0160489490: International Education Indicators : A Time Series Perspective
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0160489571: Reading Literacy in an International Perspective : Collected Papers from the LEA Reading Literacy Study
0160489601: Building on Consensus
0160489644: Realizing the Potential
0160489830: The Role of Federal Military Forces in Domestic Disorders, 1877-1945 (Army Historical Series)
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0160489865: Foreign Consular Offices in the United States, Fall/Winter, 1996
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0160490189: The Roswell Report : Case Closed
0160490286: Nautical Almanac 1998
0160490294: Trends in the Well-Being of America's Children and Youth
0160490316: Agricultural Statistics, 1997 (Agricultural Statistics)
0160490383: Bls Handbook of Methods
0160490391: Including Your Child
0160490413: Foundation of the Force: Air Force Enlisted Personnel Policy, 1907-1956
0160490456: Annual Report to the President and the Congress (by the Secretary of Defense)
0160490545: Beyond the Ionosphere: Fifty Years of Satellite Communication (Nasa Historical Series)
0160490669: The Struggle for Air Force Independence, 1943-1947
0160490715: HAP, Henry H. Arnold, Military Aviator
0160490723: Astronomical Almanac for the Year 1998: Data for Astronomy, Space Sciences, Geodesy, Surveying, Navigation and Other Applications
0160490731: Condition of Education, 1997
0160490855: The validity of self-reported drug use: Improving the accuracy of survey estimates (NIDA research monograph)
0160490960: Health United States 1996-97 (Health United States)
0160490987: Projections of Education Statistics to 2007
0160491150: Women's Colleges In The United States
0160491223: United States Government Manual 1997-98 (Serial)
0160491258: United States Marines in Vietnam : The Defining Year 1968
0160491347: Astronautics and Aeronautics, 1986-1990 : A Chronology
0160491355: Origins of the Navy Judge Advocate General's Corps
0160491452: The Cold War and Beyond: Chronology of the United States Air Force, 1947-1997
0160491460: America's Teacher's Profile of a Profession
0160491630: The Department of Defense 1947-1997: Organization and Leaders
0160491673: Minerals Yearbook 1995 Volume 1 Metals & Min
0160491789: World Military Expenditures and Arms Transfers, 1996, 25th Edition.
0160491932: Directory of federal libraries and information centers, 1994 (Technical report)
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0160492238: Directory of Public Elementary and Secondary Education Agencies, 1994-95
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0160492521: Way Station to Space History
0160492548: Family involvement in children's education: Successful local approaches : an idea book
0160492564: Corporation Insome Tax Returns: 1994 Statistics of Income
0160492653: United States Army in World War II Series: Medical Service in the War Against Japan
0160492696: Citizen Airmen : A History of the Air Force Reserve, 1944-1994
0160492718: Reach and Power
0160492793: Loblolly Pine: The Ecology And Culture Of The Loblolly Pine (pinus Taeda L.)
0160492807: Statistical Abstract of the United States, 1997: The National Data Book
0160492815: Statistical Abstracts of the U. S., 1997: The National Data Book 117th
0160493021: Agriculture Fact Book 1997 (Serial)
0160493145: National Survey Results on Drug Use from the Monitoring the Future Study, 1975-1995
0160493161: The Marine Mammal Commission Compendium of Selected Treaties, International Agreements, and Other Relevant Documents on Marine Resources, Wildlife, and the Environment: First Update
0160493358: Military Intelligence Story: a Photo History
0160493463: Consumer Expenditure Survey, 1994-95 (Consumer Expenditure Survey)
0160493471: Occupational Outlook Handbook 1998-99
0160493501: Ponds: Planning, Design, Construction (Agriculture Handbook)
0160493749: And a Few Marines: Marines in the Liberation of the Philippines
0160493757: Securing The Surrender: Marines In the Occupation of Japan.
0160493765: Project Hula : Secret Soviet American Naval Cooperation in the War Against Japan (The U.S. Navy in the Modern World Series, No. 4)
0160493854: From the Fulda Gap to Kuwait: U.S. Army, Europe and the Gulf War
0160493889: Parent Involvement in Children's Education: Efforts by Public Elementary Schools
0160493900: Wingless Flight: The Lifting Body Story NASA SP 4220; History Series
0160494044: State of Literacy in America: Estimates at the Local, State, and National...
0160494095: Budget of the United States Government Fiscal Year 1999: Historical Table
0160494176: Budget and Economic Outlook Fiscal 01-02 Congressional Budget Office
0160494192: Economic Report of the President Transmitted to the Congress February 1998 (Economic Report of the President)
0160494214: Status of Federal Libraries & Information Centers in the United States: Results from the 1994 Federal Libraries & Information Centers Survey (Statistical ... Report / National Center for Education)
0160494230: History of the United States Army Corps of Engineers
0160494281: Report to the President and the Congress April, 1998
0160494362: Helping Your Students with Homework: A Guide for Teachers
0160494427: Where the Fleet Begins: A History of the David Taylor Research Center, 1898-1998
0160494745: Accelerating Cleanup
0160494761: Shield and Sword
0160494869: The Nautical Almanac For the Year 1999
0160495040: Assessing drug abuse within and across communities: Community epidemiology surveillance networks on drug abuse (NIH publication)
0160495148: Handbook of North American Indians:Plateau 12 - Hardcover
0160495229: Directory of Postsecondary Institutions, 1997, V.1, Degree-Granting Institutions
0160495369: Clean water action plan: Restoring and protecting America's waters
0160495393: Addressing and Resolving Poor Performance
0160495407: Combat Operations: Taking the Offensive, October 1966 to October 1967 (Cmh Publication Series, Volume 91-4)
0160495423: Cumulated Index Medicus 1997 Volume 38
0160495466: Exploring the Unknown - Selected Documents in the History of the United States Civilian Space Program Vol. 3 : Using Space
0160495539: Construction Industry Digest (S/N 029-016-00193-0) - Paperback
0160495547: 0160495547
0160495555: Computer Testing Supplement for Instrument Rating
0160495628: Agricultural Statistics, 1999
0160495695: Drug Addiction Research and the Health of Women
0160495792: Pushing the Horizon : Seventy-Five Years of High Stakes Science and Technology at the Naval Research Laboratory
0160495970: Projections of Education Statistics to 2008
0160496047: National Income & Product Accounts Of
0160496071: National Income and Product Accounts of the United States, 1929-94
0160496268: Catalog of School Reform Models
0160496314: Health, United States, 1998 with Socioeconomic Status and Health Chartbook
0160496365: America's Children
0160496403: From Engineering Science to Big Science: The NACA and NASA Collier Trophy Research Project Winners
0160496608: Civil Service Evaluation: The Evolving Role of the United States Office of Personnel Management, a Report Concerning Significant Actions of the United States Office of personne
0160496667: United States Air Force in Space, 1945 to the Twenty-First Century : Proceedings, Air Force Historical Foundation Symposium
0160496713: The U.S. Army Air Forces in World War II: Preemptive Defense: Allied Air Power Versus Hitler's V-Weapons, 1943-1945
0160496799: Preventing Substance Abuse among Children and Adolescents : Family-Centered Approaches, Reference Guide
0160496942: Building Air Quality Action Plan
0160496977: The United States Air Force and Humanitarian Airlift Operations, 1947-1994 (Reference Series (U.S. Air Force History and Museums Program
0160496985: North American Industry Classification System
0160497051: National Survey Results on Drug Use from the Monitoring the Future Study, 1975-1997 Vol. 1 : Secondary School Students
0160497124: Parents Guide to the Internet
0160497353: Growing Up Drug-Free: A Parent's Guide to Prevention
0160497426: Army Air Forces Medical Services in World War II
0160497493: Sand Pounders an Interpretation of the H
0160497523: A National Study of Charter Schools: Second-Year Report
0160497620: Final Report of the (Kennedy) Assassination Records Review Board
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0160497701: After Desert Storm : The United States Army and the Reconstruction of Kuwait (CMH Pub)
0160497728: The Command of the Air
0160497787: Air Force Roles and Missions : A History
0160497817: Case Studies in Strategic Bombardment
0160497914: Environmental Quality : a Long the American River
0160498074: State Comparisons of Education Statistics: 1969-70 to 1996-97
0160498139: One America in the 21st Century: Forging a New Future, the President's Initiativce on Race, the Advisory Board's Report to the President
0160498406: Early Childhood: Where Learning Begins Geography.
