0192122614: Wayward Women
0192122622: The Lost Domain
0192122657: Precariously Privileged
0192122665: An Anthology from X
0192122673: British Writers of the Thirties
0192122711: Oxford Companion to Twentieth-Century Literature in English
0192122738: I Shall Live: Surviving the Holocaust, 1939-1945
0192122754: Two Zions : Reminiscences of Jerusalem and Ethiopia
0192122762: Oxford Minidictionary of Mathematics
0192122770: Authors
0192122797: Work of William Morris
0192122991: Indian Diary and Album
0192123017: The Reluctant Samaritan: Aspects of Growing Old
0192123025: Voices Prophesying War, Future Wars, 1763-3749
0192123041: Desirable Residences and Other Stories
0192123068: Detective Stories from the Strand
0192123084: Victorian Tales of Mystery and Detection
0192123092: Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes
0192123106: Hound of the Baskervilles
0192123114: Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes
0192123130: Study in Scarlet
0192123149: Valley of Fear
0192123157: His Last Bow : Some Reminiscences of Sherlock Holmes
0192123165: Sign of the Four
0192123173: Return of Sherlock Holmes
0192123181: Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
0192123203: Children's Literature : An Illustrated History
0192123254: Fine Feathers : And Other Stories
0192123262: Ramlin Rose
0192123270: Food : An Oxford Anthology
0192123300: Victorian Love Stories : An Oxford Anthology
0192123351: Fighting Withdrawal : The Life of Dan Davin: Writer, Soldier, Publisher
0192125117: Romantic Agony
0192125249: Old Woman's Reflections.
0192125494: Stendhal: The background to the novels
0192125524: Lawrence, Hardy, and American literature
0192125532: As I crossed a bridge of dreams;: Recollections of a woman in eleventh-century Japan
0192125559: Animals of Silence: Essays on Art, Nature, and Folk-tale
0192125702: Seven Against Thebes
0192125710: Hippolytos
0192125745: Iphigeneia in Tauris (The Greek Tragedy in New Translations)
0192125761: Orlando Furioso
0192125826: Pirandello: A Biography
0192125885: The marriage of heaven and hell
0192125915: The Modern American Novel
0192125990: Variations on Catastrophe : Some French Responses to the Great War
0192126016: Slaves of Love
0192126032: Day in Our Life
0192126040: Republic
0192126059: Dread and Delight : A Century of Children's Ghost Stories
0192126083: Ford Madox Ford - A Dual Life : The After-War World
0192126091: Histories
0192129260: History of Broadcasting in the United Kingdom Vol. I : The Birth of Broadcasting
0192129325: The Influence of Ezra Pound
0192129392: Hart's Rules for Compositors and Readers at the University Press, Oxford. Thirty-Seventh Edition, Completely Revised.
0192129422: The History of the Royal Commonwealth Society, 1868-1968
0192129449: Story of the Royal Horticultural Society, 1804-1968.
0192129538: Primitive Art & Society
0192129546: Race
0192129554: Nuclear Politics The British Experience with an Independent Strategic Force 1939-1970
0192129562: History of Broadcasting in the United Kingdom Vol. III : The War of Words
0192129600: Conservation of Antiquities and Works of Art : Treatment, Repair, and Restoration
0192129619: Portrait of an age: Victorian England
0192129627: Shakespeare's Second Globe
0192129635: Providence Lost
0192129678: History of Broadcasting in the United Kingdom Vol. IV : Sound and Vision
0192129686: Jim Corbett's India: Stories
0192129708: Oxford Dictionary for Writers and Editors
0192129732: Short Stories from the Second World War
0192129740: Charlie Hammond's Sketch-Book
0192129783: Compl Clerihews E. Clerihew Bentley
0192129805: First Clerihews
0192129821: Other People's Clerihews
0192129848: Echoes of the Great War
0192129880: Oxford Illustrated Literary Guide to Great Britain and Ireland
0192129910: French Grammar
0192129937: Signs of Hope : Working Towards Our Common Future
0192129961: Locations
0192129988: Oxford Book of Board Games
0192131109: Leaders of the Church of England 1828-1944
0192131117: Ian Ramsey: Bishop Of Durham
0192131125: Benson of Cowley
0192132105: Christian Worship: An Introductory Outline
0192132199: A short history of the western liturgy;: An account and some reflections
0192132202: Alive to God: Muslim and Christian prayer;
0192132229: Oxford Book of Prayer
0192132237: Short History of the Western Liturgy
0192132245: Short History of the Western Liturgy : An Account and Some Reflections
0192132261: Changing scenes
0192132296: New English Bible: Companion to the New Testament
0192132350: Reasonable Belief: A Survey of the Christian Faith.
0192132377: Christians in Ulster, Nineteen Sixty-Eight to Nineteen Eighty
0192132385: Reasonable Belief : A Survey of the Christian Faith
0192132415: Gospels and Jesus
0192132431: Poems and Psalms of the Hebrew Bible
0192132458: Narrative in the Hebrew Bible
0192132474: Pauline Christianity.
0192132482: This Is the Word of the Lord : Year A, the Year of Matthew
0192132504: Prophecy and Prophets of the Old Testament
0192132539: Wisdom and Law in the Old Testament : The Ordering of Life in Israel and Early Judaism
0192132555: Introducing the Old Testament
0192132571: Biblical Interpretation
0192133055: Christian Faith and Other Faiths
0192134256: Anglican/Roman Catholic Dialogue: The Work of the Preparatory Commission
0192134264: New Oxford Book of Christian Verse
0192134272: Personal Life of the Christian
0192135252: What is Theology?
