Mathematics for the Biological and Social Sciences
0080066674: Introduction to Neutron Kinetics of Nuclear Power Reactors
0080066755: Trends in Geography: An Introductory Survey
0080066895: Annual Review in Automatic Programming: Vol 6
0080067034: The Suicide Club and other stories
0080067123: Role-Playing for Supervisors
0080067506: The study of metal structures and their mechanical properties (Pergamon unified engineering series)
0080067514: Progress in Polymer Science - Volume 2
0080067549: Bibliography on the Fatigue of Materials, Components, and Structures 1838-1950
0080067867: Human Ecology in the Tropics (Symposia of the Society for the Study of Human Biology Ser., Vol. 9)
0080067905: With one voice;: Prayers and thoughts from world religions
0080068197: The Solid State Maser.
0080068235: How to find out in mathematics;: A guide to sources of information, (The...
0080068286: A Study of the Early Development of Mongols
0080068472: Chocky, (Athena books)
0080068510: Organizing Space Activities for World Needs.
0080068529: Progress in Heat & Mass Transfer (Vol. 3)
0080068626: Ingredient X - The Production of Effective Drugs.
0080068669: Physical disability and human behavior, (Pergamon general psychology series)
0080068693: Who is Related to Whom in the Computer Industry. Third Edition
0080068715: Nuclear Power Generation (Modern Power Station Practice, Vol. 8)
0080068731: Structure and Properties of Inorganic Solids
0080068812: Readings in Child Socialization
0080068820: Readings in child socialization (The Commonwealth and international library...
0080068863: Analytical chemistry of zirconium and hafnium, (International series of monographs in analytical chemistry, v. 40)
0080068871: Analytical Chemistry in Space
0080068901: Constructional Mathematics Volume I
0080068928: Piaget a Practical Consideration
0080068987: Man the Traveller
0080069118: Marriage counselling in the community (Commonwealth and international library. Problems and progress in human development)
0080069126: Challenge of the Land
0080069150: Readings in the Sociology of Migration
0080069169: Accident proneness;: Research in the occurrence, causation, and prevention of road accidents, (International series of monographs in experimental psychology, Volume 11)
0080069185: Total Energy
0080069304: Astrodynamics and Astrionics : Proceedings of the Nineteenth International Astronautical Congress, New York, 1968, Volume 2
0080069320: Bioastronautics : Proceedings of the Nineteenth International Astronautical Congress, New York, 1968 Volume 4
0080069428: Schering Symposium on Biodynamics and Mechanism of Action of Steroid Hormones, Berlin 1968
0080069460: Team Teaching at the College Level
0080069754: Health and Disease in Farm Animals
0080069789: Life with the mentally sick child; the daily care of mentally sick children in
0080069843: The Economics of Irrigation
0080069894: Enzymatic Methods of Analysis
0080069959: Special Theory of Relativity
0080070019: Six bloody summer days (A killmaster spy chiller)
0080070434: The Other Foot
0080070574: Spire
0080070604: The Power to Silence: A History of Punishment in Britain
0080070620: Astrology: An historical examination
0080070728: Great ideas in music (Great ideas series, no. 2)
0080070744: An American in Regency England: The journal of a tour in 1810-1811; (Travellers
0080071074: Were those the days?: A Victorian education,
0080071082: Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dickens Entertain at Home
0080071090: NAB 1: portrait of a politician
0080083986: Unto This Hour
0080087841: One hundred good stories
0080090079: Isotope Geology.
0080090788: Handbook of Lattice Spacings & Structures of Metals & Alloys: 001 (International Series of Monographs on Metals Physics & Physical Metallurgy, Vol 411)
0080090907: Perception and Communication
0080090923: The Physical Foundation of Biology
0080091040: Fluid Mechanics
0080091067: General Physics
0080091350: Explosions, Detonations, Flammability and Ignition
0080092144: Agard Aeronautical Multilingual Dictionary
0080092497: Implications of Evolution
0080092683: Non-Newtonian Fluids : Fluid Mechanics, Mixing and Heat Transfer
0080092705: Origin of Life on Earth
0080093272: Printing Inks & Color
0080093310: Alluvial Prospecting and Mining
0080094066: Fundamentals of Radiobiology
0080094368: Motion and Relativity
0080094392: New Methods in Laminar Boundary-Layer Theory.
