0195012143: Worldliness of Worship
0195012259: Henry James: The Major Phase
0195012313: Contemporary Problems in Statistics
0195012321: Men of Good Hope
0195012348: Great War and Wartime
0195012399: William Carlos Williams, an American Artist
0195012410: Uhuru Na Ujamaa (Freedom and Socialism)
0195012437: Shakespeare's Lives
0195012445: Cities on the Move
0195012453: Yard of Sun
0195012461: Broken Laws. Poems
0195012488: Ancient Greeks
0195012496: Unity of European History
0195012526: Politics, Position and Power: The Dynamics of Federal Organization
0195012542: The Quest for Change in Latin America: Sources for a Twentieth-Century Analysis
0195012569: The Treatment of Alcoholics: An Evaluative Study.
0195012585: Collected Poems, 1916-1970
0195012593: History of Broadcasting in the United States Vol. 3 : The Image Empire, from 1953
0195012615: Strategy for Education
0195012623: Negro
0195012631: Richard Eberhart: The Progress of an American Poet.
0195012682: Edward Wilmot Blyden : Pan-Negro Patriot, 1832-1912
0195012690: Story of Jazz
0195012704: God of the Witches
0195012712: Some Modern Writers : Essays and Fiction by Conrad, Dinesen, Lawrence, Orwell, Faulkner and Ellison
0195012720: Elements of Drama.
0195012747: Revolutionary Leaders of Modern China
0195012771: The Face of the Deep
0195012801: Gertrude Stein in Pieces
0195012828: Andrew Carnegie
0195012836: Italians in Chicago, 1880-1930: A Study in Ethnic Mobility
0195012844: Cities and Immigrants : A Geography of Change in Nineteenth-Century America
0195012852: Fact and Symbol Essays In The Sociology Of Art And Literature.
0195012879: People AND Land in Africa South of the Sahara04
0195012895: Southwest : Three Peoples in Geographical Change, 1600-1970
0195012917: From Slavery to Public Service: Robert Smalls, 1939-1915.
0195012925: Colonial Heritage of Latin America : Essays on Economic Dependence in Perspective
0195012933: Documents of the Christian Church
0195012968: Growth Theory
0195012976: Spanish Poetry
0195012984: Andre Breton, Magus of Surrealism
0195012992: Hearing Physiology AND Psychophysics
0195013026: Economic Theory Underdeveloped Countries
0195013034: Seventeenth-Century Prose
0195013042: Play of Language
0195013050: The Mathers
0195013077: Peer Gynt.
0195013107: Oxford History of South Africa: South Africa, 1870-1966
0195013123: Medieval Europe
0195013182: The Legacy of Greece
0195013212: Internal Structure of the City Readings by Bourne, Larry S
0195013220: The Victorian Novel: Modern Essays in Criticism
0195013239: Principles of pathobiology
0195013263: Representative Spanish Authors Vol. 1 : From the Middle Ages Through the Eighteenth Century
0195013271: Values and Conduct by Margolis, Joseph Zalman,
0195013425: Development anthropology
0195013433: Circulation
0195013441: Case studies in anatomy
0195013506: Industrial Slavery in the Old South
0195013514: Gentlemen of Property and Standing : Anti-Abolition Mobs in Jacksonian America
0195013522: Free Soil, Free Labor, Free Men : The Ideology of the Republican Party Before the Civil War
0195013557: Little Commonwealth
0195013581: Caribbean Race Relations : A Study of Two Variants
0195013611: Cities in the Wilderness: The First Century of Urban Life in America
0195013638: Race Awareness: The Nightmare and the Vision
0195013646: The Russian Revolution of 1917: Contemporary Accounts
0195013662: The Oxford Reader : Varieties of Contemporary Discourse
0195013670: Poverty in New York, 1783-1825
0195013697: The Performing Self
0195013700: Tobias Smollett; bicentennial essays presented to Lewis M. Knapp
0195013743: Poetry of Edwin Muir
0195013751: Readings in modern Chinese history
0195013778: European Discovery of America Vol. 1 : The Northern Voyages, A. D. 500 - 1600
0195013786: Lower Class Families
0195013794: Lower-Class Families The Culture of Poverty in Negro Trinidad
0195013808: Exploring the Universe
0195013824: Classical Rhetoric for the Modern Student
0195013832: Italy Chooses Europe
0195013859: Current Perspectives in Social Psychology
0195013867: Modern Asia & Africa: Readings in World History: Volume 9
0195013875: A glossary for the study of English
0195013883: Language Laboratory and Modern Language Teaching
0195013905: Jeffersonian Crisis : Courts and Politics in the Young Republic
0195013913: Seventeenth-Century English Poetry
0195013921: Man, Culture, and Society: by Shapiro, Harry Lionel, Ed.
0195013948: From Karl Mannheim Gb354
0195013956: From Karl Mannheim
0195013964: The United Nations as a political institution
0195014006: The city: American experience
0195014014: The Study of Social Problems
0195014030: Baseball : The Golden Age
0195014049: A world history
0195014057: World History
0195014073: Government Lawlessness in America
0195014081: The Struggle for Mastery in Europe, 1848-1918
0195014103: Children in Urban Society : Juvenile Delinquency in Nineteenth-Century America
0195014111: Grand Old Party: Political Structure in the Gilded Age, 1880-1896
0195014138: The Revival of American Socialism
0195014154: Frontiers in Neuroendocrinology, 1971
0195014197: The Journal and Major Essays of John Woolman. Edited by Phillip P. Moulton.