0160498554: Treaties in Force : A List of Treaties & Other International Agreem
0160498694: Astronomical Almanac for the Year 2000: Data for Astronomy,Space Sciences, Geodesy, Surveying, Navigation and Otherapplications (Astronomical Almanac for the Year, 2000)
0160498783: Shield & Sword the United States Nav
0160498902: Budget of the United States Government: Fiscal Year 2000 pb 1999
0160498910: Budget of the United States Government: Fiscal Year 2000 Appendix
0160498929: Budget of the United States Government: Analytical Perspectives (Budget of the United States Government: Analytical Perspectives)
0160498937: Historical Tables, year 2000, pb
0160498961: Economic Report of the President: Transmitted to the Congress February 1999 (Economic Report of the President)
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0160499488: Dreams, hopes, realities: NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center : the first forty years (NASA SP)
0160499496: Washington Conference on Holocaust-Era Assets, November 30-December 3, 1998: Proceedings
0160499623: Toward Mach 2 : The Douglas D-558 Program
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0160499925: Armies Corps Divisions and Separate Brigades
0160500109: From sundials to atomic clocks: Understanding time and frequency (Monograph)
0160500206: Substance Use in Popular Movies and Music
0160500214: Nautical Almanac for the Year 2000
0160500362: Student Work And Teacher Practices In Science
0160500524: America's Children: Key National Indicators of Well-Being
0160500575: Navigation Rules: International-Inland
0160500672: Report on Copyright and Digital Distance Education: A Report on the Register of Copyrights
0160500710: What happens in classrooms?: Instructional practices in elementary and secondary schools, 1994-95 (Statistical analysis report / National Center for Education Statistics)
0160500729: Early Childhood: Where Learning Begins Mathematics.
0160500826: The United States Government Printing Office Style Manual 2000 (United States Government Printing Office Style Manual)
0160500834: Style Manual
0160501016: The 1st Marine Division and Its Regiments
0160501040: The Washington Navy Yard: An Illustrated History
0160501067: The Three Wars of Lt. Gen. George E. Stratemeyer
0160501083: Condition of Education, 1999
0160501172: United States Government Manual, 1999/2000
0160501245: Agricultural Statistics, 2000 (001-000-04675-6)
0160501350: Juvenile Offenders and Victims: 1999 National Report
0160501393: Before This Decade Is Out...: Personal Reflections on the Apollo Program (NASA SP)
0160501415: Measuring and Improving Cost, Cost-Effectiveness, and Cost-Benefit for Substance Abuse Treatment Pro: A Manual (Nih Publication)
0160501458: Projections of Education Statistics to 2009 (Projections of Education Statistics to (Year))
0160501598: Spinoff 1999 (Spinoff)
0160501709: Exploring the Unknown: Selected Documents in the History of the United States Civil Space Program, V. 4: Accessing Space
0160501768: United States Marines in the Persian Gulf, 1990-1991: Third Marine Aircraft Wing in Desert Shield and Desert Storm
0160501814: Training To Fly
0160501989: Combat Operations: Stemming the Tide, May 1965 to October 1966 (United States Army in Vietnam)
0160502128: My History Is America's History : 15 Things You Can Do to Save America's Stories
0160502292: Transportation Statistics Annual Report, 1999
0160502357: Budget of the United States Government, Fiscal Year 2001
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0160502500: Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2000-01
0160502616: National Library of Medicine Classificat
0160502667: NASA Historical Data Book : Volume VI :Aeronautics and Space Research and Technology, Tracking and Data Acquisition/Support Operations, Commercial Programs, and Resources, 1979-1988
0160502683: Back To School on Civil Rights
0160502721: Career Guide to Industries 2000-01
0160502756: Economic Report of the President, 2000 (040-000-00728-8)
0160502764: The History of the XV-15 Tilt Rotor Research Aircraft: From Concept to Flight NASA SP 2000-4517; Monographs in Aerospace History # 17
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0160502926: United States Government Manual, 2000/2001
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0160503019: Nautical Almanac 2001
0160503027: Weapon Systems, U. S. Army, 2000
0160503035: Salary, Promotion, and Tenure Status of Minority and Women Faculty in U.S. Colleges and Universities.
