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0080232388: Systems
0080232396: Structural Analysis and Design. Some Minicomputer Applications. In Two Parts. 2 Volumes
0080232434: Current Issues in Energy. A Selection of Papers
0080232442: Current Issues in Energy: A Selection of Papers
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0080232523: Carbon Dioxide, Climate and Society
0080232574: Progress in Nuclear Energy Volume 1
0080232612: Trends in Computerized Structural Analysis and Synthesis.
0080232736: Industrial Energy Conservation
0080232752: Thin Shells
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0080233422: Social Structure of Modern Britain (Guides to Official Publications)
0080233465: Covert Conditioning
0080233473: Covert Conditioning
0080233554: What It Means To Be Human
0080233570: Comparative Regional Systems
0080233597: Program evaluation in social research
0080233600: Program Evaluation in social Research
0080233678: Poverty: Wealth of Mankind (Systems science and world order library)
0080233694: The New Nationalism: Implications for Transatlantic Relations
0080233708: The New Nationalism: Implications for Transatlantic Relations
0080233724: Margins for Survival: Overcoming Political Limits in Steering Technology (Pergamon Policy Studies)
0080233732: Margins for Survival: Overcoming Political Limits in Steering Technology
0080233775: Why Has Development Neglected Rural Woma
0080233783: Arid Zone Settlement Planning: The Israeli Experience (Pergamon International...
0080233791: Families in an Urban Mold: Policy Implications of an Australian-U.S. Comparison
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0080233821: Human Growth and the Development of Personality
0080233864: Dickens's Doctors.
0080233872: Agricultural Statistics: A Handbook for Developing Countries
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0080233902: Urban policy and the exterior city : Federal, State, and corporate impacts upon major cities
0080233937: Coastal Area Management and Development
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0080234267: Plasma Transport Heating & MHD Theory PR
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0080234372: Future Coal Supply for the World Energy Balance
0080235662: The Story of My Life (Environmental Sciences and Applications)
0080235727: Pollution Prevention Pays
0080235786: How It Was: The War and Postwar Reconstruction in the Soviet Union
0080235794: How It Was: The War and Postwar Reconstruction in the Soviet Union
0080235840: Virgin Lands
0080235999: Solubilities of Inorganic and
0080236065: Selected Speeches & Writings
0080236138: Selected Speeches and Writings
0080236383: The Place-Names of Birsay
0080236820: Ethnic Autonomy (Environmental Sciences and Applications)
0080236847: Dictionary of Literature in the English Language
0080236855: Child in the World of Tomorrow: A Window into the Future
0080236979: Objectives of the New International Economic Order
0080237002: Ethnic Russia in the U S S R: the Dilemma of Dominance (Pergamon Policy Studies.
0080237010: Industrial Labor in the U. S. S. R. (Special Study of the Kennan Institute for Advanced Russian Studies, the Wilson Center, No. 1)
0080237029: soviet military strategy in europe
0080237088: Consumer Education in the Human Services
0080237169: Language, Children and Society. The Effect of Social Factors on Children Learning to Communicate.
0080237177: Lara in London
0080237193: The Psychology of Social Situations: Selected Readings (International Series in Psychobiology and Learning)
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0080237304: Hotel and Catering French
0080237320: Models, Planning and Basic Needs
0080237355: Design for Passenger Transport.
0080237398: African Freedom Annual - 1978.
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0080237711: Laboratory Animal Technology
0080237797: Keep off the grass: A scientific enquiry into the biological effects of marijuana (Pergamon international library of science, technology, engineering, and social studies)
0080237800: Keep off the grass: A scientific enquiry into the biological effects of marijuana (Pergamon international library of science, technology, engineering, and social studies)
0080238017: The Ore Minerals and Their Intergrowths - 2 Volume Set
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0080238572: Crime and Justice in America
0080238580: Environmental Design and Human Behavior. A Psychology of the Individual in Society
0080238629: Women in the Two Germanies : A Comparative Study of a Socialist and a Non-Socialist Society (Policy Studies on Social Policy Ser.)
0080238637: Ecology and Coal Resource Development
0080238734: Police Crisis Intervention
0080238742: Police Crisis Intervention (General Psychology Ser., Vol. 80)
0080238777: Crime and Its Modification: A Social Learning Perspective
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0080238882: Solar Energy Index
0080238890: Measuring the Condition of the World's Poor
0080238912: Alternative development strategies and appropriate technology: Science policy for an equitable world order (Pergamon policy studies on the new international economic order)
0080238920: Transnationalism in World Politics and Business.
0080238947: Police and the Elderly
0080238971: Marine Sources of Energy
0080238998: Industrial Labor in the U.S.S.R. (Special Study of the Kennan Institute for Advanced Russian Studies, the Wilson Center, No. 1)
0080239021: Bureaucratic Opposition: Challenging Abuses at the Workplace (Pergamon Policy Studies)
0080239048: Obstacles to Mineral Development: A Pragmatic View
0080239056: Soviet naval diplomacy (Pergamon policy studies on the Soviet Union and Eastern
0080239064: Soviet Naval Diplomacy
0080239072: Management of Low-Level Radioactive Waste
0080239129: Toward a New Strategy for Development: A Rothko Chapel Colloquium
0080239137: Toward a New Strategy for Development
0080239188: Alkali Metal and Ammonium Chlorides in Water and Heavy Water (Binary Systems) (IUPAC Solubility Data Series)
0080239218: Metals in Mercury (Solubility Data Series, Vol 25)
0080239250: Hydrogen Halides in Nonaqueous Solvents (Solubility Data S.)
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0080239978: The Structure of the British Isles
0080239986: The Structure of the British Isles (Pergamon International Library of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Social Studies).
0080240046: Physics of Glaciers
0080240054: Physics of Glaciers
0080240089: Computers in Analytical Chemistry.
