0132049759: Demand-Side Management : Concepts and Methods
0132049910: Deutsch Zusammen : A Communicative Course in German
0132050064: Deutsch Zusammen : A Communicative Course in German
0132050978: Solaris Application Developer's Guide
0132051389: Developing, printing & enlarging simplified, (A Modern photoguide)
0132051478: Developing Structured Systems : A Methodology Using Structured Techniques
0132051532: Developing sociological knowledge: Theory and method (Prentice-Hall methods and theories in the social sciences)
0132051621: Developmental Psychology
0132052385: Data Analysis
0132052466: Database Tuning
0132052520: Developing a superior football-control attack by Dooley, Vince
0132052784: Developing Teacher Competencies
0132052865: Developing Teacher Competencies
0132053039: Developing a Winning J.I.T. Marketing Strategy
0132053101: Developing values with exceptional children
0132053454: Tour Design, Marketing and Management
0132053691: Developing Writing Skills
0132053772: Developing Writing Skills
0132053942: Social Deviance : An Integrated Approach
0132054361: Develop Your Psychic Abilities : And Get Them to Work for You in Your Daily Life
0132054507: Develop your power to deal with people
0132054841: Developing your people potential: key to success in supervisory management
0132055279: Human Resources Yearbook 1995-1996
0132055430: Islamic Studies : A History of Religions Approach
0132055503: M68HC11 Microcontroller : Applications in Control, Instrumentation and Communication
0132055686: Principles of Microwave Technology
0132055767: Science and Its Ways of Knowing
0132055848: Short Prose Reader
0132056186: Integrated Marketing Communications
0132056267: Water and Wastewater Technology
0132057255: Prentice Hall's Illustrated Dictionary of Computing
0132058405: Introductory Digital Image Processing
0132058650: Marketing Channels
0132058731: Reading with Meaning : Strategies for College Reading
0132058812: Principles of Building Construction
0132059312: Object-Oriented Programming in Eiffel
0132060388: Training and Development Yearbook, 1995-1996
0132061031: Plant Propagation
0132061112: Practical Planning for Network Growth
0132061295: Telecommunications Primer : Signals, Building Blocks and Networks
0132061864: Essence of Programming Using C Plus Plus
0132062518: Commercial and Institutional Maintenance Management
0132063689: Economics : Principles and Tools
0132063921: Making Cooperative Learning Work : Student Teams in K-12 Classrooms
0132064006: Introduction to Applied Fuzzy Electronics
0132064189: Industrial Electronics
0132064596: Introduction to Women's Literature from the Middle Ages to Present Day
0132064758: History of England Chapters 1-16, Vol. 1 : Prehistory to 1714 (Chapers 1-16)
0132064839: History of England Vol. II : 1688 to the Present (Chapters 16-31)
0132065096: The Modern Middle East From Imperialism to Freedom, 1800-1958
0132065177: New Physical Anthropology
0132065258: Human Development
0132065339: Sex, Gender, and Kinship : A Cross-Cultural Perspective
0132065584: Learning Theories : An Educational Perspective
0132065908: Strength & Fracture of Eng Solids
0132066246: Introduction to AutoLISP
0132066327: Basic Mathematics for Technical Programs
0132067234: Informix Stored Procedure Programming (Bk/Disk)
0132067498: Lawyer's Desk Book (10th ed)
0132068893: Process Dynamics: Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation
0132069881: International Financial Markets
0132070022: Introductory Mathematical Analysis Business
0132070103: Modern Elementary Statistics
0132070367: Introduction to Finite Elements in Engineering
0132071193: Managing for Quality : An Introductory Text
0132072009: Literary Visions
0132072181: Single Variable Calculus
0132072262: Multivariable Calculus
0132072599: Organizational Behaviour
0132072661: The Development of an American Culture
0132072750: Visual Introduction to AutoCAD and 3D Designing
0132073250: Handbook of Multimedia Information Management
0132073331: Human Project
0132073668: Inside the Object Model : The Sensible Use of C++
0132073749: Integrating Unix & PC Network Operating
0132073900: Using Motif with C++
0132074575: Musical Encounters
0132075156: Information Technology in Business
0132075237: Microcontroller Technology Workbook
0132075318: Method of Organ Playing
0132075563: Magic Garden Explained
0132075725: Political Science
0132076055: Development and Practice of Electronic Music
0132076225: Mechanics of Fluids
0132076632: How to Build Shlaer Mellor
0132077620: Algebra and Trigonometry Class Test
0132077701: CorelDRAW! 4 : A User's Guide
0132078538: Marketing
0132081091: Developmental Psychology
0132081253: Developmental Psychology
0132081334: Developmental Research Methods
0132081415: Development of Writing in Children
0132081652: Devices, Discrete and Integrated
0132081822: Data Structures and Program design
0132081903: Developing Managerial Skills in Organizational Behavior : Exercises, Cases, and Readings
0132082071: Developmental Biology: Its Cellular and Molecular Foundations (Prentice-Hall Foundations of Modern Biology Series)
0132082152: Developmental Biology: Its Cellular and Molecular Foundations.
