0151508712: LETTERS summer 1926
0151508852: Letters of T.S. Eliot: Vol. 1, 1898-1921
0151508860: Letters of T.S. Eliot: Vol 1, 1898-1922 Ltd
0151509158: Letters of Leonard Woolf
0151509247: The Letters of Virginia Wolf: 1888-1912
0151509255: The Letters of Virginia Woolf : Vol. 2
0151509263: The Letters of Virginia Woolf : Vol. 3
0151509271: The Letters of Virginia Woolf Vol 4
0151509298: The Letters of Virginia Woolf: 1936-1941
0151511314: Lewis At Zenith
0151511977: Liberal Imagination
0151512760: The liberation of one
0151512833: Liberators: Fighting on Two Fronts in World War II
0151515395: The Life and Death of Mary Wollstonecraft.
0151515611: Life in the Balance: A Companion to the Audubon Television Specials
0151518955: The Life of the Mind: Volume 2: Willing
0151518963: Willing
0151518971: Life of the Mind
0151519005: A Life's Full Summer
0151519900: Light-years
0151520976: I Like It Here
0151521700: Nectar at Noon
0151521905: Mindworks: Time and Conscious Experience
0151522812: Lincoln and Kennedy
0151523940: The Lincoln writing dictionary for children
0151524009: Lindbergh of Minnesota;: A political biography
0151524017: Lindbergh Alone
0151524203: Lines of Light
0151524882: Linotte: The Early Diary of Anais Nin, 1914-1920
0151525757: Lipstick on the Host
0151526494: Listen! the Wind
0151527253: Literary Legacy of C. S. Lewis
0151527296: A LITERATE PASSION: Letters of Anais Nin and Henry Miller 1932-1953
0151527687: The little doctor
0151528209: The little prince
0151528950: Comrade Valentine
0151529000: Living by the Word : Selected Writings, 1973-1987
0151529256: Living Free: The Story of Elsa and Her Cubs (Helen and Kurt Wolff Books) by...
0151529280: Different drummers
0151529574: Local Anaesthetic
0151529582: Locked Rooms and Open Doors: Diaries and Letters 1933-1935
0151529604: The Lodger
0151529787: The London Yankees: Portraits of American writers and artists in England, 1894-1914
0151529957: LONG WATCH
0151529965: The Long Drop
0151529973: The Long Exile (Helen & Kurt Wolff Book)
0151530009: The long fuse
0151530750: The Long Midnight
0151530793: The Long Summer.
0151530807: Longing for Darkness
0151534683: Losing people
0151534705: Under the colors
0151534772: Lost Boundaries
0151536171: The Lost Traveller's Dream
0151538913: Love Against Hate.
0151544964: Love and War
0151547238: Love Kills
0151547254: Two Plays By Romulus Linney
0151547300: Loving and learning: Interacting with your child from birth to three
0151547408: The loving friends: A portrait of Bloomsbury
0151547424: Lowenstein: Acts of courage and belief
0151547459: The Loyalists in Revolutionary America: 1760-1781
0151547483: Loyalties
0151547505: Lewis Mumford: a bibliography,: 1914-1970
0151547858: Luther;: His life and times
0151548005: The lynchers
0151548994: Macno
0151549583: It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World : A Life in Hollywood
0151549680: Madame Maigret's Own Case
0151549907: Madame Maigret's recipes
0151550964: A Magic Summer: The '69 Mets
0151551022: Magic Worlds of Fantasy
0151551251: Maigret and the apparition
0151551278: Maigret and the Killer
0151551359: Maigret's boyhood friend
0151551367: Maigret and the Wine Merchant
0151551375: Maigret Sets a Trap
0151551383: Maigret and the madwoman
0151551391: A Maigret trio: Maigret's failure, Maigret in society, Maigret and the lazy...
0151551405: Maigret and the Informer, a novel
0151551413: Maigret and the bum
0151551421: Maigret Loses His Temper
0151551448: Maigret and the loner (A Harvest/HBJ book)
0151551456: Maigret and the Man on the Bench
0151551464: Maigret and the Black Sheep
0151551472: Maigret in exile
0151551480: Maigret's Memoirs
0151551499: Maigret on the Riviera
0151551502: Maigret Goes Home.
0151551596: Maigret in Holland
0151555478: Main Street
0151555494: Main
0151555508: Maigret and the Spinster (A Helen and Kurt Wolff Bk.)
0151555516: Maigret's Christmas: Nine stories
0151555524: Maigret and the Hotel Majestic
0151555532: Maigret's Pipe
0151555540: Maigret and the Toy Village
0151555559: Maigret's rival
0151555567: Maigret at the Coroner's
0151555575: Maigret on the Defensive (A Helen and Kurt Wolff Bk.)
0151555583: Maigret has doubts
0151555591: Maigret & the Nahour Case
0151555605: Maigret Afraid
0151555613: Maigret in Court (A Helen and Kurt Wolff Bk.)
