0140710647: Looking at Buildings
0140710663: Lothian Excluding Edinburgh : Buildings of Scotland
0140710795: Argyll and Bute
0140710817: Buildings Ireland North West Ulster Country
0140710981: Buildings of England Gloucestershire
0140711007: Buildings of England, City of London, Churches
0140713034: Saint Joan: a Chronicle Play in Six Scenes and an Epilogue
0140714014: Macbeth
0140714022: Coriolanus
0140714030: Measure for Measure
0140714049: Winter's Tale
0140714057: Hamlet
0140714065: Richard II
0140714073: First Part of King Henry the Fourth
0140714081: King Henry IV
0140714103: Othello
0140714111: Twelfth Night
0140714138: Troilus and Cressida
0140714146: King Lear
0140714154: Tempest
0140714162: Richard III
0140714170: As You Like It
0140714189: Midsummer Night's Dream
0140714197: Romeo and Juliet
0140714200: Antony and Cleopatra
0140714219: Merchant of Venice : Texts and Contexts
0140714227: Julius Caesar
0140714235: Sonnets
0140714243: Merry Wives of Windsor
0140714251: Taming of the Shrew
0140714278: Love's Labour's Lost
0140714286: Cymbeline
0140714294: Timon of Athens
0140714308: All's Well That Ends Well
0140714316: Two Gentlemen of Verona
0140714324: Comedy of Errors
0140714332: Titus Andronicus
0140714340: Henry VI, Parts 1-3
0140714359: Henry VI, Parts 2 and 3
0140714367: Henry VIII
0140714375: Narrative Poems, and Poems of Doubtful Authenticity
0140714383: Pericles
0140714499: Complete Pelican Shakespeare
0140714502: The Complete Works
0140714510: Taming of the Shrew
0140714529: Antony and Cleopatra
0140714537: Shakespeare Sonnets
0140714545: Tragical History of Hamlet Prince of Denmark
0140714553: Midsummer Night's Dream
0140714561: First Part of King Henry the Fourth
0140714588: Henry V
0140714596: King John
0140714618: The Two Gentlemen of Verona
0140714626: Merchant of Venice : Texts and Contexts
0140714634: Othello PEL
0140714642: The Merry Wives of Windsor (Pelican Shakespeare)
0140714650: First Part of Henry the Sixth
0140714669: The Second Part of Henry the Sixth
0140714677: The Third Part of Henry the Sixth (Pelican Shakespeare)
0140714685: Julius Caesar
0140714693: Pericles
0140714715: As You Like It
0140714723: Cymbeline
0140714731: Coriolanus
0140714758: Henry VIII
0140714766: King Lear
0140714774: Love's Labour's Lost
0140714782: Macbeth PEL
0140714790: Measure for Measure
0140714804: Much Ado about Nothing
0140714812: William Shakespeare : The Narrative Poems
0140714820: Richard II
0140714839: Richard III
0140714847: Romeo and Juliet
0140714855: Tempest
0140714863: Troilus and Cressida
0140714871: Timon of Athens
0140714898: Twelfth Night
0140714901: King Lear : The 1608 Quarto and the 1623 Folio Texts
0140770046: Charles Dickens' Great Expectations (Passnotes S.)
0140770062: George Eliot's Silas Marner (Passnotes S.)
0140770089: Macbeth
0140770100: Shakespeare's King Henry IV, Pt.1 (Passnotes S.)
0140770127: Economics (Passnotes S.)
0140770151: Mathematics
0140770194: Penguin Critical Studies
0140770208: English Language (Passnotes S.)
0140770224: Penguin Passnotes
0140770259: William Shakespeare, As You Like It (Penguin Passnotes)
0140770275: Human Biology (Passnotes S.)
0140770348: Arnold Wesker's Roots (Passnotes S.)
0140770356: Gerald Durrell's My Family and Other Animals (Passnotes S.)
0140770380: Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream (Passnotes S.)
0140770461: Lord of the Flies
0140770518: Shaw's Pygmalion (Passnotes S.)
0140770712: Penguin Passnotes Economics
0140771018: Hamlet
0140771034: Penguin Masterstudies PHYSICS The Key to Examination Success
0140771069: Othello
0140771107: Canterbury Tales Prologue
0140771204: Tempest
0140771328: Poetry of W. B. Yeats
0140771336: Shakespeare : Twelfth Night
0140771344: Heart of Darkness
0140771387: Economics (Penguin Masterstudies Series)
0140771417: Shakespeare : Coriolanus
0140771468: Shakespeare's History Plays : Richard II to Henry V, the Making of a King
0140771492: Shakespeare Pt. 2 : Henry the Fourth
0140771506: Masterstudies Don Juan and Other Poems
0140771654: Emily Bronte, Wuthering Heights
0140771719: Poetry of Alexander Pope
0140771727: Tennyson
0140771735: George Eliot : Middlemarch
0140771743: Joyce : Portrait of the Artist As a Young Man
0140771808: Conrad's Nostromo (Critical Studies S.)
0140771816: The Tragedy of Richard the Third
0140771824: Milton : The English Poems of 1645
0140771859: Chaucer
0140771867: Christopher Marlowe, Doctor Faustus
0140771883: Jane Austen : Emma and Persuasion
0140771913: Shakespeare : King Lear
0140771948: Othello
0140771956: John Milton : Paradise Lost
0140771972: Great Gatsby
0140772006: Starting a Business on a Shoestring (Self-starters S.)
