0023785209: Applied Theory of Price
0023785500: Statistics Business Economics
0023785616: First Course in Statistics
0023785713: First Course Business Statistics
0023786604: A First Course In Statistics,
0023787406: Basic surgery
0023787503: Basic surgery
0023787600: Statistics
0023787708: Statistics for business and economics
0023787805: Study guide to accompany James T. McClave and P. George Benson Statistics for business and economics, third edition
0023788011: The Macroeconomy: Private Choices, Public Actions, and Aggregate Outcomes
0023788119: Investigations in Environmental Geology
0023788305: Solutions Manual to Accompany James T. McClave and Frank H. Dietrich II, Statistics, Third Ed
0023788526: Fundamentals of Urban Economics
0023788607: Vertebrate life by
0023788909: Management: Foundations and Practices
0023790008: Marriage and Family : Individuals and Life Cycles
0023790016: From Idea to Essay : A Rhetoric Reader and Handbook
0023790024: From Idea to Essay : A Rhetoric, Reader and Handbook
0023790148: From Idea to Essay: A Rhetoric, Reader, and Handbook
0023790164: From Idea to Essay : A Rhetoric Reader and Handbook
0023790202: Statistics For Business and Economics
0023790407: Freedom and Growth in Marriage
0023791004: Medieval History and Civilization
0023791225: A first course in statistics
0023791306: Analyzing and Treating Reading Problems
0023791500: A first course in business statistics
0023791616: Understanding Computers: A Text for Developing Critical Reading, Thinking, and Reasoning Skills in English
0023791624: Computers for Businesspeople (Career English Series)
0023791705: Football Coaching
0023791756: First Course in Business Statistics
0023791829: Statistics for Business and Economics
0023791853: Statistics
0023791950: First Course in Statistics
0023792019: Statistics for Business and Economics
0023792116: Statistics
0023792418: Statistics for Business and Economics
0023792426: Statistics
0023792434: Statistics for Engineering and the Sciences, Student's Solutions Manual
0023792604: Statistics
0023792728: Supporting Children with Communication Difficulties in Inclusive Setting : School-Based Language Intervention
0023792809: Statistics
0023792817: Study guide to accompany James T. McClave and Frank H. Dietrich II, Statistics, fourth edition
0023792825: Minitab Computer Supplement to Accompany Statistics Fourth Edition
0023792868: Modern Formal Logic
0023792965: Electronic Devices
0023792973: Electronic Fundamentals
0023793007: Fundamentals of Surgical Oncology
0023793201: Anthology of American literature
0023793309: Anthology of American literature
0023793406: Effective behavior and human development
0023793902: Psychology in Action: Basic Readings.
0023793910: Computer Models in Finance
0023793945: Assessing Infants and Preschoolers with Special Needs
0023794208: The Applied Theory of Price
0023794240: Cases in Strategic Marketing Management : An Integrated Approach
0023794313: Management Information Systems
0023794402: Precalculus: Algebra, Trigonometry and Geometry
0023794437: Management Information Systems
0023794666: Introduction to Information Systems
0023794739: Information Systems Concepts
0023794801: Anthology of American Literature: Volume One
0023794925: Assessing Special Students : Strategies and Procedures
0023795018: Management Information Systems
0023795107: Concise Anthology of American Literature
0023795204: Writing of Economics
0023795301: Anthology of American Literature Volume II Realism to the Present Paperback...
0023795603: Concise Anthology of American Literature
0023795611: Concise Anthology of American Literature
0023795700: Anthology of American literature
0023795808: Anthology of American literature
0023795905: Anthology of American Literature Second Edition
0023796006: Teacher development
0023796014: Anthology of American Literature Vol. 1 : Colonial Through Romantic
0023796049: Anthology of American Literature
0023796065: Anthology American Literature
0023796219: Anthology of American Literature Vol. 1 : Colonial Through Romantic
0023796227: Anthology of American Literature Vol. 2 : Realism to the Present
0023796243: Anthology Of American Literature, V. 1, Colonial Through Romantic, 4th
0023796707: Writing Fundamentals
0023797002: Processes in Technical Writing
0023797053: Literature and the Writing Process
0023797401: Literature and the writing process
0023797517: Reading and the Writing Process
0023797606: On God and Political Duty : Calvin
0023797614: Curriculum : The Teacher's Initiative
0023797657: Community Corrections
0023797800: Food Fundamentals
0023798106: Nutrition for the Growing Years
0023798114: Foods : Experimental Perspectives
0023798203: Foods : Experimental Perspectives
0023801204: Black Protest Thought in the Twentieth Century
0023801301: Exploraciones Imaginativas
0023801352: Free Spirits: Feminist Philosophers on Culture
0023801360: Flammable Hazardous Material
0023801409: Analytical Methods in Vibrations
0023801417: Principles and Techniques of Vibrations
0023801506: Clinical Measurement of Taste and Smell
0023801557: Good Writing!
0023801565: Good Writing!
0023801743: College Mathematics Business E
0023802308: Clinical Pharmacology: Basic Principles in Therapeutics
0023802405: Four Modes-a Rhetoric of Modern Fiction.