0151555621: Maigret's Revolver
0151555648: Maigret and the Yellow Dog
0151555656: Maigret and the Gangsters
0151555664: Maigret and the Saturday Caller
0151555680: Maigret at the Gai-Moulin
0151555710: Maigret and the Fortuneteller
0151555729: Maigret and the Burglar's Wife
0151556806: Majendie's Cat/#08810
0151556849: Majesty
0151556946: The Majic Bus: An American Odyssey
0151557209: The Major Ordeals of the Mind, and the Countless Minor Ones
0151559414: Making Americans: An Essay on Individualism and Money
0151559503: Making movies: from script to screen
0151559619: Making a Poem
0151559759: The making of Medieval Spain (History of European civilization library)
0151559775: Young men with unlimited capital
0151562474: The family lie
0151562806: Malraux: Life and Work
0151562962: Five Black Ships: A Novel of the Discoverers
0151563756: Mama's Bank Account
0151565139: Man Against Himself
0151565201: Man and the Living World.
0151567956: Man Called Intrepid
0151568502: Manet/Monet/Degas
0151568820: The man from the USSR and other plays: With two essays on the drama
0151569282: The Man on the Bench in the Barn
0151569312: Man in the Holocene: A story
0151569339: Man With the Little Dog
0151569401: The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing
0151569428: The man with the key
0151570558: Marbles
0151570817: Marcovaldo or the Seasons in the City
0151571007: The Margaret Boyles Book of needle art
0151571384: Margin of Hope
0151571481: Margins of Reality: The Role of Consciousness in the Physical World
0151572526: Marie Bonaparte: A Life
0151574499: Marriage of True Minds
0151574596: Married and Gay : An Intimate Look at a Different Relationship
0151575509: Marthe
0151575541: King of Babylon Shall : Not Come Against You
0151575576: Marvella, a Personal Journey
0151577307: Mary Barnes: two accounts of a journey through madness,
0151577757: Mary McCarthy: A Bibliography
0151578206: The Massacre at Fall Creek
0151578931: Masters of the Modern Short Story
0151581754: More mathematical people: Contemporary conversations
0151581835: Matisse : A Portrait of the Man and His Art
0151582025: Matthew Arnold (The Works of Lionel Trilling)
0151585849: Mediterranean: portrait of a sea
0151585881: Meeting at Telgte
0151585903: Meetings with Pasternak: A memoir
0151588384: MEMBER OF THE CLUB
0151588503: Memoir of a Revolutionary
0151588554: Memoirs, 1773-1793
0151588562: Memoirs of a Space Traveler
0151588570: Memorandum, on Renewing Schooling and Education
0151588597: Memories of a Catholic Girlhood
0151588627: The Lost Childhood: A Memoir
0151588651: The Memory of Old Jack
0151591350: Men and Brethren
0151591369: Men and Brethren
0151591504: The Mender's Manual: Repairing and Preserving Garments and Bedding
0151592659: Meridian
0151592705: Merry Men
0151592802: Message From Malaga
0151592845: Messenger Bird
0151594805: Microworlds: Writings on Science Fiction and Fantasy
0151595496: Middletown in Transition
0151595569: Migrations
0151598258: The Mills of the Kavanaughs
0151599548: Minding America's Business
0151601100: The mind-reader: New poems
0151601380: A mingled yarn: The life of R.P. Blackmur
0151602395: Miracle on Thirty-Fourth Street
0151605238: The Miserables
0151605769: The Missing Sixth
0151605807: Mission to Civilize: The French Way
0151605858: Missing Pieces: Stories
0151610002: Modern European art: With 207 illus (The Harbrace history of art)
0151614792: The Modern Researcher
0151614822: The modern researcher
0151617813: Four Comedies: The Misanthrope; Tartuffe; The School For Wives; The Learned Ladies
0151618011: Fortunes and Misfortunes of the Famous Moll Flanders
0151618941: A Moment's Liberty: The Shorter Diary
0151620342: Moments of Being
0151620423: Money Mischief: Episodes in Monetary History
0151620504: Money Trail
0151620520: The Money-Wise Guide to Sports Cars
0151620865: Monkey on a Stick: Murder, Madness, and the Hare Krishnas
0151620989: Monsieur Monde vanishes
0151621004: Montauk
0151621012: Montana Gothic
0151621020: Montenegro
0151621233: Montgomery Clift: A Biography
0151621241: Montgomery's Children
0151621306: Billy Sunday and Other Poems
0151621381: More Tales of Pirx the Pilot (A Helen and Kurt Wolff Bk.)