0195014200: Russian Revolution of 1917 : Contemporary Accounts
0195014219: Growth and Culture of Latin America
0195014227: War for the West: 1790-1813
0195014243: Biology and the Future of Man
0195014251: Crystal Structure Analysis: A Primer
0195014278: Freud and the Americans : The Beginnings of Psychoanalysis in the United States, 1876-1917
0195014294: This Sacred Trust: American Nationality 1798-1898
0195014316: American Vistas: 1877 To the Present
0195014324: Signs and Symbols in Christian Art : With Illustrations from Paintings from the Renaissance
0195014332: Representative Spanish Authors
0195014359: Tibetan Book of the Dead
0195014391: Reading World Hist Vol 7 China India Japan.
0195014405: Anne Bradstreet the Tenth Muse
0195014413: Man, Space and Environment: Concepts in Contemporary Human Geography
0195014421: Crisis of Parliaments: English History 1509-1660
0195014456: American Popular Song : The Great Innovators, 1900-1950
0195014472: The Jewish Writer in America: Assimilation and the Crisis of Identity
0195014480: North America Divided - The Mexican War, 1846-1848
0195014499: Religion and Literature
0195014502: Explorations
0195014510: The Heirs of Donne and Jonson
0195014529: Ushant, an essay
0195014537: A Christian America
0195014545: Ancient Romans
0195014553: The Ancient Romans.
0195014561: Harlem Renaissance.
0195014596: Word Politics : Verbal Strategy Among the Superpowers
0195014618: Multinational Cooperation : Economic, Social, & Scientific Development
0195014634: Civilizations of Black Africa
0195014642: Civilizations of Black Africa
0195014650: Sources Et Reflets de L Histoire de France 04
0195014669: Eboue
0195014677: Eboue
0195014685: Occupation:Housewife
0195014693: SPEAKING TREE
0195014707: Arms and Foreign Policy in the Nuclear Age
0195014715: Mirror and the Lamp : Romantic Theory and the Critical Tradition
0195014723: The Land Office Business: The Settlement and Administration of American Public Lands 1789-1837
0195014731: Life And Teaching Of Naropa
0195014766: Art of War
0195014782: Heredity and development
0195014790: Argentina: a City and a Nation.
0195014804: Argentina : A City and a Nation
0195014812: Kefauver : A Political Biography
0195014820: Persistent Poverty Underdevelopment In Plantation Economies Of The Third World
0195014847: Uses of Marijuana
0195014855: Scottsboro a Tragedy of the American Sou
0195014863: D H Lawrence & the New World
0195014871: Tree maintenance
0195014898: No Peace Beyond the Line: The English in the Caribbean, 1624-90
0195014901: Thirteen Principal Upanishads
0195014928: Readings in Heredity and Development
0195014936: The Protracted Game: A Wei-ch'i Interpretation of Maoist Revolutionary Strategy
0195014960: Mathematical Thought from Ancient to Modern Times
0195014979: Stationary States
0195014995: The nature of atoms
0195015010: Africanus Horton, 1835-1883, West African Scientist and Patriot
0195015029: Toward a Critical Sociology
0195015037: Philosophy & political action;: Essays edited for the New York Group of the Society for Philosophy and Public Affairs
0195015045: A Dictionary of Genetics
0195015053: Surviving the Future
0195015061: Diderot
0195015088: Tomorrows Math Unsolved Problems for the Amateur
0195015096: Mobile Americans; residential and social mobility in Omaha, 1880-1920 (The Urban life in America series)
0195015118: Synopsis of neuroanatomy
0195015126: Wolff's Headache and other head pain
0195015142: Flight and rebellion;: Slave resistance in eighteenth-century Virginia
0195015150: Hero & Saint; Shakespeare and the Graeco-Roman Heroic Tradition
0195015193: Science and Sentiment in America
0195015207: Ambassadors for Christ: Seven American Preachers.
0195015215: Computer simulations of voting behavior (Studies in behavioral political science)
0195015223: Invertebrate Zoology
0195015231: Three Worlds of Development-the Theory and Practice of International Stratification
0195015258: Freedom and the Court
0195015266: Freedom and the Court;: Civil rights and liberties in the United States
0195015290: L'Esprit Moderne Dans La Litterature Francaise 04
0195015304: Statement on race;
0195015312: Statement on Race : An Annotated Elaboration and Exposition of the Four Statements on Race Issued by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
0195015320: Symbols in Society
0195015339: Democracy in Mexico
0195015347: Real World of Democracy
0195015355: Elements of Writing
0195015398: Jefferson Image in the American Mind
0195015401: Art of War
0195015428: Behavior modification of the mentally retarded
0195015436: Behavior Modification of the Mentally Retarded
0195015444: The Urbane View
0195015452: The Growth of American Politics : A Modern Reader Volume 1: Through Reconstruction
0195015460: Growth of American Politics: Through Reconstruction v. 1
0195015479: Growth of American Politics: A Modern Reader Since the Civil War
0195015495: Readings in American political history;: A modern reader
0195015509: Literatur I; supplementary readings with exercises
0195015517: Perspectives in Neuropharmacology : A Tribute to Julius Axelrod
0195015525: Free Negroes in the District of Columbia, 1790-1846
0195015533: States Rights Debate
0195015541: Story of Rock
0195015568: Documents in the History of American Philosophy From Jonathan Edwards to John Dewey
0195015576: Managing Educational Costs
0195015584: Managing Educational Costs
0195015592: West Indian societies (American Geographical Society research series)
0195015606: Invertebrate zoology
0195015614: The Preacher And The New English Bible
0195015622: Terror and Resistance : A Study of Political Violence
0195015630: Round River
0195015649: Occupation: Housewife
0195015673: Psychologists Vol 1
0195015703: The Human Condition in Latin America
0195015711: Islamic World
0195015738: Contour in Time: The Plays of Eugene O'Neill
0195015762: Uses of Marijuana.