0192135600: Introduction To Healthcare Organizational Ethic
0192139010: Diary of Private Prayer
0192139444: The Catholic Modernists, a Study of the Religious Reform Movement 1864-1907
0192139479: Orthodoxy, Roman Catholicism and Anglicanism
0192139525: The Russian Orthodox Church Underground. 1917-1970
0192139533: Science and the Christian Experiment.
0192139541: Ecumenical progress: A decade of change in the ecumenical movement, 1961-71
0192139568: Science and the Christian Experiment
0192139592: God B.C.
0192139606: Philosophies and Cultures
0192139630: Jesus and the Living Past by Ramsey, Michael
0192139649: Oxford Dictionary of Popes
0192139657: Oxford Dictionary of World Religions
0192141023: The Early Christian Archaeology of North Britain: The Hunter Marshall lectures delivered at the University of Glasgow in January and February 1968
0192141031: The Oxford book of verse in English translation
0192141066: Oxford Book of Humorous Prose : From William Caxton to P. G. Wodehouse
0192141074: Oxford Book of Military Anecdotes
0192141082: Oxford Book of Contemporary Verse 1945
0192141104: The Oxford book of satirical verse
0192141112: Oxford Book of Aphorisms
0192141120: Oxford Book of Legal Anecdotes
0192141147: The Turf (Small Oxford books)
0192141155: Guests & hosts (Small Oxford books) by
0192141163: Oxford Book of Short Stories
0192141171: Cycling
0192141201: Pleasures of the Table (Small Oxford books)
0192141228: New Oxford Book of Eighteenth Century Verse
0192141236: Parents and Children (Small Oxford books)
0192141244: Dublin
0192141252: Oxford Book of War Poetry
0192141260: New Oxford Book of Sixteenth-Century Verse
0192141279: Train
0192141287: Snobs (Small Oxford books)
0192141295: The Oxford Book of Death
0192141309: Oxford Book of Dreams
0192141317: Oxford Book of Narrative Verse
0192141325: The Oxford Book of English Traditional Verse (Oxford Books of Verse)
0192141341: Oxford Book of Ages
0192141384: Boating
0192141392: Country House
0192141406: Fox-Hunting
0192141422: Hotels and Inns
0192141430: London
0192141449: Oxford Guide to Word Games
0192141465: Wine (Small Oxford books)
0192141473: Plays & Players (and) Small Oxford Books
0192141503: Oxford Book of Marriage
0192141511: Gardens and Gardeners
0192141538: Oxford Book of Royal Anecdotes
0192141546: New Oxford Book of Victorian Verse
0192141554: Oxford Book of British Bird Names
0192141562: Oxford Book of Travel Verse
0192141589: New Oxford Book of Romantic Verse
0192141597: Oxford Book of Sea Songs
0192141635: Oxford Book of English Ghost Stories
0192141643: New Oxford Book of Seventeenth Century Verse
0192141651: Oxford Guide to Card Games
0192141686: Oxford Companion to the Second World War
0192141724: Oxford Book of Nature Writing
0192141740: Oxford Book of Military Anecdotes
0192141767: Oxford Guide to British Women Writers
0192141805: Oxford Book of Irish Short Stories
0192141821: Oxford Book of English Verse
0192141856: Oxford Book of Essays
0192141872: Oxford Book of English Detective Stories
0192141880: Oxford Book of Letters
0192141902: Oxford Book of Friendship
0192141929: Oxford Book of London
0192141945: Oxford Book of Gothic Tales
0192141953: Oxford Book of Villains
0192141961: Oxford Book of Garden Verse
0192142003: Oxford Book of Money
0192142011: Oxford Book of the Supernatural
0192142038: Oxford Book of Schooldays
0192142046: Oxford Book of Science Fiction Stories
0192142062: Oxford Book of Hebrew Short Stories
0192142070: Oxford Book of Comic Verse
0192142089: Oxford Book of Exploration
0192142097: Oxford Book of Classical Verse in Translation
0192142100: Oxford Book of Sea Stories
0192142135: Oxford Book of Essays.
0192142143: Oxford Book of Adventure Stories
0192142178: Oxford Book of Work
0192142186: Oxford Book of Modern Fairy Tales
0192142194: Oxford Book of Historical Stories
0192142216: Oxford Book of Exile
0192142267: Oxford Book of Creatures
0192142283: Oxford Book of Children's Stories
0192142313: Oxford Companion to the Year
0192142321: Oxford Book of Modern Women's Stories
0192142356: Oxford Book of Scottish Short Stories
0192142372: Oxford Book of English Love Stories
0192142380: Oxford Book of English Short Stories
0192142429: Oxford Book of Spy Stories
0192142445: Oxford Dictionary of Humorous Quotations
0192142461: New Oxford Book of English Prose
0192142534: Oxford Book of Travel Stories
0192142607: Oxford Book of Twentieth-Century Ghost Stories
0192142615: Oxford Book of Ireland
0192142674: Oxford Book of Sonnets
0192142682: After Shakespeare : An Anthology
0192145061: Foreign Policy of Soviet Russia: 1936-1941
0192145533: Theory of International Economic Policy : The Balance of Payments
0192145991: Mexico: Revolution to Evolution 1940-1960
0192147323: Survey of International Affairs 1962
0192149067: Peru
0192149113: Central American Republics
0192149490: The Revolution in Egypt's Economic System: From Private Enterprise to Socialism, 1952-1965
0192149644: African Integration and Disintegration: Case Studies in Economic and Political Union
0192149660: Haiti and the Dominican Republic
0192149733: Chatham House Memoranda. The Sino-Soviet Dispute 1956-63, Extracts from Recent Documents
0192149741: The Impact of Chinese Secret Societies in Malaya: A Historical Study
0192149776: Arabs in Israel : A Political Study (Royal Institute of International Affairs...