0151621608: Morning Noon & Night
0151623384: A mortal spring
0151624445: Moscow 2042
0151625875: Mother Ireland
0151626383: Mother Russia: A novel
0151626626: Mother's Ordeal
0151626669: Mother's Secret
0151626804: Mother's Voice: Strenghening Intimacy in Families
0151627290: Perimeters
0151627312: Moving House Stories
0151628289: Mr. Jacobson's War: A Novel
0151628351: Mr. Palomar
0151628602: Mrs. Dalloway
0151628629: Mrs. Dalloway
0151632405: The Mulberry Tree
0151632502: Mulligan's seed
0151632707: The Murderer
0151632758: Murder in the Cathedral
0151634602: Murder of the Frogs and Other Stories By
0151635404: Murder of a Shopping Bag Lady
0151636001: Murphy's game
0151636281: Musical Companion
0151636516: My children, my children
0151636710: My Dear Cousin
0151636745: My dear parents: The Civil War seen by an English Union soldier
0151636818: My Enemy's Enemy
0151636931: My $50,000 year at the races
0151636958: My Life in Three Acts
0151637008: My Mind on Trial
0151638276: My Name Is Aram
0151639647: My Sister, Life and Other Poems
0151639655: My Sister Eileen
0151639663: For the Record: From Wall Street to Washington
0151639728: Mysteries of Life and the Universe: New Essays from America's Finest Writers on Science
0151639736: Myth of the Machine Technician and Human Development
0151639744: The Myth Of The Machine - The Pentagon Of Power
0151639752: The Myth of The Machine
0151640874: My Works and Days
0151641900: Vladimir Nabokov
0151642346: Narrative Poems
0151645191: Faces of Nationalism
0151647933: Native to the Grain
0151648204: Navigating the rapids, 1918-1971;: From the papers of Adolf A. Berle
0151649278: Nebula Awards No. 20: Sfwa's Choices for the Best Science Fiction and Fantasy, 1985
0151649286: Nebula Awards 21: Sfwa's Choices for the Best Science Fiction and Fantasy, 1985 (Nebula Awards Showcase)
0151649294: Nebula Awards No. 22: Sfwa's Choices for the Best Science Fiction and Fantasy...
0151649308: Nebula Awards, 23: Sfwa's Choices for the Best Science Fiction and Fantasy 1987 (Nebula Awards Showcase)
0151649324: Nebula Awards 24: Sfwa's Choices for the Best Science Fiction and Fantasy, 1988 (Nebula Awards Showcase)
0151649332: Nebula Awards 25: Sfwa's Choice for the Best Science Fiction and Fantasy 1989 (Nebula Awards Showcase)
0151649340: Nebula Awards 26: Sfwa's Choices for the Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year (Nebula Awards Showcase)
0151649359: Nebula Awards No. 27 : SFWA's Choices for the Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year
0151649898: A Need to Testify: Portraits of Lauro De Bosis, Ruth Draper, Gaetano Salvemini, and Ignazio Silone an Essay on Biography
0151650691: Neither Five Nor Three
0151652015: The Neurotic Trillionaire: A Survey of Mr. Nixon's America
0151652023: The new business journalism: An insider's look at the workings of America's business press
0151652031: The new kingmakers
0151652058: New and Collected Poems
0151652066: New and Collected Poems
0151652074: NEW MAPS OF HELL--.
0151652082: For The Hell Of It; The Life And Times Of Abbie Hoffman
0151652627: New menus from Simca's cuisine
0151654212: Newsreel
0151654328: Young Radicals: Notes on Committed Youth
0151654573: New Theatre and Film, 1934 to 1937 : An Anthology
0151655200: A New Yorker in Egypt
0151655898: The Nightclub by Simenon, Georges
0151655952: The Night in Lisbon
0151656215: The Night of the Hammer
0151658900: The Nine Billion Names of God
0151658978: Nine Tailors
0151660344: 1984
0151660387: 1984
0151660395: Nineteen Masks for the Naked Poet: Poems
0151664501: Ninety-Five Poems
0151667284: No More Mr. Nice Guy: A Life of Hardball
0151669953: The notebooks of Sologdin
0151669988: North and South
0151670013: North from Rome
0151671397: North to the Orient
0151672601: Notebooks of F. Scott Fitzgerald
0151672652: Notebooks of Martha Graham
0151672776: Notes Towards the Definition of Culture
0151672857: Notes of an Anatomist
0151673276: Nothing but the best
0151675600: November
0151676747: NO WAY
0151676755: No Way to Treat a Lady
0151676801: Interpretations and forecasts: 1922-1972;: Studies in literature, history, biography, technics, and contemporary society
0151676917: Now In Mexico
0151677077: Now That You Know: What Every Parent Should Know about Homosexuality
0151677190: Trinity's Children: Living Along America's Nuclear Highway
0151677395: Nun: A Memoir
0151677409: Nuns in jeopardy
0151677506: The Nutrition Cookbook: 123 Gourmet Recipes Computer Analyzed for Your Specific Daily Reguirements
0151677700: O BELOVED KIDS
0151677743: O Caledonia
0151678103: Occasional Prose: Essays
0151679797: Of Prisons and Ideas
0151685509: Old Man Who Read Love Stories
0151686564: Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats
0151686572: Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats
0151689601: On Aggression
0151689660: On Bear's Head.
