0116913029: Government Social Survey: A History
0116913592: Computer Assisted Standard Occupati
0116914440: Private Renting in England 1990: The report of a survey carried out by thr Social Survey Division of OPCS on behalf of the Department of the Environment
0116914483: Reports SS 1329 National Prison
0116915218: Census, 1991 (Topic Reports)
0116915323: Health Survey For England 1991
0116915366: 1991 Census Report for Great Britain (Part 1) (3 Volume Set)
0116915528: New Perspectives on Fertility in Britain (Studies on Medical and Population Subjects)
0116915749: The Prevalence of Back Pain in Grea
0116915919: 1991 Census Val Survey (Coverage)
0116916109: Morbidity Stats Gen Practice No. 3
0116916117: National Diet and Nutrition Survey: Children Aged One and a Half to Four and a Half Years: Report of the Dietary and Nutrition Survey v. 1
0116916125: Nat Diet & Nutr Surv Children Vol 2
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0116916273: Psychiatric Morbidity Report 1
0116916281: Pop Density, Change (1971,81,91)
0116916338: First Names: The Definitive Guide to Popular Names in England and Wales, 1944-1994, and in the Regions, 1994
0116916370: Longitudinal Study 1971-1991
0116916443: Smoking Among Secondary School
0116916516: Psychiatric Morbidity Report 2
0116916532: Psychiatric Morbidity Report 3
0116916540: The ONS Classification of Local and Health Authorities of Great Britain (Studies on Medical and Population Subjects No 59)
0116916567: Ethnicity in the 1991 Census
0116916575: Ethnicity in the 1991 Census Vol. 3
0116916583: Ethnicity in the 1991 Census
0116916613: Psychiatric Morbidity Report 4
0116916621: Psychiatric Morbidity Report 5
0116916664: Housing Deprivation Social Change
0116916699: Psychiatric Morbidity Report 7
0116916702: Psychiatric Morbidity Report 8
0116916826: Mortality Statistics (Cause): Review of the Registrar General on Deaths by Cause, Sex and Age in England and Wales (Series DH2)
0116916842: Professions Allied to Med (1991)
0116916850: Young Carers and Their Families
0116916931: Infant Feeding in Asian Families
0116916958: The Health of Adult Britain (1841-1
0116916966: The Health of Adult Britain
0117000299: Survey of Women's Employment
0117001767: Metrication in the machine shop (A Metrication Board manual)
0117001937: The Proposed Coinage of King Edward VIII
0117002542: Worker Participation and Collective Bargaining in Europe
0117002585: Bird Conservation in Europe
0117003271: Inventory of the Historical Monume Volume 2
0117003298: Cleveland Way Long Distance Footpath
0117003360: THE PEMBROKESHIRE COAST PATH Long-Distance Footpath Guide No. 3
0117003409: The Complete Plain Words
0117003484: Pembrokeshire coast; (National park guides)
0117004588: An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in the County of Dorset, Vol. Three -- Central (in 2 Vols., Parts 1 & 2).
0117004669: Inventory of the Historical Monumen Volume 3
0117004820: Lake District; National Park Guide No. 6
0117004987: The future of Northern Ireland;: A paper for discussion
0117005142: Hosiery and Knitwear in the 1970s: A Study of the Industry's Future Ma
0117005525: An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in the County of Cambridge (in 2 Vols., West Cambridgeshire & North-East Cambridgeshire).
0117005754: Officers of the Commons, 1363-1978
0117007129: Inventory of the Historical Monuments in the Town of Stamford
0117007218: Historical Monuments in the County of Dorset Volume V East
0117007285: English Vernacular Houses: A Study of Traditional Farmhouses and Cottages.
0117007544: An Inventory of the Ancient Monuments in Glamorgan, Vol. IV, 4
0117008400: South Downs Way (Long Distance Footpath Guides)
0117008478: Dorset Coast path (Long distance footpath guide ; no. 8)
0117008494: Ancient and Historical Monuments in the City of Salisbury. Volume One.
0117008524: An Inventory of Archaeological Sites in Central Northhamptonshire
0117008931: English Vernacular Houses
0117008974: Works of Art in the House of Lords
0117009016: An Inventory of Archaeological Sites in North-West Northamptonshire
0117009032: The Pennine Way (Long distance footpath guides)
0117009040: Somerset and North Devon Coast Path (Long-distance footpath guide)
0117009059: North Downs Way
0117009717: BRITAIN 1979
0117009954: Churches of South-East Wiltshire
0117009970: An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in the County of Northampton: Vol. 4
0117009989: Buildings for the Age: New Building Types, 1900-1939
0117010332: Britain, 1987. an Official Handbook
0117010618: Dutch and Flemish Painting in Norfolk: A History of Taste and Influence, Fashion and Collecting
0117010626: Residential Care: The Research Reviewed
0117010634: Residential Care the Research Reviewed
0117011215: The Complete Plain Words
0117011266: Yesterday's Gardens
0117011274: Garden Room
0117011282: A Guide to Saint Albans Cathedral by
0117011290: BEVERLEY
0117012017: London's Bridges
0117012084: The Observant traveller: Diaries of travel in England, Wales, and Scotland in the county record offices of England and Wales
0117012211: Guide to Ancient and Historic Wales: Glamorgan and Gwent
0117012335: Europe Directory: An EC Research and Information Guide
0117012726: BRITAIN 1988 HANDBOOK
0117012777: Britain: An Official Handbook 1985
0117012912: Britain, 1987. an Official Handbook
0117013595: The Crown Jewels: The History of the Coronation Regalia in the Jewel House of the Tower of London - Hardcover
0117013617: The Coronation Ceremony and the Crown Jewels
0117013692: Ordinary justice: Legal services and the courts in England and Wales : a consumer view