0080240135: Physicochemical Methods for Water and Wastewater Treatment.
0080240143: Applied Geotechnology : A Text for Students and Engineers on Rock Excavation and Related Topics
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0080240259: Geophysics in the Affairs of Man
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0080240429: Money and Monetary Policy in Less Developed Countries A Survey of Issues and Evidence
0080240445: The Manager and the Environment: General Theory and Practice of Environmental Management (Environmental Sciences & Applications)
0080240577: Management and industrial structure in Japan (Pergamon international library of science, technology, engineering, and social studies)
0080240585: Computers for Imagemaking (Audio-visual media for education and research, volume 2)
0080240593: Computers For Imagemaking
0080240739: Corporate Planning: Theory And Practice
0080240771: The Political Economy of Eec Relations With African, Caribbean, and Pacific States: Contributions to the Understanding of the LomýE Convention on Nor
0080240887: A Complete Defence to 1P-K4 : A Study of Petroff's Defence
0080240895: A Complete Defence to 1P-K$ : a Study of Petrooff's Defence
0080240968: Opening Preparation
0080240984: Grandmaster Preparation
0080240992: Grandmaster Preparation
0080241026: A complete defence to 1 d4: A study of the queen's gambit accepted (Pergamon chess series)
0080241034: A complete defence to 1 d4: A study of the queen's gambit accepted (Pergamon chess series)
0080241093: Semi-Open Games
0080241115: Closed Games
0080241123: Comprehensive Chess Openings
0080241182: Test Your Chess IQ
0080241212: Instant Chess
0080241239: Selected Games Nineteen Sixty-Seven to Nineteen Seventy
0080241247: Selected Games 1967 to 1970
0080241271: Evolution of Chess Opening Theory : From Philidor to Kasparov
0080241301: Play the Caro-Kann
0080241328: Montreal, 1979 : Tournament of Stars
0080241344: British Chess
0080241379: Six Hundred Endings
0080241387: Three Steps to Chess Mastery
0080241409: London, 1980 : Phillips and Drew Kings Chess Tournament
0080241417: London 1980 : Phillips and Drew Kings Chess Tournament
0080241433: Defence and Counter-Attack
0080242065: Microprocessors
0080242189: Progress in Nuclear Energy Volume 3
0080242286: Microwaves. An introduction to microwave theory and techniques. Second Edition
0080242316: Load-bearing fibre composites (International series on the strength and fracture of materials and structures)
0080242340: Refrigeration Processes: A Practical Handbook on the Physical Properties of Refrigerants and Their Applications
0080242359: Heat and Fluid Flow in Power System Components. HMT, Volume 3
0080242375: Tunnelling Under Difficult Conditions: Proceedings Of The International Tunnel Symposium, Tokyo, 1978
0080242456: Matrrix Methods Applied to Engineering Rigid Body Mechanics
0080242464: Matrix Methods Applied to Engineering Rigid Body Mechanics
0080242707: THE URBAN INFORMAL SECTOR Critical Perspectives on Employment and Housing Policies
0080242766: Fools and heroes: The changing role of Communist intellectuals in Czechoslovakia
0080242782: Mole Cricket Called Servol
0080242839: Future in Our Hands
0080242847: THE FUTURE IN OUR HANDS What We Can all Do Towards the Shaping of a Better World
0080242863: Spatial Search : Applications to Planning Problems in the Public Sector (Urban and Regional Planning Ser., Vol. 23)
0080242952: Quantitative and statistical approaches to geography: A practical manual (Pergamon Oxford geographics)
0080243037: The Education Dilemma: Policy Issues for Developing Countries in the 1980s Pergamon International Library of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Social Studies
0080243088: Menu French
0080243118: Self Organizing Universe
0080243126: Self-Organizing Universe: Scientific And Human Implications Of The Emerging
0080243142: Changing Images of Man
0080243185: The World Food Problem : Consensus and Conflict
0080243398: The Pink Ghost Crown Reader 11
0080243835: High-LET Radiations in Clinical Radiotherapy
0080243983: Molybdenum and Molybdenum-Containing Enzymes
0080244122: The Periodontal Ligament in Health and Disease
0080244270: Recombinant DNA and Genetic Experimentation
0080244351: Placenta - a Neglected Experimental Animal
0080244386: Remote Sensing & Mineral Exploratio Proc
0080244394: Low Latitude Aeronomical Processes
0080244408: Non Solar Gamma Rays
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0080244548: Comparison Of Automatic Control And Operational Research Techniques Applied To Large Systems Analysis And Control
0080244556: Criteria for Selecting Appropriate Technologies under Different Cultural, Technical, and Social Conditions
0080244637: Ethics for science policy: Proceedings of a Nobel symposium held at Södergarn.
0080244645: Ethics for Science Policy : Proceedings
0080244688: Environment and energy: Environmental aspects of energy production and use with particular reference to new technologies : a report of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe
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0080244904: Distributed Computer Control Systems
0080244912: Control Applications of Nonlinear Programming: Proceedings of the IFAC Workshop, Denver, Colorado, USA, 21 June 1979.
0080245013: The Sinking Ark: A New Look at the Problem of Disappearing Species
0080245153: The Encyclopaedia of Medical Ignorance : The Mind and Body in Health and Disease
0080245242: Environment in Key Words: A Multilingual Handbook of the Environment
0080245358: The European Parliament : what it is, what it does, how it works
0080245528: English at school: The wood and the trees : a manual for teachers of English as a mother tongue (Language teaching methodology series)
0080245587: Problems and Principles in English Teaching
0080245684: Matters of moment (Materials for language practice)
0080245765: Teaching Foreign Languages to the Very Young: Papers from Seven Countries on Work With 4-To 8-Year-Olds (Symposia - Pergamon Institute of English)
0080245781: Language Incorporated: Teaching Foreign Languages in Industry
0080245854: Esp (English for Specific Purposes : the Present Position)
0080245862: Systems Development in Adult Language Le
0080245900: Waystage English
0080245927: Identify the Needs of Adults Learning a Foreign Language
0080245943: Approaches to Self-Assessment in Foreign Language Learning
0080245986: The Forgotten Third Skill Reading a Foreign Language
0080246125: Schizophrenia : Medical Diagnosis or Moral Verdict? (General Psychology Ser.)