0151689954: ON DRINK
0151693471: One-Act Plays by Modern Authors
0151693811: One deadly summer
0151693943: One Earth, Four or Five Worlds: Reflections on Contemporary History
0151694001: One Fat Englishman
0151694753: The Rules of the Game
0151695504: One Human Minute
0151698929: Money Men: And, One-Shot Deal : Two Novels
0151699216: On leaving paradise: A novel
0151699402: Only gentlemen can play
0151699410: The Only Investment Guide You'll Ever Need
0151699429: The Only Investment Guide You'll Ever Need
0151699488: On mountains
0151699542: On Playing with Lions
0151699623: On the Shoulders of Giants: A Shandean Postscript : The Vicennial Edition
0151699666: On the Nature of Things Erotic
0151699690: On Writing and Politics 1967-1983 (Helen & Kurt Wolff Book)
0151699755: On Violence
0151700257: Openings
0151700680: The Opposing Self: Nine Essays in Criticism
0151700729: More Opposites
0151700958: Orbit of Darkness
0151701547: The Origins of Totalitarianism
0151701571: The Origins of Western Art
0151704104: The Other Anna
0151704457: The other one
0151704473: Other people: A novel
0151704503: The Outer Coast: A Narrative About California Before the World Rushed in
0151704511: Other Side of the Sky
0151705097: The Outlaw
0151705135: Outrageous Fortunes. The Story of the Medici, the Rothschilds, and J. Pierpont Morgan
0151705151: Outside the walls
0151705291: Metamorphoses of Ovid
0151706182: Paddy's Lament: Ireland 1846-47
0151707308: Pages from the life of Dmitri Shostakovich.
0151707405: Paladin
0151707502: Pale horse, pale rider: Three short novels by Porter, Katherine Anne
0151707553: Pale Horse, Pale Rider : Three Short Novels
0151708029: Pandora's galley
0151708266: Pandora's Last Voyage
0151709645: Parrot's Perch/#08061
0151709653: Paradise
0151709661: Parting company: How to survive the loss of a job and find another successfully
0151709688: Paris! Paris!
0151709696: Parts of a Lifetime
0151709734: Part of My Life: The Memoirs of a Philosopher
0151709785: Partings
0151709955: Passage Through The Red Sea
0151711410: Passage to India
0151712824: Passenger
0151712859: The Passion of New Eve.
0151712875: Passionate Apprentice: The Early Journals, 1897-1909
0151712883: Passionate crusader: The life of Marie Stopes
0151712891: Past Tense - Volume I: Diaries
0151712905: Patience and fortitude: Fiorello La Guardia : a biography
0151712913: PastTense, the Cocteau Diaries: The Cocteau Diaries, Volume II
0151712921: Patchwork
0151712956: Patients
0151713006: The patients
0151713332: A pattern for failure: Socialist economies in crisis
0151714258: Pax Britannica: The Climax of an Empire
0151715548: Peace On Earth
0151716005: Pearl's Kitchen
0151716080: Peerless Flats
0151716528: Pendulum
0151716811: The Peoples of Kenya
0151716870: People Who Pull You Down
0151716935: The People, Yes
0151716951: Pepper: Eyewitness to a Century
0151716978: Perfect Vacuum
0151717001: Perfecting the World: The Life and Times of Dr. Thomas Hodgkin 1798-1866
0151717109: Peter Abelard: Philosophy and Christianity in the Middle Ages.
0151717311: Phaedra
0151717605: Philosophy Is for Everyman: A Short Course in Philosophical Thinking
0151718008: The photographs
0151719004: Picasso
0151719209: Pictures of the journey back
0151719314: Pierre Loti
0151719586: Pilgrim Among the Shadows
0151719683: Paris Paris
0151719772: The Piper's Song
0151719802: Pippa's challenge
0151720002: Place Makers
0151720231: Places
0151720339: A Player for a Moment: Notes from Fenway Park
0151720428: Playwright as Thinker
0151720479: Pleasure Business
0151722439: Poems
0151722455: Poems 1923-1954
0151722951: The Poetry and Prose of E.E. Cummings
0151725403: Poison for the Prince
0151726590: Polaris!. The Concept and Creation of a New and Mighty Weapon
0151728151: The political thought of Hannah Arendt
0151728178: Essays in Understanding: 1930-1954
0151730733: The Ponder Heart
0151730768: Poor Things: Episodes from the Early Life of Archibald McCandless M.D. Scottish Public Health Officer
0151730784: Populism
0151730814: Power
0151730822: Prelude to Space
0151730849: Prisoners of psychiatry;: Mental patients, psychiatrists, and the law
0151730857: The Princess Bride: S. Morgenstern's Classic Tale of True Love and High Adventure. the Good Parts Version, Abridged.
0151730881: A Prisoner of Martial Law: Poland, 1981-1982.
0151730954: Popism: The Warhol '60s
0151731527: Possessing the Secret of Joy
0151731993: Portrait of Mary
0151734879: Power of Words
0151737525: Memoirs of a Dissident Publisher
0151739013: Pray for a Brave Heart
0151739153: Prefaces In The Experience Of Literature
0151739226: Prelude to Mars: An Omnibus Containing the Complete Novels Prelude to Space and the Sands of Mars and Sixteen Short Stories
0151739269: Prelude to Terror
0151740208: Price Was High: The Last Uncollected Stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald.
