0023543957: Introduction to the Foundations of Education
0023544007: Mechanics for Engineers : Statics
0023544015: Economic Way of Thinking
0023544309: Study Guide to Accompany Sociology : Second Edition
0023544317: Sociology
0023544414: Microeconomics
0023544457: Mechanics of Materials/Book and Disk
0023544511: Mechanics of Materials
0023544546: Engineering Mechanics : Dynamics
0023544600: Structural Analysis
0023544619: Engineering Mechanics : Statics and Dynamics
0023544716: Management Challenge
0023544767: Management Challenge Study Gd
0023544813: General Chemistry
0023544821: Management Challenge Student S
0023544902: Real estate investment
0023544929: Management Challenge
0023545119: Physical Geography: A Laboratory Manual
0023545151: Climatology : An Atmospheric Science
0023545186: Guiding Young Children
0023545208: Introduction to Early Childhood Education
0023545216: Guiding Young Children
0023545224: Management of Child Development Centers
0023545240: Management of Child Development Centers
0023545305: Dress Selection and Design
0023545356: Introduction to Early Childhood Education
0023545364: Introduction to Early Childhood
0023545372: Knowing and Serving Diverse Families
0023545410: Chemistry and Life : An Introduction to General Organic and Biological Chemistry
0023545518: Applied ecology: A nontechnical approach
0023545534: Introduction to Early Childhood Education
0023545801: Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics
0023546204: Pediatrics, Neurology and Psychiatry--Common Ground: Behavioral, Cognitive, Affective, and Physical Disorders in Childhood and Adolescence
0023546212: Sociology
0023546220: Sociology
0023546301: Introduction to Early Childhood Education
0023546409: Epictetus : The Enchiridion
0023546506: Foodservice Systems Administration
0023546603: Engineering Mechanics. Dynamics
0023546611: Engineering Mechanics : Dynamics
0023546808: Engineering mechanics
0023546859: Engineering Mechanics : Statics
0023546867: Engineering Mechanics : Dynamics
0023546913: Engineering Mechanics : Statics
0023546921: Engineering Mechanics : Statics
0023547618: Engineering Mechanics
0023547626: Engineering Mechanics : Dynamics
0023547642: Engineering Mechanics : Statics
0023547715: Patterns Across the Disciplines
0023547731: Strategies of Argument
0023547758: One World, Many Cultures
0023547804: Sourcebook for chemistry and physics
0023547812: One World, Many Cultures
0023547901: Sociology and the Human Experience
0023548118: Linear Algebra with Labs with Matlab
0023548207: Short-Term Financial Management
0023548215: Short-Term Financial Management
0023548320: Short-Term Financial Management
0023548568: Computer Graphics Using Open GL
0023548606: Computer Graphics
0023548800: Chemistry for Changing Times
0023549556: Introductory Linear Algebra with Applications : Study Guide and Student Solutions Manual
0023550104: Chemistry for Changing Times
0023550503: Chemical Investigations for Changing Times
0023550635: Chemistry for Changing Times
0023550708: Chemistry for Changing Times
0023550821: Many Worlds of Literature
0023550856: Discovering Children's Literature
0023550961: Introduction to C.A.S.E. technology using Visible Analyst Workbench
0023551003: Chemistry for Changing Times
0023555912: Liberal Arts Physics
0023556013: Drama
0023556102: L'Essentiel De LA Grammaire Francaise
0023556307: La Pratique Du Francais Parle,pb,73
0023556501: Probability and Statistical Inference
0023557109: Introduction to Mathematical Statistics
0023557133: Structural Geology : Principles Concepts and Problems
0023557206: Le Francais En Francais Niveau Intermediaire
0023557222: Introduction to Mathematical Statistics
0023557303: Probability and Statistical Inference
0023557737: LITERATURE
0023557907: Engineering Statistics
0023558105: Probability and Statistical Inference
0023558210: Probability and Statistical Inference
0023558709: Applied Boolean Algebra: An Elementary Introduction
0023559500: Elementary Matrix Algebra
0023561300: Textiles 5ED
0023562900: Editing With Understanding: A Textbook and Workbook: A Textbook and Workbook
0023563109: Pattern Making by the Flat-Pattern Method
0023563125: Pattern Making by the Flat-Pattern Method
0023563508: Microcomputer Organization
0023563702: Microcomputer Systems: Hardware, Assembly Language, and Pascal
0023564105: Handbook to Literature
0023564202: Handbook to Literature
0023564512: New Directions in Elementary School Mathematics
0023564601: Manual of Comparative Anatomy: a laboratory guide and brief text;
0023564806: Maternity Nursing
0023567805: American Politics and Everyday Life
0023568003: American Politics and Everyday Life
0023569204: L'Art De Lire
0023569301: Religions of the World
0023569506: Spoken French in Review
0023571004: Introductory Algebra
0023571209: Intermediate Algebra
0023571500: Motivation
0023571616: Fundamentals of Materials Science for Technologists : Properties, Testing and Laboratory Exercises
0023571705: Essential Mathematics : An Interactive Approach
0023571950: CADkey Light : A Handbook
0023572019: Computer Numerical Control Programming of Machines
0023572051: Religions of the World
0023572116: Very Young Children with Special Needs : A Formative Approach for the 21st Century
0023572205: Reporting Technical Information
0023573201: Cognitive Psychology : Memory, Language, and Thought
0023573309: Informal teaching in the open classroom
0023573902: Eng Thermodynamics Fundamentals & Apps
0023573910: Engineering Thermodynamics : Fundamentals and Applications
0023574003: Geography and development: A world regional approach
0023574607: Religion in America: Third edition
0023574801: Individualizing Instruction in Reading and Social Studies.
