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0080344305: Highlights in Science
0080344364: Nuclear Dynamite
0080344445: Geographic Information Systems
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0080344518: CoRT Thinking Program : CoRT 4 - Creativity
0080344550: CoRT Thinking Program : CoRT 6 - Action
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0080344798: Head and neck oncology: Clinical management by
0080344828: Understanding Nuclear Weapons and Arms Control: A Guide to the Issues
0080344836: Understanding Nuclear Weapons and Arms Control: A Guide to the Issues
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0080345158: Popular Literature in Victorian Scotland: Language, Fiction and the Press
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0080346774: Practice of Clinical Health Psychology
0080346782: Practice of Clinical Health Psychology
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0080346898: Prediction of Tumor Treatment Response
0080346944: Social Skills Training for Psychiatric Patients
0080346952: Social Skills Training for Psychiatric Patients (Psychology Practitioner Guidebooks)
0080346960: The Future of Freedom in the Developing World: Economic Development As Political Reform
0080346979: The Future of Freedom in the Developing World: Economic Development As Political Reform
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0080347312: Plant Biotechnology
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0080347428: Commando
0080347436: Unmanned Aircraft
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0080347606: Air Defence
0080347614: Last of the Regiments : Their Rise and Fall
0080347622: Fortunate Soldier
0080347673: Managing Human Resources: Documenting the Personnel Function
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0080347878: The Group Process & Family Therapy
0080347916: Past Trials and Present Tribulations : A Muslim Fundamentalist's View of the Jews
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0080348394: Aspects of Epitaxy
0080348564: GUSTAV HUSAK (PRESIDENT OF CZECHOSLOVAKIA) Speeches and Writings
0080348580: Origin of Comets
0080348599: Origin of Comets
0080348629: Pursuit - Evasion Differential Games.
0080348718: Ocean Acoustic Propagation by Finite Difference Methods.
0080348726: Spechees and Writings (Leaders of the World)
0080348742: Plate Tectonics and Crustal Evolution.
0080348785: Cardiac Arrythmias: Diagnosis and Treatment
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0080349196: Structural Analysis Systems: Software, Hardware, Capability, Compatibility, Applications Volume 5
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0080349293: Identifiability of Parametric Models
0080349404: Assessing Adolescents : A Practitioner's Guide
0080349412: Assessing adolescents (Psychology practitioner guidebooks)
0080349420: Israel & the World After 40 Years
0080349447: Neuropsychological Toxicology : Identification and Assessment of Human Neurotoxic Syndromes
0080349471: Containing the Soviet Union: A Critique of Us Policy
0080349498: Drug Therapy for Behavior Disorders
0080349501: Drug Therapy for Behavior Disorders: An Introduction (Psychology Practitioner Guidebooks)
0080349536: Made to Order: The Myth of Reproductive and Genetic Progress (Athene Series)
0080349544: Made To Order the Myth of Reproductive
0080349560: Westward Watch
0080349579: Westward Watch
0080349587: Reorganization of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
0080349595: Selling the Rope to Hang Capitalism: The Debate on West-East Trade and Technology Transfer
0080349609: Child Psychotherapy
0080349617: Child Psychotherapy
0080349625: Handbook of Psychiatric Diagnostic Procedures
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0080349811: Crises in the Twentieth Century
0080349854: Schoolworlds/Microworlds
0080349889: French-English Bilingual Guide to Business and Professional Correspondence
0080349897: French-English Bilingual Guide to Business and Professional Correspondence
0080349935: Educational Technology : Its Creation, Development & Cross-Cultural Transfer (Comparative & International Education Ser., Vol. 4)
0080349943: Educational Technology: Its Creation, Development, and Cross-Cultural Transfer
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0080350585: The King o the Black Art and Other Folk Tales
0080350623: Perspectives Poems 1970-1986
0080350631: Patronage and Principle: a political history of modern Scotland.