0140772014: Marketing
0140772049: Good Business Communication (Self-starters S.)
0140772189: Advertising
0140772235: Accounting
0140772294: Poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins
0140772308: Tempest
0140772340: Shakespeare : Text into Performance
0140772375: Lawrence : Sons and Lovers
0140772413: Job Hunting (Self-starters S.)
0140772448: Fielding : Joseph Andrews
0140772456: James : The Portrait of a Lady
0140772464: Eliot : The Mill on the Floss
0140772502: Poetry of William Blake
0140772529: Charles Dickens : The Major Novels
0140772588: Thomas Hardy : Tess of the D'urbervilles
0140772596: Mary Shelley : Frankenstein
0140772634: Shakespeare: Hamlet (Penguin Critical Studies)
0140772677: Poetry of Shelley
0140772693: Thomas Hardy : The Mayor of Casterbridge
0140772707: Jane Austen : Sense and Sensibility
0140772715: Taming of the Shrew
0140772804: Death of a Salesman
0140772847: Animal Farm
0140772855: Romeo and Juliet
0140772863: Lord of the Flies
0140772871: Of Mice and Men
0140800018: The Pre-school Years (Penguin education specials)
0140800050: Statistics for the Social Scientist (Studies in Applied Statistics)
0140800123: Pathology of attention (Penguin science of behaviour)
0140800158: Psychometric Assessment of the Individual Child (Penguin Science of Behaviour)
0140800328: Inflation : Selected Readings
0140800336: Ezra Pound: a critical anthology; (Penguin critical anthologies)
0140800409: Mathematics for Technology 2
0140800425: Voices: An Anthology of Poetry and Pictures
0140800433: Voices the Second Book
0140800441: Voices the Third Book
0140800476: Mathematics for Technology: v. 1 (Library of Technology)
0140800549: Inorganic Energetics
0140800557: I, Said the Spy
0140800646: Teachers and Teaching
0140800662: Listening and attention (Penguin science of behaviour)
0140800689: Junior Voices the Second Book
0140800697: Junior Voices the Third Book
0140800700: Junior Voices the Fourth Book
0140800719: Systems Thinking
0140800727: Business Strategy
0140800735: Collective bargaining: Selected readings (Penguin modern management, readings)
0140800751: Monopoly and competition: Selected readings (Penguin modern economics readings)
0140800778: Success with English (Penguin Education)
0140800832: STATISTICS FOR TECHNOLOGY Studies in Applied Statistics
0140800859: Probability (Library of university mathematics)
0140800891: The Lawbreakers (Connexions)
0140800921: The Special Child (Penguin education special)
0140800956: Vigilance and habituation: A neuropsychological approach (Penguin science of...
0140800980: Orbitals and Symmetry
0140800999: Free-Electron Physics
0140801006: Introducing Psychology (Modern Psychology S.)
0140801022: Walt Whitman: A critical anthology; (Penguin critical anthologies)
0140801030: Alexander Pope
0140801049: Edmund Spenser:a Critical Anthology
0140801057: Prelude
0140801073: Social Inequality (Penguin Modern Sociology: Penguin Education)
0140801081: Industrial man: Selected readings, (Penguin modern sociology readings)
0140801111: The International Monetary System (Penguin modern economics texts : International economics)
0140801189: Feedback and Human Behaviour
0140801197: Personal relationships in psychological disorders (Penguin science of behaviour: clinical psychology)
0140801200: Race Jobs & the Law in Britain
0140801219: Monetary Theory (Penguin modern economics readings).
0140801227: Schools and Socialization
0140801235: Andrew Marvell a Critical Anthology
0140801243: Sociology of Religion (Penguin modern sociology readings)
0140801251: Marketing research: Selected readings; (Penguin modern management readings)
0140801286: MATTER AND MOTION.
0140801308: Wages
0140801316: The economics of agriculture (Penguin modern economics)
0140801340: Neill & Summerhill:a Man and His Work
0140801359: John Webster:a Critical Anthology
0140801383: Justin Moyan
0140801405: Brain damage and the mind (Penguin science of behaviour: abnormal psychology)
0140801421: Vigilance and Attention
0140801448: Management and Motivation
0140801456: State School
0140801464: Basic Statistics in Behavioural Research
0140801499: THINGS WORKING
0140801545: Behaviour Therapy in Clinical Psychiatry
0140801553: Witchcraft and Sorcery (Penguin Education)
0140801588: Mythology; selected readings (Penguin modern sociology readings)
0140801642: Trade and specialization (Penguin modern economics texts, international economics)
0140801650: Complete English Poems.
0140801685: Payment Systems
0140801707: Peasants and Peasant Societies
0140801715: Nuclear Reactions :Penguin Library
0140801723: Industrial Concentration
0140801731: The Principles of Development Aid
0140801766: Resources for learning (Penguin education special)
0140801782: Foreign Devils: Westerners in the Far East. The Sixteenth Century to the present Day
0140801804: Success With English Coursebook 3
0140801855: Organic Spectroscopy an Introduction
0140801871: Introducing Sociology (Pelican S.)