0023575018: Ethical, Legal, and Professional Issues in the Practice of Marriage and Family Therapy
0023575107: Essentials of geography and development: Concepts and processes
0023575409: Implementing Strategy
0023578203: Religion in America
0023578300: Religion in America
0023580704: Fundamentals of Comparative Embryology of the Vertebrates
0023582308: Speech Communication
0023582804: Paradise Lost : New Edition
0023582901: Complete Poems and Major Prose : Milton
0023584319: Phonics for the Teacher of Reading : Programmed for Self-Instruction
0023584408: Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion
0023584416: Principal As Leader
0023584505: World's Living Religions
0023584602: Pupil Services : Development, Coordination, Administration
0023585005: Aeneid of Virgil
0023589205: Social Science : An Introduction to the Study of Society
0023589213: Social Science : An Introduction to the Study of Society
0023589310: Social Science
0023589418: Enhancing Teaching
0023589507: UNIX Systems
0023590114: Literature : A Contemporary Introduction
0023591900: The Computer Challenge: Technology, Applications and Social Implications
0023592206: The Computer Challenge: Technology Applications & Social Implications; With Basic & Pascal,
0023592354: Family Experience : A Multicultural Reader
0023592419: Changing Family : A Global Perspectives
0023592524: Changing Family
0023592532: Changing Family : A Global Perspective
0023593504: Workbook to Accompany Maternity Nursing
0023593806: Reading Connection
0023594101: Modern Business Report Writing
0023594403: Women and Crack-Cocaine
0023595000: Operative perinatology: Invasive obstetric techniques
0023596007: An Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning
0023596201: Speaking Persuasively.
0023596317: Business Applications Software : dBase IV 2.0
0023596406: Using Computers and Applicable Software
0023596511: Assembly Language for the IBM-PC
0023596600: Mental Retardation: The Changing Outlook
0023596902: Discrete Mathematics
0023597003: Contemporary physics
0023597127: Computing Fundamentals
0023597216: Biostatistics in Clinical Medicine, 2nd edition;
0023597224: Hegel Selections
0023597305: Applications Programming in C
0023597666: Business Application Software : Lotus 1-2-3 (Version 2.4)
0023597917: Business Applications Software : Wordperfect
0023598204: Basic Stochastic Process : The Mark Kac Lectures
0023598352: Measurement and Synthesis in the Chemistry Laboratory
0023598409: Assembly Language for the IBM-PC
0023598522: C++ and Object Oriented Programming
0023598603: Basic engineering circuit analysis
0023598816: Basic Engineering Circuit Analysis
0023598832: Basic engineering circuit analysis
0023598840: Basic Engineering Circuit Analysis Student Problem Supplement
0023598905: Basic engineering circuit analysis
0023598913: Basic Engineering : Circuit Analysis
0023599308: Introduction to Electrical Engineering
0023599456: Creative Expression and Play in the Early Childhood Curriculum
0023599650: Media Game : American Politics in the Television Age
0023600004: Inside the Fashion Business
0023600020: Inside the Fashion Business
0023600101: Biostatistics in clinical medicine
0023600500: Laboratory Practice of Organic Chemistry
0023601213: Methods for Teaching : A Skills Approach
0023601507: Emergency Patient Care Prehospital Ground and Air Procedure
0023601604: Writing As Thinking
0023601817: Enhancing Literacy Process
0023601906: The Theory of the Photographic Process
0023601922: Food Science Laboratory Manual
0023602309: College writing, a rhetoric and handbook
0023602600: New Standard Reference for Secretaries and Administrative Assistants
0023602902: The Contemporary Presidency
0023603003: Writing and Communicating in Business
0023603313: Teaching and Learning in the Elementary School
0023603364: Teaching and Learning in the Elementary School
0023603402: Teaching and learning in the elementary school
0023603518: Social studies in elementary education
0023603801: Social Studies Competencies and Skills: Learning to Teach as an Intern
0023603909: Teaching and learning in the elementary school
0023604204: Readings for social studies in elementary education
0023604301: The schools in contemporary society: An analysis of social currents, issues, and forces
0023604409: Social studies in elementary education
0023604514: Pathways : A Text for Develolping Writers
0023604522: Pathways : A Text for Developing Writers
0023604530: Pathways Text Developing Write
0023604905: Rediscovering the Parables
0023605006: Measurement in Physical Education and Athletics
0023605103: Parables of Jesus
0023605219: Outdoor Recreation in America
0023605405: Social studies in elementary education
0023605413: Social Studies in Elementary Education
0023605715: Social Studies in Elementary Education
0023605804: Fashion Director : What They Do and How to Be One