0192149784: United Nations Peacekeeping 1946-1967, Documents and Commentary. II, Asia
0192149806: Australia New Zealand & the United Sta
0192149830: The impartial soldier
0192149849: Catholic Radicals In Brazil
0192149865: Seasonal Influences in Soviet Industry (R.I.I.A. S.)
0192149881: Patterns of Foreign Influence in the Caribbean
0192149911: Politics and the Labour Movement in Chile
0192149938: Religion and Soviet foreign policy, 1945-1970
0192149946: Satellite Broadcasting (Royal Institute of International Affairs Ser.)
0192149954: The Origins of the Cultural Revolution 1: Contradictions Among the People 1956-1957
0192149970: Origins of the Cultural Revolution : The Coming of the Cataclysm, 1961-1966
0192149997: Survey of Commonwealth Affairs : Problems of Expansion and Attrition, 1953
0192151223: From Dreadnought to Scapa Flow: The Road to War, 1904-1914
0192151584: Laos: Buffer State or Battleground
0192151630: Maylaysia Prospect & Retrospect
0192151657: The People's Republic of Mongolia: A general reference guide
0192151665: History of the Vikings
0192151681: Lithography, 1800-1850
0192151738: The Jews in Soviet Russia Since 1917
0192151754: The Embattled Mountain
0192151762: Conscience and Politics - The British Government and the Conscientious Objector to Military Service 1916-1919
0192151770: THE SPEAKING TREE A Study of Indian Culture and Society
0192151819: Kings, Beasts and Heroes.
0192151843: Napoleonists a Study in Political Dis
0192151878: Victory and Aftermath
0192151886: Mao papers,
0192151916: South Africa: sociological perspectives,
0192151924: FROM CRISIS TO CRISIS: PAKISTAN 1962-1969
0192151940: That Greece Might Still Be Free: The Philhellenes in the War of Independence
0192152041: An Historian's Approach to Religion
0192152076: A Study of History
0192152084: Study of History: The Geneses of Civilizations by Toynbee, Arnold J.
0192152114: Study of History
0192152238: A study of history
0192152254: A Study of History, Volume 12: Reconsiderations
0192152505: Experiences
0192152513: CITES ON THE MOVE
0192152548: A Study Of History
0192152564: Greeks and Their Heritages
0192152572: Mankind and Mother Earth - A Narrative History of the World
0192152580: Choose life: A dialogue
0192152599: Arnold Toynbee, a Selection from His Works
0192152610: A Bibliography of Arnold J. Toynbee.
0192153153: Industry in Africa
0192153188: A portrait of the Lancashire textile industry
0192153218: Democracy and Community:A Study of Politics in Sheffield
0192153234: Economic Reforms in Polish Industry,
0192153285: Pakistan:Industrialization and Trade Policies
0192153307: The Philippines: industrialization and trade policies (Industry and trade in some developing countries)
0192153315: The administration of agricultural development: lessons from India
0192153390: Economic Reform in Rumanian Industry
0192153420: Economic development in Iran, 1900-1970
0192153455: The survival of small states: Studies in small power/great power conflict by...
0192153552: The economy of England, 1450-1750
0192153560: Elements of English law
0192153579: Use of Public Power
0192153587: Macroeconomics
0192153595: In Defense of the Mixed Economy
0192153609: Rise and Fall of Economic Justice, and Other Papers
0192153617: Time in History : The Evolution of Our General Awareness of Time and Temporal Perspective
0192153633: Dictionary of Finance
0192154281: The Fulani Empire of Sokoto West African History Series
0192154338: Discovery and Experience: A New Approach to Training, Group Work, and Teaching
0192154346: Nigerian Perspectives : An Historical Anthology
0192155105: Christianity and the world order (B.B.C. Reith lectures ; 1978)
0192156306: The Golden Trade of the Moors
0192156314: African Nationalism
0192156349: The Fortunate Slave: An Illustration of African Slavery in the Early Eighteenth Century.
