0160451167: Economic Report of The President: February 1997
0160451302: The Condition of Education: 1994 (National Center for Education Statistics)
0160451388: Coalition Command and Control : Key Considerations
0160451450: Making Educated Decisions : A Landscape Preservation Bibliography (NPS Reading List Ser.)
0160451531: A National Security Strategy of Engagement and Enlargement
0160451612: Systems Acquisition Managers Guide for the Use of Models and Simulations
0160451663: Down Home Healthy : Family Recipes of Black American Chefs
0160451736: Statistical Abstract of the United States 1994
0160451744: Statistical Abstract of the United States 1994 (Statistical Abstract of the United States)
0160451809: Remotely sensed data: Technology, management and markets
0160451876: Multinationals and the U.S. Technology Base, Sept. 1994
0160451949: National Education Goals Report: Building a Nation of Learners, 1994
0160451965: Annual Report of the Librarian of Congress 1993
0160451981: Technologies for Understanding and Preventing Substance Abuse and Addiction
0160452252: Firearms State Laws and Published Ordinances 1994
0160452260: STANDARDS FOR SERVING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, PUTTING CUSTOMERS FIRST, Second Report of the National Performance Review.
0160452287: National Library of Medicine Classification Schedule, 1994
0160452295: BLUNTING the SWORD: Budget Policy and the Future of Defense.
0160452333: Competing to Win in a Global Economy
0160452341: Identifying Health Technologies that Work,pb,94
0160452422: Final report to Congress
0160452430: United States Sentencing Commission Guidelines Manual
0160452449: Job Patterns for Minorities & Women in P
0160452511: Digest of Education Statistics 1996
0160452546: Practical Approaches in the Treatment of Women Who Abuse Alcohol and Other Drugs (Bulletin)
0160452554: America Preserved: A Checklist of Historic Buildings, Structures, and Sites
0160452570: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (Dhhs Publication)
0160452724: American Forces in Berlin: Cold War Outpost 1945-1994
0160452759: Diagnosing and Managing Unstable Angina, Quick Reference Guide for Clinicians
0160452813: New Research Frontiers in Behavioral Medicine
0160452856: The Diplomat's Dictionary *SIGNED*
0160452880: Menopause
0160452910: Unstable Angina: Disgnosis and Management
0160452929: Evaluation and Management of Early HIV Infection, Clinical Practice Guideline
0160453011: On these walls: Inscriptions and quotations in the buildings of the Library of Congress
0160453038: Quality Determinants of Mammography Clinical Practice Guideline No 13 (Clinical practice guideline)
0160453097: Assessing the Potential for Civil MILI
0160453143: Projections of Education Statistics to 2005 (Projections of Education Statistics to (Year))
0160453216: Uniform Crime Reports for the United States 1993 (Uniform Crime Reports for the United States)
0160453445: Freedom of Information Act Guide & Privacy Act Overview. September 1994 Edition
0160453518: Getting the Message Through: A Branch History of the U.S. Army Signal Corps
0160453526: Us Armys Transition To the All Volunteer
0160453534: The History of the U.S. Army Medical Service Corps
0160453674: Strategic Assessment 1995: U.S. Security Challenges in Transition
0160453682: Spinoff 1994 (Spinoff) by
0160453739: U S Immigration Policy Restoring Credi
0160453828: Literacy Behind Prison Walls
0160453976: National Library of Medicine Classification: A Scheme for the Shelf Arrangement of Library Materials in the Field of Medicine and Its Related Sciences
0160454042: Basic Facts About Registering a Trademark
0160454093: Budget of United States Government Fiscal Year 1996
0160454107: Budget of U. S. Government : 1996 Appendix
0160454220: Treatment of Pressure Ulcers (Guideline technical report)
0160454298: Career Guide To Industries 1994
0160454301: William J. Clinton 1993: Book Ii-August 1 to December 31, 1993 (Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States)
0160454670: Report on Evaluation of Definitions Used in the Public Library Statistics Program
0160454778: Bipartisan Commission on Entitlement and Tax Reform: Final Report to the President
0160454794: Alternative Medicine: Expanding Medical Horizons: A Report to the National Institutes of Health on Alternative Medical Systems and Practices (Nih Publication)
0160454883: U.S. Global Trade Outlook 1995-2000 Toward the 21st Century (United States Global Trade Outlook)
0160454964: Soldiers Serving the Nation
0160455103: Autonomy of the Air Arm
0160455138: Glossary: Defense Acquisition Acronyms and Terms
0160455162: Minerals Yearbook : Mineral Industries of Africa, 1993 (Vol. 3)
0160455189: Reducing the Deficit Spending the Revenu
0160455235: Annual Report to the President and the Congress Secretary of Defense March 1996
0160455405: International Narcotics Control Strategy Report - March, 1995
0160455456: Joint Warfare of the Armed Forces of the United States
0160455472: A Solid investment: Making full use of the nation's human capital : recommendations of the Federal Glass Ceiling Commission
0160455634: National Trade Estimate Report on Foreign Trade Barriers 1995 (National Trade Estimate Report on Foreign Trade Barriers)
0160455758: Post Stroke Rehabilitation: Clinical Practice Guideline Number 16
0160455774: Somalia Operations: Lessons Learned
0160455936: In Irons: U. S. Military Might in the New Century
0160456118: Spaceflight Revolution: NASA Langley Research Center from Sputnik to Apollo
0160456770: A Close Encounter: The Marine Landing on Tinian
0160456975: Cape Gloucester: The Green Inferno
0160456983: FREE A MARINE TO FIGHT : WOMEN MARINES IN WORLD WAR II Marines in World War II Commemorative Series
0160458226: U.S. Policy toward Haiti
0160458250: U.S. policy toward China: Hearing before the Subcommittee on East Asian and...
0160458366: Rural Health Care Reform: To Explore the Implications for Rural Citizens of the Various Health Care Reform Bills
0160458706: Healthy Meals for Healthy Americans Act of 1994. Hearing
0160458803: Role of Department of Veterans Affairs in National Health Care Reform. Hearings
0160458811: APEC and OECD
0160458862: Health Care Reform (Part 11). Hearings on H.R. 3800, February 1 and 14, 1994
0160458897: H.R. 4400, the Postal Inspection Service and Inspector General Act. Hearing
0160459028: International Fisheries. Hearing, July 21, 1994
0160459060: Rewrite of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 and Fiscal Year 1995 Foreign Assistance Request (Part 2). Hearings
0160459117: A Revitalized ACDA in the Post-Cold War World. Joint Hearing
0160459214: Nomination of David Russell Hinson to Be Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration
0160459230: Review of State Mediation Programs Established by the 1987 Agricultural Credit Act, & the Ag Mediation Improvement Act 1994
0160459281: U.S. Meat and Poultry Inspection Issues. Joint Hearing
0160459559: Review of the Availability and Quality of Global Demographic Data. Hearing
0160459575: Environmental Tobacco Smoke (Part 2). Hearings, February 7 and March 17, 1994
0160459591: HAITIAN ASYLUM-SEEKERS: Hearing Before the Subcommittee on International Law, Immigration and Refugees
0160459710: Legislative Proposals to Provide Financing Assistance for Projects Fostering Economic Development & Job Creation. Hearing
0160459761: Consumer Protection at the Food and Drug Administration
0160459796: Economic Development Reauthorization Act of 1994. Hearing on S. 2257, August 11, 1994
0160459842: Job Development and the Economic Future of the Southern Tier. Field Hearing
0160459982: White House Contacts with Treasury-RTC Officials About Whitewater-Related Matters--Part 1. Hearing, July 26, 1994
0160460034: Energy Policy and Conservation Act Amendments. Hearing, May 25, 1994
0160460093: Issues of Indian Health and Health Care Reform. Hearing
0160460107: Ozone Nonattainment Under the Clean Air Act : Hearing Before the Subcommittee on Technology, Environment and Aviation of the Committee on Science, Space, and Technology U.S. House of Representatives - July 8, 1994 - No. 138
0160460166: Convention on the Conservation and Management of Pollock Resources in the Central Bering Sea (Treaty Doc. 103-27)...
