0024053813: International Economics
0024053902: Sister Carrie
0024054305: Analysis and Design of Business Information Systems
0024055018: Statistics for Life Sciences
0024055506: International Marketing : Planning and Practice
0024055700: Ca Marche Cours De Francais Communicatif
0024058807: Chief Modern Poets of Britain and America
0024058904: Chief Modern Poets of Britain and America : The British Poets
0024059005: Chief Modern Poets of Britain and America
0024059307: UN Assassin De Trop
0024062502: Labor Relations
0024063703: Developmental Biology: Patterns, Problems, and Principles
0024064009: Effective Teaching in Elementary Social Studies
0024064114: Effective Teaching in Elementary School Studies
0024065005: The Evolving earth: A text in physical geology
0024065102: The Evolving Earth: A Text in Physical Geology
0024066818: Nietzsche : The Great Philosophers
0024066826: Casebook for Management Information Systems
0024067113: Report Writing for Management Decisions
0024067202: Philosophy of religion: contemporary perspectives
0024067229: Effective Small Business Management
0024067709: Modern Japan, Pb
0024067806: Cases in Finance
0024068004: Welfare, Society, and the Helping Professions: An Introduction
0024068209: Child and Adolescent Development
0024068314: Plant and Service Tours in Operations Management
0024068403: Human Development
0024068500: Instructor's manual to accompany Human development,
0024068705: Human Development
0024068713: Production-Operations Management : From Inside Out
0024068934: Production/Operations Management Concepts and Situations
0024068969: Plant and Service Tours in Operations Management
0024069000: Human Development : Student Guide and Resource Manual
0024069108: Linear Algebra
0024069159: Turbo Pascal: An Introductions to Structured and Object-Oriented Programming.
0024069213: Microsoft Quickbasic: An Introduction to Structured Programming/Book and Disk
0024069248: Short Course in Microsoft QuickBASIC
0024069256: Production-Operations Management : Concepts and Situations
0024069302: Healthier Living
0024069612: Lecture Outline of Preventive Veterinary Medicine for Animal Science Students
0024069701: Leibniz : The Monadology and Other Philosophical Essays
0024073709: Conducting Research
0024073806: History of American Life Series.
0024073849: Plant Service Tours Oper Manag
0024073865: Mass and Energy Balances in Materials Engineering
0024073903: Human Services: Strategies of Intervention
0024075701: Child & Adolescent Develpment: Study Guide
0024075914: Microsoft QuickBASIC : Introduction to Structured Programming
0024075957: Microsoft Quick Pascal
0024076023: Laboratory Studies of Vertebrate and Invertebrate Embryos : Guide and Atlas of Descriptive and Experimental Development
0024076104: Psychology and industry today: An introduction to industrial and organizational psychology
0024076112: QBasic with an Introduction to Visual Basic : For Engineering, Mathematics and Sciences
0024076155: Visual Precalculus Accompany S
0024076236: Psychology and Industry Today
0024076805: The Person in education: A humanistic approach
0024076902: Spass Und Spannung
0024077321: Exploring Finite Math
0024077348: QBASIC with an Introduction to Visual Basic
0024077356: Sm Qbasic Vis Basic Intro Strc
0024077410: Brief Course in Qbasic With an Introduction to Visual Basic/Book and Disk
0024077429: Brief Course in Q Basic with an Introduction to Visual Basic
0024077518: Programming and Its Applications
0024077585: It's Academic: An Integrated Skills Content-Based Approach to Language Learning
0024077593: Its Academic
0024077607: Curriculum : Perspective, Paradigm and Possibility
0024077666: Data Communications and Networking Fundamentals Using Novell NetWare 3.11
0024077704: Adult Development and Aging : Myths and Emerging Realities
0024077712: Introduction to Microsoft Works : A Problem Solving Approach, Macintosh Version
0024077747: Concepts of Data Communication
0024077852: Fundamentals of Reasoning
0024077917: Data Communications and Networking Fundamentals Using Novell Netware
0024077968: Introduction to Microsoft Works: A Problem Solving Approach (Macintosh Version) 3.0
0024080136: Electronic Video Systems : Diagnostics and Maintenance
0024080209: Psychology and industry today: An introduction to industrial and organizational psychology
0024080217: Contemporary Data Communications : A Practical Approach
0024080314: Computer Networking Concepts
0024080403: Reporting Public Affairs
0024080608: Psychology in Use : Applications to Everyday Life
0024080713: Introduction to Microsoft Works 3.0 : A Problem Solving Approach IBM Version
0024080918: Psychology and Work Today : An Introduction to Industrial-Organizational Psychology
0024081205: Modern Dance Fundamentals
0024081418: Bureaucracies, organizations, and administration: A political primer
0024081426: Diversity on Campus
0024081604: Psychology and industry today: An introduction to industrial and organizational psychology
0024081701: Teaching the Humanities
0024081906: CONSTITUTIONAL LAW A textbook
0024082007: Understanding Organic Chemistry
0024082112: Elementary Social Studies : Knowing, Doing, Caring
0024082201: Politics, U.S.A.;: Cases on the American democratic process
0024082406: Student study guide to accompany Principles of Economics by Robert Haney Scott, Nic Nigro
0024082600: On World-Government de Monarchia : Dante
0024082902: Self instruction and review in nursing
0024083003: Self instruction and review in nursing
0024083208: Self Instruction and Review in Nursing.