0151740313: A pride of dolphins
0151740399: A Primer of Chess
0151742200: Primrose
0151742502: Prince among Slaves
0151745986: The Prison Notebooks of Ricardo Flores Magon
0151747008: Private
0151747105: Private Woods: A Novel
0151751005: Prophet of the wind
0151751226: Pure and Simple : An Incircle Cookbook
0151752982: Three daughters
0151752990: Punishment: The Supposed Justifications.
0151753016: Pumpkin Moon
0151753520: Put the Law on Your Side
0151756511: Queen of Shaba : The Story of an African Leopard
0151756953: Queen Victoria
0151757054: Quest: Reflections on medicine, science, and humanity
0151758239: Quiet Neighbors: Prosecuting Nazi War Criminals in America
0151758409: Radical Departures: Desperate Detours to Growing Up
0151758506: Rahel Varnhagen
0151759006: Rancho Paradise
0151759200: The Rat
0151759308: Raw Pearl
0151759618: Reach to Eternity/#08012
0151759634: The Real Suez Crisis: The End Of A Great Nineteenth Century Work
0151759650: Real World Of The Public Schools
0151759715: The Recognitions
0151759804: The Reckoning
0151759812: Reckoning
0151761205: Redemption Song
0151761353: Red, White, and Blue Paradise: The American Canal Zone in Panama
0151761892: Reflections: Essays, Aphorisms, Autobiographical Writings
0151762759: Reformation and Society in Sixteenth-Century Europe
0151766525: Growing Pains Time and Change in the Garden
0151766614: I Remember Mama
0151766657: Remember when we had a doorman?
0151767998: Remembrance Rock
0151768250: The Renaissance and Mannerism in Italy
0151768269: The Renaissance and mannerism in northern Europe and Spain (The Harbrace history of art)
0151768358: Rendezvous with Rama
0151768439: Call for the Dead
0151768501: Reports.
0151768803: Required Reading: A Decade of Political Wit and Wisdom
0151769028: Mrs. Harris : The Death of the Scarsdale Diet Doctor
0151769303: Responses: Prose Pieces, 1953-1976 by Wilbur, Richard
0151769400: The Restructuring of Social and Political Theory
0151770808: Retreat in Good Order
0151770816: Retreat with honor
0151770824: Return from the Stars
0151770832: Jackie's Treasures: The Fabled Objects from the Auction of the
0151770840: Reviewing the Forties
0151770867: Return to Paradise
0151770875: Revolution
0151770921: Revolutionary Suicide
0151771502: Richard Wagner;: The man, his mind, and his music (A Harvest book, HB 272)
0151771510: Richard Wagner: His Life, His Work, His Century
0151771588: RICHELIEU AND HIS AGE Power Politics and the Cardinal's Death Volume III
0151771596: Richelieu & His Age, 1
0151771626: The rich man
0151771723: Richthofen, a True History of the Red Baron
0151772681: Ride a Pale Horse
0151775729: ROSE AND FALL
0151776784: Rites: A Guatemalan Boyhood
0151776970: The Ritz-Carlton cookbook
0151777209: The Riverside Villas Murder
0151777500: The River Styx, Ohio, and other poems,
0151778604: The Intellectuals on the Road to Class Power
0151778701: Road to Bobby Joe and Other Stories
0151778779: On the Line: The New Road to the White House
0151778787: Voters on the Line
0151783187: The Robber Bridegroom
0151783195: The Robespierre Serial
0151783209: Robert Kennedy: The Last Campaign
0151783225: The Rock Cried Out
0151783276: Roger Casement : The Biography of a Patriot Who Lived for England, Died for Ireland
0151786348: Room 40 British Naval Intelligence 1914-1918
0151787328: A Room Of One's Own
0151787336: Room of One's Own
0151788715: Roosevelt : The Soldier of Freedom
0151788723: Roosevelt; The Lion and the Fox.
0151789126: The Raphael Affair
0151790094: Ross MacDonald (Harvest/HBJ Book)
0151790108: Routes of Contagion
0151790116: Royal heritage: The treasures of the British crown
0151790132: The Rose Thieves
0151790159: Rose Reason
0151790566: Russian Women: Two Stories
0151791503: Sacred Night
0151791600: Saint Hiroshima
0151792534: The Salzburg Connection.
0151792569: Samuel Beckett
0151792607: Samuel Johnson
0151792666: Samuel Johnson and the Life of Writing
0151792704: The Samurai.