0140801898: Economics of the Common Market
0140801901: Charles Dickens: a critical anthology (Penguin critical anthologies)
0140801936: Sociology of the Family
0140801944: Modern Physics; Selected Readings
0140801979: Success With English Transcripts 1
0140801987: Success With English Transcripts 3
0140802002: Political sociology: selected readings (Penguin modern sociology readings)
0140802029: Personnel management,: Selected readings, (Penguin education, X202)
0140802045: The Theory of the Firm: Selected Readings: Selected Readings.
0140802142: Leo Tolstoy,: A critical anthology; (Penguin critical anthologies)
0140802207: A history of medicine;: Selected readings (Penguin education)
0140802215: Modern Sociology (Penguin education)
0140802231: Constitutional and Administrative Law
0140802258: Mathematical Models in Psychology An Introduction
0140802266: Pattern recognition (Penguin science of behaviour; cognitive psychology)
0140802312: Dear Lord James: A critique of teacher education; (Penguin education specials)
0140802320: Control of the Money Supply
0140802347: Management Information Systems
0140802363: The Complete English Poems of John Donne
0140802401: Lost for Words: Language and Educational Failure
0140802428: Management and the social Sciences
0140802444: Language and Social Context :Selected Readings: Selected Readings
0140802452: The seeking
0140802460: Young Teachers and Reluctant Learners
0140802479: All in the Game: The Function and Meaning of Sport.
0140802487: Economics of Information and Knowledge, Selected Readings
0140802495: The economics of technological change: Selected readings, (Penguin modern economics readings, x249)
0140802517: Simulation in the Classroom (Penguin education)
0140802525: Communications Signs & Signals
0140802533: Communications Look What Ive Made
0140802541: Communications Machines & Messages
0140802568: Your Body Large As Life
0140802584: Your Body Safe & Sound
0140802630: Experiment, Design and Statistics in Psychology (Penguin modern psychology texts)
0140802649: Price Theory
0140802657: Modern Marketing Management:Selected Readings
0140802665: Writers on organizations
0140802673: Monosaccharide Chemistry (Penguin Library of physical sciences: Chemistry)
0140802703: Patterns and policies in higher education (Penguin education specials)
0140802738: Success With English Tapescripts 2
0140802754: The multi-racial school; a professional perspective
0140802789: Crimes, courts and figures;: An introduction to criminal statistics (Law and society)
0140802797: Connexions (Connexions)
0140802800: Kinship:Selected Readings: Selected Readings
0140802827: Don Juan
0140802835: The Ring and the Book
0140802843: Psychology at Work
0140802886: The development of behaviour, (Penguin science of behaviour, developmental psychology)
0140802894: Socialization
0140802916: Problems of Modern Society: A Sociological Perspective
0140802967: Urban economics (Penguin education)
0140802975: The atomic nucleus (Penguin education)
0140802983: The end of inequality?: Stratification under state socialism, (Penguin modern sociology monographs)
0140803009: Summerhill USA (Penguin educational special)
0140803025: Mediaeval and Tudor Britain
0140803033: The Making of a Nation
0140803041: Britain and the World: 1789-1901 (A History of Britain)
0140803130: Social Goals & Economic Perspectives
0140803254: Social Administration
0140803327: Cultural action for freedom (Penguin education)
0140803378: Culture Against Man.
0140803394: The Penguin Book of Tables
0140803408: The Language of Primary School Children
0140803416: Education the Child & Society a Document
0140803424: Psychedelic Drugs: Psychological, Medical and Social Issues
0140803432: New Perspectives in Child Development (Penguin Modern Psychology)
0140803459: Worlds
0140803475: A Society on the Run.
0140803483: Understanding Children Talking (Penguin education)
0140803599: The Paint House: Words from an East End gang; (Penguin education specials)
0140803602: Education for a Change (Penguin education specials)
0140803610: County hall: The role of the Chief Education Officer (Penguin education specials)
0140803637: Helping troubled Children
0140803645: Children & Race
0140803696: Social Aspects of the Human Body: A Reader of Key Texts
0140803718: Who Should Know What: Social Science, Privacy, and Ethics
0140803726: Geographical Economics
0140803777: About Chinese
0140803815: Tinker, tailor;: The myth of cultural deprivation; (Penguin education)
0140803823: From Communication to Curriculum (Penguin Education)
0140804323: Childs Journey
0140804358: Market Development
0140804439: The Psychology of Learning
0140804447: International Peacekeeping United Nation
0140804544: Housing Policy
0140804552: Constitutional & Administrative Law
0140804579: Witchcraft and Sorcery
0140804609: Development in South Asia
0140804668: Challenge of Pain
0140805036: Attitudes:Selected Readings: Selected Readings
0140805052: Intelligence and ability: selected readings (Penguin modern psychology readings)
0140805079: Murder at Kennedy Center
0140805109: Language (Penguin Modern Psychology Readings)
0140805117: Thinking & Reasoning
0140805133: Psychology and the Visual Arts: Selected Readings.