0024083607: Principles of Economics
0024083704: Princles of Microeconomics
0024083801: Principles of Macroeconomics
0024083917: Chemical Investigations for Changing Times
0024084204: Parties in Crisis: Party Politics in America
0024084514: Social Studies for the Preschool-Primary Child
0024084522: Early Childhood Education
0024084603: Integrating Language Arts and Social Studies for Kindergarten and Primary Children
0024087009: Mathematics Applied to Continuum Mechanics
0024087114: Introduction to Education : Teaching in a Diverse Society
0024088005: Histoire d'une Revanche
0024088307: Practice Public Relations
0024088404: Practice of Public Relations
0024088412: Practical Public Relations
0024088706: Introduction To the New Testament the Word Beca
0024089400: Jewish People, Jewish Thought
0024089508: Tarzan Triumphant
0024089605: Discovering American English, Writing
0024089613: Conversations
0024089753: Conversations : Readings for Writing
0024092002: Fundamentals of Mathematics
0024092010: Fundamentals of Mathematics
0024092207: Fundamentals of Mathematics : Student Study Guide
0024092703: Fundamentals of Mathematics
0024092800: Fundamentals of Mathematics
0024093203: Entrepreneurship : Creativity and Growth
0024093319: Patterns of Reflection
0024093408: Patterns of Reflection : A Reader
0024093416: Patterns in Reflection
0024094714: Human Communication Disorders : An Introduction
0024095303: Modern Corporate Finance
0024095702: American constitutional law
0024095907: Park Management
0024096008: Introduction To Materials Science for Engineers
0024096113: Development of Distributed Software : Concepts and Tools
0024096164: Psychology.
0024096202: Interpreting the Environment
0024096210: Essentials of Exercise Physiology
0024096229: Psychology
0024096512: Global Perspectives of Human Resource : Collected Readings
0024096601: Principles of Turbomachinery
0024096709: Social Problems
0024096903: Mill : On Liberty (The Library of Liberal Arts)
0024097306: Introduction to Materials Science for Engineers
0024097519: Introduction to Materials Science for Engineers
0024097608: Laboratory Manual of Mammalian Physiology
0024097616: Introduction to Materials Science for Engineers
0024097640: Math for Young Children
0024097705: Laboratory Manual of Mammalian Physiology
0024098205: Writing
0024098418: The Invertebrates: Function and Form a Laboratory Guide
0024100412: Administration and Managment of Programs for Young Children
0024101400: Justice Without Trial : Law Enforcement in Democratic Society
0024101508: Psychological Aspects of Physical Illness and Disability
0024101710: Leadership in Empowered Schools: Themes from Innovative Efforts
0024101729: Introduction to Fiber Optics, An
0024101907: Modern Social Reforms, Solving Today's Social Problems
0024101915: Pathways to Philosophy
0024102008: Clinical Phonetics
0024102202: Natural Process Analysis (NPA) : A Procedure for Phonological Analysis of Continuous Speech Analysis
0024102407: Reading for Rhetoric: Applications
0024102504: INSTRUCTOR'S SUPPLEMENT, READING FOR RHETORIC: Applications to Writing, 4th Ed.
0024102709: Reading for rhetoric: applications to writing
0024103209: Conscious Reader
0024103411: Food for Fifty
0024103500: The Conscious reader
0024103616: Conscious Reader
0024103659: Conscious Reader
0024103802: The Essay
0024103918: Food for Fifty
0024104000: Educating the Learning Disabled
0024104205: Business statistics by example
0024104213: Business Stats by Example
0024104418: Business Statistics by Example
0024104507: Heart disease
0024104752: Contemporary Business Statistics
0024104817: A Course in Modern Business Statistics/Book and Disk
0024104906: Contemporary Black Drama
0024105104: Sociology of Youth: Evolution and Revolution
0024105201: Social Research
0024105309: Science, Students and Schools
0024105317: Juvenile Justice in America (3rd Edition)
0024105341: Private Security in America : Private Security, Loss Prevention and Assets Protection
0024105600: Practice Principles
0024105619: Educational Computing Foundations
0024105643: Environmental Engineering : A Design Approach
0024105902: Commercial bank financial management
0024105910: Commercial Bank Financial Management
0024105953: Commercial Bank Financial Management : In the Financial Service Industry
0024106216: Elements of Invention
0024106224: Industrial Electronics
0024106402: Fundamentals of Topology
0024106801: Primate Evolution : An Introduction to Man's Place in Nature
0024106909: Introductory Health: A Vital Issue
0024107409: Motor Learning and Human Performance: An Application to Physical Education Skills
0024107808: Motor Learning and Human Performance
0024107905: Learning of Motor Skills
0024108006: History of Rome to A.D. 565
0024108103: Ancient History, from Prehistoric Times to the Death of Justinian
0024108200: Health : A Quality of Life
0024108405: Interviewing
0024108502: Introduction to social work practice
0024108650: Soils : An Introduction
0024108812: Statistics by Example
0024109401: Statistics by example
0024109819: Statistics by Example with 3.5
0024109908: Commercial Bank Financial Management : In the Financial Service Industry
0024110019: Business statistics by example
0024110027: Student's Solution Manual
0024110035: Business Statistics By Example
0024110108: Business Statistics by Example
0024110310: Statistics by Example
0024110604: Food for Fifty
0024110701: Public Relations : Concepts and Practices