0080246133: Schizophrenia: Medical Diagnosis Or Moral Verdict?
0080246141: Preserving the Environment
0080246168: The Global Two Thousand Report to the President of the U. S. - Entering the 21st Century : The Summary Report--Special Edition with Environment Projections and the Government's Global Model (Vol. 1) (Policy Studies Ser.)
0080246176: The global 2000 report to the President of the U.S., entering the 21st century: A report (Pergamon policy studies on policy, planning, and modeling)
0080246222: U.S. Corporate Profitability and Capital Formation: Are Rates of Return Sufficient
0080246249: Comparative Public Policy and Citizen Participation Energy, Education, Health and Urban Issues in the U.S. and Germany
0080246281: Foreign Language Learning, Today and Tomorrow: Essays in Honor of Emma M. Birkmaier
0080246303: Nucleic Acid Geometry and Dynamics
0080246311: Nucleic Acid: Geometry and Dynamics.
0080246362: Combating Nutritional Blindness in Child
0080246370: Soviet Asian Ethnic Frontiers
0080246400: Back to the City
0080246419: Back to the City
0080246435: The International Civil Service Changing Role and Concepts
0080246443: Alternative Views of the New International Economic Order: A Survey and Analysis of Major Academic Research Reports Pergamon Policy Studies on the New International Economic Order, No. 54
0080246451: Bridges Across the South: Technical Cooperation Among Developing Countries (Pergamon Policy Studies)
0080246478: Ethnic Resurgence in Modern Democratic States : A Multidisciplinary Approach to Human Resources and Conflict (Policy Studies Ser.)
0080246486: The Planet Pluto
0080246508: Science, technology, and the human prospect : proceedings of the Edison Centennial Symposium.
0080246532: Teaching social skills to children: Innovative approaches (Pergamon general psychology series)
0080246613: Spinal Cord Injuries
0080246664: Transportation in Cities
0080246672: Project Planning and Management: An Integrated Approach.
0080246680: Annotated Reader in Environmental Planning and Management
0080246699: Annotated Reader in Environmental Planning and Management
0080246745: The effects of psychological therapy (International series in experimental psychology ; v. 24)
0080246753: The Effects of Psychological Therapy (International series in experimental psychology ; v. 24)
0080246818: Critical Readings in Planning Theory
0080246834: Stability and Flexibility An Analysis of Natural Systems
0080246869: Transvestism: A Handbook With Case Studies for Psychologists, Psychiatrists and Counsellors
0080246958: Consciousness and the Physical World
0080246966: Language. Social Psychological Perspective
0080247032: Disarmament: The Human Factor : Proceedings of a Colloquium on the Societal Context for Disarmament, Sponsored by Unitar and Planetary Citizens and H
0080247040: No Limits to Learning: Bridging the Human Gap : A Report to the Club of Rome (Pergamon International Library)
0080247199: The Mind-Body Problem: A Psychobiological Approach (Pergamon International Library of Science, Technology, Engin)
0080247296: Hydrogen Energy Progress, Volume 4 Only: 3rd World Hydrogen Energy Conf. Tokyo 6/80
0080247326: Astronautics For Peace And Human Progress
0080247334: Fission, Fusion and the Energy Crisis
0080247342: Fission, Fusion, and the Energy Crisis (Pergamon international library of science, technology, engineering, and social studies). Second Edition
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0080247431: Science, technology, and the future: Soviet scientists analysis of the problems of and prospects for the development of science and technology and their role in society
0080247504: Nuclear Energy
0080247512: Nuclear Energy
0080247555: Movements in buildings (Pergamon international library of science, technology, engineering, and social studies)
0080247636: Knitting Technology
0080247644: Applied Industrial Control--an Introduction (International Series on Systems and Control, Vol. 1).
0080247652: Applied Industrial Control
0080247660: Fracture Mechanics: Current status, future prospects : proceedings of a conference held at Cambridge University, 16 March 1979 (International series on the strength and fracture of materials and structures).
0080247717: Internal Friction and Ultrasonic Attenuation in Solids
0080247962: Australia's Animals Discovered
0080248179: Demographic Techniques
0080248241: Biological Manipulation of Life
0080249078: The Case-Control Study: Consensus And Controversy
0080249124: Basic Farm Machinery
0080249140: Disasters: Hospital Planning: A Manual for Doctors, Nurses and Administrators
0080249183: Proceedings of the Sixth International Congress on Hyperbaric Medicine, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen Scotland, 31 August-2 September 1977
0080249191: Fish Aquaculture
0080249213: Introduction to Plant Biochemistry (Pergamon International Library of Science, Technology, Engin)
0080249329: Inhibitors of DNA and RNA Polymerases (International Encyclopedia of Pharmacology and Therapeutics
0080249337: Protides of the Biological Fluids Volume 27
0080249469: Progress in Phytochemistry (Vol 6)
0080249744: Handbook of Textiles by Collier, A. M.
0080250068: Night Before Christmas Eve Hardcover by Rees
0080250076: Ghost Ship to Ganymede
0080250165: Earth and cosmos: A book relating the environment of man on earth to the environment of earth in the cosmos (Pergamon international library of science, technology, engineering, and social studies)
0080250203: Progress in Particle and Nuclear Physics Vol. 3
0080250319: New Tertiary Mathematics, Pure Mathematics, Part 1
0080250394: Progress in Particle and Nuclear Physics Vol. 4
0080250408: Methods of Statistical Physics. International Series in Natural Philosophy, Volume 104
0080250467: Arithmetic applied mathematics
0080250483: Plasma and Current Instabilities in Semiconductors.
