0140193391: Tao of the Loving Couple : True Liberation Through the Tao
0140193413: Miracle of Love: Stories About Neem Karoli Baba
0140193421: Questions to a Zen Master : Political and Spiritual Answers from the Great Japanese Master
0140193448: Zen Way to Martial Arts : A Japanese Master Reveals the Secrets of the Samurai
0140193456: Call for the Master : The Meaning of Spiritual Guidance on the Way to the Self
0140193464: Zen and Us
0140193472: Art and Soul : Notes on Creating
0140193480: Shamanic Voices : A Survey of Visionary Narratives
0140193499: Silent Pulse
0140193502: Life of Milarepa : A New Translation from the Tibetan
0140193510: Do It Yourself Shiatsu : How to Perform the Ancient Japanese Art of Acupuncture Without Needles
0140193529: Interior Design with Feng Shui
0140193537: Feng Shui : The Chinese Art of Placement
0140193553: Human Energy Systems
0140193561: Path of Action
0140193588: Tales of the Dervishes
0140193618: Your Hands Can Heal : Learn to Channel Healing Energy
0140193626: Reading the Body : Ohashi's Book of Oriental Diagnosis
0140193634: Trial of the Man Who Said He Was God
0140193669: Sorcerers' Crossing : A Woman's Journey
0140193693: Moment of Astrology : Origins in Divination
0140193707: Holy Madness : The Shock Tactics and Radical Teachings of Crazy-Wise Adepts, Holy Fools, and Rascal Gurus
0140193723: Merlin
0140194088: I Ching, Or Book Of Changes
0140194398: Astrology of I Ching
0140194401: Masks of God Vol. 4 : Creative Mythology
0140194428: Masks of God Vol. 2 : Oriental Mythology
0140194436: Masks of God Vol. 1 : Primitive Mythology
0140194460: I Ching and Its Associations
0140194479: Prophet
0140194487: Hidden Journey : A Spiritual Awakening
0140194495: Bestiary of Christ
0140194509: Golf in the Kingdom
0140194517: Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth
0140194525: Absolute Living : The Otherworldly in the World and the Path to Maturity
0140194533: Power of Personal Health
0140194541: The Sacred Paw: The Bear in Nature, Myth, and Literature
0140194576: Thank You and Okay : The Diary of an American Zen Failure in Japan
0140194592: Opening the Hand of Thought : Approach to Zen
0140194606: Psychosynthesis : A Collection of Basic Writings
0140194614: Myths to Live By
0140194622: The Western Way Omnibus : Volumes 1 and 2 (Arkana S.)
0140194630: Act of Will
0140194649: Oriental Magic
0140194657: Depression and the Body : The Biological Basis of Faith and Reality
0140194665: What the Bee Knows : Reflections on Myth, Symbol and Story
0140194673: Through the Labyrinth : Stories of the Search for Transformation in Everyday Life
0140194703: Farther Reaches of Human Nature
0140194711: Bioenergetics
0140194738: Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson
0140194762: Sacred Yew
0140194770: Pleasure : A Creative Approach to Life
0140194789: Love, Sex, and Your Heart
0140194800: From the Omens of Babylon
0140194819: Riding with the Lion : In Search of Mystical Christianity
0140194827: Complementary Medicine : A Guide to Natural Therapies
0140194851: Daimonic Reality
0140194878: Religions, Values and Peak Experiences
0140194886: Book of Chuang Tzu
0140194894: Astrology : A Key to Personality
0140194908: Dynasty
0140194916: Deerdancer : The Shapeshifter Archetype in Story and in Trance
0140194924: In the Zone : Transcendent Experience in Sports
0140194932: Joy : The Surrender to the Body and to Life
0140194940: Women in Search of the Sacred
0140194959: Athene : Image and Energy
0140194967: Of Water and the Spirit : Ritual, Magic and Initiation in the Life of an African Shaman
0140194975: Anatomy of Fate, The: Astrology and Kabbalah
0140194991: Medium, the Mystic and the Physicist : Toward a General Theory of the Paranormal
0140195017: Monks of War : The Military Religious Orders
0140195025: Tao of Jung : The Way of Integrity
0140195041: God Between : A Study of Astrological Mercury
0140195068: Voice of Kahlil Gibran an Anthology
0140195076: Light on Life : An Introduction to the Astrology of India
0140195106: Cult of the Black Virgin
0140195122: Psychology of Astrocartography
0140195130: Learning How to Learn : Psychology and Spirituality in the Sufi Way
0140195203: Psychology of Conciousness
0140195246: How to Find the Work You Love
0140195270: Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind : A Reporter's Notebook on Alien Abduction, UFOs and the Conference at M. I. T.