0117013900: A Parliamentary History of the Glorious Revolution
0117014230: BIRDS OF ST KILDA
0117014303: BRITTAIN 1990
0117014362: The Interdependent Triad: Japan, the United States and Europe (Wilton Park Papers)
0117014524: Churches in Retirement, A Gazetteer
0117015067: Family & Friends
0117015245: South and Southern Africa: Prospects for Ending Apartheid and Restoring Regional Stability (Wilton Park Papers #2)
0117015377: Fighting the Drug Problem (Wilton Park Papers,)
0117015385: Israel 40 Years On
0117015415: Socialist Reform and East West Relations
0117015504: Britain 1991: An Official Handbook
0117015520: Kaleidoscope of Care, The: Review of Research on Welfare Provision for Elderly People
0117015539: Land Use Change: The Causes and Consequences (Planning Research Programme)
0117015601: Biological Recording of Changes in British Wildlife
0117015784: Historic Gardens of Wales: An Introduction to Parks and Gardens in the History of Wales
0117015792: The Houses of Parliament: A Guide to the Palace of Westminster
0117015849: The Norwich Shawl: Its History and a Catalogue of the Collection at Strangers Hall Museum, Norwich
0117015873: The Norwich School of Artists
0117015903: Mapping the World
0117015938: Human Rights (Aspects of Britain)
0117016128: War on Want: Report of an Inquiry Submitted to the Commissioners 15th February 1991
0117016136: Perceptions of Family Credit (Spru Papers)
0117016241: Cooking and Kitchen Skills
0117016314: Parliament (Aspects of Britain)
0117016322: Women in Britain (Aspects of Britain)
0117016330: The Monarchy (Aspects of Britain)
0117016349: Health After Childbirth: An Investigation of Long Term Health Problems: an Investigation of Long Term Health Problems Beginning After Childbirth in 11701 Women
0117016373: The Shield and the Sabre: The Desert Rats in the Gulf 1990-01
0117016381: Britain 1992: An Official Handbook
0117016578: Paris, London a comparison of transport systems
0117016667: Critical Loads: Concept and Applications : Proceedings of a Conference Held on 12-14 February 1992 in Grange-Over-Sands (Ite Symposium ; No. 28)
0117016845: Kidscape Protecting Children: A Training Pack for Front-Line Carers
0117016950: Doctor, Doctor
0117016993: Northern Ireland (Aspects of Britain)
0117017027: Britain 1993: An Official Handbook
0117017078: Body Wise
0117017086: Nordic and Baltic Security in the 1990s
0117017132: Legal System
0117017183: Social Care and HIV-AIDS
0117017248: Agriculture, fisheries and forestry (Aspects of Britain)
0117017280: Scotland (Aspects of Britain)
0117017310: Britain and Africa (Aspects of Britain)
0117017426: The arts (Aspects of Britain)
0117017493: 50-100 Binomial Tables
0117017558: Preventing Cardiovascular Disease in Europe
0117017566: Britain at a glance.
0117017590: Britain 1994: An Official Handbook
0117017604: The Future of Transatlantic Relations (Wilton Park Papers)
0117017787: Living with Mortgage Arrears
0117017817: Britain, NATO and European Security (Aspects of Britain S.)
0117017841: Telecommunications (Aspects of Britain)
0117017876: Measuring Low Incomes: Self-Employment and Family Credit
0117017884: Employment (Aspects of Britain S.)
0117017949: European Union
0117018260: Britain's Overseas Trade (Aspects of Britain)
0117018325: How to Keep a Clinical Confidence: A Summary of Law and Guidance on Maintaining the Patient's Privacy
0117018384: Organisation of Political Parties (Aspects of Britain S.)
0117018449: Play and Care - Out of School
0117018589: Help!: What to Do When...?: a Practical Guide to Life's Ups and Downs
0117018597: Britain 1995: An Official Handbook (UK the Official Yearbook of the UK)
0117018600: When Peace Broke out: Britain, 1945
0117018686: Education After 16 (Aspects of Britain S.)
0117018716: First Steps: Local Agenda 21 in Practice : Municipal Strategies for Sustainability As Presented at Global Forum 94 in Manchester
0117018732: Ordnance Survey statlas UK: A statistical atlas of the United Kingdom
0117018740: Financial Services (Aspects of Britain S.)
0117018759: Changing Perspectives on Benefit Take-up (SPRU S.)
0117018813: Government and Industry (Aspects of Britain S.)
0117018848: On the Move : Bygone Britain 1900-1970
0117018856: Persuading the People: British Government Information in Wwii
0117018929: Russia, Its Neighbours and the Future of European Security (Wilton Park Paper,)
0117018945: In the news, 1900-1970 (Bygone Britain)
0117018953: At Play, 1900-1970
0117019208: Sense of the Sacred: Building Bridges Between Islam and the West Wilton Park, Paper No. 131 (Wilton Park Papers,)
0117019232: The Commonwealth in a Changing World: New Relationships and New Directions? (Wilton Park Paper,)
0117019283: Britain and Development Aid (Aspects of Britain S.)
0117019313: Social Welfare (Aspects of Britain S.)
0117019585: Positive Answers: Final Report of the Wagner Development Group
0117019801: Ethnic Minorities (Aspects of Britain S.)
0117019844: You and Your Sight: counter Pack of 10 Copies
0117019933: Building Sight: A Handbook of Building and Interior Design Solutions to Include the Needs of Visually Impaired People
0117020079: Population (Aspects of Britain S.)
0117020095: Northern Ireland 2nd Edition (Aspects of Britain)
0117020125: Outsourcing Best Practice Guidelines
0117020141: Informing the People: How the Government Won Hearts and Minds to Win WW2
0117020249: Britain: An Offical Handbook
0117020257: Education (Aspects of Britain S.)
0117020265: Britain's Legal Systems (Aspects of Britain S.)
0117020354: The End of the War in Europe 1945
0117020370: Local Government (Aspects of Britain S.)