0192156357: North West Africa : A Political and Economic Survey
0192156365: The British in Northern Nigeria
0192156373: Tumbled House: the Congo at Independence
0192156438: General Elections in South Africa 1943-1970
0192156446: A Federation Of Southern Africa
0192156470: Farm Management in Africa: The Principles of Production and Planning
0192156489: An introduction to the history of Central Africa
0192156497: An Introduction to the History of Central Africa
0192156519: SOUTH AFRICA'S FOREIGN POLICY, 1945-1970
0192156632: Twentieth-Century Africa
0192156713: The Politics of South Africa: Democracy and Racial Diversity
0192156721: Roots of a revolution Scenes from Zimbabwe's struggle
0192158015: The Bases of international order: essays in honour of C. A. W. Manning;
0192158058: Politics and Change in Al-Karak, Jordan: A Study of a Small Arab Town and Its District
0192158066: Decisions in Israel's Foreign Policy
0192158074: Too Proud to Fight: Woodrow Wilson's Neutrality
0192158082: The German Occupation of the Channel Islands
0192158090: The End and the Beginning: Pakistan, 1969-1971
0192158104: Soviet foreign policy, 1962-1973: The paradox of super power
0192158112: Operation Menace...The Daker Expedition and the Dudley North Affair
0192158120: Heart of oak: A survey of British sea power in the Georgian era
0192158147: England and Ireland Since 1800
0192158155: Early Modern France 1560-1715
0192158163: English Towns in transition 1500-1700
0192158228: The French Revolution
0192158333: The voice of the past: Oral history
0192158392: Structuralism and Since
0192158414: Jutland and After
0192158422: On Stalin and Stalinism
0192158430: Death in Paris: The Records of the Basse-Ge?Ole De LA Seine, October 1795-September 1801, Vend?Emiaire Year Iv-Fructidor Year IX
0192158465: The Matter of Wales: Epic Views of a Small Country
0192158473: Murdered Magicians: The Templars and Their Myths
0192158511: The Middle East: A Political and Economic Survey
0192158570: The Age of Enlightenment The Eighteenth-Century Philosophers
0192158589: Turning Point
0192158619: Four Essays on Liberty
0192158627: Crisis of Identity : Israel and Zionism
0192158635: The Escape from Elba
0192158651: Labour in Power, 1945-1951
0192158694: The Dukes of Norfolk: A Quincentennial History
0192158716: Great War at Sea, 1914-1918
0192158767: Railway Station : A Social History
0192158813: PEOPLE AND PLACES.
0192158821: A History of the Vikings
0192158872: China Changes Face : The Road from Revolution, 1949-1989
0192158902: Sound of History : Songs and Social Comment
0192158937: French Revolution and British Culture
0192158945: Europe Without America? : The Crisis in Atlantic Relations
0192158953: Thames : A History from the Air
0192158988: Columbus
0192158996: Russia : A History
0192159321: Bermuda from Sail to Steam: A History of the Island from 1784 to 1901, Vol. 1
0192159356: The Trouble at L. S. E. , 1966-1967.
0192159364: The American university: How it runs, where it is going
0192159380: The End of an Alliance Rome's Defection from the Axis in 1943
0192159429: Role of Science and Technology in Developing Countries
0192159437: Role of Science and Technology in Developing Countries
0192159445: Imperial Chemical Industries Vol. 2 : A History: The First Quarter Century 1926-1952
0192159461: The Banyan Tree: Overseas Emigrants from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh
0192159488: Greenwich Time and the Discovery of the Longitude
0192159518: Liberty and Language
0192159526: How Buildings Work
0192159534: Goodbye Gutenberg
0192159569: Judges
0192159631: Children's Games with Things : Marbles, Fivestones, Throwing and Catching, Gambling, Hopscotch, Chucking and Pitching, Ball-Bouncing, Skipping
0192159674: Vermeer's Camera : Uncovering the Truth Behind the Masterpieces
0192174150: English short stories of today: Fourth series
0192175092: Around the World in Wanderer Three
0192175203: Beyond the west horizon.
0192175246: Atlantic Cruise in Wanderer III
0192175262: Cruising Off Mozambique
0192175270: Voyaging Under Sail: Second Edition
0192175289: Sou'west in Wanderer 4
0192175297: Wandering under Sail
0192175300: Karpov-Korchnoi 1974.
0192175343: The Best of Karpov
0192175408: Oxford Companion to Chess
0192175440: Chess Openings for Juniors
0192175475: Invitation to go
0192175491: Fit Athlete
0192175505: Better Chess for Average Chess-Players
0192175572: Attacking the King
0192175602: Chess Teacher
0192175610: Chess Teacher
0192175718: Oxford Encyclopedia of Chess Games
0192175734: Come Aboard
0192175742: First steps in chess (Oxford chess books)
0192175769: Chess for tigers
0192175777: Korchnoi's Chess Games
0192175807: First Steps in Chess
0192175823: Ray Keene's Good move guide (Oxford chess books)
0192175831: Feel Fit Come Alive.
0192175890: Play Chess: Combinations and Sacrifices
0192175912: One Hundred and Seven Great Chess Battles
0192175939: Good Move Guide.
0192175998: Cruising Under Sail : Incorporating Voyaging Under Sail
0192176196: Story of Jodrell Bank
0192176218: Flowers of Europe : A Field Guide
0192176226: Underwater Science
0192176234: Flowers of the Himalaya
0192176242: Out of the zenith;: Jodrell Bank 1957-1970
0192176250: Flowers of South-West Europe: A Field Guide
0192176293: A Guide to the Birds of Ceylon
0192176307: Concise Guide to the Flowers of Britain and Europe
0192176315: Trees and Bushes of Europe
0192176463: Shapes of Structure
0192176501: Explaining the brain
0192176528: Patterns of Sexuality and Reproduction
0192176536: The structure of the universe
0192176544: Purpose in a World of Chance : A Biologist's View
0192176617: BIRDS OF COAST AND SEA Britain and Northern Europe
0192176625: Reasoning about Madness
0192176722: Seeing: Illusion, Brain and Mind
0192176730: Encounters With Nature
0192176811: Complete Checklist of the Birds of the World
0192176889: Mushrooms and Toadstools,
0192176897: The Holy Land : An Archaeological Guide from Earliest Times to 1700
0192176919: Every body: A nutritional guide to life
0192176927: Orchids of Britain
0192176943: Insects in Camera
0192176951: The politics of self-sufficiency
0192177087: The English Gardener
0192177125: The Oxford encyclopedia of trees of the world
0192177168: Exercise: The facts
0192177206: Oxford Dictionary of Natural History
0192177230: Wildfowl of Britain and Europe
0192177265: Pluto's Republic: Incorporating the Art of the Soluble and Induction and Intuition in Scientific Thought
0192177338: Secrets: On the Ethics of Concealment and Revelation.