0024110906: Publicity and Public Relations Worktext: Fifth Edition
0024111503: Control and constraint: An introduction to sociology
0024112607: Speech, Language and Hearing: Normal Processes and Disorders
0024115002: Walden Two
0024115118: Walden Two
0024115215: Justice Without Trial : Law Enforcement in Democratic Society
0024115304: Student's Book of College English
0024115312: Student's Book of College English
0024115517: Student's Book of College English
0024115614: Reading, Thinking, and Writing With Sources
0024115630: Making Choices for Multicultural Education : Five Approaches to Race, Class, and Gender
0024115703: Computer Hardware and Organization: An Introduction
0024117617: Being in the World : An Environmental Reader for Writers
0024117625: Being in the World : An Environmental Reader for Writers
0024118001: Refining composition skills: Rhetoric and grammar for ESL students
0024118206: Refining Composition Skills : Rhetoric and Grammar for ESL Students
0024118257: Refining Composition Skills : Rhetoric and Grammar for ESL Students
0024119008: Children: Development and Relationships
0024119105: Children - Development and Relationships
0024119504: Children: Development and relationships
0024119709: Infants
0024119903: School-Age Children
0024120006: School Age Children (Development and Relationships, Vol 3)
0024120103: Worldviews : Crosscultural Explorations of Human Beliefs
0024120200: Families: Developing relationships
0024120316: Worldviews
0024120405: Pre-School Children
0024121207: Adolescents
0024121304: Religious Experience of Mankind
0024123307: Broadcast News Writing
0024125008: Management : Making Organizations Perform
0024125113: Interactions in the Classroom
0024125202: Readings in management: Making organizations perform
0024125326: Substance Abuse Counseling
0024125520: Statistical Process Control and Quality Improvement
0024125709: Community Health
0024125814: Psychologists As Detectives
0024127000: Our Ecological Crisis
0024127108: Our ecological crisis: its biological, economic, and political dimensions
0024127353: Religious Experience
0024129003: Calculus With Analytic Geometry
0024129305: Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion : Hume
0024129402: Understanding Stress and Coping
0024129704: Hablando Seriamente
0024130001: Physical Distribution Management - Third Edition.
0024130508: Probation and Parole : Crime Control in the Community
0024131407: Literary portraits: An anthology of modern American prose and poetry for students of English
0024131512: Core Questions in Philosophy
0024131814: Professional Selling
0024132802: Cuaderno De Practica/Espanol: Ampliacion Y Repaso
0024133213: Science in Elementary Education
0024134058: Concepts and Experiences in Elementary School Science
0024134112: How to Teach Elementary School Science
0024137502: Urologic Pathology with Clinical and Radiologic Correlations
0024137510: Instruction of Students with Severe Disabilities
0024137901: Elements of Philosophy
0024138509: Curriculum Development : An Integrative Introduction
0024138703: Introductory Soil Mechanics and Foundations
0024139904: Art of Efficient Reading by
0024140503: Art of Efficient Reading
0024141909: Laches and Charmides
0024142018: American Foreign Policy Making and the Democratic Dilemmas
0024142417: Foodservice Procurement : Purchasing for Profit
0024142506: Foodservice Organizations : A Systems Approach
0024142700: Foodservice Organizations : A Managerial and Systems Approach
0024142824: Foodservice Organizations : A Managerial and Systems Approach
0024143308: Technical Drawing Problems (Series 2)
0024143804: Readings in Art History, Volume 1
0024143901: Readings in Art History Vol. 2 : The Renaissance to the Present
0024146307: Technical Drawing
0024146706: Technical Drawing
0024148407: Engineering Graphics Problems
0024148504: Engineering Graphics Problems
0024149403: Engineering Graphics, Problems
0024149519: Principles of Engineering Graphics Problems
0024149616: Applied Statics and Strength of Materials
0024149705: Applied Strength of Materials
0024152501: Clinical Gastroenterology
0024152609: Clinical Gastroenterology
0024152617: Chemistry of the Environment
0024152803: Anatomy of the New Testament;: A guide to its structure and meaning
0024153001: Anatomy of the New Testament: A guide to its structure and meaning
0024153222: Anatomy of the New Testament : A Guide to Its Structure and Meaning
0024153303: Anatomy of the New Testament : A Guide to Its Structure and Meaning
0024153400: Problem Solving and Programming Logic
0024153508: Problem Solving and Programming Concepts
0024153532: Careers Serving Families and Consumers
0024153907: History of Psychology Theories
0024154253: Data and Computer Communications
0024154318: Business Data Communications
0024154334: Business Data Communications
0024154407: Data and computer communications
0024154415: Data and Computer Communications
0024154512: Data and Computer Communications
0024154547: Data and Computer Communications
0024154601: Local networks: An introduction
0024154652: Local Metropolitan Area Networks
0024154717: Isdn
0024154806: Computer organization and architecture: Principles of structure and function
0024154814: Operating Systems
0024154830: Network and Internetwork Security : Principles and Practice
0024154857: Network and Internetwork Security
0024154911: Computer Organization and Architecture
0024154938: Operating Systems
0024154954: Computer Organization and Architecture