0023802707: Clinical Pharmacology : Basic principles in Therapeutics
0023802804: Fundamentals of Consumer Behavior
0023804602: Statistics for the Engineering and Computer Sciences
0023804904: A second course in business statistics: Regression analysis
0023805102: Second Course in Business Statistics : Regression Analysis
0023805404: Students with Learning Disabilities
0023805501: Clinical Psychology: Science and Profession
0023805528: Statistics for Engineering and the Sciences
0023805552: Exploring Electricity : Techniques and Troubleshooting
0023805617: Teaching Students with Learning Problems
0023805676: Women, Law, and Social Control
0023805714: Exploring Electronics
0023805811: Statistics for Engineering and the Sciences
0023805900: Physical Science Fundamentals.
0023805951: Genetics Laboratory Investigations
0023807105: Crop Production: Principles and Practices
0023808004: New Perspectives in Schizophrenia
0023808209: Pascal: Metrowerks Programming Environments : Tutorials, Reference, User's Guide and Software/Book and Disk
0023808330: Statistics, Minitab Computer Supplement
0023808403: Statistics for Business and Economics, Minitab Computer Supplement
0023809221: Business Statistics Example Mi
0023809264: Minitab Guide to Statistics for Business and Economics
0023809280: First Course Stats Minitab Com
0023810025: Minitab Computer Supply Business
0023811005: Personal Law
0023811307: The Care of Health in Communities: Access for Outcasts
0023811552: Mathematics for Elementary Teachers : Problem Solving Study Guide
0023811706: Introduction to Clinical Radiology
0023811803: Study Guide for Irving M. Copi's INTRODUCTION TO LOGIC
0023811927: Believing in God : Readings on Faith and Reason
0023812206: Kimber-Gray-Stackpole's Anatomy and physiology
0023812400: Teacher's guide to accompany Kimber-Gray-Stackpole's anatomy and physiology, 17th ed., 1977.
0023812524: Introduction to Logic
0023812613: God and Reason : A Historical Approach to Philosophical Theology
0023812702: God and Reason : A Historical Approach to Philosophical Theology
0023812710: Fitness: A Lifetime Commitment
0023812737: Fitness : A Lifetime Commitment
0023812745: Fitness Lifetime Commitment
0023812923: Fitness : A Lifetime Commitment
0023813024: Problem Solving Explorations : To Accompany Any Math Course
0023813040: Mathematics for Elementary Teachers : Problem Solving Guide
0023813105: Introduction to Logic
0023813113: Introduction to Logic : Study Guide
0023815507: The Birth of Modern America, 1820-1850,
0023815604: 68000 Family Microprocessor
0023816201: Personnel and Industrial Relations: A Managerial Approach
0023816406: Policy issues in contemporary personnel and industrial relations
0023816503: The Management Process: Theory, Research, and Practice
0023816600: Personnel and industrial relations: A managerial approach
0023817801: Management in human service organizations
0023817917: Fundamentals of Quality Control and Improvement
0023818107: Economic Statistics and Econometrics
0023818212: Economic Statistics and Econometrics
0023818301: Fitzgerald Reader
0023818522: Random Signal Processing
0023818603: Managerial Economics
0023818700: Investigative Reporting: From Courthouse to White House
0023818867: Developing Knowledge Based Systems Using VP-Expert
0023818956: Computer Software to Support Strategic Management Decision Making
0023818972: Knowledge-Based Systems : An Introduction to Expert Systems
0023819103: Fundamentals of Performance Modeling
0023819308: Contemporary Educational Administration
0023819405: Theoretical dimensions of educational administration
0023820101: MicroSim PSpice with Circuit
0023822503: Social Problems
0023824506: Vistas del mundo hispánico A literary reader
0023827637: Scribner ESL Workbook for Writers
0023831804: Plant Layout and Design
0023831901: Pursuit of Happiness : Government and Politics in America
0023832509: The pursuit of happiness: Government and politics in America
0023832800: The pursuit of happiness: Government and politics in America
0023833106: The pursuit of happiness: Government and politics in America
0023833254: Reasoning and Writing
0023833300: Meteorology
0023833408: The Philosophy of Law An Introduction
0023833416: Meteorology
0023833505: Behavioral Police Management
0023835109: Instructor's manual Microbiology in patient care, fourth edition
0023835206: Laboratory Manual and Workbook in Microbiology: Applications to Patient Care
0023838116: Essentials of Weather
0023838205: Meterology
0023838310: Essentials of Weather
0023838418: Meteorology
0023840005: Mathematics for Physical Chemistry
0023841001: Introductory Foods
0023841206: Introductory Foods
0023841303: Introductory Foods: A Laboratory Manual of Food Preparation and Evaluation
0023841311: Introductory Foods : A Laboratory Manual of Food Preparation and Evaluation
0023841354: Industrial and Organizational Marketing
0023841419: How to Change the Games Children Play
0023841427: Introductory Foods
0023841516: Early Childhood Education Today
0023841702: Christine
0023841710: Contemporary Approaches to Philosophy
0023841818: African Philosophy : Selected Readings
0023841834: Teaching Physical Education
0023842318: Applied Fluid Mechanics
0023845902: Consumer behavior
0023845910: Consumer Behavior
0023846011: Consumer Behavior
0023846119: Consumer Behavior
0023846208: Intramural-Recreational Sports
0023846402: Interpersonal relations for health professionals: A social skills approach
0023846909: Botany;: A functional approach
0023847514: Math Elementary Teachers S/G P
0023847603: Mathematics for Elementary Teachers : A Contemporary Approach
0023847905: After Calculus--Algebra
0023848405: Contemporary Analytical Philosophy
0023848502: Ways of Philosophy
0023848707: Principles of abnormal psychology
0023851309: Legal Foundations of Nursing Practice
0023851414: DC Tutor : A Software Tutorial Using Animated Hypertext
0023851503: Introduction to Planetary Volcanism
0023854316: Mathematics for Elementary Teachers
0023854405: Mathematics for Elementary Teachers Stud
0023854502: College Geometry: A Problem Solving Approach with Applications
0023854510: Research Methods for the Social Sciences: Practice and Applications
0023854529: Mathematics for Elementary Teachers
0023857501: Engineering mechanics of materials
0023857706: Engineering Mechanics of Materials
0023858400: Prose of the British Romantic Government
0023858702: The Politics of Consumer Protection.