0080094899: Recent Developments In The Chemistry of Natural Phenolic Compounds
0080095259: the Theory of Lebesgue Measure and integration
0080095348: Proceedings of the First International Conference on Waste Disposal in the Marine Environment.
0080095399: Oogenesis - The Storage of Developmental Information
0080095550: Liver biopsy An Atlas of Histologic Appearances
0080095666: Collected Works. General Editor A. H. Traub. Volume I: Logic, Theory of Sets and Quantum Mechanics; Volume II: Operators, Ergodic Theory and ALmost Periodic Functions in a Group; Volume III: Rings of Operators; Volume IV: Continuous Geometry, etc.; Volume
0080095925: Semiconductor Statistics
0080096611: Electroluminescence
0080096700: Introduction to electron microscopy
0080097375: Color Centers in Solids
0080098215: Photoelasticity: Proceedings of the International Symposium held at Il
0080098355: Reaction Kinetics, Volume II
0080099297: Theory of Approximation of Functions of a Real Variable.
0080099440: North Atlantic Biota and Their History.
0080099793: Learn Chess
0080099955: Corrosion and Protection of Metals.
0080099971: Ruy Lopez : Winning Chess with 1P-K4
0080100074: The Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves from Rough Surfaces
0080100333: Condensation and Evaporation: Nucleation and Growth Kinetics
0080100546: Experiments in Behaviour Therapy
0080100589: Regular Figures (International Series of Monographs on Pure & Applied Mathematics Vol 48)
0080100619: The Theory of Space, Time, and Gravitation. Second Edition
0080100767: Pavlov's Typology. Recent theoretical and experimental developments from the laboratory of B.M. Teplov
0080101143: Topological Methods in the Theory of Nonlinear Integral Equations. International Series of Monographs on Pure and Applied Mathematics. Volume 45
0080101488: Algebraic Theory of Switching Circuits
0080101542: The Theory of Recycle Processes in Chemical Engineering
0080101631: Dynamics of Stellar Systems
0080101739: Automation of Continous Production Processes. International Series of Monographs on Automation and Automatic Control. Vol. 2
0080101828: An Introduction to Mathematical Analysis
0080101895: Static Electromagnetic Frequency Changer
0080102263: Equations Of Mathematical Physics
0080102417: Structure Analysis By Electron Diffraction
0080102611: Basic Matrix Algebra and Transistor Circuits
0080102891: Chemistry of Cationic Polymerization
0080103375: Dictionary of Musicians and Music
0080103561: Stability of Elastic Systems
0080104177: Planning for Man and Motor
0080104290: An Introduction to Gas Discharges
0080105343: Elements of Probability Theory
0080105718: Principles of Dynamics
0080105904: Computing Methods in Crystallography
0080106099: Floral Biology
0080106501: Stuff Preparation for Paper and Paperboard Making
0080106633: instruments of communication
0080106757: Radiological Anatomy
0080107133: Wolfgang Borchert. Selected Short Stories
0080107419: An Introduction to the Longitudinal Static Stability of Low-Speed Aircraft. (International Series of Monographs in Aeronautics and Astronautics, Division II: Aerodynamics)
0080107435: Descriptive Physical Oceanography
0080107494: Applied Geophysics for Engineers and Geologists
0080107702: Radiation Sources
0080107729: Studies in the Pathology of Radiation Disease
0080107753: Numerical Analysis
0080107761: Numerical Analysis
0080107915: Oxygen in the Animal Organism.
0080107958: The Neuroendocrine Control of Adaptation
0080108032: Pharmacology of Conditioning, Learning and Retention
0080108466: Physical Chemistry
0080108679: Kinetic Theory. Volume I: The Nature of Gases and of Heat
0080109144: Spanish Ballads
0080110126: Tigran Petrosian - World Champion
0080110134: Tigran Petrosian World Champion
0080110215: Problems in Undergraduate Physics, Volume III: Optics
0080110347: Nuclear Forces
0080110479: Interactions Of Space Vehicles With An Ionized Atmosphere
0080110967: Elements of Mathematical Logic and Set Theory
0080110975: Physical Foundations of Technical Acoustics
0080111734: Wholes and Parts, a General Theory of System Behaviour
0080111963: Art of Attack in Chess
0080111998: Modern Chess Opening Theory
0080112161: Elementary Mechanics of Solids
0080112501: The Structure of Metals and Alloys
0080112579: Chemical Kinetics by A. F. Trotman-Dickenson and Surface and Colloid Chemistry by G. D. Parfitt.