0160503167: Income of the Population 55 Or Older, 1998
0160503434: Eyes of Artillery : The Origin of United States Army Aviation in World War 2
0160503558: National Drug Control Strategy: 2000 Annual Report (040-000-00733-4)
0160503736: Anything, Anywhere, Any Time: Combat Cargo in the Korean War
0160503744: Steadfast and Courageous, FEAF Bomber Command and the Air War in Korea, 1950-1953
0160503884: Freedom of Information Act Guide and Privacy Act Overview
0160503949: Guide To The Clinical Care Of Women With Hiv/aids (017-024-01656-0)
0160503973: Building Livable Communities: Sustaining Prosperity, Improving Quality of Life, Building a Sense of Community
0160504007: Handbook of North American Indians PT2 Volume 13
0160504015: Health, United States,2000 with Adolescent Health Chartbook,pb,2000
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0160504309: Seven December 1941: The Air Force Story
0160504317: Law Enforcement in a New Century & a Cha
0160504899: Uniform Crime Reports : Crime in the U. S. 1999
0160504988: Healthy People 2010 Vol I
0160505410: The Science of Fingerprints
0160505496: Subcontracting Opportunities With Dod Major Prime Contractors Fy 1999 (Subcontracint Opportunities With Dod Major Prime Contractors, 1999)
0160505542: State Laws and Published Ordinances : Firearms, 2000
0160505585: Trends in Education Progress
0160505658: America's Naval Heritage : A Catalog of Early Imprints from the Navy Department Library
0160505763: Treaties in Force : A List of Treaties and Other International Agreements of the United States in Force on January 1, 2000
0160505917: Guideposts for the United States Military in the 21st Century : Symposium Proceedings, September 16-17, 1999, Bolling Air Force Base, Washington, DC
0160505941: Foreign Relations of the United States, 1964-1968, Volume XIV: Soviet Union (Foreign Relations of the United States)
0160505984: The Constitution Of The United States
0160506166: Economic Report of the President, pb 2001
0160506190: Budget: Budget of the United States Governmnet : Fiscal Year 2002
0160506271: Rediscovering America: Thirty-Five Years of the National Endowment for the Humanities
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0160506344: Foreign Relations of the United States, 1964-1968: Arab-Israeli Dispute 1967-1968 (Foreign Relations of the United States) - Hardcover
0160506379: Report of the Surgeon General's Conference on Children's Mental Health: A national action agenda
0160506476: Nautical Almanac
0160506670: Constitution, Jefferson's Manual and Rules of the House of Representatives
0160506816: The United States Government Manual 2001-2002
0160506840: Adventure of Echo the Bat
0160506883: Marine Mammal Commission Compendium of Selected Treaties, Internationa
0160506905: United States Code, 2000, V. 2 : Title 5, Government Organization and Employees, Appendix, to Title 7, Agriculture, Sections 1-1900 (United States Code) - Hardcover
0160506956: United States Code, 2000, V. 7 : Title 15, Commerce and Trade (United States Code) - Hardcover
0160507065: United States Code, 2000, V. 18 : Title 32, National Guard, to Title 37, Pay and Allowances of the Uniformed Services (United States Code) - Hardcover
0160507359: Weapon Systems: United States Army 2001
0160507472: Standard Specifications for Construction
0160507510: Women and Smoking : A Report of the Surgeon General
0160507588: Social Security Handbook: 14th Edition, 2001
0160507634: National Trade Estimate Report on Foreign Trade Barriers 2001 (National Trade Estimate Report on Foreign Trade Barriers, 2001)
0160507820: Surges Happen! How to Protect the Appliances in Your Home
0160508134: Capitol Builder: The Shorthand Journals of Montgomery Meigs, 1853-1859, 1861
0160508274: Agricultural Statistics, 2001
0160508304: History of the United States Capitol; a Chronicle of Design, Construction, and Politics
0160508479: Secretaries and Chiefs of the United States Air Force : Biographical Sketches and Portraits
0160508509: Condition of Education (S/N 065-000-01329-1)
0160508533: Transportation Statistics Annual Report, 2000
0160508851: Foreign Relations of the United States, 1961-1963: Organizations of Foreign Policy: Information Policy; United Nations; Scientific Matters
0160508924: Mental Health: Culture, Race, and Ethnicity (A SUPPLEMENT TO MENTAL HEALTH: A REPORT OF THE SURGEON GENERAL, 2001)
0160508967: Annual Report of the Librarian of Congress for the Fiscal Year Ending September 30, 2000
0160509122: Crime in the United States 2000: Uniform Crime Reports by
0160509149: Air War over South Vietnam, 1968-1975
0160509297: A Compilation Of Federal Education Laws
0160509327: Motion Pictures, Broadcasting and Recorded Sound : An Illustrated Guide
0160509343: Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics 2002
0160509483: History of the Office of the Secretary of Defense : Strategy, Money, and the New Look, 1953- 1956. (Volume III)
0160509580: LUCRATIVE TARGETS: United States Air Force in the Kuwaiti Theater of Operations
0160509696: Astronomical Almanac for the Year 2003: Data for Astronomy, Space Sciences, Geodesy, Surveying, Navigation and Other Applications (Astronomical Almanac for the Year 2003)
0160509769: Foreign Consular Offices in the United States : Spring/Summer
0160509823: Official Congressional Directory, 2001-2002, 107th Congress
0160509831: Official Congressional Directory, 2001-2002 (Cloth) (Official Congressional Directory (Thumb-Indexed))
0160509866: From Dam Neck to Okinawa : A Memoir of Antiaircraft Training in World War 2 (U.S. Navy in the Modern World, Number 5) - Paperback
0160510015: Career Guide To Industries 2002 2003 Edition
0160510058: The Surgeon General's Call to Action to Prevent and Decrease Overweight and Obesity 2001
0160510163: Economic Report of the President: Transmitted to the Congress, February 2002...