0117020389: Informability Manual: Making Information More Accessible in the Light of the Disability Discrimination Act
0117020451: Britain, 1997: An Official Handbook (UK the Official Yearbook of the UK)
0117020478: New Generations: 40 Years of Birth in Britain: 40 Years of Birth in Britain
0117020486: The History of Cricket : From the Weald to the World
0117020516: Cyclecraft: Skilled Cycling Techniques for Adults
0117021601: Investors' Guidebook for Environment, Health and Safety: Russian Federation
0117021792: Whitaker's Almanack 1998 (Serial)
0117022047: Whitaker's Almanack World Heads of State 1998
0117022055: World Heads of Government 1998
0117022101: Achievement for All (Achieving Excellence in Schools)
0117022276: Insurance Industry in Europe: a report on the major European Insurance Markets
0117022365: The Star Almanac for Land Surveyors for the Year 1999 (The Star Almanac for Land Surveyors for the Year 1999)
0117022403: Whitaker's Almanack 1999
0117022438: Whitaker's London Almanack: All You Need to Know
0117022454: Whitaker's Almanack: Pocket World 1999
0117022470: Whitakers 1900 Facsimilie
0117022500: Whitaker's Almanack Olympic Factbook 2000
0117022519: Whitaker's Scottish Almanack
0117022527: Whitaker's Almanack 2000 (Whitaker's Almanack, 2000)
0117022535: Whitaker's Almanack, 2000
0117022594: Whitaker's Concise Almanack: 2001
0117022616: Whitaker's Almanac, 2001 (Whitaker's Almanack)
0117022667: Whitaker's Obituary Almanack: The Essential Guide to the Obituaries of 1999
0117022748: Whitaker's London Almanack
0117022780: Whitaker's Concise Almanack: 134th Annual Edition
0117022799: Whitaker's Almanack 2002
0117023086: Nature Conservation in Britain: the Formative Years
0117023175: Competent School Manager (Achieving Excellence in Schools)
0117023396: GC/WORKS/11 (2000)
0117023469: The Employment Acts (Point of Law)
0117023566: British Regionalism and Devolution : The Challenges of State Reform and European Integration
0117023574: Coherence of Eu Regional Policy : Contrasting Perspectives on the Structural Funds
0117023582: Determinants of Small Firm Growth : An Inter-regional Study in the United Kingdom, 1986-1890
0117023590: Enlarged Europe : Regions In Competition?
0117023604: Innovation, Networks and Learning Regions?
0117023612: Metropolitan Planning in Britain : A Comparative Study
0117023620: Multinationals and European Integration : Trade, Investment and Regional Development
0117023639: New Institutional Spaces : Training and Enterprise Councils and the Remaking of Economic Governance
0117023647: Regional Development Agencies In Europe
0117023655: Regional Development in the 1990's : The British Isles in Transition
0117023663: Regional Development Strategies : A European Perspective
0117023671: Regional Dimension of Transformation In Central Europe
0117023701: Regional Policy In Europe
0117023728: Social Exclusion in European Cities : Processes, Experiences and Responses
0117023736: Spatial Policy in a Divided Nation
0117023744: Sustainable Cities
0117023752: Unemployment And Social Exclusion : Landscapes of Labour Inequality and Social Exclusion
0117023779: Community Economic Development
0117023787: Foreign Direst Investment and the Global Economy : Corporate and Institutional Dynamics of Global-Localisation
0117023795: Regional Innovation Strategies : The Challenge for Less Favoured Regions
0117023809: Restructuring Industry and Territory : The Experience of Europe's Regions
0117023817: The Education Acts, Explained (The Point of Law Series)
0117023825: The Discrimination Acts, Explained (The Point of Law Series)
0117023841: The Charities Act, Explained (The Point of Law Series)
0117024023: John Profumo and Christine Keeler
0117024031: The Loss of the Titanic, 1912
0117024058: Bloody Sunday: Lord Widgery's Report 1972
0117024066: The Judgment at Nuremburg, 1946
0117024074: R101: The Airship Disaster, 1930
0117024082: The Boer War: Ladysmith and Mafeking, 1900
0117024090: British Invasion of Tibet Colonel Youngh
0117024104: War 1914: Punishing the Serbs
0117024112: War 1939
0117024120: The Amritsar Massacre, 1919: General Dyer in the Punjab (Uncovered Editions)
0117024139: Ufo's in the House of Lords 1979
0117024147: The Strange Story of Adolph Beck
0117024155: The Irish Uprising, 1914-1921: Papers from the British Parliamentary Archive
0117024163: Wilfrid Blunt's Egyptian Garden: Fox-Hunting in Cairo
0117024171: Rillington Place
0117024236: Lord Kitchener and Winston Churchill: The Dardanelles Commission Part I, 1914-15
0117024244: The Russian Revolution, 1917
0117024473: British Battles of World War I, 1914-15
0117024511: D Day to Ve Day 1944-45: General Eisenhower's Report on the Invasion of Europe
0117024538: Letters of Henry Viii, 1526--29: Extracts from the Calendar of State Papers of Henry VIII
0117024546: The Siege of Kars 1855
0117024554: Defeat at Gallipolli: The Dardanelles Commission Part Ii, 1915-16
0117024562: The Siege of the Peking Embassy 1900
0117024589: War in the Falklands 1982 (Uncovered Editions)
0117024597: Escape from Germany 1939-1945
0117024600: King Guezo of Dahomey 1850 52 the Abol
0117024635: World War II Collection
0117024643: Siege Collection : The Siege of Kars, 1855/the Boer War/Ladysmith and Mafeking, 1900 : The Siege of the Peking Embassy, 1900
0117024651: Tragic Journeys
0117024678: Mr Hosie's Journey to Tibet, 1904 : A Report by Mr A. Hosie, His Majesty's Consult Chengtu, on a Journey from Chengtu to the Eastern Frontier of Tibet
0117025240: Health and Safety: Routine Checks and Records: The Incident Book
0117025356: Seaway Code
0117025364: The Battle of Britain: San Air Ministry Account of the Great Days from 8th August-31st October 1940 (The War Facsimiles)
0117025372: Land at War: The Official Story of British Farming 1939-1944
0117025380: East of Malta, West of Suez: The Admiralty Account of the Naval War in the Eastern Mediterranean September 1939 to March 1941 (The War Facsimiles)
0117025399: Fleet Air Arm
0117025402: Bomber Command: The Air Ministry Account of Bomber Command's Offensive Against the Axis, September, 1939-July, 1941 (Uncovered Editions War Books)
0117025410: Roof over Britain: The Official Story of the A.A. Defences, 1939-1942
0117025429: The Battle of Egypt
0117025437: Ocean Front: The Story of the War in the Pacific 1941-44
0117026158: Your Health and the Net
0117026484: Handbook for Newly Qualified Teachers
0117026565: Global Geopolitical Flashpoints: An Atlas of Conflict