0080112714: How to Find Out in Educational Research
0080112749: Fault and Joint Development in Brittle and Semi-Brittle Rock
0080112757: Fault and Joint Development in Brittle and Semi-Brittle Rock.
0080112889: How to Find Out About Physics
0080113060: Cargo Handling in a Modern Port
0080113141: Velocity of Light
0080113206: Elements of Physical Oceanography
0080113354: Inorganic Chemistry in Nonaqueous Solvents
0080113427: Russian Science Grammar
0080113567: Advances in Prog & Non Numerical Computa
0080113885: Farming Technique from Prehistoric to Modern Times
0080114113: Laplace Transforms for Electronic Engineers. Second (Revised) Edition
0080114156: The Mechanical Behaviour of Engineering Materials
0080114415: Kinetics of Inorganic Reactions
0080114881: Particle Board and Hardboard
0080115241: Attention Arousal and the Orientation Reaction.
0080115381: Tables and Formulae for the Spherical Functions.
0080115470: Mono-olefins;: Chemistry and technology,
0080115489: Calderon de la Barca : El Alcade de Zalamea
0080115551: Strength of Materials. A Course for Students
0080115802: Changing Concepts of Crime and Its Treatment
0080115934: Society, Schools and Progress in England
0080116213: Nazism 1945
0080116272: Machining Science and Application
0080116353: The Ore Minerals and Intergrowth (International Series of Monographs on Earth Sciences)
0080116639: Underground Electric Haulage
0080117147: Introduction to Hydrometeorology
0080117287: Psychology for Psychiatrists
0080117325: Free Vibrations of Circular Cylindrical Shells
0080117422: Vistas in electric power
0080118186: Structure and Function of Animal Cell Components
0080118194: The Structure and Function of Animal Cell Components
0080118216: Quantum Field Theory. Volume 1. International series of monographs in Natural Philosophy. v. 23.
0080118224: Chess Endings: Essential Knowledge
0080118348: International Dictionary of Geophysics, Vols. 1 & 2
0080118488: Chemical Technology
0080118577: Handbook of Mathematics (International Series of Monographs in Pure and Applied Mathematics, Volume 99)
0080118720: Men of Physics: Sir Arthur Eddington
0080118941: Collective Oscillations in a Plasma
0080119069: Principles of Industrial Microbiology
0080119476: Collected Papers of P. L. Kapitza, Volume III
0080119751: Tungsten and Its Compounds
0080119778: The Contributions of Faraday and Maxwell to Electrical Science
0080120105: A Short History of French Literature
0080120172: Photographic Recording of High-Speed Processes
0080120326: Photogeology and Regional Mapping
0080120393: Amines and Schizophrenia
0080120423: The Biologic effects of ultraviolet radiation,: With emphasis on the skin b
0080120636: Atomic-Absorption Spectrophotometry. Second Revised Edition
0080120644: Basic Theory of Waveguide Junctions & In
0080120776: Problems of Heat Transfer and Hydraulics of Two-Phase Media
0080120784: Urea as a Protein Supplement
0080120792: Dictionary of Literature in the English Language
0080120849: Centralized and Automatic controls in Ships
0080120873: Dynamic Stability of Structures
0080121071: High Explosives and Propellants
0080121144: Propagation of Waves
0080121586: Principles of Zoophysiology : Volume I
0080121594: Entomological Parasitology
0080121764: Power Sources 2 - 1968: Research & Development in Non-Mechanical Electrical Power Sources
0080122272: Russian Eng Scientific & Technical 2vol
0080122280: A Complete Defence to 1 P-K4 : A Study of Petroff's Defence
0080122299: Complete Defence to 1 P-K4
0080122388: Maser Amplifiers and Oscillators. Quantum Electronics. Vol. 2
0080122752: Air Pollution (Commonwealth Library)
0080122779: The Geological Evolution of Australia and New Zealand
0080122787: The Geological Evolution of Australia & New Zealand
0080123236: Spiders, Scorpions, Centipedes, and Mites
0080123325: How to Find Out About Patents
0080123376: Encyclopaedia of linguistics, information, and control
0080123929: Type II Superconductivity. International Series of Monographs in Natural Philosophy, Volume 17
0080124062: Elementary Classical Hydrodynamics. (The Commonwealth and International Library. Mathematics Division)
0080124372: Blood Platelets in Man and Animals Two Volumes
0080124577: An Introduction to Chemical Metallurgy
0080124720: Critical Path. Construction and Analysis.
