0122674723: Statistical Methods
0122674758: Regression Analysis : Statistical Modeling of a Response Variable
0122675509: A Functional Anatomy of Invertebrates
0122676459: Job$ in the Drug Indu$try : A Career Guide for Chemists
0122676505: The Chemistry of Electrode Processes
0122676513: Statistical Methods
0122676556: Introductory Analysis : The Theory of Calculus
0122677803: Numerical Solution of Differential Equations
0122678052: Disorders : Specialty Articles from the Encyclopedia of Mental Health
0122678060: Assessment and Therapy : Specialty Articles from the Encyclopedia of Mental Health
0122678508: On the Other Hand: New Perspectives on American Sign Language
0122678559: Developmental Follow-Up: Concepts, Domains, and Methods
0122678567: DEVELOPMENTAL FOLLOW-UP. Concepts, Domains, and Methods
0122682505: Biochemistry of Thermophily
0122682807: Interferons: A primer
0122683307: The Brain, Cognition and Education
0122683404: Interpersonal Issues in Health Care
0122683803: Stochastic Analysis
0122684508: Tree Rings and Climate.
0122685601: Prehistoric Hunters of the High Plains
0122685709: Agate Basin Site. A Record of the Paleoindian Occupation of the Northwestern High Plains.
0122687507: Insulin action; proceedings
0122689909: Phonetic Linguistics: Essays in Honor of Peter Ladefoged
0122690036: High Speed Pulse Technology Volume 3
0122691504: Quantum mechanics for applied physics and engineering
0122691806: Principles of Plant Disease Management
0122692500: Biotelemetry III
0122693507: Chemical Apps of Transmission Electron
0122694414: Active Control of Vibration
0122695453: Satellite Altimetry and Earth Sciences : A Handbook of Techniques and Applications
0122695607: Syntactic Methods in Pattern Recognition (Mathematics in Science and Engineering Ser.)
0122696026: Infinite Abelian Groups
0122698509: Introduction to Statistical Pattern Recognition
0122698517: Introduction to Statistical Pattern Recognition
0122699300: Personality Judgment : A Realistic Approach to Person Perception
0122699505: Pharmacological & Biophysical Agents & B
0122699513: Permanent Magnet and Electromechanical Devices : Materials, Analysis, and Applications
0122699602: Approximate Methods in Engineering Design. Mathematics in Science and Engineering. Vol. 155
0122699807: Laboratory Safety: Theory and Practice
0122699904: Advanced Topics in the Theory of Dynamic
0122703014: Genetic Engineering (Vol. 1) (Serial Publication Ser.)
0122703022: Genetic Engineering
0122703030: Genetic Engineering
0122703049: Genetic Engineering 4
0122703065: Genetic Engineering (Genetic Engineering)
0122703073: Genetic Engineering
0122703502: Graphic Gems Package (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Computer Graphics) - Hardcover
0122711807: Lithium Batteries
0122713508: Electrical Interactions in Molecular Biophysics
0122719506: Psychology and the Internet
0122720504: Statistical Methods in Food and Consumer Research
0122722507: Acute Toxicology Testing
0122732502: Autoradiography for Biologists
0122732510: Knowledge Acquisition for Knowledge Based Systems R Knowledge-Based Systems (Knowledge-Based Systems (London, England), V. 1.)
0122732529: Machine Learning and Uncertain Reasoning. Knowledge-Based Systems, Volume 3
0122733509: Hydrocarbon Thermal Isomerizations. Organic Chemistry A series of Monographs. Volume 44.
0122733517: Hydrocarbon Thermal Isomerizations
0122738500: Search Games
0122738713: Methods in Plant Cell Biology
0122738721: Methods in Plant Cell Biology
0122739019: Physiological Correlates of Human Behaviour
0122739027: Physiological Correlates of Human Behaviour, Volume 2: Attention and P
0122739043: Physiological Correlates of Human Behaviour
0122739604: Biology of bone marrow transplantation: Proceedings of the 1980 ICN-UCLA Symposia on Biology of Bone Marrow Transplantation held in Keystone, Colorado, ... symposia on molecular and cellular biology)
0122739655: Social Learning in Animals : The Roots of Culture
0122740203: Immunology : The Making of a Modern Science
0122740505: Recent Advances in the Chemistry and Biochemistry of Plant Lipids (Annual Proceedings of the Phytochemical Society of Europe)
0122740556: The Human Retroviruses
0122740602: Temporal Logics and Their Applications
0122740653: Principles and Practice of Clinical Research
0122741501: Molecular Cloning and Gene Regulation In Bacilli
0122741609: Genetics and Biotechnology Of Bacilli
0122741625: Genetics and Biotechnology of Bacilli (Vol. 3)
0122742508: Current Trends in the Biochemistry of Lipids
0122744500: Perspectives in probability and statistics: Papers in honour of M. S. Bartlett on the occasion of his sixty-fifth birthday
0122744608: Contributions to Probability: A Collection of Papers Dedicated to Eugene Lukacs
0122746562: Photographic Atlas of Shark Anatomy the Gross Morp
0122748506: Introduction to Non-Euclidean Geometry
0122748808: Art of Programming Embedded Systems
0122750500: Human Helplessness: Theory and Applications
0122755502: New Applications of Data Bases
0122758501: Earnings Capacity, Poverty, and Inequality: Institute for Research on Poverty Monograph Series
0122759702: The Black Eagle: A Study : Verreaux's Eagle in Southern Africa
0122760506: Thermoanalytical Methods of Investigation.