0132082233: Developmental psychology
0132082314: Developmental psychology
0132082721: Developmental psychology: A psychobiological approach
0132082802: Deviant Behavior
0132083302: Development of Modern English
0132083485: Developmental Genetics
0132083558: Developmental Genetics
0132083639: Developmental psychology;: A psychobiological approach (The Prentice-Hall series in developmental psychology)
0132083892: Deviance and Control
0132084139: Deviance and identity, (Prentice-Hall sociology series)
0132084546: Diagnosis and Remediation of Reading Disability
0132084708: Diagnosis and Evaluation in Speech Pathology
0132084880: Diary of Vikenty Angarov
0132084961: Diagnosis and Appraisal of Communication Disorders
0132085127: Diagnosis and Evaluation in Speech Pathology
0132085208: Diary of a Witch
0132085216: Diary of a Genius
0132085380: Dialogues of the Soul and Mortal Self in Time
0132085461: Dialogues of the Soul and Mortal Self in Time
0132085534: Diagnostic-Language Development Approach to Individualized Reading Instruction
0132085615: The diabetics' Diet Book
0132085798: The Diamond Bogo: An African idyll
0132086034: Dickens (Twentieth Century Views)
0132086115: Dickens: A Collection of Critical Essays
0132086298: Diabetes: A Guide to Self-Management for Patients and Their Families
0132086379: Diabetes, a guide to self-management for patients and their families (A spectrum book)
0132086468: Diagnosis and Evaluation in Speech Pathology
0132086530: Diabetes in the Family
0132086794: Diabetes Type II: Living a Long, Healthy Life Through Blood Sugar Normalization
0132087294: Diagnosis and Troubleshooting of Automotive Electrical, Electronic and Computer Science
0132087456: Handbook of Direct Mail
0132087855: Emily Dickinson : A Collection of Critical Essays
0132087944: Diagramming Techniques for Analysis and Programmers
0132091569: Mainstream Objects : Object Oriented Technology Solutions for Business
0132091720: Introduction to Signal Processing
0132091984: Microcomputers and Microprocessors : The 8080, 8085, and Z-80 Programming, Interfacing, and Troubleshooting
0132092220: Heinerman's New Encyclopedia of Fruits and Vegetables
0132092301: Heinerman's New Encyclopedia of Fruits and Vegetables
0132092484: INFORMIX-NewEra : A Guide for Application Developers
0132092557: Object Oriented Programming with C++ and OSF Motif
0132093219: Introduction to Management Science
0132094797: Marriage and Family
0132094878: Marriage and Family
0132095297: Marriages and Families
0132096021: Mathematics Applied to Electronics
0132096366: On Cooking: A Textbook of Culinary Fundamentals/Software/Keys to Success
0132096692: Cultural Treasures of the Internet : Everything a Literate Reader Needs to Find and Access the Internet
0132096773: Methodology for Developing and Deploying Internet and Intranet Solutions
0132096935: Internetwork Mobility
0132097273: Multimedia Guide to Non-Human Primates : The Print Version
0132097435: Historical and Philosophical Foundations of Education : A Biographical Introduction
0132097680: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
0132097761: Thematic Cartography and Visualization
0132097834: A dictionary for accountants
0132098091: A dictionary for accountants
0132098679: Dialects and Education
0132098830: Dictionary of 20th Century History
0132098911: Digital and Microprocessor Fundamentals : Theory and Applications
0132099004: Labor Relations Law
0132099586: Physical Data Acquisition for Digital Processing : Components, Parameter and Specifications
0132100711: Digital Modulation and Coding
0132100975: Dialects and American English
0132101130: Dictionary of Military Quotations
0132101211: Dictionary of Religious and Spiritual Quotations
0132101548: Dictionary of Business Quotations
0132102463: Developing International User Information
0132102536: Dictionary of Medical and Health Terminology : English-Hebrew, Hebrew-English
0132102617: Diagnosis and Evaluation in Speech Pathology
0132102870: Digital Electronics : A Practical Approach
0132103788: Digital Electronics : A Practical Approach
0132104512: Coming Together : Integrating Math and Language
0132104776: Dictionary of Ghost Lore
0132104857: Dictionary of Ghost Lore
0132104938: Dictionary of Military Terms
0132105012: Dictionary of Military Terms
0132105195: Twentieth Century Culture : A Dictionary of the Arts and Literature of Our Time
0132105276: Dictionary of World Politics
0132105357: Encyclopedia of America in the Twentieth Century
0132105594: Dictionary of Practical Law
0132105675: Dictionary of Practical Law
0132105764: Dictionary of Environmental Quotations
0132105845: Dictionary of Antibiotic-Producing Organisms
0132106183: Electrical and Electronic Technology
0132106264: Dictionary of Quotable Definitions
0132106337: Dictionary of quotable definitions
0132106345: Modern Management
0132106426: Networked Multimedia Systems : Concepts, Architecture and Design
0132106752: Instant Internet with WebSurfer Windows Version
0132106833: LabVIEW Student Edition : User's Guide
0132106914: LabVIEW Student Edition : Windows Package/Book and Disk
0132107090: LabVIEW Student Edition : MacIntosh Package/Book and Disk
0132107821: How To List and Sell Residential Real Estate Successfully
0132107902: Introduction to Jazz History
0132108089: Introduction to System Dynamics
0132108240: Introductory University Optics
0132108585: Understanding Weather and Climate
0132108984: Did Somebody Pack the Baby? (the Family Moving Book.
