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0080274455: Was There a Fifth Man?
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0080275192: International Technology Transfer : Guidelines, Codes and a Muffled Quadrilogue
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0080275249: Reporting U.S.-European Relations Four Nations, Four Newspapers
0080275257: Reporting U.S.-European relations: Four nations, four newspapers
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0080275303: Toxicology of Halogenated Hydrocarbons : Health and Ecological Effects
0080275311: National Service. Social, Economic and Military Impacts.
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0080275478: The early window: Effects of television on children and youth (Pergamon general psychology series)
0080275486: The early window: Effects of television on children and youth (Pergamon general psychology series)
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0080275516: Achieving Patient Compliance
0080275583: International Arms Procurement: New Directions
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0080275664: School Consultation: A Guide to Practice and Training
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0080280420: Psychological research in the classroom: Issues for educators and researchers (Pergamon general psychology series)
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0080281087: In the Best Interest of the Child : An Evaluation of Assessment Centers
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0080281508: Leonid I Brezhnev Pages from His Life
0080281591: The Japanese Approach to Product Quality: Its Applicability to the West.
0080281656: Speeches and Writings
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0080283446: Time for Action
0080283454: Time for Action
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0080286771: Building Economy
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0080287328: Quaternary Geology of the Hominid Fossil Bearing Formations in Java.
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0080288731: Red Sea (Key Environments S.)
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0080288812: Antarctica
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0080294049: Machina Ex Dea: Feminist Perspectives on Technology
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0080294081: Stigma Of Poverty: A Critique Of Poverty Theories And Policies
0080294103: Research Methods in Clinical Psychology
0080294111: Foreign Debt and Latin American Economic Development
0080294138: Clinical Geropsychology: New Directions in Assessment and Treatment
0080294170: Making Pollution Prevention Pay : Ecology with Economy As Policy
0080294359: Start Reading
0080294367: Go on Reading: Reading Resources in International English 2 by...
0080294421: Interlink: A Course in Integrated Skills in English
0080294456: Look Who's Talking!: A Guide to the Development of Successful Conversation Groups in Intermediate and Advanced E.S.L. Classrooms
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0080295479: Innovative Organization
0080295487: Guide to Worker Productivity Experiments in the United States, 1976-81
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0080297196: Paul Keres Chess Master Class
0080297218: Tournament Chess
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0080297242: Master Chess : A Course in 21 Lessons
0080297250: Master Chess : A Course in 21 Lessons
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0080297285: Play the Bogo-Indian
0080297293: Play the Bogo-Indian
0080297307: On the Road to the World Championship, 1923-27
0080297358: Sicilian : Sveshnikov Variation
0080297374: Tournament Chess - Volume 8
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0080297390: Half a Century of Chess
0080297404: Play the Catalan : Open Variation
0080297412: Play the Catalan : Open Variation
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0080297455: Endgame Strategy
0080297471: Play the Tarrasch
0080297498: Grandmaster Performance
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0080297536: Sicilian
0080297552: Sicilian
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0080297617: Tournament Chess - Volume 15
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0080297722: Functional Basis of Ocular Motility Disorders.
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0080298060: Textbook of Human Biology
0080298214: Viral Chemotherapy
0080298230: The Chemotherapy of Psoriasis (International Encyclopedia of Pharmacology & Therapeutics S.)