0023858710: Macmillan Reader
0023858818: The Macmillan Reader
0023858826: Macmillan Reader
0023858907: Macmillan Reader
0023859504: Electric Machines and Transformers
0023859601: Electric Energy Conversion and Transmission
0023859903: Religion for a New Generation
0023860103: Macmillan Reader
0023860111: Macmillan Writer Brief Ed. : Rhetoric, Reader, Handbook
0023860219: Macmillan Writer : Rhetoric, Reader, and Handbook
0023860308: Engineering Graphics Problems
0023860316: Macmillan Writer : Rhetoric, Reader, Handbook
0023860324: The Macmillan Writer Instructor's Manual Second Edition
0023860502: Accounting information systems
0023861118: Electric Energy Systems
0023861320: Research Methods
0023861800: Anatomy and Physiology
0023861916: Dissection Guide for Cats
0023862009: Nutritional Care of the Older Adult
0023862106: Administrative Presidency
0023862408: Strategic Marketing Management: An Integrated Approach
0023863005: Young Exceptional Child
0023866012: Thinking Through the Language Arts
0023866705: Presidential Power : The Politics of Leadership from FDR to Carter
0023866934: Select . . . SQL : The Relational Database Language
0023866950: Instructional Technology for Teaching and Learning : Designing Instruction, Integrating Computers and Using Media
0023867221: Student Handbook for Concepts of Genetics
0023874805: Modern Writer's Workbook
0023874821: Scribner Handbook for Writers
0023874910: Through the Looking Glass
0023875100: Nature and Destiny of Man Vol. I : Human Nature
0023875208: Nature and Destiny of Man
0023876514: Educational Assessments Students
0023876654: Soviet Foreign Policy
0023880619: Psychology
0023880627: Russian Politics : The Struggle for a New Order
0023880716: Psychology by Ludy T. Benjamin Jr.
0023881003: Guide to Creative Action
0023882204: Writing Exercise : Building, Combing and Revising
0023882425: Language Arts Activities for Children
0023883103: Effective Teaching of Language Arts
0023883138: Through the Eyes of a Child
0023883146: Through the Eye of a Child
0023884304: Man's religions
0023884401: Man's religions
0023884703: Man's religions
0023884711: History Worlds Religions
0023884800: History of the World's Religions
0023885009: Study guide to accompany Psychological testing by Anne Anastasi,: 5th ed
0023885505: Human genetics
0023885815: Introduction to the Profession of Counseling
0023886218: Data Structures and Program Design in Modula-2
0023886315: FORTRAN 77 for Engineers and Scientists
0023886404: From Centennial to World War: American Society, 1876-1917
0023886552: FORTRAN 77 for Engineers and Scientists
0023886854: Managing Planned Change
0023887206: Problem Solving With Fortran 77
0023887257: C++ : An Introduction to Data Structures
0023887311: Pascal
0023887400: The Family: Its Structure and Interaction
0023887419: FORTRAN 77 and Numerical Methods
0023888008: Training by Objectives: An Economic Approach to Management Training
0023888601: Contemporary Spanish Theater
0023888709: Personal Selling (The Macmillan Series in Marketing)
0023888814: International Dimensions of Financial Management
0023888830: American Government Brief Ed. : Roots and Reform
0023888873: American Government Brief Ed. : Roots and Reform
0023888903: El Tragaluz: Experimento en Dos Partes
0023888954: American Government roots and Reform
0023889004: American Government: Readings and Cases
0023889047: American Government Brief Ed. : Roots and Reform
0023889063: American Government Roots Refo
0023890185: American Government Brief : Roots and Reform
0023890207: Community Nutrition
0023891009: Modern Writer's Handbook
0023891017: Modern Writer's Handbook
0023891114: Modern Writer's Workbook
0023891203: MacMillan Authors' Guide
0023891300: Writing, Grammar, and Usage
0023891777: The Modern Writer's Handbook
0023892307: Probability Models and Applications
0023892501: Power in Societies
0023892609: Health Today
0023892803: Learning to teach reading in the elementary school: Utilizing a competency- based instructional system
0023893001: Learning to Teach Reading in the Elementary School : Utilizing a Competency Based Instructional System
0023893206: Advanced Calculus, Pure and Applied
0023893214: Learning Disabilities : From Theory Towards Practice
0023893400: Decision Support Models and Expert Systems
0023893435: International Marketing : Analysis and Strategy
0023893508: Classroom Applications of Educational Measurement
0023894105: Essentials of Teaching : Decisions, Plans, Methods
0023894407: Management of the modern home
0023894504: Instructor's Manual Physics
0023894601: Physics
0023894822: Human Learning
0023894903: Student Solutions Supplement Physics