0024155004: Ways to Writing: Purpose, Task, and Process
0024155012: Experiments with Electronic Circuits
0024155136: ISDN and Broadband ISDN with Frame Relay and ATM
0024155209: Local networks
0024155217: Handbook for Computer Communications : Standard
0024155225: Handbook of Computer Communications
0024155233: Handbook of Computer Communication Standards: Tcp.Ip Protocal Suite: 003
0024155314: Local Networks
0024155357: Introductory Algebra : Student's Solutions Manual
0024155403: Ways to Writing
0024155454: Intermediate Algebra : An Interactive Approach
0024155551: Essential Mathematics
0024155608: Principles of Electronic Devices
0024156515: Ways to Writing : Purpose, Task, Process
0024156604: Building Geographic Literacy
0024156701: Building Geographic Literacy
0024157406: Serology and Immunology
0024157503: The Science of Evolution
0024157600: The Science Of Evolution: Instrutor's Manual
0024157902: Living Nutrition
0024158003: Effective Business Writing
0024160709: Numerical Methods
0024161101: Introduction to Numerical Methods
0024161500: Psychological Aspects of Organizational Behavior
0024161535: Psychological Dimensions of Organizational Behavior
0024162000: European Society in Upheaval
0024162019: European Society in Upheaval
0024162108: European Society in Upheaval : Social History since 1750
0024163007: Print Reading for Technician
0024163104: Engineering Graphics Problems
0024163309: Technical Drawing Problems
0024164909: Biosocial Genetics: Human Heredity and Social Issues
0024165107: Motivation and emotion (Neural organization and behavior)
0024165204: Learning and memory (Neural organization and behavior)
0024167207: Management Policy and Strategy
0024167401: Management policy and strategy
0024167509: Management policy and strategy: Text, readings, and cases
0024167703: Education and American culture by
0024167908: Management policy and strategy
0024168009: Management policy and strategy: Text, readings, and cases
0024169803: OMNIBUS OF FRENCH LITERATURE The Nineteenth Century
0024170909: Introduction to Home Furnishings
0024171026: Earth Ethics : Introductory Readings on Environmental Ethics and Animal Rights
0024171158: G. W. F. Hegel : Preface and Introduction to the Phenomenology of the Mind
0024171204: Pathophysiology for Health Practitioners
0024172006: Theory of Numbers by Stewart, Bonnie M.
0024172103: Park and Recreation Management
0024172111: Reading, Writing and Reasoning
0024172200: Reading, writing, and reasoning
0024172219: Reading, Writing and Reasoning : Focus
0024172316: Reading, Writing and Reasoning : Focus 2
0024172405: Harmony of the Gospels for Historical Study, A : An Analytical Synopsis of The Four Gospels
0024172707: Fundamentals of Philosophy
0024172901: One Hundred Middle English Lyrics
0024173401: Fundamentals of Philosophy
0024173509: Student-Centered Classroom Assessment
0024173800: Theory of Price
0024174009: Theory of Price
0024174858: Beginnings of Interior Environment Lecture Outline-Student Workbook
0024175102: Food selection & preparation
0024175307: Relationships in marriage & family
0024175404: Teacher's Manual and Idea Book Relationships in Marriage And Family
0024175501: Professional Problems of Teachers
0024175609: Relationships in Marriage and the Family
0024175803: Relationships in Marriage and Family
0024176109: Student study guide, Introduction to chemical principles
0024176206: Introduction to chemical principles
0024176400: Aesthetics
0024176702: Physiology: A regulatory systems approach
0024177008: Laboratory Experiments to Accompany Introduction to Chemical Principles by H. Stephen Stoker
0024177202: Preparatory chemistry
0024177210: Preparatory Chemistry
0024177229: Preparatory Chemistry
0024177407: Chemistry
0024177717: Introduction to Chemical Principles
0024178004: Por Hispanoamerica: Conversando, Conociendo, Gozando (Scribner Spanish Series...
0024178101: Introduction to chemical principles
0024178306: Introduction to Chemical Priniciples Student Study Guide 2nd Ed
0024179302: Prevention of Delinquency: Problems and Programs
0024179604: Fundamentals of Safety Education
0024179809: Fundamentals of safety education
0024180106: Introduction to organic chemistry (A Series of books in organic chemistry)
0024180505: Introduction to organic chemistry
0024180602: Introduction to Organic Chemistry
0024180904: Genetics by Strickberger, Monroe W
0024181307: Genetics
0024181404: Introduction to Organic Chemistry : Student's Solutions Manual
0024181501: Introduction to Organic Chemistry Solutions Manual & Study Guide third Edition
0024181706: Introduction to Organic Chemistry
0024181900: Elements of Style
0024182001: Elements of Style
0024182109: The Elements of Style
0024182206: The Elements of Style
0024182303: The Elements of Style
0024182648: Marketing Strategy : Relationships, Offerings, Timing and Resource Allocation
0024182818: Trigonometry Second Edition
0024182869: Trigonometry
0024182915: College Algebra and Trigonometry (Sullivan, Michael, Precalculus Series,)
0024183008: Paragraph practice: Text and exercises in the topic sentence, the paragraph, and the short composition
0024183059: College Algebra and Trigonometry
0024183113: College Algebra With Review (Precalculus Series)
0024183121: Instructor's solutions manual to accompany Michael Sullivan's college algebra with review
0024183202: Genetics : A Human Concern
0024183318: College algebra
0024183326: COLLEGE ALGEBRA.