0140195289: Crossing the Threshold : The Astrology of Dreaming
0140195319: Witch's Dream : A Healer's Way of Knowledge
0140195335: Sacred Origins of Profound Things
0140195378: Transforming Depression : Healing the Soul Through Creativity
0140195394: Home Design from the Inside Out
0140195408: Long Trip : The Prehistory of Psychedelia
0140195432: Neal's Yard Natural Remedies
0140195459: Hopi Survival Kit : The Prophecies, Instructions and Warnings Revealed by the Last Elders
0140195467: Jesus the Son of Man
0140195491: Golf in the Kingdom
0140195505: Healing Power of the Mind
0140195513: Broken Wings
0140195521: Storm : Stories and Prose Poems
0140195548: Vision : Reflections on the Way of the Soul
0140195556: Spirit Brides
0140195564: Bodhisattva Archetype : Classic Buddhist Guides to Awakening and Their Modern Expression
0140195580: Ritual: Power, Healing, and Community
0140195602: Zen Soup : Tasty Morsels of Wisdom from Great Minds East and West
0140195610: Prophet
0140195629: Prophet the Life & Times of Kahlil Gibra
0140195645: Sibling Constellation
0140195688: Sitting : A Guide to Buddhist Meditation
0140195696: Yoga for Wellness
0140195718: Emerald Tablet : Alchemy for Personal Transformation
0140195734: Chiron and the Healing Journey : An Astrological and Psychological Perspective
0140195742: Tripping : An Anthology of True Life Psychedelic Adventures
0140195815: Gift : Poems by the Great Sufi Master
0140195823: Hidden Wisdom : A Guide to the Western Inner Traditions
0140195831: If the Buddha Dated : A Handbook for Finding Love on a Spiritual Path
0140195858: Life Is Real Only Then, When I Am
0140195874: One Continuous Mistake : Four Nobel Truths for Writers
0140195882: History of Education.
0140195963: Buddhism Plain & Simple
0140195998: Zen and the Art of Making a Living : A Practical Guide to Creative Career Design
0140196013: Alphabet Versus the Goddess : The Conflict Between Word and Image
0140196064: Tao of Abundance : Eight Ancient Principles for Living Abundantly in the 21st Century
0140196072: Joy in Loving : A Guide to Daily Living
0140196080: Interior Design with Feng Shui
0140196099: Who Are You? : 101 Ways of Seeing Yourself
0140196102: Simple Loving : A Path to Deeper, More Sustainable Relationships
0140196110: Feng Shui : The Chinese Art of Placement
0140196129: Path to Tranquility : Daily Wisdom
0140196153: The Dragon in the Land of Snows : A History of Modern Tibet Since 1947
0140196161: Pagan Book of Halloween : A Complete Guide to the Magick, Incantations, Recipes, Spells and Lore
0140196188: Lourdes : Body and Spirit in the Secular Age
0140196218: What Does My Future Hold? : 99 Ways to Plan Your Future
0140196226: If the Buddha Married : Creating Enduring Relationships on a Spiritual Path
0140196234: Subject Tonight Is Love : Sixty Wild and Sweet Poems of Hafiz
0140196242: It's a Meaningful Life : It Just Takes Practice
0140196269: Dalai Lama, My Son
0140196277: Looking for Mary : The Blessed Mother and Me
0140196285: Bone : Dying into Life
0140196293: Yoga for Transformation : Ancient Teachings and Practices for Healing the Body, Mind, and Heart
0140196307: Being Black : Zen and the Art of Living with Fearlessness and Grace
0140196323: Do-It-Yourself Shiatsu : How to Perform the Ancient Japanese Art of Acupressure
0140199004: Penguin Guide to the Caribbean, 1989
0140199012: Penguin Guide to England and Wales, 1989
0140199020: Penguin Guide to France, 1989
0140199047: Penguin Guide to Ireland, 1989
0140199055: Penguin Guide to Australia, 1989
0140199063: Penguin Guide to Canada, 1989
0140199071: Penguin Guide to New York City, 1989 : The Guide for Travelers Who Already Know That the Bronx Is up and the Battery's Down
0140199098: Penguin Guide to Hawaii, 1990
0140199101: Penguin Guide to Amsterdam
0140199128: Penguin Guide to England and Wales, 1990
0140199136: Penguin Guide to Mexico, 1990
0140199144: Pengiun Guide to France, 1990
0140199152: Penguin Guide to Spain, 1990
0140199160: Penguin Guide to Italy, 1990
0140199179: Penguin Guide to Ireland, 1990
0140199187: Penguin Guide to Canada, 1990
0140199195: Penguin Guide to New York City, 1990
0140199209: Penguin Guide to Portugal, 1990 : The Complete Guide to the Historic Cities and Beautiful Countryside of Portugal and the Islands of Madeira and the Azores
0140199217: Penguin Guide to Greece, 1990
0140199225: Penguin Guide to Germany, 1990
0140199233: Penguin Guide to Hawaii, 1991
0140199268: Penguin Guide to Mexico, 1991
0140199276: Penguin Guide to England and Wales, 1991
0140199284: Penguin Guide to Ireland, 1991
0140199292: Penguin Guide to France, 1991
0140199306: Penguin Guide to San Francisco and Northern California, 1991
0140199314: Penguin Guide to New York City, 1991
0140199322: Penguin Guide to Italy, 1991
0140199330: Penguin Guide to Canada, 1991
0140199349: Penguin Guide to Greece, 1991
0140199357: Penguin Guide to Portugal, 1991
0140199365: Penguin Guide to London, 1991
0140199373: Penguin Guide to Spain, 1991
0140200010: Intelligent Woman's Guide to Socialism, Capitalism, Sovietism, and Fascism
0140200436: Introducing Shakespeare
0140200614: An Introduction to Modern Architecture
0140200894: Comparative Religion (Pelican S.)
0140200991: A Book Of English Essays
0140201084: What Happened in History (Pelican S.)
0140201092: Outline of European Architecture
0140201629: Local government in England and Wales (Pelican books, A162)
0140201688: The Pyramids of Egypt (Pelican S.)
0140201858: Geology and Scenery in England and Wales (Pelican S.)