0160510244: Occupational Outlook Handbook 2002-03
0160510252: Occupational Outlook Handbook 2002-03
0160510309: Historical Tables: Budget of the United States Government Fiscal Year 2003
0160510368: Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States, William J. Clinton, 2000-2001, Book 3, October 12, 2000 to January 30, 2001 (Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States)
0160510481: Budget and Economic Outlook: Fiscal Years 2003-2012
0160510600: Treaties in Force : A List of Treaties and Other International Agreements of the United States in Force as of January 1, 2001
0160510635: Weapon Systems U. S. Army, 2002
0160510716: Medical Aspects of Harsh Environments, Volume 1 (Textbooks of Military Medicine)
0160510775: National Trade Estimate Report on Foreign Trade Barriers 2002 (National Trade Estimate Report on Foreign Trade Barriers, 2002)
0160510783: Salary Tables for 2002 : Executive Branch of the Government
0160510805: Naval Leadership in Korea : The First Six Months
0160510813: Air Power for Patton's Army. The XIX Tactical Air Command in the Second World War
0160510856: Federal Benefits for Veterans and Dependents 2002 (Federal Benefits for Veterans and Dependents)
0160510880: A Quiet Crisis in America
0160511011: Digest of Education Statistics 2001
0160511135: Agricultural Statistics, 2002 (Paper)
0160511151: Occupational Projections & Training Data, 2002-2003
0160511259: American Practical Navigator
0160511267: Extending Digital Dividends: Public Goods and Services That Work for All
0160511518: FOREIGN RELATIONS OF THE UNITED STATES, 1964-68 (VOL. VI) Vietnam, January-August 1968
0160511690: United States Government Manual 2002-2003 (United States Government Manual, 2002-2003)
0160511801: United States Army And World War II, Asian-pacific Theater, August 2002 - Hardcover
0160511917: Foreign Consular Offices in the United States 2002, Spring/summer
0160512107: Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics 2001 (Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics)
0160512115: Crime in the United States: Uniform Crime Reports
0160512247: Naval War of 1812 Vol 3. : A Documentary History: Chesapeake Bay, Northern Lakes, and Pacific Ocean
0160512255: Senate Manual
0160512360: Budget of the United States Government Fiscal Year 2004
0160512387: Budget of the United States Government: Analytical Perspectives, FY2004
0160512417: Performance and Management Assessments Budget of the United States Government Fiscal Year 2004
0160512786: Index of Patents, 2000, Pt. 1, List of Patentees
0160512794: Economic Report of the President: Transmitted to the Congress February 2003 (Economic Report of the President Transmitted to the Congress)
0160512859: General Explanation of Tax Legislation Enacted in the 107th Congress, January 24, 2003- BLUE BOOK
0160513022: Nautical Almanac for the Year 2004
0160513030: Sec Annual Report 2002 (United States Securities and Exchange Commission Annual Report 2002)
0160513049: Foreign Relations of the United States, 1952-1954: Guatemala
0160513057: Federal Benefits for Veterans and Dependents
0160513065: Budget and Economic Outlook : Fiscal Years 2004-2013
0160513413: Highway Statistics 2001 (Highway Statistics, 2001)
0160513448: Agriculture Fact Book-2001-02
0160513553: Long Passage to Korea : Black Sailors and the Integration of the United States Navy
0160513588: Employee Benefits In Private Industry In The United States
0160513642: Ophthalmic Care of the Combat Casualty
0160513723: Foreign Consular Offices in the United States: Fall/Winter 2003 (Foreign Consular Offices in the United States)
0160513812: Teaching Mathematics in Seven Countries: Results from the TIMSS 1999 Video Study (Book+CD-ROM
0160513871: Agricultural Statistics, 2003
0160513944: Where to Write for Vital Records : Births, Deaths, Marriages, and Divorces (Where to Write for Vital
0160514193: Glider Flying Handbook, 2003
0160514207: Official Congressional Directory, 2003-2004, 108th Congress (Official Congressional Directory)
0160514215: Official Congressional Directory, 2003-2004 : 108th Congress, Convened January 7, 2003 (Official Congressional Directory)
0160514231: Constitution Of The United States And The Declaration Of Independence
0160514258: Our American Government, 2003
0160514266: Our Flag (House Document 108-97)
0160514452: Public Papers Of The Presidents Of The United States, 2001: Book, 2, George W. Bush, July 1 to December 31, 2001 (Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States)
0160514614: Treaties in Force
0160514770: Business Ethics
0160514851: Crime in the United States; 2002 Uniform Crime Reports
0160514932: United States Statutes at Large: V. 116, 2002, 107th Congress, 2d Session, Pt. 1-4, Vol. 116
0160515106: The Astronomical Almanac for the Year 2005: And Its Companion the Astronomical Almanac Online (Astronomical Almanac for the Year)
0160515130: Foreign Relations of the United States, 1964-1968, Volume XIX: Arab-Israeli Crisis and War, 1967 (Foreign Relations of the United States) - Hardcover
0160515343: Budget of the United States Government, Fiscal Year 2005: Appendix (Budget of the United States Government Appendix)
0160515378: Historical Tables, pb, 2004
0160515475: Budget: Budget of the United States Government : Fiscal Year 2005 (Budget of the United States Government)
0160515521: Help From Above: Air Force Close Air Support of the Army 1946-1973
0160515548: Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2004-2005: Collated Set (Occupational Outlook Handbook (Paper Collate
0160515734: Career Guide to Industries
0160515815: Nautical Almanac for the Year 2005 (Nautical Almanac for the Year)
0160515831: Highway Statistics 2002 (Highway Statistics)
0160515866: MANUAL FOR COMPLEX LITIGATION, FOURTH (with ephemera)
0160515955: United States Army Weapon Systems 2004
0160516684: Plowshares and Power: The Military Use of Civil Space (World's Classics American Literature)
0160516811: Peace Operations : Developing an American Strategy
0160516838: Verifying Nonproliferation Treaties: Obligation, Process, and Sovereignty
0160521335: Federal Rules of Civil Procedure with Forms December 1, 1995, Printed for the use of the Committee on the Judiciary House of Representatives 104th Congress 1st Session Committee Print. No. 3
0160524334: SBA Office of Advocacy. Hearing, April 4, 1995
0160524393: Nominations of Inez Smith Reid, Linda Kay Davis, Ronna Lee Beck, and Eric Tyson Washington. Hearing
0160524407: S. 1--Unfunded Mandates. Joint Hearing
0160524571: S. 1224--The Administrative Dispute Resolution Act of 1995. Hearing
0160524741: Status of the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority. Hearing, March 9, 1995
0160524865: Federal Contract Bundling. How Can Small Business Compete? Hearing, October 11, 1995
0160524881: The Importance of the Asia-Pacific Region to U.S. Agricultural Trade. Joint Hearings
0160524903: Federal Aviation Administration Reform
0160525039: Cost of Federal Regulations on Small Business
0160525144: Spectrum Auctions. Hearing, September 12, 1995
0160525160: Exchange of Lands, Mineral, Oil, and Gas Interests. Hearing on S. 1025
0160525322: Small Business Participation in Federal Contracting: Assessing H.R. 1670, the Federal Acquisition Reform Act of 1995--Part I
0160525365: The Propane Education and Research Act of 1995. Hearing on H.R. 1514, October 26, 1995
0160525373: Oversight Hearing on the Pacific Northwest Power System. Hearing, December 6, 1995
0160525381: The Securities and Exchange Commission Reauthorization Act of 1996. Hearing on H.R. 2972
0160525403: Research Efforts with Respect to Combatting Parkinson's Disease and Other Neurological Disorders. Hearing
0160525411: Travel and Tourism Partnership Act. Joint Hearing
0160525438: Global proliferation of weapons of mass destruction: Hearings before the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations of the Committee on Governmental Aff... ndred Fourth Congress, first session (S. hrg)
0160525748: Duplication, Overlap, and Fragmentation in Government Programs. Hearing, June 7, 1995
0160525780: Hearings on the Fair Labor Standards Act. Hearings
0160525799: Grumbly, Alm, Coburn, and Burton Nominations
0160526000: Nominations of Ned R. McWherter and Donald S. Wasserman. Hearing
0160526078: The Employment Situation. Hearing, March 8, 1996
0160526264: Technologies for Accessing Foreign Markets. Hearing, October 11, 1995
0160526485: Federal Barriers to State and Local Privatization. Hearing, February 5, 1996
0160526493: The Internal Revenue Service's Initiatives to Reduce Regulatory and Paperwork Burdens on Small Business. Hearing
0160526795: Federalism. Hearing, March 5, 1996
0160529689: Global Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction. Hearings, Part II, March 13, 20 and 22, 1996; Part III, March 27, 1996
0160531470: Standard Specifications for Construction of Roads and Bridges on Federal Highway Projects
0160532388: Drugs of Abuse,97 ed,pb,1997
0160533775: Command, Control and the Common Defense
0160534682: Management and Costs of Class Action Lawsuits at Doe Facilities: Hearing Before.