0122760603: Borates : Handbook of Deposits, Processing, Properties, and Use
0122761510: Sodium Sulfate : Handbook of Deposits, Processing, and Use
0122761529: Handbook of Lithium and Natural Calcium Chloride
0122761650: Graphic Gems
0122765508: The Economics of University Behavior
0122770501: Fermented Food Beverages in Nutrition
0122771508: Linear Numerical Analysis
0122771605: Statistical Reasoning in Law and Public Policy: Statistical Concepts and Issues of Fairness
0122772504: Atlas of Energy Budgets of Plant Leaves
0122772512: Impact of Surface Science on Catalysis
0122774507: Down's Syndrome and the Family: The Early Years
0122776208: The Limits of Government Regulation
0122776224: The Limits of Government Regulation
0122777506: Animal Migration, Orientation, and Navigation
0122779509: The Determination of Nitro and Related Functions
0122780094: Methods of Animal Experimentation. Volume VII: Research Surgery and Care of the Research Animal, Part C: Surgical Approaches to the Organ Systems
0122784502: Pragmatics: Implicature, Presupposition, and Logical Form
0122785509: The Formation of Nerve Connections
0122786505: Fundamentals of Psychology : An Introduction
0122786564: Handbook of Psychobiology
0122788028: Aggression: Theoretical and Empirical Reviews: Issues in Research
0122788052: Human Aggression : Theories, Research, and Implications for Social Policy
0122788508: Perspectives on Aggression
0122789806: The Language of Television Advertising (Perspectives in neurolinguistics...
0122792017: Polycyclic Hydrocarbons and Cancer. Volume I: Environment, Chemistry, and Metabolism
0122792025: Polycyclic Hydrocarbons and Cancer. Volume 2: Molecular and Cell Biology
0122792033: Polycyclic Hydrocardons and Cancer (Vol. 3)
0122793501: Analysis and Synthesis of Computer Systems
0122794508: Contributions to the Theory and Application of Statistics: A Volume in Honor of Herbert Solomon
0122795016: Generalized Functions: Properties and Operations: Volume I
0122795059: Generalized Functions.
0122796500: Topics in Atomic Collision Theory.
0122796608: Perceptual and Cognitive Development
0122796705: Introduction to Wavelets and Other Filtering Methods in Finance and Economics
0122796713: Introduction to High-Frequency Finance
0122797507: Programming Languages
0122798503: The Uncommon market: Essays in the economic history of the Atlantic slave trade (Studies in social discontinuity)
0122800559: Culture and Children's Intelligence : Cross-Cultural Analysis of the WISC-III
0122806018: Precision Frequency Control a Volume 1
0122806050: Handbook of Genetic Communicative Disorders
0122806506: Effects of Interferon on Cells, Viruses and the Immune System Proceedings of a Meeting Held at the Gulbenkian Institute of Science, Oeiras, Portugal on September 19 - September 21, 1973
0122806727: Hepatitis B
0122806808: Non a Non B Hepatitis
0122807200: Old Europe: A Study of Continuity, 1000-1800 (Studies in social discontinuity)
0122807502: Introductory organic chemistry
0122808509: Catalytic Conversion of Hydrocarbons
0122808800: Bacterial Vaccines
0122808908: Handbook of Psycholinguistics
0122809106: Design Optimization. Notes and Reports in Mathematics in Science and Engineering. Vol. 1
0122812506: Organic Chemistry of Boron
0122812808: Science Policy Perspectives: USA-Japan
0122813502: Sensory Processes at the Neuronal and Behavioral Levels.
0122814010: Submicroscopic Cytochemistry.(2vols.)
0122815505: physiology and biochemistry of Haemocyanins
0122816501: Orthopaedic Mechanics Procedures & Devic
0122817508: Quadrature Formulae
0122818458: Control in Robotics and Automation : Sensor Based Integration
0122818504: Data base organization for data management (Computer science and applied mathematics series)
0122818512: Data Base Organization For Data Management Computer Science and Applied Mathmatics
0122818520: Data base organization for data management (Computer science and applied.
0122818555: Handbook of Optical Constants of Solids : Handbook of Thermo-Optic Coefficients of Optical Materials with Applications
0122818601: Data Base File Organization: Theory and Applications of the Consecutive Retrieval Property
0122818652: Inverse Problems and Inverse Scattering of Plane Waves
0122821106: Groundwater Ecology
0122821203: Introduction to Mining Seismology
0122821505: Introduction to Nonparametric Detection With Applications
0122821602: Multimedia Communications : Directions and Innovations
0122823206: Applications of Cognitive-Developmental Theory (Developmental Psychology Ser.)
0122823508: Cognitive-Developmental Basis of Human Learning
0122824601: Organizational Communication: A Managerial Perspective
0122824709: Multiphase Flow and Fluidization : Continuum and Kinetic Theory Descriptions
0122825020: Reproduction of Marine Invertebrates: Volume II; Entoprocts And Lesser Coelomates
0122825039: Reproduction of Marine Invertebrates: Volume III: Annekuds and Echiurans
0122825047: Reproduction of Marine Invertebrates.
0122825055: Reproduction of Marine Invertebrates Vol. V Molluscs: Pelecypods and Lesser Classes
0122826078: Photophysiology Volume 7: Current Topics in Photobiology and Photochemistry
0122826086: Photophysiology: Current Topics in Photobiology and Photochemistry
0122826205: The Geometry of Algebraic Fermi Curves (Perspectives in Mathematics, Volume 14)
0122826302: Peripheral Benzodiazepine Receptors
0122827503: Transform Techniques for Probability Modeling
0122829506: Microbial Aspects of the Deterioration of Materials
0122829700: Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory
0122830504: Function Theoretic Methods in Partial Di
0122831500: Reinforcement; Behavioral Analyses
0122832450: Metamorphosis : Postembryonic Reprogramming of Gene Expression in Amphibian and Insect Cells
0122834801: Thinking: Directed, Undirected and Creative
0122834828: Thinking: Directed, undirected, and creative
0122834836: Thinking: Directed, Undirected, and Creative
0122834844: Thinking: Directed, Undirected and Creative Paperback by Gilhooly, K.J.
0122834852: Thinking : Directed, Undirected, and Creative
0122835220: Atmosphere-Ocean Dynamics
0122837509: Speech style and social evaluation
0122838505: Gamma-Ray Angular Correlations
0122838602: Plasma Physics and Nuclear Fusion Research.