0160460190: National Cancer Institute's Revision of Its Mammography Guidelines. Hearing
0160460220: Technological Transformation of Rural America
0160460247: H.R. 3222, the Managed Competition Act of 1993. Hearing, March 3, 1994
0160460263: The Availability of Insurance in Areas at Risk of Natural Disasters. Field Hearing
0160460301: Faulty Information System Costs Millions in Medicare Payments: Hearing, April 2, 1993
0160460360: New England Fishery Issues. Hearing, July 30, 1994
0160460379: Review of the Administration's Federal Crop Insurance Reform Proposal, Part 2--(Final). Joint Hearing, June 9, 1994
0160460530: Markups of H.R. 1116 & H.R. 4306. Markups June 28, May 18, July 20, 1994
0160460557: The Effect of International Tourism and International Commerce on Local Economies and Small Businesses. Hearing, March 14, 1994
0160460565: Fire Safe Cigarettes
0160460689: S. 1086, the Telecommunications Infrastructure Act of 1993. Hearings, July 14 and September 8, 1993
0160460700: The Link Between Cancer and Environmental Contaminants and Industrial Carcinogens. Hearing
0160460727: Propane Education and Research: Hearing, June 8, 1994
0160460735: Identifying American-Made Products: Hearing, May 19, 1994
0160460743: H.R. 3246, a Bill to Exempt Postal Retirees Who Are Reemployed as Rural Letter Carriers or Rural Postmasters from the Rules...
0160460751: Review of a GAO Report on Census Bureau Financial Management. Hearing, June 9, 1994
0160460786: Honey Springs and Stones River National Battlefields. Hearing
0160460794: Rural Credit and Development Act of 1994. Hearing on H.R. 4129, July 21, 1994
0160460816: Targeted Pension Fund Investment for Economic Growth and Development: Hearing, June 22, 1994
0160460891: Briefing on Bosnia and Other Current Military Operations. Hearing, February 23, 1994
0160460948: Nominations of D. James Baker, Douglas K. Hall, Kathryn D. Sullivan, Arati Prabhakar, & Clarence L. Irving. Hearing,5/24/93
0160460956: Radiation Research in the VA Involving Human Subjects
0160461022: Contract and Financial Management at DOE. Hearing, March 17, 1994
0160461049: Amtrak Investment Act. Hearing, March 23, 1994
0160461057: Pipeline Safety. Hearing, June 23, 1994
0160461081: Land Exchange Between National Park Service/Gettysburg National Park and Gettysburg College, Hearing, May 9, 1994
0160461146: Field Hearing on Employment Discrimination in Law Enforcement Agencies. Hearing
0160461162: Hearing on School Violence. Hearing
0160461189: White House Contacts with Treasury-RTC Officials About Whitewater-Related Matters--Part 3. Hearing, August 3, 1994
0160461197: Health Concerns of Persian Gulf Veterans. Hearing, February 1, 1994
0160461227: Science Concerning Global Climate Change. Hearing, May 24, 1994
0160461243: Viewpoints on Veterans Affairs and Related Issues. Hearing, May 4, 1994
0160461251: H.R. 69, 1986, 2997, 3159, 3240, and 4088. Hearing, April 28, 1994
0160461308: White House Contacts with Treasury-RTC Officials About Whitewater-Related Matters--Part 4. Hearing, August 4, 1994
0160461332: Health Care Reform Legislation: Economic Implications for Rural Small Businesses and the Rural Economy. Hearing
0160461359: Nuclear Waste Disposal. Hearing, August 3, 1994
0160461456: WAPA Allocation of Hydroelectric Power. Oversight Hearing, June 16, 1994
0160461499: FY 1995 DOE Budget Overview. Hearing, March 17, 1994
0160461502: The Free and Independent Cuba Assistance Act of 1993. Hearing on H.R. 2758, March 24, 1994
0160461510: Indigenous Peoples and the Natural Environment of Brazil. Hearing, May 10, 1994
0160461626: Commemorative Coin Legislation and Related Issues in the 103rd Congress. Hearing, November 10, 1993
0160461685: Department of Defense Authorization for Appropriations for Fiscal Year 1995 and the Future Years Defense Program, Part 5
0160461715: Sterling Forest
0160461758: Contracting Problems at the Resolution Trust Corporation: HomeFed. Hearing, February 19, 1993
0160461774: Veterans' Reemployment Rights Legislation: S. 843, the Uniformed Services Employment & Reemployment Rights Act of 1993
0160461804: Nominations of Judith Bartnoff, Zoe Alice Bush, and Rhonda Reid Winston. Hearing
0160461820: White House Contacts with Treasury-RTC Officials About Whitewater-Related Matters--Part 2. Hearing, July 28, 1994
0160461944: Due Process in Security Clearance Determinations. Joint Hearing, May 5, 1993
0160461987: The Federal Employees Family Friendly Leave Act. Hearing, May 18, 1994
0160462002: Communication Sites on Federal Land. Joint Oversight Hearing, July 12, 1994
0160462010: 1994 Majority Staff Report of the Task Force on Bonneville Power Administration. Oversight Hearing, August 9, 1994
0160462088: Implementation of DOE's Alternative Fuel Vehicle and Fleet Programs: Hearing Before the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, United States Senate, One Hundred Third Congress, Second Session...June 17, 1994.