0117026786: Political Companion 2001
0117026832: The 1998 Competition ACT Explained (Wetlands International Publication)
0117026875: Literacy Across the Curriculum (Achieving Excellence in Schools)
0117026980: Handbook of Transfusion Medicine
0117027294: Out of the Ashes? : The Social Impact of Industrial Contraction and Regeneration on Britain's Mining Communities
0117027375: Trials of Oscar Wilde Transcript Excerpt
0117027448: Attack on Pearl Harbor, 1941
0117027456: Cuban Missile Crisis 1962 Selected Forei
0117027464: Ufos in America, 1947: FBI Files Related to the Sighting of Unidentified Flying Objects During 1947 (Uncovered Editions)
0117027472: The Watergate Affair, 1972: The Resignation of President Richard M. Nixon (Uncovered Editions)
0117027480: The Assassination of John F. Kennedy, 1963: The Report of the Warren Commission, September 1964 (Uncovered Ecitions)
0117027499: st Valentine's Day Massacre, 1929
0117027502: The Beaulieu Encyclopaedia of the Automobile: Coachbuilding
0117028126: A-Z of Policing Law
0117028142: Divorce: Practical, Legal and Financial Guidance (You Need This Book First)
0117028347: The Push Guide to Choosing a University
0117028568: PSA Schedule of Rates for Mechanical Services
0117028606: Code of Practice Goods, Facilities, Services and Premises : Rights of Access
0117028614: Poisonous Plants and Fungi: an Illustrated Guide
0117028622: WHIPLASH BOOK
0117029491: The Back Book
0117030562: The Autonomous Patient: Ending Paternalism in Medical Care
0117032271: Commonwealth Yearbook 2004
0117032395: Commonwealth Education Partnerships
0117032492: Commonwealth Public Administration Reform 2004
0117035440: Practical Prince 2 2005
0117035491: Prodigy Knowledge Practical, Reliable, Evidence-based Guidance: Practical, Reliable, Evidence-based Guidance
0117036021: Pensions Commission Second Report
0117040010: Home Health Handbook
0117055816: Smoking Related Behaviour Att 2001
0117100161: Know Your Broadleaves
0117100234: Forest mensuration handbook (Forestry Commission booklet ; no. 39)
0117100366: Dean Forest & Wye Valley
0117100382: Decorative Trees for Country, Town and Garden
0117100390: Broadleaves : Forestry Commission Booklet no. 20.
0117100404: Conifers : Forestry Commission Booklet no. 15.
0117102008: Forest insects: A guide to insects feeding on trees in Britain (Forestry Commission handbook)
0117102946: Forest Fertilisation in Britain (Forestry Commission Bulletin)
0117103004: Community Woodland Design: Guidelines (Environmental Guidance)
0117103039: Lowland Landscape Design: Guidelines
0117103047: Forest Fencing
0117302112: Mentally Incapacitated Adults and Decision-Making: A New Jurisdiction (Working Paper / The Law Commission)
0117302120: Mentally Incapacitated Adults and Decision Making: Medical Treatment and Research (Consultation Paper)
0117302287: Execution of Deeds and Documents by or on Behalf of Bodies Corporate Law Commission Consultation Paper (Consultation Paper / The Law Commission)
0117302376: Third Parties Rights: Insurers ACT 1930 Law Commission Consultation Paper No. 152, Scottish Law Commission No. 104 (Consultation Paper)
0117414565: Music in Time
0117500402: Development plans: A manual on form and content
0117500453: Chester A Study In Conservation
0117504785: Traffic noise: the vehicle regulations and their enforcement By
0117505307: New Local Authorities
0117511420: Unequal city: Final report of the Birmingham Inner Area Study
0117517941: Art for Architecture : A Handbook on Commissioning
0117521434: The Green belts
0117522406: Sulphate in Waters, Effluents and Solids (Methods for the Examination of Waters & Associated Materials S.)
0117522449: Environmental Assessment: A Guide to the Procedures
0117522457: Radioactive Waste Management and Radioactivity in the Environment: A Report of Research Commissioned by Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Pollution, April
0117522589: Cost Effective Management of Reclaimed Derelict Sites
0117522597: Evaluation of Very Sheltered Housing
0117522694: American Development Control
0117522716: Tourism and the Inner City: An Evaluation of the Impact of Grant Assisted Tourism Projects (Inner Cities Research Programme S.)
0117522732: Getting People into Jobs: Case Studies of Good Practice in Urban Regeneration (Good Practice in Urban Regeneration)
0117523569: Rates of Urbanization in England, 1981-2001
0117523593: Potential Effects of Climate Change in the United Kingdom
0117523615: Simplified Planning Zones: Progress and Procedures
0117525405: The Macroeconomic Consequences of Controlling Greenhouse Gases: A Survey (Environment Economics Research Series)
0117526363: Air Pollution and Tree Health in the United Kingdom
0117526428: Impacts of the Mild Winters and Hot Summers in the United Kingdom in 1988-1990
0117526444: A Review of Options: A Memorandum Providing Guidance on the Options Available for Waste Treatment and Disposal (Waste Management Paper)
0117526916: The Mersey Measure: A Guide to the Mersey Basin Campaign's River Water Quality Analysis and Presentation System
0117527491: Review of the Architects (Registration) Acts 1931-1969: Report
0117527645: Review of the Effectiveness of Restoration Conditions for Mineral Workings and the Need for Bonds
0117527866: Merry Hill Impact Study: Final Report (Planning Research Programme)
0117527963: The Role of Housing Agency Services in Helping Disabled People
0117528080: Competition and Service: The Impact of the Local Government Act 1988
0117528102: London's Royal Parks: An Appreciation by Richard Church
0117528218: An Evaluation of the First Years Experience of the Local Authority Reports to Tenants
0117528285: Monitoring the New Housing Fitness Standard
0117528293: Roles and Activities of Parish and Town Councils in England: Case Studies
0117528412: The UK Environmental Foresight Project: Road Transport and the Environment - The Future Agenda in the UK v. 2
0117528455: Trees in Towns: A Survey of Trees in 66 Towns and Villages (Research for Amenity Trees S.)
0117528463: Producing Reports to Tenants - A Good Practice Guide
0117528528: Making Markets Work for the Environment
0117528668: Environmental Appraisal of Development Plans: a Good Practice Guide.
0117528846: The UK Environmental Foresight Project: Future Road Transport Noise Agenda in the UK v. 3
0117528897: Training for Tenant Management
0117529192: Diagnosis of Ill-health in Trees (Research for Amenity Trees S.)