0122839501: Practical Optimization
0122839528: Practical Optimization
0122839552: Markov Processes : An Introduction for Physical Scientists
0122839803: Nmr in Physiology and Biomedicine
0122841204: Metapopulation Dynamics: Emperical and Theoretical Investigations
0122841506: Molecular Structure and Bonding: The Qualitative Molecular Orbital Approach
0122841514: Academia to Biotechnology : Career Changes at any Stage
0122843509: Mass Society
0122846508: Transfer and Expression of Eukaryotic Genes
0122847601: Discovery Strategies in the Psychology of Action (Discovery Strategies in the...
0122850505: Algebraic Theory of Automata
0122851501: Qualitative Analysis of Physical Problems
0122853504: Somatomedins and growth (Proceedings of the Serono Symposia)
0122854500: On Understanding Grammar
0122855507: Residual Gases in Electron Tubes
0122856503: Multivariate Statistical Inference (Probability and mathematical statistics)
0122857518: Physiological Imaging of the Brain with PET
0122857801: Computational Techniques for Ordinary Differential Equations
0122857852: Managing Bank Risk : An Introduction to Broad-Base Credit Engineering
0122858506: Combustion
0122858522: Combustion
0122860500: Urban stress: experiments on noise and social stressors (Social psychology)
0122861558: Computer Science and Scientific Computing Numerical Computation Using C
0122861604: Introduction to Ray Tracing
0122861655: Graphics Gems
0122861663: Graphics Gems I
0122862309: Introduction to Biophysical Methods for Protein and Nucleic Acid Research
0122862503: Nature of Reinforcement
0122862600: Prolonged Psychosocial Effects of Disaster: A Study of Buffalo Creek...
0122865502: Econometric analysis of regional systems: Explorations in model building and policy analysis (Studies in urban economics)
0122865510: Pediatric Bone : Biology and Diseases
0122867505: Manual of Underwater Photography
0122869605: Sexual Dimorphism In Human And Mammalian Biology And Pathology
0122869613: Discovering Causal Structure: Artificial Intelligence, Philosophy of Science, and Statistical Modeling
0122869656: Pathobiology of Alzheimer's Disease
0122869702: Compartmental Models and Their Application
0122869753: Piperonyl Butoxide
0122869818: Prostate Cancer
0122869826: Machine Independent Organic Software Tools
0122869834: Machine Independent Organic Software Tools
0122870212: Monoclonal Antibodies
0122870239: Monoclonal Antibodies
0122870409: Library Technical Services: Operations and Management (Library and information science)
0122870417: Library Technical Services Operations &
0122870484: Immunochemical Techniques Laboratory Manual
0122870492: Clinician's Guide to Adult ADHD : Assessment and Intervention
0122870506: Social Psychology
0122871553: Ethnic Economies
0122872509: Mathematical Methods of Reliability Theory. Probability and Mathematical Statistics, Volume 6
0122874609: Stochastic Models in Biology
0122874706: Cationic Polymerization and Related Processes
0122874803: Ethnography and qualitative design in educational research
0122875702: Camera Technology : The Dark Side of the Lens
0122877500: Hematopoietic cell differentiation (ICN-UCLA symposia on molecular and cellular biology)
0122878027: Lightning. Volume 2 : Lightning Protection
0122879600: Cell To Cell Signalling: From Experiments To Theoretical Models
0122880307: Immunopharmacology of Epithelial Barriers
0122880501: Maximizing Treatment Gains
0122881451: Women and Health
0122881508: The Physiology and Pathology of Human Aging.
0122882504: Catholics and Protestants: Agricultural Modernization in Two German Villages
0122884507: Freeze Drying and Advanced Food Technology
0122885503: Leucocytes: Separation, collection, and transfusion : proceedings of the International Symposium on Leucocyte Separation and Transfusion held at the Royal ... on September 9th, 10th, and 11th, 1974
0122886607: Understanding the Light Microscope : A Computer-Aided Introduction
0122887506: Structured Learning Therapy
0122888502: Economic Impacts Of Tax-Transfer Policy, The
0122889509: The Psychology of Humor, Theoretical Perspectives and Empirical Issues
0122890507: Fluorescent Antibody Methods.
0122892534: Scientific Computing : An Introduction with Parallel Computing
0122892550: Scientific Computing and Differential Equations : An Introduction to Numerical Methods
0122893603: Analytical physiology of cells and developing organisms
0122894502: The Plasma Membrane: Models for Structure and Function
0122895010: Cell Biology: A Comprehensive Treatise. Volume 1: Genetic Mechanisms of Cells
0122895029: Cell Biology: Volume 2 Structure and Replication of Genetic Material
0122895037: Gene expression, the production of RNAs (Cell biology, a comprehensive treatise)
0122895045: Gene expression, translation and the behavior of proteins (Cell biology, a comprehensive treatise)
0122895150: Toxic Interactions
0122895800: The Design and Analysis of Longitudinal Studies : Their Role in the Measurment of Change
0122896203: Developmental Plasticity, Behavioral & Biological Aspects of Variations in Development
0122896300: Malformations of Development: Biological and Psychological Sources and Consequences
0122896319: Signal Transduction
0122896327: Signal Transduction
0122896408: Fourier Analysis and Boundary Value Problems
0122896505: The Biology of the nocardiae
0122896602: Microbiological Classification and Identification. The Society for Applied Bacteriology Symposium Series no. 8.
0122896726: Handbook of New Bacterial Systematics
0122896734: Actinomycetes in Biotechnology
0122896769: Industrial Ventilation Design Guidebook
0122896858: Anomia : Neuroanatomical and Cognitive Correlates
0122896904: International Trends in Optics
0122897404: Quality in Stored and Processed Vegetables and Fruit
0122897455: Plant Resources of Arid and Semiarid Lands: A Global Perspective.
0122897706: Principles of Precambrian Geology
0122898400: Aspects of Terpenoid Chemistry and Biochemistry.