0160535409: Nuclear Issues in the South Pacific. Hearing, November 15, 1995
0160535743: Federal nutrition programs: Hearing before the Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry, United States Senate, One Hundred Fourth Congress, first session ... May 23, 1995 (S. hrg)
0160535913: Situation in Bosnia. Hearings, June 7, 8, 14, 15; September 29; October 17; November 28; December 6, 1995
0160537320: Policy and Supporting Positions United States Government Committee on Government Reform and Oversight United States House of Representatives 104th Congress, 2nd Session
0160537940: Leveraging National Oceanographic Capabilities
0160538262: H.R. 7--National Security Revitalization Act. Hearings, January 19, 25, and 27, 1995
0160539269: Challenges Posed by Russia to United States National Security Interests
0160539358: Territories and Freely Associated States. Hearing on S. 1804, June 26, 1996
0160540410: The Status of Efforts to Identify Persian Gulf War Syndrome. Hearings
0160540992: Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act: Hearing Before the Committee...
0160541190: Report of the Commission on Protecting and Reducing Government Secrecy: Pursuant to Public Law 236, 103rd Congress (S. Hrg.)
0160541417: Problems in the U. S. Aviation Relationship with the United Kingdom and Japan. Hearings
0160541875: Information Hearing on the Closing of Pennsylvania Avenue. Hearing, June 30, 1995
0160541999: FEHBP/CHAMPUS: Improving Access to Health Care for Military Families. Hearing
0160543304: Status of Russian Participation in the International Space Station Program
0160544033: The Niche Threat : Deterring the Use of Chemical and Biological Weapons
0160546729: Nioshguide to Chemical Hazards
0160546753: NASA pocket statistics 1997 edition
0160547407: Wallops Station and the Creation of an American Space Program
0160548217: Light List, volume III: Atlantic and Gulf Coasts (1994) : Little River, South Carolina to Econfina River, Florida
0160549477: Compilation of Selected Acts Within the Jurisdiction of the Committee on Commerce / Environmental Law Volume 1
0160549493: Secure Communications. Hearing, February 11, 1997
0160551196: Official Congressional Directory, 1997-1998
0160551293: Air Bag Safety: Hearing, January 9, 1997
0160551579: Investigation of Whitewater Development Corporation and Related Matters--Foster Phase. Hearings, Volume I
0160551676: Small Business Technology Transfer Pilot Program
0160551943: Overview & Compilation of United State
0160552125: Investigation of Whitewater Development Corporation and Related Matters--Foster Phase. Hearings, Volume IV
0160552559: Investigation of Whitewater Development Corporation and Related Matters--Washington Phase. Depositions, Volume VII
0160552761: Electric and Magnetic Field Research Program: Hearing Before the Subcommittee on Energy Research, Development, Production, and Regulation of the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources - United States Senate H.R.363
0160553261: Investigation of Whitewater Development Corporation and Related Matters. Hearings, Volume X
0160554454: Religious Freedom Protection. Hearing, July 23, 1996
0160554683: Situation of Tibet and Its People
0160555612: Investigation of Whitewater Development Corporation and Related Matters--Arkansas Phase. Depositions, Volume XVI
0160555817: Corporate America and the War on Drugs: The Importance of Drug Testing. Hearing,
0160556112: Demanding Results: Implementing the Government Performance and Results Act...
0160556163: Technology in the Classroom: Panacea Or Pandora's Box? : Hearing Before the...
0160556376: Interior Columbia Basin Ecosystem Management Plan: Hearing Before Congress
0160556449: Persian Gulf War Veterans. Joint Hearing, April 16, 1997
0160556740: Ballistic Missile Defense: Responding to the Current Ballistic Missile Threat. Hearing
0160556929: Impact of Radio on African Democracy
0160557399: Report From the Front Line: Fort Wayne's Battle Against Drugs. Hearing
0160557534: The Department of Defense Actions Pertaining to the Persian Gulf Illness. Hearing, February 27, 1997
0160557631: Familiar Ground: The Breakdown of Democracy in Cambodia and Implications for U.S. Foreign Policy. Hearing
0160557712: Sudan and Terrorism: Hearing, May 15, 1997
0160557798: Campaign Finance Improprieties and Possible Violations of Law. Hearing, October 8, 1997
0160558190: Conduit Payments to the Democratic National Committee. Hearing, October 9, 1997
0160558328: Medicare Provider Service Networks. Hearing, March 19, 1997
0160558387: H.R. 3452, Presidential and Executive Office Accountability Act. Hearing
0160558395: Threat from International Organized Crime and Global Terrorism
0160558441: U.S. Border Patrol's Implementation of Operation Gatekeeper. Hearing
0160558638: Securing America's Future: Preparing the Nation for the 21st Century. Hearing, October 23, 1997
0160558670: The Federal-State Relationship: a Look Into Epa Regulatory Reinvention Efforts.