0024183334: Precalculus
0024183369: Trigonometry
0024183393: Sociology : Concepts, Issues and Applications
0024183407: Paragraph Practice: Writing the Paragraph and the Short Composition
0024183415: Student's solutions manual to accompany Michael Sullivan's Precalculus
0024183512: Paragraph Practice : Writing the Paragraph and the Short Composition
0024183555: Applied Sociology : Research and Critical Thinking
0024183636: Vision and Revision : The Process of Reading and Writing
0024183660: Social Problems
0024183709: This Is BASIC : An Introduction to Computer Programming
0024183717: College Algebra with Review
0024183903: Paragraph Practice : Writing the Paragraph and Short Composition
0024184004: Sociology : Concepts and Applications for a Diverse World
0024184047: Sociology
0024184217: Precalculus
0024184306: Social Problems: Divergent Perspectives
0024184322: Precalculus
0024184330: Precalculus (Precalculus Series)
0024184519: College algebra
0024184705: The American Writer and the Great Depression
0024184713: College Algebra
0024184764: College Algebra Student Solution Manual 3rd Ed.,pb,93
0024184810: Introduction to Social Problems
0024184853: Introduction to Social Problems
0024185000: Introduction to home management
0024185108: The Nurses Guide to Computers
0024185302: Police Administration
0024185450: Police Administration
0024185507: The Odes of Pindar
0024185515: Mathematics for Elementary Teachers
0024185663: Quality
0024186910: Mathematics for Elementary Teachers
0024187003: Teaching Mathematics To Children Second Edition
0024187100: Approaches to the Study of Politics, pb, 1992
0024187313: Miracles : Philosophical Topics
0024187674: Computers and Information Systems
0024187704: Computers and Information Systems with Hands on Software Tutorials
0024187801: Introduction to Computers and Software
0024188204: Operations research: An introduction
0024188603: Operations Research
0024188808: Gifted Children : Their Psychology and Education
0024189200: Secondary Curriculum: Theory and Development.
0024189308: Curriculum development: theory into practice
0024189316: Curriculum Development : Theory into Practice
0024189405: Operations Research : An Introduction
0024189502: Supervision in Education : Problems and Practices
0024189707: Operations Research an Introduction
0024189758: Operations Research : An Introduction
0024189804: Mass Communication : Theories and Research
0024190128: Earth : An Introduction to Physical Geology
0024190187: Earth : An Introduction to Physical Geology
0024190306: Voices of a Nation: A History of Media in the United States
0024190403: American Strategy in the Nuclear Age
0024192805: Scientific Farm Animal Production
0024192821: Child Goes Forth
0024192910: Scientific Farm Animal Production : An Introduction to Animal Production
0024197106: The Child Goes Forth
0024197114: Child Goes Forth
0024197319: Early Childhood Program Management : People and Procedures
0024197327: Beef Production and Management Decisions
0024197602: Introduction to Sociology
0024197610: Structured Analysis Methods for Computer Information Systems
0024197750: Design of Business Communications : The Process and the Product
0024197807: Song of Roland
0024197904: Laboratory Instructions for General Zoology
0024198005: Poetry in English
0024198102: Poems of the Vikings: The Elder Edda
0024198358: Song of Roland
0024198501: Astronomical Spectroscopy
0024198536: Experiments in Physiology
0024198900: Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews, Volume 13, 1985
0024199001: Victorian Literature : Prose
0024199109: Philosophy
0024199214: Ethics : Theory and Practice
0024199303: Ethics: Theory and practice
0024199419: Ethics : Theory and Practice
0024201901: Reflections on the Revolution in France
0024202045: Interactive Teaming : Consultation and Collaboration in Special Programs
0024202401: Teaching Students with Mental Retardation : A Life Goal Curriculum Planning Approach
0024206105: Myopia Surgery: Anterior and Posterior Segments
0024206202: Erasmus : Ten Colloquies
0024206504: Study Guide for J. Gresham Machen's New Testament Greek for Beginners
0024206512: Literacy for the 21st Century : A Balanced Approach
0024206601: Revised Standard Reference for Secretaries and Administrators
0024206903: Ethics in Nursing
0024207004: Revolutionary Russia, 1917
0024207012: Revolutionary Russia, 1917
0024207209: Russia and the Soviet Union: An Historical Introduction
0024207306: Measurement and Evaluation in Psychology and Education
0024207608: Complete Poems and Selected Letters : Keats
0024207756: Measurement and Evaluation in Psychology and Education
0024207802: APharmaceuticals in Medical Imaging: Radiopaque Contrast Me
0024208027: Essentials of Oceanography
0024208108: Physiological Basis of Geriatrics
0024208116: Introductory Oceanography
0024208213: Language and Communication Intervention in the Preschool Child
0024208302: Soil Fertility and Fertilizers
0024208434: Teaching Writing
0024208523: Language Arts : Content and Teaching Strategies
0024208604: Soil fertility and fertilizers
0024208701: Understanding Textiles
0024208809: The Years Before School: Guiding Preschool Children
0024209007: The Aide in Early Childhood Education
0024209201: Life science
0024209309: Understanding Textiles: A Laboratory Manual
0024209406: Understanding Textiles
0024209600: Development of Flowering Plants by Torrey, John G.