0023606304: Essential Discrete Mathematics
0023606509: Sociological Theory : Classical Founders and Contemporary Perspectives
0023606703: Legal Process and Corrections
0023606827: Object-Oriented Programming in C++
0023606924: Algorithms
0023607009: Public Administration : Design and Problem Solving
0023607203: Discrete Mathematics (Revised Edition)
0023607211: Discrete Mathematics
0023607300: Solutions manual: Discrete mathematics
0023607602: Symposium
0023607807: Theaetetus : Plato
0023607904: Plato : Timaeus
0023608005: Drug Therapy and Nursing Care
0023608404: Contemporary Physical Distribution and Logistics
0023608412: Contemporary Logistics
0023608609: Case Studies in Drug Therapy
0023608803: Arithematics;: A text for elementary school teachers
0023609001: Discrete mathematics
0023609206: Econometrics : Basic and Applied
0023609354: Philosophy of Law
0023609516: Applications Programming in ANSI C
0023609567: Programming in ANSI C : Trade Version
0023610204: Writing Strategies for ESL Students
0023610506: Network Analysis for Technology
0023610905: Plato: Protagoras
0023611219: Practical Measurements for Evaluation in Physical Education
0023611308: The Evolution of Primate Behavior
0023611316: Applications Programming in ANSI-C
0023611332: Inquiry and Genre : Writing to Learn in College
0023611367: C for Scientists and Engineers
0023611405: Evolution of Primate Behavior
0023611413: Applications Programming in ANSI C
0023611804: Marketing management: Integrated text, readings, and cases by Jolson, Marvin A
0023612002: Clinical Ethics : A Practical Approach to Ethical Decisions in Clinical Medicine
0023612304: Elementary Concepts of Mathematics
0023612509: An introduction to modern algebra
0023612800: Introduction to School Finance
0023613203: Principles and Applications of Digital Electronics
0023613327: Engineering Thermodynamics
0023613408: History of the African People
0023613602: Clinical Ethics
0023613904: Healthy Personality : An Approach from the Viewpoint of Humanistic Psychology
0023614102: Healthy personality;: An approach from the viewpoint of humanistic psychology
0023614552: Enduring Tension in Urban Politics
0023614706: Readings in the History of Civilization
0023614714: Short Course in Geometry
0023614811: Basic Mathematics
0023614919: Intermediate Algebra: A Concept Approach (The Juelg developmental mathematics series)
0023615109: The experimenter's challenge: Methods and issues in psychological research
0023615206: Dimensions of Practical/Vocational Nursing
0023615303: Maternal and Child Nursing
0023615400: Fundamentals of Nursing Care
0023615508: Understanding Human Motivation
0023615702: Medical-Surgical Nursing
0023616008: Experimenter's Challenge: Methods and Issues in Psychological Research
0023616016: Textiles
0023616105: The Western heritage
0023616407: Clothing Construction
0023616601: Botsford and Robinson's Hellenic History
0023616814: Introduction to Signals and Systems
0023617705: Experiences in Life Science-Instructor's Ed, A Laboratory Guide,2nd Ed
0023618000: Child welfare services
0023618108: Child Welfare Services
0023618205: Problems in Ancient History
0023618302: Problems in Ancient History
0023618507: The Western heritage
0023618604: The Western heritage, since 1648
0023618728: Western Heritage : Combined Edition
0023618809: The Social Psychology of Clothing and Personal Adornment
0023618825: Social Psychology of Clothing : Symbolic Appearance in Context
0023618906: Writing in an age of technology
0023619104: Study guide/workbook to The Western heritage: To 1715 by Donald Kagan, Steven Ozment, Frank M. Turner
0023619112: Western Heritage
0023619120: Western Heritage
0023619139: Western Heritage
0023619147: Western Heritage
0023619155: Western Heritage
0023619163: Western Heritage
0023619198: Western Heritage : Combined Edition
0023619309: The Western heritage
0023619333: Human Anatomy Laboratory Manual and Study Guide
0023619384: Semiconductor Devices
0023619406: Exploring Early Childhood
0023619422: Fundamentals of Signals and Systems with MATLAB
0023619708: Growing and Becoming: Development from Conception Through Adolescence
0023620005: Measurement and Evaluation in the Schools
0023620404: Theories of American Literature
0023620501: Problem Solving in Biology : A Laboratory Workbook
0023620625: Death, Society, and the Human Experience
0023620706: Static Demand Theory
0023621001: The Western Heritage
0023621206: Plants, People, and Environment
0023621303: Astronomy The Structure of the Universe
0023621400: Exploration of the Solar System
0023621419: Characteristics of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders of Children and Youth
0023621508: Individuality in clothing selection and personal appearance: A guide for the consumer
0023621834: Managerial Economics
0023622008: Individuality in clothing selection & personal appearance : a guide for the...