0140201874: River
0140201882: The burden of proof: A novel
0140201947: Psychology of Sex
0140201963: Romans
0140201971: England in the Nineteenth Century
0140202005: Aztecs of Mexico: Origin, Rise, and Fall of the Aztec Nation (Pelican S.)
0140202129: Tudor England
0140202218: The Economics of Everyday Life
0140202277: Our Language
0140202285: Buddhism
0140202315: England in the Eighteenth Century
0140202366: Facts from Figures
0140202390: Iran (Pelican S.)
0140202455: Beginnings of English Society
0140202528: English Society in the Early Middle Ages
0140202536: Spinoza (Pelican S.)
0140202552: The Normal Child and Some of His Abnormalities; Pelican S.
0140202579: The House of Commons at work
0140202595: Hitities
0140202625: Psychiatry Today (Pelican S.)
0140202684: England in the Seventeenth Century.
0140202714: Child Care and the Growth of Love
0140202730: Introduction to Jung's Psychology
0140202811: Uses and Abuses of Psychology (Pelican S.)
0140202897: The Literature of the United States (Pelican S.)
0140202900: The Age of Chaucer: Pelican Guide to English Literature
0140202927: Death of a Expert Witness
0140202943: Dreams and Nightmares (Pelican S.)
0140202951: GRASSES Guide to Their Structure, Identification, Uses, and Distribution in the British Isles
0140202978: A Short History of French Literature.
0140203109: The Etruscans.
0140203117: Islam
0140203133: The birth of the U.S.A., (Pelican books)
0140203206: Cicero and the Roman Republic (Pelican books)
0140203257: From Donne to Marvell (Pelican Guide to English Literature)
0140203389: Kant
0140203435: Five Hundred Years of Printing
0140203443: History of New Zealand
0140203478: Musical Instruments
0140203494: Aquinas
0140203702: Group Psychotherapy
0140203761: Dead Sea Scrolls
0140203796: The Pelican Guide to English Literature: From Dryden to Johnson : Volume 4 (Guide to English Lit)
0140203850: Sense and Nonsense in Psychology (Pelican S.)
0140203958: Ancient Civilizations of Peru
0140204024: The Pelican Guide to English Literature: From Blake to Byron : Volume 5 (Guide to English Lit)
0140204032: History of Modern France : from the First Empire to the Second Empire, 1799-1871
0140204059: Memory Facts and Fallacies
0140204318: Witches' Brew
0140204334: Theory of Evolution
0140204350: English Novel
0140204407: Judaism
0140204431: A Shortened History of England (Pelican S.)
0140204466: Hypnosis : Fact and Fiction
0140204474: The Face of the Earth (Pelican Books)
0140204482: Yoga (Pelican S.)
0140204504: Stonehenge
0140204539: The Psychology of Thinking (Pelican S.)
0140204598: Vikings
0140204628: Archaic Egypt
0140204644: A History of Spain and Portugal (Pelican S.)
0140204652: The Modern Age.
0140204792: Radio Astronomy (Pelican S.)
0140204830: Queen Elizabeth I
0140204849: Nude
0140204857: The Rise of the Meritocracy - 1870-2033
0140204881: Gospel of St. Matthew : Commentaries
0140204903: Gospel of St. Luke : Commentaries
0140204911: Gospel of Saint John : Commentaries
0140204938: Pelican History of Music
0140204946: Pelican History of Music
0140204970: Pioneers of Modern Design From William M
0140205020: Early Church, Pelican History of the Church
0140205039: Western Society and the Church in the Middle Ages
0140205047: Reformation
0140205055: Church and the Age of Reason
0140205063: Church in an Age of Revolution
0140205098: Greek Myths
0140205128: Evolution of Life
0140205152: Hinduism
0140205160: Know Your Own I. Q.
0140205217: Selected Writings and Designs
0140205225: Freud and the Post-Freudians
0140205233: Human Heredity (Pelican S.)
0140205241: Electronic Computers (Pelican S.)
0140205284: The Business of Management (Pelican S.)
0140205292: The Making of Modern Russia (Pelican S.)
0140205306: The Psychology of Perception (Pelican S.)
0140205314: Childhood and Adolescence (Pelican S.)
0140205330: Choral Music
0140205373: The Economic History of the World (Pelican books)
0140205438: The first original unexpurgated authentic Canadian book of lists
0140205454: Affluent Society.
0140205462: Middle Eastern Mythology
0140205470: Way of Zen
0140205489: Geography of World Affairs
0140205519: Dead Sea Scrolls in English
0140205543: Complete Plain Words
0140205551: The stagnant society (Pelican books)
0140205578: Aspects of the Novel
0140205608: The Growth of Plants (Pelican S.)
0140205624: Introducing science (Pelican books)
0140205640: Hitler a Story in Tyranny
0140205659: On Economics (Pelican S.)
0140205683: Mysticism
0140205705: World of Odysseus
0140205713: Two Short Accounts of Psychoanalysis
0140205780: Theory and Practice of Communism
0140205829: The Psychology of Study (Pelican) (Pelican S.)
0140205853: The Hidden Persuaders
0140205926: Orthodox Church
0140205950: Family and Kinship East London
0140206035: The Integrity of the Personality (Pelican S.)
0140206043: Techniques of Persuasion
0140206132: The Comprehensive School (Pelican S.)
0140206140: SCHOPENHAUER
0140206167: A History of British Trade Unionism (Pelican S.)