0023895306: Nicomachean Ethics
0023895322: Introduction to Environmental Technology
0023895349: Sampling and Analysis
0023895403: Information Systems, Analysis & Design,
0023895446: Language Development in Early Childhood
0023895454: Prentice Hall's Environmental Technology Series, Volume V: Waste Management Concepts
0023895519: Health Effects of Hazardous Materials
0023895918: Organic Chemistry : A Brief Introduction
0023895926: Organic Chemistry : A Brief Introduction
0023896809: Introduction to General Organic
0023897503: Understanding Chemistry
0023898801: Introduction to General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry
0023898917: Introduction to General, Organic and Biological Chemistry
0023899336: Introduction to General Organic and Biological Chemistry
0023899344: Introduction to General Organic and Biological Chemistry
0023899603: Elementary Practical Statistics
0023899611: Casts of Thought : Writing in and Against Tradition
0023900059: Assembler Language With Assist and Assist/I
0023900075: Assessement in Special Education : An Applied Approach
0023900105: Natural resource conservation: An ecological approach
0023900202: Natural resource conservation: An ecological approach
0023900806: The dynamics of international politics
0023901004: Natural resource conservation An ecological approach
0023901217: Natural Resource Conservation : Management for a Sustainable Future
0023901713: Organic Chemistry
0023901810: Language Development : An Introduction
0023901918: Language Development : An Introduction
0023902302: Experiments in General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry 2nd
0023902450: Introduction to General Organic and Biological Chemistry
0023902507: Principles of Information Processing
0023902701: Information Processing Today With Applications and Basic
0023903007: Many Sides of History Vol. I : Readings in the Western Heritage: The Ancient World to Early Modern Europe
0023903104: Many Sides of History Vol. II : Readings in the Western Heritage, the Seventeenth Century to the Present
0023903112: Introduction to Philosophical Foundations of Education
0023903201: Elementary Mathematical Methods
0023903406: Elementary Math Methods
0023903503: Thomas Paine : Common Sense and Other Writings
0023903902: West's and Wood's Introduction to Foodservice
0023904003: Elementary School Curriculum: An Anthology of Trends and Challenges.
0023904100: Teaching Today : Tasks and Challenges
0023905506: Complex Variables for Scientists and Engineers
0023905611: Complex Variables for Scientists and Engineers
0023905638: Services Marketing : Principles and Practice
0023905670: Vocabulary for a New World
0023905700: Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews, 1988
0023905905: Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews Volume 14, 1986
0023906103: Review of Neuroscience
0023906111: Review of Neuroscience
0023906200: Review of medical embryology
0023906308: Review of gross anatomy: Text and illustrations
0023906405: Review of gross anatomy
0023906502: Review of Gross Anatomy: Text and Illustrations
0023906618: Lesson Plans for Dynamic Physical Education for Elementary School Children
0023906707: Dynamic Physical Education for Secondary School Students
0023906758: Dynamic Physical Education Sec
0023906804: Art Principles in Clothing: A Programmed Manual
0023906855: Lesson Plans for Dynamic Physical Education for Elementary School Children
0023906898: Lesson Plans Dynamic : Lesson Plans
0023907401: Dynamic Anatomy and Physiology
0023907509: Concepts in Art and Education: An Anthology of Current Issues
0023908505: Contemporary International Relations
0023908718: Contemporary International Relations
0023908750: Contemporary International Relations
0023908807: Descriptive geometry: Metric
0023908815: Contemporary International Relations
0023908904: Descriptive geometry worksheets: Series A
0023909307: Descriptive Geometry (Metric)
0023909404: Descriptive Geometry Worksheets with Computer Graphics
0023909609: Descriptive Geometry Worksheets
0023909803: Computer Graphics Project for Design and Descriptive Geometry
0023913010: Descriptive Geometry : Worksheets with Computer Graphics
0023913207: Descriptive Geometry
0023913312: Descriptive Geometry
0023913428: Descriptive Geometry Worksheet
0023913444: Descriptive Geometry
0023913509: Machiavelli : Mandragola
0023913606: Baccaria : On Crimes and Punishments
0023913800: Home Economics : An Introduction to a Dynamic Profession
0023916508: Selected Readings in the Philosophy of Education
0023917008: Home economics: An introduction to a dynamic profession
0023917105: Home Economics: An Introduction to a Dynamic Professions.