0195015770: Other Criteria.
0195015789: The American woman;: Her changing social, economic, and political roles, 1920-1970
0195015797: The Slave Community
0195015800: Politics of Depression: Political Behavior in the Northeast, 1893-
0195015819: Tombstone: Myth and Reality.
0195015835: The Slave Community: Plantation Life in the Antebellum South
0195015843: The New Federalism
0195015851: The New Federalism
0195015894: Knowledge of Existence
0195015908: The Enjoyment of Scripture The Law, The Prophets, and the Writings
0195015932: View From the Peacocks Tail
0195015940: Through Different Eyes
0195015967: Booker T. Washington Vol. 1 : The Making of a Black Leader, 1856-1901
0195015975: Through Different Eyes
0195015983: Conserving Life on Earth
0195015991: Communication Is Power : Unchanging Values in a Changing Journalism
0195016009: The Way They Should Go
0195016017: The Renewal of American Catholicism
0195016025: Myth of the Golden Age in the Renaissance
0195016033: Yeats
0195016041: Interviewing and Patient Care
0195016068: Fundamentals of chemotherapy
0195016084: Problems of Trade Policy
0195016106: International economic reform;: Collected papers of Emile Despres
0195016114: Human Resources as the Wealth of Nations.
0195016122: Human Resources as the Wealth of Nations
0195016130: The anxiety of influence;: A theory of poetry
0195016149: Restoration and the Eighteenth Century
0195016157: Oxford Anthology of English Literature : Romantic Poetry and Prose
0195016165: Victorian Prose and Poetry
0195016173: African Liberation Movements
0195016181: Yalta
0195016203: Stephen A. Douglas
0195016211: Explorations in Social Theory
0195016238: Pragmatism and the American Mind: Essays and Reviews in Philosophy and Intellectual History
0195016246: Medieval English Literature
0195016254: The Prophet Harris
0195016270: Core : A Study in the Civil Rights Movement, 1942-1968
0195016289: History and American Society: Essays of David M. Potter.
0195016319: Modern Europe and America
0195016327: Financial Deeping in Economic Development
0195016378: Literature of Renaissance England
0195016386: Power over People
0195016408: Early Man : Prehistory and the Civilizations of the Ancient Near East
0195016416: Early Man : Prehistory and the Civilizations of the Ancient Near East
0195016424: Focus on Environmental Geology
0195016432: Poemes, Pieces, Prose : Introduction a l'Analyse de Textes Litteraires Francais
0195016440: Americans and the California Dream 1850-1915
0195016459: American urban history;: An interpretive reader with commentaries
0195016475: Sword of Truth : The Life and Times of the Shehu Usuman Dan Fodlo
0195016491: Hallucinogens and Shamanism
0195016505: Hallucinogens and Shamanism,
0195016513: The Impact of Supreme Court Decisions: Empirical Studies
0195016521: Modern British Literature
0195016556: Urban Education in America
0195016564: Urban Education in America: Problems and Prospects
0195016572: Oxford Anthology of English Literature : The Middle Ages through the Eighteenth C
0195016580: Oxford Anthology of English Literature : 1800 to the Present
0195016599: The Oxford Anthology of English Literature Volume I the Middle Ages Through the Eighteenth Century
0195016602: The Oxford Anthology of English Literature Volume II: 1800 to the Present
0195016629: The Sufi Orders in Islam
0195016637: Ulysses on the Liffey
0195016645: Toward a Critical Sociology
0195016653: Harlem Renaissance.
0195016661: Bhagavad-Gita
0195016688: The Culture Factory: Boston Public Schools, 1789-1860
0195016696: American Negro Slavery
0195016718: Science and Sentiment in America
0195016726: Frontiers in Neuroendocrinology, 1973
0195016734: Reform in Detroit: Hazen S. Pingree and Urban Politics
0195016742: Italians in Chicago, 1880-1930 : A Study in Ethnic Mobility
0195016750: The Plain People of Boston, 1830-1860: a Study in City Growth
0195016769: We Jews and Jesus
0195016777: Segregated Sabbaths: Richard Allen and the Emergence of Independent Black.
0195016785: Segregated Sabbaths Richard Allen and the Rise of Independent Black Churches 1760-1840
0195016793: Writing Without Teachers
0195016807: Man and Aggression
0195016815: Man and aggression Unknown Binding by Montagu, Ashley
0195016831: Solution of Social Problems
0195016882: Der Tod in Venedig
0195016890: Essentials of Human Anatomy
0195016904: Bourbon Street Black : The New Orleans Black Jazzman
0195016912: Urban anthropology; cross-cultural studies of urbanization
0195016939: Gideon Welles
0195016947: American heroine: the life and legend of Jane Addams
0195016955: Geography and Politics in a World Divided
0195016963: Brazil: The Land and People
0195016971: Brazil
0195016998: Lawyer's Lawyer : The Life of John W. Davis
0195017005: Frontiers for the church today
0195017021: The Theory of the Novel: New Essays
0195017072: The Brazilian Communist Party: conflict and integration 1922-1972
0195017080: Improving the child's speech
0195017099: I. A. Richards : Essays in His Honor
0195017102: Destiny Road: the Gila Trail and the Opening of the Southwest
0195017110: Malcolm Lowry;: A biography
0195017129: Skid Row; an Introduction to Disaffiliation
0195017137: To hunt in the morning.