0140206205: History of Latin America
0140206221: Anarchism: A History Of Libertarian Ideas And Movements
0140206272: The Marxists (Pelican book)
0140206280: History of Christian Missions
0140206329: The Necessity of Art: A Marxist Approach
0140206345: The Family Life of Old People (Pelican)
0140206353: Literature and Criticism
0140206361: THE CONTEMPORARY CINEMA : 1945 - 1963
0140206388: Voters, Parties and Leaders (Pelican S.)
0140206469: Freedom the Individual & the Law
0140206477: Consumer, Society and the Law (Pelican S.)
0140206493: Sexual Deviation (Pelican S.)
0140206507: The Idea of Prehistory
0140206558: In Defense of Politics
0140206566: Check Your Own I. Q.
0140206590: Introducing Music
0140206604: Soviet Education
0140206612: Life and Work of Sigmund Freud
0140206647: Fundamentals Of Psychology
0140206655: Art of the Advocate
0140206701: Gods and Myths of Northern Europe
0140206744: Illustrated English Social History: Volume Three, The Eighteenth Century
0140206760: Writing Technical Reports
0140206779: The Cinema as Art (Pelican S.)
0140206787: Daily Life of the Aztecs.
0140206841: Victorian People
0140206884: Idea of Law
0140206906: A Guide to English Schools (Pelican S.)
0140206914: England in the Twentieth Century
0140206922: Crime in a changing society (Pelican books)
0140206949: Birth of Communist China (Pelican S.)
0140206965: Fact and Fiction in Psychology
0140207015: Bernini
0140207066: The Geography of African Affairs (Pelican S.)
0140207074: Use and abuse of statistics (Pelican books)
0140207104: Modern Economics (Pelican S.)
0140207112: History of Modern France : from the First Empire to the Second Empire, 1799-1871
0140207198: Patterns of Infant Care in an Urban Community (Pelican S.)
0140207244: Europe Since Napoleon
0140207341: Divided Self
0140207406: Read Better, Read Faster : A New Approach to Efficient Reading
0140207430: Sleep
0140207457: Witchcraft (Pelican S.)
0140207481: More Mathematical Puzzles and Diversions
0140207503: History of Soviet Russia
0140207511: History of Soviet Russia (Pelican Books)
0140207546: Childhood and Society (Revised Second Edition)
0140207554: Guide to the British Economy (Pelican S.)
0140207570: Stalin Political Biography
0140207597: A History of English Architecture (Pelican S.).
0140207694: History of India
0140207708: History of India
0140207716: The Miseducation of American Teachers
0140207724: Symphony
0140207732: The Symphony : Volume 2: Elgar to the Present Day (Pelican S.)
0140207740: Alcoholism
0140207759: New Horizons in Psychology (Pelican S.)
0140207767: Birth control in the modern world: The role of the individual in population control (Pelican books)
0140207791: The Family and Marriage in Britain (Pelican S.)
0140207821: Elites and Society
0140207902: Chemistry of Life
0140207929: Pelican History of Greece
0140207988: Communities in Britain (Pelican S.)
0140208062: Gothic (Pelican S.)
0140208070: Pre-Classical
0140208089: Mannerism
0140208097: Lenin (Pelican S.)
0140208127: Ancient Greeks
0140208143: The origins and growth of modern education
0140208275: Introduction to Contemporary History
0140208283: Ancient Iraq
0140208291: The Psychology of Learning (Pelican S.)
0140208313: Communications
0140208380: Psychology the Science of Mental Life
0140208399: Inigo Jones
0140208402: Mao Tse-Tung (Pelican S.)
0140208453: Palladio
0140208488: The Psychology of Human Ageing (Pelican S.)
0140208534: The Psychology of Interpersonal Behaviour (Pelican S.)
0140208569: Before the Mayflower: A History of the Negro in America 1619-1964
0140208593: Archaeology an illustrated Introduction
0140208631: Contrary Imaginations (Pelican Books)
0140208666: Dying
0140208712: Consumer's Guide to the British Social Services (Pelican S.) by Willmott...
0140208747: Joan of Arc, By Herself and Her Witnesses
0140208771: What Freud Really Said.
0140208801: The Accidental Century
0140208844: Kinship and Marriage
0140208895: Man and environment: crisis and the strategy of choice
0140208909: History of Economic Thought
0140208917: Synanon the Tunnel Back
0140208941: The Formation of the American Republic, 1776-1790
0140208968: Medieval Economy and Society
0140208976: Pelican Economic History of Britain Vol. 2 : Reformation to Industrial Revolution
0140208984: Pelican Economic History of Britain Vol. 3 : Industry and Empire
0140208992: The Psychotic : Understanding Madness (Pelican S.)
0140209042: The Pelican History of Psychology (Pelican S.)
0140209085: Keynes and After
0140209093: Europe Grandeur and Decline
0140209115: Psychology of Childhood and Adolescence
0140209158: Communist Manifesto
0140209204: New Science of Strong Materials
0140209298: Theatre of the Absurd
0140209352: Art of Australia
0140209409: Summerhill
0140209433: Learning to Philosophize
0140209441: Victorian Cities
0140209468: The Captive Wife
0140209476: Theory of the Modern Stage
0140209646: The Founding Fathers of Social Science (Pelican S.)
0140209662: Chartres (Pelican S.)
0140209700: The Spanish Civil War (A Pelican book) by Thomas, Hugh
0140209743: The Psychology of Play (Pelican S.)
0140209778: Australian & the Law Rev Edition
0140209786: Neo-Classicism
0140209794: The Navy (Pelican S.)
0140209859: The Nervous System (Pelican Medical S.)