0080250505: Molecular Beam Epitaxy
0080250580: Coherent Raman Spectroscopy
0080250653: Introduction to Dynamic Programming (Pergamon International Library of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Social Studies)
0080250718: Operational Calculus
0080250726: The Classical Theory of Fields (Course of Theoretical Physics, Volume 2...
0080250742: Sun II: Proceedings of the International Solar Energy Society, Silver Jubilee Congress, Atlanta, Georgia, May 1979
0080250777: Solar Energy
0080250807: Handbook of Environmental Health and Safety Part 1
0080250815: Handbook Of Environmental Health And Safety Volume 2
0080250831: Autism, new directions in research and education (Pergamon general psychology series)
0080250874: Functioning of the Multinational Corporation: A Global Comparative Study Pergamon Policy Studies on Business
0080250939: Consumer Protection Legislation and the U.S. Food Industry.
0080250955: Geothermal Energy Projects
0080250971: Helping people change: A textbook of methods (Pergamon general psychology series ; v. 52)
0080250998: Changing Energy Use Futures
0080251048: Technological Innovation for a Dynamic Economy
0080251072: Science and technology for development: The role of U.S. universities (Pergamon policy studies ; no. 38)
0080251102: The Obstacles To The International Economic Order,
0080251137: The United States, Canada, and the New International Economic Order
0080251153: Eastern Europe and the New International Economic Order: Representative Samples of Socialist Perspectives (Pergamon Policy Studies on the New)
0080251242: Manpower Policies for the Use of Science and Technology in Development
0080251269: State Petroleum Enterprises in Developing Countries (Pergamon Policy Studies)
0080251277: Energy and resource development of continental margins
0080251285: Proceedings of the 10th Tenth Lunar and Planetary Science Conference: Meteorites and Lunar Rocks & Early Solar System and Lunar Regolith & Planetary Interiors and Surfaces (Three Volume Set)
0080251293: U. S. -Japanese Economic Relations: Co
0080251307: Western Europe's Global Reach: A Regional Cooperation and Worldwide Aspirations (Pergamon Policy Studies on International Politics)
0080251935: Life After School: A Social Skills Curriculum (Pergamon International Library of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Social Studies)
0080252036: The Addictive Behaviors: Treatment of Alcoholism, Drug Abuse, Smoking, and Obesity
0080252060: Language and Language Disorders in Childhood
0080252117: The Protest Makers: The British Nuclear Disarmament Movement of 1958-1965, Twenty Years on
0080252133: The Politics of School Government
0080252311: Community of Scapegoats: The Segregation of Sex Offenders and Informers in Prison
0080252486: Gas solubilities: Widespread applications
0080252508: Fuels and Fuel Technology
0080252559: Examination of Water for Pollution Control. Volume 3: Biological, Bacteriological and Virological Examination.
0080252680: Organic synthesis, today and tomorrow: Proceedings of the 3rd IUPAC Symposium on Organic Synthesis, Madison, Wisconsin, USA, 15-20 June 1980 (Symposiu national Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry)
0080252699: Comprehensive Organometallic Chemistry: The Synthesis, Reactions, and Structures of Organometallic Compounds. (Volume 8)
0080252761: Alcohols With Water (Solubility Data Series Vol 15)
0080252966: Structural Order in Polymers : International Symposium on Macromolecules, Florence, Ital
0080252974: Medicinal Chemistry Advances.
0080253008: Coordination Chemistry - Twenty One: Twenty-First International Conference on Coordination Chemistry, Toulouse, France 1980 (IUPAC symposium series)
0080253164: Take Note (Materials for language practice) Paperback by Berman, Michale
0080253261: Bilingualism and bilingual education (Bilingualism series / Pergamon Institute of English)
0080253334: Teaching English As an International Language: From Practice to Principle (Language teaching methodology series)
0080253385: Second Language Acquisition and Second Language Learning
0080253555: Communicative syllabus design and methodology (Language teaching methodology series)
0080253601: Communication Starters and Other Activities for the Esl Classroom
0080253644: Evaluation of Quality Care in Psychiatry. Proceedings of a Symposium Held at the Queen Street Mental Health Centre, Toronto, Canada 1979
0080253652: Advances in Biotechnology 3vol
0080253679: Roots and branches: Current directions in slave studies (RÃ flexions historiques. Directions)
0080253687: Pipeline and Energy Plant Piping: Design and Technology
0080253695: Precious Metals : Proceedings of the Fourth International Precious Metals Conference, Toronto Canada, June 3-5, 1980
0080253741: Handbook of Snow: Principles, Processes, Management and Use
0080253822: Current Developments in Yeast Research (Advances in Biotechnology)
0080253830: Advances in Biotechnology : Fermentation and Yeasts--Proceedings of the 6th International Fermentation Symposium-5th International Symposium on Yeasts, London, Canada, July 20-25, 1980
0080253849: Advances in Biotechnology : Fermentation and Yeasts--Proceedings of the 6th International Fermentation Symposium-5th International Symposium on Yeasts, London, Canada, July 20-25, 1980
0080253857: Advances in Biotechnology: Vol III: Fermentation Products (Proceedings of the 6th International Fermentation Symposium, London, Canada, July 20-25, 1980)
0080254020: Precious Metals, 1983 : Proceedings of the 7th IPMI Conference, San Francisco - June 1983
0080254071: Energy Developments
0080254128: Welding in Energy-Related Projects.