0023917318: Contemporary Social Problems
0023917407: Strangers to These Shores: Race and Ethnic Relations in the United States
0023917415: Strangers to These Shores
0023917520: Strangers to These Shores : Race and Ethnic Relations in the United States
0023917601: Faust
0023917806: General Chemistry with Qualitative Analysis
0023918101: Cry, the Beloved Country
0023923946: Profession of Dietetics : A Team Approach
0023924012: Measuring and Evaluating Educational Outcomes
0023924020: Introductory Electric Circuits, by Paynter, Convention Flow Version
0023925000: Introductory Electric Circuits: Electron Flow Version
0023925019: Electric Circuits
0023932120: Exercises in Meteorology
0023932201: Write and Write Again
0023932503: Guide to Rapid Revision
0023932600: Foundations of Food Preparation
0023932708: Foundations of Food Preparation
0023933003: Locke : The Second Treatise of Government Locke
0023933100: Entomology And Pest Management
0023933208: Guide to Rapid Revision
0023933305: Guide to Rapid Revision Workbook
0023933321: Guide to Rapid Revision
0023933410: Reporting Technical Information
0023933518: Reporting Technical Information
0023933542: Reporting Technical Information, Transparencies
0023934018: Business, Government, and Society
0023934506: Community Organization and Social Planning
0023935308: The Cultural Dimension of the Human Adventure
0023935502: The Human Adventure: An Introduction to Anthropology
0023937203: Grammar of Present-Day English
0023937211: Faith
0023937602: Mass Media in America, by Pember, 5th Edition
0023937807: Mass Media in America
0023938307: Introductory Computer Mehtods and Numerical Analysis
0023938919: Introduction to Ethics
0023939818: Philosophy
0023945001: American Democracy
0023945400: Solutions Manual to Accompany Petrucci's General Chemistry
0023945907: Experience of Poems: A Text and Anthology
0023946016: Elements of Critical Reading
0023946709: Vocational Guidance and Career Development: Selected Readings
0023947012: Managerial Economics
0023947209: Readings in population
0023947624: Managerial Economics
0023947667: Managerial Economics
0023947802: Cardiovascular Rehabilitation: A Comprehensive Approach
0023947918: General Chemistry : Principles and Modern Applications
0023947926: General Chemistry : Principles and Modern Applications
0023948043: General Chemistry
0023948302: General Chemistry
0023948310: General Chemistry : Principles and Modern Applications
0023948507: Managerial Economics
0023948515: Managerial Economics
0023948809: Population
0023948906: Population
0023949317: General Chemistry : Principles and Modern Applications
0023949325: General Chemistry (Instructor's Manual)
0023949554: Contemporary Political Theory
0023949708: General chemistry with qualitative analysis
0023949805: General Chemistry: Principles and Modern Applications
0023949902: General Chemistry Principles and Modern Applications
0023950102: General chemistry: Principles and modern applications
0023951109: Fundamentals of applied entomology
0023951117: Technical Writing : A Practical Approach
0023951605: Communicating in Organization
0023952202: Basic Ideas in Biology
0023952407: Communication and Human Relationships : The Study of Interpersonal Communication
0023952601: Social research: Strategy and tactics
0023952709: The ascent of man: an introduction to human evolution
0023952814: Computers in the Schools : A Guide to Planning and Administration
0023952903: Fiction 100: an anthology of short stories
0023953306: Fiction 100: An anthology of short stories
0023953403: Fiction 100 An Anthology of Short Stories, Second Edition : Instructor's Supplement
0023953500: Elements of Economics
0023954000: Concise companion to literature
0023954205: Modern Germany
0023954302: Literature
0023954507: Fiction 100: An anthology of short stories
0023954612: Fiction 100: An Anthology of Short Stories
0023954639: Fiction One Hundred : An Anthology of Short Stories
0023954655: Poetry : An Introduction
0023954701: Purpose and Process
0023954906: Fundamentals of Applied Entomology
0023954922: Fiction One Hundred : An Anthology of Short Stories
0023955201: Counterparts
0023955392: Fiction 100: An anthology of short storie
0023955406: Fiction One Hundred
0023955414: Fiction One Hundred : An Anthology of Short Stories
0023955503: Fiction 100 : An Anthology of Short Stories, Fourth Edition : Instructor's Manual
0023955554: Fiction Fifty : An Introduction to the Short Story
0023955600: Generating Prose : Relations, Patterns, Structures
0023955805: Literature by
0023955813: Literature : A Contemporary Introduction
0023955910: Literature
0023956216: Motivation in Education
0023956224: Work Motivation in Organizational Behavior
0023956704: Mill : Utilitarianism
0023956801: Communication and the Small Group
0023957107: Fitzgerald's the Great Gatsby
0023957204: Software Engineering
0023957409: Speaking in Public and Private
0023957700: Household Equipment
0023957808: Nutrition : Integrated Approach
0023957905: Voices of the Past: Key Documents in the History of American Journalism
0023957921: Presidency
0023958103: Microeconomics
0023958405: Microeconomics
0023958901: Microeconomics
0023959002: Microeconomics
0023959614: Comprehensive Administration of Special Education
0023959908: Historical Geology: Interpretations and Applications, 1980 Third Edition
0023959959: Historical Geology : Interpretations and Applications
0023960000: The evolution of human adaptations: Readings in anthropology
0023960213: Strategies for Teaching Learners with Special Needs
0023960310: Introduction to Engineering Technology
0023960345: Fundamentals of Statistical Quality Control
0023960418: Introduction to Engineering Technology
0023960507: Reasons for Living
0023960841: Veterinary Technician in Small Animal Practice
0023961007: Contemporary sociological theory
0023961104: Recreation for the Physically Handicapped.