0023622202: Heart Disease in Infancy and Childhood
0023622318: Controlling and Analyzing Costs in Food
0023622601: Dimensions of professional nursing
0023622709: Dimensions of professional nursing
0023622806: Fundamentals Of Effective Group Communication
0023622954: Managerial Economics
0023623004: Guidelines: Composing and responding to essays
0023623012: Lives Through Literature: A Thematic Anthology
0023623608: The Western heritage
0023623705: The Western Heritage, Volume B, 1300-1815. Second Edition (Volume B, 1300 - 1815)
0023624256: Direct Marketing
0023624302: Introduction to Debate
0023624310: Christianity : A Social and Cultural History
0023624507: Human Development: The Adult Years and Aging
0023624906: Quantitative Analysis
0023625201: The Western heritage: Since 1300
0023625600: Individuality in Clothing Selection and Personal Appearance : A Guide for the Consumer
0023625619: Resource Guide for Teaching
0023625686: Middle School Teaching
0023625708: Resource Guide for Elementary School Teaching
0023625759: Resource Guide for Elementary School Teaching : Planning for Competence
0023625775: Integrating Mathematics and Science for Kindergarten and Primary Children
0023625805: Dimensions of Professional Nursing
0023625813: Resource Guide for Elementary School Teaching : Planning for Competence
0023625856: Integrating Language Arts and Social Studies for Intermediate and Middle School Students
0023625910: Integrating Mathematics and Science for Intermediate
0023626003: Movement Skill Development
0023626704: Controlling and Analyzing Costs in Food Service Operations
0023626712: Controlling and Analyzing Costs in Food Service Operations
0023627107: Child Welfare Services
0023627115: Operative Surgery and Management
0023627204: Professional Development in Home Economics
0023627417: Sociology : Social Structure and Social Conflict
0023627700: Sociology : Social Structure and Social Conflict
0023628308: Laboratory Diagnosis in Ophthalmology
0023628405: Urologic Nursing
0023628413: Psychology
0023628421: Mineral Resources, Economics, and the Environment
0023628502: Speculative Markets
0023628901: Modern Principles of Organic Chemistry: An Introduction
0023629304: Practice Enhancement: The Physician's Guide to Success in Private Practice
0023629509: Introduction to Signals and Systems
0023629703: Recreation Business
0023629711: The English workout: An interactive approach to listening/speaking
0023629800: Workbook for Hablamos Espanol
0023629894: Designing Effective Instruction : Applications of Instructional Design
0023629908: Handbook of Writing and Revision
0023630604: Freedom to Be
0023630701: Social Studies for the Eighties in Elementary and Middle Schools
0023630906: Models in Process : A Rhetoric and Reader
0023631007: Foundations of the Metaphysics of Morals and What Is Enlightenment?
0023631457: Introduction to Probability
0023631503: Faerie Queene : The Mutability Cantos and Selections From the Minor Poetry: Spencer
0023631511: Human Development : A Life Span Approach Study Guide
0023631554: Human Development
0023631600: Professional Development in Home Economics
0023631708: How Movies Work
0023632003: The Western heritage
0023632100: Western Heritage
0023632208: Western Heritage
0023632305: Western Heritage
0023632402: Western Heritage
0023632518: Western Heritage
0023632607: Western Heritage : Since Thirteen Hundred
0023632615: Active Tectonics : Earthquakes, Uplift, and Landscape
0023632623: Western Heritage : Combined Edition
0023632704: Environmental Geology
0023632755: Western Heritage : To Seventeen Fifteen (1715)
0023632763: Western Heritage
0023632771: Western Heritage : To FifteenTwenty Seven (1527)
0023632798: Western Heritage
0023632801: Western Heritage : Since Thirteen Hundred
0023632828: Environmental Geology
0023632909: Introduction To Environmental Geology
0023634707: Beginnings : A Rhetoric and Handbook
0023635002: Nursing Experience
0023635207: Western Heritage to 1715
0023635266: PSpice and Circuit Analysis
0023635274: Strategic Management of Behavioral Problems
0023635304: Western Heritage since 1648
0023635312: International Business
0023635355: Potential of Picture Books : From Visual Literacy to Aesthetic Understanding
0023635606: Sex Education in the Schools: A Study of Objectives, Content, Methods, Materials, and Evaluation
0023635703: Deficit Politics
0023635908: Satire : From Aesop to Buchwald
0023636009: Modern Electronic Communication Techniques
0023636114: Masculine Self
0023637501: Nuclear diagnostic imaging: Practical clinical applications
0023637706: Physics, the Fabric of Reality
0023637803: Modern physics for scientists and engineers
0023638109: A resource guide for secondary school teaching: Planning for competence
0023638206: Introduction to immunology
0023638303: Introduction to immunology
0023638354: Introduction to Immunology
0023638508: A Resource Guide for Secondary School Teaching
0023638605: Resource Guide for Secondary School Teaching : Planning for Competence
0023638702: Men's Lives : Readings in the Sociology of Masculinity
0023638729: Resource Guide for Secondary School Teaching
0023639709: Educational Administration : An Introduction
0023639806: Educational Administration - An Introduction 2nd Ed.