0132109069: Did somebody pack the baby?: The family moving book
0132110040: American President
0132110202: Foundations of Finance : The Logic and Practice of Financial Management
0132110954: Gear Geometry and Applied Theory
0132111020: Diesel Heavy Truck Applications and Performance Factors
0132111535: Foundations of Finance
0132111853: A diet for 100 healthy, happy years
0132112280: Digital Guide for Developing International Software
0132112361: Differential Equations for Mathematics, Science, and Engineering
0132112779: Digital Design Fundamentals
0132113015: Digital Signal Processing
0132113198: Differential Equations : A Systems Approach
0132113279: Diesel Engine and Fuel System Repair
0132113503: Bugaboos, Chimeras and Achilles' Heels : 10001 Difficult Words and How to Use Them
0132113686: Digital Electronics : A Modern Approach
0132113848: Diesel Engine
0132114097: The American War and Peace -- 1860-1877
0132114178: The American War and Peace 1860-1877
0132114593: Digital Design : Principles and Practices
0132114674: Digital Image Processing
0132115093: Different and Wonderful: Raising Black Children in a Race Conscious Society
0132115174: Digital Avionics Systems
0132115247: A Different Drum
0132115336: Differential Equations : A Modeling Approach
0132115581: Differential Equations
0132115743: Digital Communication Systems Design
0132116405: Digital Control and Implementation
0132116650: Digital Control and Estimation : A Unified Approach
0132116901: Manufacturing Technology
0132117312: Digital Guide to Software Development
0132118149: Digital Signal Processing : Efficient Convolution and Fourier Transform Techniques
0132118483: Digital Communications : Fundamentals and Applications
0132118548: Differentiated Staffing
0132118629: Differential Equations of Hydraulic Transients, Dispersion, and Groundwater Flow: Mathematical Methods in Water Resources
0132118882: Digger Phelps and Notre Dame Basketball
0132119048: Differentiating the teaching staff
0132119137: Digital Coding of Waveforms : Principles and Applications to Speech and Video
0132119390: Digital Communications : Fundamentals and Applications
0132119544: Digital Electronic Circuits
0132119706: Digital Communication Systems
0132120437: Digital Control System Analysis and Design
0132120518: Digital Control Devices : Equipment and Applications
0132120682: Digital Communications : Satellite-Earth Station Engineering
0132121425: Digital and Data Communications Systems
0132121751: Digital Circuits. A Preparation for Microprocessors
0132121913: Digital control using microprocessors
0132122170: Digital Electronics: An introduction to theory and practice
0132122251: Digital Circuits and Logic Design
0132122332: Digital ICs : How They Work
0132122413: Digital System Implementation
0132122588: Digital Theory and Experimentation Using Integrated Circuits
0132122669: Digital systems : principles and applications
0132122901: Digital systems: Principles and applications
0132123169: Digital IC
0132123258: DIGITAL DESIGN
0132123339: Digital Design
0132123401: Digital Electronics
0132123657: Digital Image Processing
0132123746: Digital Systems : Principles and Applications
0132123819: Digital Logic Design and Applications : An Experimental Approach
0132123916: Digital Signal Processing Using TMS32010
0132124076: Digital Computer Treatment of Partial Differential Equations
0132124246: Digital and Data Communications
0132124734: Lab Manual to Accompany Tocci's Digital Systems
0132124815: Digital Electronics : Theory, Applications and Troubleshooting
0132125064: Digital Filters
0132125145: Digital and Microprocessor Technology
0132125307: Digital Electronics : A Workbench Guide to Circuits, Experiments and Applications
0132125498: Putman's Digital Electronics : Lac Manual
0132125560: Digital Electronics : Theory and Experimention
0132125714: Digital Filters
0132125897: Differential Geometry of Curves and Surfaces
0132126052: Differential Topology
0132126133: Digital Theory and Practice Using Integrated Circuits
0132126486: Digital Electronics : A Practical Approach
0132126885: Digital Theory and Experimentation Using Integrated Circuits
0132127210: Digital Design Fundamentals
0132127547: Digital and Microprocessor Technology
0132127717: Health, Healing and Religion : A Cross Cultural Perspective
0132128047: Digital Signal Processing
0132128381: Digital Design : Principles and Practices
0132128535: Digital Signal Processing Expertise
0132128624: Highway Materials, Soils, and Concretes
0132128950: DIGITAL FILTERS 3/E
0132129523: Digital Signal Processing
0132129787: Digital signal processing applications using the ADSP-2100 family
0132130092: The Digestive System: How Living Creatures Use Food (Systems of the Body)
0132130181: Digital Communications
0132130343: Digital Systems : Principles and Applications
0132130599: Digital Systems
0132131099: Digital Mos Integrated Circuits
0132131331: Digital Systems : Principles and Application
0132131587: William Flowers Test Item File Digital Systems Principles and Applications
0132131668: Digital Systems
0132131900: Digital Systems: A Design Approach/Laboratory Manual
0132132249: Digital Systems: Principles and Applications: Annotated Instructors Edition
0132132990: Digital Systems Trouble Shooting Lab Manual
0132133725: Dictionary of Contemporary Politics of Central America and the Caribbean
0132134489: DAT (Digital Audio Tape)
0132134713: Computer Circuits Electrical Design
0132135132: Hydraulics
0132135213: Introduction to Casino and Gaming Operations
0132135396: Introduction to Electrical-Mechanical Drafting With CAD
0132135477: Introductory DC-AC Electronics
0132135620: Interactive Marketing
0132135795: Digital Integrated Circuits
0132135876: Digital Integrated Circuits
0132135965: Digital Control System Analysis and Design
0132136031: Digital Processing of Speech Signals
0132137941: In the Middle : Newcomer Teacher's Resource Book
0132138026: In the Middle
0132138514: Herbal Healing for Women
0132139847: Object-Oriented Application Frameworks
0132140098: Digital Printed Circuit Design and Drafting
0132140152: Digital Circuits and Microcomputers
0132140497: Digital Techniques. A Step-By-Step Introduction. Heathkit/Zenith Educational Systems
0132140802: Digital Communications : Microwave Applications
0132141140: Digital Computer Fundamentals
0132141221: Digital Circuits and Devices.