0151792836: Sandburg Range
0151792879: The Sand Child
0151792909: The Sands of Mars,
0151794324: Save Me, Joe Louis
0151795584: A scandalous woman, and other stories
0151795681: The Scarlet Letter: A Romance
0151795738: The Scheme of Things
0151795770: School For Husbands and Sganarelle, or The Imaginary Cuckold, by Moliere
0151795800: The School for Wives
0151795851: Science and Secrets of Early Medicine
0151795959: Science, Sex, and Sacred Cows
0151796157: Scramble: A Narrative History of the Battle of Britain
0151797005: Scuffler
0151799172: Searching for Icons in Russia
0151799199: Searching Spirit
0151799229: Season in purgatory
0151799237: The Season: A Candid Look at Broadway
0151799245: The Seasons - Life and its Rhythms
0151799504: Pure Silver: The Second Best of Everything
0151799555: The second death of Samuel Auer
0151799806: The Secret of the Golden Flower A Chinese Book of Life, with part of the Chinese Meditation text The Book of Consciousness and Life
0151799857: The secret look: poems
0151799989: Secrets of the tax revolt
0151803870: Selected essays, 1917-1932
0151803900: Selected Writings: 1950-1990
0151806551: Selected Poems
0151806632: Selected Poems
0151807027: Selected Prose of T. S. Eliot
0151807043: Web of Disinformation
0151808120: Send a Fax to the Kasbah
0151808953: Settling the Score: Essays on Music
0151809003: Sex, Culture, and Myth
0151810737: Serbs and Croats: The Struggle in Yugoslavia
0151812004: The Seven-Headed Serpent
0151813558: The seventeenth degree
0151813604: Seventy-Three Poems
0151813701: The seven witches
0151813809: Sexpionage
0151813906: Sex and Morality: Who Is Teaching Our Sex Standards
0151813930: The Stronger Women Get, the More Men Love Football: Sexism and the American Culture of Sports
0151814597: Shadow man: The life of Dashiell Hammett
0151814805: Shadows in paradise
0151817758: A Shaping Joy: Studies in the Writer's Craft
0151819904: Shimoni's Lover
0151820430: Shooting an Elephant and Other Essays
0151820643: Bone by Bone: Stories
0151820805: Show Me a Hero
0151820902: Show Your Tongue
0151823219: The Grand Tour: Shrines Of Power
0151823235: The Siege of Krishnapur
0151825467: Sigmund Freud: His life in pictures and words
0151826250: Silas Marner
0151826293: Vox pop: Last days of the Roman Republic
0151826315: Silent Day in Tangier
0151826765: Sir William Hamilton Envoy Extraordinary
0151826889: Sister Aimee: The Life of Aimee Semple McPherson
0151826927: Sisters Rosensweig
0151827036: The Sitwells: A family's biography
0151827400: Six nights a week
0151828938: Sketchbook 1946-1949
0151829004: Skinman
0151829756: Slaying of the Dragon
0151829829: Sleepless days
0151830150: A slice of snow;: A book of poems
0151830908: Slopes of Lebanon
0151830959: Slow Suicide
0151831009: The Slugger Heart and Other Stories (Richelieu and His Age,)
0151831289: Small Futures: Children, Inequality, and the Limits of Liberal Reform
0151831467: The Smell of Hay
0151831572: Smart Hearts in the City
0151831807: The Snare of the Hunter
0151832420: Some Sort of Epic Grandeur: The Life of F. Scott Fitzgerald
0151832781: Writers in Russia
0151835756: Socialism and America
0151836000: Soldier of the Great War
0151836698: Solitudes: A novel
0151837376: Something's wrong with my child;: A parents' book about children with learning disabilities
0151837457: Some of My Friends Have Tails
0151837465: Elsewhere, perhaps
0151837600: Someone Is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe
0151837708: The Song of songs: Love poems from the Bible
0151837759: Sons of the Pioneers
0151837805: Sonnets for an Analyst
0151840059: Sorrows of Priapus
0151844860: South to Destiny (Harvest/HBJ Book)
0151846014: Soviet Almanac
0151846030: The Soviet syndrome
0151846057: The Soviet Union: The Fifty Years
0151847045: SPEAK OUT!
0151847401: The Spire
0151847746: Splendor of The Gods
0151847959: The Spotted Sphinx
0151848009: Spy for God
0151848378: S.S. San Pedro
0151848386: Spy Story.
0151848602: Squandering Eden: Africa at the Edge
0151849056: Stateline
0151849161: The Statue of Liberty is cracking up: A guide to loving, leaving, and living again
0151849587: Stephen Crane (Hbj Album Biographies)
0151849706: Still Small Voices: The Untold Human Stories Behind the Violence on the West Bank and Gaza
0151849935: Tales of an all-night town
0151850755: The stones of the Abbey.
0151851409: STONE ISLAND
0151851980: The Stone Raft
0151852146: A storm of spears
0151852235: The storm petrels: The flight of the first Soviet defectors
0151855846: Straight Talk about American Education
0151856311: Strange Animals I Have Known
0151857601: Strange Fits of Passion: A Novel
0151857695: Strange Fruit
0151857822: Strange Things Happen Here: Twenty-Six Short Stories and a Novel. Tr by Helen Lane
0151859108: Striptease
0151859213: Peace, dà tente, and Soviet-American relations: A collection of public statements
0151859884: Strongholds
0151864268: Such Times
0151867208: The Sunday woman
0151867372: In the Light of the Sun: From Sun Spots to Solar Energy
0151867771: The Superbaby Syndrome: Escaping the Dangers of Hurrying Your Child Hardcover
0151867879: The Supercomputer Era
0151867984: Superstitions
0151868824: Surgery and life: The extraordinary career of Alexis Carrel
0151870462: The survivor
0151870470: The Survivors
0151873259: The Sweeping Wind, a Memoir
0151873321: Sweet Country
0151874271: Swing Hammer Swing!