0195017145: Disaster in Bangladesh: Health Crises in a Developing Nation
0195017161: FROM GEORGES SOREL: Essays in Socialism and Philosophy
0195017188: Bench and the Ballot
0195017196: The Bench and the Ballot: Southern Federal Judges and Black Voters
0195017218: Societal Development
0195017226: Societal Development: Five Approaches With Conclusions From Comparitive Analysis (
0195017234: Native American Tribalism: Indian Survivals and Renewals
0195017242: Native American Tribalism : Indian Survivals and Renewals
0195017250: Psychologists Vol 2
0195017269: The Psychologists. Volume Two. (only)
0195017277: A Season In Hell The Illuminations -
0195017285: Urbane View : Life and Politics in Metropolitan America
0195017293: Thinking Goes to School : Piaget's Theory in Practice
0195017307: Pedology, Weathering, and Geomorphological Research
0195017315: Lord Hervey - Eighteenth-Century Courtier
0195017323: The Seven Against Thebes
0195017331: The sociology of Emile Durkheim
0195017358: Price of Independence : A Realistic View of the Price of Independence; the American Revolution
0195017366: Iphigeneia in Tauris (Greek Tragedy in New Translations)
0195017382: New Country
0195017390: Toynbee on Toynbee;: A conversation between Arnold J. Toynbee and G.R. Urban...
0195017404: Hippolytos (Greek Tragedy in New Translations)
0195017412: Antigone
0195017439: White Man's Burden : Historical Origins of Racism in the United States
0195017447: Religion and Revolution
0195017455: Political Stage : American Drama and Theater of the Great Depression
0195017463: Secrecy and Foreign Policy
0195017498: San Francisco, 1846-1856
0195017501: Frontier Violence: Another Look.
0195017536: Judicial Mind Revisited : Psychometric Analysis of Supreme Court Ideology
0195017552: Histology; A Text and Atlas
0195017579: Natural Hazards : Local, National, Global
0195017587: Male homosexuals; their problems and adaptations
0195017595: Philosophy, morality, and international affairs;: Essays edited for the Society for Philosophy and Public Affairs
0195017609: Season In Hell & Illuminations
0195017617: Visionary Film The Ameircan Avant-Garde
0195017625: Film Language : A Semiotics of the Cinema
0195017633: Sight and Mind : An Introduction to Visual Perception
0195017641: The Origin of Landscapes; a Synthesis of Geomorphology.
0195017668: Ralph Waldo Emerson: Portrait of a Balanced Soul
0195017676: The American Landscape
0195017684: In Search of American Foreign Policy
0195017692: In Search of American Foreign Policy the Humane Use of Power
0195017706: Allies for freedom;: Blacks and John Brown
0195017714: Human reproduction; biology and social change
0195017730: Biochemical Basis of Neuropharmacolo Edition
0195017757: Man's Most Dangerous Myth
0195017765: Black into White: Race and Nationality in Brazilian Thought
0195017773: Evolution of the Nervous System
0195017803: Children and Adolescents; Interpretive Essays on Jean Piaget
0195017811: Imperialism & Nationalism in Fertile Crescent 04
0195017838: Enjoyment of Scripture : The Law, the Prophets, and the Writings
0195017846: Christian America Protestant Hopes and Historical Realities
0195017854: American Woman : Her Changing Social, Economic and Political Roles, 1920-1970
0195017862: Justices and Presidents: A Pictoral History of Appointments to the Supreme Court
0195017870: Embattled Reason: Essays on Social Knowledge.
0195017889: Flight and Rebellion : Slave Resistance in Eighteenth-Century Virginia
0195017897: Nonverbal Communication Readings With Co
0195017919: Canada Before Confederation; A Study in Historical Geography
0195017935: The synaptic organization of the brain: An introduction
0195017951: Death of a Utopia : The Development and Decline of Student Movements in Europe
0195017978: Gastrointestinal Pathophysiology
0195017994: Psychiatric Diagnosis
0195018028: Behavioral Neurology
0195018052: Strange Career of Jim Crow
0195018060: Shape of European History
0195018079: Shape of European History
0195018087: Care of Patients : Concepts and Tactics
0195018095: Care of Patients : Concepts and Tactics
0195018109: Versions of the Past: The Historical Imagination in American Fiction.