0160558689: Proliferation--Russian Case Studies
0160558700: Compliance Review Process and Missile Defense. Hearing, July 21, 1997
0160558751: Does U.N. Peacekeeping Serve U.S. Interests? Part II: Administration Witnesses. Hearing, April 17, 1997
0160558816: Review of the President's Commission's Recommendations on Cloning. Hearing, June 12, 1997
0160558824: The Computer Security Enhancement Act of 1997 to Amend the National Institute of Standards and Technology Act. Hearing
0160558832: Iran-Libya Sanctions Act One Year Later. Hearing, July 23, 1997
0160558867: District of Columbia Economic Recovery Act
0160559022: Engaging the Hermit Kingdom: U.S. Policy Toward North Korea. Hearing, February 26, 1997
0160559065: U.S. Implementation of Prison Labor Agreements with China
0160559189: Encryption, Key Recovery, and Privacy Protection in the Information Age. Hearing on S. 376 and S. 909, July 9, 1997
0160559324: Assessing the Department of Energy's Management of the National Laboratory System. Hearing
0160559391: Safety and Reliability of the U.S. Nuclear Deterrent. Hearing
0160559758: Conveyance and Transfer of Lands in Alaska. Hearing, September 11, 1997
0160559820: Review of the Internal Administration's Study Critical of Clinton Drug Policy and White House Supression Sic of Study
0160559855: An Overview of U.S. Policy Toward Mexico and Canada. Hearing, September 17, 1997
0160559987: Space Shuttle Safety. Hearing, October 1, 1997
0160560047: The Debate on NATO Enlargement. Hearings, October 7, 9, 22, 28, 30, and November 5, 1997
0160560071: Do You Know Who You Are Doing Business With? Signatures in a Digital Age. Hearing, October 28, 1997
0160560233: Report Card on NAFTA. Hearing, March 5, 1997
0160560381: Investigation on Illegal or Improper Activities in Connection with the 1996 Federal Election Campaign. Hearings, Part I
0160560438: Status and Cost Overruns of the International Space Station. Hearing, November 5, 1997
0160560446: Preparing for El Nino: Hearing Before Congress
0160560462: Meeting the Needs of People with Disabilities Through Federal Technology Transfer. Hearing, July 15, 1997
0160560543: Investigation on Illegal or Improper Activities in Connection with the 1996 Federal Election Campaign. Hearings, Part II
0160560799: Ballistic Missile Threat Posed by Iran. Hearing, November 5, 1997
0160560861: Communications Satellite Competition and Privatization Act of 1997
0160560950: Interfering with U.S. National Security Interests. The World Trade Org. & the European Union Challenge to Helms-Burton Law
0160561051: Next generation Internet: Hearing before the Committee on Science, U.S. House of Representatives, One Hundred Fifth Congress, first session, September 10, 1997
0160561140: U.S.-Vietnam Relations. Hearing, June 18, 1997
0160561248: White House Compliance With Committee Subpoenas. Hearings, November 6 and 7, 1997
0160561272: Threat Posed by Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) to U.S. Military Systems and Civil Infrastructure. Hearing
0160561302: Nominations of Anita M. Josey and John M. Campbell. Hearing
0160561345: Climate Treaty. Hearing, September 30, 1997
0160561493: Defense Reform Act of 1997
0160561515: The Role of Computer Security in Protecting U.S. Infrastructures. Hearing, November 6, 1997
0160561655: Emerging Trade Issues in China: Hearing, June 5, 1997
0160561671: Investigation on Illegal or Improper Activities in Connection with the 1996 Federal Election Campaign. Hearings, Part III
0160561795: Bosnia--Status of Non-Compliance With the Dayton Accords. Hearing, July 17, 1997
0160561833: The Department of the Army Reports on and Corrective Actions Related to Recent Cases of Sexual Misconduct and Related Matters
0160561841: Investigation on Illegal or Improper Activities in Connection with the 1996 Federal Election Campaign. Hearings, Part V
0160561892: H.R. 695, the Security and Freedom Through Encryption Act. Hearing, July 30, 1997
0160562104: U.S. Supercomputer Export Control Policy. Hearing, November 13, 1997
0160562252: Investigation of Illegal or Improper Activities in Connection with the 1996 Federal Election Campaign. Hearings, Part VI
0160562783: Johnny Chung: His Unusual Access to the White House, His Political Donations, and Related Matters. Hearings
0160562848: Defining NASA's Mission and America's Vision for the Future of Space Exploration. Hearings
0160563240: Music Violence: How Does It Affect Our Children. Hearing, November 6, 1997
0160563291: National Drug Control Policy: Drug Interdiction Efforts in Florida and the Caribbean. Hearing
0160563429: U.S. Policy Toward Lebanon. Hearing, June 25, 1997
0160563917: The Fifth Summit of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum. Hearing, November 6, 1997
0160564115: Reauthorization of the Small Business Technology Transfer Program (STTR). Hearing, September 4, 1997
0160564883: Preventing the Transmission of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). Hearing, February 5, 1998
0160565626: Radio Frequency Weapons and Proliferation: Potential Impact on the Economy. Hearing, February 25, 1998
0160566207: Light List Vol 1 Atlantic Coast 1998
0160570018: Prohibition on Financial Transactions with Countries Supporting Terrorism Act of 1997. Hearing on H.R. 748
0160570174: Shattered Dream: The Uncertain State of Democracy in Cambodia. Hearing, February 26, 1998
0160570387: The Exploding Problem of Telephone Slamming in America: Hearings, February 18, 1998 (Portland, Maine) and April 23, 1998
0160570506: Oversight of the Management Practices of the U.S. Customs Service. Hearing
0160570549: Federal Election Commission Enforcement Actions: Foreign Campaign Contributions and Other FECA Violations. Hearing
0160571286: U.S. Annual Drug Certification. Hearing, April 29, 1998
0160571588: Assistive Technology. Hearing, April 29, 1998
0160571839: Review of U.S. Assistance Programs to Russia, Ukraine, and the New Independent States. Hearing, March 26, 1998
0160572118: Countdown to Kyoto, Parts I-III
0160572266: Federal Advisory Committee Act
0160572355: Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses
0160572681: U.S. Options in Confronting Iraq. Hearing, February 25, 1998
0160572924: Small Business Innovation Research Program (SBIR). Hearing
0160572959: H.R. 695, the Security and Freedom through Encryption (SAFE) Act. Markup, July 22, 1997
0160572983: Hearings on H.R. 3334, the Royalty Enhancement Act of 1998. Hearings
0160573211: H.R. 2709, the Iran Missile Proliferation Sanctions Act of 1997. Markup, October 24, 1997
0160573327: Implementation of the U.S.-China Nuclear Cooperation Agreement. Hearing, February 4, 1998
0160573874: Encryption. Hearing, March 19, 1997
0160574021: Protecting Religious Freedom After Boerne v. Flores. Hearing, July 14, 1997
0160574277: The Need for an Independent Counsel in the Campaign Finance Investigation. Hearing, August 4, 1998
0160574447: Protecting Consumers Against Slamming. Hearing
0160574552: The Sale of Body Parts by the People's Republic of China. Joint Hearings
0160574617: The Safety of Food Imports: From the Farm to the Table. A Case Study of Tainted Imported Fruit. Hearing, Part II, July 9, 1998