0160462096: Oversight of the Reformulated Gasoline Rule. Hearing, April 22, 1994
0160462169: 1995 Nasa Authorization. Hearings, February 23, March 23, April 14, 1994
0160462207: Sexual Harassment of Military Women and Improving the Military Complaint System. Hearing, March 9, 1994
0160462231: Trucking Company Takeovers: The Impact of Failures on Employees and the Trucking Industry. Hearing, August 2, 1991
0160462282: Review of Proposed Legislation to Permit Address List Sharing by the Census Bureau. Hearing
0160462312: Fewer Airlines, Higher Fares. Hearing, February 21, 1992
0160462452: Health Effects of Service in the Persian Gulf and Related Matters. Field Hearing, January 21, 1994
0160462460: Fiscal Year 1995 Department of Veterans Affairs Budget. Hearing, February 10, 1994
0160462495: Oversight and Reauthorization of Rail Safety Programs and S. 2132, the Federal Railroad Safety Authorization Act. Hearing
0160462533: Health Insurance Market Reform. Hearing, February 1, 1994
0160462584: Oversight Field Hearing on the Need for Health Care Reform: A Western Pennsylvania Perspective
0160462614: International Terrorism
0160462622: Should Taiwan Be Admitted to the United Nations? Joint Hearing
0160462673: The EPA's Laboratory Structure. Hearings
0160462681: Persian Gulf War Veterans' Compensation and Other Pending Legislation. Hearing, September 14, 1994
0160462711: Eliminating Lead Hazards: Are We Protecting Connecticut's Children? Hearing
0160462754: Developments in the Middle East, October 1994. Hearing, October 4, 1994
0160462770: Recent Election in the Dominican Republic (Part I). Hearing, May 24, 1994
0160462797: U.S. Policy Toward Europe, September 1994. Hearing, September 20, 1994
0160462819: Fair Health Information Practices Act of 1994
0160462835: Field Hearing on Health Care Reform and Regional Health Alliances. Hearing Held in Cranston, RI, February 15, 1994
0160463041: Nomination of John Andrew Koskinen. Hearing
0160463076: High Performance Computing and Communications. Hearing, May 10, 1994
0160463084: Haiti: Views from Congress and Legislative Approaches. Hearing, July 27, 1994
0160463173: CBO Analysis of the Administration's Health Care Reform Plan. Hearing, February 9, 1994
0160463181: Situation in Cuba. Hearing, August 25, 1994
0160463211: Plutonium Disposition. Hearing, May 26, 1994
0160463246: National Park Service Reform. Hearing on H.R. 4533
0160463262: Golden Gate National Recreation Area-Presidio Management. Hearing, October 26, 1993
0160463270: S. 1383, Children's Protection from Violent Programming Act of 1993, S. 973, Television Report Card Act of 1993, and S. 943...
0160463297: Golden Gate National Recreation Area/Presidio Management, Part II. Hearing, May 10, 1994
0160463300: Hearing on H.R. 4605, Work and Responsibility Act of 1994. Hearing, August 2, 1994
0160463416: Reforming Government: What Really Needs to Be Done? Hearing, January 27, 1994
0160463440: Truck Lengths and Safety. Hearing, September 14, 1994
0160463459: H.R. 3694, the Child Abuse Accountability Act, and H.R. 4570, the Child Support Responsibility Act. Hearing
0160463467: Forest Biodiversity and Clearcutting Prohibition Act: Hearing, May 5, 1994
0160463475: Interim Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel. Joint Oversight Hearing
0160463491: Employee Partnership Pay and Employer Flexibility: New Models for Stimulating Job Creation and Productivity. Hearing
0160463572: Department of Defense Response to the Persian Gulf Illness. Hearing, September 29, 1994
0160463599: Multilateral Development Bank Procurement. Hearing
0160463653: The Blue Cross/Blue Shield of the National Capital Area Select Preferred Provider Plan. Hearing
0160463688: Administration's Proposal to Seek Modification of the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty (Ex. L, 92-2), Hearings 3/10 & 5/3
0160463696: Health Care Coverage for the Uninsured. Hearing, February 10, 1994
0160463726: Department of Defense Future Years Defense Program. Hearing, September 20, 1994
0160463734: Briefing on Results of the Nuclear Posture Review. Hearing, September 22, 1994
0160463742: Safety and Security in Public Housing. Field Hearing
0160463769: The Privatization Experience: Strategies and Implications for Small Business Development. Hearing, April 14, 1994
0160463831: Water Use Practices on Bureau of Reclamation Projects
0160463955: Nominations of Stuart Leslie Brown, Frank Newman, and Edward Knight. Hearing, September 14, 1994
0160463998: H.R. 4590, United States-China Act of 1994: Hearing, July 28, 1994
0160464048: Hearing on the Reauthorization of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)
0160464056: Risk Based Decisionmaking at the Environmental Protection Agency. Joint Hearing
0160464072: Reauthorization of the Federal Physicians Comparability Allowances Act of 1978. Hearing
0160464161: Alternative ballot techniques: Hearing before the Subcommittee on Elections of the Committee on House Administration, House of Representatives, One Hundred Third Congress Second Session, September 22, 1994, Washington, DC
0160464196: Unfair Competition from the Federal Government and Its Effect on Small Business. Hearing
0160464218: Health Care Delivery Systems. Hearing, March 1, 1994
0160464234: Ecosystem Management: Status and Potential: Summary of a Workshop Convened by the Congressional Research Service, March 24 and 25, 1994
0160464277: Proposal to Convert National Guard Civilian Technicians from Excepted to Competitive Status and H.R. 4884. Hearing
0160464307: Environmental Protection Agency Cabinet Elevation--Environmental Equity Issues. Hearing
0160464315: Food and Drug Administration's Regulation of Dietary Supplements. Hearing
0160464331: Department of Energy's Isotope Production and Distribution Program. Hearing
0160464412: Enforcement of Equal Employment Protection at Immigration and Naturalization Service
0160464471: VA Ambulatory Care Timeliness and Related Issues. Hearing, October 27, 1993
0160464498: Federal Assistance to State and Local Law Enforcement: The Proposed Elimination of the Byrne Block Grant. Hearing
0160464501: Reauthorization of the Office of National Drug Control Policy. Hearings, October 5 and 14, 1993
0160464552: Out of Control: Lessons Learned from the Superconducting Super Collider: A Staff Report Prepared for the Use of the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations of the Committee on Energy and Commerce - U.S. House of Representatives
0160464617: Field Hearing On Welfare Reform. Hearing Held In Alhambra, CA, October 28, 1994
0160464633: Nomination of Harvey G. Ryland to Be Deputy Director, Federal Emergency Management Agency. Hearing
0160464676: Section 8 Housing: Waste and Mismanagement. Hearings, July 26, and October 6, 1994
0160464692: Economic Report of the President
0160464706: Cold War Era Human Subject Experimentation. Hearing, September 28, 1994
0160464714: Invasive Strep A: What Do We Need to Know? Hearing, July 28, 1994
0160464722: Options for Restructuring the Federal Employment and Training System. Hearing
0160464765: White House Contacts with Treasury-RTC Officials about Whitewater-Related Matters, Part 5. Hearing, August 5, 1994
0160464803: Controlling the Flow of Illegal Immigration at U.S. Land Borders. Hearing
0160464811: Review of GSA's Reform Initiative. Hearing, March 24, 1994
0160464846: Impact of Federal Immigration Policy and INS Activities on Communities
0160464919: Federal Financial Management Reforms and the Establishment of a Chief Financial Officer Structure. Hearings
0160464927: Efficiency and Cost Effectiveness of the U.S. Health Care System: A Comparison with Canada. Hearings, 6/4, 11, 18, 1991
0160464978: Health Care Benefits Package. Hearing, March 3, 1994
0160465028: The Hydrogen and Fusion Research Authorization Act of 1994. Markup, July 21, 1994
0160465036: The Local Flexibility Act of 1993. Hearing
0160465044: Oversight of IRS: IRS-South Carolina Partnership on Administration & Compliance and IRS Refund Payments to Taxpayers
0160465109: President's Budget for Fiscal Year 1995. Hearing, February 23, 1994
0160465133: Japanese Prison Labor Practices. Joint Hearing
0160465141: Expressing the Sense of the Congress in Support of Efforts by the Government of Mexico...to Reform Mexico's Political Process
0160465168: Joint Hearing on the Fair Pay Act of 1994
0160465176: Clean Air Protection Problems at National Parks and Wilderness Areas. Hearing
0160465192: Oversight of the Interstate Commerce Commission: Hearing, July 12, 1994
0160465281: An Assessment of the Bottom-Up Review. Hearings, March 1 and 22, 1994
0160465303: Increased Drug Abuse
0160465346: U.S. Policy Toward Burma. Hearing and Markup on H. Res. 471, June 29, 1994
0160465362: The Status of Planning for the 2000 Census and the 1995 Census Test. Hearing
0160465389: Problems of Urban America. Hearings, January 25 and March 12, 1991
0160465397: Restructuring of the Army Guard and Reserve. Hearings, March 8, 1994
0160465400: State Medicaid Drug Formularies: Cost Saving Measure or Second-Class Medicine? Hearing
0160465419: Puerto Rico's Health Care Delivery System, Its Current Health Care Reform Efforts, and Access to Rural Health Care Services...