0117529230: Assessment of the Effectiveness of Derelict Land Grant in Reclaiming Land for Development
0117529397: Digest of Environmental Protection and Water Statistics 1994 (Volume 16)
0117529443: Planning Policy Guidance: Planning and the Historic Environment (Planning Policy Guidance Note , No 15)
0117529826: ASSESSING THE IMPACT OF URBAN POLICY Inner Cities Research Programme; Part 1
0117529850: Preparing to Manage: Frameworks for Tenant Management Work Programmes and Competencies for Tenant Management Organisations (Right to Manage Series)
0117530077: Community Involvement in Planning and Development Processes
0117530514: Socio-Demographic Change and the Inner City
0117530654: Thames Strategy: A Study of the Thames Prepared for the Government Office for London
0117531103: Impact of Environmental Improvements on Urban Regeneration
0117531138: Guide on Good Practice for Reclamation of M
0117531219: Attitudes To Town & Country Planning
0117531227: Evaluating Large Scale Voluntary Transfers of Local Authority Housing (Housing Research Report)
0117531235: Cash Incentives to Housing Association Tenants: A Review of the Tenant's Incentive Scheme (Housing Research Report)
0117532169: Minerals Planning Policy and Supply Practices in Europe: Technical Appendices (Department of the Environment S.)
0117532975: Digest of Environmental Protection and Water Statistics 1996 (Digest of Environmental Protection & Water Statistics 1996)
0117533556: The Principles of Tree Hazard
0117533947: Housing and Construction Statistics 1985-1995 Great Britain
0117534366: Town Centres: Defining Boundaries for Statistical Monitoring : Feasibility Study
0117535451: Diagnosis of Ill-health in Trees
0117535516: Guidelines for Environmental Risk Assessment
0117536237: Manual to the Building Regulations
0117539171: Electrical Safety in Dwellings: Pt. P
0117616834: Thirty Families: Their Living Standards in Unemployment (Department of Social Security Research Report)
0117618683: Lone Parent Families in the U.K. (DSS Research Report)
0117619523: Working & Social Fund (Department of Social Security Research Report)
0117619531: Evaluating the Social Fund (Research Report Series : No 9)
0117619574: Housing Benefit: An Appraisal (Research Report / Department of Social Security)
0117619779: Survey of Admissions to London Resettlement Units (Research Report S.)
0117620939: Containing the Cost of Social Security: The International Context
0117622990: Incomes & Living Standards of Older People: A Comparative Analysis (Department of Social Security Research Report)
0117623172: First Time Customers (Dss Research Report , No 36)
0117623512: Evaluation of Disability Living Allowance and Attendance Allowance (Research Report S.)
0117624233: Pensions and Divorce (Department of Social Security Research Report...
0117624470: Delivering Social Security: A Cross-National Study (Department of Social Security Research Report,)
0117625558: Helping Disabled People to Work: A Cross-National Study of Social Security and Employment Provisions : A Report for the Social Security Advisory Committee Social Security Advisory Committee), 8.) - Paperback
0117625698: The Disability Handbook: A Handbook on the Care Needs and Mobility Requirements Likely to Arise from Various Disabilities and Chronic Illnesses
0117625981: Lone Parents Lives: An Analysis of Partnership, Fertility, Employment and Housing Histories in the 1958 British Birth Cohort (Research Report S.)
0117712221: Mountain rescue: Training handbook for Royal Air Force mountain rescue teams
0117712248: The Eye in the Air: A History of Air Observation for the Army, 1785-1945
0117714062: Mountain Rescue
0117715948: Royal Air Force 1939 1945 Volume 3 the Fight
0117721301: Soldiers on Everest
0117721948: Norway -- The Commandoes -- Dieppe (The Second World War 1939-1945: A Short Military History Series)
0117721956: Arms and the Men
0117723541: Eastward: A History of the Royal Air Force in the Far East, 1945-72
0117723568: Flight from the Middle East: a History of the Royal Air Force in the Arabian Peninsula and Adjacent Territories 1945-1972
0117723592: The History of Royal Air Force Cranwell
0117723827: British Army in the Falklands 1982
0117724564: Charts and Surveys in Peace and War
0117724696: Royal Air Force Builds for War
0117725269: The Nassau Connection The Organisation and Management of the British Polaris Project
0117725781: Sight Reduction Tables for Air Navigation, Vol. 1, Selected Stars, Epoch 1990-0
0117726036: U Boat War in the Atlantic 1939-1945: German Naval History
0117726206: Wings in the sun: A history of the Royal Air Force in the Mediterranean, 1945-1986
0117726281: Union Jack: A Scrapbook British Forces' Newspapers 1939-1945
0117726354: High Commanders of the Raf
0117726591: Invasion Europe. 3 Vols. + 2 Portfolios. (1) Operation Neptune: Landings in Normandy -- (2) Invasion of the South of France -- (3) The Campaign in North-West Europe -- (plans 1) Operation Neptune plans 1-14 -- (plans 2) 4 plans for (2) & 12 plans for(3)
0117726842: Courage Remembered: The Story Behind the Construction and Maintenance of the Commonwealth's Military Cemeteries and Memorials of the Wars of 1914-1918 and 1939-1945
0117726893: Marshall Asphalt for Airfield Pavement Works (Defence Works Functional Standards S.)
0117727245: Operation Firedog: Air Support in the Malayan Emergency 1948-1960
0117727253: RAF Helicopters: The First Twenty Years
0117727563: Forged in War: A History of Royal Air Force Transport Command 1943-1967
0117727628: Army Battlefield Guide: Belgium and Northern France
0117728020: MORE NAVY IN THE NEWS 1954 - 1994.
0117728195: The Campaigns in the Solomons and New Guinea: Book 2 (The War With Japan , Vol 3)
0117728209: The South-East Asia Operations and Central Pacific Advance and the Blockade of Japan: Book 3 (The War With Japan , Vol 4&5)
0117728217: War with Japan, Volume VI: The Advance to Japan: ;Book 4
0117728225: Dissolution of the Luftwaffe: The Work of the British Air Forces of Occupation Germany
0117728330: RAF Nuclear Deterrent Forces: Their Origins, Roles and Deployment 1946-1969, a Documentary History
0117728438: The Astronomical Almanac for the Year 2001: Data for Astronomy, Space Sciences, Geodesy, Surveying, Navigation and Other Applications
0117728489: Nautical Almanac
0117728691: The Navy List: Containing Lists of Ships, Establishments and Officers of the Fleet
0117728772: Queen's Regulations for the Royal Navy Changes: BR 2 Change 10
0117728993: Army List, 1998 (Army List 1998)
0117729159: The Queens's Regulations for the Royal Navy
0117729604: Air Power 21
0117729930: The Army List 2002: Part 1
0117729965: British Maritime Doctrine Br 1806
0117815608: Prescribers' Journal (Prescribers' Journal)
0117818372: Choose the Right Secondary School: A Guide to Secondary Schools in England, Scotland, and Wales (Choices for Life)
0117819964: Choose the Right Nursery School: Education and Childcare Options for Under 5s (Choices for Life)
0117823538: LAW EXPLAINED
0117901318: Tretower Court and Castle
0117902624: Castles of Edward the First in Wales
0118056360: Cumulative Supplement to 1st June 1991, Intellectual Property: Statutes in Force
0118059041: Statutes in Force: Intellectual Property
0118202634: Noll Guide to Trout Flies and How to Tie Them.