0023961201: The Good Life: Alternatives in Ethics
0023961503: Communities: a survey of theories and methods of research
0023961600: Communities: A Survey of Theories and Methods of Research
0023961619: Pascal Selections (The Great Philosophers)
0023961708: College Reading and Study Skills
0023961929: Exercises, Experiments and Study Aids for Anatomy and Physiology
0023962208: Economic History of the United States
0023962607: Presidential Elections
0023962623: Teaching Secondary School Mathematics
0023962801: The School in American Society
0023962909: Primary Care Pediatric Otolaryngology
0023963115: Field Experience : Strategies for Exploring Diversity in Schools
0023963506: Language in America : A Report on Our Deteriorating Semantic Environment
0023963603: Vertebrate Life
0023963700: Vertebrate Life
0023965207: Management of Common Problems in Renal Disease - Volume 2, Nephrology Today Series
0023965401: Urban place and process: Readings in the anthropology of cities
0023966106: New Testament
0023966203: Structured VAX Basic : A GOTO-Less Approach
0023967005: Coming of the White Man: 1492 - 1848
0023968001: El Socio
0023968028: The Story of Anne Frank (Merrill's International Series in Engineering Technology)
0023968036: Story of John Lennon
0023968060: Movies and Meaning : An Introduction to Film
0023968109: Introduction to Digital Signal Processing
0023968184: History of Education in America
0023968400: Intermediate Algebra
0023968419: Advanced Topics in Digital Signal Processing
0023969105: Introduction to Criminal Justice
0023969318: Introduction to Criminal Justice
0023969407: Introductory algebra: An interactive approach
0023969415: Introduction to Criminal Justice
0023969849: Introductory Algebra : An Interactive Approach
0023969857: Instructor's manual and test bank: Introductory algebra : an interactive approach
0023969903: Intermediate Algebra : An Interactive Approach
0023969946: Intermediate Algebra : An Interactive Approach
0023969954: Intermediate Algebra an Interactive Approach Instructor's Manual with Test Bank 3rd Edition
0023970111: Agricultural Futures and Options
0023970200: Basic-80 and CP/M
0023970308: Introduction to criminal justice (Macmillan criminal justice series)
0023970456: How to Become a Better Reading Teacher : Strategies for Assessment and Intervention
0023970510: Curriculum Practice in the Elementary and Middle School
0023971118: Audiences and Intentions : A Book of Arguments
0023971126: Instructor's Manual Audiences and Intentions
0023971916: Social Environment and Human Behavior : A Diversity Perspective
0023972009: Introduction to Home Economics
0023972300: Nurse and the Dying Patient
0023972408: Digital Data Communications
0023974206: Police and the Community
0023975008: Embryos, genes, and evolution: The developmental-genetic basis of evolutionary change
0023976101: Basic Biochemistry
0023976209: Biology: The Science of Life
0023977205: Elementary differential equations
0023977604: Short Course in Differential Equations
0023977701: Elementary Differential Equations
0023978600: Elementary Differential Equations
0023981202: Writing Arguments
0023981415: Writing Arguments : A Rhetoric with Readings
0023981458: Writing Arguments : A Rhetoric with Readings
0023981512: Fundamentals of Financial Management
0023982004: Five Latin American Nations
0023982101: Financial Management : Concepts and Applications with New Tax Law
0023982411: Financial Management : Concepts and Applications
0023982713: Allyn and Bacon Guide to Writing
0023982721: Allyn and Bacon Guide to Writing, Brief Edition (Without Handbook)
0023982802: Writing Reader
0023983000: Rhetorical Reader for Students of English as a Second Language
0023984007: A history of American diplomacy
0023984104: Present in the Past - Source Problems in American History
0023984155: Optimization in Operations Research
0023984716: Holistic Reading Strategies : Teaching Children Who Find Reading Difficult
0023985305: College Algebra and Trigonometry.
0023985607: Practical Illustrated Histology
0023985909: Managing Creative Scientists and Engineers
0023986107: The real thing: Extracts from university textbooks for ESL students
0023986409: College algebra
0023986603: Clinical Aspects of Perinatal Medicine
0023986808: The Evolution of the American Economy: Growth, Welfare, and Decision Making...