0080350658: Oceanography and Marine Biology
0080350674: Lawrence and Nietzsche: A Study in Influence
0080350682: Contemporary Research on Terrorism
0080350712: Ingaitherins: Selected Poems
0080350720: Touching Rock: Selected Poems
0080350739: The Low Road Home: Collected Poems
0080350755: The Psalms in Scots - Reprint of P Hately Waddell's The Psalms: Frae Hebrew Intil Scottis First Published in 1871
0080350771: The Scottish Cat: An Anthology
0080350798: A Bibliography of the Works of Neil Gunn
0080350828: Scott's Interleaved Waverley Novels: The 'Magnum Opus', National Library of Scotland Mss. 23001-41 An Introduction and Commentary
0080351522: Personnel Administration In The Health Services Industry
0080351581: The Superpowers in Crisis: Implications of Domestic Discord
0080351751: Regional Security and Anti-Tactical Ballistic Missiles : Political and Technical Issues
0080351786: Reflowering of the Goddess : Contemporary Journeys and Cycles of Empowerment
0080351794: Reflowering of the Goddess : Contemporary Journeys and Cycles of Empowerment
0080351816: Assessing the Vietnam War : A Collection from the Journal of the U. S. Army War College
0080351824: Assessing the Vietnam War: A Collection from the Journal of the U.S. Army War College
0080351832: M. V. Frunze, Military Theorist
0080355439: Naval Forces and Western Security
0080355447: Nato's Maritime Strategy
0080355455: NATO's Maritime Flanks : Problems & Prospects (Institute for Foreign Policy Anaylsis Ser.)
0080355463: Parameters of War
0080355536: The Psychology of Human Cognition
0080355544: The Psychology of Human Cognition: Mainstream and Genevan Traditions.
0080355552: Adult Obesity Therapy (Psychology Practitioner Guidebooks).
0080355579: Feminism Within the Science and Health Care Professions: Overcoming Resistance
0080355587: Feminism Within the Science and Health Care Professions: Overcoming Resistance (Athene Series)
0080355617: Determining Future U.S. Tactical Airlift Requirements (Special Report (Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis))
0080355633: The International Textbook of Cardiology
0080355668: Behavioral relaxation training and assessment (Psychology practitioner guidebooks)
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0080355854: Systems Analysis in Water Quality Management
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0080357253: Retinitis Pigmentosa: Patients' Fight for Sight
0080357261: Peptides and Proteases: Recent Advances: Selected Papers Presented at The 2nd International meeting on the Molecular and Celluar Regualtion of Enzyme Activity in Halle, German Democratic Republic, on Aug 17-23, 1986
0080357296: Waltham Book of Dog and Cat Nutrition: A Handbook for Veterinarians and...
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0080357466: Green Berets Seal a Spetsnaz : U. S. and Soviet Special Military Operations
0080357474: Green Berets, Seals, and Spetsnaz : U. S. and Soviet Special Military Operations
0080357482: Soviet Perspective on the Strategic Defense Initiative
0080357512: Crystallization and Precipitation:
0080357520: Preventing Substance Abuse Among Children and Adolescents
0080357539: Preventing Substance Abuse Among Children and Adolescents
0080357547: Library Services in Theory and Context
0080357636: Alcoholism : Biomedical and Genetic Aspects
0080357687: Proceedings of the International Symposium on The Impact of Oxygen on the Productivity of Non-Ferrous Metallurgical Processes Winnipeg, Canada August 23-26, 1987. Vol. 2 of the Metallurgical Society of the Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
0080357733: Replacement Cardiac Valves
0080357741: Human Chromosomes: Manual of Basic Techniques
0080358055: Strategic Offensive Air Operations
0080358063: Strategic Offensive Air Operations
0080358071: Ammunition for the Land Battle
0080358152: Rusi and Brassey's Defence Yearbook, 1988 (Brassey's Defence Yearbook Ser.)