0160465435: Crisis in Algeria
0160465508: Field Hearing on Health Care Reform--H.R. 3600. Hearing, March 21, 1994
0160465583: Implications of the U.S.-North Korea Nuclear Agreement: Hearing, December 1, 1994
0160465729: Implementation of the Central Valley Improvement Act
0160465745: Hearing on H.R. 3705. Hearing, July 14, 1994
0160465753: Hearing on H.R. 1280, The Comprehensive Occupational Safety and Health Reform Act. Hearing, February 10, 1994
0160465788: Nomination of Thomas R. Carper and Celeste Pinto McLain to Be Members of the Board of Directors of ... Amtrak. Hearing
0160465818: Managed Care: An Indepth Examination. Hearing, September 26, 1993
0160465877: S. 2101, the Comprehensive One Call Notification Act of 1994. Hearing, August 3, 1994
0160465915: Oversight Hearing on the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
0160465923: Hearing on Title X, H.R. 3600. Hearing
0160465990: Ecosystem Management. Joint Oversight Hearing
0160466008: Transfer Operating Responsibilities at the Kennedy Center. Hearing
0160466016: Can State and Local Governments Afford to Implement Health Care and Welfare Reform? Hearing, October 6, 1993
0160466032: The Retirement Protection Act of 1993, H.R. 3396. Hearing, July 19, 1994
0160466164: Drugs in the 1990's: Emerging Trends. The Challenges Facing the Drug Enforcement Admin, the Justice Dept, & the Coast Guard
0160466180: H.R. 4621--to Establish a National Academy of Space
0160466237: Availability of Insurance in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Field Hearing
0160466261: How the Federal Government Can Be a Better Partner to Oregon's Biotechnology Industry. Hearing
0160466288: Reformulated Gasoline : Hearing Before the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations of the Committee on Energy and Commerce - House of Representatives: June 22, 1994 Serial No. 103-155
0160466296: Oversight Hearing on the Federal Employees Health Benefits Plan FEHBP Coverage of HDC/ABMT Treatment for Breast Cancer. Hearing
0160466350: Health Care Alliances. Hearing, February 24, 1994
0160466393: Joint Hearing on H.R. 4086, the Youth Development Block Grant Act
0160466458: Future of U.S. High Energy Physics
0160466466: Rewrite of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 and FY 1995 Foreign Assistance Request (Part 7). Hearings, 2/24 & 3/2, 1994
0160466490: Medical Education and the Supply of Health Professionals. Hearing, March 8, 1994
0160466555: Implementation of the Educational Research, Development, Dissemination, and Improvement Act. Hearing
0160466598: National Park Service Entrepreneurial Management Reform Act
0160466628: Financial Problems: Are the Agencies Getting Better? Hearing, July 28, 1994
0160466636: Auditing the Auditors: Waste and Abuse at IRS and Customs? Hearing, August 4, 1993
0160466644: Review of the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Proposed Rule, Nutrition Objectives for School Meals. Hearing
0160466687: Health Care Cost Containment
0160466709: H.R. 3808, to Preserve VA's Flexibility in Meeting Its Medical Workforce Needs, and Draft Legislation to Authorize a Pilot Prog
0160466741: Women and K-12 Science and Mathematics Education. Hearing, June 20, 1994
0160466768: Medicaid Issues Under Health Care Reform. Hearing, March 24, 1994
0160466776: Electricity Issues. Hearings, July 13, 14, and 21, 1994
0160466792: Field Hearing on Health Care Resource Sharing. Hearing in Augusta, GA
0160466857: Miscellaneous Parks and Bureau of Land Management Measures. Hearing, August 2, 1994
0160466938: Tobacco Program. Hearing, July 11, 1994
0160466946: Nominations of Bruce A. Morrison, J. Timothy O'Neill, and James Clifford Hudson. Hearing
0160466997: Violence as a Public Health Issue. Hearing, November 1, 1993
0160467004: H.R. 3298, the National Property Reinsurance Act of 1993. Hearing, May 19, 1994
0160467128: Steamtown National Historic Site Authorization and Reform. Hearing
0160467195: Legislation Concerning VA Health Care Programs. Hearing, June 23, 1993
0160467217: To Consider the President's Nomination of Philip Lader to Be Administrator of the Small Business Administration. Hearing
0160467225: Prepayment of Sec. 503 Development Company Loans and the Sec. 504 Business Development Company Loan Program. Hearing, 5/17/94
0160467233: SBA's Minority Enterprise Development Program and the Proposed Business Development Opportunity Act of 1994. Hearing, 8/9/94
0160467241: Department of Transportation and Related Agencies Appropriations for Fiscal Year 1995
0160467276: CPB Authorization: Hearing, September 12, 1994
0160467284: The Northern Rockies Ecosystem Protection Act of 1993. Hearing
0160467292: Implementation of P.L. 100-656, the Business Opportunity Development Reform Act of 1988 & Final Report of the Commission
0160467330: Defense Technology, Reinvestment and Conversion Issues. Hearings
0160467381: Federal Fire Prevention and Control Act Authorization
0160467454: The President's Economic Plan. Hearings, March 3 and 10, 1993
0160467462: Health Care Premiums and Subsidies. Hearings, March 15 and 17, 1994
0160467489: Nominations of David J. Barram to be Deputy Sec. of Commerce & Steven O. Palmer to be Asst Sec for Govt Affairs, Dept of Trans.
0160467497: S. Res. 117 and S. Res. 124, Prohibition of the Olympic Games in Beijing
0160467519: Medicaid Fraud--Prescription Drug Diversion. Hearing, August 2, 1993
0160467551: Medicare Issues Under Health Care Reform. Hearing, April 12, 1994
0160467578: Agreement for Cooperation on Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy Between the United States & the European Atomic Energy Community
0160467586: Northern Mariana Islands Immigration: Hearing Before the Subcommittee on...