0140805141: Perceptual Learning and Adaptation
0140805184: Verbal learning and memory: Selected readings; (Penguin modern psychology readings)
0140805192: Experimental Psychology in Industry:Selected Readings
0140805206: Cross-cultural studies: selected readings; (Penguin modern psychology readings)
0140805214: The Brain and Behavior book 3 Memory Mechanisms
0140805257: Thought and personality: selected readings
0140805265: Creativity
0140805273: Freud and psychology; selected readings
0140805338: Punishment:Selected Readings: Selected Readings
0140805346: Social Psychology of Teaching:Selected Readings
0140805354: Contemporary abnormal psychology: selected readings; (Penguin education, X535)
0140805389: Psychology and religion: selected readings, (Penguin modern psychology readings)
0140805524: Dreams and dreaming;: Selected readings; (Penguin education)
0140805613: Maternal Deprivation Reassessed
0140805621: Perception and cognition: A cross-cultural perspective (Penguin education)
0140805672: The Puzzle of Pain
0140805680: Man-Machine Systems
0140805699: Ideology
0140805702: The Meanings of Fear
0140805745: Learning and Change in Groups (Penguin Modern Psychology)
0140806016: Organization Theory (Modern Management Readings)
0140806040: Analytical welfare economics (Penguin modern economics. Microeconomics)
0140806059: The Growth of Sociability
0140806075: The politics of education: Edward Boyle and Anthony Crosland in conversation with Maurice Kogan (Penguin education specials)
0140806083: Sociological Perspectives
0140806091: Decisions, Organizations and Society
0140806105: REVOLUTIONS (Open University set book)
0140806156: Speech and the Development of the Mental Processes in the Child (Penguin Papers in Education)
0140806172: Inquiring Man
0140806229: Socialist economics: selected readings; (Penguin education)
0140806296: Classical Thermodynamics
0140806326: The management of change and conflict: selected readings; (Penguin modern management readings)
0140806334: Poverty; selected readings (Penguin modern sociology readings)
0140806369: Connexions: Work (Connexions)
0140806415: A Critique of Economic Theory
0140806458: Cost-benefit Analysis (Penguin Modern Economics Readings)
0140806466: Organic Mechanisms
0140806504: Race, culture and intelligence; (Penguin education)
0140806512: Design of jobs: selected readings; (Penguin education)
0140806547: The Working Brain
0140806563: Southeast Asia's economy: development policies in the 1970s; (Penguin education)
0140806571: Story the Second Book an Anthology of ST
0140806598: Success and Failure in Learning to Read (Penguin Papers in Education)
0140806652: Sociolinguistics (Penguin Modern Linguistics Reading)
0140806660: Syntactic Theory 1 Structuralist
0140806679: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, (Penguin English poets)
0140806709: Hawaiian Heat (Don Pendleton's the Executioner Featuring Mack Bolan, No. 155)
0140806717: A Plague of Europeans : Westerners in Africa Since the 15th Century (Topics in History)
0140806733: Clinical Neuropsychology
0140806741: Typical Elements
0140806822: Laing and anti-psychiatry; (Salmagundi specials)
0140806830: Sociology of Literature and Drama : Selected Readings
0140806857: Complete Poems
0140806938: Remedies of English Law
0140806946: Race and Social Difference:Selected Readings
0140806970: Half Way There Report on the Comprehensi
0140807004: Understanding Children Writing (Penguin education)
0140807047: Psycholinguistics (Penguin Modern Psychology)
0140807063: The Social Behaviour of Monkeys
0140807128: Rules and Meanings
0140807241: The City : Problems of Planning (Open University set book)
0140807381: New economic history. (Penguin modern economics readings)
0140807462: Phonology: selected readings; (Penguin education)
0140807470: An Introduction to Development Economics
0140807489: New Horizons in Psychology
0140807497: Motion & Units
0140807926: D. H. Lawrence; a Critical Anthology
0140808116: The Complete Poems (Penguin English Poets)
0140808124: The Complete Poems (Penguin English poets)
0140808140: Phenomenology and Sociology (Modern Sociological Readings)
0140808183: International Monetary System
0140808213: Way Ahead Coursebook 1
0140808248: Way Ahead Teachers Book 1
0140808299: Inside English Student's Book 2
0140808361: Penguin Advanced Writing Skills (English Language Teaching S.)
0140808388: Listening Skills (English Language Teaching S.)
0140808515: Test Your Vocabulary
0140808736: Economics of Industrial Structure
0140808744: Wealth, income and inequality; (Penguin modern economics readings)
0140808752: Economics of retailing: selected readings, (Penguin modern economics readings)
0140808779: Third world employment - problems and strategy: Selected readings (Penguin modern economics readings)
0140808787: Self-Management: Economic Liberation of Man Selected Readings
0140808795: The Economics of Marx : Selected Readings of Exposition and Criticism
0140809023: Economics and the environment (Penguin education)
0140809066: The Economics of Industrial Innovation (Penguin Modern Economics Texts)
0140809112: Introducing Economics 2ND Edition
0140809120: Economic Systems and Society (Penguin modern economics texts)
0140809155: Marxian and Post-Marxian Political Economy: An Introduction
0140809260: Patterns in Human Geography
0140809279: The Moral Judgement of the Child.
0140809295: Politics and the Soviet Union (Penguin education)
0140809511: Penguin Book of Very Short Stories
0140809600: Understanding Organizations (Penguin Education)
0140809619: Sociology of Mass Communications (Penguin Modern Sociology Readings)
0140809627: Ethnomethodology; Selected Readings
0140809635: Social Mobility: Selected Readings
0140809864: Applying for a Job in English
0140809899: Test Your Prepositions
0140809929: Cognitive Sociology: Language and Meaning in Social Interaction (Penguin Modern Sociology)
0140809937: The Logic of Sociological Explanation
0140810013: Education: Structure and Society
0140810021: Politics of Physical Resources
0140810064: Making Waves : Course Book 4
0140810129: Maori Tales.