0080254144: Quality assurance of pharmaceuticals manufactured in the hospital: Proceedings
0080254276: Energy
0080254284: Advances in Fracture Research, (Fracture 81): Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Fracture (ICF5), Cannes, France, 29 March-3 April 1981 : 6 Volume Set
0080254314: Water and steam: Their properties and current industrial applications : proceedings of the 9th International Conference on the Properties of Steam held ... München, F.R.G., 10-14 September 1979
0080254322: Natural Convection: Heat and Mass Transfer (HMT--the science & applications of heat and mass transfer)
0080254349: The engineering of microprocessor systems: Guidelines on system development (Pergamon international library of science, technology, engineering, and social studies)
0080254357: THE ENGINEERING OF MICROPROCESSOR SYSTEMS: Guidelines on System Development.
0080254616: Friction and Wear Calculation Methods
0080254624: Problems of Nuclear Science and Technology. The Soviet Union as a world Nuclear Power. Fourth Edition, Revised and Enlarged
0080254632: Mechanical Working of Metals: Theory and Practice
0080254667: The Finite Element Method in Engineering
0080254675: Finite Element Method in Engineering
0080254713: Energy Storage
0080254802: Physiology Past Present & Future
0080254918: Disasters, Medical Organization
0080254969: Maillard Reactions in Food. Chemical, Physiological and Technological Aspects. Progress in Food and Nutrition Science. Volume 5, nos. 1-6.
0080255078: Soil Fungi and Soil Fertility
0080255094: Marihuana Today. A Compilation Of Medical Findings For The Layman
0080255108: Psychotropic Drugs and Related Compounds
0080255256: Green Rays: An Illustrated Guide to the Theory and Practical Applications of Soft X-Rays
0080255280: Advances in Protoplast Research: Proceedings of the 5th International Protoplast Symposium, July 9-14, 1979, Szeged, Hungary
0080255345: Cell Movement and Neoplasia. Ed by M. De Brabander. Proceedings of the Annual Meeting Held at Janssen Research Foundation, Beer
0080255361: Unit Operations in Food Processing (Advances in the Biosciences)
0080255396: Urban and Regional Planning in an Age of Austerity (Policy Studies in Urban Affairs Ser.)
0080255434: International Marketing Strategy
0080255442: Intensive Behavior Therapy the Behavioral Treatment of Complex Emotional Disorders
0080255450: Cross-Cultural Counseling and Psychotherapy: Foundations, Evaluation, Ethnocultural Considerations, and Future Perspectives (Pergamon General Psychology Series)
0080255477: Substance Abuse and Psychiatric Illness : Proceedings of the Second Annual Coatesville--Jefferson Conference on Addiction
0080255485: Factors Affecting Power Plant Waste Heat Utilization : Proceedings of a Workshop Held in Atlanta, Georgia, 28 Nov. - 1 Dec., 1978
0080255515: Solar Energy and Conservation Volume 2 only: Technology, Commercialization, Utilization: Proceedings of the Symposium, Miami Beach, Florida, 1978
0080255531: New Strategic Prespectives On Social Policy
0080255558: The Effects of Various Diseases on the Development of Atherosclerosis.
0080255574: Salivary Gland Tumors.
0080255582: Industrial Behavior Modification: A Management Handbook
0080255639: Regulation of Marketing and the Public Interest: A Tribute to Ewald T. Grether on the Occasion of His Eightieth Birthday
0080255647: Biomass Energy Projects. Planning and Management
0080255744: Congress, the Presidency, and American foreign policy (Pergamon policy studies on international politics)
0080255795: In Response to Aggression
0080255809: In Response to Aggression
0080255817: Bioresources for Development: The Renewable Way of Life
0080255825: Atmospheres
0080255833: Atmospheres, a View of the Gaseous Envelopes Surrounding Members of Our Solar System
0080255868: Gestalt Therapy, an Introduction (Pergamon General Psychology Series)
0080255876: Gestalt Therapy, an Introduction
0080255884: Microwave: Engineering and Applications
0080255892: Microwave Engineering and Applications
0080255906: Clinical Practice of Psychology: A Guide for Mental Health Professionals
0080255914: Clinical Practice of Psychology : A Practical Guide for Mental Health Professionals
0080255957: Science, Technology and the Human Prospect: Proceedings of the Edison Centennial Symposium
0080256120: Space Waifs
0080256511: A Beacon For The Romans
0080256619: Energy Aspects of the Forest Industries
0080256627: Logistics and Benefits of Using Mathematical Models of Hydrologic and Water Resource Systems
0080256783: Oils and Gases from Coal (U. N. Economic Commission for Europe Ser.)
0080257127: Gaelic-English - English-Gaelic Dictionary : A Pronouncing and Etymological Dictionary of Scots Gaelic
0080257151: Of Presbyters And Kings: Church And State In The Law Of Scotland.
0080257186: Out to Play: The Middle Years of Childhood
0080257208: The Meritocratic Intellect: Studies in the History of Educational Research.
0080257240: Things that happen (Scots philosophical monographs)
0080257364: Politics of Independence a Study of a SC
0080257372: DOCTOR JIMMY
0080257429: Law and the Moral Order: Study in Ethics and Jurisprudence
0080257437: The Meaning of Freedom
0080257453: Role-Play: A Practical Guide
0080257488: Grampian Hairst: An Anthology of Northeast Prose.
0080257577: The Green Man of Knowledge and Other Scots Traditionnal Tales
0080257674: Printed Word: Instrument of Popularity
0080257712: RECENT ADVANCES IN ADDICTIONS RESEARCH: Paper from the Taos International Conference on Treatment of Addictive Behaviors, Taos, New Mexico, Febuary, 20-24, 1980
0080257720: Parapsychology, Science or Magic?
0080257739: Parapsychology, Science or Magic?: A Psychological Perspective (Foundations & Philosophy of Science & Technology.)