0160467683: Miscellaneous National Forests and National Parks Bills. Hearing
0160467691: Establishment of National Heritage Areas. Hearing
0160467713: Salvage Vehicle Title Reform. Hearing, September 21, 1994
0160467772: Domestic Oil and Gas--Tax Proposals to Increase Production. Hearing, March 14, 1994
0160467802: Nuclear Proliferation Factbook
0160467845: Hunger in America
0160467861: Rogue Brokers. Hearing, September 14, 1994
0160467888: H.R. 3400, Government Reform and Savings Act
0160467896: Canada and NAFTA. Briefing, November 10, 1993
0160467918: Consumer Protection and Quality Assurance Under Health Care Reform. Hearing, April 29, 1994
0160468019: Hawaii Overflights. Hearing on H.R. 1696, November 18, 1993
0160468043: Safe Aboveground Storage Tanks. Hearing, September 14, 1994
0160468051: FCC Pioneer Preference Policy
0160468078: Review of the General Accounting Office Report on Cargo Preference Requirements. Hearing
0160468086: The National Aquaculture Development, Commercialization, and Promotion Act of 1994. Joint Hearing
0160468124: Alleged Ex Parte Communications During FERC's Processing of the Iroquois Natural Gas Pipeline Project... Hearing
0160468140: National Telecommunications and Information Administration Authorization. Hearing
0160468167: Facilities and Construction Programs of the Department of Veterans Affairs
0160468175: The Technology Transfer Improvements Act of 1993. Hearing, September 20, 1993
0160468213: U.S. Policy in Liberia. Hearing, May 18, 1994
0160468256: Caveat Inventor: Invention Marketing Scams. Hearing, September 2, 1994
0160468299: Network Wiretapping Capabilities. Hearing, September 13, 1994
0160468361: Country Reports on Human Rights Practices 1994
0160468388: Conservation Compliance Provisions of the 1985 Farm Bill. Hearing
0160468396: The Future of the Federal Home Loan Bank System. Hearing
0160468426: To Support the Transition to Nonracial Democracy in South Africa. Markup on H.R. 3225
0160468442: Developments in North Korea. Hearing, June 9, 1994
0160468493: Ethiopia
0160468507: Somalia: Prospects for Peace and Stability. Hearing, March 16, 1994
0160468515: U.S. Nuclear Policy: Hearing, October 5, 1994
0160468523: Clean Air Act Implementation. Hearings, September 29 and October 5, 1994
0160468558: Nominations of Vice Adm. Robert E. Kramek to Be Commandant and Rear Adm. Arthur E. Henn to Be Vice Commandant of the U.S. Coast Guard
0160468566: Methods of Estimating the Impact of Federal Fiscal Policies on Federal Revenues. Hearing, January 24, 1995
0160468574: Issues Relating to the Everglades Ecosystem. Oversight Hearing
0160468612: Reemployment Act of 1994. Hearing on S. 1951, May 26, 1994
0160468647: Business Opportunity and Procurement Opportunity for Women-Owned Small Business. Hearing, Glenside, PA, 10/3, 1994
0160468698: Proposals to Renew Generalized System of Preferences. Hearing, June 20, 1994
0160468779: Telemarketing Fraud: Putting Phone Scams on Hold. Hearing, September 28, 1994
0160468833: Expressing the Sense of the Congress with Respect to the Situation in Sudan; Concerning the Movement Toward Democracy...
0160468876: Hearing on Age Discrimination in Employment Act, Public Safety Exemption. Hearing
0160468884: Classifying Workers as Employees or Independent Contractors Under Health Care Reform. Hearing, May 3, 1994
0160468922: Access to Health Care in Rural and Inner City Communities Under Health Care Reform. Hearing, April 21, 1994
0160468930: Oversight of EPA's Implementation of the Nonattainment Provisions of the Clean Air Act in the Lake Michigan Region
0160468949: Health Care Information: Collection and Privacy. Hearing, May 6, 1994
0160468957: Health Care Reform and the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program. Hearing, May 10, 1994
0160469066: Legislative Hearing on H.R. 4386, Persian Gulf Veterans Act
0160469090: 1993 Nominations for the Department of Veterans Affairs and Department of Labor. Hearings
0160469139: Department of Transportation and Related Agencies Appropriations for 1996. Hearings, Part 5
0160469171: The Economic Outlook for the Nation. Hearing, January 25, 1995
0160469236: Public Health Impacts of Incineration. Hearings
0160469244: DOD Policy on Defense Industry Mergers, Acquisitions and Restructuring. Hearing, July 27, 1994
0160469252: Haiti. Hearing, October 7, 1994
0160469287: Labor-Management Relations at the Postal Service. Hearing
0160469384: Hearings Relating to Madison Guaranty S&L and the Whitewater Development Corporation, Washington, DC Phase, Volume XII
0160469392: Hearings Relating to Madison Guaranty S&L and the Whitewater Development Corporation, Washington, DC Phase, Volume X
0160469406: Hearings Relating to Madison Guaranty S&L and the Whitewater Development Corporation, Washington, DC Phase, Volume XIV
0160469422: Retirement Protection Act of 1993
0160469449: Deinstitutionalization, Mental Illness, and Medications. Hearing, May 10, 1994
0160469457: The GATT Agreement. Hearing
0160469597: Department of the Interior and Related Agencies Appropriations for 1996. Hearings, Part 1
0160469627: Department of the Interior and Related Agencies Appropriations for 1996. Hearings, Part 4
0160469635: Indexation of Assets. Hearing, February 16, 1995
0160469643: Requirements for Ballistic Missile Defenses. Hearing, January 24, 1995
0160469694: Long-Term Care and Drug Benefits Under Health Care Reform. Hearing, April 14, 1994
0160469708: Hearings Relating to Madison Guaranty S&L and the Whitewater Development Corporation, Washington, DC Phase. Hearings, Vol. XV
0160469716: Hearings Relating to Madison Guaranty S&L and the Whitewater Development Corporation, Washington, DC Phase. Hearings, Vol XVI
0160469724: Hearings Relating to Madison Guaranty S&L and the Whitewater Development Corporation, Washington, DC Phase. Hearings, Vol. 17
0160469732: Hearings Relating to Madison Guaranty S&L and the Whitewater Development Corporation, Washington, DC Phase. Hearings, Vol. 18
0160469740: Hearings Relating to Madison Guaranty S&L and the Whitewater Development Corporation, Washington, DC Phase. Hearings, Vol. 19
0160469759: Hearings Relating to Madison Guaranty S&L and the Whitewater Development Corporation, Washington, DC Phase. Hearings, Vol. XX
0160469767: Hearings Relating to Madison Guaranty S&L and the Whitewater Development Corporation, Washington, DC Phase. Hearings, Vol. 21
0160469783: Hearings Relating to Madison Guaranty S&L and the Whitewater Development Corporation, Washington, DC Phase. Hearings, Vol. 23
0160469805: The Use of Animals in Research by the Department of Defense. Hearing, April 13, 1994
0160469872: Health Care for Nonworking People Between Ages 55 and 64. Hearing, June 10, 1994
0160469880: Medical Malpractice and Antitrust Issues in Health Care Reform
0160469910: Is Today's Science Policy Preparing Us for the Future? Hearing, January 6, 1995
0160470013: Timber Salvage Situation on Public Lands Affected by Insects, Disease and Fire. Hearing, February 10, 1995
0160470099: Proposal to Corporatize the Nation's Air Traffic Control System. Special Hearing, May 12, 1994
0160470129: H.R. 655, the Hydrogen Future Act of 1995. Hearing, February 1, 1995
0160470137: Reauthorization of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. Hearing on H. R. 618
0160470188: Veterans' Employment Programs Administered by the Department of Labor, the Effect of H.R. 4050, the Reemployment Act of 1994...