0192177362: The Reproduction Revolution: New Ways of Making Babies
0192177370: Memoir of a Thinking Radish : An Autobiography
0192177419: Understanding Computers-a User-Friendly Guide
0192177435: Moral Dilemmas in Modern Medicine
0192177451: Should the Baby Live?: The Problem of Handicapped Infants
0192177478: Dictionary of World Mythology
0192177486: Annotated Innocence of Father Brown
0192177508: Neuronal Man - The Biology of Mind
0192177540: Wonderwoman and Superman : The Ethics of Human Biotechnology
0192177559: Thinking MacHines,,,the Search Fopr Artificial Intellegence
0192177591: Values of Psychotherapy
0192177729: Your Gut Feelings: A Complete Guide to Living Better with Intestinal Problems
0192177737: Selfish Gene
0192177753: Created from Animals : The Moral Implications of Darwinism
0192177788: Threat and the Glory
0192177826: Hazardous Waste and Human Health
0192178040: Chess for Tomorrow's Champions
0192181203: New Societies of Tropical Africa a Selective Study
0192181211: Indian Tribes of the United States
0192181475: The National Language Question. Linguistic Problems of Newly Independent States
0192181688: Rhodesia: the Road to Rebellion
0192181742: Immigration and race relations in Britain, 1960-1967
0192181769: Coloured Worker in British Industry with Special Reference to the Midlands and North of England (Institute of Race Relations S.)
0192181785: The Politics of the Powerless: A Study of the Campaign Against Racial Discrimination.
0192181815: The Anti Slavery Movement and Reconstruction. A Study in Anglo American Cooperation 1833-77
0192181831: Modernizing Peasant Societies. A Comparative Study in Asia and Africa
0192181866: Patterns of dominance
0192181882: Crime, police, and race relations: A study in Birmingham,
0192181955: The English and Immigration 1880-1910. A Comparative Study of the Jewish Influx 1880-1910
0192181963: Community Action and Race Relations: A Study of Community Relations Committees in Britain (Institute of Race Relations S.)
0192181971: Immigrant Workers AND Class Struct West Europe08
0192181998: The prevention of racial discrimination in Britain, (UNITAR series, 4)
0192183044: United States and West Germany, 1945-1973 : A Study in Alliance Politics
0192183060: British Foreign Policy 1945-1973
0192183087: The politics of scarcity: resource conflicts in international relations
0192183117: Communist Parties of Western Europe
0192183141: Politics and Trade (International Economic Relations of the Western World, 1959-1971, Vol 1)
0192183176: International Economic Relations Of The Western World 1959-1971 Vol. 2. International Monetary Relations
0192183184: Soviet Science, Technology, Design
0192183192: The Finnish Dilemma Neutrality in the Shadow of Power
0192183222: United Nations Peacekeeping Vol. 4 : Documents and Commentary - Europe, 1946-1979
0192184016: West Indian Societies (American Geographical Society research series)
0192184024: African Liberation Movements
0192184032: The Migration of Workers in the United Kingdom and the European Community
0192184059: The Dutch Plural Society. A Comparative Study in Race Relations.
0192184067: Migration and Race Relations in an English City: A Study in Bristol (Institute of Race Relations S.)
0192184083: Race and Labour in London Transport (Institute of Race Relations S.)
0192191225: Karl Marx, His Life and Environment
0192191268: Struggle for Survival : The History of the Second World War
0192191276: British Theatre Since 1955 : A Reassessment
0192191284: Devolution
0192191306: The Nature of the Beast : Are Animals Moral?
0192191322: Change in British Society
0192191373: Ancient Greek Literature
0192191462: This Stage-play World: English Literature And Its Background 1580-1625
0192191497: Moral philosophy
0192191543: What Is Psychotherapy?
0192191551: What is ecology?
0192191594: Female Animal
0192191608: Violent Phenomena in the Universe
0192191624: The Russian Revolution
0192191691: Energy
0192191748: Christianity in the West 1400-1700 by Bossy, John
0192191756: A Generation of Schooling - English Secondary Schools Since 1944
0192191764: Town, City, and Nation
0192191799: Rebellion or Revolution? : England, 1640 to 1660
0192191802: Aesthetics : An Introduction to the Philosophy of Art
0192191845: Shakespeare : A Writer's Progress
0192191888: Socialisms : Theories and Practices
0192191918: Problems of Chemistry
0192191934: The Making of the Atomic Age
0192191950: Science and Technology in World Development
0192191969: Classical Thought
0192191985: Judaism
0192192019: The Problems of Mathematics
0192192027: Political Development of the British Isles, 1100-1400
0192192086: Philosophers and Pamphleteers
0192192132: Problems of Biology
0192192159: Philosophy and the Brain
0192192299: The Primeval Universe
0192192310: European Community : The Building of a Union
0192192329: Medieval Expansion of Europe
0192192345: World since 1945 : A Concise History
0192192469: France since 1945
0192192558: Last of the Empires
0192192612: Introduction to Children's Literature
0192311115: English Hymnal
0192312014: Songs of Praise: Words Edition, Nonpareil Text (Style 3180X)
0192312073: Songs of Praise : Music Edition
0192458825: History of the Vikings
0192500104: Wuthering Heights (World's Classics S.)