0140810188: English Introducing Language
0140810234: The Extensive Reading Handbook for Secondary Teachers
0140810277: Persuasion
0140810285: Tale of Two Cities
0140810293: Far from the Madding Crowd
0140810307: Jane Eyre
0140810323: Simply Suspense
0140810382: Long Goodbye
0140810501: 100 Useful Exercises in English
0140810528: Second Language Learning Myth & Reality
0140810617: Endocrine System
0140810641: The digestive system (Penguin education)
0140811818: Science Experiments You Can Eat.
0140811826: A Touch on the Times: Songs of Social Change: 1774-1914
0140812016: Matthew Arnold on education, (Penguin education)
0140812024: D.H. Lawrence on Education (Penguin Education)
0140812350: Human Space Where Youre At
0140812369: Utopia (Human Space)
0140812377: Human Space Survival
0140812458: Good Time Penguin English Project Stage
0140813349: Great Gatsby
0140813411: Mill on the Floss
0140813438: Pride and Prejudice
0140813470: Shakespeare : The Tempest
0140813632: White Fang
0140813640: Introducing Applied Linguistics: An A-Z Guide
0140813837: Short and Sweet
0140813845: Short and Sweet
0140813896: Target Vocabulary
0140813934: Dubliners
0140813942: Moonstone
0140813985: Simply Stories : The Old Jest
0140814167: OUT OF AFRICA - Paperback
0140814221: Wuthering Heights
0140814388: Picture of Dorian Gray
0140814418: Simply Stories Level 3 : The House of Stairs
0140814434: Catskill Eagle
0140814620: Treasure Island
0140814647: Penguin Readers Level 3 : King Solomons Mines
0140814663: Guide to English Literature
0140814671: Boys from Brazil
0140814779: Penguin English Ready Readers : The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole
0140814817: Applied Linguistics Introducing Language Aw
0140814825: Presumed Innocent
0140814868: Fox : Penguin Reader Level 2
0140814884: strangers on a train
0140814914: GONE WITH THE WIND
0140814957: Dubliners
0140815023: Jude the Obscure
0140815058: Tale of Two Cities
0140815074: Pride and Prejudice : Penguin Readers Level 5
0140815112: Misery
0140815163: Don't Look Now
0140815236: Under the Greenwood Tree
0140815279: Persuasion : Penguin Reader Level 2
0140815341: Twelve Very Short Stories
0140815570: Medal Brigadier : Penguin Reader Level 1
0140815627: Have Fun with Vocabulary
0140815694: The turn of the screw.
0140815716: Locked Room and Other Horror Stories
0140815759: Wuthering Heights : Penguin Readers Level 6
0140815813: Stargate : Penguin Readers Level 3
0140815910: Test Your Business English
0140815953: Guide to English
0140816054: Weirdo
0140816100: Business English Finance
0140816135: Start Testing Your Vocabulary
0140816194: Elt: Top Class Activities: Fifty Fun Games & Activities By Top Elt Write
0140816216: Braveheart
0140816224: Lucky Luke and Other Short Stories
0140816232: Test Your Business English Secretarial
0140816275: Breakfast At Tiffany's.
0140816305: Musical Cheers and Other Stories
0140816313: Little Women
0140816402: FREE WILLY
0140816488: Test Your Business English General
0140816496: Eraser
0140816534: Wild Mushrooms and Other Very Short Stories
0140816593: Elt: Business English Pair Work 2: Further Conversation Practice for Bus
0140816607: Doctor Zhivago
0140816623: Business English Meetings: Instant Agendas
0140816666: April Fool and Other Short Stories
0140816674: Washington Square
0140816682: Penguin Readers Level 2: Jaws (Penguin Readers)
0140816690: Secret Agent : Penguin Readers Level Three
0140816704: Penguin Grammar (Penguin English S.)
0140816712: Penguin Grammar Workbook 1: Beginners
0140816801: Pair Work 1, Business English
0140816828: MATILDA
0140816844: Sweet Valley High: Secrets
0140817026: Robinson Crusoe
0140817514: The Pearl
0140817522: Good Man in Africa
0140817530: The Importance of Being Earnest (Penguin Student Editions)
0140817670: Jane Eyre (Penguin Student Editions)
0140817689: Call of the Wild
0140817697: Animal Farm
0140817719: A Passage to India
0140817786: Ten Short Stories
0140817794: Ten Short Stories
0140817824: Time Machine
0140817832: The Time Machine.
0140817891: Cal
0140817913: Garden Party and Other Stories
0140817964: The Turn Of The Screw
0140817972: Turn of the Screw
0140818014: Sons and Lovers
0140818030: Wide Sargasso Sea
0140818049: The Beach
0140818057: Beach
0140818065: The Fox
0140818073: Fox and Other Stories
0140820019: Call of the Wild
0140820035: Treasure Island
0140820051: Journey to the Center of the Earth
0140820078: Stories from Hans Christian Andersen
0140820094: Gulliver's Travels
0140820116: Water Babies
0140820159: What Katy Did at School
0140820221: Pinocchio
0140820248: Oliver Twist
0140820272: What Katy Did Next
0140820299: Around the World in Eighty Days
0140820361: Anne of Green Gables
0140820418: Calamities : Critical Reading Series
0140820450: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
0140827587: Physical Science Sourcebook
0140839534: Needful Things (The Last Castel Rock Story)
0140860037: A Short Walk from Harrods (Penguin Audiobooks)
0140860134: Decider
0140860169: The Adventures of Peter Rabbit: And Other Favourite Tales
0140860177: The Adventures of Tom Kitten and Other Favourite Tales
0140860185: Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle and Friends: And Other Favourite Tales
0140860258: Middlemarch
0140860282: Wuthering Heights
0140860320: No Night Is Too Long
0140860363: On the Road
0140860401: Tess of the D'Urbervilles (Penguin Classics (London, England).) AUDIOBOOK...