0080124828: Urban Geography
0080124836: Urban Geography an Introductory Analysis
0080125050: Introduction To Marine Geology
0080125069: An Introduction to Marine Geology
0080125212: The Discrimination Process and Development
0080125425: Applications of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy in Organic Chemistry
0080125638: Lattice Theory
0080125778: Positive Feedback a General Systems Appr
0080125786: Analysis of Organoaluminium & Organozinc
0080125972: Structure and Application of Galvanomagnetic Devices
0080125980: Sources of Information on the Rubber, Plastics and Allied Industries.
0080126006: Statistics for Experimentalists
0080126022: Marketing and the Brand Manager.
0080126219: War Poetry : An Anthology
0080126308: Physics & Chemistry of the Earth Volume 8
0080126332: Elements of Elasticity
0080126480: Optical Properties and Band Structure of Semiconductors: Volume 1
0080126529: Vapour-Liquid Equilibrium.
0080126634: Solid-Liquid Equilibrium
0080126642: Services for the Chemical Industry
0080126677: MANUFACTURED CARBON ISBN: 08 203536 9
0080126758: Seven Stories from Spanish America
0080126774: A Laboratory Manual of Analytical Methods of Protein Chemistry Including Polypeptides Volume 5
0080126782: Chemical Reactions in Solvents and Melts.
0080126901: Man, Nature, and Art
0080127010: Engineering: Its Role and Function in Human Society.
0080127088: Fat-Soluble Vitamins
0080127177: Progress in Nuclear Magnetic Resona Volume 4
0080127290: The Control of Indoor Climate. Introduction by G. P. Crowden.
0080127371: Science & Technology in British Politics
0080127428: The Origin of the Solar System
0080127460: An Anthology of Spanish Poetry 1500-1700: Part II 1580-1700
0080127479: An Anthology of Spanish Poetry 1500-1700 Part 1
0080127584: Advances in Organic Geochemistry; : Proceedings (International Series of...
0080127592: Theory of intermolecular forces, (International series of monographs in natural philosophy)
0080127800: Geological Maps
0080127886: The Determination of Epoxide Groups.
0080128068: Dyes and Their Intermediates.
0080128106: Chemical Warfare, Pyrotechnics and the Fireworks Industry
0080128181: Verbal Conditioning and Behavior.
0080128203: The Worshipful Society Of Apothecaries Of London, A History 1617-1967
0080128211: Introduction to Health Physics
0080128246: An Introduction to Field Quantization
0080128424: Russian Lexicology
0080128440: Society, schools & progress in China (The Commonwealth and international library. Education and educational research)
0080128769: Planarian regeneration, (International series of monographs in pure and applied biology. Division: Zoology).
0080129056: Aids To Teaching And Learning
0080129218: Modern Methods for the Separation of Rarer Metal Ions
0080129250: Construction and Use of Atomic and Molecular Models
0080129439: Pests and diseases of tropical crops and their control
0080129749: Moire Fringes in Strain Analysis.
0080129773: The Communicators and Society
0080129803: Welding Craft Practice PT1 Volume 1 Oxy Acet
0080129870: Automation in libraries, (International series of monographs in library and information science, v. 10)
0080129935: Personnel Management in Merchant Ships
0080129986: Photoelasticity
0080130003: Welding Craft Practice PT1 Volume 2 Electric
0080130011: Heating and Cooling Load Calculations (International series of monographs in heating, ventilation, and refrigeration, v. 5)
0080130062: Ruy Lopez : Winning Chess with 1P-K4
0080130178: Transmission of Schizophrenia
0080130194: Silicon Semiconductor Data
0080130321: Into Television
0080130380: Oral Diagnosis
0080130534: Churchill at Chartwell
0080130615: Radio Emissions of the Sun & Planets
0080130720: king robert the bruce
0080130747: Always with us;: A study of the London poor in the 1880's and 1890's (Pergamon English library)
0080130895: Superconductivity & Quantum Fluids
0080131166: Inks, plates and print quality;: Proceedings (Advances in printing science and technology)
0080131549: Reproductive Biology and Taxonomy of Vascular Plants.