0080358187: Air Superiority Operations
0080358195: Air Superiority Operations
0080358209: Choices : Nuclear and Non-Nuclear Defence Options
0080358268: Judy O'Grady and the Colonel's Lady : The Army Wife and Camp Follower since 1660
0080358276: Guided Weapons
0080358292: Messenger Gods of Battle : The History of Electronic Warfare
0080358306: Noise in the Military Environment
0080358314: Noise in the Military Environment
0080358357: Teaching Mainstreamed Students
0080358446: Foreign Trade With the USSR: A Manager's Guide to Recent Reforms
0080358462: International Education of the Development Consultant : Communicating with Peasants and Princes
0080358470: International Education of the Development Consultant : Communicating with Peasants and Princes
0080358497: Documents on the Holocaust
0080358500: Antisemitism Through the Ages
0080358527: Faith and Freedom: A Tribute to Franklin H. Littell
0080358543: The Revival of Values Education in Asia and the West (Comparative and International Education, Vol 7)
0080358667: Handbook of psychological assessment (Pergamon general psychology series)
0080358713: Cognitive Behavioral Interventions with Young Offenders
0080358748: Treating Depression in Children and Adolescents
0080358756: Treating Depression in Children and Adolescents
0080358861: Soviet Foreign Policy Since WW?
0080358896: Practice of Brief Psychotherapy
0080358969: Pressure Vessel Technology: Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference Held in Beijing People's Republic of China, 11-15 September 1988
0080359035: Progress in Fracture Research
0080359051: Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis and Adina: Proceedings of the 6th Adina Conference
0080359078: Intercapsular cataract extraction: Current developments in IOL implantation & design : proceedings of part of the seventh International Symposium on A ... egment Microsurgery, Hong Kong, February 1987
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0080359337: Systems & Control Encyclopedia Supplementary Volume 1 (Advances in Systems, Control, and Information Engineering)
0080359418: Enzymes in Synthetic Organic Chemistry
0080359566: SDI : Has America Told Her Story to the World?
0080359604: Why the Soviets Violate Arms Control Treaties
0080359647: new weapon technologies
0080359655: On Guard for Victory: Military Doctrine and Ballistic Missile Defense in the USSR
0080359663: British Security Policy and the Atlantic Alliance
0080359698: The Grenada Documents: Window on Totalitarianism (Special Report)
0080359701: Would the Insects Inherit the Earth and Other Subjects of Concern to Those Who Worry About Nuclear War
0080359752: New Tongue and Quill : Your Practical (And Humorous) Guide to Better Communication
0080359787: Almanac of Transatlantic Politics
0080359795: Almanac of Transatlantic Politics
0080359809: Making Space Defense Work : Must the Superpowers Cooperate?
0080359817: Soviet Breakout : Strategies to Meet It
0080359825: Lic 2010: Special Operations & Unconventional Warfare in the Next Century (Brassey's Future Warfare Series)
0080359841: Challenge of Military Leadership
0080359892: Take That Hill !
0080360769: Handbook of Hospital Based Substance Abuse Treatment
0080360777: Handbook of Hospital Based Substance Abuse Treatment
0080360785: Silent Myocardial Ischemia and Angina : Prevalence, Prognostic and Therapeutic Significance
0080360831: Vaccines and Immunotherapy
0080360874: Proceedings of the International Symposium on Computer Software in Chemical and Extractive Metallurgy
0080360904: Proceedings of the International Symposium on Advanced Structural Materials, Montreal, Canada, Augus
0080360955: Inhibitors of Ribonucleoside Diphosphate Reductase Activity
0080360971: Irpa Guidelines on Protection Against Non-Ionizing Radiatio
0080360998: International Symposium on Direct Rolling and Hot Charging of Strand Cast Billets: Proceedings of the Metallurgical Society of the Canadian Institute of
0080361021: The Helping Group
0080361242: The Personality Disorders: A Psychological Approach to Clinical Management
0080361250: Science and Technology Advice to the President, Congress, and Judiciary
0080361269: Science and Technology Advice to the President, Congress, and Judiciary
0080361285: Handbook of Social and Clinical Psychology: The Health Perspective
0080361293: Handbook Of Behavior Therapy And Psychological Science: An Integrative Approach (Pergamon General Psychology Series)
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0080361315: Principles of Fermentation Technology
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0080361366: Seeing Contour and Colour
0080361382: Immunomodulators and Non-Specific Host Defense Mechanisms Against Microbial Infections (Advances in the Biosciences)
0080361390: Natural Toxins: Characterization, Pharmacology and Therapeutics : Proceedings...