0140209875: The Anatomy of Judgement (Pelican S.)
0140210016: Awakening of Europe
0140210040: Enlightenment
0140210067: Muse and Thinker.
0140210083: Marital Breakdown (Pelican S.)
0140210105: Microbes and Man (Pelican)
0140210121: Religion in Secular Society (Pelican S.)
0140210156: Changing Man's Behaviour (Pelican S.)
0140210164: Plastics in the Modern World (Pelican S.)
0140210172: Work (Pelican S.)
0140210210: On Being the Church in the World (Pelican)
0140210229: Dictionary of American Politics (Pelican S.)
0140210237: Image as Language: Aspects of British Art, 1950-68 (Pelican S.)
0140210245: Adolescent Boys of East London (Pelican S.)
0140210253: Earth Moon & Planets
0140210350: The Making of the English Landscape (Pelican S.)
0140210369: The Cultural Revolution in China
0140210423: Money international (Pelican books, A 1042)
0140210431: Imperial Spain 1469 to 1716
0140210466: Politics in France (Pelican S.)
0140210490: Historical Theology
0140210504: The Pelican Guide to Modern Theology (Pelican S.)
0140210512: Toward a Democratic Left: A Radical Program for a New Majority
0140210539: Two Accounts of a Journey Through Madness
0140210547: Political Ideas
0140210563: Abuse of Power (Pelican S.)
0140210652: Anxiety and Neurosis (Pelican S.)
0140210660: White Over Black: American Attitudes Toward The Negro, 1550-1812
0140210695: The Pelican Book of English Prose: Prose of the Romantic Period 1780-1830
0140210768: Roman Civilization (Pelican S.)
0140210776: China in the Year 2001
0140210806: Civilian resistance as a national defence: non-violent action against aggression, (Pelican books)
0140210814: Ambidextrous Universe
0140210830: Pelican History of Canada
0140210857: Pelican History of Medieval Europe
0140210865: The Road to War, the Origin and Aftermath of the Arab-Israrli Conflict 1967/8
0140210873: Insight into Management Accounting
0140210903: The costs of economic growth (Pelican books)
0140210911: Political Leaders of Latin America (Pelican S.)
0140210938: Miracle in Milan
0140210946: Two Screenplays: The Blood of a Poet and the Testament of Orpheus
0140210954: The menstrual cycle
0140210962: English Progressive Schools
0140210970: Computers, Managers and Society (Pelican S.)
0140211020: Search for Pattern
0140211047: Drugs (Pelican S.)
0140211055: In the Service of Old Age: The Welfare of Psychogeriatric Patients.
0140211152: How Children Fail
0140211160: JFK and LBJ : The Influence of Personality upon Prejudice
0140211179: Politics of American Science, the
0140211195: The Architects of the Parthenon (Pelican S.)
0140211217: We all fall down: The prospects of biological and chemical warfare (Pelican books)
0140211233: Peasants of North Vietnam
0140211268: American Power and the New Mandarins
0140211284: Israel and the Arabs
0140211292: Management thinkers; (Pelican library of business and management)
0140211314: About Chinese (Pelican S.)
0140211330: How Children Learn.
0140211349: Instinct' and 'intelligence: The Behaviour of Animals and Man
0140211357: The Medieval Imprint: The Founding of the Western Tradition
0140211381: The weapons culture (Pelican books)
0140211403: Truman Presidency the History of a Trium
0140211411: Psychology of Communication:Seven Essays
0140211438: Innocent Eye the Life of Robert J Flaher
0140211446: Testaments of Time Search for Lost Manus
0140211454: Politics in the U.S.a. (Pelican)
0140211489: Soviet Communism and Agrarian Revolution (Pelican S.)
0140211497: Prehistoric Societies
0140211519: Drugs and Human Behaviour
0140211527: Architecture in Australia: A History
0140211535: The modern culture of Latin America: Society and the artist (A Pelican book)
0140211543: Family Planning.
0140211578: Sanity, Madness and the Family
0140211586: Unless Peace Comes
0140211594: Red China Today ( the Other Side of the River )
0140211616: Western capitalism since the war (Pelican books)
0140211624: Population Control
0140211632: Frames of Mind
0140211667: From the silent earth;: A report on the Greek bronze age, (A Pelican book)
0140211675: Toward the African Revolution
0140211691: Oil and World Power (Pelican S.)
0140211705: Comparative Government
0140211748: WARRANT FOR GENOCIDE the Myth of the Jewish World Conspiracy and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion
0140211756: Reflections on the Revolution in France 1968 (Pelican)
0140211772: The body (Pelican books)
0140211780: Los Angeles
0140211810: English History 1914-1945
0140211829: Let's Look at the Figures: The Quantitative Approach to Human Affairs
0140211837: Understanding Medicine (Pelican S.)
0140211845: Architecture of Michaelangelo
0140211888: The Learning Society
0140211896: The Black Death
0140211918: Roosevelt and World War Two
0140211926: Korea: The Limited War
0140211950: Isambard Kingdom Brunel.
0140211969: Rudyard Kipling: His Life and Work
0140211985: Paul's Letters From Prison: Philippians, Colossians, Philemon and Ephesians
0140211993: Shape of Community Realization of Human
0140212000: Language Truth and Logic
0140212027: Towards One Europe (Pelican S.)
0140212035: The Psychology of Superstition (Pelican S.)