0023986913: Labor Relations and the Law
0023987006: Creative teaching in health
0023987324: Fundamental Concepts of Educational Leadership and Management
0023988002: Healthy sexuality
0023988509: Genetics
0023988606: Genetics (Teacher's Manual)
0023988614: Reaching Adolescents : The Young Adult Book and the School
0023988703: Organization of school health programs
0023991402: Children with Language Disorders : An Introduction
0023991410: Odyssey of Homer
0023991631: End-User Information Systems : Perspectives for Managers and Information Systems Professionals
0023991658: Automating the Office
0023991712: Criminal Law
0023991720: Criminal Law
0023991739: Criminal Justice
0023991801: Choice and Action: An Introduction to Ethics
0023991909: Criminal Law
0023991933: Criminal Justice : Procedures and Issues
0023991941: Criminal Justice , Instructor's Manual with Test Bank
0023992077: Statistics for Business and Economics with 3.5
0023992107: Statistics
0023992115: Criminal Law
0023992255: Statistics
0023992263: Statistics for Business and Economics
0023992301: Electronic Project Design and Fabrication
0023992409: Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Prison : Ideology, Class and Criminal Justice
0023992417: Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Prison : Ideology, Class and Criminal Justice
0023992506: Educational Psychology
0023992522: Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Poorer
0023992557: Vax Assembly Language (Macmillan Programming Languages Series)
0023992859: Teaching and Learning in the Elementary School : Focus on Curriculum
0023993006: Abnormality: Experimental and clinical approaches
0023993111: People, Places and Environment : An Introduction to Geography
0023993200: Reading and Reason
0023993456: Basic Concepts in Relativity
0023995734: Teaching Children to Read : From Basals to Books
0023996005: Primer in Theory Construction
0023996218: Introduction to photography
0023996307: Introduction to Photography
0023996609: Evolution, Human Ecology, and Society
0023996900: Fundamentals of Mathematics
0023997400: Family Life Management
0023997516: Countdown!
0023997605: Explorations
0023997656: Human Development
0023997729: Human Development
0023997745: Human Development
0023998008: Perspectives in Aesthetics; Plato to Camus
0023998156: Programming in Pascal
0024005819: International Finance and Open Economy Macroeconomics
0024005908: Short Stories for Discussion
0024012009: Democracy in the United States
0024016136: Successful Teaching in the Elementary Classroom
0024016209: International Finance and Open Economy Macroeconomics
0024018503: Voice As an Instrument
0024018708: Electricity and Electronics
0024018805: LA Jalousie
0024020524: New Challenges to Understanding Organizations
0024020702: Primer for Film-Making : A Complete Guide to 16 and 35mm Film Production
0024021008: Reading First : Building Reading Competence
0024021113: Reading first: Building reading competence
0024021504: Augustine : On Christian Doctrine
0024021806: Sales management: Decision making for improved profitability
0024022306: Introduction to Fire Prevention
0024022411: Introduction to Fire Prevention
0024022500: Wildlife Ecology and Management
0024022519: Wildlife Ecology and Management
0024023000: Normal and therapeutic nutrition
0024023302: Fundamentals of normal nutrition
0024023701: Normal and therapeutic nutrition
0024023809: Basic Nutrition and Diet Therapy.
0024024007: Basic nutrition and diet therapy
0024024201: An intellectual history of psychology
0024024309: Case Studies in Clinical Nutrition
0024024503: Basic nutrition and diet therapy
0024024600: Foundations of Psychobiology
0024024805: An Intellectual History of Psychology.