0132141493: Digital Spectral Analysis with Applications. with disk
0132141558: Digital Communication by Satellite
0132141639: Digital Electronics : A Workbench Guide to Circuits, Experiments and Applications
0132141892: Digital networks (Prentice-Hall series in automatic computation)
0132142058: Digital computer design (Prentice-Hall electrical engineering series : Computer applications in electrical engineering series)
0132142392: Digital PLL Frequency Synthesizers : Theory and Design
0132142473: Dilemmas of Administrative Behavior
0132142627: DILEMMAS OF POLITICAL PARTICIPATION Issues for Thought and Simulations for Action
0132142724: Applications of Digital Wireless Technologies to Global Wireless Communications
0132143046: Digital electronics with engineering applications (Prentice-Hall series in computer applications in electrical engineering)
0132143542: Digital and Microprogram Electronics : Theory Application Troubleshooting
0132143615: Dillavou and Howard's Principles of business law
0132144042: Dimensions of Social Welfare Policy
0132144115: Dim the flaring lamps;: A novel of the life of John Wilkes Booth
0132144379: Diogenes: The Story of the Greek Philosopher.
0132144786: Digital Logic And Switching Circuits Operation and Analysis
0132144867: Dimensions of social welfare policy
0132145103: Digital Logic and Computer Design
0132145367: Dinosaur Funny Bones
0132145456: Colossal fossils : dinosaur riddles
0132145693: Direct Approach to Counterpoint in Sixteenth Century Style
0132145855: Dinosaur Funny Bones
0132145936: Dilemmas of Presidential Leadership : Of Caretakers and Kings
0132146193: Digital Logic : Operation and Analysis
0132146282: Dinosaurs
0132146355: Digital Signal Processing
0132146436: Dinosaur Dos And Don'ts
0132146681: Dinosaur Do's and Dont's
0132146843: Dimensioning and Tolerance for Quantity Production
0132146932: Dinosaurs That Swam and Flew
0132147181: A diplomatic history of the American people
0132147262: Diplomatic History of the American People
0132147505: Direct Mail Copy That Sells!
0132147688: Direct Mail Copy That Sells!
0132147912: Direct Perception
0132149095: Director at Work
0132149168: Directory of Electronic Circuits: With a Glossary of Terms
0132149249: Directory of Electronic Circuits, with a Glossary of Terms
0132149419: Disaster Recovery Planning : A Practical Guide for Information Managers
0132150050: Discourse Across Cultures: Strategies in World Englishes (English in International Context)
0132150395: Disarmament and Development: A Design for the Future
0132150883: Digital System Design Using Programmable Logic Devices
0132151057: Introductory DC-AC Circuits
0132151464: Discovering Autocad Release 10
0132151537: Discrete and Integrated Electronics
0132152037: Discovering Canadian Art
0132152606: Discrete Structures : An Introduction to Mathematics for Computer Scientists
0132153440: Discover the Invisible
0132153696: The Discovery of Being
0132154188: Discrete Mathematical Structures for Computer Science
0132154277: Discrete Mathematics
0132154420: Directors' and officers' encyclopedic manual
0132154676: Director's and Officer's Complete Letter Book
0132154773: ISO 9000 Quality Manual Developer
0132154838: Display Design
0132154919: Display Design : An Introduction to the Art of Window Display
0132155338: Discovering Canada : A Developing Nation
0132155419: Discovering Canada Shpe Id
0132155583: Directory of Surprise Plays for Winning Football: How and When to Use Them
0132155745: Discover Writing : A Rhetoric Workbook for the Beginning Writer
0132155826: Discrete Event System Simulation
0132156164: Discovering Biological Science
0132156407: Discovery : How to Win Your Case Without Trial
0132156571: Discovering Canada Set Lnd
0132156733: Disabled? yes, defeated? no: Resources for the disabled and their families, friends, and therapists
0132156814: Disabled? Yes. Defeated? No
0132157233: Discipline : Negotiating Conflict with Today's Kids
0132157314: Discipline : Negotiating Conflict with Today's Kids
0132157497: Discovering Physical Science
0132157578: Disciplined Trader, The
0132157640: Discrete System Simulation
0132157985: Discipline, achievement, and mental health
0132158221: Disco Dressing: A Complete Guide for Men and Women on How to Create Seven Smash Disco Looks ..
0132158302: Disco Dressing : A Complete Guide to Creating Seven Smash Disco Looks, Including Basic, Thrift Shop, Bodywear, Rock 'n' Roll Jock, Roller Disco, Futuristic Prep
0132158493: Distributed Systems Computer Network
0132158558: Discipline: positive attitudes for learning (Foundations of secondary education)
0132158639: Discipline: Positive Attitudes for Learning
0132158647: Distributed Systems and Computer Networks
0132158892: Discrimination American Style : Institutional Racism and Sexism
0132158973: Discrimination American Style : Institutional Racism and Sexism
0132159066: Divorced Families Multidisciplinary
0132159139: Disco basics
0132159546: Discovery: a challenge to teachers (Prentice-Hall series in curriculum and teaching)
0132159635: Diving Basics
0132159961: Discrete Time Systems : An Introduction with Interdisciplinary Applications
0132160021: Discrete Data Control Systems
0132160366: Discrete Time and Computer Control Systems
0132160447: Discrete Optimization Integer Programming and Network Analysis for Management Decisions
0132160773: Discovering Your Teaching Self: Humanistic Approaches to Effective Teaching
0132160854: Discovering your teaching self;: Humanistic approaches to effective teaching (Prentice-Hall series in curriculum and teaching)
0132161028: Discrete-Time Control Systems
0132161192: Discovering Philosophy
0132161273: Discovering Philosophy
0132161354: Discussion and Conference
0132161508: Discrete Mathematics in Computer Science
0132161680: Disorders of Articulation
0132161761: Doctor's & Dentist's Concise Guide to Tax and Estate Planning Opportunities
0132161842: Distilled Wisdom.