0122898478: Plant Pigments
0122898605: British Biochemistry Past and Present
0122898656: Natural Substances Formed Biologically from Mevalonic Acid : Proceedings
0122898702: Precambrian Geology: The Dynamic Evolution of the Continental Crust
0122899024: Chemistry And Biochemistry Of Plant Pigments
0122900405: Understanding Aphasia
0122900456: Colloidal Polymer Particles
0122900502: Classical Theory of Electric and Magnetic Fields
0122901509: Freshwater Wetlands,
0122902025: Diatomic Interaction Potential Theory, Volume 2: Applications
0122903501: Birds: Brain and Behavior.
0122904206: The European Transition From Oil: Societal Impacts and Constraints on Energy Policy
0122904214: Basic Medical Endocrinology
0122904508: Dynamics of gas-surface scattering
0122904516: Assessment and Culture : Psychological Tests with Minority Populations
0122905598: Psychopharmacological Agents. Volume 2.
0122913507: Ring Theory
0122917502: Phosphorous-31 NMR : Principles and Applications
0122919505: Heat & Mass Transfer in Recirculating FL
0122930509: Principles of Regeneration
0122930800: Deer Antlers : Regeneration, Function and Evolution
0122931505: Marital Interaction: Experimental Investigations
0122934458: Mechanisms of Eukaryotic DNA Recombination
0122934504: Schizophrenia and genetics;: A twin study vantage point (Personality and psychopathology)
0122934601: Home Environment and Early Cognitive Development: Longitudinal Research...
0122934806: Chemical Sediments and Geomorphology: Precipitates and Residue in the Near-Surface Environment
0122936701: Encyclopedia of Mammals, Second Edition (Ap Natural World.)
0122936809: Microbial Growth and Survival in Extremes of Environment
0122937503: Social Issues in Computing
0122937856: Visual Effects in a Digital World
0122940601: Overcrowding in the Household
0122941500: Combustion Measurements. Modern Techniques and Instrumentation. A Project Squid Workshop
0122941519: Supply Chain Design and Management : Strategic and Tactical Perspectives
0122942507: Sequential Statistical Procedures
0122943015: Photosynthesis: Energy Conversion by Plants and Bacteria
0122943023: Photosynthesis, Volume II: Development, Carbon Metabolism, Plant Produ
0122943104: Light Emission by Plants and Bacteria
0122943503: Bioenergetics of Photosynthesis
0122943759: Metal Toxicology
0122944801: Chemical Compounds in the Atmosphere
0122944852: Atmospheric Chemical Compounds. Sources, Occurrence, and Bioassay
0122945204: The Literacy Myth : Literacy and Social Structure in the Nineteenth-century City
0122945506: Epidemiological Approaches to Child Psychiatry
0122946308: TCP/IP Addressing : Designing and Optimizing Your IP Addressing Scheme
0122947568: Table of Integrals, Series and Products: Cd-Rom Version 1.0
0122947576: Table of Integrals, Series, and Products
0122947606: Table of Integrals, Series, and Products
0122948505: British prosobranch and other operculate gastropod molluscs: keys and notes for the identification of the species (Synopses of the British fauna)
0122948602: Air-Breathing Fishes : Evolution, Diversity, and Adaptation
0122948815: Historical Geography of Ireland
0122949501: Fast Reactor Safety
0122950216: TCP/IP Addressing : Designing and Optimizing Your IP Addressing Scheme
0122951204: Interpreting the Hierarchy of Nature : From Systematic Patterns to Evolutionary Process Theories
0122951301: Genetics and the Behavior of Domestic Animals
0122951409: Nonlinear Economic Dynamics (Economic Theory, Econometrics, and Mathematical.
0122951468: Temporary Equilibrium : Selected Readings (Economic Theory, Econometrics and Mathematical Economics)
0122951506: Forecasting Economic Time Series
0122951808: Forecasting in Business and Economics
0122951816: Forecasting in Business and Economics
0122951840: Forecasting in Business and Economics
0122953509: Basis of Motor Control
0122956508: Chemoreception in marine organisms
0122958500: Automatic Interpretation & Classificatio
0122960408: Mastering Mathematica
0122961056: Mastering Mathematica : Programming Methods and Applications
0122961102: Flow Cytogenetics
0122962028: Hormones in Blood (Hormones in Blood)
0122968409: China's New Development Strategy
0122968506: Elements of a Two-Process Theory of Learning
0122968603: VLSI 81. Very Large Scale Integration
0122972503: The Establishment of Human Antiquity.
0122972805: Quantitative Zooarchaeology: Topics in the Analysis of Archaeological Faunas...
0122974204: The Psychology of Computer Use: A Volume in the Computers and People Series by
0122975529: Mathematical Tools for Applied Multivariate Analysis
0122977505: SOVMOD I: A Macroeconometric Model of the Soviet Union
0122978803: Amphibian Cytogenetics and Evolution
0122979508: Energy and the Mitochondrion
0122980506: Malnutrition, Behavior, and Social Organization
0122981502: Consumer Theory
0122981804: Introduction to Electronic Document Management Systems
0122981901: Neuropsychological Evaluation of the Older Adult : A Clinician's Guidebook
0122982509: Knowledge Aided Design
0122986326: Maritime Archaeology
0122987802: The Archaeology of Frontiers and Boundaries (Studies in Archaeology)
0122990455: Visualization of Categorical Data
0122990900: Primer On Kidney Diseases
0122990951: Primer On Kidney Diseases
0122991001: Primer On Kidney Diseases
0122992202: Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Groupware (Computers & People Series...