0080257798: Studia Patristica XVII in Three Parts
0080257909: Science and Convention: Essays on the Origin and Significance of the Conventionalist Philosophy of Science
0080257941: The Social Psychology of Tourist Behaviour (International Series in Experimental Social Psychology, V. 3)
0080258077: Education in the USSR (Pergamon International Library of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Social Studies)
0080258190: Experimenting with Truth : The Fusion of Religion with Technology Needed for Humanity's Survival (Hibbert Lectures, 1979)
0080258204: Experimenting With Truth: The Fusion of Religion With Technology, Needed for Humanity's Survival (The Hibbert Lectures for 1979)
0080258336: The Truth About Corporate Planning: International Research into the Practice of Planning
0080258476: Brave New World?
0080258867: Breast Cancer Experimental & Clinical As
0080258891: Chironomidae: Ecology, Systematics, Cytology, and Physiology Proceedings of the 7th International Symposium on Chironomidae, Dublin, August 1979
0080259146: Agrochemicals in Soils : Selected Papers
0080259170: GENETICS FOR BREEDERS. **Hardcover reprint, 1989**
0080259251: Living Embryos
0080259308: Psychophysiology Today and Tomorrow
0080259375: Topic of Cancer
0080259502: ECONOMIC ORIGINS OF THE IRANIAN REVOLUTION. Pergamon Policy Studies in International Development
0080259545: Urban Futures Observed, in the Asian Third World
0080259553: Behavioral assessment: A practical handbook (Pergamon general psychology series
0080259561: Behavioral Assessment: A Practical Handbook
0080259588: Survey Research and Public Attitudes in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union
0080259634: Science Advice to the President
0080259642: The Negotiations on Mutual and Balanced Force Reductions: The Search for Arms Control in Central Europe (Pergamon Policy Studies)
0080259650: Social Competence : Interventions for Children and Adults (General Psychology Ser., No. 91)
0080259669: Small Hydroelectric Projects for Rural Development
0080259677: Uxpanapa: Agricultural Development in the Mexican Tropics (Pergamon policy studies on international development)
0080259693: The Physics of Mos Insulators
0080259715: The Women's Movement in Community Politics in the U. S. : the Role of Local Commissions on the Status of Women (Pergamon Policy Studies on Social Issues)
0080259731: The Genesis of New Weapons. Decision Making for Military R & D. Pergamon Policy Studies on International Politics
0080259758: Trace Metal Concentrations in Marine Organisms
0080259774: Thermal Energy Storage in Aquifers: Design and Applications
0080259804: Language of the Earth
0080259812: Language of the Earth
0080259855: Region Building in the Pacific (Pergamon policy studies on international politics)
0080259863: Self-management and behavior change: From theory to practice
0080259871: Self-Management & Behavior Change. From Theory to Practice,
0080259898: Behavioral and Quantitative Perspectives on Terrorism (Pollution and Water Resources, Columbia University Seminar S)
0080259952: Born Secret: The H-Bomb, the Progressive Case and National Security (Pergamon...
0080259960: Soviet Foreign Policy since World War II (Policy Studies on International Politics Ser.)
0080259979: Soviet foreign policy since World War II.
0080259987: Treating Children's Fears and Phobias
0080259995: Treating Children's Fears and Phobias: A Behavioral Approach (Pergamon General Psychology Series)
0080260012: Food and Agricultural Waste Development Projects
0080260136: Progress in Crystal Growth and Characterization. Volume 1.
0080260616: Women and Media
0080260632: Psychology in Contemporary China
0080260659: A Voice Crying in the Wilderness : Essays on the Problem of Science and World Affairs
0080260705: Game Theory and Experimental Games
0080260772: Confronting Youth Unemployment in the Nineteen Eighties: Phetoric Versus Reality (Children and youth services review)
0080261159: Condemned to Co-Exist
0080261175: Men's Studies Modified : The Impact of Feminism on the Academic Disciplines
0080261329: Electric Circuit Theory
0080261388: Engineering Materials : An Introduction to Their Properties and Applications
0080261418: Underwater Technology- Offshore Petroleum: Proceedings of the International Conference, Bergen, Norway, 1980
0080261477: Sun Power An Introduction to the Applications of Solar Energy
0080261566: The Nuclear Apple and the Solar Orange, Alternatives in World Energy
0080261612: Fracture and Fatigue: Elasto-Plasticity, Thin Sheet and Micromechanisms Problems
0080261795: Origin and Chemistry of Petroleum: Proceedings of the Conference Held May 4, 1979
0080262023: Organotransition Metal Chemistry: Applications to Organic Synthesis
0080262171: Handbook of Heterocyclic Chemistry
0080262201: Frontiers of Chemistry
0080262244: Carotenoid Chemistry & Biochemistry
0080262368: Ocean Tides. Mathematical Models and Numerical Experiments
0080262406: Carbon Dioxide and Climate : Environment International Volume 2 Numbers 4-6
0080262422: Pollution Japan: Historical chronology
0080262465: Predictive Geology: With Emphasis on Nuclear-Waste Disposal
0080262503: Insights into Chemical Engineering. Selected Papers of P. V. Danckwerts.
0080262511: The Analysis of Plastics (Pergamon Series in Analytical Chemistry, Volume 8)
0080262546: Quaternary in Britain, The: Essays, Reviews and Original Work on the Quaternary Published in Honour of Lewis Penny on His Retirement
0080262562: Chlorinated Dioxins and Related Compounds - Impact on the Environment : Proceedings of a Workshop Held October 22-24 1980, Istituto Superiore Di Sanita, Rome, Italy (Series on Environmental Science, Vol. 5)
0080262589: Oceanography and Marine Biology.
0080262600: Statistics for Geoscientists
0080262635: Plastics Engineering
0080262686: Statistics for Geoscientists
0080262767: Total Environmental Control.