0192500147: Shirley
0192500236: Confessions of an English Opium-Eater and Other Writings
0192500244: Essays
0192500570: The Spirit of the Age or Contemporary Portraits
0192500627: On Heroes: Hero-Worship and the Heroic in History
0192500678: The Tenant Of Wildfell Hall
0192500724: Twenty-Three Tales (World's Classics Series, No. 72)
0192500783: The Fourteen Dilemma
0192500848: LIVES OF THE ENGLISH POETS - Volume 1
0192500937: Advancement of Learning and New Atlantis
0192500996: Poems
0192501097: Poems of George Herbert
0192501399: Autobiographies of Edward Gibbon
0192501410: Agnes Grey
0192501712: Lorna Doone, A Romance of Exmoor
0192501895: Selected Poems
0192501925: Lucy Furman: The Glass Window
0192502050: Characters of Shakespeare's Plays
0192502298: A Confession, The Gospel in Brief, and What I Believe: The World's Classics, 229.
0192502395: An Autobiography
0192502409: English Critical Essays, Sixteenth to Eighteenth Centuries
0192502514: The Belton Estate (The World's Classics)
0192502522: The Claverings
0192502913: Sybil
0192502948: Democracy Without Consensus: Communalism and Political Stability in Malaysia
0192503030: Lives of John Donne, Sir Henry Wotton, Richard Hoo
0192503170: Dr. Wortle's School (The World's Classics
0192503308: The English Constitution.
0192503340: The History of the Adventures of Joseph Andrews and his Friend Mr. henry Adams. Illustrated by Norman Tealby. With an Introduction by Joseph Priestley.
0192503502: Narrative Verse (World's Classics (Origianal Hardback Series))
0192503561: Persuasion Oxford World s Classics
0192503804: Faust
0192503898: Sense and Sensibility
0192504207: Snow Storm and Other Stories
0192504231: Orley Farm Hardcover by Anthony Trollope
0192504304: Compleat Angler (World's Classics S.)
0192504363: Shakespeare Criticism (World's Classics S.)
0192504479: PHINEAS FINN
0192504509: Phineas Redux (World's Classics S.)
0192504622: The Duke's Children
0192504789: The Plays of Christopher Marlowe
0192504924: Is He Popenjoy? (World's Classics S.)
0192504940: Thucydides: The History of the Peloponnesian War
0192504975: Middlemarch a Study of Provincial Life
0192505033: Mr. Scarborough's Family
0192505084: The Egoist
0192505092: The Portrait of a Lady (The World's Classics)
0192505114: Social Contract
0192505130: Poems of Robert Browning(riverside edition)
0192505149: Diary of a Country Parson 1758-1802
0192505173: The Poems of Alfred Lord Tennyson
0192505246: Five Plays
0192505289: Sherlock Holmes : Selected Stories
0192505327: Twenty Years A-Growing (The World's Classics Series)
0192505424: Lark Rise To Candleford
0192505467: The Nicomachean Ethics of Aristotle
0192505491: Jane Austen Letters 1796-1817
0192505580: Sources of Australian History
0192505602: Modern Irish Short Stories
0192505823: Erik the Red and Other Icelandic Sagas (World's Classics S.)
0192505890: Life on the Mississippi
0192505912: The Paston Letters : A Selection in Modern Spelling
0192505920: The Complete Actor
0192505947: Esther Waters
0192505955: Scottish Short Stories: The World's Classics, 595.
0192505963: Koran Interpreted
0192505971: Memoirs from the House of the Dead by
0192506110: Candide
0192508989: War & Peace
0192510010: The Complete Shorter Fiction
0192510118: The Diary of John Evelyn
0192510207: Framley Parsonage
0192510339: Metamorphoses
0192510371: Britannicus, Phaedra, Athaliah
0192510525: Sherlock Holmes: Selected Stories Wc Roberts (Border's)
0192510533: Dracula
0192510541: SELECTED TALES
0192510568: The Call of the Wild, White Fang, and Other Stories.
0192510576: Tess of the D'Urbervilles
0192541013: Complete Works
0192541021: The Complete Works of Shakespeare
0192541102: Arnold Poetical Works
0192541196: Complete Works
0192541234: Donne: Poetical Works
0192541242: Poems and Fables of John Dryden
0192541307: Poems of Robert Herrick by Herrick R
0192541315: Boswell's Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides
0192541323: KEATS
0192541331: The Poetical Works
0192541439: Shelley; poetical Works
0192541447: Poetical Works
0192541528: Poetical Works with Introduction and Notes (Oxford Standard Authors Series)
0192541552: Poetical Works
0192541560: Golden Treasury of the Best Songs and Lyrical Poems in the English Language : From Shakespeare to Larkin
0192541579: The Complete Writings of William Blake
0192541595: Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners: Heart's Ease in Heart Trouble
0192541617: Poetical Works
0192541633: Malory Works
0192541641: Burns: Poems and Songs
0192541676: Collected Poems
0192541692: PLAYS
0192541706: Thomas Gray and William Collins: Poetical Works.