0080298338: Guide to Australian Economic and Social Statistics
0080298389: Predictive Methods for the Energy Conserving Design of Buildings
0080298400: History and Historians in Late Antiquity
0080298540: Interpersonal Behaviour : The Psychology of Social Interaction
0080298664: Agoraphobia : A Clinical and Personal Account
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0080299598: Military Helicopters (Brassey's Battlefield Weapons Systems and Technology Series)
0080299628: World Hydrocarbon Markets: Current Status, Projected Prospects, and Future Trends
0080299652: Portland Cement: Composition, Production and Properties (The Pergamon Materials Engineering Practice Series)
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0080300375: Progress in Particle and Nuclear Physics. Volume 10
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0080301266: Prices, Wages, and Business Cycles: A Dynamic Theory
0080301290: Introduction to Health Physics
0080301312: America & the World, 1982
0080301339: Library Services in Theory and Context
0080301347: Library services in theory and context
0080301355: Single Case Experimental Designs : Strategies for Studying Behavior Change
0080301428: Woman's Nature: Rationalizations of Inequality (Pergamon General Psychology Series)
0080301436: Woman's Nature Rationalizations Of Inequality
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0080301657: Environmental Hazard Assessment of Effluents
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0080301681: Dictionary of Behavior Therapy Techniques
0080301738: Disconnecting Bell: The Impact of the At&t Divestiture
0080301800: The Arts, a way of knowing (Curriculum issues in arts education)
0080301878: Applying Family Therapy: A Practical Guide for Social Workers
0080301940: Sexually Abused Children and Their Families
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0080302025: Education and National Development: A Comparative Perspective (Reviews of United Kingdom Statistical Sources)
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0080302076: The Common Market and How It Works
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0080302122: Marks and Spencer: Anatomy of Britain's Most Efficiently Managed Company
0080302289: Innovation and Technology Transfer for the Growing Firm: Text and Cases
0080302300: The Common Market and How it Works
0080302335: The Aesthetic Impulse
0080302408: Rocks and Minerals
0080302432: Annotated Bibliographies of Mineral Deposits in Europe-Part 2-Western & South Central Europe,
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0080302491: Chemicals for Crop Improvement and Pest Management
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0080302750: Electrodynamics of Continuous Media
0080302769: Electrodynamics of Continuous Media-
0080302874: A Manual of Chemical and Biological Methods for Seawater Analysis (Pergamon International Library of Science, Technology, Engineering and Social)
0080302904: Measurements from Maps: Principles and Methods of Cartometry
0080302920: Loss Prevention and Safety Promotion in the Process Industries: Hazardous Chemicals and Liquified Gases-Safe Transport by Sea.
0080302939: Loss Prevention and Safety Promotion in the Process Industries: Chemical Process Hazards.
0080303013: Issues in Language Testing (English Language Teaching Documents S.)
0080303269: Interlink: A Course in Integrated Skills in English
0080303277: Computer-Assisted Language Instruction,PB.
0080303293: SCHOOLDAYS PERSONAL RELATIONS Communication Games Dialogs and Exercises for Advanced Conversation
0080303315: Personal Relations, at the Office
0080303358: Personal Relations: Communication Games, Dialogs, and Exercises for Advanced Conversation Teacher's Handbook
0080303536: Philosophy and Fiction: Essays in Literary Aesthetics
0080303609: Oceanography and Marine Biology : An Annual Review
0080303668: As a Tale That Is Told A Church of Scotland Parish, 1913-1954
0080303706: Practice of Social Inquiry
0080303749: Fourteen to Eighteen
0080303846: Cobbett's Tour in Scotland. Edited, annotated and with introduction and appendices by Daniel Green.
0080303862: Ane Resonyng of Ane Scottis and Inglis Merchand Betuix Rowand and Lionis : William Lamb (c. 1494 - c. 1550) Ane Resonyng
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0080303927: Oceanography and Marine Biology : An Annual Review
0080303978: Oceanography and Marine Biology
0080304230: Mine Water Pollution (Mine Water Pollution)
0080304532: Fundamental Aspects of Materials Science in Space
0080304567: Life Sciences and Space Research XX, Part 1
0080304575: Life Sciences and Space Research XX, Part 2
0080304842: English by Magic
0080305377: Underwater Welding Soudage Sous L'eau
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0080305776: Optical Fibres
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0080306071: Unitarians, The
0080306454: Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue : From the Twelfth Century to the End of the Seventeenth
0080306802: Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue Pt. 41 : From the Twelfth Century to the End of the Seventeenth
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0080306829: A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue from the Twelfth Century to the End of the Seventeenth. Vols. 1-7 (A-Ro)
0080306837: Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue Pt. 42 : From the Twelfth Century to the End of the Seventeenth
0080307094: Scandium, Yttrium, Lanthanum and Lanthanide Halides in Nonaqueous Solvents (Solubility Data S.)