0080262775: Applied Complexometry
0080262791: Descriptive Physical Oceanography: An Introduction
0080262805: Descriptive Physical Oceanography
0080262902: Environmental Oceanography; an Introduction to the Behaviour of Coastal Waters
0080262910: Environmental Oceanography: An Introduction to the Behaviour of Coastal Waters (Pergamon International Library of Science, Technology, Engin)
0080262945: Fuzzy Set and Possibility Theory. Recent Developments
0080262988: Introduction to Electron Microscopy
0080262996: Transnational Corporations, Technology Transfer and Development: A Bibliographic Sourcebook.
0080263003: Drug Abuse in the Modern World: A Perspective for the Eighties: Proceedings of a Symposium Held at the College of Physicians and Surgeons of columbi
0080263046: Proceedings of Lunar Highlands Crust
0080263054: Migration Decision Making: Multidisciplinary Approaches to Microlevel Studies in Developed and Developing Countries
0080263089: MINING FOR DEVELOPMENT IN THE THIRD WORLD Multinational Corporations, State Enterprises and the International Economy
0080263119: Psychology of the Americas: Mestizo Perspectives on Personality and Mental Health (Pergamon General Psychology Series ; 126)
0080263127: Cross-Cultural Encounters: Face-To-Face Interactions
0080263135: Cross Cultural Encounters Face to Face Interaction
0080263143: Proceedings Of The Eleventh Lunar And Planetary Science Conference. Volume 3. Physical Processes.
0080263151: The Social Costs of Solar Energy: A Study of Photovoltaic Energy Systems
0080263208: Global Planning and Resource Management: Toward International Decision Making in a Divided World (Pergamon Policy Studies on the New International Economic Or)
0080263216: Psychological Skill Training: The Structured Learning Technique
0080263224: Paths to Peace: The UN Security Council and its Presidency
0080263232: The Politics of Nuclear Waste: Social, Political and Institutional Issues (Policy Studies on Energy Ser.)
0080263240: The Ancient Sun : Proceedings of the Conference on the Ancient Sun: Fossil Record in the Earth, Moon and Meteorites, Boulder Colorado, October 16-19, 1979 (Geochimica and Cosmochimica Acta Ser., Suppl. 13)
0080263259: The Economics of Communication: A Selected Bibliography With Abstracts (Pergamon policy studies on international development)
0080263283: Biopolitics and International Values: Investigating Liberal Norms
0080263291: Biopolitics & International Values Inv
0080263305: Economic Policy Reform in Mexico : A Case Study for Developing Countries (Policy Studies on International Development)
0080263348: Neural Mechanism of Conditioning,
0080263372: MacRomolecular Solutions: Solvent Property Relationships in Polymers
0080263399: African Development Bank
0080263402: Preventive psychology: Theory, research, and practice (Pergamon general psychology series)
0080263410: Exterrestrials : Where Are They?
0080263429: Extraterrestrials-Where Are They?
0080263445: Wave Propagation Theory (Lectures on).
0080263461: Aggression in Global Perspective
0080263488: Mathematical Biology: A Conference on Theoretical Aspects of Molecular Science
0080263496: Science Advice to the President Technology in Society, Vol. 2, Nos. 1 & 2
0080263623: Progress in Phytochemistry: Volume 7
0080263690: General Immunology
0080263704: Protides of the Biological Fluids Volume 28
0080263763: Supramolecular Enzyme Organization
0080263828: Recent Advances in Neuropsycho-Pharmacology
0080263844: Advances in Immunopharmacology
0080263879: Modulation of Neurochemical Transmission : Proceedings
0080263895: Monoamine Oxidases and Their Selective Inhibition
0080263909: Opiate Receptors & the Neurochemical Cor
0080263917: Prostanoids
0080263933: Human Dentofacial Growth
0080264018: Viruses and Wastewater Treatment
0080264697: THEORY OF PHASE TRANSITIONS: Rigorous Results. Volume 108 in International Series in Natural Philosophy.
0080264743: Thinking With Models
0080264751: Thinking with Models: Mathematical Models in the Physical, Biological and Social Sciences
0080264778: Mathematical Aspects of Scheduling & App
0080264794: Operational Calculus, Volume II. Seonc Edition.
0080264808: Physical kinetics. Translated from the Russian by J. B. Sykes and R. N. Franklin. (Course of Theoretical Physics, v.10.)
0080264816: Principles of Optics: Electromagnetic Theory of Propagation, Interference and Diffraction of Light
0080264824: Principles of Optics: Electromagnetic Theory of Propagation, Interference and Diffraction of Light
0080264840: Growth Points in Nuclear Physics - Volume 3
0080264867: Functional Analysis. Second Edition
0080264956: The Solar System
0080264972: Physics In Medicine And Biology Encyclopedia
0080264999: Physics and Astrophysics
0080265014: Gauge Field Theories: An Introduction
0080265022: Introduction to the Physics of Electroweak Interactions
0080265030: Quantum Electrodynamics (Course of Theoretical Physics)
0080265049: Quantum Electrodynamics (Course of Theoretical Physics)
0080265154: Lectures on Statistical Mechanics
0080267122: Automation And Control In Transport
0080267173: Advances in Composite Materials 2 Volume Set: Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Composite Materials, Paris, France, 26-29 August, 1980
0080267203: Control Problems and Devices in Manufacturing Technology. 1980
0080267211: Climatic constraints and human activities (IIASA proceedings series)
0080267246: Dislocation Modelling of Physical Systems, by Ashby
0080267386: Energy Saving Guide, The: Tables for Assessing the Profitability
0080267424: Building services engineering: A review of its development (International series on building environmental engineering)
0080267432: Solar Houses In Europe How They Have Worked
0080267459: Classical and Modern Control With Worked Examples
0080267599: The Mass Media and Social Problems (International Series in Experimental Social Psychology, V. 2)
0080267734: Relativity and Geometry (Foundations & Philosophy of Science & Technology Ser.)