0122992318: Primer On Kidney Diseases
0122992512: Metabolic Pathways, Volume I
0122992547: Metabolic Pathways
0122992555: Metabolic Regulation. Metabolic Pathways Third Edition, Volume V
0122992563: Metabolic Pathways, Volume VI
0122992571: Metabolic Pathways; Metabolism of Sulfur Compounds
0122994507: Integer Programming
0122995503: Strained organic molecules (Organic chemistry ; v. 38)
0122996801: Computer Assisted Analysis and Model Simplification
0123002508: The Structure of Communication in Early Language Development
0123002702: Developmental Neuropsychobiology
0123002710: Developmental Neuropsychobiology
0123003504: Discrete Numerical Methods in Physics and Engineering
0123006503: Migration and Economic Growth in the United States
0123008506: Designing Teaching Strategies : An Applied Behavior Analysis Systems Approach
0123010500: Drug Carriers in Biology and Medicine.
0123011604: Perception and Cognition at Century's End : History, Philosophy, Theory
0123013011: Glycoconjugate Research Vol 1
0123014638: Evolution of the Genome
0123015502: Psychometrics of similarity
0123016509: Recent Theoretical Developments in Control (Institute of Mathematics and its Applications Ser.)
0123029406: Population Dynamics
0123030412: Handbook of Human Vibration
0123031508: Electromagnetism and Quantum Theory
0123031907: Imidazole and Benzimidazole Synthesis
0123032504: Carboranes
0123032601: Bioimpedance and Bioelectricity Basics
0123034507: Signal Processing: Proceedings NATO Advanced Studies Institute
0123037506: Emotions AND Bodily Responses: A Psychophysiological Approach
0123039509: Energy Economics and Policy
0123039525: Energy Economics and Policy
0123039533: Thiophenes
0123039606: Primate Phylogeny
0123039657: Transporter Factsbook
0123039703: Methods in Microbiology Plasmid Technology
0123041309: Giant Molecules : Here, There, and Everywhere
0123041406: Theoretical and Mathematical Models in Polymer Research : Modern Methods in Polymer Research and Technology
0123041805: Research Primer for the Social and Behavioral Sciences
0123042003: Pigments in Fruits
0123042011: The Peptides Analysis, Synthesis, Biology: Volume 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, & 8 - 8 Volume Set
0123042046: The Peptides Vol. 4 : Analysis, Synthesis, Biology: Modern Techniques of Peptide and Amino Acid Analysis
0123042054: The Peptides Vol. 5, Pt. B : Analysis, Synthesis, Biology: Special Methods in Peptide Synthesis (Special Methods in Peptide Synthesis Ser.)
0123042062: Peptides: Biology, Chemistry, and Genetics - Volume 6
0123042070: The Peptides. Analysis, Synthesis, Biology. Volume 7: Conformation in Biology and Drug Design
0123042208: Principles of Bacterial Pathogenesis
0123042607: Language and the Brain : Representation and Processing
0123043018: Calculus
0123043506: Calculus
0123043603: Calculus
0123043611: Student's Solutions Manual for CALCULUS, Second Edition: Chapters 1-14 and Calculus, Part 1.
0123043719: Calculus
0123043727: Student's solutions manual for Stanley I. Grossman's Calculus, 3rd ed. (Chapters 1-14)
0123043808: Calculus: Part 2: Multivariable Calculus, Linear Algebra, and Differential Equations (ISBN:0123043026)
0123043905: Calculus of One Variable.
0123044502: Modern Techniques in Physiological Sciences
0123045304: Transgenic Animals
0123046505: Surveys by Telephone: A National Comparison With Personal Interviews (Quantitative studies in social relations)
0123047528: Regression Estimators: A Comparative Study (Statistical Modeling and Decision Science)
0123047544: The Acquisition of Strategic Knowledge
0123048508: Pregnancy Proteins: Biology, Chemistry, and Clinical Application
0123049016: Optical Radiation Measurements vol 1: Radiometry
0123049024: Optical Radiation Measurements: Color Measurements
0123049032: Optical Radiation Measurements: Measurement of Photoluminescence (Perspectives in Artificial Intelligence)
0123049040: Optical Radiation Measurements: Physical Detectors of Optical Radiation (Optical radiation measurements)
0123049903: Neuropeptide Y and Drug Development
0123050502: Practical Aspects of Memory
0123051509: Applied Problems in Memory
0123053404: Quantum Probability
0123053552: Mechanics of Fluid-Saturated Rocks
0123053609: Handbook of Infrared Standards with Spectral Maps and Transaction Assignments Between 3 and 2600
0123053625: Handbook of Infrared Standards: With Spectral Coverage Between 1.4 Um-4 Um and 6.2 Um-1.7 Um Vol 2
0123054400: QuickTime for Java
0123054605: Exploring the Thalamus
0123055601: Adolescent Experience
0123056500: Psychophysiology of Darrow
0123065607: Psychiatric Aspects of Imprisonment by Gunn
0123070066: The Night Spiders
0123070082: No Future In It
0123070147: The Moon Era
0123070198: Kings of Infinite Space
0123070201: Man Whose Name Wouldnt Fit
0123070368: The Still, Small Voice of Trumpets
0123070627: Bataan March of Death
0123070651: The Ticking is in Your Head
0123070813: When Two Worlds Meet
0123070880: My Name Is Valdimir Sloifoiski
0123070910: The Golden Wind
0123070996: Blazon
0123072018: The Bacteria: A Treatise On Structure And Function. Volume 1. Structure
0123072026: Bacteria : A Treatise on Structure and Function Vol 2 Metabolism
0123072034: The Bacteria: A Treatise On Structure And Function. Volume 5. Heredity
0123072042: Bacteria, a Treatise on Structure and Function: The Physiology of Growth
0123072050: The Bacteria: A Treatise on Structure and Function/Volume V-Heredity
0123072069: The Bacteria: A Treatise On Structure And Function. Volume 6. Bacterial Diversity
0123072077: The Bacteria: A Treatise on Structure and Function/Volume VII-Mechanisms of Adaption
0123072085: The Bacteria: A Treatise On Structure And Function. Volume 8 Archaebacteria
0123072093: The Bacteria, a Treatise on Structure and Function: Antibiotic-Producing Streptomyces
0123072107: The Bacteria - Volume 1: Structure
0123072115: Molecular Basis of Bacterial Pathogenesis (Bacteria: A Treatise on Structure and Function)
0123072123: Bacteria: A Treatise on Structure and Function Bacterial Energetics
0123073502: Finite Element Methods for Viscous Incompressible Flows - A Guide to Theory, Practice, and Algorithms
0123075025: Statistical Decision Theory and Related Topics III. 2 volumes
0123075505: Statistical Decision Theory and Related Topics.