0195018117: Famine and Human Development : The Dutch Hunger Winter, 1944-1945
0195018125: Neurological Pathophysiology
0195018141: History of the Ancient World
0195018176: Film Theory and Criticism
0195018184: Introduction to the Study of Man
0195018192: Historical Essays of Otto Hintze
0195018206: Blacking Up: The Minstrel Show in Nineteenth-Century America
0195018214: Buenos Aires: Plaza to Suburb, 1870-1910
0195018222: Nature of Human Aggression
0195018230: European Discovery of America Vol. 2 : The Southern Voyages, A. D. 1492 - 1616
0195018249: Oregon Experiment
0195018257: Conducting Technique for Beginners and Professionals
0195018281: Microeconomics: The Analysis of Prices and Markets
0195018303: Power over People
0195018311: Man's Most Dangerous Myth: The Fallacy of Race (A Galaxy book)
0195018346: Nabokov's Dark Cinema
0195018354: Documentary: A History of the Non-Fiction Film
0195018362: Burnham of Chicago : Burnham of Chicago-Architect and Planner
0195018389: Poetry and the Common Life
0195018397: The segmented society ; an introduction to the meaning of America
0195018400: Biology: a Human Approach - 2nd Edition
0195018419: Water : The Fountain of Opportunity
0195018427: Apache Lightning; the Last Great Battles of the Ojo Calientes
0195018435: School for Soldiers : West Point and the Profession of Arms
0195018451: Readings in Spanish literature
0195018478: Experience and God
0195018486: The European Discovery Of America
0195018494: The Story of the Declaration of Independence
0195018524: Principles of pathobiology
0195018540: The Judicial Process: An Introductory Analysis of the Courts of The United States, England, and France. 3rd ed., revised and enlarged.
0195018567: Handbook for the Study of Suicide
0195018591: Behavioral pharmacology
0195018613: Alcestis
0195018621: Politics, position, and power: The dynamics of Federal organization
0195018648: Slow Fade To Black. The Negro In American Film, 1900-1942
0195018656: Our common history as Christians: Essays in honor of Albert C. Outler
0195018672: Problems of Cooperation for Development
0195018680: Major American short stories by
0195018702: Agriculture and structural transformation: Economic strategies in late-developing countries (Economic development series)
0195018737: Skyscraper Style: Art Deco New York
0195018745: A Map of Misreading.
0195018753: Imperial Russia in Frontier America : The Changing Geography of Supply of Russian America, 1784-1867
0195018761: Imperial Russia in Frontier America: The Changing Geography of Supply of Russian America, 1784-1867
0195018788: Anthologie de la Litterature Francaise
0195018796: Perspectives on energy: Issues, ideas, and environmental dilemmas
0195018818: General University Chemistry: A Developmental Approach - Volume I
0195018826: General University Chemistry : A Developmental Approach (2)
0195018834: Historical Essays of Otto Hintze
0195018842: Race and IQ
0195018850: Race AND IQ Gb425
0195018877: Physiological Anthropology
0195018893: A Biography of the Constitution of the United States
0195018907: Lessons of the Past : The Use and Misuse of History in American Foreign Policy
0195018915: To Hunt in the Morning
0195018923: Pragmatism and the American Mind : Essays and Reviews in Philosophy and Intellectual History
0195018931: Changing Rural Society
0195018958: Names on the globe
0195018966: Anxiety of Influence : A Theory of Poetry
0195018974: American Heroine : The Life and Legend of Jane Addams
0195018982: Vision and Resonance: Two Senses of Poetic Form
0195018990: Instant Cities : Urbanization and the Rise of San Francisco and Denver
0195019008: Oxford Anth Eng Lit Major Authors Abridged Vol 1
0195019016: The Oxford Anthology of English Literature : Volume 2. From Blake to Auden
0195019024: A dictionary of Genetics
0195019032: Power Influence & Authority Paperback by Bell, David V.
0195019040: Power Influence AND Authority
0195019059: King Arthur and His Knights : Selected Tales
0195019067: American Vistas 1607-1877
0195019075: Colonial New England: A historical geography (Historical geography of North...
0195019083: Colonial New England A Historical Geography
0195019091: Thomas Jefferson and the New Nation : A Biography
0195019105: Practical Guide to the Teaching of German
0195019113: A Practical Guide To The Teaching Of French
0195019148: Children and Writing in the Elementary School
0195019156: Booker T. Washington Vol. 1 : The Making of a Black Leader, 1856-1901
0195019164: The American party systems: Stages of political development
0195019172: The American Party Systems: Stages of Political Development
0195019180: Great War and Modern Memory
0195019199: Pattern Language : Towns, Buildings, Construction
0195019202: American Vistas to the Present Edition
0195019210: Experience of Anxiety : A Casebook
0195019229: A handbook on drug and alcohol abuse: The biomedical aspects
0195019245: Deviance
0195019253: American Popular Song : The Great Innovators, 1900-1950
0195019261: Ingmar Bergman; Essays in Criticism
0195019296: Art and Politics of Thomas Nast
0195019318: The Spirit of '76
0195019326: Biography of the Constitution of the United States
0195019334: Suppliants
0195019342: Prometheus Bound
0195019350: Aggression and Crimes of Violence
0195019369: Aggression & Crimes of Violence
0195019377: Steel Titan : The Life of Charles M. Schwab
0195019385: The Drama of Social Reality
0195019393: Unequal Justice : Lawyers and Social Change in Modern America