0140212043: Foreign Policies of the Founding Fathers
0140212078: War Gaming
0140212094: Marx in His Own Words
0140212116: Celts
0140212124: The Universe: from Flat Earth to Quasar.
0140212159: Value Systems and Social Process
0140212167: Intelligence and Personality (Pelican S.)
0140212175: Conflict of interest in the Eisenhower administration
0140212191: Archaeology Under Water (Pelican S.)
0140212205: Magical Medicine (Pelican S.)
0140212248: Positivist philosophy from Hume to the Vienna Circle; (Pelican books)
0140212256: The Black American Writer : Volume 1: Fiction (Pelican S.)
0140212264: Black American Writer Vol.2, Poetry and Drama
0140212299: The Anglo-Saxons (Pelican books)
0140212302: The Israel-Arab reader: a documentary history of the Middle East conflict
0140212310: Protest and Discontent (Pelican S.)
0140212329: The Making of a Feature Film (Pelican S.)
0140212337: Noise
0140212345: Human Aggression
0140212353: The practice of astrology as a technique in human understanding (A Pelican book)
0140212361: Concentration and Meditation
0140212426: Conflict and Transformation the United States 1844-1.
0140212434: Pelican History of the United States of America (The Pelican History of the United States)
0140212450: Pelican History of the United States of America (The Pelican History of the United States)
0140212469: One Nation Divisible : Class, Race, and Ethnicity in the United States since 1938
0140212477: Rise to globalism: American foreign policy since 1938
0140212485: An Anthology of Indian Literature (A Pelican Original)
0140212493: Four classical Asian plays in modern translation
0140212515: Development in a divided world
0140212523: Steering the Economy: The Role of the Treasury
0140212558: Labyrinth of Language.
0140212566: Nationalism
0140212574: Prayer and Meditation (Pelican S.)
0140212590: Income Distribution
0140212604: John Keats
0140212620: Not found - converted to zShop
0140212639: Lawrence Of Arabia
0140212647: A History of Modern Ireland (Pelican S.)
0140212663: Design as Art (Pelican S.)
0140212671: Russia, China and the West (Pelican S.)
0140212736: Science and Society (Pelican S.)
0140212744: The Continental Renaissance 1500-1600 (Guide to European Lit)
0140212779: Ecstatic Religion : An Anthropological Study of Spirit Possession and Shamanism (Pelican S.)
0140212825: Beliefs in Society (Pelican S.)
0140212841: Fifty Years of Communism:Theory and Practice, 1917-1967
0140212868: The Dolphin, Cousin to Man
0140212884: Men & Dinosaurs the Search in Field &
0140212892: The Strange Case of Pot
0140212906: The Invasion of the Moon, 1957-70 (Pelican S.)
0140212914: Ancient Regime in Europe
0140212922: The Psychology of Moral Behaviour (Pelican S.)
0140212930: Images of Deviance (Pelican S.)
0140212957: Aid as Imperialism
0140212965: Maya
0140212973: Lenin and the Russian Revolution
0140212981: Elizabeth I and the Unity of England
0140213023: Sex, Psyche, Etcetera in the Film (Penguin Twentieth-Century Classics)
0140213031: Havana Journal
0140213058: Realism
0140213066: Resources for Britain's Future (Pelican S.)
0140213074: King
0140213082: Other America
0140213090: The Way of Transcendence (Pelican S.)
0140213104: The Psychology of Learning Mathematics (Pelican S.)
0140213120: Punishment : Supposed Justifications
0140213147: A New Britannia
0140213198: Environmental Revolution
0140213228: God Is Not Yet Dead
0140213252: The Joyful Community (Pelican Books, A1325)
0140213279: Business Adventures.
0140213325: Linguistics (Pelican S.)
0140213333: Grammar (Pelican S.)
0140213341: Capitalism and Underdevelopment in Latin America: Historical Studies of Chile and Brazil
0140213392: Political Changes in Britain, Forces Shaping Electoral Choice
0140213406: Guatemala--Another Vietnam
0140213414: For the Liberation of Brazil (Latin American Library)
0140213422: China comes of age; (Pelican books)
0140213465: Wealth:an Essay on the Purposes of Economics: An Essay on the Purposes of Economics
0140213473: The 20 Latin Americas: Volume 1
0140213511: Population (Pelican S.)
0140213562: The Chicanos : Mexican American Voices (Pelican Original)
0140213570: Dual-career families (Pelican books)
0140213589: Technological Forecasting (Pelican Library of Business & Management)
0140213597: The Problem of Slavery in Western Culture (Pelican)
0140213627: Complete Guide to Retail Management
0140213651: A Modern Geography of the United States (Pelican S.) by Estall, Robert C.
0140213678: Greek Society
0140213694: Divided Ulster (Pelican S.)
0140213724: Flaubert, The Making of th Master
0140213759: Phoenicians
0140213767: Self and Others
0140213848: Business in Britain
0140213864: Idea of Progress
0140213880: New Lives New Landscapes
0140213902: THE WAY OF ACTION
0140213910: Before Nature Dies
0140213929: Buddhist Philosophy in Theory and Practice
0140213937: The Struggle for the Middle East : The Soviet Union and the Middle East 1958-70 (Pelican S.)
0140213945: Agony at Easter: The 1916 Irish uprising (Pelican books)
0140213961: Arthur's Britain
0140214038: Economic History of the U. S. S. R.
0140214062: PAPUA NEW GUINEA Black Unity or Black Chaos?
0140214089: Picasso : his life and work
0140214097: Sukarno: A Political Biography
0140214100: Management Decisions and the Role of Forecasting (Pelican S.)