0160470218: Agriculture, Rural Development, and Related Agencies Appropriations for Fiscal Year 1995. Hearings, Part 2
0160470242: Nomination of Martha F. Riche to be Director, Bureau of the Census. Hearing, October 4, 1994
0160470250: Unfunded Federal Mandates: Burdens and Costs in North Dakota. Hearing, April 5, 1994
0160470269: The Uses of Military Technology and Information in the War Against Breast Cancer. Hearing
0160470374: Reinventing the Federal Food Safety System. Hearings, Volume 2--Appendix
0160470382: Department of Energy's Human Genome Project Issues Arising from Research. Hearing, October 4, 1994
0160470439: Joint Hearing on the Impact of Workplace and Employment Regulation on Business
0160470455: Departments of Commerce, Justice, and State, the Judiciary, and Related Agencies Appropriations for 1996. Hearings, Part 2
0160470544: Cholesterol Measurement: Error and Variability. Hearing, February 14, 1995
0160470595: Independent Contractor Status. Hearing, January 19, 1995
0160470633: Evaluating U.S. Foreign Policy. Hearings, January 12, 19, and 26, 1995
0160470684: Oversight of the Insurance Industry: Blue Cross/Blue Shield--Federal Programs. Hearings, August 5 and 8, 1994
0160470781: Special 301 Trade Remedy. Hearing, June 24, 1994
0160470846: VA's Plans for Implementing Health Care Reform and Current and Future Construction Planning as It Relates to Health Care Reform
0160470889: National Security Revitalization Act. Hearing and Markup on H.R. 7, January 24, 27, 30 and 31, 1995
0160470994: Federal Law Enforcement on Federal Lands. Joint Hearing
0160471400: North Korean Military and Nuclear Proliferation Threat. Evaluation of the U.S.-DPRK Agreed Framework. Joint Hearing
0160471508: Department of the Interior and Related Agencies Appropriations for 1996. Hearings, Part 7, April 4, 1995
0160471567: A Review of President Clinton's Certification Program for Narcotics Producing & Transit Countries in Latin America.Hearing
0160471575: The Mexican Peso Bailout. Joint Hearing
0160471621: The Cuban March 13th Tugboat Incident. Hearing, January 25, 1995
0160471877: U.S. Assistance Programs for Economic and Political Reform and Dismantling of Weapons of Mass Destruction in the NIS
0160472016: Radioactive Contamination at Sewage Treatment Plants. Joint Hearing
0160472105: Strengthening the Regulatory Flexibility Act. Hearing, January 23, 1995
0160472148: 1995-1996 Official Congressional Directory 104th Congress
0160472156: 1995 1996 Official Congressional Sirectory 104th Congress
0160472164: Fiscal Year 1996 Budget Proposal for the U.S. Department of Commerce. Hearing, March 9, 1995
0160472237: Reauthorization of the Water Resources Development Act. Hearing
0160472296: Rising Costs of Social Security's Disability Programs
0160472369: Contract with America: Hearing on Welfare Reform. Hearing, January 18, 1995
0160472466: U.S.-North Korea nuclear issues: Hearing before the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, United States Senate, One Hundred Fourth Congress, first ... on nuclear issues, January 19, 1995 (S. hrg)
0160472520: General Services Administration Capital Investment Programs, Reform Legislation, and Related Matters. Hearings
0160472555: Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Board of Review. Hearing, February 9, 1995
0160472644: Domestic Petroleum Production and International Supply. Hearing, March 8, 1995
0160472679: Human Rights Violations at the Port-au-Prince Penitentiary. Hearing, May 3, 1995
0160472687: Reauthorization of the Ryan White Care Act. Hearing, April 5, 1995
0160472822: Common Sense Legal Reform Act. Hearings, January 19 and February 10, 1995
0160472830: Shipping Act of 1984. Hearing, February 2, 1995
0160472938: Amending the Nuclear Waste Policy Act Hearing Before the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources United States Senate One Hundred Fourth Congress First Session
0160473020: Nominations of Shirley M. i.e. A. Jackson and Dan M. Berkovitz. Hearing
0160473098: 1995 Annual Report of the Social Security and Disability Trust Funds
0160473128: Hearings on Affirmative Action in Employment. Hearings
0160473144: Hearing on Executive Order 12954 and H.R. 1176, to Nullify the Executive Order Prohibiting Federal Contracts with Companies...
0160473195: Saving Medicare: Lessons from the Private Sector. Hearings, March 21 and 22, 1995
0160473276: Health Insurance Deductibility for Self-Employed Individuals. Hearing, January 20, 1995
0160473306: Corporate Restructuring and Downsizing. Hearing, March 23, 1995
0160473373: Line-Item Veto. Joint Hearing, January 12, 1995
0160473403: Concerning the Movement Toward Democracy in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Markup
0160473411: Medicare Select and Medicare Managed Care Issues. Hearing, February 15, 1995
0160473454: Doe Risk Management Act of 1995: Hearing Before the Committee on Energy and...