0080132170: Education for world understanding, (The Commonwealth and international library. Education and educational research division)
0080132227: Nerve Membranes
0080132367: Oncogenic Viruses, 2nd edition;
0080132464: World Directory of Stockshot and Film Production Libraries : Un Repertoire Mondial De Cinematheques De Production
0080132634: Human Afflictions and Chromosomal Aberrations
0080132650: Statistical Theory of Signal Detection. International Series of Monographs in Electronics and Instrumentation, Volume 9. Second Edition, Revised & Enlarged
0080132758: Combustion In Advanced Gas Turbine Systems
0080132766: Antennas in Inhomogeneous Media
0080132847: Theory and Practice of Vocational Guidance: a Selection of Readings
0080132936: Readings in Urban Sociology
0080133118: Biochemical factors concerned in the functional activity of the nervous system
0080133134: Fluid and Particle Mechanics
0080133142: Foundations Of Statistical Mechanics
0080133150: Metamorphic Textures
0080133169: Metamorphic Textures (The Commonwealth and International Library)
0080133215: Society, Schools and Progress in Eastern Europe.
0080133258: Reactor Operation (The Commonwealth and international library. Nuclear engineering division).
0080133304: Handbook of magnesium-Organic Compounds vol 1: Section 1 - Reactions of Magnesium-Organic Compounds Nos. 1-7284
0080133428: Introduction to Welding and Brazing
0080133509: Russian Word Formation
0080133568: The Kibbutz - A New Way of Life
0080133584: Late Seventeenth Century Scientists
0080133606: The genesis of the classical conditioned response, (International series of monographs in experimental psychology, v. 8)
0080133673: Intermetallic Semiconducting Films
0080133681: Aldosterone.
0080133711: Mental retardation;: Some recent developments in the study of causes and social effects of this problem,
0080133754: Fundamental Principles of Modern Theoretical Physics. International Series of Monographs in Natural Philosophy, Volume 24
0080133940: Analytical Chemistry. Volume 10. Progress in Nuclear Energy, Series IX.
0080134009: Research in Physics and Chemistry
0080134041: Sicilian Defence
0080134076: Lifelong Learning a Symposium on Continuing Education
0080134092: Polysaccharides
0080134106: Chemicals for pest control, (The Commonwealth and international library.
0080134122: Prediction of Transport and Other Physical Properties of Fluids. International Series of Monographs in Chemical Engineering, Volume 11
0080134335: Electrochemistry for Technologists.
0080134343: Electrochemistry for Technologists.
0080134440: Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry
0080134505: Economics of Israel
0080135269: The Origin of Cosmic Rays
0080135617: Political Economy
0080135986: Osmotic and Ionic Regulation in Animals
0080136613: From Low Speed Aerodynamics to Astronautics
0080137695: Reaction Heats and Bond Strengths.
0080138160: Relay Protection of High Voltage Networks
0080138403: Attention, Arousal, and the Orientation Reaction
0080138667: Letterpress Platemaking (Library of industrial and commercial education and training. Printing division).
0080138675: Single-Colour Lithographic Machine Operating
0080138764: Psychophysical Analysis of Visual Space (Volume 9)
0080138772: Biologically Active Amines Found in Man
0080138845: Principles of Spaceflight Propulsion. International Series on Monographs in Aeronautics and Astronautics. Division III: Propulsion Systems Including Fuels
0080139582: Millimicrosecond Pulse Techniques
0080139590: Progress in High Temperature Physics Vol
0080139671: Oliver Cromwell and the Challenge to the Monarchy
0080139701: Engineering Plasticity
0080139728: Physics of Glaciers
0080143199: Dwelling in Possibility: Women Poets and Critics on Poetry (Reading Women Writing)
0080148328: Birding in the American West
0080155006: Control of Growth & Differentiation In
0080155014: Control of Growth and Differentiation in Plants
0080155103: Chemical Methods of Rock Analysis;
0080155111: Ion Exchange in Analytical Chemistry;
0080155138: The Dynamics of Planning
0080155162: The Determination of Carboxylic Functional Groups.