0123079101: The Effectiveness of Early Intervention
0123086507: Microsoft Visual C++ Windows Primer/Book and Disk
0123092507: Industrial Wastewater Control. A Textbook and Reference Work. Chemical Technology. A Series of Monographs, Volume 2
0123093503: Field Guide to the Mammals of the Indian Subcontinent : Where to Watch Mammals in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan
0123097509: An Introduction to Continuum Mechanics
0123097703: Phase Transformations and Material Instabilities in Solids
0123106710: Guide to Yeast Genetics and Molecular and Cell Biology
0123106729: Guide to Yeast Genetics and Molecular and Cell Biology, Part C
0123106753: Low Temperature Electronics : Physics, Devices, Circuits, and Applications
0123108500: The Mental Health of Women
0123109205: Peptides : Synthesis, Structures, and Applications
0123109809: Improving Group Decision Making in Organizations: Approaches from Theory and Research Series: Organizational and Occupational Psychology
0123110300: Essentials of economics
0123110327: Study Guide for Essentials of Economics
0123110351: Essentials of Economics
0123110408: Economics: Private and Publlic Choice
0123110459: Economics: Private and Public Choice
0123110467: Coursebook for Economics: Private and Public Choice
0123110505: Economics, private and public choice
0123110513: Coursebook for Economics: Private and Public Choice
0123110548: Coursebook for Economics Private and Public Choice
0123110602: Macroeconomics
0123110653: Microeconomics: Private and public choice
0123110718: Macroeconomics
0123110750: Microeconomics: Private and public choice
0123110769: Microeconomics: Private and Public Choice
0123116244: Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology
0123116252: Cellular and Molecular Biology (CD-ROM included)
0123116279: Chemistry : Fundamentals and Applications
0123116295: Fertilization
0123116309: Optical Interferometry
0123116325: Innovations in Food Packaging
0123116333: Network Security : A Practical Approach
0123118026: Equine Surgery and Medicine, Volume 1
0123120535: Harvey Lectures Series 53 1957 1958
0123120624: The Harvey Lectures : 1966-1967
0123120632: Harvey Lectures: Series 63, 1867-68
0123120640: The Harvey Lectures: Delivered Under the Auspices of The Harvey Society of New York 1968-1969.
0123120659: The Harvey Lectures: Delivered Under the Auspices of The Harvey Society of New York 1969-1970.
0123120667: Harvey Lectures: Series 66, 1970-71
0123120675: Harvey Lectures
0123120691: 1973-1974
0123120705: The Harvey Lectures: Delivered Under the Auspices of The Harvey Society of New York 1974-1975.
0123120713: The Harvey Lectures, Ser. 71) (Serial Publication Ser.)
0123120721: Harvey Lectures, 1976-1977, Series 72.
0123120748: The Harvey Lectures - 1978-1979, Series 74
0123120772: The Harvey Lectures: 1981-1982 (Series 77)
0123120799: The Harvey Lectures Series 79 1983-1984
0123120853: Carbohydrates
0123121019: Hearing Research and Theory Volume 1
0123122015: High Performance Liquid Chromatography. Advances and Perspectives, Volume 1
0123122023: High-Performance Liquid Chromatography: Advances and Perspectives Volume 3
0123122031: High-Performance Liquid Chromatography: Advances and Perspectives, Volume 3
0123123402: Design Hydrology and Sedimentology for Small Catchments
0123124018: Hazard Assessment of Chemicals: Current Developments by Saxena, Jitendra...
0123124026: Hazard Assessment of Chemicals. Current Developments. Vol. 2
0123124115: Hormones and Signaling
0123125014: Analysis of Qualitative Data
0123125022: Analysis of Qualitative Data: New Developments v. 2 (The Analysis of Qualitative Data Series)
0123128110: English Speech Act Verbs: A Semantic Dictionary
0123128501: Conjugates of Steroid Hormones
0123128625: Northern Eurasia Outline Map (Packet)
0123129451: Effects of Ozone Depletion on Aquatic Ecosystems
0123129907: Water Relations of Terrestrial Arthropods
0123132606: Low-Fat Meats : Design Strategies and Human Implications
0123133408: Applied Iterative Methods (Computer science and applied mathematics) NEW
0123133602: Solid Electrolytes: General Principles, Characterizations, Materials, Applications (Materials Science Series)
0123135508: Chemistry and Functions of Colicins
0123143500: Communicative Behavior and Evolution
0123144507: Heat Transfer in Boiling
0123155010: Methods for the Oxidation of Organic Compounds: Alkanes, Alkenes, Alkynes, and Arenes
0123155029: Methods for the Oxidation of Organic Compounds: Alcohols, Alcohol Derivatives, Alkyl Halides, Nitroalkanes, Alkyl Azides, Carbonyl Compounds, Hydrox
0123155509: Fertility and Occupation : Population Patterns in Industrialization (Studies in Social Discontinuity Ser.)