0024209716: Data Structure with C++
0024210013: Laboratory Exercises in Anatomy and Physiology With Cat Dissections
0024210021: Laboratory Exercises Anatomy P
0024210110: Laboratory Exercises in Anatomy and Physiology With Cat Dissections
0024210137: Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory Manual
0024210218: Laboratory Exercises in Human Anatomy with Cat Dissections
0024210250: Laboratory Exercises in Anatomy and Physiology : Brief Edition
0024210307: An Introduction to Reasoning
0024211303: Introduction to Group Work Practice
0024211400: Understanding Textiles
0024211605: Introduction to Reasoning
0024211915: Anatomy and Physiology Lab Manual
0024211958: Understanding Textiles
0024212016: Laboratory Exercises in Anatomy and Physiology With Cat Dissections
0024212032: Human Physiology Exercises with Cat Dissections
0024212202: Using Statistics in Classroom Instruction
0024213403: The Making of a Teacher: A Plan for Professional Self-Development
0024213500: Essentials of learning
0024213705: An introduction to educational research
0024214205: Essentials of nursing: A systematic review for the NCLEX-RN
0024215147: Mathematics for Elementary Teachers
0024215155: College Geometry
0024215619: Teaching Secondary School Science : Strategies for Developing Scientific Literacy
0024215805: Unified Introduction to Linear Algebra : Models, Methods and Theory
0024215813: Linear Algebra : An Introduction to the Theory and Use of Vectors and Matrices
0024215910: IBM Assembler Language Programming: A Systems Approach
0024216003: Principles, Dialogues and Philosophical Correspondence
0024216011: Exceptional Lives : Special Education in Today's Schools
0024216631: Decision Support and Expert Systems : Management Support Systems
0024216658: Expert Systems and Applied Artificial Intelligence
0024216704: Berkeley : Three Dialogues Between Hylas and Philonous
0024216909: A Treatise Concerning the Principles of Human Knowledge
0024216917: Decision Support and Expert Systems : Management Support Systems
0024217018: Decision Support and Expert Systems : Management Support Systems
0024217026: Experimental Systems
0024217409: Marketing research: Meaning, measurement, and method : a text with cases
0024217603: Marketing research: Measurement and method : a text with cases
0024217808: Marketing research: Measurement and method : a text with cases
0024217913: Pascal Programming Problem Sol
0024218200: Operating Systems : Design and Implementation
0024218219: Marketing Research : Measurement and Method
0024218707: Sociology of Health
0024218901: New Testament and Early Christianity
0024219002: Study of Early Christianity
0024219010: New Foundations for Scientific Social and Behavioral Research : The Heuristic Paradigm
0024219320: Marketing Research : Measurement and Method: A Text with Cases
0024221007: Life of St. Benedict : St. Gregory's Dialogues
0024221015: How Much to Buy : A Foodservice Purchasing Workbook
0024221104: General Zoology
0024221201: Manometric Biochemical Techniques, a Manual Describing Methods Applicable To The Study Of Tissue Metabolism, 5th edition,
0024221708: Optoelectronics
0024222410: Principles of Computer-Integrated Manufacturing
0024223204: En Route
0024223409: Espanol Escrito Curso Para Hispanolhablantes Bilingues
0024223700: En La Obscuridad; Drama En Tres Actos
0024223719: Students with Mild Disabilities in General Education Settings : A Guide for Special Educators
0024223808: Historia De Una Escalera
0024224006: College Algebra and Trigonometry: Precalculus, Algebra and Trigonometry
0024224200: College Algebra
0024225002: Sport Management in Schools and Colleges
0024225517: Learning to Learn : The Skill and Will of College Success
0024225908: Readings in American History,
0024226106: Introduction to Digital Control System
0024226408: The American Novel
0024227307: Communication Disorders: An Introduction
0024227331: Statistics : Tools for Understanding Data in the Behavioral Sciences
0024227617: Essays One Hundred
0024227706: Hablamos Espanol: A Conversational Spanish Program
0024227900: Physical Education Teacher Education: Guidelines for Sport Pedagogy
0024228109: Readings in Science Education for the Elementary School
0024228605: Science for the elementary school
0024228613: Science for the Elementary School
0024228702: Fitness Discovery
0024228907: Science for the Elementary School.