0140860428: Jane Eyre.
0140860436: The Age of Innocence : Abridged Edition (Classic, 20th-Century, Audio)
0140860444: The Picture of Dorian Gray
0140860452: Sons and Lovers (Penguin Twentieth Century Classics S.)
0140860479: Crime and Punishment (Penguin Classics)
0140860525: Vanity Fair (Penguin Classics)
0140860533: Murderers and Other Friends : Another Part of Life
0140860584: Persuasion (Set)
0140860657: Charles Dickens/Martin Chuzzlewit (Penguin Classics)
0140860665: WILD HORSES
0140860681: Mrs. Dalloway (Penguin Audiobooks) AUDIOBOOK by Woolf, Virginia; Atkins...
0140860738: First Offence (Penguin Audiobooks)
0140860762: Villette
0140860770: The Old Curiosity Shop AUDIO
0140860789: The Return of The Native
0140860797: Little Princess
0140860827: The Fall of the House of Usher and Other Stories
0140860835: Dead and Other Stories, the
0140860843: Moll Flanders
0140860878: The Mayor of Casterbridge : Abridged (Penguin Classics (London, England...
0140860886: Far from the Madding Crowd
0140860894: The Moonstone
0140860908: Mitigating Circumstances
0140860916: Silas Marner (Penguin Classics)
0140860940: Jericho (Penguin Audiobooks)
0140860991: Three Classic Horror Stories: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Draula, Frankenstein (Penguin Audiobooks).
0140861017: Nerve
0140861033: The Rainbow : Abridged Edition (Classic, 20th-Century, Audio)
0140861041: Women In Love: Audio
0140861068: EMMA
0140861076: Metamorphosis ('the Transformation') and the Judgement
0140861084: Old Patagonian Express: By Train Through the Americas:/The
0140861092: The Prince (Penguin Classics Ser.)
0140861114: Where Angels Fear to Tread AUDIO
0140861181: Ghost Stories
0140861203: The Complete Tales of Beatrix Potter: Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle, the Adventures of Tom Kitten, the Adventures of Peter Rabbit (Penguin Children's Classics)
0140861319: Penguin English Verse: The Seventeenth Century : Donne to Rochester (Penguin English Verse)
0140861327: Penguin English Verse: The Eighteenth Century: Swift to Crabbe
0140861335: Penguin English Verse: The Romantics (Penguin English Verse) (Audio Cassette)
0140861378: The Canterbury Tales
0140861432: The Year at Thrush Green
0140861467: Little Women (Penguin Classics).
0140861491: A Tale of Two Cities ABRIDGED
0140861505: Oliver Twist (Penguin Classics) AUDIOBOOK
0140861513: Felix in the Underworld
0140861521: King Solomon's Carpet
0140861572: The Odyssey
0140861580: ROSE MADDER
0140861599: Testament of Youth
0140861602: The Naked Civil Servant
0140861610: Rob Roy (Penguin Classics)
0140861645: The Hound of the Baskervilles (Penguin Classics)
0140861661: Riding the Iron Rooster
0140861718: Elizabeth Gaskell
0140861726: Moby Dick or the Whale
0140861734: The Time Machine: Audiobook
0140861742: The History of Mr Polly (Classic, 20th-Century, Audio)
0140861750: The Invisible Man
0140861785: A Christmas Carol : In Prose, Being a Ghastly Story of Christmas (Penguin Classics)
0140861823: Mansfield Park
0140861831: Nicholas Nickleby (Penguin Classics) AUDIOBOOK by Dickens, Charles; Siberry
0140861858: David Copperfield
0140861874: Jane Eyre
0140861882: Resident Alien
0140861904: The Burglar Who Thought He Was Bogart
0140861912: Takeover
0140861920: Black Beauty (audiobook)
0140861971: Rumpole and the Angel of Death
0140861998: Cannery Row
0140862005: Trial by Fire
0140862048: The Secret Garden (Children's Classics S.)
0140862056: Wuthering Heights : Abridged Edition (Penguin Classics) AUDIOBOOK Audio...
0140862072: The Scarlet Letter : A Romance (Penguin Classics)
0140862102: A Maiden's Grave : Abridged Edition
0140862129: Winnie-The-Pooh on Problem Solving
0140862137: The Shawshank Redemption
0140862153: Truth About Women, The: Fighting the Devastating Myths That Hold Women Back
0140862188: Four Great Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Penguin Audiobooks)
0140862196: Alice in Wonderland (audio book)
0140862226: For Kicks
0140862234: Whip Hand (audio book)
0140862293: The Brimstone Wedding (Audiobook)
0140862366: The Pillars of Hercules : A Grand Tour of the Mediterranean (Penguin Audiobooks)
0140862374: Adventures Of Tom Sawyer
0140862382: The Call of the Wild: Unabridged (Children's Classics S.)