0192541749: Shakespeare: Complete Works
0192541757: William Wordsworth
0192541773: Thomas Hardy
0192541781: Ben Jonson
0192541838: Andrew Marvell
0192541846: Byron (The Oxford Authors)
0192541862: British Poetry and Prose 1870-1905 - The Oxford Authors
0192541870: Matthew Arnold
0192541897: Samuel Taylor Coleridge
0192541935: Ralph Waldo Emerson (Oxford Authors)
0192541943: John Keats
0192541951: Oscar Wilde
0192541986: Francis Bacon
0192542028: Golden Treasury of the Best Songs and Lyrical Poems in the English Language
0192542036: Robert Browning : Poetry for Young People
0192545019: Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club
0192545027: David Copperfield
0192545035: Bleak House
0192545043: Tale of Two Cities
0192545051: Oliver Twist
0192545078: Dombey and Son
0192545086: Nicholas Nickleby
0192545094: Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit
0192545108: Our Mutual Friend
0192545116: Great Expectations
0192545124: Little Dorrit
0192545132: Barnaby Rudge
0192545140: Christmas Books
0192545159: Hard Times
0192545167: Mystery of Edwin Drood
0192545175: Christmas Stories
0192545183: Sketches by Boz
0192545191: American Notes and Pictures from Italy
0192545205: Master Humphrey's Clock and A Child's History of England
0192545213: Uncommercial Traveller, and Reprinted Pieces Etc.
0192545221: Oxford Illustrated Dickens
0192546112: Can You Forgive Her THE PALLISER NOVELS
0192546120: the palliser novels phineas finn
0192546139: Eustace Diamonds
0192546147: Phineas Redux
0192546155: The prime minister (His The Palliser novels)
0192546163: The Duke's Children
0192547011: Sense and Sensibility
0192547038: Mansfield Park
0192547046: Emma
0192547054: Northanger Abbey
0192547062: Works of Jane Austen
0192547070: Oxford Illustrated Jane Austen
0192553046: Roxana the Fortunate Mistress
0192553070: Colonel Jack: The History and Remarkable Life of the Truly Honourable Col. Jacque
0192553178: The old manor house (Oxford English novels)
0192553186: Melmoth the Wanderer; A Tale
0192553194: Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner
0192553216: Adventures of Ferdinand Count Fathom
0192553224: Emmeline: The Orphan of the Castle. Edited with an Introduction by Anne Henry Ehrenpreis. Oxford English Novels Series.
0192553232: The Adventures of Joseph Andrews. Edited with Introduction and Notes by J. Paul De Castro.
0192553283: Life, Adventures, and Pyracies of the Famous Captain Singleton
0192553348: The Entail or The Lairds of Grippy. With introduction by S. R. Crockett. Illustrations by John Wallace. 2 volumes
0192553372: Vathek. Edited with an Introduction by Roger Lonsdale. OXFORD ENGLISH NOVELS.
0192553410: Alice's adventures in Wonderland; And, Through the looking-glass and what Alice found There
0192553445: Emma; (Oxford English novels)
0192553453: The Vicar of Wakefield: A Tale Supposed to Be Written
0192553496: Marriage
0192553526: Fortunes and Misfortunes of the Famous Moll Flanders, &c ..
0192553550: The Adventures of Hugh Trevor
0192553569: Lothair
0192553615: The Adventures of a Younger Son
0192553631: Memoirs of a Cavalier
0192553682: The Picture of Dorian Gray
0192553704: The Adventures Of Roderick Random
0192554026: A voyage round the world: In the years MDCCXL, I, II, III, IV, (Oxford English memoirs and travels)
0192554034: Lucy Hutchsinson: Memoirs of the Life of Colonel Hutchinson
0192554069: Virginia Voyages from Hakluyt
0192554107: Autobiographies
0192554166: Memoirs of the Life and Writings of the Late Dr. Samuel Johnson
0192611119: Pharmacology for Medical Students, Second Edition
0192611127: Pharmacology for medical students
0192611194: The Natural history of chronic bronchitis and emphysema: An eight-year study of early chronic obstructive lung disease in working men in London (ISBN: 0192611194)
0192611216: Seminars in Comm Medicine V2 Health
0192611232: Essential Endocrinology
0192611259: The Place of Birth: A Study of the Environment in Which Birth Takes Place With Special Reference to Home Confinements (Oxford Medical Publications)
0192611267: Introduction to the Examination of the Cardiovascular System
0192611275: Introduction to Human Biochemistry
0192611283: Facial Nerve
0192611313: Accidents and Emergencies: A Practical Handbook for Personal Use
0192611356: Doctrine of the Nerves : Chapters in the History of Neurology
0192611399: Multiple sclerosis: The facts (Oxford medical publications)
0192611402: Psychopharmacology of affective disorders (A British Association for Psychopharmacology monograph)
0192611461: Community Care for the Mentally Disabled
0192611488: Immunology simplified (Oxford medical publications)
0192611496: Cancer: The Facts
0192611542: Audiology and Audiological Medicine
0192611577: Sexually Transmitted Diseases : The Facts
0192611585: Hospital Utilization : An International Study
0192611593: Oxford Textbook of Medicine (Oxford Medical Publications)
0192611623: Introduction Opthalmology (Oxford Medical Publications)
0192611666: Tuberculosis Meningitis : A Handbook for Clinicians
0192611682: Arthritis and Rheumatism : The Facts
0192611690: Cluster headache mechanisms and management
0192611704: Stroke : The Facts (Oxford Medical Publications)