0080155197: Children with Specific Learning Difficulties
0080155200: Theatre for youth (The Pergamon English library)
0080155502: The Face of Scotland
0080155588: The Pharmacology of Synapses
0080155596: The Physiology of Insect Reproduction
0080155650: Applied Sciences Research and Utilization of Lunar Resources
0080155669: Protides of the Biological Fluids, Vol 17
0080155693: The Propagation of Electromagnetic Waves in Plasmas. Second Edition, Revised and Enlarged
0080155758: The Destruction of Organic Matter. International Series on Monographs in Analytical Chemistry, Volume 39
0080155774: A Sculptor's Manual
0080155928: Vestibular Function on Earth and in Space (Wenner-Gren Center International Symposium Series, Vol. 15)
0080156169: Progress in Aerospace Sciences Volume 11
0080156177: Russian-English Space Technology Dictionary,
0080156223: Cities in Action
0080156258: Why A B M? : Policy Issues in the Missile Defense Controversy
0080156487: Animal Hormones
0080156495: Histoenzymology of the Endocrine Glands, (International Series of Monographs in Pure and Applied Biology, Volume 35)
0080156533: Method Study and the Furniture Industry
0080156622: Communication and the schools, (The Commonwealth and international library. Education and educational research)
0080156746: Nineteenth-century aether theories, (The Commonwealth and international library. Selected readings in physics)
0080156770: Appreciation of Architecture : Landscape and Buildings
0080156789: Progress in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy - Volume 6
0080156800: In Quest of Man
0080156819: Mechanical Technology for Higher Engineering Technicians
0080156827: Recent Advances in Liquid-Liquid Extraction.
0080156851: Assay of Protein and Polypeptide Hormones.
0080157025: Microanalysis by the Ring-Oven Technique.
0080157211: Intestinal Absorption of Metal Ions, Trace Elements, and Radionuclides
0080157416: The Radio Universe
0080157556: Chemotherapy of helminthiasis (International encyclopedia of pharmacology and therapeutics).
0080157637: Man and His Environment - Volume 1
0080157912: Subject Bibliography of the Social Sciences and Humanities
0080157920: Bilingual Guide to Business and Professional Correspondence (Spanish-English...
0080157939: Bilingual Guide to Business and Professional Correspondence
0080157998: The Masks of Hate: The Problem of False Solutions in the Culture of an Acquisitive Society
0080158005: Diseases of Dogs
0080158021: Radioisotope Instruments: Part 1.
0080158102: How to Find Out About Italy
0080158161: Helium 4
0080158269: Random Functions and Turbulence
0080158293: Calculations in fundamental physics. Volume I: Mechanics and Heat, (The Commonwealth and international library. Electrical engineering)
0080158315: Calculations in Fundamental Physics Volume 2
0080158331: How to Find Out About the Victorian Period
0080158382: Radiation Protection Measurement
0080158447: Structure and Metabolism of the Pancreatic Islets - a Centennial of Paul Langerhan's Discovery
0080158455: Concrete in Highway Engineering
0080158498: Plastics and Synthetic Rubbers.
0080158552: Sociology and social work; perspectives and problems, by Brian J. Heraud...
0080158684: Industrial waste disposal.
0080158714: The Determination of Hydrazino - Hydrazide Groups.
0080158765: Analytical Chemistry of Nickel. International Series of Monographs in Analytical Chemistry. Vol. 43
0080159737: Bilingual guide to business and professional correspondence (French-English...
0080160034: The Living Lotus
0080160166: An Approach to Engineering Mathematics.
0080160255: Relativistic Quantum Theory. Volume 4 of Course of Theoretical Physics, Part 1
0080160387: Readings in kinship in urban society (The Commonwealth and international library. Readings in sociology)
0080160476: Orthogonal Polynomials
0080160522: Touch Tickle and Pain an Autobiography Part Two
0080160808: Elementary Electromagnetic Theory. Volume I: Steady Electric Fields and Currents
0080160913: Elements of combinatorial computing,
0080160972: Introduction to Ceramic Science
0080161030: The Teacher and the needs of society in evolution (Commonwealth and international library. Education and educational research division)
0080161065: Residential care for the mentally retarded
0080161286: Principles of Water Quality Control
0080161375: Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Photoconductivity
0080161383: Fatigue Design of Machine Components. International Series of Monographs in Mechanical Engineering. Vol. 6
0080161448: Radiocontrast Agents : International Encyclopedia of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Section 76, Volume I
0080161456: Hypersensitivity to Drugs : International Encyclopedia of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Section 75, Volume I
0080161480: A geography of the Soviet Union, (The Commonwealth and international library)
0080161650: The Determination of Impurities in Nuclear Grade Sodium Metal. International Series of Monographs in Analytical Chemistry Vol. 44
0080161758: Society, Schools and Progress in the West Indies.