0080267742: THE EUROPEAN CONNECTION: Implications of EEC Membership.
0080267793: Social Learning Practice in Residential Child Care
0080267912: Popper and After
0080267939: Sense and Nonsense in Psychotherapy: The Challenge of Hypnosis
0080267963: Sexually abused children and their families by
0080268005: Economic Reforms In Eastern Europe And Prospects For The 1980s :
0080268064: Changing Priorities On The International Agenda, The New International Economic Order,
0080268153: Physiology of Non-Excitable Cells : Proceedings of the 28th International Congress of Physiological Sciences, Budapest, 1980 (Advances in Physiological Sciences Ser., Vol. 3)
0080268161: Physiology of Excitable Membranes : Proceedings of the 28th International Congress of Physiological Sciences, Budapest, 1980 (Advances in Physiological Sciences Ser., Vol. 4)
0080268188: Genetics, Structure & Function of Blood Cells : Proceedings of the 28th International Congress of Physiological Sciences, Budapest, 1980 (Advances in Physiological Sciences Ser., Vol. 6)
0080268196: Cardiovascular Physiology, Microcirculation & Capillary Exchange : Proceedings of the 28th International Congress of Physiological Sciences, Budapest, 1980 (Advances in Physiological Sciences Ser.)
0080268218: Cardiovascular Physiology-Neural Control Mechanisms : Proceedings of the 28th International Congress of Physiological Sciences, Budapest, 1980 (Advances in Physiological Sciences Ser.)
0080268250: Nutrition, Digestion, Metabolism : Proceedings of the 28th International Congress of Physiological Sciences, Budapest, 1980 (Advances in Physiological Sciences Ser., Vol. 12)
0080268307: Oncogenic Viruses
0080268323: Icrp Publication 30: Limits for Intakes of Radionuclides by Workers, Part 2 (Limits for Intakes of Radionuclides by Workers)
0080268331: Icrp Publication 30
0080268382: Inhaled Particles V (The Annals of Occupational Hygiene)
0080268390: Aminergic & Paptidergic Receptors
0080268455: Biology in Profile: an Introduction to the Many Branches of Biology.
0080268463: Biology in Profile : An Introduction to the Many Branches of Biology
0080268501: Comprehensive Insect Physiology, Biochemistry and Pharmacology : Complete 13 Volume Set
0080268714: Advances in Physiological Sciences, Volume 14: Endocrinology, Neuroendocrinology, Neuropeptides Part II.
0080268722: Play the King's Gambit : King's Gambit Accepted
0080268803: Test Your Chess IQ--Book 2
0080268846: The Chess Computer Book (Chess Ser.)
0080268889: Tournament Chess
0080268919: Tournament Chess Vol 2
0080268927: Tournament Chess Vol 3
0080268935: Tournament Chess Vol 4
0080268943: Chess Openings : Your Choice
0080268978: Chess Kaleidoscope
0080269028: Bishop V. Knight Endings, Rook V. Minor Pierce Endings
0080269044: Comprehensive Chess Endings : Queen and Pawn Endings, Queen Against Rook Endings, Queen Against Minor Piece Endings
0080269125: 125 Selected Games
0080269141: Application of Chess Theory
0080269168: From the Opening into the Endgame
0080269176: From the Opening into the Endgame
0080269214: One Hundred Classics of the Chessboard
0080269265: Chess Beat
0080269273: Play the Nimzo-Indian Defense
0080270069: Rusi-Brassey's Defence Yearbook, 1981
0080270085: Soviet Troop Control: The Role of Command Technology in the Soviet Military Command
0080270352: Artillery of the World
0080270360: Antitank: An Airmechanized Response to Armored Threats in the 90s
0080270395: R.U.S.I. and Brassey's Defence Yearbook
0080270425: Nuclear Attack Civil Defense : Aspects of Civil Defense in the Nuclear Age
0080270441: Introduction to battlefield weapons systems and technology (Battlefield weapons systems & technology)
0080270700: Relations Between Western Europe and the United States of America.
0080270948: Thyroid Diseases
0080271596: Cosmic Rays in the Heliosphere: COSPAR 23rd Pleanary Meeting (Advances in Space Research Ser., Vol. 1, No. 3)
0080271642: Practice of Behavior Therapy
0080271650: Practice of Behavior Therapy
0080271669: Troubled Children/Troubled Systems (Pergamon General Psychology Series)
0080271685: Quest for a Sustainable Society
0080271693: Communication Technologies and Information Flow.
0080271707: Energy Resources and Conservation Related to Built Environment, Vol. 1
0080271715: Management of Sustainable Growth
0080271723: Clinical behavioral pediatrics: An interdisciplinary biobehavioral approach (Pergamon general psychology series)
0080271758: Treatment Planning and Dose Calculation and Treatment Planning in Radiation Oncology
0080271774: Biotechnology A Review And Annotated Biography
0080271782: Beyond the Battlefield : American Military Professionalism (Policy Studies on International Politics Ser.)
0080271790: Effect of Modern Agriculture on Rural Development.
0080271804: Controlling International Technology Transfer. Issues, Perspectives, and Policy Implications
0080271812: Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow in Nuclear Systems
0080271820: Transitional Energy Policy,1980-2030
0080271839: Transitional Energy Policy, 1980-2030: Alternative Nuclear Technologies (Pergamon policy studies on science and technology)
0080271847: NATO's Strategic Options: Arms Control and Defense
0080271855: Gc/Lc, Instruments, Derivatives in Identifying Pollutants and Unknowns
0080271863: Lessons from an Unconventional War
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