0140862404: Journey to the Centre of the Earth
0140862455: Sense and Sensibility (Penguin Classics)
0140862463: The Stone Diaries (Penguin Audiobooks)
0140862471: Nostromo
0140862498: Beatrix Potter: Artist, Storyteller and Countrywoman (Penguin Audiobooks)
0140862501: The Pickwick Papers (Penguin Classics)
0140862528: The Kingdom by the Sea (Penguin Audiobooks)
0140862536: Nineteen Eighty-four: Unabridged (Penguin Twentieth Century Classics S.)
0140862579: Down and Out in Paris and London
0140862587: Road To Wigan Pier
0140862595: Homage to Catalonia
0140862609: Burmese Days
0140862617: Les Miserables (Penguin Classics) AUDIOBOOK
0140862641: Biting the Apple: Women Getting Wise About Love.
0140862668: Thinner
0140862706: Dombey and Son (Penguin Classics)
0140862714: The Pilgrim's Progress
0140862722: Gulliver's Travels
0140862730: Tom Jones (Penguin Classics)
0140862757: Great Russian Short Stories
0140862838: A Little Princess
0140862846: House of Smoke ABRIDGED by Freedman, J. F.; Crouse, Lindsay
0140862854: Blood Relations
0140862862: Love and Anger: The Parental Dilemma
0140862870: The Portrait of a Lady (Penguin Classics)
0140862889: The Woman Who Walked into Doors ABRIDGED by Doyle, Roddy; Ryan, Ger
0140862897: The Great Speeches : A Celebration in Words and Music (Penguin Audiobooks).
0140862919: Perfume: The Story of a Murderer ABRIDGED
0140862927: A Passage to India (Penguin Classics)
0140862943: Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry
0140863060: Timebends: A Life
0140863079: Moll Flanders
0140863095: How to Find the Work You Love
0140863117: We the Living
0140863168: Ethan Frome
0140863184: Desperation
0140863214: Leaves of Grass:His Original Edition
0140863222: The Regulators
0140863281: The Bone Collector
0140863311: Anne of Green Gables (Children's Classics S.).
0140863389: Gospel According to Saint Luke (Penguin Audiobooks)
0140863400: The Island of Dr Moreau (2 cassettes)
0140863419: Days of Devotion: Daily Meditationns from the Good Shepard
0140863427: The Flaming Corsage : Abridged Edition
0140863451: Burglar Who Liked to Quote Kipling
0140863486: The Three Musketeers (Children's Classics S.)
0140863508: The Winter King : A Novel of Arthur
0140863524: Excalibur: Audiobook
0140863540: A Course in Miracles : What It Says; Abridged Edition (Course in Miracles.
0140863559: The Deep End of the Ocean: A Novel
0140863567: Therapy
0140863575: The Republic of Love
0140863591: Woodlanders
0140863613: Lord Arthur Savile's Crime
0140863621: English Short Stories: 1900-1950
0140863664: Irish Short Stories
0140863737: Stepping Stones (Penguin/Faber Audiobooks)
0140863745: Straight
0140863753: Readings from A Course in Miracles
0140863761: How Stella Got Her Groove Back
0140863788: The Green Mile: The Mouse on the Mile by King, Stephen; Muller, Frank
0140863796: The Green Mile: Coffey's Hands
0140863818: The Green Mile: Night Journey
0140863826: Green Mile, The: Coffey on the Mile
0140863842: Daniel Deronda
0140863869: The Rosewood Casket : Abridged Edition
0140863877: The Epic of Gilgamesh
0140863915: Rebecca
0140863923: Professor
0140863931: Mr. Norris Changes Trains
0140863966: Still Centre
0140864008: The Wild Blue Yonder: Unabridged (Penguin/Faber Audiobooks)
0140864032: Goodbye to Berlin
0140864067: Serious Concerns
0140864083: Four Quartets (Penguin/Faber Audiobooks) AUDIOBOOK Audio Cassette by T.S...
0140864121: Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats
0140864148: The Black Album (Penguin/Faber Audiobooks)
0140864164: LORD OF THE FLIES
0140864202: Black Alley : A Mike Hammer Novel
0140864253: The It-Doesn'T-Matter Suit
0140864261: Van
0140864296: The Hunchback of Notre Dame
0140864318: Ffangs the Vampire Bat and the Kiss of Truth: Unabridged (Penguin/Faber Audiobooks)
0140864342: Dreamfighter
0140864377: My Name Escapes Me: the Diary of a Retiring Actor (Penguin Audiobooks) Audiobook
0140864385: The Wizard of Oz: Unabridged (Children's Classics S.)