0080162126: Readings in race and ethnic relations (The Commonwealth and international library. Readings in sociology)
0080162134: Readings in race and ethnic relations (The Commonwealth and international library. Readings in sociology)
0080162193: Group Process As a Helping Technique
0080162207: The Group Process As A Helping Technique
0080162282: Electron Optics: Instruments/Part 2
0080162347: Management and the health services
0080162460: Use of the Scanning Electron Microscope;
0080162711: The Mentally Handicapped Adolescent: The Slough Project of the National Society
0080162770: Neuromuscular Blocking and Stimulating Agents. Volume I and II.
0080163203: Polarized Light and Optical Measurement
0080163211: The Theory of Graphs:a Basis for Network Theory: A Basis for Network Theory
0080163246: Linear Engineering Systems: Tools and Techniques
0080163254: Existential Man
0080163270: Behavioral Intervention in Human Problems.
0080163297: Climate for Creativity: Report of the Seventh National Research Conference on Creativity
0080163475: Pharmacology of Naturally Occurring Polypeptides and Lipid-soluble Acids, Section 72, Volume 1. International Encyclopedia of Pharmacology and Therapeutics
0080163637: Analytical Applications of EDTA and Related Compounds.
0080163750: ADVANCES IN WATER POLLUTION RESEARCH. Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference held in San Francisco and Hawaii 1970. Volume 1
0080163823: Applied Electromagnetism
0080163874: The Earth's Age and Geochronology
0080163904: Histamine and Antihistamines
0080163920: Apollo 11 Eleven Lunar Science Conference, Vol. 3 Physical Properties Jan., 1970 : Proceedings
0080163971: Smoking: a behavioral analysis (Pergamon general psychology series)
0080164013: Nuclear structure theory, (International series of monographs in natural philosophy, volume 49)
0080164285: Society, Schools and Progress in Peru
0080164331: Progress in Polymer Science - Volume 3
0080164374: Research in Protozoology, Volume 2
0080164390: Progress in High Temperature Physics and Chemistry (Vol. 4)
0080164463: Population Geography and the Developing Countries
0080164579: Abridged Thermodynamic and Thermochemical Tables:SI Units
0080164595: Food consumption and planning (International encyclopaedia of food and nutrition Volume 5)
0080164978: Advances in Manufacturing Systems
0080165141: Scientist Extraordinary
0080165168: Personality And National Character
0080165230: The Pilchard Biology and Exploitation
0080165508: Notes on Elementary Particle Physics
0080165672: Legal abortion: the English experience (The Commonwealth and international library. Problems and progress in development)
0080165745: Lectures in Scattering Theory. International Series of Monographs in Natural Philosophy, Volume 39
0080165877: Introduction to the Theory of Plasma Turbulence
0080165958: Introduction to the Theory of Magnetism
0080165974: Heat Transfer : Current Applications of Air Conditioning
0080166032: Power systems engineering and mathematics, (International series of monographs in electrical engineering, v. 3)
0080166040: Services for Children and Their Families
0080166237: The Process of Learning Mathematics.
0080166326: Progress in Heat & Mass Transfer Volume 4
0080166334: Managerial communication,
0080166369: Theoretical Solid State Physics
0080166385: Analysis and Computation of Electric and Magnetic Field Problems - Second Edition
0080166431: Emotion in the Human Face: Guidelines for Research and an Integration of Findings
0080166563: Progress in Aerospace Sciences Volume 12
0080166687: The Scottish Educational System
0080166725: New Sources of Self
0080166946: How to Find Out About Economics
0080166962: New Approaches to the Design and Economics of EHV Transmission Plant
0080167195: Introduction to Spectroscopic Methods for the Identification of Organ
0080167241: Cosmic Rays
0080167373: Marketing And Sales Forecasting (the Commonwealth And International Library. Essentials Of Marketing Series)
0080167489: Backbench Opinion in the House of Commons 1945-1955
0080167497: The Friction and Lubrication of Elastomers. (International Series of Monographs on Materials Science and Technology, Volume 9)
0080167500: Dust Control and Air Cleaning
0080167519: Recent advances in the analytical chemistry of the noble metals (International series of monographs in analytical chemistry, v. 48)
0080167527: Plant Metabolism.