0023640006: Educational administration: An introduction
0023640014: Social and Political Theory
0023640502: Forest Ecology : Successful Decisions in a Changing Environment
0023640618: Men's Lives
0023640707: Reading and Study Skills
0023640715: Forest Ecology : A Foundation for Sustainable Management
0023640804: Meal management
0023640820: Democratic Discipline: Foundation and Practice
0023641509: Meal management
0023642505: Articulation and Voice: Improving Oral Communication
0023642610: The Engaging reader by
0023642734: Engaging Reader
0023642815: Fundamentals of Human Communication
0023643307: A Primer on the Law of Deceptive Practice
0023643706: Robinson-Patman Primer
0023643803: International Antitrust Primer
0023644001: An Antitrust Primer a Guide to Antitrust and Trade Regulation Laws for Businessmen
0023644206: Primer on the Law of Mergers; A Guide for Businessmen
0023644214: Information in Action : A Guide to Technical Communication
0023644222: Information in Action
0023644303: The golden peninsula: culture and adaptation in mainland Southeast Asia
0023644400: AutoCAD Book : Drawing, Modeling and Applications, Including Release 12
0023644559: AutoCAD for Interior Design and Space Planning
0023644605: An intellectual property law primer;: A survey of the law of patents, trade secrets, trademarks, franchises, copyrights, and personality and entertainment rights
0023644702: DISCOVERY TO DISCOURSE, the Composing process---STUDENT WORKBOOK
0023644710: AutoCAD Book : Drawing, Modeling and Applications, Including Release 13
0023644745: AutoCAD Book : Drawing, Modeling, and Applications, Including Release 13
0023646500: Casarett and Doull's toxicology: The basic science of poisons
0023647418: Biological Psychology
0023647930: Concepts of Genetics
0023647957: Concepts of Genetics : Student Handbook
0023647973: Essentials of Genetics
0023648007: Chordate Structure and Function
0023648015: Concepts of Genetics
0023650605: Elements of Econometrics
0023650702: Elements of Econometrics
0023651709: Movements of Thought in Modern Education.
0023651806: Movements of Thought in Modern Education
0023651903: Introduction to the Philosophy of Education
0023652004: Crossing Cultures
0023652209: Crossing Cultures
0023652306: Crossing cultures; readings for composition
0023652314: Crossing Cultures
0023652403: Grammar With a Purpose: A Contextualized Approach
0023652500: Crossing Cultures
0023653507: Outdoor recreation
0023653604: Outdoor Recreation
0023656107: Public Communication: Behavioral Perspectives
0023656409: Marketing of agricultural products
0023656700: Marketing of agricultural products by Kohls, Richard L
0023656905: Marketing of Agricultural Products
0023657103: Self and Identity
0023658002: Indian Way
0023658118: Sourcebook in Asian Philosophy
0023658207: Asian Philosophies
0023658509: Understanding English grammar
0023658606: Handbook and Rhetoric
0023658711: Rhetorical Grammar : Grammatical Choices, Rhetorical Effects
0023658800: Language and Composition Workbook : Workbook
0023659009: Elementary linear algebra
0023659505: Introductory linear algebra with applications
0023659904: Elementary Linear Algebra
0023660007: Quantitative Chemical Analysis. Fourth Edition
0023660201: Introductory Linear Algebra With Applications
0023660309: Answer Manual Introductory Linear Algebra with Applications
0023660325: Introductory Linear Algebra with Applications
0023660457: Elementary Linear Algebra
0023660600: Understanding English grammar
0023660619: Understanding English Grammar
0023660627: Exercises for Understanding English Grammar
0023660724: Understanding English Grammar
0023660805: Elementary Linear Algebra
0023660910: Introductory Linear Algebra with Applications
0023661607: Soviet Colossus
0023661704: Breve Cuentos Hispanos - The Scribner's Foreign Language Series
0023661801: Food Service Planning : Layout Planning and Equipment Selection for Public Foodservice Facilities
0023661909: Quantity Food Purchasing
0023662204: Quantity Food Purchasing
0023662301: Quantity Food Purchasing
0023662352: Public Relations in Educational Organizations : Practice in an Age of Information and Reform
0023662506: American Government: Structure and Process
0023662700: American government: Structure and process
0023663006: Folk Dancing : A Guide for Schools Colleges and Recreation Groups
0023663022: Leisure in a Changing America : Multicultural Perspective
0023663103: Biomechanics : A Qualitative Approach for Studying Human Movement
0023664002: Introduction to Microbiology
0023664401: Elements of Poetry
0023664703: A Model of Politics
0023668407: Computer-Based Information Systems
0023668709: Computer-Based Information Systems
0023668717: Database Processing
0023668776: Casebook for Database Processing: Fundamentals, Design, Implementation
0023668814: Database Processing : Fundamentals, Design and Implementation
0023668911: Biology: A Guide to the Natural World
0023669128: Differential Equations
0023669209: Microeconomic Theory of the Market Mechanism A General Equilibrium Approach
0023669217: Laser Engineering
0023670304: Elements of textiles
0023671009: Kant : The Metaphysical Element of Justice
0023671300: Language Disorders and Language Development
0023671602: Descartes : Discourse On Method
0023671718: Practical Digital Design and Testing