0195019415: Nation of Cities : The Federal Government and Urban America 1933-1965
0195019423: Twilight of Authority
0195019431: Strain of Violence
0195019458: Brain and Behavior
0195019466: English Romantic Poets : Modern Essays in Criticism
0195019474: Out of My System : Psychoanalysis, Ideology, and Critical Method
0195019490: Tube of Plenty : The Evolution of American Television
0195019555: Voices from the Harlem renaissance by
0195019563: Struggle for Stability in Early Modern Europe
0195019571: The Struggle for Stability in Early Modern Europe
0195019598: History & American Society Gb441
0195019601: The Short Story and the Reader : Discovering Narrative Techniques
0195019628: El Pensamiento polĂ­tico latinoamericano: Selecciones
0195019636: Medieval Vision : Essays in History and Perception
0195019644: The Medieval Vision: Essays in History and Perception
0195019652: English in America
0195019660: English in America A Radical View of the Profession
0195019687: Focus on Environmental Geology
0195019709: Geographies of the Mind: Essays in Historical Geosophy in Honor of John Kirtland Wright
0195019717: Human Stereopsis
0195019725: Emotional Problems of Adolescents
0195019733: Criminality and Psychiatric Disorders
0195019741: The Joyless Economy : An Inquiry into Human Satisfaction and Consumer Dissatisfaction
0195019768: Documentary History of Slavery in North America
0195019784: A Documentary History of Slavery in North America
0195019792: Alexander Hamilton : A Concise Biography
0195019806: Governing Science & Technology
0195019814: Governing Science & Technology
0195019822: Shakespeare AND Revolution of the Times
0195019830: Malnutrition and Brain Development
0195019849: La Barca Sin Pescador (Coleccion Clasicos Plaza & Janes)
0195019857: Toward a Planned Society : From Roosevelt to Nixon
0195019865: Tom Paine and Revolutionary America
0195019881: Causewitz AND the State
0195019911: Major Film Theories : An Introduction
0195019938: The Art of Mark Twain
0195019946: A Practical Guide to the Teaching of Spanish
0195019954: Perish the Thought : Intellectual Women in Romantic America, 1830-1860
0195019962: Democratic Promise : The Populist Moment in America
0195019970: Ballots for Freedom: Antislavery Politics in the United States, 1837-1860
0195019989: Current Perspectives in Social Psychology
0195019997: Southeast Asia: A History
0195020006: Southeast Asia : A History
0195020014: Symmetry and spectroscopy: An introduction to vibrational and electronic spectroscopy
0195020022: Urban Health in America
0195020057: Documentary a History of the Non Fiction
0195020065: Segmented Society : An Introduction to the Meaning of America
0195020073: Media Politics and Democracy
0195020081: Media, Politics, and Democracy
0195020103: Business of Crime : Italians and Syndicate Crime in the United States
0195020111: The U.S. Camel Corps; An Army Experiment
0195020138: A people numerous and armed: Reflections on the military struggle for American independence
0195020146: Central America, a Nation Divided
0195020154: Central America: A Nation Divided
0195020162: Writing prose: Techniques and purposes
0195020170: American Judicial Tradition
0195020189: The Enlightenment in America
0195020197: Alchemy Revisited: Chemistry Experiments for Today
0195020200: Vexed and Troubled Englishmen 1590 - 1642
0195020219: New Country : A Social History of the American Frontier 1776-1890
0195020227: School for Soldiers : West Point and the Profession of Arms
0195020235: Diagnostic endocrinology
0195020251: The Faces of Eve : Women in the Nineteenth Century American Novel
0195020278: Psychological Assessment : A Conceptual Approach
0195020308: Fundamentals of Musical Acoustics
0195020316: Sex Research: Studies from the Kinsey Institute
0195020324: Sex Research: Studies from the Kinsey Institute
0195020332: Reckoning With Slavery: A Critical Study in the Quantitative History of American Negro Slavery
0195020340: Reckoning with Slavery
0195020359: Party Dynamics
0195020367: Party Dynamics : The Democratic Coalition and the Politics of Change
0195020375: Neuropsychological Assessment
0195020448: The Story of the Declaration of Independence by
0195020456: End of Imprisonment
0195020464: End of Imprisonment
0195020472: Prophetic Waters : The River in Early American Life
0195020480: After Babel : Aspects of Language and Translation
0195020499: Rhesos (The Greek tragedy in new translations)
0195020502: Women of Trachis
0195020529: Behavior Modification of the Mentally Retarded
0195020537: Behavior Modification of the Mentally Retarded
0195020545: Basic Immunogenetics
0195020553: Basic Immunogenetics
0195020588: New Oxford Book of American Verse
0195020596: Urban Problems: Psychological Inquiries
0195020642: Research Problems in Biology
0195020650: Research Problems in Biology
0195020669: The Triumph of the Novel : Dickens, Dostoevsky, Faulkner
0195020677: Architect : Chapters in the History of the Profession
0195020693: Child Development and Education : A Piagetian Perspective
0195020707: James J. Hill and the Opening of the Northwest
0195020731: Structure of the Human Brain: A Photographic Atlas
0195020774: Malpractice
0195020782: Shaping Southern Society : The Colonial Experience
0195020812: Epidemiology As a Fundamental Science : Its Uses in Health Services Planning, Administration and Evaluation
0195020820: Renal Pathophysiology
0195020847: BAY AREA HOUSES: Introduction By David Gebnard.