0123165059: The Chemical and Biological Action of Radiations. (Actions Chimiques et Biologiques des Radiations), Volume 5
0123172608: Pursuit Games. An Introduction to the Theory and Applications of Differential Games of Pursuit and Evasion. Mathematics in Science and Engineering, Volume 120
0123174503: Biogenetics of Neurohormonal Peptides
0123183502: Statistical Theory of Sampling Inspection by Attributes
0123187508: Theoretical systems ecology Advances and case studies
0123188202: Isolation of Membranes and Organelles from Plant Cells
0123188504: Computer Image Processing and Recognition
0123188601: Quantifying Sustainable Development : The Future of Tropical Economies
0123189209: Homology : The Hierarchial Basis of Comparative Biology
0123189500: Developmental and Cellular Skeletal Biology
0123190509: Microprobe Analysis As Applied To Cells
0123190606: Bones and Cartilage : Developmental Skeletal Biology
0123195012: Cartilage 3 Volume Set
0123195802: Behaviour: An Introduction to Psychology as a Biological Science
0123195829: BEHAVIOUR
0123195837: Homology : The Hierarchical Basis of Comparative Biology
0123196205: ANXIETY Psychological Perspectives on Panic an Agoraphobia
0123196280: Microcomputer Use Word Processors,Spreadsheets&DB's,SB.IbmPC,85
0123196523: Fish Nutrition
0123210011: Human Cytogenetics
0123212502: Adaptive Responses of Native Amazonians
0123214505: Applied Geochronology
0123217504: The Development of Cognitive Processes
0123218608: Nonlinear Acoustics
0123219205: Functional Organization of the Nucleus: a Laboratory Guide
0123219507: Principles of Chemical Kinetics
0123219604: Enzyme catalysis and regulation (Molecular biology)
0123219620: Enzyme Catalysis and Regulation - Student Edition
0123220408: Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology
0123220459: Theoretical Morphology: Approaches In Modern Linguistics Pub 09,88 A
0123220467: Theoretical Morphology Approaches in Mod
0123220602: Case-Based Planning: Viewing Planning as a Memory Task
0123223504: Social Anthropology and Law.
0123223709: Central and Peripheral 5-HT3 Receptors (Neuroscience Perspectives S.)
0123224500: Rheology in Polymer Processing
0123225701: Retroviruses and Disease
0123226503: Dna Repair Mechanisms
0123227259: Herons and Egrets of the World
0123227275: Birds of the Wetlands
0123227291: HERONS OF NORTH AMERICA: Their World in Forms
0123227305: Storks, Ibises and Spoonbills of the World
0123227356: Human Performance and Ergonomics : Perceptual and Cognitive Principles
0123228557: Deserving Poor: a Study of Welfare Administration.
0123228603: Lawyers and the Pursuit of Legal Rights (Poverty policy analysis series)
0123228662: Lawyers and the Pursuit of Legal Rights
0123229502: Last Resorts. Emergency Assistance and Special Needs Programs in Public Welfare
0123229804: Cache Memory Book
0123229855: The Cache Memory
0123229901: Cryogenic Engineering : Treatise
0123230500: Handbook of Visual Communications
0123233011: Biological Museum Methods: Vertebrates
0123234409: Nitrogen in Organic Wastes Applied to Soils (International Solid Waste Professional Library)
0123234468: Metapopulation Biology : Ecology, Genetics, and Evolution
0123234484: Ecology, Genetics and Evolution of Metapopulations
0123234506: Trade in Transition: Exports from the Third World, 1840-1900 (Studies in Social Discontinuity)
0123235502: Computer Vision Systems
0123237017: Applied Fibre Science Vol 2
0123237025: Applied Fibre Science. Vol 2
0123238404: Interactions between Herbicides and the Soil
0123238412: Biogeochemistry of Marine Dissolved Organic Matter
0123238501: Theory of Simple Liquids
0123238528: Theory of Simple Liquids 2nd
0123240506: Inorganic Aspects of Biological and Organic Chemistry
0123241502: Diakoptics and Networks.
0123242452: Graphical Enumeration
0123243505: Statistical Methods for Social Scientists
0123246407: Plant Chemosystematics
0123246520: Chemotaxonomy of Leguminosae
0123246601: PERSPECTIVES IN PHYTOCHEMISTRY Proceedings of the Phytochemical Society Symposium Cambridge, April 1968
0123246636: Phytochemical Ecology:Proceedings of the Phytochemical Society Symposium, Royal Holloway College, Englefield Green, Surrey, April 1971
0123246660: Phytochemical Phylogeny
0123246687: The Chemistry and Biochemistry of Plant Proteins. Annual Proceedings of the Phytochemical Society, No. 11
0123246709: Introduction to ecological biochemistry
0123246806: Introduction to Ecological Biochemistry.
0123246822: Introduction to Ecological Biochemistry
0123246849: Introduction to Ecological Biochemistry
0123246857: Introduction to Ecological Biochemistry
0123246865: Introduction to Ecological Biochemistry
0123247195: Protein Kinase Factsbook
0123247209: The Protein Kinase Factsbook
0123247217: The Protein Kinase Factsbook : Protein-Serine Kinases (Factsbook)
0123247500: Hillforts: Later Prehistoric Earthworks in Britain and Ireland
0123247519: Lung : Development, Aging and the Environment
0123247608: Mycenaeans & Europe
0123249503: Physiology of speech production: An introduction for speech scientists
0123249708: Isdn Design: A Practical Approach (Professional and technical series)
0123249716: ISDN Design: A Practical Approach
0123250501: Synthetic Aperture Radar Systems
0123250706: Studies in Lexical Phonology
0123250714: Studies in Lexical Phonology
0123251508: Transitions
0123251559: Cost-Outcome Methods for Mental Health
0123252180: Basics of Interferometry
0123252202: Optical Interferometry
0123252504: Fuel and Energy (Energy Science and Engineering)
0123253500: Elementary Plane Rigid Dynamics.
0123253624: Elementary Dynamics of Particles
0123254264: SQL Clearly Explained Paperback by Harrington, Jan L.
0123255503: Soil-Root Interface
0123255708: Flora and Vegetation of Britain
0123257506: Lateralization in the Nervous System
0123258405: Inside the IMF : An Ethnography of Documents, Technology, and Organizational Action
0123259509: Non-Linear Optics
0123260434: Laboratory Methods in Food Microbiology
0123260450: Making Safe Food: A Management Guide for Microbiological Quality
0123261406: Chemistry and Biology of Nucleosides and Nucleotides
0123261503: Cell Surface Carbohydrate Chemistry
0123263204: Virology LabFax
0123264103: Claris Works Companion
0123264200: C++ Programming With Codewarrior : For the Macintosh and Power Macintosh Beginner
0123264227: Codewarrior Software Development Using Powerplant
0123264251: Relational Database Design Clearly Explained
0123264278: Ethernet Networking Clearly Explained
0123264286: Object-Oriented Database Design Clearly Explained
0123264294: Object-Oriented C++ Data Structures for Real Programmers
0123264308: Insects in a Changing Environment
0123264405: Pathogens, Vectors, and Plant Diseases: Approaches to Control
0123268508: Graph Theory and Its Applications.