0132162008: Divided They Stand
0132162016: Do-it-Yourself Marketing for the Professional Practice
0132162180: Disease Sex and Communication Behavio Volume 3
0132162261: Volume III Disease, Sex, Communication, Behavior
0132162342: Doctor's Private Healing Secrets
0132162431: Industrial-Strength SGML : An Introduction to Enterprise Publishing
0132162598: Distribution-Free Statistical Tests
0132162679: Doctor Cantor's Longevity Diet : How to Slow Down Aging and Prolong Youth and Vigor
0132162830: Dr. Gardner's Stories About the Real World
0132163004: Dr. Daro's Nutrition Prescriptions for Your Common Health Problems
0132163098: Twentieth Century Interpretations of Doctor Faustus: A Collection of Critical...
0132163179: DNA Complex and Adaptive Behavior
0132163330: Doctor Hurdle's program to retain youthfulness
0132163411: Doctor Morrison's Miracle Guide to Pain-Free Health and Longevity
0132163586: Doctor Morrison's Miracle Body Tune-up for Rejuvenated Health
0132163667: Doctor Morrison's Miracle Body Tune-up for Rejuvenated Health
0132163748: A Doctor's Eat-Hearty Guide for Good Health and Long Life
0132163756: Doctor's Proven New Home Cure for Arthritis
0132163829: Doctor's Cantor's Secrets of self-revitalization
0132164086: Divorce : How and When to Let Go
0132164167: Divorce: How and When to Let Go
0132164248: Divorce Law : The Complete Practical Guide
0132164329: Disorders in Higher Education
0132164574: Disordered Mind : What We Now Know About Schizophrenia
0132164655: Disordered Mind
0132164736: Doctor Homola'Sfat Disintegrator Diet
0132164817: Distributed Micro Minicomputer Systems : Structure, Implementation and Application
0132165074: Distributed Processing Systems
0132165236: Doctor Kadans' Herbal Weight Loss Diet
0132165317: Doctor Kadans' Herbal Weight Loss Diet
0132165651: Dr. Morrison's Miracle Guide to Pain-Free Health and Longevity
0132165724: Diva: The life and death of Maria Callas
0132165805: Doctors' Book on Hair Loss
0132165988: Doctors' Book on Hair Loss
0132166062: Do It Now : How to Stop Procrastinating
0132166143: Do It Now : How to Stop Procrastinating
0132166232: Do I Have to Give Up Me to Be Loved By You?
0132166569: Do-It-Yourself Video : A Beginner's Guide to Home Video
0132166801: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
0132166984: Distribution Clerk, Machine : Letter Sorting Machine Operator-U. S. Postal Service
0132167131: Do You Need a Lawyer?
0132167212: Do you need a lawyer? (A Spectrum book)
0132167972: Cleopatra's Nose, the Twinkie Defense, and Twelve Hundred Other Famous Catch Phrases
0132168537: A doctor's guide to helping yourself with homeopathic remedies
0132168618: Doc Blakely's Handbook of Wit and Pungent Humor
0132168790: Doctor's Quick Weight Loss Diet
0132168952: Doctor's Quick Inches-off Diet
0132169290: Doctor's Proven New Home Cure for Arthritis
0132169371: a Doctor's Quick Guide to Home Treatments for Over 200 Common Ailments
0132169452: Doctor Homola's Natural Health Remedies
0132169525: Dr. Homola's Macro-Nutrient Diet for Quick Permanent Weight Loss
0132169606: Dr. Gardner's Fairy Tales for Today's Children
0132169789: Doctor Van Fleet's Amazing New non-Glue-Food Diet
0132169878: Internetworking with TCP/IP Vol. 1 : Principles, Protocols, and Architecture
0132169940: Documents of American History
0132170000: Documents of American History
0132170191: Fundamentals of Microcomputers for Technology Students
0132170264: Doctor Schiff s Miracle Weight-Loss Guide
0132170345: Doctor's Proven New Home Cure for Arthritis
0132170426: Doctor's Proven New Way to Conquer Rheumatism and Arthritis
0132170671: Documents of American Broadcasting
0132170833: Doctor Dinosaur
0132170914: Dr. Romano's Megatetics weight reduction guide
0132171090: Doctor Weiner's Miracle diet for health and longevity.
0132171252: Doctor Morrison's Amazing Healing Foods : With Miracle Health Promoter M
0132171333: Documents of American Broadcasting
0132171422: Documentary Idea
0132171678: Documentation Development Methodology
0132171902: Do-It-Yourself Automotive Maintenance and Repair
0132172240: Dog Soldiers, Bear Men and Buffalo Women, A Study of the Societies and Cults of the Plains Indians
0132172259: Dogsled to Dread : A Miss Mallard Mystery
0132172402: Doctor Homola's Life Extender Health Guide : Secrets That Help You Live Longer
0132172577: Dog kill
0132172585: Doing Business with C
0132172747: Documents of American History Vol. 1 : To 1898
0132172828: Documents of American History, 10th Ed.
0132173077: Doing Justice
0132173158: Doing justice: How the system works--as seen by the participants
0132173247: Frommer's Switzerland and Liechtenstein, 1990-1991
0132173328: Frommer's Mid Atlantic States, 1990-1991
0132173409: Dollarwise Guide to Canada
0132173573: Italy 90
0132173654: Frommer's Guide to California and Las Vegas, 1990
0132173735: Englnd&Scotlnd 90
0132174154: Dimensions of Consumer Health
0132174316: Discipline for Self-Control
0132174499: Discrete-Event System Simulation
0132175061: DNA in Forensic Science: Theory, Techniques, and Applications (Ellis Horwood...