0140864393: Ivanhoe (Penguin Audiobooks)
0140864407: To the Hilt Audio Book
0140864423: A Peaceful Retirement: Audiobook (Penguin Audiobooks)
0140864431: Farewell to Fairacre
0140864458: Junky (Penguin Classics)
0140864482: Visions of Cody
0140864490: Without a Doubt
0140864547: American Short Stories: 1800-1900 (Penguin Audiobooks)
0140864555: Jude the Obscure
0140864628: The Only Way I Know
0140864652: MEN AT ARMS
0140864679: The Bronte Collection: Wuthering Heights, Emily Bronte, Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte, Anne Bronte, the Tenant of Wildfell Hall
0140864687: The Jane Austen Collection: Emma, Mansfield Park, Northanger Abbey (10 Cassettes)
0140864741: Children's Classic Collection: Little Women, the Secret Garden, a Little Princess
0140864768: Charles Dickens Collection
0140864830: Blessings In Disguise Audiobook
0140864857: Anna Karenina (Penguin Classics)
0140864865: War and Peace
0140864873: Sleeping Beauty and Other Tales
0140864970: Barchester Towers
0140865012: At Home in Mitford (The Mitford Years)
0140865020: Robin Hood
0140865071: Abuse of Power
0140865381: Lady Windermere's Fan
0140865403: A Woman of No Importance: Starring Anna Massey & Cast (Penguin Play Audiobooks)
0140865489: Financial Peace : Restoring Financial Hope to You and Your Family
0140865497: Remote Control
0140865543: Jungle Book Audiobook
0140865551: Just So Stories (Puffin Classics) - Audio Cassette (Audio Book)
0140865578: Washington Square (Penguin Classics)
0140865624: Tales Of Ancient Egypt Audiobook
0140865632: Tales of the Greek Heroes
0140865772: The Inheritance
0140865799: Selected Poems
0140865829: The Burglar in the Library
0140865918: Cover Her Face: A Dalgliesh Mystery (Penguin/Faber)
0140865969: A Light in the Window (Mitford)
0140865977: Out to Canaan
0140865985: These High, Green Hills (The Mitford Years Series , No 3)
0140866086: Lady of Avalon
0140866094: The Inner Sanctum
0140866183: The Woman and the Ape
0140866191: Key Witness.
0140866213: Larry's Party
0140866299: Thinner Audio Cassette by King, Stephen; Mantegna, Joe
0140866329: Beauty and the Beast and Other Fairy Stories
0140866361: Going to Ground: Simple Life on a Georgia Pond
0140866418: A Little Princess: The Story of Sara Crewe (Puffin Classics)
0140866434: Treasure Island
0140866507: King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table
0140866515: Black Beauty (Puffin Audiobooks Classics)
0140866590: Fairy Tales (Puffin Audiobooks Classics)
0140866604: Anne of Green Gables: Audio Cassette (Puffin Audiobooks Classics)
0140866612: The Railway Children (Puffin Audiobooks Classics)
0140866620: Alice in Wonderland (Puffin Classics) - Audio Cassette (Audio Book)
0140866639: Wizard of Oz-Audio
0140866647: WHITE FANG
0140866655: Little Women- (2 Cassettes)
0140866663: Into the Heart of Borneo
0140866736: Iron Man Audiobook
0140866752: Christmas Carol
0140866787: The House at Pooh Corner
0140866817: When We Were Very Young
0140866825: Winnie-The-Pooh
0140866841: The Rest of Us: Dispatches from the Mother Ship
0140866884: Wizard and Glass (The Dark Tower, Book 4)
0140866914: Goodnight Mister Tom Audiobook
0140866922: Watership Down
0140866930: Wind In The Willows-Audio The
0140867058: The Adventures of Peter Rabbit and Other Favourite Tales UNABRIDGED
0140867155: The Drawing of the Three (The Dark Tower Ser, Bk. II)
0140867163: The Gunslinger
0140867171: The Waste Lands (The Dark Tower, Book 3)
0140867198: Ranch of Dreams
0140867279: Carrie's War (Puffin Audiobooks)
0140867287: Five Children and It: Audiobook (Puffin Audiobooks)
0140867309: In the Frame
0140867376: My Brother
0140867406: Woof! Book and Cassette Pack
0140867414: Songs in Ordinary Time
0140867481: Hundred-Mile-An-Hour Dog Audiobook
0140867570: The Man in the Iron Mask (Penguin Classics)
0140867589: The Chimney Sweeper's Boy
0140867597: Three Men in a Boat
0140867694: The Legacy
0140867708: The Merchant of Venice (Arkangel Complete Shakespeare)
0140867716: Most Wanted
0140867724: Romeo and Juliet
0140867732: Tanner on Ice
0140867759: King John: Unabridged (Arkangel Complete Shakespeare)
0140867767: Macbeth (Arkangel Complete Shakespeare)
0140867775: A Midsummer Night's Dream (Arkangel Complete Shakespeare) AUDIOBOOK UNABRIDGED
0140867783: Twelfth Night (Arkangel Complete Shakespeare)
0140867805: The Best of Friends
0140867821: Henry V (Arkangel S.)
0140867848: Henry IV; Part I
0140867856: Henry IV, Part Two
0140867864: Grace Paley Selected Stories
0140867899: Rachel's Holiday - cassette
0140867937: ART OF TRAVEL
0140867953: The Puffin Audiobook of Five-minute Stories (Puffin Audiobooks)
0140868003: Family Man
0140868011: Talking to Heaven : A Medium's Message of Life After Death (AUDIO CASSETTE)
0140868046: Puffin Book of Stories for Five-year-olds (Puffin Audiobooks)
0140868054: Puffin Book Of Stories For 6 Year Olds
0140868062: Puffin Book of Stories for Seven-year-olds (Puffin Audiobooks)
0140868070: Puffin Book of Stories for Eight-year-olds (Puffin Audiobooks)
0140868089: Stig of the Dump (Puffin Audiobooks)
0140868135: The Mitford Years: At Home in Mitford/a Light in the Window/These High, Breen Hills/Out to Canaan (Karon, Jan, Mitford Years (New York, N.Y.).)
0140868143: Sherlock Holmes and the Ice Palace Murders
0140868151: Twas the Night Before
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