0160473462: Federal Regulations: Balancing Rights, Reason, and Responsibility. Hearing
0160473519: Hydroelectric Projects. Hearing on S. 283, S. 468, S. 543, S. 547, S. 549
0160473543: Middle East Overview and U.S. Assistance to the Palestinians. Hearing, April 6, 1995
0160473608: Common Sense Product Liability Reform Act. Hearing, February 21, 1995
0160473616: Trade Implication of Foreign Ownership Restrictions on Telecommunications Companies
0160473713: H.R. 714, the Illinois Land Conservation Act of 1995
0160473802: Navy's Mismanagement of the Navy's Sealift Tanker Program. Hearing, October 12, 1994
0160473810: Flow Control Measures and Interstate Transportation of Solid Waste. Hearings
0160473853: The Mexico Economic Support Program. Hearing, March 7, 1995
0160473888: Social Security Earnings Limit and Taxation of Benefits. Hearing, March 1, 1995
0160473926: FERC Electric Utility Restructure. Hearing, May 10, 1995
0160473934: Department of Transportation and Related Agencies Appropriations for Fiscal Year 1996
0160473985: Waste, Fraud, and Abuse in the Medicare Program. Joint Hearing, May 16, 1995
0160474000: The Balanced Budget Amendment. Hearings, Part I, January 20, 1995
0160474019: Wolves in Yellowstone National Park. Hearing
0160474086: Congressional Coverage Legislation
0160474124: Hearing on Education Standards. Hearing
0160474140: Oversight Hearing on Base Closure and Realignment Process. Hearing
0160474159: Consumer Price Index. Hearings, March 13, April 6, and June 6, 1995
0160474167: Perspective of State and Local Governments and the Impact of Federal Regulation
0160474191: Hearing on H.R. 743, the Teamwork for Employees and Managers (TEAM) Act. Hearing
0160474248: Application of the National Environmental Policy Act. Hearing, June 7, 1995
0160474256: Vaccines for Children Program. Hearing, May 4, 1995
0160474302: Joint Hearing on Privatizing Government Sponsored Entities (GSEs). Joint Hearing
0160474345: Nomination of Alice M. Rivlin. Hearing on Nomination of Alice M. Rivlin to Be Director OMB, September 27, 1994
0160474361: Nuclear Regulatory Commission Licensing
0160474469: Hearing on Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Administrative Reforms/Case Processing. Hearing
0160474485: Oversight Hearing on the Science and Technology Programs of the Department of Commerce. Hearing
0160474493: Reducing the Cost of Pentagon Travel Processing. Hearing
0160474507: Clean Air Act Amendments. Hearings on Inspection and Maintenance Programs, March 23 and 24, 1995
0160474515: DOE Proposed FY 1996 Budget. Hearing, February 8, 1995
0160474574: Hearings on Reform of the U.S. Workforce Preparation System. Hearings
0160474604: Members' Day. Hearing, March 30, 1995
0160474620: Targeted Incentives to Increase Personal Savings. Hearing, February 2, 1995
0160474655: Hearing on the Contract with America: Child Welfare and Childcare. Hearing
0160474663: Caribbean Basin Initiative. Hearing on S. 529 and H.R. 553, May 15, 1995
0160474671: Hanford Nuclear Reservation. Hearing on the Waste Management and Cleanup Activities at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation
0160474698: Hearing on Health Care Reform. Hearing, February 14, 1995
0160474701: Nomination of Jeffrey M. Lang to Be Deputy U.S. Trade Representative with the Rank of Ambassador. Hearing
0160474736: Conventions and Protocols on Avoidance of Double Taxation and the Prevention of Fiscal Evasion with Respect to Taxes on Income
0160474760: Hearings on H.R. 995, the ERISA Targeted Health Insurance Reform Act. Hearings, March 10 and 28, 1995
0160474779: USEC Privatization Act. Hearing on S. 755
0160474795: Review of Ramspeck Act. Hearing, May 8, 1995
0160474884: Estate Tax Reform and the Family Business. Hearing, January 31, 1995
0160474892: Hearing on Federal Student Loan Programs. Hearing
0160474906: Compilation of Selected Acts within the Jurisdiction of the Committee on Commerce
0160474981: American Overseas Interests Act. Hearings on H.R. 1561
0160475007: S. 350, Regulatory Flexibility Amendments Act of 1995. Hearing, March 8, 1995
0160475058: Drugs and Biologics: Hearings, May 25, 1995--A Consumer's Perspective; June 19, 1995--FDA Review Process
0160475066: Growth in Medicaid Spending. Hearing, April 4, 1995
0160475074: Nomination of Roberta Lee Gross to be Inspector General of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Hearing
0160475082: The Value of Microenterprise Development. Hearing, June 27, 1995
0160475147: The Employment Situation. Hearings, January 6, 1995
0160475155: Hearing on Block Grant/Consolidation Overview
0160475198: The Crisis in Sudan. Hearing, March 22, 1995
0160475228: Executive Order 11246 and Its Implementing Regulations, as Administered by the Office/Federal Contract Compliance Programs
0160475244: National Defense
0160475368: Nomination of Robert E. Rubin
0160475430: The Cuban Liberty and Democratic Solidarity Act of 1995. Markup on H.R. 927, June 30 and July 11, 1995
0160475449: Alternative Minimum Tax. Hearing, May 3, 1995
0160475457: Child Welfare Programs. Hearing, April 26, 1995
0160475481: Interstate Identification Index: Is It an Effective Weapon in the War Against Violent Crime? Hearing
0160475511: World Trade Organization (WTO) Dispute Settlement Review Commission Act. Hearing on S. 16, May 10, 1995
0160475570: Entrepreneurship in America: Federal Government Burdens on Agribusiness. Field Hearing, April 13, 1995
0160475694: Reauthorization of Natural Gas and Hazardous Liquid Pipeline Safety Acts
0160475767: The Path Toward Democracy in Angola. Hearing, July 13, 1995
0160475775: Endangered Species Act
0160475856: The Future of the Department of Commerce. Hearing, August 4, 1995
0160475910: Consideration of Miscellaneous Bills and Resolutions
0160475929: Garamendi and Curtis Nominations. Hearing
0160476046: Global Information Infrastructure: The Next Steps--U.S. Industry Perspectives. Hearing
0160476054: U.S.-East Asian Economic Relations
0160476062: U.S. Sanctions on Iran
0160476070: Issues in Export Control. Hearing, January 25, 1995
0160476089: U.S. Export Competitiveness in the Information Age: The Role of Government. Hearing, June 13, 1995
0160476151: First Amendment Activities on Public Lands
0160476186: Clean Air Act Amendments. Hearing on Title II--Reformulated Gasoline Program, June 7, 1995
0160476291: High-Level Nuclear Waste Policy: Hearings Before the Subcommittee on Energy and.
0160476305: The Administration's Budget Proposals. Hearing, August 3, 1995
0160476453: Waste, Fraud, and Abuse in the Medicare Program (Part 2): Joint Hearing, July 19, 1995
0160476488: Enforcement Mechanisms for the Balanced Budget Amendment: Hearings, Part 3, February 16, 1995
0160476534: International Global Climate Change Negotiations. Hearings, March 21 and May 19, 1995
0160478227: Weapons of Mass Destruction: New Perspectives on Counterproliferation
0160479991: Multilateral Activities in South East Asia: Pacific Symposium, 1995
0160480140: Vital Statistics of the United States, Part B: Mortality 1991
0160480191: U. S.-Russian: Cooperation in Space
0160480396: Vital Statistics of the United States, 1994, Volume 2: Mortality, Pt. A, Section 6, Life Tables
0160480426: Health United States 1994
0160480744: Manual for Complex Litigation, Third.
0160480876: Vital Statistics of the United States 1993 Vol. 1 Natality
0160480973: Basic Behavioral Science Research for Mental Health, A National Investment : A Report of the National Advisory Mental Health Council (Nih Publication)
0160481171: Computerized testing supplement for instrument rating
0160481376: Central Burma : The United States Army Campaigns of World War 2
0160481414: United States Government Manual 1995-96 (Issn 0092-1904)
0160481538: United States Minerals Yearbook Volume Imetals and Minerals
0160481805: Wireless Technologies and the National Information Infrastructure
0160481813: Condition of Education, 1995
0160481872: Piercing the Fog : Intelligence and Army Air Forces Operations in World War II
0160482054: The Legacy of Vietnam Veterans and Their Families. Survivors of Water: Catalysts for Changes. Papers from the 1994 National Sym
0160482208: This Dynamic Earth: The Story of Plate Tectonics
0160482372: Renewing Our Energy Future
0160482380: Foreign Relations of the Us 64 68 Volume 11
0160482518: COMMON SENSE GOVERNMENT WORKS BETTER & COSTS LESS, Third Report of the National Performance Review.