0192611747: Mechanisms of Cutaneous Sensation
0192611755: Asthma - The Facts
0192611771: Pocket Atlas of Human Histology
0192611801: A Companion to Clinical Medicine in the Tropics and Subtropics
0192611828: Psychiatric Ethics
0192611860: International Classification of Health Problems in Primary Care
0192611917: Oxford Companion to Medicine
0192611925: Textbook Of Imported Diseases
0192611933: Genetic Biochemical Disorders
0192611968: Introduction to Human Anatomy
0192611992: Fundamentals of Electrocardiography
0192612077: Renal Histopathology
0192612131: Renal Histopathology a Light Electron &
0192612166: Essentials of Geriatric Medicine
0192612174: Introduction to Psychotherapies (Oxford Medical Publications)
0192612212: Epidemiology : Uses in Health Care Planning
0192612239: Basic health care in developing countries: An epidemiological perspective (Oxford medical publications)
0192612255: Exotica : A Further Miscellany of Clinical and Pathological Experiences
0192612271: Colour Atlas of Paediatric Haematology (Oxford Medical Publications)
0192612387: Place of Birth
0192612395: Pharmacology & Hydroxyethyl Starch, Use in Therapy & Blood Banking,
0192612433: Psychiatric Illness in General Practice
0192612468: Neuropathology of Parasitic Infections
0192612484: Pocket Atlas of Human Histology
0192612514: Clinical Neurosis
0192612522: Closed Head Injury Psychological Social
0192612549: Aging: A Challenge to Science and Society. Volume I: Biology
0192612557: Aging: A Challenge to Science and Society. Volume 2, Part I: Medicine, & Part II: Social Sciences and Social Policy
0192612565: Aging Vol. 3 : A Challenge to Science and Society: Behavioral Sciences and Conclusions
0192612573: Epilepsy, the facts (Oxford medical publications)
0192612603: Psychopharmacology and Drug Treatment of Schizophrenia
0192612611: Prevention of Dental Disease
0192612654: Breast Cancer: The Facts
0192612689: Genes and the Mind : Inheritance of Mental Illness
0192612719: Clinical Dermatology
0192612735: Principles of Economic Appraisal in Health Care
0192612743: Studies in Economic Appraisal in Health Care
0192612786: Psychopharmacology of Affective Disorders
0192612794: Precancerous States (Oxford Medical Publications)
0192612816: Advances in International Maternal and Child Health, V. 1
0192612859: Jayson Back Pain
0192612867: Atlas of Clinical Neurology
0192612905: Essential Endocrinology
0192612948: Oxford Textbook of Psychiatry
0192612964: Lymphomas Other Than Hodgkin's Disease: The British Lymphoma Pathology Group
0192612972: Alcoholism, the Facts
0192612980: Breast-Feeding in Practice : A Manual for Health Workers
0192613065: The Productive and Reproductive Age: Male/Female Roles and Relationships
0192613073: Gaddum's pharmacology (Oxford medical publications)
0192613081: Clinical Neurology 5/E (Oxford Medical Publications)
0192613154: Depression the Facts
0192613197: Textbook of Medical Record Linkage
0192613286: Blindness and Visual Handicap : The Facts
0192613294: Kidney disease: The facts (Oxford medical publications)
0192613308: Childhood Diabetes
0192613367: Schizophrenia The Facts
0192613391: Autonomic Failure (A Textbook Of Clinical Disorders Of The Autonomic Nervous System)
0192613405: Immunology Simplified
0192613413: Psychopharmacology of Anticonvulsants. British Association for Psychopharmacology Monograph No. 2
0192613448: The nervous system (Oxford medical publications)
0192613499: Consultation
0192613502: Thyroid Disease: The Facts (The Facts Series)
0192613529: Essentials of Geriatric Medicine
0192613588: Invasion : Experimental and Clinical Implications (Oxford Medical Publications
0192613596: Causes of Cancer : Quantitative Estimates of Avoidable Risks of Cancer in the U. S. Today
0192613642: Continuing Care : The Management of Chronic Disease
0192613650: Therapeutic Factors in Group Psychotherapy
0192613693: Oxford Textbook of Public Health, Vol. I, History, Determinants, Scope, and Strategies
0192613707: Advances in International Maternal and Child Health
0192613758: Disability Prevention : The Global Challenge
0192613766: Aneuploidy
0192613855: Economics of Health in Developing Countries
0192613936: Hip Replacement: The Facts (Oxford Medical Publications)
0192613952: Phobia
0192613987: Studies in Economic Appraisal in Health Care
0192614010: Medical Travellers: Narratives from the Seventeenth, Eighteenth, and Nineteenth
0192614029: Smoking : Third World Alert
0192614037: Manual on Feeding Infants and Young Children
0192614045: Living With Dying: The Management of Terminal Disease
0192614088: Eosinophils : A Comprehensive Review, and Guide to the Scientific and Medical Literature
0192614096: Introduction to Medical Genetics
0192614126: Evaluation of Health Care
0192614134: Sex Therapy : A Practical Guide
0192614169: Advances in International Maternal and Child Health V.3
0192614193: Modern Obstetrics in General Practice
0192614207: Inheritance of Susceptibility to Cancer in Man
0192614231: Pharmacology
0192614258: Psychopharmacology of the Limbic System
0192614266: ICHPPC-2-Defined (International Classification of Health Problems in Primary Care)
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