0160575184: Country reports on human rights practices for 1997 : hearing before the Subcommittee on International Operations and Human Rights of the Committee on International Relations, House of Representatives, One Hundred Fifth Congress, second session, February 3
0160575192: The Energy Policy Act Amendments of 1997 : Hearing Before the Subcommittee on Energy and Power of the Committee on Commerce, House of Representatives, One Hundred Fifth Congress, Second Session, on H. R. 2568, July 21, 1998 - Serial No. 105-109
0160575591: The Kyoto Protocol: The Undermining of American Prosperity--The Science. Hearing, July 29, 1998
0160575605: Clinton-Gore V. State and Local Governments
0160575729: The Role of DTSA in Approving Critical Technology Exports. Hearing, June 25, 1998
0160576016: IRS Oversight. Hearings, April 28, 29, 30, and May 1, 1998
0160576024: Oversight of the 2000 Census: Revisiting the 1990 Census. Hearing, May 5, 1998
0160576334: External Regulation of DOE Labs: Status of OSHA and NRC Pilot Programs. Joint Hearing
0160576423: Defense Reform Initiative. Hearing, March 11, 1998
0160576490: External Regulation of Department of Energy Nuclear Facilities. Hearing, May 20, 1998
0160576504: Review the 1999 World Trade Organization Multilateral Negotiations on Agricultural Trade. Hearings
0160576660: Prospects for Democracy in Nigeria. Hearing, June 25, 1998
0160576679: Developments in the Middle East: Hearing, July 29, 1998
0160576733: H.R. 3662, U.S. Holocaust Assets Commission Act of 1998: Hearing, June 4, 1998
0160576741: Drug Interdiction and Other Matters Relating to the National Drug Control Policy. Hearing
0160576814: NASA's Fiscal Year 1999 Budget Request, Parts I-IV. Hearings, February 5, 12, 25, and March 19, 1998
0160577039: Impeachment : Selected Materials, November 1998
0160577071: Implementation of U.S. Policy on Caspian Sea Oil Exports
0160577667: Preparing for the Year 2000: Financial Institutions, Customers, Telecommunications, and Power Industries. Hearing
0160577764: Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure
0160577888: Industrial biotechnology: A solution for the future? : hearing before the Committee on Science, Subcommittee on Technology, U.S. House of Representatives, ... Congress, second session, September 17, 1998
0160578132: Management and Program Weaknesses at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the National Science Foundation
0160578299: BACKGROUND AND HISTORY OF IMPEACHMENT Hearing before the Subcommittee on the Constitution of the Committee on the Judiciary, House of Representatives, One Hundred Fifth Congress, Second Session, November 9, 1998
0160578515: Findings and Conclusions of the Commission to Assess the Ballistic Missile Threat to the United States. Hearing, 7/16/98
0160578736: Mandating the Year 2000 Disclosure of Publicly Traded Companies. Hearings
0160579155: Year 2000 Liability and Disclosure. Hearing, October 22, 1997
0160579171: Combating Terrorism: The Proliferation of Agencies' Efforts. Hearing
0160579201: Information Security
0160579228: The Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act: Hearing
0160579457: Economic Sanctions and U.S. Policy Interests: Hearing, June 3, 1998
0160579538: Impeachment Inquiry : William Jefferson Clinton, President of the United States. Hearing
0160579554: Fast Track: On Course or Derailed? Necessary or Not? (Part I). Hearing, September 16, 1997
0160579619: Remote Sensing Applications as a Research and Management Tool: Hearing Before...
0160579848: Status of Efforts to Identify Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses: Tumor Data. Hearing, May 14, 1998
0160580145: Here Come La Nina: What to Expect from the Weather in the Winter of 1998-99: Hearing Before the Subcommittee on Energy and Environment of the Committee on Science - U.S. House of Representatives - October 2, 1998 No. 91
0160580374: U.S.-Russian Cooperation in Human Spaceflight, Parts I-V. Hearings, 9/18, 1997, and 5/6, 6/24, 8/5, and 10/7, 1998
0160580536: Liability Reform for Charitable Organizations: Hearing Before the Subcommittee on Consumer Affairs, Foreign Commerce, and Tourism of the Committee on
0160580544: Global settlement of tobacco litigation: Hearing before the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, United States Senate, One Hundred Fifth Congress, first session, July 29, 1997 (S. hrg)
0160580889: High-Performance Computing. Hearing, October 6, 1998
0160581044: The Domain Name System Pts. I-II : Joint Hearings Before the Committee on Science, Subcommittee on Basic Research and Subcommittee on Technology, U. S. House of Representatives, One Hundred Fifth Congress, Second Session, March 31 and October 7, 1998
0160581710: State of United States Military Forces and Their Ability to Execute the National Military Strategy
0160582547: Columbia Basin Ecosystem Management Plan: Hearing Before Congress
0160582881: Access to Government Information and H.R. 2635, Human Rights Information Act. Hearing
0160582946: Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 1998: Volume 1 and 2 Report submitted to the Committee on Foreign Relations U.S. Senate and the Committee on Internatinal Relations U.S. House of Representatives by the Department of State
0160583578: Oversight of the 2000 census: Serious problems with statistical adjustment remain : hearing before the Subcommittee on the Census of the Committee on Government ... Congress, second session, September
0160583934: Department of Energy's Foreign Visitor Program. Hearing, October 6, 1998
0160584221: Oversight Hearing on Gettysburg National Military Park General Management Plan and Proposed Visitors Center
0160585775: Need for New and Acceptable Policy in Northern Ireland
0160586305: Official Congressional Directory, 1999-2000 (052-070-07229-6)
0160586313: Official Congressional Directory 1999-2000: 106th Congress
0160586399: Nomination of Hon. Togo D. West, Jr., to be Secretary of Veterans' Affairs. Hearing, February 24, 1998
0160586445: Protection Equipment and Countermeasure Devices. Hearing, February 11, 1999
0160586453: A Review of U.S.-Taiwan Relations on the 20th Anniversary of the Taiwan Relations Act. Hearing
0160587832: The Embattled State of U.S.-China Relations: Assessing the Zhu Rongji Visit. Joint Hearing, April 21, 1999
0160588200: CIA and the Vietnam Policymakers
0160588227: Final Months of the War With Japan: Signals Intelligence, United States Invasion Planning, and the A-Bomb Decision
0160588243: CORONA: America's First Satellite Program
0160588251: Assessing the Soviet Threat: The Early Cold War Years
0160589053: Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics 1998
0160589436: Ronald Reagan 1983 2vol Public Papers
0160589452: Ronald Reagan 1984 Public Papers of The
0160589630: National Five-Digit Zip Code & Post Office Directory, 2000
0160589924: Power to Explore : A History of Marshall Space Flight Center, 1960-1990
0160589940: Navy Seal Nutrition Guide (008-046-00171-5)
0160589959: Industrialists in Olive Drab : The Emergency Operation of Private Industries During World War 2
0160589967: The Senate of the Roman Republic: Addresses on the History of Roman Constitutionalism.