0160482615: Services and Resources for Children and Young Adults and Public Libraries
0160482828: Profile of the Pulp and Paper Industry
0160482887: Statistical Abstract of the United States, 1995 : The National Data Book
0160482895: Statistical Abstracts of U. S. 1995
0160482941: Information technologies for the control of money laundering.
0160483026: The Air National Guard and the American military tradition: Militiaman...
0160483123: Guide to Federal Records in the National Archives of the United States, Volume III: Index
0160483158: Advanced Automotive Technology: Visions of a Super-Efficient Family Car
0160483212: Putting Customers First '95: Standards for Serving the American People
0160483220: Environmental policy tools: A user's guide
0160483301: Access Epa, 1995/96 (Serial)
0160483328: Report to Congress on Out-Of-Wedlock Childbearing
0160483387: Impacts of antibiotic-resistant bacteria: Thanks to penicillin-- He will come home!
0160483417: Biologically Based Technologies for Pest Control by
0160483468: Education and Technology Future Visions
0160483549: White House Conference on Environmental Technology
0160483557: Stress, Gender, and Alcohol-Seeking Behavior
0160483565: Firearms : Curios or Relics List
0160483654: The National Education Goals Report 1995 DATA VOL. I NATIONAL DATA AND VOL. II STATE DATA
0160483743: Alcohol and Tobacco: From Basic Science to Clinical Practice.
0160483794: Digest of Educational Statistics (No. 31)
0160483840: Resource Directory for Older People
0160483883: Public Report of the White House Security Review
0160483905: The Women's Health and Aging Study : Health and Social Characteristics of Older Women With Disability
0160483980: Affordable Housing through Historic Preservation : Tax Credits and the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Historic Rehabilitation
0160484014: Twice the Citizen, 1908-1995: A History of the United States Army Reserve (Department of the Army pamphlet)
0160484154: School Based Reform: Lessons from a National Study, a Guide for School Reform Teams
0160484227: Weapon of Denial : Air Power and the Battle for New Guinea
0160484316: Justifying Jefferson
0160484502: Occupational Outlook Handbook, 1996-97 Edition (Labor Statistics Bureau Bulletin Ser., No. 2350)
0160484510: Occupational Outlook Handbook 1996/97
0160484634: Strategic Assessment 1996: Instruments of U.S. Power
0160484987: Emerging Nation Volume 1 1780 1789 Foreign R
0160484995: The Emerging Nation: A Documentary History of the Foreign Relations of the United States Under the Articles of Confederation, 1780-1789 (Volume II)
0160485002: Emerging Nation: A Documentary History of the Foreign Relations of the United States under the Articles of Confederation, 1780-1789, Vol. 3
0160485010: Economic Report of the Presidential Transmitted to the Congress February 1996 (Economic Report of the President)
0160485150: Analytical Perspectives: Budget of the United States Government, Fiscal Year 1997
0160485223: Occupational Projections and Training Data 1996
0160485363: Income of the Population 55 and over 1994
0160485401: Navigation Rules; international--Inland
0160485428: Public Affairs: The Military and the Media, 1962-1968. CMH 91-13
0160485584: A National Security Strategy of Engagement and Enlargement
0160485592: National Trade Estimate Report on Foreign Trade Barriers 1996 (National Trade Estimate Report on Foreign Trade Barriers)
0160485649: Minerials Yearbook 1994: Metals and Minerals (Minerals Yearbook Volume 1 : Metals and Minerals)
0160485657: Minerals Yearbook 1993-94: Vol 2: Area Reports Domestic (Minerals Yearbook Volume 2: Domestic)
0160485738: Annual Report to the President and the Congress 1996
0160485789: To See the Unseen: A History of Planetary Radar Astronomy (The NASA history series)
0160486009: Computerized Testing Supplement for Recreational Pilot and Private Pilot FAA-CT-8080-2B
0160486106: Smoking cessation (Clinical practice guideline)
0160486408: American Defenders of Land, Sea & Sky
0160486556: Working Together for Public Service: Report of the U.S. Secretary of Labor's Task Force on Excellence in State and Local Government Through Labor-Mana
0160486610: Vital Stat U.s. Marriage & Divorce Section 1988: 3
0160486688: The Big L : American Logistics in World War II
0160486742: Characteristics of the 100 Largest Public Elementary and Secondary School Districts in the United States: 1993-94
0160486750: United States Government Manual 1996-97
0160486793: Condition of Education (Condition of Education)
0160486890: Arms Control and Disarmament Agreements Texts and Histories of the Negotiations
0160486920: The Enlisted Experience: A Conversation With the Chief Master Sergeants of the Air Force
0160486963: Public Affairs- The Military and the Media
0160487145: Foreign Consular Offices in the United States Spring/Summer 1996
0160487269: The Chairmanship of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
0160487285: Defender of the Public Interest the Ge
0160487323: World Population Profile 1996 (World Population Profile, 1996)
0160487420: Spinoff 1996
0160487498: Marine Communications in Desert Shield and Desert Storm
0160487560: Uniform Crime Reports: Crime in the U.S., 1998 (Uniform Crime Reports: Crime in the U.S.)
0160487587: Within Limits: The U.S. Air Force and the Korean War
0160487706: The Best Kept Secrets in Government: a Report to President Bill Clinton.
0160487749: Handbook of North American Indians, Volume 17: Languages (Handbook of North American Indians)
0160487838: Education for Sustainability: An Agenda for Action
0160487935: The National Education Goals Report: Building a Nation of Learners, 1996
0160488036: Black Soldier/White Army: The 24th Infantry Regiment in Korea
0160488168: Survey of compounds which have been tested for carcinogenic Activity: Cumulative Indexes
0160488281: Military Intelligence (Army Lineage Series)
0160488346: Access to the Information Superhighway and Emerging Information Technologies by People with Disabili
0160488362: Statistical Abstract of the United States, 1996: The National Data Book (Product Profile)
0160488370: Statistical Abstract of the United States 1997
0160488443: Compilation of Laws Enforced by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and Related Statutes
0160488486: Keys to soil taxonomy
0160488532: Freedom of Information Act Guide and Privacy Act Overview
0160488621: Air Force Officers : Personnel Policy Development, 1944-1974
0160488664: Studies of education reform
0160488796: The United States Air Force in Korea, 1950-1953
0160488842: Mental Health, United States 1996 (Mental Health, United States)
0160488966: Literacy of older adults in America: Results from the National Adult Literacy Survey
0160488990: Exploring the Unknown Volume 2
0160489091: Stages to Saturn: A Technological History of the Apollo/Saturn Launch Vehicles (Nasa History Series.)
0160489164: Digest of Education Statistics 1996
0160489261: HIGHWAY STATISTICS 1995
0160489288: Economic Report of the President
0160489458: High Frontier: The U.S. Air Force and the Military Space Program
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