0024024813: Convergence of Race, Ethnicity and Gender : Multiple Identities in Counseling
0024024902: Introduction to Perception
0024025003: Basic Nutrition and Diet Therapy
0024025011: Basic Nutrition and Diet Therapy
0024025100: Active Writing
0024025208: Active Writing
0024025402: Extracranial cerebrovascular disease: Diagnosis and management
0024025607: Apology for Poetry : Sidney
0024025704: John Stuart Mill: A Selection of His Works
0024026050: Normal and Therapeutic Nutrition
0024026085: Integrating Education Technology
0024026107: Curriculum and Instruction in the Elementary School
0024026603: The Principalship
0024026611: Student Teaching and Field Experiences Handbook
0024026808: The principalship
0024026905: Managing Information Technology in Multinational Corporations
0024027006: World of Ancient Times
0024027200: The American Political System: Ideology and Myth
0024031216: Freedom to Learn
0024031232: Heritage of World Civilizations
0024031267: Heritage of World Civilizations
0024031305: Techniques for Notetaking
0024031801: Theory of Population Genetics and Evolutionary Ecology: An Introduction
0024032018: Thermodynamics and Heat Power
0024032107: IBM-PC : 8088 Macro Assembler Programming
0024034002: Locke : A Letter Concerning Toleration
0024034207: The science of entomology
0024034304: Reading Strategies for University Students
0024034509: Microprocessors and Microcomputers
0024034703: Microprocessors and Microcomputers : Hardware and Software of the 8085
0024035408: An Illustrated Handbook of Art History
0024035416: Wordsmithery : A Guide to Working at Writing
0024035459: Approaches to Early Childhood Education
0024035904: Principles of Immunology
0024035912: Writer's Brief Handbook
0024035939: Writer's Brief Handbook
0024036005: Principles of immunology
0024036102: Principles of Immunology
0024036110: Controversies : Contemporary Arguments for College Writers
0024036218: Multilevel Approach to the Study of Motor Control and Learning
0024036501: Student Teacher to Master Teacher : A Handbook for Preservice and Beginning Teachers of Students with Mild and Moderate Handicaps
0024036536: Sociology
0024036544: Sociology : Brief Edition
0024036552: Study Guide Sociology
0024036609: Mobilization, Participation and Democracy in America
0024037818: Beginning Behavioral Research : A Conceptual Primer
0024038504: First Course in Probability
0024038709: Aristotle : Selections
0024038725: First Course in Probability
0024038806: A First Course in Probability
0024038911: Course in Simulation
0024039012: Fisheries Conservation and Management
0024039101: First Course in Probability
0024039136: Analysis and Behavior of Structures
0024039608: Reflective Teaching for Student Empowerment : Elementary Curriculum and Methods
0024039934: Schools and Society : New Perspectives in American Education
0024040002: Energy Resource Slave Pollutant : A Physical Science Text
0024040908: Statistics Without Tears : A Primer for Non Mathematicians
0024041009: Probability Without Tears
0024041017: Business Telecommunications
0024041041: Business Telecommunications
0024041106: From Absolutism to Revolution: 1648-1848
0024041114: Managerial Decision Making : A Guide to Successful Business Decisions
0024041149: Telecommunications for Managers
0024041203: Human pathology: An introduction to the study of disease
0024041505: Real Analysis 2ND Edition
0024041513: Real Analysis
0024041602: Literature I
0024041718: Technical Communication
0024041807: Things That Matter : Influences on Helping Relationships
0024041858: Worlds of Fiction
0024041904: Gaining Sentence Power
0024042218: Gaining Word Power
0024042404: Vocabulary Expansion II
0024042455: Vocabulary Expansion
0024042501: Writing and Reading: The Vital Arts
0024042706: Communication and Human Behavior
0024042811: Communication and Human Behavior
0024042900: Reading and learning power
0024043206: The vital arts: Reading and writing
0024043400: Gaining Word Power
0024043508: The Experience of America. A Book of Readings
0024043907: Deviance : The Interactionist Perspective
0024044008: Deviance, the interactionist perspective: Text and readings in the sociology of deviance
0024044121: Deviance
0024044504: Reading and Learning Power
0024044806: Gaining Word Power
0024044911: Guide to Vertebrate Development
0024045306: After Auschwitz : Radical Theology and Contemporary Judism
0024045357: The cultural landscape: An introduction to human geography
0024045403: Research Techniques for the Health Sciences
0024045411: Cultural Landscape : An Intro to Human Geography
0024045705: Solid State Electronics
0024046205: Life of Invertebrates
0024046809: Laboratory Investigations in Human Physiology
0024048003: Culture Worlds
0024049204: Aquatic Productivity: An Introduction to Some Basic Aspects of Biological Oceanography and Limnology
0024049301: Psychodynamic Group Psychotherapy
0024049506: El Tunel
0024049603: Fluid Flow
0024049700: Fluid Flow: A First Course in Fluid Mechanics (Second Edition)
0024049808: Cicero : On the Commonwealth Cicero
0024049913: Teaching Students with Mild Disabilities
0024050008: Advertising Management
0024050407: Chemistry for the health sciences
0024051403: Chemistry for the Health Science
0024051519: Chemistry for the Health Sciences
0024051616: Chemistry for the Health Sciences
0024051705: Programmed Mathematics for Nurses
0024052019: Fundamentals of IBM Computing Systems.
0024052507: Laboratory Chemistry for the Health Science
0024052728: Literacy for Young Children (2nd Edition)
0024052809: Programmed mathematics for nurses
0024052817: Espanol Practico Para Los Negocios
0024052833: Exploring Research
0024052876: Using Lotus 1-2-3 for Windows
0024052906: Linguistics
0024052949: Exploring Research
0024053007: International economics.
0024053112: Schaum's Outline of International Economics
0024053201: Microeconomics
0024053244: Effective Mainstreaming
0024053317: Effective Mainstreaming : Creating Inclusive Classrooms
0024053406: Microeconomics: Theory and Applications, by Salvatore, Study Guide
0024053457: Using Windows with IBM 3.5
0024053465: Using WordPerfect for Windows
0024053503: Physical Chemistry Laboratory: Principles and Experiments
0024053511: Schaum's Outline of International Economics
0024053600: Schaum's Outline of International Economics
0024053716: Curriculum Based Assessment : Testing What Is Taught
0024053767: Using Paradox for Windows
0024053805: Years of Protest a Collection of American Writings
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