0080167535: Plant Metabolism
0080167640: The Practice of Managerial Psychology: Concepts and Methods for Manager and Organization Development (Pergamon management and business series, v. 1)
0080167675: Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Mathematics for Engineeres and Applied Scientists
0080167748: Emission Absorption, and Transfer of Radiation in Heated Atmospheres
0080167764: Progress in Quantum Electronics, Volume 1
0080167772: The land-use/transport system;: Analysis and synthesis
0080167810: Matrix Structural Analysis
0080167829: Automated Structural Analysis an Introduction
0080167861: A Guide to Behavioral Analysis and Therapy
0080167888: College and Student: Selected Readings in the Social Psychology of Higher Education
0080167896: Classroom management: The successful use of behavior modification (Pergamon general psychology series, v. 27)
0080167918: Psychiatric Programming of People (Pergamon general psychology series, v. 25.
0080167969: Chemical Engineering, Volume 3
0080167993: A Systems View of Planning: Towards a Theory of the Urban and Regional Planning Process
0080168027: Theory of Electrical Transport in Semiconductors (volume 3)
0080168035: Introduction to communication theory
0080168051: Effects of Psychotherapy
0080168078: Effects of Psychotherapy
0080168086: Gas Analysis by Gas Chromatography
0080168140: Elements of Loadbearing Brickwork. International Series of Monographs in Civil Engineering, Volume 5
0080168205: Modern Control Engineering
0080168221: Adaptive learning: behavior modification with children (Pergamon general psychology series)
0080168345: Aerostructures. Selected Papers of Nicholas J. Hoff. Edited by R. B. Testa
0080168388: Measurements in High-Voltage Text Circuits
0080168396: Animal Nursing
0080168434: Aspects of Motion Perception
0080168442: Business of Book Publishing
0080168450: Chemistry and Biochemistry of the Sulfhydryl Group in Amino Acids, Peptides, and Proteins
0080168507: Dynamic Response of Structures. Proceedings of a Symposium held at Stanford University, California June 28 and 29, 1971
0080168701: The social structure of modern Britain (The Commonwealth and international library of science, technology, engineering, and liberal studies)
0080168728: Data for protection against ionizing radiation from external sources: supplement to ICRP publication 15; a report
0080168922: Economics of Urban Areas
0080169007: Concise dictionary of physics and related Subjects
0080169023: Fretting Corrosion
0080169104: Photoelectron Spectroscopy. Chemical and Analytical Aspects.
0080169171: Torquemada En La Hoguera
0080169252: Principles of quantum chemistry by George, David V
0080169260: Studies in Verbal Behavior: An Empirical Approach
0080169287: Urban geography;: An introductory analysis, (Pergamon Oxford geographies)
0080169295: Organic Reagents in Metal Analysis.
0080169325: Solid-State Circuits.
0080169341: Electron Photoemission at a Metal-Electrolyte Solution Interface
0080169384: Complex Variables
0080169406: Government in Spain;: The executive at work, (The Commonwealth and international library. Governments of Western Europe)
0080169430: Thyristor Control of A C Motors
0080169465: Personality : The Human Potential
0080169481: Stochastic Theory of Service Systems
0080169562: A new morality from science: beyondism (Pergamon general psychology series)
0080169627: Automation and Control in Transport.
0080169635: How to Find Out About Statistics
0080169678: Prediction of Organizational Behavior
0080169686: Oxide Semiconductors. International Series of Monographs in the Science of the Solid State. Vol. 4
0080169708: How to Find Out About Children's Literature (The Commonwealth and International Library. Libraries and Technical Information Division)
0080169716: Introduction to Continuum Mechanics
0080169805: Problems in Optics Series of Monographs in Natural Philosophy Vol. 52
0080169848: Some aspects of vacuum ultraviolet radiation physics, (International series of monographs in natural philosophy)
0080169856: Men of Physics: Julius Robert Mayer: Prophet of Energy
0080169864: Binary and multiple systems of stars, (International series of monographs in natural philosophy)
0080169945: Survival:Black/white
0080170056: Advances in Water Pollution Research: Proceedings of the 6th Internati
0080170064: Water Quality:Management and Pollution Control Problems (Jerusalem Workshop Papers): Management and Pollution Control Problems: Volume 3 (Jerusalem Workshop Papers)
0080170072: Principles, Practices and Positions in Neuropsychiatric Research
0080170080: Relative Biological Effectiveness for High Let Radiations with Respect to Mutagenesis (International Commission on Radiological Protection)
0080170099: Don Segundo Sombra
0080170110: Stored Energy for Cold Work
0080170129: Progress in Aerospace Science Volume 13
0080170137: Encounters in Organizational Behavior:Problem Situations
0080170161: Beef Production
0080170226: The Brain as a Computer
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