0132175223: Discrete Mathematics for Computing
0132175703: Doing Philosophy
0132175967: Doing Unto Others : Joining, Molding, Conforming, Helping, Loving
0132176041: Doing Unto Others
0132176130: Frommer's Dollarwise Guide to Canada
0132176211: Dollarwise Guide to Egypt
0132176394: Frommer's Dollarwise Guide to Florida
0132176475: Dollarwise Guide to Japan and Hong Kong
0132176548: Frommer's Dollarwise Guide to Skiing U. S. A. East
0132176629: Frommer's Dollarwise Guide to Skiing U. S. A. West
0132176882: Frommer's Dollarwise Guide to Bermuda and the Bahamas
0132176963: Frommer's Dollarwise Guide to the Caribbean
0132177048: Frommer's Dollarwise Guide to Germany
0132177129: Dollarwise Guide to New England
0132177382: Frommer's Dollarwise Guide to Switzerland
0132177536: Frommer's Dollarwise Southeast Asia, 1989-1990 (Frommer's Thailand)
0132177617: Frommer's Dollarwise Brazil 1989-1990 (Frommer's Brazil)
0132177870: Frommer's Dollarwise Usa, 1989-90
0132177951: Dollars and Sense of Estate Planning
0132178036: Frommer's Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg 1990-91 (Frommer's Belgium, Holland...
0132178117: Frommer's Dollarwise California and Las Vegas, 1989
0132178370: Dollarwise Guide to the North West (Frommer's Dollarwise Guide S.)
0132178451: Egypt Frommer
0132178788: Directory of World Futures and Options
0132178796: Modern Electronic Communication
0132179024: Dispute Resolution : A PC Bargaining Simulation
0132180170: Double the Power of Your Immune System
0132180251: Double the Power of Your Immune System
0132181088: Dimensions of Social Welfare Policy
0132181169: Discovering Destinations : A Geography Workbook for Travel and Tourism
0132181320: Director's and Officer's Complete Letter Book
0132181401: Dinosaur
0132181576: Discrete Mathematics
0132181819: Digital Signal Processing Laboratory Using the ADSP-2101 Microcomputer
0132181991: Dipole Moments and Birefringence of Polymers
0132182319: DISCRETE-EVENT SYSTEM SIMULATION, 2nd International Ed.
0132182564: Domestic Electronic Fuel Injection
0132182610: How Did American Slavery Begin
0132183145: Frommer's Dollarwise Guide to the Mid-Atlantic States
0132183226: Dombroff on Demonstrative Evidence
0132183390: Domestic Animal Behavior : Causes and Implications for Animal Care and Management
0132183552: New England 90
0132183897: Frommer's Germany, 1990 (Frommer's Germany)
0132184044: Don't be afraid: A program for overcoming your fears and phobias (A Spectrum book)
0132184125: Don't be Afraid
0132184206: Don't say you can't when you mean you won't: How to act in your own best interest
0132184389: Don't say you can't when you mean you won't: How to act in your own best interest
0132184532: Don't Choke
0132184540: Cst Acct&Ssm&1ky Bb A/Kt
0132184613: Don't Choke
0132184745: Sociology
0132184796: Don't Throw it out--Sell It : Convert the Clutter in Your Closets into Cash in Your Pocket
0132184877: Don't Throw It Out, Sell It
0132184966: Don't You Dare Shoot That Bear!
0132185040: Donald Kagin's Personal Guide to Rare Coin Investments
0132185121: Donald Kagin's Personal Guide to Rare Coin Investments
0132185296: Statis&Minitb CD&Gd&Mml
0132185385: DOS Workbook
0132185539: Working With DOS
0132185784: Dostoevsky : New Perspectives
0132185865: Dostoevsky : New Perspectives
0132185946: My Side of the Road
0132186020: Dorothy's World
0132186292: DOS-VSE and VSE-Power Job Control Language and Concepts
0132186365: Don Juan Tenorio: Drama Religioso-Fantastico En Dos Partes (STUDENT EDITION, SPANISH TEXT)
0132186454: Dos Unix Systems : Becoming a Super User
0132186772: Do You Know What Time It Is
0132186861: Do Your Parents Drive You Crazy?
0132186942: Consumer Behavior
0132187019: Exploring Microsoft Office 2003 Enhanced Edition
0132187027: Cleopatra's Nose: The Twinkie Defense, and 1500 Other Verbal Shortcuts in Popular Parlance
0132187221: Early Childhood Settings and Approaches DVD
0132187272: Doors into poetry (Prentice-Hall English literature series)
0132187361: Exercises in Library Technology
0132187434: Don Segundo Sombra
0132187485: Biological Science And Cw+ Gradebook Access Card
0132187493: Biological Science And Cw+ Gradebook Access Card
0132187507: Don't Ride the Bus on Monday : The Rosa Parks Story
0132187736: Prentice Hall ASE Brake & Engineering & Automotive Transaxle & Exam 9 Pack
0132187760: John Donne: A Collection of Critical Essays. by Gardner, Helen Louise, Dame
0132188260: Doubles for Takeout Penalties & Profit
0132188341: Doubles for Takeout, Penalties and Profit in Contract Bridge
0132188597: Dos Passos : A Collection of Critical Essays
0132188678: Dos Passos: A Collection Of Critical Essays
0132188759: Downward Bound: A Mad! Guide To Rock Climbing
0132188910: Double Post Basketball
0132189097: Down the Road.