0118245457: Guide to the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.
0118402684: Statutory Instruments - 1st May to 31st August 1986: Sections 1, 2 and 3
0118402919: The Public General Acts and General Synod Measures 1988: Tables and Index
0118402935: The Public General Acts 1989: Tables and Index
0118403001: Table of Government Orders: Covering the General Instruments to 31 December 1988
0118403109: Statutory Instruments - Bound Volumes: Sections 1 and 2, 1st January to 30th April, 1989
0118403214: Table of Government Orders: Covering the General Instruments to 31 December 1990
0118800078: Mathematics in primary schools;
0118800612: Geophysical Exploration
0118800620: Geology of the Craven Arms Area
0118800744: South West England (British Regional Geology S.)
0118800825: Geology of the Church Stretton Area
0118800841: British Regional Geology: South Wales,
0118800884: British Regional Geology Central England
0118801058: Sands & Gravels of Southern Scotland Cou
0118801171: Sources of Aggregate in Northern Ireland
0118801252: Geology of the Wenlock Edge Area
0118801317: Perlitic Obsidian At Sandy Braes Co Antr
0118801325: Lower Old Sandstone of Strathmore Region
0118801481: Geology of East Atlantic Continental 3eu
0118801619: British regional geology : Orkney and Shetland
0118801643: The geology of east Fife (Memoirs of the Geological Survey of Great Britain)
0118801813: Geology of East Atlantic Continental 4af
0118801848: Bulletin Geological Survey of Great Brit
0118802356: Cadastral surveys within the Commonwealth: Report (Overseas research publication)
0118804103: Geology of the Stirling District
0118804286: Western Pacific islands (The Corona library)
0118805789: Explanatory Supplement to the Astronomical Ephemeris and the American Ephemeris and Nautical Almanac
0118805819: The story of the earth
0118805908: Geology of the country around East Retford, Worksop and Gainsborough (Memoirs of the Geological Survey of Great Britain)
0118806181: Geology of the Lizard & Meneage
0118806211: Volcanoes
0118806890: Enterprising Peasant
0118807129: Geology of the Cross Fell Area
0118807137: South West England (British Regional Geology S.)
0118807390: Short Account of the Geology of the Isle
0118807420: Geology of the Country Around Barnard Ca
0118807609: Naval History
0118807714: The Geology of Southern Guyana, South America
0118807749: Britain before Man
0118812351: Hydrological Basis for Large Scale Devel
0118812408: Estimation of Induced Recharge of River
0118812416: Middle Jurassic Mainly Bathonian of Card
0118812629: Mineral Assessment Report 25 Celestite R
0118813927: Towards Quebec Two Mid-19th Century Emigrants' Journals
0118830015: Some Aspects of the Safety of Nuclear Installations in Great Britain: Replies to Questions Submitted by the Secretary of State for Energy to the Nuclear Installations Inspectorate in October 1976
0118840185: Standard Lithostratigraphic Nomenclature
0118840355: Geology of the Country Around Chulmleigh
0118840444: Igs Boreholes 1976
0118840460: Geochemical Survey of the Cheviot Area I
0118840479: Detailed Investigation of a Late Glacial
0118840487: Stratigraphy of the Silurian & Old Red S
0118840495: Granodiorite Intrusion of Cushleake Moun
0118840509: Sand & Gravel Resources of the Highland
0118840665: Earthquakes
0118840770: The Age of the Earth
0118840789: The Wealden District (British Regional Geology S.)
0118840797: Mesozoic and Tertiary Volcanism in the North Atlantic and Neighbouring Regions
0118840800: The Geology of Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands (BGS Overseas Memoirs)
0118840851: Mineral Assessment Report 39 the Sand &
0118840908: Mineral Assessment Report 41 Sand & Grav
0118840916: Mineral Assessment Report 42 the Sand &
0118840924: Mineral Assessment Report 43 the Sand &
0118840932: Mineral Assessment Report 44 the Sand &
0118840940: Mineral Assessment Report 45 the Sand &
0118841076: Sand and Gravel Resources of the Country North of Harlow, Essex
0118841092: Mineral Assessment Report 48 the Sand &
0118841106: Mineral Assessment Report 49 the Sand &
0118841114: Mineral Assessment Report 50 the Sand &
0118841122: Mineral Assessment Report 51 the Sand &
0118841130: Mineral Assessment Report 52 the Sand &
0118841149: Mineral Assessment Report 53 the Sand &
0118841157: Mineral Assessment Report 54 the Sand &
0118841165: Mineral Assessment Report 55 the Sand &
0118841211: Eastern England From the Tees To the 3ed
0118841319: Geomagnetic Bulletin II: Magnetic Results 1978-79, Eskdalemuir, Hartland and Lerwick Observatories
0118841335: Dolgarrog: Description of 1: 25 000 Sheet SH 76 (Delete (Classical Areas of British Geology))
0118841378: Geology of the Country around Bellingham
0118841432: Mineral Assessment Report 56 Procedure F
0118841440: Mineral Assessment Report 57 the Conglom
0118841459: Mineral Assessment Report 58 the Sand &
0118841467: Mineral Assessment Report 59 the Sand &
0118841475: Mineral Assessment Report 60 the Sand &
0118841483: Mineral Assessment Report 61 the Sand &
0118841491: Mineral Assessment Report 62 the Sand &
0118841505: Mineral Assessment Report 63 the Sand &
0118841513: Mineral Assessment Report 64 the Sand &
0118841521: Sand and Gravel Resources of the Country around Hexham, Northumberland
0118841661: The Story of the Earth
0118841688: Mineral Assessment Report 68 the Sand &
0118841696: Mineral Assessment Report 69 the Sand &