0023672005: Physiology of Exercise
0023672102: Physiology of Exercises : Responses and Adaptations
0023672404: Descartes : Philosophical Essays
0023672501: Introduction to Biblical Hebrew
0023672609: Descartes : Discourse Method and Meditations
0023672803: The nature of argument
0023672900: Organic Structural Analysis
0023673001: Introduction to Organic Spectroscopy
0023673109: Social psychology
0023673303: Student Study Guide for Social Psychology
0023673400: Music in Elementary Education: Enjoy, Experience, and Learn
0023673427: Drafting for Electronics
0023673451: Drafting for Electronics
0023673907: Culture, disease, and healing: Studies in medical anthropology
0023674059: Life of the Past
0023674105: Student's Vocabulary of Biblical Hebrew
0023674121: Aqueous Environmental Geochemistry
0023674210: Policing in America : A Balance of Forces
0023674407: Revising Prose
0023674458: Prose
0023674504: Revising Prose
0023674601: Revising Business Prose
0023674652: Revising Business Prose
0023674903: Self-Teaching Exercise Book : Prose
0023675004: Feeling and Form
0023675101: Problems of Art
0023675306: Textiles
0023675608: Analyzing Prose
0023675705: The World Since 1919
0023676000: Teaching and learning : philosophical, psychological, curricular applications
0023676108: Teaching Reading to Every Child
0023676302: Teaching Reading to Every Child
0023676604: Teaching Students to Read
0023677201: Statistics in the Real World: A Book of Examples
0023677309: Foundations of Physical Activity
0023678003: Optimization Theory for Large Systems
0023678607: World We Have Lost : England Before the Industrial Age
0023680830: Essentials of Management Information Systems : Organization and Technology
0023681004: Management Information Systems : A Contemporary Perspective
0023681012: Management Information Systems: A Contemporary Perspective (Macmillan Series in Information Systems)
0023681209: Introduction to Plant Taxonomy
0023681217: Management Information Systems : A Contemporary Perspective
0023685107: Personnel-Human Resource Management
0023685212: Personnel-Human Resource Management
0023690003: Dimensions of State & Urban Policy Making
0023690100: Successful Nonverbal Communication
0023690259: Successful Nonverbal Communication
0023690704: Collective Bargaining and Labor Relations
0023691018: Collective Bargaining and Labor
0023692200: Practical research: Planning and design
0023692308: Practical research: Planning and design
0023692413: Practical Research : A Basic Text for all Courses in Research Methodology
0023692421: Practical Research : Planning and Design
0023692502: How to read research and understand it
0023692804: Good schools for young children;: A guide for working with three-, four-, and five-year-old children
0023692901: Student workbook for Business law, text and cases
0023693002: Business Law: Text and Cases
0023693606: Business law: Text and cases
0023693800: Good Schools for Young Children
0023693908: FORTRAN 77
0023694025: C++ : An Introduction to Computing
0023694106: Visual Perception
0023694114: Turbo Pascal : Programming and Problem Solving
0023694602: Programming with Pascal
0023694653: Data Structures and Program Design in Pascal
0023694807: Fundamentals of Structural Analysis
0023694912: Economic Decisions for Consumers
0023695102: Liberty, Justice and Morals
0023695307: Liberty, Justice and Morals
0023695501: Advanced Programming in Pascal with Data Structures
0023695803: College Algebra
0023696001: Intermediate algebra for college students
0023696206: College algebra
0023696400: Intermediate Algebra for College Students
0023696850: Pascal
0023696907: Pascal
0023696915: Programming and Problem Solving in Modula-2
0023696931: Solutions Manual - Programming and Problem Solving in Modula 2
0023697318: Curriculum and Instructional Methods for the Elementary School
0023697423: Curriculum and Instructional Methods for the Elementary and Middle School
0023697628: Powerful Reading, Efficient Learning
0023698101: Linear algebra with applications
0023698217: Linear Algebra with Applications
0023698314: Linear Algebra with Applications
0023698403: Readings in Technical Writing
0023698616: Laboratory Investigations in Biology
0023698640: A Sociological Perspective of Sport
0023698667: Sociological Perspective of Sport
0023698705: Linear algebra with applications
0023698713: Sociological Perspective of Sport
0023698748: Tools of the Mind
0023698802: Psychology
0023699302: Female Experience: An American Documentary
0023699701: Radiant Energy and the Eye
0023700211: Physical Cosmology and Philosophy
0023700602: Grammar in the Classroom
0023700653: Effective Reading Instruction
0023702109: Macmillan College Workbook
0023702303: Macmillan College Handbook
0023702311: The Macmillan College Handbook
0023702338: Macmillan Guide to Teachers of Writing
0023702702: Pl 94-142: An Act of Congress
0023703008: An introduction to American Government
0023703105: An introduction to American government
0023703407: Introduction to American Government
0023703601: Build It Up: An Advanced Course in ESL/Efl Reading Comprehension
0023703709: Clues to meaning: Strategies for better reading comprehension
0023704004: Modern China: An Interpretive Anthology
0023704101: Computer applications in clinical practice: An overview
0023704500: Trigonometry with Calculators