0080361404: Practical Biochemistry for Colleges
0080361412: Handbook of Amylases and Related Enzymes
0080361420: AIDS Prevention and Control: Invited Presentations and Papers from the World Summit of Ministers of Health on Programmes for AIDS Prevention - Jointly Organized by the Who and the UK Government, London, 26-28 January, 1988
0080361471: Waterfowl Production: Proceedings of the International Symposium on Waterfowl Production, the Satellite Conference for the XVIII World's Poultry Cong
0080361501: Glaucoma: Proceedings of the Fourth International Symposium of the Northern Eye Institute, Manchester, Uk, 14-16 July 1988 (Vision and Visual Health)
0080361528: Practical Animal Handling
0080361544: Managing Minimal Residual Malignancy in Man
0080361587: Jones's Animal Nursing
0080361889: Concise Encyclopedia of Biological & Biomedical Measurement Systems (Advances in Systems Control and Information Engineering) - Hardcover
0080361943: Concise Encyclopedia of Medical and Dental Materials (Advances in Materials Sciences and Engineering)
0080361986: Concise Encyclopedia of Environmental Systems
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0080362087: Comprehensive Polymer Science: Chain Polymerization II Vol 4
0080362095: Comprehensive Polymer Science: The Synthesis, Characterization, Reactions and Applications of Polymers, Volume 5: Step Polymerization
0080362109: Comprehensive Polymer Science: The Synthesis, Characterization, Reactions & Applications of Polymers Vol. 6: Polymer Reactions
0080362117: Comprehensive Polymer Science: The Synthesis, Characterization, Reactions & Applications of Polymers: Speciality Polymers and Polymer Processing (Comprehensive Polymer Science Series), Vol. 7
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0080362141: Concise Encyclopedia of Software Engineering (Advances in Systems Control and Information Engineering Ser.)
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0080362230: Histological and Histochemical Methods: Theory and Practice
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0080362389: Industrial Process Control Systems: Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability : Proceedings of the Ifac Workshop, Bruges, Belgium, 28-30 Septemb
0080362397: Halides, Oxyhalides and Salts of Halogen Complexes of Titanium, Zirconium, Hafnium, Vanadium, Nobium and Tantalum: 040 (Solubility Data Series)
0080362400: AUTOMATIC CONTROL: 10th Triennial World Congress of IFAC, Vol 1
0080362427: AUTOMATIC CONTROL: 10th Triennial World Congress of IFAC, Vol 3
0080362435: AUTOMATIC CONTROL: 10th Triennial World Congress of IFAC, Vol 4
0080362443: AUTOMATIC CONTROL: 10th Triennial World Congress of IFAC, Vol 5
0080362451: AUTOMATIC CONTROL: 10th Triennial World Congress of IFAC, Vol 6
0080362524: Crucible of Peace
0080362532: Armies in Low Intensity Conflict : A Comparative Analysis
0080362559: Military Air Transport Operations
0080362575: Chariot of the Desert : The Story of the Israeli Armoured Corps
0080362591: Hostages to Fortune : Western Interests in the Arabian Gulf
0080362605: Establishing the Anglo-American Alliance
0080362621: Soldiers of Scotland
0080362648: Peace for Our Time.
0080362656: The World in Conflict 1989: War Annual Three
0080362664: Communications and Information Systems for Battlefield Command and Control
0080362672: Communications and Information Systems for Battlefield Command and Control
0080362699: Forgotten Victor : The Life of General Sir Richard O'Connor
0080362745: Fanatics : A Behavioural Approach to Political Violence
0080362850: International Marketing Strategy
0080362869: Reader in Peace Studies
0080362877: Reader in Peace Studies
0080363636: Fundamental Issues in Present-Day China
0080363652: Ocean Basins : Their Structure and Evolution
0080363679: Seawater Its Composition Properties & Be
0080363695: Ocean Circulation (Oceanography Textbooks)
0080363709: Ocean Circulation (Oceanography Textbooks)
0080363717: Waves, Tides, and Shallow-Water Processes
0080363784: Through France with Berzelius. Live Scholars and Dead Volcanoes.