0151874301: Swoosh: The Unauthorized Story of Nike and the Men Who Played There
0151878307: Take Today; the Executive as Dropout
0151878498: Taken on Trust
0151878641: Taking on the World: Empowering Strategies for Parents of Children With Disabilities
0151879788: Tales Of Pirx The Pilot
0151879826: The tale of Asa Bean
0151879834: Tales from Margaritaville: Fictional Facts and Factual Fictions
0151879869: Talk: conversations with William Golding
0151879885: You Must Remember This: An Oral History of Manhattan from the 1890's to World War II
0151879907: Talking to Myself.
0151879915: Taller Women: A Cautionary Tale
0151879923: Tamsen
0151879958: Target Mayflower
0151879974: Target Practice
0151880506: Unholy Alliances: Working the Tawana Brawley Story
0151880824: Tax, Attacks and Counterattacks: Your Indispensable Guide to Long-Range Tax Strategy
0151881006: Thomas Gray
0151881103: Teaching an infant to swim
0151881162: Teaching Young Children to Swim & Dive
0151883777: Teddy bear
0151884501: Television the Business Behind the Box
0151885338: The Temple of My Familiar
0151885354: Temple of My Familiar
0151886563: Blameless in Abaddon
0151887624: Texas Station
0151889007: Silk Hope, N.C.
0151894817: There Was Once a Time
0151894957: They Were Expendable
0151895864: Thicker Than Water
0151898502: The Third Apple: Personal Computers & the Cultural Revolution
0151898510: Fima
0151899010: The Third Book About Achim
0151899355: 1339 ... or so: Being an apology for a pedlar
0151899509: Thirty-four east
0151900558: THIS HOUSE OF SKY Landscapes of a Western Mind 15th anniversary edition
0151900604: This Soldier Still at War
0151901201: Those I Guard
0151901708: Those I Guard: Poems
0151901740: Three bags full;: Essays in American fiction
0151901783: Three Exposures
0151901864: The three Romes
0151902615: Thursdays 'til 9: A novel
0151902828: The Ticket Out
0151902941: Tidewater Dynasty: The Lees of Stratford Hall
0151903107: Till Death Do Us Part
0151903239: Till We Have Faces: A Myth Retold
0151904456: A time for titans
0151904480: A TIME OF DEATH
0151904642: The time of miracles: A legend
0151904707: A Time to Love and A Time to Die
0151904723: The Titian Committee
0151904782: To Build A Fire : Recent Poems & A Prose Piece
0151904804: To Die Elsewhere
0151904839: To Govern Evolution: Further Adventures of the Political Animal
0151904863: Tomb for Boris Davidovich
0151904901: Tomorrow Morning, Faustus!
0151904936: Too sad to sing: A memoir with postcards
0151904952: Topography and Other Poems, (First Edition)
0151904995: To Know a Woman
0151905991: TO SEE THE DREAM
0151907366: To the Lighthouse
0151907374: To the Lighthouse
0151908737: Touch the Water Touch the Wind
0151908850: Golf's golden grind;: The history of the tour
0151909024: Toward a New Christianity Readings in the Death of
0151909105: Toward the Future
0151909113: Toward the Ph.D. for dogs: Obedience training from novice through utility
0151909199: Towing Jehovah
0151909407: Toys to Make and Ride
0151910057: Trading
0151910707: American Journey: The Times of Robert Kennedy
0151910723: The Tranquilizing of America: Pill Popping and the American Way of Life
0151910758: Travels
0151910790: Travels in Hyperreality: Essays
0151910812: T.R. and Will : A Friendship That Split the Republican Party
0151911525: The trees and fields went the other way
0151911576: Triptych : Three Scenic Panels
0151913129: Trying to Smile: And Other Stories
0151913137: Whistling in the Dark: True Stories and Other Fables
0151913145: Trust Me
0151913188: Trustable and Preshus Friends.
0151913196: The Truth About Bebe Donge
0151913226: Truth to Life
0151913587: Trying Freedom:The Case for Liberating Education.
0151913803: T. S. Eliot: The longer poems : the Waste land, Ash Wednesday, Four quartets
0151913838: Tune and Repair Your Own Piano
0151913854: The Tunnel
0151913900: Turkish white
0151914109: Turncoat: The Strange Case of British Sergeant Harold Cole, the Worst Traitor of the War
0151917000: Twelve works of naive genius
0151921504: Twice Over Lightly: New York Then and Now
0151922241: Two by O'Hara
0151922705: Two States-One Nation?
0151922802: Two Tales: Rip Van Winkle and the Legend of Sleepy Hollow Hardcover by...
0151923000: Two Winters and Three Summers
0151923795: The Tyranny of the Status Quo
0151925534: Ugly Ways
0151925801: Ultimates in the Far East
0151925852: The Ulysses Factor: The Exploring Instinct in Man
0151926859: Uncle Charles Has Locked Himself in
0151926905: Uncle Herschel, Dr. Padilsky, and the evil eye;: A novel of old Brooklyn
0151926972: Uncle of Europe
0151927383: The Uncommitted: Alienated Youth in American Society
0151927499: Uncommon Clay, the life and work of Augustus Saint Gaudens
0151927537: Uncommon Friends
0151927995: Under God's Spell: Frontier Evangelists 1772-1915
0151928037: Under one roof
0151928207: Under the Jaguar Sun
0151928304: Unending Blues
0151928452: The Unexpected Minority: Handicapped Children in America
0151928517: The Unexpected Universe.