0123272505: A primer of multivariate statistics
0123273609: Feeding and Nutrition of Nonhuman Primates
0123274508: Structure-Solubility Relationships in Polymers
0123275504: Aphids As Virus Vectors
0123276411: Everyday Memory, Actions, and Absent-Mindedness
0123276454: ICES Zooplankton Methodology Manual
0123276500: NMR and the Periodic Table
0123276608: Human carcinogenesis
0123276802: The Stability of Input-Output Dynamical Systems. Mathematics in Science and Engineering, Volume 168
0123276810: Virus-Insect-Plant Interactions
0123277507: Lectures on Linear Sequential Machines
0123280028: Functional Anatomy of Marine Mammals
0123281504: Dynamic Properties of Supercooled Liquids.
0123282500: Stability of Linear Systems
0123283507: Mathematical Modelling of Turbulent Diffusion in the Environment
0123284023: Physical Principles of Pesticide Behaviour, Volume 2.
0123284201: Verbal Style and the Presidency : Computer Assisted Analysis of Persuasion (Human Communication Research Ser.)
0123284503: Pollution Ecology of Freshwater Invertebrates (Water pollution)
0123284562: Online Information Retrieval
0123284600: Recent Developments in Markov Decision Processes.
0123285305: Global Physical Climatology
0123285402: Lexicography: Principles and Practice (Applied Language Studies)
0123285526: Pearls in Graph Theory: A Comprehensive Introduction
0123285534: Pearls In Graph Theory: A Comprehensive Introduction
0123288401: Heart Development Slide Set
0123290503: Chemical Applications of Nonlinear Raman Spectroscopy
0123290708: Explorations with Texas Instruments TI-85
0123296501: Spinors and Calibrations. Perspectives in Mathematics, Volume 9
0123298504: Experimental Neutron Resonance Spectroscopy
0123298601: Heart Development
0123298709: Natural and Synthetic Neurotoxins (Neuroscience Perspectives S.)
0123299608: Attribution: Basic Issues and Applications.
0123302153: Handbook of Toxicologic Pathology
0123302226: Fundamentals of Toxicologic Pathology
0123305500: Cryogenic Fundamentals
0123305853: Measurement Techniques in Plant Science
0123305950: Transfer of Learning : Cognition and Instruction
0123313503: Demographic Archaeology.
0123319501: High Temperature Vapors
0123323509: Pulmonary Deposition and Retention of Inhaled Aerosols.
0123324505: The Structural Basis of Membrane Function: proceedings of the International Symposium (May 5-7, 1975, Tehran)
0123325501: Nutrition and Drug Interrelations. The Nutrition Foundation
0123326028: Nutritional Toxicology, Volume 2
0123328500: Biometerology in Integrated Pest Management (Proceedings of a Conference on Biometeorology and Integrated Pest Management Held at the University of California, Davis, July 15-17, 1980)
0123329051: Methods in Stream Ecology
0123329159: Optical Nonlinearities and Instabilities in Semiconductors
0123329205: Design Sensitivity Analysis of Structural Systems
0123329213: Design Sensitivity Analysis of Structural Systems
0123329221: Acoustics for Audiologists
0123329566: The Chemistry and Function of Proteins. Second Edition
0123330602: Social Structure and Behavior: Essays in Honor of William Hamilton Sewell (Studies in Population)
0123330653: pH Homeostasis: Mechanisms and Control.
0123332508: A Decade of Federal antipoverty programs: Achievements, failures, and lessons (Poverty policy analysis series)
0123333105: Energy Demand : Evidence and Expectations
0123333202: Extracellular Matrix
0123333423: Principles of Electron Optics : Applied Geometrical Optics (Principles of Electron Optics)
0123333431: Principles of Electron Optics, Volume 3
0123333504: Chemotaxonomy and Serotaxonomy
0123333512: Principles of Electron Optics
0123333520: Principles of Electron Optics Vol. 2 : Applied Geometrical Optics
0123333555: Biophysical Electron Microscopy: Basic Concepts and Modern Techniques - Peter W. Hawkes - Hardcover
0123333601: Computer-Mapped Flora,
0123333806: Aquarium Systems
0123334500: The Changing Flora and Fauna of Britain
0123334608: Human Genome : A User's Guide
0123334624: Human Genome : A User's Guide
0123335205: Animal Models of Immunological Processes
0123335302: Atlas of Human Tumor Cell Lines
0123335604: Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems in Epidemiology
0123336406: Molecular Mechanisms of Oxygen Activation (Molecular Biology Ser.)
0123336457: Sleep and Sleep Disorders: From Molecule to Behavior
0123336554: Biomedical Imaging
0123336600: Adp-Ribosylation Reactions: Biology and Medicine (Molecular biology)
0123339227: Correlative Microscopy in Biology: Instrumentation and Methods
0123339251: Basic Techniques for Transmission Electron Microscopy
0123339278: Colloidal Gold Vol. 1 : Principles, Methods, and Applications
0123339413: Handbook of Immunohistochemistry and in Situ Hybridization of Human Carcinomas : Molecular Genetics; Lung and Breast Carcinomas
0123339421: Handbook of Immunohistochemistry and in Situ Hybridization of Human Carcinomas : Molecular Pathology, Colorectal Carcinoma, and Prostate Carcinoma
0123339502: Lithic Use-Wear Analysis
0123341515: Models for Library Management, Decision-Making and Planning
0123341620: Handbook of Pesticide Toxicology 3vol
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