0080363806: Mathematical Modelling in Science & Tech
0080363830: Landau, the Physicist and the Man: Recollections of L.D. Landau
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0080363911: Hamish Brown's Scotland : A Chapbook of Explorations
0080363946: Alexander Pope:Essays For The Tercentenary
0080363962: Bothy to Big Ben
0080363970: Oceanography and Marine Biology
0080363997: Xanthines and Cancer: An Experimental Study of Tumour Inhibition
0080364004: The Golden Harvester: The Vision of Edwin Muir
0080364012: Protean Scot
0080364039: English of Chaucer and His Contemporaries: Essays
0080364055: Jacobite Song
0080364071: On Soul and Conscience
0080364098: The Hugh Macdiarmid-George Ogilvie
0080364101: Scotichronicon: Volume 2: Books III and IV
0080364136: Children Need Groups: A Practical Manual for Group Work With Young Children
0080364144: Children Need Groups: A Practical Manual for Group Work With Young Children
0080364195: Little Grey Partridge: First World War Diary of Ishobel Ross Who Served With the Scottish Women's Hospitals Unit in Serbia
0080364284: Handbook of Alcoholism Treatment Approaches: Effective Alternatives (Psychology Practitioner Guidebooks)
0080364292: The Practice of Child Therapy.
0080364306: The Practice of Child Therapy (Pergamon General Psychology Series)
0080364349: Gestalt Therapy
0080364357: Gestalt Therapy: Practice and Theory (Psychology Practitioner Guidebooks)
0080364381: Treating conduct and oppositional defiant disorders in children (Psychology practitioner guidebooks)
0080364411: The Clinical Psychology Handbook
0080364438: Psychotherapy and Counseling With Minorities
0080364454: Suicide Risk : Assessment and Response Guidelines
0080364462: Developmental Assessment in Clinical Child Psychology : A Handbook
0080364470: Production and Processing of Fine Particles
0080364500: Coping With Ethical Dilemmas in Psychotherapy
0080364519: Coping with ethical dilemmas in psychotherapy (Psychology practitioner guidebooks)
0080364527: Assessment of Eating Disorders
0080364535: Assessment of Eating Disorders
0080364594: Fostering Academic Excellence
0080364659: Simulation-Gaming in Education and Training : Proceedings of the International Simulation and Gaming Association's 18th International Conference
0080364675: The IEA Study of Written Composition I
0080364683: The IEA Study of Mathematics I: Analysis of Mathematics Curricula. International Studies in Educational Achievement, Volume 1
0080364756: Exposing Nuclear Phallacies (International Studies in Educational Achievement)
0080364764: Exposing Nuclear Phallacies (Athene Ser.)
0080364780: Taking Our Time: Feminist Perspectives on Temporality
0080364810: Russian Women's Studies: Essays on Sexism in Soviet Culture (Athene Series)
0080364829: Russian Women's Studies: Essays on Sexism in Soviet Culture
0080364837: Radical Voices
0080364845: Radical Voices : A Decade of Feminist Resistance from Women's Studies International Forum (Athene Ser.)
0080365027: Crisis, Conflict and Instability : The Analysis of Crises in the Twentieth Century
0080365043: Out of the ASHES
0080365086: Attention Deficit Disorder Current Conce
0080365094: Attention Deficit Disorder (Vol. 5)
0080365108: Educational Research, Methodology, and Measurement
0080365175: Strategic Issues in Information Technology : A Guide for Decision Makers (Infotech Ser.)
0080365558: Speaking Freely
0080365574: Knowledge Explosion : Generations of Feminist Scholarship
0080365582: Knowledge Explosion : Generations of Feminist Scholarship
0080365620: The Power of Love
0080365639: Science Achievement in Seventeen Countries: A Preliminary Report
0080365663: Strategic Planning: The Chief Executive and the Board (Best of Long Range Planning, No 1)
0080365698: On the Boundaries of Conversation (Language & Communication Library, Vol 10)
0080365701: Long Nights Journey Into Day: A Revised Retrospective on the Holocaust...
0080365736: Greig-Duncan Folk Song Collection
0080365744: Perspectives in Scottish Social History: Essays in Honour of Rosalind Mitchison
0080365752: Aberdeen in the Nineteenth Century: The Making of the Modern City
0080365760: Jacobite Song
0080365779: The Small Entrepreneurial Firm
0080365795: Glimmer of Cold Brine: a Scottish Sea Anthology
0080365817: Pocket Scots Dictionary
0080365868: Two Christmas Stories
0080365884: The Student Community at Aberdeen, 1860-1939. Quincentennial Studies in the History of the University of Aberdeen
0080365892: Strategies for Higher Education: The Alternative White Paper (Hume Papers S.)