0080307140: Organotransition Metal Chemistry: Applications to Organic Synthesis
0080307353: Gases in Molten Salts (Solubility Data Series)
0080307426: 4-aminobenzenesulfonamides Part 1
0080307612: ICRP Publication 38: Radionuclide Transformations: Energy and Intensity of Emissions
0080307647: Protides of the Biological Fluids Volume 31
0080307655: Biological Oceanographic Processes
0080307701: Magnetic resonance in medicine and biology
0080307728: Pathology of the Lung
0080307760: Amazonia: Key Environments Series
0080307795: Nicotine and the tobacco smoking habit (International encyclopedia of.
0080307809: Pathophysiological Aspects of Cancer Epidemiology
0080307825: Neuromodulation and Brain Function
0080307868: Clinical Oncology and Cancer Nursing
0080307892: MEAT SCIENCE
0080307914: Psychological Aspects of Cancer
0080308023: Comprehensive Insect Physiology, Biochemistry, and Pharmacology: Embryogenesis and Reproduction: 001
0080308031: Comprehensive Insect Physiology, Biochemistry and Pharmacology: Post-embryonic Development v. 2
0080308058: Comprehensive Insect Physiology, Biochemistry and Pharmacology: Regulation - Digestion, Nutrition, Excretion v. 4
0080308112: Comprehensive Insect Physiology, Biochemistry and Pharmacology: Biochemistry v. 10
0080308120: Comprehensive Insect Physiology, Biochemistry and Pharmacology: Pharmacology v. 11
0080308139: Comprehensive Insect Physiology, Biochemistry and Pharmacology: Insect Control v. 12
0080308147: Comprehensive Insect Physiology, Biochemistry and Pharmacology: Cumulative Indexes, Vol. 13
0080308201: Educational Research and Policy How Do They Relate
0080308228: Our Response to the Poorest of the Third World
0080308236: Spatial Search: Applications to Planning Problems in the Public Sector
0080308295: Rethinking The Process Of Operational Research And Systems Analysis
0080308309: Rethinking the Process of Operational Research and Systems Analysis
0080308317: Minorities: A Question of Human Rights?
0080308341: Schools & Persistent Absentees
0080308376: The Addictive Behaviors: Treatment of Alcoholism, Drug Abuse, Smoking, and Obesity
0080308406: People, Communication, and Organisation: Portrait of a Romanian Shtetl
0080308465: The rhetoric of criticism: From Hobbes to Coleridge
0080308473: Impact of Technology on Society: A Documentation of Current Resea
0080308503: Chinas Changed Road To Development
0080308511: Lifelong Education for Adults
0080308597: Schooling in East Asia: Forces of Change Formal and Nonformal Education in Japan, The Republic of China, The People's Republic of China, South Korea, North Korea, Hong Kong, and Macau
0080308635: Soviet Psychotherapy
0080309313: Advances in Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery: The Aging Face
0080309356: Psychopathology of Childhood : A Clinical-Experimental Approach
0080309380: Presidential Branch
0080309399: Presidential Branch
0080309534: Hydrogen Energy Progress V: Proceedings of the 5th World Hydrogen Energy Conf...
0080309550: Psychological Consultation in the Courtroom
0080309593: Social Skills (Applied Research in Mental Retardation,)
0080309623: Management of Chronic Headaches : A Psychological Approach
0080309631: Management of Chronic Headaches: A Psychological Approach
0080309690: Contemporary Constitutional Lawmaking
0080309704: Contemporary Constitutional Lawmaking
0080309712: Science and Gender: A Critique of Biology and Its Theories on Women (Athene Series)
0080309720: Science and Gender: A Critique of Biology and Its Theories on Women (Athene Series)
0080309755: Employment Security in a Free Economy (Work in America Institute Policy Study)
0080309771: Care of the Elderly
0080309828: Trends in Electric Utility Research
0080309844: Teaching Child Management Skills
0080309879: University-Industry Research Interactions.