0023704624: Managing High Technology and Innovation
0023705000: Discovering Process: Meaning and Form in Reading and Writing
0023705027: Teaching Special Students in the Mainstream
0023705213: Retailing
0023705302: Retailing
0023705507: Ageless Chinese : A History
0023705701: Farm and Ranch Records Management
0023706201: Speech Physiology and Acoustic Phonetics
0023706805: Cities in World Perspective
0023706813: Contemporary World Issues: An Interactive Approach to Reading and Writing
0023706902: On the Origins of Language
0023706945: Selling the Profession: A Consultative Approach
0023707003: Writing in Business
0023707100: Communicating in business
0023707208: Mathematics Applied to Deterministic Problems in the Natural Sciences
0023707801: Crafts for the Classroom
0023707909: Elementary Statistics
0023708301: Statistical Theory
0023708603: Arts and Crafts in the Classroom
0023709006: Introduction to Probability and Statistics
0023709103: Elements of Writing
0023709200: Hematology
0023709413: From Paragraph to Term Paper
0023709804: Introductory Chemistry for Health Professionals
0023710209: Economics : A Study of Markets
0023710403: Study Guide : Economics a Study of Markets
0023710705: Drugs and the human body: With implications for society
0023710810: Drugs and the Human Body : With Implications for Society
0023710918: Drugs and the Human Body : With Implications for Society
0023712503: American Portrait
0023712600: American Portrait : Combined Edition
0023712708: American Portrait: A History Of The United States vol 2
0023713607: To Prove a Villain: The Case of King Richard the Third
0023713704: Anatomy of the Sacred : An Introduction to Religion
0023713909: The Consent of the Governed
0023714018: Anatomy of the Sacred : An Introduction to Religion
0023714204: Modern Christian Thought : From the Enlightenment to Vatican Two
0023714239: Modern Christian Thought : The Enlightenment and the Nineteenth Century
0023714301: Psychology of Coaching: Theory and Application
0023715103: Basic Cases in Constitutional Law
0023715308: Politics of State and Local Government
0023715502: Sanitary Techniques in Food Service
0023715901: The Perverted Priorities of American Politics
0023716304: Linear programming: A managerial perspective
0023716401: Management, a quantitative perspective
0023717408: Common Sense in Business Writing
0023717602: Database Book
0023717807: Iberoamerica: Sintesis De Su Civilizacion
0023717904: Developmental Biology
0023717912: Rapid ECG interpretation: A self-teaching manual
0023718005: Challenge of American Foreign Policy
0023718137: Tactics for Teaching (2nd Edition)
0023718501: Food and People
0023720808: Creative and mental growth
0023721014: Numerical Analysis Practical Approac 2ND Edition
0023721103: Creative and Mental Growth
0023721308: Sport, Culture and Society
0023721405: Poliscide
0023721618: Plasticity Theory
0023721634: Sacred Paths of the East
0023721707: Sacred Paths : Understanding the Religions of the World
0023721758: Sacred Paths : Understanding the Religions of the World
0023721804: Challenge and choice in contemporary education: Six major ideological perspectives
0023721812: Sacred Paths of the West
0023721901: What Is Philosophy of Education?
0023722002: Our Western Educational Heritage
0023722304: Introduction to Computers and Information Systems S. G.
0023722312: Managing Information Services
0023722509: Living Psychology
0023722800: Living psychology: Research in action
0023723009: Human development: A multidisciplinary approach to the psychology of individual growth
0023723203: Human development: A psychological, biological, and sociological approach to the life span
0023723912: Principalship : Concepts and Applications
0023726709: Personality; a behavioral analysis by Robert W. Lundin.
0023726814: Advanced Microcomputer Applications
0023728108: Introduction to Environmental Issues
0023728213: Foundations of Earth Science
0023728302: Essentials of Geology
0023728701: An Introduction to Ancient Greek: A Literary Approach
0023728809: Modern Textiles
0023729007: Social Issues in Business : Strategic and Public Policy Perspectives
0023729104: Social Issues in Business: Instructor's Manual
0023729201: Social Issues in Business
0023729309: Social issues in business: A text with current readings and cases
0023729600: Social Issues in Business: Strategic and Public Policy Perspectives
0023729716: Social Issues in Business : Strategic and Public Policy Perspectives
0023729805: Understanding Social Statistics
0023729910: Reading for Academic Success
0023730234: Industrial Electronics
0023730307: Writing about Literature : Aims and Process
0023730757: Macmillan College Workbook
0023731109: Interpretative reporting
0023731206: Interpretative reporting
0023731400: Interpretative Reporting
0023734809: New Testament Greek for Beginners
0023736534: Our Changing Planet : Earth System Science and Global Environmental Change
0023736542: 6800 Microprocessor
0023743107: Algebra
0023743506: Behavior Modification In Education
0023743700: Recreation and Leisure
0023744006: Health today
0023745002: Twentieth-Century Religious Thought
0023745207: Faith of People of God
0023745304: Introduction to Econometrics
0023745452: Introduction to Econometrics
0023748206: Fundamental Mathematics for Business.