0140214119: Europe since Hitler : The Rebirth of Europe
0140214127: British Museum a Case Study in Architec
0140214135: Industrial Archaeology in Britain
0140214151: Empty Space
0140214186: Management & Production
0140214194: Social Psychology of Work
0140214208: Early Medieval (Pelican S.)
0140214216: Short History of Western Music
0140214224: Total War : Causes and Courses
0140214232: Radical Perspectives in the Arts
0140214240: Campus War
0140214259: Woman's estate (Pelican books)
0140214291: Cambao-the Yoke (Latin American Library)
0140214321: Biocrats:Implications of Medical Progress
0140214356: Report from a Swedish village; (Pelican books)
0140214364: Servants of God or Masters of Men: The Story of a Capuchin Mission in Amazonia
0140214372: H. G. Wells-- His Turbulent Life And Times.
0140214402: The life of John Maynard Keynes, (Pelican biographies)
0140214437: Churches Search for Unity
0140214453: Mechanism of Mind
0140214461: Use of Lateral Thinking
0140214526: The Destruction of Aboriginal Society (Aboriginal Policy and Practice, Volume 1)
0140214534: Outcasts in White Australia (Aboriginal Policy and Practice, Volume 2)
0140214542: The Remote Aborigines (Aboriginal Policy and Practice, Volume 3)
0140214569: Language and Learning
0140214585: Leaves of Spring Schizophrenia & Famil
0140214593: Drama in Performance (Pelican S.)
0140214607: Opposition (Pelican S.)
0140214615: Tyranny: A Study in the Abuse of Power
0140214623: SEX IN LATER LIFE
0140214666: Looking for Dilmun
0140214682: Growth of Personality : From Infancy to Old Age
0140214704: Gomulka: His Poland and His Communism (Pelican S.)
0140214720: Wilhelm Reich and Orgonomy
0140214747: Bandits
0140214771: Film As Film
0140214836: Jane Austens Novels a Study in Structure
0140214844: Elizabethan World Picture
0140214860: Rescue Archaeology (Pelican S.)
0140214887: The eighteenth-century background: studies on the idea of nature in the thought of the period (Pelican books)
0140214917: D. H. Lawrence, novelist (Pelican books).
0140214933: Acting Out America: Essays on Modern Theatre
0140214968: Brazil (Latin American Library)
0140214992: Dickens the Novelist
0140215034: The Palestinian Resistance
0140215093: Aspects of Antiquity
0140215107: Unequal Shares: Wealth in Britain (Pelican S.)
0140215123: Twins and Supertwins (Pelican S.)
0140215131: The lords of human kind: European attitudes towards the outside world in the Imperial Age (Pelican books)
0140215182: The last resource: Man's exploitation of the oceans (A Pelican book)
0140215190: Freedom to Starve
0140215212: History of the Italian People
0140215220: Weapons and Tactics
0140215239: Greek Literature in Translation:Translations from Greek Prose and Poetry
0140215255: International Politics: Conflict and Harmony (Pelican)
0140215271: Overcoming the Fear of Death
0140215298: Evolution and Revolution (Pelican S.)
0140215344: Modern movements in architecture
0140215379: Democracy
0140215387: The Right to Be Different : Deviance and Enforced Therapy (Pelican S.)
0140215425: Origins and Growth of Sociology
0140215484: Children under Stress
0140215514: Atoms and the Universe (Pelican S.)
0140215549: Peasant rebellion in Latin America: The origins, forms of expression, and potential of Latin American peasant unrest (The Pelican Latin American library)
0140215557: Beardsley (Pelican biographies)
0140215581: Computerized Society
0140215603: Phonetics
0140215697: Existentialism
0140215700: Fanshen: A Documentary of Revolution in a Chinese Village
0140215719: Australian Newtown
0140215735: Ethics and the New Testament
0140215751: Immigrant Experience : The Anguish of Becoming American
0140215778: The best of I. F. Stone's weekly;: Pages from a radical newspaper;
0140215794: Industrial Ism and Industrial Man
0140215824: Victorian Underworld
0140215832: Mineral Resources (Pelican S.)
0140215867: Outlaws of America: The Underground Press and Its Context
0140215875: Speaking to Each Other Vol 1 Society
0140215913: Polluting Britain: a Report: A Report (Pelican S.)
0140215921: Race and Intelligence
0140215948: Karl Marx (Pelican S.)
0140215956: Medical Risks of Life (Pelican S.)
0140215980: Jane
0140216006: Dutch Seaborne Empire, Sixteen Hundred to Eighteen Hundred
0140216014: Only one Earth: The care and maintenance of a small planet: an unofficial report commissioned by the Secretary-General of the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment, (Pelican books)
0140216022: Inishkillane: Change and Decline in the West of Ireland (Pelican S.)
0140216073: A Portrait of English Racism (Pelican S.)
0140216111: China: the Revolution Continued.
0140216154: Women, Resistance and Revolution
0140216162: Rights and Wrongs of Women
0140216189: Plastics in the Modern World
0140216197: The Death of Jesus
0140216227: Henry Moore (Pelican S.)
0140216243: Because They're Black (Pelican S.)
0140216251: A Guide to the Political Parties of South America (Pelican S.)
0140216278: The Cold War and Counterespionage
0140216294: The Jews in Business
0140216316: Ways of Seeing
0140216464: The Spanish seaborne empire (The History of human society)
0140216480: The Chinese Road to Socialism
0140216502: Druids
0140216510: Yoga and Medicine
0140216529: Worlds Apart (Pelican S.)