0080310079: Progress In Polymer Science Volume 8
0080310265: Solid Wastes from Coal Fired Power Plants: Water Pollution Problems (Water Science and Technology)
0080310559: Common Ground : Shared Interests in ESP and Communication Studies
0080310788: The English Language Today
0080310877: Bring the Lab Back to Life (Language teaching methodology series)
0080311032: Writing--Research, Theory, and Applications
0080311245: Microcomputers and Their Interfacing
0080311253: Microcomputers and Their Interfacing
0080311261: Advances in Surface Treatments. Technology, Applications, Effects. Vol. I
0080311326: Computer-Communication Networks
0080311415: Energy Conservation Measures: Proceedings of the International Symposium, Kuwait, 6-8 February 1983 (KFAS proceedings series)
0080311431: Industrial Robots.
0080311458: Inorganic Fibres and Composite Materials: A Survey of Recent Developments
0080311512: Mechanics of Materials
0080311571: English-Russian Dictionary of Computer Science
0080311598: Mineral Processing Technology : an Introduction to the Practical Aspects of Ore Treatment and Mineral Recovery
0080311636: Modelling and Control of Electric Power Plants
0080311679: Harrier, Ski-Jump to Victory
0080311687: RUSI and Brassey's Defence Yearbook 1985
0080311709: Race to the Swift : Thoughts on Twenty-First Century Warfare
0080311725: Gallipoli, 1915 : Pen, Pencils and Cameras at War
0080311849: Avoiding Nuclear War : Common Security As a Strategy for the Defence of the West.
0080311857: Brassey's Battles
0080311873: War in the Third Dimension
0080311881: War in the Third Dimension : Essays in Contemporary Air Power
0080311946: Air Power : An Overview of Roles
0080311954: Air Power : An Overview of Roles
0080311962: Mine Warfare on Land
0080311989: Introduction to Battlefield Weapons
0080311997: Introduction to Battlefield Weapons Systems and Technology
0080312004: Red God of War : Soviet Artillery and Rocket Forces
0080312020: Cruise, Pershing and SS-20 : The Search for Consensus: Nuclear Weapons in Europe
0080312071: Hitler's Gladiator : The Life and Times of SS-Oberstgruppenfuhrer and General der Waffen-SS Sepp Dietrich
0080312128: World in Conflict, 1986: War Annual I
0080312136: Nation in Retreat?: Britain's Defence Commitment
0080312152: Imperial Rearguard : Wars of Empire, 1919-85
0080312802: How to Find Out in Psychology. A Guide to the Literature and Methods of Research
0080312829: The Guide to Franchising
0080312853: World Economy in Transition: Essays Presented to Surendra Patel on His Sixtieth Birthday
0080313000: Social Innovations for Development
0080313086: Disarmament and World Development
0080313124: International Air Traffic Control: Management of the World's Airspace
0080313140: Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy
0080313213: Peace Now, Peace for the Future: Selected Speeches and Writings
0080313248: Communicating by Telephone (International Series in Experimental Social Psychology, Vol 15)
0080313299: The Impact of World Recession on Children
0080313337: Planning for Small Enterprises in Third World Cities (Urban and Regional Planning, Volume 34)
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0080314430: Powtech '85 Particle Technology. EFCE Event No. 317. Institution of Chemical Engineers Symposium Series No. 91
0080314465: Second European Conference on Coal Liquid Mixtures (Institution of Chemical Engineers Symposium, No 95)
0080314899: Progress in Particle and Nuclear Physics: Mesons, Isobars, Quarks and Nuclear Excitations (Progress in Particle and Nuclear Physics)
0080315003: Progress in Particle and Nuclear Physics (Progress in Particle and Nuclear...
0080315054: River Basin Management (Water Science and Technology)
0080315089: Progress in Neurobiology
0080315119: TOWARDS AN IMPROVED INTERNATIONAL REFERENCE IONOSPHERE: Volume 4, Number 1, 1984 of Advances in Space Research.