0132189178: Double Your Energy and Live Without Fatigue
0132189828: Drama : Principles and Plays
0132190109: TypeSense
0132190303: Drama and Discussion
0132190486: STANDING ROOM ONLY Teacher's Guide
0132190559: English Through Drama
0132190648: DOS 4 : A Compete Course
0132190982: Infoworld : A DOS User's Guide to UNIX
0132191067: DOS
0132191083: Approaching Democracy
0132191105: American Journey:Brief (Set:Txt/HN/Documents)(w/CD) (V2) 3rd
0132191393: Tourism: Business of Travel (Set: Txt/Atlas) 3rd
0132191407: Algebra and Trigonometry
0132191415: College Algebra
0132191547: The Dragon and George
0132191601: Personal Finance an Integrated Plan 7ed
0132191970: Drag Reduction in Fluid Flows: Techniques for Friction Control
0132192128: Organizational Behavior: plusOneKey WebCT Access Kit - Hardcover
0132192152: GO! W/MS.OFFICE 2003,BRIEF ENH.ED.-PKG.
0132192268: Brock Biology Of Microorganisms And Student Companion Website Access Card
0132192543: Drawing : Space Form and Expression
0132192705: Elementary Education on the Internet
0132192845: Science in Elementary Education (Set:Txt/Sampler)(w/CD) 10th
0132192950: Drawing With Pastels
0132193035: Drawing With Pastels
0132193124: Drawing Handbook : Themes, Tools and Techniques
0132193450: The dream boats: The beautiful people on their beautiful yachts
0132193477: Chemistry: The Central Science (w/Solutions to Red Exercises and Student MediaPak) (Unopened)
0132193493: It's a Crime: Women & Justice 4th
0132193523: The Dreamtime Book
0132193531: Dreams, Evolution and Value Fulfillment : A Seth Book
0132193604: Drawing : The Creative Process
0132193787: Drawing : The Creative Process
0132193868: Drawing: The Creative Process ( Special Edition)
0132193957: Dreams, Evolution and Value Fulfillment : A Seth Book
0132194031: Drawing Out : Creative Personalized Whole Language Activities
0132194279: Test Item File Criminology Today An Integrative Introduction Fourth Edition Frank Schmalleger
0132194376: DOS : Beginning Through Advanced Skills
0132194600: Dreams, Evolution and Value Fulfillment : A Seth Book
0132194783: Dream Big : A Handbook for Making Dreams Come True
0132194864: Dream Big : A Handbook for Making Dreams Come True
0132194937: Dream On : A Dream Interpretation and Exploration Guide for Women
0132195011: Dream On : A Dream Interpretation and Exploration Guide for Women
0132195100: Dreaming
0132195275: Dreiser: a Collection of Critical Essays
0132195356: Dreiser; a collection of critical essays (A Spectrum book: Twentieth century views, S-TC-96)
0132195364: Dreamtime Concerning the Boundary Betwee
0132195437: Deschler's Rules of order
0132195771: Dressage for the New Age
0132196018: Drug Interactions Guide Book
0132196190: Drug Interactions Guide Book
0132196271: The Disability Law Reporter Service
0132196433: Discipline and the Disruptive Child : A New Expanded Practical Guide for Elementary Teachers
0132196689: Diversity and Change in Families
0132196816: Getting Started with Peachtree 2005
0132196824: Heritage of World Civilizations, TLC edition, Combined Volume
0132196948: Heritage of World Civilizations Teaching and Learning Classroom Edition, the, Vol 1
0132196956: Heritage of World Civilizations, Teaching and Learning Classroom Edition, the, Vol 2
0132197197: 'western Heritage
0132197340: Discovering Literature : Fiction, Poetry and Drama
0132197421: Discovering Literature Instructor's Resource Manual,pb,93
0132197618: Cornerstone Building Your Best + Video Cases on Cd
0132197839: Drawing the Human Form : Methods, Sources, Concepts
0132198258: Computer-Based Exercises for Signal Processing Using MATLAB
0132198339: Drawing Process : Rendering
0132198584: Discovering Fiction
0132198746: Doing Well While Doing Good : The Marketing Link Between Business and Nonprofit Causes
0132199084: Distributed Operating Systems
0132199157: Basic History of Western Art
0132199289: Physics
0132199327: A Practical Guide to Sec Proxy and Compensation Rules
0132199483: Govt Natl&Pract Tests Pk
0132199491: Govt Natl&1key A/Cde Bb
0132199505: Govt Natl&1key A/Cde Cc
0132199521: Govt Natl&Ke Real A/Crd
0132199572: Digital Simulation of Dynamic Systems : A Control Theory Approach
0132199653: Advanced Motif Progrm Techniques
0132199734: Understanding FDDI : A 100mbps Solution for Today's Corporate LANs
0132199815: Data Analysis Using Regression Models : The Business Perspective
0132199890: Govt Nsl&Pract Tests Pk
0132199998: Advanced Electronic Communication Systems
0132200058: Analysis and Design of Linear Circuits
0132200236: Govt Nsl&1ky A/Cde Bb Pk
0132200244: Govt Nsl&1ky A/Cde Cc Pk
0132200252: Govt Nsl&1key A/C Webct
0132200260: Govt Nsl&Mke It Real A/C
0132200287: Govt Tx&Pract Tests Pkg
0132200295: Govt Tx&1ky A/Cde Bb Pkg
0132200309: Govt Tx&1ky A/Cde Cc Pk
0132200317: Govt Tx&1ky A/C Webct
0132200325: Govt Tx&Mke Real A/Code
0132200341: Govt Brf&Pract Tests Pkg
0132200368: Govt Brfand1ky A/Cde BB Pk
0132200376: Govt Brf&1ky A/Cde Webct
0132200384: Govt Brf&Mke Real S/C Pk
0132200430: Govt Brf&1ky A/Cde Cc Pk
0132200449: Govt Brf&1key A/C Webct
0132200457: Govt Brf&Mke It Real A/C
0132200627: Electronic Communication