0024229008: Science for the elementary school
0024229016: Science for the Elementary School
0024229105: Writing, Reading, and Research
0024229113: Writing, Reading, and Research
0024229210: Writing Reading and Research
0024229407: Evaluating Research in Speech Pathology and Audiology
0024230006: Intermediate algebra
0024230200: International Relations Theory: Realism, Pluralism, Globalism
0024230219: International Relations : Theory, Realism, Pluralism, Globalism
0024230405: Research
0024230502: Electronic Drafting
0024230707: Educational Research
0024230804: Educational Research/Study Guide
0024230901: Instructional computing for today's teachers
0024231010: Chatterbox: A Conversation Text of Fluency Activities for Intermediate Students
0024231053: Educational Research
0024231207: Supervision
0024231509: Law among nations: An introduction to public international law
0024231606: Law among nations: An introduction to public international law
0024231703: Law among nations: An introduction to public international law
0024231754: Law among Nations : An Introduction to Public International Law
0024236306: PRINCIPLES OF DEVELOPMENT AND DIFFERENTIATION (Current Concepts in Biology Series)
0024236500: Contemporary chemistry: Science, energy, and environmental change
0024237000: Segmental Anatomy
0024237108: Fundamentals of Microcomputer Programming
0024237302: Interactive Handbook Understanding
0024238309: Crop Science
0024238503: Word Resources.
0024238708: History of the Christian Church
0024238716: Behavior Management : A Practical Approach for Educators
0024239402: Auditing
0024239801: An introduction to ornithology
0024240109: Oration on the Dignity of Man, Heptaphus, on Being and Unity : Picodella
0024240206: Elementary Statistical Concepts
0024240400: Introduction to statistics
0024240907: Elementary Statistical Concepts
0024241105: Probability and statistics for engineers and scientists
0024241407: Student study guide, Introduction to statistics, Ronald E. Walpole, 3rd edition
0024241504: Introduction to Statistics
0024241709: Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists
0024242004: Introducing the Young Child to the Social World
0024242012: Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists
0024242101: Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists
0024242500: Advanced Structured Cobol
0024243000: History Christian Church
0024243051: Diagnostic Teaching of Reading : Techniques for Instruction and Assessment
0024243205: Thinking and speaking: A guide to intelligent oral communication
0024243418: Speaking intelligently: Communication for problem solving
0024243701: Thinking and Speaking: A Guide to Intelligent Oral Communication
0024243809: Speaking to Inform and Persuade
0024244007: Speaking To Inform and Persuade
0024244309: Medical Jurisprudence
0024245003: Structural Analysis on Microcomputers
0024245127: Sport Psychology
0024245305: Selection of His Works : Bacon
0024245410: Fiber Science
0024246107: Psychology of the child and the adolescent: Student study guide
0024246204: Contemporary Drama : Eleven Plays
0024246301: Contemporary Drama : Fifteen Plays
0024246409: Promise and Performance of American Democracy
0024246506: Promise and Performance of American Democracy
0024246905: The Politics of the Presidency
0024247006: Other World
0024247421: Critical Thinking and Communication : The Use of Reason in Argument
0024247901: Today's moral problems,
0024248207: Today's Moral Problems
0024248401: Today's Moral Problems
0024248509: Environmental Interiors
0024248606: Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism
0024248649: Industrial Control Electronics
0024248800: Schooling and society
0024249009: Schooling and Society
0024249203: Emerging Child
0024249211: Emerging Child : Development Through Age Twelve
0024249300: The Age of the Great Depression 1929-1941
0024249734: Human Resources Administration : Issues and Needs in Education
0024249742: Foundations of American Education
0024249807: Programmable Logic Controllers : Principles and Applications
0024250406: Exploration of the oceans: An introduction to oceanography
0024250708: Marketing management cases: Planning and executing marketing strategy
0024250805: Marketing management cases;: Planning and executing marketing strategy
0024251003: Advertising
0024251208: Cases in Advertising
0024251607: Perspectives on Social Welfare: An Introductory Anthology
0024252506: Advertising
0024252905: Problems in Aesthetics: An Introductory Book of Readings
0024253006: Marketing Management : Cases
0024253103: Marketing Management Cases : Planning and Executing Marketing Strategy
0024253278: Experiments in General Chemistry : Principles and Modern Applications - Laboratory Experiments
0024253308: Marketing Law
0024253316: Say What You Feel
0024253332: Social and Cultural Change : Social Science for a Dynamic World
0024253359: Reading Snacks: A Reading/Conversation Text for Low-Intermediate Students
0024253618: Crazy Idioms
0024254401: Current issues in marriage and the family
0024254428: College Algebra : A View of the World Around Us
0024254509: Current issues in marriage and the family
0024254517: Precalculus : A View of the World Around Us
0024254800: Current Issues in Marriage and the Family
0024254908: Current Issues in Marriage and the Family
0024254916: Student Teaching Casebook Supervising
0024257001: The American Dream in Literature
0024258806: Commonsense Guide To Writing The Research Paper,pb1986
0024258814: Geology Applied to Engineering
0024259209: Introduction to the Old Testament
0024259306: Foodservice Institutions
0024259403: Foodservice Institutions
0024265403: Anatomy of Constitutional Law
0024265810: Teaching Persons with Severe Disabilities
0024265918: Pascal and Algorithms: An Introduction to Problem Solving
0024266000: Western Tradition
0024266019: Western Tradition Faculty Guid
0024266205: Western Tradition : Study Guide, Semester I and II
0024266701: Algorithmic Process
0024266906: Ethan Frome
0024267201: Teaching Softball
0024270105: Broadcast News Writing, Reporting, and Producing
0024270504: Practical Public Speaking by White, Eugene Edmond
0024270601: Practical Public Speaking
0024270806: Basic Public Speaking
0024270903: Computers and Education
0024271101: Seventeenth Century Verse and Prose: 1600-1660
0024272213: Business Ethics : A Philosophical Reader
0024272221: Early Childhood Education : Building a Philosophy for Teaching
0024273007: Student guide to accompany Speech Communication , principles and contexts by...