0080315135: General English Syllabus Design: Curriculum and Syllabus Design for the General English Classroom (Elt Documents 118)
0080315178: Discovering Grammar
0080315348: Using Drama in the Classroom (Language Teaching Methodology Series)
0080315356: New Directions in Language Testing: Papers Presented at the International Symposium on Language Testing, Hong Kong (Language Teaching Methodology Series)
0080315364: Writing: A Diagnostic Approach (Language Teaching Methodology Series)
0080315488: Teaching grammar: Form, function, and technique (Language teaching methodology series)
0080315682: Interlink: A Course in Integrated Skills in English
0080315720: KGB and Soviet Disinformation : An Insider's View
0080315739: Dezinformatsia: Active Measures in Soviet Strategy
0080315747: Dezinformatsia: Active Measures in Soviet Strategy
0080315763: Treatment of Rape Victims: Facilitating Psychosocial Adjustment
0080315801: Cognitive Control Therapy With Children and Adolescents
0080315887: Reflections on population
0080315909: Teaching Social Skills to Children : Innovative Approaches
0080315941: Employment Security in Action
0080316026: Law and Mental Health
0080316034: The Political Hand: Policy Implementation and Youth Employment Programs (Pergamon General Psychology Series)
0080316042: The Political Hand: Policy Implementation and Youth Employment Programs Pergamon Government & Politics Series
0080316123: Psychological Androgyny
0080316131: Psychological Androgyny
0080316158: Marital Therapy : a Behavioral-Communications Approach (Psychology Practitioner Guidebooks Ser.)
0080316174: Beyond war: Japan's concept of comprehensive national security
0080316182: Revising U.S. Military Strategy
0080316190: Revising U.S. Military Strategy
0080316212: Leadership on the Future Battlefield
0080316220: Review of U. S. Military Research and Development 1984
0080316247: Pollution and Water Resources 1984
0080316255: Woman in the Muslim Unconscious
0080316298: Nuclear Energy
0080316360: Mathematical Analysis and its Applications
0080316409: Strength of Metals and Alloys (Icsma 7). 3 Volumes
0080316441: Passive and Low Energy Ecotechniques : Proceedings of the 3rd International PLEA Conference, Mexico City, Mexico, 6-11 August 1984
0080316514: Decomposition of Alloys: The Early Stages (2nd Acta-Scripta Metallurgica Conference)
0080316549: Nuclear-Electric Power in the Asia-Pacific Region : Proceedings of the Workshop Held in Honolulu, Hawaii, 23-28 January 1983
0080316654: Control applications of nonlinear programming and optimization: Proceedings of the Fifth IFAC Workshop, Capri, Italy, 11-14 June 1985
0080316662: A Bridge Between Control Science and Technology : Proceedings of the Ninth Triennial World Congress of IFAC, Budapest, Hungary July 2-6 1984
0080316794: Metal Forming and Impact Mechanics: William Johnson Commemorative Volume
0080316824: Finite Elements in Computational Mechanics FEICOM-85. Volumes 1 & 2
0080316859: Electrical Machines and Drives: Worked Examples
0080317189: Progress in Quantum Electronics Volume 8
0080318096: Tools and Techniques for Strategic Management
0080318290: Developments in Operational Research
0080318347: Westminster Workshop: A Student's Guide to British Government (Fifth Edition)
0080318444: Weather and Water
0080318525: Language for Hearers (Language and Communication Library Volume 8)
0080318568: Introducing Corporate Planning
0080318746: Probabilistic Methods Applied to Electric Power Systems
0080319181: Group Cognitive Therapy
0080319238: Handbook of Adolescent Psychology (General Psychology Ser., No. 142)
0080319246: Israel's Global Reach: Arms Sales As Diplomacy
0080319262: Alerting America: The Papers of the Committee on the Present Danger
0080319297: Men's Ideas/women's Realities
0080319300: Mens Ideas Womens Realities Popular Scie
0080319319: Pain Management: A Handbook of Psychological Treatment Approaches
0080319394: Geriatric Drug Use - Clinical and Social Perspectives.
0080319408: Designing and Conducting Behavioral Research (Pergamon General Psychology Series)
0080319424: Energy II: Non-Nuclear Energy Technologies
0080319459: Clinical Utilization of Microcomputer Technology
0080319467: Clinical Utilization of Microcomputer Technology.