0195020855: Hollywood Directors : 1914-1940
0195020863: Hollywood Directors, Nineteen Fourteen to Nineteen Forty
0195020898: Peru: A Cultural History
0195020901: The Education of an Urban Minority.Catholics in Chicago, 1833-1965
0195020928: Children's Cognitive Development
0195020936: Children's Cognitive Development
0195020952: Kinetics of chemical and enzyme-catalyzed reactions
0195020960: Kinetics of Chemical & Enzyme Catalyzed 10
0195020979: Guide to Bird Finding East of the Mississippi
0195020987: Frontier Violence: Another Look
0195020995: Documentary Expression and Thirties America
0195021002: Murder In Space City: A Cultural Analysis of Houston Homicide Patterns
0195021010: Textbook of Human Genetics
0195021029: Sociology As an Art Form
0195021037: Sociology as an Art Form
0195021045: Survey of Pathology : With Color Microfiche, Illustrations, and Instructional Objectives
0195021053: Model or Ally? : The Communist Powers and the Developing Countries
0195021061: Ideology and Utopia in the United States, 1956 - 1976
0195021126: SKYSCRAPER STYLE - Art Deco New York
0195021150: Mathers : Three Generations of Puritan Intellectuals, 1596-1728
0195021169: Golden Door : Italian and Jewish Immigrant Mobility in New York City
0195021177: A Feast of Words : The Triumph of Edith Wharton by Wolff, Cynthia Griffin
0195021185: Costs, Risks and Benefits of Surgery
0195021193: Oceanography : Contemporary Readings in Ocean Sciences
0195021207: Secrecy and Foreign Policy
0195021215: Decisive Writing : An Improvement Program
0195021223: Deep'N As It Come
0195021231: Deep'N As It Come
0195021258: Concise Hist Amer Rep One Vol Ed
0195021266: A Concise History of the American Republic
0195021274: Concise Hist Amer Republic Vol 2 Since 1865 04
0195021282: History of Russia 3/E **College Edition 04
0195021290: A history of Russia
0195021304: Slow Fade to Black
0195021320: Neuroregulators and Psychiatric Disorders
0195021339: Uncertain Americans: Readings in ethnic history
0195021347: Freedom & Court 3/E
0195021355: Freedom & Court 3/E
0195021398: Power and Ideology in Education
0195021401: Autobiography - Reader for Writers
0195021436: Nature of Morality : An Introduction to Ethics
0195021452: Environmental Choice, Human Behavior, and Residential Satisfaction
0195021460: Study of Social Problems 2/E
0195021487: Damned and the Beautiful : American Youth in the 1920s
0195021495: Improvising: Sixteen jazz musicians and their art by Balliett, Whitney
0195021509: Training the Speaking Voice
0195021517: Soviet Russian Literature: Writers and Problems, 1917-1977
0195021525: Soviet Russian Literature : Writers and Problems, 1919-1977
0195021533: New History of India
0195021541: New History of India
0195021568: Shakespeare's English Kings : History, Chronicle and Drama
0195021584: Women and Equality : Changing Patterns in American Culture
0195021592: Growing old in America (The Bland-Lee lectures)
0195021606: Tomorrow's American. The Weil Lectures of 1976
0195021614: Golden Door : Italian and Jewish Immigrant Mobility in New York City
0195021622: Chemotherapy of Infection
0195021630: Chemotherapy of Infection
0195021649: The Time Machine/the War of the Worlds
0195021657: Andre Bazin
0195021665: Chaucer: Sources and Backgrounds
0195021673: Chaucer : Sources and Background
0195021681: After Joyce : Studies in Fiction after Ulysses
0195021703: Unequal Justice : Lawyers and Social Change in Modern America
0195021711: Great War and Modern Memory
0195021738: Science Fiction : History-Science-Vision
0195021746: Science Fiction
0195021762: Genetic Approach to Human Disease
0195021770: Twilight of Authority
0195021789: How to Read a Film: The Art, Technology, Language, History and Theory of Film and Media
0195021800: Tube of Plenty: Evolution of American TV
0195021819: Toward a Planned Society : From Roosevelt to Nixon
0195021827: Tom Paine and Revolutionary America
0195021835: Joyless Economy : An Inquiry into Human Satisfaction and Consumer Dissatisfaction
0195021843: Mysticism in the Worlds Religions
0195021851: Mysticism in the World's Religions
0195021878: Sex Roles : Biological, Psychological and Social Foundations
0195021886: Sex Roles: Biological, Psychological, and Social Foundations
0195021894: Mysteries of Identity : A Theme in Modern Literature
0195021908: Boston, the Great Depression, and the New Deal
0195021916: The Great Rights of Mankind: A History of the American Bill of Rights
0195021924: The Way of Discovery: An Introduction to the Thought of Michael Polanyi
0195021932: The Way of Discovery: An Introduction to the Thought of Michael Polanyi
0195021940: The New Oxford Book of American Verse
0195021959: Popular Writing in America : The Interaction of Style and Audience
0195021967: Gift of Chaos
0195021983: Beyond the Crisis
0195021991: Psyche & Demos Individual Psychology & T
0195022009: Psyche and Demos : Individual Psychology and the Issues of Population (Reconstruction of society series)
0195022025: Power of God : Readings on Omnipotence and Evil
0195022033: God, History, and Historians
0195022041: God, History, and Historians
0195022068: Elements of Psychotherapy
0195022076: Welcome of tears: The Tapirapé Indians of central Brazil
0195022084: Welcome of Tears
0195022092: The trans-Appalachian frontier: People, societies, and institutions, 1775-1850
0195022106: Practical Guide to the Teaching of English : As a Second or Foreign Language
0195022114: William Shakespeare
0195022122: March of Time, 1935-1951
0195022130: Literature As Opera
0195022149: Psychopharmacology : From Theory to Practice
0195022157: Psychopharmacology : From Theory to Practice
0195022165: Robert Frost: The Work of Knowing
0195022173: Hollywood Directors 1941 1976
0195022181: Hollywood Directors, 1941-1976
0195022211: The Environment as Hazard
0195022238: The Economic and Social Growth of Early Greece : 800-500 B.C.