0023748303: The American Democracy
0023749105: Electronic Circuits : Analysis, Simulation, and Design
0023749202: Religion and Culture: an Introduction to Anthropology of Religion
0023749210: Transcreation of the Bhagavad Gita
0023750502: Advertising : How to Write the Kind That Works
0023753005: Human Services : An Introduction
0023753315: Human Services : An Introduction to Organizing and Delivering Social Services
0023753404: Investments
0023753609: Philosophic Problems: An Introductory Book of Readings
0023757108: Applied Principles of Hydrology
0023758201: Quantitative Analysis of Financial Decisions
0023758600: General chemistry
0023758716: PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE LANDSCAPE Syntax/ semantics/ Implementation
0023759801: Teaching Young Children at School and Home
0023760109: Young children, their curriculum and learning processes
0023760613: Guidance of Young Children
0023761105: Consumer Behavior: A Cognitive Orientation
0023761202: Fundamentals of Physical Chemistry
0023761407: Retailing management
0023761601: Life of Lazarillo : De Tormes
0023761806: Strategies for Educational Change: Redefining the Gifted and Talented for Improving Quality and Equality in Urban Education
0023761814: Laboratory Methods In Organic Chemistry
0023762101: Numerical Analysis
0023762500: Principles of Parasitology
0023762705: Explore and Discover Music: Creative Approaches to Music Education in Elementary, Middle, and Junior High Schools.
0023764511: Turning Points in Curriculum : A Contemporary American Memoir
0023765003: Protestantism in the United States : Righteous Empire
0023765011: Criminological Thought
0023765704: Architectural Graphics
0023766409: Design Graphics
0023767200: Principles of Field Crop Production (3rd Edition) Hardcover by Martin, John
0023767413: Analysis and Design of Business Information Systems
0023767510: Managing Information Technology : What Managers Need to Know
0023767758: Rapid Application Development
0023767804: Industrial Economics : Economic Analysis and Public Policy
0023767863: Industrial Economics : Economic Analysis and Public Policy
0023767928: Social Studies for Elementary School Children : Developing Young Citizens
0023768002: Fundamentals and applications of learning
0023768509: Introduction to psychology: Problems, procedures, and principles
0023768800: Theories in contemporary psychology
0023768908: Mark Twain : Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
0023769211: Marketing Management
0023769505: Basic Medical-Surgical Nursing
0023769602: Basic Medical-Surgical Nursing
0023769807: Basic Medical-Surgical Nursing
0023770104: Developmental Psychology : Childhood and Adolescence
0023770309: Writing in Action
0023770503: Short History Movies
0023770600: A Short History of the Movies
0023770708: Short History of the Movies
0023770759: Short History of the Movies
0023770953: Designing Technical Reports : Writing for Audiences in Organizations
0023771100: Atlas of descriptive embryology
0023771305: Atlas of descriptive embryology
0023771402: Atlas of Descriptive Embryology
0023771410: Management Incidents and Cases : The Competitive Edge
0023772603: Cases in financial management
0023772808: Study guide for Introduction to financial management
0023773006: Designing Technical Reports : Writings for Audiences in Organizations
0023773502: Deliquency and Drift
0023774002: What Is Art? : Tolstoy
0023774800: Therese Desqueuyroux
0023779403: Social Studies and the Elementary School Child
0023779608: Teaching English in the Middle and Secondary School
0023781408: Electronic Materials Science : For Integrated Circuits in SI and Gaas
0023781718: The Very Young: Guiding Children from Infancy Through the Early Years
0023781807: Personality: An Integrative Approach
0023782005: Writing and Rewriting
0023782420: Reading as Communication : An Interactive Approach
0023782900: Child Abuse and Neglect : Sharing Responsibility
0023782935: Medical Terminology
0023782951: Programming Languages
0023783001: Decision-Making for Consumers
0023783400: Crime in American Society
0023783516: Reaching Audiences : A Guide to Media Writing
0023783907: Argumentation and Debate: Techniques of a Free Society.
0023783923: How to Think Like a Psychologist : Critical Thinking in Psychology
0023784008: Deviant behavior: Crime, conflict, and interest groups
0023784113: A first course in business statistics
0023784202: Crime in American society
0023784504: Deviant Behavior : Crime, Conflict and Interest Groups
0023784601: Deviant Behavior Instructors T
0023784628: Deviant Behavior : Crime, Conflict and Interest Groups
0023784717: Monetary Economics : Theory and Policy
0023785004: Problems and Issues in Microeconomics : A Study Guide for the Applied Theory of Price
0023785101: Biology and Society: The Evolution of Man and His Technology
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