0080319475: Handbook of Clinical Gerontology (General Psychology Ser., No. 146)
0080319483: Electricity and Industrial Productivity: A Technical and Economic Perspective (Pergamon International Library of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Social Studies)
0080319521: Beyond War: Japan's Concept of Comprehensive National Security
0080319556: Black Feminist Criticism
0080319718: Biomagnetism : Application and Theory: Proceedings of the Fifth World Conference on Biomagnetism, Vancouver, Canada, August 1984
0080319726: Reorganizing America's Defense: Leadership in War and Peace
0080319734: Reorganizing America's Defense : Leadership in War and Peace
0080319750: Dictionary of Behavioral Assessment Techniques
0080319777: Modulation of Immunity
0080319815: Food Science
0080319912: The Pineal Gland: Endocrine Aspects: Advances In The Biosciences, Volume 53
0080319955: Drug Metabolism
0080319998: Techniques in Bioproductivity and Photosynthesis
0080320066: Neuropeptides & Behavior CNS Effects
0080320074: Membrane Transport of Antineoplastic Agents (International Encyclopaedia of Pharmacology & Therapeutics)
0080320139: Brain Tumors Biopathology & Therapy
0080320155: Cell Cycle Effects of Drugs (International Encyclopedia of Pharmacology and Therapeutics Ser., Section 121)
0080320244: Disorders Of Eating Behaviour: A Psychoneuroendocrine Approach
0080320260: Methods in Neuropsychology
0080320279: General Photobiology
0080320287: General Photobiology
0080320341: My Best Game of Chess
0080320384: From the Middlegame into the Endgame
0080320392: From Baguio to Merano : The World Chess Championship Matches of 1978 and 1981
0080320422: Test and Improve Your Chess : A Grandmaster Method of Chess Evaluation
0080320449: Paul Keres' Best Games
0080320457: Chess Endings
0080320473: Sicilian Labyrinth
0080320538: London-Leningrad Championship Games: Rematch Championship Games With Annotations by the World Champion (Pergamon Russian Chess Series)
0080320546: London-Leningrad Championship Games : Rematch Championship Games
0080320589: Art of Defence in Chess : Defence and Counterattack Techniques in Chess
0080320643: Test Your Chess I. Q.
0080320716: Test Your Chess I. Q.
0080323138: Freshwater Biological Monitoring.
0080323332: Nonstochastic Effects of Ionizing Radiation
0080323359: Principles of Monitoring for the Radiation Protection of the Public: Annals of the ICRP v. 15/1 (International Commission on Radiological Protection S.)
0080323367: Protection of the Patient in Radiation Therapy
0080323391: Essays on Oceanography
0080323448: Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Ternary and Multinary Compounds. Progress in Crystal Growth and Characterization, Volume 10
0080323634: Behavior management in the schools: Principles and procedures (Pergamon general psychology series)
0080323642: Behavior Management in the Schools : Principles and Procedures (General Psychology Ser., No. 140)
0080323669: The Sister Bond: A Feminist View of a Timeless Connection (Athene Series)
0080323693: Educating for Peace
0080323707: Educating for Peace
0080323731: Adolescent Anger Control : Cognitive-Behavioral Techniques
0080323766: Multimethod Assessment of Chronic Pain
0080323774: Multimethod Assessment of Chronic Pain
0080323839: Handbook of behavioral medicine for women (Pergamon general psychology series)
0080323871: Life in the Rank and File : Enlisted Men and Women in the Armed Forces of the United States, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom
0080323901: Strategy and Arms Control
0080323936: Alcohol Problems: Diagnosis and Treatment
0080323995: Treating Bulimia
0080324002: Treating Bulimia
0080324010: Can Governments Learn?: American Foreign Policy and Central American Revolutions (Pergamon Government and Politics Series)
0080324045: Nutrition, Immunity & Illness in the Elderly : Proceedings of An International Conference on Nutrition, Immunity & Illness in the Elderly, St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada, July 9-11, 1984
0080324053: The All-Volunteer Force After a Decade: Retrospect and Prospect
0080324061: Reflections on Population
0080324126: Pediatric Psychology Psychological Inter
0080324169: The range of epistemic logic (Scots philosophical monographs)
0080324177: The Range of Epistemic Logic
0080324193: Dispositions
0080324231: From the Clyde to California
0080324320: Timeless Flow: The Selected Poems of Agnes C. Carnegie
0080324347: The Intelligibility of Nature
0080324371: A Linguistic Atlas of Late Mediaeval English; Volume One, General Introduction, Index of sources, Dot Maps
0080324568: Norman Collie
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