0024273503: Speaking in Public
0024273708: Speech communication, principles and contexts
0024273902: Communities and ecosystems
0024274720: Literacy Portfolios : Using Assessment to Guide Instruction
0024276006: Experimental Organic Chemistry Theory and Practice
0024276200: Experimental Organic Chemistry : A Small Scale Approach
0024276316: Curriculum Development : A Guide to Practice
0024276359: Supervision : A Guide to Practice
0024276405: Essential Middle School
0024276413: Supervision : A Guide to Practice
0024276707: Literature of the Western World.
0024276804: Literature of the Western World, Volume II , Second Edition, Neoclassism through the Modern Period
0024276901: Literature of the Western World: The Ancient World Through Renaissance
0024277002: Literature of the Western world
0024277509: Teaching Oral Communication in Elementary Schools
0024277800: Aeneid of Virgil : A Verse Translation by Rolfe Humphries
0024277908: Microtechniques.
0024278009: Literature of the Western World : The Ancient World Through the Renaissance
0024278106: Literature of the Western World : Neoclassicism Through the Contemporary Period
0024278254: Literature of the Western World : Neoclassicism Through the Modern Period
0024278270: Literature of the Western World : Neoclassicism Through the Modern Period
0024278602: Advances in Urologic Oncology (Vol. 1) General Perspectives
0024278807: Americas Religions : Traditions and Cultures
0024278904: Middle childhood: behavior and development
0024279005: Middle Childhood : Behavior and Development
0024281107: Western Civilization : A Brief Introduction
0024281204: Writing, Analysis and Application
0024281301: INSTRUCTOR'S MANUAL AND KEY FOR WRITING: Analysis and Application
0024281409: Macmillan Handbook of English
0024281905: Introduction to Public Health
0024282006: Introduction to public health
0024282103: Microbiology in patient care
0024283304: Principles Of Nutrition
0024283606: Principles of Animal Physiology
0024283908: Computer Integrated Machine Design
0024284114: Systems Approaches for Improvement in Agriculture and Resource Management
0024285919: Models Expository Writing
0024286133: Investments : Introduction to Analysis and Planning
0024287008: Business Statistics
0024287415: Special Education in Multicultural Contexts
0024287504: Modern sociological issues
0024287601: Modern Sociological Issues
0024287628: Curriculum for the Primary Years : An Integrative Approach
0024288101: Philosophical Investigations
0024288209: People and Politics
0024288314: Matrix Algebra
0024288519: General Chemistry : Principles and Modern Applications - Study Guide
0024288608: Qualitative Analysis with Ionic Equilibrium
0024288640: General Chemistry : Principles and Modern Applications
0024288705: Microbiology
0024289000: Laboratory Exercises in Microbioilogy
0024289302: Microbiology : Lab Exercises
0024289507: Microbiology
0024289701: Study Guide to Accompany Microbiology
0024289809: Microbiology Laboratory Fundamentals and Applications
0024294004: Motivation: A Biobehavioral Analysis of Consummatory Activities
0024294705: Practical Modern Basketball
0024294713: Early Childhood Curriculum : Developmental Bases for Learning and Teaching
0024294802: Contemporary Transportation
0024294918: Contemporary Transportation
0024295213: Marx Selections
0024295221: Mainstreaming : A Practical Approach for Teachers
0024295302: Practical Modern Basketball
0024295507: The Social Rebel in American Literature.
0024295701: Power and Policy in Western European Democracies
0024295752: Power and Policy in Western European Democracies
0024300306: tristram Shandy
0024300330: Measurement and Evaluation in Early Childhood Education
0024300403: Emerging Concepts in Management: Process, Behavioral, Quantitative, and Systems
0024300608: Emerging Concepts in Management.
0024301302: Course of Russian History
0024303011: Interest Groups and Congress : Lobbying, Contributions and Influence
0024306800: Learning Statistics: A Common Sense Approach
0024307009: Readings in introductory sociology
0024307300: Readings in Introductory Sociology.
0024307750: Reclaiming Our Schools : A Handbook on Teaching Character, Academics, and Discipline
0024308102: An introduction to numerical computations
0024308218: Introduction to Numerical Computations
0024308722: Law and Special Education, The
0024309001: Scientific Study of Religion
0024310506: Elements of Audience Analysis
0024312010: Electronic Communication Techniques
0024313505: Food Chemistry and Nutritional Biochemistry
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