0132200740: Operations Management and Student CD & OneKey Blackboard Student Access Kit Pkg
0132201127: Control Systems Theory : From Linear Analysis to the Synthesis of Chaos
0132201380: Distributed Computing : Implementation and Management Strategies
0132201534: Drawing Dimensions
0132202026: Drills and Performance Objectives for Coaching Track and Field: Featuring the Challenge Method
0132202298: Drugs
0132202867: Digital System Design
0132203022: Directing Strategy : The Keys to High Performance
0132203049: Asking the Right Questions : A Guide to Critical Thinking
0132203138: College Algebra Essentials
0132203510: Diverse Paths of Economic Development
0132203529: Understanding Music: Folder (w/3 CDs & CD-ROM) 4th
0132203847: Statistics for Business and Economics, by Newbold, 6th Edition
0132204010: Driving Tours Scotland
0132204274: Driving Tours Germany
0132204355: Driving Tours Florida
0132204509: Drugs : Use, Misuse and Abuse
0132204681: Drug Targeting and Delivery : Concepts in Dosage Form Design
0132204924: Drugs : Use, Misuse, and Abuse, Test Item File
0132205904: Driver Education and Traffic Safety
0132205947: Math Power: How to Help Your Child Love Math, Even if You Don't, Revised Edition
0132206730: Justice Administration : Police, Courts, and Corrections Management
0132206749: Object-Oriented Software Composition
0132206862: From Day One : CEO Advice to Launch an Extraordinary Career
0132206951: Can a Guy Get Pregnant? : Scientific Answers to Everyday (and Not-So-Everyday) Questions
0132207230: Distribution Resource Planning
0132207400: Drugs of Choice: Current Perspectives on Drug Use
0132207648: Drug Dosage Calculations : A Guide for Current Clinical Practice
0132207729: Drugs of choice: Current perspectives on drug use
0132207982: Literature Compact and Navigating Blackboard
0132207990: Dropout Prevention Handbook : A Guide for Administrators, Counselors and Teachers
0132208067: Drownproofing: A New Technique for Water Safety
0132208148: The drug scene: help or hang-up? (Inquiry into crucial American problems)
0132208229: Drummer Hoff
0132208555: Drummer Hoff (Treehouse Paperbacks)
0132208717: Dryden: A Collection of Critical Essays.
0132208725: Literature of the Western World : The Ancient World Through the Renaissance
0132208970: The Duffer's Guide to Bogey Golf.
0132209055: W. E. B. Dubois
0132209063: Intermediate Algebra
0132209136: The Drug Scene: Help or Hang-up?
0132209217: The drug scene, help or hang-up? (Inquiry into crucial American problems)
0132209470: Drug Interactions Handbook
0132209543: Drug Interactions Handbook
0132209624: Duck Duck: Story and Pictures: Story and Pictures
0132209713: Dudick on Manufacturing Cost Controls
0132209977: Drug Enforcement Agent
0132210037: Drugs: Nursing Implications
0132210290: Information Technology in Action : Trends and Perspectives
0132210371: Bond Risk Analysis : A Guide to Duration and Convexity
0132210525: Engineering Your Future: Launching A Successful Entry-Level Technical Career In
0132210606: Managing Your Vendors : The Business of Buying Technology - A Complete Management Handbook for the Procurement of Technology from Vendors, Principles, Processes and Procedures, with a Case Study
0132210703: Exploring Microsoft Office 2003 , Volume 1 Revised
0132210770: Dunkirk, 1940;
0132210789: History and Systems of Psychology
0132210851: Duties and liabilities of corporate officers and directors
0132211033: Western Heriatge
0132211076: The Western Heritage: Teaching and Learning Classroom Edition, Combined Edition
0132211157: WHOLE CHILD-W/DVD
0132211173: Early Childhood Education Today and Early Childhood Settings and Approaches DVD
0132211432: Dynamics of American Politics
0132211505: Dwight Macdonald On Movies
0132211513: Vietnam
0132211688: Dynamics of American Politics
0132211742: Exploring Your Role and Early Education Settings and Approaches DVD
0132211858: Power to Persuade
0132212188: Dynamic Astronomy
0132212196: Dynamic Astronomy
0132212277: Dynamic astronomy
0132212420: Dynamic Behavior of Processes
0132212447: Intermediate College Algebra
0132212595: Dynamic Equilibrium Approach to Teaching Chemistry
0132212676: Dynamic Astronomy
0132212838: Dynamic ecology (Prentice-Hall biological science series)
0132212919: Duties and liabilities of school administrators
0132212927: Astronomy, Laboratory and Observation Manual
0132213257: Dynamic information and library processing
0132213338: Dynamic Astronomy
0132213419: Dynamic Laws of Prosperity : Forces That Bring Riches to You
0132213583: Dynamic Laws of Prosperity
0132213745: Dynamic Laws of Thinking Rich
0132214407: Dynamics of American Business
0132214741: Dynamics of Data Base
0132215160: Dynamic Programming for Optimal Water Resource Systems Analysis
0132215322: Drugs and Behavior
0132215608: Community College Experience
0132215659: Dynamic Soil-Structure Interaction
0132215748: Algebra and Trigonometry : An Early Functions Approach
0132215810: Dynamic Programming : Deterministic and Stochastic Models
0132216078: Drug Dependence
0132216493: Dusty Universe
0132216892: Dynamic teaching in the elementary school,
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