0195022246: The Economic and Social Growth of Early Greece, 800-500 B.C.
0195022254: Dodge City, the most Western town of all
0195022262: Puritan Way of Death: A Study in Religion, Culture and Social Change
0195022270: How to Read A Film: The Art, Technology, Language, History, and Theory of Film and Media
0195022289: Implicit Psychology
0195022297: Implicit Psychology
0195022300: Government and the Mind
0195022319: Many Dimensional Man : Decentralizing Self, Society and the Sacred
0195022327: Future of the World Economy : A United Nations Study
0195022378: Human Nature, Class, & Ethnicity
0195022386: Focus on Composition
0195022394: Above the Battle : War-Making in America from Appomattox to Versailles
0195022408: Images of the Ohio Valley: A historical geography of travel, 1740 to 1860 (The Andrew H. Clark series in historical geography of North America)
0195022416: Images of the Ohio Valley : A Historical Geography of Travel, 1740-1860
0195022432: The Caribbean, the Genesis of a Fragmented Nationalism
0195022440: The Victim As Criminal and Artist: Literature from the American Prison
0195022459: This Species of Property : Slave Life and Culture in the Old South
0195022467: New Wave : Truffaut, Godard, Chabrol, Rohmer, Rivette
0195022475: Strain of Violence : Historical Studies of American Violence and Vigilantism
0195022491: Abortion in America: The Origins and Evolution of National Policy, 1800-1900
0195022505: Five Major Plays Ed. Hingley
0195022513: Problems for Musical Acoustics
0195022556: Experience, Environment, and Human Potentials
0195022564: Companion to California, A
0195022572: Essentials of Human Anatomy
0195022580: Freud, Jews and Other Germans
0195022599: In Search of White Crows: Spiritualism, Parapsychology, and American Culture
0195022602: Five Temperaments
0195022610: Marxism and the metropolis: New perspectives in urban political economy by
0195022629: Marxism & the Megalopolis
0195022637: Metaphysical Thinking
0195022645: Systems of cities: Readings on structure, growth, and policy
0195022653: Elements of literature: Essay, fiction, poetry, drama, film
0195022661: Introduction to Behavioral Endocrinology
0195022718: Crisis Intervention As Psychotherapy
0195022726: Iphigeneia at Aulis
0195022742: Federico Fellini, Essays in Criticism
0195022750: Show Boat: The Story of a Classic American Musical
0195022769: The slum and the ghetto: Neighborhood deterioration and middle-class reform , Chicago, 1880-1930 (The Urban life in America series)
0195022777: Style: Writing and reading as the discovery of outlook
0195022785: Masters of Social Psychology. Freud, Mead, Lewin and Skinner.
0195022793: Masters of social psychology : Freud, Mead, Lewin, and Skinner
0195022807: Remembered Gate - Origins American Feminism
0195022815: Judaism and Christian Beginnings by Sandmel, Samuel
0195022823: Judaism and Christian Beginnings
0195022831: Race Relations in the Urban South, 1865-1890
0195022858: Putnam's Geology
0195022866: Human Diseases Caused by Viruses : Recent Developments
0195022882: Opera in the Twentieth Century : Sacred, Profane, Godot
0195022890: Understanding Genetics
0195022939: Psychopathology : The Science of Understanding Deviance
0195022955: Textbook of Endocrine Physiology
0195022963: Wechsler's Measurement and Appraisal of Adult Intelligence
0195022971: Actuarial Use of the MMPI with Adolescents and Adults
0195022998: Readings in Psychological Tests and Measurements
0195023005: Workbook for the Numbers Game : Statistics in Psychology
0195023013: The Numbers Game : Statistics for Psychology
0195023021: Behavior Modification: An Introductory Textbook
0195023048: The MMPI: A Practical Guide
0195023056: Behavioral Neurology
0195023064: Behavioral Neurology
0195023072: Development and Plasticity of the Brain : An Introduction
0195023080: Development and Plasticity of the Brain : An Introduction
0195023099: The Sense of the 70s : A Rhetorical Reader
0195023102: Human anatomy
0195023110: The Sponsor: Notes on a Modern Potentate
0195023129: Great Film Directors: A Critical Anthology
0195023145: Great Explorers : The European Discovery of America
0195023188: Sailing into the Unknown : Yeats, Pound, and Eliot
0195023196: Vulnerable People: A View of American Fiction Since 1945
0195023218: Tree Maintenance
0195023226: Future Perfect
0195023234: Future Perfect
0195023242: Corporate and governmental deviance: Problems of organizational behavior in contemporary society
0195023250: Oedipus the King (Greek Tragedy in New Translations)
0195023269: America's humor: From Poor Richard to Doonesbury
0195023277: Foundations of Contemporary Psychology
0195023285: International Health
0195023293: International Health
0195023307: Gastrointestinal pathophysiology
0195023315: Gastrointestinal Pathophysiology
0195023323: Oxford Picture Dictionary of American English
0195023331: Oxford Picture Dictionary of American English
0195023358: Sociology for Whom
0195023366: Sociology for Whom
0195023404: Introduction to the Apocrypha
0195023412: Perspectives Energy & Environment 2/E
0195023420: Learning Non-Aggression
0195023439: Learning Non-Aggression
0195023471: Biochemical Basis of Neuropharmacology 3/E
0195023498: A Theory of Criminal Justice
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