0160590205: Internal Revenue Cumulative Bulletin. 2000-2 July-Dec. (1 book).
0160590531: Computers Take Flight: A History of NASA's Pioneering Digital Fly-By-Wire Project (033-000-01220-9)
0160590671: Medicare and You, 2000
0160591171: World Factbook, 1999
0160591333: Medical Consequences of Nuclear Warfare
0160591392: Our Living Oceans: Report on the Status of United States Living Marine Resources, 1999
0160591694: Portrait Index of North American Indians in Published Collections, (ISNN: 0160361656).
0160591864: Atmosphere of freedom: Sixty years at the NASA Ames Research Center (NASA SP)
0160591899: Program Management 2000 Know the Way How
0160592348: Petroleum Supply Annual 1999 (061-003-01098-9)
0160592771: Black Magic and Gremlins: Analog Flight Simulations at NASA's Flight Research Center
0160592925: Counteroffensive: U.S. Marines from Pohang to No Name Line
0160592933: Soldiers Are Our Credentials
0160593050: Interstate Carrying of Concealed Firearms by Law Enforcement Officials; Community Protection Act of 1997... Hearing, 7/22/97
0160593271: National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program Reauthorization: Hearing before the Subcommittee on Basic Research of the Committee on Science - House Of Representatives - February 23, 1999 Serial No. 106-17
0160593336: Battlefields and National Trails
0160593492: Diplomatic Initiatives for Kosovo, Including H. Con. Res. 99. Hearing, May 13, 1999
0160593778: Puerto Rico Political Status. Hearing to Consider the Results of the December 1998 Plebiscite on Puerto Rico, May 6, 1999
0160593816: Oversight of the 2000 Census
0160594022: Rescues at Denali: Exxon Valdez Oil Spill; and Federal Hiring in Alaska: Hearing Before the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources United States Senate - May 13, 1999: S. 698, S. 711, S. 748.
0160594146: Small Business Advocacy Review Panels
0160594456: Status of the Federal Superfund Program
0160594618: Barriers to Minority Entrepreneurship: Hearing before the Subcommittee on Empowerment of the Committee on Small Business, House of Representatives, One Hundred Sixth Congress, First Session, Hearing Held in Washington, DC, March 23, 1999
0160594731: Restructuring the Department of Energy. Joint Hearing
0160595207: The Rudman Report on Security Problems at the Department of Energy. Hearing, June 29, 1999
0160595312: H.R. 1883, the Iran Nonproliferation Act of 1999: Hearing, July 13, 1999
0160595614: Internet Gambling. Hearing, March 23, 1999
0160595770: The Long Road Home Struggling for Property Rights in Post-Communist Europe
0160596297: The Status of Nuclear Claims, Relocation, and Resettlement Efforts in the Marshall Islands. Hearing, May 11, 1999
0160597420: DOD's Mandatory Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program for Military Personnel. Hearing
0160597730: Clinton-Gore v. the American Taxpayer. Joint Hearing
0160597757: U.S. National Security and Military/Commercial Concerns with the People's Republic of China Vol II
0160598028: Incentives for Domestic Oil and Gas Production and Status of the Industry. Hearing, February 25, 1999
0160599520: Y2K and Nuclear Power: Will the Reactors React Responsibly? Joint Hearing
0160601045: Future of the ABM Treaty
0160601770: Y2K Myths and Realities. Joint Hearing
0160601991: World War II Assests of Holocaust Victims. Hearing, September 14, 1999
0160602041: Prostate Cancer. Hearing
0160602726: Transfer of Satellite Technology to China. Hearing, September 17, 1998
0160602769: Regional Security in South Asia. Hearing, October 20, 1999
0160602912: The State Department's Handling of Allegations of Visa Fraud and Other Irregularities at the United States Embassy in Beijing
0160603439: U.S. Policy Toward North Korea I: Perry Review. Hearing, October 13, 1999
0160603668: Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant. Special Hearing
0160604125: The White House, the networks, and TV censorship: Hearing before the Subcommittee on Telecommunications, Trade, and Consumer Protection of the Committ ... th Congress, second session, February 9, 2000
0160604133: Ballistic Missiles
0160604982: The President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board Report on DOE: Joint Hearing
0160604990: National Nuclear Security Administration. Joint Hearing
0160605334: U.S. Government Policies and Programs to Combat Terrorism. Hearing, March 9, 1999
0160607337: Saving Lives: The Cardiac Arrest Survival Act. Hearing, May 9, 2000
0160607655: U.S. Policy Toward Haiti. Hearing, November 9, 1999
0160611067: Legacy in the Sand: The United States Army Armament, Munitions and Chemical Command in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm
0160611075: H.R. 3519--the World Bank AIDS Prevention Trust Fund Act
0160611377: Legislation to Improve Safety and Security in the Department of Energy
0160611466: Ecuador. a Country Study
0160611628: Albania: A Country Study
0160611636: Iran's Strategic Intentions and Capabilities
0160611652: North Korea: A Country Study
0160611717: Austria a Country Study
0160611741: NATO from Berlin to Bosnia: Trans-Atlantic Security in Transition
0160611776: Armenia, Azerbaijan & Georgia: A Country Study
0160611792: Clausewitzian Friction and Future War
0160611822: Khomeini's Incorporation of The Iranian Military
0160611873: Mobilizing United States Industry in World War 2: Myth and Reality (McNair Papers)
0160611881: The Major Powers in Northeast Asian Security
0160611911: Defiant Again: Indigenous Peoples and Latin American Security
0160611946: NATO Enlargement and Central Europe: A Study in Civil-Military Relations
0160611962: Turkey: Thwarted Ambition
0160612012: Controlling Threats to Nuclear Security : A Holistic Model
0160612179: Right Makes Might: Freedom and Power in the Information Age.
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