0118841718: Mineral Assessment Report 71 the Sand &
0118841726: Mineral Assessment Report 72 the Sand &
0118841734: Mineral Assessment Report 73 the Sand &
0118841742: Mineral Assessment Report 74 the Sand &
0118841750: Mineral Assessment Report 75 the Sand &
0118841769: Mineral Assessment Report 76 the Sand &
0118841785: Mineral Assessment Report 78 the Sand &
0118841807: Mineral Assessment Report 80 the Sand &
0118842013: Gemstones in the Geological Museum
0118842048: Mineral Assessment Report 81 the Sand &
0118842056: Mineral Assessment Report 82 the Sand &
0118842064: Mineral Assessment Report 83 the Sand &
0118842072: Mineral Assessment Report 84 the Sand &
0118842080: Mineral Assessment Report 85 the Sand &
0118842099: Mineral Assessment Report 86 the Sand &
0118842102: Mineral Assessment Report 87 the Sand &
0118842110: Mineral Assessment Report 88 the Sand &
0118842137: Mineral Assessment Report 90 the Sand &
0118842145: Mineral Assessment Report 91 the Conglom
0118842153: Mineral Assessment Report 92 the Sand &
0118842161: Mineral Assessment Report 93 the Sand &
0118842196: Sand & Gravel Resources Potter Hanworth
0118842250: Geology of the Country Around Rhyl & Den
0118842978: Sand & Gravel Resources of the County Ar
0118842994: Mineral Assessment Report 99 the Sand &
0118843001: Mineral Assessment Report 100 the Sand &
0118843036: Mineral Assessment Report 103 the Sand &
0118843044: Mineral Assessment Report 104 the Sand &
0118843052: Mineral Assessment Report 105 the Sand &
0118843060: Mineral Assessment Report 106 the Sand &
0118843079: Mineral Assessment Report 107 the Sand &
0118843087: Mineral Assessment Report 108 the Sand &
0118843095: Mineral Assessment Report 109 the Sand &
0118843109: Mineral Assessment Report 110 the Sand &
0118843117: Mineral Assessment Report 111 the Sand &
0118843125: Mineral Assessment Report 112 the Sand &
0118843133: Mineral Assessment Report 113 the Sand &
0118843141: Mineral Assessment Report 114 the Sand &
0118843176: Mineral Assessment Report 117 the Sand &
0118843184: Mineral Assessment Report 118 the Sand &
0118843192: Mineral Assessment Report 119 the Sand &
0118843206: Mineral Assessment Report 120 the Sand
0118843222: Mineral Assessment Report 122 the Sand &
0118843230: Mineral Assessment Report 123 the Sand &
0118843249: Mineral Assessment Report 124 the Sand &
0118843257: Mineral Assessment Report 125 the Sand &
0118843273: Mineral Assessment Report 127 the Sand &
0118843281: Mineral Assessment Report 128 the Sand &
0118843354: Geology of the Country Around Chelmsford
0118843486: Geology of the Country Around Weston Sup
0118843494: Geology of the Bristol District
0118843656: British Regional Geology
0118843672: Geology of the Country Around Harlech
0118843885: Geology of the Country Around Penzance (Discussion Document / Health and Safety Commission)
0118843923: Geology of the Country Around Chester and Winsford (Memoir for 1:50 000 Geological Sheets 48w, 48e, 49)
0118843958: Geology of the Country Around Ely
0118843966: Geology of the Country Around Southampton: Memoir for 1:50,000 Geological Sheet 315 (England and Wales): Memoir for 1:50 000 Geological Sheet 315 (England and Wales) (Memoirs)
0118843990: Geology of the Country Around Kingston Upon Hull and Brigg (Memoir for 1:50 000 Geological Sheet 155 (England and Wales))
0118844008: Geology of the Country Around Epping (Memoir for 1:50 000 Geological Sheet 240 (England and Wales))
0118844040: Geology of the Eyemouth District
0118844156: The Geology and Mineral Resources of the Bolivian Precambrian Shield
0118844245: Geology of the South Wales Coalfield: The Country Around Merthyr Tydfil Pt. 5 (British Geological Survey Memoirs)
0118844334: Mineral Assessment Report 133 the Sand &
0118844342: Mineral Assessment Report 134 the Sand &
0118844350: Mineral Assessment Report 135 the Sand &
0118844369: Mineral Assessment Report 136 the Sand &
0118844385: Mineral Assessment Report 138 the Sand &
0118844423: Sand and Gravel Resources of the Country around Henley-In-Arden, Warwickshire
0118844431: Mineral Assessment Report 143 the Sand &
0118844539: Geology of the Dunbar District
0118844652: Ordovician (Caradoc) Marginal Basin Volcanism in Snowdonia (North-West
0118844814: Geology of the Country Around Thirsk: Memoir for 1:50 000 Geological Sheet 52 (England and Wales): Memoir for 1:50,000 Geological Sheet 52 (England and Wales) (British Geological Survey Memoirs)
0118844822: British Regional Geology: Bristol and Gloucester Region (British Regional Geology)
0118844946: Geology of the Malin Hebrides Sea Area
0118845128: Geology of the Country Around Worcester: Memoir for 1:50 000 Geological Sheet 199 (England and Wales) (Memoirs)
0118845136: Geology of the Rhins of Galloway District (British Geological Survey Ser.)
0118845144: Geology of the Country Around Trevose Head and Camelford: Memoir for 1:50,000 Geological Sheets 335 and 336 (England and Wales) (Memoir for 1:50 000 Geological Sheet 335 and 336 (England an)
0118845160: Geology of Telford and the Coalbrookdale Coalfield: Memoir for Parts of 1:50,000 Geological Sheets 152 and 153 (England and Wales): 1:25,000 Sheet SJ 60 with Parts of 61,70,71 (Memoirs)
0118845187: Geology of the Country around Hitchin.
0118845217: Grampian Highlands. Fourth Edition.
0118845225: British Regional Geology
0118845314: BGS Regional Guide to London and the Thames Valley (Regional Guides?)