0140216553: The hippie trip (A Pelican book)
0140216561: Robopaths (Pelican S.)
0140216588: The Barbarians
0140216596: Prison writings.
0140216634: Quaker by Convincement
0140216650: Six European Directors (Pelican S.)
0140216677: Grundrisse Foundations of the Critique of Political Economy
0140216685: Early Writings. Intro. By Lucio Colletti. Trans. By Rodney Livingstone and Gregor Benton
0140216693: Japanese imperialism today: co-prosperity in greater East Asia, (Pelican books)
0140216707: Before Civilization
0140216782: Dead End
0140216790: The Psychology of Consciousness
0140216804: Medicine and Man (Pelican S.)
0140216812: On Revolution
0140216820: Japanese society (Pelican sociology)
0140216863: Politics and Deviance
0140216898: My War With the Cia the Memoirs of Princ
0140216901: Alexander of Macedon, 356-323 B.C.
0140216928: Classic Slum : Salford Life in the First Quarter of the Century
0140216936: Conflict in Man-Made Environment
0140216944: Semantics
0140216979: Birds, Beasts and Men: A Humanist History of Zoology
0140216987: Roots of War
0140216995: Exploring new ethics for survival : the voyage of the spaceship Beagle
0140217010: Film and Reality (Pelican S.)
0140217029: Words or Blows: Racial Attitudes in Australia (Pelican S.)
0140217037: The Tupamaros; Urban Guerillas in Uruguay
0140217045: Underground Film a Critical History
0140217053: Concepts of Modern Art
0140217061: Roman myths (Pelican books).
0140217088: Social Therapy in Psychiatry (Pelican S.)
0140217142: The Empty Hours: A Study of the Weekend Life of Handicapped Children in Institutions
0140217177: Woman's Consciousness, Man's World
0140217185: Chile's Road to Socialism
0140217215: Weimar Culture The Outsider as Insider
0140217223: Art and Photography
0140217258: Urban and Regional Planning
0140217266: Case Studies in Management Accounting (Pelican S.)
0140217282: Ego and Archetype
0140217290: Psychonalysis and Women
0140217320: Europe Journey To an Unknown Destinatio
0140217347: Freud Library Jokes
0140217371: Freud Library Studies on Hysteria
0140217428: Pelican Freud Library Case Histories
0140217436: Pelican Freud Library Case Histories
0140217517: Britain and Her Army, 1509-1970: A Military, Political and Social Survey.
0140217525: Freedom and Beyond
0140217541: Understanding the female orgasm (Pelican books)
0140217568: Gods Graves & Scholars
0140217576: The Biological Imperatives : Health, Politics, and Human Survival
0140217584: Flation: not inflation of prices, not deflation of jobs;: What you always wanted to know about inflation, depression, and the dollar (A Pelican book A1758)
0140217630: The Popish Plot
0140217681: A History of Soviet Russia : Volume 4: Foundations of a Planned Economy 1926-1929 (Hist of Soviet Russia)
0140217703: Psychoanalysis and feminism (A Pelican book)
0140217711: In Search of Nixon: A Psychohistorical Inquiry
0140217738: Prehistory of Australia
0140217746: The Australian Aborigines: A Portrait of Their Society.
0140217754: Economics of the Real World (Pelican S.)
0140217770: The Nuclear Trap : An Escape Route (Pelican S.)
0140217797: The Age of Realism (Guide to European Lit)
0140217800: Depression and the Body : The Biological Basis of Faith and Reality
0140217835: Nature of Greek Myths
0140217843: British Transport: An Economic Survey from the Seventeenth Century to the Twentieth (Pelican S.)
0140217851: Italian Fascism (Pelican S.)
0140217878: The Radical therapist (Pelican books)
0140217886: How Israel Lost Its Sol
0140217924: Latin American Development (Pelican S.)
0140217932: Behavioural Science in Management (Pelican S.)
0140217959: The Life of Ezra Pound
0140217975: Anthony Caro
0140217983: Your Local Education (Pelican S.)
0140218009: Tito (Pelican S.)
0140218025: Sociolinguistics An Introduction
0140218033: The Man in the Street: A Polemic on Urbanism
0140218041: Roman Society
0140218068: Rich Against Poor
0140218076: Longshot
0140218084: Man Environment & Disease in Britain
0140218092: Marxists on Literature
0140218106: Paul's Letter to the Romans
0140218130: People's Land : Eskimos and Whites in the Eastern Arctic
0140218149: Pastoral Epistles: 1 and 2 Timothy, Titus (Pelican New Testament Commentary)
0140218173: Resistance in Europe, 1939-45 (Pelican S.)
0140218181: Arabia Without Sultans
0140218211: Townscapes (Pelican S.)
0140218238: High Renaissance
0140218246: Caught in the Act: Children, Society and the Law
0140218270: Byzantine Style and Civilization
0140218319: Rethink : Radical Proposals to Save a Disintegrating World
0140218335: Bereavement: Studies of grief in adult life (Pelican books)
0140218351: Indian Heritage of America
0140218378: Popular Literature (Pelican S.)
0140218386: The Arms Trade with the Third World
0140218424: Human Sexuality And The Mentally Retarded
0140218432: The Healer's Art: New Approach to the Doctor-patient Relationship (Pelican S.)
0140218440: The debt trap: The IMF and the Third World (Pelican books)
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