0080365906: Into the Ebb : A New Collection of East Neuk Stories
0080365914: Scotland's Golf Courses : An Extraordinary Variety of Experience
0080365930: Bryght Lanternis: Essays on the Language and Literature of Medieval an
0080365965: Having a First Baby: Experiences in 1951 and 1985 Compared : Two Social, Obstetric and Dietary Studies of Married Primigravidae in Aberdeen
0080365973: The Life and Work of Samuel Rutherford Crockett
0080365981: Grampian Battlefields; The Historic Battles of North East Scotland from AD84 to 1745.
0080366015: AUTOMATIC CONTROL: 10th Triennial World Congress of IFAC, Vol 7
0080366023: AUTOMATIC CONTROL: 10th Triennial World Congress of IFAC, Vol 8
0080366031: AUTOMATIC CONTROL: 10th Triennial World Congress of IFAC, Vol 9
0080366104: Universal Computer Interfaces
0080366112: Extraction Metallurgy
0080366139: Solar Optical Materials: Applications & Performance of Coatings & Materials in Buildings & Solar Energy Systems : Proceedings of the Conference, Oxfo
0080366147: Weld Quality the Role of Computers
0080366201: Robust Adaptive Control
0080366309: Forest Industry Wastewaters - Biological Treatment : First Volume of the Proceedings of an IAWPRC Symposium Held in Tampere, Finland, 9-12 June 1987 (Water Science & Technology Ser., No. 20-1)
0080366341: Anaerobic Digestion 1988: Proceedings of the 5th International Symposium on Anaerobic Digestion Held in Bologna, Italy, 22-26 May, 1988 (Advances in)
0080366880: Naval Surface Weapons
0080366899: Naval Surface Weapons
0080366902: Greatest Tumult : The Chinese Civil War, 1936-1949
0080366910: Independence and Interdependence
0080366929: Single European Arms Industry? : European Defence Industries in the 1990s
0080366945: Violent Peace : Global Security after the Cold War
0080366988: Rusi and Brassey's Defence Yearbook, 1990
0080367046: Fighting Vehicles
0080367070: Last Prussian : A Biography of Field Marshal Gerd von Rundstedt 1875-1953
0080367097: Armscor : South Africa's Arms Merchant
0080367100: Technology Trap
0080367127: Pilots and Rebels : The Use of Air Power in Unconventional Warfare
0080367143: Bounden Duty : The Memoirs of a German Officer 1932-45
0080367151: African Nemesis: War and Revolution in Southern Africa (1945-2010)
0080367186: The Parameters of Military Ethics
0080367194: Assignment: Pentagon. The Insider's Guide to the Potomic Puzzle Palace
0080367208: Assignment - Pentagon : The Insider's Guide to the Potomac Puzzle Palace
0080367216: Air Power and the Ground War in Vietnam
0080367224: NATO in the 1990s
0080367259: High Road, Low Road: Diplomacy & Public Action in Soviet Foreign Policy A special study from the Kennan Institute for Advanced Russian Studies
0080367275: The U.S.-Korean Security Relationship: Prospects and Challenges for the 1990s (Special Report (Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis))
0080367283: Security Perspectives of the West German Left: The Spd and the Greens in Opposition (Special Report (Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis))
0080367291: Mayday Man : A Novel of Nuclear Peril
0080367305: Beyond Guns and Butter : Recovering America's Economic Momentum after a Military Decade
0080367321: National Security Strategy of the United States, 1990-1991
0080367356: Air Campaign : Planning for Combat
0080367364: Cold Dawn : The Story of SALT
0080367372: Germany's Past and Europe's Future: The Challenges of West German Foreign Policy
0080367437: The Unknown CIA: My Three Decades With the Agency
0080367445: Defending Deterrence : Managing the ABM Treaty Regime into the 21st Century
0080367453: Tanks, Fighters and Ships : U. S. Conventional Force Planning since WWII
0080367518: The International Encyclopedia of Education: Research and Studies: Supplement v. 2 (Encyclopedia of Education Series)
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