0118845349: Geology of the Glasgow District: Memoir for 1:50 000 Geological Sheet 30e (Scotland) (Memoir for 1:50 000 Geological Sheet)
0118845365: The Structure and Evolution of the Craven Basin and Adjacent Areas : Subsurface Memoirs Monograph
0118845470: Geology of the Ambleside District: Memoir for 1: 50 000 Geological Sheet 38 (England and Wales) (Memoirs S.)
0118858440: The Mersey Estuary: A Report on Environmental Quality (Water Quality Series, No 23)
0118859587: Coal Tar Pitch Volatiles: Measurement of Particulates and Cyclohexane Soluble Material in Air: Laboratory Method Using Filters and Gravimetric Estimation (Methods for the Determination of Hazardous Substances S.)
0118861328: Talk Back: Local Authority Communication With Citizens - Paperback
0118863339: Workplace Health, Safety and Welfare: Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 - Approved Code of Practice and Guidance (Legislation S.)
0118865021: The Astronomical Almanac for the Year 1996
0118865048: THE STAR ALMANAC FOR LAND SURVEYORS For the Year 1996
0118865056: The Astronomical Almanac for the Year 1997
0118865145: Contaminants Entering the Sea: A Report on Contaminant Loads Entering the Seas Around England and Wales for the Years 1990-1993 (Water Quality Service , No 24)
0118865218: Contaminated Land and the Water Environment (Water Quality Series)
0118869140: Astronomical Almanac (1983)
0118869221: Astronomical Almanac 1985
0118869256: THE ASTRONOMICAL ALMANAC FOR THE YEAR 1987 Data for Astronomy, Space Sciences, Geodesy, Surveying, Navigation and Other Applications
0118869299: THE ASTRONOMICAL ALMANAC FOR THE YEAR 1988: Data for Astronomy, Space Sciences, Geodesy, Surveying, Navigation and other applications.
0118869329: THE ASTRONOMICAL ALMANAC FOR THE YEAR 1989: Data for Astronomy, Space Sciences, Geodesy, Surveying, Navigation and other applications.
0118869345: The Astronomical Almanac for the Year 1990
0118869388: Astronomical Almanac for the Year 1991, The
0118869442: Astronomical Almanac for the Year Nineteen Ninety-Four Hardcover by United...
0118869493: Astronomical Almanac for the Year 1995
0118873008: Astronomical Phenomena for the Year (Astronomical Phenomena S.)
0118873024: Astronomical Almanac for the Year 1998: Data for Astronomy Space Sciences Geodesy Surveying Navigation and Other Applications
0118873032: Astronomical Almanac of the Year 1999
0118873067: The Star Almanac for Land Surveyors (Star Almanac for Land Surveyors)
0118873091: The Star Almanac for Land Surveyors for the Year 2000 (The Star Almanac for Land Surveyors for the Year 2000)
0118873105: British Air Power Doctrine 3ed
0118873113: NAVPAC AND COMPACT DATA 2001-2005
0118873156: Astronomical Almanac for the Year 2002: Data for Astronomy, Space Sciences, Geodesy, Surveying, Navigation and Other Applications (Astronomical Almanac for the Year)
0118873202: The Astronomical Almanac 2003
0118873237: Astronomical Almanac, The
0118873245: The UK Air Almanac (Air Almanac S.)
0118873296: Nautical Almanac 2005
0118873334: Astronomical Almanac For The Year 2006
0118874136: Mineral Assessment Report 89 the Sand &
0118874144: Sand & Gravel Resources Biggar Strathcly
0118874152: Mineral Assessment Report 101 the Sand &
0118874179: Mineral Assessment Report 121 the Sand &
0118874217: Mineral Assessment Report 131 the Sand &
0118874225: Mineral Assessment Report 132 the Sand &
0118874233: Mineral Assessment Report 139 the Sand &
0118874241: Mineral Assessment Report 140 the Sand &
0118874349: Report of the Commissioner (Ombudsman) for Local Administration in Scotland for the Year Ended 31 March 1987
0118874357: Report of the Commissioner (Ombudsman) for Local Administration in Scotland for the Year Ended 31 March 1988
0118875299: Surveys of Historical Manuscripts in the United Kingdom: A Select Bibliography
0118875396: Developing Professionals in Information Work: Personal and Organisational Growth in Libraries
0118875469: So Dearly Loved, So Much Admired
0119079194: List of Company Directories and Summary of Their Contents
0119088339: Yearbook of the United Nations 1981. Volume 35
0119204460: Employment Problem in Less Developed Countries
0119204754: Employment and Output; a Methodology Applied to Peru and Guatemala
0119403412: Shifting Cultivation In Latin America
0119503948: Histological Typing of Odontogenic Tumours, Jaw Cysts, and Allied Lesions
0119515776: Guidelines for the Development of a National Programme for Haemophilia
0119516055: Applying Planned Market Logic to Developing Countries' Health Systems: An Initial Exploration (Forum on Health Sector Reform Discussion Paper)
0119516209: Health Policy and Systems Development: An Agenda for Research
0119517043: Improving Access to Quality Care in Family Planning: Medical Eligibility Criteria for Contraceptive Use
0119517779: Earthquakes & Peoples Health
0119517809: World Health Forum: an International Journal of Health Development (World Health Forum): Vol. 18, No. 2, 1997
0119562871: Prayer: the Mightiest Force in the World
0119754479: Merger Decision No. IV/M.920 - Samsung/AST (English Only)
0119850257: Angola: Recent Economic Developments (IMF Staff Country Report: 97/112)
0119852047: Study Abroad, 2000-2001
0119859688: Denmark
0119859904: The World Bank Group Directory: September 1999
0119863073: Indicators for Monitoring National Drug Policies: A Practical Manual
0119864533: The United States Pharmacopeia (USP 24); The National Formulary (NF 19) 2000. Supplement 3
0120000032: Advances in World Archaeology
0120000040: Advances in Geophysics: Issues in Atmospheric and Oceanic Modeling Part B.
0120000067: Research on Motivation in Education: Volume 2: The Classroom Milieu
0120000105: Advances in Experimental Social Psychology (Advances in Experimental Social Psychology)
0120001020: Encyclopedia of Virology Plus CD-ROM (Networkable Version)
0120001101: Methods In Enzymology Index:Volumes 1-275, 1955-1996
0120007363: Advances in Agronomy, V. 24
0120007428: Advances in Agronomy, Volume 42
0120007436: Advances in Agronomy
0120007444: Advances in Agronomy, Volume 44
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