0151930007: The University of Colorado, 1876-1976: A Centennial publication of the University of Colorado
0151930503: The Prodigious Builders
0151930562: The unperfect society: beyond the new class
0151930724: The confidential memos of I.M. Vested: An exposé of corporate mismanagement by a senior executive in a major American company
0151930791: Unsolicited gift
0151930937: Pilgrimage on a Steel Ride
0151930953: Unto death
0151930961: After Moondog
0151930988: Genuine Reality: A Life of William James
0151931003: Hitter: The Life and Turmoils of Ted Williams
0151931038: Consider This, Senora
0151931062: Washington Through a Purple Veil : Memoirs of a Southern Woman
0151931070: Divided to the Vein
0151931100: Mary Renault: A Biography
0151931119: After Lydia
0151931704: Up 'Til Now: A Memoir of the Decline of American Politics
0151931909: The Urban Prospect: Essays
0151932034: The Use of Man
0151932050: The Uses of Literature
0151933499: Valedictory
0151933626: Van Gogh
0151933642: Vanished Present
0151934975: Vein of Iron
0151935017: The Venetian Affair.
0151935041: The Venetian Empire.
0151935068: The Venice train
0151936315: Victim of the Aurora
0151936323: VIDEO ART: An Anthology.
0151936331: Vietnam
0151936366: A Vietcong Memoir
0151936382: View in Winter
0151936552: Vigilante!
0151937508: Mask of violence,
0151937621: Virginia : A Play
0151937656: Virginia Woolf;: A biography (A Harvest book, HB 269)
0151937710: Virginia Woolf and Her World
0151937753: Virginia Woolf, Women and Writing
0151937826: Virginia Woolf Reader
0151939004: Visions: Stories and Photographs
0151939128: The Visitors: The Stories of Ronald Blythe
0151939152: Vittoria
0151940800: V Was for Victory: Politics and American Culture During World War II
0151941254: Wait until Evening
0151941866: A Walker in the City
0151941882: Walking to Sleep: New Poems and Translations
0151941890: The walking trip
0151941955: The Walls of Blue Coquina
0151942862: W.H. Auden: The life of a poet
0151946094: Wartime
0151946256: The Wartime Journals of Charles A. Lindbergh
0151946612: War Within and Without
0151946809: Wartime Writings 1939-1944
0151947600: The Waste Land: A facsimile and transcript of the original drafts including the annotations of Ezra Pound
0151948801: Watcher and Other Stories
0151950156: Water Music
0151953082: Ways of Health
0151953120: Ways of loving
0151955956: We Came to Help
0151955964: A weed for burning
0151955980: The Wedding at Port-Au-Prince
0151955999: We Must March My Darlings
0151956103: The Well-Connected Macintosh: An Overview of Desktop Communications
0151956146: Art for the Written Word : Twenty-Five Years of Book Cover Art
0151957479: Western Canon : The Books and School of the Ages
0151957509: The western coast
0151958572: What a beautiful Sunday!
0151958602: What became of Jane Austen? And other questions
0151958785: What the woman lived;: Selected letters of Louise Bogan, 1920-1970 by Bogan...
0151959102: The Rape of Serbia: The British Role in Tito's Grab for Power 1943-1944
0151959501: When I Was Old.
0151959625: When pumpkins blossomed
0151960380: Where Jackals Howl and Other Stories.
0151960615: Where to live for your health
0151960909: While Still We Live
0151961158: The white dawn;: An Eskimo saga,
0151961190: White Deer
0151962405: The White Horse Inn
0151962944: Who Was David Weiser?
0151962960: Where Is Joe Merchant? : A Novel Tale
0151962995: Where is Joe Merchant?
0151963789: Winning the diet wars
0151963959: The Wide Net and Other Stories
0151965331: A Wider Arc
0151966443: The Widower
0151967202: The wild hunt
0151967253: Wild nights
0151967555: William Golding: A Critical Study,
0151967628: William Saroyan
0151967660: Willys Dream Kit
0151968101: The Wind from the Sun: Stories of the Space Age
0151969868: A Window over the Sink: A Memoir
0151970858: Wind, Sand, and Stars Paperback by Antoine De Saint-Exupery
0151970874: Wind, Sand and Stars
0151971307: Winning by Letting Go
0151971862: Winter Brothers : A Season at the Edge of America
0151972036: Winter's Tale
0151972230: Winter Wheat
0151975116: The Wise Virgins: A Story of Words, Opinions and a Few Emotions
0151975140: With Child: One Couple's Journey to Their Adopted Children
0151975175: Within the Whirlwind
0151975213: Wit's End: Days And Nights Of The Algonquin Round Table
0151980233: The wolf is not native to the south of France
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